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Victoria and Cole rescued a traumatized Claire. A frustrated Jack joined Nikki on a drunken bender, and he mixed pills and alcohol. Nikki called the paramedics after Jack passed out. Nikki agreed to go to rehab. Victor ordered Jack to stay away from Nikki. Ashley's alter Belle flirted with Alan.
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Victoria and Cole rescued Claire. A frustrated Jack joined Nikki on a drunken bender. Nikki agreed to go to rehab. Ashley's alter Belle flirted with Alan.
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Cole and Victoria discover a clue to finding Claire

Cole and Victoria discover a clue to finding Claire

Monday, April 29, 2024

Chelsea stopped by Adam's apartment after Connor's doctor phoned to let them know that their son was ready to talk. Adam recalled that the previous week, Connor had not wanted to converse with them at all. Chelsea advised Adam not to project his own desires during the interaction because Connor's recovery was in the beginning stages. Adam asked Chelsea if she might be talking about herself, not him.

Chelsea replied, "Both. We can't screw this up. There's too much at stake." Chelsea suggested she and Adam avoid particular words or subjects that might trigger Connor's anxiety and refrain from uttering "reassurances" that might validate his fears. Adam sternly insisted that he already knew the rules. Chelsea's anger boiled over at Adam's dismissive attitude.

Adam took a step back and agreed that he and Chelsea should act together as a team to support Connor. When Connor appeared on the computer screen, Chelsea beamed and told her son it was good to see his face. Adam greeted Connor and asked his son a number of questions about how things were going and if his therapy was working out. A reserved Connor replied, "It's going okay, I guess. I don't know." Chelsea calmly told Connor to take his time, explaining that they would be eager to listen whenever he was ready to talk.

Connor, appearing to relax, told his parents that his main doctor was "pretty cool" and understood his moods and "disassociations," which he understood was his brain's way of protecting him from becoming frustrated whenever he failed to remember things. Chelsea told Connor that her brain often raced ahead and caused her to forget where she was going, adding that slowing down and staying in the moment helped her. Adam asked Connor why it was not okay to "check out" sometimes. Connor explained that doing so would be giving in to the OCD part of his brain and wrongly interpreted as normal behavior. Adam acknowledged that he had misunderstood and might often require explanations.

Connor happily reported that he was playing soccer again and running drills with a friend named Mike. Adam asked about Mike, but Connor reminded him about privacy rules. Connor told his parents he was eager to get better, so he could come home. Adam assured Connor that his parents loved him and would abide by the doctor's orders. Connor replied, "I love you guys, too." After ending the video call, Chelsea and Adam admitted they were confused about how to properly interact with Connor.

Adam cried that it was frustrating to constantly worry about reassurances and disassociations. Chelsea reminded Adam that the "exposure and response therapy" would help Connor get better in time. Adam recalled that when he had been a kid, he had instinctively blocked things out, even erasing all memories of having watched a man die because he had mistakenly believed he was responsible. Adam blamed himself for Connor's struggles. Chelsea told Adam that though they did not completely understand Connor's illness, they should remain calm, strong, and unified.

Adam told Chelsea that because Connor shared their DNA, he was likely suffering some of the same dysfunctions as his parents. Chelsea, frustrated, replied that watching Connor suffer was agonizing, though she could not give in to her feelings because her son needed her. Adam asked Chelsea why she would not talk to him directly about how she felt inside without restricting herself to buzzwords and to-do lists.

Chelsea cried, "I'm terrified, Adam. I'm terrified, but I'm afraid if I fall into that well of shame and guilt, I won't be able to crawl out. I want to kill this thing that's hurting our son. I want to destroy it. And of course, I blame myself for my weakness and my illness." Adam blamed himself for being absent for part of Connor's life and for having created chaos when he had entered the picture. Chelsea calmed herself, wiped her tears, and admitted she struggled with dark, intrusive thoughts that made her hate herself.

Chelsea acknowledged that though Connor's illness was different from hers, it was normal for his parents to feel responsible. Adam said he wanted to tell his son that everything would be okay and that he would live a normal life. Chelsea agreed with Adam that they both yearned to be reassured once in a while that everything would be okay. Adam told Chelsea that they could rely on each other whenever they felt tense or scared. Chelsea replied, "I'd like that very much."

Chelsea asked Adam how he knew she needed to unload her pent-up frustrations. Adam admitted he needed to do the same thing. Chelsea acknowledged that she and Adam had learned to talk to each other in ways that were different than before. Adam agreed that it was better to talk as friends. Adam embraced Chelsea, and they vowed to rely on each other to help Connor.

Nikki entered the Abbott home and embraced Jack. Nikki told Jack she was happy that Harrison was back home. Jack happily reported that a doctor had confirmed that Harrison was fine physically, though time would tell about his emotional state. Jack noted that Harrison referred to Jordan as "the mean lady" and the "witch." Nikki gasped and remarked that they were lucky to have rescued Harrison.

Jack asked Nikki if she had heard news about Claire. Nikki replied, "No, but Victoria got a call last night that she thought could've been Claire." Nikki admitted that she was sorry for thinking that Claire might had been involved in the kidnapping. Jack said that he, too, had doubted that Claire had been able to turn her life around so quickly.

Nikki again blamed herself for not having fully supported Victoria and Claire. Nikki berated herself for allowing her weakness to thwart her efforts to stop drinking. Jack reminded Nikki that she had endured situations that would have brought most people to their knees. Nikki explained that she harbored guilt because Claire and Harrison would never have been kidnapped if not for her actions. Summer overheard and asked what Nikki meant.

Jack insisted that Nikki was not responsible for what had happened to Harrison due the actions of a psychopath. Nikki replied, "There's more to it than that. None of this would have happened if I had made different choices. When Jordan took that poison in front of us, Claire asked if we should even bother saving her life."

