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Abby reunited with Chance in Majorca and eventually convinced him to go home. Chance met Dominic for the first time. Lily accepted Jill's job offer to become CEO of Chancellor Industries. Billy blasted Jill for losing faith in him. Jill decided to sell ChancComm to the highest bidder.
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Abby reunited with Chance and convinced him to return home, and Lily accepted Jill's job offer to become CEO of Chancellor Industries
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Devon and Victor leave no stone unturned in their search for Abby

Devon and Victor leave no stone unturned in their search for Abby

Monday, November 29, 2021

After an exhaustive search in Valencia, Spain, Jack and Ashley reluctantly returned to Victor's jet to regroup. Ashley was distraught. Jack noted that they'd been to every hotel and restaurant. Ashley suggested Abby might have disguised herself and holed up in a low-key establishment they'd missed. Jack explained that it wasn't like Abby to stay in an off-the-beaten-path hole in the wall. Jack added that the local law enforcement had seen no sign of Abby and that even Victor's security detail hadn't been able to track her. Ashley cried that everything in her body told her that Abby was in Spain, searching for Chance.

Phyllis phoned Jack and inquired about the search for Abby. Jack thanked Phyllis for calling and said he hoped they'd all return home soon. Phyllis thanked Jack for his kind gestures and for keeping her from being lonely on Thanksgiving Day. After Jack hung up, he told Ashley that Phyllis had wished them luck on their search. Ashley replied, "That's nice. I only hope that the next call comes from somebody who can help me find my daughter."

Victor phoned and told Ashley and Jack that Abby might not be in Spain. Victor assured Ashley that his team would continue searching. Jack asked Victor if his team might suggest where they should look next. Victor mentioned the military pin they'd found in Abby's motel room and said that perhaps Abby had been in contact with people Chance had served with in Iraq. Victor said his team was compiling the names of those in Chance's unit. Ashley requested a copy of the list and asked Victor if he had additional clues they might explore. Victor assured Ashley he'd keep her informed, and he reminded her to be careful and stay safe.

Ashley set down her phone and said she might drive herself crazy checking it every few minutes. Ashley suggested she and Jack talk about Phyllis, adding that she'd try to keep her attitude toward Phyllis in check. Jack admitted that his feelings for Phyllis had indeed resurfaced, though he was concerned about acting on them. Ashley recalled that Jack had sent Phyllis Thanksgiving dinner and video-chatted with her for an hour while she'd enjoyed her food. Ashley told Jack he seemed to have fallen back in love. Jack admitted that talking to and spending time with Phyllis made him happy, though he doubted she was ready to jump into another relationship. Ashley advised caution because reconnecting after a failed relationship usually didn't work out. Jack replied, "That sounds like a warning." Ashley agreed that it was. Jack said he appreciated Ashley's sisterly advice, but they should change the conversation and focus their energies on finding Abby.

At Crimson Lights, Devon recalled having spoken to Abby when she'd reached out and sought his help to care for Dominic. Abby had explained that she hadn't been able to care for Dominic the way she'd wanted to due to extreme mood swings. Abby had assured Devon that she'd chosen him because he'd been part of the journey since day one and had spent more time with Dominic than anyone in her family had. Nate joined Devon and Dominic. Nate remarked that they'd enjoyed a great Thanksgiving dinner. Devon admitted he'd also enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with the Newmans when he'd taken Dominic over to visit his grandparents.

Nate asked Devon how he was managing to run a company while caring for Dominic. Devon peered into the stroller, where Dominic was sleeping, and said he was enjoying every minute with the little guy. After Devon told Nate he'd learned to read Dominic's cues, Nate was amused when Devon admitted he sometimes soothed the child by making up songs. Nate chuckled when Devon proudly reported that Dominic had begun lifting his head during "tummy time." Though Devon expressed hope that Abby would return soon, he vowed to always keep an eye on the boy. Nate expressed concern about how Devon might handle the change when Abby returned. Devon assured Nate that he'd be okay.

Victor visited Devon at his penthouse. Victor told Devon about his conversation with Jack and Ashley, who'd failed to locate Abby in Spain. Devon held out hope, noting that Jack and Ashley had just begun searching. Victor said he'd kept in touch with Christine, who wasn't happy to hear that Abby had taken off, ignoring all the warnings about visiting the site of the explosion. Devon pleaded with Victor not to leave any stone unturned. Victor replied, "You know I won't. We're going to find her. One way or the other, we will find her."

Victor admired Dominic snoozing in his stroller. Devon reported that Dominic had had a fitful night, likely because he missed his mother. Victor thanked Devon for taking care of Dominic and for visiting the ranch on Thanksgiving. Devon express remorse for having dissuaded Abby from looking for Chance. Devon said that had they instead been supportive, perhaps Abby would have at least remained in contact. Victor explained that they'd hoped Abby might have listened to reason. Devon suggested that Abby was seeking closure, even if she had to endure suffering in order to prove to herself that Chance was really gone. Victor explained that it was in Abby's nature to be stubborn, so even if Devon had lent her his jet, Abby would have remained incommunicado.

From Devon's, Victor phoned Ashley again. Ashley said Jack was listening, too. Victor told Ashley and Jack that he was with Devon and had recently spoken with Christine. Victor confirmed through Christine that no one had survived the explosion, therefore, there was no one in Valencia for Abby to contact. Ashley asked about the soldiers Chance had served with in Iraq. Victor replied that so far, Abby hadn't made contact with anyone in Chance's unit that they'd been able to locate. Devon added that there were still many yet to be contacted. Jack said the best they could do was continue their search in Valencia. Ashley cried that if Abby had visited the site of the explosion, she'd be devastated by the realization that she'd never find Chance.

Amanda took a seat at the bar at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis served Amanda a mimosa to celebrate Sutton's conviction. Amanda noted that at Sutton's age, any length of sentence would likely be for the remainder of his life. Phyllis asked Amanda how Naya and Imani felt about the outcome. Amanda said they were fine with it and realized how much control Sutton had exerted over them. Phyllis was happy that Amanda had gotten justice for the loss of her father.

Amanda recalled that Sutton had forced her mother to give her and Hilary up, so he could protect his image, which was also why he'd ended her father's life. Amanda noted that despite what Sutton had done, she, her mother, and her sister had come together as a family. Phyllis credited Amanda for offering forgiveness to Naya and Imani after they'd initially rejected her. Amanda explained that her mother and sister had been fearful of Sutton, so she'd wanted to help them, which, in turn, had enriched her life as well as theirs. Phyllis suggested that Amanda's dad had looked out for her like a guardian angel. Amanda said she liked believing that her father was looking out for her and was proud of her.

Amanda changed the subject and recalled that she'd seen Phyllis talking on the phone to Jack. Amanda noted that Phyllis' eyes had lit up, and she'd been beaming during the call. Phyllis admitted that her feelings for Jack "scared the hell out of" her. Amanda said she thought Phyllis looked happy. Phyllis acknowledged that her feelings for Jack were complicated. Phyllis said she'd always love Nick, though she acknowledged that their relationship had taken a turn, mostly due to conflicts involving his family. Amanda asked Phyllis if she believed Jack felt the same way about her. Phyllis said she believed he did.

At Kim's home in Spain, Abby paced nervously. Kim advised Abby to rest because she'd need to regain her strength after having traveled halfway around the world. Abby admitted she was exhausted, though she'd been too excited to sleep. Abby thanked Kim for calling her back to let her know that Chance was alive and staying in Majorca. Abby told Kim that everyone believed that Chance was dead and had expected her to accept it. Abby was anxious to see Chance.

Kim, noting that her husband, Errol, was away in Dublin, handling business, recalled that Errol had heard about the explosion in Valencia a few days before Chance had shown up at their home in rough shape. Abby winced when Kim recalled that Chance had suffered a leg injury and a concussion. Kim explained that she and Errol had been medics in the service and had attended to Chance's injuries. Kim acknowledged that they'd placed themselves in danger by attending to and harboring Chance while he recovered, so they'd told no one. Abby expressed her gratitude and told Kim that she was a godsend.

