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Kyle rescued Harrison, but Claire was nowhere to be found. Victor claimed that Jordan had fallen to her death, but he secretly held her captive in the wine cellar. Ashley had a flirty alter emerge. Lily cast the tie-breaking vote against reinstating Nate on the Chancellor-Winters board.
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Kyle rescued Harrison. Claire wasn't located. Victor claimed Jordan died, but he secretly held her captive. A flirty alter of Ashley's emerged.  Lily's vote reinstated Nate.
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Victor demands answers from the truck driver

Victor demands answers from the truck driver

Monday, April 22, 2024

In the executive office at Chancellor-Winters, Nate discussed one of his business deals. Devon approved Nate's decision and praised his work. Abby arrived and greeted Devon with a kiss before acknowledging that Devon and Nate worked well together. Nate agreed. Before Nate stepped out, Devon requested that he return before the board meeting convened.

At Society, Billy asked Lily if he could join her. Lily replied that Billy could join her if he promised not to mention her firing of Daniel and Heather. Billy agreed, sat down, and asked about Mattie. Lily said that Mattie, a resilient and strong young woman, was feeling better and had resumed her studies. Lily reported that her son, Charlie, had landed a position at a film production company in Los Angeles. Billy mentioned that Katie and Johnny were doing well. Lily told Billy she was sorry to hear about Chelsea's struggles with Connor. Billy replied that Chelsea was doing all she could to stay on track.

Billy acknowledged how easily he and Lily could interact as friends while discussing all of their ups and downs over the years. Lily nodded and replied, "Personally, I agree, but professionally, I don't trust you for a second." Billy noted that Lily had broken the rule by mentioning work. Lily recalled that she had specifically meant no discussion about Daniel and Heather, though she explained that the company would deal with their lawsuit and accept the outcome. Billy nodded.

Lily told Billy that if they were to become equal partners, they would never agree on anything, adding that she would never betray her family by empowering Billy or allowing him to add "Abbott" to the company logo. Lily reminded Billy that Jill was mostly absent, thus deferring her decisions to him. Lily said she feared that in time, Billy might push her out in his relentless drive for power. Billy replied, "Do you honestly believe I would betray you like that? I've been open and honest about what I want."

Lily told Billy she planned to petition the board to limit his power and remove him as an officer. Billy remarked that cutting him off at the knees was a bold move for Lily to make. Billy insisted he would never attempt to replace Lily. Lily explained that defining Billy's role would strengthen her position. Billy replied, "We're good together. You know it. That's why Jill brought us together in the first place."

Billy again assured Lily that he would never betray her. Billy reminded Lily that Mamie was out for herself and that Devon carried out his plans on his own terms without allowing anyone, including Lily, to participate. Lily replied confidently that she could handle her role. Billy replied, "I'm the smart bet. I'm the one you should trust. I don't know why the hell you don't see that."

Lily and Billy later arrived at Chancellor-Winters and greeted Abby. Devon announced that Jill would join the meeting via video-chat. Devon added that he had asked Nate to join the meeting. Nate arrived and explained that handling Daniel's lawsuit was not within his area of expertise. Jill, having joined the meeting remotely, noted that the lawsuit was a board issue. Jill asked why Nate had been invited to the meeting. Devon explained that he wanted Nate to be reappointed to the board.

Billy appeared stunned, as did Lily. Lily told Devon she wished he had spoken to her first, and she asked if Abby had known about Devon's plan. Abby replied, "Devon and I talked about it earlier." Nate said he had not known, though he was humbled that Devon had faith in him, and Nate would do his best if elected. Billy pointed at Devon and Abby and said, "So, you two were the only ones who knew about this. That's interesting."

Jill asked Devon how long his bombshell announcement had been percolating in his little brain. Devon explained that Neil had requested in his will that Nate have a seat on the board of Hamilton-Winters. Devon added that Nate had earned a seat. Billy deemed it a shady way for Devon to spring the news. Abby suggested that Nate answer questions before voting.

Billy, addressing Devon, asked, "This little dance to put Nate back on the board -- is it payback because Jill agreed to put Abby on the board as long as I got a seat, too?" Devon repeated that it was what Neil had wanted, plus Nate had earned a seat. Billy replied, "Right, so Nate's earned it, but mine's a freebie." Devon said, "Those are your words."

Devon made a motion for Nate to have a seat on the board. Abby seconded. Billy asked Devon why they should vote if everyone already knew the outcome. Jill called for a vote. Billy praised Nate's work but acknowledged that the memories of what he had done in the past were still troubling. Jill added, "Yeah, from when you brazenly sold us out. I vote no." Billy said, "I agree." Devon noted that there were two voting "yes" and two voting "no." Lily said, "Well, I guess it's up to me then."

At the tack house, Victoria and Nikki argued about Nikki's plan to use herself as bait to lure Jordan out of hiding. Victoria warned that Harrison and Claire were at Jordan's mercy. Victoria pleaded with her mother to let Victor and the authorities handle Jordan. Nikki blamed herself for allowing Jordan to live by summoning help after Jordan had swallowed poison. Victoria recalled that she and Claire, along with Nikki, had all decided together not to become like Jordan by allowing Jordan to die. Victoria bristled when Nikki suggested that Claire might have been involved in Jordan's kidnapping of Harrison.

Nikki asked Victoria if she believed it had been a coincidence that Claire at been at the Abbotts' home when Harrison had been taken. Victoria cried that her daughter had also been kidnapped and was in danger. Nikki requested Claire's phone number, so she could send Jordan a text message. Miffed, Victoria said that Jordan might not respond. Nikki replied, "Oh, she'll respond." Nikki noted that Jordan sought vengeance, not Victor's offer of money and safe passage. Nikki cried that her plan might be the only way to save Harrison and Claire. Victoria agreed to give Claire's phone number to Nikki -- with conditions.

Victoria stepped in the kitchen to take a phone call. Nikki retrieved a flask from her purse, drank from it, and then put a mint in her mouth before slipping the flask back in her purse. After Victoria hung up, she rejoined her mother and insisted that she, Cole, and Nick help with Nikki's plan. Nikki refused. Victoria insisted that she would not comply unless Nikki agreed to allow her and Cole to help. Nikki relented, though she refused help from Nick, fearing he would inform Victor.

