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Jordan began to unravel in captivity. Diane considered leaving Jack. Ashley's "Ms. Abbott" alter ordered Alan to go back to Europe, but "Belle" later convinced him to stay. Mamie felt betrayed when Lily, Devon, and Nate refused to go along with her plan.
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Jordan began to unravel. Diane considered leaving Jack. Mamie felt betrayed when Lily, Devon, and Nate.
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Victor offers a way for Jordan to escape her misery

Victor offers a way for Jordan to escape her misery

Monday, May 6, 2024

At the Newman ranch, Nick consoled Victor after he returned from checking Nikki into a rehabilitation clinic. Nick thanked his father for supporting his mother and reminded Victor that he should step back and allow the professionals to handle the situation. Victor, sounding defeated, replied, "Easier said than done." Nick, urging his father to take care of himself while Nikki was away, said, "And remember, that other threat is dead and gone. We take the wins where we can, no matter how we get them."

Victor admitted he felt as though he had failed Nikki. Nick reminded his father that Nikki had made the decision on her own to seek professional help. Victor replied, "Well, she wasn't on her own. She was with Jack Abbott. The son of a bitch almost killed her." Nick asked his father to explain.

Victor recalled that Jack had downed shots with Nikki before he had also consumed opioids and collapsed. Nikki, Victor said, had phoned paramedics to revive Jack. After Victor explained that Jack's plan had entailed shocking sense into Nikki, Nick suggested that Jack's goal had been to make Nikki worry about him like he had worried about her. Victor replied, "Insane and idiotic. Your mother should never have chosen him as a sponsor, all right? Jack Abbott failed one more time." Nick noted that at least Nikki was committed to getting sober, so it didn't matter what Jack had done. Victor cried that had Nikki required help from paramedics, Jack's actions might have killed her, and he had been unable to summon help. Nick replied that Jack could have died, but he had risked his life to save Nikki.

Victor later entered the concrete-walled, bunker-like basement in his house and set a tall bottle of vodka on a table within reach of the cell holding Jordan captive. After Victor startled Jordan awake, she begged him to tell her what she needed to do to be released. Victor informed Jordan that Claire and Harrison were home safe and sound, so there was no need to negotiate with her.

Jordan asked to be transferred to a proper prison instead of being trapped in a black hole. Victor replied, "This is it. Get used to it. But I brought you a present." Victor held up the bottle of vodka and told Jordan she should drown herself in alcohol the same way she had forced Nikki to drink. Victor told Jordan to drink until she croaked. Victor set the bottle back on the table and glared menacingly at Jordan.

Diane returned home and was relieved to see Jack. Diane asked Jack where he had been all night. Jack asked Diane to hear him out, acknowledging that she would not like what he had to say. Jack recalled having encountered a drunk, defeated Nikki at the Athletic Club. Jack cried that after repeated attempts to help Nikki, he felt helpless to pull her back from the edge of a cliff. Diane asked Jack if Nikki was all right. Jack admitted that he had failed Nikki as her sponsor and had taken drastic steps to save her.

Kyle entered the room and informed Jack and Diane that Harrison was settling in after enjoying time with Summer. Kyle asked Jack about his argument with Victor. Diane appeared confused about Jack having argued with Victor. Jack told Kyle that he and Diane needed time alone to talk. Jack offered to spend the day with Harrison, so Kyle could work at the office. Kyle noted that Jack had evidently had a rough night. Diane agreed that Jack needed a break, so Kyle should let things be.

After Kyle left, Jack disclosed the bizarre details of his plan to join Nikki as she endeavored to drink herself into oblivion. Diane, acknowledging that a sponsor should not drink with a partner, noted that doing so was not extreme and likely would be ineffective. Jack admitted his method had not worked, so he had obtained opioids from his former dealer. Diane gasped in horror and replied, "What? Have you lost your mind? How could you do that to yourself? How could you do that to me?"

Jack explained to Diane that Nikki knew that pills were his downfall, so he had taken them in hopes of opening her eyes, adding that he was aware of his limits. Diane became livid and told Jack that the pills could have been laced with something. Jack noted that his regular dealer sold only pure drugs, adding that his risk had paid off because Nikki had agreed to enter rehab. Diane asked Jack why he could not have pretended to take a pill instead. Jack explained that Nikki would have known because he was not that good an actor. Diane cried that Jack had taken an incredibly foolish and dangerous risk with little or no regard for her or for his family. Jack winced, acknowledging that Diane's frustration was justified.

Irritated, Diane yelled, "You put Nikki Newman's sobriety above your own. And you might think that what you did was so courageous and so noble, but you know what? I think it was incredibly selfish." Jack reiterated that he was safe and that Nikki was seeking professional help. Diane demanded to know what had triggered Nikki's wake-up call.

Jack admitted that Nikki, shaken to the core after he had passed out, had been scared sober when forced to summon paramedics for medical assistance. Diane cried, "You really could have died, and you're standing there telling me that you had it under control?" Diane, furious, asked Jack if passing out and requiring medical help had been part of his "stupid plan."

Diane cried that Jack, after having drugs in his system, would have to fight his urges all over again. Jack was taken aback when Diane claimed he might have pills stashed in his pocket. Jack explained that Nikki had taken possession of the pills. Jack defended his actions and insisted he had taken the drugs out of necessity.

Diane cried, "You risked your life to save Nikki's. What about me? Aren't I a necessity to you? Didn't you stop and think about me for one minute?" Jack admitted he had been foolish and would never have intentionally risked hurting Diane. Jack embraced Diane and pleaded with her to trust him.

Phyllis ran into an exhausted Summer at the Athletic Club and offered to buy her coffee. Summer explained that she had slept at the Abbott home to be close to Harrison, adding that she felt hesitant to leave him. Phyllis offered to return to the Abbotts' with Summer. Summer declined her mother's offer. Phyllis praised Summer for her bravery and strength and for being an amazing mother to Harrison. Summer admitted she was dealing with emotional distress and explained that she had only left her son's side to meet with someone that might help Harrison. Phyllis suggested selecting a therapist trained to be empathetic to young children.