Kim explained that Chance had taken the deaths of his colleagues very hard and was struggling with rage and guilt. Abby understood that she'd have to remain mindful of Chance's emotional pain. Abby asked Kim why she or Chance hadn't at least let her know he was alive. Chance replied, "Because she knew it would put you in terrible danger." Abby turned and saw Chance standing before her eyes. Abby embraced Chance and sobbed tears of joy. Abby stroked Chance's face and cried, "Here you are after all these months." Abby told Chance she'd never given up hope that they'd be reunited. Chance apologized for having caused suffering and for being away so long. Chance expressed concern about Abby's safety. Abby begged Chance not to blame Kim.

Abby told Chance she would have never stopped searching for him. Chance explained that he'd gone to great lengths to convince the people who'd orchestrated the bombing that he was dead. Abby assured Chance that no one, not even Victor, knew where she was. Abby told Chance she'd traveled to Spain to escort him home to meet his son. Chance replied, "I have a son?" Abby showed Chance a photo and said that Dominic Newman Abbott Chancellor had been named in honor of Devon, Mariah, and his father. Abby said she wanted Dominic to know he was part of many loving families. Chance gazed lovingly at the photo and said, "That's my boy." Abby said Dominic was in good hands with Devon while she was away.

Abby assured Chance that no one knew she was in Majorca because she'd covered her tracks. Abby begged Chance to tell her what had happened. Chance recalled having arrived at the safe house in Valencia around dusk, and he had just entered when the explosion occurred. Chance said the blast had blown him 30 yards from where he'd been standing, causing him to hit his head. Chance recalled suffering a painful leg injury from a fallen beam, though he'd never lost consciousness. Chance cried that he could hear others screaming, so he'd attempted to save them. Chance sadly noted that he hadn't located any survivors and that the devastation had been overwhelming. Abby, crying softly, said, "I am so sorry."

Chance told Abby that after the bombers had shown up to ensure no one had survived, he'd buried himself beneath concrete rubble and pretended to be dead. Chance said he'd later managed to slip away undetected, despite being in bad shape, and he'd boarded a freighter to Majorca. Chance told Abby he'd sought medical help from Kim and Errol because he trusted them to keep a secret. Chance told Abby he'd contacted his director, and they'd both decided not to tell anyone he'd survived. Abby replied, "That's why Christine thought that you were dead." Abby assured Chance she could get him out of Majorca safely and anonymously. Abby cried, "It's time to leave this place behind."

Chance apologized for putting Abby though anguish. Chance explained that he couldn't leave Spain until he finished his mission. Abby sternly insisted that Chance's mission was over because the men he'd worked with were dead. Chance explained that he'd seen the guys who'd killed his friends and recognized one, and he had to find the man. Chance added, "Because he will lead me to the guy on top. The whole point of this mission was to find the criminal who fled the U.S. to set up shop overseas. I'm gonna go get him."

Abby appeared desperate and distraught. Abby pleaded with Chance to turn the mission over to someone else. Chance insisted he had to see things through. Chance recalled that he'd never failed or left a mission. Chance cried that he could never forget what had happened to his men. Chance vowed to bring down the men who'd killed his friends because they deserved no less.

Jill has a surprising new role in mind for Lily

Jill has a surprising new role in mind for Lily

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

At the Newman ranch, Victor informed Nikki that Ashley, Jack, and Victor's investigative team had turned Valencia upside down in their search for Abby, but they'd found nothing. Victor's phone rang, and he glanced at the screen before tucking it back in his pocket. He explained that it was a former Newman Enterprises colleague, but he didn't feel like shooting the breeze with anyone while he was thinking about his daughter. Nikki assured him that he was doing everything he possibly could, but he was worried because his team had interviewed almost everyone who'd served with Chance in Iraq, yet no one had heard from Abby.

In Majorca, Abby was stunned that Chance wanted to stay there after everything he'd been through and all the time they'd been separated. He reiterated that he had to finish the mission, since his friends and colleagues who had been killed in the explosion deserved nothing less than having the men who'd murdered them brought to justice. Abby recalled that one of the reasons she'd fallen in love with Chance had been his sense of loyalty and duty, but she felt he was talking about revenge. He remained determined to make sure the criminals paid for what they'd done, noting that he'd been close to finding the ringleader of the operation.

Chance was adamant about seeing things through to ensure his team hadn't died in vain, but Abby was opposed to him putting his life in jeopardy again. He announced that his section chief was waiting for him to recover, and he intended to stay to assume his orders. Abby complained that it sounded like Chance didn't want to go home. He clarified that he wanted to be with her again and meet their son, but he couldn't erase what had happened to his team from his mind or forget the anger and guilt he felt. Abby contended that he'd survived for a reason -- his son.

Chance recalled that when he'd been lying in the rubble, he'd told himself that he had to make it out of there alive for Abby and the baby. He pointed out that the men and women in the safehouse had also had families that would never see them again. Abby recognized that it was tragic, but she maintained that he needed to go home to her, his family, and his son. She argued that his whole family had been mourning a loss because they thought he was dead. She continued that she hadn't been able to eat or sleep because all she'd been able to think about was him and the moments they'd had together, and she'd prayed for just one more second to let him know how much he meant to her.

Chance countered that he'd been trained to complete his missions, no matter what, but Abby protested that he'd barely made it out alive. She predicted that his section chief might not even send him into the field again, but he thought it was just a matter of time because he was the only one who knew what the bad guys looked like. Chance admitted that he was torn between his duty to see it through and his love for her, and he grappled with how he was supposed to choose one over the other. Abby urged him not to make any decisions then because he was exhausted, and she expected him to have a new perspective once he got some rest.

Once alone, Abby called Ashley, who frantically asked where her daughter was and if she was okay. Abby wailed that she didn't know what to do, and she needed Ashley's help. Abby said she was sorry for leaving without telling anyone, but she'd gone to Spain to find Chance. Ashley revealed that she and Jack were also in Spain to find Abby.

Ashley begged Abby to disclose her location, and she vowed to be there for Abby with no questions or judgment. Abby agreed to let her mother help, but she was adamant that Ashley not tell Jack where Abby was. Moments later, Jack joined Ashley on the jet and reported that no one he'd spoken with had recognized Abby's photo. Ashley announced that Abby had found her, and she asked Jack to tell the pilot to go to Majorca.

At home, Billy hypothetically asked Lily what she'd say to a reporter who asked why she'd stayed with the man who'd tanked their entire empire instead of washing her hands of the whole thing. Lily responded that she loved Billy, and she believed in second chances. They kissed as the doorbell rang, and Billy was surprised to find Jill there. Jill hugged Billy and Lily, and Lily expressed her condolences about Chance. Jill recounted that everyone had told her not to fly home because Abby needed room to grieve, but she hadn't been able to stay away.

Jill added that she'd since found out that Abby was missing and that Jack and Ashley were in Spain to look for her. Billy stated that Jack hadn't mentioned anything about it, and Jill snapped that Billy had been too busy ruining her media division to pay attention to family. Billy acknowledged that the company had taken a hit, but he and Lily saw a way forward. Jill revealed that the other reason she'd gotten on the plane had been Lily's message about wanting to talk about ChancComm. Billy was surprised to hear that Lily had called Jill, and Jill griped that Billy had been dodging her calls.

Lily apologized for calling when Jill had been dealing with the loss of her grandson, but Jill acknowledged that the world went on turning even when one was grieving. Lily stressed that time was of the essence, and they had to decide the future of ChancComm. Billy lectured that he and Lily could have rectified things without involving his mother, but Jill chided him for allowing himself to be hacked and for trusting a blackmailer. Jill barked that he'd been so blinded by his hatred toward Victor and Adam that he'd acted without thinking about the consequences.

Billy defended that things had been moving fast, and there were some things he'd change if he could, but he'd always had the company's best interests at heart. Lily was sure Jill was emotionally drained, but Jill snapped that Billy's excuses were what exhausted her. Billy admitted that he'd screwed up, but he believed he and Lily could turn things around if he stepped down and Ashland dropped the lawsuit, leaving Lily to repair the situation. Jill worried that they might not be able to overcome the damage, but she thought Billy stepping down was the one smart thing he'd said.