Cole arrived and said there had been no new developments. Victoria told Cole about Nikki's plans to lure Jordan and Nikki's reluctance to involve Nick. Cole declared that the plan was too risky, with or without Nick's help. Victoria explained that there was a "terrible logic behind Nikki's plan." Cole, noting that Nikki's plan was impulsive and short-sighted, begged her to include the police, Victor, Jack, and others with expertise. Nikki, angered, cried that Victor would deem her too fragile to face Jordan again. Cole reminded Nikki that she had been through a lot already.

Victoria explained to Cole that Nikki believed the situation was all her fault. Cole told Nikki she was not responsible for Jordan's actions. Nikki turned to face Victoria and promised that she would inform Victor after making contact with Jordan, at which time he could alert the police. Cole replied that by then, it might be too late. Nikki whipped around, pointed her finger at Cole, and yelled, "You know what? This is what we're doing! Get it?"

Nikki turned back to face Victoria and angrily demanded Claire's phone number. Shocked at her mother's disturbing behavior, Victoria asked Nikki if she had been drinking again. Yelling, Nikki replied, "No! I haven't been drinking!" Victoria cried that she had asked out of love and concern. Nikki lowered her voice, apologized, and said it was a sensitive subject. Nikki embraced Victoria and promised that she had not been drinking.

At the Newman ranch house, Victor offered comfort to a distraught Summer. Summer cried that she was scared. Victor promised to bring Harrison home safe and sound. Kyle thanked Chance for stopping by. Jack asked Chance if he had been able to get any information from his friends on the force. Chance replied that police were investigating tips and had located the driver of the delivery truck.

Chance, recalling the statement from the driver, reported, "He said that he stopped by a convenience store early last night to get a coffee, and when he came back outside, the cab was gone." Chance explained that security video recorded images of a person dressed in black and wearing a baseball cap driving away in the truck.

Victor declared that the driver was Jordan. Jack noted that it could not have been Claire because she had been at the party. Chance said the driver routinely stopped at the store, and he assured Jack, Victor, and Kyle that detectives had questioned everyone involved. Victor stepped out to take a phone call.

Summer noted that Claire could have tipped off Jordan about the driver, again blaming Kyle for having put Harrison in danger. Summer yelled that Claire had conned Kyle. Kyle recalled that Jordan had not mentioned Claire in the demands she had made. Kyle declared that Claire was Jordan's victim. Summer continued yelling and blaming Kyle.

Jack intervened and asked Summer and Kyle to calm down and focus on finding Harrison. Jack assured everyone that the guilty parties would be found and punished soon. Victor agreed with Kyle that Claire was also a hostage, explaining that Claire's hatred for her aunt was real. Victor demanded to question the driver. Chance warned that any evidence Victor collected could not be used in a court case. Victor replied, "When I ask you for advice, you will know. Right now, I'll do everything in my power to find my granddaughter and my great-grandson. And you stay the hell out of it."

Chance warned Victor that he might be jeopardizing Harrison and Claire's safety by not working alongside the police. Summer agreed. Victor told Chance that Chance could either get on board or leave. Jack said, "I'm with Victor on this one." Kyle agreed with Jack. Victor phoned his security guard and ordered him to find the truck driver and bring him to the ranch. Chance left, and Summer followed him.

Outside, Summer apologized to Chance for Victor's behavior. Chance recalled that Victor's actions often blew up in his face. Summer noted that Victor had uncovered evidence the police had not. Chance explained that he had left law enforcement because of people like Victor who did whatever they wanted. Summer replied that Victor succeeded at finding solutions by not letting anyone get in his way. Chance replied, "Sounds like you agree with him." Summer reminded Chance that the police had failed to maintain custody of Jordan, adding that her son was in grave danger. Summer cried that she only wanted to save Harrison. Chance promised to check in with the lead detective, and he assured Summer that everything would be okay.

The truck driver nervously entered the Newmans' living room. Kyle invited the man to take a seat. The driver said he had already related his story to the police. Jack, promising to generously compensate the man, asked the driver to recall how his truck had been stolen. Jack asked the driver if he was aware that his truck had been used to abduct a seven-year-old boy. The driver sighed and said, "All they asked me was how my truck ended up empty and abandoned on Aster Road. And I told them. It was stolen while I was getting snacks for my shift. Security footage backed up my claim, and they let me go." Kyle replied, "And that's all you know?" The driver claimed he had not lied.

Jack pointed to Victor and warned the driver that if he was lying, Victor would turn his life into a living hell. Victor said, "You better answer." The driver, Dave, agreed to cooperate after Victor offered him $100,000 for inside information. Kyle told Dave they knew a woman had paid him to ditch his truck. Jack added that the woman Dave had done business with was a murderer capable of almost anything. Victor said, "So, Dave, this is your chance to fix your mistake. To save a child's life. So, why don't you tell us everything you know?" Dave shifted uncomfortably in his chair as Kyle, Jack, and Victor glared at him.

Nikki puts her plan to lure Jordan out into motion

Nikki puts her plan to lure Jordan out into motion

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon recapped that there were two votes in favor and two against naming Nate to the board. Devon turned to Lily, who complained that the topic hadn't been on the agenda. Devon apologized for springing it on her, but he thought Nate had earned the spot. Lily suggested that they discuss it first, but Jill protested that the vote was already in process. Abby empathized that it was hard being caught between family, and she shared her own experience with sometimes needing to abstain.

Lily refused to abstain, and Jill grumbled that it was hardly a nail-biter. Nate assumed that he'd still have a job even if he wasn't a board member, and he didn't want Lily to feel pressured. He added that they were still family, and he was happy to be contributing to the company. Lily was glad he felt that way, and she announced that she had to vote no. Jill's eyes widened in surprise.

Lily explained that while Nate had been doing great work, she felt that he hadn't yet earned a place back on the board, but she was open to revisiting the idea in the future. Nate said he looked forward to the opportunity to continue to prove himself, and he excused himself. Lily testily stated that if there were no more surprises, they could proceed with the actual agenda. Devon requested to speak with Lily privately, but she snapped that they were behind schedule. She opted to get back to why they were there -- to discuss Daniel's lawsuit.

Jill recognized that the matter was very personal for Lily. Lily stood by her decision to terminate Daniel and Heather, since it was what was best for company productivity. Jill said she understood if Lily wanted payback, but she cited the potential legal issues and stressed that the decision needed to be professional, not personal. Lily bristled at the implication that she was putting the company's welfare at stake because her feelings had been hurt.

