AMC Recaps: The week of October 2, 1995 on All My Children
Tad was stunned when Liza returned to Pine Valley to take the job that he'd wanted. Hayley and Mateo made love. Vivienne realized that Taylor had faked her pregnancy. Edmund and Maria remained determined to conceive a child together.
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Monday October 2, 1995

This marks the beginning of the Recaps Archive.

News of Janet's imprisonment traveled around Pine Valley faster than the previous year's tornado. Tad and Dixie went to the prison to see Janet. They laid into her, saying that if she went near them, she'd be killed again -- only next time more permanently. Tad asked Janet if she was the one who had saved Jamie, and she replied wearily that she was. Both Tad and Dixie thanked Janet for rescuing the child, and after leaving Janet, they tried to shake off the idea that Janet might have changed. Meanwhile, Alec, in the next cell, chimed in with insults about Janet. She reminded him that she had supported his custody battle for Jamal, but when she needed help, he had refused to help her get Amanda.

Adam offered to send Arlene to Mexico to "dry out," but she wasn't keen on the idea. Pierce felt that Trevor had not been the one to turn Janet in because he had given his word that he wouldn't. Trevor, for his part, kept coming up with excuses on why he shouldn't sign the arrest warrant. Alec smiled gleefully when he figured out that Janet had to have something on Trevor. Alec asked why else Trevor would be so nervous to sign the warrant.

Hayley went to the beach with visions of everyone's warnings of how bad Alec was dancing in her head. She wasn't alone, however. She was close to drinking a bottle of vodka as she replayed everything in her mind. She overcame her desire and threw the bottle away just as Mateo arrived to comfort her. An annoyed Tad went to the station manager's office to find out why the announcement on who would be the next manager was delayed. When he got there, the outgoing manager introduced him to the new manager: Liza Colby.

Tuesday, October 3, 1995
by Dan J Kroll

There was no show on Tuesday due to coverage of the OJ Simpson Trial grand finale. The show, however, was rerun on Wednesday for those who might not have seen the episode in its entirety.

Wednesday, October 4, 1995

Dixie told Palmer that Janet was alive -- and that Dixie had talked to her. Palmer went into a tizzy spouting off that his plan to win back Opal wouldn't work if Opal found out that Janet was alive. So, Palmer called Flossie to tell her to unplug the televisions and radios. That way, he figured, Opal would never find out that Janet was alive.

Janet, on the other hand, got a visit from Laurel. Laurel pleaded for Janet to not press charges against Trevor. The two bickered over who was worse: Janet or Trevor. Laurel's paranoia ignited when Janet talked of wanting Amanda. The new Mrs. Dillon thought that Janet might sue for custody again. As they argued, Laura, on a special pass from the hospital, and Pierce dropped in. Janet cried at the sight of seeing her "family" again and said she couldn't wait for them to go back to the cabin together. Trevor conceded defeat to Janet and didn't sign the warrant, even though he expressed a strong desire to do so.

Hayley and Mateo kissed on the beach, leading to Mateo to tell Hayley that he loved her. Then, the two had sex. Tad tried to overcome the shock of Liza's return appearance. They shared memories of old times before Liza told Tad, "I want you... to stay at the station."

Thursday, October 5, 1995

Edmund and Maria found out from Dr. Khadami that a surrogate mother didn't guarantee that they'd have a baby. Maria's eggs seemed to have some sort of "flaw" that didn't make it a sure thing. Julia told the couple that she'd still like to be their surrogate, but she didn't like the reply she got. Since there was such a small percent chance that the process would work, Edmund and Maria said that Julia might not be the best choice for surrogacy. They said that getting raped and then losing a baby would be an awful lot for Julia to handle.

Arlene and Adam found Hayley and Mateo together, asleep on the beach. Adam told Arlene to "stay the hell away" from his daughter. As Adam left, he said that Mateo that better take care of his "little girl." Hayley later went to see Alec in jail, where her beloved husband told her that she was a drunken nymphomaniac like her mother. And, as if that wasn't enough, he said she'd end up alone and starving for sex. Alec told Hayley that if she wanted to see what she'd be like, that he had a video that Arlene had made that'd show her perfectly.

Vivienne caught Taylor drinking alcohol and threatened to commit her to a sanitarium if Taylor didn't see a psychiatrist. So "Mummy" said that she was going to find Dr. Clader and get a recommendation for a good shrink. Doc Clader wasn't in, so Taylor was spared. Taylor slipped away from her mom and went to the drugstore to buy another pregnancy kit. She went back to the apartment and prepared to take the test when Vivienne walked in. It was only a matter of seconds before Vivienne figured out that Taylor had faked her pregnancy all along and had only slept with Derek to try to get pregnant.

Friday, October 6, 1995

Tad had "nightmares" of his past dealings with Liza. Dixie kept asking Tad why he wasn't leaving his job at the station yet. But Tad wouldn't tell his wife that he hadn't gotten the station manager's job, and he didn't mutter a word about Liza. Dixie did, however, get to meet Liza, even though she didn't know who Liza was. Liza had just left the station after a fight with Erica over her attitude.

Liza said that the crew was complaining about Erica's lateness and abrasiveness. Erica refused to back down and later asked the outgoing station manager to fire Liza. Liza went off to Myrtle's Boutique to get herself an outfit. She and Dixie both reached for the same outfit and nearly bit each other trying to be the one to claim the prized outfit. Liza turned it down, saying it was "too demure." Enid Nelson dropped by to pick up a suit she had dropped off to have ironed, and she was the one to tell Liza that Dixie was Tad's wife.

Laura moved into her new home at Myrtle's. Brooke delivered Laura's bag of belongings that Laura had left at the shelter. Laura looked over her stuff and remembered times she had spent with her mom. Pierce, who was also there, said that although Laura might want Janet to visit her, it would probably cause problems. And Janet didn't even know that Laura wouldn't be returning to the cabin.

Derek asked Noah if Noah would have any objections to Taylor moving in with him. Noah said that it'd be fine, but the baby had to know that Noah was Daddy and that Derek was just "Uncle Derek." Vivienne and Taylor had some emotional scenes. Taylor was obsessed with keeping Noah. Her second pregnancy test turned out negative, meaning that her night with Derek hadn't work to her plans.

Taylor said that she'd go to a sperm bank if she had to. Vivienne told Taylor that was over and to let Noah go. On the verge of a breakdown, Taylor broke down in tears and hugged her mom. Noah walked in while all this was going on and asked to know what was happening.

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