Jill wasn't convinced that the Newmans would back off, but she conceded that at least Lily would run ChancComm the way it should be run. Lily shared that there had been a new development since she and Jill had spoken, since Newman-Locke had offered to buy ChancComm. Jill testily assumed it was for a rock-bottom price, and she found it interesting that Victoria was willing to go up against her father again. Billy warned that the Newmans might just be toying with them, and Jill preferred not to have to deal with the headache. Jill inquired about the terms of the surrender, and Lily indicated that she'd be kept on as CEO. Jill requested to speak to Lily in private, and Billy left voluntarily.

Jill praised Lily for the way she'd run ChancComm, and she stressed that she didn't hold Lily responsible for the catastrophe. Lily conceded that Billy had made mistakes, but she believed his intentions had been good. Jill confided that Chance's death had affected her very deeply, and it had made her realize that it was time for a change. Jill announced that she'd decided to step down from the daily operations of Chancellor Industries and move into a more advisory role. Lily blurted out that Jill was Chancellor Industries, so her departure would leave big shoes to fill. Jill revealed that she wanted Lily to take over as head of Chancellor Industries.

Adam arrived at Society, and he stopped in the entryway to answer a phone call. He told someone that he wasn't sure why Victor wasn't answering his calls, and he offered to help if he could. Adam seemed rattled by what he heard, and he promised that he would let Victor know.

At a table across the restaurant, Ashland noted that Victoria had checked her phone ten times since they'd arrived, and he guessed that she couldn't keep her eyes off the screen when on the verge of making a killing. She claimed that she'd been checking for updates from her father about Jack and Ashley's search for Abby, but she supposed that they should think about how to handle Victor and Adam if Jill gave the green light to sell ChancComm. Victoria figured that they should tell Victor and Adam before they found out from someone else, but Ashland questioned why they should rock the boat when their offer might be rejected. Victoria spotted Adam glaring at them and assumed that he and Victor already knew.

Ashland invited Adam to join him and Victoria, but Adam huffed that he'd lost his appetite. Victoria remarked that the special sounded delicious, and Adam dryly asked if ChancComm was the catch of the day. He demanded to know whether Newman-Locke had made an offer to buy it, since he'd heard from a connection at Newman Enterprises that Victoria was gathering funds and performing due diligence. Victoria haughtily planned to refresh her staff on the consequences of violating their nondisclosure agreements. Adam surmised the rumor was true.

Adam recalled that Ashland had sworn he was on board with Newman Media's plan, and he questioned why Ashland would go behind Adam and Victor's backs. Victoria clucked that Adam's outrage was misplaced after he'd been the one to orchestrate an elaborate takedown of ChancComm. Adam accused Ashland of playing him and Victor all along by making them do the heavy lifting before Ashland swooped in for the kill. Victoria pointed out that Ashland had put his entire reputation on the line, and he'd been the one to file a costly and public lawsuit while fighting for his life.

Victoria contended that ChancComm had originally been a Newman division, and she had every right to take it back. Adam spat that it wasn't about her desire to run a media division, but it was all about protecting Billy again. Victoria denied it, and Ashland suggested that they all take a breath and remember that business was business. Ashland asserted that he'd simply initiated a lawsuit when ChancComm had published a libelous article, but ChancComm itself was fair game. Adam realized that it had been Victoria's idea, and she dismissively told him to have a nice day.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Jack called Victor to report that they had located Abby in Majorca and were about to touch down. Ashley promised that she would fill the men in once she knew why Abby wanted to see her alone. After they hung up, Victor expressed doubt to Nikki that Ashley would be able to convince Abby to return home, citing Abby's stubborn streak. Nikki jokingly wondered where Abby had gotten that from, and Victor chuckled. Adam walked in and proclaimed that Victor wouldn't believe what Victoria and Ashland had done.

Adam recapped how Victoria and Ashland had neither confirmed nor denied the rumor about Newman-Locke's offer to acquire ChancComm, but it had been clear it was true. Adam growled that Ashland had double-crossed him and Victor after they'd protected and defended him. Adam muttered that he'd expected it from Victoria, and he suspected that Nikki had known about the offer. Nikki defended that she worked for Newman-Locke and not Newman Media, and Adam apologized for taking his anger out on her. Adam wanted to plan a counterattack, and he wondered why Victor didn't seem angrier about the betrayal.

Victor hoped the offer had been Victoria's forward-looking idea to look out for her company, but he was concerned that she had done it to protect Billy. Adam reported that Victoria had denied it, and Victor theorized that she was trying to correct the mistake she'd made when she'd sold the media division to ChancComm. Adam barked that it proved they couldn't trust Victoria or Ashland. Victor reasoned that no one could be trusted in business, and people said the same thing about them. Victor's sole objective had been to cut Billy off at the knees, and he only considered getting ChancComm to be icing on the cake. Adam incredulously asked if Victor intended to let them get away with it. "It has all just begun," Victor ominously replied.

Phyllis spotted Billy at the Grand Phoenix bar, and she asked if Lily would be joining him. He shared that he'd been kicked out while Lily was having a conversation with his mother. Phyllis imagined that was a bad thing, and Billy lamented that his mother and his business partner were discussing the fate of their company without his input. Phyllis plopped down on a barstool and asked if he minded if she joined him. Billy assumed that she wanted to celebrate his downfall, but she claimed that she was feeling charitable because he looked "like hell."

Phyllis mentioned Jack and Ashley being in Spain, and Billy shared that Jill had told him about their trip right before she'd ripped into him about the ChancComm debacle. Phyllis told Billy that she'd dreamed about him giving her advice about her love life, and it had seemed like he'd had the answers. He thought the best thing anyone could do with his advice was ignore it, but she said he'd been very wise in her dream. Billy bemoaned that in real life, he'd managed to alienate everyone in his orbit when all he'd tried to do was protect the people he cared about. Phyllis passed along what he'd told her in her dream -- that everything would be okay because even screwups deserved love.

Billy headed to Society, where he ran into Victoria and Ashland. Victoria inquired whether Jill had made a decision. Billy informed them that Lily and Jill were discussing it right then, and Victoria realized that Billy had been excluded. She said she was sorry, but Billy found it hard to believe. Ashland noted that Billy had been responsible for his own fate. Billy agreed and glumly walked away. Ashland led Victoria out as she worriedly looked back at Billy.

Jack contacted Phyllis via video chat and informed her that Ashley was with Abby. Jack assumed that Abby was having a rough time accepting she'd never see Chance again, but Phyllis was sure that Abby would get through it with the love of her family. Jack shared that he also had to call Nina and Jill, but he'd wanted to talk to Phyllis first because she'd been on his mind a lot. Phyllis replied that it was contagious. He suggested that they get together over dinner and talk when he got back, and Phyllis happily agreed.

Meanwhile, Abby sent a text message to Devon to ask him to do something for her. Ashley called out for Abby, and she rushed in to hug her daughter. Ashley gushed that she'd known Abby had been in Spain and would need her. Ashley pressed to know everything that had happened, and Abby referred to her own intuition leading her there to find Chance because she'd had the feeling he was still alive. Ashley surmised that Abby had wanted it so badly that she'd convinced herself it was true, but Abby revealed that she'd been right -- Chance was alive and asleep in the bedroom.

Abby recounted that Chance had been thrown back from the explosion at the safehouse, and Ashley couldn't wait to tell Nina, Victor, and Jack. Abby confided that while Chance was recovering physically, he was struggling emotionally. Ashley anticipated getting Chance the best possible care at home. Abby shared that she'd been upset when she'd called because he didn't want to go home, and he was insisting on completing the mission. Ashley imagined that he was in a fragile state of mind, and Abby braced herself for a battle. Chance returned to the room and saw Ashley. "Abby, what have you done?" he bellowed.

Abby informed Chance that Ashley had been in Spain with Jack to look for her, and she'd called her mother for support. Chance ranted that it was what he'd been trying to avoid, since it would only be a matter of time until his cover was blown. Ashley swore that Abby hadn't told her anything, and she was only there to help them if they'd let her. Chance apologized for lashing out, but he maintained that his decision to stay was firm.

