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Michael advised Claire to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Cole swiped Claire's DNA. Jordan tormented Nikki. Nikki continued to hide her drinking. Ashley named her price to sell Glissade to Tucker. Kyle became suspicious when Tucker instructed him to steal new product information from Jabot.
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Michael told Claire to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Cole swiped Claire's DNA. Nikki continued to hide her drinking. Kyle became suspicious of Tucker.
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Claire pleads her case to Michael

Claire pleads her case to Michael

Monday, December 11, 2023

After Cole Howard and Victoria visited with Claire, they flew back to Genoa City and sat down to decompress in the dining room at the Athletic Club. Cole offered Victoria a glass of wine, but she declined, stating that she was exhausted after having spoken to Claire in jail and wanted to stay sharp. Cole agreed that the trip had been surreal, though they had learned that Jordan, not Claire, had been running the show. Victoria expressed remorse for Claire after hearing how, since age five, the traumatized woman had endured emotional abuse. Cole wondered aloud if the damage to Claire's emotional state might be permanent.

Michael arrived and greeted Victoria and Cole. Cole did not mince words when he announced to Michael that they had a shocking tale to share. Cole added, "And after that, we're going to ask you to do something even more shocking."

After Victoria and Cole shared what they had endured, Michael, replied, "Oh, my God." Cole admitted that he remained unsettled because Jordan was still running free, roaming about somewhere. Michael noted that a lot of bad blood had inspired Jordan's acts of violence. Michael expressed sympathy to Cole and Victoria for having been forced to relive the past agony of losing their infant daughter. Michael questioned why Jordan had apparently stolen a newborn baby rather than leaving the child with her family. Victoria told Michael that Claire had agreed to undergo a DNA test.

Michael asked Victoria and Cole how they had convinced Claire to submit DNA for a test. Cole explained that Claire was afraid, knowing she faced serious charges. Victoria added that she and Cole had agreed to help Claire find a lawyer who could possibly arrange bond. Michal replied, "Yeah, well, you're going to have to find somebody good."

After Michael realized Victoria and Cole were appealing to him on Claire's behalf, he asked them if they were willing to risk helping a woman whose aunt had tormented them. Michael warned that Jordan and Claire could possibly join forces again. Michael asked Victoria and Cole to consider how they would proceed if they discovered that Claire was their biological child. Victoria admitted that she and Cole had not thought that far ahead. Michael suggested Claire undergo comprehensive psychological evaluation and treatment, adding that Claire could be released sooner from a psychiatric facility than she would if she served a prison sentence. Michael concluded that if Claire had aided Jordan's abduction scheme, then they owed her nothing.

Victoria and Cole listened intently as Michael asked them to consider that even if Claire was their biological daughter, she had willingly terrorized people she believed to be her family. Victoria cried, "I need to know the truth." Cole replied, "It seems pretty obvious to me that Jordan brainwashed Claire. She filled her head with lies and irrational hatred towards this family." Victoria pleaded with Michael to talk to Claire in hopes of gaining some insight into who she really was. Victoria admitted she had not consulted with Victor and Nikki, fearing her parents would not approve.

Cole told Michael that he and Victoria felt strongly about going forward with the DNA tests and keeping their word to Claire. Michael replied that maybe Claire and Jordan were relying on Victoria and Cole's empathy, so after Claire was acquitted, she could take advantage of them by playing up her pathos. Michael warned that Claire could help Jordan "go in for the kill" and finally succeed. Cole, having second thoughts, asked Victoria how they could trust Claire. Michael suggested that they might find a hairbrush, lipstick, or a cup at Jordan's house that contained traces of Claire's DNA. Cole offered to enter the house to search after Victoria insisted she could not handle returning to the scene of the crime.

In her jail cell, Claire tossed and turned in her bunk as she recalled Victoria having repeatedly said, "I am not your mother." Dreaming she had been startled awake by Jordan, Claire was shocked to visualize her aunt standing on the other side of the bars. Jordan instructed Claire to stay quiet and not alert the guards, adding that sneaking into the jail had been even more difficult than entering the maternity ward where Claire had been born. Jordan berated Claire for being weak and allowing herself to be caught.

Still in Claire's dream, Jordan declared that she was strong and determined to win. Jordan chastised Claire for failing to learn how the world worked. Jordan added, "Now, Mother and Father will think that poor little Claire is broken and can be managed, and they won't fear you anymore." Claire was horrified when Jordan tossed a doll onto her cot. Claire picked up the doll and noticed a bloody tear running down its cheek. Claire awoke from her disturbing nightmare in horror, gasping for breath.

At a motel room, Jordan unpacked her bag and set a framed photo of her sister, Eve Howard, on a nightstand. Jordan placed a dagger on a table and examined three vials of amber-colored liquid she retrieved from her bag. Jordan, perched on the edge of the bed, flipped through the pages of a photo album filled with old pictures of Victor, Nikki, and other Newman family members and their friends. Angered, Jordan closed the album and threw it on the floor. Later, while glancing through the album again, Jordan glared at a photo of Victor and Nikki and said, "So, you think you're so invincible. That you've won. That you can't ever lose. Well, the high and mighty are going to fall." Jordan turned to gaze at Eve's photo and said, "All for you, my sister."

At the Newman ranch, Victor, still reeling from his and his family's horrific encounter with Jordan, exclaimed, "That woman is a damn menace walking around free, mocking everyone, tormenting you. This has got to stop." Nikki, appearing weak from her ordeal, replied, "Playing the music that I used to strip to. I mean, she is trying to bring me down in shame." Nikki insisted she felt no shame for what she had done during her younger years when she danced at the Bayou. Angry and frustrated, Nikki cried, "This woman, Jordan, has so much hatred for me. Violated my sobriety, and I had never even met her." Victor told Nikki he would not allow Jordan to hurt her, vowing to find the woman before she could inflict additional damage.

Nikki nodded after Victor insisted she needed to rest quietly and recover. Nikki added that she had made the right decision to attend her A.A. meeting. Nikki attempted to set Victor at ease and told him that all she needed was his love. After Victor went upstairs to bed, Nikki prepared herself a cup of tea.

Nikki glanced at her phone after she received a text message that included a photo. The photo, taken when Nikki had been unconscious while being held captive, unnerved her. Nikki read aloud the accompanying message, lines originally penned by Edgar Allan Poe. Nikki said, "She ne'er force an echo more. Thrilling to think, poor child of sin! It was the dead who groaned within." Nikki rushed to the bar, untwisted the lid on a bottle of vodka and drank. Afterward, Nikki filled her teacup with vodka.

Nick ran into Adam at Crimson Lights. Adam asked Nick where everyone had been, explaining that he had tried and failed to reach Victoria to discuss a business matter. Adam added that it had dawned on him that he had not seen Nick, Victor, or Nikki in days. Nick replied that they had been dealing with a personal matter. Adam said, "A personal family matter that doesn't include me?" Nick replied, "Yeah." As Nick turned to leave, Sally bumped into him. Nick gently pressed his hand against his torso and winced in pain. Nick claimed that nothing was wrong and left abruptly without explaining what was going on.

After Nick walked out, Adam told Sally that something was going on with his brother and the rest of his family. Adam changed the subject and mentioned the kiss he and Sally had shared at the foot of the stairs. Adam admitted he had been thinking about Sally a lot. Sally told Adam she had not yet determined whether or not spending the night together had changed their relationship. Sally mentioned the possibility of failing again if they pursued a relationship. Adam replied that their relationship might also succeed in a way they never expected. Adam added that fate might be on their side. Sally smiled and agreed to at least share a meal together.

