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Billy and Amanda forged a friendship. Abby fired Phyllis. Chance put his date with Abby on hold after he caught her with the stolen jewels. Chelsea moved in with Adam for Connor's sake. Connor told Sharon that he didn't need their talks anymore. Theo ended his relationship with Summer.
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Connor told Sharon that he didn't need their talks anymore
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Nate defiantly defends Amanda

Nate defiantly defends Amanda

Monday, December 2, 2019

Victoria rushed into Society late to meet Billy and excitedly announced that she was finalizing a deal on a lucrative contract. Billy shared Victoria's enthusiasm before it suddenly dawned on her that she'd been bragging while Billy hadn't yet solidified his next step in the business world. Billy noted that he'd left Jabot on his own and considered his options wide open. Billy added that he'd find a venture that would excite him and make him eager to awaken each morning. Victoria suggested playing a game to facilitate Billy's decision.

Victoria began throwing out words to elicit Billy's responses. After bouncing off a few ideas, Victoria suggested Billy explore the construction business. Billy said he'd had prior experience building for a nonprofit. After Victoria mentioned New Hope, Billy wasn't sure joining Nick would be the right fit. Billy left to meet with Jack. Billy turned to look at Victoria one last time before heading out the door.

At Nick's house, Chelsea told Nick that Connor seemed to be stable one minute and inconsolable and terrified the next. Nick was sorry to hear that Connor's condition was worsening and asked Chelsea about the next step. Chelsea explained that she and Adam were searching for a therapist. Nick offered to help in the search. Chelsea seemed hesitant to mention that Adam wanted her to move in with him, so she could be with Connor full-time. Nick scoffed, rolled his eyes, and said, "I mean, of course he does. You're not actually considering that, are you?"

Chelsea cried that Connor was experiencing nightmares and difficulties at school due to being separated from his parents. Chelsea added that the school principal had suggested withdrawing Connor. Nick replied, "What child doesn't want their parents back together again? And Connor's lucky because he has Adam there, constantly reminding him that it's a possibility." Chelsea explained that Connor needed all of them every waking moment, and she cautioned Nick against imagining things that weren't really happening. Nick reminded Chelsea that Adam wasn't a saint and wouldn't hesitate to cross the line.

Chelsea was adamant that Adam hadn't forced her hand because she was considering only what was best for Connor just as Nick would do for Christian. Chelsea added that she was willing to "make a deal with the devil" and camp someplace she'd rather not be in order to make her son feel safe. Nick pulled on his coat and said he needed some air. Chelsea begged Nick not to confront Adam. Nick ignored Chelsea's pleas to turn back and walked out.

As Chance was about to step into the Grand Phoenix, he was interrupted by a phone call from Devon. Devon asked Chance if he'd learned anything from Colin that might incriminate Cane. After Chance said he hadn't, Devon requested a face-to-face meeting with Colin in hopes of eliciting information. Chance explained that Colin had managed to escape from the agent that had been transporting him. Angry, Devon cried, "So he's just gone?" Chance shared Devon's frustration, noting that Colin had used Chance's name to pull off a ruse. Chance explained that he'd had to step back or face putting his own case in jeopardy. Devon said he hoped the person who'd taken over Colin's pursuit knew what he was up against. Chance promised to keep Devon updated.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon told Elena that he'd learned from Chance that Colin had escaped. Devon cried that Colin was probably using his stolen money to pay someone off, so both he and Cane could stay ahead of the law and survive underground for good. Elena encouraged Devon to have faith that the police would prevail. Devon became livid knowing that two con men had played him for a fool, and he insisted that someone would have to answer for it.

Elena warned Devon against exacting revenge and asked him to consider how Neil might have responded. Devon reminded Elena that she'd been present when Cane had claimed he hadn't known if someone had paid off the expert who'd authenticated the pages from the will and had feigned ignorance about how Colin could have stolen the inheritance money. Elena noted that Devon's suspicions weren't proof. Devon defiantly defended himself, insisting he was certain Cane blamed him for his failed marriage and for his kids having relocated miles away. Elena reminded Devon that he was a better person than all who were trying to take him down. Devon regained control of his emotions, apologized for his outburst, and kissed Elena.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda appeared to be using her phone to track someone's movements on a roadway when Nate approached and said he'd never considered her to be one to wile away time playing video games. Amanda quickly put away her phone and said, "Me? Never." Amanda claimed she'd been checking emails and news and waiting for someone to show up late for an appointment. Nate explained that he'd been caught in traffic. Nate added that he and Amanda weren't dating, only a couple of casual friends hanging out.

Nate handed Amanda an envelope containing a check to pay her legal fees. Nate added that his payment was a mere fraction of what he truly owed to compensate her for what she'd done. Amanda explained that Nate's noble, upstanding existence had made her job easier. Nate asked Amanda what was next for her. Amanda said she'd closed up her office in Madison and yearned to break free and start over. Nate suggested that Genoa City had much to offer. Amanda replied, "Yes, it does." Amanda admitted she was hesitant, hinting that her resemblance to Hilary had caused trouble. Amanda added that Elena considered her to be a "cold-hearted bitch that you should stay away from."

Amanda added that perhaps Elena had been right to warn Nate to stay away. Devon and Elena approached, having overheard part of the conversation. Devon replied, "Well, those are the truest words to ever come out of your mouth." Devon asked Nate why he was hanging out with Amanda. Nate explained that Amanda was his attorney, and he credited her with saving his career. Devon refused to back away from conflict despite Elena's efforts to calm him. Devon confronted Nate and said, "You know she came here to defraud me and that someone handpicked her to mess with my head because she looks like Hilary. You know that."

