The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on Y&R
The Newmans celebrated Cassie's adoption. Jack refused a loan from Nikki and Brad. Ashley began dating Victor. Victoria was shocked to find a collage of photos of her in Gary's apartment. Megan blamed Tricia for Tony's death, and she left town.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, May 1, 2000

Jack is ranting about Brad being there, saying that Ashley is crazy if she thinks that Brad is there out of the goodness of his heart. She says that they haven't discussed anything yet. Jack dares Brad to tell Ashley that he's going to give Jabot all the money it needs with no strings attached. Jack says if he is wrong, he will offer his heart felt apologies, but he doubts that he is wrong. Brad sneers at Jack that he's "outta there." Ashley asks Brad if they can talk later and Brad says that Jack has made it perfectly clear that there is no point in that. He leaves. Ashley jumps all over Jack after Brad leaves, telling him that she is beginning to think that he WANTS Jabot to go under. Jack asks her to repeat herself, but the phone rings and she goes to answer it.

Crimson Lights:
Brittany slinks over to say hi to Raul. She tells him it appears that they may all be hanging out together again. She doesn't look or sound to overjoyed about the prospect. She tells him that she knows he has some issues with her and for their sake and Billy and Mac's, they should clear the air.

Homeless Shelter:
While Billy is being shown what he will be doing at the Shelter, Mac comes in and Billy realizes that she works at the Shelter also.

Ryan & Tricia's:
Meg has finally gotten the truth from Tricia about her trying to break up her and Tony. Tricia says she knows it must be a shock to her. "As shock?" says Meg. Meg says that for weeks other people have been saying terrible things about Tricia and she would believe them -- she didn't think her sister was that kind of person. She says now she knows that she is the stupid one, to believe her sister. Tricia says that what she did was terrible and there is no excuse. Meg says, damned right there's no excuse, and asks Tricia how she could do that to her own sister. Tricia says she doesn't know. Meg looks at her in pure disgust and asks her how she could be such a bitch.

The Ranch:
A repeat of Friday's scene where Victoria tells Gary they are going on a picnic and he gets upset with her, saying he has a job to do. She smoothes things over and they go out the back way to go on their picnic. She doesn't want to drive because the bodyguard will see them and follow.

Ross Lee's Apartment:
Paul tries to get Ross to talk to him, but Ross is having no part of it and tells him to get lost. Ross tells Paul that he and the Newmans cost him his job and his reputation and he has no intention of talking to him. He slams the door and Paul calls to him a couple of times and bangs on the door -- then he leaves.

Jill comes in and finds Victor just about to leave. She sits down at his table and asks where Ashley is. He mentions that he didn't invite her to sit and what does she mean, where is Ashley. Jill asks what exactly is he up to with Ashley. He says nothing and she tells him that she has a hard time believing that. She says that Jack thinks he is manipulating his sister. Vic says that Jack is wrong. Jill asks, then what is going on between the two of you. Vic glares at her.

Crimson Lights:
Raul says he does have some issues with Brittany -- he can't believe she didn't call 911 the night Billy passed out in the snow. She snaps at Raul that she screwed up and she feels horrible about it. She says if he is going to keep harping on it, it is pointless. She turns away. He follows her and tells her his in no place to judge her. Brittany is suspicious why he is suddenly turning around. He tells her that Mac says that they should giver her another chance. He says if Billy can get over what she did that night, he should get over it too. Brittany asks if he means it and he says yeah.

Homeless Shelter:
Billy asks Mac if it's ok with her that he's there. She doesn't get a chance to answer because a couple of the kids they are supposed to tutor come in the room. They want to know who the new guy is and Mac introduces them.

Ryan & Tricia's:
Tricia is crying that if she could go back and change things that she would. Meg asks her when she finally realized she was doing wrong. Tricia tells her it was from the start. Meg asks why she didn't tell her the truth after Tony died and Tricia says there was no point and she tried to forget about it. Meg tells her that you can't forget about a lie -- it's always there. She demands to know why Tricia kept the truth from her. Tricia spews out some nonsense and Meg reacts by storming out the door. Calling after her, Tricia runs after Meg, but collapses when she gets to the door.

