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Kevin learned that he was Bella's biological dad. Abby agreed to partner with Jack behind Victor's back. Devon and Hilary finalized their divorce. Cane overheard Billy reassuring Phyllis that she was the only woman in his life. Victor walked in on a close moment between Nikki and Jack.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 24, 2017 on Y&R
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Chloe's letters initiate paternity tests Chloe's letters initiate paternity tests
Monday, April 24, 2017

At the police station, Kevin opened an envelope addressed to him. Inside was a letter from Chloe. Chloe wrote that she missed Kevin and wished she could've told him goodbye. Chloe expressed genuine affection and concern for her jilted lover. Kevin was shocked when he learned that Bella might be his daughter.

At Phyllis' apartment, Billy opened an envelope Chloe had sent to him. Chloe informed Billy that Bella might his daughter. Chloe explained that after Billy had refused to have sex with her, she'd stolen Billy's sperm sample from the hospital. Chloe also wrote that she wanted Bella to live with her biological father. Chloe instructed Billy to do the right thing and find out for sure whether Bella was his.

Phyllis entered the room and asked Billy if he'd opened the package his office had forwarded. Billy didn't immediately respond, as he was reading the last directive from Chloe insisting that he not attempt to find her. Phyllis stayed nearby as Billy phoned the hospital and discovered that a sample he'd supplied when he and Victoria had struggled with fertility issues was missing. The hospital, Billy told Phyllis, couldn't confirm how long the sample had been missing, but Billy said he was certain it had been there at the time of Delia's death.

Phyllis suggested that Chloe yearned for someone she trusted to raise Bella. Phyllis added that Chloe likely hoped that convincing Billy they shared a child together might force him to lobby for a lighter sentence when Chloe faced a trial. Billy headed out the door and said, "I've got to find out what's going on. Leave it to Chloe to mess up my life again. I've got to know the truth before I can think about the future."

At the Newman ranch house, Nick stopped by with Christian. Nick had hoped Nikki might look after Christian. Tessa greeted Nick and explained that Nikki was away, meeting with potential charity donors. Nick explained that his nanny was unavailable. Tessa volunteered to watch Christian. Tessa assured Nick she could handle the task because she'd been raised in a home with several siblings. Nick agreed to let Tessa watch Christian after ensuring that Nikki's trusted housekeeper, Bonnie, was on duty. After Nick later returned to pick up his son, Tessa offered to help with Christian in the future. Nick seemed to have built trust with Tessa.

Nick stopped by Paul's office and apologized for being late. Paul said that Kevin had just left. Nick seemed sympathetic to Kevin's sorrows and noted that the evidence against Chloe had been stacking up. Paul asked Nick if he'd recorded Chloe's confession. Nick said he hadn't and admitted he wasn't sure that Chloe had been with Adam at the cabin the night he'd died. Nick explained that Chelsea had found Adam's wedding ring, which had obviously been removed before the cabin had blown up.

Nick gave Paul the backpack Chloe had discarded in a Dumpster. Paul examined the dart gun and dart and suggested Chloe might have used the untraceable weapon to poison Adam. Nick asked if the items recovered from the Dumpster, Adam's wedding ring, the cellphone records, and Chloe's confession to Chelsea could help convict Chloe. Paul expressed doubt and said that all evidence was either circumstantial or unsubstantiated by witnesses.

Nick seemed downcast when Paul explained there was very little he could do. Paul noted that either the police or Victor's investigators had to first capture Chloe, so she could be questioned. Paul said, "How is your father handling all this?" Nick said he didn't know because his father had left town. Nick requested that Paul diligently search for Chloe. Paul assured Nick he would.

At Michael and Lauren's apartment, Scott asked Michael for legal advice. Speaking in general terms, Scott inquired about the consequences of backing out of an informal contract with another party. Michael asked Scott to elaborate. Scott explained that he'd had second thoughts about his agreement with the other party based on a moral obligation. Scott asked what might happen if he broke his promises. Michael replied, "Well, the law really has very little to do with morality."

Michael explained that it would be up to Scott to evaluate the impact on the other party. Michael warned that he'd had a lifetime of experience dealing with Victor Newman. Michael wisely advised that those who crossed Victor usually regretted it. Scott pointed out that he hadn't mentioned Victor. Michael said he'd immediately realized Scott had been referring to his deal to write Victor's biography. Scott admitted that Nikki had offered him a sizable sum to walk away from Victor's book deal because she wanted to protect Victor.

Scott told Michael he thought there was more Nikki hadn't shared with him about Victor. Michael replied, "What else?" Scott, noting that Nikki had reached out to him after Victor had left town, feared he might be interfering in a matter involving the married couple. Scott explained that he'd returned the check but couldn't shake the belief that Nikki was keeping something secret. Scott, referring to his sudden and complicated entanglements, said he was enjoying getting to know people in town and even hoped to form a relationship with someone. Michael was happy to hear Scott talk about settling down.

Kevin stopped by Michael's apartment, clutching his letter from Chloe, and asked to speak alone with Michael. Pacing nervously, Kevin asked if Chloe could've switched his DNA with someone else's. Michael said that with Chloe, anything was possible. Kevin said he would schedule a paternity test as soon as possible. Kevin cried that he was uncertain if he should tell Paul about Chloe's letter. Kevin expressed concern that Chloe would spend the rest of her life locked up. Michael noted that Kevin worked for the police department, so he would wind up behind bars, too, if he didn't turn over the evidence.

After Michael and Kevin left, Scott was alone when Christine stopped by Michael and Lauren's apartment. Scott, referring to an earlier conversation, said he knew Special Agent Maxwell might attempt to lure him back. Scott added, "I didn't know he would send you. You got your answer. There's the door." Christine explained that Scott could help many if he'd take on the case. Scott recalled that he'd been told the same thing every time he'd accepted a mission. Christine pointed out that Scott would be working with her, and she promised not to let him down as previous handlers had. Scott rhetorically asked if it would make a difference because Christine was his aunt. Scott faced Christine and firmly said, "My answer's still no."

Michael accompanied Kevin to Paul's office. Paul studied Chloe's letter and the envelope. Kevin said he'd already given the police department's lab samples of his DNA and Bella's. Paul said Kevin would have the results soon. Kevin said he still loved Chloe. After Paul noticed that the letter had originated from Malta, he said, "Which makes me wonder how a woman presumably with nothing more than the wedding dress that she had on made it that far without being spotted?" Michael suggested that Chloe had used a fake passport.

Billy arrived with his letter from Chloe and said he'd learned he might be Bella's father. Paul stepped out, and Michael kept Billy and Kevin company while the two men waited for the lab to determine the DNA results. Paul returned and said the sender had paid cash for the package deliveries. Billy noted that his letter had originated in the Cayman Islands. Paul explained that Chloe had left behind false clues. Kevin seemed disheartened. Billy grew angrier.

Paul asked Kevin to recall what Chloe might have said about Bella's father. Kevin said Chloe claimed that Bella's father had been a one-night stand. Billy was livid that there could be yet another man who'd received a letter from Chloe. Billy and Kevin argued about Chloe after Billy expressed anger and resentment. Kevin told Billy to leave, but Billy refused to leave until he learned the results of the DNA test.

Outside a building in a warehouse district, Abby met with her Realtor, Farrah. Abby impatiently inquired about a contractor to carry out a hasty renovation. Farrah, attempting to calm Abby's uneasiness, explained that the first contractor was unavailable. Farrah, noting she was aware of Abby's need to whip the property into shape quickly, said she already had another contractor lined up. Abby's anxiety intensified, and she cried that the work had to begin immediately.

Abby's attention was suddenly directed to her phone. Ashley's name was displayed on the screen, but Abby ignored the call. Abby admitted to Farrah that perhaps she was moving too fast. Farrah asked when Abby would prefer to meet with a contractor. Abby took a deep breath and said, "Right away. Set it up." After Abby walked away, Farrah shook her head in dismay.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack greeted Ashley. Ashley gave Jack a trinket souvenir from New York and informed Jack that Traci was planning a visit to Genoa City soon. Jack congratulated Ashley on the impressive number of orders from vendors. Ashley explained that during the trade conference, she'd discovered a new skin product she hoped to secure the rights to, so she could immediately begin testing it. Jack told Ashley that while she'd been away, he'd learned intriguing information. Ashley was shocked to learn that Victor had mysteriously left town and named Abby as the acting CEO of Newman Enterprises. Jack said he'd detected "trouble in Newmanville," given that Abby, Nikki, and Nick had no idea when where Victor had gone or when he might return.