Amanda reminded Devon once again that she'd had nothing to do with what he was claiming she'd done. Amanda stepped away. Devon then turned his wrath on Nate and asked what he was getting out of befriending a woman who'd been bought and paid for. Nate told Devon he wasn't considering the big picture. Devon didn't agree and insisted Amanda should have dropped the case as soon as she'd learned she resembled Hilary. Elena agreed. Devon stepped away to take a call.

Elena told Nate that Colin had escaped because others had refused to heed warning signs, just as Nate was doing by befriending Amanda. Elena cried that she hoped Nate's heart was in the right place. Nate explained that, unlike Devon, he didn't see Hilary's face when he looked at Amanda. Nate added that Amanda hadn't arrived in Genoa City for nefarious reasons, unlike the person who'd hired her.

Elena blamed Cane's sleazy father and added that Cane himself had likely been involved, too. Nate gave Amanda credit for saving his medical license. Nate insisted Amanda wasn't the enemy Elena and Devon had made her out to be. Elena wasn't pleased when Nate suggested Amanda might stay in town. Elena warned Nate that his continued association with Amanda meant that he'd chosen a stranger's side over his family's. Nate seemed confidant he might be right and said so. Elena bristled as Nate hurriedly left.

Chance met with Abby at the Grand Phoenix and asked about the robberies. Abby replied that the police had failed to make headway on the thefts, adding that she feared the hotel couldn't deal with more bad publicity. Chance said he'd stopped by to deliver on his promise to help protect her guests from jewelry thieves. Abby recalled that Chance had claimed he'd planned to leave town after his top-secret mission ended. Chance said he'd decided to stay put and join forces with Abby to catch the thief.

Abby debuted her own sleuthing skills by showing Chance how to draw the attention of a jewel thief via social media. Abby was bubbling with excitement as she shared an intriguing tidbit about a bejeweled guest flashing a pricey engagement ring from a wealthy fiancÚ. Chance noted that a trap had been set inside the fake celebrity's room safe, baited with faux jewels and fitted with a motion-activated camera. Abby added that Phyllis' technology skills would come into play, too. Chance concluded, "We've dangled the bait. Now we wait on the bite."

Abby quizzed Chance about his most exciting cases. Chance first described the intense plot of an action flick before truthfully admitting that his work involved hours of waiting in dismal surroundings as he and a somewhat disinterested partner waited to catch the bad guy. Abby invited Chance to share insights into his personal life and the reason he'd chosen his particular career. Before Chance could share more than a brief introduction about himself, a guest approached and cried, "I've been robbed." Abby quickly whisked the woman out of the lobby to investigate.

Victoria spotted Nick enter Society and beckoned for him to join her. Victoria, flashing a wide smile, noted that she'd sealed a big deal and felt like celebrating. Victoria noticed Nick's sullen mood and asked about Chelsea. Nick explained that Connor had experienced a setback and was suffering from anxiety attacks and insomnia. Victoria insisted that both Connor and Chelsea were lucky to have Nick, especially after everything Chelsea had put him through. Victoria was unable to hide her anger at Chelsea for hurting Nick. Nick explained that Adam, not Chelsea, was the problem. Nick grumbled about Adam getting away with attempting to kill their father and destroying their family. Victoria added that their father had forgiven Adam and moved on.

Nick expressed concern that Chelsea was vulnerable because she felt guilty for all that had happened, namely his failed campaign and Connor having been held hostage by Simon Black. Nick added that someone in Chelsea's position who'd made past mistakes and was trying to live a good life might be forced to do something unimaginable. Victoria compared Chelsea's plight to Billy's and explained that he'd left Jabot. Victoria expressed hope for Billy's future to fall into place and seemed relieved that he was seeking counsel from Jack.

After Nick returned home, he found Chelsea packing her things. Chelsea cried that Connor needed her. Chelsea insisted she wasn't leaving Nick. Nick took Chelsea in his arms and said he understood, though he couldn't let her walk out without letting her know how he felt. Chelsea pleaded with Nick to understand that her decision wasn't about her and Adam. Nick reminded Chelsea that Adam had done unspeakable things, though the only thing that mattered was doing the best for Connor. Nick gave Chelsea his blessing and vowed to support her any way he could.

Billy entered a bar dotted with tiny tables set up in a barely lit room. After ordering a drink, Billy seemed lost in thought. Billy turned his glass up and swallowed hard before the bartender set down another drink. Amanda wandered in, and Billy couldn't help but stare. Amanda said, "Let me guess. You knew Hilary." Billy introduced himself, and Amanda introduced herself just as another patron took notice and smoothed his hair in place with his palm. The stranger approached Amanda and spouted a few cheap pickup lines before brazenly attempting to stroke Amanda's hair. Billy intervened on Amanda's behalf. The drunken man claimed he was engaged in a private conversation. Billy warned that he might stop being polite if the man didn't heed Amanda's suggestion to back off.

After the drunk man left, Amanda offered to buy Billy a drink. Billy declined and said maybe the next time if they happened to meet again. Billy returned to his isolated table and received a phone call from Victoria, which he declined to answer. While Billy stared into space, Victoria left a message telling him that though he wasn't where he wanted to be, he should be patient because she was certain his life would fall into place in the best possible way.

Genoa City duos connect during a windstorm

Genoa City duos connect during a windstorm

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

At a dive bar, Billy received an alert on his phone about a severe weather warning with dangerously high winds. Amanda reentered the bar and guessed that they were both sticking around, and he imagined it was getting nasty out there. He invited her to sit with him, and she apologized for getting him involved in her earlier drama with a drunken creep. Billy offered to buy Amanda a drink, and she ordered a scotch. He made his a double, and she did the same. He toasted to keeping warm on a cold night. The lights went out, and they swigged their drinks.

