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Victoria was shocked that Billy had used a baby broker. Jana abducted Delia and Lucy. Jack dumped Phyllis. Daniel assigned his parental rights to Lucy to Billy and Victoria. Adam blackmailed the Newmans with Sharon's goodbye letters.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 25, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, April 25, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Kevin remained frustrated that the search for his niece, Daisy's baby, was hindered by one roadblock after another. Chloe commiserated with her boyfriend's plight and offered to help, but she admitted to growing weary of faking a strained relationship with Kevin to throw Jana off track. Kevin phoned Jana to recheck the bank account numbers she'd given him, and she begged him to stop by the Abbotts' home. Chloe said she planned to show up with Delia in tow.

At Billy and Victoria's, Agnes told Jana that baby Lucy was most likely the same infant she'd called "Rose" because the woman recognized the outfit she'd purchased. Jana insisted that she'd acquired the outfit at a second-hand shop. After Agnes left, Jana wondered aloud how she would be able to prove that the baby was indeed Kevin's niece.

While Lucy played in her crib, Jana sifted through Billy and Victoria's shredded bank statements. Jana matched a bank account number from Prim's records to an account that belonged to Billy and Victoria. Jana cried with joy and said, "Billy bought Daisy's baby from Primrose." Jana peered into Lucy's crib and said, "Kevin's going to be so, so happy, and he'll be grateful to me, as well. We're going to be your new mommy and daddy."

Jana was thrilled when Kevin arrived, but she was disappointed to find that Chloe and Delia had tagged along. Kevin pretended to harass Chloe and implored her stop stalking him. Chloe said she'd be happy to keep her distance from him and his "loony limey." After Chloe took Delia upstairs, Jana was about to announce her news to Kevin, but Victoria and Abby arrived. Victoria took her baby from Jana.

After Billy and Daniel arrived, Jana told Billy that she'd emptied the bin containing the shredded bank documents before the garbage collectors picked up the trash. Daniel asked to speak privately to Kevin. Daniel agreed to help Kevin find Daisy's baby.

After Victoria and Billy put Lucy to bed, Jana tiptoed into the baby's nursery, turned off the baby monitor, and told Lucy that she would take her away. Jana, clutching the baby, announced that she, Kevin, and Lucy would become a family. Delia awoke and wandered into the nursery. Jana left with Lucy and Delia in tow.

In the barn at Sam's ranch, Sharon was devastated to hear that Fanny, the newborn lamb, was gravely ill. Sharon begged Sam to save the helpless animal. Sharon cradled the lamb and stroked its face while Sam left to get some medication. Later, as the lamb sucked a bottle of formula, Sam explained that his young neighbor had hoped to raise the animal as part of a 4-H project.

Sam checked the animal's progress and told Sharon that he couldn't stand to let his neighbor down. Sharon gazed into Sam's eyes and said, "I believe that." Sharon cried tears of happiness when Sam announced that the squirming lamb would recover. Sharon thanked Sam for saving the animal, but he told Sharon that they'd both saved the lamb.

After Adam crashed Sharon's funeral, Reverend Fulton advised the mourners to remember that no one was without fault. Adam claimed that he had loved Sharon, and he admitted acting out in anger after his mother's death. Adam credited Sharon with renewing his life because, like him, she knew what it was like to be an outsider.

Adam blasted Sharon's family for ostracizing her and pushing her away. The mourners glared at Adam when he blamed them for Sharon's death. Adam lashed out at Billy for decimating Sharon in his magazine. Adam yelled at Victor for abandoning Sharon when she needed his help the most. Reverend Fulton stepped between the warring men to head off a physical altercation.

Spencer arrived and arrested Adam for trespassing, making threats, and malicious assaults. As an officer led Adam away, he told the mourners that he'd be out of jail the following day. Phyllis left with Jack. Diane approached Nick and asked if he was all right. Nick told Diane that she should be concerned about her husband.

Daniel told Billy that they needed to discuss Daisy's baby, so Billy told Victoria and Abby to take his car and head home without him. After the women left, Daniel told Billy that Lucy was his baby and that he'd confirmed paternity through a DNA test. Billy told Daniel that he and Victoria loved the baby. Daniel announced that he wanted Billy and Victoria to keep the baby, but he warned that Jana and Kevin were determined to find Kevin's niece. Billy vowed not to let anyone take his daughter away.

At a reception held at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack and Phyllis ducked into a corner to talk. Jack claimed that there'd truly been only one man for Sharon. Phyllis seemed stung by Jack's words. Victor told Nikki that he hoped Adam would be punished for his shenanigans. Victor left after Adam phoned and told him he had something his father should see. Diane offered to accompany Victor, but he opted to go alone.

Noah told Nick that he planned to return to New York immediately, but Noah promised to see his father before he left the following day. After Noah walked away, Diane comforted Nick with a warm embrace. Nikki hugged Noah and told him she loved him. After Noah left, Nikki covertly emptied a mini bottle of vodka into her teacup and steadily sipped it.