Ashley said Newman Enterprises wasn't her concern. Jack immediately switched gears, too, after Ashley said she had work to do in her lab. Jack noted that Ashley would need space for her lab. Ashley suggested employing a Realtor to search for the right location. Ashley added that she enjoyed working alongside Jack when he wasn't obsessed with his vendetta with Victor.

In the lobby at Jabot, Ravi approached Phyllis. Ravi told Phyllis that he and Ashley had yielded much success at the trade conference in New York. Phyllis asked about Ravi's date with Ashley. Ravi initially denied that his evening enjoying an opera performance with Ashley had been a date. Ravi happily reported that they'd had fun. Phyllis took credit for having guided Ravi on his wardrobe style. Ravi offered to assist Phyllis on the dating scene. Phyllis explained that she didn't enjoy random dating and preferred to enjoy the company of those familiar to her already. Abby approached and asked if they'd seen Ashley. Ravi directed Abby to Jack's office.

After Abby stepped into the office, Ravi told Phyllis about his run-in with Benjamin Hochman during the conference. Phyllis was impressed that Ravi had boldly confronted the powerful businessman on Ashley's behalf. Ravi said he only cared what Ashley thought about him. Phyllis asked Ravi if he discerned close similarities between her and Ashley. Ravi noted that there were some. Phyllis hinted that she'd become involved with someone and had never been happier. Ravi encouraged Phyllis to emulate Ashley and just enjoy it.

Abby entered Jack's office to greet Ashley and said she'd received her mother's message. Jack had stepped out, so mother and daughter were alone together. Ashley asked why Abby hadn't shared the news of her promotion at Newman Enterprises. Abby said Victor's decision to appoint her as acting CEO had been sudden. Ashley noted that though Abby had been loyal to Victor, he hadn't deserved it. Abby irately threw her handbag on a chair and said, "Why is everyone so negative about Dad? He believes in me, and I don't want to do anything to betray his trust."

Abby couldn't hide her uneasiness and admitted she'd enjoyed announcing to Victoria that Victor had chosen her to run Newman Enterprises. Abby said she feared there was a particular reason Victor had placed her in charge. Abby mentioned the "tech incubator" idea Victoria had shot down and recalled that even Victor had denied even modest expenditures. Abby seemed haunted by Victor's sudden about-face after he'd placed her in charge before he'd abruptly left town. Ashley remembered an earlier conversation about Abby's tech incubator idea and clarified that she hadn't meant for Abby to hide projects from Victor. Abby panicked and said Victoria's critical insight might've been correct. Abby, worried she'd become entangled in an unsolvable problem, abruptly left.

Outside the warehouse Abby had purchased, Jack told Farrah the space would be suitable for his needs. Farrah explained that it wasn't for sale. Jack pressured Farrah to tell him the owner's name, but she refused. After Farrah stepped aside to take a phone call, she announced to Jack that the new owner wanted to sell. Jack had stepped back inside the warehouse when Abby returned and told Farrah she hoped to sign a contract to put the warehouse back on the market. Abby apologized for having been overly anxious and terse. Farrah explained that she already had a buyer. Just as Abby inquired about the buyer, Jack stepped outside.

Kevin and Billy learn the truth about Bella's paternity. Kevin and Billy learn the truth about Bella's paternity.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

At Jabot, Ashley discussed her concerns about Abby with Ravi. He wondered how Abby could be in over her head when Victor had given her the ultimate seal of approval by putting her in charge. Ashley explained that it wasn't about running Newman but about abusing Victor's trust. Ravi was sure that Abby would be able to handle it, since she'd inherited Ashley's brains and beauty. Ashley noted that Abby also had her father's penchant for making a mess of things, and she hoped Abby cleaned things up before Victor found out.

Ashley recounted that Victor treated family members who disappointed him worse than other employees because he felt that family should know better. Ravi couldn't imagine living and working in that kind of environment, and Ashley recalled that she had -- twice. Ashley recognized that her love hadn't been able to change Victor, and she remarked that it was Victor's world, whether they chose to live in it or not. She feared that Abby was completely immersing herself in it and that Abby wouldn't let Ashley in. Ravi offered to talk to Abby because he could relate to what she was going through, and he thought it would help for Abby to open up to someone her own age.

Ravi immediately apologized and swore that he hadn't meant to insinuate that Ashley was too old to understand Millennials. He explained that he and Abby both had parents with high expectations, and he knew that his parents had been disappointed when he'd chosen his own path, but they'd never stopped loving him. Ashley pointed out that Ravi had flourished at Jabot, and Ravi proudly stated that his parents had been impressed when they'd used the Jabot Go app. Ashley imagined that his folks would still do a happy dance if he enrolled in medical school, but Ravi declared that it would never happen when things were going that well there.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jack demanded to know what was going on with Abby after he'd found her at the warehouse. She reminded him that she was acting CEO, but he reasoned that Newman had a real estate division, so there was no need for her to unload a warehouse on her own. Abby revealed that she'd started a project before Victor had put her in charge, and she wanted to get rid of it before things got too hectic. Abby contended that it wasn't a big deal that she'd changed her mind, and she ordered Jack to decide whether or not he wanted the building. He refused to sign anything until she told him what was really going on.

Jack insisted that he was worried about Abby and not the company, since she was obviously upset. With Jack's urging, Abby confided that she'd wanted to rent free office space to tech startups in exchange for a percentage of their profits, but Victor and Victoria had shot the idea down. Abby thought she should pursue things that she was passionate about, and Jack bragged that his own business instincts had rarely led him down the wrong path. Abby was determined to sell the warehouse before Victor found out, and Jack realized that she had used Newman funds to buy the building behind Victor's back.

Abby told Jack that Victor had authorized the funds but that her father hadn't known what he'd signed, since she'd tucked the document in a stack of requisition requests. She continued that she'd formed another company to buy the warehouse, and Jack was impressed that she'd outmaneuvered Victor. Jack figured that Victor would never notice the warehouse purchase, but Abby worried that Victor found out everything eventually. Jack promised that it wouldn't happen because he would help her cover her tracks -- as long as she made him a partner in the tech incubator project.

Abby thought Victor finding out that she was working with Jack would be worse than Victor learning that she'd gone behind his back. Jack swore that Victor would never know that he and Abby were working together, but Abby contended that she'd bought the warehouse to prove that her idea had merit and could be profitable for Newman. Jack thought it would be a fun day when Abby showed Victor and Victoria that they'd underestimated her, and he looked forward to the chance to work with her and make a lot of money. They hugged as Ravi looked on.

Later, Abby made arrangements over the phone to sell the warehouse to Jack. Ravi approached and observed that everything seemed to be looking well in her world. She guessed that Ashley had been talking to him about her, and Ravi confirmed that Ashley had been concerned, so he'd volunteered to check up on Abby. Abby brushed him off to get back to the office, and he asked what he should tell her mom. Abby suggested that he relay that she was better than fine, and she headed out.

At the Baldwin home, Scott sat at his computer, and he contemplated calling Christine. Lauren burst in and gushed about it being a gorgeous day. She quickly apologized if she was disturbing his work, and he wished he could get paid for staring at a blank screen. Scott coyly stated that he was feeling lonely, and he wondered if Lauren could set him up with one of her girlfriends. Lauren realized that Phyllis had told him about Lauren's attempt to play matchmaker, and Scott ribbed his mother for thinking he couldn't find his own dates.

Lauren defended that she'd thought it would be nice for Scott to hang out with someone as friends, but he suspected that she had wanted him to get to know people so he wouldn't leave town. He conceded that Phyllis was gorgeous, but dating her would be too close to home for his taste. Lauren asked if he had anything else going on in his life besides Victor's book, and he informed her that he might have met someone. Lauren pressed for a name, but Scott thought it was too early to tell if things would go anywhere. Scott kissed Lauren on the cheek and departed.