When Sharon entered the Athletic Club, Phyllis glared at her. Phyllis later avoided eye contact as Summer engaged with Sharon about Harrison's emotional state after Jordan had filled the boy's head with lies about his family never wanting to see him again. Sharon replied, "That is the cruelest thing you can say to a child." Phyllis, mindlessly stirring her coffee, angrily mumbled, "Oh, she's a sick bitch." Sharon told Phyllis she should rein in her anger, especially when she was around Harrison. Phyllis defended herself and claimed that the whole world would agree with her if they knew what Jordan had done to Harrison.

Sharon gave Summer the name and contact information of a therapist who was highly skilled in treating children. After Summer stepped out to phone the therapist, Phyllis complimented Sharon for knowing what to say to Summer while reminding her that she was no longer a practicing therapist. Sharon, acknowledging the worry and concern over Summer and Harrison, offered to recommend a therapist for Phyllis.

Sharon asked Phyllis to let Summer know she had to run. Phyllis replied, "Yes, to your tech empire, right? The one I didn't get a job at." Sharon, eager to leave, quickly asked Phyllis to tell Summer to keep her posted. After Summer returned, she told her mother that she would never stop fighting for Harrison, just like her parents had fought for her.

After Summer left, Nick joined Phyllis at the Athletic Club. Phyllis told Nick that Summer had asked Sharon to recommend a therapist who specialized in helping children, so Harrison could talk about his experiences. Nick praised Summer for rising to the occasion after running on fear and panic for an extended time. Phyllis suggested she and Nick keep their eyes on Summer. Phyllis sighed and admitted she wished she could have witnessed Jordan's death as she fought for her last breath on her way to hell. Phyllis, whispering, claimed she would only admit her wishes about witnessing Jordan's demise to Nick. Nick replied, "Yeah. It's probably best if you keep that to yourself."

Phyllis recalled the day Patty Williams had exposed Summer to traces of peanuts, knowing that Summer was allergic to nuts. Phyllis, remembering that Summer had remained in a coma for an extended time after the exposure, denounced Patty as a crazy, deranged, self-pitying, and vengeful person. Nick replied, "We thought we were going to lose Summer, but we got her back." Near tears, Phyllis remembered that Summer had struggled to bounce back after losing her ability to talk and read. Nick praised Phyllis for helping Summer recover, adding that Summer was unable to recall some of what had happened. Nick said Harrison, like Summer, might not remember everything.

Phyllis sighed and replied, "Oh, I remember. I think Summer will remember, too, you know? She's calling for Harrison, getting him ready for school, and he doesn't answer. She'll remember." In her head, Phyllis heard her own voice threaten to "send that Jordan psycho to hell myself." Phyllis then admitted to Nick that she regretted not having sent "that Jordan psycho to hell herself."

Nick acknowledged that Phyllis was being honest about her feelings. Phyllis thanked Nick for always having her back and for "getting me." Becoming emotional, Phyllis said, "Supergirl's a supermom. We did good. Despite it all, we did good."

Kyle ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights. Sharon told Kyle that Summer had likely already contacted a recommended therapist to help Harrison. Sharon told Kyle that he and Summer should take time to care for themselves after their terrible ordeal. Kyle admitted he had felt helpless not knowing where Harrison had been or if he had even been alive. Sharon replied, "And yet you saved him, Kyle." Summer approached and thanked Sharon for talking to her earlier. Kyle thanked Sharon, too. Sharon offered to help any time.

After Sharon walked away, Summer asked Kyle who was watching Harrison. Kyle replied, "My folks and Mrs. Martinez are keeping an eye on him." Summer said she was impressed with the therapist Sharon had recommended and looked forward to getting help for Harrison on their terms. Summer asked Kyle to keep Claire away from Harrison.

Defending Claire, Kyle explained that Claire had been just as much Jordan's victim as Harrison had. Summer noted that Claire was a reminder of the horrific experience Harrison had endured. Kyle, recalling how happy Harrison had been when he had seen Claire, insisted it was good for their son to see that his friend was okay. Summer insisted that as their son's parents, they should set boundaries.

Summer cried that they did not know how being with Claire might affect Harrison's recovery. Kyle accused Summer of giving in to unnecessary extremes. Kyle declared that he would give his life to protect Harrison. Summer insisted that Harrison should focus on bonding with his parents. Summer cried that seeing Claire made her feel panicked all over again because they had almost lost Harrison. Kyle appeared torn by Summer's demands.

Jordan begins to unravel

Jordan begins to unravel

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Victor stopped by the tack house to see how Claire was doing. Cole appeared and explained that he was there to spend quality time with his daughter. Claire reported that she was doing well, but Victor pushed to know how she was really feeling, given the ordeal her aunt had put her through. She conceded that it hadn't been easy, and she'd had a nightmare the night before about still being trapped in the storage locker. Claire shuddered at the thought of never seeing Cole and Victoria again, especially since she'd learned what it was like to have a real family.

Cole regretted that he'd failed to keep Claire safe, but she swore that he wasn't responsible for Jordan being a monster. Claire refused to waste any more time thinking about her aunt, noting that Jordan didn't get to keep ruining her life. "Damn right she doesn't," Victor affirmed. Claire implored them to believe her when she said she would be okay. Claire wished the authorities would hurry up and find Jordan's body, and Victor imagined that the strong currents had taken Jordan out to the middle of Lake Michigan by then. Victor promised that Jordan would never be back again.

Victor noticed that Cole had been spending lots of time at the ranch, and he jokingly asked if Cole was moving in. Cole asserted that he wanted Claire to know that she could count on him. Victor requested to speak with Cole privately, and Claire headed out to meet Victoria. Cole steeled himself for a warning of some kind. Victor inquired whether something had changed in Cole's relationship with Victoria.

Cole admitted that he and Victoria had reconnected and gotten closer, and he recounted that Victor had been against the idea at one time. Victor appreciated that Cole seemed to be very protective of both Victoria and Claire. Cole called Claire a chance at joy that he'd never expected. He added that he loved both women very much, and he was willing to stick around as long as they'd have him.

Cole hoped Victor would be honest with him about his aunt's death, since he sensed there was something more going on. Victor told Cole to trust him when he said everyone knew all there was to know. Cole suspected it was a dodge to protect them from something. Victor reasoned that if Jordan were alive, he'd have a security detail on every member of his family. Victor insisted that Jordan was dead, so Cole could stop worrying.

