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Michael and Lauren separated. The lab reported traces of latex on the tire iron. Victoria pulled the Hex line. Nick broke up with Sage. Adam and Sage had sex. During his wedding to Chelsea, Billy announced to the guests that Chelsea had slept with Gabriel.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 27, 2015 on Y&R
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Michael Asks Lauren for a Separation Michael Asks Lauren for a Separation
Monday, April 27, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary told Devon that she had truly loved him. Hilary pleaded with Devon to remember when they had first realized their attraction to each other. Devon remained stoic and silent until Hilary walked away. Before Hilary left the room, Devon said, "In the gym, after I dropped that weight on my foot. What I felt for you; I'm ashamed." Hilary recalled that she'd already been set to marry Neil.

Hilary told Devon that she still wanted to carry forward with their plans to have a family and a home together. She said Devon likely no longer wanted a future with her. Devon pulled Hilary close and kissed her. Hilary pulled away and said they should proceed slowly. Devon nodded and said, "It has to be right this time."

In Jack's office, the impostor Victor employed as his puppet was ordering a custom-appointed Ferrari when Victor entered. Victor disconnected the call and warned the hired man that the real Jack Abbott was never flashy. The man noted that the real Jack also wouldn't have agreed to merge Newman Enterprises and Jabot. When Neil entered and saw the two men together, he said, "I see it, but I don't believe it." Victor asked Neil to serve as the merged company's CFO.

Neil, addressing Jack, recalled how he'd once adopted a relaxed, casual work environment. Jack struggled for a response. Neil said, "Why are you acting like you don't remember this?" Victor laughed and said that of course Jack remembered. Neil said, "You know I was goaded into it." Again, Jack was clueless. When Neil said the idea had been Devon's, Jack chuckled. Jack's phone rang, and he stepped out. On the phone, Phyllis told Jack that they'd be having dinner with Nikki and Victor.

In the hallway, Neil approached Jack and asked him how he really felt about working with Victor. Jack insisted that his priorities had changed. Neil accepted the position of CFO. When Jack returned to his office, Victor had just learned about the dinner plans from Nikki. Victor warned that it was too soon for Phyllis and Nikki to test the impostor. Victor reminded the man with Jack's face that he'd sprung him from a Peruvian prison. Victor warned the man to behave.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil apologized for having been rude to Gwen earlier when he'd accused her of having pretended to date Devon while Devon had been cheating with Hilary. Gwen admitted that she'd known she'd been dating Devon as a cover, but she'd thought perhaps Devon's aim had been to keep secret from his family that he was gay. She said she'd later known for certain that Devon wasn't gay. Neil explained that he'd later realized that Devon had been deeply hurt. Gwen said, "Is that forgiveness I hear?"

Gwen was called away when Devon and Hilary entered the dining room. Hilary quickly retreated to her suite. Devon pleaded with Neil not to step backwards in the journey toward forgiveness. Devon congratulated Neil on being named CFO. Neil apologized for having jumped to conclusions when he'd spotted Devon with Hilary. Devon's eyes covertly followed Hilary as she walked through the dining room.

At the Abbott mansion, Nikki told Phyllis that the supposed alliance between Jack and Victor was likely "a prelude to more backstabbing." Nikki asked, "Where will our families be then?" Phyllis said she believed it all to be an elaborate act. Nikki asked how they could find out for sure. Phyllis replied, "We'll put it to the test."

When Jack and Victor arrived for dinner, Nikki was pleased when she learned that Neil would serve Newman-Abbott as CFO. Nikki and Phyllis mentioned Victor's past schemes, when he'd supplied Patty Williams with a new identity and gotten her back to town to throw a wrench into Jack's life. Jack replied, "There comes a point in life where you don't want to keep playing the same game all over again." Victor assured the women that he and Jack had forged a new relationship. Phyllis noted that she'd chosen orchids as the centerpiece and would let Jack explain the flower's significance. Jack mumbled, and Phyllis whispered, "Japan."

Jack quickly changed the topic of conversation and explained that after Victor had saved his life and the two had later shared a hospital room, he'd realized that he and Victor shared a lot in common. Jack said that both he and Victor were grooming children to take over their life's work. Jack said he no longer wanted his life to revolve around destruction. Nikki looked at Victor in disbelief when Jack said that his and Victor's motivation was shared love. Jack asked Phyllis and Nikki to accept the new friendship. The women tentatively agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Nick that Courtney's parents had requested that they not attend the funeral because of Sharon. Noah said he didn't believe his mother could have killed two people. Faith, carrying a plate of cookies, joined her family and asked Nick if she would ever be returning to school. Before Nick could respond, a reporter approached and asked Nick about his ex-wife's upcoming murder trial. Nick quickly asked the reporter to follow him out to the patio.

Noah left Faith in the care of an employee and joined his dad and the reporter. Nick's patience had been exhausted by the newsman's suggestive line of questions. Noah tried to intervene, but when the reporter suggested that Sharon's children might also be bipolar, Nick punched the reporter. The reporter fell to the floor and threatened to report the assault. When Noah returned to get Faith, she pleaded with him to let her see their mother.

At Sharon's house, Faith rushed into her mother's arms. Noah told his mother what had happened at Crimson Lights. Sharon was shocked when her daughter said that Nick had punched a reporter. Faith asked her mother if she was facing a murder trial. Noah said he'd been torn about whether or not to let Faith go for a visit. Sharon praised her son for allowing Faith to spend time with her.

Sharon, addressing her young daughter, explained that some people believed she'd done something very bad. Sharon said she hadn't hurt Austin or Courtney, but because she'd done some bad things in the past when she'd been ill, the police believed she might have been involved. Faith said she knew her mother had been friends with Austin and Courtney. Sharon assured Faith that she would never hurt anyone. Noah said he believed his mother. Faith said she did, too. Sharon told Noah that it meant everything to know he believed her.

Nick, standing in the open doorway, overheard Sharon's comments. After Noah left with Faith, Sharon thanked Nick for punching the reporter for her. Nick said he hadn't done it for her. Nick added, "I did it for these kids who are going through hell right now because of you." Sharon noted that she'd been set up. She told Nick that for years she'd defended the Neman name by keeping the secret about Sandy. She urged Nick to take some responsibility. She cried, "If I'm to blame for what our children are going through right now, then so the hell are you!"

In Joe's room at the hospital, Dylan told Joe not to expect Avery to stay with him out of duty or obligation because she felt responsible for his injuries. Dylan ran into Avery in the hallway, and she told him that Michael had been hospitalized. Avery admitted that she'd broken her promise to Michael by phoning Lauren against his wishes. Dylan told Avery that he'd miss her while she was away with Joe. The couple made plans to spend the evening together, away from phones and other means of contact.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan's plans for a romantic evening were derailed by a water leak. Avery soaked up water with a mop. Dylan said he had hoped to show Avery how much he loved her. Avery laughed and replied, "And here we stand with mops in hand." Dylan said, "Not how you imagined we might spend out last night together." Avery told Dylan not to call it their last night because she'd only be away with Joe for one week. Avery received a phone call from the hospital informing her that Joe would be transported to the rehabilitation facility immediately. After Avery left, Dylan went to Sharon's to offer comfort.

In Michael's room, Lauren rushed in, breathless. Michael said he realized Avery had summoned her, and he begged Lauren not to get worked up over nothing. Lauren said that stage three cancer, radiation, and serious side effects weren't nothing. Lauren cried that Michael had been stressed while "hiding" at Sharon's house. Michael admitted that he'd been hiding because Lauren had treated him like an invalid because she regarded him as "a broken thing that should be pitied."

Lauren was shocked when Michael requested that they separate. Lauren cried that she wouldn't let Michael give up on their marriage. Michael said he was tired of struggling to maintain their relationship. Michael said Lauren had high expectations that he could no longer meet. Lauren said that though Michael had prepared to die, it hadn't happened. She said she understood how uncertain Michael's future seemed. Lauren tearfully agreed to give Michael time apart.