At Crimson Lights, Kendall looked on from a distance as Reed and Zoey perused movie listings. Zoey wanted see a particular film because it had an amazing kissing scene on the beach, and Reed flashed back to kissing Kendall during the same movie. Reed mumbled that the film hadn't been that good, and Zoey asked if he'd seen it without her. Kendall interrupted, and Zoey thought Kendall seemed off. Kendall claimed that a driver had just cut her off, and she mentioned that she'd seen Victoria's car in the parking lot. Reed divulged that his mother had gotten wasted with a coworker the night before, so he'd jammed on his guitar that morning until Victoria had given him her car keys to leave.

Reed said he had to leave for his lesson soon, and he headed to the counter to get one more round of coffee. Zoey asked Kendall to do her a favor by leaving so that Zoey could be alone with Reed. Kendall complained that she wanted coffee, but she eventually agreed to go when Reed got back. Zoey looked away, and Kendall swiped Reed's wallet off the table. Reed returned with the coffee, and Kendall took hers to go. Zoey plopped down on Reed's lap and asked if he minded being a little late. They kissed.

At the Newman ranch, Tessa opened the door to Sharon, who was looking for Nikki. Tessa said Nikki was at a lunch obligation, and she invited Sharon in. Sharon introduced herself and thought Tessa looked familiar, and she realized that Tessa had sung at Crimson Lights. Tessa mentioned that she was there to work on the gala for the Better Days Foundation, and Sharon dropped off a seating chart that Nikki had asked her to prepare. Tessa groaned that she'd seen enough spreadsheets to last a lifetime, and Sharon suspected that Tessa was overwhelmed. Tessa remarked that being there was like living on another planet.

Sharon explained her role in the Newman family, and she recalled that she'd been nervous when Nick had taken her to the ranch for the first time. Sharon revealed that she'd been born with nothing, so she understood what it was like for Tessa to suddenly be surrounded by wealth. Tessa acknowledged that she didn't fit in there because she'd had a rough life, but she thought it had allowed her to write "kick-ass" lyrics. Tessa added that she felt bad for kids who were handed everything, but Sharon insisted that the Newman kids didn't have a sense of entitlement, since Victor and Nikki had also both started with nothing.

Sharon admitted that she and Nikki hadn't always been friendly but that they'd been getting along better, and she imagined that Tessa had really impressed Nikki. Tessa figured that she reminded Nikki of her wilder days, and she mentioned that Nikki had told her about dancing at the Bayou. Sharon noted that Nikki had always liked attention, and she guessed that Nikki hosted events to stay in the spotlight. Tessa thought Nikki shouldn't stop doing what she loved just because she'd married a rich guy, and Sharon warned Tessa never to get on Victor's bad side.

Later, Reed arrived at the ranch and handed Tessa his guitar to try out. Tessa marveled that the last time she'd held a guitar that nice had been at a music store, and the salesman had looked at her funny. Reed envisioned that one day she'd be able to tell the loser that she was famous and that people gave her guitars for free. They prepared to start the lesson, but Reed received a text message from Kendall, who claimed that she'd found his wallet at the coffee shop. Reed fretted that his life would be over if Victoria found out that he'd driven without his license, and he made arrangements for Kendall to drop off the wallet there.

Later, Kendall stopped by and handed Reed his wallet. Reed wasn't sure how he'd lost it, and Kendall claimed that she'd found it on the coffeehouse floor. Reed informed Tessa that Kendall had sent a video of him playing at open mic night to her uncle, who was in the music business. Tessa suspiciously noted that between the wallet and the music hookup, Kendall was like Reed's guardian angel. Kendall moved to leave, and Reed followed her to the door and gave her a friendly hug to thank her. Kendall planted a kiss on him as Tessa watched.

Scott entered Crimson Lights and swore to Sharon that he was honoring their agreement to take things slowly, but the place had the best pastries in town. He ordered two and invited her to join him, and she asked if it was a trap, since he'd admitted to using chocolate to get people to open up. She pointed out that she'd already told him everything about her husband leaving town, but he bet she had other stories to tell. They both insisted that the other person go first, but they remained at a standoff. Scott remarked that he could stand there all day, looking into her eyes.

Scott and Sharon finished dessert, and she suggested that they call it a tie. He thanked her for sharing dessert, even if she hadn't told him anything. Sharon suddenly asked why he was interested in her, since she had all kinds of baggage, and he could probably do better. He called her smart, funny, and attractive, and he wished she'd stop putting herself down. She stated that it had been a rough couple of years, and he noted that they had a lot in common. Sharon questioned whether he really wanted to see if there was something between them, and Scott replied that he truly did.

At the police station, Michael looked on as Billy and Kevin bickered about Chloe, and Paul ordered the men to their corners. Billy questioned why Kevin was defending a murderer, but Kevin contended that Chloe was sick and needed help. Billy questioned whether Bella was even Chloe's daughter, but Kevin declared that there was no doubt in his mind that Chloe was Bella's mother. Kevin lectured that the little girl was what mattered, and he warned that Billy had to pull it together if Billy turned out to be her father. Billy stepped out to answer a call, and he informed Phyllis that he had no news.

Kevin and Billy irritated one another as they anxiously waited for the paternity test results. Paul returned with the results but indicated that he hadn't looked at them, so he had no idea who Bella's father was. He handed copies of the paperwork to Billy and Kevin, who locked eyes.

Kevin and Michael went to the Baldwin home, and Lauren observed that the men looked shell-shocked. Kevin announced that Chloe had informed him that he could be Bella's father, but Lauren recalled that he'd taken a DNA test that had proven otherwise. Kevin revealed that he'd taken another one that day, and it had proven that Bella was his daughter. Kevin reported that Esther was on her way with Bella, but he didn't know if he was ready for it. Kevin pledged to put everything that had happened with Chloe out of his mind and focus on the little girl.

Kevin panicked that he had to raise his child as a single father on his own, but Lauren assured him that she and Michael would be there every step of the way. Kevin realized that all the important life lessons were on him, and he worried that he'd damage Bella the way Tom had damaged him. Michael insisted that Kevin was nothing like Tom, and he pointed out that Kevin had adored Bella even before he'd known about the test results. Michael noted that Kevin had put Bella's happiness before his, and Lauren added that Kevin wasn't new to fatherhood because of Delia. Lauren reminded Kevin that she'd also been a single parent, and she promised that Kevin would figure it all out. Michael urged Kevin to believe in himself the way they did, and the brothers hugged.

Later, Esther was stunned when Kevin informed her that he was Bella's father, but she called it wonderful news. They embraced, and Esther excitedly realized that Lauren and Michael were the girl's aunt and uncle. Esther recalled that she'd felt guilty that Chloe had grown up without knowing her father, and she wondered if Chloe had sent the letters to ensure that her daughter would grow up surrounded by love. Esther had confidence that Kevin would take very good care of the tot, but Kevin intended for Bella to spend plenty of time with Esther. Esther suggested that Kevin and Bella stay at the Chancellor mansion, and Kevin agreed to think about what was best.

Kevin pushed Bella on a swing in the park, and he recounted how her mommy had left them gifts around the house, even when it wasn't a special occasion. He mentioned that Chloe had left another one, and he sat down in the swing next to Bella. Kevin asked if Bella remembered when they'd talked about him adopting her, and he informed her that her mommy had told him that Bella was his real-life daughter. Kevin explained that it meant Bella got to live with him and that they'd get to do fun daddy-and-daughter things together. He asked if she was happy about it, and she nodded. Kevin promised that he would always love her, take care of her, and be there for her, and he gushed that he was glad that she was truly his little girl. He picked her up from the swing, and they hugged.

Billy silently stalked into Phyllis' apartment and poured himself a drink, and Phyllis assumed that the test results were in. Phyllis absorbed the news that Kevin was Bella's dad, and she asked Billy if that was good news or bad news. Billy groaned that everything was twisted, and Phyllis wondered if a part of him had been hoping that Bella was his daughter.

