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Summer postponed her wedding to Kyle. Sally offered to reveal Harrison's whereabouts if Ashland lured Summer out of town. Amanda learned that Richard had been searching for his child before his death. Adam appealed to Chelsea to lift the restraining order. The Hamilton-Winters family staged a tribute to Neil.
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Amanda learned new information about Richard, Sally offered to help Ashland find Harrison, and Genoa City remembered Neil Winters
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Amanda makes a startling discovery

Amanda makes a startling discovery

Monday, May 24, 2021

Phyllis questioned Summer after Summer had left work early. Summer explained that neither she nor Kyle had slept well, so she'd hoped to take a nap. Phyllis was taken aback when Summer said Kyle was with his dad and planned to ask Jack if Tara and her son could move into the Abbott house. Phyllis told Summer that Kyle would also have to explain to Jack why he'd taken such an interest in Harrison. After Summer went upstairs, Nick stopped by and told Phyllis he'd been searching for Summer to discuss what was going on with Kyle. Phyllis said Summer was resting upstairs.

Nick told Phyllis that if Summer couldn't tell him what was going on, then Phyllis would have to explain. Phyllis replied that Ashland was getting a divorce, wanted full custody of his son, and had followed Tara to Genoa City to confront her. Nick asked Phyllis if more than nine months had passed after the ending of Kyle's affair with Tara and the date she'd given birth to her son. Phyllis indicated it hadn't, and Nick replied, "It's Kyle's kid, isn't it?" Phyllis warned Nick that taking his frustration out on Kyle would alienate Summer. Nick went upstairs to talk to Summer.

In Summer's suite, Nick told Summer he'd learned the truth about Harrison from Phyllis. Nick warned that Ashland Locke would want Kyle's head on a platter. Summer became even more upset and told Nick that his usual knee-jerk reaction was to blame Kyle. Summer said Kyle had made a mistake and was trying to do the right thing for everyone, including her. Summer cried that she didn't intend to walk away from Kyle, because she had done so many times before and had always regretted it.

In the boardroom at Jabot, Jack was taken aback when Kyle said he was the father of Tara's son, Harrison. Jack seemed dazed and replied, "Harrison. Your son. My grandson." Kyle said he'd known for a couple of months, after Theo and Sally had told him about Tara's little boy. Kyle said that when he'd later approached Tara, he'd agreed it would be wrong of him to ruin her life with her son and husband. Kyle admitted he'd feared ruining his own life, too, so he'd kept Harrison's paternity a secret.

Kyle warned Jack that after Ashland had discovered the truth about Harrison, only God could help them. Kyle assured Jack that he would undergo a DNA test. Kyle praised Summer for being supportive. Jack recalled that Ashland had attacked Jabot when he'd only suspected Kyle of having had an affair with Tara, so the second round was likely to be more intense. Jack assured Kyle that he'd have the full support of his family. Jack insisted that Tara and Harrison stay with him. Kyle was relieved. Jack praised Kyle for the way he'd handled the situation.

Kyle met up with Tara in the lounge at the Grand Phoenix. Kyle said Ashland was staying at the Genoa City Athletic Club, but Tara feared Ashland had spies everywhere. Kyle told Tara that Jack had invited her, Harrison, and Harrison's nanny to stay at the Abbott family home. Kyle said he'd told his father he was Harrison's father, and he assured Tara that Ashland wouldn't have access to her or the boy at Jack's house. Tara thanked Kyle. Kyle said he'd do whatever was necessary for Harrison's sake.

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda enjoyed lunch with Devon and made it known that she hadn't only shown up for the sushi. Amanda said she'd set up a preliminary interview with Victor in preparation for the Sutton Ames case. Devon replied that he'd thought Amanda's theory was that Richard had been killed before revealing the bribery scheme to anyone, including Victor. Amanda replied, "I understand that Victor is a family friend, and you don't want to believe that he's the one that Richard could have been blackmailing." Devon said he knew Victor hadn't been involved in Richard's death at all. Amanda explained that new information had come to light after the legal team's private investigator had discovered Richard's day planner.

Amanda told Devon she'd seen annotations documenting two dates and times Richard had met with Victor not long before his death. Devon recalled that Richard had been employed at Newman Enterprises, so it wasn't unusual for people working together to have meetings. Amanda expressed doubt that a low-level accountant fresh out of college would be involved in conferences with the CEO. Amanda added that she intended to create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors that the meetings might indicate a blackmail scheme. On the other hand, Amanda explained, the prosecution would likely point out that Richard had attempted to contact Sutton's campaign office, but she could prove that Richard had been in touch with Victor. Devon replied, "That doesn't prove that he was trying to shake down Newman Enterprises.

Amanda told Devon that after Richard's two notations about having met with Victor, Richard had never again made notes about any work assignments or work meetings and that bank records indicated he hadn't deposited paychecks. Amanda said she was awaiting Richard's work history from human resources and anticipated discovering that he'd been fired in retaliation for what he'd uncovered. Devon cautioned Amanda about targeting Victor Newman by implying that he'd orchestrated a murder because it would infuriate him and target her as an enemy. Amanda, sounding defiant, replied, "I can handle Victor Newman."

Amanda met with Victor at Newman Enterprises. Victor introduced Amanda to his attorney, Elizabeth Westerbrook. Elizabeth and Victor gave Amanda permission to record audio of the meeting. Amanda asked Victor about his interactions with Richard while he'd been employed at Newman Enterprises. Victor replied that it would be a short interview because he didn't know Richard Nealon. Amanda noted that Nealon had been hired at Newman right after college and had worked there until two weeks prior to his death. Victor acknowledged that he couldn't contradict employees' records and repeated that he hadn't known Richard Nealon. Amanda said she had evidence to the contrary, and she showed Victor a photo of Richard.

As Victor studied the face in the photo, Amanda said, "You recognize him, don't you?" Victor said he recalled meeting Richard once or twice. Elizabeth pointed out that the meetings would have taken place decades ago. Victor said that Richard had introduced himself as Rick and that the two had interacted at impromptu meetings at Newman Enterprises. Victor recalled that Richard had been searching for a missing child. Victor explained that Richard had been aware of Victor's history of having been abandoned at the doorstep of an orphanage and had sought insight. Richard, Victor remembered, had said he'd had a relationship with a friend at college who'd gotten pregnant and put the child up for adoption.

Victor explained to Amanda that he'd offered to help by providing the name of a private investigator and had assured Richard that his job would be held open until the search concluded. Victor told Amanda that after the meeting, he'd never seen or heard from Richard again. Amanda replied, "Because he died." Victor seemed visibly shaken and said it made him sad to realize that the son or daughter Richard had searched for would never know their father had tried to find him or her.

After Amanda left, Nikki met with Victor and noted that his interview had ended sooner than expected. Victor said Amanda had shown him a photo of the man he'd known as Rick, not Richard Nealon. Victor told Nikki about Rick's search for the child his girlfriend had given up for adoption. Victor noted that the truth hadn't matched Amanda's theory. Nikki said no jury would believe Victor had been involved with the murder of a man he'd gone out of his way to help. Victor told Nikki that Amanda had seemed very affected by what he'd told her, though she'd struggled to hide her emotions.

After Amanda returned to Devon's, she told Devon that Victor had admitted he'd spoken to Richard Nealon, though he'd denied that the meeting had involved Sutton Ames. Instead, Amanda reported, Richard had been searching for the child his ex-girlfriend had put up for adoption. Devon said he'd thought Richard hadn't known about Naya's pregnancy. Amanda said she'd been too caught off guard to ask Victor if he'd been aware of Richard's ex-girlfriend's connection to Sutton Ames. Amanda became emotional when she told Devon that Victor had recalled that Richard had been "desperate to find his child."

Amanda phoned Naya and left a message requesting to meet with her. After Amanda hung up, she told Devon that the more she learned about her father, the more she mourned his loss. Amanda said that if Richard hadn't been killed, he might have found her and Hilary, and they might have grown up with their father. Amanda became emotional and cried, "Whoever took his life stole the future that we all could have had together, and I am going to make damn sure that they answer for that."

