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Jack took a stroll down memory lane as he read the Abbott family memoir. Adam pushed Chelsea to move into the penthouse. Multiple thefts occurred at the Grand Phoenix. Colin claimed that Cane had been the mastermind behind the will scam. Colin went on the lam.
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Colin claimed that Cane had been the mastermind behind the will scam
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Jack reminisces as he reads his family memoir

Jack reminisces as he reads his family memoir

Monday, November 25, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Traci greeted Jack and informed him that Ashley would be returning home early to celebrate Thanksgiving with the entire family, including Dina. Traci surprised Jack by presenting her completed manuscript of the family memoir. Traci was eager for Jack to pore over the pages, so he might suggest additions or tweaks. Jack was honored by Traci's request and began reading immediately, assuring her he'd treasure every sentence. Jack's enthusiasm touched Traci.

After Traci left to pick up Ashley at the airport, Jack settled on the sofa. Turning to the first page of the manuscript, Jack read Traci's preface. The opening words stated that the memoir had captured the Abbott family's triumphs and failures, and the part each member had played in the creation of their family tapestry during three generations. Jack paused and seemed slightly taken aback to consider that he'd cemented his role in the family legacy.

Jack began his journey into the past by recalling the day he'd returned to Genoa City and told his father he was prepared to put his nose to the grindstone, to which John had said he hoped Jack's outlook had changed for the better. Traci had also included snippets of the family's struggle to navigate Dina's brief returns to the family fold. In a flashback, Dina had entreated Jack's assistance to break the ice with Traci during a time when Dina had set her mind to remarry John. Another memory involving John's love life was the day a young Jill had announced that she would move into the Abbott mansion, a touchy detail that no longer conjured Jack's anger as it had in the past.

Lingering anger over tangles with Victor endured when Jack recalled his rival's challenges to Jabot's success. Though personal family matters involving Jill might have been put to rest, her battles with Jack about Jabot's evolution had often set her and Jack against one another. The fiery row had even forced John to intervene. The Abbott patriarch had enlisted Ashley to render a final decision. Long after John's death, Jack remained visibly torn when he recalled the blood Abbott clause he'd deployed against Ashley. Traci had concluded that after all was said and done, John would have approved of Jack and Ashley's decision to merge their companies.

Traci didn't hesitate to write about her family's history with the Newmans, given that the two families were intertwined via marriages and the children produced by those marriages, long-standing friendships, and the protracted rivalry between Jack and Victor. In a flashback, Jack recalled the day Victor had offered to exchange Jabot for Nikki and his children. During the heated exchange, Victor had become so enraged that he'd suddenly been struck ill and collapsed onto the floor. Jack had callously walked out, leaving Victor alone and unable to call for help. Traci wound up the chapter by noting that Victor and Jack had seemed to mend their rift and become friends in recent years.

Past romantic relationships, at least for Jack, were numerous. Jack recalled his engagement to Nikki and the day he'd informed her that their infant son had become an organ donor to a child named John. Tears streamed down Jack's cheeks when he'd told Nikki that he'd even held the child. Phyllis, too, had toyed with Jack's heart in later years. Phyllis' desire to carry Jack's baby had put her health in danger. Though Jack was content just to be with Phyllis, her heart had cried out for a baby, no matter the risk. In the end, Phyllis' affair with Nick had devastated Jack and destroyed his trust.

After Traci returned from the airport with Ashley, Billy also joined in to hear Jack read aloud from the memoir. Jack noted that the next generation of Abbotts would share a deep bond, ensuring them of being accepted and supported, no matter what. Jack remembered consoling Billy when he'd been trapped in his crashed car and later reassuring Traci that their father had loved her as much as he'd loved Ashley. Jack's most profound memory seemed to be the day he'd humbly apologized to Ashley. Jack admitted to Ashley that he'd shut her out of the company because he'd been jealous of her success.

Traci flipped toward the end of the memoir and handed it to Jack to share the sentiments she'd recorded. Jack read, "Thus, our story will live on -- not only in these pages, but in our traditions, in our memories, in our hearts." Jack's response moved Traci to tears. Jack embraced Traci and planted a brotherly kiss on her cheek. Billy said, "That's a hell of an accomplishment." Ashley added, "Everything was just so exquisite, every single word." Traci was touched and told her siblings that their reactions were making her cry. Ashley noted that they were all crying happy tears.

Jack was eager to celebrate the completion of the memoir with the rest of the family. After Abby, Dina, and Kyle joined in, Jack recognized Traci for her extraordinary accomplishment. The family applauded Traci as she blushed. Jack acknowledged that working alongside Traci as her researcher had been a truly humbling experience. Jack added that he was in awe of Traci's dedication, creativity, and tireless endurance. Jack's remarks were again met with applause.

Traci, in turn, gave Jack credit for being the world's greatest cowriter. Jack blushed. Jack was moved to tears when he explained how recalling his life had deepened his connection to his family, especially to his parents. Jack offered a toast to all the Abbotts present and to those yet to come. The family stood arm to arm and acknowledged Jack's toast in a tender moment in which their love and devotion seemed palpable, even to onlookers.

Colin claims Cane masterminded the will scam

Colin claims Cane masterminded the will scam

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

At Society, Devon told Nick that he was happy that they'd continue working together on New Hope, but he was sorry he wouldn't have the chance to vote for Nick. Devon thought that Nick's odds of getting elected to City Council had been pretty good, but Nick figured that the voters wouldn't have wanted a rich guy representing their interests. Devon clarified that Nick was an ex-rich guy, and Nick mentioned that he'd heard Devon had also given away his inheritance. Devon confirmed that he'd done it because he'd believed it had been the right thing to do, but he worried that he might have been scammed.

Devon filled Nick in about how Chance hadn't known anything about Katherine's will being forged or Amanda being hired to contest it. Devon added that Cane had sworn he hadn't been behind the scam, but Jill had suspected Colin, who she'd tracked down in the Maldives, and Chance had followed them there. Devon confided that he'd wanted to go himself, but Elena had talked him out of it. Devon worried that Elena had been helping him through one dark patch after another, and he thought she deserved better. Nick replied that Devon did, too.