Billy recalled that Chloe had wanted to replace Delia after Delia had died, and he'd told Chloe that it would be impossible, but Chloe had tried anyway. Phyllis imagined that it would have been hard to forget if he'd needed to raise Bella, and Billy admitted that Bella would have been a constant reminder of what he'd lost. Billy thought things had gone right that time, since Kevin would have the daughter he'd always wanted, and it was what was best for everyone. Phyllis hugged him.

Billy praised Phyllis for being extremely understanding and supportive, and she asked if that surprised him. He said he could have used her calming presence at the police station, and she remarked that it would have been an interesting "coming out party" for them. Billy remarked that her being there would have made things easier, and Phyllis thought he was the only man who'd ever believed she could make anything easier. Billy declared that she'd been with the wrong men until then, and they kissed.

Hilary makes a shocking on-air announcement Hilary makes a shocking on-air announcement> Hilary makes a shocking on-air announcement Hilary makes a shocking on-air announcement
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
by Nel

At Phyllis', Billy suggested that they go out for breakfast, but Phyllis was wary about going public yet. Billy assured Phyllis that they were single, and they were through sneaking around. They agreed that they needed to break the news to Victoria and Jack immediately.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria told Cane and Juliet she appreciated their outstanding work. The men's product line in the Asian market had exceeded Victoria's expectations. She wanted to make a big push to raise their profile in the beauty world. Cane suggested that if the sales projections were accurate, they would shoot up on their own. Victoria felt they needed a little boost, and the staff meeting would keep the momentum going.

Victoria stated that their number one priority was to make sure public relations erased any lingering consumer associations from the past and Newman Enterprises. Their brand should be about independence, and even though her last name was Newman, she was the only one calling the shots. She needed Cane and Juliet to work on a foundation to beef up their image of pride, independence, and success.

Moments later, Victoria was alone with Juliet. She thanked Juliet for helping her get home the previous evening and admitted she wasn't much of a drinker. Juliet assured Victoria that she'd been around people more out of control after alcohol consumption than Victoria had been.

Lily and Jordan arrived from their trip with glowing reports. Jordan praised Lily for rocking the brand and said the hockey players couldn't get enough of the line or of Lily. Jordan showed Juliet and Victoria the photos. Cane didn't appear happy.

At the Athletic Club, Neil reminded Devon that he couldn't be late to finalize his divorce. Devon assured Neil that he'd been counting the minutes until he could call Hilary his ex-wife. Devon admitted that his marriage had been over for quite some time. Devon appreciated that Michael had scheduled the divorce hearing before they launched their new business so Hilary wouldn't have any claim to it. Neil found it odd that Hilary only wanted GC Buzz and no alimony. He was worried that there would be an eleventh-hour courtroom surprise. At that moment Hilary walked by and said she'd see them in court.

Phyllis, Billy, and Jack arrived in the Jabot parking lot at the same time. In the elevator, Phyllis asked if Jack and Billy had updated their online shopping experience with Fenmore's virtual dressing room app. Phyllis continued her dissertation about the advantages of the app and how it gave people time to do the things they loved. Billy chimed in and said things like watching hockey, and Phyllis agreed. Billy described the hockey players going off the ice all sweaty and into the arms of someone special. They trusted the body spray by Brash & Sassy.

Jack asked if Brash & Sassy offer dental insurance if a hockey puck knocked someone's teeth out. Billy said no, but they could email their customer service, and they would get right on it. As Billy exited, he wished Jack and Phyllis a great Brash & Sassy day.

Phyllis followed Jack into his office and stated that it had been almost a year since Jack's feud with Billy had started, and it was exhausting to watch. Jack reminded Phyllis that it was personal between him and Billy. Jack admitted that he and Phyllis worked efficiently together, given what they'd been through. Phyllis was grateful that Jack had set aside his seething grudge against her. Jack stated it would have been counterproductive for business. Phyllis stated that Jack holding his grudge against Billy was counterproductive to Jack's health.

Phyllis said that Jack's poisonous feelings were toxic for the body and made him susceptible to diseases, ulcers, viruses, and cancer. It was a documented medical fact. Jack didn't want to hear any more about Billy, and he emphatically stated that he'd never forgive Billy. Jack wanted to focus on business and asked for information about the integration of Jabot onto Fenmore's site. Phyllis said they had a new feature, and she'd have Ravi send Jack a prototype.

Phyllis told Jack she didn't mean to harp on Billy, but she just wanted everyone to get along. Jack was curious about Phyllis' sunny disposition because Phyllis never did anything without a reason. Phyllis admitted she'd found a life outside the office. Jack asked if there was a new guy. Phyllis admitted there was a new guy, but she wouldn't tell him who it was.

Jack wanted to know more about Jabot's integration. Phyllis thought they could develop an app for a computer for furnishing a home. She explained how it would work. Jack was intrigued and thought it was a great idea. Phyllis wanted to know if there was an update about the decline and fall of Victor. Jack admitted he'd made his opening move, but he refused to say any more.

Outside the courthouse, Devon was surprised how quick and simple the process had been. Hilary walked out, and Devon commented on how painless it had been. He thought he'd feel different once everything was official, but he didn't. Hilary said that their marriage had been over for a long time, and being in court had just been the paperwork.

Hilary said she was excited about the debut of her new show, The Hilary Hour. She thought it was great that Neil had accompanied Devon. Devon said that he and Neil were starting a new business together. They'd be back in music and would develop new artists and acquire new businesses, specifically the ones founded by women and minorities. They wanted to build a family of companies that would reflect their values and make a positive difference. Devon said he'd wasted too much time and wanted to move forward. Devon removed his wedding ring and left with Neil. Alone, Hilary sadly looked at her wedding rings.

Victoria acknowledged that the launch of Dare had been a success because of Lily as ambassador and Jordan's beautiful photography. Victoria thanked Cane and Juliet for brokering the deal in Tokyo for Dare. Their upcoming men's line would be distributed all over Asia. Victoria complimented Juliet for sending Jordan and Lily on a smash hit promo tour featuring their new partner, pro hockey, and she said that they would issue a press release of their upcoming products.

Billy arrived and was surprised by the early morning meeting. Cane said if Billy had checked his messages, he'd have known about the meeting. Victoria complimented Billy for his brilliant idea to partner with pro hockey. They had a nationwide promotional platform that spoke to the young male demographic for Dare and the whole men's line. Billy said the credit went to Victoria. The meeting was adjourned.

Alone with Billy, Victoria asked if something was bothering him. Billy said no because he liked having his work praised, since it didn't happen too often. Victoria noted that Billy seemed preoccupied, and it wasn't like him to be MIA for hours. Billy explained that he'd received a letter from Chloe advising him that Bella might be his daughter. Chloe indicated that she'd stolen Billy's specimen from the hospital. Billy had called the hospital, and it had been confirmed that one of his samples was missing. Billy said that Kevin had received a similar letter. Billy and Kevin had needed to have a paternity test done, and they'd learned that Bella was Kevin's daughter.

Victoria was relieved because it would have been a very rough time for Billy. Victoria couldn't get over all the people Chloe had hurt or that Chloe had once again raked Billy over the coals from afar. Victoria felt that none of it would've happened if Chloe had just stayed locked up. Billy wondered how Chloe had gotten out and if she'd managed it alone. Victoria said that Chloe was a psychopath, and lying was what psychopaths did best. Victoria asked if the letters had given any clue where Chloe might be, but Billy said that Chloe had had the letters sent from different locations to confuse the police. Victoria was happy that Billy no longer had a connection to Chloe.

Victoria stated that it had to have been tough for Billy to go through the paternity test alone and said that she would have gone with him. Billy reminded her that they were going to keep their business and personal lives separate. Victoria reminded him that that had been Billy's decision, not hers. Billy said that the signals Victoria had given him had been clear. He said he needed to tell her something.

In the lab area, Cane told Juliet that he was trying to assemble accurate numbers for the press release, and he wanted to find a way so it wouldn't sound tedious. Juliet said if she had to do that, she'd spend every lunch break drinking heavily. Cane asked Juliet to dispense with any reference to drinking because it gave him flashbacks to the sake and the other thing that had happened, and he didn't like it.

Juliet informed Cane that Victoria probably felt the same after the rum. Cane asked if Juliet had gotten Victoria plastered. Juliet confirmed that Victoria had felt no pain. Juliet hadn't been able to keep up with her. Cane was surprised. He said that Victoria didn't usually cut loose. She was more contained and controlled.