At home, Jack learned that Phyllis had slept with Nick. Phyllis apologized and insisted to Jack that she hadn't meant to hurt him. Jack said he'd hoped that they could have gotten it right the second time around. Jack blamed Phyllis for sabotaging their relationship. Through tears, Phyllis explained that she'd never felt like she deserved Jack. Phyllis was speechless after Jack proclaimed that their relationship was over. After Phyllis left, Jack seemed crushed.

At the police station, Adam told Victor that he had letters addressed to Noah and Faith that Sharon had written just before her death. Adam agreed to exchange the letters for his freedom. Victor asked for proof that the letters existed. Adam explained that Doris has seen the letters.

Victor said that Adam was a disgrace to his mother's name. Victor vowed not to yield to Adam's blackmail, but Adam claimed that he'd offered a fair deal. As Victor turned to leave, Adam advised Victor to talk Noah into dropping the charges in exchange for the letters.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Victoria and Billy woke up to find that Delia and Lucy weren't in their bedrooms. Victoria was alarmed when she couldn't reach Jana on her cell phone. Billy went to Jana's apartment and discovered that she wasn't there. When Billy returned to Victoria, his wife told him that all of Lucy's clothes were gone.

From an abandoned daycare center, Jana called Kevin to arrange a meeting. Kevin asked Jana what was going on, and Jana declared that she had found Daisy's baby. Kevin arrived at the daycare facility and was surprised to see Jana with Delia and Lucy. Jana explained that she was their nanny, so the children went where she did. Kevin was suspicious, but wanted to know what Jana had meant on the phone about having found Daisy's baby.

Chance and Chloe arrived at the coffeehouse. Chance wondered if Kevin would be joining them for coffee, but Chloe said that Kevin was busy with a meeting. Billy called Chloe to ask if she had Delia. Chloe became alarmed and Billy told his ex that Lucy and Delia were missing. Chloe assumed that Jana had taken the children. Later, Chance and Chloe went to Victoria and Billy's, where the cops were investigating the kids' disappearance. An Amber Alert was issued for Delia and Lucy. Chloe told the police that she was certain that Jana had taken the kids because she was nuts. Chloe called Kevin, hoping that Jana had gone to see him.

Kevin's phone rang, but Jana took it from his hand and turned it off, saying her news was more important. Jana told Kevin that she had discovered that Daisy's baby was Lucy. Kevin thought that Jana was joking, but Jana explained that Agnes had identified Lucy's outfit as the one she had bought for the abandoned baby. Kevin said that wasn't enough proof. Jana realized that, which was why she had matched Billy's bank account number to one they'd seen in Primrose's files.

Kevin was shocked that Kevin had bought a baby and it turned out to be Daisy and Daniel's child. Jana said that she didn't think that Billy knew that the baby he'd bought from Prim had been abandoned by Daisy. Kevin was grateful to Jana for uncovering the truth. Kevin embraced Jana.

At the ranch, Victor opened the door and greeted Murphy and Katherine. Katherine and Murphy said they had breakfast for Victor. Victor was happy to see them, but he reminded them that he had a cook in the kitchen if he wanted a meal. Murphy and Kay would not be dissuaded; they insisted on sharing the pastries with Victor. Later, after enjoying the breakfast, Victor thanked his friends. The phone rang, and Victor heard that Victoria's daughter, Lucy, had been kidnapped. Victor said he would be right there, then he called Nikki to tell her what had happened. Victor said goodbye to Murphy and Katherine and left the ranch for Victoria's.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki was eating alone. Jill approached and expressed her condolences about Sharon. Nikki was surprised by Jill's kindness, and thanked her. Jill left, and Nikki reached into her purse for a flask. Nikki poured the contents of the flask into her glass of tomato juice. Nikki downed the drink. Nikki's phone rang, and she heard from Victor that Lucy was missing. Nikki told Victor that she'd go to Victoria's as soon as she called Nick. After ending the call, Nikki tried to stand and nearly fell over. Nikki ordered a pot of coffee from the waiter in an effort to sober up fast.

Abby approached Daniel at Crimson Lights with a proposition. Abby felt that there had been too much sadness in their lives, and she wanted to do something joyful. Abby asked Daniel to play with her. Daniel agreed that they should have some fun. Abby loved the idea of going to Chicago, perhaps to catch a Cubs game or visit the art museum.

Daniel realized that Abby was really excited about going away. Abby kissed Daniel and said they could have a great day together. Abby suggested that they spend a night at a Chicago hotel. Daniel was hesitant to be away overnight. At the counter, the television announced that an Amber Alert had been issued for Lucy. Abby noticed Lucy's picture and heard that Jana had kidnapped Lucy and Delia.

At Billy and Victoria's, Chloe asked the cops why nobody had seen Jana's car or any sign of the kids. Jill rushed into the house, having heard the news about her grandchildren on the television. Jill said that she wanted to murder Jana for what she'd done, and Billy agreed. Chloe lashed out at Billy for ignoring her warnings about Jana. Jill and Chance pulled Chloe away from Billy. Billy admitted that he'd been wrong to trust Jana. Victoria apologized to Chloe for having befriended Jana. Jill told Billy and Chloe to stop fighting.