Ashland Locke joined Victoria on the patio at Crimson Lights. After making small talk, Ashland asked Victoria to share her opinion of Kyle Abbott. Victoria said she didn't know Kyle well but thought he was smart, level-headed, and hardworking. Ashland said Kyle had had an affair with his wife. Victoria commiserated with Ashland. Ashland said he was concerned about his son and intended to take Victoria's advice about putting his child first. After Ashland walked away to take a call, Victoria appeared to look him over with great interest.

Ashland stopped at the Grand Phoenix and demanded Phyllis deliver an envelope to Tara. Ashland told Phyllis he'd secured a court order requiring Tara to stop blocking his access to his son. Phyllis said Tara had checked out. Ashland demanded to know where Tara and Harrison had gone. Phyllis said she didn't know and would rather wash her hands of every Locke she'd met. Ashland said his little boy loved and trusted him, so he had an obligation to ensure that his son was well cared for, just as Phyllis cared for her daughter. Phyllis said she'd been caring for her own and needed no pointers from Ashland. Phyllis threateningly warned Ashland that nothing could protect him if his actions hurt Summer.

Kyle helped Tara get settled at the Abbott mansion. Jack greeted Tara and said it was nice to see her again. Tara thanked Jack for his hospitality. Tara introduced Jack as Kyle's dad, Mr. Abbott. Jack told Harrison he was very glad to have Harrison stay at the house. Harrison flashed a grin. Kyle did, too. Jack encouraged Harrison to play and make as much noise as he wanted because the house needed life in it again. After Jack took Tara and Harrison upstairs to show them their room, Kyle phoned to arrange for DNA tests.

Elena ran into Nate at Crimson Lights. Elena told Nate she wished he could have attended the one-year anniversary party at the clinic. Nate told Elena that the clinic had been her brainchild and had made the community a better place. Nate offered to buy lunch for Elena after she said she'd been lonely with Lola out of town. Nate said he'd enjoy Elena's company. Elena accepted Nate's invitation.

After lunch, Elena told Nate she was glad she'd never given up on becoming a doctor, and she thanked him for encouraging her. Nate said he'd thought of giving up being a doctor, too, but had grown to love helping patients. Nate seemed reluctant to leave for work after spending the afternoon with Elena.

Adam appeals to Chelsea to lift the restraining order

Adam appeals to Chelsea to lift the restraining order

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

At Society, Adam finished a call as Victor arrived. Adam shared that he'd been on the phone with his lawyer, hoping to get the restraining order that prevented him from seeing Connor lifted. Victor doubted that there would be an issue because Adam was no longer a fugitive, but Adam groaned that it was a bureaucratic nightmare because Chelsea had been committed. Victor offered to make a call to help, but Adam opted to focus on Newman Media's launch instead. Adam promised that work wouldn't get in the way of him getting his son sooner rather than later.

Victor and Adam divvied up duties to build their new company. Victor recommended that they ask Noah to design a new logo and update their website. Adam wasn't sure if Noah would be willing to work with him, since Noah had likely soaked up Nick's opinion about Adam. Victor anticipated that Noah would jump on board once he knew Nick and Adam were mending fences. Victor checked his phone and mentioned the Sutton Ames investigation. Adam wondered if it was a problem, but Victor dismissed it as just a nuisance.

Victor and Adam planned to meet later that day. Adam apologized for being distracted after speaking with his attorney, but he thought it made no sense that he was still barred from seeing his son. Victor volunteered again to make a call, but Adam preferred to try something on his own. Adam passed by Devon on his way out.

Victor approached Devon at the bar and inquired about how the tribute for Neil was going. Devon reported that everything was in place for the special event. Victor asked if Devon and Amanda were close, and Devon indicated that they were dating. Victor mentioned that she'd sought him out for a case she was working on, and she seemed to think she had a handle on it. Devon cautioned that he wasn't at liberty to discuss it, and Victor pointedly remarked that it was the kind of case that could make or break a legal career. Victor hoped Amanda didn't make a big mistake.

At the psychiatric facility, Rey called to Chelsea, who awakened in a disoriented state. She asked where she was, and he reminded her that she was in the hospital and that he'd been there to speak with her the day before. She murmured that she'd been having a dream about being in the park with a young Connor, and it had felt real. Rey apologized for waking her from what sounded like a nice dream. Michael joined them and mentioned that Chelsea's lawyer should be there any minute to get started. Chelsea recognized that she had to provide a statement about why she'd tried to hurt Rey.

With Chelsea's attorney and Michael present, Rey turned on a recorder. Michael observed that Chelsea seemed to be in better spirits than she had been a few days earlier, and Chelsea reported that the staff had been taking good care of her. Michael prompted her to explain the events that had led up to Rey's poisoning. Chelsea recounted her stroke, paralysis, and failed attempts at rehab. She bemoaned that she'd felt trapped and miserable, and she bitterly stated that her fiancé had decided to have the love of his life help with the mental side of her recovery.

Chelsea recalled that Adam had gone on and on about wanting to help her get better, but the treatment he'd arranged had just been a convenient excuse for him to spend time with Sharon. Chelsea shared that Adam and Sharon hadn't realized she'd been motivated because she hadn't wanted to helplessly watch them have an affair right in front of her eyes, so she'd worked on her recovery and slowly gotten better, eventually being able to walk and even leave the penthouse. Chelsea confirmed that she'd kept her progress hidden, and she'd ultimately made her way to Sharon's home because someone had needed to pay for what Chelsea had gone through. Chelsea insisted that she'd done it all on her own because she hadn't been able to risk confiding in anyone.

Chelsea confessed to getting her hands on the poison and researching how much she'd needed to give to make Rey sick, stressing that she wasn't a killer. She continued that she'd gone to Sharon's to put the thallium in Rey's things because she'd wanted Sharon to know what it felt like to have everything taken from her. Chelsea felt that what she'd done had been justified after she'd been betrayed. Her lawyer halted all questions and prompted Michael and Rey to leave. Once alone, the attorney instructed Chelsea that her next step would be to enter a plea once the D.A. filed charges.

In the corridor, Michael expected that Chelsea and her lawyer were attempting to build a foundation for a diminished capacity defense, and he didn't plan on opposing the motion. Chelsea's lawyer exited the room, and he and Michael left together. Rey reentered Chelsea's room and said he wanted to tell her something off the record. He firmly stated that after talking to both Adam and Sharon, he was confident that they hadn't had an affair. Rey was worried that it had all been in Chelsea's head, but she reiterated that she and Rey had been the victims.

Chelsea insisted that she'd seen Adam and Sharon together and that they'd flaunted it right in front of her when they'd gone upstairs together. Rey maintained that it was simply not true. He thought it was clear that Chelsea's stroke, paralysis, and isolation had driven her paranoia about Adam and Sharon, and she'd become convinced they'd had an affair that had never happened. Chelsea remained certain that it had been going on for a long time.

Rey conceded that Adam and Sharon had a deep connection, and he imagined Adam would have taken things further if he could have. Chelsea cited the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing in public, and she speculated about what they had been doing in private. Rey insisted on having evidence to support a theory, and he questioned whether a brazen affair lined up with how Adam and Sharon had acted around one another before Chelsea's stroke. Chelsea argued that it lined up with their entire history.

Chelsea considered Rey to be the delusional one if he thought Adam and Sharon had gotten out of one another's lives for good. Rey reasoned that having problems cutting ties was different from being romantically involved, and he doubted Adam would have gone out of his way to rub an affair in Chelsea's face. Chelsea figured that it had been part of the thrill for Adam, but Rey was absolutely sure that Sharon didn't have that kind of cruelty in her. Chelsea questioned whether she had been wrong about all of it.