Lily argued that Daniel's contract was ironclad, and Chancellor-Winters owned all the intellectual property related to Omega Sphere. Billy warned that their legal team had already informed them that Heather was exploiting a loophole that could blow the whole thing up. Jill contemplated offering Daniel a payout to avoid going to court. Abby anticipated that it would offend Daniel, and he would take an even stronger stance because it wasn't about the money. Lily recalled that they'd already given Daniel a generous severance package, so more cash wasn't the answer.

Jill proposed that they let Daniel have his games and walk away. Lily protested that they'd funded the entire project, and it would take too much time and money to start over from scratch. Jill envisioned that a lawsuit could get nasty, with Lily's personal life getting dragged through the courts. Lily declared that she had nothing to hide, and she thought Daniel and Heather would be the ones embarrassed to have their dirty laundry aired while trying to play victim.

Billy observed that Devon had been quiet, and Devon responded that everyone knew where he stood. Jill called for a vote, and she voted against going to court. Jill explained that she understood and respected Lily's point of view, but she thought the company would suffer less if they let Daniel take his toys and go home. Billy sided with Jill. Lily was determined to fight to keep Omega Sphere, and Abby agreed with Lily. "Well, now. Look who's the tiebreaker," Billy said, eyeing Devon.

Devon voted to fight the lawsuit, and Lily thought everyone would eventually see it was the best decision for the company. Lily hurried out to get to a meeting, but Jill asked Devon to stay. Billy followed Lily into the corridor and thanked her for not urging the board to give him the boot, especially when she thought he was "a power-hungry ass." Lily warned that it wasn't off the table, but Billy thought maybe he could change her mind. She wondered if he'd followed her to try to change her mind about the lawsuit.

Billy expressed his appreciation that Lily had voted against adding Nate to the board, and he assumed she'd thought about what he'd said earlier about who to trust and not to trust. He hoped it meant she was ready to join him in taking over Chancellor-Winters. Lily clarified that while she didn't agree with what Devon had done, it didn't mean she would betray her family. Billy believed Lily knew what she wanted, who she was, and what she was capable of, and he told her not to be afraid to go for it.

Billy commended Lily for not caving to the pressure when Devon had surprised her with the vote about Nate. Lily informed him that she hadn't voted against it because of Devon's tactics but because of her history with Nate. She reiterated that it hadn't been a signal that she was ready to follow Billy's dream of the two of them running the company. Billy pictured turning Chancellor-Winters into a powerhouse together, but Lily said she wasn't convinced that was the direction she wanted to take. Billy found it to be an interesting choice of words, since it meant she could be convinced. He refused to give up.

Meanwhile, Jill asked how Devon really thought Lily was doing after her breakup. Devon confirmed that Lily was hurt but solid, and Jill bemoaned that it hadn't been the first time Lily had dealt with a cheating jerk. Devon believed Lily had done what was best for the morale of the company, and he trusted her judgment about being able to beat Daniel in court. Abby echoed the sentiment, and Jill told them to give Dominic hugs from her. After Jill signed off, Abby told Devon he could drop the act because she knew Lily had thrown him a curve.

Devon expressed dismay that Lily hadn't supported Nate joining the board. Abby pointed out that Devon had blindsided Lily with the vote, but Devon suspected that Lily and Billy had something going on based on the looks they'd been exchanging. Devon theorized that Billy was working Lily to convince her that Devon and Nate were causing all the tension at the company. Abby questioned what Billy's endgame could possibly be. Devon groused that Billy liked playing the victim card and that Lily bought into it because she had a soft spot for Billy.

Lily arrived at Crimson Lights and apologized to Mamie for being late. Mamie inquired about the board meeting, and Lily revealed that it had been full of surprises. Lily asked if Mamie had known Devon wanted to put Nate back on the board. Mamie exclaimed that it was wonderful, since it would give more power to the Winters family. Lily informed her that the motion hadn't passed because she'd voted against Nate. Mamie questioned why Lily had done it.

Lily acknowledged that Nate had been doing a good job, but he'd also broken their trust, and she didn't think he'd earned the seat yet. Mamie huffed that it sounded more like an excuse than a reason, and she didn't understand how Lily could have done that to her family. Lily defended that she hadn't done anything but make a sound business decision. Mamie ranted that Jill had stacked the board against them, and they needed to have reinforcements before Jill made her next move.

Lily demanded that the fighting between Mamie and Jill stop. Mamie recognized that Daniel had broken Lily's heart, and the last thing Lily needed was a war at work. Mamie suggested that the breakup had distracted Lily from what was most important at work. "You did not just say that!" Lily blurted out.

Lily asserted that she ran the company separately from dealing with personal issues. Mamie conceded that there was nothing easy about helming a company as fractious as Chancellor-Winters had become. Lily bitterly questioned who'd contributed to that. Mamie asked if Lily had given more thought to the idea of buying back their share of the company. Lily recalled that it had been her idea to merge the two companies, and dividing them would go against her vision.

Mamie clucked that there was nothing wrong with changing the vision, since they had an opportunity to create a true family legacy, and Billy, Jill, and Chance could get in the way. Lily maintained that she wouldn't split the company. Mamie lectured that Lily needed to pay attention before it was too late, starting with Billy. Mamie warned that they couldn't trust him, and the sooner Lily realized it, the better. "You know, maybe I shouldn't trust you," Lily retorted.

At the tack house, Nikki pressed Victoria to give her Claire's phone number so Nikki could call Jordan. Victoria balked at putting her mother in danger, and Nikki swore that she'd let the police and security teams handle it once she made contact. Nikki reasoned that Jordan was desperate and cornered with very few escape routes, and Nikki had the best chance to lure Jordan out of hiding and give her no choice but to hand over Claire and Harrison. Nikki cautioned that they didn't have the time to debate, and she questioned whether Victoria would do what needed to be done.

Nikki hoped Cole could convince Victoria it was the right thing to do, and she stepped out to get some air. Victoria groaned that she'd never forgive herself if anything happened to Nikki. Cole figured that they were only talking about one phone call, and then they could pull back and go in a different direction once Nikki made contact. Cole argued that the authorities' leads had gone nowhere, and Nikki's plan would take the guesswork out of it by taking them directly to Jordan.