Summer was taken aback to learn that Claire had been willing to let her aunt die. Nikki explained that Claire did not want anyone to suffer from Jordan's abuse as she had, adding that once again, Claire had fallen victim to Jordan. Nikki cried that because she had summoned paramedics, Jordan had lived. Nikki, in her defense, acknowledged that she could not have known that Jordan would escape and cause their family to suffer additional chaos. Nikki said Summer had every reason to hate her.

Jack, protective of Nikki, grabbed his keys and offered to escort her to a support meeting. Nikki explained that she had a meeting with Lauren to discuss Newman Media, promising she would attend an A.A. meeting afterward. Summer told Nikki she believed that Jordan was solely responsible for kidnapping Harrison. After Nikki left, Summer checked on Harrison and later told Jack that Harrison was still clingy, though he had smiled when she had promised they could do all of his favorite things.

Jack asked Summer how she really felt about Nikki letting Jordan live. Summer replied, "My son has bolted awake from nightmares twice since he's been home. Jack, he might be scarred for life. What am I supposed to say when my grandma tells me that this all could have been avoided? I wish she had let Jordan die." Jack requested that Summer not share her feelings with Nikki because Nikki was in a fragile state and could easily be pushed over the edge. Summer agreed not to say anything to Nikki.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren told Nikki she was sorry about all Nikki had endured. Nikki sighed and acknowledged that one nightmare had followed another. Nikki said she hoped to hear soon that Claire was safe. Lauren shared Nikki's hopes about Claire's rescue and urged her friend to rest. Nikki agreed that she desperately needed sleep. Lauren insisted that Nikki forget about business and go home to sleep. Lauren picked up her phone to send a message to Victor, but Nikki insisted Lauren allow Victor to focus his energy on finding Claire. Lauren agreed and made Nikki promise to go straight home.

After Nikki left Crimson Lights, she entered a suite at the Athletic Club. Nikki pulled a brown bag out of her purse and set it on a table. Nikki stared at the bag as if she feared it and took three steps back. After peering at herself briefly in a mirror, Nikki grabbed the sack, pulled out a bottle of vodka, and drank several ounces. Nikki took a deep breath and waited impatiently for the alcohol to take effect.

At the Newman ranch, Michael questioned Victor, Victoria, and Cole about the mysterious phone call made to Victoria. Michael asked what the caller had said. Cole replied, "Mom." Victoria explained that though the audio had been muffled, she believed it had been Claire. Michael suggested the call might have been a recording Jordan had arranged.

Frustrated, Victoria cried, "Michael, it was Claire." Victor, noting that the call had originated from a landline, said investigators were checking area cell towers. Victoria pleaded with her family to do something quickly because Claire might be injured, explaining that her daughter had sounded panicked and desperate. Michael asked if Claire knew what had happened to Jordan. Victor replied, "I doubt it. We kept the press out of it."

Cole took offense when Michael asked if Claire might be unaware that Harrison had been rescued. Michael recalled that Claire had spent her entire life carrying out Jordan's orders. Victoria accused Michael of implying that Claire was still working with Jordan, and she reminded Michael that Harrison had told them that Jordan had hurt Claire. Michael suggested that Claire and Jordan might have put on an act to deceive Harrison.

Cole accused Michael of distracting them and wasting time instead of focusing on rescuing Claire. Michael acknowledged that his statements were inappropriate, blaming his "lawyerly skills" for arguing on both sides. Victoria cried that Jordan, the one person who could tell them where to find Claire, was dead. Victor insisted that Jordan was exactly where she should be, adding that they would not give up until they found Claire.

Victoria told Victor and Michael that she and Cole should search the motel room where Harrison had been found because investigators might have missed clues. Victor agreed to the search and said, "I'll see to it that no one interferes with you." After Victoria and Cole left, Michael said, "Run that by me again, Victor?" Victor replied, "Run what by you again?"

Michael asked Victor how Jordan had died. Victor claimed that Jordan had run when she had seen him and his security team approach and had fallen into the water below the Galewood River Bridge. Michael asked about recovery of Jordan's body. Frustrated, Victor claimed that authorities were still searching.

Victor insisted that Jordan's death had been a "fortunate" accident and that Michael should let it go. Michael explained that knowing Victor, he felt that his client was hiding details. Sounding defensive, Victor replied, "I am in no way responsible for that Jordan woman's death. Okay?" Michael replied that Victor's statement sounded sincere. Victor told Michael that finding Claire soon was crucial because he feared time might be running out.

In the motel room, Victoria and Cole inspected every corner. Cole recalled the sadness and heartbreak that had overwhelmed him when they had thought they had lost baby "Eve" after she'd been born. Cole remembered the day he'd learned that Claire was alive. Cole, becoming emotional, said he would exchange his life for Claire's in a heartbeat, adding that he had never had such feelings for anyone. Victoria replied, "It's called being a parent." Cole cried that Claire was the greatest gift he had ever received, and he yearned to find her, hold her tight, and assure her that her father would always protect her.

On a closet shelf, Cole noticed a porcelain doll similar to the ones his mom had collected. Victoria noted that the doll was hideous. Cole replied, "Well, that's the whole point. The creepier, the better." Victoria recalled that Jordan had used a doll to torture Nikki while she had been held captive at the lake house. Cole felt something hidden inside the doll's back.

Cole found a concealed set of keys, which he said had to be a clue Jordan had left behind. Victoria closely examined the three keys. Cole, frustrated, hoped he might find another clue or a map as he looked under the mattress and behind pillows. Victoria suddenly remembered that she had seen the keys before. Victoria said, "I think I know where we have to go."