Devon figured that there were worse things than losing his money, but he hated not knowing what Katherine's real wishes had been. Devon wondered what it said about him if he'd been tricked into giving up what his grandmother had wanted him to inherit. Nick pointed out that Devon had done his due diligence by getting the new will authenticated by an expert, and it wasn't Devon's fault if someone had lied. Nick called Devon a smart, honest man, and he contended that nothing anyone else had done changed that.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea straightened up the living room and placed a box of Connor's toys in the closet. Adam descended the stairs and informed her that Connor would be down shortly, and she hoped it was okay that she'd put everything back where it had been when she'd lived there. Adam shared that he'd kept everything in the same places when he'd moved back in, since it hadn't seemed right to rearrange things. He commented that it felt like they'd gone back in time with the three of them staying there, but she insisted that she'd just been keeping busy.

Adam assumed that performing mundane tasks helped to keep Chelsea's mind off other things, and she admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened with Simon. Adam imagined that it would take time for all of them, and he reported that Connor had been hard to read that morning. Chelsea worried that it was too soon for their son to go back to school, but Adam countered that the longer they waited, the harder it would be. She was glad they were getting Connor through it together, and Adam thought the night before had been a good start. Chelsea agreed that Connor had felt safe and protected, but she anticipated that eating junk food and playing board games wouldn't be enough.

Adam asked how Chelsea had slept, and she replied that she'd spent most of the night checking on Connor. Adam was sure Connor had relaxed, knowing she was there. Adam inquired whether she'd spoken to Nick that morning, and he imagined that his brother wasn't happy that she'd spent another night there. Chelsea asserted that Nick understood that Connor needed her, and she prepared to drop Connor off at school and talk to the principal about how to handle the situation. Adam was sure the kids at school had heard about what had happened, and he pledged to stay strong for Connor. Chelsea admitted that she felt guilty, but Adam lectured that it wouldn't help anyone.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Chelsea wailed that she'd expected the principal to help Connor transition back into school. Adam conceded that he'd been blindsided by the request that they withdraw Connor and homeschool him for a while. Adam worried that Connor wouldn't be with his friends when he went back, since he'd fallen so far behind. Chelsea wondered whether the principal had had Connor's best interests or the school's in mind, since such a drastic move would make Connor feel isolated. Adam questioned whether it was better than Connor thinking he couldn't escape what had happened. Sharon approached and inquired about Connor's first day back at school.

Sharon was sure the principal wouldn't have suggested taking Connor out of school unless it was in his best interests, but Chelsea groaned that it didn't make the decision any easier. Chelsea recalled that education hadn't been a top priority when she'd been running cons in her childhood, and she wanted things for Connor to be different. She dreamed about her son going to an Ivy League school like his dad, and Adam swore that Connor would do that if he wanted to. Chelsea worried that Connor would lose confidence in his abilities if he was held back a grade.

Sharon advised Adam and Chelsea to prioritize Connor's emotional well-being. Chelsea whined that all she wanted was for Connor to have the stability she'd missed having as a child, and she didn't want him to be the kid everyone was whispering about when none of it was his fault. Sharon commended Adam and Chelsea for working together to figure out what to do for their son, and she compared it to how she and Nick had always put their differences aside for Faith's sake. Sharon assured them that despite the rough days, things always got better.

Chelsea stepped to the patio to take a call from Nick. Nick asked how Connor was doing, and Chelsea vaguely stated that the principal's suggestions had been surprising. She added that she and Adam had a lot to figure out, and Nick volunteered to help. Chelsea preferred that she and Adam handle it, and Nick told her to let him know if he could do anything. They hung up.

Meanwhile, Sharon apologized for being reluctant to help Connor when Adam had first asked, but she'd felt that Connor had deserved a licensed therapist. Adam praised Sharon's work as being invaluable, and she recognized that she and Connor had connected. She explained that she'd become more confident as she'd completed her classwork and gotten closer to achieving her degree, and he thought she would make an amazing therapist. Sharon wanted to continue working with Connor if it was what Connor, Adam, and Chelsea wanted, and Adam insisted that they couldn't do it without her.

Chelsea returned and relayed that she'd fill Nick in on the details once they figured out what to do. Sharon told them to stay strong and stepped away. Chelsea asked Adam where they should start, but he wanted to talk about her first. Adam warned that it wouldn't do Connor any good if Chelsea kept heaping guilt on herself, but she regretted that her mistake could have killed her son. Adam encouraged her to stop beating herself up, but she bemoaned that their son was suffering because of the choices she'd made.

Adam noted that Connor's struggles hadn't started that day in the hotel. Adam agreed that he and Chelsea had to own their parts in what Connor was going through, but her guilt was making her lose sight of what was important. Adam recalled that when he'd gotten down on himself for screwing up as a kid, his mom had said what was done was done, and they could only go forward and do better. Adam urged Chelsea not to screw that opportunity up.

Sharon bumped into Nick at Society and extended her condolences about him dropping out of the race. She hoped that he'd consider running for office again when the commotion died down, but he intended to focus his time and energy on New Hope and supporting Chelsea. Sharon said she'd just seen Chelsea and Adam after they'd met with Connor's principal. Nick stated that Chelsea hadn't provided the details, but he thought she'd sounded down. Sharon lamented that Chelsea and Adam had a long road ahead of them, but she was sure they'd work it out together. Nick looked forlorn.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby ranted to Chloe about Phyllis using the hotel's security system as her own playground. They heard squeals from across the room, and they spotted two women excitedly surveying the lobby. The women approached the front desk and asked the clerk if they were in the right place. They could barely contain their glee when they realized they were at the Grand Phoenix Hotel, and they wondered if they'd be caught in a shootout, a drugging, or both. They seemed disappointed when Abby assured them that the hotel was crime-free.

Abby was taken aback that the women wanted to be in danger. The ladies shared that they'd read about the excitement, and they couldn't wait to check out the hotel and tell all their friends back in Muncie that they'd stayed at the infamous Grand Phoenix. They rambled about how they were there for a cosplay convention, and they described their costumes that befitted the "royalty throughout history" theme. Abby offered to check them in, and she observed that they had a lot of luggage. The women explained that they had a lot of accessories to make their costumes real, including authentic jewels.

Chloe imagined that the jewelry had cost a pretty penny, and the ladies bragged about how they'd saved up for a year, forgoing lattes and lotto tickets to secure the gems. Abby suggested that they lock the jewelry in their room safe or in the safe in the hotel office, and they decided to use the safe in their room while they explored the town. They inquired about hip, happening destinations, and Abby readily provided a recommendation about where to go. The women were thrilled when Abby upgraded them to a penthouse suite, and they headed to the elevator as they made plans to go to the fancy club Abby had told them about.