Cole opined that Nikki's plan might be the best shot to find Harrison and Claire. Victoria worried that Jordan was a wild card, and she hesitated to take the chance that Jordan would hurt either of her captives. Cole urged Victoria to have faith, since he was sure Claire would do everything she could to protect Harrison. Cole reiterated that Nikki's plan might get them closer to getting Claire and Harrison back home. Victoria marveled at how Cole made her feel like everything would be okay.

Nikki pocketed her flask and headed back inside. She asked if Victoria had made a decision, and Victoria reluctantly provided Claire's number. Nikki took a deep breath, dialed, and got voicemail. Nikki left Jordan a message, stating that she knew Jordan had kidnapped Claire and Harrison, but she knew what Jordan really wanted -- to punish Nikki because Jordan hated her.

Nikki recounted that Jordan had lured her to Oregon and pumped her full of alcohol, hoping to make her watch as Jordan killed her family, all because Jordan thought her twisted sister would have ended up with Victor if he hadn't been with Nikki. Nikki proclaimed that she was giving Jordan the opportunity of a lifetime to let Harrison and Claire go and take Nikki in their place. Nikki promised that Victor would agree to any deal to get his wife back, and she gave the address of an alley and requested that Jordan meet her there in an hour. "Let's end this one way or another," Nikki coldly stated, and she hung up.

Victoria asked if Nikki was all right, and Cole applauded Nikki for standing up to Jordan. Victoria declared that Nikki's part in it was done, and she insisted that they let Victor and his team handle it. Nikki prepared to go up to the main house to tell Victor what was going on, and Victoria and Cole thanked her. After Nikki exited, Victoria fretted that her mom had put on a brave front, but Nikki was fragile. Victoria recognized that Nikki still blamed herself for letting Jordan live, and she was afraid Nikki wouldn't be able to bear it. Outside, Nikki resisted the urge to drink.

Victoria spilled some water as she attempted to make tea, and Cole declared her officially off duty. Victoria recalled that Claire had once compared her to Athena and that she'd told their daughter that she'd been known to throw a thunderbolt or two, but she couldn't even pour tea. Cole was sure Victoria had plenty of thunderbolts left in her. Victoria reflected on the difficult things she'd gotten through in life, but that time was different because she had to be strong for her daughter.

Cole noted that Victoria had been under a lot of stress and had always known how to deal with it, but the idea of losing Claire all over again was overwhelming. He thought it made sense that Victoria was struggling, but he implored her to believe that Claire would return home to them. Cole reminded Victoria he was there if she needed help, and he wasn't going anywhere. He held her close.

At the Newman ranch, Victor, Jack, and Kyle stared down Dave, the delivery driver. Jack reminded Dave that the lives of their family members were at risk, and he ordered Dave to tell them what he knew. Victor implied that they'd simply dispense with Dave if he didn't talk. Dave pointed out that he could spill his guts, but they could still turn him in as Jordan's accomplice. Dave hesitated to trust them, but Victor assured him that they were men of their word.

Dave refused to go to jail when he hadn't done anything. Kyle barked that his child was missing, and Jack argued that the police would be there if they intended to turn Dave in. Dave swore that he'd told the authorities everything he knew, and Victor asked if that was really how he wanted to play it. Jack stressed that all they cared about was getting the people they loved home safely, and the woman who'd taken them was a murderer who was capable of anything.

Jack inquired whether Dave wanted it on his conscience if anything happened to their family members. Kyle sat down next to Dave and explained that his little boy was seven years old and thought a little brass bunny was good luck. Kyle recounted that Harrison didn't go to sleep at night until they read at least two books, but the boy didn't have his school, friends, bed, or parents. "How can you hear me say this and say silent?" Kyle bellowed.

Victor threatened to make the decision for Dave if he wouldn't make it himself. Dave swore that he hadn't had any idea what Jordan had been planning, and he "sure as hell" hadn't known she would snatch a kid. Dave recounted that out of nowhere, Jordan had sat down next to him at a bar and started talking about his gambling debts. He continued that she'd offered him $10,000 to use his truck for a few hours with no questions asked, and she'd given him half the money up front.

Jack was aghast that Dave hadn't even considered what crimes Jordan might commit with his vehicle. Dave explained that she'd paid him not to make it his business, and he was in debt up to his eyeballs. Jack asked how Dave expected to get the rest of the money, but Dave remained mum. Jack pleaded that they didn't have a lot of time, and two people they loved were in serious trouble. Jack appealed to Dave to help them.

Victor pondered rescinding the offer and instead telling Jordan that Dave had ratted her out. Dave divulged that Jordan had told him to meet her at a particular all-night diner and that she'd been wearing sweats and a ballcap. Victor, Jack, and Kyle stepped out to the foyer. Victor surmised that Jordan wanted to meet close to where she was keeping Claire and Harrison. Kyle figured that if Jordan would leave them alone, she had to be certain that Harrison wouldn't cry out or escape.

Kyle panicked that his son was locked up or incapacitated -- unless Claire was the one watching him. Victor was certain that Claire was no threat and that she would do everything in her power to keep Harrison safe. Kyle wanted to believe it, but he noted that Claire had fooled people before. Jack suggested that they stick with what they knew.

Victor instructed his team to search the area around the diner. Dave called out that he'd told them everything he knew. Jack recognized that Dave had served his purpose and would be compensated. Victor assured Dave that they would leave his name out of it, and he suggested Dave take the money and leave town. Dave protested that he liked the city, but Kyle cautioned that Jordan's last useful stranger had found his way in front of a moving car. Dave asked if the person was dead. "Dead like roadkill. You better pray we get to her first," Victor replied.

Victor reported that his team was at the diner, searching the area. Kyle prepared to go to the location where the truck had been abandoned to see if anyone in the vicinity had security footage. Jack wondered how they could string Jordan along if she started making demands. Victor doubted Jordan had shown her full hand yet, since he knew she loved theatrics. He vowed that they would "pull down the damn curtain once and for all."

Victor barked orders over the phone to keep him updated. Nikki arrived home and indicated that she'd been with Victoria and Cole. She voiced surprise to see Jack there, and Kyle headed out. Nikki wished there was something she could do, but she claimed that all any of them could do was pray. She excused herself, and Victor asked where she was going. She told him that they'd talk about it later.