Chelsea cried that she was sorry and ashamed if she'd done it all for nothing. She condemned herself for being a horrible person, but Rey clarified that he'd told her what he had to help her start to heal, not to make her feel guilty. Chelsea wailed that she'd done everything because she'd thought Adam had been a lying cheater. "Have I just been wrong the whole time?" she asked herself. Chelsea appeared to grapple with whether she'd imagined Adam and Sharon going upstairs together.

Chelsea panicked that she was far from being healthy, and Rey pointed out that she'd have plenty of time to sort through everything if the judge accepted her plea. She wondered whether Adam was still in town, but Rey replied that he didn't know and didn't care. Rey pledged to put Adam behind him, and he encouraged Chelsea to do the same thing so she could start getting better. He urged her to begin by forgiving herself and letting Adam go.

Chelsea claimed that she was glad that Sharon and Rey had held onto their marriage, even though her own relationship was over. Rey realized that he hadn't given her a direct answer when she'd asked if he'd forgiven her, and he assured her that he had. She insisted that it meant everything. She requested that he return for an occasional visit, since his presence was comforting. He promised he would be back if her doctor approved it. Rey departed, and Chelsea grinned broadly.

Sharon led Faith into Crimson Lights and asked if the place seemed different. Faith noted that it felt the same, but she felt different because a lot had happened since the last time she'd been there. Moses walked in and marveled that Faith was out in the world, and Faith thanked him for sharing his biology notes. She worried that she wasn't getting certain topics, and he offered to help. Sharon suggested the teens work together on the patio while she fetched them some treats.

As Faith and Moses stepped to the patio, Mariah entered the coffeehouse and happily observed that Faith was out and smiling. Sharon remarked that it was a good day in more ways than one, since her husband was back under their roof, and the whole mess was finally behind them. Sharon recounted that she and Rey had had an emotional talk, and they'd both realized their marriage was worth fighting for because they loved one another.

Sharon added that the final sticking point had been Rey letting go of Chelsea's allegations that Sharon and Adam had had an affair. Mariah felt a twinge and guessed that it was the baby's way of showing approval for the reunion. Sharon applauded Mariah for being strong and supportive, and Mariah thought she might have been a little too supportive sometimes. Sharon said it meant everything that Mariah hadn't wanted her to give up hope.

Sharon checked on Faith and Moses, and Faith reported that things had been going great until they'd gotten to the stages of cell mitosis. Faith expected that they might be there a while, and Moses suggested that Faith do an extra credit project to help her understand the topic better. Faith requested that he help her. He declined because he'd learned a lot by doing it by himself, and he didn't want to cheat her out of the experience. Sharon stepped away to fetch some refills. She sent a text message to Rey to say she was thinking about him and couldn't wait to see him.

Later, Rey met Sharon at the coffeehouse and told her it had been nice to get her message. He relayed that Chelsea had accepted responsibility in an official statement, and Sharon was glad Rey was done with the case, so they could focus on getting their lives back on track. Rey mentioned Chelsea's request for him to visit from time to time, and Sharon hoped he'd let her down easy. Rey thought he should do it because he still hadn't dismissed his suspicions that Chelsea was faking the whole thing. He intended to prove it if she was, and it wasn't in his nature to turn his back on people if she wasn't.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hedges entered Chelsea's room and announced that Chelsea had a visitor. She gasped when Adam walked in, and she spat that she didn't want to talk to him. The doctor suggested that it would be beneficial for Chelsea to get some aspects of her life back to normal, and he pointedly noted that it would be something he could report officially. Dr. Hedges promised he'd stay right outside, and he stepped out.

Adam swore that he wasn't there to upset Chelsea, but there were some things he wanted to say that he hadn't been able to until then. He told her he forgave her for everything that had happened, and he blamed himself for putting her in that position. She snapped that they were done there, but he pointed out that their son didn't have a parent he could count on because of the restraining order. Adam appealed to Chelsea to let him be a father again, but she flatly declined.

Adam argued that Chelsea knew he was a good father, and what was best for Connor was the only thing that mattered. Chelsea refused to let Adam see her son before she did. He promised that he wouldn't say one unkind word about her, since it was only about getting to a confused boy who'd had very little recent contact with his parents. Adam reasoned that they couldn't keep creating excuses about why Connor was staying at boarding school. Chelsea accused Adam of wanting to twist the truth to turn Connor against her, and she bellowed that Adam hadn't changed and that he never would.

Dr. Hedges interrupted to find out what was going on, and Adam apologized for agitating Chelsea. Chelsea vowed to find Connor one day and make sure he stayed as far away from Adam as possible. The doctor sided with Adam, since Chelsea would be committed for a while, and they had to be careful about how the situation was presented to her son. Dr. Hedges advised that Connor had to know that he had a parent he could count on, and until things changed, arguing over it would only raise questions about the progress Chelsea was making. The doctor implored Chelsea to let Adam be a father to Connor.

In the Grand Phoenix lounge, Naya and Imani approached Amanda. Naya commented that Amanda was working hard, as usual, and Imani knowingly wondered where Amanda had gotten that from. Naya admitted that she worked hard, but she considered Amanda to be superhuman. Amanda coolly stated that they could discuss who inherited what later, since they had a problem with Sutton's case. Amanda revealed that she'd conducted an interview that had raised a lot of questions, and she needed answers from Naya.

Amanda explained that she'd intended to raise reasonable doubt in court with the theory that Richard had been silenced because he'd been blackmailing someone at Newman, but that hadn't been what he'd been doing during his last two weeks at the company -- he'd been looking for her. Naya maintained that Richard had died without knowing about Amanda or Hilary, but Amanda informed her that someone she'd interviewed had told a different story. Amanda revealed that before his fatal car crash, Richard had been working with an investigator to find the child he wasn't supposed to know existed.

Imani demanded to know the mystery source, but Amanda would only divulge that the person had been present at Newman at the time. Amanda added that they'd assumed Richard had been fired for making waves, but she'd since learned that he'd taken a leave of absence to conduct his search. Naya insisted that it wasn't possible, since Richard would have gone to her if he'd known she'd given birth. Naya also pointed out that Richard had been looking for one child, but she'd given birth to twins. Amanda resolved to get answers elsewhere if she couldn't get them from Naya. Naya testily noted that it sounded like a threat.

Imani didn't see how the information undermined the blackmail theory, since Richard might have needed money for a million reasons. Naya asserted that Amanda had one job -- to clear Sutton of the charges. Amanda refused to ignore what she'd learned, since it was extremely personal but also important to the case, and Richard was no longer anonymous to her. Amanda suspected that Naya was holding something back.

Imani defended that Naya had told them everything she knew. Imani lectured that Naya had invited Amanda into the family as a gesture built on trust, so it was time for Amanda to trust Naya. Naya excused herself to take some time to think. Imani blasted Amanda for insulting their mother, and she urged Amanda to think about how difficult it had been for Naya to find out the father of her children had been murdered and that her father was the suspect. Imani demanded that Amanda have some empathy instead of asking insensitive questions and making innuendos. Amanda shot back that those questions might be the only thing that kept Sutton out of prison.

Naya returned and apologized for getting emotional. She claimed that she'd had no idea that Richard had known she'd been pregnant, and it broke her heart to find out he had had a desire to know his children but had been killed before he'd been able to find Amanda or Hilary. Imani suggested that they leave to give Naya time to process, but Amanda protested that they'd just been getting started. Naya agreed with Imani, and she contended that she had feelings, despite seeming cold and stoic. Amanda pushed to know whether Naya had been honest about having no contact with Richard after she'd broken things off with him. Naya huffed that she'd try her best to not resent the question, and she confirmed that she had been honest. Naya and Imani left.

Amanda stopped by Devon's penthouse and was surprised to find a romantic spread of wine and food. Devon figured that she'd had her hands full with her mom and sister, so she'd need to relax. She grabbed a glass of wine but was hesitant to talk about her meeting. She thanked him for the thought and consideration he'd put into the night, but what she needed most right then was a hug.