Chloe called Abby shameless for sending the guests to Society, but Abby figured that they needed to keep their customers happy. Abby thought they needed more guests like Roz and Sherry, who had picked the Grand Phoenix because it was a magnet for crime. Chloe cautioned against using that as a selling point, and Abby was grateful that at least no one knew someone had installed software to spy on everyone in the hotel. Abby wished Chance had stayed in town because she could use his expertise, but Chloe teased her for being interested in more than his professional advice.

Abby defended that she'd only been talking about Chance because he'd helped her figure out what Phyllis had been doing with the software, but Chloe pointed out that he was "super hot." Abby referred to Chloe's history with Chance and hoped she could provide some insight. Chloe recounted that she and Chance had been engaged for a minute, but he was an honest, straightforward guy who'd been way out of her league. Chloe thought Chance was off the charts on the decency scale, and she sensed that Abby was wondering if there was a bad boy lurking inside. Chloe imagined that Abby would be disappointed because Chance was always the one with the white hat.

Later, Abby asked Sherry how Society had been. Sherry gushed that it had been beyond fabulous, but the clubbing had pooped Roz out, so she'd gone up to their room. Abby prepared to give Sherry a voucher for free drinks, and Sherry praised how accommodating the hotel was. Roz burst in and yelled that they'd been robbed. Roz screeched that every last jewel was gone, and Abby urged her to calm down and tell what had happened. Roz reported that the safe had been empty when she'd returned to the room, and she'd torn the room apart to look for the missing jewelry.

Chloe prepared to call the police, but Roz and Sherry protested because they'd lied to their husbands about attending the convention after their spouses had given them grief about dressing in costumes and going to such events. The women insisted on finding the jewels without involving the police. Sherry clucked that the hotel wouldn't want the bad publicity, and she ordered Abby to find the jewels and requested that the free drinks be sent up to their room. Roz and Sherry headed to the elevator, and Chloe bet that Abby was missing Chance then.

In a hotel room in the Maldives, Colin presented Jill with some passion fruit juice for his passionflower. She wondered if there was such a thing as too much passion, but he reminded her that they'd always had fun by the bucketful. She questioned how he was paying for their fun, since she had checked to make sure he hadn't touched her credit cards. Colin implied that she wouldn't want to know, and Jill admitted that she was attracted to the bad boy in him -- but only to a point. She wasn't sure that she approved of his methods, but she told herself that he'd righted a wrong.

Colin questioned how bad he was allowed to be, but there was a knock at the door, and Colin found Chance there. Chance barked that he was technically out of his jurisdiction, but he'd made an exception for Colin. Jill called it a huge misunderstanding, but Chance barked that it seemed clear to him. Jill asked why Chance was there when she'd called to tell Cane that she had the situation under control. Chance sourly asked if that was what she called it, and he held up the Champagne bottle. She snapped that it was none of his business, but he countered that Colin's other extracurricular activities were.

Jill insisted that Chance had made a long trip for nothing, since Colin had posed as him for good reason. Chance snarled that Colin had broken the law, but Jill argued that the important thing was that Colin had righted a wrong. Chance doubted there was any way David Sherman and Colin had made changes to Katherine's will before the reading, and he thought Colin knew it. Chance proclaimed that Cane didn't deserve a penny of Katherine's money. "What?" Cane asked incredulously from the doorway.

Chance growled that fraud ran in the family, but Jill reiterated that Colin had only been trying to honor Katherine's wishes. Cane suggested that Chance let the people involved sort it out, but Chance scoffed at the thought of letting the criminals solve the crime. Cane insisted that he didn't know how the new will pages had turned up, but they'd been authenticated by an expert. Cane questioned whether Chance was accusing him and Jill of paying someone to lie, and the men argued. Jill scolded that it wasn't helping, and they had to stay calm and rational if they were going to resolve things.

Cane ordered Colin to step outside, since he could tell when his father was lying. Chance declared that he already knew the truth, and so did Colin. Colin blurted out that it had been Cane's idea, citing that Cane had had the most to gain. Colin confessed that he was complicit, but he claimed not to be the mastermind. Cane considered it "classic Colin" to get backed into a corner and lie to get out of it. Chance huffed that no one was buying it.

Colin questioned if it really mattered who had done what, since Devon had voluntarily given up his fortune, and the story was over with a happy ending. Cane maintained that Colin was saying it to save his own butt, but Colin defended that he never would have thought of hiring a lawyer who was a dead ringer for Hilary. Jill asked if Cane had been plotting the whole time to punish Devon. Cane swore that he would never use Katherine's memory to hurt anyone -- especially Devon after everything he'd been through. Cane considered himself the victim in all of it, and Colin chortled.

Chance argued that Cane was the one who'd turned over the papers, but Cane countered that the documents had been left for him to find. Colin prompted Cane to tell the truth instead of balancing all the lies, and Cane spat that Colin was the biggest liar he knew. Colin offered to provide proof, and he revealed that he'd gotten the money to pay for the place by taking money from Cane's account. Cane was shocked that his father had stolen Katherine's money from him. Colin tossed his Champagne glass at them as a distraction and ran out of the room as the glass shattered on the floor. Chance and Cane chased after him.

Chance dragged Colin back to the room. Colin claimed that he'd had a plane to catch, but Cane hissed that his father couldn't have stooped any lower. Colin guessed that Cane had returned to turn himself in. Cane vowed to do whatever it took to clear his name and get justice for Devon.

Kyle prepares for Theo's first day at Jabot

Kyle prepares for Theo's first day at Jabot

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

by Nel

At the penthouse, Connor informed Adam that he'd had another nightmare and that his stomach hurt. Adam asked Connor tell him about his nightmare, but Connor wanted his mother to come over. Adam said Chelsea was very busy. He said he wanted him and Connor to get through it as a team. Connor said he'd dreamed about something large and that it had been chasing him. He said when he'd woken up, he'd had a stomachache. Adam suggested that it might be a good idea for Connor to talk to Sharon, but Connor wanted his mother and suddenly doubled over with pain.

Adam called Chelsea. He told her about Connor's nightmare and that it had left him with a stomachache. Adam assured Chelsea the doctor was on his way.

At home, Nick walked into his living room with his bag packed for an overnight trip out of town. He told Chelsea he had a delivery from an office supply company, but he hadn't ordered anything. Chelsea tried to stop him from opening it, but Nick surmised the parcel was from Chelsea, and he dove into it. Chelsea cringed when Nick pulled out a nameplate that read "Nick Newman, Councilman." She apologized. She said she'd ordered it before the Simon Black hostage incident then she'd forgotten about it. At the time, she'd thought it had been a good way of showing her support for him. Nick said it was a very sweet gesture.