Later, Nikki arrived in the alley. "Come and get me, Jordan. This is what we've both been waiting for," she dared.

Kyle locates Harrison

Kyle locates Harrison

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Daniel approached Summer and sarcastically introduced himself. Daniel scolded Summer for having ignored him, but Summer told him to stop. Summer told Daniel that something was wrong -- with Harrison -- and Daniel leaned down to hug his sister.

Summer told Daniel that she had been unable to talk about the kidnapping. Daniel questioned how Jordan could do something so "twisted and evil." Summer told Daniel that "everyone" had been trying to find Harrison, and even Jack and Victor had been working together. Summer complained that everyone involved seemed to have different ideas on how to go about finding Harrison. Summer said that Chance had been to the police station to make sure things were being done "by the book" so that Jordan and Claire wouldn't be able to escape on a "technicality." Summer complained that Kyle would not stop defending Claire. Daniel said that the only important thing was to rescue Harrison. Summer started crying, and Daniel told her to "stay strong" and that she would get Harrison home.

Daniel said that he was sorry he had been a jerk. Summer said that she just hadn't felt like "dumping" things on Daniel before, but she felt that she needed her brother. Daniel said that he was there and "not going anywhere." Daniel offered to "run interference" with Phyllis, but Summer said that Phyllis had been "pretty good" through the crisis. Daniel was skeptical, but Summer said that Phyllis had been supportive. Daniel said that maybe Phyllis had really changed, and Daniel asked what he could do to help. Summer asked Daniel to "keep [her] company for a while." Daniel suggested that they say a prayer. The siblings agreed that it couldn't hurt.

Daniel laid some pastries on the table and said that Summer needed to try to eat. Summer unhappily took a bite. Summer received a text, and she hurried out the door while telling Daniel that she would call him later.

In a hotel room, Jordan sarcastically told Harrison that when she had imagined how Harrison had grown up -- in a mansion with servants -- she could "practically weep." Jordan said that Harrison was trying her patience by not eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Jordan said that it was time Harrison learned an important lesson -- that "revenge never comes cheap." Harrison rolled away and closed his eyes.

Jordan told Harrison, "Eat the sandwich, or nothing." Harrison knocked the plate across the room and yelled, "Go away! You're a witch! I want to go home!" Jordan said that she had already told Harrison that his parents no longer wanted him or loved him. Jordan suggested that Harrison be nicer to his "Aunt Jordan" because she was all he had.

Jordan received Nikki's voicemail message. In her head, Jordan wondered why Nikki would think Jordan would fall for "an obvious trap" when Jordan was so much smarter than Nikki. Jordan pondered what Nikki could "possibly do" to Jordan when Jordan had all the leverage with the "little brat." Jordan thought about how much fun it could be to torture Nikki again. Jordan decided to meet Nikki, after all. Jordan got ready to leave and reminded Harrison that nobody wanted him, so he'd better not try to cry out for help.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Traci that Jack, Victor, and Kyle had been "exploring every possible lead" in their search for Harrison. Jack complained about how slowly things had been going. Traci encouraged Jack to remain positive. Jack asked how Ashley's first therapy session had gone. Traci told Jack that Ashley had never gone to her appointment.

Traci recounted to Jack that Ashley had been nervous on the way to the doctor's office. Traci said that she had tried to calm Ashley's fears on the way and that when they had arrived, Ashley had appeared suddenly calm. Ashley had told Traci that "taking control" of her mental health felt "right." Ashley had excused herself to use the restroom and never returned. Traci had eventually received a text from Ashley that said Ashley had been having second thoughts and that she would meet Traci at the house. Jack said that either Ashley had been lying, or something had changed her mind. Traci was exasperated, and she said that she wasn't trying to corner Ashley but that Ashley really needed to get treatment.

Jack called Ashley and left a voicemail asking her to let him know she was okay. Jack asked Traci if they should "force" Ashley into treatment. Traci was horrified and asked if that was really something they had to consider. Jack said that he didn't want to have to force Ashley to do anything, but Jack questioned what other choices they had. Traci suggested that they reach "the part of her that wants help." Traci argued that forcing Ashley to do anything would take away Ashley's "autonomy." Traci suggested that Ashley needed therapy from someone who made her "feel safe." Traci suggested that they should contact Ashley's psychologist friend from Paris.

Kyle called Jack. Kyle recounted that he had paid someone at the diner to let him see the video footage of Jordan with the delivery truck driver. Kyle confirmed that Jordan -- wearing a disguise -- had appeared in the video footage. Kyle said that he had been able to see the make and model of the car that Jordan had been driving. Jack told Kyle that Kyle "did great," and they were closer to finding Harrison.

Kyle told Jack that he had passed the information about Jordan's car along to Victor. Jack told Kyle that if Kyle did find the car, he needed to "call the authorities."

Traci decided that she would go look for Ashley while Jack waited for Ashley at home. Traci said that she was so sorry Jack was going through everything with Ashley and Harrison. Traci said that Jack needed to "deal with the Harrison crisis," and Traci could handle finding the therapist in Paris.

At the jazz lounge, Ashley sauntered up to the bar and, in a fake southern accent, asked the bartender to give her tequila. Ashley drank her shot, looked at her phone, and then said that whatever Jack wanted "would just have to wait." Ashley flirtatiously asked the bartender for another drink.

Ashley told the bartender that she was single and that he was probably wondering how she smelled so "irresistible." Ashley drawled that she was wearing Femme Magique, a scent she had created. Ashley walked over to the piano and said that she hoped the piano player took requests.

Ashley danced and yelled while the piano player finished his song. When the piano player started to play a new song, Ashley told him how much she liked it, and she started writhing around. Ashley said that she had felt like she had been in prison, and she loved it at the jazz lounge because people could "do whatever the hell they want" there. Ashley said that she was tired of everyone getting "a vote" in what she did. Ashley giggled and ran her fingers through the piano player's hair.

In a dirty alley, Nikki paced and waited for Jordan. Nikki yelled out, "Hurry the hell up, Jordan!" Nikki continued yelling taunts for the "sick bitch" to show her face. Victor texted Nikki that she needed to return home because he had "news about Jordan." Nikki yelled out again, "Last call!" to Jordan.

Jordan arrived in the alley and called out for Nikki. Victor walked up behind Jordan, put a cloth over her mouth, and said, "Guess again."