Devon told Amanda that Victor had issued a warning for her not to go down the wrong path. She wished she knew what the right path was, and she informed him that she'd filled Naya in about Richard looking for his child. Amanda added that Naya had denied telling Richard anything, but she suspected her mother had been lying. Amanda contemplated whether Richard had reached out to Sutton because of his search for her and Hilary and not because of Newman. She further questioned how it tied into Richard's death.

Sally tells Ashland they can help each other

Sally tells Ashland they can help each other

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

by Nel

Nick arrived at Jack's and told Jack he knew about Kyle's affair with Tara and that Harrison was Kyle's son. Jack informed him a paternity test was being done, and they needed to be especially careful because the situation impacted so many lives. He wanted to keep it quiet until the paternity was determined. Nick asked if Ashland knew that Harrison was Kyle's son. Jack assured him Ashland knew about the affair but not Harrison's paternity.

Tara walked in and recognized Nick. She told Nick she was sorry because of what the situation was doing to Summer. Nick claimed things would get much worse before they got better. Jack said Tara had been protecting her son. Tara left to check on Harrison.

Nick asked if Jack was harboring Tara and Harrison. Jack explained that they were there so they wouldn't be hassled or pressured, and to give Tara time to defend herself and Harrison. Jack claimed Ashland was going to use his power and influence to rip Harrison away from his mother. Nick said not only Tara, but Kyle, as well. Jack claimed the stakes were too high.

Nick told Jack that Summer and Kyle needed to postpone their wedding. Jack said he wasn't going to broach the subject with them, and neither should Nick; the couple was already under a lot of pressure, and they didn't need him and Nick piling on more pressure. Nick claimed Summer shouldn't be planning a wedding while she was dealing with her fiancé's ex and the child who could possibly blow up their lives. Jack felt Summer and Kyle needed to make that decision on their own. Nick said Summer and Kyle needed to slow things down until the situation was resolved. He hoped Jack and Kyle would see things his way. Nick left.

Later, Tara apologized to Jack. She said she had to be careful if she was going to keep her location a secret. Jack said they had to be on guard if Ashland was in town, looking for her. Tara thanked Jack for everything he'd done for her. Jack promised to do everything he could to protect her, but they had to stay one step ahead of Ashland.

Jack asked Tara what she thought Ashland would do next. She said he was impossible to predict. She'd taken extreme measures to get away from Ashland. She claimed that once Ashland decided someone was his enemy, there was no reasoning with him. He'd unleash his wrath.

Jack told Tara he'd had a taste of Ashland's wrath. Tara said Ashland would justify everything he did, no matter how hateful or vengeful it was. He could destroy her relationship with Harrison forever. Jack asked what she'd done to protect herself legally. She said when Ashland had filed for temporary custody, she had contacted her lawyer in New York and filed her own custody claim. She said it would only buy a little time, and they needed the paternity test as soon as possible. Jack said that even if the results showed that Kyle was the biological father, in the eyes of the law, Ashland was Harrison's father. The paternity test didn't automatically give Kyle a place in the boy's life.

Tara told Jack that because Kyle was willing to step up, it could make all the difference. She was grateful that Kyle was willing to stand up to Ashland. Jack confirmed Kyle had his priorities straight and wouldn't back down from a fight, especially if it involved family. Jack understood it couldn't have been easy for Tara to keep that secret from Kyle. Tara said Ashland was a good father, and he and Harrison had a deep bond. Jack stated the bond between Ashland and Harrison wouldn't work in Tara's favor. Tara said she would have to testify to every lousy thing Ashland had ever done, and it was going to get ugly.

Before Jack left for the office, Tara said if it hadn't been for Theo, the information wouldn't have come out. Jack said Theo had shared the information with Sally Spectra. Sally had been the one who'd informed Kyle. Tara said she'd met Sally. Jack claimed if Tara had met Sally, it hadn't been by accident. Sally had used Tara's affair with Kyle as leverage against Kyle and Summer for quite some time. Tara said that Sally had told her where to find Kyle the night of the engagement party. Jack wasn't surprised. He told Tara that Sally couldn't be trusted.

Sally arrived at Crimson Lights, and she saw Summer. Sally had a flashback to the day she'd told Summer that Kyle was still paying for his indiscretion and that once a cheater, always a cheater, and she remembered Summer slapping her.

Sally approached Summer's table and said she hoped she wouldn't get slapped, since she only wanted to ask a question. Summer said Sally had been slapped because she'd insulted Kyle. Sally said she only wanted to know how Summer and Kyle's engagement party had gone. Kyle stood in the doorway. Sally claimed she didn't get any satisfaction from what Summer and Kyle were going through.

Kyle said it had been Sally's goal to cause trouble, and it had been the reason Theo had given her the information about Tara and Harrison. Theo had known Sally would use it to her advantage to cause as much damage as she possibly could. Summer added that Sally was angry because she'd wanted JCV, something Sally never had a chance of getting on her own. Kyle said Harrison might lose his mother, thanks to Sally's manipulations.

Sally told Kyle not to blame her for Harrison. He'd been conceived long before she'd arrived in town, and she wasn't sure that Harrison was Kyle's son. Whatever the boy was going through was on Kyle. Summer said Kyle had been trying to do what was best for Harrison, whereas Sally had intentionally disrupted Harrison's life, with no regard for how it would affect him. Summer asked why Sally had done it -- or if Sally even knew why she'd done it.

Kyle told Sally he would make sure Harrison wouldn't be affected by the mess Sally had helped create. He would never forgive her for what she'd done. He assured Sally that if she thought Jack would get past it, he would make sure that Jack wouldn't. Sally said she hadn't been the one responsible for the truth coming out. She said Ashland was a shrewd and powerful man, and he'd been bound to find out eventually. Kyle told her that Ashland hadn't known. Sally claimed all she'd wanted had been to end the hostility between them.

Kyle told Sally that Lauren needed to be apprised of Sally's actions so that Lauren could throw Sally out on her ass. Sally was floored and asked if Kyle would try to get her fired. Kyle told Sally to go back to Los Angeles. Summer thought that was a great idea because things would only get worse for Sally. Sally advised them against underestimating her. They knew what she was capable of. Summer stated that Sally had had a second chance, and she'd blown it. Summer and Kyle left

Frustrated, Sally called her grandmother for a video chat. Grams could see things weren't going well. Sally claimed her world was blowing up. She told Grams that things were over between her and Jack because people had been determined to diminish her in Jack's eyes. She said she'd tried to put everyone in their place, but it hadn't been enough. They'd succeeded in putting a wedge between her and Jack. Summer and Kyle were trying to get her fired and to run her out of town.

Grams said that Sally didn't usually let people walk over her. Sally claimed she couldn't just crawl back to Los Angeles and leave the people around her in Genoa City with no consequences. Their family names and money would just smooth things over, making it easy for them to go on with their lives. Grams said that Sally hadn't called her to cry on her shoulder. Sally smiled and said that was exactly what she'd needed, someone who was on her side, no matter what. Grams told Sally to remember why she'd left Los Angeles. Grams said Sally couldn't afford to get into the same situation in Genoa City. She said Sally needed to be smart and remember who she was. Grams told Sally not to miss whenever she was ready to hit back.

Mariah had been running through the park. She stopped, took a couple of selfies, and sent them to Tessa. As she continued her run, she tripped and fell.

Devon arrived at the Chancellor estate and suggested that he, Abby, and Mariah get together and catch up. Abby informed him that Mariah had decided to go for a run. Abby claimed Mariah was a dynamo, and every day was booked to the limit. Devon realized that Abby wished Mariah would take it easy. Abby refused to be the overprotective, smothering, annoying, and treating Mariah like she was made of glass person. She'd trying very hard not to be that person.

Abby told Devon she couldn't believe it had been two years since Neil had passed away. Devon said it was longer than two years and that he'd postponed the memorial so that Moses could participate. Devon said celebrating Neil Winters was going to be a unique event. Abby commented that even though Devon and Neil hadn't shared biology, they'd had a connection.