Victoria stopped by the Newman ranch the next morning and greeted her mother. Victoria asked her mother how she was doing. Nikki, sitting at her desk, told Victoria she was doing her best to put what had happened behind her. Victoria noted that suffering a setback in her sobriety was not something she could recover from quickly. Nikki agreed, explaining that she had resumed attending A.A. meetings.

Nikki asked Victoria why she had visited Claire. Victor entered and said, "That's certainly something I'd like to know." Victoria told her parents that she and Cole had learned that Jordan had systematically attempted to destroy Claire's personality for her own selfish reasons. Nikki and Victor did not appear to share Victoria's sympathy for Claire's predicament.

Victoria admitted she and Cole had met with Michael to discuss defending Claire. Victor, taken aback, reminded Victoria that Claire had brutalized their family. Victoria admitted she did not know which of Claire's stories to believe, though Claire seemed convinced that what she thought to be true had indeed taken place. Nikki reminded Victoria that there was no proof that she and Cole were Claire's parents. Victoria informed her parents that Claire had agreed to take a DNA test if she and Cole would hire a lawyer to defend her. Nikki replied that Claire might go back on her word. Victoria explained that Cole had returned to the lake house in search of something that might have traces of Claire's DNA.

Nikki noted that a top-notch attorney like Michael might be successful, which meant that Claire would soon run free. Victoria recalled that Michael had said the same thing. Victoria admitted she felt compelled to help Claire after witnessing her pain and loneliness, adding that Claire was also a victim. Nikki said she could not envision Claire as anything but a monster. Victoria told her parents that whether or not Claire was her daughter, she wanted the young woman to have a better future. Victor noted that Claire was not deserving of anyone to go easy on her. Nick arrived and warned Victoria that contact with Claire could put them all back on Jordan's radar. Victoria replied that she was willing to take the chance.

Nikki warned Victoria that Claire could put them all in danger. Victoria reminded her family that Claire might be her firstborn child, which would change everything. Victor recalled that Nikki had already suffered an enormous assault on her sobriety. Victor added that he was proud of Nikki for having withstood the assault. Nikki appeared troubled by Victor's praise. Nick offered to cover Nikki's responsibilities at Newman Media. Victoria offered her assistance, as well.

After Nick and Victor headed to the office, Victoria suggested that her mother should seek counseling. Nikki reacted to a tone sounding on her phone. Nikki told Victoria that she had received a number of terrifying messages and calls. Nikki handed her phone to Victoria. Victoria studied the photograph of her mother and read aloud disturbing lines from Poe's poem. Victoria said, "Be silent in that solitude, which is not loneliness. For then the spirits of the dead who stood in life before thee are again in death around thee. And their will shall overshadow thee: be still." Victoria cried that they had to find Jordan and stop her.

Michael met with Claire, explaining that he was the attorney Victoria had sent "on an exploratory basis," adding that he had not yet decided to take her case. Michael told Claire he was her best shot at having a life again and that his decision to help her would depend on how she responded during his interview. Michael opened his briefcase, retrieved a legal pad, and said, "First and foremost, tell me the truth. Can you do that? Secondly, I'm aware that you agreed to take a DNA test in exchange for your defense, and I trust that that still holds."

Claire assured Michael that she would keep her word and be honest. Michael asked Claire if Jordan had tried to contact her after her arrest. Claire replied, "Only in my nightmares." Michael explained that he would decide whether or not to represent Claire after she revealed every truthful detail of what had brought her to that time.

Claire told Michael that she had been brought up to hate her mother, father, and all the Newmans. Michael surmised that Jordan's main goal was to punish the Newmans. Claire explained that the goal was to "knock down the mighty Newmans" and inflict as much pain as possible. Michael replied, "All because of her perception from afar of how they treated Eve." Michael added that because Eve and Jordan had been estranged, it was doubtful that Jordan even knew how the Newmans had treated Eve. Claire nodded and cried that Jordan had convinced her that her parents had deemed her to be unlovable due to her connection to Eve. Claire recalled Jordan proclaiming that she had saved her from being all alone in the world.

Claire told Michael how she had honed her skills, so she could get access to the Newmans and break down their defenses. Claire broke down and sobbed when she recalled her disappointment after Victoria and Cole had failed to instinctively recognize that she was their child. Claire told Michael that Victoria and Cole might never admit that she was their child. Claire, pondering Jordan's lies, cried, "My entire life is meaningless." Claire explained that after meeting with Victoria and Cole, she had yearned to make a real connection. Claire told Michael that although she had saved Victoria and Cole, she would understand if they never forgave her.

Ashley makes a decision about Glissade

Ashley makes a decision about Glissade

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Nate joined Jill and Devon at Society. Jill announced that Chancellor-Winters was in grave danger and facing a potentially existential threat, so they had work to do. Nate surmised that the threat had to do with Tucker. Jill turned the topic to the fire at Mattie's school. Devon shared that Mattie was okay physically, but she'd lost one of her professors. Jill clarified that the professor had also been a mentor and advisor, and she revealed that Lily had taken a short leave of absence to help Mattie through it.

Nate pledged to show Lily that they could handle things on their own for a while. Jill bemoaned that the timing was bad for Lily to be gone, since Tucker was a wild card, and he could be up to anything. Mamie overheard and proclaimed that it was time for all hands on deck. Mamie guessed that her invitation to the tribunal had gotten lost in the ethers. Devon informed her that the meeting had been a last-minute thing, but Jill huffed that Mamie hadn't been invited because the three of them could handle it themselves.

Jill explained that she'd called the meeting to get Nate up to speed, and she'd also wanted to find out if Devon was okay with Nate returning to Chancellor-Winters. Mamie taunted that Jill's memory was getting shoddy if Jill had forgotten how much Mamie had done to get Nate back on board. Jill recognized that they needed all hands on deck, but she maintained that she, Devon, and Nate had plenty of hands. Jill suggested that Mamie phone in her suggestions from a lovely island somewhere, but Mamie retorted that the view was pleasant from there -- with some exceptions. Mamie contended that if Chancellor-Winters was the subject of discussion, she wouldn't be going anywhere.

Devon reminded Jill and Mamie that they were on the same team, and he warned them against infighting. Jill insisted that they were just having fun, and Mamie clucked that the "poor dear" found new ideas difficult to comprehend. Devon lectured that the women's banter was an unnecessary waste of time when they could be talking about things that mattered. Nate opted to sit back and take it all in, and Jill teased that he was a coward. Devon thought they'd be foolish to refuse Mamie's help. Jill stressed that Mamie had no say and no power in the company.

Mamie accused Jill of being intimidated by her presence, but Jill figured that Nate and Devon were too polite to tell Mamie when to zip it. Nate cautioned that if they wanted to prove to Lily that they could keep things afloat during challenging times, they were off to a bad start. Jill reminded Nate that his family had given him a second chance, and she was sure he knew not to take advantage of their love. Devon looked forward to what Nate had to offer the company, especially with Lily being gone.

Devon proposed that he and Nate go to the office to discuss some ideas, and he pointedly asked if Mamie and Jill had plans that day. Jill promised she'd be on her best behavior, and Mamie said they'd see themselves out. After Devon and Nate left, Mamie griped that she'd thought she and Jill had been on the same page about Tucker. Jill clarified that they had a common enemy, but Mamie didn't have the background and skills to help in their enterprise. Jill scoffed at the idea that Mamie had ever run a large company in crisis or gone up against an enemy like Tucker. Mamie snapped that she'd gone up against Jill just fine, so Tucker would be a piece of cake.

Jill asked again how much it would take for Mamie to go away, since Jill would love to write that check. Mamie reiterated that she couldn't be bought, but Jill recalled that it had worked before. Jill questioned what it would take to get Mamie out of the mix, and Mamie shot back that she'd been about to ask Jill the same thing.