Feeling guilty, Chelsea told Nick that if she'd been honest with him from the beginning, she wouldn't have blown up his campaign, and she deeply regretted that she'd put Connor in danger because she had believed she could handle Simon Black.

Nick informed Chelsea that he was attending a conference about portable housing. He said it would be his way of doing good for the city. Chelsea said she was going to the hotel to repair things with Abby and the other people she'd hurt. She and Nick were about to kiss when Chelsea received a call from Adam. He told her about Connor's nightmare and stomach pain. Chelsea said that since Nick would be away for the night, she thought she'd stay at Adam's. Nick told her to do whatever she needed to in order to help Connor. Chelsea left, but Nick didn't look happy.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Victoria he had an appointment with Dr. Clay. He claimed it was fun figuring out what to do with the rest of his life. He kissed her and left.

At Jabot, Kyle greeted Summer. He surprised her with her new business cards that indicated she was Vice President of Marketing. He showed her his new business cards showing he was COO of Jabot. Kyle complained that Theo was late. Summer said she'd given Theo some homework. Kyle promised he would keep an open mind about Theo.

A short time later, Theo arrived. He told Summer he wanted to take her out for lunch on his expense account. Summer told him that when they were at work, they had to follow the rules. During working hours, it would be all business between them. Theo said he would do whatever was thrown at him. Kyle had been eavesdropping and he rolled his eyes when Theo bragged to Summer that he would silence all the doubters.

Kyle joined Theo and Summer and welcomed Theo to Jabot. He reminded Theo that he had more than one boss. Theo assured Kyle that he had studied the organizational chart and would rely on Kyle and Summer to point him in the right direction. Kyle told Theo to stop sucking up because he'd seen Theo's act before, but Theo claimed he meant it. He said he'd been hired because Jack had always put a lot of stock in family. Theo claimed he wanted to be an asset at Jabot. He reminded Kyle that he was well versed in social media. Kyle said it was a nice pitch, but Theo countered that he wasn't pitching because he already had the job.

Kyle, Summer, and Theo entered Jack's office where Theo's team was waiting. Theo introduced himself and said that teammates supported each other and that there were no bad ideas. They all needed to communicate. He said they needed to get out and make things happen. The team applauded, and they left. Kyle and Summer commented that Theo's speech had been impressive. Summer took Theo on a tour of Jabot.

After Summer and Theo left, Kyle stood puzzled for a moment. He went online to check for motivational speeches. He groaned when he came across a site that was almost word for word of Theo's speech. Kyle groaned and said, "I should have known."

A short time later, Summer returned and told Kyle the team really liked Theo. Kyle admitted that Theo had charisma, but Theo's speech had been full of clichés and was all smoke and mirrors. Summer claimed that at the moment, she didn't like Kyle very much. Kyle apologized and said he had to go out for a while.

After Kyle left, Theo caught up to Summer at reception. He said he was really pumped after his first day. Summer smiled awkwardly as Theo hugged her repeatedly.

In Dr. Clay's office, Billy informed her that he'd quit his executive position at Jabot. He said that he'd remembered that she'd said he always blamed someone else and that it was time for him to look in the mirror. Billy told her that he was able to see the bigger picture and what drove him. He knew there was something out there for him, and he just had to find it.

Dr. Clay told Billy that he'd been looking for a quick fix, but it didn't exist. She said Billy needed to look at his past mistakes and to understand each of the underlying reasons for his behavior. Billy admitted that he'd made a lot of enemies and that he'd sabotaged his relationships. Dr. Clay asked Billy if he liked himself. The question gave Billy pause for thought. He asked if she believed he had low self-esteem.

Dr. Clay stated that Billy had sabotaged himself because he felt unworthy. Billy admitted he'd slept with his brother's wife, and he'd gambled away the company yacht. He said he had Victoria and the kids, and things between them were great. He said he was determined to make things work. Dr. Clay stated that if Billy hadn't felt that way in his previous relationships, then the pattern wouldn't change until he figured out the root cause. She asked again if Billy liked himself. Billy said there were a lot of people who loved him, but he couldn't trust them. He said he would start his day all gung-ho but feeling unworthy; he wondered why he should bother.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Victoria he was surprised that Billy had quit Jabot, and he asked what was next for Billy. Victoria said she didn't know, but Billy was enjoying the search for his next challenge. Victoria asked about Chelsea. Nick said they had hit a rough patch. He said it felt like they were on two different tracks, going in opposite directions, but he believed they would get through it.

Victoria asked Nick if he would be at the ranch for Thanksgiving. Nick said he would be there, but he wasn't sure whether Chelsea would be up for it. He didn't think Victor would want Adam there. He told Victoria that earlier, Chelsea had received a phone call from Adam about Connor. She'd chosen to stay at Adam's because of Connor. Nick stated that it hadn't been easy for Chelsea to let Connor live with Adam, but she intended to do the best she could for Connor.

After Victoria left, Nick picked up his phone and checked Chelsea's contact information. He looked grim, put on his jacket, and left.

As soon as Chelsea arrived at Adam's, Connor claimed his stomachache was much better since she'd arrived. While Connor was in the kitchen, Adam told Chelsea that the doctor had told him that stomach pains usually occurred when kids were under a lot of stress. Adam said the dreams were recurring and more intense, and Connor was stuck in panic mode.

Chelsea told Adam she'd believed that things had been getting better. She berated herself for not having been honest with Adam about the reason she'd wanted Adam to take Connor out of town. She said that, had she been truthful, he and Connor wouldn't have been at the Grand Phoenix and involved in the hostage incident. Adam claimed they both carried a lot of guilt.

Adam told Chelsea the doctor had suggested they consult with a child therapist. He and Chelsea agreed to work with Sharon. Adam said the doctor thought it was important that he and Chelsea show a united front. Adam assured Chelsea he didn't have an agenda. He admitted he didn't like Nick, but he didn't want to interfere in Nick and Chelsea's relationship.

Connor reappeared. He told Chelsea he was happy she was there. He said he felt a lot better, and his stomachache was gone. Chelsea confirmed she would stay a couple of days. Connor stated that the monsters couldn't get him if they were all together.

Kyle arrived at Society and sat down at a table with Lola. She asked Kyle how things had gone with Theo on his first day at Jabot. She said it had been cute to watch Theo prepare for his first day because he wanted to make a good first impression. Kyle smiled, but he wasn't impressed.