In the wine cellar, Jordan yelled for Victor. She bet he'd planted cameras and a listening device in there. "Am I your favorite new reality television show?" she asked with a cackle. She anticipated she was going to disappoint him because she wouldn't drink herself to death. Jordan bellowed that she was much stronger than Nikki or any of them, and she suggested that Victor ask her what her poison was. She proposed that if he wanted her to drink, he should at least join her, since she wasn't going to die there alone.

"Bastard thinks he can beat me!" Jordan growled, and she pledged to show Victor. She suddenly grimaced and began frantically trying to brush something invisible off her arms. She covered herself with a blanket and screamed for Victor to stop the spiders. She reached through the bars of her cell and grabbed the vodka bottle. "Just one swig," she told herself.

At Crimson Lights, Jack greeted Nick and asked if there was any news about how Nikki was settling in at rehab. Nick reported that Victor had dropped her off, and she'd been nervous but determined. Nick mentioned that his dad had told him how Jack had gotten Nikki to seek the help she needed by drinking with her and hitting up his old dealer for pills. Nick wondered if had only been about saving Nikki and not about Jack falling off the wagon. Jack lamented that Nikki had given up, and he would have done anything to get through to her in that moment.

Nick pointed out that Jack had sabotaged his own sobriety by taking the pills. Jack explained that it had been a necessity to help a friend in danger. He admitted he might have gone too far, but at least he had succeeded. Nick was grateful that his mom was in rehab and that Jack seemed to have made it out to the other side. Jack swore he wasn't going back down the rabbit hole. Nick thanked Jack for what he'd done for Nikki and her family, but Jack was sure Victor didn't share Nick's gratitude. Jack was concerned that his decision might have destroyed any progress he and Victor had made.

Nick shared that Victor had been wrecked when he'd found Jack and Nikki together. Jack recalled that Nikki had worked hard to shield her family from the worst of her addiction, and the prior evening had been the worst. Jack accepted that Victor blamed him, but Nick suspected that his dad would soften once he realized Nikki was getting the help she needed because of the crazy risk Jack had taken. Jack thought Nick underestimated Victor's ability to hold a grudge. Nick promised that he would always have Jack's back.

Victoria entered the coffeehouse and hugged Jack to thank him for what he'd done for her mom at the risk of his own sobriety. Jack asserted that Nikki had chosen to get the help she needed, and that was the end of the story. Claire arrived, and Nick welcomed her home. Jack commended Claire for stopping by to see Harrison, and Claire called the boy her buddy. Jack mentioned that Kyle and Summer had been struggling to find a new nanny, and he wished they could find someone who connected with Harrison the way Claire did. Victoria suggested that Claire throw her hat in the ring for the job.

Victoria recalled that Claire had said she might like to work with kids as a vocation, and Claire and Harrison had bonded after everything they'd been through. Claire couldn't imagine a better job than taking care of Harrison, but she doubted Summer would be on board. Victoria noted the attitude Summer had shown toward Claire, and Nick confirmed that Summer was having a difficult time adjusting to the new addition to the family. Jack offered to speak with Kyle and Summer about the possibility, and he headed out. Victoria encouraged Claire to go for the job. "Time to look to the future," Claire declared.

At Adam's apartment, Adam told Sally that his video call with Connor had been tough at first, and he'd said all the wrong things out of desperation. Adam bemoaned that there was a steep learning curve with figuring out how to deal with OCD, but Connor had seemed to be more comfortable and confident, setting boundaries and telling his parents what he needed. Sally brightly pointed out that the boy was letting them in and not keeping to himself. Adam revealed that Connor had schooled him and Chelsea on words like "disassociation" and "reassurance," but he wished the guidance had been about video games and soccer moves.

Adam groaned that he had seen in his son's eyes how badly Connor wanted to get better, and Sally encouraged Adam to let Connor see that he was holding onto hope. Adam complained that he felt like an observer who was letting an outsider look after his kid. Sally inquired whether Connor felt empowered, and Adam recounted that Connor thought the school personnel understood him. Sally figured that both Adam and Connor were feeling their way through it. Adam confided that it felt like Connor was moving on without him and leaving him behind.

Sally sympathized that it was a normal reaction for Adam to be afraid of losing his son. Adam insisted that it wasn't about him but about getting Connor well. Adam regretted the time he'd spent blaming himself when his focus should have been on Connor. Sally assured him that she was there to be his anchor, and she inserted herself into his arms. She continued that he could tell her the things that he couldn't say to anyone else, and she urged him not to hide from her or push her away. Sally asserted that it was her job in Connor's recovery to be there for Adam so he could be there for his son.

Adam and Sally lounged on the couch after having sex. He murmured that he was happy she was there and that she put up with him, although he hated that they'd lost time because he'd been an idiot. She reasoned that they'd needed to be apart to realize that they wanted to be together, but they'd gotten out the other side and had become a much stronger team. Sally assured Adam that he would get through the situation with Connor. Adam muttered that he just had to go against his instincts and try not to lose his mind.

Adam resolved that he couldn't just talk the talk, and he had to follow through -- especially if he and Chelsea went to see Connor. Adam indicated that Connor's doctors thought the boy might be ready for a visit. Adam was all for it, but he wasn't sure about where Chelsea's mind was. He explained that he'd been very upfront about his feelings, but he sensed that Chelsea felt like she had to compensate by stuffing down hers. Adam fretted that the last time Chelsea had hidden her feelings, it had almost cost her life. Sally asked him to promise to have more faith in Chelsea and in himself, since they were both stronger than they thought.

At Society, Chelsea showed Billy the daily emails she received from Connor's team, providing glimpses into her son's day. Billy enthused that it was nice to know Connor was doing regular kid things. Chelsea shared that she checked her inbox all day long, and she just wanted to hold Connor and make sure he was okay. Chelsea wailed that she was so spent and anxious that she could barely breathe, constantly worried that she was going to do something that would set Connor or her back emotionally.

Billy assured Chelsea that she was doing the best she could. She griped that it was a full-time job to rein Adam in so he didn't lose it in front of Connor or the doctors. Billy reasoned that Adam was an adult, and Chelsea couldn't control him, so she had to free herself from that burden. He added that she was doing everything she could to take care of herself, and Adam had to do the same for Connor's sake.

