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Nikki met with Seth, unaware that Jordan had convinced him to reach out to Nikki for help. Tucker was stunned when Ashley admitted he'd been right about their argument in Paris. Adam and Chelsea panicked when Connor's school psychologist suspected the boy suffered from OCD. Amanda returned to town.
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Nikki met with Seth. Ashley told Tucker he was right about what happened in Paris. Amanda returned. Adam and Chelsea panicked when told Connor might have OCD.
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Nikki puts herself in danger by agreeing to see Seth

Nikki puts herself in danger by agreeing to see Seth

Monday, February 19, 2024

After Tucker and Audra made love in his suite at the Athletic Club, Tucker invited Audra on a trip to Paris to meet with Glissade's new board of directors and to later set aside time to check out other companies they might acquire. Audra welcomed a trip to Paris. Audra asked Tucker if he was sure he wanted to visit Paris so soon after what had happened. Tucker declared that he would not let Ashley ruin such a magnificent city for him. Tucker, gazing lovingly into Audra's eyes, said that being with her would make Paris new to him.

Audra told Tucker he had proven that Ashley was out of his system. Tucker kissed Audra, and she declared that together, they would be unstoppable. Tucker agreed, telling Audra that he was right where he wanted to be, which was as close to her as possible. Audra kissed Tucker and snuggled close to him. After Tucker and Audra dressed, Tucker told Audra he felt optimistic about being part of a power couple.

At the Abbott home, Jack asked Ashley how she was feeling. Ashley replied that she was better. Jack told Ashley he wished their dad was alive because their father had always been better than he was at offering comfort. Ashley told Jack he had done well in offering support by listening without judging. Ashley noted that she was grateful for Jack and Traci because she knew she could count on them.

After Jack went to fetch a cup of tea for Ashley, Kyle and Diane entered through the front door. Kyle, speaking in a tone suggesting he was defending himself, said, "Mom, you and Dad were in a meeting, not taking phone calls. R&D needed a decision immediately; I made it. Exact same decision you would've made, so we're all good." Diane replied that the decision had not been Kyle's to make, reminding him that he was the chief operating officer, not the co-CEO. Diane complained that it was not the first time Kyle had "tried too hard." Diane insisted that she and Kyle should deal with the issue.

Diane noticed Ashley sitting in a corner chair. Ashley, smiling, said, "Hello, you two." Jack returned and served Ashley a cup of tea. Before Kyle went upstairs to check on Harrison, he invited Ashley to join him, Diane, and Jack for dinner at Society. Diane and Jack agreed that Ashley should dine with them. Ashley declined, explaining that she needed to stay home to rest.

Ashley noted that she did not require supervision. Jack insisted that he had no intentions of supervising his sister. Ashley replied, "Oh, yeah, you are. You're exceptionally good at it." Ashley encouraged her brother and his family to leave, and she asked Jack to bring back cheesecake.

After Jack, Diane, and Kyle left, Ashley was alone. Ashley heard her own voice in her head, warning that she was breaking down and could not handle much more. Ashley admonished herself for being negative. Ashley pressed her palms on each side of her head and yelled, "Oh, God! Shut up!" Ashley grabbed her purse and left. Ashley later sat in her car and again heard her voice in her head, stating that she was worried. Ashley acknowledged that it was time for her to change and take control.

Tucker and Audra dined downstairs at the Athletic Club restaurant. Audra asked Tucker about his plans after their meeting at Glissade. Tucker smiled and suggested they could celebrate together in their hotel room. Audra asked Tucker if he planned to relocate Glissade to Genoa City or if they would embrace a new life in Paris. Audra vowed to stay with Tucker, no matter what he decided, though she admitted that letting down her guard and giving in fully to their relationship was scary. Tucker replied, "I guess for a couple of fearless risk-takers, we've been pretty cowardly with one another, haven't we?"

Audra asked Tucker if they were actually beginning a real, honest life that was full of endless possibilities. Tucker assured Audra that they were beginning a new life in Genoa City. Tucker said he hoped to have a better relationship with Devon and preferred to stay in Genoa City to be with his son and Dominic. Audra told Tucker she was aware of the pain caused by the disconnection between him and Devon. Tucker agreed that it hurt more than he had admitted, even to himself. Tucker acknowledged that he often resorted to anger instead of facing the pain. Audra replied, "Nothing hurts more than the pain of being estranged from your own family."

Audra encouraged Tucker to resolve his issues. Tucker agreed he should. Recalling that Audra would not discuss her own family, Tucker said that she was insightful about how painful it was to be estranged from loved ones. Audra advised Tucker to wait awhile and do nothing, explaining that his emotions were too volatile after his breakup with Ashley. Tucker asked Audra what he should do after giving himself time to regroup.

Audra recalled that Tucker had promised Devon he had changed a number of times, though he had failed each time. Audra encouraged Tucker to show Devon he was serious by offering help when needed without scheming, engaging in subterfuge, or attaching strings. Audra instructed Tucker to show love in the right way. Tucker replied, "In other words, the last thing that he would expect from me." Tucker took Audra's hand and told her she was amazing.

Ashley entered the Athletic Club dining room through the front door and paused to watch Tucker and Audra. Ashley quietly went upstairs. After Tucker signed a dinner tab, Audra offered to buy him a nightcap. Tucker told Audra he would soon return after making a couple of calls upstairs in his room. Upstairs, Tucker entered his suite and was startled to see Ashley waiting for him in the dark.

At Society, Abby poured glasses of complimentary wine for Jack, Diane, and Kyle. Diane joined Kyle after he proposed a toast to Jack. Jack asked what he had done to deserve a toast. Diane scoffed when Kyle praised his dad for helping Nikki. Jack replied that Nikki would do the same for him if the situation were reversed.

Diane noted that Jack had his hands full at home. Kyle asked about Ashley. Jack reported that Ashley seemed better. Diane agreed, adding that Ashley had not complained about Diane having been named co-CEO. Jack explained that though Tucker's mind games had done a number on Ashley, he felt cautiously optimistic that his sister had turned a corner.

Diane asked Jack why he believed Ashley had changed. Jack replied that Ashley had had enough and was putting Tucker behind her once and for all. Kyle admitted that breaking away from Tucker would not be easy because he was adept at getting inside another person's head and refusing to let go until he was done using them. Diane complained about the way Tucker had upended the Abbott family while refusing to back away from Jabot. Diane noted that they had failed to crush Tucker after revealing his cover-up scandal. Kyle added that Audra would no longer be helpful to carry out a follow-up attack. Jack assured Diane and Kyle that they would defend Jabot at every level.

Tessa met with Abby at Society. Abby was overjoyed when Tessa accepted her offer to help manage Society. Tessa suggested moving aside some tables to make room for a dance floor and karaoke. Abby, taken aback, declined to implement Tessa's suggestions. Tessa laughed and admitted she was joking, adding that patrons loved the restaurant and food. Tessa explained that she would need flexibility with her work schedule, so she could care for Aria when Mariah could not. Abby agreed to Tessa's request.

Tessa and Abby sealed their deal with a warm embrace. Abby expressed relief about having adequate time for Dominic while also keeping up with her responsibilities as a board member at Chancellor-Winters. Abby told Tessa she could not wait to tell Devon. Abby took Tessa by the hand and introduced her to Jack, Diane, and Kyle as the new manager of Society.