Putting the Cards on the Table Putting the Cards on the Table
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

At the penthouse, Chelsea seemed nervous when Billy checked an incoming call on her phone, and she claimed that she'd thought it might have been a buyer. He noted that she'd been jumpy for the previous few days, and she flashed back to having sex with Gabriel. Chelsea mentioned that she had to go to a meeting about her new designs, and she commented that it would be weird being at Jabot without Billy there. He remarked that Jabot was lucky to have her designing for them, and she hurried out. Billy started to clean up Connor's toys, but Adam arrived and said he wanted to talk to Billy.

Still posing as Gabriel, Adam claimed that he'd needed to get away for a while, but he'd returned when he'd heard about the merger. Billy relayed that Jack had said he'd teamed up with Victor to end the feud between the Abbotts and the Newmans, and Adam incredulously asked if all the Abbotts were working for Victor. Billy reported that Jack had fired him when he'd objected to Jack making a deal with the devil, and Adam was stunned that Jack had chosen Victor over Billy. Billy anticipated that Jack would be very disappointed when Victor didn't return the same loyalty, since Victor only played well with Newmans, and Adam knowingly stated that even then, there was no guarantee.

Adam remarked that he'd never taken Billy for a quitter, since he'd heard Billy always stayed in the game, even with a lousy hand, and he hoped Billy was bluffing. Adam stated that Billy would eventually have to put his cards on the table, and Billy suggested they do just that by talking about Chelsea. Billy blasted Gabriel for telling her that she'd regret marrying Billy, but Adam maintained that she needed time to get over her dead husband.

Billy huffed that he and Chelsea didn't care what Gabriel thought, and they'd get married and be a family. Adam taunted that Adam had carried Chelsea over that very same threshold first, and Adam had bought the house that Billy planned to share with Chelsea and the family she and Adam had made. Adam noted that Billy might be uncomfortable with Gabriel living across the hall, but Adam was still right there in that apartment. Adam walked out, and Billy looked unnerved.

At Crimson Lights, Nick didn't notice Sage sitting at the counter when he ordered coffee, and she asked why he seemed preoccupied. He confided that a process server had just ambushed him with a lawsuit from a reporter, who was suing him for civil battery because of Sharon. Nick told Sage that the reporter had made a snarky comment about Faith, and he regretted that he'd lost his cool, but Sage assured him that his kids were lucky to have him on their side. He got up to get refills, and Chelsea walked in and inquired whether Sage had seen Gabriel. Sage reported that she hadn't seen him since she'd been at the penthouse a few days before, and Chelsea mentioned that she'd left messages, but she hadn't been able to get in touch with him.

Sage questioned whether anything had happened to make Chelsea think something was wrong, and Chelsea said she and Gabriel had had a misunderstanding, but Sage assured Chelsea that Gabriel was a resilient guy who had bounced back from nasty situations before. Nick returned as Chelsea headed out, and Sage asked if there was anything she could do for him. He wished she could erase the fact that Faith had overheard the reporter say that Sharon had been accused of murder, and he added that Faith was concerned that she'd never see Sharon again if Sharon was sent to prison. He answered a call from Dr. Allison, the child psychiatrist, and he became alarmed when he learned Faith was with the police.

Sage followed Nick as he stormed into the hospital and demanded to know what was going on, and Dr. Allison revealed that during their session, Faith had talked about Nick attacking a man. Nick explained that it had been a reporter who'd made a "smart-ass comment" about his daughter, but the doctor explained that Faith had been frightened by Nick's anger, and Faith was afraid he'd get angry at her. Nick incredulously asked if Dr. Allison thought he was a danger to his child, and she mentioned that she'd called child protective services, since she thought it was best if Faith stay with someone else. Nick bellowed that no one was taking his daughter away from him.

Nick contended that Faith had been scared because the guy had told her that her mom had been charged with two murders, but Dr. Allison pointed out that Nick had attacked someone, and Faith was also scared of him. The doctor added that it was her job to find out if Faith had reason to be scared, and Nick's outburst had proven that she'd made the right decision. Dr. Allison requested that he find another family member to care for Faith, and Sage encouraged him to follow the doctor's instructions, since he didn't want to do anything to make things worse. Sage asked who could look after Faith for him.

At the cottage, Sharon informed Dylan that Michael should be released from the hospital soon, and she marveled that Michael had managed to get approval for Dylan to stand in as her guardian. Dylan asked how Sharon was doing, and she understood why Nick had given her a tongue-lashing earlier, but she was grateful that her kids believed she hadn't killed anyone. Sharon offered to give Dylan some privacy so he could call Avery, but he grumbled that Avery was probably busy getting Joe checked in. Dylan acknowledged that he couldn't blame Avery for wanting to help, and Sharon wondered why both she and Dylan couldn't stop defending the people who had broken their hearts.

Sharon apologized for implying that her situation with Nick was the same as Dylan and Avery's, and Dylan divulged that Avery had always had a legitimate excuse for spending time with Joe, especially since she blamed herself for Joe's accident. Sharon recalled that she'd also felt responsible for things that hadn't been her fault, but she imagined that Avery would have a different perspective when she returned to town. Dylan had no idea when that would be, since Avery had cleared her work calendar and had no reason to rush back. Sharon asserted that Dylan was the reason, but he pointed out that he and Avery had nothing tangible to tie them together, like marriage or kids.

Sharon recognized that children created a bond, and Dylan remarked that losing one could break it, like it had for him and Avery. Sharon was shocked that the couple had lost a baby, and Dylan revealed that he hadn't been sure he'd been ready to be a dad, but he was sorry he'd never gotten to be one. Dylan explained that Avery had gotten pregnant when they'd been having an affair, and they had planned to start a family together, but she'd lost the baby. He continued that Avery had considered it to be the universe's way of making her pay for having an affair, and she hadn't been able to get past the loss, so she'd turned back to Joe, while Dylan had signed up for another tour of duty.

Sharon murmured that Dylan would be an amazing dad, and he said he loved kids, but every time he got close to one, the child slipped away. He referred to Aura and Connor, and he concluded that he wasn't meant to be a dad, but Sharon didn't think that was true. Dylan apologized for dumping his problems on her, but he said she was easy to talk to, and she thought the same thing about him. Sharon said Faith was lucky to have him in her life, and if Sharon went to prison, Faith would need friends like him. Dylan promised Faith would be okay, and Sharon was confident that Nick would make sure of it.

Dylan talked to Avery on the phone, and he asked when she'd be home, but she abruptly had to go. She hung up before he could finish saying he loved her, and Sharon offered to fix him something to eat, but he seemed upset. Sharon mentioned that Faith had a surefire way of making people feel better with jokes, and she shared a couple of groan-worthy ones with Dylan, who couldn't help but smile. He made up his own terrible joke on the spot, and Sharon teased him for how bad it was, but he pointed out that she hadn't been able to keep from laughing.

Later, Sharon asked if her sandwiches were awful, and Dylan swore he loved peanut butter and pickles. She wondered how he always knew the right thing to say or do to make someone feel better, but he thought Avery wouldn't agree. Sharon assured him that he and Avery would get through the rough patch and that there were better days ahead. He replied that there were for Sharon, too, and she called him a bad liar but a good friend. They hugged.

Ashley arrived at the lab, and she discovered that her name had been replaced with Victoria's on the office door. She entered as Victoria was explaining to Victor that new packaging for Hex would appeal to a younger market, and Ashley argued that the market research had indicated that they needed to target a high-income, professional demographic. Victor announced that they were conducting a second study, and Ashley contended that it was a joint venture, so her opinion mattered. Victor proclaimed she'd been outvoted, and Ashley suggested that they wait for Jack's vote, but Victor said Jack wouldn't be there that day, since Jack trusted Victor and Victoria to run things.