Chelsea acknowledged that Adam was a great father who could and would figure it out. Billy reminded her that she was the strongest person he knew. She recognized that it wasn't her job to keep Adam on track, nor was it Billy's job to do it for her. Billy insisted that they were two different things, since he loved her and wanted to be there to listen and to support her. He swore that there was no place else he wanted to be. They kissed.

Chelsea requested Billy's advice about the doctors' suggestion that Connor might be ready for a visit. Chelsea considered going that weekend, but she worried that perhaps Connor didn't want to see her or that she'd undo all the progress he'd made. Billy implored her to trust the doctors and not overthink it, since the doctors would be there to support both of them if anything went wrong. Billy figured it would be part of the healing process for Chelsea, Adam, and Connor. Chelsea asked what she would do without Billy, and he cooed that the good news was that she didn't have to worry about that.

Later, Billy and Chelsea stopped by Adam's place, and Adam panicked that something had happened. Chelsea confirmed that Connor was okay, but she wanted to talk to Adam about a decision she'd made. Sally prepared to leave, but Adam requested that she stay. Chelsea revealed that the doctors had approved a visit with Connor, and she thought she and Adam should go together. Adam agreed. Chelsea cautioned that they had to be able to hold it together, and Adam firmly replied that it was what Connor needed and deserved.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley's "Ms. Abbott" alter assumed control as Ashley joined Alan at a table and brusquely apologized for pushing back their meeting. She hoped she hadn't kept him waiting long, and he replied that he hadn't minded waiting for his charming dining companion. Ashley signaled for the server, and Alan voiced surprise to hear her call it a "meeting" after the night before. He'd expected it to be less business and more pleasure, but she asserted that she was done playing games.

Alan noted that Ashley seemed less comfortable with him than she had been the night before, and he wondered if he'd done something wrong. Ashley apologized for overstepping by being flirtatious, and she chalked it up to all the Champagne they'd consumed. Alan insisted that he'd enjoyed the time they'd spent together, and he was content just being there with her in her hometown. He hoped she would show him the sights of Genoa City.

Ashley told Alan not to pretend that he was there as a friend, since they both knew Traci had asked him to visit as a psychiatrist. Ashley claimed that she'd made light of it the night before, but she didn't like it, and she wanted it to stop. Ashley clarified that he was only there because Traci was worried about her, and she admitted that she'd thought it had been a good idea in the beginning. Alan said he'd understood Ashley was open to receiving help from him, and his interaction with her had been friendly in the past, but it no longer seemed to be the case.

Ashley confirmed that she'd been open to speaking, but she felt it was forced and contrived because her siblings had influenced Alan's perspective of her. Ashley spat that they thought she was unhinged, and it was insulting that they were treating her like a problem they needed to fix. Alan pointed out that she'd been afraid of what was happening to her. Ashley planned to handle her issues on her own terms. She calmly told him that there was nothing for him to do because she was fine.

Alan reiterated that friends should be honest with one another, and he felt the need to be honest with Ashley. He warned that he wasn't anywhere near sure that she was fine. Ashley clucked that it was a shame that Traci and Jack had made Alan see things that weren't there. Alan pointed out that Ashley's demeanor had changed drastically since the day before, and there was something unfamiliar about her. Alan recalled that she'd been playful and interested in his professional take earlier, but that day, she was cool, deflective, and even indignant, as if she felt threatened that he was there.

Ashley conceded that she'd teased Alan a bit, and she urged him not to feel insulted just because she didn't feel like playing that day. Alan wondered where they stood if she was no longer interested in his professional opinion. Ashley flatly replied that she regretted her flirtation, and there was no reason for him to stay in town. She groused that he was always studying her, and she preferred that he moved on to his conference in Vienna if he was going to keep scrutinizing her. Alan protested that they'd just gotten their wires crossed, but Ashley curtly said she didn't think so. She wished him safe travels, and she sauntered out.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane picked up a wedding photo of her and Jack, but she quickly set it back on the mantel as Jack walked in. He handed her a cup of coffee from Crimson Lights and asked how she was doing. She reported that she'd been reading with Harrison in his room, but he'd fallen asleep. Diane inquired how Jack was feeling, and he replied that it had been good to get fresh air and a fresh perspective.

Jack recognized that Diane was upset, and she testily reiterated that he'd spent all night in a hotel suite with Nikki Newman and taken pills as a recovering addict. Jack called it a strategic move, but Diane ranted that it hadn't made it any less dangerous, and his refusal to admit that was alarming. Jack said he was sorry, and Diane demanded to know if he was sorry for what he'd done or sorry that she was mad. He questioned what it would take to lessen her anger.

Ashley arrived home and ordered Jack and Diane not to tiptoe around her because it was annoying. Jack asked if Ashley had seen her friend from Paris that morning. Ashley informed him that they'd had breakfast together, and she'd told Alan to go attend his conference in Vienna. Jack wondered why she'd cut the visit short. Ashley snapped that Alan saw her as a patient and not as a friend because Jack and Traci had put Alan up to covertly psychoanalyzing her. "That failed," Ashley defiantly proclaimed.

Jack swore he and Traci hadn't conspired against Ashley, and he argued that Ashley had been on board with Alan's visit before he'd arrived. Ashley huffed that she'd had a change of heart, and she didn't need Alan there. Jack preferred that Alan stay a little longer, but Ashley retorted that it was tough. Jack offered to be direct, since Ashley didn't want him walking on eggshells. "You are not well, Ashley," he asserted, adding that their family would do everything they could to make sure she got the help she needed -- no matter what it took.

Tensions escalate at Chancellor-Winters

Tensions escalate at Chancellor-Winters

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

At the jazz lounge, Audra grabbed a glass of wine as Nate walked in. Nate inquired about Tucker's whereabouts, and Audra said that he was "around." Nate said that he thought Audra might have kicked Tucker to the curb, but Audra replied that she and Tucker were just "independent people." Nate told Audra that he missed her friendship. Audra said if that was true, Nate needed to "stop badgering" her about Tucker. Nate responded that Tucker was a "ruthless SOB" who only cared about himself. Audra told Nate that Tucker had recently turned the jazz lounge into a Parisian Café where he had proposed to her.