After the Abbotts returned home, Jack called out to Ashley. Jack went upstairs when Ashley did not answer. Diane asked Kyle if everything with him was all right. Kyle recalled having made an executive decision that Diane thought was not within the scope of his position. Diane pressed Kyle to tell her how he felt about not being named co-CEO. Kyle told his mom that things were the way they should be. Diane asked Kyle if he actually felt otherwise. Flippantly, Kyle replied, "It's all good." Diane said she feared Kyle was not pleased. Kyle admitted he was struggling not to resent his mother's position of authority.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki proposed a plan to confront Jordan. Noting that Jordan was determined to come after her, Nikki explained that she planned to lure Jordan out into the open. Victor opposed Nikki's plan, fearing it might hinder her determination to remain sober. Victoria agreed with her dad, warning that Jordan was a vicious, uncontrollable monster. Victor reminded Nikki that Jordan had set a fire at the prison that had killed a number of inmates. Nikki asked her daughter and husband if she should sit around and allow Jordan to continue torturing her with taunts. Victor replied, "Sweetheart, just don't answer the damn phone."

Nikki admitted she had considered drinking, though Victor had made sure there was no alcohol in their home. Nikki credited Jack and Lauren for preventing her from seeking a drink elsewhere. Nikki said Jack had stressed the importance of maintaining her sobriety. Victor asked Nikki how she might handle the situation if Jack was unavailable. Nikki explained that there was much more to being a sponsor that just preventing the abuser from drinking.

Nikki scolded Victor for second-guessing her, insisting that she needed to have some control. Nikki declared, "Taking on Jordan will give me a goal, something to focus on, so that I can destroy her once and for all." Victor reminded Nikki that Jordan had wrested control during a previous encounter and had nearly killed her.

Nikki's phone rang. Victor demanded Nikki allow him to answer. Nikki replied, "Absolutely not. It's not Jordan. It's Seth, my former sponsor." Victor told Nikki not to answer because Seth had nothing more to offer after he had failed her. Victoria agreed that Seth might drag her mother down again. Nikki expressed sympathy for Seth after he had stumbled, noting that he might be seeking help.

Nikki answered and asked Seth how he was doing. Seth, seated at a table in the Empty Glass bar, admitted he really needed help. Jordan, wearing a light auburn wig and oversized eyeglasses, nodded in approval when Seth told Nikki he hoped she could do for him what he had not been able to do for her. Nikki told Seth she could not be his sponsor.

Seth walked a few steps away from Jordan and told Nikki he had impulsively decided to phone her because he was aware that she was also struggling. Seth told Nikki he believed they might be able to help each other, admitting he was struggling to deal with the guilt of having let her down. After Nikki learned that Seth was at a bar, she explained that they could not meet if he had been drinking. Seth assured Nikki he had not had a drink. Nikki instructed Seth to meet her at Crimson Lights.

After Nikki hung up from talking to Seth, Victor insisted she could not leave the premises as long as Jordan was free. Nikki explained that she and Seth would be at a public place that did not serve alcohol. Victor told Nikki he would order a member of his security team to watch over Nikki. Nikki cried that Victor should stop coddling her because she hated being stuck in the house due to Jordan's threats.

Victoria begged her mother to stay home until the police could locate Jordan. Victor warned Nikki that she was daring Jordan to step beyond harassing her on the phone. Victor told Nikki she would be putting her life in danger again. Nikki agreed to meet with Seth at the ranch. Victor stepped out to take a phone call. Victoria left to check on Claire.

Nikki phoned Seth to inform him that they would meet at the ranch instead of the coffeehouse. Seth asked Nikki to give him her address. Nikki replied, "421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B. I'll tell the security guard that I'm expecting you." Jordan was pleased to hear that Seth was invited to the Newman home.

After Nikki hung up from her call and Victor returned from the other room, she told him Seth would be stopping by. Nikki explained that helping Seth would be incentive to maintain her own sobriety. Victor embraced Nikki and praised her for helping someone else. Nikki told Victor she wanted to set a trap for Jordan before Jordan could set one for them.

Ashley puts Audra on notice

Ashley puts Audra on notice

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

At Society, Adam inquired whether Sally was thinking about having old favorites or something adventurous for dinner. She replied that food could wait, since he'd said he had news. Adam referred to a surprise for later, but Sally protested that he couldn't leave her in suspense. She guessed that it was a weekend getaway, a puppy, or perhaps a Lamborghini. Adam replied that she wasn't even close, and Sally jokingly surmised that it was her own private jet. He took her hands in his and declared, "Good things come to those who wait."

Sally inquired about Adam's day, and he reported that it had been good for the most part. She pushed to know more about the not-so-good part, and he wished he hadn't told her he had news because the surprise he'd had planned for her had hit a speed bump. Adam opted to hold off on saying more until things worked out. He observed her disappointment, but she reserved disappointment for when she thought about her career.

Sally recounted that she'd met with Chloe to brainstorm ideas, and she intended to make a pitch to Chancellor-Winters to back her design firm financially by folding it into the company. Adam objected, and Sally wondered if he didn't have confidence in them. He clarified that he had infinite confidence in both her and Chloe -- just not at Chancellor-Winters. Sally asked if he knew something she didn't know.

Victor approached the table, and he and Sally exchanged polite greetings. Victor coolly requested that Adam step up his efforts to finish a deal memo and push through a certain contract, and Adam frostily agreed to take care of the tasks. Victor stepped away and ordered a double shot of tequila at the bar. Noting the chill between the men, a puzzled Sally asked if something had happened, since she'd thought Adam and Victor had been getting along.

Adam shared that he'd asked his dad to revisit the idea of giving Sally a design division under the Newman umbrella. A stunned Sally asked why he'd done it, and he indicated that he and Nick had agreed it would be a smart business move. Sally was appalled that Adam had talked to Nick without even asking her if it was something she wanted. Adam imagined the blowback if he'd tried to pitch the idea to Victor behind Nick's back. Sally questioned whether Adam had expected none from her.

Adam defended that he'd been trying to be honest and aboveboard, but Sally and Nick had a problem with his methods. Sally explained that she had a problem with Adam telling her about it after the fact. He maintained that it would be great business for both her and Newman, and he frowned upon the thought of her turning to Chancellor-Winters when she could be working closely with him instead. Sally noted that he'd also be axing Nick out of her work situation completely, and Adam argued that she hadn't been comfortable with having Nick as her sole backer since they'd broken up.

Adam figured that it would help Sally feel less guilty if Nick got his investment back, leaving her off the hook from owing him anything. Sally snapped that it had still been her decision to make, and she asked if Adam envisioned becoming her boss. He swore that Newman would simply provide the money for her enterprise; there would be no looking over her shoulder, but she could always turn to him for advice. Adam swore he trusted her to run her own shop, and he supported her vision. Sally admitted that he was saying all the right things, but it was exactly what he did when he was backed into a corner.

Sally groused that she wasn't sold on the idea, reminding Adam that Victor had teased her with the possibility of having her own division, only to renege after he'd known she'd walked away from a steady gig at Chancellor-Winters. Sally assumed it had been personal and intentional to screw her over and put her in her place, and she questioned what was stopping Victor from doing it again. "Me," Adam replied.