Abby told Devon that was how she'd felt about Brad. Brad had been a huge influence on her life, and she would always love him for that. Devon claimed they had both learned that family was much more than DNA. Abby claimed that even when she'd discovered that Victor was her biological father, she'd always thought of Brad as her dad until the day he'd died. Devon was certain that Abby and Chance would feel the same way about their baby.

Jack arrived at Society, and Ashland asked how Jack would feel if someone in his family interfered with Jack's son's life, potentially putting him in jeopardy. He said he was looking for Harrison, and he was certain that Kyle knew where he was. He said the situation could get ugly and that Jack really didn't want to be part of that. Ashland claimed he was only interested in his son's well-being. Jack said apparently Ashland was having family issues, and he had no idea why Ashland was dragging him and Kyle into it. Ashland told Jack to stop playing games.

Ashland warned Jack about Tara and said that Jack didn't know what he was dealing with. Jack said that whatever was going on between Ashland and his wife was Ashland's problem. Ashland asked why Jack and his family didn't stay out of it. Jack asked if Ashland meant the same way Ashland had stayed out of Jabot's business by putting it in jeopardy over some paranoid whim that Ashland's wife might have had an affair with Kyle.

Ashland tried to speak, but Jack told Ashland not to deny it. Whatever Ashland's wife had done, that was Ashland's problem. Jack told Ashland not to drag him, his family or Jabot into Ashland's personal problems. Jack said he was onto him. Jack had thought the heart attack would have mellowed Ashland. He told Ashland not to mistake compassion for weakness.

Ashland tried to interrupt, but Jack wouldn't let him. Jack warned Ashland not to underestimate his determination to protect all that was his. He said Ashland might have a reputation for ruthlessness, but he should not make the mistake of thinking anyone else wasn't capable of it, should it be necessary. Jack claimed he had a meeting to get to and tried to leave; however, Ashland said that it had been the most intriguing thing he'd ever heard Jack say. Jack left.

Abby told Devon that Mariah had been gone much longer than usual. Tessa arrived and told Abby not to freak out. Mariah walked in with a brace on her arm. Panicked, Abby asked what had happened. Mariah assured Abby everything was fine, and the brace was only a precaution. Devon assured Abby that Mariah and the baby were fine. Once Abby calmed down, she wanted to add to her video diary for Chance, and she began with Mariah showing off the baby bump. Mariah explained her fall and the minor sprain to her wrist. She said all was going well with the baby.

Tessa and Devon were next. Devon assured Chance that if the ladies needed anything, he would take care of them. He wanted Chance to come home soon because Abby missed him.

Abby told Chance she was sure he would be home soon, but she would continue recording her baby video and the incredible journey. She said they were lucky to have such amazing people in their lives. She said she loved him.

Alone with Devon, Mariah thanked him for handling Abby. Mariah said there was always the fear she would inadvertently do something to harm the baby. Devon said Abby was trying very hard not to be on edge around Mariah. He assured Mariah he would always have her back.

Kyle and Summer arrived at the Abbotts'. Kyle asked Tara how Harrison was adjusting. Tara said that everyone had been wonderful with him. Harrison was really taken with Mrs. Martinez, who always baked his favorite cookies. Kyle asked how Tara was doing. Tara said there had been an awkward moment when she'd walked in on Jack and Nick. She'd taken the opportunity to apologize to Nick for all the upheaval, especially to Summer.

Tara told Summer and Kyle she was terrified the police would come and take her child. Kyle assured her that he and Jack would do everything in their power to protect her and Harrison from Ashland. He said the family was behind Tara, and she wasn't alone. Bailey arrived to take cheek swabs for the paternity test. Tara took Bailey to Harrison.

Kyle told Summer he understood that Summer was having a difficult time with Tara and Harrison moving into the Abbott home. Summer added that it was also Kyle's interaction with Tara. Summer kept reminding herself it would soon be over, and she and Kyle could get through anything together. Summer said she knew Kyle loved her; however, she needed time to herself to sort things out and to make peace with the situation. Kyle agreed. He said he loved her, and the situation they were going through wouldn't change anything between them. After Summer left, Tara and Bailey returned to swab Kyle's cheek.

Summer sat on a park bench. When Nick arrived, Summer asked him not to say anything. She claimed she had to deal with things on her own because the situation was driving her crazy. She admitted she was scared. She'd never considered she would be a stepmom and wasn't ready to share Kyle. She was worried about Tara, not Harrison. Tara would be part of the package, and Summer didn't think she was ready for that. Nick asked if he could talk. Summer said not if he was going to tell her to postpone the wedding.

Nick said he knew Summer loved Kyle and that Kyle loved her in return. Kyle had been blindsided to find out he'd had a child, but to Kyle's credit, he'd stepped up and was doing the right thing. Nick said Summer needed to be honest about where things stood with her. Kyle was a father, and his priorities would change -- not because he loved her any less, but because he was a stand-up guy. Nick had a lot of respect for the way Kyle was trying to do right by his child, but things were going to change.

Summer told Nick she knew they would change, but she didn't know how and by how much. She couldn't prepare for what would happen if she couldn't predict it. Nick said it was going to be tough for Summer and Kyle to get through their situation and keep their relationship intact. It would require a lot from both of them, but she had to trust her heart that she would get through it. He said that he and Phyllis were there to lean on whenever Summer needed them.

Sally arrived at Society and approached Ashland. She introduced herself and said she believed he would be glad they'd met after she told him how they could help each other.

Sally tells Ashland she knows where his son is

Sally tells Ashland she knows where his son is

Thursday, May 27, 2021

by Nel

At Devon's, Lily and Devon discussed the finishing touches for Neil's memorial. Lily claimed it would be very special. Devon loved the idea that everyone who had loved Neil would be involved in their own way. Moses arrived and told Devon he'd finished his to do list for the memorial. He was going to meet Faith at the coffeehouse, and he left. Devon told Lily that Moses was a great kid.

Lily told Devon that she and Billy had moved in together, and if Devon had an opinion, he needed to share it; however, nothing would change her mind. Devon congratulated her and said she had his blessings if she needed them. He felt that Lily and Billy were in it for the long haul. Lily confirmed that they were, or she wouldn't have moved in with Billy. Devon said he had a spare room just in case. Lily rolled her eyes.

At Society, Sally told Ashland she could help him discover where Tara and Harrison were staying. Ashland wanted to know what Sally wanted in exchange for her assistance since no one offered their help for free. Sally told Ashland she wanted him to offer one person a career move so amazing and tempting they would be an idiot not to go for it. Ashland assumed there would be personal gain for Sally if this person was removed. Ashland said if Sally gave him useful information regarding his son, he might be tempted to reciprocate.

After Sally left, Victoria arrived, and she greeted Ashland. He claimed she'd made his day a little better. Ashland invited her to join him. He claimed he excelled at reading people, but he couldn't tell what Victoria was thinking. Victoria wondered why she was giving Ashland the time of day after he'd chosen Victor and Adam over her. She assumed he was too stubborn and successful to admit he'd made mistakes.

Victoria asked Ashland what his greatest achievement was. He said being a good father to his son and their time together. He said that despite his schedule, he'd always managed to carve out time for Harrison. Ashland claimed he loved all those moments together. While Victoria and Ashland discussed their children, Billy arrived and saw Victoria with Ashland.

Ashland told Victoria that Billy probably wanted to speak to her alone. At that moment, he received a text message and said he had to leave. Ashland hoped they could continue their conversation at a later date. Victoria said she would like that. After Ashland left, Billy approached Victoria. He asked what was going on with her and Ashland. Victoria said they'd been about to have a bite to eat. Billy claimed it hadn't been the first time he'd seen them together, and he wanted to know what was going on. Victoria said it was none of Billy's business.