Victoria and Cole rush to save Claire

Victoria and Cole rush to save Claire

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Traci welcomed Alan, Ashley's psychologist friend from Paris, into the Abbott mansion. She guided him toward a fresh pot of coffee, which she figured he could use after his redeye flight. He reported that he'd managed to get some sleep, and he thanked her for the first-class ticket. Alan admitted that he'd been worried about Ashley after her last visit to Paris. He'd attributed her demeanor to the emotional turmoil over the end of her marriage to Tucker at first, but he sensed something deeper had been brewing. Traci regretted that it had reached a "full boil."

Traci shared that she'd thought Ashley had been ready to go on with her life, but things had become more worrisome after they'd returned home. Traci described Ashley's personality shifts, going from being extremely confident to almost childlike, and she mentioned finding Ashley downing tequila shots and living it up. Traci confided that Ashley had confessed to having blackouts, despite having nothing to drink. Traci relayed Billy's suggestion that Ashley was experiencing a splintering of her personality, triggered by the trauma of what had happened with Tucker.

Alan inquired whether Billy was a psychiatrist. Traci explained that Billy had gone through something similar and had recognized the signs. Traci continued that they'd tried to get Ashley to see a doctor, and Ashley had agreed, but she'd changed her mind at the last minute. Alan was glad Traci had reached out to him, since he'd known Ashley a long time, and he knew about her history of psychosis. Alan suspected that Ashley had been triggered, and it had somehow taken her mental issues to a new level.

Traci hoped Alan would talk to Ashley and urge her to get treatment. Alan said he was happy to find out more; however, he was retired, and his license to practice had expired. Traci clarified that she didn't expect Alan to be Ashley's doctor, but she thought perhaps he could get Ashley past whatever was stopping her from getting help. Alan asked if Ashley knew he was there, and Traci shared that Ashley preferred the idea of talking to him over a doctor she'd never met before. Traci doubted he would face resistance, but she couldn't be sure because Ashley's moods could change on a dime.

At Crimson Lights, Diane cheerfully asked if a brightly dressed Ashley was there for an afternoon pick-me-up, unaware she had encountered Ashley's alter Belle. Belle claimed that she loved Mrs. Martinez, but the housekeeper's coffee could be weak. Diane disagreed, but Belle pointed out that Diane was also there. Diane explained that she was picking up some brownies for Harrison, and she asked how "Ashley" was feeling. Belle chirped that she was fine, and she inquired the same about Diane.

Diane noted that Ashley had experienced ups and downs lately, and it had been a roller coaster for Jack and Traci, too. Belle clucked that if she didn't know Diane well, Diane's "butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth routine" might work. Diane swore she wasn't pretending to be concerned. Belle insisted that it had been a compliment, since killing with kindness had always been her motto, too.

Diane encouraged Ashley to be straight with her about how she was really feeling. Belle groaned that she was tired of all the questions, overwhelming concern, and sad looks from her siblings, who made her want to go elsewhere for coffee. Diane pointed out that Ashley had seemed genuinely lost and desperate for answers, yet she had run from the doctor's appointment that Traci and Sharon had worked hard to set up for her. Diane surmised that Ashley was afraid of what the doctor might find out.

Belle wondered why the co-CEO of Jabot was fetching brownies, and she noted that Diane had never thanked her for letting Diane slide into the position without any fuss. Belle offered to help Diane find a way to get fired if she was looking to get out. Diane insisted that she was trying to be nice, and she understood if Ashley didn't want help. Diane added that she couldn't butt out completely because she cared about Jack, and he cared about Ashley, so Diane was concerned about Ashley, as well.

Belle told Diane to back the truck up and drop the third degree, and she complained that everyone got their shorts in a twist when she didn't behave the way they wanted. Belle contended that she wasn't an ice queen but a red-blooded woman who'd had her heart broken, and it didn't mean she needed professional help. Diane recalled that Ashley had requested the help for herself. Belle claimed that she'd realized she was just dealing with heartbreak, and she'd get over it the way she had before.

Belle testily promised she'd try hard not to be too "extra," and she planned on living her life without any intervention, the same way everyone else did. She suggested that Diane either join her party or get out of her way. Ashley's phone rang, and Belle answered it by saying, "Tell me something good." Traci revealed that Alan had arrived from Paris and was eager to see Ashley.

Belle gushed that it was the best news she'd had in ages. Belle told Diane she had to run, since there was finally someone in town she could have fun with. "I gotta go carpe some diem!" Belle proclaimed, and she thanked Diane for her concern -- if it was sincere. Diane questioned why it wouldn't be. "Oh, honey. Because you're you. Ta!" Belle declared, and she headed out.

Belle entered the Abbott home and enthusiastically greeted Alan with a hug. Diane followed closely behind, and Belle groused that her family had been keeping her on a short leash. Diane introduced herself to Alan, and Belle bragged that he'd flown in from Paris to see her. Belle offered to take Alan to lunch, and they headed out. Traci told Diane that Alan was Ashley's psychiatrist friend from Paris, and she observed that Ashley had seemed pretty amped up.

Diane mentioned her run-in with Ashley at the coffeehouse, adding that she thought she'd met one of Ashley's alters who was feisty but a little fun. "Alters?" an appalled Traci asked, wondering if Diane was making a joke about it. Diane defended that she'd been nothing but supportive, and she'd taken hits from Ashley even before Ashley's personality swings. Traci accused Diane of enjoying seeing Ashley that way. Aghast, Diane pondered when the Abbott family would finally stop assuming the worst of her, and she questioned whether she really still had to prove she was being sincere. "Apparently, you do," Traci huffed.

At Society, Abby stopped by "Ashley" and Alan's table and complimented her mother's outfit. Belle introduced Alan as a good friend from Paris, and Abby stepped away to order all of Ashley's favorites. Belle asked Alan how Paris was doing without her, and he quipped that the City of Lights was a bit dimmer. He described the home projects and reading he'd been doing during his retirement, and he recalled that she'd been on edge over her breakup with Tucker the last time he'd seen her. Belle declared that she had put that behind her and was a new woman.