Sally appreciated Adam wanting to protect her, but she couldn't imagine being successful with Victor running the show. Sally suspected that Victor had turned Adam down flat because Victor didn't want her on the payroll -- then or ever. Adam promised to get an offer on paper, but Sally remained unconvinced. Sally scolded that the point was that Adam had made a career choice for her without the courtesy of talking to her about it first. Adam conceded that he'd gone about it the wrong way, but his motives had been pure.

Adam contended that it was a better move than Sally going somewhere else, and he thought it should tell her something that she'd been willing to ditch Chancellor-Winters when Victor had made her a handshake offer. Sally ranted that Adam had her whole future mapped out for her once again. He pleaded with her to give it some thought, since he believed she'd see it made sense. She argued that it didn't matter if Victor didn't see it. Adam urged Sally to keep an open mind and let it play out.

At the Newman ranch, Seth commented that Nikki had a beautiful home. She recalled that he took his coffee black, and she handed him a cup. He thanked her for taking time to meet with him, noting that he felt bad about letting her down. She assured him that there had been no way he could have helped her maintain her sobriety when he hadn't been able to maintain his. Seth lamented that he had promised to be there for Nikki but hadn't followed through, and he'd felt shattered, so he'd taken his first drink.

Nikki urged Seth to tell her if he was drunk right then or if he was at the stage where he was just maintaining a constant buzz. He recounted that he'd been in a bad way when he'd called her, and he'd thought talking to her might help him snap out of it. Nikki cautioned that she couldn't be his support system because her own situation was too precarious. Seth figured that maybe he'd needed to hear her say she didn't blame him for failing her. Nikki reiterated that it had been her decision to take a drink, and he'd had no control over it.

Nikki encouraged Seth not to think of it as a personal failing, and she commended him for being strong enough to ask for help. Seth confided that he'd reached out to someone else who wanted to get sober, but he balked at revealing the person's identity because he'd promised "her" that he wouldn't mention her to Nikki. Nikki realized the friend was a woman, and she swore she hadn't meant to put him in an awkward position. Seth explained that it was just someone from meetings who had been surprised to hear he wasn't Nikki's sponsor anymore, and he wanted to honor his friend's wish to remain anonymous.

Nikki recognized that it was important for Seth not to betray the woman's trust. Seth reported that his friend had given him great advice when he'd confided how badly he'd messed up by agreeing to be Nikki's sponsor when teetering on the edge himself, and his friend had told him that he shouldn't assume Nikki would blame him or hate him. Seth continued that his friend had encouraged him to give Nikki credit for being compassionate, and he felt better after talking to Nikki. He hoped that maybe he and Nikki could at least be friends again.

Nikki hesitated to remain friends with Seth while she was still struggling. She worried that they'd likely end up being drinking buddies rather than actual friends, but he countered that it depended on what they were drinking. Nikki acknowledged that it was just coffee that day, but they had no idea what would happen the next. Nikki stressed that she was fighting her own battle, and she wasn't sure if staying in touch was a good idea. Seth promised not to push.

Nikki urged Seth to get rid of any guilt where she was concerned and move forward by getting a real sponsor. Seth figured that he'd just needed forgiveness to move past his bad feelings and start fresh. Nikki advised him to go to a meeting that night, and he pledged to go as often as he could to show her that he could pull himself together. Nikki admitted that she missed their conversations, and she hesitantly agreed to have an occasional cup of coffee together.

Outside the ranch, Seth sent a text message to Jordan, thanking her for the nudge to reconnect with Nikki, because it had been the right thing to do. Jordan smiled.

Victor returned home and embraced Nikki. He asked how things had gone with Seth. Nikki bemoaned that Seth had really been struggling, but she thought it had helped him to talk to someone. She mused that after all the help she'd needed, it had felt good to be on the giving end for a change. Victor sensed that she was feeling good about herself, noting that was the most important thing for her recovery.

Tucker was stunned when he found Ashley in his hotel room, and he flatly asked what she wanted. Ashley claimed that she believed him -- he was right, and she'd been wrong about the fight in Paris that had ended them. She admitted that it had been extreme to think he'd bribed an entire waitstaff, but her reaction to everything had been extreme. A skeptical Tucker called it a load of bull, since she'd been playing him the whole time with her endless drama, yet she was suddenly cool and in control as if it had only been a misunderstanding. "What the hell is going on with you, Ashley?" he questioned.

Ashley revealed that she'd had an awakening, and she'd realized that everything Tucker had said about her fear of commitment had been true. She conceded that she had a hard time trusting people -- especially men -- so she'd exaggerated things and made him the villain in her story. She quickly added that he hadn't been blameless, and he reminded her that he'd always accepted his role in what had happened. Ashley affirmed that the encounter had been upsetting but not violent, and she wanted to let go of the past because she was desperate to be free of the rage and confusion.

Tucker surmised that Ashley was forcing herself to say it because it was the cleanest way to make a break from him, but there was just one hitch -- he didn't believe any of it. He expected that Ashley's emotions might subside for a minute, but they would fester and burn inside her, and she'd eventually have to let them out by blaming him for something else. Ashley revealed that she'd had an epiphany after a fender bender, and he sincerely asked if she was all right. She assured him that she was fine physically and mentally.

Ashley claimed that she'd had clarity wash over her when she'd realized her rage and confusion had resulted from her conflict about marrying Tucker. She reasoned that she'd been in no place to make a commitment because she hadn't trusted him. Tucker snapped that the animosity she'd shown him couldn't have just vanished, and he accused her of doing one of two things -- brainwashing herself or setting him up for something. He snarled that the conversation was over, and he ordered her to "get the hell out" of his room.

Ashley insisted that she just wanted peace, since she hated what she and Tucker had been putting one another through, and she hated that the magnificent thing that they'd shared had ended so abruptly. She added that she hated how she'd felt when he'd left her alone at the café in Paris with everyone staring at her, and she didn't want to feel that pain and humiliation anymore. She suggested that they see where things might go between them. She hoped they'd talk soon, and she headed out.

Nate entered the Athletic Club, and Audra smiled when she saw him. He crossed over to her table, and he expressed surprise that she wasn't with Tucker. Nate pointed out that Tucker had been Audra's closest ally, yet she'd plotted to take Tucker down. Nate groused that she was all over the map with the guy, and he asked if she loved Tucker, hated him, or was indifferent, since Nate couldn't keep track. Audra countered that he didn't have to, since she could handle it on her own. She mentioned that Tucker would be joining her soon, and she offered to buy Nate a cocktail while she waited.

Nate noticed something different about how Audra seemed. "Happy? Maybe because I am," she chirped, but Nate was skeptical that it was because of Tucker. Nate considered the many times she'd talked about using Tucker and turning the tables on him, and he wondered if she was really that cold and calculating. Audra asked what his instincts said, and Nate surmised that underneath all the scheming and naked ambition was a warm-hearted, vulnerable woman who wanted to love and be loved back by someone she knew in her heart wouldn't hurt her. Audra called his assessment sweet and not far off the mark.

