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Sally was stunned when a tipsy Adam proposed to her. Daniel returned to Genoa City for Thanksgiving. Jack confronted Tucker about Tucker's plan to use Ashley to go after Jabot. Chelsea was touched when Johnny apologized for how he'd treated her, and they agreed to be friends.
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Adam proposed to Sally. Daniel returned for Thanksgiving. Nate blew off a date with Elena. Lily worried about Billy's attention to Chelsea.
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A surprise encounter lifts Lily's spirits

A surprise encounter lifts Lily's spirits

Monday, November 21, 2022

Billy and Lily approached Sharon at Crimson Lights. Billy asked about Chelsea. Sharon was hesitant to answer until Billy explained that Lily knew what had happened. Lily praised Sharon and Billy for all they had done to help Chelsea. Sharon told Billy and Lily that Adam and Connor were with Chelsea so she could share with her son what had been going on. Billy replied, "Well, that's a very sensitive and delicate conversation to have. I hope Adam doesn't screw it up."

Adam entered from the patio and reported that the conversation with Connor had not been easy, though Chelsea had been honest and candid. Connor had become emotional, Adam recalled, though the youngster had seemed to understand. Sharon said she believed Connor's generation had a better understanding of and a deeper perspective about mental health. Adam told Sharon, Billy, and Lily that Connor would be spending the night with Chelsea. Billy seemed concerned, but Adam insisted that Chelsea could handle things with her son on her own, adding that she did not need Billy's support. Adam made it clear that Billy should "just leave them alone." Adam's controlling behavior raised eyebrows.

After Adam left, Sharon told Lily and Billy that Chelsea had made a step in the right direction. Billy refused to believe Adam's claim that the interaction with Connor had gone well, but both Sharon and Lily said they all had to take Adam at his word. Billy insisted he check on Chelsea just to be safe. Sharon told Billy she did not think he should. Billy asked if he could phone Chelsea. Sharon told Billy he should let Chelsea enjoy time with her son. Lily agreed with Sharon's expert advice. Billy agreed not to interrupt Chelsea. After Lily suggested she and Billy have dinner, Billy requested that Sharon contact him if anything happened.

After Billy and Lily left, Noah arrived. Sharon asked Noah to recall how he had dealt with her while she'd been experiencing issues related to her bipolar disorder. Noah recalled that it had been painful for him, knowing that things were hard for his mom. Noah remembered, too, how Sharon had rebounded and become even stronger and more grounded than before. Noah told his mom that her illness had been more difficult for Faith, though he and Nick had done their best to shield Faith whenever Sharon had experienced manic episodes.

Sharon admitted to Noah that she had feared one of her children could have inherited her mental disorder. Noah assured his mother that she need not worry. Sharon quipped that telling a parent not to worry was like telling the sun not to shine. Sharon told Noah that one day, he would understand when he had kids of his own. Noah grew quiet, and Sharon asked him what was on his mind. Recalling Sharon's statement about one day becoming a parent, Noah explained that he had almost become a parent. Noah shared with his mother that though Audra had never intended to tell him she had suffered a miscarriage, reconnecting with him in Genoa City had changed her mind.

Noah became emotional and said he had wondered if things might have worked out differently had he stayed with Audra. Sharon offered comfort and said she knew how painful it was to deal with a miscarriage and mourn for a child that never was. Noah cried that Sharon might have had her first grandchild. Sharon recalled having learned about Audra's arrival in Genoa City from Mariah. Noah said that though Allie knew about the miscarriage, he would like to keep it between them.

Noah confided to Sharon that Allie could not understand how he had not known about the miscarriage, though he could not recall having seen any sign that Audra had been pregnant. Noah admitted that he regretted having grown tired of the drama and leaving Audra abruptly without even telling her. Noah said Audra had apparently lost the baby the night he'd moved out. Sharon assured Noah it was not his fault because miscarriages early in pregnancy were usually the result a developmental issue.

Noah expressed regret that Audra had suffered alone. Sharon consoled Noah, telling him he had been right to leave a bad relationship. Sharon acknowledged that the situation might have been made worse for Noah from having experienced his parents' difficult relationship. Noah assured his mother that she and Nick had been the best parents a kid could have.

From his new office at Newman Media, Nate coordinated tasks with his staff over the phone. Elena entered and told Nate he looked like he belonged behind the desk. Elena gave Nate a framed photo of them and told him she fully supported him. Elena invited Nate to dinner to celebrate. Nate explained that he had a meeting with Victoria. Elena pointed out that it was late in the day for meetings. Nate explained that executives worked around the clock. Nate instructed Elena to get them a table at Society, order a bottle of Champagne, and wait for him. Before Elena left, she told Nate it was nice to see him happy and enjoying his work again, acknowledging the stark difference from when he'd been at Chancellor-Winters. Nate thanked Elena for her support.