At the Athletic Club, Danny walked in and ran into Traci. After they hugged, Danny apologized for not getting together with Traci sooner. Danny offered to buy Traci a drink and noticed that she seemed "frazzled." Traci said that she would stay if Danny promised that they would talk about "happy things only."

Traci couldn't believe that Danny had been in a "tug-of-war between Phyllis and Christine," and Traci hadn't known about it. Traci laughed. Danny grinned, and he insisted that the situation wasn't funny. Traci watched the door, and Danny asked what it was that Traci was trying not to talk about. Traci said that the Abbotts had been going through a rough patch. Traci asked Danny if he had seen Ashley all day. Danny said that he had not seen Ashley, but he would help Traci find her. Traci said that she appreciated the offer, but she needed to find Ashley on her own. Danny and Traci promised to keep in touch while Danny was on tour, and they told one another that they loved each other.

As Traci was leaving the Athletic Club, she heard Ashley yelling from the jazz lounge. Traci walked down the stairs and found Ashley dancing by the piano.

Kyle approached a hotel room and knocked. Kyle yelled for Harrison, and Harrison replied, "Daddy!" Kyle kicked the door in and ran to his son. They hugged, and Kyle began to cry.

Victor has Jordan locked in the wine cellar

Victor has Jordan locked in the wine cellar

Thursday, April 25, 2024

At the hotel, Kyle hugged Harrison. Summer, in tears, ran in and scooped up Harrison. Kyle asked where Claire was, but Harrison said that he did not know. Harrison told Summer that "the witch" had told him that Kyle and Summer no longer wanted him. Summer told Harrison that he was Kyle and Summer's "entire world." Summer said that they had been searching for him since the moment he'd been taken.

Harrison asked why Jordan had said such a thing. Summer replied that Jordan was an "evil person" who had wanted to hurt them. Summer reassured Harrison that he was safe. Kyle returned and reported that there was no sign of Claire. Summer said that she hoped the police would lock both Jordan and Claire in jail.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Diane that there was "good news" about Harrison. Jack filled Diane in on what Kyle had been up to. Diane immediately worried that Kyle would find Jordan on his own and get himself into danger. Diane told Jack that they should go help Kyle and Harrison. As Jack and Diane got ready to leave, Harrison, Kyle, and Summer walked in the door. Harrison ran to embrace Jack.

Diane hugged Harrison. Harrison told his grandparents that "the witch was mean and told [him] lies," but she hadn't hurt him. Harrison grinned and said that he was happy to be home. Summer suggested that Harrison go to his room and see his toys. Kyle agreed, saying it had been a "long, rough day."

After Summer and Harrison left, Kyle told his parents what had happened at the hotel. Diane asked Kyle if he had seen Claire. Kyle said that he hadn't seen Claire and that Jordan had never returned to the hotel while he had been there.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis asked Nick why they had not heard anything about Harrison. Nick said, "No news is good news." Phyllis was heartbroken over Summer's pain. Phyllis got ready to call Summer, but Nick told her to stop because Jack, Victor, and the police were on top of things. Phyllis scolded Nick that he hadn't told her about what Jordan had done to his family. Nick tried to calm Phyllis down, and she told him that it drove her crazy when he did "that calm thing." Phyllis said that she felt helpless. Nick said that Summer knew that her parents loved her.

Phyllis asked Nick if he remembered when Summer had become an "instant mom" by marrying Kyle. Phyllis said that Summer's marriage had made Phyllis a "super-hot granny." Phyllis said that she hadn't been sure if Summer could handle being a mom, and Nick confessed that he had been worried about the same thing. Nick remembered how wild Summer had been but said that when they "weren't looking," Summer had grown up. Phyllis and Nick continued to discuss how "incredible" Summer had become. Nick assured Phyllis again that Harrison would return home. Both of their phones pinged with messages.

Phyllis and Nick had received pictures of Harrison safe in his bed. Phyllis wanted to go see Harrison, but Nick said that they should wait. Seeing that Nick was agitated, Phyllis asked Nick if he had really been calm. Nick confessed that some of the things he had said had been to calm himself and that he was glad Phyllis had been there. Phyllis said that it sounded like she had been a "calm" force for Nick and had been his "hero." Nick grinned and said, "Sure." Nick said that if Jordan didn't end up in prison, he would hunt her down himself.

At the tack house, Cole made pasta for Victoria. Victoria told Cole that he did not need to take care of her. Cole said, "staying busy" -- and taking care of Victoria -- were ways of taking care of himself, too.

Cole told Victoria that she was not alone. Cole said that they could not predict where life would take them, because never "in a billion years" would he have thought he'd be back in Genoa City with a grown daughter. Victoria smiled and said that Claire was such an "amazing, wonderful gift." Cole assured Victoria that Claire would be okay.

Victoria said that she was tired of sitting around waiting, and Cole asked if she wanted to go to the main house. Victoria said that she wanted to stay at the tack house, since it was "Claire's home." Cole said that Claire was smart and that Claire was doing everything she could to "protect Harrison" and get home safely. Victoria said that she couldn't believe that Summer thought Claire had been responsible for the kidnapping. Cole defended Summer, saying that Summer was just afraid for her child. Victoria asked why they hadn't heard anything yet.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki took a flask out of her pocket but didn't take a drink. Victor walked in, and Nikki asked where he had been. Victor told Nikki that he had been "in an alley" because he had been following her. Nikki was irate that Victor had been spying on her. Victor asked Nikki why she hadn't told him about her plan to lure Jordan out of hiding. Nikki told Victor that the situation had been her fault, and she had needed to handle it. Victor argued that the only person to blame was Jordan. Nikki said that she had wanted to fight for Harrison and Claire. Nikki said that it didn't matter, anyway, since Jordan had not shown up. Victor said, "She did."

Victor told Nikki that Kyle had found the hotel. Nikki asked if Jordan was back in custody. Victor reported that Jordan had died. Nikki was shocked and asked how it had happened. Victor said that Jordan had seen him and run away. Jordan had slipped on a bridge over the river and fallen over the side. Nikki asked if Victor was sure Jordan had died. Victor said that there was "no way" Jordan could have survived the fall. Nikki said that she would not be convinced until she saw Jordan's body herself.