Chance ordered Abby to go home with Ashley and play the grieving widow until he completed his mission, since no one else could know that he was alive. Abby pledged to never leave his side again, adding that there was no way of talking her out of it. Chance promised that he would go home once he finished his mission, but he pressed her to get back to Dominic. Abby responded that they both had to go back, since it was time for him to meet his son.

Abby encouraged Chance to take a look at something before he made any decisions, and she showed him a video of Dominic on her phone. She stressed that the baby was Chance's son, and Dominic was everything they'd prayed for. Abby contended that Dominic needed his dad, and Chance would be the most important person in the boy's life. She repeated Chance's words that there was a reason he'd made it out alive, and that reason was Dominic. "You need to come home," she pleaded.

Abby convinces Chance to return home

Abby convinces Chance to return home

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

by Nel

Ashley returned to the jet. Jack wanted to know why Abby hadn't returned with her. Jack was stunned when Ashley said Chance was alive, but he had to keep it a secret. He was amazed at Abby's unwavering belief that Chance was alive. Ashley admitted that she had believed that Abby hadn't been dealing with her grief, but Abby had known in her heart the man she loved was alive. Jack assumed Abby and Chance would join them shortly. Ashley wasn't sure if they would.

Ashley told Jack that Chance had been through a lot, and he couldn't bring himself to leave because he didn't want to abandon his mission. He wanted to avenge the deaths of his team members. Jack acknowledged that Chance had always had a strong sense of duty, but the mission was over. Ashley told Jack that Abby had shown Chance photos of Dominic. Ashley had been able to see that Chance wanted to be with his child, but he felt compelled to remain in Spain.

Ashley told Jack that Abby wouldn't leave Chance, and that meant she would live under the constant threat of danger. Jack didn't believe Abby would stay away from the baby that long. Jack was concerned that Abby might not be able to convince Chance to return home. He suggested they go over Chance's head and remove him from any decision-making. Jack asked Ashley to call Christine and let her into their circle of trust. He was certain Christine would reach out to her contacts at the State Department, and they would inform Chance that his work was done.

Ashley told Jack that the people at the State Department might want Chance to remain and finish the mission. She suggested they give Abby and Chance a little more time because Chance and Abby needed to deal with their situation, and Jack and Ashley shouldn't interfere. Ashley said Chance and Abby needed to heal, and the best place for that to happen was at home.

At the Dunaway house, Abby asked Kim to help her convince Chance to return home. Abby was certain he wanted to but that he felt the need to complete his mission. It was tearing her apart to be away from Dominic. She told Kim that she'd had a feeling in her heart that Chance was alive, and she had needed to find him and bring him home. Kim was happy Abby was there. She believed Chance needed to be with Abby after all he'd been through. Abby begged Kim to help her change Chance's mind and get him to return to Genoa City.

Chance stood behind a door and eavesdropped on Abby and Kim's conversation. He heard Abby say she needed her husband to go home with her. Kim wanted to help, but she claimed Chance wouldn't listen to her. Abby asked her to give Chance her medical opinion. Kim assured Abby it wouldn't make any difference. Kim stated that the decision to return to Genoa City had to be made by Abby and Chance together.

When Chance entered the room, Kim left. Chance hated hurting Abby, and he wished Abby could understand why he had to stay. Abby loved that he felt compelled to help others and find justice for those who'd been killed, but Chance didn't know if he would be needed to complete the mission. She asked if Chance had spoken to his section chief. Chance claimed the section chief knew he needed time to heal.

Abby told Chance the mission had been compromised, the safe house had been leveled, and Chance had been wounded. Abby felt there were new plans for the mission that didn't include him. Abby said there were other options for the mission; however, she only had one husband, and he was Dominic's father and irreplaceable to them. She asked Chance if she and Dominic were enough to make him change his mind.

Chance told Abby he wanted to return home to her and the baby more than anything, but he couldn't walk away when there was still work to be done. Chance was concerned that Abby would decide to remain with him. Abby claimed there was an easy fix. They could walk out the door together and fly home. She acknowledged that Chance felt the loss of his colleagues and wanted to do right by them, but it was time he did right by her and Dominic. Abby pulled out Chance's wedding ring she'd worn around her neck.

Abby told Chance that his ring had been found in the rubble after the explosion in Valencia. He asked for her forgiveness for taking off the ring. It had been extremely difficult for him to do that. Abby explained that when she'd decided to search for him, she'd put his ring on a chain and worn it as a necklace because she wanted it close to her heart to feel close to him.

Abby reminded Chance that on their wedding day, Chance had promised to give her the life she deserved and that he would keep the family safe and happy, and they had vowed to have and to hold until death parted them. She said she'd slipped the ring on his finger as a symbol of that vow and promise. She was holding him to that vow and promise. In tears, she admitted it might not be fair, and he could hate her for it, but she didn't care. She was fighting for the survival of their family, and she needed him to fight with her.

Chance told Abby he could never hate her for it. He loved her more than he could ever show her. She asked him to prove it, fly home with her, meet his son, and be the family they were meant to be. Chance put the ring on his finger and said, "Let's go home."

While Chance was on the phone, Kim praised Abby for convincing Chance to do the right thing and return home. Chance ended his call and told Abby his section chief believed he was making the right decision: to be with his family. Kim confirmed that he was making the right call. Chance thanked Kim for everything. Kim didn't want his thanks. She wanted him to appreciate every moment with his wife and son. Kim told Chance to listen to Abby because she was smarter than him. Abby called Ashley and happily informed her that she and Chance would be returning home. She asked Ashley to do a couple of things for them.

Abby asked if Chance was ready to go home. Chance suggested that Abby call Nina. Abby made a video call to Nina, who was happy to hear from her. Abby told Nina she was on an island just south of Spain. Nina claimed Abby had put her life in danger. Abby said she'd known that Nina had gone to Australia to be with Phillip. She asked if Phillip was there with her, but Nina said he was out. Abby said she had some news, but for security reasons, Nina could only tell Phillip. Abby handed the phone to Chance. Nina was speechless and in tears when she saw Chance.

Billy sat at the bar at Society. When Victor arrived, Billy asked what Victor was doing there. Victor stated that, unlike Billy, he wasn't sitting at the bar, wallowing in self-pity and his failures.

Billy told Victor, that he'd been a groveling, sniveling mess the last time he'd seen Victor. He'd made himself the sacrificial lamb, asking for mercy. That would never happen again. Victor said he understood that Victoria and Ashland had made a preemptive offer for ChancComm. Billy admitted they had. Billy told Victor that once he'd offered to step down as CEO of ChancComm, he'd waited to hear from Victor. When he hadn't, he'd realized that Victor had just wanted to watch him squirm, and once he'd stepped down, Victor would then swoop in and scoop up ChancComm for pennies on the dollar; however, Victor had competition.

Victor asked Billy if Jill had accepted Victoria's offer. Billy refused to tell Victor anything. Victor claimed the reason Victoria had made the preemptive offer was to spare Billy the humiliation of losing to Adam. Victor claimed Billy would have to face the consequences of his actions. Billy asked why Victor hated him so much. Victor laughed, and he wondered why Billy gave a damn about what Victor thought of him.

Victor explained that Billy had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he'd been handed everything on a silver platter. Victor stated that he'd grown up in an orphanage, and he'd worked for everything he had. He resented people like Billy. Victor saw Billy as entitled, spoiled, and disrespectful of other people's values. Billy admitted he'd done that in the past. Victor asked if it meant that Victoria would no longer protect Billy. Billy claimed he didn't need protection from anyone; however, he wanted to make sure that Lily wasn't hurt because of his actions, and Victoria's offer would allow that.

Victor told Billy to face reality, Billy didn't own the company; mommy dearest did. Victor stated that Jill was a very savvy businesswoman. Billy admitted Jill was, and that was the reason Victor shouldn't feel very confident. Victor laughed. Billy left.

At Lily's apartment, a stunned Lily asked if Jill really wanted her to take over as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill understood it was a lot to absorb, but Jill didn't need an immediate answer; however, she would be stepping down as CEO soon, and she wanted the transition to go smoothly. Lily asked what would happen to ChancComm and to Billy if she took over Chancellor.