Nate asked Audra why she didn't see Tucker's action as a red flag. Nate said that Tucker had just been trying to "recreate a better version of his failed Paris honeymoon with Ashley." Nate said that he was shocked that Audra couldn't see that.

Audra reminded Nate that she had had her "own history" with Tucker in Paris. Nate asked if Audra had accepted Tucker's proposal. Nate said that he hoped Audra hadn't been "foolish enough to say yes." Audra asked why Nate cared about her relationship with Tucker. Audra suggested that Nate might have a "secret infatuation" with her. Nate asked Audra, hypothetically, if it would matter to her if Nate did have ulterior motives.

Audra said that she would be "flattered" if Nate was "into" her. Nate reminded Audra that they were speaking hypothetically, and he accused Audra of "fishing for compliments." Nate said that if he was interested in Audra, he would not be "so subtle about it." Nate said that he had been trying, as her friend, to figure out how to get Audra away from Tucker.

Audra said that she was grateful that Nate was "protective" of her, and if it made him "feel any better," she had turned the proposal down. Audra said that marriage was an "archaic institution." Nate suggested that Audra's issue was with Tucker and not marriage. Nate said that Audra needed to "take the blinders off" and that she deserved better. Nate left to go to the meeting at Chancellor-Winters.

At the Athletic Club, Alan called Ashley and told her that he was leaving town and asked to meet. Ashley, who was being dominated by the controlled by Ms. Abbott, rudely replied that Alan just wanted to psychoanalyze her again. Alan denied the accusation. As Alan spoke, Ashley's head started ringing as Belle took over her personality. Ashley flirtatiously said that she would love to see Alan, and she would meet him at the hotel.

At Crimson Lights, Abby asked Devon why Mamie had called an "emergency meeting" at Chancellor-Winters. Devon didn't know why the meeting had been called, but Billy hadn't been invited. Tucker approached, and Abby gave Tucker the cold shoulder. Devon scolded her for being rude. Abby said that she was sorry, but Devon knew what was about to happen. Abby suggested that Tucker would just try to "butter [them] up." Tucker admitted that had been his plan because he had a favor to ask.

Tucker said that he was still on Dominic's music class emailing list, and Tucker had seen that there was an upcoming performance. Devon said that it would not be a good idea for Tucker to attend because Tucker might "cause a scene." Devon said that nothing had changed since Devon had asked Tucker to "keep [his] distance." Devon and Abby turned to go, and Tucker asked if Ashley was feeling better.

Abby said that what had happened between Ashley and Tucker was "ancient history." Tucker asked if Abby had seen her mother in person lately. Abby, visibly annoyed, asked why Ashley was Tucker's concern. Tucker told Abby that she needed to check in on Ashley "a little more regularly."

When Ashley arrived at the restaurant, she was ecstatic to see Alan. Ashley apologized for having been "unpleasant" to Alan before and blamed it on her family picking at her. Alan said that the last time he had seen Ashley, she had told Alan to leave her alone and go to Vienna. Ashley brushed it off and said that she had been dealing with "horrible siblings." Ashley twirled her hair and said that Alan was the only person she could trust. Tucker walked in and looked at Ashley with a worried expression.

Tucker approached Alan and Ashley and introduced himself. Alan said that he'd been friends with Ashley for years, and Tucker said that Alan had to know who Tucker was then. Alan said that he did know about Tucker. Ashley rubbed Alan's shoulder and told Tucker that Alan was brilliant and just being modest. Ashley said that Alan had been the one who had made Ashley realize she had been wrong about her fight with Tucker in Paris. Tucker said that Alan's timing to visit Ashley couldn't have been better.

Ashley suggested Tucker should move along. Audra walked into the restaurant and saw the group at the bar. Ashley exclaimed that Audra's timing was great. Ashley asked Audra to keep a "closer eye" on Tucker. Alan and Audra shook hands. Audra said that it sounded like Ashley was in "good hands," and Audra and Tucker left.

Ashley told Alan that Audra was "so pretty" and "way too smart to be with somebody as horrible as Tucker." Alan asked Ashley how she felt about Tucker's "sub-textual comments" about Ashley's mental health and about Tucker "moving on" with Audra. Ashley sarcastically asked if she should "pull up a couch." Alan apologized for the "occupational hazard." Ashley said that Tucker was with the right person. Touching Alan's arm and grinning, Ashley said that she was, too.

Ashley asked if Alan could stay longer in Genoa City. Alan said that he could have someone "cover" for him at the conference so he could spend more time with Ashley.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily asked Mamie why she was early for the meeting. Mamie said that she wanted to talk to Lily because their last meeting had been "heated." Lily asked what the meeting would be about. Mamie said that she wanted to wait for the others to arrive but promised it would "be worth it." Lily said that she didn't want any surprises "like last time." Mamie promised there wouldn't be any.

Devon, Abby, and Nate walked into the office and greeted Mamie. Lily said that Billy should be at the meeting, too, since he was on the board. Mamie said that the meeting was for "family only" and Abby. Abby reminded Mamie that Billy was Abby's family, too. Mamie said that some big decisions needed to be made because the Winters family was "really dysfunctional." Mamie said that since Lily was settled in at work, it was time for the family to "reassess" things. Mamie said that Billy and Jill had been causing the Winters family to turn on each other, and Mamie was there to fix it.

Nate said that Mamie was overreacting. Mamie disagreed and asked about Nate "being denied a seat on the board at Chancellor-Winters." Lily responded that it was "too soon," and Mamie accused Lily of "punishing" Nate. Nate told Mamie that he had initially been upset about being denied the board seat, but he had talked to Lily about it and had seen her point. Nate admitted that he had betrayed the company and the family, and he was only involved in Chancellor-Winters because Devon and Lily had forgiven him. Nate said that "any tension" going on was coming from Mamie because she hated Jill. Mamie denied hating Jill but said that they needed to return Chancellor-Winters to the "family business it was intended to be."