Amanda contemplated leaving before the storm got worse. Billy figured that she could go outside and risk being blown to the next state, or they could ride it out with food, shelter, and warmth. He suggested that they chill and let nature run its course, and she toasted to nature. Billy wondered how she'd ended up there, and Amanda replied that she felt safe. He argued that she hadn't been safe an hour earlier, but she insisted that she'd handled the drunk guy.

Amanda added that she'd had practice dealing with scum like that, since some men felt that they could behave however they wanted. Billy said they didn't have to talk about it, but Amanda thought she owed him a friendly conversation after he'd chased the guy off. They chugged their drinks, and she observed that he didn't act like she'd expect a man like him to act. She sensed that he seemed lost, and she wondered if that was what he'd meant when he'd said he'd taken a wrong turn.

Billy scoffed at the idea that his car had driven him there, and Amanda figured that her instincts about people weren't as sharp as they'd once been. Billy shared that he'd taken plenty of wrong turns in his life, and Amanda mused that she'd been there, too. She added that he didn't have to explain anything to her, since they didn't know one another at all. He suspected that he was there because he could be a blank slate with no demands or expectations, and she thought they'd both ended up in the right place.

Billy remarked that it was strange that truth-telling was a challenge. Amanda quipped that there was no truth worse than a lie, and he asked if she'd made that up. She credited a teacher who'd told her that once, and she wished she'd listened more often. Billy confided that it sometimes felt like he was playing a role in life, like an actor in a play. He realized that if someone told him what to do, he'd do it, even if it made him unhappy. Amanda asked what did make him happy, and he replied that he used to think he knew.

Power was restored at the bar, and Amanda considered it time to go. Billy remarked that it still looked pretty windy, and he asked if she was sure she could handle it. She replied that she'd managed a lot worse, and she was always very careful. He suggested that she look him up the next time she wanted to ride out a storm, and she confirmed that she might just do that.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria made plans over the phone for a Christmas Eve trip on the Newman jet. There was a knock at the door, and she buzzed Rey in. He explained that he was there to follow up on a theft at one of Newman's warehouses, and he announced that they'd apprehended a guy who'd been fencing the stuff. Rey continued that the guy had rolled over on a warehouse manager on the inside, and everything had been returned. Victoria was thankful, but she pointed out that he could have just called with the update. He said he'd been in the area. The wind was getting pretty bad, and it was expected to get worse that night. The power suddenly went out.

Victoria made a call to report that she was locked in her office. Rey inspected the door, which had jammed when the power had gone out, and he prepared to try to pop the lock. He requested a paper clip, and she inquired what the warehouse manager had said when Rey had busted him. Rey clucked that the manager had had a good job and no record, but that hadn't been good enough. Rey proceeded to try to jimmy the door open with a letter opener, and Victoria asked if he'd always been that handy.

Rey pointed out that he hadn't opened the door yet, but he was good at taking things apart and putting them back together again. He recalled a time when he and Arturo had decided to take the air conditioner apart in 100-degree heat in Florida, but they'd reassembled it when their mom had threatened to ground them until they were 30. Rey cited the trick as staying calm and not panicking, which had served him well as a cop. He recognized that it was a strange time to do it, but he apologized for wrongfully arresting Victoria for tampering with Victor's medication.

Victoria swore that Rey didn't have to apologize for getting caught up in the middle of a family war when he'd only been doing his job. She felt that she should be apologizing to him, and he asked if there had been any word from maintenance. She surmised that the staff was tied up with the entire building being down. Rey tried the door, which still didn't open. She attempted to kick it open with her high heel, and they high-fived when it worked.

Once the power returned, Victoria and Rey shared a drink, and she voiced surprise to find that he was actually kind of funny. He countered that he'd considered her to be a serious, powerful businesswoman, but she'd turned out to be pretty cool.

Victoria returned home and sent a text message to Billy to find out if he was still with Jack. Billy arrived home, and Victoria asked where he'd been. He vaguely explained that he'd been stuck in the storm, and they hugged. She inquired whether he was okay, and he replied that he was glad to be home.

Phyllis arrived at Nick's house and demanded to know where Chelsea was. Nick chided Phyllis for barging in without as much as a hello, and Phyllis flatly stated that she needed to talk to Chelsea about some personal business. He referred to the high wind warning and barked that it could wait until morning. Phyllis insisted that it couldn't, since her so-called business partners were trying to screw her over.

Phyllis griped that Abby was trying to get rid of her, and she wanted to know if Chelsea was on board with it. Phyllis recognized that it wasn't a big deal to Nick, but it was her life, and she'd been with the Grand Phoenix from the beginning. Nick reported that Chelsea was at Adam's, and Phyllis huffed, "Again?" Phyllis muttered that Chelsea might as well move in there, but she quickly apologized when she saw Nick's darkened expression.

The power went out, and Phyllis sarcastically stated that it capped off a perfect day. Nick beamed a flashlight at her as she poured herself a drink. Phyllis inquired about Christian, and Nick indicated that the boy could sleep through anything. Phyllis noted that Nick didn't like being rich, but she teased him for not being able to keep the lights on. She jokingly offered to float him a loan, and he retorted that she could keep her money.

Phyllis surmised that Nick was testy because of Chelsea. He didn't want to talk about it, although he wondered about "whatever the hell" Phyllis had going on with Adam. Phyllis questioned why Nick felt the need to judge her relationships, and she prepared to see herself out. Nick protested that there was a storm out there, and he urged her not to rush out just to get the last word in, since it would ruin the moment if she got sideswiped in a ditch. He suggested that she hang out until the power was back on, even if they didn't talk.