Lily told Jill that what had happened with Locke and Gaines had been extremely unfortunate. Jill claimed that implied there had been bad luck involved. Jill said Billy had screwed up, and it had been completely avoidable. Lily claimed they'd been played by master manipulators; however, it didn't negate all the amazing achievements Billy had made at ChancComm. Billy still had the visions and the skills to back them up. Jill reminded Lily there was no telling how much Billy's mistake was going to cost them.

Jill told Lily that ChancComm might be more trouble than it was worth. Lily claimed they were still taking in a profit, but Jill claimed they had also taken a significant loss. Jill felt that Victor and Adam would continue attacking ChancComm, and Ashland's lawsuit would also cause significant damage. Jill said that it wasn't the first time Billy had made a move against the Newmans. Lily stated that all decisions had been made as a team, but Jill said that mess had Billy's fingerprints all over it, and thankfully, Lily had been there to keep him in line and had kept ChancComm functioning.

Jill reminded Lily that Billy had used the company to exact revenge; Billy knew he'd gone too far, or he wouldn't have offered to step down. Lily claimed she and Billy had accomplished a lot. Jill claimed Lily would accomplish even more if she accepted Jill's offer. Lily was concerned about the people who would lose their jobs at ChancComm. Jill promised to put it in writing that the new owners had to keep the current employees on their payroll.

Lily felt Jill was being too hasty, and down the road, when the company became a juggernaut, Jill would regret her decision. Jill said it was done, and they had to focus on the future. Lily admitted she was interested in Jill's offer. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, but she thought Jill would have handed that torch to Billy. Jill admitted she'd hoped to do that, but once again, Billy had proven himself unreliable. Jill said that Lily needed to stop defending Billy. Lily was the reliable one, and Lily had exceeded Jill's expectations.

Jill told Lily that Katherine and Neil would have agreed with her choice. Neil would have been very proud to see Lily behind that desk. Lily was torn. She wanted the job, but she didn't want to leave Billy out in the cold. Jill said she didn't have a problem with Billy working for Lily at Chancellor. Lily suggested she and Billy be co-CEOs again.

Jill told Lily she wanted Billy to feel valued, and she wanted to put Billy's talents to use; however, it needed to be in a way that wouldn't hurt Billy or the company. Jill said Billy could hold a secondary position, such as COO, or whatever role Lily deemed appropriate -- a position where he didn't call the shots and wasn't any part of the decision-making. Jill made it clear that Lily alone would be in charge. When Lily hesitated, Jill told Lily that she couldn't allow her personal life to stand in the way of her success. She said relationships didn't always last, but careers were something that she could build a future with.

Lily told Jill that she and Billy were in it for the long haul, and she couldn't ignore Billy's feelings the way Jill could. Jill admitted it was killing her to set that condition, but Billy had left her with no choice. She said Billy had made great strides in his personal life, and Lily and Billy's relationship was a testament to that. However, Billy hadn't yet accepted that some risks weren't worth taking.

When Billy arrived, Lily asked Jill if she and Billy could chat alone. Jill hugged Lily, and she told Billy that even though they often fought and occasionally hurt each other's feelings, she would always be his mother and want the best for him. Billy agreed, but he felt that her opinion of what was best for him wasn't always right. She told him never to forget she loved him, and she left. He asked Lily what he'd missed.

Lily told Billy that Jill wanted her to take over Chancellor Industries as CEO when Jill stepped down. Billy was thrilled for Lily and said she would be a great CEO. Billy told her to take the job, but Lily claimed there was a lot to think about and to consider. Billy claimed she couldn't turn it down because it would be a great step for her career, and it would remove her from the crosshairs at ChancComm. Lily said Jill was considering selling ChancComm. Billy wasn't surprised. He said they'd done a lot of good things together. Lily said they could do it again if he worked with her at Chancellor. She said Billy would be her second in command.

Billy realized he would be Lily's subordinate and working for her, not with her. Billy said ChancComm had been his responsibility; however, in Jill's mind, he'd failed the leadership task. He claimed Jill had offered him a corner office at Chancellor simply to keep him out of trouble and that he would be grateful for it. Billy claimed he felt like he was losing everything: the job he loved, his dignity, and his partnership with Lily. Lily assured him he wasn't losing her, no matter what. She said that if she accepted Jill's offer, she really hoped Billy would go to Chancellor with her.

Jill arrived at Society, and Victor asked her to join him. He offered his condolences about Chance. Jill told Victor she'd received a message from Jack that he and Ashley had located Abby. Victor was delighted. He hoped Ashley would be able to convince Abby to return home and get the support she needed. Jill claimed that being a concerned parent was difficult. She knew Victor understood what she was going through after what he and Adam had done to Billy. Victor had no idea what Jill meant.

Jill suggested she start with the way Victor had attacked Billy and her media company by calling Billy a liar, when Victor had known that every word of the Ashland Locke story had been the truth. Victor said the only truth he would acknowledge was that Billy had brought the whole thing on himself. Jill agreed, but she added that Victor had been there every step of the way to egg Billy on. Victor claimed Billy's problem was that he never stayed in his own lane, and Jill would have to bail Billy out again. Jill told Victor to save his sympathy because she and Billy would be just fine. Victor told Jill that Billy had gone too far, and he wanted to know what Jill intended to do about it. Jill walked away laughing.

Victor received a call from Ashley informing him that she was bringing Abby home.

Jill arrived at Abby's and received a call from Jack informing her they were bringing Abby home, and things would be much better when they were all together. Billy arrived and accused Jill of not taking any time to lose faith in him.

Billy refuses Jill's offer of a position at Chancellor

Billy refuses Jill's offer of a position at Chancellor

Thursday, December 2, 2021

by Nel

At the Chancellor estate, Jill asked if Billy felt that she'd lost faith in him, and she asked if Lily had explained Jill's plans to him. Billy said Lily would be fantastic as CEO of Chancellor if she chose to take it. Billy reminded Jill that he and Lily were a "damn good team," and Jill had known that because she'd put them together in the first place. Jill admitted she didn't want to separate them, and she hoped Billy would work at Chancellor. Billy pointed out that it would be in a lesser role.

Billy said Jill hadn't kicked him to the curb, but she hadn't stood by him, either. Jill asked him to understand why she had done that. Billy understood. He asked what her plans were for ChancComm. Lily had told him Jill wanted to sell it. Jill said it was an option she'd been considering. Billy asked Jill not to sell it to Victor and Adam. He said with everything they'd done to him, they shouldn't be rewarded for their behavior.

Jill told Billy she would do what was best for Chancellor Industries. It would be a business decision. Billy said that it felt like Jill was siding with the Newmans over her own son. Jill asked if he'd forgotten how he'd gotten the job at ChancComm. Billy said he couldn't because Jill constantly reminded him. Billy asked if she believed he'd let her down, because it appeared that Jill was telling the world she shared Victor's low opinion of him. Jill told Billy to leave Victor out of it.

Billy asked Jill how he was supposed to leave Victor out of it, since Victor had set the trap Billy had walked into, and Jill had given up on Billy. Jill denied giving up on him. Billy knew Jill was disappointed in him, but the feeling was mutual. Jill asked if Billy believed he was fit to run an international conglomerate. Billy claimed he'd run Jabot. Jill retorted they all knew how that had turned out.

Billy said that Jill had been thrilled with ChancComm's success. Their revenue was through the roof, their audience had grown exponentially, and they had award-winning and amazing journalists on their team. Jill said that with all that success, Billy had risked everything to reignite his feud with Victor and Adam.

Billy told Jill that, from the beginning, it had been about protecting Johnny and Katie. He reminded Jill that Locke had been about to become a stepdad to Billy's kids. Billy had needed to look into Ashland's background. Victor had had the same instinct. Ashland had turned out to be more ruthless than anyone had believed. Victor had then identified with Ashland, and they had formed an alliance and gone after Billy. Jill pointed out that Billy just couldn't let it go. Billy claimed he had let it go.