Billy arrived at Newman. He told Victoria he'd brought her favorite lunch, a cheeseburger and fries. He also gave her a single red rose. Victoria was delighted. Billy said that facing his demons hadn't been easy, but he felt he was in a good place. He claimed he'd also made the right decision about leaving Jabot. They kissed, but they were interrupted by Victoria's conference call. Billy left.

Billy walked to the elevator. He looked lost. He watched as Victoria's assistant entered her office, and the door shut behind her.

Adam asks Chelsea to move in with him

Adam asks Chelsea to move in with him

Thursday, November 28, 2019

by Nel

At his penthouse, Devon told Elena that Chance had said the cops had done everything they could. Elena said Colin had been arrested and that Cane hadn't been involved in the scam, but Devon claimed it hadn't been enough. He wanted answers.

Chance and Amanda arrived, and Cane arrived moments later. Devon accused Cane of being a con, but Cane said that Colin had pretended to be him. Chance told everyone that David Sherman and Tucker hadn't changed Katherine's will and that they'd never met. He said Simon Black and Colin had worked together in the currency exchange business, and criminals loved to brag. Colin couldn't brag enough about the scam he'd pulled off, and Simon had chosen to flip on Colin.

Devon told Chance that Colin had hidden the money, and no one could tell them where it was. Devon looked pointedly at Cane and said that Colin wasn't the only one who had information. Amanda asked how Colin had managed to get his hands on the money. Devon told her that it had happened when she had set up the trust funds for Cane's kids. Cane said Colin had done that before Cane had known that Colin had been involved in the scam. Devon accused Cane of trying to play the victim. Cane retorted that losing Lily had changed him, but Devon didn't believe him.

Devon told Cane that Colin hadn't worked alone, and he wanted to know why Cane shouldn't be locked up. Cane stated that if Chance had thought he was guilty, Chance would have had him locked up. Devon stated that Cane was a pro at cover-up. Cane swore he hadn't been part of the scam. Devon wanted to know why Colin had implicated Cane. Cane explained that when Colin was cornered, he would say or do whatever it took to extricate himself. Devon surmised that Cane had partially blamed him when Cane's marriage had fallen apart. Devon thought that Cane wanted to take something from him that had a lot of emotional significance. Cane spouted that he would never desecrate Katherine's memory that way.

Cane denied Devon's accusation. He said that losing Lily had changed him and that it had been the reason he'd stepped away from Chancellor Industries and why he'd started working with ex-cons. Devon scoffed and said that Cane had worked with the ex-cons because he wanted to win Lily back. Cane admitted that might have been his original motivation, but it had taken him a long time to reconcile that he and Lily wouldn't reunite. He said he'd been trying to make up for his screw-ups, and he only wanted to be a decent parent for his kids. He swore he would never steal from Devon.

When Amanda was about to leave, Devon stopped her and asked if she was in a rush to get a cut of the billion-dollar payday. Amanda assured him she'd had nothing to do with the scam. She was sorry Devon had gotten hurt, but she'd been a victim, as well. Devon said she wasn't as innocent as she claimed. Amanda said she was an attorney, and she'd thought she'd taken on a legitimate case. Devon said it hadn't mattered because she would walk away with a huge retainer and a bonus for setting up Cane's kids' trust funds.

Amanda informed Devon that she'd never met Colin, and she'd had nothing to do with any plan to defraud him or Katherine's estate. She said she'd arrived in Genoa City with honest intentions. She wondered why Devon didn't believe her. Astounded, Elena asked if Amanda had looked in the mirror lately and stated that if she had, she wouldn't have wondered why Devon didn't believe her. Amanda said they couldn't blame her for the way she looked. Elena told Amanda that she should have left town the moment she'd realized how much pain she would cause Devon. Amanda told Elena to take it up with Colin.

Elena accused Amanda of using her resemblance to Hilary to help Colin steal Devon's inheritance. Amanda said that Elena couldn't blame her for Devon's willingness to hand over his fortune. Devon said he should have listened to his instincts and never trusted Amanda or Cane. Cane wondered why, if he was guilty, he wouldn't have disappeared with the money. Devon claimed that Cane wouldn't leave his family. Cane wanted his kids and the money, and Devon was certain that Cane had attempted to win Lily back. Devon wondered how Lily would feel when she found out what Cane had done.

Elena told Devon that Lily would probably feel the same way Nate had when she'd told him to stay away from that cold-hearted bitch Amanda. Amanda asked Elena if she was really that insecure or if she was worried about losing access to all that money. Cane interjected. He said that if they kept attacking each other, the only winner would be Colin. He said Colin had damaged their reputations, made them question their judgment, and sullied Katherine's memory. Cane told Devon he would track down the money and return it to the person who Katherine had wanted to give it to.

At Adam's penthouse, Connor told Adam and Chelsea that the monster was no longer chasing him, but it was inside him and trying to eat him up. Worried, Adam called Sharon for help.

At Jabot, Theo gave his team a pep talk and said that he wanted five new ideas for customer emojis. Kyle and Summer stood in the background and listened. They were impressed, but Kyle wondered if the idea had been Theo's. Summer pointed out that the previous day, Kyle had complained that Theo had no ideas, but a day later, he wondered where Theo had come up with that great idea. He accused Theo of stealing the idea. Kyle said he wasn't the only one who had doubts about Theo working at Jabot.

Summer told Kyle she'd had her doubts in the beginning, but Theo had done a good job. Kyle told her that Theo was sucking up. He said Theo always worked the angles. He asked if Summer had wondered how Theo had managed to get Kyle to pay Theo's way out of trouble in New York. Kyle said that when he'd moved back to Genoa City, Theo had seen the change in him, and Theo had found another way to get his ticket punched.

Summer asked Kyle if he was referring to her. Kyle said yes -- her, Phyllis, Abby, Mariah, Devon -- the list was endless. He said that Theo always looked for a shortcut. That was how Theo lived his life, all flash and no substance. At that moment, Theo joined Summer and Kyle. He said he had some rough ideas for the emojis.

Later, alone with Summer, Theo asked if she'd had a chance to look at his emoji markups. She admitted she hadn't, but she asked how things were going. Theo said his team was smart, well-trained, and hyped. She asked what management tools he planned to input. Theo sensed that Summer was concerned that he hadn't taken his job seriously. He said that Summer had claimed that the ideas he'd shared had been really good. He claimed she'd sounded surprised. He wondered if the person doubting him was his boss or his girlfriend, and he walked away.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Abby that their female guests couldn't provide an accurate description of the missing jewelry. When Phyllis asked what Abby was doing, Abby grumbled that she was doing everything, since Chelsea hadn't been around much. Abby questioned why Phyllis' security system had failed to work at the moment the jewelry had been stolen. Phyllis wondered if the women had done something to the cameras or even if a crime had been committed. She claimed the whole thing seemed sketchy. Abby retorted that the only thing sketchy was Phyllis. Abby offered to buy Phyllis out, or else she would provide Phyllis with a fat check every week. Phyllis declined Abby's offer.