Lily arrived and updated Juliet on her amazing promotional trip. Lily said that it hadn't felt like work, and she couldn't believe she was being paid for it. Juliet said that Lily had killed it every step of the way, and the fans in all three cities had loved her. Lily kissed Cane and hugged Juliet.

After Lily left, Cane said he felt that Victoria had made it seem that Billy's deal was more important than Cane and Juliet opening the door to the entire Asian market. Juliet didn't think Victoria meant it that way, but Cane said Victoria did, and it was because of Billy's relationship with Victoria. Billy always got the inside track with her. Juliet suggested that they think up an idea that would blow Billy out of the water.

Later, Lily returned. Cane told her that she looked fetching in the soccer jersey, and all he could think about was what was under it. Lily admitted that Cane was the love of her life. They kissed while Juliet watched in the background.

At GC Buzz, George told Mariah he had the running order of the premiere episode of the new, if not improved, format and asked if Mariah had any questions. Mariah asked if George had quit a few months before. George said he had, but things hadn't worked out. When he'd been presented with another exciting opportunity, he'd asked Hilary for a reference. Hilary had claimed she didn't remember him, but she'd had a producer job opening, and he'd taken it. Mariah admitted they'd had quite a number of resignations recently.

Mariah asked George what "Get real with Hilary" meant. George relayed that it was an exciting and groundbreaking new segment where Hilary spoke directly to her viewers and got real with them. Mariah hoped that George realized that Hilary was the least real person ever. Mariah stated that it was a vanity project that would run amok, and she wondered what she was doing there. George said she was in the closer -- Mariah got to wave goodnight. George said Mariah had her own fan base, and if she wanted a bigger role -- Mariah realized that she needed to fight for it.

At GC Buzz, Hilary gave George instructions. She told him the clock was ticking and wanted to know why he was still standing there. George thought she had more notes. Hilary advised him that his title was producer, not thinker. She told him to run along and produce. She also told him the lighting was too bright, and she wanted The Hilary Hour to have more of a cinematic tone. Mariah asked which classic movie Hilary was trying to emulate -- Mean Girls or The Great Dictator. Hilary advised Mariah that the new lighting would make Mariah appear less pasty.

Mariah reminded Hilary that Devon had hired her on the show to keep Hilary from giving in to her worst instincts, but Hilary had caved. They didn't even have one episode of "Hilary's Hour of Horrors" in the can. Mariah said she'd been trying to help Hilary keep the show from becoming a joke. Mariah wanted to keep Hilary from trying to reinvent herself into some all-knowing lifestyle guru and self-appointed superstar. The viewers wouldn't buy it. Hilary said she knew where Mariah was coming from and called Mariah "sweetie." She said Mariah was a very important part of the show. Mariah shot the "sweetie" remark back at Hilary and disagreed because she had nothing to do.

Hilary said that Mariah was like the tone commentator on a sportscast. Mariah provided dollops of information and stellar tone. Mariah sarcastically said that that would look awesome on television. Hilary knew that Mariah would make the most of every moment that Mariah was on-screen and walked away. Mariah muttered, "You bet your diva derriere I will."

The Hilary Hour began. Hilary introduced herself and stated that the program would be much like GC Buzz had been. They would cover the lives of the rich, the famous, and the powerful -- and so much more. Hilary said that she and Mariah would help them live their best lives, and she and Mariah would share their lives with the viewers. Hilary said the segment would be entitled "Self-Care" and asked Mariah to confirm that. Mariah stated that Hilary cared for herself more that anyone and playfully added that Hilary was gorgeous.

Hilary told her viewers that she wanted to share something personal. Hilary said that before heading to the show, she'd had to finalize her divorce. It was a major life-changing event, and it caused sadness and new insecurities, but it also offered new hope. Mariah was stunned. Hilary confessed there was an image she'd wanted to present to the world -- confident, in charge, and on top of everything, but as fervently as she wanted to be seen as a super woman, she couldn't do it alone. She needed the help of her friends. Hilary said she bore no ill will toward Devon because he was a wonderful and special person. She wished him the best.

Hilary admitted that she was the reason her marriage had failed. She'd decided not to hold on to bitterness, point fingers, or live in the past. She wanted to focus on the future. Hilary removed her wedding rings and hoped that she and Devon would remain friends. Hilary hoped that everyone would realize that bitterness was not a lifestyle to embrace. The show ended.

Mariah told Hilary that it had been a great show -- it had been real and riveting. Everyone who'd watched it would agree. Devon arrived and complimented Hilary on an excellent show and said he liked her new direction. He said that sharing something so personal had been a brave choice, and it had paid off. Devon added that it would be better if Mariah was featured a little more, but he admitted that he was biased.

Jordan approached and hugged Hilary, and they walked away. Jordan told Hilary that she had two things to celebrate -- a new life and a new show. While Jordan read his text, Hilary jealously looked over and saw the ease of Devon and Mariah's relationship and interaction.

Mariah asked Devon why he hadn't told her that it had been divorce day. Devon said the marriage had been over for a long time, and from that point forward, he and Mariah were the main event. He showed Mariah that he'd taken off his wedding ring and was ready to move on.

Victor surprises Nikki with a grand gesture Victor surprises Nikki with a grand gesture
Thursday, April 27, 2017

At Jabot, Jack held a meeting with Ashley, Phyllis, and Ravi about expanding their e-commerce into housewares and furniture. Jack announced that he'd bought a warehouse to turn into a state-of-the-art research lab, since he'd known Ashley had been itching to get back to research and development. Jack ended the meeting, and Phyllis and Ravi stepped out. Jack offered to have the Realtor send Ashley the floor plans, but she was irritated that he had purchased the building on his own. She reprimanded him for making decisions for the company that hadn't been solely his to make.

Jack imagined hiring a contractor to build the warehouse into the best research lab ever, and he thought it was what Ashley had wanted. Ashley stated that she would have liked a say in the decision, and she wondered why he'd been in such a rush to close the deal that quickly. He pointed out that not everything had a hidden agenda, and he was confident that there would be no downside. Ashley hoped so, since he'd already spent the money. Jack countered that he should be the one scolding her, since she hadn't told him a thing about her trip.

Jack asked if Ashley had met anyone notable at the conference, and she informed him that she'd spent both business and personal time with Ben Hochman. She explained that she'd wanted to get to know Ben better until she actually had, since he hadn't been able to detach himself from his phone during dinner, and she'd walked out. She added that Ben had apologized, but their next encounter had been even worse, since he'd been rude and obnoxious to Ravi.

Jack inquired whether Ashley had had some fun in New York, and she recalled going to the Met with Ravi. Jack teased her for watching opera, and Ashley conceded that she'd been allergic to it her whole life, but she'd really loved it. Jack hoped she hadn't shown Ravi anything more than professional interest. Ashley sarcastically confessed that she'd gone on the trip to be alone with Ravi so they could succumb to their passion, and they planned to name their firstborn after Jack.

Meanwhile, Ravi told Phyllis that he was happy to pitch in with the next app, but she recognized that Jabot was his top priority. Ravi glumly imagined that Ashley wouldn't be around as much if she was working in the new lab, and Phyllis wondered if he was worried it would undo the progress he'd achieved. He flashed back to kissing Ashley, and he mused that he didn't think it would. Phyllis said it was nice to focus on someone else's love life, and she advised him to make sure Ashley didn't forget the fun time they'd had in New York. Phyllis added that the only way to get what one wanted in the world was to make one's intentions clear.

In the corridor, Jack told Ravi that Ashley had filled him in about New York. Jack asked what Ravi had thought of the conference, and Ravi gushed that it had been an awesome experience and that he and Ashley had made a great team. Jack noted that it hadn't been all work, since Ashley and Ravi had gone to the opera. Ravi said he'd also met Traci, and Jack wished that Ashley had spent more time with Traci and less with Ben, who Ravi called a "grade-A horse's ass." Jack declared that he was glad Ashley had Ben out of her life, since she deserved better.