At Crimson Lights, Nate asked if Devon was expecting a call from Lily. Devon anticipated that he might also hear from the police station if Mamie and Jill needed someone to bail them out. Nate pledged not to get involved or take sides, and he thanked Devon for everything. Devon teased Nate for getting mushy. Nate promised not to let his cousin down.

Chelsea met Billy at Crimson Lights with apologies for being late. He observed that she looked great, and she replied that he was only saying that because he'd missed her the night before. He joked that he'd gotten used to the kicks in the back, the stealing of covers, and the snoring. She wondered why he was in such a good mood if he'd had such a bad night's sleep. Billy chalked it up to Chelsea, and he also referred to his family's path to taking Tucker down once and for all. Billy swore Chelsea to secrecy.

On the patio, Chelsea enthused that Billy's plan sounded exciting, and she wondered how much coffee he'd had that day. He swore it was his first cup, but he was pumped on adrenalin after seeing the pieces of the plan fall into the right spots to get Tucker out of their lives. Chelsea asked who was minding the store, and she wondered if he was also managing Jabot's day-to-day corporate activities. Billy preferred to be where the action was, and the important things were going on in the C-suite. "No risk, no reward," he crowed.

Chelsea was quiet, and Billy assured her he wasn't doing anything bad. She pointed out that it sounded like he was jonesing for a payoff, like in a game of poker. He insisted that it had nothing to do with gambling, but she thought it sounded like his pulse was pounding at the thought of winning big with no way to lose. Chelsea warned that she could see Billy falling into trouble, and he didn't even know it.

Billy assumed it was a joke, but Chelsea admitted that she was worried. She sensed that the uncertainty and excitement of the Tucker situation had stirred up the feelings Billy had felt at the poker table, putting it all on the line. Billy figured it was the way the corporate world spun, having to play the long shot to win sometimes. He suddenly realized how close the comparison was. Chelsea hoped he didn't resent her for saying something.

Billy expressed relief that Chelsea had kept him accountable, and he was upset that he hadn't heard or seen it himself. He recalled that he'd just been talking to Jack about how Billy's gambling had given him a superior read of other players. Billy hadn't realized how much he'd been craving it, whereas Chelsea had seen it when he hadn't. She joked that she was a big buzzkill, but he was grateful for it.

Billy recognized that he'd been one step away from walking down that back alley to find that dark bar and throw down a couple hands, and it would have been a slippery slope toward losing big -- and not just money. Billy thanked Chelsea for the buzzkill, and she replied that she'd just been holding up her end of the deal after he'd been there for her. He took her hand in his.

Billy was sure everyone wanted to do right to protect the family company. Chelsea guessed he had concerns, and she pointed out that a lot was riding on Kyle. Billy quipped that Kyle thought he'd be sprinting through a field when it would really be a marathon in the mud. Chelsea implied that Kyle needed advice from someone much older and wiser. Billy conceded that he wasn't the one with answers, and he doubted Kyle wanted advice from him or anyone else.

Chelsea pressed to know whether Billy would rather have a private firepit or backstage passes to see his favorite bands. He assumed it was a Christmas gifting question, and she groaned that he was impossible to buy for. He swore that he had everything he wanted, including a beautiful, funny woman who made him happier than he deserved and made him a better person. Billy jokingly contemplated who had ever thought he could be improved upon, and Chelsea told him to shut up and kiss her. He obliged.

Over breakfast at the Athletic Club, Kyle declared that he was starving. Diane considered it a good sign that he was confident they'd found a way to stop Tucker. She added that she was hungry because she was excited about their plan, since Jill joining forces with the Abbotts was an alliance to intimidate friend and foe. Diane pictured that her coffee was Champagne that she was sipping to celebrate Tucker's demise. Kyle wondered if his dad would be upset that they'd left him out of the loop.

Diane expected Jack to be proud when he found out that Kyle had been the one to stop Tucker. Kyle recalled that Tucker had only asked him to keep his eyes open, and he didn't think Tucker trusted him. Diane encouraged Kyle to let Tucker see how unhappy he was with his family by seeking Tucker's support and showing how devoted he was to Tucker. Diane anticipated that Tucker would eventually get comfortable and share his concrete plans for Glissade with Kyle.

Kyle concluded that Diane had insisted on having breakfast out to avoid any chance of his father finding out he was a double agent. Diane argued that it was best for Jack to have plausible deniability, but Kyle pointed out that Tucker and Audra hadn't given him any specifics yet. Kyle wondered what would happen after they took Tucker down. Diane revealed that Jack planned to absorb Glissade into Jabot. Kyle considered it a perfect fit.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley wished Jack a good morning. He remarked that it was nice to see her and not have to prepare for battle. She guessed that her selling Glissade to Tucker was at the top of Jack's Christmas list, and he begged for a hint of whether the sale was on or off. Ashley confirmed that she would love to hold on to the company, but she was considering Jack's request. Jack swore that relinquishing control of Glissade could be the ticket to getting Tucker out of their lives for good. "That's what we want, right?" Jack asked.

Ashley envisioned that she and Tucker would always be connected because of their grandson, but she otherwise didn't want Tucker in her life. Jack lectured that it was about more than just her and Glissade, since it was also about the future for Abby, Devon, and Dominic. Jack vowed to do everything they could to send Tucker "back to hell or one of his ashrams." Ashley requested that Jack lay out the plan for her again. Jack pictured Tucker buying her half of Glissade to try to threaten Jabot's place in the marketplace, but it would take a stream of money Tucker didn't have and wouldn't find.

Ashley planned to use her flip-flopping to their advantage to raise the purchase price, leaving Tucker with even less money. Jack continued that Tucker would try to raise capital for the new company while trying to sow discontent inside Jabot to attempt to destabilize them so he could take over. Jack intended to turn the tables on Tucker by striking first and decisively by exposing Tucker's complicity in the cover-up at McCall. Jack crowed that no board of directors would let Tucker stand after the story was out. Jack asked if Ashley was in on the plan.

Ashley suspected that Jack thought she wouldn't do the right thing where Tucker was involved. Jack clarified that it was Tucker he didn't trust, and he asked what she thought of the plan. She figured that they didn't have any other option, and she found it disturbing to be in the same area code as Tucker. Jack recognized that he only knew what she'd told him, but he was aware that she'd gone through "personal hell" because of Tucker. Jack vowed to get Tucker out of their lives for everyone's sake.

Tucker showed up at Audra's hotel suite and loudly wished her a good morning. He explained that he was giving Kyle ample time to collect his stuff and get back to Jabot. Audra lectured that Tucker was wasting his breath with his fixation on her and Kyle. Tucker figured that she was young and ought to live it up, and he encouraged her to take advantage as long as she kept her head in the game. Tucker demanded that she find out whether Kyle was trustworthy, since Kyle was supposed to be coughing up secrets from Jabot.

Audra explained that Kyle was still in the early stages of building trust, and it had to happen slowly if they wanted it to last. Audra frowned upon what it would look like if Kyle suddenly started making big moves out of the gate, but Tucker was more concerned about whether the moves would be for them or for Jabot. Tucker's instincts told him Kyle was playing them, and he wanted evidence. Audra swore that she was doing her best. Tucker countered that he'd seen her best, and he ordered her to get Kyle to do something to prove he was really on their side -- if she hadn't lost sight of what was going on there.

Audra reminded Tucker that she could do anything, and he dared her to prove it. Tucker stood seductively close behind Audra and swore that he respected and admired her intelligence. She wasn't sure how to feel about him wanting her for her mind, but he insisted that her grey matter was smoking hot. She encouraged him to lay it on thick, since she liked it when he played. Tucker asserted that he knew her better than Kyle ever could, and he and Audra had gone places together that Kyle could never conceive of.