At the Glam Club, Nick and Sally arrived hand in hand for their celebratory date. Sally embraced Noah's rare absence by kissing Nick on the lips, explaining that there was no need to "keep things PG." Adam entered and saw his brother kissing his ex-girlfriend. Sally asked Nick what a celebration of them as a couple should entail. A server arrived with wine and two glasses. Sally explained that they had not ordered wine. Nick saw Adam across the way and correctly guessed that his brother had. Adam nodded at the couple and lifted his glass. Sally feared Adam might create another scene. Deciding that choosing either to stay or leave would allow Adam to dictate their lives. Sally opted to stay and enjoy their evening. Nick filled the glasses and said, "Well, let's drink his wine."

As Nick and Sally were leaving, Adam approached and asked them if they had enjoyed the wine. Adam asked to speak to Sally privately. Exasperated, Nick replied, "Can we not do this tonight?" Adam begged Sally to talk to him. Sally turned to Nick and said, "Just a second, okay?" Nick said it was okay, and Sally told Adam he had two minutes. Nick walked away. Adam admitted to Sally that it was eating away at him to see her with Nick because he felt like he had driven her into his brother's arms. Adam cried that he regretted every foolish thing he had done to drive Sally away. Adam told Sally that they belonged together. Sally was stunned when Adam asked her to marry him.

Devon sat alone at Society, drinking beer. Elena arrived and called out to Devon. Distracted, Devon did not respond until Elena approached and called out to him a second time. Concerned, Elena remarked that whatever Devon had been thinking about seemed to have had a hold on him. Devon said he was trying to figure things out. Elena offered to help, but Devon said it was something he had to figure out on his own. Elena said she was waiting for Nate and suggested they all sit and have a drink together after he arrived. Devon replied, "Last thing I'd ever want to do is sit down and have a drink with a traitor."

Elena told Devon that Nate was aware that he had screwed up and had learned from the experience. Devon replied, "Is that why he's never told us who he was working for? Even though now we know it's Victoria Newman, and he won't admit it, so he's still protecting the CEO who went after our company and still might go after it?" Elena said she thought there was no longer a need to worry. Devon insisted that had Elena not put pressure on Nate, he would have helped Victoria steal Hamilton-Winters. Devon claimed that Nate had changed -- and not in a good way.

Changing the subject, Elena asked Devon about Amanda. Devon explained that Amanda had had gone to Virginia and would not be returning because her family needed her. Elena acknowledged that long-distance relationships could be tough, though she was certain Devon and Amanda could make it work. Devon struggled to respond and was glad to be interrupted when Billy and Lily arrived. Billy invited Elena and Devon to join them. Devon passed on the invitation and explained that Elena was waiting for their "favorite cousin." Lily declined to join Nate, and Billy agreed. Lily said she would catch up with Elena soon.

After Lily and Billy were seated away from the bar area, Billy told Lily he was surprised she had not said more about Nate. Lily said she had not wanted to drag Elena into their family issues. Billy discerned that Lily seemed frustrated, and he asked her what was wrong. Lily replied, "Why didn't you tell me about Chelsea in the beginning? We live together. We share everything. Did you think I wouldn't be sympathetic?" Billy said, "No. Not at all." Lily asked Billy what his actions had said about their relationship. Billy assured Lily that the way in which he had handled the events with Chelsea had not been a commentary on their relationship.

Frustrated, Lily told Billy that she could not help but have a gnawing sense that helping Chelsea might impact their relationship. Billy impressed upon Lily that it had not been his story to tell until Chelsea had given him the go-ahead to share it. Lily explained that because the urgency had passed, Chelsea had others, like Sharon and Adam, to rely on for support. Billy said he had promised to help Chelsea and did not intend to leave her high and dry. Lily insisted that Billy had done his part.

Billy checked his phone and reported that Chelsea had sent a message telling him that Connor was sleeping, so she wanted to talk to him at Crimson Lights. Billy told Lily he would rather not leave her in the middle of their conversation. Lily told Billy he should go because she understood how he felt. Billy said he wanted to hear from Chelsea about how the conversation with Connor had gone. Billy told Lily he would inform Chelsea that he would pull back and let the professionals help with her recovery instead.

Nate entered Victoria's office. Victoria thanked Nate for staying late so she could check in with him after his first day. Nate said he'd mostly spent his day settling in and going over all the projects in progress. Nate reported that Sally Spectra had been handling things well because each time he had made a suggestion to his staff, they had remarked, "Sally was doing that." Victoria told Nate he need not dwell on his predecessor's performance, but Nate informed Victoria that Sally had been doing a very good job. Victoria claimed that Sally's work had been a team effort.