Somewhere on the Newman ranch:
Victoria and Gary are trekking through the woods and she stops and points to the tree house. They go up into it and Victoria tells Gary to enjoy the view while she cleans up. She chatters away at him about how private it is here -- no one around for at least ˝ mile.

Paul's Office:
Paul stomps in, still upset that he couldn't get through to Ross. Lynn tells him that Susan Ramsey (a girl who used to date Ross) is in his office waiting. He goes in to talk to her. She tells him she already told his assistant all she knows about the bail money. Paul says he would rather talk to her about her relationship with Ross. She agrees as long as he doesn't get too personal. She tells Paul that she and Ross dated maybe four times in the span of a month. She also tells him that she sent out vibes to another guy at the Ad Agency but he wasn't interested. She tells Paul that evidently the guy was interested in Victoria Newman. A light bulb goes off in Paul's head and he knows that it must have been Gary Dawson that she was talking about.

Vic tells Jill that it's none of her business what he and Ashley have going. She says when the CEO of Newman and the President of Jabot are seen together, it raises certain questions. She says that she is a major stockholder in Jabot and that makes it her business. Of course, Vic doesn't agree with her. He tells her it's been a pleasure and gets up and leaves.

Brad Carlton's House:
Brad is sitting at his desk and the doorbell rings. It's Nikki, back from New York. She tells him all about the seminar. She says she's glad he is still here -- she was worried that he'd be gone. He says he almost wishes he had gong. She asks if his mood is due to Jack. Brad tells her that he has just come from a war of the words with Jack. He tells her that Jabot is in financial difficulty. This gets Nikki thinking that if she and Brad work together, she has an idea how to get her foot in the door at Jabot.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

When Ryan confronts Tricia about her latest run-in with Megan, she admits that she finally told her sister the truth about everything and all that she had done to destroy her relationship with Tony. Tricia tells her husband that she realizes now that her efforts were all in vain and that nothing could have broken the couple up. When Ryan asks her if the part about her kissing Tony was true, Tricia says yes. When Ryan gets upset, Tricia grows defensive, swears she didn't hit Tony on purpose, and offers to go see a therapist right away. Meanwhile, Megan goes to see Sharon at the coffee house to tell her about her confrontation with Tricia. Sharon tells Megan that she is sorry for ever getting involved and for causing her more pain. Megan tells her friend it's O.K. and apologizes herself for not believing Sharon and for coming down so hard on her. When Sharon asks Megan what she thinks happened the night Tony died, an admittedly suspicious Megan tells her that only Tricia knows the truth and they'll probably never know for sure. Over at Jabot, Jack is furious to find Victor there visiting with Ashley. As the two enemies argue, Ashley suffers a dizzy spell and asks Jack to leave. Once her brother is gone, Ashley lets Victor feel the baby moving in her stomach. The touching moment leads to a discussion regarding the new couple's living arrangements. At the same time, Diane stops by Gina's to pick up some food for the special dinner she has planned with Victor that night. Nikki and Brad discuss the possibility of his investing in Jabot. Nikki thinks he should do it and even offers to put up half of the $75 million it'll take to invest. Elsewhere, Paul invites Nina to dinner with him and Christine and suggests the she invite Tomas. Mac and Billy discuss his first day volunteering at the shelter and she tells him that he is very good with the kids.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Nikki walks in Gina's and sees Jack sitting at the bar, upset after his run-in with Victor at the Jabot Lab. Nikki tells Jack that she knows about Jabot's problems. Jack wants to know how she heard about it and suspects it was Jill. He needs to know whose leaking information so he can shut them up. She tells him it wasn't Jill, it was Brad. He gets a little huffy but Nikki tells him that during her conversation with Brad she came up with a solution to his problem. She tells him he should go after private funds rather than going to a bank, namely her. He tells her thanks for the offer but she has no idea how much money he needs. She counters that she knows he needs 70 million dollars. He tells her he knows that she couldn't possible come up with the full amount. She tells him no, but she knows someone who will come up with the rest. She suggests Brad and of course, Jack balks at this idea. He is not going to let Brad worm his way back into Jabot. She tells him to s! top being so stubborn but he doesn't listen. He then wonders whom else he could get the money from and he thinks of Katherine. Nikki tells him no, that she set this deal up with Brad but he again rejects Brad's involvement. He thanks her for coming up with the idea and tells her that she has "made his year" and then leaves.