Nick and Phyllis sat in awkward silence for a moment. He turned on a video game on his phone, and she did likewise. He cheered when he won, and he questioned whether she really thought he was always judging her. Phyllis proclaimed that judging her was the number-one sport of everyone in town, but Nick insisted that they weren't talking about everyone -- just them. She considered it a miracle that they could be civil with one another and sometimes even laughed together.

Phyllis confided that her concern about Nick going into politics had stemmed from him being fundamentally too decent for it, since he was kind, good, understanding, and forgiving of everyone -- except her. Nick wondered if she was talking about when they'd ended things, and she asked which time. They chuckled, but she recalled that he'd said some horrible things to her in addition to the lack of forgiveness. Phyllis claimed that the darkness made her hungry, and Nick pointed her to some cashews behind the bar. She commented that he knew her so well, and he figured that he knew her better than most.

Phyllis thought she knew Nick just as well, and he dared her to tell him about himself for old times' sake. She called him charming with a smile that had melted a million hearts -- and he knew it. She sensed that he had a lot going on under all that, and he was slow to get angry, but he had a horrible temper when he did. She warned that his jokes weren't funny, but he was kind and good in spite of his lifelong struggle with being a Newman. Nick defended that his jokes weren't that bad, but she countered that he wasn't the one listening to them. Phyllis referred to a secret that he'd been keeping for a long time -- that he still harbored fantasies of becoming a professional baseball player, and she was surprised that he hadn't taken Victor's money to buy a team himself.

Phyllis declared that it was Nick's turn to tell her about herself. Nick said she loved late-night snacks and killer dresses, and she was proud to stand alone. He recognized that she could be stone cold, but he considered it the face she liked to present to the world, and he knew she craved love and respect deep inside. Nick called Phyllis a serious gamer who loved to turn a deal and make a buck, and she loved letting everyone know not only that they'd lost but that it had been to her. Nick grew quiet for a moment, and he softly stated that Phyllis got knocked down a lot, but she always stood right back up because she was a fighter, and the fight was never over.

Nick realized that it could be "hell" knowing someone that well, but Phyllis found comfort in knowing someone understood her. She agreed that she'd always had to fend for herself, since she hadn't had a trust fund to give away, and she'd endured the unimaginable at the hands of men, including his father. Phyllis continued that it had made her hungry, so she'd had to dress better, be smarter, and fight harder to get everything she wanted. She didn't think she'd ever lose that, but it was okay because whatever she had was all hers.

Nick realized that he'd forgotten that Phyllis had something to prove. She bemoaned that being in a constant fight was very tiring, but she was glad that she hadn't totally alienated him. He acknowledged that she'd been close a few times, and she countered that he had, too. She wondered if he ever thought about them together, and he admitted that he sometimes did. Phyllis asked if it had been exhausting being married to her, and he replied that it hadn't been that way all the time.

Nick remembered what they'd had as being fierce and intense when everything had been working, but they might have killed one another if it had lasted too long. He added that it had been special, and Phyllis compared it to a comet soaring through the sky. Nick likened it to a bomb waiting to go off, but they decided to go with the comet analogy instead. They marveled that they were still there after all those years. They lingered by the window for a moment before he turned away.

Phyllis slowly approached Nick and reached out to touch him, but the lights flickered back on. She quickly composed herself. Nick insisted that Phyllis didn't have to take off, but she claimed that she had a lot of work to do and had already wasted too much time. He jokingly called it a complete waste, and he questioned whether there had been a better way to ride out the storm than by taking a walk down memory lane. Phyllis couldn't think of one, and she headed out. Nick looked thoughtful as he watched her leave.

Chelsea entered Adam's penthouse and set down her keys and an overnight bag. The wind howled outside, and Adam asked if she was all right. She poured herself a drink as she reported that the storm had gotten worse, and he inquired how things had gone at Nick's. Adam imagined that Nick had given her a hard time about staying there, and Chelsea pointed out that she and Nick were dating, yet she was moving in with her ex-husband.

Adam stressed that it was to take care of their son, and Chelsea countered that it wasn't just about Connor. Adam understood that Nick didn't trust him, but he was appalled that Nick thought Adam would use his son's pain to get Chelsea into bed. Connor frantically yelled out for his mom and dad, and Chelsea and Adam raced upstairs.

Adam assured Connor that there was nothing to be afraid of, since the power had just gone off. Chelsea proposed that they make a tent with blankets, and Adam enthused that it would be like a campout. Connor whined that he didn't want to, but Adam bet that Connor would change his mind if they sang campfire songs. Adam started to sing, but Connor begged him to stop, since it wouldn't scare the monster away. Connor was certain that the monster had made it get dark, but Chelsea explained that the wind had knocked down some wires outside. Connor was adamant that the monster was in the house, and he insisted that his parents should be as afraid as he was.

Later, Chelsea and Adam returned downstairs, but she hesitated to leave Connor alone. Adam reasoned that they'd left a lantern in the room, and Connor had fallen asleep with a flashlight, so he'd be all right. Chelsea worried about when the monsters returned, and Adam insisted that they'd be there for their son until the monsters went away one day.

Chelsea remembered when she'd loved to watch Connor sleep, and Adam recalled not being able to get any work done because all he'd been able to do had been to look at the miracle they'd created. Adam mused that he'd never thought he could be so happy, and he reflected back on thinking about their future as a family and all the things he'd wanted for them and their son. "God, how did we get here, Chelsea?" Adam questioned.

Chelsea admitted that she was scared to see her little boy in that much pain. Adam wished he had the answer to it, and she fretted that they were running out of options because Connor kept getting worse. Adam worried that perhaps he was the problem, since he'd created chaos his entire life, and he'd been driven by anger and resentment when he'd been sucked into Victor's orbit. Adam thought that children sensed those things, and he theorized that Connor knew more than they'd realized. Adam wondered if he was the monster Connor was afraid of.