Nate admitted to Victoria that he was not sure why he had been brought in to take Sally's place. Victoria served Nate a drink and acknowledged that Sally had had some good ideas, which alone had not made her a good CEO. Victoria recalled that Adam had promoted his then-girlfriend to the position. Nate replied, "So, letting her go was payback for Adam?" Victoria claimed she could have done something more effective had she wanted to get back at her brother. Nate pointedly asked Victoria if there had not been anything personal related to her decision to dismiss Sally. Victoria said she might have kept Sally on as CEO had she liked her, though she had instead decided to work with people she liked. Nate replied that Victoria's stance hit close to home with him.

Turning to work, Nate first suggested streamlining the employee pool. Nate proposed allowing staff to implement good ideas and carry out projects without having to jump through five levels of approval, so the company could focus on quality content across all platforms instead of relying on clickbait or cheap productions. Victoria noted that producing good product required a lot of manpower, and she advised Nate to avoid pitfalls. Victoria offered encouragement and told Nate he had an unlimited budget to implement his dream list of big ideas.

Victoria recounted her history with the company her father had built, recalling how, early on, she had been in awe of how far Newman's tentacles could reach, an aspect that had inspired her. Noting that she had held positions at every level, Victoria acknowledged that her name had given her an advantage. Nate told Victoria he wished to learn from her by trading ideas. Victoria warned that she would not sugarcoat her opinions whenever she disagreed with him. Nate said he could take it. Victoria mentioned Nate's dinner with Elena. Nate dismissed the urgency and said he was learning a lot and did not wish to throttle their momentum. Victoria smiled.

Elena noticed when Billy left Lily at Society before they had ordered dinner. Elena sent a text message to Nate, asking him if he was on his way, as their Champagne was chilled and ready. Nate replied that his meeting had run long, though he planned to join her soon. Elena seemed disappointed but not surprised. Lily joined Devon at the bar, explaining that her date with Billy had been postponed. Devon asked Lily if Billy had decided what he might do with his life. Lily, moody, replied, "I hope not." Devon remarked that it was an odd response. Lily scoffed and said, "Don't read too much into it." Lily declined to discuss it.

Before Devon left, he hugged Lily and said he hoped she would feel better soon about whatever was troubling her. Elena realized Nate would be detained longer than expected. Elena abandoned the bottle of Champagne she had ordered to share with Nate and approached Lily, who was sitting alone. Elena told Lily she was giving up and going home. After Elena walked away, Lily noticed a familiar face nearby. Lily walked toward the bar and greeted Daniel. Daniel's eyes lit up, and he replied, "Lily!" Lily was elated to see Daniel.

Adam urges Sally to consider his marriage proposal

Adam urges Sally to consider his marriage proposal

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

At the Glam Club, Sally was taken aback by Adam's sudden proposal. She stammered that he was a little drunk, and she suggested that he stop before he made things worse. Adam insisted that he knew what he was saying, and he pointed out that she hadn't rejected the idea. He swore that it was what they both wanted, and it made all the sense in the world.

Sally questioned whether becoming Mr. and Mrs. Newman really made sense to Adam. Adam pleaded that they shouldn't waste another second being apart when they were meant to be, and he knew she felt the same way because their connection couldn't be broken. Sally cautioned that making a joke out of her feelings for him would just be cruel. Adam swore he wouldn't do that, and he recognized that he'd already put her through enough. Sally sternly stated that he'd played games and lost, and he was pulling out all the stops, but she refused to let him do it to her.

Sally started to walk away, but Adam grabbed her arm to stop her. Nick intervened and growled at Adam to get his hands off her. Adam incredulously wondered if Nick was insinuating that Adam was threatening Sally. Nick ordered Adam not to grab her like that again. Adam taunted that it bothered Nick to see what Adam and Sally had. Sally snapped that she'd listened to Adam, and if he wanted to do something for her, he would stop. She walked away. Nick ordered Adam to let it go, and he followed Sally.

Sally and Nick retreated to her hotel suite. She expressed gratitude that he'd stepped in when he had, and she divulged that Adam had proposed to her. Sally contemplated why Adam had done it half-drunk and in public. Nick guessed that Adam was willing to do or say anything to end Nick and Sally's relationship, but he promised it wouldn't work. Nick and Sally hugged. "I like this. Us," she mused. "I like us, too," he replied. Nick prepared to go home to Christian, but he anticipated that he'd be thinking about her all night. Sally said she'd be thinking about him, too. They kissed, and he left.

After Sally changed into a robe, there was a knock at the door, and she found Adam there. "Hi!" he brightly exclaimed as he stumbled in, and she asked if he was crazy. He headed for the minibar, but she lectured that he didn't need more to drink. Sally told him that what he was doing wasn't romantic, but it was maddening and hurtful that he'd drunkenly proposed to her in the middle of a club when she'd been there with Nick. Sally demanded to know why Adam had done it. "You know why, Sally," he replied, adding that they were magic. He said he didn't understand why she'd rob herself of that.