Victoria said she was considering a cross-promotion featuring Hex and Chelsea's line, and she asked Ashley to fetch some data on their top retailers. Ashley testily asked if Victoria wanted a cup of coffee, as well, but Victor asserted that Victoria was simply tapping into Ashley's expertise. Ashley agreed to get the figures, but she warned Victoria not to treat her like an assistant. Ashley sauntered out, and Victoria said she was surprised Jack hadn't shown up, but she imagined marriage had made a huge impact on him. Victor pointedly noted that Jack had been a different person after he'd returned from his honeymoon.

Ashley presented an analysis of Jabot's top three markets to Victoria, and she coldly asked if Victoria needed Ashley to read it to her. Chelsea breezed in with her new designs, and Victoria examined the sketches and called them nice, but she thought Chelsea's ideas weren't in line with the company's creative concepts. Chelsea and Ashley's jaws dropped, and Victoria explained that they'd had great results with using focus groups. Chelsea refused to take advice from paid amateurs, but Victor stood behind Victoria's decision. Chelsea argued that Victor had always been a big supporter of her work, and Adam entered and called Victor a fool, since Chelsea could be working for any fashion house in the world.

Victor huffed that Gabriel had no involvement in Chelsea's line, and Chelsea abruptly quit and refused to get caught in the middle of the battle, since she didn't need the grief or the money. Adam chased after Chelsea and asked if she was okay, and she thanked him for standing up for her. She asked where he'd been, and Adam replied that he'd had a lot on mind, so he'd needed a break. Chelsea appreciated him not saying anything to Billy about their sexual encounter, and Adam promised he'd continue to keep mum, but he bet she couldn't forget what had happened between them. He walked away.

Victoria said she shouldn't have pushed, but Victor urged her not to second-guess her sound business decision. Victoria stepped away to take a call, and Ashley remarked that Victoria had been shortsighted with how she'd handled Chelsea. Ashley had no doubt they'd find another designer, but she pointed out that Chelsea might not let Victor see his grandson, and she questioned whether Victor wanted to lose his only link left to Adam.

Ashley was sure that Victor missed Adam, and Victor recalled that Adam had tortured her when Victor and Ashley had been married. Victor stated that he'd never forgive Adam for what he'd done to Ashley and to Delia, and Ashley replied that they all wished things had turned out differently. She pointed out that it was ironic that despite everything Adam had done, the final straw for Victor had been Adam teaming up with Jack to take Newman away. She wondered how Adam would have felt about Victor's alliance with Jack.

Victoria arrived at the hospital and sympathized with Nick, who asked her to keep the situation between them. He suggested that she tell Faith that the girl was having a sleepover with her cousins, and he said he'd already said goodbye to his daughter. Victoria said she was glad Sage was there for her brother, and she went to pick up Faith from Dr. Allison's office. Nick added that he was glad Sage was there, too, and Sage offered to help with whatever he needed. He forlornly replied that he needed his daughter home.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis couldn't believe Jack hadn't gotten a speeding ticket during a ride in his new sports car, and she surmised that he was about to take off for the office, but the Jack imposter informed her that he wasn't going to work. She was stunned that he was letting Victor run things, and Jack asked if Phyllis was bothered that he wanted to spend time with her instead of Victor, but she pointed out that surrendering wasn't Jack's style. Jack countered that he had to give Victor space for the merger to work, and he asked if she preferred the old, boring Jack. She sat on his lap and said she was getting used to the new Jack, and he said he was the same person who wanted her to be happy forever. He added that the honeymoon would never be over, and they kissed.

Later, Billy stopped by the mansion to talk to Phyllis about trying to fix the situation, and he remained convinced that something more was going on. He pointed out that Phyllis had also thought Jack had a bigger plan with an endgame they didn't know about, and Phyllis mentioned that Nikki had suspected the same thing, so the women had decided to work together to test their husbands. She continued that both she and Nikki believed something had changed for Victor and Jack during the building collapse, and she urged Billy to accept that the feud was over. Jack walked in and warned Billy that if he kept stirring things up, he'd be unwelcome in the house as well as at Jabot.

Phyllis insisted Jack hadn't meant it, and Jack said he loved Billy, but Billy had to trust him. Billy wished he could, and Jack swore he knew what he was doing. Billy pointed out that Jack had hated Victor even more than Billy did, and the more Jack insisted the merger was best for their family, the more Billy was sure something was going on. Billy vowed to find out what it was, but Jack ordered him to let it go. Billy objected to Jack using their father's company as a personal plaything, and he accused Jack of hurting the people who loved him. Billy stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

Chelsea returned home and ranted to Billy that she couldn't work for the Newmans to create someone else's vision, and she mentioned that Gabriel had stood up for her to Victoria and Victor. Billy revealed that Gabriel had stopped by earlier to get Billy's take on the merger, but Chelsea declared that the company wasn't their problem anymore. She contemplated what she and Billy would do with all their free time. "Wanna get married?" he asked, and he suggested they do it that night.

Billy rambled that there was no point in planning a big wedding, and since he and Chelsea were both unemployed, they didn't have to hurry back from a honeymoon. Chelsea tried to get in a word edgewise, but Billy continued to brainstorm reasons why they didn't need to wait. She proclaimed that she felt very strongly that they should do it, and they loved one another, so there was no reason to put it off. They happily kissed, and she excitedly ran upstairs to pack.

Phyllis thought what Billy had said had bothered Jack, but Jack suggested they go for another car ride. The doorbell rang, and Adam asked if Jack had been out of his mind when he'd merged Jabot with Newman. Adam demanded to know what was wrong with Jack, and Phyllis ordered him not to speak to her husband that way. Adam stressed that Jack knew what Victor was capable of, but Jack maintained that Victor had changed. Adam wondered if Jack was high, but Jack snapped that the merger was a done deal, and if Gabriel didn't like it, he could follow Billy out the door.

Adam asked if Jack would really fire him, and Phyllis left to run errands. Adam noted that they were alone, and he acknowledged that he might be a step behind, but he implored Jack to tell him what was really going on. Jack reiterated that he'd told the truth, and he ordered Gabriel to get out of his house. Adam said they both wanted the same thing, and he knew neither of them would give up until they forced Victor to his knees. Jack remarked that Gabriel wasn't even an Abbott, and Adam replied that Jack knew "damn well" that he wasn't a Bingham, either.

Billy Learns the Truth Billy Learns the Truth
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Victor seemed less than pleased when Kelly, clutching an envelope, called to inform him the special package he'd sent to her had arrived. She remarked that although Jack was a strong man, whatever was in the envelope "ought to do the trick."

In the cabin on the tropical island, Jack dreamed Billy found him and untied him. Jack woke up when Kelly walked in and announced, "I'm back!" When Jack called out for Billy, Kelly informed him he had to have been dreaming -- Billy wasn't there. Jack insisted that Billy, as well as Phyllis, were searching for him. Kelly smirked, saying no one was ever going to look for Jack -- because everyone thought Jack was dead.

Kelly lied, telling Jack that, as far as the rest of the world was concerned, Jack and Phyllis had drowned when their boat had capsized during a midnight cruise on their wedding night. Jack insisted no one would believe that story, since no bodies had been found. Kelly said that wouldn't be a problem -- Phyllis' body had been recovered. Jack became livid, reminding Kelly she'd told him Phyllis was fine. Kelly smiled and replied, "I lied."

Jack still didn't believe Phyllis was dead and said he would not stop fighting until he and Phyllis were reunited. Kelly said she had proof of Phyllis' death.

Kelly took a piece of paper from the envelope Victor had sent and read to Jack -- it was an article detailing the alleged disaster at sea. The article said divers had found Phyllis' body but were still searching for Jack's. Jack chuckled and said the article was fake. Kelly said Jack's denial was the first stage of his grief. She then pulled more articles from the envelope -- including Phyllis' obituary. Kelly read from the fake obituary, "The former Phyllis Newman was Mrs. Jack Abbott for mere hours before the fatal accident."