Chelsea vehemently stated that neither she nor Connor believed Adam was a monster. She cited the change in Adam from being a bitter, angry man to becoming a loving, doting father. Adam thought they couldn't deny the darkness that was still there, since it was part of who he was. Chelsea argued that Connor didn't care what Adam had done, since Adam was just the father who Connor adored. Adam insisted that all he wanted to do was be a better dad than Victor had been, and Chelsea assured Adam that he was in a lot of ways.

Chelsea pointed out that Victor talked about putting family first, yet he always chose himself, and Adam had done the opposite of that by returning home when his son had needed him. She continued that she'd let Connor move in there because it had been what was best for him but also because she trusted Adam to be the dad Connor deserved. Chelsea swore that Adam wasn't the monster but was the hero who was trying to save Connor.

Chelsea confessed that she also thought about how close they'd been to having everything they'd wanted as a family, and she wanted to give Connor that happiness more than anything. Chelsea believed that Connor had saved her from going down every crooked road she could find, and their son had saved Adam from making his entire life one big vendetta against Victor. Chelsea insisted that it was their turn to save Connor.

Later, Adam watched Chelsea sleeping on the couch. He smoothed back a lock of hair from her cheek.

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Due to CBS News coverage of the Impeachment Hearings, The Young and the Restless did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Thursday, December 5. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Theo ends his relationship with Summer

Theo ends his relationship with Summer

Thursday, December 5, 2019

by Nel

At Society, Nate appeared delighted to see Amanda, but Amanda suggested that perhaps they shouldn't be seen together because of the flak he'd been exposed to because he had been spending time with her. Amanda said she knew how close Nate and Devon had been prior to her arrival in Genoa City. Nate explained that Devon was upset because he'd had incredible plans to help others with his fortune. Amanda also pointed out Elena's reaction to her every time Elena saw her. Nate told her that Elena was extremely loyal to Devon. Amanda said she believed that Elena's reaction to her was more about her involvement with the will situation than it was about the money.

Amanda and Nate turned their discussion to the storm and about their sleepless nights. They agreed that they were both type A personalities. They wished each other a serene and peaceful day, and Nate left for the hospital.

At home, Victoria told Billy that when the power had gone out, she'd been locked in her office. Billy told her he'd stopped for a drink at a bar. Victoria kissed his cheek and left the room. Alone, Billy wondered why he hadn't told Victoria everything -- why he had hidden information when there wasn't any reason to do so. He wondered why he hadn't told her about being in a bar with a woman. He thought Victoria would believe he'd been on the make with the woman. He told himself that he had only wanted to feel like himself, and the woman in the bar had done that for him. He wondered why he felt so much guilt.

Victoria returned and told Billy she had to leave for work. She kissed his cheek and left. A few minutes later, Billy opened his laptop and began to create a "To Do" list -- pick up the kids at 4 p.m., call Jack to arrange dinner plans, figure out who he was and what to do with his life. He stopped and deleted the last item. He slammed his computer shut and left.

At the penthouse, Devon informed Elena that he hadn't been able to sleep, and he had been attempting to help Tucker's employees deal with a crisis in Tucker's absence. Devon felt it was his responsibility to help the employees protect Tucker's name and reputation. Devon began gathering his papers, and he prepared to go to work. Elena fretted that he would burn himself out, and she asked him to stay home and relax. Devon refused. He told Elena that Cane had sent him an email offering to return the money he'd put into the twins' trust. Devon said he had refused because he wouldn't take the money from the twins. They were family.

Elena told Devon that because he'd been so busy with work and trying to find Colin, their relationship had suffered. She asked Devon to delegate his work and take time for himself, but Devon said he wanted to take care of things himself. Elena stated that she wanted to talk to him about their relationship. Devon apologized. He admitted that he had taken her for granted. He promised to discuss it over lunch or dinner. Looking disheartened, she gave him a peck and left.

Alone, Devon received a call from Cane. They discussed Colin and figured out that Colin had been paying people to give them false leads. Devon was angry and told Cane that Colin had been using his money to pay these people off. After ending the call, Devon was very tired. He sat on the couch, closed his eyes, and dreamed that Hilary sat next to him. He tried to explain that she'd been in a terrible accident, and he hadn't been able to save her. Hilary assured him it had only been a dream, and everything was fine. She said they were always meant to belong together. He kissed her and called out Hilary's name, but Hilary turned into Amanda and said she wasn't Hilary. Devon woke up shaken.

At Crimson Lights, Theo told Summer it was time for him to move out of the hotel and get a place of his own. Taken aback, Summer assumed he was talking about them moving in together. Looking a bit uncomfortable, Theo assured her that it wasn't his intention. He claimed he would have a bigger bathroom where she could keep some of her things.

Summer apologized for assuming that Theo wanted her to move in with him. She said it hadn't crossed her mind that they would move in together, but if it had, she would have discussed it with him. She said she liked their time together, but living and working together might end up being too much togetherness. She claimed she had a busy day ahead, kissed him on the cheek, and rushed off. Theo looked very discouraged.

Elena arrived at Crimson Lights and saw Nate sitting at one of the tables. When she approached him, Nate asked her to join him. Elena said she wasn't sure whether he would talk to her because of what she'd said to Amanda. Nate informed her that Amanda was a good friend and that she'd saved his career. He said Amanda believed in him. Elena asked if Amanda had been good when she'd accused Elena of being a gold digger. Nate said Amanda had really regretted saying that. Elena asked where Amanda's apology was. Nate stated that anytime Amanda tried to apologize, Elena froze her out. He wanted to know why.