Nate was baffled that Audra was looking for love with Tucker, who was a user who would let her down. She insisted that people changed, but he countered that they didn't unless it served them somehow. Audra denied that she and Tucker were using one another, and she gushed that what they had was lovely. Audra inquired whether Nate could be a little happy for her, since her eyes were wide open, and she and Tucker were in love. Nate was shocked that she believed Tucker reciprocated her feelings.

Audra marveled that she and Tucker were two of a kind and totally in sync, and it was everything she'd ever wanted and more. Nate insisted that he'd hate to see her get hurt, and he warned that anyone who let down their guard with Tucker lived to regret it. Nate added that she'd be a fool if she let herself get in deep, knowing what she knew. Audra flippantly assumed he wasn't happy for her, and Nate stressed that things would end badly. He clucked that she would just be Tucker's latest casualty and not the exception that proved the rule. Audra huffed that he was wrong, since things were different that time.

Audra refused to argue with Nate, since she and Tucker were building something incredible and lasting, but she didn't expect Nate or anyone else to understand. Nate called Tucker a psychologically abusive narcissist who steamrolled over everyone who got in his way, and he contemplated what Tucker had promised to lure her back into his orbit. Nate questioned whether Audra was really that easily bought. Audra snapped that she was very close to slapping Nate.

Audra asked why Nate cared one way or the other. He replied that he'd thought they were friends, but he suspected she'd been using him to goad Tucker or as a fallback plan -- or both. Audra told Nate not to flatter himself. He hoped he was wrong and that she was no longer planning to take Tucker down, but he supposed that she'd traded one risk for another. Nate swore that he only wanted what was best for her, but he didn't see how things would end without her getting her heart broken.

Audra figured that the difference between her and Nate was that they'd both been burned before; it had made him wary, but it had made her fearless. Nate surmised that Audra was mistaking recklessness for fearlessness, and it would take getting burned again for her to learn the difference. He headed to the bar and ordered a drink. Ashley sauntered over to Audra and asserted, "Let's get something straight."

Ashley barked that she'd talk, and Audra could listen. Ashley predicted that what Audra had with Tucker wouldn't last because he was out of Audra's league. Audra taunted that it was what a jealous, insecure woman who was in love with him would say. "You don't know the first thing about me, little girl," Ashley growled, daring Audra to psychoanalyze her. Audra welcomed an exchange of insults.

Ashley suspected that Audra was cocky and self-confident on the outside while convincing herself that Tucker belonged to her, but the dynamic was changing. Audra asked what that meant, and Ashley replied, "You'll see." Ashley headed to the foyer, where she ran into Tucker. She advised him that she'd just been catching up with his assistant, and she said she'd see him later.

Tucker rejoined Audra in the dining room and hoped he hadn't kept her waiting. She replied that she'd managed to entertain herself. Nate glared at them and left. Tucker observed that Nate didn't like seeing them together, but Audra was more interested in what Ashley had said to Tucker. Tucker asked what Ashley and Audra had chatted about, and Audra reported that Ashley had confronted her like a jealous lover warning Audra off her turf.

Audra recalled that Ashley hadn't been able to stand the sight of Tucker the day before, and she wondered what had changed. Tucker claimed that he was as confused by it as Audra was. Audra imagined something had led to it, and she inquired whether he'd run into Ashley earlier. Tucker fibbed that it had been the first time he'd seen Ashley that evening.

Phyllis and Christine fight over Danny

Phyllis and Christine fight over Danny

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Phyllis showed up, uninvited, to Daniel's apartment, where Danny answered the door. Danny told Phyllis he had nothing to say to her, but a peace offering of some Brunello wine distracted him long enough for Phyllis to barge right in. Phyllis tried to convince Danny that she had changed and that she wanted to continue being a better person -- with Danny. Phyllis suspected Danny wanted the same thing. Danny called Phyllis out for implying that there was something going on between them when there wasn't.

Danny told Phyllis he didn't want the complications Phyllis caused in his life. Phyllis denied being the cause of any complications. Instead, she blamed Christine. Phyllis accused Christine of seeing the bond between Phyllis and Danny then playing the victim "to keep her claws" in Danny. Phyllis leaned in close to Danny and told him that she could see the future the two of them could have. The doorbell rang. Phyllis whispered, "Don't get it," but Danny opened the door. It was Christine, who sighed when she saw Phyllis.

Christine entered. She was carrying a gift for Danny--some chai tea. Phyllis mockingly compared the tea to the wine she had given Danny. Danny asked them both to leave. Christine wanted to apologize for the things she had said when they'd spoken last. Christine asked Phyllis to leave, but Phyllis refused.

Christine was frustrated. "Why do you do this? Why do you make everything a scene?" she asked Phyllis. "Why can you not accept that there's something going on between me and Danny?" Phyllis replied. "Because you are stalking him! Big difference from an actual relationship!" Christine declared.

Danny spoke up and tried again to get Phyllis and Christine to leave. He wanted both women to respect his boundaries. Phyllis said, "I never really believed in boundaries, to be honest. And I think that we can both agree there's nothing wrong in going after love." Christine balked at that. "You don't love Danny. You love making my life hell!" Christine accused.

Christine told Phyllis that. despite her claims of having changed, Phyllis was "the same nasty, mean girl" she had always been. "At least I'm not boring. Maybe that's why Paul dumped you," Phyllis taunted. Again, Danny tried to get Christine and Phyllis to leave, but they ignored him and continued to snipe at each other. Danny grabbed his things and left, while Phyllis and Christine didn't even notice he had gone. Once they realized Danny wasn't there, they blamed each other for his having gone.

Christine told Phyllis that Phyllis should stop pursuing Danny because Phyllis was not what he wanted. Phyllis said that Christine was holding on to "old, moldy memories." Phyllis claimed that she and Danny were "new, and exciting, and fun." Christine said that Phyllis was "as conniving as ever." She accused Phyllis of having used Daniel to get to Danny. Phyllis asked, "Have you thought that maybe my son would be happy that his parents are back together?" Christine replied, "No."

Christine said that Phyllis had killed the love in every relationship she had ever had, that Phyllis was terrified of being alone, and that Danny loving Phyllis wouldn't fix that. "You're broken! Nobody wants you! Especially not Danny!" Christine exclaimed. Phyllis glowered, "You... are... a bitch!" as she moved toward Christine. Christine dared Phyllis to give her a reason to press charges.

Phyllis told Christine that she wasn't going to risk hitting Christine because Christine wasn't worth it. Christine accused Phyllis of being "out of control." "I'm actually in control," Phyllis countered. She told Christine that Phyllis and Danny had been getting "very close" before Christine had arrived. "You're pathetic. I almost feel sorry for you," Christine told Phyllis. "You're afraid that you lost Danny all over again," Phyllis accused. On her way out, Phyllis said, "Well, that's okay. You have your memories and your 'connection' to keep you warm at night." After Phyllis left, Christine punched a pillow in frustration.

At Crimson Lights, Nate asked Chance how things had been going at Chancellor-Winters. Chance suspected Nate was checking up on Billy. Chance asked Nate why Nate and Devon had a problem with Billy. Nate explained that he and Devon were being cautious, due to Billy's history. Chance stood up for Billy. He acknowledged that Billy owned up to all his mistakes.