Devon reminded Mamie that Jill had brought Chancellor in with the merger, and it wasn't just about the Winters family. Nate accused Mamie of "creating a war" to get what she wanted. Mamie grew defensive. Lily agreed that Mamie was trying to start a war, and she accused Mamie of not caring if it caused the whole company to crash down on them. Lily said that Jill wouldn't have brought Billy back to the company if Mamie hadn't "created so much dissension." Lily accused Mamie of undermining all Lily had "built up." Mamie said that the point was Lily had done the work for the company, not Jill. Lily said that half of the company was Jill's. Mamie wouldn't relent and insisted the family work together to remove Jill and Billy.

Devon said that Mamie was trying to find problems when she herself was the problem. Mamie said that she was "heartbroken" at how her family was treating her. Nate, Devon, and Lily reassured Mamie that they loved her. Devon said that there was "too much at stake" for them to allow Mamie to "take a swing" at Billy and Jill the way she wanted to. Mamie angrily said that Lily, Devon, and Nate were "overly entitled, under-experienced, wannabe adults" who were too afraid to "take a leap of faith."

Lily said that everyone needed to calm down. Mamie said that it was clear she was not welcome at the company. Mamie reminded Nate that he wouldn't even be a part of the company if Mamie hadn't "intervened." Growing angrier, Mamie said "This is betrayal, and I am never going to forget it." Mamie said that she had a stake in the company, too. Before she stormed out, she declared that they would be seeing more of her. Nate said, "I think we just made another enemy."

In a suite upstairs, Audra asked Tucker what he had thought of Alan. Tucker said that Alan hadn't made much of an impression. Audra said that she was tired of "running into" Ashley and her "many moods." Tucker said that Ashley was unwell, and Audra asked why no one had done anything about it. Tucker agreed and said that Abby didn't even know anything was wrong with Ashley. Audra told Tucker that Ashley had actually seemed "chipper" when they had been talking to her. Tucker said that he'd been focused on Alan. Audra said that Ashley had looked like she was going to "devour the poor guy" and Ashley had wanted more than therapy from Alan.

Audra said that she would be thrilled to never hear Ashley's name again. Tucker, acting contrite, said that he didn't want to be with Ashley, but he did still care about Ashley. Tucker said that the Abbots were "obviously in denial" about Ashley's condition, and he hoped Alan was "there for" Ashley. Tucker said that he wanted to think about Audra instead of talking about Ashley. Tucker reported that things were "back on track" with Glissade, and he and Audra could go on their trip to Paris. Audra didn't appear to be very thrilled, and Tucker asked why she wasn't happier. Audra said that she'd like to go to more than "just Paris" and suggested some other places to visit.

Tucker said that their itinerary could be wherever Audra wanted. Tucker said that he wanted to "fulfill every desire" Audra had. As they began to undress, Audra said that the trip would be "so good" for them. Interrupting a kiss, Audra said that she wanted to make one thing clear -- she didn't want any pressure about Tucker's marriage proposal. Tucker said that he hoped Europe would change her mind.

Diane is unsure if she can forgive Jack

Diane is unsure if she can forgive Jack

Thursday, May 9, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis said that Summer seemed "worn down." Summer said that Harrison was better, but she was still "on edge." Summer, annoyed, said that Harrison kept asking about Claire and that Kyle wasn't doing anything about it. Phyllis said that Claire had been Jordan's victim, too. Summer said that even though Claire might not have been at fault "directly," Claire was not innocent.

Summer said that she didn't understand Kyle's sympathy for Claire because Claire had been "Jordan's frontwoman in town to begin with." Phyllis said that Jordan was a "psycho" who would have attacked the Newmans with or without Claire's help. Summer asked what it said about Claire that she "was willing to murder five people."

Phyllis said that she understood Summer's concerns. Summer said that she was scared Kyle would let Claire into Harrison's life. Summer said that there was no reason for Claire and Harrison to interact, and the thought made Summer sick. Phyllis asked if Summer was being a "tad overprotective." Phyllis said that she knew what it was like to need a second chance.

Summer retorted that it was "news" to her if Phyllis had ever done anything as bad as try to kill five people. Phyllis said that if the Newmans had forgiven Claire, it might be helpful for Summer to talk to them about her. Phyllis asked if Summer had ever seen any "psychosis" from Claire. Summer said that she wouldn't even take a chance when it came to Harrison. Summer told Phyllis that Kyle wanted Claire to be Harrison's nanny. Phyllis conceded that the idea was ridiculous and "too far."

At the Abbott mansion, Diane looked exhausted, and Kyle asked her if she was still upset that Jack hadn't returned home a couple nights before. Kyle guessed that Jack had been helping Nikki and asked why Diane was still upset. Diane said that Jack hadn't cheated on her, but what Jack had done was "worse."

Kyle was initially appalled to hear that Jack had contacted a drug dealer. Diane grew furious as she recounted the story, saying that Jack had "risked everything" to help Nikki. Kyle defended Jack, saying that Jack hadn't been able to see a better way to help Nikki. Diane yelled that what Jack had done had been "stupid...and incredibly selfish." Kyle asked how Diane could think what Jack had done had been selfish. Diane argued that Jack should have cared more about his family who loved and needed him.

Kyle said that Jack had done "what he had to do" for his friend. Kyle reminded Diane that their family had just been "through hell" with Jordan. Kyle said that he would have done anything to save Harrison. Diane said that the two situations were completely different, and Jack had "overreacted." Kyle asked if Diane was just jealous of Jack saving Nikki.

Diane protested that Nikki had "her own husband...and kids to come to her rescue." Kyle said that Nikki had always been one of Jack's closest friends. Diane argued that Jack shouldn't have had to risk his life to help a friend. Kyle asked if they could just be happy that Jack was okay. Diane asked if Kyle just felt the need to "always find the contrary position" to hers.

Diane said that Kyle second-guessed and undermined her at work, and she accused him of doing the same thing at home. Kyle said that Diane was being unfair, and she was paranoid.

At Society, Jack approached Victor at the bar and asked how Nikki had been doing. Victor said that Nikki was none of Jack's business. Victor said that Nikki had had to save Jack's life, but Jack was acting as if he had saved Nikki's life. Jack said that all that mattered was that Nikki had made the choice to go to rehab. Victor said that Jack was delusional and had a "giant ego."

Jack said that Victor was the one with a giant ego and that Jack had stepped in to save Nikki from drinking herself to death. Victor said that Nikki needed help from "professionals," not Jack. Victor yelled that Nikki had been petrified by Jack's actions. Victor warned that Jack would wish he had "died in that damned hotel room" if he ever put Nikki in harm's way again.