Elena told Nate she hated what Amanda had done to Devon and that Nate was dating her. Nate said he wasn't dating Amanda, but he wondered why Elena wouldn't give Amanda a chance. Elena said Devon had been recovering from his recent disasters: the losses of Neil, Hilary, and his inheritance. She said that every time he saw Amanda's face, it was a reminder of what he'd lost. Nate asked if Amanda's presence had caused problems in her and Devon's relationship. She said it had. Nate suggested that Elena talk to Devon. She said she'd tried, but the whole will situation had changed Devon.

Nate told Elena he thought that in spite of the fact that Devon was strong, he probably had been taking on too much. He said that when someone's life spun out of control, they would try to take control. At that moment, Elena received a call from Devon. He invited her to meet him at Society for lunch to discuss their relationship. She told him it sounded perfect, and she would be there shortly.

At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria told Abby she'd heard about the thefts. Abby admitted she'd made a big mistake, partnering with Phyllis. She also admitted she'd hoped to prove to Victor that she could run a business on her own, but Victoria crowed that Abby had proven herself with Society and that the Grand Phoenix had great potential as soon as Abby was able to shed her bad luck streak.

Abby told Victoria she wished she'd trusted her instincts about Simon Black. She said she'd sensed something had been off, but Chelsea had assured her that all had been well. Victoria said she understood how Abby felt. She'd felt that she had never been good enough or ruthless enough to run Newman. It had taken her a long time to stand up to Victor. Victoria said that Abby belonged in the hospitality industry because she was a great gift for it. She pointed out that Abby had dealt with back-to-back crises, and she'd survived. Abby thanked Victoria and said that was exactly what she had needed to hear.

Victoria hugged Abby. Abby asked how things were going for her. Victoria claimed she loved being CEO, but she wanted more balance in her life. She felt like she and Billy were like two trains passing in the night. She wished they had more time for each other without distractions. Abby suggested that Victoria carve out time for her and Billy. Victoria claimed she would do that -- at some point.

Billy arrived at Society and spotted Amanda at the bar. He said hello and gave her his most brilliant smile. Amanda told Billy that she'd made it home okay. Billy joked that they had upgraded their surroundings. He said he'd had fun the previous night and offered to buy Amanda a coffee. Billy admitted that he had intended to ignore her when he'd arrived, but then he'd chosen not to and explained he was a work in progress. Amanda said she was in the same boat and then wondered why she'd told him that. She claimed she never talked about herself to anyone.

Billy told Amanda he had to leave after he received a text telling him Katie was sick and he needed to pick her up from school. Amanda smiled after Billy left.

Elena arrived at Society and sat down with Devon. Devon admitted that Elena had been right. He admitted that he had been neglecting her. He promised to make her his priority because she was the best part of his life. Elena beamed.

At Jabot, Theo was at the reception desk when Summer arrived. She said she was swamped with work but she wanted to meet him for lunch. Theo said he had a lot to do and had planned on working through lunch because it was important to him to do a good job. He claimed that he had to be immersed in his job in order to prove himself. Summer said he had put a lot of time into his job and that he'd made a good impression. Summer suggested dinner, but Theo said he had plans.

Theo told Summer they had always had an amazing time together, but they needed to cool things between them. Summer asked if he was breaking up with her. She wanted to know where that was coming from. She said that she hadn't had any idea that he had been thinking along those lines. Theo pointed out that their conversations never had any substance. They were limited to where they should eat, or what bar they should go to. He said when there were big things happening in their lives, they never talked about them.

Theo told Summer that there was a distance between them and that she had been keeping him at arm's length. He felt they could both use some space. Summer agreed that career-wise, it would probably be a smart move for him. He thanked her for the talk, and he left.

At home, Victoria asked Billy about Katie. He told her Katie was fine and that her fever was down. Victoria asked Billy about his day. He told her it had been good. She said she had to attend a client's cocktail party and had to get ready, but she wanted to hear about his day when she returned home.

Chance catches Abby with the stolen jewels

Chance catches Abby with the stolen jewels

Friday, December 6, 2019

Chance entered the Grand Phoenix and ran into Abby. He declared that she was just the person he'd been looking for, and she commented that a lot of people would be scared to hear those words. He countered that only criminals would be, and he announced that he had some interesting information to share with her.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis answered a call from Abby, who summoned her to the Grand Phoenix immediately. Abby informed Chance that "Satan's bride" would be there shortly, and she thanked him for his help. Chance confirmed that he'd shared Abby's suspicions about Phyllis, and his team had been able to see exactly what Phyllis had set up before she'd reset the security system. Abby griped that Phyllis had been spying on everyone who'd connected to the hotel's Wi-Fi, and she couldn't believe that Phyllis had had the nerve to lie to her face. Abby invited Chance to stay and witness her fire Phyllis, but he declined and planned to check in later.

Phyllis arrived at the Grand Phoenix and inquired about the urgent situation. Abby snapped that Phyllis was the situation, since she was a security threat. Phyllis understood that it was frustrating not to know who'd been stealing, but she was working on it. Abby huffed that there had been three robberies but no results, and she accused Phyllis of not doing her job. Phyllis grumbled that the Newmans were used to instant gratification, but she couldn't snap her fingers and reveal the identity of the jewel thief. Abby sarcastically thanked her for being so incompetent and sloppy, since it had given Abby the evidence she'd needed.

Abby displayed proof on her tablet that Phyllis had used the hotel security system to spy on her, Chelsea, and everyone else in the place. Phyllis realized that Chance had dug up the documentation, and Abby was appalled that Phyllis showed no remorse or embarrassment. Phyllis asserted that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Abby demanded to know why Phyllis had done it. Phyllis reasoned that it was her job to protect guests from any security risks, but Abby ranted about how many customers they'd lose if people knew that Phyllis had been monitoring their every move.