Audra questioned whether her connection with Kyle threatened Tucker. Tucker reasoned that he and Audra had too much history, and he doubted she would throw it away for "a fling with a haircut." Audra pressed to know about their future, and Tucker replied that it was unwritten. She insisted on knowing what she was doing as the plan progressed, but he was certain that she loved the thrill of not knowing. His phone pinged with a text message from Ashley, asking if they could meet. Tucker supposed that Ashley had made up her mind.

Tucker surmised that Ashley didn't trust him, even though all he wanted was her half of the company they'd bought together, which was the other part of his plan. Audra grumbled about his refusal to share the entire scope of it with her. Tucker opted to give her bits of information at a time to keep her excited and hungry. Audra maintained that she needed to know what was expected of her.

Tucker instructed Audra to keep doing what she'd been doing by being irresistible and flexible, giving Kyle what he thought he needed until they left him in ashes. Tucker reiterated that Audra had to convince him that Kyle was truly on board. He prepared to meet Ashley, and he told Audra to alert the authorities if he wasn't back within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Jack envisioned taking away the money and power that had once fueled Tucker's fire until Tucker had nothing. Ashley mused that she could use some peace and quiet, and Jack declared that the goal was to silence Tucker. She received a reply from Tucker. "So it begins," she said.

Ashley and Tucker met in the Athletic Club lobby as Diane and Kyle headed for the exit. Tucker asked how Kyle was settling in as Jabot's new COO, noting that he'd heard Kyle hadn't had any choice but to take the job. Kyle snapped that Tucker didn't know the first thing about it. Tucker claimed that he was no longer interested in Jabot, since he had a new mission in life -- if he got Ashley's approval. Ashley led Tucker into the dining room. Kyle wondered if Ashley was in on the plan or if she'd already backed out. Kyle believed that whatever Ashley did next would be a gamechanger.

Diane and Kyle returned home, and Jack asked what he'd missed. Diane reported that their son had downed an entire stack of pancakes. Kyle mentioned that they'd run into Ashley and Tucker, and he inquired whether she'd agreed to sell her half of Glissade. Jack indicated that Ashley had been a little hard to read, adding, "So far, so good."

At the Athletic Club, Tucker noticed that Ashley had a lean and hungry look, and something told him she didn't need to look at the menu. He asked if she had an answer for him, and she announced that she'd decided to sell him her half of Glissade. He questioned whether there would be any caveats or strings attached, but she assured him that it would be all his, free and clear. Tucker became suspicious about how amenable she was being. Ashley flatly stated that he wanted the company, so they'd make a deal. He noted that she'd been angling since she'd returned from Paris, but he couldn't figure out what it was about yet.

Ashley insisted that she didn't have an angle. Tucker recounted that she'd gone from being practically willing to hand the company over to him to wanting to fight him tooth and nail for it. She warned that the selling price wouldn't be cheap, and she would make him pay. She added that she would be in touch, and she headed for the door. Ashley greeted Audra on her way out. Audra stared at Tucker.

Nikki tells Audra that Jordan tried to kill her family

Nikki tells Audra that Jordan tried to kill her family

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

by Nel

Heather arrived at Daniel's apartment. She'd thought Lily would be there, but Daniel informed her that Lily had needed to leave town and would probably be gone for a while. Heather said Mattie really needed her mother because she had to be devastated. Daniel said he'd spoken with Lily, and Mattie had escaped the fire without being harmed, but she was distraught that a professor she'd been close to had lost his life. Daniel said he wondered how he would deal with everything if Lucy had been involved in a similar situation. He said it made him think of all the times he hadn't been there for her. Heather said all that mattered was that he was there right then.

Daniel thanked Heather for being so supportive. Heather covered Daniel's hand with hers, and she said she was impressed with how Daniel had turned his life around. She suggested they put the pain and hurt behind them. Daniel replied that she had no idea how much her forgiveness meant to him. Heather said she recognized the changes he'd made. She said Lucy loved being close to him. He said that Danny had told him not to waste a single moment that was given, and that was what he intended to do.

Daniel asked Heather when she would move into her new apartment. He said he would help her with the move. She said she appreciated his offer, and she couldn't thank him enough for helping her find an apartment and putting in a good word about her at Chancellor-Winters. He said he was happy things were working out for Heather, and it meant the world for him to have Lucy close by. Heather invited him to join her for lunch.

Nikki walked into her office at Newman Media. Audra was there. Audra asked why Claire hadn't returned her calls. Nikki shouted not to ask about Claire and immediately apologized for lashing out. She said Claire was a psychopath and no longer worked there. Nikki said Claire had lied and manipulated her way into the company to set a trap for Nikki and her family.

Nikki told Audra that Claire and her Aunt Jordan had tried to kill Nikki and her entire family, but they had all survived. Audra asked why Claire would do that. Nikki said Claire had used her as bait to get the rest of the family to Oregon. She asked Audra to keep their confidence. Audra assured her she would.

Audra tried to bring Nikki up to speed with business, but she noticed that Nikki was distracted. Nikki experienced a series of flashbacks of the time she'd been at the lake house, the booze, her attempt to escape, drinking the vodka from the bottle, and the bottle shattering when she'd dropped it. She snapped back to reality when Audra asked if Nikki was all right. Audra asked if Nikki had heard Audra ask if she wanted to go through with the celebrity blog contract. Nikki said maybe she hadn't completely gotten over her horrific experience in Oregon.

Nikki admitted to Audra that it still infuriated her to think of how vulnerable they'd been at the hands of Claire and her aunt, but she had to get over it because she wouldn't let them win. Audra said sometimes circumstances were out of their control, but day by day, Nikki would get over the shock of it all and would feel like her old self again. Audra suggested they grab some lunch at the Athletic Club. Nikki declined, stating she wasn't ready to face the public, but she told Audra to go.

Audra told Nikki there was no shame someone leaning on people -- even the invincible Nikki Newman. Audra said she would bring Nikki a salad. After Audra left, Nikki reached into her purse, pulled out a flask filled with vodka, and had a drink. A knock on the door startled her. She quickly hid the flask, and she popped a mint in her mouth. When Audra entered, Nikki claimed she was worn out and didn't think she could make it through a full day. Audra suggested that Nikki go home and get some rest. Audra said she would cover for Nikki. Nikki thanked Audra and left.

At Crimson Lights, Nate told Devon he was looking forward to digging into his new position. He asked if there were specific projects Devon wanted him to focus on. Devon asked him to look at the portfolio of their top priorities and provide his thoughts. Devon also wanted to introduce Nate to their newly hired employee, who was very knowledgeable and had resources Devon felt they could use. Devon felt Nate was the one who could maximize her values. Devon added that with Lily away, he would probably be relying more on Nate than he normally would.

Nate told Devon it felt good to be accepted back into the company and the family. Nate admitted it would be great to concentrate on the work rather than constantly looking over his shoulder, covering his ass because of the Newman nonstop politics. Victoria arrived, and Nate said he had to leave to look over the portfolio Devon had mentioned. As Nate was leaving, he acknowledged Victoria, and he left. Cole stood in the background, watching.

When Devon got up to leave, Victoria commented that it was nice to see Devon and Nate getting along. She asked if Nate was back at Chancellor-Winters. Devon confirmed he was and that Nate was important to the family. Victoria agreed. She said she didn't believe Nate had set out to undermine or betray Victor because she'd known Nate had had Victor's best interests at heart. Devon said that was nice to hear because Victor had said he'd lost all trust in Nate. She said Victor was wrong. and the people they expected the worst from weren't the true enemy.

Victoria introduced Cole to Devon. Cole said he remembered Neil as being "such a good friend" to Victoria. After some small talk, Devon left. Victoria asked Cole how things had gone at the lake house. Cole replied that it had been "like returning to a living hell."