Billy told Victoria that Ashland was about go through a very bitter divorce battle. Billy didn't want to see Victoria get caught up in Ashland's mess because the fallout would land on her, and eventually, it would affect their kids. Victoria warned Billy that he'd better not be telling her who she could speak with or imply anything about her parenting. She warned him to choose his next words very carefully. Billy said he wasn't trying to dictate anything; he was trying to understand what was going on. Victoria said if there was anything he needed to know, she would tell him.

While Victoria gathered her things to leave, Jack arrived. Billy asked her to stay and finish their conversation. Victoria said if Billy needed company, Jack would be happy to oblige. Victoria left. Billy told Jack he wasn't happy about Victoria hanging out with Ashland. He said it had been going on since Ashland had returned to town, and he intended to get more information. Billy asked if the rumors were true that Ashland was getting a divorce. Jack claimed there had been grumblings. Billy didn't want Victoria caught in a high-profile courtroom drama that the media was going to be all over.

Jack asked Billy if the media included him. Billy claimed it was too big a story not to cover. Jack suggested that Billy leave it alone. Billy said he didn't trust Locke, and he didn't want Victoria caught in the middle of it. Jack said Billy could be jumping to conclusions. Billy claimed he'd never backed away from a fight, and he left.

Summer returned to the Abbott home. Kyle told Summer that he'd been worried about her. He said things had been very intense with the DNA testing and the potential consequences for them. He wanted to know if Summer was okay. Summer admitted it had been a huge dose of reality, and it had put things into focus for her. She told Kyle she wanted to put their wedding plans on hold. Kyle asked for a chance to talk her out of it.

Kyle told Summer there were things regarding Tara, Harrison, and Ashland that he would have to deal with, but they could also focus on their wedding and their future. Summer felt Kyle was compartmentalizing things to make it easier for him to cope with the situation, but she couldn't do that. They needed to hit pause on their plans. For Kyle, it was déjà vu -- waking up in a hotel room to a note saying she couldn't marry him. He asked if Summer was having second thoughts about marrying him.

Summer promised Kyle that she wasn't running away. She had every intention of walking down the aisle with him; however, she needed to take care of herself emotionally. She said she'd had a long talk with Nick, and he'd been really understanding. Nick had told her that Kyle was doing a great thing, stepping up for his son. Summer said they didn't know what would happen in the next few months or what Kyle's role in Harrison's life would be after the initial battle. Kyle agreed.

Summer told Kyle she wanted to give their wedding plans her undivided attention, which meant waiting until Tara's custody battle was resolved, when Kyle wouldn't have to worry about Harrison's well-being or future. Jack arrived. He told Kyle and Summer he'd had an encounter with Ashland, who had tried to warn Jack about Tara. Ashland had said that Kyle and Jack had no idea who they were dealing with. Kyle felt it was one of Locke's mind games. He said Tara had been completely transparent with him, and any claims Locke made in court wouldn't hold up. Summer left to answer a business call.

Jack told Kyle that he was concerned. Tara had married a much older and very wealthy man. She'd had an affair with a young man and chosen to keep her child's paternity a secret. Jack said it had raised a few questions. Kyle felt his actions should also be questioned, since Tara hadn't had the affair alone. Jack said Kyle wasn't the one waging war against Locke.

Jack told Kyle that Ashland's central focus would be to create a negative impression of Tara. Kyle had only known Tara for a short time, years earlier, and Jack didn't want Kyle getting hit with any secrets as information began to unfold. Curious about what Locke meant about Tara, Jack suggested they go straight to the source.

Jack told Tara that he and Kyle had been talking about her upcoming custody battle. He asked if Tara had thought of all the possible ways it could play out. Jack said that in order to protect herself, she would need to go on the offensive against Ashland. Tara said that although Ashland was a good father, he was a part-time dad, at best. Jack asked if Ashland had any significant information that could be used against her. Tara wondered why Jack had asked her about that.

Jack told Tara he'd had a run-in with Ashland, who'd given him ominous warnings about her. She said it was a classic Ashland move. He would undermine her in any way possible, but she had nothing to hide. Tara said that when it came to her son, she wouldn't risk holding anything back from Jack or Kyle, and she hadn't done anything to be ashamed of. Kyle asked if that included their affair. She said she couldn't regret it had happened because it had resulted in her son. He was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

When Sally arrived at the Abbott home, she told Kyle she was there to see Jack. She told Jack that Lauren needed to talk to him about the new Jabot fragrance promo for Fenmore's. Jack said it wasn't an emergency, and he would give Lauren a call later. Sally wanted to speak to Jack privately, but Jack said anything they had to discuss would be done in the office. Sally spotted a stuffed toy under a table, and she left.

Later, Tara told Kyle she was happy she hadn't been there when Sally had stormed in. She said Jack had told her Sally couldn't be trusted. Kyle said Sally was a real piece of work. He'd been able to handle her thus far, but he would be fine if he never had to deal with her again. He said Sally used business as a reason to stop in to see Jack. Jack and Sally had dated briefly, but Jack had broken it off once he'd seen the real Sally. Tara invited Kyle to join her and Harrison for some lemonade. Kyle accepted.

After Kyle and Tara had put Harrison to bed, Tara said Kyle had worn him out playing tag. Kyle was happy Harrison was adjusting to his new arrangement. Kyle assured her that he and Jack would keep her and Harrison safe, no matter what Ashland did next.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights and asked Faith how it felt to be out and about. Faith claimed she was really happy, even if it meant only catching up on schoolwork. Sharon said the minute Faith felt tired, they would leave. Faith said Moses would be stopping by later. Faith went onto the patio.

Sharon told Nick it was nice seeing Faith doing so well. Nick wished all his kids were in the same place. He explained that it was always a Kyle thing with Summer. Sharon offered to listen and help if she could. He told Sharon it wasn't a secret that he'd had his reservations about Kyle for a long time, and they had reared their head again shortly after Kyle and Summer's engagement. He said he was trying his best to be supportive.

Sharon asked Nick if Kyle had done something wrong. Nick said there was a lot of emotional turmoil. He'd spoken to Summer about it and had offered up his perspective without telling Summer what to do. He trusted Summer would realize the best way to deal with her situation.

Nick told Sharon he wanted to see Summer enjoy her life without all the drama. Sharon wished that was true for everyone, but each romance had its share of turmoil. She pointed out what she and Nick had gone through. Sharon told Nick to use them as an example. Despite their tumultuous past, they were doing all right. Nick agreed. Sharon felt that Nick was the perfect person to guide Summer through whatever the situation was. She felt that with Nick's support, Summer would be all right.

Summer arrived at the coffeehouse, and she was delighted to see Faith out and about. Faith said she was catching up on schoolwork, and she was trying to stay on track. Summer was impressed that Faith had gotten her life together so much quicker than Summer had at Faith's age. She was proud of Faith. Faith asked if Summer and their dad were going to have a talk. Summer said they'd already had one, and their dad had given her some pretty good advice.

Summer told Nick she'd informed Kyle they needed to put the wedding on hold. She had realized it was too much to deal with given their ongoing situation. Nick asked if Summer was trying to convince him or herself. Summer claimed she stood by her decision, but it hadn't made things easier. Kyle loved her, and he wanted them to get married as soon as possible; however, once Kyle claimed paternity, everything would change.

Summer told Nick she had to adapt because Harrison was no longer an abstract idea, and she has seen what a huge impact Harrison had had on Kyle. Summer had no idea where that went or what role Tara would have in Kyle's life. Summer loved Kyle and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, so she had to do things the right way. She had to make sure she and Kyle communicated better. Summer claimed that she and Kyle would be fine. Nick said he wanted the best for her, and he was really proud of her.

After Summer left, Sharon joined Nick. Moses arrived, and Sharon told him she was really looking forward to Neil's memorial. Nick agreed and claimed they didn't have the location yet. Moses said it was going to be more of an experience than a ceremony. Nick was intrigued. Moses joined Faith on the patio. Nick told Sharon he thought Neil would have been very happy knowing their kids were friends. Sharon agreed. Sharon asked if Nick felt better after talking with Summer. Nick said Summer was making mature decisions about her situation with Kyle, but they had a long way to go.