Abby and Daniel arrived at the house. Abby comforted her sister, and Daniel cornered Billy to find out if Jana had discovered that Lucy was Daisy's child. Chloe tried to call Kevin again, but there was no answer. Chloe was concerned and asked Chance if he would join the search for the kids. Chance told Chloe that he'd do whatever he could to find Delia and Lucy.

Victor walked into the house. Billy was surprised that it took Lucy being kidnapped to get Victor to show up for Victoria. Victor ignored Billy's comment and went to his daughter. Victor hugged Victoria, and she squeezed her father tightly.

Jana asked Kevin if he was pleased with what she had done for him. Kevin said he appreciated that Jana had found his niece. Kevin explained that it had been important to find out that she was okay. Kevin tried to call Billy and Victoria to tell them where the kids were, but Jana took his phone. Jana said that Lucy should not be with Victoria and Billy. Jana explained that Lucy belonged with the two of them, Jana and Kevin. Jana put Kevin's phone in a glass of water.

Kevin realized that Jana was unhinged, so he played along with Jana. Jana told Kevin that they would make their plans for the future. Jana said that her car was packed, and they were leaving Genoa City. Kevin asked Jana to give him some time to think things over, but Jana was insistent. Jana believed that Billy and Victoria would find another baby in time. Kevin asked about Delia, and Jana explained that Delia deserved a better mother than Chloe. Kevin didn't think it was practical for the two of them to take the children on the road. Jana told Kevin that they would care for Delia and Lucy as part of their new life together.

Chloe placed a call to Kevin and left another message. Esther walked into the house embraced Chloe. Nikki arrived a moment later, and Jill wondered what had taken Nikki so long to get there, since she had just been at the club. Nikki claimed that she'd had car trouble and had taken a cab. Victoria and Victor searched for clues in Lucy's nursery. Nikki walked into the room, and when Victoria saw her, she hugged her mother. Victoria blamed herself for having hired Jana. Victor and Nikki assured Victoria that she'd done nothing wrong. Victoria feared for Lucy's life.

Daniel asked Billy if Jana had snapped or if she had figured out the truth about Lucy's parentage. Daniel believed that Jana could have abducted Lucy to win over Kevin. Abby walked over, and Daniel explained to her that he wanted to get involved in the search. Abby agreed to search with him. Later, Abby and Daniel were at odds about what to do to find the kids. Abby asked Daniel why he had been acting so uptight, especially since Lucy was her niece, not his. Daniel admitted to Abby that Lucy was his daughter.

Jill tried to comfort Chloe, saying that Delia would be found. Chloe was upset that Jana had left one of Delia's favorite toys at the house. Chloe believed that Jana might not have intended to take Delia. Chloe admitted to Jill that she was afraid that Jana hated Chloe so much that she might hurt Delia.

Kevin thanked Jana for finding his niece. Kevin said it was the best gift anyone had ever given him. Kevin told Jana that he wanted to be with her. Jana was in tears as she hugged Kevin. Jana was sure they would have a wonderful life together. Kevin agreed, but said that they had to return the girls to their families before going off together.

Jana was confused. Kevin said that Jana had proven her love to him, but Kevin didn't want them to have someone else's child. Kevin proposed the he and Jana have a child of their own. Jana was enthusiastic. Kevin told Jana that needed to return the kids right away so that they wouldn't be on the run from the police.

Esther told Chloe that she should not give up hope. Victoria and Billy clung to each other. Billy assured Victoria that what had happened had not been her fault. Billy started to explain the truth to Victoria about how he'd found Lucy, but then his phone buzzed. Billy received a text message saying that Delia and Lucy were all right. Victoria and Billy were relieved and hugged each other.

After leaving the Newman ranch, Kay and Murphy went to St. Mary's Church. Kay needed to speak with God. Katherine looked at the statue of Jesus and asked why He had been testing so many of her friends. Kay asked why Cane had been killed. As for the kidnapping, Kay guessed that Jana would receive a day of reckoning, but Kay wondered why He had put Delia and Lucy in danger. Kay asked the Lord to deliver the two children back to their families. Murphy asked Kay if she had said what she needed to say. Kay asked Murphy to take her home.

Kevin and Jana entered the church with Delia and Lucy in tow. Jana wanted to leave the children alone and leave with Kevin. Kevin suggested that he and Jana wait until the others showed up for the girls. Jana feared being arrested, but Kevin told her that he would make sure that the authorities understood what Jana had done. Jana realized that Kevin had tricked her and was not serious about leaving Genoa City with her. Jana reached into her pocket, pulled out a gun and held it on Kevin. Jana forced Kevin to walk out of the church with her, leaving Delia and Lucy in the foyer by themselves.

The police officer in charge of the case told Billy and Victoria that they would not go into the church until they were sure it was safe. Billy and Victoria charged out of their home, determined to retrieve their children. At the same time, Kay and Murphy returned to the church because Kay had forgotten her purse. When Kay picked it up in the pew, she heard a baby cry. Murphy and Katherine walked into the foyer and found Delia and Lucy on the floor. Murphy picked up Lucy from the carrier. Murphy told Delia and the baby that they would be fine. Kay looked up and realized that God had answered her prayer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Abby was shocked to learn that Lucy was Daniel's child. Daniel said that he'd known she was his child since Billy and Victoria had adopted her. Abby received a text message from Billy, saying that the kids had been found. Abby was relieved, but she criticized Daniel for having kept Lucy's paternity from her. Daniel said that he had good reasons for keeping that information secret. Daniel had no interest in being a father to Lucy.