On the patio, Cole told Victoria the police had cordoned off the crime scene, and he'd had to find a way to sneak into the lake house without breaking the yellow tape. He said being back in that house had been unsettling, but he'd found Claire's bedroom; he'd taken Claire's hairbrush, toothbrush, and a couple other items, just in case. He said they needed samples from him and Victoria to compare with Claire's.

Victoria asked Cole what they would do if Claire was their baby, but then she wondered what they'd do if she wasn't. Cole replied that, either way, they were going to get Claire the help she needed. Victoria agreed. She said if it turned out they weren't Claire's parents, she still really wanted to find a way to help Claire. Cole agreed but said they couldn't do anything until they had the answers they needed. Victoria claimed that even when they got the answers, it would only bring more questions.

Cole told Victoria it was a difficult situation to face because they had loved Eve and grieved for her, and it had been painful. He said it still haunted him. Victoria claimed she felt like the hole in her heart had never healed. Cole said it would be a miracle if Eve was alive. Cole said he knew it was difficult for Victoria. She said it was for Cole, as well. She said they would be there for each other, no matter how things turned out with Claire. Michael arrived.

Cole asked if Michael had met with Claire. Michael confirmed he had, and he understood why Cole and Victoria were so conflicted. Michael admitted that Jordan had done quite a number on Claire, and she was deeply troubled. Victoria said that from what Claire had told them, she'd led a tragic life. Michael said he'd had a difficult time reconciling the scared, traumatized figure he'd met with the heinous acts she was being charged with. Victoria asked how Claire was holding up in jail. Michael replied that Claire seemed detached and clearly scared.

Michael told Cole and Victoria that Claire was completely disillusioned, and she felt there was no one in her life she could trust. He said she was unsure of who she really was. He said Claire was paralyzed by the realization that someone she loved, who she'd thought had loved her, had kidnapped her at birth. He asked how anyone could treat someone so cruelly. He said that in his opinion, if Claire was sentenced, it would destroy what was left of her psyche. He said she needed psychiatric care, not a jail cell.

Cole asked Michael how much had been coercion and grooming. Michael said that would be for the court to decide, but first they needed to prove whether or not Claire was their daughter. Cole said he had the items for a DNA test. Michael agreed to take on the case as long as Victoria and Cole were on board, as well. He said if Claire was sentenced, she would be facing a huge prison term, and she would need all the help she could get. He said it would mean a commitment from Cole and Victoria, financially and otherwise. Victoria suggested they get the DNA results as quickly as possible. Michael said it would clear up some things, but he wondered if it would change how they felt about helping Claire.

Victoria told Michael they were still processing the fact that their daughter could be alive. She said it was too much for her to comprehend, but Claire deserved a defense. Victoria agreed Claire deserved an attorney to get her out of prison and get her the treatment she needed. Michael said their defense would be that Jordan was the person to blame. He said Jordan had systematically crushed Claire's spirit and then brainwashed her into doing Jordan's bidding. He said Jordan had turned Claire into a monster, and Claire shouldn't carry the blame for that.

Cole commented that Michael seemed to be invested in helping Claire. Michael said it was personal for him because he knew how parents and parental figures could warp a young mind. He said he'd had his own dark side to contend with when he'd been younger, and he knew how destructive that sort of behavior could be. He said anyone who treated a child that way should pay dearly "in this life and the next."

When Devon arrived at Society, Abby asked what was bothering him. He said it was Nate's official first day back at the company. Abby claimed it was a good thing, since Lily was away. Devon replied that that was what he'd believed until Victoria had shown up, and the air had turned frigid for Nate. Devon said he was worried because Nate was probably affected by the one-two punch, fired by Victor and the end of him and Victoria as a couple. Devon didn't want Nate to get distracted, because they needed him to focus. Abby asked if Devon felt it was a mistake to rehire Nate.

Abby said she knew Devon had been worried because Nate had been fired from Newman, but she claimed Victor was also to blame because of the stunt he'd pulled. Devon said it would have been a scare for the family, believing Victor was losing his mind. Abby said she was happy to be out of that drama.

Devon told Abby that Nate claimed it had never been his intention to have Victor locked up so Victoria could regain control of the company. He said Nate had been looking out for the company and for Victor. He said he wanted to believe Nate and that Victoria believed Nate, but Nate believed Victoria hadn't had his back. Devon said he didn't need Nate making mistakes.

Abby greeted Heather and Daniel when they arrived. Daniel told Devon he'd spoken with Lily earlier. Devon said he had, also, and he relayed that Lily missed home. Daniel said Lily was exactly where she needed to be, with Mattie.

Abby asked Heather how she was doing. Heather replied that she was happy to be back, and she had a job at an amazing company. Devon officially welcomed her on board, and he said he was happy to have her legal skills. She said she hadn't felt so balanced in a very long time. She also mentioned that Daniel had helped her find an apartment. She stated that Genoa City centered her, and it made her realize how unbalanced her life had been in Portugal.

Heather told Abby that after she'd taken a good, hard look at herself, she'd realized she'd made bad decisions for all the wrong reasons. She said she was in the right place, and Lucy was close to her dad.

Abby showed Heather and Daniel to a table. Daniel said he was happy Heather would be starting immediately at Chancellor-Winters, in case he had any licensing issues that might arise with the games. Heather said, "When you think the truth with all your heart, the road is paved with justice." Daniel noted that was a line from Chelsea's game. Heather said she'd played it, and she'd gotten to emotional lawyer level 72. She said she had to familiarize herself with Chancellor-Winters' content, otherwise she wouldn't be effective at her new job.

Heather told Daniel she'd found the game very rewarding and challenging, and she hadn't been able to put it down. Daniel said hearing her say that meant a lot. She said it was a fun game, and she'd learned a few things about herself in the process. She said she was proud of Daniel. and she felt he'd found his niche. Daniel agreed. Heather was disappointed when Daniel received a call from Lily and stepped away from the table to talk with her.

At the bar, Abby told Devon it was nice that Heather had found her footing and brought Lucy to be with her father. Abby watched Heather suspiciously. Abby asked Devon when Lily would be returning home. Devon wasn't sure. He said Charlie would be flying out from New York to spend a weekend with Lily and Mattie. Abby said family bonding would help Mattie get through her trauma. She said she had a feeling Daniel would miss Lily a lot. Abby kept a watchful eye on Heather's interaction with Daniel, and she didn't look pleased.

Nikki arrived at the ranch, and she called out to Victor. When she didn't receive a response, she took the flask out of her purse and went to the bar to refill it, but instead, she drank straight from the vodka bottle. She was startled when Victoria called out to her.

Michael asks Claire to plead guilty by reason of insanity

Michael asks Claire to plead guilty by reason of insanity

Thursday, December 14, 2023

by Nel

Danny opened the door to Phyllis when she arrived at Daniel's. She said she'd wanted to drop off a housewarming gift and invite Daniel to lunch, but since he wasn't there, she asked Danny to have lunch with her instead. She picked up a sheet of music, and she asked if Danny was working on some new music. Danny admitted he wanted to put it on his new album. He said it would feel great returning to the recording studio. She asked if the song she'd helped him with would be on his album. He confirmed it would be. Phyllis said she was like his muse, unless Christine was. Rather than answering, Danny agreed to take her up on her lunch offer.

At Society, Christine congratulated Chance on becoming the new chief of police because he was exactly what the department needed. Chance told her he was officially leaving the force. Christine was stunned and asked if he was sure. Chance assured her he'd given it a lot of thought. Christine claimed that capturing bad guys had always been part of Chance's life.

Chance told Christine it hadn't been an easy decision, but it was the right one. Christine asked what he would do next. He said Jill had offered him a position at Chancellor-Winters. Christine said he was the best of the best at saving lives and protecting people who couldn't protect themselves. She said the world needed more Chance Chancellors, not businessmen. Christine said she should wish him well, but she found it hard to believe that he would walk away from something that was so important to him.