Jill said she'd heard that Billy had paid a small fortune to Jesse Gaines to stop the wedding and that Billy had antagonized two of the most powerful men in the world. Billy said Gaines had sent him a video detailing all of Locke's crimes. Billy had had everything in his hands to topple Victor and Locke, but he'd deleted the video to protect Victoria. He'd believed that would have been the end of it. Billy said he'd already lost one child, and he wouldn't allow that to happen again. Jill told Billy there hadn't been any hints that Ashland was a threat to Johnny and Katie, and Victoria would never put her kids in danger.

Jill asked if Billy still had feelings for Victoria. Billy said he loved Lily. She felt like home to him. He expected their union to last the rest of his life. He and Victoria were nothing more than co-parents. Jill asked why he'd put ChancComm at risk and why he wanted to keep Victoria from moving forward. Billy claimed he hadn't expected things to go as far as they had. Jill felt Billy's motivation had been that he couldn't resist battling his nemesis. She claimed that the gambler in Billy had to have that rush.

Billy told Jill that after he'd set all that aside, Victor had warned him that he'd been going after ChancComm. Billy claimed he'd been trying to live up to his commitments to Jill, Lily, and their staff. He'd grabbed the only weapon he'd been able to get his hands on, the article about Ashland. Billy had never intended for that article to see the light of day; however, Victor and Adam had hacked into their system and had authorized the publication of the article in order to get leverage over Billy.

Jill told Billy she'd given him too much power before Billy had known how to use it. Billy said everything had been fine until Ashland had become part of the picture. Jill said Billy needed to be in a position where he could capitalize on his talents. Billy refused to accept the COO position at Chancellor. Jill yelled that he was "too damn impulsive." Billy thanked her and sarcastically said it meant a lot. Billy left. Jill sat down and cried.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa brought Mariah a coffee topped with a mountain of whipped cream. Tessa was happy that Mariah was taking a break from work. Mariah admitted it was her second break. She'd gone to see the baby during her first break. Tessa said it sounded like Dominic was thriving, and Abby would be very relieved when she returned home. Mariah commented sourly, "Whenever that is."

Tessa told Mariah to imagine if either one of them had been far from home, something had happened to them, and they'd never had a chance to say goodbye. Mariah said she would be crushed. She knew Abby was devastated, but Mariah claimed that wild horses wouldn't tear her away from her child. No one knew where Abby was or when she would return. Tessa asked Mariah if anyone had heard from Abby. Mariah said that Abby had live-streamed with Devon and the baby. Tessa stated that Abby had wanted to make sure the baby was okay. That was all that had mattered because Abby knew Dominic was being well taken care of.

Noah arrived. He told Tessa that he'd gone for a walk earlier, and he had completely immersed himself in Tessa's music. He'd loved it. He said her songs were haunting, her voice had such purity, and the songs were beautiful. It was all unique, and Tessa had a hit. Tessa had been afraid the reason Noah hadn't talked to her was because he hadn't liked it and hadn't known how to tell her. He promised he would always be honest with her. Tessa wanted Noah to tell her all his ideas for the album cover. Noah said inspiration took time -- he needed to listen to the album a dozen more times and add a little time for procrastination. Smiling, he admitted he wanted to torture Tessa.

When Tessa stepped away to take a call, Noah told Mariah it was nice to see Mariah take time off work. Noah knew Mariah was upset because Abby had left town. Mariah said Abby was doing the best she could under the circumstances. Mariah said she would hate for people to criticize her if the roles had been reversed. Noah noted that things appeared to be going well for Mariah and Tessa. Mariah admitted she and Tessa had had a few chaotic months, but they were in a good place since then.

Mariah asked about Noah's life in London. Noah claimed that what happened in London stayed in London. Mariah said she didn't care why Noah was there; she was happy that he was back in Genoa City. She hoped he would choose to stay because he wanted to and not because he was avoiding something or someone in London. Noah claimed he was happy to be back, and he wanted to take time to relax, recharge, and see what was next. Mariah reminded him that what came next was an amazing cover for Tessa's album. Noah felt honored that Tessa had asked him to do the cover for her. He felt that project would be good, and it would get his creative juices flowing. Mariah told him that the project would introduce him to a whole new audience.

When Tessa returned, Noah asked her what she wanted the cover to look like and what feeling she was looking for. Tessa wanted something that was evocative, so that every time someone looked at it, it gave them something else to discover.

When Billy arrived at the coffeehouse, Adam asked how Billy was enjoying early retirement. Billy said stepping down as CEO of ChancComm had been contingent on Ashland dropping his lawsuit, which hadn't happened. Billy claimed that Adam and Victor had never had as much control over Locke as they had believed. Billy told Adam to never trust someone who'd stolen his best friend's identity and his mentor's fortune. Adam had heard that Victoria and Ashland had made their own bid for ChancComm, and that should make things more interesting.

Billy admitted that he'd gotten played. He noted how hard Adam had worked to bring him down but said Adam wouldn't have anything to show for it when Billy landed on his feet again. Adam said that remained to be seen because Newman Media would swoop in and grab the remains of ChancComm. Adam claimed it didn't matter who acquired ChancComm as long as Billy wasn't attached to it. Adam stated that by publishing the exposť about Adam, Billy had paid the price. Adam claimed that exposť about him had been the whole idea behind bringing Billy down.

As Adam was about to leave, Billy said the new and improved Adam still held a grudge. Adam said the next time Billy wallowed in booze and self-pity, which Adam expected would be any moment, it would be because Billy had brought it all on himself. Adam left.

Billy had a memory: Adam told Billy he didn't have to try to stop Billy because Billy was going to fail. Adam said the whole thing was going to blow up in Billy's face, and Adam couldn't wait to have a front row seat to Billy's humiliation.

At the penthouse, Devon put the baby to bed. Imani arrived. She gushed over Dominic. Imani told Devon it was a very big day for her and Amanda because they were going to look for office space for their new law practice. Devon commented that it would be a big change for Imani. He wondered how Imani felt after working for Sutton for so many years. Imani said she liked challenges. Devon offered to help setting up the office space and finding a designer. Amanda said she and Imani were looking forward to doing it on their own. Amanda and Imani left.

A short time later, Lily stopped by Devon's for some advice. Devon told Lily he'd seen the article ChancComm had published about Locke and the retraction. Lily told Devon the story was true, but the Newmans had blackmailed Billy's one and only source, and the source had recanted his story. He knew Jill had arrived to put out the fire and that she was fed up with Billy. Lily said Jill wanted to sell ChancComm and wash her hands of it. Devon asked where that would leave Lily.

Lily told Devon that Jill was thinking of retiring and wanted to make Lily CEO of Chancellor Industries, but Devon couldn't tell anyone. Devon was stunned. He congratulated Lily. He realized Lily would be running his grandmother's company. Devon said Neil would be "so damn proud" of her. He claimed that Neil was probably smiling down on her. Lily said Billy was really happy for her, but he was upset with the choices he'd made. He was also upset with Jill for not believing in him. Billy was furious with Adam and Victor for sabotaging them. Lily wondered where all of Billy's anger would be directed.

Devon told Lily he agreed that Victor and Adam had taken advantage of Billy. Lily said Billy would have done anything to protect ChancComm from them. She admitted she wasn't innocent, either, because she had been drawn into Victor and Adam's scheme, and she would have done anything to protect what she and Billy had built together. Devon noted that Lily had reined herself in, but Billy hadn't. Lily didn't want to punish Billy, because his heart had been in the right place, and she wanted to help Billy.

Lily told Devon she'd never felt that their relationship was in jeopardy. They hadn't betrayed each other, and she'd never questioned how Billy felt about her. They were just happy they'd found each other. They made their relationship a priority because it was more important than any job. She said she was very much in love. Devon told her to make sure Billy knew that.

At Society, Amanda and Imani ordered Champagne to celebrate. Imani said she'd never considered any other career other than working for Sutton. After she'd mentioned a career change to Sutton and gotten a negative response, she'd learned to keep her mouth shut because it had been the path of least resistance.

Imani told Amanda that working with her big sister was going to be a wonderful experience, and she couldn't wait to get started. Amanda suggested that before celebrating, they needed to figure out which office space they liked best. They realized they had a difference of opinion on the office space. Amanda claimed the storefront was the ideal location, but Imani felt they needed a space that would speak to their clientele.