Sally reiterated that Adam had had too much to drink, but he proclaimed that he'd never had more clarity about anything in his life. He continued that he'd never felt so in sync with someone, since they were equals on every level, and that was very rare. He added that they read one another and knew one another's desires and dreams, but she stressed, "That was before." Adam recognized that he'd screwed things up, but he'd done it for her because he'd loved her enough to cut out a piece of his heart by letting her go so she could have everything.

Adam called Sally perfect, and she nervously laughed and said she knew he was drunk. He admitted that she wasn't without flaws, but he knew the real her and loved all of it. Adam was convinced she was afraid to show that side to Nick because of how Nick would react, and he believed she was only with Nick to hurt Adam. Sally found it insulting that Adam was implying that she and Nick were using one another. Adam flatly stated that it was exactly what was happening.

Adam offered Sally sincere, hopeful love, and he warned that she was wasting her time with someone who would never make her happy. Sally recognized that he couldn't stand the idea of her being with Nick, and Adam would say anything to put an end to it. Adam accepted that Nick might make her feel like the most important thing in the world, but he reiterated that Sharon would always have Nick's heart. Adam cited how Nick's relationship with Phyllis hadn't worked out because she wasn't Sharon, and he said it had been the same thing with Chelsea. Adam lamented that Chelsea had been going through a lot. "It's no wonder she..." Adam murmured, but he clammed up.

Sally pushed to know what Adam had been about to say. Adam countered that Sally thought he was drunk, so it didn't matter. Sally suspected that what he said while drunk might mean more than what he said when he was sober. Adam declared that he'd meant everything he'd said that night, but he urged her to forget about the booze and his rambling and pay attention to what was important -- their connection. He headed to the door, but he turned back and requested that she think about his proposal because it had been from the heart. "Just know that I love you," he professed, and he walked out. Her eyes filled with tears.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea thanked Billy for meeting her. He asked how things had gone with Connor. Chelsea shared that she'd been open and honest while telling her son about her depression, and Connor had jumped to the conclusion that he'd been the reason she'd been in the hospital. Billy imagined that Adam's presence had made the difficult conversation even worse, but Chelsea praised Adam for being gentle and understanding with Connor while following her lead.

Chelsea relayed that Adam had assured Connor that it hadn't been the boy's fault because Chelsea had been dealing with issues long before what had happened with Johnny. Chelsea recounted that before she'd had a chance to tell Connor what had happened on the roof, he'd figured it out on his own. She admitted it had been shocking, but she thought it had helped them be more open and honest, and Connor had believed her when she'd told him she was getting better. Billy said he was proud of her for not backing down from having that difficult conversation.

Chelsea thanked Billy for listening to her on short notice, and he replied that he was glad he'd been nearby. She prepared to get back upstairs to Connor, and she gushed that it was starting to feel like home. Billy admired the peaceful shift he'd seen in her, and she chalked it up to having his help to get her to that place. Chelsea acknowledged that she'd been at the lowest point of her life, but she felt that it would be a great Thanksgiving. She reached for Billy's hand and stressed that she had a lot to be thankful for.

Later, Nick greeted Chelsea, and they made small talk about her moving in upstairs. Nick inquired about her Thanksgiving plans, and she replied that she had to talk to Adam about doing something together for Connor's sake. Nick wished her a happy Thanksgiving and stepped inside the coffeehouse, and Chelsea headed to her apartment.

At Society, Lily and Daniel embraced, and he explained that he was in town to spend Thanksgiving with his mother and Summer. He mentioned that he'd stopped in to get takeout, and he observed that the restaurant seemed to have a good vibe. Lily commended Abby for doing a great job, and she inquired about Heather and Lucy. Daniel revealed that Heather had accepted a short-term gig working for a legal team in Portugal, and they'd figured it would be a great experience for Lucy to spend a few months there. Lily was sure he missed them like crazy. "You have no idea," Daniel replied.

Over drinks, Lily and Daniel fondly recalled when they'd run off to California without their parents' permission and found jobs wearing fruit costumes. Daniel congratulated her on going from dressing up like a bunch of grapes to becoming CEO of Chancellor-Winters. Lily referred to his success as a renowned artist, and she inquired whether he had any exhibitions planned. He shared that he was taking a break, but he had a few new ideas he was excited about. She asked if his ideas involved a banana costume, and they laughed.