Alan assured Ashley that she didn't have to pretend with him. Abby dropped off a new vintage of French Champagne that the restaurant was trying, and Belle cooed that she'd never met a glass of bubbles she didn't like. After Abby left, Alan turned the topic back to how Ashley was doing, and Belle giggled and admitted that she'd been trying to evade the question. Belle recognized that Traci and Jack had flown Alan there to analyze her and probe her deepest, innermost feelings and thoughts. "Is that what you want to do, Alan?" she seductively asked.

Belle griped that none of her siblings had a medical degree, but they'd decided something was wrong with her and wanted Alan to figure out what it was. Alan thought they were both aware of her family's reasons for suddenly offering him a first-class ticket to Genoa City. She asked if he was only there on a professional level. He informed her that he no longer had a license to practice and would never treat a friend. "We are good friends, aren't we?" she purred.

Alan explained that he'd taken the offer to be with one of his favorite people, and he wanted to see the place Ashley called home. He said he could go back if she didn't want him there. Belle insisted that she was thrilled to show him around town, but she swore that the rumors about her mental breakdown were highly exaggerated. He was glad to hear it, and they clinked their glasses together. Belle silently thought to herself that he was the answer to her prayers and the perfect solution for Ashley. Belle anticipated that the visit wouldn't be clinical at all, and it was "time for some joie de vivre."

At the tack house, Cole incredulously asked how Victoria had recognized the keys they'd discovered inside the doll. Victoria revealed that the keys were the same colors as a set Billy had once had that Katie had played with all the time. Victoria clarified that the ones she was holding weren't Billy's, but she imagined they were from the same place. She recalled that Billy had rented a storage unit that had keys to the parking gate, the front entrance, and the unit itself. She saw that one was labeled with the number 23, and she wondered if it was where Jordan was holding Claire.

At the Newman ranch, Michael informed Victor that there had been no sign of Jordan's body near the site where Victor had said she'd fallen. Victor ordered Michael to stop wasting time looking for Jordan, but Michael argued that there was a chance she was still alive. Victor adamantly stated that she was gone and of no use to them anymore, but Michael protested that there could be a clue on the body. Victor instructed Michael to look for Claire, who might be fighting for her life as they spoke.

Victor answered a call from Cole, who reported that he and Victoria had found a set of keys hidden inside a doll that looked like the ones his mother had collected. Cole added that Nikki had seen a doll like it at the lake house, and he relayed that Victoria thought it belonged to a storage facility Billy had once used. Victoria called Billy and obtained the address of the storage facility.

Victor warned Cole to be careful and offered to send backup. After they hung up, Victor told Michael about the keys. Michael thought they were making a lot of assumptions, and he cautioned that it could be a trap or attempt to misdirect. Over Michael's protests, Victor headed out.

In the wine cellar, Victor asked how Jordan's night had been. She coldly replied that the accommodations stunk, and the food was worse. Victor crowed that it was the review he'd been aspiring to, and he flatly asked where his granddaughter was. Jordan requested the same deal he'd offered before in exchange for Claire's location. Victor huffed that there would be no deal because he knew where Claire was. He taunted that it had been sloppy of Jordan to leave behind the keys to the storage room.

Jordan denied being stupid enough to leave a set of keys lying around, and she warned that Victor had better make a deal if ever wanted to see his precious granddaughter alive again. Victor lectured that Jordan should have taken his original deal, since she'd be lounging in a chateau in the south of France instead of dying slowly in the cellar. Jordan insisted that he still needed her. "I have you. No one knows where the hell you are," Victor growled, and he promised that there was no way out. As he walked away, she yelled that he wouldn't find Claire, and he'd be back to beg Jordan for help.

Michael demanded to know where Victor had gone, and Victor claimed that he'd stepped out to talk to his security team. A skeptical Michael inquired why Victor hadn't done it with him, but Victor scoffed at the idea that he needed his lawyer to talk to security. Victor reported that Jordan had used the same alias to rent the motel room as she had to rent the storage unit, and he was certain that she'd stashed Claire at the latter. Michael urged Victor to send his team there. Victor indicated that Victoria and Cole were already on their way, and he hoped it was in enough time to rescue Claire.

Meanwhile, Cole and Victoria located the storage locker, and he checked for any sign of a trap. Victoria wondered if he was scared of what they might find, but Cole reasoned that they couldn't wait any longer. He instructed her to step back, and he opened the locker door and called for Claire. There was no response.

Cole and Victoria entered the locker, beaming around a flashlight. "Mom, I'm over here," Claire weakly cried out. They discovered Claire pinned under a woman's lifeless body. Cole and Victoria pulled a sobbing and disheveled Claire out from under the body, and they consoled her.

Meanwhile, Victor left a message for Nikki to call him back, and he mused that it wasn't like her. Victoria called and reported that they'd found Claire, who was alive and shaken up but okay. Victor asked if his team was there yet. Victoria planned to have Cole stay to talk to them while she took Claire home to get some food. Victoria added that Claire wasn't up to answering questions, no matter what the police wanted.

At the Athletic Club, Michael kissed the back of Lauren's head and joined her at a table. He readily chugged the drink she'd ordered for him and reported that Claire had been found. Lauren hoped that with Jordan dead and Claire safe, Nikki's nightmare was finally over. Michael expected that he and Lauren would be even more relieved when they got word from L.A. that Sheila was truly dead. Lauren wondered if that was why Michael seemed unsettled. He shared that he thought Victor was keeping something from him. Michael suspected that the secret was about Jordan's death, which he hadn't been able to confirm. Michael admitted that he sensed Victor was lying, and he'd known the man a long time.