Jack shouted for Kelly to stop. Kelly grew excited and told him that anger was the second stage of the grieving process. He begged her to leave him in peace. Kelly said Jack would soon enter the final stage of the process -- and accept Phyllis' death. Then, according to Kelly, there would be nothing standing in the way of Jack and Kelly's true love.

Jack said if Phyllis were really dead, he would mourn her for the rest of his life. He told Kelly his thoughts and prayers were with Summer, Avery, Daniel, and Lucy, all bound by their love for Phyllis. Kelly said Jack should move on. He told her he didn't want to move on without his family and without Phyllis-- and if Kelly was planning on keeping him prisoner, she might as well kill hi because he would never love her.

Kelly didn't believe Jack really wanted to die -- not when they could have a life together. Jack said he didn't even know who Kelly was. She started sobbing and told him she was the same woman he had fallen in love with. He screamed that it wasn't love -- it was Kelly's sick, twisted fantasy.

Treading the line between sanity and insanity, Kelly shrieked that she was in charge of their relationship. Jack screeched, "Relationship?" Kelly calmed down and said she didn't like the way Jack was behaving-- and, if he wanted to die, she would leave him there to starve. After she left, Jack let out a primal scream.

At the Abbott mansion, Adam continued to argue with impostor Jack. According to Adam, both he and Jack wanted the same thing -- to take Victor down. Jack wondered why Adam was so worked up about the situation-- after all, Adam wasn't an Abbott. Adam quipped that he wasn't a Bingham either. Jack was taken aback by Adam's remark.

Adam told Jack that making a deal with Victor had never been a part of the plan. Clearly, impostor Jack had no idea what "the plan" was. Adam said Jack seemed to be pretending to be someone he wasn't. Jack told Adam there was no plan, no matter what Adam, Billy, or Ashley thought. Being trapped in the rubble with Victor when the Underground had collapsed had changed Jack -- he realized he could work with Victor.

Adam said Jack might have had a great epiphany, but, before he stormed out, Adam warned him that Victor would rob Jack of everything he held dear. Jack called Victor at the club. Victor said he wasn't in the mood for bad news. Jack smiled and said, "Well, your day's about to improve."

Victor showed up at the mansion. Imposter Jack wondered what Victor knew about Gabriel Bingham. Victor felt Gabriel was arrogant and expendable. Jack told Victor not to get rid of Gabriel and added, "Jack knows something you don't. Which explains the 'real Jack's' personal interest in Gabriel. Mr. Bingham is not what he appears to be." Victor appeared intrigued.

Imposter Jack had done some research on the Bingham family and had learned Victor had spearheaded a hostile takeover of Harrison Bingham's, Gabriel's father, business -- and Harrison had died a short while later. Victor thought perhaps Gabriel was trying to avenge Harrison's death. Jack thought the curious part had been when Adam had said he wasn't a real Bingham. Victor remarked, "Then who the hell is he?"

Victor realized the real Jack knew the truth about whatever Gabriel was hiding. Imposter Jack opined that the real Jack was of very little use. Victor told imposter Jack not to concern himself with real Jack. Imposter Jack said, "If Jack Abbott returns and finds me in his shoes, it is very much my concern." Victor menacingly replied, "I sprang you from the Peruvian prison. I pay you. If you can no longer perform the job, then you are of no use to me."

Victor insisted that imposter Jack stay away from Gabriel -- because Gabriel might ask questions for which the imposter had no answers. Jack realized Victor wasn't going to fire Gabriel. Victor said, "I keep my enemies close and some enemies very close."

At the Athletic Club, Summer greeted Victor with a hug. Victor complimented her on how well she had handled herself during the trying days following Austin's death. Summer admitted she had had a lot of support. As if on cue, Kyle, wearing an elegant white dinner jacket, entered. Kyle had a surprise evening planned for Summer, and he led her upstairs as Victor looked on.

Kyle had arranged for a private, romantic evening on the club's rooftop deck. He kissed Summer, who told him he hadn't needed to go to "all that trouble" just to kiss her. Kyle said he wanted to take things slowly , which wasn't easy, since he couldn't stop thinking about her. She told him she felt the same way -- but then invited him to spend the night with her.

Kyle thought perhaps they should postpone the date and go to Summer's, but she didn't want him to cancel his elaborate plans. When Summer remarked how much she was enjoying the live music, Kyle mentioned he had heard the performer in New York and had him flown to Genoa City to serenade them as they dined.

Kyle admitted he had often thought of Summer during the two years he had lived in New York. While in the Big Apple, Kyle had learned a lot about what "the Abbott family name can do." Kyle wanted to share Champagne with Summer, but she reminded him she wasn't old enough to drink. Summer read the label on the Champagne bottle and joked that she hoped Kyle hadn't had the Champagne flown to Genoa City from France.

Kyle's expression revealed that he had -- and he suggested they save the bubbly until Summer's next birthday because he had spent "way too much money" to let it go to waste. When Kyle remarked, "Who says you can't buy happiness?" Summer grew noticeably uncomfortable.

Kyle discussed the merger between Newman and Jabot. He admitted he didn't completely understand the reasons for the merger, but the sign outside the building read "Newman-Abbott." He haughtily said one didn't need a Harvard Business School degree to see the possibilities. Kyle noticed Summer's mood change when he told her that the price of Jabot stock had gone "through the roof" after the merger was announced.

Kyle asked Summer if she was okay. She belied her true feelings and said she was fine. Kyle thought perhaps Summer hadn't enjoyed her dinner. He told her that the chef could prepare anything she wanted. Summer said everything had been amazing -- although she couldn't imagine how much money he had spent planning the evening. Kyle said there was more and showed her a velvet jewelry box.

Summer asked Kyle if he missed playing hockey. He told her he didn't -- after all, he made more money than most pro hockey players. Summer wondered if money was the reason Kyle wanted to work for Jack and Victor. Kyle said he had different goals -- and his goal was to get Summer to open the jewelry box.

Summer reluctantly opened the box and was shocked to see a necklace Kyle had custom-designed -- replete with diamonds and other precious gems. When Kyle stood up to place the necklace around Summer's neck, she jumped away and told him she couldn't accept it.

Kyle said that wasn't the response he had hoped for. Summer told him the evening had been beautiful, but she didn't need any of it. She thought Kyle was making the same mistakes she had made with Austin, buying Austin expensive gifts that made him feel uncomfortable - and perhaps pushing him into Abby's arms. Kyle ripped into Austin's character, reminding Summer her ex had lied and cheated. Summer admitted Austin hadn't been a saint, but she didn't know if she liked the person Kyle had changed into.

A disappointed Kyle said he had just wanted to treat Summer to a special evening. Summer told him it had been special when they would just sit and talk with each other -- and not about the Newman and Abbott fortunes. Kyle said the night had definitely not turned out as he had planned.

Summer felt she understood Kyle more clearly. Kyle didn't have a response to that, so he offered to drive Summer home. Summer decided to take a cab -- and told Kyle he wouldn't be spending the night with her. She returned the jewelry box to Kyle, telling him there were a lot of other girls he could impress with the necklace. Without saying another word, Kyle walked off, leaving Summer in tears.

At the penthouse, Chelsea, preparing to elope with Billy, frantically searched for her missing shoe. Billy tried to calm her down. Anita arrived to babysit Connor and was surprised to learn Billy and Chelsea planned to tie the knot that very night. Anita wondered why they had put the kibosh on their plan for a large wedding. Billy explained he and Chelsea wanted to keep things simple, just exchanging rings and vows and beginning their future together.

When Billy left the room to pack, Anita said it felt like Chelsea was running away from something or someone -- like Gabriel Bingham. Chelsea denied that. She told her mother she loved Billy and loved the idea of marrying him. Anita said there were probably worse things than becoming an Abbott.

Adam showed up at the penthouse to see Chelsea. Anita informed him Chelsea had left. She told Adam he had lost his chance with Chelsea when he had thrown away the Bingham family fortune. Adam said he was concerned about Chelsea's happiness -- Chelsea had been confused and was trying to fill the void left in her life after Adam's death. Anita insisted that Chelsea was no longer "hung up" on Adam -- and Billy wasn't interested in Victoria.