Lily walked over to Daniel, having just heard the news about the Amber Alert for Delia and Lucy. Based on Lily's concern for Daniel's feelings, Abby realized that Daniel had confided the truth about Lucy in Lily. Abby demanded to know why Daniel had trusted Lily instead of her. Daniel apologized to Abby but said that he had been stressed out and needed a friend who was objective.

Chance was at the coffeehouse, working on the search for Delia and Lucy. Heather approached Chance and consoled him about the children being missing. Heather said she knew how much Chance adored Delia. Chance was determined to do his best to find Delia and Lucy.

Chloe, Victor, and Billy arrived at St. Mary's Church and embraced their children. Murphy and Kay had been with the kids. Katherine reported that the EMTs had examined both girls, and they had been uninjured. Billy told Murphy and Kay that he was grateful to them. Billy asked Delia if she knew where Miss Jana had taken her. Delia said that Jana had left the church with Kevin. Chloe didn't believe that Kevin had been involved in Delia and Lucy's abduction. Chloe was sure that Jana was the instigator and that Kevin might be Jana's victim.

Billy asked Delia again about what Miss Jana had done with them. Delia said that Miss Jana was with Kevin. Billy declared that Kevin had to have been involved in the kidnapping. Chloe asked Kay and Murphy to take the children outside so she could speak with Billy and Victoria. After Kay and Murphy walked out, Chloe defended Kevin to Billy and accused her ex of trying to shift the blame off himself.

Billy reminded Chloe that Kevin had a history of criminal behavior, including the fact that he'd once tried to kill Colleen. Chloe was certain that Kevin had been coerced into helping Jana. Victoria urged Billy to stop fighting with Chloe. Billy and Victoria left to take Lucy home.

Victoria stood over Lucy's crib and watched her baby daughter. Billy walked to her side and comforted Victoria with a hug. Victoria felt responsible for Lucy having been taken by Jana. Billy told Victoria that he needed to share with Victoria the truth about Lucy. Billy explained that Lucy's adoption had not been legal. Billy said that Lucy had been a black market baby. Victoria was astonished. Billy revealed that he'd only recently discovered that Lucy's birth parents were Daisy and Daniel. Victoria was incredulous.

Billy explained that it had been a coincidence that Daniel and Daisy's child had wound up with the same baby broker that Billy had used to purchase a baby. Billy justified his decision to deal with a baby broker by telling Victoria that they would have not been approved for a legitimate adoption because of their checkered pasts. Victoria shook her head, trying to deny Billy's words. Billy explained that Daniel had told him that he'd tested Lucy's DNA to confirm that she was his baby, but Daniel had assured Billy that he didn't want to raise Lucy. Victoria reminded Billy that he had made promises to her that Lucy would never be taken from them. Billy said he would keep those promises. Disappointed and upset, Victoria told Billy to leave the house and leave her alone.

Daniel was still with Abby when the phone rang. Daniel spoke to Billy and learned that the kids had been found and were home. Daniel agreed to go to Billy and Victoria's to assure Victoria that he would not seek custody of Lucy. Daniel tried to kiss Abby goodbye, and she turned away from him. Later, Lily approached Abby to defend Daniel's decision to Abby. Lily said that Daniel had needed to confide in someone who was not involved with Lucy. Abby wasn't interested in hearing what Lily had to say.

Daniel went to Billy and Victoria's house, where Billy let him into the living room. Billy asked Daniel to go upstairs to Lucy's room and speak with Victoria. In the nursery, Daniel told Victoria that even though Lucy was his biological daughter, Daniel would never take Lucy from Billy and Victoria. Daniel admitted that when he learned Lucy was his child, he had felt a connection, but Daniel had no interest in raising the child. Daniel asked Victoria to trust him that he would not change his mind in the future. Daniel approved of Billy and Victoria as parents. Daniel offered to sign a document rescinding his rights to Lucy and awarding the child's permanent custody to Victoria and Billy.

Abby walked into church and spoke with God about her situation with Daniel. Abby believed that she looked like a spoiled heiress to Daniel compared to Lily. Abby wondered if Daniel deemed Abby too frivolous to be trusted with the secret that he'd confided in Lily. Abby realized that Lily had overcome cancer and was dealing with the death of her husband. Abby was upset that she was unable to compete with a woman of substance like Lily.

Phyllis was having coffee with Michael and Lauren at Crimson Lights. Michael said that Kevin had not called him back. Michael was disappointed in his brother. Lauren believed that Jana was a seriously disturbed woman, and they should have banished her from their lives a long time ago. Phyllis apologized to Michael and Lauren for snapping at them when Daniel had tried to justify his actions in Saskatoon.