Jack returned to the Abbott mansion and said that he felt that he had walked in on an argument. Diane asked Kyle to give her and Jack privacy. Kyle told Jack that he understood why Jack had had to take "such desperate measures." After Kyle left, Diane confirmed that Kyle had "put the pieces together" on what had happened with Jack.

Jack promised that he would never do something like that again, and he was sorry. Diane, still enraged, said that Jack did not understand the "severity" of the situation. Diane said that she had "bitten [her] tongue" every time Jack had raced to save Nikki. Diane grew teary-eyed and said that she questioned Jack's judgment, since he would put everything they had at risk. Diane said that what Jack had done had been "an outright betrayal" of their love and trust, and she wasn't sure that she could get past it.

In the Newman wine cellar, Jordan lay in bed, passed out from drinking. Victor turned on the light and awakened her. Victor asked how many more bottles of alcohol he needed to give Jordan before she died. Jordan told Victor to "shut up" and let her out. Jordan threw her shoe at Victor's chessboard and seethed. Victor grinned.

Victor said that "taunting [her] jailer" wasn't a good idea. Jordan yelled for Victor to shut up again. Jordan asked why Victor hadn't already killed her. Jordan asked to be let out and put in a real jail.

Claire and Victoria were strolling around Chancellor Park when Claire asked if Victoria had known Katherine Chancellor. Victoria said that everyone had known Katherine, and she had been Victoria's godmother. Victoria said that she would fill Claire in on everything that Claire had "missed" growing up, but they had "all the time in the world" to discuss things. Claire said that they didn't really have "all the time," since she was getting better and wanted to find a job. Claire said that Victoria should "get back to work," too.

Victoria said that she had taken time off from work because Claire was her number one priority. Claire said that Victoria "could be doing so much more," and she asked if Victoria missed work. Victoria said that Newman had been important to her, but she had found "a different purpose."

Claire said that she didn't want to see Victoria hold herself back to care for Claire. Victoria asked if Claire felt like she was "ready to fly." Claire said that she was "getting there." Claire said that Victoria needed to get back to her old life.

Cole approached with drinks for Claire and Victoria. Claire told Cole that she felt bad that both of her parents had been "neglecting" their careers because of her. Cole said that he would return to writing when he was ready, but he wanted to spend his time with Claire. Victoria and Cole teased Claire about trying to "ditch" them. Cole said that Claire would have to deal with their "hovering" for a while. Harrison yelled hello and ran up to Claire for a hug.

Harrison asked Claire to "go see the ducks." Claire and Harrison went to visit the ducks while Kyle looked on. Victoria told Kyle that she understood Summer was still upset about the kidnapping. Kyle said that personally, he thought Harrison seemed "reassured" around Claire. Victoria suggested that Kyle "try out" Claire as Harrison's nanny.

Kyle said that Summer knew "intellectually" that Claire wasn't responsible for the kidnapping, but Summer had had a deep reaction and needed "more time" before doing something like that. Cole said that no decisions needed to be made right away. Cole said that he needed to go and that he couldn't be happier that Harrison was home safe.

Victoria told Kyle that she hoped everyone could "get along." Kyle said that Summer needed to "get past" things on her own. Phyllis and Summer approached and saw that Harrison had been feeding the ducks with Claire instead of Kyle.

Jack begs Diane not to leave

Jack begs Diane not to leave

Friday, May 10, 2024

In Chancellor Park, Summer was irate as she watched Claire and Harrison interacting. Phyllis said that it might be "harmless."

Summer and Phyllis walked over to Victoria, Kyle, Claire, and Harrison. Harrison hugged Summer and Phyllis. Harrison told Phyllis that he had been kidnapped, but he was okay because he had had a lucky charm like Claire had had when she'd been young. Harrison asked Summer if they could buy Claire a new lucky charm, since Claire had lost hers.

Phyllis introduced herself to Claire as "Harrison's very protective grandma." Claire said that it was "wonderful" that Harrison had "so many people who love and protect him." Victoria said that she had been telling Claire about all the "interesting characters" in Genoa City, but Victoria had failed to mention Phyllis.

Summer told Harrison that they needed to get home for lunch. Harrison wanted to invite Claire, but Claire said that she had plans. Victoria asked Kyle to think about what she had said, and Claire and Victoria left. Phyllis asked Harrison to show her the playground. Summer angrily asked how Kyle could "do this" to her.

Kyle said that running into Claire had been unplanned, and Harrison had just wanted to feed the ducks with Claire. Kyle said that Summer was "blowing things out of proportion." Summer reminded Kyle that Harrison had been kidnapped the last time he had been with Claire. Summer said that Claire was "a reminder" of what Harrison had been through. Summer told Kyle that she had been "very clear" that she didn't want Harrison spending time with Claire. Summer said that Harrison wasn't the only one "dealing with trauma" and that Summer was traumatized again every time she saw Claire. Kyle suggested that it would have been "more upsetting to Harrison" to have ignored Claire. Summer argued that all Kyle had had to do was "say hi and keep moving."

Summer asked what Victoria had meant before she had left. Kyle said that Victoria wanted people to give Claire another chance, and Victoria had just been trying to protect her daughter. Summer argued that Claire had the "entire Newman family" and didn't need Kyle or Harrison. Kyle said that Summer was overreacting. Summer asked if Kyle was making "unilateral decisions" and ignoring Summer's "boundaries." Phyllis and Harrison returned, and Phyllis reported that Harrison was hungry. Kyle said that he would take Harrison home, and Summer said that she would go with them in case Claire showed up.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane told Jack that she needed to leave because she was still very angry with him. Jack promised that he would not relapse, and he defended himself, saying that he had done what he had had to do to save Nikki. Diane said that when Jack had overdosed, the "only life that needed saving" had been his. Diane asked Jack what he thought would happen if he walked into an A.A. meeting and told them what he had done. Jack conceded that Diane was right, but he hadn't had enough time to think it through.