Anita told Adam that Billy and Chelsea were in love, and they were making their commitment legal -- that day. Adam asked Anita where Billy and Chelsea had gone. She told Adam that wasn't any of his business, but he said he merely wanted to talk with Chelsea about her job. He lied and told Anita it was wrong for Billy to have talked Chelsea into leaving Jabot.

Anita reminded him Chelsea was a wealthy woman because she had inherited Adam's estate. Adam tried to work Anita into a frenzy by telling her Victor and Jack would probably sue Chelsea for breaking her contract with Jabot -- and could take Chelsea for every dime she had.

In a hotel room, Chelsea told Billy they were scheduled to be married in one hour. She wondered if he felt anxious. They both admitted they were excited about the wedding and decided to pass the hour by making love.

Later, Billy noticed Chelsea deep in thought and asked her if everything was okay. She said she was thinking about all the obstacles they had overcome in the past. Billy promised he would be open and honest with Chelsea, and Chelsea made the same promise to Billy.

Later, after Billy left to check on the wedding preparations, Adam showed up at the hotel room. She insisted that he leave. He frantically told her it was crazy for her to marry Billy. She said she loved Billy, and Billy loved her. Adam wanted Chelsea to look him in the eyes and tell him that. She tried to rush Adam out of the room.

Billy was returning to the room when, from the hallway, he heard Chelsea say, "Gabriel, you have to pretend that nothing happened between us... It was just sex..." Quietly but firmly, she begged Adam to leave. He walked to the hallway, and she closed the door in his face. As Adam forlornly walked off, Billy returned to the hallway outside the hotel room door.

At the Athletic Club bar, Victor offered to buy Adam a drink. Adam refused. Victor tried to discuss Adam's relationship with Chelsea but Adam cut him off. He told Victor he didn't want to talk with him -- and he certainly didn't want to talk about Chelsea. Victor remarked that Adam seemed to be in a lousy mood and suggested that perhaps another drink would help. Adam said he was planning to test that theory.

Adam told Victor that Chelsea was making a mistake by abandoning the Chelsea Lawson by Jabot line. Victor wondered why Adam hadn't asked Chelsea to return to Jabot. Adam said Chelsea was impulsive and stubborn. Victor stared at Adam and said, "You seem to know her rather well."

Still reeling after his encounter with Summer, Kyle ran into imposter Jack in the club's lobby. Jack wondered why Kyle looked so down. Kyle told him that his date hadn't gone as planned. Jack, dangling a set of car keys in front of Kyle, said he needed a distraction, "There's no better distraction than driving a $400,000 car." Kyle smiled and took the keys to the Ferrari. Jack entered the club's dining room but, seeing Victor and Adam drinking together, turned and left the club.

Billy walked into the hotel room and told Chelsea he was wondering what had been taking her so long. Slightly nervous, she replied that she wanted everything to be perfect. She asked him if was ready to get married but was stunned when Billy told her that he wasn't ready -- he had been rethinking the wedding.

Chelsea wondered what had changed. Billy said that Anita had been right; Chelsea really wanted a big wedding with family and friends in attendance. Chelsea seemed confused but told Billy she agreed to the revised plan. Billy hugged her and said, "Then it's settled. I will bring you home and give you exactly what you deserve." He was not smiling.

A Snowball Effect A Snowball Effect
Thursday, April 30, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Victoria reported to Nick and Sage that Faith had been happy to be back with her friends at school, and the girl had thought the previous night had simply been a fun sleepover. Victoria added that Faith had no idea that what she'd told the therapist might cause Nick to lose custody, and Dylan overheard and asked why that would happen. Nick explained that Faith's therapist had jumped to the conclusion that Nick had anger issues, resulting in drama with Child Protective Services.

Sage bemoaned that it was unfair, but Dylan barked that it wasn't as unfair as keeping Sharon in the dark about what was going on with her child. Victoria mentioned that Faith was staying with her, and Nick added that he was meeting with a social worker to get everything straightened out. Dylan maintained that it was wrong not to tell Sharon, and he stormed off. Nick assumed Dylan would go straight to Sharon, but Victoria urged Nick to calm down and focus on Faith. Nick recognized that he couldn't afford to make any mistakes, and he didn't know what he'd do if he lost his daughter.

Nick glanced toward the patio and recognized social worker Barb Martin from the custody hearing, and Sage prepared to go to a meeting about the reopening of the Underground. Nick approached Barb, and Sage commented that it had meant a lot to Nick that Victoria had been able to take Faith on a moment's notice. Victoria replied that she was glad Sage had been there for Nick, but she cautioned that it would take a while to sort things out with Faith. Victoria added that Faith already had issues with Sage and Nick's relationship, and Sage realized that Victoria wanted her to back off. Victoria advised Sage to be sensitive to Nick's position, and she was confident Sage would make the right decision.

At the cottage, Michael complained when Sharon presented him with herbal tea instead of coffee, and she said she didn't want him to have another health incident. He assured her that he was fine, and he'd had plenty of time to think about her defense while he'd been forced to rest in the hospital. Michael informed Sharon that he'd taken a calculated risk, and it might determine whether they won or lost. He revealed that while he was still confident he could get the tire iron thrown out of evidence, he'd decided to have it retested by another lab.

Michael explained that he'd asked the lab to dig deeper, including looking for other damage and finding out where the tire iron had been made and sold. He hoped to have the case dismissed before they even went to trial, and Sharon marveled that he made it sound possible. Dylan arrived, and Sharon began to tell him about Michael's latest strategy, but Dylan cut her off and blurted out that CPS was investigating after Faith had witnessed Nick punch a reporter. Sharon worried that Faith would end up in a foster home, and Michael offered to check with his contacts to find out what was going on. Sharon pledged to do whatever it took to protect her little girl.

Nick explained to Barb that the media had been harassing his family, but he'd done his best to shield Faith from the chaos. Barb seemed surprised that Faith had been unaware of her mother's legal situation, and she ignored a call from a number she didn't recognize. Nick continued that Faith had been upset when the reporter had spilled everything, and he'd asked the journalist to step out of earshot, but the reporter had asked if Nick was worried his daughter would end up being bipolar, too. Nick regretted losing his cool, but Barb stressed that his daughter had seen him strike another man, and Faith thought Nick might get angry with her at home.

Nick swore that Faith knew he'd never hurt her, and he believed the therapist hadn't interpreted Faith's statement correctly. He explained that Faith didn't want anyone fighting, and she simply wanted her family back together, so she'd been upset that Nick had won full custody. He added that Faith was worried because her mom had been charged with a serious crime, and they were all under a lot of stress. Barb remarked that Faith was in the middle of a volatile situation, but Nick reiterated that he wasn't a threat to his daughter.

Barb received another call, and she curtly answered and asked the caller to try again later, but Michael informed her that Faith's mother wanted to meet with Barb as soon as possible. Michael provided Sharon's address, and Nick recognized it when Barb repeated it out loud. Barb said she had everything she needed, and Nick maintained that the situation had been blown completely out of proportion, but Barb told him that she had to conduct more interviews before she could make a recommendation.

Barb dropped by the cottage, and Sharon acknowledged that the social worker was trying to determine what was best for Faith, so she wanted to go on record with her thoughts. Barb asked if Sharon had been present at the coffeehouse during the altercation, and Sharon replied that she'd talked to her daughter about it. Sharon lamented that the press hadn't let up since she'd been charged with murder, and Dylan backed her up. Sharon confided that the time of year made it even more difficult for her and Nick, and Michael mentioned that the day before had been the anniversary of the car crash that had killed Nick and Sharon's oldest daughter.

