Paige Rowland
ABC confirms Paige is gone - the whole Kit amd kaboodle
Posted Saturday, March 20, 1999 - 1:28:28 PM
ABC has confirmed that Paige Rowland (Kit) will be leaving AMC later this year as her storyline comes to an end. The actress' final airdate has not yet been announced and the role will not be recast.

Fans have been lukewarm towards Kit ever since she first appeared on the scene last summer. Things got even worse when the writers decided to pair Kit with Edmund. In the fans' hearts, Maria is the only woman for Edmund.

As mentioned, there is currently no word on how Kit will be written out of the show. Since the role will not be recast, several possible scenarios come to mind. Will Maria make her way back to town? Will Kit decide that she can't show her face in town when it's revealed that Ryan really didn't rape her? It's still too soon to tell, but we'll bring you all the latest news as soon as it's revealed.

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