Standing next to a pillar, Summer had watched Chance and Christine, and as they were about to leave, Summer approached them. She commented that things had appeared serious. Christine said Chance was leaving the force, but she claimed "protect and serve" was in Chance's DNA. Summer said business was also in his DNA, and she said he would be amazing.

Chance noted that Christine was stepping down as D.A. to do pro bono work. Christine said that way, she could help those who needed it most. She wished Chance the best. As she was leaving, Phyllis and Danny arrived. Danny said Phyllis had stopped by to take Daniel to lunch but had gotten him instead. Phyllis gloated that she'd inspired one of Danny's songs. She said Danny had been working very hard, so she'd begged him to have lunch with her, and he'd graciously accepted. Christine said that was Danny, gracious to a fault.

Christine asked to speak to Danny privately. Outside, Christine asked if he was having lunch with Phyllis after they'd had such a wonderful night. She said it had meant a lot to her. She asked if she had gotten it wrong. She realized she sounded like a jealous teenager. Danny explained that he and Phyllis shared a son, and Phyllis was struggling. Christine said Phyllis had brought that on herself. Danny agreed, but he said Phyllis was trying very hard to be a better person. He said he believed her, but she needed some help getting there. He said the lunch was nothing more than two old friends enjoying themselves and reconnecting.

Christine asked Danny if that was what dinner had been. Danny said he wanted to think the dinner had been about the future, not the past. He hoped they could do it again. They kissed.

Inside, Phyllis watched as Danny and Christine kissed. With her head on Danny's shoulder, Christine smiled at Phyllis.

Elsewhere in Society, Victor told Michael he understood Victoria's compassion to help Claire, but he was concerned about the emotional scars that would open for her after what she'd been through. Victor claimed Claire was still a danger, and he would protect his family. Victor said he was concerned about Victoria, because after Claire had nearly killed Victoria, Claire had claimed to be Victoria's daughter. Michael reminded him that Claire had save all their lives. He said Jordan was the bona fide monster, but Claire, not so much. Victor realized Michael had already taken on Claire's case.

Michael told Victor he'd met with Claire, and she was in real pain. Victor claimed Claire was putting Michael on. Michael countered that Claire was confused, troubled, and possibly Cole and Victoria's child. He said they wouldn't know until the DNA results came back. Michael said whatever the case, Claire deserved to know who she was, and she needed help.

Michael asked Victor what might happen if Claire had the opportunity to have a real life. Victor demanded that Claire be put behind bars. Michael asked what Victor would think if she was Victor's granddaughter. Michael said he was going to be at Claire's arraignment later. He left.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe insisted that Nick wasn't okay because of Sally. Nick assured her that his relationship with Sally was strictly professional, and he was fine with that. Chloe said she wasn't because Adam was pulling Sally back into his evil vortex. She said Nick and Sally had been perfect together, and he couldn't just throw that away. He said it wasn't his job to save Sally from Adam; Sally had to figure that out on her own.

Nick told Chloe he'd liked what they'd had, but Adam had blown it up. Chloe claimed there was still a chance for Nick and Sally. Nick said Sally knew exactly who Adam was, and she was willing to risk everything to be with him. Chloe claimed that was why Nick needed to do something. She claimed Adam had messed with Sally's mind.

Chloe accused Nick of abandoning Sally, but Nick claimed he'd backed away to give Sally time to figure things out. Chloe said Sally believed Nick didn't want to be with her. She told Nick to tell Sally he wanted to give their relationship another chance. Chloe asked how, if Nick really loved Sally, he could he give up so easily. Nick stated it hadn't been easy, but he'd accepted it. He said Sally had always wanted Adam.

Chloe told Nick that Adam was manipulating Sally into believing he was what Sally wanted, but Nick was who Sally needed. She said he was the one that could love her the way she deserved. She said Adam was going to break her heart again, and Chloe couldn't just stand by and watch "that snake" turn Sally into roadkill again. Nick thanked Chloe for being in his corner, but things would work out -- perhaps not the way Chloe wanted, but they would work out. Chloe said all Nick had to do was fight for Sally because they were great together.

In the Athletic Club dining room, feeling a little awkward, Sally asked if Adam believed they could hit the reset button. Adam was hoping they could try. Adam presented Sally with a bottle of hot sauce. Sally asked if it was safe bringing their past to their lunch.

Adam asked Sally about work. Sally stated she woke up every morning, excited for the possibilities, and she was happy to have Chloe working with her again. Adam said he was happy Chloe was back on board, even though Chloe despised him. He said regardless of how Chloe felt about him, he was happy Sally was working with a friend who she trusted and who would always have her back.

Sally asked Adam if he and Victor were still hugging it out. Adam admitted they were. He said it was a whole new era for positive connection, communication, and a radical concept called honesty. Sally claimed honesty was a novel approach for Adam, which could backfire, but he claimed it had been worth the risk. He said that when he'd believed Victor had been ill, it had changed how Adam had felt about him, and Adam wasn't ready to let go. Sally said it was because he loved Victor. Adam said if they were keeping things real, he and Victor were destined to battle to the death.

In her motel room, Jordan told a photo of Eve that it wouldn't be much longer before the high and mighty Newman family would get exactly what they deserved, and they would never see it coming. Jordan read the notification that there was an APB out for her, and she complained about the very unflattering photo of her. The notification read, "Anyone having information should call the Genoa City's anonymous tip line immediately."

Jordan called the tip line. She said she had information about the woman they were looking for. She said she was afraid that woman would do something to hurt that poor Newman family again. She said she'd seen a woman matching that description at the Southside Motel, and it had been terrifying. She said if that woman had come all that way, then she had to be up to something no good, so she wanted to call in immediately.

Jordan gave the tip line the address of 4836 North Royal Drive, room 158. She said she would be happy to bring that evil woman to justice. She ended the call. Talking to herself, she said, "It won't be long now." Jordan finished packing her bag, and she left, leaving behind the photo of Eve on the nightstand, the Newman wedding album propped against a pillow, the knife, and three bullet casings on the bed.

At the ranch, Nikki hid her flask inside her jacket pocket when Victoria entered. Victoria told her that Michael had agreed to take Claire's case because he was convinced Claire had been Jordan's victim as much as they all had been. Nikki claimed Claire had either been a victim or an award-winning actress.

Victoria told Nikki that Michael was on his way to Oregon for Claire's arraignment, and Claire could be freed later that day. Nikki was stunned. Nikki guessed that Victoria was posting Claire's bail. Victoria reminded Nikki that it was the right thing to do, since Claire didn't have anyone else. Nikki claimed that because of Victoria's big heart, "that psychotic woman" could be running loose on their streets.

Victoria told Nikki that she and Cole had discussed things with Michael. She said Michael would try to get Claire relocated to Genoa City and have her placed in a mental health facility so she could begin receiving the treatment she needed. She said Claire had been scared and confused after she'd discovered that Jordan had lied and had used Claire. Victoria said Claire had regretted everything she'd done.

Nikki told Victoria that perhaps it was part of a bigger scheme. She said maybe Claire was feeding on Victoria's compassion and Victoria's uncertainty about whether or not she really was Victoria's daughter. Nikki claimed that, like magic, Victoria had gotten Claire an amazing attorney. Nikki claimed Claire would then be free to join Jordan, and they would launch another deadly campaign on their family.

Victoria asked Nikki if Claire didn't deserve a chance to get better, something Claire sincerely wanted. Nikki claimed Victoria was close to giving Claire another chance. Victoria said she was waiting for the DNA results. Nikki reminded Victoria that Claire was self-serving and would only submit to a DNA test if Victoria got her an attorney. Victoria said Cole had returned to the lake house, and he'd collected samples from Claire's bedroom.