Victor's phone rang, and he answered it. Jack told Victor that Harrison was home. Victor inquired about Claire, but Jack said that Kyle had not "seen any sign" of Claire. Jack told Victor that they couldn't get any "answers" about Claire until they found Jordan. Victor told Jack that Jordan had died. Jack said that Jordan's death had been "justice...and a relief." Nikki was relieved to hear about Harrison, but questioned what they should do to find Claire.

Victor said that he had seen "the joy" in Claire's eyes when she had become part of the family, and there was no way Claire had been involved. Nikki asked, "Then where is she? What did Jordan do to her?" Victor said that he would find out. Victor suggested that they go to the tack house to let Victoria know that Harrison had been found, but Claire had not.

Nikki said that Victor should focus on finding Claire and that Nikki would go tell Victoria and Cole the news. Victor told Nikki never to do something "like that" again without telling him. Victor said that Nikki had shown courage, however, and that Kyle wouldn't have found Harrison alone had Nikki not lured Jordan away. Victor told Nikki that Jordan could never hurt them again, and he promised to find Claire.

After Nikki left, Victor went down to the wine cellar. Victor looked over the bottles and then turned around and asked Jordan, who was locked in a cage, if she was "settling in." Victor laughed. Jordan called Victor a "bastard," and Victor said that he had "been called much worse." Jordan cried out for help, but Victor told her that no one could hear her. Jordan protested that Victor could not "do this" to her. Victor retorted that he already had, and there was no way out for Jordan. Victor demanded that Jordan tell him where to find Claire.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer returned from Harrison's room and reported that he had fallen asleep. Summer worried about the "emotional toll" the kidnapping could take on Harrison. Jack told Summer, Kyle, and Diane that Victor had reported that Jordan had died. Summer said that she was glad Jordan was dead, but she asked if Claire was "still on the loose." Summer said that Claire was "just as guilty as Jordan." Jack told Summer that they didn't know if Claire had been involved.

Summer argued that it was obvious that Claire and Jordan had been working together. Kyle said that Harrison hadn't blamed anything on Claire when Kyle had asked his son about her. Summer continued to blame Claire. Kyle said that he had only seen Jordan driving away. Summer asked why Kyle hadn't found Claire trapped in the hotel if Claire had been a victim, too. Diane suggested that Jordan could have harmed Claire. Kyle said that Claire had betrayed Jordan and that Jordan wouldn't have forgiven Claire for becoming a Newman.

The doorbell rang, and Jack let Phyllis and Nick inside. After Summer told her parents that Harrison was sleeping, they all heard Harrison yell, "Mommy! Daddy!" from upstairs. Kyle and Summer raced up the stairs.

Kyle returned and said that Harrison had had a nightmare. Phyllis said that she could kill Jordan, but Jack said that it was too late because Jordan was dead. Nick said that Jordan's demise was good news, but he would need to see a body "to believe it." Phyllis told Kyle that he had been a hero. Summer and Harrison walked down the stairs.

Phyllis told Harrison that she was very proud of him. Kyle asked Harrison what his dream had been about. Harrison said that he had dreamed about "the witch." Kyle said that Jordan would never hurt Harrison again, and Summer chimed in and said, "Neither will Claire." Harrison said that Claire had not hurt him but that "the witch" had hurt Claire. Harrison said that Claire was "in trouble," and they needed to save her.

Nikki arrived at the tack house and let Victoria and Cole know that Harrison was home but that Claire had not been located. Victoria grew upset and declared, "This can't be happening!" Cole assured Victoria that they would find Claire. Victoria asked how they could locate Claire if Jordan was dead. Victoria's phone rang, and she answered it. On the other end of the line, Victoria could hear someone yelling, "Mom!"

Ashley's personalities disagree about how to protect her

Ashley's personalities disagree about how to protect her

Friday, April 26, 2024

At Society, Mariah walked up to the bar, where Tessa was humming. Tessa said that she had been humming because her "life [was] beautiful." Mariah suggested Tessa could be even happier. Mariah asked Tessa what she would think if "there was a way" for Tessa to be in front of an audience again. Tessa replied that she couldn't leave home, between Aria and her job at Society. Mariah said that she meant that Tessa should go to local music festivals. Tessa admitted it was "tempting."

Abby and Devon approached Tessa and Mariah. After chit-chatting, Devon said that he "missed" Tessa at the label. Mariah responded that since Tessa was so talented, Tessa deserved a spot at a music festival. Tessa interjected that she loved her job and wasn't looking to leave Society. Devon said that he had been "putting together a festival," and Tessa would be a great addition. Tessa was thrilled.

At their table, Devon told Abby that he had not seen it coming that Lily would vote against his suggestion to bring Nate back on the board. Devon lamented that it seemed everyone had been "picking sides" at Chancellor-Winters and had not been doing what would be in the best interest of the company.

Abby defended Lily's decision not to add Nate to the board and said that it had not been "a vote against" Devon. Abby said that Lily would eventually be persuaded to see things Devon's way. Devon said that he had stood by Lily when she had fired Daniel. Abby said that she loved that Devon hadn't voted differently to "spite" Lily. Devon was not convinced that there "wasn't more" to why Lily had voted against Nate. Devon suggested that Billy had "gotten under her skin."

Abby asked Devon if he really thought Lily "was teaming up with Billy." Devon said that Lily was susceptible to Billy's attempts to gain more control at Chancellor-Winters. Devon confessed to Abby that he didn't really love working at the company anymore. Devon said that the company was supposed to be about having a "legacy," and not just about money. Devon said that he was tired of dealing with all the "conflict" Billy had brought to the company.

At Crimson Lights, Billy approached Lily as she stirred her coffee. Lily said that she did not want to "revisit" the subject of the two of them "running the company together." Billy said that he would back off, but he thought Lily would eventually "come around."

Lily told Billy that she had spoken with Mamie and that Mamie had accused Lily of being emotional when she had fired Daniel and Heather. Billy asked if Lily was "finally coming around to the idea" that Mamie was trouble.

Lily said that she would not say Mamie was "trouble," but Lily didn't like the idea of dividing the company. Billy argued that a split might be "inevitable," and that was why he wanted to run the company side by side with Lily. Lily said that she didn't want to talk about it and tried to leave. Billy said that he'd stop talking about the company and offered to buy Lily something "stronger than coffee" to drink.