Diane is preparing after dinner coffee for Victor and sits down on the sofa. She starts to go on and on about how well their living arrangement has worked out and how close they still are and how she still knows what he likes and how they are still friends, and how she believed that they could work their relationship out and blah blah blah. After many attempts to shut her up, Victor finally tells her that she has two more weeks before she has to move out of the Penthouse. He asks her if she has found a place and how the negotiations are going. Completely thrown, she tells him that she has found a place but she is still in negotiations. She lies and tells him that the owner wanted to keep the place in escrow for 6 months but she talked him out of it. He asks her when she will close and she tells him that she doesn't have a closing date yet. He asks her how much longer she thinks she needs and she tells him six to eight more weeks. He tells her that it is out of the ques! tion; that is not what they agreed to. She asks him if he's going to throw her out in the street and he tells her no, he'll put her up in the best suite he can find. He offers to help her out anyway he can with money or help with the negotiations, but their contract was signed on February 15 and their agreement was for three months, until May 15th. Later, Diane comes out of her room and picks up the contract and throws it across the room. She vows that Victor will not get "us" (meaning her and the sperm bank baby) out of his life.

Ashley stops by for a visit. She tells Olivia that she is in a happy place right now and loves it. She tells her that her family is very supportive and that Jack keeps his comments to himself regarding her having the baby alone. She tells Olivia that she felt the baby move for the first time and how wonderful it was. She also reveals that she is dating Victor. Olivia is totally thrown and asks if he's still married to Nikki. She tells her no and that they have been separated for quite a while. Olivia wonders how her family feels about it. She admits that Victor and Jack just had an argument at the lab and that she almost fainted during the incident. Olivia tells her that the last thing she needs is stress and to be in the middle of a war during her pregnancy. She tells Olivia that Jack will just have to accept her relationship with Victor. He did when they were married and he will have to now.

Neil is furiously working out as Malcolm comes in and teases him about being too old. He tells him he must be working out so he can impress Dru. Neil becomes immediately uncomfortable and Mal asks him what's wrong. Neil tells Malcolm that Dru returned to Paris. Malcolm can't believe it. He thought they were working things out to get back together. Neil becomes even more uncomfortable and tells Malcolm to stay out of his business and make sure he tells Olivia the same. Malcolm persists and tells Neil that he knows he must be torn up that Dru left and it must have been hard on Lily too. Neil tells him that Lily is still here for a couple more days but he doesn't care that Dru left. Malcolm tells him he knows he doesn't really mean that. Neil admits that he was hoping to put his family back together but as always Dru's work comes first. He admits that he always hoped that one day they would get back together but he now knows that it will never happen. Malcolm tells him not to give up hope, that one day Dru will come back and they can work it out. Neil doesn't think so. Malcolm has some business to take care of and leaves promising Neil that he will talk to him later.

Ryan checks in on Megan who is still upset about Tricia admitting everything she had done to break up her and Tony. Ryan tries to get her to realize that Tricia needs help and finally agreed to see a psychiatrist. Megan tells him that she can't believe what Tricia has done and repeatedly lied to her face about everything. She admits that she has doubts that Tricia didn't actually know what she was doing. Ryan wants her to get past everything and forgive Tricia because she is her sister. He admits that Tricia told him everything, even the incident on New Year's Eve, but he took vows for better or for worse, and he's going to stick by his wife and he thinks Megan should too. She tells him that she commends him for standing by his wife but she's coming from a different perspective than he is. What she lost, she can't get back and Tricia can't be absolved of everything that she's done. Ryan asks her what can he do to help. Megan tells him to ask his boss if there is an entry-level position in Newman Enterprises in another state that she can have. She wants to leave town.