Chance arrived at the hotel. When Phyllis spotted him, she asked if he wanted a room for one or if he had brought a criminal with him. Chance asked if Phyllis ever got tired of being the person everyone crossed the street to avoid. Undaunted, Phyllis said she knew some things about him and Adam in Vegas that could hurt him. Chance said she was bluffing, and she didn't know anything. Phyllis said she knew what had happened in Vegas and that Chance was worried. It was the reason he was helping Abby prove that the security system she'd installed had been for illicit reasons.

Chance told Phyllis it wasn't about her. He said he didn't have an ulterior motive -- he was merely doing a favor for a friend. Phyllis said it was too bad he hadn't found anything. Chance informed her that the experts at the agency would find any hint of an unlawful breach. He said if Phyllis claimed she'd done nothing wrong, then she had nothing to worry about, and he walked away.

When Sharon arrived, she told Adam and Chelsea that she needed to be alone with Connor. After Adam and Chelsea left, Sharon and Connor talked about Thanksgiving and how happy Connor was when he and his parents were all together. Connor told her that the monster never left. Sharon assured him that Adam would protect him from the monster. Connor claimed the monster was too strong for Adam and that the monster was mean and scary. Sharon assured him he was safe. Connor didn't want to talk about the monster anymore.

When Chelsea arrived at the hotel, Abby told her about the robbery. Abby said they needed to do damage control, and if they didn't find the jewelry, they would have to pay the women out of their own pockets. Chelsea growled that Phyllis' security system was useless. Abby said it was almost as useless as Phyllis. Chelsea received a text message from Sharon asking her to return home. Abby told her to go. She had things under control.

After Chelsea left, Abby received a call from a guest who informed her they had been robbed. When Abby told Phyllis, Phyllis thought Abby was joking. Abby said they had to call the police. Phyllis realized Abby hadn't been joking, and she agreed the police needed to be called.

At Society, Adam was having a drink at the bar when Chance arrived. Adam was surprised to see him. Chance said that what had happened in Vegas had been a game-changer. He thanked Adam and said he owed him. Adam said they'd helped each other, but he didn't want to be reminded of what had gone down in Nevada. He said he needed to focus on Connor. At that moment, Adam received a text message from Sharon asking him to return home. Adam told Chance he had to leave, but he never wanted to talk about the Nevada incident again. Adam left.

Kyle arrived at Society and went into the kitchen with Lola. He griped to Lola that Theo had begun to pull his Theo bull. He said Theo had strutted and pretended to be a marketing genius. Kyle said if Theo turned out to be good for Jabot, he would be the first to welcome him, but if Theo hurt Kyle's family's company, Kyle would make Theo pay. Lola told Kyle not to be so quick to make Theo an enemy. Kyle claimed it was easier said than done, especially when there was so much at risk. Lola suggested that Kyle needed to allow Theo to do his job, and if he was up to the job, everyone would know soon enough. Kyle said he would back off for the moment, but he gave it a month before Theo crashed and burned.

Chance returned to the Grand Phoenix. Abby told him there had been another robbery, and Phyllis' brilliant security system hadn't captured anything. She told Chance the jewelry had been taken from the safe in both rooms. Chance offered to stay in Genoa City to help her. She claimed he was her hero.

Chance and Abby were interrupted when Chance received a call from Colin. Shocked, Chance asked how Colin had gained access to a phone and Chance's location. Colin refused to provide any information, but he did say he was a few steps ahead of Chance. Colin laughed and said that those pesky agents had forgotten to lock his cuffs, and he was on the lam. Chance threatened to track him down. Colin wished him luck, said he had a plane to catch, and ended the call.

Adam and Chelsea returned to the penthouse. Sharon told them she thought Connor was suffering from PTSD. She said the monster in Connor's dream represented the trauma he'd experienced and that he'd had no control over it. Adam asked how they could fix it. Sharon told him she would reach out to her professor, who had experience in childhood trauma. Sharon felt Connor would benefit from intense therapy, but Chelsea and Adam would need to work closely with Connor's therapist for it to be effective.

Chelsea blamed herself for Connor's condition, but Sharon sternly told Chelsea that blaming herself wouldn't help her or Connor. Sharon said they needed to identify the problem before they could proceed.

After Sharon left, Chelsea asked what they were going to do. Adam said they would do whatever it took, but he didn't think it would be enough. After she saw the look on Adam's face, horrified, Chelsea asked if Adam was contemplating having Connor admitted into a mental hospital. Chelsea refused to consider that option.

Adam told Chelsea that therapy once a week was insufficient. Chelsea claimed they would be there for Connor 24/7, and they could schedule more than a weekly session. Adam said Connor needed more than love. They needed to be completely committed to helping Connor, and that couldn't happen if she had one foot at Nick's house. He said that Chelsea had a tough decision to make. She needed to move into the penthouse, and she had to decide who her priority was, Nick or Connor.

Genoa City celebrates Thanksgiving

Genoa City celebrates Thanksgiving

Friday, November 29, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Rey and Sharon organized food donations for the Thanksgiving dinner the coffeehouse was hosting for the less fortunate. She figured it was a way to focus her energy without her kids there, since Faith was at boarding school, Noah was busy in London, and Mariah was planning to get together with some friends. Sharon bemoaned that she missed Mariah after they'd spent the past few Thanksgivings together, and Rey spotted Mariah walk in and replied that he thought Mariah missed Sharon, too. Mariah mentioned that her plans had been pushed back a few hours, so she had time to help. The women hugged.

Elena and Nate arrived at the coffeehouse to help on their lunch break. Mariah bet that Elena wished she'd gone with Devon to see Ana and Jett, but Elena accepted that residents had to work on holidays. Nate explained that he'd volunteered to work so that people with families could spend time with their kids. Mariah and Elena marveled at the fact that he was still single, and they contemplated who they could set him up with. Nate asserted that his personal life was going just fine, and Elena tried to guess who he'd been dating. Amanda arrived and eyed them from across the room.