Sharon imagined that an emotional Nick had simply been trying to protect his daughter when he'd lashed out, but Barb was skeptical that Sharon was speaking supportively of Nick after she'd fought him in court. Sharon regretted that her own actions had caused the judge to rule against her, but she asserted that Nick loved Faith with his whole heart, and he would never hurt a child. Sharon contended that she wouldn't have interjected if she'd ever thought for a minute that Nick could hurt Faith, but Faith needed her father, and Sharon pleaded with Barb not to take Faith away from him.

Later, Nick arrived, and Michael said it was perfect timing. Nick blasted Sharon for interrupting his meeting to call Barb over there, and he concluded that it had been a move to get full custody if Michael got Sharon acquitted. Dylan revealed that Sharon had gone out of her way to make sure Faith wasn't taken away from Nick, and Barb had agreed that there was no reason to disrupt Faith's life more than it already had been. Nick apologized, and Sharon admitted that she would have reacted the same way in his shoes, but she implored him to remember that nothing was more important than keeping their kids safe. Meanwhile, Sage left a message for Nick to find out how things had gone with the social worker.

After Nick left, Michael prepared to swing by the office and pick up food, and after he departed, Sharon thanked Dylan for supporting her. Dylan commended her for doing a great job, and she credited him for always looking out for her and for rushing over with the news about Faith. She gushed that he never hesitated to stand up for her, and he promised that no one would railroad her on his watch. Later, Sharon looked disappointed when she overheard Dylan leave a message for Avery to say he missed her. At Crimson Lights, Michael got a call and learned that the lab had finished retesting the tire iron.

At the Athletic Club, Victor told "Gabriel" that there was a lot of tension between the Newmans and the Abbotts, and he thought Gabriel was in a perfect position to dispel it. Adam pointed out that it was the second day Victor had tried to schmooze him, and Chelsea and Billy walked in. Billy thought the club could pull off the miracle of an instant wedding, but her expression darkened when she spotted Victor and Gabriel talking. Billy followed her gaze and flashed back to overhearing Chelsea and Gabriel's conversation about having sex. Billy commented that it was both their favorite neighbor and "Snidely," but Chelsea said all she cared about was the wedding. Billy pointedly stated that he wanted it to be a day she'd never forget.

Victor suggested that he and Gabriel put their differences aside, but Adam recalled that Victor had destroyed Gabriel's father's life with the way he'd done business. Victor pointed out that Gabriel had no ties to either the Abbotts or the Newmans, so Gabriel was in the perfect position to be a mediator. Adam wondered if he'd get a raise, and Victor guessed Gabriel needed the money after he'd lost his inheritance. Victor said it could benefit everyone, including Chelsea, if they worked together, but Adam noted that Chelsea had quit. Victor was sure Gabriel could get through to her, since they seemed to be close, but Adam grumbled, "Not close enough."

Victor and Adam approached Billy and Chelsea, and Adam remarked that he hadn't expected them to be back from their honeymoon that soon. Billy revealed that they hadn't gotten married, but Chelsea quickly added that they would wed that afternoon. Victor wished them a long and happy life, and he pulled her aside to discuss her fashion line over a drink. Billy asked if Gabriel was still willing to be his best man, since Billy could use a friend to stand up for him.

Adam said he'd pass, but Billy argued that Gabriel had agreed to stand up for him before. Adam surmised that Billy just wanted to rub the marriage in his face, but Billy claimed that he and Chelsea were starting a new life together, so they wanted their friends and family there. Billy added that the tension between Billy and Gabriel was bugging Chelsea, and he considered it a good way to start over and try to be real friends. Adam huffed that he wasn't interested, and he refused to attend the wedding. Billy hoped he would reconsider and declared that it would be an event that Gabriel wouldn't want to miss.

Victor assured Chelsea that her work had been important to Jabot, and he thought they could work something out without undermining her artistic vision. He said the sky was the limit with Newman and Abbott behind her, and she conceded that he made a compelling case. He told her not to give him an answer but just to think about it. Billy crossed over to Chelsea's side as Adam glowered.

Victor returned to the bar to finish chatting with Gabriel, and he remarked that it was a bit early to be drinking. Adam replied that he had a light schedule that day, since he was the director of marketing for a fashion line that didn't exist. Victor said he'd noticed Gabriel's reaction when he'd seen Chelsea and Billy walk in together, and he asked if Gabriel had given any thought to working for the merged company. Adam conceded that he needed the money, so he was willing to work in whatever capacity Victor needed. Victor was sure they'd have fun working together, and he warned Gabriel not to drink too much. Adam chugged what was left in his glass.

At the Newman-Abbott lab, Abby and Stitch arrived for work, and upon discovering the room empty, she pulled him into a kiss. Ashley walked in and scolded them for being late again, and she reminded them that they'd agreed to try to be professional at the office. Abby retorted that Ashley was one to talk after her inappropriate use of the shower, and she remarked that they'd all had their share of illicit moments. Ashley said she didn't want to fight, and she requested that Stitch and Abby tone down the public displays of affection. Abby apologized for her snide comment to Ashley, and Stitch asked why Ashley had wanted to meet.

Ashley divulged that she'd received an email from Victoria, who was concerned about Hex after a scathing product review from a prominent beauty columnist had gone viral. Abby suggested they counterattack with a press release of their own, and Stitch offered to tweak the fragrance so they could market a new and improved product. Abby pointed out that it would be like admitting the product was flawed, but Ashley thought they could put the right spin on it, and she told Stitch to get to work.

Victoria arrived, and Ashley disclosed that they'd brainstormed a solution to the Hex problem, but Victoria announced that she'd decided to pull the line. Stitch thought Victoria was overreacting to one bad review, but Victoria contended that it had caused major damage, and several retailers had already emailed to indicate they wanted out. Victoria anticipated there would be a snowball effect, and she declared that they were out of the love potion business. Ashley snarled that she knew the real reason behind Victoria's decision -- Victoria wanted her own fragrance with her own name, since Newman hadn't had a memorable product in years.

Ashley ranted that Victoria wanted to make it clear that she was the new alpha dog, and Victoria ordered Ashley to stop being defensive and to accept her new role -- working for Victoria. Ashley angrily questioned whether her other option was for Victoria to show her the door, and Victoria said it was Ashley's decision whether or not to leave. Ashley thought Victoria was saying what Victor wanted her to say, but she was convinced that Victoria's plan was to marginalize and disrespect Ashley until Ashley got fed up and left. Ashley hissed that she'd never quit, and she would take the worst Victoria threw at her. Ashley vowed to stay there and succeed in spite of Victoria.

Chelsea and Billy entered the lab and announced that they were getting married that day, and he invited Ashley and Abby to attend. Ashley bitterly wondered if the boss would let them have the time off, and a clearly rattled Victoria said she had no problem with it. Victoria started to retreat to her office, but Billy asked her to attend the wedding as Chelsea tried to hide her anger. Victoria politely declined the invitation, and Chelsea insisted that Victoria was welcome to be there. Billy explained that he was trying to build a bridge between the families, and it would be the perfect time and place to provide an example of how they could get along. Victoria wished them the best, but she stood by her decision. Victor overheard and declared that they had more important things to do that day.

In Victoria's office, Ashley griped to Victor that Victoria had killed the fragrance without a discussion, and she took it personally that Victoria was putting her in her place and punishing her team because Stitch and Abby were together. The news took Victor by surprise, and Ashley groused that the surprises never ended around there. Victor supported his daughter, but Ashley continued to rant that the merger was really a takeover, and the Abbotts' opinions didn't matter. Victor mentioned that Jack had been privy to Victoria's decision, and Ashley hoped to corner Jack at Billy's wedding.

Abby asked if Victoria was okay after the surprise wedding invitation, and Victoria unconvincingly stated that she was happy for the couple, even though it wouldn't be right for her to attend. Meanwhile, in the corridor, Chelsea reprimanded Billy for inviting his ex-wife to their wedding, and she expressed relief that Victoria had said no. Billy said the wedding was all about him and Chelsea, and he questioned what could possibly happen to ruin their plans. She smiled and hugged him while he stared coldly ahead.