Phyllis explained to the Baldwins that she was determined to find Daniel's child and feared that the baby was not being cared for properly. Lauren suggested that a good family might have adopted the baby. Michael's phone rang, and Chloe told him that the children had been found. Chloe asked Michael to meet her at the Chancellor mansion because she was afraid that Jana had done something to Kevin. Michael left immediately without having mentioned to Phyllis and Lauren what Chloe had said to him.

Lauren told Phyllis that she was still afraid that Daisy would return to hurt her. Phyllis understood Lauren's fear, but Phyllis was focused on finding Daniel's child. Lauren didn't want any connection to Daisy. Phyllis believed that Lauren would understand Phyllis' attitude if they were talking about Scotty's child. Phyllis was certain that if Daisy had given birth in Genoa City, Phyllis and Daniel would have been granted custody of the child. On the television, Lauren and Phyllis heard the news that the Amber Alert had been lifted, but that Jana was on the run with Kevin. Lauren rushed off to find Michael.

Daniel returned to the living room and told Billy that he'd spoken to Victoria. Billy thanked Daniel for trying to reassure Billy's wife. Phyllis arrived at the house in order to check on Lucy. Phyllis explained that she'd seen the news story about Jana having taken Delia and Lucy. When Phyllis walked into the house, she was surprised to see that Daniel was there. Phyllis asked Billy and Daniel what was going on.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther, Kay, Jill, and Murphy greeted Delia warmly when Chloe entered the house. Jill offered Delia her favorite toy, Pinkerton. Delia hugged the stuffed animal to her chest. Michael arrived and asked to speak with Chloe. Murphy and Kay told Jill and Esther that they had faith in Kevin and refused to believe that he'd been involved in Delia and Lucy's abduction. Jill had doubts about Kevin and wondered why he wasn't there if he was innocent.

Michael revealed that the calls to Kevin's phone were going directly to voicemail. Chance returned home and was thrilled to see Delia. Chance asked Delia for a hug and she complied. Chance wondered if Kevin had been involved in the abduction. Chloe said that she feared that Jana was forcing Kevin to be with her.

Heather arrived at the Chancellor mansion in response to Michael's call. Michael asked Heather to use her influence to find out if Kevin had been involved in the kidnapping. Heather said she would check with her sources in the D.A.'s office. Kay admitted that she had been afraid for Delia. Esther started to cry over what might have happened, as did Jill and Kay. All three women were soon laughing with relief. Kay was sure that Kevin would find a way to get out of any trouble he was in. Kay said that people always doubted Kevin, even when he did the right things. Chloe was determined not to let Jana hurt Kevin.

Heather returned a short time later and told Michael that there was an APB issued for Kevin. Michael wondered why, and Heather explained that there had been an ongoing investigation into Kevin because he'd been identified as a bagman for the mob. Michael realized that the police were suspicious because Kevin had been apprehended with betting slips. Lauren rushed into the mansion and told everyone that she'd heard on the news that the police wanted both Kevin and Jana.

Jana took Kevin to the abandoned daycare center, continuing to hold a gun on him. Kevin told Jana they'd done the right thing by returning Delia and Lucy. Kevin asked Jana to put the gun down, but Jana feared that Kevin would run away. Kevin told Jana that he truly wanted to be with her. Jana told Kevin that they would stay where they were for the time being. Kevin doubted that he and Jana could live in the daycare center. Jana reminded Kevin that there had been a time when she had been all Kevin needed to be happy.

Kevin said that after Jana left him for Ryder, Kevin had been a broken man. Jana reminded Kevin that there had been a time when they understood each other. Kevin asked Jana for another chance, but Jana was afraid to trust Kevin. Kevin asked her to put the gun down as a sign of good faith.

Kevin reminisced with Jana about their Malibu wedding. Jana said that it had been the best day of her life. Kevin said he wanted that Jana back again. Jana blamed the aneurysm for having changed everything. Kevin proposed that they start a new life together.

Jana jumped back when Kevin reached for the gun. Jana accused Kevin of lying to her. Jana said that she had to go to the store for groceries. Kevin suggested that Jana turn herself in, but Jana was adamant about staying out of jail. Jana believed that Kevin would fall back in love with her.

Jana tried meditating to receive a message from the universe. Kevin asked her what she'd decided to do. Jana forced Kevin into a closet, even though he protested that he was claustrophobic. Jana wanted to break Kevin, and being forced into the closet would accomplish that. When Kevin hesitated going into the closet, Jana threatened to shoot him.

After Kevin entered the closet, Jana stood outside the door and said to herself that Kevin would fall in love with her again. In the closet, Kevin fought his fear and tried to convince himself that he'd be back with Chloe and Delia very soon. Kevin threw a tennis ball against the wall and caught it when it bounced back to him.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

At the Chancellor mansion, Paul joined the search to find Jana and Kevin. Paul and Chance worked together to find clues online to Jana and Kevin's disappearance. Chloe told Chance that Delia had been unable to provide any more information about where Jana had taken her and Lucy. Michael answered the knock on the door and let Gloria and Jeffrey into the house. Gloria was upset about Kevin. Michael calmed his mother, but Gloria feared that Jana would hurt Kevin. Gloria went into the living room and reminded everyone that she and Chloe had warned them that Jana was dangerous. Gloria wondered if Jana might have killed Kevin.