Billy arrived at his and Lily's apartment. Lily was busy unpacking. Billy was impressed with the progress. Lily said they would turn it into a home in no time. Lily said he looked very frazzled. Billy said they would talk later, but Lily insisted they talk immediately.

After their chat, Lily told Billy she agreed with him that it was a big story, and they needed to cover it. Billy asked if he should ignore Jack's warning. Lily said yes, but as far as Victoria and Ashland went, it was none of Billy's business. Lily told him to trust Victoria's judgment. She asked if Billy had informed Victoria that they had moved in together. Billy said things had gotten sidelined, but he would tell her, then he and Lily would choose the right time to tell the kids. He told Lily not to worry because Johnny and Katie loved her. Lily loved having them in her life. Billy didn't think Vitoria would be shocked.

Billy told Lily that Victoria knew how he felt about Lily and that they were planning a future together. He assumed his conversation with Victoria would be civilized. Lily wondered how Victoria would really feel about it.

Summer returned to the Abbotts', looking for Kyle. Tara said Summer had missed him. Tara said she and Summer hadn't had a chance to talk since all the craziness had begun. Tara said Summer had been understanding, but it had to be difficult being in the middle of everything. Tara said she didn't take Summer's support for granted. Summer said she knew Tara was in a tough position, as well. Summer asked Tara if and when Tara won custody and her divorce proceedings were over, whether Tara intended to move back to New York. Tara said she wanted to start fresh somewhere new, like Genoa City, so Harrison could be close to Kyle. Tara left the room.

Sally and Ashland met in the park. Sally told him she'd seen a toy she guessed belonged to Harrison -- a stuffed fox made out of corduroy. Ashland said it was his son's favorite toy. Ashland wanted to know where she'd seen it, but Sally wanted to know how Ashland was going to keep up his end of the bargain and how he planned to help with her problem. Ashland wanted to know who was to be lured away from Genoa City. Sally said Kyle's fiancée, Summer Newman. She was smart and ambitious, and she'd been running JCV successfully. Summer had what Sally wanted, and in order to get it, she needed Summer gone.

Ashland asked Sally if there was something vindictive behind her request. He said getting Summer away from Kyle would be painful for Kyle -- and all the better. Ashland said he might have just the thing for Sally to achieve her goal for Summer. He said a prominent role in an illustrious fashion house, a lucrative salary with a lot of perks, and lots of status that was worth leaving town for. He said he could make that happen with a phone call. He asked Sally where his son was.

Genoa City pays tribute to Neil with a walk in his footsteps

Genoa City pays tribute to Neil with a walk in his footsteps

Friday, May 28, 2021

At Society, Devon gazed at the plaque that had been hung in loving memory of Neil. Devon flashed back to when he'd been a teenager, and he'd promised Neil that he'd do his best. Neil had responded that it was all anyone could promise. Neil had pulled Devon into a hug and welcomed him to the Winters family.

At Chancellor Communications, Moses surveyed a montage of photos of Neil that he'd compiled on his laptop. Lily asked if he was almost finished, and Moses marveled at the many pictures that he hadn't seen yet. Lily suggested that they have a family photo night, and she admired the cool invitation that Moses had put together. Lily prepared to check in with Devon to see if everything was good on his end before they sent Moses' creation out to everyone who'd loved Neil.

Over video chat, Devon asked how Lily was doing. "Well, you know," she softly stated, and he affirmed that he did. He reported that Nate was taking care of the delivery from Malcolm and that Abby was putting the finishing touches on everything at Society. Moses indicated that the invitation was ready to launch. "This is for you, Dad," Lily mused. She kissed her fingers, touched them to a photo of Neil on the computer screen, and hit send.

Nikki found Victor at Newman Enterprises and asked what he was doing there. They both received text messages, and he thought the message should explain it to her. She gasped when she read it.

All over Genoa City, Neil's friends and family discovered an invitation from the Hamilton-Winters family, imploring them to set aside time that day to walk in Neil's footprints by following a map that would lead them to the places he'd loved and the people he'd treasured. The theme was a tribute to Neil's memory because a cover of Miles Davis' "Footprints" had been one of Neil's favorite pieces of music. Included in the invitation was a list of Neil's old stomping grounds, where everyone was welcomed to explore the many facets of his life.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon read her invitation and found a link to a playlist of music from artists that had played at Indigo, Neil's former jazz club. She set out a chalkboard, offering a cup of the "Neil Winters Special" on the house. At the Abbott mansion, Jack read that the invitation was intended to give Neil's loved ones a taste of his loves and accomplishments. In Chancellor Park, Nate unveiled a stunning black-and-white portrait of Neil.

Nikki couldn't believe the effort Neil's children had put into the tribute by compiling a list of Neil's favorite places, recipes, and music. She guessed from Victor's reaction that he had known all about it, and he explained that Newman Enterprises was just one of the many stops where Neil had left an indelible impression.

In their hotel suite, Phyllis fawned over the playlist, and Nick considered it to be a soundtrack to Neil's life. Nick commented that his friend had had great taste in music, and Phyllis replied that his friend had also had great taste in friends. Nick looked forward to the tribute walk, and Phyllis wondered if he would take the kids on it after school. Nick thought Christian might like parts of it, but he imagined that Faith would be too fatigued from her surgery. Nick noted that Phyllis hadn't mentioned going herself, and she told him to start without her because he'd been much closer to Neil than she had been. She added that there was something she had to do beforehand, and she stepped out.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Ashley listened to the playlist and smiled. Meanwhile, Jack told someone over the phone to put all business on hold because he was focused on remembering a good friend that day.

Phyllis arrived at the Abbott mansion, and Jack warned that he was in no mood to get into it about Kyle and Tara. Phyllis revealed that she was there to see how Jack was doing, since he and Neil had shared a special bond. Jack admitted that it was an emotional day, and Phyllis recalled how determined Neil had been to help Jack with his fight against addiction. Jack commended Phyllis for being there for him, too, and she assured him that she was available if he needed to talk to someone.

Jack realized that Phyllis was concerned that he'd slip off the wagon, and she pointed out that it had been a difficult year for him. He conceded that there had been many times when he'd wanted to succumb to his addiction, but he was adamant that it wouldn't happen that day because it would insult Neil's memory and the hard work Neil had done to fight his own addiction. Jack vowed to live that day sober in honor of his friend.

Amanda listened to the playlist on headphones as she stared at the plaque at Society. Nate called to her and voiced surprise that she wasn't with Devon. She explained that Devon had wanted to do the day on his own, and she figured it was just as well because she didn't know what to say to him. Amanda continued that she'd never lost family because she'd been deprived of it, and it was a different kind of ache. Nate contended that no matter how or when one lost someone, it was still grief. He expected that Devon needed more than a friend that day, and Amanda applauded Nate for looking out for his cousin. Nate thought he needed to do it more often.

Lily read aloud a message from someone who remembered Neil's laugher and the goodness he'd given to the world. Another person called Neil an inspiration who had changed people's lives. She asked if it was too much for Moses to hear the tributes to their dad, but he assured her that he loved hearing how much Neil had meant to people. Moses added that he was glad they'd waited for the event until he'd been in Genoa City to see it all.

Lily recognized that she and Devon were a lot older than Moses, but Moses was their brother, and they loved him. Moses responded that he loved them, too. Lily hoped that the day helped Moses feel closer to Neil, since she knew Moses hadn't gotten a lot of time with him. Lily pledged to make up for it any way she could, like sharing stories and memories or telling dad jokes. She repeated a couple of jokes she remembered Neil once telling, and Moses groaned that it was enough. Lily insisted that she had enough to last a lifetime.