Abby suspected that Phyllis had been looking for blackmail material to gain leverage, but Phyllis argued that the Grand Phoenix would have been at risk if she hadn't made modifications to the system. Abby crowed that Phyllis had been looking for information to use against her, but instead, Abby had found enough proof to banish Phyllis from the building, her business, and her life. Abby pointed out that Phyllis had breached her contract by engaging in unethical behavior. "Take your lack of conscience and get the hell out of here," Abby ordered.

Phyllis stated that she owned 25 percent of the building, which entitled her to her suite upstairs, and she refused to vacate the premises. Abby questioned why Phyllis wanted to stay, and Phyllis pointed out that she'd built the hotel from the ground up. Phyllis added that she was very good at her job, and Abby snickered. Phyllis contended that the situation with Simon wouldn't have ended peacefully if it hadn't been for her modifications and upgrades, and she swore that she hadn't done anything illicit with any information she might have collected. "Yet," Abby retorted.

Abby taunted that Phyllis hadn't found anything on her, but she and Chance had the goods on Phyllis. Phyllis teased Abby for having a glow when she talked about Chance, and she ridiculed Abby for playing the damsel in distress. Phyllis bellowed that Abby hadn't been enough for Nate or Arturo, and she expected Chance to see through Abby soon. Abby barked that she didn't need a man to make her happy, and she countered that Phyllis had blown up every relationship she'd ever been in. Abby again commanded Phyllis to get out, and Phyllis calmly replied that she would see Abby soon. Phyllis sauntered out.

Later, Chance called to a distracted Abby and inquired about how things had gone with Phyllis. Abby reported that she'd told Phyllis to get out because she no longer worked for the Grand Phoenix, and Chance was sorry that he'd missed seeing Abby in action. Chance mentioned that he'd been thinking about the robberies and how the thief had gotten away clean three different times. He noted that the culprit had never left evidence or been caught on camera, as if they'd known a trap had been set for them. He wondered if she had a theory about who it could be.

Abby speculated that a jewelry heist ring was behind the thefts. Chance thought it would make sense, except the thief had returned to the same place instead of moving on to another target. He mused that the robber was always one step ahead, so perhaps the person had known that the security system had been compromised. Abby realized that it could be an inside job, and she questioned whether he thought Phyllis could be behind it. Chance wasn't sure.

Abby admitted that she was predisposed to think the worst of Phyllis, and Chance volunteered to be the one to look at the situation objectively. He hinted that he had a few theories about who'd been robbing the hotel, and Abby scolded him for holding out on her while picking her brain. She proposed that he make it up to her by telling her who the robber was and sharing whatever else he felt like talking about over a cocktail or two. He wondered if she was asking him out, and she became flustered. He exclaimed that he'd love to have a drink with her, and they made plans to meet back there later.

Later, Abby stepped off the hotel elevator and bumped squarely into Chance, spilling the contents of her large handbag. Abby guiltily stared down at the jewels that had scattered across the floor. He guessed that the drink would have to wait.

At Society, Nick informed Devon that he'd found a location for the next New Hope project. Devon was impressed by how Nick had put all his energy into the project, and Nick reasoned that it felt good to make a difference in people's lives. Devon remarked that having a purpose was easier than dealing with his own life, and Nick thought that applied to both of them. Nick confided that while his work with New Hope was great, his personal life could be better.

Devon joked that the membership requirement of his and Nick's club was to give away all their money and be in a relationship with an amazing woman who was being tested by circumstances out of her control. Nick surmised that the will situation was still messing with Devon and Elena, and he imagined that it had to be weird for Devon to look at Amanda and see Hilary. Devon admitted that he couldn't help but have Amanda in his head, but he preferred to talk about what Nick had going on. Nick bemoaned that he and Chelsea had one giant obstacle that was keeping them from working through their issues.

Nick complained that Adam was there every time Nick turned around. Nick understood that Chelsea needed Adam for Connor's sake, but he was sure that Adam was using the situation to draw Chelsea closer, even though she disagreed. Nick continued that he was trying not to push, and he'd supported everything Chelsea had done, including moving out of Nick's home and into Adam's. Devon wondered how long Nick could go on like that.

Later, Nick finished a phone call as Phyllis joined him at Society's bar. She eyed his beer and wanted one of her own, and he pushed his drink over to her because he'd been about to leave. She begged him not to go, since she had time to kill after his sister had fired her. Phyllis decided to spare him the details, and Nick assumed that they made her look bad. He was sure that Abby had had cause for what she'd done. Phyllis protested that he didn't know the whole story, yet he thought she was in the wrong.

Phyllis refused to take the firing lying down, and Nick asked why she wanted her job back. Phyllis maintained that the Grand Phoenix was her baby, but she observed that he didn't seem to be listening. Nick complained that it was the same old thing, since everything was about her, and he had his own stuff to deal with. Phyllis insisted that she could be a good listener. Nick hesitated to confide in Phyllis, but she swore that she was being a caring, compassionate friend.

Nick opined that Adam was using Connor's issues to get closer to Chelsea, and he was surprised when Phyllis agreed with him. Phyllis clarified that she didn't think Adam's intentions were as sinister as Nick believed, but she thought Adam was interfering in Nick's relationship with Chelsea. Phyllis sympathized that it hurt Nick to watch the woman he loved leave to spend time with her ex and their son, and she knew Nick was the kind of guy who would fight for what he wanted -- especially when the guy on the other team was Adam. Phyllis urged Nick to consider whether he might be better off without Chelsea.

Nick defended that Chelsea was trying to be a good mother. Phyllis could relate to a woman wanting to be there for her son, but she blasted Chelsea for making bad decisions that had affected Nick. Nick sourly guessed that Phyllis' glass house was bulletproof, and she lectured that he was directing his anger at the wrong person. Nick scoffed at the idea that it had nothing to do with "Saint Adam," and he questioned whether Phyllis had ever considered that Adam was manipulating her.