Later, Ashley requested that Ravi take a break from programming to write a report on his impressions of the cutting-edge products they'd seen at the conference, since it would help with developing the new line. Ravi questioned how much time she'd be spending at the office once the new lab was up and running, and she imagined that her work in the lab would be intense in the beginning. He asked if she had any plans that night, and she said she didn't. She accepted his invitation to have dinner with him.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria told Billy that she was glad they were being open with one another. Billy informed her that he had something that wouldn't be easy for him to say or for her to hear, but he thought she deserved to hear it from him. Victoria received a call from Nikki, who was livid about something Victor had done. Nikki requested that Victoria drop by the ranch right away, and Victoria informed Billy that her mom was having an issue. Billy asked if it could wait, but Victoria hurried out.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki told Nick that she didn't know where Victor was but that he'd been finding creative ways to make their lives "a living hell." Victoria arrived, and Nikki informed her children that Victor had been keeping very busy. Nikki whipped out some blueprints and divulged that the dean from the university's medical school had stopped by with the plans to construct the Nicole Newman Research Center for Neurological Diseases. Nikki added that Victor had written a huge check to construct a brand-new facility bearing her name to fund research to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Nick griped that only his dad could turn a charitable donation into a manipulative act.

Nikki fretted that the university wanted to throw a reception in their honor upon Victor's return, and Victoria recalled their commitment to fake being a happy family in public. Nikki figured that Victor had thought the incredible gesture would melt her unforgiving heart, but she swore that he couldn't buy his way back into her good graces. Victoria inquired whether Nikki intended to cancel the donation, but Nikki replied that Victor had known that she couldn't, and that was why he'd done it. Nikki reasoned that the money would do good for a lot of people, and she'd rather Victor donate it than use it for bribes to get homicidal sociopaths out of mental hospitals.

Nikki was fine if the medical research center gave people hope, but she'd "be damned" if she'd play into Victor's hands by showing up at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Nikki envisioned that she'd be too sick to attend, and it wouldn't be a complete lie because the thought of playing Victor's doting wife made her ill. Nick and Victoria worried that the stress of the situation would cause Nikki's MS symptoms to flare up, but Nikki swore that she was doing everything she could to manage it. Victoria urged her mother not to keep if from them if she had an episode.

Nikki insisted that she was taking good care of herself, but she gave her word that she would let Victoria and Nick know if anything changed. Victoria received a text message, and she recounted that she'd been having a conversation with Billy when Nikki had called. Victoria reported that Billy was still keeping his distance because he knew she was holding something back, and he thought she didn't trust him. Victoria lamented that things had been going well until she'd found out the truth about Victor, and Nikki contended that Victoria shouldn't have to lose her family over something Victor had done. Nikki thought of something that Victoria could tell Billy to end all of his questions.

After Victoria left, Nikki urged Nick to talk, since she could tell he was upset. Nick groused that he hated lying to people they cared about and withholding evidence to protect Victor. Nick pointed out that they could still go to Paul, but Nikki firmly maintained that they had to stick to their plan or they'd tank their entire family. Nick noted that it was a pattern with Victor to find an unstable, damaged person to use as a weapon, and they kept letting him get away with it. Nick thought Victor should be in prison, but Nikki believed the ultimate punishment was them turning their backs on Victor.

Nick said they'd always forgiven Victor, but Nikki sensed that Nick meant she always had and that she was the vulnerable one. Nick worried that she had to live with Victor, and he anticipated that Victor would worm his way back into her life because she still loved him. Nikki admitted that she still loved Victor, since he'd been a big part of her life, and he'd meant everything to her. She conceded that it would be much easier to forgive and forget, but she vowed not to do it because Victor's manipulations had led to Adam's death. Nikki wondered how she could make sure the story didn't end the way it always had before.

Nick picked up his parents' wedding photo and guessed that Victor believed Nikki's entire identity revolved around being Mrs. Victor Newman. Nick implored Nikki to show Victor that she could be happy alone, or Victor would wear her down until she took him back. Nick suggested that she show Victor that she didn't care what he did, since walking away emotionally would drive Victor crazy. Nikki thought of the saying that the opposite of love wasn't hate but indifference. Nick pushed Nikki to think about something she'd always wanted to do but hadn't done because of Victor and then make it a reality.

At Top of the Tower, Nikki asked Jack if she could join him, and he gestured for her to take a seat. She inquired whether he remembered telling her that the Nikki he'd known back in the day never would have been content just being Victor's appendage, and Jack recalled that she hadn't liked his assessment. Nikki claimed that it had hit too close to home, and she believed that Jack was just the man to help her get her mojo back.

At Brash & Sassy, Lily apologized when she realized that Juliet had walked in on her and Cane kissing. Juliet said she felt like an oddball with all the love and romance in the office, and Jordan joined them and suggested that Juliet get out more. Lily was surprised that Jordan wasn't with Hilary, and he said Juliet had booked him to take some test shots. Cane coolly stated that Juliet hadn't told him about it, and Juliet figured that Cane had a lot to do for Victoria. Juliet assured Cane that his wife was in good hands.

Cane asked a distracted Billy for some sales projections, but Billy was preoccupied with a text message from Phyllis, asking if he'd talked to Victoria. Billy typed back a message to ask Phyllis to meet him in the elevator. Cane pressed for the figures, but Billy abruptly walked out.

Phyllis joined Billy on the elevator, and she asked him between kisses how his meeting with Victoria had gone. Billy stopped the elevator, and Phyllis guessed that he hadn't told Victoria. Billy explained that Victoria had had a family emergency, and he hadn't wanted to rush the conversation. Phyllis recounted that she'd been getting ready to tell Jack, but she'd realized that he hadn't been ready to hear it. She wondered why it was that hard when they just wanted to be together, and he promised that he'd tell Victoria as soon as she returned. Phyllis and Billy agreed that it would be a relief to finally be honest, and she pledged to make that night one he'd remember. They continued kissing.

Later, Phyllis stepped off the elevator, and she daydreamed about Billy telling her that Victoria had accepted that he and Phyllis were together. Phyllis envisioned Jack and Ashley stepping out of the office and Billy announcing that he and Phyllis would be together forever. Phyllis imagined telling Jack that she hadn't wanted to tell him until Billy had told Victoria, and she contended that she and Jack had been over for a long time and had started to become friends. In Phyllis' mind, Billy said they'd wanted to be honest, with no more lies or sneaking around, and Jack acknowledged that at least they'd had the guts to be up-front that time, so he had no choice but to accept it. In reality, a tear rolled down Phyllis' cheek. Later, Phyllis made a reservation for two for a romantic table.

Victoria met Billy at the park café, and he explained that he'd wanted a quiet space to talk. She recognized that she owed him an explanation for rushing off, but he replied that her family was her business. Victoria pointed out that they shared a family, too, and that meant something to her. She thought things had been really nice between them, but she'd blown it by shutting him out. Victoria swore that she trusted Billy, and she wanted him to know that he was right -- she'd been keeping something from him. She indicated that she'd promised that she would keep it a secret, but sometimes promises needed to be broken.

Billy surmised that Victor had demanded secrecy from Victoria. Victoria fibbed that Nikki's MS had been flaring up and that Nikki hadn't wanted anyone to know that she'd been experiencing tremors and fatigue. Billy remarked that he never would have guessed it after talking to Nikki at Reed's birthday party, and he admitted that he'd assumed that Victor had been behind whatever had been bugging Victoria. Victoria conceded that her dad had been part of it, since she couldn't stand the way Victor had been treating her mom.

Victoria apologized for taking out her frustration on Billy when she'd been trying to support her mom. She informed him that Nikki had suggested that Victoria share everything with him, and he numbly replied that he wished Victoria had done it a little sooner. Billy asked if Nikki would be okay, and Victoria said it wouldn't be a permanent setback. She thanked him for understanding after she'd made a mess of things. She prompted him to continue with what he'd wanted to tell her earlier, but he vaguely stated that he could handle it.

At the photo shoot, Juliet asked if she could choose an outfit for Lily to wear, and she pulled out a pink blazer. Lily went to touch up her makeup, and Jordan followed her out to check the lighting in the studio. Juliet noticed her camisole hanging on the wardrobe rack, and she flashed back to Cane questioning her about how it had gotten into his bag. Cane spotted her holding the garment and snapped, "What the hell are you doing with that?"