Nick joined Sage on the Athletic Club rooftop and reported that he'd heard from CPS that Faith could remain with him. Sage hugged him, and he remarked that he and Sharon always put Faith first. Sage observed that he seemed down when it should be a celebratory moment, and he explained that CPS was keeping an eye on things, so he needed to make sure he didn't say or do anything else that could be misinterpreted. Sage assumed he was referring to the time Faith had called her the woman without pants, and Nick pointed out that Faith was vulnerable.

Sage said Nick didn't need to explain, and she volunteered to take a step back and let things settle down. Nick said he couldn't give her a timetable, and Sage asked if he was breaking up with her. Nick wished it didn't have to be that way, and he said he was sorry. He kissed her cheek and walked away. In the foyer, he looked at a photo of him and Sage on his phone. He flipped to a picture of Faith, and he exited through the revolving door.

Sage tossed back a drink, and Adam approached and said he was at least one ahead of her. He announced that there was a party downstairs for Chelsea and Billy's wedding, and Sage snapped that she'd never understood what Adam saw in Chelsea. Adam returned the sentiment regarding Nick, and Sage divulged that they weren't together anymore. Adam asked if he got to say that he'd told her so, and she testily inquired whether it was too much to ask for him "not to be a bastard for five minutes."

Adam mumbled an apology, but he taunted that Sage was a champ at picking out men. They bickered, and Sage spat that she'd been a fool to stay married to him, since he'd never live up to the man the real Gabriel had been. Adam planted a kiss on Sage, but she roughly pushed him away. She suddenly grabbed him and kissed him back, and they began to make out passionately.

A Momentous Occasion A Momentous Occasion
Friday, May 1, 2015

At the rehab facility in Chicago, Avery instructed Joe to do ten more repetitions with a dumbbell, but he lifted the weight once and set it on the floor. She asked if he'd forgotten how to count, and he grumbled that the exercises would only help him move his wheelchair around faster. Avery recalled that he'd worked out before the accident, and she ordered him to pick up weights and use them, or he'd get one over the head.

Joe griped that Avery's pep talk wouldn't fix anything, and she asked if giving up worked for him. She conceded that he'd been screwed over, but she thought he'd also gotten a miracle, since he could have been killed or hooked up to machines forever. She questioned whether he was going to complain that everything was too hard or be grateful and suck it up, since she was grateful he was still on the earth. He picked up the dumbbell, and she ordered him not to slow down as she grabbed her phone and headed out.

Mariah entered the cottage and called out for Sharon, and she inquired whether Dylan was the new keeper of the gate. Sharon said Dylan believed she was innocent, and she assumed Mariah felt otherwise. Mariah chided Sharon for making assumptions, and she staunchly declared that she knew Sharon hadn't hurt anyone. Mariah continued that she'd tell anyone who would listen, and Sharon tearfully hugged her.

Michael arrived and announced that he had the results from the lab that had retested the tire iron, and the tests had indicated traces of latex. Mariah exclaimed that someone could have planted Sharon's fingerprints with a latex mold, and Dylan noted that someone had done a lot of planning to make it happen. Michael said the information didn't prove anything, but it certainly helped. Mariah called Kevin to report that she had good news and bad news, but the bad news was awful.

Dylan offered to check with a military buddy who specialized in forensics to find out more about how the process of planting fingerprints worked. Sharon was shaken that the killer might have been in her home, but Michael swore she was safe with him and Dylan there. Dylan went to make the call, and Michael headed out to take the test results to Paul. A cell phone rang, and Sharon yelled out that one of the men had forgotten his phone. She picked up the call, and Avery testily asked why Sharon was answering Dylan's phone.

Dylan asked if Sharon had seen his phone, and Sharon mentioned she'd answered a call. She handed the phone to Dylan, and Avery asked if he had a secretary. Dylan explained that he'd been in another room, and he thought Avery might be happy to hear that they'd found new evidence that might clear Sharon, since Avery fought for innocent people. He asked about Joe's progress, but Avery snapped that they were both busy, and she abruptly hung up.

Later, Dylan reported that his friend hadn't been able to provide any information, and Sharon surmised that Avery had been upset when Sharon had answered his phone. Dylan recognized that Sharon had been his friend since he'd arrived in town, and he refused to walk away when she needed help, just like Avery was insisting on helping Joe. Sharon cautioned that being apart wasn't healthy for a relationship, and she suggested that Dylan go to Chicago. Dylan replied that both he and Avery were where they needed to be.

Joe noticed that Avery was clearly distracted, and he said the fact she was still there after everything was something worth fighting for. Avery replied that she'd give the lectures while he did the work, and he asked if he was the brawn to her brains. She conceded that he had some brains, too, and he recommended that she listen sometimes. She told him to stop talking and start moving.

The Jack imposter, clad in a bright green golf vest, whistled as he entered the Abbott mansion. He kissed Phyllis, who asked if he'd checked his messages, and he indicated that he was aware Billy and Chelsea had decided to have their wedding in town. Phyllis pointed out that the ceremony was about to start, but Jack grumbled that he'd just gotten home. Jack suggested they send a gift instead, but Phyllis lectured that it wasn't the time to hold a grudge after he'd fired Billy.

Jack quipped that Billy would eventually have another wedding, and Phyllis acknowledged that Billy had hurt Jack by not supporting the merger. Jack condemned Billy's disloyalty and disrespect after all Jack had done for him, but Phyllis encouraged Jack to be the bigger man as the Abbott patriarch. Jack caved in to her request, and he headed for the door. She asked if he intended to change his clothes, but he proclaimed that he didn't need to wear a tie for Billy to say his vows.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley and Anita helped Chelsea get ready for the wedding, and Chelsea gushed that it felt unreal to get a second chance at a happy life. Anita said it was everything she'd hoped for her daughter, and Ashley warned Chelsea not to cry, or her makeup would be ruined. Billy forced a smile as he greeted the ladies, and he commented that they all looked lovely. He added that he had no words for Chelsea's appearance, and he asked if she'd seen his best man -- Gabriel.

Abby and Kyle entered the club, and she sarcastically stated that it would be fun to spend time watching people in love. Kyle replied that it would be if they got drunk enough. Meanwhile, Chelsea told Billy that she had no idea where Gabriel was, but she couldn't fathom that Billy seriously wanted Gabriel as his best man. Billy countered that it was a new day, and he hoped Gabriel could meet him halfway. Billy excused himself to greet Abby and Kyle, and he promised them the main event would be unforgettable.

Adam and Sage retreated to her suite and started to tear each other's clothes off as they continued kissing passionately. A shirtless Adam carried her to the bed, and she clawed his back. He held her down by the wrists and kissed her hard. After they had sex, Sage commented that day-drinking never ended well, especially since they'd been rejected by people they cared about. Adam said they'd managed to forget about it for a little while, but she bemoaned that they'd just remember it all over again.

Adam and Sage mocked one another for being hung up on people they couldn't have, and she ordered him out of her suite. He went to take a shower, and Sage answered a call from Billy, who said he'd love to see her and Gabriel at the wedding. Sage doubted her ex-husband would accept the invitation, but Billy pointed out that Gabriel and Chelsea were good buddies, and he declared that no one should miss the momentous occasion.

On the club rooftop, Noah remarked to Summer that it didn't feel like his life, and Summer agreed that nothing made sense from one day to the next, but life kept going on for everyone else. She mentioned that Billy and Chelsea were getting married that day, and Noah grumbled that he was trying not to think about weddings. Kevin greeted them with a fake smile, and he revealed that Mariah had just told him that there was evidence to suggest Sharon was being framed, so the killer could still be watching them.

At Summer's apartment, Summer thought it was over the top to think the traces of latex cleared Sharon, but Noah contended that it was becoming increasingly clear that his mom hadn't been responsible for the murders. Kevin hoped the killer believed that all eyes were still on Sharon, and Mariah reiterated that they had to continue acting like they thought Sharon was guilty. Noah stressed that they couldn't discuss the matter in public, and Kevin left to try to find out what Courtney had discovered on the computer at the police station.