Lauren hissed that if Sheila was lurking in the shadows, she would be sorry if she got close to Lauren. Lauren asserted that she had other things to focus on, since she'd been very busy at work. She mentioned that she'd filled in for Nikki that morning at a big meeting, since Nikki had felt there had been too much going on to go into the office. Michael revealed that he'd been at the ranch all morning; Nikki hadn't been there, and Victor had been trying to reach her. Lauren left voicemails for Nikki and Jack to call her back.

At the tack house, Victoria offered to make some tea while Claire went upstairs to take a hot shower. Victor arrived and took Claire into his arms. Victor implored Claire to tell him what had happened, but Cole recommended that she get some rest first. Claire insisted that it was okay, since she was safe with them, and she wanted to get it out. Claire recounted that she'd left the anniversary party to return Harrison's bunny charm, and Jordan had somehow followed her and gotten into the Abbott house.

Claire continued that Harrison had gone to the bathroom, and Jordan had appeared out of nowhere and chloroformed her. Claire next remembered being dragged into a storage unit, and she knew it might have been her only chance to escape. She recalled that she'd almost gotten away, but a woman had collapsed on top of her, apparently after suffering a heart attack. Claire whimpered that she'd been pinned down and trapped under the dead weight, and she'd thought she would die there, too.

Claire recalled that she hadn't been able to let herself think about being trapped that way, so she'd imagined being free and safe in her room upstairs. She continued that her anger toward Jordan had given her the strength to maneuver herself to get a phone out of the dead woman's pocket and call Victoria, but the phone had died. Claire mentioned that the call had been garbled, and she hadn't heard anything but a faint voice. Victoria informed her that she'd heard Claire call out "Mom," and Cole added that Victoria had insisted that they to go the motel room where Harrison had been found to look for clues about Claire's whereabouts.

Claire panicked that Jordan had also taken Harrison, but Victoria assured her that he was safe. Claire asked how her parents had found her. Victoria and Cole shared the story about the doll and the hidden keys that had led them to the storage facility. Claire wanted to see Harrison, but Victoria doubted Kyle and Summer would let the boy out of their sight. Claire imagined Harrison was still scared, and she demanded to know if Jordan had been arrested. "The bitch is dead," Victor flatly stated.

Claire barked that the fact Jordan had kidnapped an innocent child proved she was beyond redemption, and she was glad her aunt was dead. Claire asked if it was true that they were really free of Jordan. Victor promised that Jordan would never hurt anyone again. Victoria and Cole wrapped their arms around Claire.

"You will not win. You will not beat me!" Jordan vowed in her cell. "I will find a way out of this hellhole, and I will make you pay, Victor Newman!" she bellowed.

Nikki completely unravels at the Athletic Club

Nikki completely unravels at the Athletic Club

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Billy arrived to meet Abby. Abby said that she hoped Billy wasn't mad that she had not voted his way about Daniel's lawsuit against Chancellor-Winters. Billy said that it could be tricky to mix business and family "politics." Abby reminded Billy that she had maintained a seat on the board at Jabot with no issues. Billy asked Abby if the vote at Chancellor-Winters had been her first "alongside a romantic partner."

Abby said that being on a board with Devon was different, but she liked it. Billy reminded Abby that he wasn't Devon's favorite person. Billy speculated that Abby had asked to meet for coffee to give a "peace offering." Abby was annoyed and said that Devon didn't even know she was meeting her "favorite uncle." Abby said that she wanted to talk to Billy because she didn't like where things were headed between Billy and Devon.

Billy admitted to butting heads with Devon but said that it had just been "business." Abby said that things seemed "personal" and that Devon thought Bill was trying to gain more control of Chancellor-Winters. Abby asked what Billy really wanted from the company.

Billy said that he wanted Chancellor-Winters to be as successful as possible and for Jill's legacy to be represented. Abby said that Devon respected Jill's value. Billy said that his entire focus was on the company, whereas Devon was taking things personally and had always wanted autonomy. Abby said that Devon thought Billy was the one who wanted "complete autonomy." Billy said that they were past the point of being able to work anything out.

Billy said that Devon would not be interested in working for "the greater good" and that Devon saw any difference of opinion as "a mutiny." Abby asked Billy if he "would actually" try to get Devon out of the company. Abby, getting heated, told Billy that Chancellor-Winters meant "everything to Devon." Billy said that he understood, but he wasn't trying to push Devon completely out. Abby told Billy that she did not believe him.

Devon met Nate at the jazz lounge. Devon told Nate that he was worried about a threat to the company -- Billy. Devon said that he felt that Billy had been trying to "flex his power" and sway Lily's opinions at the company. Devon said that Lily had been upset with him because he had known about Daniel and Heather and hadn't told Lily. Devon worried that Lily would continue to take Billy and Jill's side on company decisions. Devon told Nate that he wanted to figure out how to remove Billy from Chancellor-Winters.

Nate responded that ousting Billy would be a "big move." Devon said that there wasn't another choice because Billy never agreed with Devon's opinions. Nate questioned whether Devon's concern was "personal" because Billy challenged Devon's "authority." Devon argued that he had built the company and had "earned" his authority. Devon said that if things didn't change with Billy, Devon would have to think about taking the Winters' half of the company and leaving. Devon said that he was worried Billy had been "getting to Lily." Nate said that Lily's loyalty had always been to her family.

Devon said that he trusted Lily, but she was vulnerable to Billy. Nate asked if Devon might be overreacting. Devon said that Billy wanted them to turn on each other. Nate looked up at Neil's picture and asked what Neil would have thought about the family fighting. Nate reminded Devon how committed Neil had been to his family. Devon said that he was trying to protect the family, and Devon asked if Nate would "fight" for the company if needed. Nate said that if Billy was the cause of the company's issues, then Billy needed to be removed.

Chance approached and assumed he wasn't supposed to have heard the conversation. Devon said that they were not keeping secrets. Chance asked where their loyalty to Chancellor-Winters had gone. Chance said that the infighting had been "petty" and "personal." Devon said that Chance didn't understand what was "at stake." Chance retorted that it sounded like it was "egos." Nate agreed and said that everyone had to get past the conflict and work together. Devon said that he could count on Nate "about as much" as Billy could "count on Chance."