Sharon handed Amanda an apron and thanked her for volunteering. Nate observed that it was a good look for Amanda, and she crowed that she could rock a hair net. She thought she didn't have to wonder what he was thankful for, and he thanked her for helping him to keep doing what he loved. He wondered why she wasn't with family, and she replied that they weren't close. He assumed that it made the holidays tough on her, and she suggested that he help her scoop stuffing.

Lola and Kyle entered with more food, and Lola applauded Elena for helping before her shift. Elena mentioned that she was in the middle of it, but she became distracted when she saw Nate and Amanda happily chitchatting. Lola recognized Amanda as Nate's lawyer and mentioned that Nate had introduced them the other day. "Lucky you," Elena sourly replied, and she warned Lola to steer clear because Amanda was a snake.

As they served food, Rey asked Lola if she'd talked to their mom. Lola planned to call Celeste in a few minutes, and their phones simultaneously chimed with photos Celeste had sent of the pies she'd made. Rey imagined it was to show them what they were missing, and he groaned that their mom was taking it to the next level with baby pictures. Rey anticipated that Celeste wouldn't stop until they called. Lola invited him and Sharon to join her and Kyle at the Abbott house later, but Rey preferred having some quiet time with Sharon instead.

On the patio, Kyle told Mariah that Dina would be home for the afternoon. Mariah inquired whether Theo would be there, and Kyle revealed that Theo had been invited but had decided against going. Mariah was glad that Kyle was getting a break from his new cousin, and she suggested that absence might make the heart grow fonder. Kyle thought it would take a much longer break, like a business trip to Antarctica. Mariah advised Kyle to count his blessings and not his problems. Kyle gazed over at Lola and mused that he had a lot of blessings.

Meanwhile, Amanda told Lola where to find more serving spoons in the kitchen. Rey asked Amanda how she knew Lola, and Amanda said she'd been doing legal work for Nate, who had introduced them. Rey thought he and Amanda might cross paths because he was a detective, but she informed him that she specialized in estates and trusts, so it was unlikely.

Elena groused to Nate that she'd expected Amanda to leave town by then, but Nate indicated that Amanda was considering staying. Elena spat that it was unbelievable, but Nate defended that Amanda couldn't help that she had Hilary's face. Elena became incensed that he was taking Amanda's side over his cousin's, and she called Amanda a con artist who'd helped Colin steal billions of dollars. Nate countered that Amanda felt terrible about everything, but Elena huffed that he was letting Amanda play him. Elena stormed off to return to work.

Nate told Amanda that he had to get back to work, and he asked if she planned to stick around. She thought so, and he wondered if she meant that day or long term. She admitted that she was seriously considering staying in Genoa City, and he offered to send his real estate agent's contact information. Amanda realized that she had to give him her new number, and he was surprised she'd changed it. She claimed that she'd been getting annoying spam calls.

After the dinner was over, Rey hugged Lola and Kyle goodbye. Sharon embraced Mariah and said it had meant a lot to have her there that day. Mariah enthused that she'd loved seeing Sharon run the show and touch people's lives, and she was proud to be Sharon's daughter.

Once alone, Sharon murmured to Rey that the day had been about more than just serving a meal. Rey had found it inspiring to see strangers sitting around and sharing stories, and Sharon mentioned that she'd overheard Lola offer someone a job interview. Rey revealed that it had been to a single mother who had reminded Lola of Celeste, and Sharon hoped it worked out. Rey credited Sharon for promoting the true spirit of generosity that had been in the room, and he wondered if she had the energy for one dance. He turned on the jukebox and took her into his arms.

At Nick's house, Nick asked if Summer was sure that she didn't want to go with him to the ranch for Thanksgiving dinner. She explained that she'd promised to spend the day with Theo, who'd had all the family he could handle with the Abbotts, so he didn't need any Newman family drama. Nick argued that his parents hadn't invited Adam, so the chance of drama had dropped by 100 percent. Nick good-naturedly tried to guilt Summer into going, and she agreed to stop by for a few minutes.

Summer wondered if Chelsea and Connor would be joining Nick, since Chelsea had been spending a lot of time at Adam's. Nick mentioned that Chelsea and Connor would be meeting him at the ranch, and Summer questioned whether he really expected them to make it. Nick recognized that things hadn't gone as planned lately, and Summer reasoned that Chelsea was doing what she thought was best for Connor. Nick sensed that Adam was trying to exploit the situation for his own benefit, and he refused to let Adam get away with it.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea tried to convince Adam that it would be good for Connor to go to the ranch. Adam argued that it would be noisy and chaotic, and he preferred to give Connor a quiet day at home. She wanted their son to feel like a normal kid by playing with his cousins and visiting the horses. Adam surmised that Chelsea was pushing the idea because it was what Nick wanted, but she swore that it had nothing to do with Nick and that she knew what her son needed. She added that she didn't want Connor to be completely dependent on Adam when the boy had a whole family who loved him. Chelsea noted that neither she nor Adam had had that, and she was determined that their son would.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki described the abundance of food they had and imagined that they'd have leftovers for days. She indicated that Victoria and her family were on their way, and she hoped that Nick could convince Summer to make an appearance. Victor expected Abby to stop by before she went to the Abbott house. Nikki understood that Abby wanted to see her mother, since Ashley would only be in town for a few days. Victor inquired about Chelsea and Connor, since he thought Connor should be there to hang out with his cousins. Nikki clucked that it ultimately depended on Chelsea.

Victoria and Billy arrived and reported that they'd dropped the kids off at the stables with Hannah to tend to the horses. Billy remarked that the children were earning their keep, and Victor teased Billy for not doing the same. Billy quipped that Victor had made retirement look so good that he'd wanted to follow Victor's lead. Billy added that it was important to spend time with his kids at their age, and Victor offered them something to drink. Nikki went to check on the food, and Victoria apologized that her dad had been needling Billy.

Billy joked that he wouldn't take away Victor's favorite pastime, and Victoria imagined that her dad really missed Adam that day. Billy muttered that they wouldn't have to check the cranberry sauce for poison, but Victoria worried that the talk of being with kids while they were young had hit a nerve. Victor distributed drinks as Nick and Chelsea arrived. Nikki hoped it would be a joyful day for Chelsea and Connor after everything they'd been through. Nick mentioned that Connor and Christian had joined Johnny and Katie at the stables.