Nikki told Victoria she felt Claire was playing on Victoria's confusion and compassion, and Claire was using it to her own advantage. She said no good could come from that. Victoria stated that Claire might be her daughter. Nikki claimed that even if she was, so much time had passed that Victoria couldn't go back. Victoria said the baby she and Cole had mourned for all those years could be alive. She said she had to focus on what was in front of her, which was a very damaged young woman who needed help. She said Claire had been horribly corrupted and manipulated by Jordan's obsession with their family.

Victor arrived at the ranch, and he asked Nikki if she'd heard from Jordan. Nikki said she hadn't. Victor claimed the police were closing in on her. He said a woman fitting her description had been seen checking into a motel on the outskirts of town. Nikki panicked, knowing Jordan was so close. Victoria stated that if Jordan was in town, then she wasn't done with them. Victor told Nikki to stay at the ranch, where she would be safe. Nikki stood taller and stated that she wouldn't allow that woman to keep her prisoner ever again.

Victor claimed there was nothing wrong with working from home for a few days, but Nikki was adamant that she wouldn't let Jordan win. Victor reminded Nikki that Jordan was very dangerous, and Nikki was her specific target. Victoria asked why Jordan wasn't targeting Victor, since he'd been the one Eve had been obsessed with. Victor admitted he'd once had an affair with Eve Howard, and he'd rejected her. Jordan had never gotten over it, and she wanted to get even by hurting Nikki.

Victor received a text message indicating the police had discovered that Jordan was planning to do more damage, but Jordan wasn't in that motel room. He said he wanted to check it out himself. He called Nick and asked to meet him at the Athletic Club. Nick agreed. Victor left.

Nikki told Victoria that it was terrifying that Jordan was in town. Victoria said she didn't want Nikki to be alone. Victoria said she could work remotely, but Nikki claimed she would be fine. Victoria was reluctant to leave, even though Nikki assured her the security team was on high alert. Victoria told Nikki to call her if Jordan contacted her in any way. After Victoria left, Nikki grabbed her purse, walked over to the bar, and pulled out her flask. She drank from the bottle first then filled her flask. Once she'd done that, she topped up the vodka bottle with water.

At the Athletic Club, Nick looked around for Victor, and he saw Sally with Adam. Victor entered, and he asked what Nick was looking at. Victor saw Sally, and he said Nick had to let it go. Nick said someone had almost convinced him otherwise, but it looked like Sally was exactly where she wanted to be. He and Victor left.

At their table, Adam asked Sally if they were ready for a real date or if they were moving too fast. Sally said they should just go for it, since it was their style.

Nick and Victor arrived at Jordan's motel room, and they saw Eve's photo, the album, the knife, and the bullet casings. Victor told Nick it was an obvious setup.

In Oregon, Michael arrived at the jail to see Claire, who was surprised to see Michael because she hadn't thought he would return. Michael told her he would request her immediate release so that she could enter a mental health diversion program, but there was one thing he needed Claire to do. He wanted her to plead guilty by reason of insanity.

Jordan entered a suite at the Athletic Club, wearing a blonde wig and sunglasses. She looked in the mirror, and she smiled and said she looked absolutely perfect.

Billy decides to help Jill and join Chancellor-Winters

Billy decides to help Jill and join Chancellor-Winters

Friday, December 15, 2023

by Nel

Tucker arrived at the Abbotts' and informed Jack that he wanted to focus on his new business, but Jack didn't buy it. Tucker said he was there to declare peace with the Abbotts. Jack told him they weren't buying that, either. Tucker claimed he was no longer interested in Jabot. He said peace was a two-way street, and he was willing if Jack was. Tucker wanted to shake Jack's hand, but Jack refused.

Jack told Tucker he was sick of waiting to see what Tucker's next move would be. Tucker claimed he was sick of it, too. He said he was hoping that building his new business empire would help him let go of his anger. Jack said it would take more than a handshake or empty talk of enlightenment to make him think Tucker was for real. Tucker told Ashley he agreed to buy her half of Glissade. Ashley said he didn't know her price. Tucker told her not to worry about it.

Tucker told Jack that he was getting a fresh start with a cosmetics company, and he confirmed he wouldn't be going after Jabot ever again. He told Ashley he would have his lawyer draw up the paperwork because he wanted it done. Ashley said if he came up with the cash, they had a deal. They shook hands, and Tucker left. Jack said that had been almost too easy. He asked if Tucker suspected something. Ashley confirmed that Tucker always did.

Jack grumbled to Ashley and Diane about Tucker being tired of plotting his revenge and wanting a fresh start. Ashley said not to assume Tucker actually meant what he'd said. Jack asked Ashley why Tucker was using Glissade to rebuild his empire and what Tucker knew about running a beauty company. Ashley said business was business, and she wouldn't count Tucker out yet. Diane said the only way to defuse Tucker was to clip his wires.

Jack told Diane and Ashley they had to destabilize Glissade before it was up and running under Tucker's control. He said they had to leak the information about the scandal and cover-up at McCall Unlimited. Jack said he had media outlets ready to go; they only had to push send, and their smear campaign would be launched. Diane said they had to wait until Ashley signed her half over to Tucker, or she would take the hit, as well. Diane stated that Billy should have been there. She said he was supposed to join them for their strategy meeting, but when it came to showing up for Jabot, Billy kept dropping the ball. Ashley left to call her attorney.

Diane told Jack she wanted to know where Billy fit in. Jack said as his co-CEO. Diane complained that Billy wasn't that invested, but Jack said it had been Billy's idea to team up with Jill to take Tucker down. Diane claimed Billy was on fire when it was his idea, but when it came to all their parts in the multifaceted attack, he wasn't around. Jack understood Diane had no confidence in Billy and that she wanted Kyle in that position.

Diane told Jack it had been Kyle's job. She said as chief talent officer... Jack interrupted and said Kyle had accepted his new position, even if Diane didn't. Jack refused to argue with her because it was his call, and Kyle and Billy were where they belonged.

Ashley called Tucker and told him she'd sent a text message about her price for Glissade. She told him to take it or leave it -- unless he needed more time. Tucker agreed to the price. Ashley told him her lawyers would send him the paperwork and contracts. She said she wanted to get it done as soon as possible. Ashley ended her call, and she told Jack and Diane it was done. Jack said he felt close to victory and like they could finally put an end to Tucker McCall.

At the Athletic Club bar, Tucker sent Audra a text message: "We should meet."

In Audra's suite after Kyle and Audra had sex, Audra said Kyle needed to step up and get the information about Jabot and prove his loyalty. She said that as COO, Kyle had to be aware of some confidential information that would show he was on board. Kyle claimed that if he knew more about their game plan, then he could get his hands on some relevant information, but she didn't know the game plan. Kyle said Jack felt it was all a game. Kyle wondered if the fun was simply to make his family worry and keep them riled up. Audra stated that Tucker might want to be underestimated. Kyle asked what would happen if Tucker was playing everyone, including Audra.

Audra told Kyle she knew Tucker well enough to be on guard. She said for the moment, she would trust Tucker until he gave her a reason not to. She told Kyle to give Tucker something of value, and if he still shut them out, they would then know they were about to be left hanging.

Kyle told Audra that if Tucker hung them out to dry, he was still okay because he had a safety net. He asked where that left her if Tucker was using her for his own twisted amusement. Audra claimed she had her own safety net: Newman Media. She said she would only leave Newman Media if another opportunity presented itself. Audra said they both agreed that they needed to know what Tucker was planning. They had sex again.