Daniel mentioned that he'd read that Lily and Billy were a couple, and he couldn't believe it. Lily said it had been a surprise to her and Billy, too, and she recounted how Jill had made a job offer contingent on them being a team. Lily explained that she and Billy had different styles and ideas about what was acceptable risk, and Daniel suspected that Billy had kept pushing the envelope and driving her crazy. Lily admitted that they'd had some clashes, but she thought the combination worked. "'Til it didn't," Daniel muttered.

Lily wondered what Daniel meant. He referred to the retraction Billy had written after publishing the Ashland Locke story, which had caused Lily and Billy to lose ChancComm. Daniel noted that it sounded like the couple had gotten past it, and she jokingly asked if he was writing a book about her company. Daniel claimed that he'd tried to stay informed about what was going on with his old friends, but he was stunned by how much the rest of Genoa City had changed. He remarked that the familiar faces he passed on the street looked different and older, but his voice trailed off as he was about to comment about how she looked. Lily spotted Billy walk in.

Billy and Daniel shook hands, and Daniel indicated that he would be there for the holiday and maybe longer. Billy was sure Phyllis would be thrilled to see Daniel, Heather, and Lucy. Lily mentioned that Heather and Lucy were in Portugal, and Daniel explained that he was there alone to catch up with old friends. Lily inquired about Chelsea, and Billy reported that Chelsea was doing better. Daniel noticed that his order was ready, and he requested that they set up a time to meet so he could run his new ideas by the two of them.

After Daniel left, Billy apologized for taking longer than expected. He joked that Daniel had been his seat-filler to keep Lily entertained, and he observed that it had looked like they'd been having good time. Lily pointed out that she and Billy hadn't made any Thanksgiving plans, and she suggested that they help Sharon serve dinner to people in need at the coffeehouse. Billy loved the idea, and he proposed that they join the Abbotts for dinner afterward. They agreed to stop by Devon's for dessert.

Lily gushed about how Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday because it was about spending time with family and friends. Billy announced that there was something he wanted to run by her in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and Lily coolly supposed it involved Chelsea. Billy shared that Chelsea was hoping to spend Thanksgiving with Connor and Adam, but he wanted to make sure she wasn't alone on the holiday, so he wanted to leave the option open for Chelsea to join him and Lily. Lily swallowed hard and said she was sensitive to Chelsea's situation, but she thought Billy was worrying about offering help that Chelsea might not need. She suggested that they enjoy the holiday and see what happened.

Nick ran into Daniel on the Crimson Lights patio, and the men shared a bear hug. Nick assumed Daniel was there for Thanksgiving, and he expected Phyllis and Summer would be thrilled. Nick asked how Heather and Lucy were doing. Daniel plastered on a smile and replied that they were great.

Jack rapped on Tucker's hotel room door and demanded that Tucker answer. Rolling his eyes, Tucker obliged. Jack declared that he was there to tell Tucker that whatever he was planning wasn't going to work. Tucker offered Jack a drink, but Jack preferred to skip the social pleasantries. Jack barked that he was way ahead of Tucker, and he would be ready for whatever Tucker had up his sleeve. Tucker feigned confusion, but Jack flatly stated that he knew Tucker was going after Jabot. Tucker asked where Jack had gotten that idea, but Jack replied that it didn't matter because he knew it was true.

Jack cited the flaw in Tucker's plan, since Tucker wouldn't be able to both win back Ashley and steal the Abbotts' family company out from under them. Jack surmised that Tucker already knew that, and he concluded that Tucker was just using Ashley to get to Jabot. Tucker finished his first drink and poured a second, predicting that it would be a "two-drink minimum conversation." Jack noted that Tucker wasn't denying it. Tucker taunted that Jack was in the 99.9 percent of the of population that was incapable of seeing the big picture the way Tucker did.

Tucker clucked that Jack didn't seem to realize Ashley had more vision and intellect than the rest of the Abbotts. Jack called Tucker a fool if he thought he could outwit both Jack and Ashley. Jack scoffed at the idea that Ashley would ever fall in love with Tucker again, and he taunted that the only reason she was spending time with Tucker was to uncover what his real motive was. Tucker shared that he'd accepted the challenge to prove he was sincere in wanting her back, and it was why he'd filled Ashley in on Diane's nasty secrets.

Tucker imagined that Diane had been filling Jack's head with tales of Tucker's sinister plans, and he surmised that Jack was there on a fishing expedition, hoping to confirm his suspicions. Tucker reasoned that Jack's statement that Tucker was no match for Jack and Ashley together meant that Jack knew the truth -- Jack by himself was no match for Tucker. Jack barked that it would have been easier for Tucker just to say that he wasn't going after Jack's company. Tucker smugly preferred to keep Jack guessing because Tucker was having too much fun watching him sweat.