Cassie and Nick are planning the pool party to celebrate her adoption as Sharon walks in. They ask her whom she wants to invite and she tells them some friends from school, Alice, Millie, Megan, and Grace. They agree to let her invite anyone she wants to. Nick and Sharon surprise Cassie with a necklace and heart charm with the initials "CN" engraved on them, which stands for Cassie Newman. She tells them it is the best present she has ever gotten. Later, Nick tells Sharon he knows that she was upset when she walked in. He wants to know what's wrong. She tells him that she spoke with Megan and she told her that Tricia finally admitted everything, short of killing Tony on purpose. Nick tells her she should be happy now that everything has come out. Sharon admits that it didn't turn out the way she hoped.

Nina stops by to see Chris and finds that all is well with her and Paul. Paul comes home and they decide to have an impromptu dinner party and invite Tomas. They have an enjoyable time and while Tomas helps Paul in the kitchen, Nina admits to Chris that she is worried that the situation with Tricia and Megan is on the verge of blowing up.

Ashley calls Victor at home from bed to tell him goodnight; she just wanted to hear his voice. He is very glad she called. He asks her if she would like to have breakfast in the morning and she agrees. She asks how his evening went with Diane and he tells her it was rough at first but ended up okay. She asks him to tell her all about it in the morning. They say goodnight.

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Ashley asks Victor about his dinner with Diane. He doesn't anticipate any problems with her and soon she will be out of his life permanently. He wants Ashley to move in with him. Diane tells Michael that she wants revenge on the woman who took Victor away from her and she thinks it's Ashley, but she's not certain. Meanwhile, Marissa sees Victor holding Ashley's hand at Yves' restaurant. Victoria tells Gary she is looking forward to dinner at his place. He claims a grease fire in his kitchen has made a huge mess and he promises she can come over when it's cleaned up. Later, a curious Victoria and her bodyguard arrive at Gary's. Paul seeks out Dr. Cooper to discuss the stalker. They agree that Ross doesn't fit the profile. They should be looking for a man who fantasizes about a woman than actually be with her. Megan declines Keith's invitation to spend time in London with him because she feels she needs time to herself. Megan comes to Tricia's apartment to say good-bye and finds her sister totally distraught. In Paris, when Sid notices that Dru isn't herself in front of the camera, she wonders if something is wrong. Dru calls Malcolm saying she's sorry for leaving without talking to him. She wishes she had stayed in Paris, her leaving disrupted too many lives.

Friday, May 5, 2000

Jack informs Jill that he is going to ask Katherine for the loan and Jill responds that it's not an option. Katherine will make it a point to trash all of her ideas. Jack wants to keep Katherine as an option, but feels that their best bet is to try to extend the loan. Jack heads to Katherine's, where Nikki has already apprised her of the Jabot situation. When Marissa returns from dinner, she tells Diane that Victor was with Ashley. Diane refuses to let Ashley get in her way. When Diane hears Victor coming, she hides in the bedroom. Neil arrives to discuss the updated news of the Forsythe situation with Victor. He wants to clarify how they plan to handle it. Victor realizes that this is a very delicate situation both personally and professionally. Diane listens intently. Paul questions Ross at the DA's office. When Ross tells him that he has no idea who supplied his bail money, Paul suggests Gary. Ross is sorry that Victoria came between them. The landlord lets Victoria into Gary's apartment, where she is surprised to find no evidence of a grease fire. She decides to wait for Gary. When she enters his bedroom, she finds the collage he made of her. Megan blames Tricia for the loss of Tony regardless of the circumstances. Realizing it's going to be a long time before she gets her life back, Megan hugs Ryan and leaves. Tricia is devastated.

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