From the information he gleaned online, Paul learned that neither Kevin nor Jana had used any credit cards. Jana had last used an ATM card before the children were taken. Lauren was sure that Kevin had not been involved in the abduction. Jeffrey cleared his throat and commented that Kevin might not be so innocent. Jeffrey reminded everyone that Kevin had a history of criminal activity. Kay and Lauren defended Kevin, and Kay recalled that Kevin had saved her life.

Off to the side, Michael and Heather discussed Kevin's mob connections. Heather wondered if Kevin might have realized that the cops were onto his bagman activities, which prompted him to take off. Michael said he didn't know. Jeffrey walked over and told Michael that he had an idea that Kevin might have gotten in trouble with some Mafia types. Jeffrey revealed that he'd seen Kevin in meetings with some mob guys.

Jeffrey implied that Kevin might have been rubbed out by the mob. Michael told Jeffrey that he'd been watching too many gangster movies. Chloe told Lauren and Kay that she wanted to speak to the press in Kevin's defense. Kay told Chloe that using the media might not be helpful and urged her to remain quiet. Gloria feared that Kevin hadn't contacted them because he was unable to call.

At the abandoned daycare center, Kevin remained locked in the closet while Jana was cutting out pieces of construction paper. Kevin threw a ball over and over again to cope with his claustrophobia. Jana was irritated by the sound of the ball bouncing off the wall and told Kevin to stop making so much noise. Kevin told Jana that the cops would find them. Jana declared that she was too clever to be caught. Kevin offered to speak up for Jana with the police and arrange for Michael to represent her in court. Jana insisted that she knew what she was doing.

Later, Jana was at the desk working on a project. When the train roared by outside the building, Jana covered her ears. The "bloody train" bothered Jana, but then she had an idea. Jana unlocked the closet door and told Kevin they were taking a field trip. Jana lead Kevin into the train station, standing close to him and having the gun pointed at his ribs. Kevin asked Jana to put the gun away.

Jana instructed Kevin to buy two tickets on the train to Florida. Kevin said that the transaction would be traced when he used his credit card. Jana said she was counting on that. Kevin spotted a security camera. He turned to Jana and put his hand behind his back to leave a message using sign language.

Victoria rocked Lucy in her arms and promised to protect the child. Victoria realized that having Daniel sign away his rights to Lucy was the first step in Victoria and Billy legally adopting Lucy. Downstairs in the living room, Phyllis offered her support to Billy. Daniel told his mother that Jana could have taken Kevin, but Phyllis wondered if Kevin had been involved in the kidnapping. Victoria walked into the room and was alarmed to see Phyllis.

Victoria asked Billy why Phyllis was at their home. Phyllis explained that she'd been worried about Lucy. Phyllis also told Billy that she had taken care of business at the magazine. Phyllis understood how concerned Victoria was about Lucy because Phyllis would feel the same way about her own children. Daniel suggested that he and Phyllis leave Billy and Victoria with Lucy. Phyllis fussed over the baby before leaving. Outside the house, Phyllis asked Daniel why he'd acted so tense with Billy and Victoria.

Daniel and Phyllis went to the mansion to find out why Kevin had been implicated in the kidnapping. Paul and Chance reported that there had been no credit card transactions. Chloe revealed that Jana had figured out that Chloe and Kevin had pretended to be broken up while they were all searching for Daisy's baby. Chloe told Phyllis and the others about the baby broker lead Jana had discovered and how Kevin had been working with Jana to find Daisy's baby.

Chloe said that Jana believed that Daisy's baby was in Genoa City. Phyllis wondered why, and Chloe revealed that Jana had found bank account information that pointed to a Genoa City bank in the baby broker's files. Lauren was fearful that Daisy might be in town. Kay warned everyone not to jump to conclusions. Daniel refused to participate in the speculation. When Daniel walked out of the mansion, Phyllis followed.

Gloria called Michael aside and told him to focus on finding Kevin and not get caught up in the baby search. Michael assured Gloria that he would get Kevin home. After touching base with Paul about the search, Michael went to the door. Jeffrey stopped Michael and suggested he look for a man named Angelo at the Athletic Club, who might know about Kevin's disappearance. After Michael left, Paul announced that he'd discovered credit card activity on Kevin's account. Paul said Kevin had purchased tickets at the train station. Chance told Chloe to wait at the mansion in case Kevin tried to contact her, then Paul and Chance headed out to investigate.

Phyllis cornered Daniel at the coffeehouse and asked him why he'd been undermining the search for Daisy's baby. Daniel denied that he'd been doing that, but Phyllis told Daniel he was a terrible liar. Phyllis asked if Daniel ever looked at babies and wondered if one was his daughter. Daniel told his mother that he might already know the location of his child. Phyllis was stunned.

Daniel asked Phyllis to stop looking because he knew his daughter had already landed in a perfect situation. Daniel said that didn't want Daisy to ever know what had happened to the baby. Phyllis asked if Daniel had truly checked out his child's home, and even though Daniel was reassuring, Phyllis wanted to know what Daniel knew.