Diane entered the Abbott mansion and called out for Kyle. Ashley grumbled that Diane didn't even bother knocking anymore, and Diane snapped that she was looking for her son. Ashley surmised that a scared Diane needed to find her last ally before her lies crashed down around her. Diane scoffed at the idea that she was about to be run out of town by an angry mob carrying pitchforks and torches. Ashley retorted that things like that didn't happen anymore, but she was sure they could find Diane a ride to the airport.

Diane conceded that she didn't have many allies, but she had the most important one -- the truth. Ashley couldn't believe Diane had made the statement with a straight face. Diane asserted that Jack was on her side after she'd told him everything Tucker was planning. Ashley chided Diane for running to Jack for protection, claiming she'd been the victim of the mean ladies who didn't believe she'd changed. Diane contended that Jack had witnessed how unfair the women had been to her, but Ashley defended that she'd done nothing to Diane.

Diane accused Ashley of colluding with Tucker, but Ashley reasoned that she'd just taken what Tucker had told her seriously. Diane spat that Ashley was the most devious of the three women, allowing Nikki and Phyllis to do the dirty work to give herself plausible deniability. Ashley warned that Diane's whining and complaining to Jack wasn't as effective as it once had been, and everyone was sick of Diane's lies. Ashley anticipated that Kyle would eventually see Diane for who she really was, and she sympathized that Kyle had just wanted a nice, normal mother but had gotten Diane instead.

Ashley found it sad that Diane kept promising Kyle a future with a big, happy family when they knew there would be no future once Jeremy was released from prison. Diane countered that Ashley was the one who should be worried about that. Diane pointed out that she was Kyle's mother, Harrison's grandmother, and a welcome guest at the Abbott home, so the entire family stood to be affected if Ashley put a target on Diane's back. Ashley hissed that Diane was shameless to use her own grandson as a human shield, but she couldn't blame Diane for being scared. Ashley advised Diane to run before it was too late.

Diane blasted Ashley for putting everyone in jeopardy by buying into Tucker's games. Ashley recognized that it would be advantageous to Tucker to make people happy by helping to send Diane back to California. Diane explained that she and Tucker were on opposite sides because she'd refused to give him information about Jabot's financials. Ashley berated Diane for painting it as a noble act when she'd agreed to do it in the first place. Diane bellowed that Tucker was using Ashley. The front door slammed shut, and Jack scolded them for arguing and sniping with Harrison around. Diane maintained that her only goal was to protect her family, and she begged them to listen to her.

Diane groused that Ashley's hatred had blinded her to what was happening, since Tucker was after Jabot. Diane implored Ashley to open her eyes and see that Diane wasn't the enemy. Ashley ordered Diane not to tell her what to do. Jack revealed that he'd just had a meeting with Tucker, and he confirmed Diane's allegation that Tucker was going after Jabot. Diane contended that the Abbotts needed allies to stop Tucker, and they couldn't ask for a better one than her.

Tucker calls Nate out for betraying his family

Tucker calls Nate out for betraying his family

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, everyone was helping Sharon prepare for the annual Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. Nick, Victoria, and Johnny arrived. There was an awkward moment when Chelsea and Connor arrived, but Sharon was delighted that Chelsea and Connor wanted to help.

Chelsea told Sharon it was the least they could do, since Sharon had rented the upstairs apartment to her. Concerned, Victoria asked Nick when Chelsea had moved in upstairs. Nick said he didn't know and suggested they chalk it up to holiday spirit. Victoria said she believed there was more to it.

On the patio, Connor asked Johnny not to be mean to Chelsea. He said Chelsea had been so depressed that she'd needed to go to the hospital. Connor stated Chelsea was better, or she wouldn't have been discharged. Connor said he'd stayed overnight, and Chelsea seemed okay; however, she took a lot of deep breaths, like she was stressed out. He said he knew Chelsea was trying very hard to act normal.

Johnny told Connor that when he'd been told Chelsea was his biological mother, he'd freaked out, and he'd been a total jerk to Chelsea. Connor acknowledged that he and Johnny had been worried things would change. Johnny said he'd never wanted anything to happen to her. Connor said he'd spoken to Chelsea about it, and she'd assured him that it had nothing to do with them. Johnny questioned if that was true

When Billy and Lily arrived, Sharon directed them to help Victoria. Lily approached Chelsea and said she hoped Chelsea was doing better. Chelsea said she was taking it one day at a time, and she couldn't thank Billy enough for saving her life and getting her to the hospital to receive the help she'd needed.

Elsewhere, Johnny told Victoria and Billy that Connor had told him Chelsea had been in the hospital because she'd been seriously depressed. Billy asked how Johnny felt. Johnny responded that after he'd found out Chelsea was his biological mother, he'd treated Chelsea badly and really hurt her. Billy said he knew for certain that Chelsea didn't feel that way, and she wouldn't want Johnny to, either. Johnny said he felt bad, and he wanted to talk to Chelsea if Victoria and Billy were okay with it. Billy and Victoria said they were.