Nate and Chance told Devon that they could be trusted. Devon said that he understood where the men were coming from, but Devon did not think Billy belonged at Chancellor-Winters. Chance said that Devon wasn't thinking about the company. Devon said that he cared about the business, but it was personal to him, too, since his name was on the company.

In a trashed hotel room at the Athletic Club, Nikki lay on the couch, slurring to herself. Nikki said that she "deserved" to drink after what had happened with Jordan. Victor texted, asking where Nikki was. Nikki said, "Right where I wanna be" and tossed the phone across the room. Nikki took another swig of vodka.

Nikki stumbled around the room, talking to herself about how everything had been her fault because she was "so stupid." Nikki found a new bottle of vodka and contemplated calling Jack for help. Changing her mind, she took a drink of vodka and passed out. Nikki dreamed that she was drunk at the ranch, calling out for Victor. Victor walked into the room and asked "who the hell" had allowed Nikki on the ranch. Victor screamed, "Get out!"

Nikki continued to dream that Victor was screaming at her, and she promised to stop drinking. Victor told Nikki to go ask Jack for help. Victor yelled at Nikki for introducing Jordan into the Newmans' lives. Nick and Victoria entered and told Nikki that her apologies weren't good enough after all Nikki had done.

In the dream, Victoria attacked Nikki for being "a drunk." Nick, irate, told Nikki that she had made Summer's life hell. Nick said that he never wanted to see Nikki again. Victoria threatened to call security. Nikki begged her family for help, but they continued to berate her. Victor screamed at Nikki to leave. Nikki awoke and remembered the dream in horror. Nikki stumbled across the room, put on her shoes, and then faltered down the hall. Nikki ran into Jack, and she swiftly ran back to her room and tried to bar the door. Jack demanded to be let in.

At Society, Ashley, as her persona Belle, told Alan to go ahead and "examine" her. Alan questioned why Ashley's voice had changed. Ashley said that she spoke more distinctly in France, but when she was in the US, her American accent returned. Ashley asked Alan if he wanted to order another bottle of Champagne. Jack approached and said that he hoped he was not interrupting. Ashley thought to herself that Traci had "snitched on" Ashley and that Jack was there to "wreck" her date.

Jack and Alan shook hands, and Jack asked how long Alan would be in Genoa City. Ashley said that she hoped to talk Alan out of leaving for a conference. Jack sat down and asked how the pair had met. Alan told Ashley to tell the story, and her alter Belle thought, "Damn, nobody told me there was gonna be a pop quiz."

Ashley said that she had met Alan in a café in Paris. Alan corrected her, saying they had met in a museum. Ashley continued to tell the story, and Alan corrected her along the way as she got each detail wrong. Jack excused himself and went to the bar. Alan said that Jack had been "charming." Ashley disagreed, saying that Jack had been "fishing" for information on Ashley's mental health.

Alan told Ashley that her family was worried about her, and he wanted to talk it through again as they had done in the past. Ashley suggested they continue their conversation at the jazz lounge. Alan said that he was feeling jet-lagged, and Ashley offered to escort him back to the Athletic Club.

Outside Alan's room, Ashley acted very flirtatious. Ashley suggested that Alan had Champagne in his room with corks "dying to be popped." Alan uncomfortably told Ashley that he would be "good as new in the morning." Ashley said that she would see Alan at breakfast.

After Alan went into his room, Jack appeared and knocked on the door. Jack asked Alan how Ashley had seemed. Alan said that he needed to "spend more time with Ashley" before he could make any determinations. Alan had noticed that Ashley had been "flirtatious and bubbly -- completely out of character." Alan speculated that Ashley had been acting strange because of the recent trauma of her breakup with Tucker. Jack told Alan about Ashley's other personalities who had been showing up. Alan said that Ashley couldn't be helped "overnight."

Jack said that he was scared for Ashley, and he had thought of having her committed. Alan said that Jack was having a normal reaction to the situation. Jack said that he had been given hope when he'd seen how comfortable Ashley had been with Alan.

At the Abbott mansion, Belle sauntered into the living room, looking for tequila. After pouring herself a drink, she looked over and saw Ms. Abbott. Ms. Abbott asked Belle how she could have been "so stupid" to not remember how Ashley had met Alan. Belle said that Alan had enjoyed himself with her. Ms. Abbott said that Alan had been "taking notes" while Belle had acted like an idiot. The alters continued to argue.

Ms. Abbott said that Belle was going to find herself in a situation she couldn't "flirt yourself out of." Ms. Abbott said that Alan had been testing Belle, and she had failed. Belle said that she had a plan, but Ms. Abbott said that dating Alan was not "a plan." Belle told Ms. Abbott that killing Tucker wasn't a plan, either. Ms. Abbott took control of Ashley's personality.

Jack goes to extreme lengths to save Nikki from herself

Jack goes to extreme lengths to save Nikki from herself

Thursday, May 2, 2024

At Nikki's hotel room, Jack forced Nikki to let him in. Jack looked around the destroyed room and asked what had happened. Jack grabbed a bottle out of Nikki's hand, and she said that Jack was not "the boss" of her. Jack refused to give her more alcohol and suggested that they go to a meeting when Nikki sobered up. Nikki said that she was sick of meetings and that they hadn't "gotten" her anywhere. Nikki told Jack that she was giving up on sobriety.

Nikki continued to slur and stumble around. Jack told Nikki to look at herself. Jack called room service for food and water, and he began tidying the room. Jack said that the "nightmare with Jordan" was over, and Nikki's family was okay. Jack asked why Nikki hadn't called him for help. Nikki replied, "Don't you get it? I'm a lost cause."