Nate admitted that he had made mistakes and grown from them. Nate hoped Billy had done the same but felt that Jill had forced Billy on them. Chance said, "I guess that applies to me, too." Nate disagreed. He pointed out that Chance was new to the corporate world and had worked his way up, whereas Billy had walked away but been brought back in "unilaterally."

Chance admitted that he had had doubts about Billy but that Billy had proven to be a great mentor. Chance sang Billy's praises to Nate. Chance cited Billy's enthusiasm and desire for Chancellor-Winters to succeed. Nate explained that the mistrust between his Aunt Mamie and Jill Abbott had trickled down. Chance suggested that Nate and Devon should not focus on Billy's past, but rather on his present and future.

Nate said that he and Chance were both outsiders -- Chance from law enforcement and Nate from medicine. Nate liked to believe that they both brought unique skills to the corporate world. Nate offered Chance his support. Chance had ideas that he wanted to run by Nate before bringing them to Devon and Billy. After doing some research, Chance wanted to create a music festival but wondered if that idea was too big.

Nate pointed out that a music festival entailed a big risk and a big outlay of cash but that he himself had had the same idea "back in the day." Nate stressed, however, that this was "a new day." He offered to work with Chance to make it happen. Chance looked forward to working with Nate. Summer arrived.

Nate greeted Summer then left to return to the office. Chance told Summer that Nate had liked one of his ideas. Summer expressed her confidence in Chance's abilities.

Devon stopped by Billy's office at Chancellor-Winters to inform him that, after discussing the matter with Lily, they did not want to add the Abbott name to the company. Billy restated his reasons for wanting the change, but Devon said that they'd be leaving the company name "as is." At that moment, Amanda Sinclair walked in and said, "Well, Jill will be very sorry to hear that."

Devon argued that Jill had had two opportunities to bring up the subject of a name change, yet she hadn't. He wondered why it was so important to Jill right then. Amanda asked Devon why he did not want to acknowledge the Abbott family's contributions to Chancellor-Winters. Devon replied that he was concerned about the motives and the timing of this issue. "Is it really about Jill, or is this about Billy?" Devon asked. Billy said it seemed like Devon was the only one blocking the name change, "and for no good reason."

Devon suggested that they should table the discussion until Lily returned and Billy could hear Lily's opinion directly, but Amanda informed them that Jill wanted the matter settled sooner rather than later. Devon told Amanda that Lily would not be rushed while dealing with her daughter's problems. Then, Devon left.

Billy greeted Amanda with a hug. Amanda told him that Jill had sent her for both the question of the name change, and to "gauge other dynamics in play" at the company. "Devon doesn't trust me," Billy said. Billy didn't blame Devon, given Billy's history. Amanda called that unacceptable and told Billy that, in order for the company to move forward, he and Devon would have to trust each other.

Later, after Amanda had left, Devon returned to Billy's office, and they continued their discussion. Billy called the name-change issue just a symptom of a larger problem. Billy asked why Devon didn't trust Billy. Devon told Billy that it was Billy's motives and timing that had Devon concerned. Devon wondered if Billy would stick around or perhaps try to remake the company in Billy's "own image."

Billy told Devon that he would have to work on rectifying Devon's perception of him, but he couldn't do it alone. Billy asked Devon if they could find a way to work together, openly and honestly. Devon accused Billy of having a chip on his shoulder. "You don't trust me? Would you like to explain why?" Billy suggested that Devon didn't like to work with other people, that Chancellor-Winters was "just not all about" Devon, and that Devon's "my way or the highway mentality" was not going to work.

Billy pointed out that Devon had worked independently for a long time. He mentioned conflicts that Devon had had with Nate and Lily in the past. Billy observed that Devon and Lily were closer than ever and that Nate had been forgiven and brought back into the company. Devon concluded that Billy was looking for a second chance. "All I'm asking for is the opportunity to be on a level playing field, like you put them," Billy explained.

Devon told Billy that all he had been doing was asking questions, while Billy had been the one with demands and accusations. "We've clearly gotten off on the wrong foot. And I'm not holding my breath that things are gonna get much better," Devon declared just before he left.

At Society, Abby and Mariah were waiting for Tessa to finish a business call so they could toast Tessa's new position as manager. Amanda walked in. She asked to speak with Abby in private. Mariah excused herself. Amanda told Abby about her visit to Chancellor-Winters. She mentioned that Devon had not seemed to be happy that Billy was working there. Amanda wanted Abby to tell her how serious Devon's objections were.

Abby accused Amanda of wanting her to betray Devon's confidence about his feelings for Billy. Amanda replied that she just wanted to solve the problem. Abby responded, "No you don't. You want me to convince Devon to accept Billy and work with him." Amanda asked Abby, "You don't have a problem because it's me asking, do you?" Abby acknowledged having hurt Amanda but called Amanda's use of Abby's regret to get whatever she wanted "shameless."

Amanda told Abby that Abby had misunderstood her. Amanda pointed out that Abby had a vested interest in and responsibility to Chancellor-Winters. Amanda then praised Billy for being "brilliant" and "forward thinking," but she also felt that Devon was using Billy's past mistakes against him. Amanda wanted the four of them to find a way to work together. Abby told Amanda, "Billy doesn't need you or Jill fighting his battles. So, why don't we trust Devon and Billy to work it out themselves?"

After Amanda had left, Mariah returned to Abby's table. Mariah asked Abby what Amanda had wanted. Abby explained that it was about Chancellor-Winters business.

Amanda returned to Billy's office at Chancellor-Winters. She asked about Billy's talk with Devon. Billy felt that Devon had no intention of working with Billy. Amanda told Billy about her visit with Abby. Amanda and Billy listed Jill's attempt to take over the company and Mamie and Tucker's secret plan to do the same as reasons for Devon's mistrust of Billy. Billy added that Devon was also perceiving Amanda's visit at Jill's behest as a threat.

Amanda said that Jill still perceived Mamie and Tucker as a threat to Chancellor-Winters, and that Jill had sent Amanda to Genoa City to get everyone on the same team, whether everyone liked it or not.

Lauren entered the Athletic Club and saw Danny sitting at the bar. She asked Danny how he was. "Never better," Danny replied unconvincingly. Lauren asked Danny what was wrong. He replied, "I'm starting to think my next concert tour can't come soon enough."

Danny told Lauren about what had happened at his son's apartment. Lauren guessed that Christine and Phyllis were fighting over him again. "Is this my fault?" Danny asked Lauren. "You mean, because you're charming, sweet, talented, and handsome? It is so your fault!" Lauren teased.

Danny told Lauren that Christine had accused Danny of playing Christine and Phyllis against each other because he was enjoying it. Lauren could see that Danny was not having a good time. She mentioned that Danny and Christine had looked happy together on New Year's Eve. Lauren asked, "What happened? Oh, wait! Phyllis happened."

Danny explained that Phyllis claimed that she had real feelings for Danny and that Phyllis claimed he was part of her journey toward becoming a better person. Danny also expressed that he had feelings for Christine. Lauren asked if Danny had discussed it all with Christine and Phyllis. Danny told Lauren that it had gotten so bad that he had recommended that the three of them should all take a break.