Johnny approached the booth and asked Lily if he could talk to Chelsea alone. Lily left. Johnny apologized to Chelsea for the way he'd reacted when Victoria and Billy had told him the truth about how he and Chelsea were related. He said he was really sorry if he'd messed her up. He said he shouldn't have gone after her the way he had, and he hoped she was okay. Chelsea thanked him for what he'd said because it meant "so much" to her. She assured Johnny he wasn't to blame, and she apologized for putting him in an awkward position. She said what had happened to her had been the result of many things that had happened in her life, but she was better.

Chelsea told Johnny she thought he was a really great kid with terrific parents. She said Johnny had always been kind to Connor, and that meant the world to her. Chelsea said she hoped she and Johnny could be friends. They joined hands.

Victoria asked Billy how serious it had been. Billy said it had been as serious as it could get, and they were lucky Chelsea was still with them. He said the first 72 hours in the hospital had been crucial, but Chelsea was doing better and was on a good path. Victoria asked why she'd had to find that out from Johnny instead of Billy.

Billy said it hadn't been his story to tell. He said the circle of trust had been small, only him, Sharon, and Chelsea. Victoria was surprised that Sharon had gone out of her way for Chelsea. Billy said Sharon had been amazing, and her professional experience had been a godsend. He said Adam, Connor, and Lily had only been informed about Chelsea's crisis the previous day.

Victoria told Billy that Johnny had to be their top priority, but she didn't want to see Chelsea suffer. She asked how much Connor had told Johnny and how it would affect things in the future. Billy said Chelsea had been very open with Connor, but Connor hadn't gotten into the details with Johnny. Billy admitted he was worried about Johnny, but some things were out of their control. He said they had to be there for Johnny as he processed everything.

Billy told Victoria that Johnny appeared to be handling his conversation with empathy and maturity, and perhaps they should follow his lead. When Billy saw Johnny and Chelsea joining hands, he approached them.

Lily told Sharon it was great to see how everyone had rallied around Chelsea. Sharon said Chelsea really needed it at that moment. Sharon said she was happy she'd been able to be there for Chelsea and added that Lily deserved a lot of credit for being there for Billy. Sharon said Billy had spent a lot of time helping Chelsea over the previous few days, and that had to have been frustrating for Lily. Lily said she hoped things would be calmer.

Sharon asked Mariah and Tessa for an update on the baby news. Tessa said they'd received a text message from Joss, who'd informed them that her cousin would be taking the baby. Sharon was heartbroken for them. Mariah said Joss had said that if it had been anyone other than family, she would have picked Mariah and Tessa. Sharon said she was positive they would connect with the right person soon. Mariah said Christine had prepared them for adoption being a rough road.

Victoria asked Johnny how his talk with Chelsea had gone. Johnny said it had been good. He explained that he'd told her how sorry he'd been to hear how sad she'd been, and he'd said he had never wanted to add to it. He said Chelsea had told him it had never had anything to do with him. He said he was glad he'd spoken to her because it had been the right thing to do. Victoria said she was very proud of Johnny for being compassionate and following his heart.

On the patio, Billy commented that Chelsea had been the center of attention. Chelsea said everyone had been very kind. Billy asked Chelsea about her conversation with Johnny. Chelsea said Johnny had apologized for how he'd treated her, and she'd told him she'd never blamed him for anything that had happened. Billy asked how much she'd told Connor. Chelsea said she'd told Connor she had been depressed and needed to have a short stay in the hospital, nothing else. She said it had been a positive experience for both of them. Lily entered in time to hear Billy invite Chelsea to join them at Devon's for pumpkin pie. Lily appeared annoyed.

In the Abbotts' living room, Allie voiced her delight at spending her first Thanksgiving with her new family. When Diane arrived, everyone's smile died.

Angry, Ashley grabbed the bottle of wine from Jack's hands that Diane had brought and said she would put it with the others. Diane commented that Ashley wasn't thrilled she was there and hoped Ashley would refrain from stirring up trouble. Jack said he'd warned Ashley to keep the antagonism in check. He also told Diane not to read too much into that because things hadn't been completely resolved. Diane said she was aware she had a long way to go to get back into Jack's good graces. Harrison entered and wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Diane asked Summer how Phyllis was spending her holiday. Summer replied that her brother Daniel was in town, and Phyllis was spending the day with him. Summer added that she would join them later. Diane asked about Abby.

Ashley explained that Abby would be at the ranch later, and Ashley would join her because a good mother managed to spend as much time as she could with her child. In an attempt to maintain peace, in a very loud voice, Jack asked Allie if Noah would be dropping by. Traci reminded Ashley it was Thanksgiving.