Juliet explained that she'd found it on the rack, but she'd thought Cane had thrown it away. He confirmed that he'd put it in the trash, and Lily and Jordan returned. Jordan found it funny that Juliet had selected the sexy camisole, since he'd fished it out of the trash weeks earlier. Lily gushed that it went perfectly with the outfit Juliet had chosen, and Cane squirmed as Lily stepped away to change into the camisole. As Jordan guided Lily through the photo shoot, Cane was haunted by flashbacks of chugging sake with Juliet and kissing her in his hotel room. Lily became concerned when Cane suddenly walked out of the shoot, but Juliet encouraged Lily to continue.

Cane stared blankly at his computer screen in the office, and Lily joined him during a break. She asked if something was wrong, since she'd sensed there might have been a problem when he'd walked out. He claimed that he'd had to get through a stack of email before the close of business, and he'd lost track of time while he'd been watching her. She seductively suggested that she model the camisole for him later at home, and she sat on his lap. He clarified that he'd been looking at her, not her outfit.

Meanwhile, Juliet fretted that Cane hadn't been happy with her choice of wardrobe, but Jordan suspected that it hadn't been the reason Cane had walked out. Jordan confided that Cane acted supportive in front of Lily, but Cane hadn't liked the idea of her modeling again and still wasn't comfortable with it. Jordan hoped Lily didn't let it get to her, and he suggested that they take the last few shots. Juliet popped into the office to notify Lily that the shoot was resuming, and Lily stepped out. Juliet closed the door and stressed that Cane needed to chill.

Cane panicked that he couldn't take it anymore, but Juliet said he was freaking out about nothing, since no one knew the camisole was hers. Cane argued that he did and that he felt guilty, so he had to tell Lily. Juliet contended that their drunken night together had meant nothing, and she thought there would be no point to him devastating Lily and losing his marriage. Cane wailed that he thought about that night every time he saw Juliet, and Juliet angrily questioned whether she was supposed to quit a job that she'd moved thousands of miles to take because he couldn't handle his emotions. Cane swore that he wanted to forget, and Juliet ordered him to get it together and stop "bringing it up." "Bringing what up?" Lily asked as she appeared in the doorway.

Jack and Nikki share a moment Jack and Nikki share a moment
Friday, April 28, 2017

Nick stopped by Chelsea's penthouse, and he apologetically told Chelsea that he'd needed some time alone. She thought it had been her fault, because she'd been a wreck since Chloe had left. Chelsea added that she'd also been shorthanded at work, but it was all about to change because of Victor. "What did my dad do now?" Nick queried.

Nick was stunned to learn that Victor had invested a half-million dollars in Chelsea 2.0. Chelsea reported that her banker had called to inform her about the deposit, and she'd tried calling Victor, but his voicemail had been shut off. Nick relayed that Victor was on one of his self-imposed exile trips. Chelsea revealed that Victor had left a short note with the banker about giving her the money in Adam's memory. "Unbelievable," Nick hissed, and Chelsea wondered why it bothered him that much.

Nick speculated that Victor might be trying to take over Chelsea's company, but she informed him that Victor had sent over an agreement that specified that the money gave him no stake in her business. Nick warned her to be careful, but Chelsea was sure that Victor wouldn't use Adam's death as a way to gain something. Nick thought finding out what had really happened had been a shock to everyone, and Chelsea acknowledged that it had made her question a lot of things. Nick wondered if their relationship was one of those things, and the doorbell rang. Chelsea invited a man in, and she told Nick that it would be hard to have a couples massage without a couple.

Chelsea looked forward to an evening of serenity and relaxation, and Nick asked if the masseur was pulling double duty. The man indicated that his partner, Helga, would be right up, and Nick pictured a burly wrestler. He suggested that he and Chelsea just massage one another, but he was relieved when Helga turned out to be an attractive woman. Chelsea offered to send Helga away, but Nick dropped his robe and flopped down on the massage table. The massage therapists began their work, and Chelsea moaned in pleasure as Nick grimaced in pain.

Later, Nick groaned that he thought Helga had cracked his rib, and Chelsea cooed that maybe she could make him feel better. She took off his robe and rubbed his shoulders, and he said it was a start. She kissed his neck, and he said he was feeling better. Her robe fell to the floor as they kissed passionately.

At the park café, Billy said Victoria had enough on her plate, and he swore that he would handle the issue that he'd wanted to discuss with her earlier. He admitted that he'd jumped to conclusions by assuming that Victor had been behind Victoria's secrecy, and he told her that he wouldn't have pushed if he'd known the matter had been private. Victoria regretted that she'd lashed out and caused the ugly rift between them, but she hoped they could start over and pick up where they'd left off. She asked if he thought that was possible.

Billy thought that focusing on Brash & Sassy and the kids had worked for him and Victoria, and he pointed out that the latest blip had proven that things could get complicated between them. He thought it was best that they keep things the way they were, and Victoria half-heartedly agreed that they should maintain the status quo. She thanked him for keeping her on track, and he commented that she was usually the one to steer the boat through choppy waters. Victoria took it as a sign that they were headed in the right direction.

At Brash & Sassy, Lily pressed to know what Cane and Juliet had been arguing about. Cane avoided eye contact as he grappled for an explanation, but Juliet declared that they needed to be straight with Lily. Juliet claimed that she and Cane had disagreed over what information to include in a press release. Lily recognized that Cane was a perfectionist, but she encouraged him not to get worked up about it, and he pointedly agreed to do it Juliet's way. Jordan pulled Lily aside to look at the test shots, but he noticed that she looked perplexed.

Victoria and Billy entered the office, and she gathered everyone together and invited the entire group to dinner at Top of the Tower that evening to thank them for their hard work. Jordan protested that he had a date that night, and Victoria told him to have his companion join them. Billy was preoccupied with something on his phone, and Cane asked if Billy would attend. Billy replied that he wouldn't miss it, and he sent a text message to Phyllis to inform her that he had a bonding thing to attend for work and that he'd explain later.

Victoria said she'd see everyone at the restaurant, but Billy hovered behind. She asked if he had other plans that night, but he replied that he was looking forward to hanging out with the Brash & Sassy crew. She suggested that they drive over together, since it had felt nice talking to him, and she didn't have anyone else to talk to about her mother. He agreed to go together, and they headed out.

At Jabot, Ravi informed Ashley that he'd made a last-minute reservation at Top of the Tower. Phyllis overheard and insisted on tagging along to talk business. Ashley and Ravi exchanged an annoyed glance.

At Top of the Tower, Jack told Nikki that he'd be happy to help her get her mojo back, and he recommended that she start by removing a certain moustache from her life. Nikki clucked that Jack knew she wouldn't do that, and he asked if Victor was still away on sabbatical. She confirmed that Victor was, and Jack wondered why she was asking someone her husband despised for advice. He questioned what was really going on between her and Victor.

Jack theorized that Nikki was trying to make the most of the furlough from a prison sentence she called a marriage, and she got up to leave. Jack insisted that he had plenty of ideas about how she could recapture her glory, and she sat back down. He suggested that she open an all-male version of the Bayou, but she replied that it hadn't been the direction she'd been thinking about. He proposed that she turn the ranch into a sanctuary for retired circus animals, since people would pay money to see Victor with his head inside a lion's mouth. Nikki found the thought oddly inspiring, and she said it had given her an idea.

Jack was surprised when Ashley and Ravi arrived at the restaurant together. Ravi steered Ashley toward their table, and Nikki wondered what the story was between them. Jack stated that there wasn't one, but Nikki noted that it hadn't been the first time Ashley and Ravi had been out and about. Jack was confident that Ashley wasn't pursuing anything serious, but Nikki encouraged him to open his eyes, since she suspected Ashley might be trying to get her mojo back, too.

A woman approached Devon at the bar and expressed sympathy about his divorce. Mariah stepped off the elevator and saw the woman hand Devon her card in case he ever wanted to talk. After the woman stepped away, a female bartender asked Devon if everything was okay. Devon stated that the patron had been a little bit pushy, and the bartender slid a napkin with her phone number toward him in case he was interested in someone less pushy. Mariah approached and greeted Devon, and she ordered whatever he was having.