Jack told Nikki that she always ended up "on the other side of these battles, stronger and better." Nikki said that "this time" was different, and her family hated her. Nikki told Jack about her dream that the whole family had turned on her. Jack called the dream a "vodka-soaked nightmare" and said that it hadn't been real. Jack said that the dream had been a warning to stop drinking. Jack told Nikki that he would not allow her to give up, and he suggested that Nikki go to rehab.

Nikki argued that she had tried "so many times" before to get better. Jack reminded Nikki that "relapse is part of recovery." Nikki pushed Jack and told him to shut up. Nikki said that an alcoholic had to "want to get sober," but she didn't. Nikki said that she was sorry she had let Jack down. Jack kept trying to convince Nikki that she would get through things. Nikki said that all she was trying to do was figure out a way to get Jack to leave so she could drink. Jack said that was "too bad," since he had nothing but time on his hands.

Nikki suggested that Jack go to an Al-Anon meeting so he could learn that he couldn't change other people. Jack told Nikki to stop feeling sorry for herself. Jack said that "the booze" was telling her she was a failure. Nikki said that she couldn't fight anymore. Nikki threw an empty bottle on the ground and ran into the bathroom.

When Nikki emerged from the bathroom, Jack let her know that room service had made a delivery. Nikki refused to eat, and Jack poured her some coffee. Nikki continued to ruminate about Jordan and the kidnapping of Harrison and Claire. Jack reiterated that Nikki had not been responsible for Jordan's actions. Jack begged Nikki to stop "wallowing in self-pity" and focus on giving back to others, as she had in the past. Jack reminded Nikki how she had helped Katherine and Neil in the past and encouraged Nikki to focus on doing the same for Claire and Harrison. Nikki told Jack that he would have to "rip" the bottle out of her hand to stop her. Jack watched as Nikki took a swig.

Jack tried to distract Nikki by talking about memories. Nikki told Jack that he was "making things worse," and she was sorry that she had chosen Jack as her sponsor. Nikki started being cruel and told Jack that he was a failure. After Nikki took another drink, she called Jack a "buzzkill" and told him to "join the party or get out." Jack looked weary, and he grabbed a different bottle of vodka, poured himself a drink, and drank it.

Jack suggested that he and Nikki call room service to get more alcohol. Nikki said that she was "not amused." Jack said that he had an even better idea, and he called a previous dealer. Jack requested a delivery to room 428 of the "same stuff" he had bought in the past. Jack told Nikki that she was right and that he had been "wound too tight for too long." Nikki looked confused.

Nikki accused Jack of "using reverse psychology" on her. Nikki threatened to start screaming if Jack didn't leave. Jack said that he was doing Nikki "a favor" by helping her drink her vodka. Jack toasted their "enduring friendship." Nikki said that Jack was mocking her, and Jack said that not everything was about Nikki.

Jack detailed what he had been through with his family in the previous months and how stressed he had been. Jack said that he had seen all the "relief" Nikki had been getting out of drinking, and he wanted some, too. Nikki reminded Jack that alcohol hadn't been his issue. Jack answered a knock at the door and retrieved the drugs he had ordered.

Jack said that he needed to put himself in Nikki's shoes and remember what it had felt like to be under the influence. Jack told Nikki that he would do anything for her. Nikki argued that Jack had to stop. Jack told Nikki how Diane had worried that Jack would relapse if he helped Nikki. Jack said that his stress had been building and building, and he had thought about how drugs would give him some release. Jack said that he wanted what Nikki had. Nikki yelled that she didn't want any company on her "trip to rock bottom." Jack told Nikki that she was stuck with him, and he grabbed his pills and vodka.

Nikki told Jack that he was acting cruel. Jack grabbed a pill and chased it with vodka. As Nikki yelled at him to stop, Jack asked, "How does it not be able to stop someone you love from hurting themselves?"

Jack took some more pills and said that it was liberating to give up. Nikki said that Jack's life was perfect. Jack disagreed and told Nikki that he had let her down. Jack took another pill and grew more inebriated. Nikki said that she would get sober to make Jack happy. Nikki begged Jack to stop taking the pills. Nikki's phone pinged. Jack pretended to answer a call and slurred, "Hello, Mr. Mustache. It's me, Mr. Uptight!" Nikki was not amused.

Jack told Nikki that they could stay in the room together and look out for each other. Nikki said that she had been wrong and that she needed to go to a meeting. Jack swayed around then passed out on the couch. Nikki frantically tried to revive him.

Victor tells Jack to stay away from Nikki

Victor tells Jack to stay away from Nikki

Friday, May 3, 2024

At Society, Victoria told Nick that she had "finally slept all the way through the night." Victoria asked how Summer had been. Victoria said that she hoped Summer knew Claire had had nothing to do with Harrison's kidnapping. Nick said that Summer knew the truth; however, she'd had doubts about Claire, and Nick had, too. Victoria admitted that she had even doubted Claire's innocence for a moment, as well. Victoria said that Cole had been her "rock," and he had reminded Victoria "of the truth."

Nick laughed and said that Victoria had a "dopey look of affection" when she spoke about Cole. Victoria told Nick to "shut up." Nick asked how long it would be before Victoria and Cole moved in together. Victoria rolled her eyes and admitted that there had been a "slight romantic reconnection." Nick said that he was happy for Victoria and Cole. Victor approached the table and asked if either of his kids had seen their mother.

Nick asked if Jordan could have survived and gotten to Nikki. Victor said that Jordan was dead, but he didn't know what to do. Victor's phone pinged, and he said that his security team knew where Nikki was. Victor left.

Nick told Victoria that Nikki would beat her alcoholism again. Nick apologized for having suggested that Jordan had survived. Victoria said that Jordan wasn't "immortal" and couldn't have survived that kind of fall. Victoria speculated that Nikki had been drinking again because Nikki had let Jordan live.