Danny explained to Lauren that he only felt friendship for Phyllis but that both she and Christine thought it was something more. Lauren speculated, "If you are willing to put your relationship with Christine in jeopardy, then maybe you see Phyllis as more than just a friend."

Victor and Jordan continue plotting their schemes

Victor and Jordan continue plotting their schemes

Thursday, February 22, 2024

In Victor's office, Victor told Nick he had never needed him and Adam more at Newman than he did at that moment. Nick told Victor that Adam had been disappointed with the decision not to hire Sally. Nick wanted to know if that was a "definite no" from Victor.

Nick told Victor that while acquiring Sally's company had not been his idea, Nick had seen the value in the idea. Victor insinuated that Adam's motivation might have been to get Sally away from Nick. Victor reiterated that he had been happy his sons were working together again, but he had worried that the Sally situation could stir up trouble. Nick appreciated that Victor had been worried about him.

Nick conceded that Adam would be happy if Nick had nothing more to do with Sally's business, but Nick had also thought Adam had asked Victor to buy her company because it would be best for Sally. Nick said he also wanted what was best for her, even though they had broken up, and he believed Adam and Sally were meant to be. Nick encouraged Victor to "keep him (Adam) happy" so he wouldn't revert back to his old ways. Victor relented but told Nick that Nick needed to make sure there would be something in it for Newman Enterprises if they hired Sally because "business is business."

Victor changed the subject to Nikki and told Nick that Jordan had still been calling Nikki. Nick asked how badly the contact from Jordan had been "messing with" Nikki. Victor replied that Nikki had been getting better, but he was still very worried because Nikki had wanted to set a trap for Jordan. Nick agreed with Victor that "provoking" Jordan would be too dangerous for Nikki.

Victor assured Nick that he had planned to get to Jordan first by using Claire. Victor said he would make getting "access" to Claire simpler for Jordan by getting her out of the hospital and into Victoria's custody. Nick reminded Victor that Claire had been through a lot, but Victor said he had spoken with the doctors and that Claire had been getting better. Nick questioned why Victor would want to risk a setback. Victor said he'd spoken with Claire, and she had been on board with baiting Jordan.

Nick told Victor that Victoria would never accept his plan. Victor said all he had wanted was for Claire to deliver a message to Jordan. Victor said he needed Claire to convey to Jordan that Victor wanted to make amends for having been cruel to Eve. Nick asked if Victor actually thought Jordan would buy that. Victor said Jordan would be arrogant enough to try to trick him, and then Victor would be able to "turn the tables" on Jordan.

At the Athletic Club, Chloe arrived and told Sally that their magazine feature had been pushed again. Chloe was very frustrated, but Sally stared into the distance and ignored her. Chloe told Sally their company was on the line. Sally conceded that Chloe was right, but she couldn't stop focusing on how mad she had been at Adam. Chloe happily asked Sally what Adam had "finally" done to cause Sally to "ditch him."

Sally explained to Chloe that Adam had tried to save their company. Chloe wondered if Adam thought he could "just swoop in" and then take control of the company. She hypothesized that Adam's motivation had been to get back at Nick. Sally disagreed, and said Adam had consulted with Nick, which had upset her all the more. Sally explained that Adam had tried to convince Victor to acquire their company for Newman. Sally told Chloe she was still upset about it, but she had to admit it hadn't been that bad of an idea.

Chloe was exasperated with Sally and told her that Adam's idea was the "worst idea ever." Sally said the situation had nothing to do with her being back together with Adam and that she had wanted to roll her design business up to Newman before. Chloe reminded Sally that Victor had "pulled the rug out" from under them before. Sally surmised that "this time," it might be different, and she asked if Chloe was really ready to give up on everything they had worked for. Chloe worried that they would lose their autonomy and that Adam would tell them what to do if they were part of Newman. Sally said Adam would protect them from Victor. Chloe remained skeptical and said it would be a huge mistake.

At Adam's apartment, Adam and Chelsea drank coffee as Adam thanked Chelsea for stopping over. She said she was very upset, and Adam concurred that the new report from the school psychologist had not been good. Adam said he thought that they would have recommended tutoring or learning accommodations for Connor rather than diagnosing Connor with OCD. Chelsea said the school had not been sure, and that was why they had recommended Connor see a specialist for testing. Adam questioned if the doctor had even known what she was talking about.

Adam said the OCD diagnosis was "out of left field." Chelsea replied that the teachers had mentioned that Connor had been washing his hands all the time. Adam argued that it might have been that Connor hadn't wanted to get sick. Chelsea said they couldn't just dismiss the concerns. Adam decided to call Sharon to help them get answers.

Sharon arrived at the apartment, and Adam filled her in on the situation with Connor. Chelsea said the OCD diagnosis had not been confirmed. Adam and Chelsea disagreed about whether Connor had been unfairly labeled. Sharon told Adam and Chelsea that while she was not an expert on OCD, she knew the "issues with the disorder" were "disturbing and obtrusive thoughts." Sharon explained that handwashing could be a sign, but other behaviors -- like double-checking everything -- could be, as well.

Adam told Sharon that Connor had not mentioned obsessive thoughts, and he had only withdrawn from activities. Chelsea interjected that Connor had also not been eating. Sharon recommended listening to the school psychologist and getting Connor evaluated by an expert. Chelsea and Adam both appeared very concerned.

Sharon sympathized with Adam and Chelsea's fears, and Adam said he just wanted answers. Adam felt the school had given them the runaround, but Sharon encouraged him to take it one step at a time. Sharon assured Chelsea and Adam that they would get Connor though the situation, but the best way they could help him would be to act as "a soothing presence." After Sharon left, Chelsea and Adam said she had been right but that they were still terrified for Connor. They vowed to help Connor get whatever help he would need.

Nikki had been restlessly walking in the living room at the ranch when she had approached the bar -- which was filled only with water. A noise outside the window startled Nikki, and she declared, "I will not be your prisoner." Nikki jumped again when someone walked in the door. Nikki was relieved to find it was just Lauren who had walked in.

Lauren said she had spoken with the head of security at the ranch, who had confirmed there had not been a breech. Nikki was relieved but said she could not concentrate on work with Lauren. Nikki begged Lauren to take her someplace to get out of the house. Lauren declined, but eventually relented and said they could go to Crimson Lights for one cup of tea.

At the Empty Glass Lounge, Seth arrived, and Jordan, going by the name "Isabelle," called him over to sit with her. Seth declined her drink offer and recounted that he had met with Nikki. "Isabelle" told Seth he should be proud of himself for reaching out to Nikki. He said he wouldn't have done it without the push from "Isabelle," and Seth appreciated her. "Isabelle" said she was dying to hear how Nikki had been doing.

Seth told "Isabelle" that Nikki had seemed stronger because she was sober. Seth said Nikki had taken one look at him and had known he'd been drinking. Seth feared that he had failed Nikki. "Isabelle" said that there was "no humiliation in reaching out to a friend" and encouraged Seth that Nikki would know that. "Isabelle" said Seth would see her again.

Seth asked "Isabelle" why she had cared so much. "Isabelle" said it was comforting to see that Nikki and Seth had been working on their friendship. Seth asked "Isabelle" why she hadn't reached out to Nikki herself. "Isabelle" replied that it had been far too late. Seth suggested that the three of them go to a meeting together, which made "Isabelle" visibly uncomfortable.