Jack announced that he'd received a text message from Billy indicating he would be at Crimson Lights, helping with the annual Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. Jack announced that dinner was about to be served. At the table, Jack asked everyone to share what they were most thankful for.

Ashley said she was grateful for her family and how unified they were. Traci said she was blessed by all the lovely people there who supported and loved her every day. Allie was thankful for finding her wonderful family after losing her dad. Kyle said Summer and Harrison, and Summer said Kyle and Harrison. There was laughter when Harrison said mashed potatoes. Diane said she was grateful to be reunited with Kyle, to meet Harrison, and for being allowed to be part of the family. Jack whispered to Ashley that he'd asked for no conflict just for that one day. Ashley suggested that Jack tell Diane not to get too comfortable.

At Society, Victor told Abby he was looking forward to seeing her, Chance, and Dominic at the ranch later for Thanksgiving dinner. Abby informed him and Nikki that she and Chance were having a few problems. Devon arrived, and Abby left to speak with him. Victor told Nikki he thought Chance had been a good match for Abby, and he wondered what had happened.

Devon told Abby that Tucker had invited him to have a holiday meal together. Devon hoped things had gotten better with Chance, but Abby said Chance had moved out of the house. She admitted she had no idea where he was staying. Victor and Nikki stopped to say goodnight to Abby and Devon. Abby informed them she wouldn't be at the ranch for dinner with everything going on, but she would stop by soon with Dominic.

Tucker arrived as Victor and Nikki were leaving. He said he hoped Nikki had been able to put the information he'd given Ashley about Diane to good use. Nikki said she hoped it would encourage Diane to bid farewell to Genoa City. Nikki walked away, but Victor stayed and said they would all be better off if Tucker and Diane left town. Victor said he would be watching Tucker. Victor left.

Tucker joined Devon and said he was happy Devon had been able to accept his invitation. Tucker said it had been too many years since they'd shared a holiday together, and he wanted things to be different in the future because he wanted to be part of Devon's life.

Nate and Elena arrived. When Elena saw Devon, she suggested they go somewhere else, but Nate refused to run away because Devon was there. Nate greeted Devon and Tucker and said it was good to see them; Devon retorted, "Not really." Nate asked if they couldn't be civil on Thanksgiving. Tucker intervened and said he didn't think Thanksgiving meant that Nate got a free pass for stabbing his family in the back. He said Nate's plan to do that to his family had been reprehensible. Tucker stated he didn't see Devon ever forgiving Nate. Raising his voice, Tucker said Nate had made his choice, and he had to deal with it. He told Nate to leave Devon alone.

Elena asked Nate how worried she needed to be after the way Tucker had laid into Nate. Nate said he could handle Tucker. Elena claimed Tucker had no right speaking to Nate that way, and she didn't care if Tucker was Devon's father; he hadn't been a real parent to Devon for a long time. She said Nate and Devon needed to work things out on their own without Tucker's unwanted interference.

At the Glam Club, Phyllis screeched with delight when she saw Daniel. Phyllis suggested they get Chinese food, and then they would meet Summer after she'd done her thing at the Abbotts'.

Daniel said he'd heard that Phyllis had been knocking it out of the park at Marchetti and how great it was that Phyllis and Summer got to work together. Phyllis asked where Lucy and Heather were. Daniel said Heather had gotten a short-term gig working as a lawyer for an American company in Portugal, and she'd taken Lucy with her. Phyllis asked why he hadn't gone with them. Daniel said he felt it would be good for Lucy to spend time abroad. Phyllis said there was more to that story.

Reluctantly, Daniel told Phyllis that things with Heather had been rocky for a while, and he didn't want to discuss it at that moment. Phyllis said she wasn't going to push, but she and Summer would always be there for him, whenever he needed them. Daniel said he was starting a new chapter in his life.

At Society, Devon said he appreciated Tucker speaking up for him, but it hadn't been necessary because he could fight his own battles. Tucker said he couldn't help himself. When Tucker saw Ashley arrive, he rushed to speak to her. Ashley said she was looking for Abby. He said he hadn't seen her and noted that Ashley seemed a little worked up. Ashley said she'd been forced to share a meal with Diane, and she couldn't take it anymore; it was time to "bring that bitch down."

At the dining room table, Jack stated that John and Dina had sat at that table for many Thanksgivings. He said he knew they were smiling down on them because there was another generation with great-grandchildren at that table, a sign of the growing family and an ongoing legacy. Choked up, Jack made a toast to family, to love and loyalty, to kindness and compassion, and most of all, to gratitude that they could all be together on that blessed Thanksgiving Day -- and to many more family gatherings and holidays to come. He wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air due to CBS Sports coverage of NFL football. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

Friday, November 25, 2022

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA football. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23, episode concluded.

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