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Rumor: Megan McTavish being wooed back as AMC's head writer
Posted Friday, January 07, 2011 5:50:44 PM
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Since 2007, All My Children has had five different head writing teams. Now, a new report states that yet another change could be coming in the form of a familiar name: Megan McTavish. McTavish, a multiple Emmy winner, last wrote for AMC in 2007.

Is ABC looking to make another change to All My Children's writing team? That's the word according to a new rumor that's making the rounds. The very mention of McTavish's name elicits some strong reactions from AMC fans -- both positive and negative.

Citing anonymous sources, Daytime Confidential states that ABC head honcho Brian Frons has reportedly reached out to former head writer Megan McTavish about returning to All My Children.

"Brian Frons has allegedly already contacted controversial ex-AMC scribe Megan McTavish several times about taking over the reins of the show when David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski's contracts are up," the site reported.

Kreizman and Swajeski were named All My Children's head writers in January 2010. They took over from Lorraine Broderick, who had been hired to oversee the show's transition to a new writing regime after the ouster of Charles Pratt, Jr., in November 2009. Kreizman and Swajeski's work started airing in May 2010, but their contracts with the show reportedly expire in March.

McTavish was mentored by All My Children creator Agnes Nixon, and has served as head writer in three separate runs: 1992 to 1995, 1997 to 1999, and 2003 to 2007. In her various writing capacies with AMC, McTavish has won two Daytime Emmys and has been nominated for seven more.

Fans have varying views of McTavish's work. She's created several cornerstone characters of the show -- including Erica Kane's daughter, Kendall Hart, and con man-turned-businessman Ryan Lavery. However, she also penned Michael Cambias' sexual assault of Bianca Montgomery, the reversal of Erica Kane's landmark abortion, and 2007's poisoned pancakes demise of Dixie Cooney.

Since McTavish exited All My Children in 2007, the show has had four different head writing regimes. McTavish was replaced by Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown in May 2007. Charles Pratt, Jr., was named head writer in June 2008. As previously mentioned, Lorraine Broderick took over from Pratt on an interrim basis in November 2009, and Kreizman and Swajeski began in January 2010.

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