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As we gear up for the April 29 return of All My Children, one of Two Scoops columnists from the past 18 years returns to share her thoughts of the show's return.

Hello, All My Children fans. Not only am I back here writing this column on, but our favorite show is returning in one week. Picture an older woman doing a "Happy Dance" at this moment. If you remember me from eight years ago when I wrote a biweekly Two Scoops on AMC, which I had been writing for six years prior, you know that I watched this soap opera all 41 years. I was pregnant with my first daughter, being at home, and there were announcements about a new soapie (as we fondly call them) premiering in January 1970. I started watching it, got hooked on the happenings in Pine Valley, and never stopped.

Whew, it has been quite an adventure through the years. Imagine my shock and sadness when they started the rumblings of AMC being canceled and all that transpired thereafter.

After all the letters and correspondence I had those years I wrote for Dan on this site and meeting fellow fans at Super Soap Weekend, or when others would come to Las Vegas where I reside, I realized how loyal and passionate the fans were. Obviously it paid off, as now we have the chance to see the show continue in a different venue and shorter version, but still, it's All My Children. Do I like that it is going to be online instead of on my TV with the new big screen? No, but there is always a trade-off or sacrifice. I am sure one of the techies in my family will be able to stream it for me on TV, so it won't take long to settle in with my comfy recliner, a box of tissues, and a snack like old times!

As long as we have the basic format and characters, we can handle losing five years and fast-forwarding a bit, right? I am very excited about having Adam/Brooke, Jesse/Angie, Kara and Griffin, and my all-time favorite Zach back. I am even happy to hear Dr. David Hayward will be on board. Vincent is an excellent actor, and I have followed him on Facebook (along with Walt Willey and Cameron Mathison, who both unfortunately aren't part of the reunion yet), and he is always providing information and kudos to the fans.

It will be good to have Opal, Bianca, and Dixie too. I am sure we will have lots of surprises in store as they eventually reveal who did JR shoot? It was quite a cliffhanger, and I truly enjoyed the way they tied up so many storylines before leaving us. You have no idea how ecstatic I was to see Stuart Chandler was one of the "patients" Dr. Doom/Miracle saved. How I loved his character and cried like a baby when he died and then was miraculously resurrected.

I am not sure how it will be to have Zach with no Kendall nearby, or Dixie without Tad. We finally got those reunions, and now what is the story? Then there is also the Jackson/Erica merry-go-round. I must admit, I was giving Jack the thumbs-up when he pulled a Rhett Butler and said, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Ok, maybe those weren't the exact words, but he got his point across, and you could feel that was where he was "at." He had finally reached his limit. If any man deserves a medal for his perseverance, undying love and devotion, and patience for 24 years, it is Jackson Montgomery.

Time will tell if these actors can return or if we will need tissues nearby for any bad news about their characters. Trust me, at my age it is harder to accept change, but I am ready for all the writers come up with in the months ahead.

Needless to say, like any addict, I just traded one for another. After I was forced to lose AMC, I started watching GH. Last summer, I even attended their Fan Club Event and sat in on the Port Chuck concert consisting of four of their actors/musicians. It was great fun. But after all the events I have attended through the years while living near NYC before Vegas and then traveling to FL, it wasn't the same as with our AMC stars.

Walt Willey, Susan Lucci, and Cameron Mathison were the best hosts at any event they came to. All the stars were very friendly and appreciative of their fans. Since our founder, Dan, does the Daytime Emmys and has his weekly radio show interviewing many soap stars, I am sure he can attest to this. After all, AMC is his favorite all-time soap opera too.

Now, on to the big premiere on April 29th. Please make sure you get set up for this online so you can observe the daily happenings in Pine Valley once again. Hopefully I will be back periodically to share my thoughts, and feel free to always share with me how you feel about this new venture/adventure.

Let the fun begin!

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