Amanda told Imani that since they weren't focused on corporate law, they would have a wider range of clients. It was important that their place didn't appear too elitist or imposing. Imani pointed out that the storefront was miles from the courthouse. Imani asked if a high rise might provide a certain amount of professionalism and legitimacy. Amanda claimed they needed to impress people based on their results, not their address. Imani said Amanda was the one with the impressive record. Amanda suggested that Imani take her mentor's advice.

Amanda and Imani discussed the Victorian that was steps away from the courthouse. It was at street level, and it wasn't intimidating. Amanda claimed it was homey and gorgeous and that they needed to put down a deposit on the Victorian. They agreed and toasted to Sinclair and Benedict, Attorneys at Law.

Adam arrived at the Chancellor estate. When Jill opened the door, she asked "what the hell" he wanted. Adam offered his condolences on Chance's death. He said Chance had been an incredibly brave and decent man, and Chance had saved Adam's life. Jill told Adam he was the last person on earth she wanted to take a stroll down memory lane with.

Adam told Jill he wanted to discuss ChancComm. Adam was certain that Billy had exaggerated Adam's involvement in Billy's little PR debacle, but Adam had offered to help Ashland when Ashland had said he'd felt the same way about his personal attack as Adam had when Billy had launched stories against Adam over the years. They had begged Billy to ease up on his attack. Unfortunately, Billy hadn't listened to reason, and the lawsuit had been Ashland's only recourse.

Dripping with sarcasm, Jill said to Adam, "Poor Ashland, so vulnerable, so helpless." Adam knew Jill felt protective of Billy and that Billy relied on Jill's support. Jill said she didn't think Adam wanted to go there because Adam owed everything to Victor's generosity and forgiveness. Adam acknowledged that Jill was a shrewd businesswoman, and he knew she wouldn't allow personal issues to get in the way of what was best for ChancComm. Jill told Adam that he was there to salvage the mess he'd made and get back into daddy's good graces. Adam claimed she'd misinterpreted what he'd said.

Jill told Adam she hadn't. Adam had trashed Billy, and he'd shrunk ChancComm's value so that he could pick it up at a bargain basement price. Jill said, "Ain't gonna happen, buddy." Jill told him to brainstorm a plan B. Adam said he would be in touch, and he left.

Amanda returned home. She told Devon that she and Imani had found a space that had spoken to both of them. At that moment, Devon received a call from Ashley. He told Amanda that Ashley and Jack had found Abby, and they were bringing her home. Amanda said Devon had to be relieved. She asked if Abby was okay. Devon said she was, and as soon as they landed, Abby wanted to pick up Dominic and take him home. Devon didn't look happy.

Lily arrived at the coffeehouse. She asked why Billy was sitting there alone. Billy said he'd been thinking something through, but he wasn't quite ready to share it yet. She asked how things had gone with Jill. Billy claimed they hadn't seen eye to eye, and that was okay, because he would find his own solution that didn't involve a handout from Chancellor Industries.

Chance finally meets his son

Chance finally meets his son

Friday, December 3, 2021

by Nel

At Newman media, Adam was on a video chat with Chelsea when he received a text message that appeared to concern him. He told Chelsea he would call her later. Sally saw Adam's concern when she walked into his office and said it didn't appear to be good news.

Adam told Sally that Jill Abbott had put ChancComm up for sale to the highest bidder. Sally said she thought the whole scheme of bringing Billy down had been to get control of ChancComm. Adam explained that Jill's move gave Newman Media less control over the situation. In a bidding war, they had no idea who they were competing with. It wasn't the negotiating position Adam had been hoping for.

Adam told Sally that no matter who won the bid, Billy had lost, and Adam stated he would be satisfied with that. Adam said Billy had used ChancComm as a launch pad to personally attack him and his family. Sally was happy there wouldn't be any blowback on Newman Media because she had big plans for the fashion platform. She wanted to build on their success. Adam received a call. He asked Sally to shut the door on her way out and to focus on her job.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki told Victoria they had received an answer to Ashland's offer to buy ChancComm. Victoria clarified it had been an unofficial offer. Nikki pointed out that it had turned into a bidding war. Victoria wasn't surprised. She knew Jill wasn't pleased with the precarious situation Billy had put ChancComm in. Victoria was disappointed that Lily and Billy hadn't convinced Jill to sell ChancComm to Newman Enterprises.

Nikki reminded Victoria that it wasn't much different than the way Ashland had handled the sale of Cyaxares. Victoria claimed Ashland had strategically ferreted out the best possible candidates, but it appeared Jill wanted to wash her hands of the whole matter. Victoria noticed there was nothing in the announcement that protected Lily's connection to the division. It meant that Jill was out in the cold with Billy. Nikki told Victoria that perhaps it was a negotiating point that Jill wanted to hold back for the time being, but Victoria said it was possible that Jill held Billy and Lily responsible for the hit ChancComm had taken.

Nikki asked Victoria if she wanted to walk away and not bid on ChancComm. Victoria needed to discuss it with Ashland, but she took no pleasure in watching Billy humiliated if Adam took over ChancComm. Adam had made it clear that he wanted to gut and dismantle everything Billy had accomplished.

Victoria told Nikki that Victor and Adam's plan had been designed to undermine Billy and weaken ChancComm so they could move in. She doubted that selling to the highest bidder would diminish Newman Media's desire to get their hands on it. They would be even more aggressive with their bidding and their tactics. Nikki claimed that the last thing the family needed was more conflict. Victoria stated it was a business decision, and she wouldn't let her personal feelings get in the way.

Nikki reminded Victoria the bidding involved Victoria's father, brother, and ex-husband. She asked how Victoria could avoid her personal feelings being involved. Victoria claimed that Victor had been in the same position previously, and she intended to be the kind of businesswoman Victor had taught her to be.

At home, Lily told Billy that Jill had made an official announcement about ChancComm. Billy said that Jill putting ChancComm up for sale to the highest bidder was a very smart move. Lily told Billy not to pretend he was okay with all of it because they had put their heart and soul into that company. Billy claimed it was done, and Lily was moving on to bigger opportunities.

Billy wanted Lily to inform Jill she would accept the CEO position at Chancellor and allow Jill to inform the world that Lily hadn't been responsible for what had happened at ChancComm. Billy didn't want Lily's reputation harmed in any way. Lily said she wasn't thinking about her reputation. She was very proud of what they had built at ChancComm. She said they had argued a lot because of their different styles, but that was what had made them so good together. She begged Billy to be her COO at Chancellor.

Billy turned Lily down because she didn't need him or his baggage following her around and complicating her new position. Billy said he had two areas of expertise -- cosmetics and media, and once ChancComm was sold, cosmetics and media wouldn't be under Chancellor's umbrella. Jill had admitted that the COO position was a safe landing spot for him, and it would keep him out of trouble. Lily didn't care what Jill thought. Lily saw it as a vital role with a lot of responsibility.

Billy stated that Lily could do it on her own, and it was better that way. He said that a lot of people felt Lily had been at ChancComm to babysit him. They had no idea what Lily was capable of. It was her opportunity to get everything she deserved. Lily said that Billy working with her wouldn't change anything once Jill announced her as the sole CEO of Chancellor.

Billy told Lily he loved her and that he intended to spend the rest of his life with her. He would cheer from the sidelines while he watched her soar, but he had other plans. Lily understood that, and it worried her. She had the feeling Billy had been formulating a plan.

Billy told Lily he'd been sifting through all the damage Victor and Adam had inflicted. He'd asked himself whether he really wanted to get back at them. He did, but not at the expense of losing Lily or before her future had been secured. Billy claimed he wouldn't do anything until Lily had been announced as the new CEO of Chancellor, because he didn't want anything to undermine her in any way. Lily appreciated that he would wait, but she had to know what he was planning. Billy said he wouldn't lie to her about anything, but he knew she wouldn't like his plan.