"Isabelle" said she hadn't been hiding anything from Seth and that she just wasn't ready to take the same step as Seth had taken. "Isabelle" appeared to be very distraught and said that she had not been able to stay sober because of her falling-out with Nikki. She told Seth he was different and that he might be able to repair things with Nikki. "Isabelle" said she had just wanted to help Seth, but seeing Nikki at a meeting would be too much for her.

Seth said he'd like to help "Isabelle." She said he could help her by letting her "live vicariously" through him. "Isabelle" said that would be enough to give her hope that she would make up with Nikki someday, too. "Isabelle" asked Seth when he would see Nikki again, and he said they had not made plans to reunite. "Isabelle" cooed that Seth should not lose momentum. Seth said Nikki hadn't been ready to leave home yet. "Isabelle" said she understood but that Nikki needed to get out of her shell.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Lauren drank tea, and Nikki said she felt like she had been released from prison. Lauren said she was glad they had a security detail, but she hadn't liked going against what Victor had told them to do. Nikki said she'd handle Victor. Nikki told Lauren that when Seth had visited the ranch earlier, it had not been a "cheerful" visit because he had been drinking. Lauren commented that the visit had seemed to drain Nikki.

Nikki said Seth had said something that had gnawed at her -- that someone had told Seth to reach out to Nikki. Nikki explained to Lauren that the comment had been strange because their group was "pretty private" and hadn't gotten together outside of meetings. Nikki wondered who would have been bold enough to tell Seth to call Nikki.

Nikki and Lauren returned to the ranch, and Victor asked "where the hell" they had been and why Lauren had let Nikki leave. Nikki said not to blame Lauren and that they had been safe at Crimson Lights with the security detail. Victor still wanted to know why Nikki had gone against their agreement that she would stay home. Nikki explained that she had felt trapped, and that feeling had made her want to drink even more.

Nikki looked forlorn, and Victor gave her a kiss on her head. Victor said they had been living in a nightmare and that he would be putting his plan in motion soon. Nikki, pained, said she wasn't sure how long she could "do this."

At the Athletic Club, Adam approached Chloe and Sally's table, and Chloe made a swift exit. Adam told Sally that he wanted to talk. Sally asked about Connor, and Adam confessed that what had gone on with Connor was "the worst." Sally comforted Adam with a hug.

Sally told Adam that Connor was smart and would be okay. Adam said Chelsea had been a rock, and he had planned to do better. Adam asked if Chloe had been angry about Adam's idea to roll the business under Newman Enterprises. Sally reminded Adam that Chloe had never been his biggest fan. Adam said he was more concerned about Sally being angry with him and asked if she had understood why he had gone to Victor and Nick before he had gone to her.

Sally told Adam she was not ready to forgive him. Sally asked Adam if he could see why she had felt he had been trying to control her. Adam said he had started to understand and that he had wanted to apologize again. Sally relented that she could see Adam's logic and that the power of having Newman behind her would open doors. Sally asked Adam if it would even be possible to get Victor on board.

Billy was working on his laptop at Chancellor-Winters when Chelsea arrived. Seeing how she looked, he immediately asked if she was okay. Chelsea let Billy know that the school had thought Connor had OCD. Billy said he didn't know much about the disorder. Chelsea recounted that Sharon had just explained it to Chelsea and Adam. Chelsea told Billy they weren't sure about the diagnosis yet and that she had a lot to do to try to get answers. Chelsea started to unravel and said she had to go see Connor. Billy offered to drive Chelsea and said that he wouldn't let her "go through this alone."

Victor proceeds with his plan

Victor proceeds with his plan

Friday, February 23, 2024

At the Abbott home, Ashley informed Traci that she had told Tucker that his version of the events at the Parisian bistro was correct. Traci asked Ashley what had made her change her mind. Traci reminded Ashley about having been adamant that Tucker had bribed the bistro staff to lie.

Ashley told her sister that the "friend who lived in Paris" whom Ashley could rely on was a psychologist. Ashley clarified that the man was a friend, not someone Ashley had seen professionally. Ashley explained that the psychologist had asked her all the same questions that Traci had asked, but then he had said something that had resonated with Ashley. The psychologist felt that Tucker was a narcissist who needed a positive outcome to result from his actions. Ashley explained that that theory had forced her to ask herself how Tucker's lie advanced his agenda. Ashley said that doing so "was a game-changer for me."

Ashley told Traci that she'd realized Tucker had nothing to gain by lying and that Ashley had created the entire scenario in her mind so she could push Tucker away and back out of their marriage. Ashley declared that the realization had granted her a sense of calm and freedom. Traci was relieved and glad to hear it.

Ashley admitted that the anxiety and anger she had felt had not been good for her, but she was feeling much better, and she'd had her first good night's sleep in a long time. Traci was happy for her sister but had one last question: "Why did you go to Tucker first with this realization?"

Ashley told Traci that she had gone to see Tucker first because she owed Tucker for trashing his reputation when he had been telling the truth the whole time. Traci asked how Tucker had taken the news. Ashley told Traci that Tucker had suspected an agenda. Ashley said that she didn't blame Tucker, given Ashley's actions over the past few months.

Ashley said she was glad to be unburdened from all her rage, so she could find some peace. Traci became concerned again. "Ashley, this doesn't change your situation with Tucker, right?" Traci asked. Ashley confessed that she didn't know what would happen with herself and Tucker. She had no answers for Traci. "I think one big revelation is all I can handle at the moment," Ashley said. Ashley declared that she needed to change her clothes, and she went upstairs. Traci sent a text to Jack: "Ashley's home. She's safe. Everything seems to have changed. We need to talk."

Tucker approached Nate at the Athletic Club and commented on the fact that Nate had been spending a lot of time there. Tucker was curious and asked, "What keeps you coming back? Is it the steak frites or the Audra Charles?" Nate replied, "Why do you give a damn?" Nate asked if Tucker was jealous of his friendship with Audra. Tucker smirked and replied, "Jealous of you? No. I'm a little concerned that you're gonna distract her. Shift her focus. Maybe even convince her to drive a stake through my heart." "Audra? Just about anyone would want to drive that stake," Nate said with a smile.

Tucker smugly said to Nate, "You know, it's too bad. I rather relish having a worthy adversary in my life. And sadly, you are not one of them." Audra arrived. She saw Tucker and Nate together. She watched them from a distance.

Tucker compared Nate to "an annoying fly at a barbecue." Nate replied, "I like the fact that you underestimate me. That's when I'm at my most dangerous." Nate told Tucker that he was not pursuing Audra; he was merely looking out for her best interests.

As Nate moved to leave, Tucker gave him another warning not to come between Tucker and Audra. Nate walked right past Audra. She stopped Nate and told him that he didn't need to protect her from Tucker or anyone else. Nate told Audra he was just trying to be a good friend, but Audra wondered if Nate was playing hero and "expecting something in return" -- or perhaps he just wanted "to go toe-to-toe with a man like Tucker."