Summer fretted that Kyle needed to know that they might still be in danger, and Mariah asked where Summer's "replacement boyfriend" was. Noah sent a text message to Kyle and Abby, warning them to watch their backs. Abby and Kyle read Noah's message, but Kyle suspected that Noah was willing to accept anything as evidence because he wanted Sharon to be innocent. Abby reasoned that being careful wasn't the worst idea, and Kyle assured her that he'd look out for her.

Chelsea offered to postpone the ceremony, since there were a number of no-shows. Billy asked if she was getting cold feet, but she contended that she wanted him to have the day he'd always pictured. Billy proclaimed that they weren't waiting, and Anita asked how her baby and future son-in-law were doing. Billy declared that Chelsea wouldn't be the woman she'd become if it hadn't been for Anita, and he added that it was Anita's day, too. A touched Anita hugged him and said she was happy for both of them, and Billy stepped aside and wondered where the minister was, since he'd waited long enough.

Billy ran into Sage in the foyer and said he was glad she'd made it, but she said she was leaving. He promised the ceremony would be inspirational and entertaining, and Jack and Phyllis arrived. Billy remarked that Jack was going to upstage the bride, and Phyllis blamed Jack's attire on the short notice. Billy asked Jack to stand in as his best man, and Phyllis accepted on Jack's behalf. Ashley scolded Jack for playing golf instead of paying attention to work, and she mentioned that Victoria had shelved Hex. Ashley demanded to know what he intended to do about it, but Jack asserted that his priority was his brother's wedding.

Billy insisted that Chelsea make a grand entrance by walking down the aisle, since they'd remember that moment forever. She called him a romantic and retreated to the foyer. As the wedding march started, Adam descended the stairs and locked eyes with Chelsea. Chelsea turned away from Adam and headed toward Billy, while Adam peered in from the entryway. The minister welcomed the family and friends who were there to stand with Chelsea and Billy as they pledged their lives and love to one another.

Chelsea was eager to say her vows first, and she gushed that she'd never expected to find happiness again, but she was filled with hope. She said she and Billy had written a crazy story together, and there had been drama and grief, but there had also been love, joy, forgiveness, and understanding. She added that she was excited to write the rest of their story together, and she knew a life with him would be everything she'd always hoped for.

Billy said he'd never expected to become a couple with Chelsea, but it had made sense, since they'd known one another's dark sides, and there had been no guilt or reason to lie. He recalled that they'd met in Myanmar, when he'd been drunk and running from his life, and she'd been a hot bartender who'd set him up to be thrown in prison. Billy recounted that they'd made it through to the other side with honesty and understanding, and they had fallen in love despite their pasts. He'd thought they had become better people for it, but he'd found out he'd been wrong, since Chelsea hadn't changed. Billy snarled that she'd set him up again, and marriage to her would have been his prison.

Billy barked that there was "no way in hell" he'd take Chelsea to be his wife, and a stricken Chelsea stared at him. Billy announced that Gabriel and Chelsea had had sex, and Abby whispered to Kyle that she'd had enough, so they ducked out. Billy found it ironic that he'd grown up, but Chelsea had considered a cheap thrill to be worth more than marriage. Anita insisted that Chelsea adored Billy, but Billy accused Anita of adoring his bank account, and he noted that Chelsea wasn't denying any of it. Chelsea cried that it had been a one-time mistake.

Billy admitted that he was no saint, but he taunted that Chelsea's marital track record was abysmal, since she'd trapped Dylan in a marriage with a baby that wasn't his, and she'd tried to trap Billy with a child that was his. Billy ranted that she'd only married one man she'd really loved -- Adam -- and it should have set off bells that the one person she'd ever loved had been a lying murderer. Adam interrupted and warned Billy to leave Chelsea alone and to fight him instead, and Billy hoped Gabriel and his "lying con artist slut" lived happily ever after. Jack held Adam back from attacking Billy.

Adam yelled that Billy had never deserved Chelsea, and Chelsea begged Billy to go somewhere and talk. Billy grabbed the bouquet out of her hands and tossed it to Sage, and Ashley blasted Chelsea for killing Billy's love and trust. Phyllis said obviously Chelsea hadn't been thinking, and Anita encouraged Chelsea to dry her eyes while they figured out an angle. Chelsea bellowed that she wanted to be alone, and she collapsed in a chair and sobbed. The room cleared out, but Adam knelt down in front of Chelsea and softly suggested he get her out of there.

Chelsea spat that it was all Gabriel's fault, and Adam insisted that he hadn't told Billy that they'd slept together. She wondered how Billy had found out, but she ranted that it didn't matter, since Gabriel had gotten what he'd wanted. Adam called Billy a hypocrite and a moron, and he recognized that he hadn't wanted to see her with Billy, but he hadn't wanted her to be humiliated, either. She sobbed that she loved Billy, and they'd finally had something wonderful after they'd both suffered so much loss, but she concluded that she just didn't know how to love.

Adam protested that it wasn't true, but Chelsea growled that he'd had a fake marriage, and he'd chased around a taken woman, so he had no idea what it was like to have love ripped away. Chelsea whimpered that she'd just done that to Billy, and it had been her fault. She clarified that it had been both her and Gabriel's fault, and Billy hadn't deserved it, but she did. She ordered Gabriel to stay away from her and ran out.

Ashley found Billy on the rooftop, and she wished John were there for him. Billy assured her that he'd be fine, but Ashley said no one expected him to be. He admitted it hurt, but it was better than finding out the truth after the vows. He declared that it was over and done, and he could move on without a mistake weighing him down.

Phyllis and Jack returned to the mansion, and she lamented that Billy had "gone through enough hell." She thought Jack should look for Billy to make sure he was okay, but Jack imagined that Billy needed time on his own to lick his wounds, so he'd call the next day. Phyllis felt terrible for Billy, and Jack said everyone should find the perfect match and never let go once they did. They kissed.

Paul saw Kevin working on the computer at the police station, and Kevin reported that he was off the clock, but he wanted to find out what Courtney had uncovered. Paul revealed that he'd put someone else on the case who had gotten results, and he opened his laptop and showed Kevin a still shot of Summer and Austin's apartment building with Sharon sneaking in. Paul said the time and date stamp proved Sharon had been looking for Austin on the night of the storm when she'd claimed she'd been with her daughter. Kevin argued that the photo didn't place Sharon at the scene of the murder, and Paul theorized that Sharon had kept looking until she'd found Austin. Paul swore that Sharon wasn't going to get away with it.

Later, Michael advised Paul to reopen the investigation into Courtney's murder, since he had new evidence that indicated a devious murderer was setting Sharon up. Paul countered with evidence that Sharon had known exactly what she'd been doing, and he asserted that she'd been conning Michael. Paul thought Michael's judgment was clouded because he wanted to get home to Lauren, but Michael revealed that they had separated. Paul warned that it wasn't the time to be making knee-jerk decisions, since the only way for Michael to get through the dark times was to be with someone who loved him.

Kevin returned to Summer's apartment and relayed the news about the footage that implicated Sharon, but he thought something about the screen shot had been off. Abby and Kyle stopped by, and Summer seemed disappointed that Kyle was only there to find out about the new evidence. After Kevin updated everyone with what he'd learned, Abby said she needed to tell "Ben," and Summer spat that it hadn't been enough for Abby to sleep with her niece's husband, so Abby had needed to upgrade to her sister's boyfriend. Abby defended that it wasn't cheating, since Stitch and Victoria had broken up.

Summer suggested that Abby try one of the single guys out there, like getting a sample at the market. Kevin mumbled something about a market, and his train of thought led to a deli in Summer's building. He said the time stamp on the still photo had been around 9 p.m., but the deli closed at 6 p.m., yet it had been open in the photo. Noah realized that his mom was being set up, and Mariah fretted that the killer had to be smart and connected to get the photo into the police department's files.

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