In Nikki's hotel room, paramedics tended to Jack. After giving Jack a drug to counteract the opioids, the paramedics left. Nikki woke Jack up, and he asked what had happened. Jack appeared to be shocked when Nikki told him that he had taken the pills and alcohol. Nikki asked Jack "what the hell" he had been thinking.

Nikki told Jack that his collapse had "knocked some sense" into her, and she was going to go to rehab. Nikki apologized to Jack for the things she had said the night before. Nikki asked why Jack had taken such a risk. Jack answered that he had needed to get Nikki to "open [her] eyes." Nikki thanked Jack and held his hand. Victor walked into the room and slammed the door.

Victor screamed that he had been looking for Nikki "all night." Jack said that nothing had been Nikki's fault and that she had saved Jack's life. Nikki confessed that she was "finally ready to go to rehab." Victor said that it was "about time." Nikki left the room to get cleaned up.

Jack said that he was embarrassed about what he had done and promised to make it up to Nikki someday. Victor said that he would not have saved Jack's life. Nikki returned and said that she wouldn't be comfortable leaving Jack alone. Jack promised he wouldn't leave the room until he was feeling better. Jack handed over the rest of the pills to Nikki, and she and Victor left.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle was on the phone with a restaurant, inquiring about Jack's whereabouts. Claire rang the doorbell, and Kyle invited her inside. Claire told Kyle that she had dropped in to see if Harrison was doing okay. Kyle reported that Harrison was "holding up" and that Harrison was "a tough little kid." Claire said that she would leave so that Harrison didn't see her. Kyle said that it would "be good" for Harrison to see that Claire was okay. Kyle said that Claire had not been at fault for the kidnapping. Claire said that she was still blaming herself for having helped Jordan return to Genoa City.

Kyle told Claire that Jordan had been a monster that many people had tried to stop. Kyle said that he had also blamed himself for Harrison's kidnapping but that there was only one person to blame. Kyle asked how Claire felt about Jordan's death. Claire said that she had felt relieved, but then she had gotten scared that Jordan had somehow "escaped death."

Claire asked if Kyle had believed Claire had been in on the plot initially. Kyle said that he hadn't been sure "at first." Kyle said that the only thing that mattered was that Claire and Harrison were safe. Claire said that she wished she could have protected Harrison. Harrison rushed down the stairs and gave Claire a hug. Summer walked in the front door.

Harrison asked if Claire could read to him, since "the witch" had prevented her from doing so before. Claire said that Summer probably wanted to spend time with him, but Claire could read to him another time. Summer and Harrison went upstairs.

Claire said that it was amazing to see Harrison growing up with parents who adored him. Kyle asked Claire what was next for her. Claire said that she planned to sleep for a week. Claire told Kyle that she'd never been able to "dream" of things before. Claire said that she would not waste her "second chance." Summer returned, and Claire got up to leave. Claire said that she would love to see Harrison again and remind him that they were both okay. After Claire left, Summer told Kyle that Harrison might have seemed okay, but they hadn't been doing Harrison "any favors" by not addressing what had happened.

Summer said that Harrison had made a house for his bunny. Summer was worried because Harrison had suggested adding locks on the house "to keep all the bad people out." Harrison had asked if Summer really thought Claire was okay. Summer told Kyle that she thought Harrison needed to verify Claire's safety so Harrison could convince himself that he was also safe. Summer was worried that Harrison didn't know what to do "with all these feelings," and she suggested that Harrison "see someone." Kyle agreed about finding a therapist and said that they also needed to find a new nanny. Summer said that she intended to stay with Harrison for a while to make sure he felt safe again.

At the tack house, Victoria yelled for Claire. Victoria called Cole to see if Claire was with him. Cole told Victoria that she needed to stay calm. Victoria said that she was worried that Jordan had survived. Claire walked in, and Victoria grabbed Claire into an embrace.

Claire asked Victoria if Harrison "might forget" what had happened. Victoria said that she hoped so. Claire said that Kyle "couldn't have been nicer" when Claire had visited. Victoria said that Kyle should have been nice, since Claire had been "a victim in this." Victoria asked if Claire had seen Summer. Claire said that she had seen Summer, who had been "civil." Victoria said that Summer just needed "time."

Victoria's phone pinged, and she told Claire that Nikki was home. Victoria said that she would fill Claire in later, and Victoria left to go to the "main house."

At the Newman ranch, Nikki continued to try to convince Victor that her latest relapse had not been Jack's fault. Victor sarcastically said that Jack's "gallantry knows no bounds." Nikki asked if Victor wanted to keep blaming Jack, since Victor couldn't accept that Nikki was "a hopeless drunk." Nikki told Victor that she had been wasted when Jack had arrived at the hotel. Nikki recounted that Jack had tried to "shock" Nikki by joining her in her binge.

Nikki said that she had realized rehab was her only option. Victor expressed his relief, but he didn't want to hear more about how Jack had helped Nikki. Nikki said that she was going to go "pack a bag." Victor held Nikki, and they said that they loved each other.

Victoria and Nick were in the living room when Nikki returned with her bag. Nikki said that she had decided to check into rehab. Nick said that he and Victoria hadn't known it had "gotten that bad." Nick and Victoria told Nikki that she had their full support. Nikki asked her kids to be "particularly kind" to Victor because he had really been shaken by Nikki's relapse.

Jack returned home, and Kyle asked where Jack had been. Kyle said that Jack looked "like hell." Jack said that he had been helping a friend and needed to get some sleep. Kyle said that Claire had dropped in, and Harrison had been happy to see her. Kyle mentioned that people had had "a lot of knee-jerk reactions." Jack replied that "when someone you love is in danger, you just react." Victor showed up at the door. When Jack opened the door, Victor said that he was there to give Jack one warning. Victor told Jack, "Don't you ever come near my wife again," and Victor left.

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