Jack continued to apologize, but Diane said that Jack had not thought anything about her when he had put Nikki first. Diane said that she needed to leave because she did not want her anger to cause Jack to relapse. Jack said that what had happened was a "one-off." Diane accused Jack of having liked being high and using Nikki as an excuse to use drugs. Diane questioned if Jack was strong enough not to relapse, and Jack assured Diane that her love was what gave him strength. Diane said that she needed time to figure out what had happened and what could be ahead. Jack took Diane's hand and asked that she find a way to work through things with him.

Jack asked what he could to "reassure" Diane. Diane suggested that Jack go to some twelve-step meetings. Jack said that he would go and that it killed him that he had hurt Diane "this deeply." Diane said that she needed more than an apology to be okay. Jack said that loving Diane and being loved by her had brought him "more joy than [he] knew existed." Jack begged Diane not to leave.

Diane said that she needed to get to the office. Diane asked if Jack would go to a twelve-step meeting. Jack said that he would, and he asked if they were in a "slightly better place" after they'd talked. Diane said that she still needed time.

In the Newman wine cellar, Victor told Jordan that he was considering his options for what to do with her. Jordan asked for "a little hint" of what Victor planned. Victor replied that he was considering his options. Jordan said that she had a "special talent" Victor could use. Jordan said that she could "smell fear...manipulate it...weaponize it." Victor told Jordan that she was a "delusional, vicious bitch."

Jordan said that Victor wanted her to do his "dirty work." When Victor wouldn't give Jordan any more information, Jordan called Victor a "damn cruel bastard." Victor grabbed a bottle of vodka, and Jordan protested that what she needed was food. Jordan reached out to grab Victor, and he slapped her hand away. Victor growled, "I'll decide what you'll get," and he left.

Victoria walked into the Newman living room and found Cole waiting. Victoria told Cole that Summer had shown up at the park, and things had been tense. Victoria said that Summer had wanted to get Harrison away from Claire, and Phyllis had shown up "to play dragon breath with her backup." Cole said that he hated it that Claire felt unwelcome by Summer.

Victor entered the room and said that he had been feeding the horse. Victoria said that she understood why Nikki was in rehab, but Victoria missed Nikki "so much." Victoria said that she and Cole had something to "run by" Victor. Cole reminded Victor that Claire had really enjoyed working with kids at the hospital. Victoria said that Harrison needed a new nanny and that Kyle seemed "open to the idea."

Victoria asked Victor to intervene with Summer and "vouch" for Claire. Victor said that he would not do that because he didn't want Claire "subject to the toxicity of the Abbott household." Victor said that Jack was "a fool," and Diane was "an opportunist." Victoria defended Jack, saying that he had not been "partying" with Nikki. Victor said that he didn't want any of his family to have "anything to do with the Abbotts ever again."

Victoria said that they shouldn't "dismiss" the idea of Claire being Harrison's nanny just because Victor was angry with Jack. Victor said that he had his "own idea" about Claire's future. Victoria speculated that Victor wanted Claire to be a part of Victor's "legacy." Victor said that Victoria needed to return to Newman, and Claire could be Victoria's assistant. Victoria said that she had not decided "if or when" she would return to Newman.

Victor said that Victoria could not mean what she had said. Victoria said that she wanted to focus on Claire for a while. Cole agreed and said that he and Victoria had a chance to help Claire "settle in with her new life." Victor said that he wanted Claire to have a "structured life" and a challenging, fun job. Victor asked "what the hell kind of job" being a nanny would be. Victor said that Victoria and Claire belonged at Newman. Victor said that Claire didn't need to be anywhere near Jack Abbott. Victoria asked if Victor was planning "some kind of retaliation" against Jack. Victor replied, "That son of a bitch almost ruined your mother's life."

Victor said that he just wanted to protect Claire, and he walked out. Cole asked Victoria if Victor's issue was really about Jack's sobriety. Victoria said that she thought Victor's problem was with Jack being the reason Nikki had gotten serious about getting sober. Victoria said that Victor was "definitely planning something," and that was why he didn't want anyone in the family near the Abbotts.

At the coffeehouse, Diane fretted over work. Phyllis approached and said that she wanted to speak with Diane about Kyle. Phyllis said that she had a problem with Kyle for allowing Claire around Harrison. Diane replied, "Well, stand in line." Phyllis asked if Diane shared Summer's concerns about Claire. Diane said that Claire had been a victim of Jordan's, too. Phyllis asked if Diane thought it was weird that Claire had been spending so much time with Harrison after she had just gotten out of a "psych ward."

Diane said that Phyllis was "stirring up trouble," and that Claire was Phyllis' "latest target." Phyllis said that Claire could be a "threat to Harrison." Diane retorted that the Abbotts had had enough drama, and Phyllis needed to stay in her lane. Diane suggested Phyllis and Summer give Claire "the benefit of the doubt." Phyllis said that Jordan was a lunatic and that Claire "could be a psycho in training." Diane scoffed and reminded Phyllis that both she and Diane had been labeled "psychos" in their lives.

Phyllis said that she had "empathized" with Claire and had advised Summer to stop overreacting. Phyllis said that she had also understood that Claire had tried to kill her family. Diane said that Claire had been brainwashed and had gotten help. Phyllis said that she wished Claire could be rehabilitated, but that didn't mean Claire needed to be involved with their grandson.

Phyllis asked if Diane knew that Kyle thought it was a good idea for Claire to be Harrison's nanny. Diane was skeptical. Phyllis said that she had just seen Harrison and Claire at the park, "looking at ducks," despite Summer having asked Kyle to keep Claire away from Harrison. Diane replied that Kyle and Summer needed to figure things out. Phyllis said that they needed "to intervene" for their kids. Diane said that she was late for a meeting, and she left.

When Kyle, Summer, and Harrison returned to the Abbott house, they greeted Jack. Summer and Harrison went to the kitchen to make a grilled cheese. Kyle asked if Jack was all right. Jack said that he was sorry Diane had told Kyle about what happened in the hotel room. Kyle said that it had made sense that Diane had been upset, and he asked if his parents' relationship was in trouble.

Jack defended his actions, saying that he had had no other option. Kyle said that he understood why Jack had done what he had done. Jack said that he hoped Diane would "eventually understand." Jack asked if Kyle was "the other thing" that had been bothering Diane. Kyle told Jack that Diane was convinced that Kyle was undermining her at work. Jack asked if Kyle was "still feeling resentful" that Diane had become CEO.

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