Phyllis denied being Adam's pawn, and she argued that Chelsea had made her own choice to live with Adam. Phyllis contended that Chelsea had options but wasn't making Nick a priority, and she thought Nick deserved much better. Nick prepared to leave. Phyllis insisted that she was telling the truth because she cared about him, and he was too good for Chelsea. Nick barked that it was Phyllis' opinion.

Phyllis acknowledged that Nick really wanted things to be different that time, but it seemed like history was repeating itself, with Chelsea lying and betraying him again. Phyllis thought it was in Chelsea's nature as a con artist to be deceitful and distrustful. "Like Adam," Nick flatly stated. Phyllis found it poetic how Adam and Chelsea were together again, and she advised Nick to get out before it cost him more than it already had.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea helped Connor with his math homework and praised him when he finished the last problem. He asked if they could go to the park. Adam mentioned that Sharon had just called because she had to move her visit up, and she was on her way over. Connor looked glum, and Chelsea suggested that they do something fun afterward. Adam prompted Connor to grab some paper and markers so he and Sharon could draw together, and Connor reluctantly headed upstairs.

Chelsea felt that Sharon's visits were helping, but Adam thought they had to be patient. Chelsea hoped it wouldn't be too long until they saw signs that Connor was improving, but she worried about what they'd do if he didn't get better. Adam proposed that they have Sharon there more often. Connor scowled as he listened on the stairway.

Adam and Chelsea headed to Crimson Lights to give Sharon time alone with Connor. Adam worried that Connor would get worked up about the monster, and he fretted that perhaps the monster represented the darkness inside Adam that Connor had inherited from him. Chelsea conceded that there had been a time when she'd thought darkness ran through the veins of Newman men, but she couldn't think of Connor that way. Adam noted that two wonderful people had raised him, yet he'd done many terrible things. Chelsea doubted that it had been due to a genetic code, and she recalled that he'd lived a happy, normal life until he'd been pulled into the Newman fold.

Adam didn't know whether he'd changed from being around Victor or if he'd just become more of the person he'd always been. Chelsea pointed out that Adam could have easily absolved his sins by saying he hadn't been able to help it, but he'd taken responsibility for his actions. She shared that she'd spent a lot of time thinking about why he was the way he was, but she knew he loved his little boy with all his heart, and Connor loved him, too. Chelsea called Connor a good kid who was just struggling through a trauma, and she believed standing by him would make him better. She suddenly had an idea that she thought might be good for all of them, and she led Adam out.

After a quick shopping trip, Chelsea and Adam returned to Crimson Lights to pick up some brownies. Chelsea rambled that it felt like they'd had enough heavy conversations, and they just needed a break to forget their issues and have some old-fashioned family fun.

Meanwhile, Sharon complimented the picture Connor had drawn. She wondered if they could talk about the last time she'd been there, since she'd been worried after he'd gotten upset about the monster inside him. She asked if it was still there, since she'd heard he'd mentioned the monster again when the lights had gone out. Connor claimed that he'd been scared of the dark and not of the monster, and he insisted that he was doing better because he'd figured out how to keep the monster away. Sharon implored him to tell her how, but he silently focused on his drawing.

Sharon questioned whether there was some reason Connor didn't want to tell her. Connor feared that Sharon might think it was silly, but she assured him that he could trust her. Connor compared it to casting a spell, and he recited, "Can't beat three. Mom and Dad and me." Connor explained that he said it over and over until he felt better, and it always worked, so Sharon didn't have to visit anymore.

Sharon was glad that Connor had found a solution, but she thought their talks had helped, too. Connor conceded that they were okay, but he didn't need them anymore because he preferred to spend time with his parents. Sharon chirped that it was good to have friends, too. Connor insisted that his parents were the ones helping him, and he reasoned that when he was with Sharon, he wasn't with them.

Chelsea and Adam returned to the penthouse, and Sharon told them that Connor was playing in his room. Sharon reported that Connor had shared his coping mechanism to shut out the monster, and she was convinced that he really wanted it to work. She explained that it was important to Connor for the three of them to be together as a family so he could feel a sense of normalcy. Sharon advised that Connor thought being with the two of them was the best medicine, and he didn't want to see her anymore. Connor yelled out to ask if his parents were home, and Sharon departed.

Connor returned downstairs and announced that he felt a lot better. Connor added that he was happy his mom and dad were home, and Adam anticipated that the boy would be even happier when he heard what they had planned for the rest of the day. Adam and Chelsea revealed their plan to kick back and hang out together that afternoon -- just the three of them. Connor perked up at the idea, and Adam announced that a special treat would be that they could eat as much junk food as they wanted.

Chelsea pulled out packages of chips and candy from a shopping bag, and Connor recognized the brownies from the coffeehouse. Connor pointed out that she didn't let him eat that stuff, and Chelsea stressed that it would only be for that day. Adam proclaimed that they'd saved the best for last, since they could watch the Bucks play that night like real superfans. Adam presented Connor with a jersey with his name on it, and Connor excitedly hugged and thanked them. Connor ran upstairs to change into it right away.

Chelsea gushed that it had made her happy to see the big smile on Connor's face, and Adam contemplated whether their son had turned a corner. Chelsea was hopeful that Connor's way of coping with his fear was a step in the right direction, but Adam figured that they wouldn't know for a while. Chelsea and Adam agreed that they should schedule more time for Sharon to spend with Connor. "Sharon, Sharon, go away," Connor muttered to himself as he hovered on the stairs, adding, "Can't beat three. Mom and Dad and me."

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