Daniel didn't want to share his daughter's whereabouts with his mother. Phyllis was proud that Daniel cared enough to find out about his daughter, but Phyllis wanted Daniel to be part of his child's life. Phyllis also wanted to be in her granddaughter's life. When Phyllis mentioned the fear she'd seen in Billy and Victoria about Lucy when Jana had taken her, Daniel's face gave him away. Phyllis looked into her son's eyes and realized that Lucy was Daniel's daughter.

Phyllis put all the pieces together and thought it had been a miracle that Daisy's baby had wound up in Billy and Victoria's home. Phyllis thought it was fate. Daniel told his mother that Billy and Victoria were the best parents for Lucy, and he wanted her to remain with them. Phyllis said no, and demanded that Daniel reclaim his daughter because the child was not an Abbott; she was a Romalotti.

Chloe thanked Kay for pushing her in the right direction with Kevin. Chloe felt that she'd wasted a lot of time by treating Kevin as just a friend. At the train station, Paul and Chance confirmed that Jana and Kevin had been there. The ticket seller told Paul that Kevin and Jana had boarded a train for Orlando. Paul and Chance returned to the mansion with the latest news. Paul also had the security footage from the train station and wanted to examine it for clues. When Paul played the video on his laptop, they all saw Kevin and Jana together. The image made it look like Kevin and Jana had been intimate. Chloe insisted that Jana had been clinging to Kevin.

After leaving the station, Jana forced Kevin back to the daycare center. Jana said that nobody had seen them deboard, so everyone would be looking for them on the train to Orlando. Jana felt that she'd bought them a couple of days of privacy. Jana pushed Kevin back into the closet, where he resumed throwing the ball. Jana used her homemade Ouija board to get a message from the universe. The pointer spelled out the word "nuts." Jana angrily threw the Ouija board off the desk.

Billy tried to calm Victoria, but she was tense and frightened about the possibility of losing Lucy. Victoria was upset that Lucy was not legally their daughter. Billy apologized for having made mistakes, but he was not sorry that Lucy had become part of their lives. Billy vowed to keep Lucy, no matter whom he had to fight. Victoria asked Billy to explain how he'd found the baby broker. Billy said that Rafe had helped him make the connection and that Primrose had seemed like a reliable dealer.

Victoria was upset and demanded that Billy fix things. Suddenly, Lucy made a new sound, and the baby amazed Victoria. Billy and Victoria watched and listened to Lucy. A short time later, Billy and Victoria used the video camera to film Lucy in action. Billy promised Victoria that they would not lose Lucy. Billy reminded Victoria that he had never let her down. Billy hugged Victoria and told her to trust him.

At the Athletic Club, Michael approached Angelo and introduced himself as Kevin's brother. Angelo said that he had been surprised to hear that Kevin was a kidnapper. Michael said that he suspected Kevin was being held against his will. Michael asked Angelo to use his contacts to find out what he could about Kevin. Angelo said he would report back if he learned anything. In exchange, Michael agreed to do Angelo a favor some day. The men shook hands on the deal.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Daniel informed Lily that his mother knew that he was Lucy's biological father. Lily advised Daniel to consult with an attorney before doing anything rash. Rafe met with Lily and Daniel. Daniel explained to Rafe that he wanted Lucy to remain with Billy and Victoria. Rafe said the best way for Daniel to make that happen was to sign over his parental rights to Billy and Victoria. Daniel wanted to proceed, but Lily advised Daniel to think it over.

Daniel was certain that he would never want to be Lucy's father. Lily urged Daniel not to give away his only child. Daniel believed that Lucy was better off with Victoria and Billy. Daniel feared that Phyllis would ruin things for his daughter. Lily told Daniel about the difficulties she and Cane had been through in becoming parents to Mattie and Charlie. Daniel understood, but he reminded Lily that Cane had died to protect his children. Daniel felt that he had to protect Lucy in the same way. Daniel asked Rafe to draw up the papers.

Phyllis met with Michael to tell him that Lucy Abbott was Daniel's baby. Phyllis stopped Michael when he tried to call Lauren with the news. Phyllis said that they needed a game plan before the story went public. Phyllis told Michael that Billy and Victoria were unaware that Phyllis knew the situation.

Michael advised Phyllis not to confront Billy and Victoria, but Phyllis refused to listen. Phyllis asked Michael for his help because she wanted custody of Lucy. Phyllis acknowledged that Lucy was happy with Billy and Victoria, but Phyllis had other plans for the child. Phyllis asked for Michael to be in her corner as a friend and a lawyer. Michael said he'd first have to consult with Lauren.

Victoria was surprised that Billy wanted to go for a picnic with Lucy. Billy was in denial about the problems they were going to face over Lucy's illegal adoption. Billy packed up Jana's belongings and expressed his desire to kill Jana for what she'd done to Delia and Lucy. Victoria wondered if Jana was mentally ill. Phyllis arrived at the house and by the look in her eyes, Victoria realized that Phyllis knew the truth about Lucy's parentage.