Devon thanked Sharon for letting Crimson Lights be one of the stops on the Neil Winters experience that day. Sharon thought the coffeehouse deserved landmark status because of the life-changing advice Neil had doled out there. Devon recalled that Neil had gotten coffee there before going to work and had joined friends there after A.A. meetings. Devon noticed Sharon's necklace, and she confirmed that it was part of the collection of Dru's jewelry that Neil had left to her. Sharon considered it fitting to wear it that day, and she preferred to think that Dru was back together with Neil again.

On the patio, Nick recounted to Rey that his friendship with Neil had started on the basketball court, noting it had been more about hanging out and unloading their problems on one another than playing hoops. Rey happily reported that he had no problems after a few rough months, but he could still offer game-changing advice. Rey bragged that what he could do on a basketball court was so good that it should be made illegal, and Nick assumed that Rey was terrible. They bantered about wiping the court with one another, and Nick flashed back to him and Neil ribbing one another while playing one-on-one. Nick tossed a wadded napkin into the trash basket. "I still got it," he mused, looking heavenward.

Victor stared out the office window and flashed back to confiding in Neil about how he planned to foreclose on Jabot. Victor had said he had entrusted Neil with the information because Neil had proven to be loyal to him. There was a knock at the door. Jack entered and declared that they'd found themselves on common ground once again, since they'd both lost a cherished friend who they'd trusted to run their companies. Victor thought Neil would have been proud to know what his family had done for him that day.

Jack mentioned that he'd heard Victor and Adam had joined forces again, and he hoped Victor did right by Adam after Adam had spent a lifetime trying to win his father's approval. Victor turned the topic to Jack's son, but Jack ordered him to leave Kyle out of it. Victor surmised he'd hit a sore spot, and Jack warned him not to push it. The men bickered, and Jack started to head out. Jack stopped and noted that Neil might have been the one person on earth who'd stood by both of them. Victor imagined that Neil would tell both of them to stop the bull. Jack remarked that he and Victor finally agreed on something, and they wished one another a good day.

Lily cried as she looked at a photo of Neil on her phone. Amanda interrupted, and Lily wiped away tears and invited her in. Amanda said she was just checking in to see how the day was going for Lily, and Lily replied that it had been great to hear people sharing stories. Amanda assured Lily that she didn't have to put on a front and act like the day wasn't affecting her.

Lily explained that she dealt with the loss of her dad every day, but that particular day had gotten to her. She shared that Neil had been an amazing man who had made mistakes but had always admitted to them, and he'd always striven to be a better person. Amanda thought it sounded like Lily was a lot like him. Lily recalled that he had always shown up, and she really wanted to be like that. Amanda replied that she wanted to be like that, too.

Nate joined Devon on the coffeehouse patio. Devon asked how the photo Malcolm had sent looked, and Nate compared it to an old jazz album cover that Neil would have loved. Devon was happy that Nate was able to be part of the day, and Nate proclaimed that he was honored. Nate added that he'd thought he'd known everything about Neil, but he'd learned a few things. He gushed that the playlist Devon had put together had blown his mind.

Nate remembered when Malcolm had worked at Crimson Lights, and Devon recalled that Neil had hated Malcolm working there. Nate remarked that the brothers had found a lot of reasons to fight about things. In a flashback, Neil pressed Malcolm to talk to him, but Malcolm ranted that it was his choice how to live his life. Neil recognized that Malcolm had gone "through hell" in Africa, but while Malcolm had been overseas, Neil had been drowning his sorrows in alcohol, believing Malcolm was dead. Neil added that he'd pulled through because he'd had help.

Nate sympathized that losing Neil had hit Malcolm hard, especially since the men had wasted time fighting instead of just forgiving one another. Devon murmured that sometimes people had to stop living in the past, since the pain usually fell away if they focused on what really mattered. Nate thought he and Devon shouldn't make the same mistake Neil and Malcolm had.

Inside the coffeehouse, Ashley walked in and saw Sharon's chalkboard. Sharon guessed that Ashley wanted a cup of the Neil Winters Special, and she commented that her favorite reminders of Neil were seeing the people who'd adored him. Ashley regretted that things hadn't worked out between her and Neil, but she fondly recalled the moments that had been pretty incredible. She thought back to dancing with Neil and telling him that things felt effortless with him, and they'd kissed. Ashley wiped away a tear as Sharon handed her the cup of coffee. Sharon toasted to Neil and hoped he'd known how loved he'd been. Ashley wanted to believe he had.

Nikki arrived at Society and stood before Neil's plaque. She recognized the song that was playing on the sound system, and she sat down at the piano, where a photo of Neil was displayed. She began to play along, and Jack smiled when he entered the restaurant and spotted her. He clapped when the song ended, and he wondered when she'd learned to play it. Nikki recounted that Neil had asked her to prepare it for a charity concert, but she'd never had a chance to perform it.

Jack shared that Devon would be launching a new jazz label in Neil's honor to benefit the expansion of the Hamilton-Winters treatment center. Jack still couldn't believe Neil was gone, and Nikki wailed that Neil had meant the world to her. Jack recited the saying that it took a village, and he thought the three of them had been one another's village for a time.

Devon tracked down Victor in his office to thank him for the elaborate display of Neil's accomplishments in the lobby as a stop on the memorial walk. Devon hoped Victor knew how much Neil had valued his time working there, and Victor appreciated Neil's contributions to the company. Victor stressed that Neil had been a good friend and one of the few people he'd truly trusted. Victor recalled being happy for Neil when he'd decided to leave Newman to work with Devon at Hamilton-Winters. Devon called it one of the best times in his life, since he'd learned a lot from his father. Victor believed Neil would have been happy to know that his whole family had pulled together to honor him.

After Devon left, Moses arrived at Newman to see where his father had worked. Victor shared that Neil had run the show for a while, and he noted that Moses had big shoes to fill. Moses thought he was up for it, and Victor invited him to sit in the chair where Neil had once sat. Moses obliged, and he declared that he felt like he could rule the world.

Victor assured Moses that he was always welcome at Newman if he decided to abandon his medical studies. Ashley overheard as she entered, and she advised Moses to stick to his guns the way his dad would have done. Victor confirmed that once Neil had made up his mind, he had stuck to his decision to the bitter end, and Victor had respected him a great deal.

Lily answered a call from Billy and assured him that he didn't have to apologize for attending an important meeting, since one of them had needed to be there. She mentioned that she'd just gotten back from her old family apartment, and it had stirred up a lot of memories. After she hung up, she flashed back to Neil encouraging her to talk about why she'd looked upset the day before. He recognized that it had been tough to catch up with their busy routines, and he revealed that he'd cleared his work schedule that day to spend time with her.

Devon entered Society and greeted Amanda, who asked how the day had been going for him. He reported that it had been a roller coaster, but it was much better looking at her. She apologized for not catching up with him sooner, explaining that she hadn't known if he'd wanted space. She struggled to imagine the sense of loss he was feeling because she'd never been loved by someone the way Neil had loved Devon, and she'd never loved someone the way Devon had loved his father.

Devon assured Amanda that it was okay, and she offered to share the day with him and help in any way she could. Devon swore that she was doing it just by being there, and it was difficult for him to put how special the day was into words. Amanda considered it a wonderful way to remember Neil. Devon was grateful that at least his father had gone in peace.

In the park, Nikki commented that it was a beautiful photo of Neil, and Victor thought it captured Neil's essence. Victor indicated that quite a few people had stopped by the Newman lobby to pay their respects. Nikki contemplated asking how Victor was feeling, but she thought she could see in his eyes. Victor sighed and lamented that Neil had passed much too soon.

Nikki placed a single rose beside Neil's portrait. Rey and Sharon stopped by later and did the same, followed by Jack, Nate, Phyllis, Nick, Ashley, and Amanda. Devon stood before the portrait as Lily arrived. They locked eyes, and she crossed over to him and embraced him. Moses appeared, and Devon gestured for him to join them. Moses hugged his siblings, and the three of them placed their roses with the others. They stood back and stared sadly at Neil's photo together.

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