Devon hoped the incidents hadn't bothered Mariah, who purposely placed her drink to obscure the bartender's number. Mariah recognized that she was dating Genoa City's most eligible bachelor, and she figured that he'd have to contend with friendly women all the time. Devon and Mariah settled in at a table, and he was glad that it was just the two of them. Hilary stepped off the elevator, and Mariah suggested that they fasten their seatbelts.

Victoria and Billy entered the restaurant, and she anticipated that it would be a great night. Billy wondered what was going on, since she'd invited the team to an impromptu dinner when she was the queen of structure and schedules. Victoria defended that she could be spontaneous, and she referred to their Caribbean beach wedding. Billy argued that it had been seven years earlier, and she credited him with making her show her wild side. Billy spotted Phyllis across the room.

Phyllis thanked Ashley and Ravi for allowing her to join their staff meeting, and Ravi grumbled that they hadn't had much choice. Phyllis ordered a bottle of wine, and she declared that they had a chance to talk business because her plans had been canceled. Ravi coldly informed her that work wasn't supposed to be on the menu, but Phyllis looked over at the Brash & Sassy table and noted that she wasn't the only one who wanted to brainstorm. Victoria welcomed everyone and directed Billy to sit next to her. Cane looked uncomfortable as Juliet took the chair next to his.

Hilary joined Jordan at the table, and Lily couldn't believe Hilary was his date. Hilary displayed her bare ring finger and proclaimed that she was single, so Lily could keep her "bitchy comments" to herself. Lily was thrilled to hear that the divorce was final and that Devon was finally free of Hilary. Victoria thanked everyone for being there, and she urged them to order whatever they liked. Cane opted for water instead of an alcoholic beverage, and Juliet whispered to Jordan that she knew Cane could cut loose with best of them. Victoria caught Billy staring at Phyllis, and she imagined that it was a company outing for Jabot, too.

Phyllis chugged her wine as she stared at Billy, and Ashley suggested that Phyllis just go over there. Phyllis said she wouldn't want to be rude by interrupting, and Ravi flatly replied, "Indeed." The bartender dropped off a bottle of Champagne, but Ashley protested that they hadn't ordered it. Ravi added that they had nothing to celebrate, and the bartender revealed that it was a gift. Ashley read the accompanying note, which suggested that they drown their sorrows over Jabot's latest sales figures. Ashley looked over at Victoria, who raised her glass.

Lily greeted Devon and Mariah, and she congratulated him on freeing himself from the succubus at her table. Lily blasted Hilary for being trashy by going out on a date the night her divorce had been finalized, and Mariah announced that she and Devon were being trashy, too. Lily was happily stunned, and she gushed that Mariah was a huge improvement over Hilary. Lily returned to her table, and Mariah toasted to the rest of the night being Hilary-free. Devon stared at Hilary flirting with Jordan.

Over dinner, Lily asked if Juliet missed Tokyo. Juliet replied that she'd been too busy to miss it, but she loved Genoa City. Victoria asked if Lily knew any hot guys they could introduce Juliet to. Lily innocently mentioned her husband, and she asked what Juliet was looking for. Juliet said she wanted someone smart, worldly, and handsome, and Lily wasn't surprised when Hilary added rich to the list. Lily spotted Ravi and volunteered to introduce Juliet to him. Billy taunted that Cane seemed worried that Juliet would find someone else to moon over.

Lily introduced Juliet to Ravi and suggested that he show Juliet some of the hot spots in town, and he asked if Lily meant Wi-Fi. Juliet handed him her card and proposed that they get coffee sometime, but Ravi replied that he didn't drink coffee. Lily thought they'd figure something out, and she and Juliet walked away. Ravi apologized to Ashley because their dinner kept getting hijacked, but she thought he should definitely go out with Juliet. Ravi questioned why he should go out with Juliet when he barely knew her, and Ashley explained that the point was to get to know one another better.

Ashley noted that Ravi was clearly a catch, and she didn't want to get in the way of him meeting someone special that he might start a family with. He pointed out that he'd never said he'd wanted kids, but she thought he seemed family-oriented. Ravi argued that just because he was close with his family didn't mean he wanted one of his own, and he believed there were ways to have relationships without conforming to labels. Ashley contemplated what other assumptions she'd gotten wrong.

Ravi suggested that he and Ashley finish up before Phyllis got back, and he insisted on paying the check because he'd invited Ashley. Ashley went to the ladies' room, and Ravi approached Phyllis at the bar and told her that she could pay for her share of the check, since she'd invited herself to his dinner with Ashley.

Hilary and Jordan approached Devon and Mariah, and Hilary noted that it looked like they were having a good time. Devon dryly replied that they had been, and Hilary confirmed that everything she'd said on her show about their marriage had been true. Devon agreed that their union hadn't been entirely bad, and Hilary imagined that celebrating the end of their marriage had been Mariah's idea. Devon defended that they were simply on a date, just like Hilary and Jordan were. Hilary huffed that it was just a work obligation, since she wouldn't attach to the first rebound to happen along. Hilary and Jordan walked away.

Phyllis looked on as Victoria proposed a toast. Victoria recalled that she'd spoken about her team's professional accomplishments, but she considered them to be a family. Victoria continued that they argued and disagreed, but at the end of the day, what mattered was the company. Victoria was sure that they'd be there when things got tough, and she couldn't think of anyone else she'd want to be by her side. As the group clinked their glasses together, Billy received a text message from Phyllis, asking him to meet her in the coat check room. Victoria prepared to go freshen up, and Hilary and Juliet joined her. Billy walked off, and Lily asked Cane to grab her jacket from the coat check.

In the bathroom, Ashley thanked Victoria for the Champagne, even though it had tasted like desperation. Victoria imagined that it had been a step up from tasting like failure, but Ashley contended that Jabot's products were as popular as ever. Ashley pointed out that Hilary was wearing Jabot's eye shadow and that Juliet was wearing too much of Jabot's perfume, and she noted that Victoria's compact was Jabot's. Ashley thanked them for their loyalty, and she asserted that stunning, strong women using Jabot products did more for the brand than any hockey league ever could. Ashley wished them a good night and headed out, and Victoria tossed her compact into the trash.

Hilary stepped out, and Juliet vowed never to wear the competition's perfume again. Victoria gave Juliet credit for admitting when she'd made a mistake, since Victoria had never been good at doing it herself. Juliet guessed that Victoria was talking about Billy, and Victoria confided that she'd thought they might have a chance to get back together, but Billy thought it was too late for them. Juliet figured that had been what Victoria's speech had been about, and she suspected that Billy had gotten the message. Victoria declared her determination to make him realize that they had a future together, no matter what it took.

Lily got up to find Cane, but she stumbled and almost fell. Jordan caught her as Hilary jealously looked on.

In the coat check room, Phyllis demanded to know if Billy had told Victoria about them, but he said it was a business dinner. Cane hovered outside as Billy told Phyllis that it hadn't been the right time. Phyllis insisted that Billy tell Victoria right away, since she refused to be the other woman and sneak around. Cane eavesdropped as Billy swore that Phyllis was the only woman in his life.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki played the piano as Jack listened admiringly. He clapped when she finished, and he marveled that he hadn't heard her play like that in years. She mentioned that Reed's music lessons had revived her passion for music, and she wondered whether it was crazy for her to get back into it. Nikki revealed that she was considering performing at a benefit she was chairing, and Jack thought it was a wonderful idea. He discovered the plans for a new building, and he realized that it was a research facility in her name. He questioned whether it was something "Moneybags" had bought her.

Nikki explained that Victor had made a substantial donation to the university's neurology department, and Jack recognized that it would do a world of good. He spotted an open photo album and asked if she'd been taking a walk down memory lane. He fawned over childhood photographs of Victoria and Nick, and he said they reminded him of when he and Nikki had been together, raising the kids. He mused that those years had been a happy time.

Nikki sadly realized that the albums would have held other memories if things had been different. She asked if Jack ever thought about the children they'd lost, and he replied that he did from time to time. She recounted the obstacles they'd faced, but she thought they'd managed to put together some wonderful years despite them. Jack put his arm around her, and the front door slammed shut. Victor stalked in and glared at them.

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