Phyllis explained that Daniel had not told her; she'd figured it out on her own. Phyllis asked if she could hold the baby, and Victoria allowed Phyllis to hold her grandchild. Phyllis fought back tears as she held the baby. Phyllis suggested that since they were all adults, they could figure out what was best for Lucy. When Phyllis said that Lucy needed to be with her family, Victoria thought Phyllis meant Billy and Victoria. Phyllis explained that Lucy belonged with her real family. Billy replied that they were Lucy's real family.

Billy asked Phyllis to leave his house. Phyllis refused because they had a lot to discuss. Victoria told Phyllis that she had never anticipated that Lucy's biological parents would want her back. Phyllis revealed to Billy that when she was a young woman, her child had been taken from her. Victoria countered that Lucy had become part of their family. Phyllis declared that Lucy was still young enough to adjust to living with another family.

Billy told Phyllis that she'd never get Lucy. Phyllis was shocked by Billy's attitude. Billy reminded Phyllis that Daniel did not want to raise Lucy. Phyllis claimed that she did, and Lucy was her blood. Victoria snapped at Phyllis that she'd been labeled an unfit mother. Phyllis snapped back that Victoria had lost custody of Reed.

Daniel walked into Billy and Victoria's home and was surprised to see Phyllis there. Daniel was ticked off that his mother was asserting her claim on Lucy. Daniel pulled out the papers that Rafe had prepared and told Phyllis that he would sign Lucy over to Billy and Victoria. Phyllis warned him not to do that, but Daniel was determined. Daniel signed the papers and waved them in his mother's face.

At the farm in New Mexico, Sharon told Sam about Fanny's progress. Sam appreciated how Sharon was caring for the lamb. A while later, Sam returned with an old laptop computer, which he offered to Sharon. Sam explained that it wasn't top of the line, but it would help Sharon connect to the outside world. Sharon was grateful. When she was alone, Sharon went online. She realized that she could not check her email, so Sharon went to her MyFace page.

Sharon discovered that a memorial page had been created for her. Sharon read many of the online tributes from friends and associates, but Sharon turned away when she read some nasty postings. Sharon was devastated and began to cry. Sam returned with a hot breakfast for Sharon, but she asked Sam to give her some time alone. A while later, Sam went back and apologized for upsetting Sharon. Sam introduced Sharon to Piper, the little girl who had decided to use Fanny for her 4-H project. Piper was shy, but Sharon showed the child how to feed Fanny.

Leslie visited Adam in jail and gave him the update on his case, including the fact that the D.A. had refused to consider bail. Adam was confident that the plan he'd put in motion would result in his being released. Leslie thought that Adam was wrong to blackmail the Newmans with Sharon's letters, but Adam had no respect for his family's feelings.

At the ranch, as they looked at photos of Noah, Devon and Noah discussed Noah's music career. Noah was anxious to get back to New York and resume his music. Victor and Nick walked into the room, and Devon expressed his condolences. After Devon left, Victor told Noah that Sharon had left letters for Noah and Faith. Nick explained that Adam had the letters and would only release them if the charges against Adam were dropped.

Victor told Noah that the decision was his. Nick advised Noah not to give in to Adam's blackmail. Noah said he didn't need to see his letter, but Faith would need a message from Sharon. Nick decided to confront Adam and be sure he'd follow through on the deal. Victor gave Nick some last-minute advice before his son left for the jail.

Victor called Michael and summoned him to the ranch. Victor asked Michael to expedite processing Sharon's will. At the jail, Nick told Adam that Noah would drop the charges, but Nick wanted the letters in advance. Nick played hardball, but Adam was adamant, and Nick knuckled under. Michael left the ranch as D.A. Walsh arrived. Victor explained that Noah had decided to drop the charges against Adam. Victor revealed that Adam had letters from Sharon that Noah wanted for himself and Faith. Victor received a call from Nick that he'd struck a deal with Adam. Walsh said he would process the release.

Leslie informed Adam that he'd beaten the system again. Leslie said that Walsh would escort Adam to the place where the letters had been stashed. Adam claimed that he was honored. Adam went to the Athletic Club and showed Nick, Victor, and Walsh where he'd hidden the letters. Nick said that he was through with Adam. Walsh asked Nick for copies of Sharon's letters in order to find clues to Sharon's final days.

At the ranch, Noah read Sharon's letter. In the letter, Sharon encouraged Noah to return to New York to pursue his career. Sharon said that Noah had been a good son and an incredible person. Nick read Sharon's letter to Faith. In the letter, Sharon admitted that she'd ruined her life all by herself. Sharon said that Faith was better off with Nick.

Noah walked into the room and hugged Nick and Faith. Noah told Nick that Sharon had forgiven him. Nick wasn't surprised. Noah said it had been worth letting Adam off the hook in order to get the letters. Nick met with Walsh and handed him copies of the letters. Walsh perused the copies and wondered if they were suicide notes. Nick asked Walsh to never repeat that to anyone.

At the Athletic Club bar, Victor confronted Adam and suggested that he leave town. Adam answered his phone and spoke to Leslie. Michael met Victor and pulled him aside for a private talk. Michael explained to Victor that there'd been a codicil to Sharon's will. In it, Sharon had noted that Adam had been cut out of the Newman fortune, so Sharon had left her house to Adam. Adam hung up the phone after learning the same news about Sharon's house from his attorney.

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