Nikki announced that Victor's health had improved, and Nate had given his approval for travel. Victor intended to rent a villa in Switzerland and have the entire family join them. Victoria loved the idea of teaching the kids to ski, and Nikki asked if Chelsea thought Connor would enjoy it. Chelsea believed that Connor would normally love it, but he'd been suffering from anxiety and nightmares, and she feared it would be too long to be away from his dad. Nick offered to discuss it and get back to his parents.

Victor and Nick went to get the kids, and Chelsea abruptly excused herself to wash her hands before dinner. Nikki worried that it had been a mistake to mention Switzerland, and Victoria blabbed that things were strained between Nick and Chelsea because she was staying at Adam's.

Later, Nikki was glad when Summer stopped by in time for dessert. Summer asked Chelsea if she'd missed anything good, and Chelsea exclaimed that Connor was having a blast. Chelsea mentioned that Victor was showing the kids his new pinball machine, and she thought he was having more fun than the children were. Chelsea imagined that Connor would be excited to see Summer, who intended to smother him in hugs. Summer recognized that she'd been tough on Chelsea at first, but she pledged to be there if Chelsea needed anything.

Meanwhile, Nick asked Nikki what was going on with Victor, who seemed too happy. Nick recounted that he and his father had engaged in a nice chat on their way to the stables, with nothing about Nick's failed campaign or Chelsea's past. Nikki thought Victor's priorities had shifted for the better, and she encouraged Nick just to enjoy it the way she was. Victor approached Summer and called her his favorite granddaughter, and she softly replied that she'd mostly forgiven him. They hugged, and he said he loved her and wished her a happy Thanksgiving.

Nikki declared that it was time for her favorite tradition -- hearing what everyone was most thankful for. She was thankful for Victor's improved health and his stepping back from work to finally enjoy life to the fullest. Victoria was grateful for her parents, who were the grounding force of their family. Victoria also commended Billy for being the backbone of their family while she pursued her dream of taking the reins at Newman. Billy shared that he was "grateful as hell" to have his family back, and Nick echoed the sentiment, since he felt blessed to have Christian back home.

Nick thanked his dad for being there and giving all of them what they needed, and he felt lucky to have Chelsea and Connor back in his life. Chelsea thanked Nick for always having her back and letting her know that she didn't have to go through things alone. Victor proclaimed his gratitude for the physical and emotional healing that had taken place that year. He continued that nothing filled his heart with greater joy than to hear his grandkids running around, shouting and laughing, and he sent his love to the family who couldn't be there. Nikki and Victor kissed, as did Billy and Victoria. Nick squirmed and offered to get Chelsea a refill.

After their guests left, Nikki asked if Victor had enjoyed Thanksgiving. He contended that everything they'd been through had been worthwhile because that night had been the result of all of it, and he'd loved every moment of it. Nikki said it had always been her dream to be there with him, surrounded by the people they loved, and she hadn't been sure it would happen. They exchanged words of love, and she mused that it was what she was most thankful for. They kissed.

Phyllis arrived at Adam's penthouse, and he asked "what the hell" she was doing there. She sarcastically wondered if she was interrupting a big family gathering, and she pretended to smell turkey and pie. She pointed out that it was the same old, dreary bachelor pad, but he considered his high-end penthouse with a fully stocked bar to be heaven on earth. She imagined that she was his best option that night, and she held up a bag of takeout.

Adam waited for an apology from Phyllis after she'd barged into his home the last time she'd been there. She recalled that Adam had been with Chance, and she insinuated that she'd learned something interesting from the conversation. Phyllis recounted that Adam had felt uncomfortable talking about Simon in front of a federal agent and that he'd suddenly become protective of Chelsea, even though he'd tried to implicate her in her husband's death. Adam feigned amazement that Phyllis had solved the case of people behaving differently in different situations.

Phyllis argued that she'd made a beautiful Thanksgiving gesture to help a friend in need, but Adam snapped that he didn't need anything from her. She said she felt bad for him, since his family had begged him to return, only to treat him like an outcast, and she didn't want him to be alone. She thought that they could agree that being alone sucked, and he guessed that Summer was at the ranch. Phyllis reported that Summer was with her boyfriend, and Adam coolly noted that it had been awhile since Phyllis had had one of those. She retorted that his last word would probably be "Rosebud." After a moment, he turned the topic to the food and offered her some wine. She went to get plates.

Phyllis complained that no one had found Chelsea complicit in the hostage situation, yet people had investigated Phyllis instead. Adam lectured that Phyllis had no one to blame but herself, since she'd been the one who'd installed and then reset the hotel's security system. Adam wondered what Phyllis had intended to accomplish by putting her own special touches in the system, and she bragged that what she'd done would have worked if Simon hadn't held everyone hostage that day. Adam grumbled that he was sorry his near-death experience had been an inconvenience, but Phyllis was sure he would never die. He thought she sounded disappointed.

Phyllis insisted that Adam was her friend, and she was thankful that he was still alive and kicking, even if most of the time he was kicking her when she was down. He flatly asked what she was up to, but she swore that she was only there on a mission of mercy. Phyllis questioned why he was suddenly Chelsea's champion as well as Chance's ally, but she guessed that Adam wasn't going to divulge anything about them.

Adam reiterated that he was out of the scheming business, especially regarding his father. Phyllis implied that they had more in common than he thought, since she'd decided she was out of the revenge game, too. She contemplated where revenge had gotten them other than alone together, and he commented that he could think of worse ways to spend the holiday. She called the sentiment sweet.

Phyllis read the message in her fortune cookie, which said a friend was a present one gave themselves. He asked what she'd wanted it to say, and she desired world domination and complete adoration. Adam recognized that she knew what she wanted and made it happen, but he cautioned that getting what one wanted wasn't always a good thing. He cited how messing with his dad's health had almost ruined both his and Victor's lives. Phyllis figured that Adam had learned from the mistake, and she thought he deserved to get exactly what he wanted. He responded that she did, too, and he clinked his glass against hers.

Later, Chelsea returned to the penthouse, and Adam inquired whether Connor had had fun. Chelsea chirped that it was an understatement, and Adam conceded that she'd made the right call. She spotted two wine glasses on the table and remarked that it looked like he'd enjoyed himself, too. He mentioned that he and Phyllis had shared some Chinese food, and Chelsea bet that Phyllis had served up a helping of complaints about her. Adam asked if Chelsea was going back to Nick's, but she opted to stay there if it was all right. Adam readily agreed. She started to head upstairs, but her eye caught the wine glasses again.

Nick returned home and received a text message from Chelsea, who informed him that she was staying at Adam's again and would see Nick in the morning. Exasperated, Nick tossed the phone aside without responding.

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