Nate told Audra that there was "nothing decent or admirable or even human" about Tucker. Audra claimed to know the best and worst about Tucker "in ways no one else ever will." Nate told Audra he was not about to let her "walk off a cliff without saying something." Audra insisted that Nate back off and said she didn't need his help. She claimed Nate would never understand her relationship with Tucker, "personally or professionally." Audra advised Nate to focus on his own life and stop worrying about hers. "You're right. It's none of my business," Nate said. He turned and left the club.

Before Audra could turn back toward the inside of the club, Tucker was standing behind her. "I don't think you realize how fixated that guy is on you. It seems to me it's only getting worse," Tucker remarked. As Tucker and Audra sat at a table, looking over menus, Audra suggested that Tucker and Nate were fixated on each other, and it had nothing to do with her. Tucker countered that Audra was so used to men falling all over her that she didn't even notice it anymore.

Audra asked if Tucker had made travel plans to Paris. Tucker expressed his desire to get away from Genoa City and "all the haters." He told Audra he couldn't wait to be in Paris with her. Audra could tell that there was something else on his mind. "I want to know what it is," she said.

Tucker tried to dodge, but Audra commented that his attention had shifted, and she wanted to know why. Tucker turned it around, noting that there was something else on Audra's mind, as well. Audra told Tucker about her last conversation with Ashley when Ashley had told Audra that "the dynamic has changed" and that Audra would soon know what that meant. Tucker asked if those had been Ashley's exact words. Audra nodded. "Where did that come from, Tucker? What do you make of it?" Audra asked.

Tucker told Audra that he had no idea what was going on in Ashley's mind anymore, and he didn't care. He flashed back to the conversation in which Ashley had declared that she'd had an epiphany, then she'd taken the blame for all the rage and confusion. "Tucker!" Audra said loudly, pulling him from his thoughts. "What is it you're not telling me?" she asked.

Michael Baldwin went to see Victor at the Newman ranch. Victor asked him what strings they would need to pull in order to arrange an early release from the psychiatric ward for Claire. Michael didn't think Claire was ready. He asked why Victor wanted it, but all Victor said was, "I have my reasons."

Victor wanted Michael to find out if the doctors thought Claire was ready to go home to her family. Michael was concerned that Claire might still be harboring a need for revenge -- something it would take the doctors time to discover. Victor offered assurances that Claire would get the best outpatient therapy. Victor was determined to get Claire out of the hospital.

Michael realized Victor was doing it to set a trap for Jordan. He counseled Victor, as a friend, that what Victor was doing was for Victor's own benefit, not Claire's. Michael asked if Victor was willing to risk further damage to his own granddaughter in order to catch Jordan. Victor said it was precisely that damage that made Claire eager to help. Michael asked if Victor had run the plan past Cole and Victoria. "Oh, they'll love the plan -- once they know it's successful," Victor replied.

Victor told Michael that he hoped Claire could be released into Victoria's custody. Michael wondered how Victor could be sure Jordan would take the bait. Victor told Michael that Jordan only thought about retribution because she believed Victor and Nikki had been responsible for the death of Jordan's sister, Eve Howard.

Michael suggested that Jordan might be laying low, content that she had evaded a life sentence. Victor reminded Michael that Jordan had burned down a prison in order to get to Nikki. Victor declared, "She will stop at nothing... unless we force her to stop."

Victor explained that the plan was to let Jordan think she was in charge while Victor pretended to be vulnerable. Michael still questioned the necessity of using Claire to deliver the message. Victor reiterated that Claire was willing to help and that doing so would make Claire stronger.

Michael agreed to make some calls. He informed Victor that the terms in Claire's court decree were vague enough for him to work with. Victor praised Michael's legal skills and called him "a smart cookie." Victor looked at Michael and said, "I know you'll do the right thing."

Victoria and Cole arrived at Claire's hospital room and found her playing gin rummy with little Nadia. Nadia won the game, then a nurse escorted Nadia out. Claire told her parents that she empathized with Nadia's feelings of insecurity and fear, though their troubles had had different causes.

Cole praised Claire's insight and empathy. He called Claire "a positive influence on that little girl." Claire felt that Nadia had been more of a positive influence on Claire. Claire told her parents that seeing things through Nadia's eyes was "rejuvenating."

Claire talked about how her Aunt Jordan had never let her play with other kids and how Jordan had done everything she could to keep Claire feeling like a loser, including cheating at games. Victoria was disgusted. "I loathe that woman. She was so cruel. No child should be mentally abused that way," Victoria said.

Claire replied, "I know that now. And even if I didn't live it, spending time with Nadia, I can be on the other side, just letting her be a kid. There are no dark lessons. Only fun." Claire felt that her individual and group therapies, along with her visits with the kids, had helped her turn a corner in her healing process. Claire told Victoria and Cole that the doctors felt that way, too. Victoria was happy to hear that. Victoria and Cole told Claire they were proud of her. The conversation was interrupted when Victoria and Cole received simultaneous texts from Michael, asking them to meet.

Victoria and Cole met with Michael at Society. They told Michael that they were aware of Victor's plan to use Claire to lure Jordan and that it was out of the question. Cole was curious as to why Victor had turned to Michael for support. Michael revealed that Victor needed legal help to get Claire released from the hospital. Victoria asked Michael, "You can't be on board with this, can you?"

Michael asked Victoria and Cole for their take on Claire's progress. They told Michel that Claire was doing well but that things were new and fragile. They felt that Claire was not ready to be released, especially if contact with Jordan could cause a setback. Victoria couldn't believe that Victor would go behind her back and proceed with his plan.

Victor visited Claire. He told her that the family owed her a debt of gratitude for saving Nikki's life. Claire insisted that it was she herself who owed the debt. Claire stated that she couldn't deliver a message if Jordan didn't call her. Victor explained, "That's why I'd like Michael Baldwin to arrange for your early release." Claire told Victor that she felt safe at the hospital. Victor assured her that she'd be protected and safe wherever she was. Claire wondered how an early release could even be possible. Victor smiled. "Leave it to me," he said.

Claire deduced Victor's plan: if Claire was to be released due to Newman generosity, it would trigger Jordan to take action and call. Claire asked Victor, "Do I really have a say in this? What if I told you I wasn't ready to leave just yet?" "Then, I wouldn't insist on it," Victor replied. Victor maintained that it was the only way to stop Jordan. Claire agreed that Jordan needed to be stopped.

Victor assured Claire that he wouldn't insist on her early release because Claire's recovery was important to Victoria and the whole family. "And to me," Victor added. "Thank you. That means a lot," Claire said, but she still wanted time to think it over. Victor agreed and said, "It's a great feeling to have another granddaughter. Welcome to the family." He told Claire that if she decided that she wanted to be released, she should contact Michael.

Victor returned home. Victoria was waiting for him. She asked her father how he could go behind her back and discuss his plan with Michael. Victor told Victoria that he was doing everything he could to protect his family. Victoria expressed her concerns about the plan's effect on Claire's recovery, and Victor countered with concerns about Nikki's fragile state.

Victor maintained that he would keep Claire safe. Victoria was steadfast. "If you care so much about her health, then why are you trying to move her away from the doctors that are giving her all the help that she needs?" Victor insisted that he would keep his granddaughter safe.

Claire called a nurse into her room. Claire smiled and declared, "I would like to make a phone call to my attorney, Michael Baldwin."

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