Later, Kyle told Audra that getting information from Tucker wouldn't be easy. He said if Tucker continued to not be forthcoming with any information, then Tucker had no intention of including them in his plan. Kyle said they needed to look out for each other. Audra said if she didn't know better, she'd say maybe Kyle was playing her by trying to turn her against Tucker. Kyle claimed he didn't want to see her get burned.

While Audra showered, Tucker arrived. He said Kyle should be at Jabot, doing what Tucker had repeatedly asked him to, and to do his actual job so he wouldn't raise suspicion. Kyle said he wasn't Tucker's lackey, but the key to it all. Tucker claimed Kyle was totally useless, and it made him wonder whose side Kyle was on.

Kyle told Tucker he couldn't look for information if he didn't know what Tucker would use it for and what the game plan was. Kyle said he was out unless Tucker stopped his deflections. When Audra joined them, Tucker told her that Kyle wanted to know the game plan. Kyle commented that Tucker wanted information, but he refused to tell Kyle what to look for.

Audra stated that she wanted to know the game plan, as well. Tucker said the plan was for Kyle to acquire sensitive information... Kyle asked who it was supposed be sensitive for. Tucker yelled for Kyle to shut up and listen. He said he wanted a new and innovative product that Jabot was preparing to unveil, preferably something that had been years in the making and had cost millions to develop. Raising his voice, he said Kyle would then get the formula for it, and Glissade would launch it first. Tucker claimed Jack would search for the mole within the company, and the breadcrumbs would lead to the guilty party.

Tucker said that would upend Jack's trust in his closest ally as well as tanking the new product. Kyle asked who the guilty party would be. Tucker said it would either be Diane or Billy, but it would be a gametime decision -- whoever would cause the most damage at that moment. When it was discovered that the Abbotts had a traitor in the family, the scandal would rock Jabot.

After Tucker left, Audra chastised Kyle for getting Tucker to reveal his plan after she'd said she would take care of it. Kyle said he'd made a calculated decision to go after him. Audra said it seemed to have worked, but Kyle wasn't so sure. He said he didn't buy Tucker's plan to out Diane or Billy as the mole. There would be no proof, and he didn't like that the breadcrumbs would lead to the guilty party in a last-minute call. He said Tucker believed Kyle would set Billy up but not his own mother. Audra suggested Tucker liked to be in control, and he wouldn't reveal that part of his strategy until Kyle gave him the information he wanted.

Kyle told Audra that Tucker had revealed his plan, and Kyle would be Tucker's sacrificial lamb. He said he wouldn't be surprised if Tucker double-crossed Audra the same way. Kyle said before Tucker turned his plan against them, they needed to turn that plan against Tucker. He asked if she was with him or sticking with Tucker.

At Society, Chelsea asked Billy what was in the bag, but Billy refused to tell her. She asked if it was something for Connor. She said she hoped Billy hadn't bought Connor the VR headset because she'd already told Connor he couldn't have it. Billy stated he would never buy such an expensive gift without checking with Chelsea first. Chelsea asked him to tell her what it was so she wouldn't buy Connor the same gift. Billy assured her that she wouldn't get him the same thing.

Billy relented. He took a snorkel, a beret, and a bikini out of the bag. Chelsea looked confused. Billy asked if she'd ever celebrated New Year's Eve in St. Tropez. She said she hadn't. Billy said he wanted to do that with Chelsea to thank her for setting him straight about the path he'd been on. He admitted he'd been approaching the battle with Tucker with the same manic energy as when he was looking for his next win.

Billy told Chelsea he had a new way of channeling his psyche when looking for that jolt. He said he'd been listening and watching how much work she'd put into herself, and he wanted to live up to her example. He said he'd taken what she'd said to heart, and he'd taken a good look at what had been going on with Tucker, Ashley, Jack, and Diane. He said he always wound up in a very dangerous place when he chased that winning or losing streak. He admitted he needed to fight the instinct inside himself by removing the temptation to engage.

Chelsea asked if Billy was going to leave Jabot. He said he didn't know if leaving Jabot was the answer, but he felt he needed to let Jack, Ashley, and Diane finish the battle with Tucker. Chelsea asked if Billy could do that, since he'd been the one to put that plan into place. She said he'd turned down Jill's offer to join Chancellor-Winters, but he'd engaged her in the war with Tucker. She claimed he wouldn't be able to fight his instincts when he watched everything unfold. She said he would get sucked into the thrill of the battle. Billy admitted he didn't know if he could leave Jack and Jabot in the lurch because he, Jack, and Ashley had come a long way.

Chelsea asked what Billy would do if he could walk away, as she didn't see him giving it all up, because it was what fueled him. He said Jill had tried to entice him to join Chancellor-Winters. He said he hadn't accept her offer, but he'd started fighting Tucker from there. Chelsea stated it was no different because it was the same war, only on a different front. She asked if he would feel the same rush and the need to win. Billy said it would be different because he'd always felt he had to impress Jack, or he would let Jack down; Kyle wanted his job, Diane wanted to give it to Kyle, and deep down, he felt that Jack wanted the same thing.

Billy told Chelsea that one misstep, and he would fall out of Jack's good graces and prove him right. He said he'd let Jill down many times; however, he knew she had complete faith in him, and Jill had no one. He said Jack had Ashley, Diane, and Kyle, but Jill was alone on that side of the table. He said she needed him there, and that meant something to him. Chelsea said it sounded like he had somewhere important to be. He kissed Chelsea, and he left.

When Summer arrived at Crimson Lights, Summer asked Chance how the department had taken his news about stepping away from the force. He said some of the guys wanted to take him out for a beer, and others weren't too thrilled because they felt he was letting them down.

Summer told Chance she was happy he was trusting his gut and stepping down, because he deserved to be happy in his job. She hoped he had a bigger celebration planned than beer with his buddies. Chance said he was going to take Sharon to see one of his favorite bands, but he was sure she was just humoring him and didn't really want to go. He said he was convinced Sharon would become a huge fan because they were excellent live. Summer asked what band. Chance said Say Jump. Summer couldn't believe he'd gotten tickets to Say Jump. She said they were the best.

Chance received a call from Sharon telling him she was tied up with work. Chance told Summer he had an extra ticket for the Say Jump show, and it was hers. Summer said she would love to go to the concert with Chance, but Sharon might still want to go. Chance said Sharon was hunkered down in a conference room with work stuff. Summer suggested he invite a friend from the police department.

Chance told Summer those were really lame excuses coming from a super fan. Chance asked if he'd mentioned his tickets were VIP with all access. He suggested she call him later to let him know what she'd decided, but he wasn't going to let her miss that opportunity without "a damn good excuse." Summer said she would call him later. As Chance was leaving, Daniel entered. Chance asked Daniel to convince Summer to go to the concert with him later.

Daniel sat down and teased that he hadn't seen Summer all giddy, starry-eyed, and blushing over Kyle since she'd been a teenager. Summer reminded him that she and Kyle were over. Daniel said he wasn't referring to Kyle but to the gentleman who'd just left. Summer told Daniel to back off, but Daniel said Summer was driving herself crazy by not pursuing her attraction.

Summer asked Daniel if she should throw herself at the guy and set herself up for rejection. She claimed that would be humiliating. Daniel told her to go to the concert with Chance. She admitted she wanted to go with Chance, and they would have an amazing time. She said the problem was that Sharon would find out, and things would get messy. Daniel said she was making it a bigger deal because she wasn't acting on her crush. He said unrequited attraction fed on itself, leaving a person with butterflies in the stomach and nausea. He asked if those symptoms sounded familiar.

Summer asked Daniel what it would matter if they did. He told her to face it head-on and get through it. She asked if they were talking about Daniel, as well. He asked why they would be talking about him. Summer stated that Heather and Lucy were back in town, and Lily was away. Daniel said he needed to head back to work, and he left.

Summer called Chance and said to count her in if that ticket was still available.

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