At the jazz lounge, Billy joked about what a great idea he had had to go to the jazz lounge. Lily said that she could see that something had been "going on" with Billy. Billy confessed that things had been tough with Ashley. Billy said that it had been "tough to watch" Ashley lose herself over Tucker. Lily said that didn't "sound like Ashley at all."

Billy told Lily that he had "always been afraid" of his sister because Ashley had always been so "tough." Billy said that he would "love to fix what Tucker" had broken inside Ashley. Billy said that he hated Tucker, and Lily said that she hated Tucker more than Billy did after what Tucker had done to Devon. Lily said that it was good that Ashley had her family's support. Billy said that he wished his dad was still around. Gazing up at Neil's picture, Lily said that she knew exactly what Billy meant. Billy said that Neil would be "incredibly proud" of Lily. Lily and Billy toasted to both of their fathers.

Billy told Lily a story about his kids. Billy said that when he had dated Lily, she had had a certain "look" that had calmed the kids down. Lily protested that she didn't have "a look." Billy argued that Lily did have a look, and he was surprised she hadn't "pulled that look out" on Devon and Billy.

In Audra's suite at the Athletic Club, Audra told Tucker that they should launch a new marketing campaign for one of the new companies they had acquired. Tucker said that Audra's idea was dumb and suggested another strategy to turn around each company "one by one." Audra suggested that with Tucker's strategies, Glissade could someday "rival Jabot."

Tucker was surprised that Audra had brought up Jabot, since she had told him that she didn't want to focus on rivalries and drama. Audra said that she'd wanted Glissade to become the "biggest cosmetics entity out there" only because she wanted to dominate the industry. Tucker told Audra that Ashley was not his motivation for wanting success, although he would enjoy sticking it to the Abbotts. Audra agreed that surpassing Jabot's success would be good. Tucker said that Audra's "ambition" gave him "sensations." They started kissing.

In bed, Audra said that she wanted to get food. Tucker sarcastically asked if Audra knew there was a restaurant in the hotel. Audra said that they should "try it." Tucker challenged Audra to a race downstairs.

Traci and Ashley sat in the dining room of the Athletic Club. Ashley said that she wanted a shot of tequila. Traci said that Ashley did not need "anything else to drink." The southern alter in Ashley's mind, Belle, thought, "I'll just humor the poor thing." Traci asked why Ashley had not returned Traci or Jack's calls. Ashley said that she had turned off her phone to "detox" from stress. Traci said, "everyone would be a little more comfortable" if Ashley left her phone on, with "everything going on."

Traci told Ashley that Harrison had returned home. Ashley said that they should count their blessings. Traci said that with Harrison back home, the Abbotts could "concentrate" on Ashley. Belle thought, "Son of a bitch."

Traci said that she understood that therapy would be daunting for Ashley but asked why Ashley had changed her mind right before the appointment. Ashley told Traci that she had "panicked." Traci said that Ashley shouldn't have "taken off" because Traci could have tried to help her sister. Ashley said that he had gone to the Athletic Club to "relax and calm down." Ashley suggested that they both take shots of tequila. Traci said that she was afraid for Ashley and that Ashley was "spiraling out of control." Traci begged Ashley to not "hide behind alcohol" and to get help. Ashley promised to reschedule the appointment.

Audra and Tucker raced down the stairs to the restaurant and ran into Ashley and Traci, who were leaving. Ashley asked if Tucker had a "helicopter to fly or a car to crash." Ashley looked at Audra and said, "such a waste. You really are so pretty and so smart. You could do a lot better." Audra was skeptical of the flattery. Ashley said that Audra ought to ditch "this daddy issue" for good.

Ashley excused herself to go to the restroom. Tucker commented to Traci that there was "an entirely new Ashley." Traci pretended not to know what Tucker meant. Traci said that anything happening with Ashley was a "private family matter" and not Tucker's concern. Tucker reminded Traci that Ashley had threatened him. Traci said that it was obvious that Ashley "couldn't care less" about Tucker, and he needed to "let it go." Traci left.

Audra said that something was really wrong with Ashley, and Audra was "a little freaked out" by Ashley's behavior. "Genoa City is not quite big enough to never run into people you don't like," Tucker quipped. Audra told Tucker to stay away from Ashley. Tucker said that he had "let it go" and asked Audra if she could do the same.

Tucker pulled the engagement ring out of his pocket and told Audra that if she would say yes to his proposal, they could drive Ashley away "for good." Audra asked if Tucker always carried the ring around. Tucker said that he wanted to be prepared for Audra to change her mind. Audra asked Tucker to recognize that he didn't really want to get married. Tucker said that he'd like to go around introducing himself as "Tucker Charles, Audra Charles's husband." Audra laughed and said that she still wouldn't be saying yes.

Tucker asked Audra if she had ever daydreamed about a wedding when she had been a little girl. Tucker said that Audra would be beautiful walking down the aisle in a diamond tiara. Tucker said that everyone in town would be "blown away," and Audra said that she would love to see the looks on people's faces.

Audra admitted that she had pictured arriving at her wedding via a "horse-drawn carriage." Audra said that they could have everything they wanted without a wedding. Tucker said that getting married would be about making a promise to each other. Audra argued that marriage was a promise "people break every day of the week." Audra reached out for Tucker's hand and said that she would make a "different promise" to remind Tucker every day that she was with him because she loved him.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley's alternate personalities started fighting. The dominant alter, Ms. Abbott, told Belle that they needed to eliminate Tucker permanently. Belle asked Ms. Abbott if she was "cuckoo crazy" to suggest killing Tucker. Ms. Abbott told Belle to get out of the way and let her "handle things." Belle said that Ms. Abbott would ruin Ashley's life, and Belle "would not have it." Ms. Abbott reminded Belle that neither one of them liked Tucker.

Belle agreed that Tucker was bad, but she didn't want the blood and mess of murder. Ms. Abbott, still handcuffed to a bed, writhed around and called Belle a "stupid little slut." Belle said that the only way to get rid of Tucker would be to find someone new for Ashley "to love." Ms. Abbott yelled that Belle's idea was stupid. Belle reminded Ms. Abbott that Belle was the one in control.

In the Abbott living room, Traci said that she understood that Ashley was "nervous about seeing a new therapist." Traci suggested they call Ashley's psychologist friend in Paris. Belle remembered that the friend was "smart, charming, and so attractive." Ashley smiled and said that Traci's idea was "incredible." Traci said that she had already left a message for Ashley's friend.

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