Lily asked Billy if he really wanted to attempt something so complex and risky after everything he'd been through. Lily was concerned that it would backfire. She asked what, other than revenge, Billy's scheme would accomplish. Billy said if he could pull it off, he would stick it to Adam where it hurt the most and turn the tables on Newman Media. To Billy, that would be a satisfying conclusion to that mess. Most importantly, it would restore his damaged reputation. Lily understood his motivation. Billy said when the time was right, he hoped she would be in his corner.

Victor greeted Ashley warmly when she arrived at the ranch. Ashley told Victor that Abby had been right to trust her instincts; Chance was alive, and Abby had brought him home. Victor was shocked over the incredible news. Ashley said Abby was ecstatic. Victor said he'd been worried that Abby would go off the deep end after Chance's death.

Victor asked Ashley about Chance. Ashley informed him that all of Chance's teammates had died in the explosion, and he was bearing the weight of all that grief and trauma. Chance had felt obligated to remain in Spain and finish the mission, but Abby had been able to convince him to return home. It was a testament to Abby's strength and her love for him. Victor believed that once Chance got to know his son, he would change his priorities.

Abby and Chance arrived at the Chancellor home. Chance said he felt disconnected because he'd been gone for so long. Abby told him it was his home, where he belonged. She said it was time to leave the Valencia nightmare behind him. Jill arrived and froze when she saw Chance. She rushed to embrace him. Jill couldn't believe that Chance was alive and home.

Chance explained to Jill that he'd been returning to the safe house when the explosion had happened. He'd known his best chance of escape had been to play dead. He'd taken off his ring and watch, and he'd left them there. Abby told Jill that Chance had told her a story about a couple he'd worked with in Iraq, Kim and Errol Dunaway, field medics. Chance said they lived in Majorca, and they had agreed to help him.

Abby told Jill that she'd found some letters Chance had received from them. On a hunch, she'd called Kim. Kim had told her that Chance was alive and with her. Jill thanked Abby for finding Chance and bringing him home. Abby said everyone had wanted her to accept that Chance was gone, but she hadn't been able to. Jill asked Chance why he hadn't let them know he was alive.

Jill told Chance she was concerned that he'd been hurt. Chance assured her he had hurt his leg, but he'd been treated by the best. Abby said that Kim and Errol hadn't only treated Chance; they had kept him safe, as well. Chance felt terrible for what he'd put everyone through, but he hadn't had a choice.

Jill wanted to know where her great-grandson was. Abby said he was with Devon, who had been an amazing friend. Jill hoped to see them back soon because she couldn't wait to meet Dominic Newman Abbott Chancellor for the first time.

Chance received a call from his section chief. Chance told Abby there had been a break in the mission. A new team had been assembled to take over, and the work that Chance and his team had done had given them a breakthrough to tracking down the attackers. It meant the work they had done hadn't been in vain. He'd been informed that a security detail had been assigned to Genoa City to ensure his and his family's safety. It meant his mission was over. Jill told Chance to leave and meet his son.

At Society, Jill was delighted that Lily had accepted the CEO position at Chancellor. Jill told Billy she wanted to make sure he was okay with everything because she knew he'd been upset with some of the decisions she'd made. Jill knew it didn't sit well with Billy that she'd decided to sell ChancComm to the highest bidder. She knew Billy was afraid that Adam and Victor would take it over; however, she wanted him to understand why she'd done things the way she had. Billy claimed he understood it from a business perspective, and it didn't matter how he felt. They had more important things to discuss, like announcing that Lily would be taking over for Jill at Chancellor when Jill stepped down.

Lily told Jill she was very excited about the opportunity Jill had given her. Jill stated she had every confidence in Lily. Billy said the announcement needed to be made immediately, and it also had to state that Lily had in no way been responsible for the debacle at ChancComm. That was all on him. Jill told Billy to check his email. Billy read the announcement while Lily smiled with pride.

Jill told Billy she was proud of him for getting past his anger and focusing on Lily and what was best for her. Jill also announced that Chance was alive; however, Chance's news wasn't for public consumption, because Chance might still be in danger from the people he'd been after, and by extension, his family might be at risk, as well. Billy told Jill she could trust him to keep that confidence, despite some of his recent decisions. Jill declared that she had decided to focus on the future, and she encouraged Billy to do the same. Jill told Billy and Lily that it was a new beginning for all of them, and she was certain something good would come out of it. Jill left.

Billy told Lily he was very happy for Abby and her family, and he was very pleased with Jill being so proactive about the announcement about Lily. Jill had done exactly what he'd wanted. Lily said they needed to head back to the office and let the staff know what was happening. Billy told her to go ahead. He had to make a phone call, and he would meet her at the office shortly.

Lily told Billy she knew he was more upset than he'd let on, and she knew he would be even more upset if Victor and Adam took over ChancComm. She asked if he was moving forward with his plan. Billy claimed he wasn't quite ready to move on it yet. He wouldn't move on it until he had every detail worked out. Even the slightest hiccup meant he wouldn't get what he wanted. Lily left.

Billy was sitting at the bar, deep in thought, when Sally arrived. She told Billy she'd heard the news. Billy admitted that he'd had better days. She said he looked like he could use some company.

At Newman, after reading Jill's announcement, Victoria told Nikki that Jill had made it very clear where Billy stood. Victoria was certain Billy was happy for Lily and that he hadn't ruined her future. Victoria knew the situation was hurting Billy, and she was happy she'd decided to send the kids to boarding school for the rest of the year. Nikki asked if she'd told Billy. Victoria said she would, and she would make it very clear she was committed to doing that because the situation could push Billy off the rails, and things could get very ugly.

When Victor arrived at Newman Media, Adam asked if he'd seen Jill's announcement about Lily taking over as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Victor said he was impressed, and it had been a brilliant move on Jill's part. Adam claimed Jill was distancing herself from her own son. Victor disagreed. He said Jill was a smart businesswoman, and Billy was an idiot. Adam claimed that Jill selling to the highest bidder meant it blew up their plans to cannibalize and dismantle ChancComm. Victor claimed it made things more complicated.

Adam told Victor they had cut Billy off at the knees, and they had humiliated him. He asked if Victor wanted to stop there or if he wanted to make a play for control of ChancComm. Victor asked if Adam was up for the challenge. He reminded Adam that Victoria would join the bidding, if only to prevent Newman Media from controlling ChancComm. Victor was curious how far Victoria would go to get what she wanted.

Jill returned to the Chancellor estate and was a little disappointed that Abby and Chance hadn't returned. She saw that Ashley was the only one there. Ashley told Jill that Abby and Chance would return soon because they knew how anxious Jill was to meet Dominic. Jill asked Ashley why Chance hadn't notified his family that he was alive. Jill felt that one of the federal agents could have informed Chance's family. Ashley said there had been security issues, and everyone had believed that Chance hadn't survived the explosion. Chance had had no idea who he could trust, and he hadn't wanted to endanger his family.

Jill told Ashley she was ready to step down as CEO and become the laid-back matriarch of the family. Ashley laughed and wished Jill luck with the laid-back part.

At the penthouse, Devon told Amanda that he was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Abby had found Chance alive. Devon seemed a little off as he picked up Dominic. Amanda knew it would be difficult for Devon to part with Dominic. In the short time that Dominic had been with them, Devon had grown quite attached to him.

Devon told Amanda he couldn't be happier because Dominic would be with both his parents. Chance and Abby arrived. Devon was very happy to see Chance. Chance said he was ready to meet his son. Devon didn't look ready to part with the baby. He told Abby and Chance that Dominic was asleep upstairs. Abby couldn't thank Devon enough for taking Dominic into his home and caring for him. Abby claimed Devon had been her rock. Devon said that was what friends did for each other. Abby said Devon would always have a very important role in Dominic's life.

Chance thanked Devon for always being there for Abby and Dominic. Chance also noted that Devon had helped to bring Dominic into the world. Devon said the reason he'd gotten involved in the first place had been to help Abby and Chance make their dream of having a family a reality. He said no one had anticipated that things would play out the way they had. Abby said she would find a way to repay Devon for everything. Devon said he only wanted to know that Abby was in a better headspace than she'd been in before she'd left. She assured him she was. Moments later, Devon brought Dominic to Chance. Chance finally met his son.

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