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Adam forced Michael to withdraw from Nick's case. The judge denied both Nick and Adam custody and appointed Victoria as Christian's guardian. Rey walked out on Sharon. Victoria suggested that she and Phyllis work together to take Adam down. Abby and Nate made love.
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The judge denied both Nick and Adam custody and appointed Victoria as Christian's guardian
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Adam plays dirty

Adam plays dirty

Monday, July 22, 2019

At Nick's house, Chelsea expressed concern to Nick about the custody hearing as he prepared to head out the door. Nick, sounding confident, said he anticipated returning home to resume his role as Christian's father. Nick said he had evidence to prove that Adam would be an unfit father. Chelsea remained apprehensive. Chelsea reminded Nick that he'd be dealing with Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Michael nervously sweetened his coffee while awaiting Adam's call. When Adam phoned, Michael angrily said, "What?" Adam replied, "Just making sure we're good to go." Michael looked over his shoulder and said he was waiting for Nick. Adam said he wished he could be present when Michael delivered the news. Annoyed, Michael said he'd speak to Adam later.

At Adam's penthouse, Kevin sat at a table while working on his laptop. Adam asked Kevin if he was good to go. Kevin briefly glared at Adam and replied, "Unfortunately, yes." Adam mumbled about Kevin and Michael feeling bad about what they were doing to Nick. Kevin noted that Adam was forcing them to blow up Nick's life. Adam claimed that Nick had no one to blame but himself.

Adam met with Brenda, his attorney, at Society. Brenda cautioned Adam not to underestimate Michael Baldwin. Adam replied, "I have no doubt he will do exactly what he's supposed to do." Brenda explained that winning the case wouldn't be easy. Adam was confident the outcome would be favorable to him. Brenda told Adam that a custody battle could be difficult.

Brenda began coaching Adam about responding to questions related to his life in Las Vegas. Adam responded that he'd had amnesia, which had caused him to forget that he had a son. Brenda followed up by asking Adam how he planned to explain why he'd neglected to foster a relationship with his son after his memory had returned. Adam claimed he hadn't wanted to confuse or frighten Christian and hadn't initially felt connected to his son.

Phyllis overheard Adam's comment, rushed over, and sarcastically said, "Oh, that deep connection a father feels for the son that he rejected." Phyllis suggested that Adam forgo the hearing and join her at the bar, where she'd console his loss. Adam insisted that Phyllis would see him later at the bar with Christian. Brenda, taken aback, said she wasn't sure there was anything else for her to say to her client. Adam leaned forward and instructed Brenda to keep her eyes on her phone during the hearing. Brenda noted that doing so would be against the rules. Phyllis explained that Adam was up to no good.

Nick joined Michael at Crimson Lights to touch base before the hearing. Nick assured Michael he wouldn't let Adam get to him. Nick, ready to move forward, stood up and said, "Let's go win this thing." Michael asked Nick to sit down to hear bad news about the case. Michael explained that in the past, he'd made a donation to a charitable cause headed up by the judge's wife. Nick said he didn't understand why it might pose a problem if Michael filed a disclosure statement. Michael noted that the second he did, Adam's attorney would demand he withdraw from the case.

Michael explained that if he stayed on as Nick's counsel, it could backfire later, and Nick would be accused of bribing a judge. Nick requested a different judge. Michael suggested that Brittany step in and argue the case. Nick cried that Adam had gotten to Michael. Michael defended himself and advised Nick to use the extra time to dig up more dirt on Adam. Nick, angry, said, "You are bailing on me, and I don't buy the reason why." Lauren arrived as Nick was leaving. After Lauren asked Nick what was going on, Nick replied, "Ask your husband."

Lauren approached Michael and asked what had happened. Michael mentioned the donation and said he'd dropped the ball. Lauren was suspicious and noted that Michael was being cavalier about a serious issue. Michael turned the tables and said he would have appreciated Lauren's support. Lauren seemed bewildered and worried about Michael's behavior.

After Michael abruptly left, Kevin entered the coffeehouse and attempted to get a cup of coffee without Lauren spotting him. Lauren saw Kevin and asked him to join her. Lauren noted that Michael had been on edge since Kevin had returned to Genoa City. Lauren asked Kevin if he'd gotten Michael mixed up in something. Kevin denied involvement.

Lauren asked Kevin why he'd extended his stay instead of returning home to his daughter. Kevin insisted he'd had nothing to do with Adam Newman. Lauren, noting that Michael had abandoned Nick in the middle of his custody battle, said she assumed that whatever was going on was related to Michael's concern for Kevin. Kevin offered no explanation, further frustrating Lauren. Kevin told Lauren to have faith in her husband.

When Nick returned home, he told Chelsea that Michael had withdrawn from the case. Nick said that somehow, Adam had gotten to Michael. Chelsea asked Nick what he planned to do. Nick cried that Brittany was unavailable. Nick refused to put off the hearing, because Christian was aware that something was going on. Chelsea advised Nick not to attend the hearing without legal representation. Nick said Adam's case was weak because all he had as evidence was the paternity test and an illegally obtained video of him pretending to be J.T.

Michael stopped by Adam's penthouse. Adam said he hoped Michael had done his job. Michael said he'd reluctantly done as he'd been ordered -- only to help his brother. Michael noted that he was finished dealing with Adam. Adam asked Michael how he felt about becoming District Attorney Baldwin. Michael said he intended to remain in private practice. Michael added, "How do you even know I can win?" Adam said they'd discuss strategy later.

Phyllis joined Lauren at Crimson Lights. Lauren asked Phyllis if she'd heard anything about the custody hearing. Phyllis noted that Michael would be a better source. Lauren explained that Michael had withdrawn from the case. Phyllis asked Lauren if Michael had told her why he'd made the decision. Lauren replied that he had, though she didn't believe it was the real reason.

Lauren asked Phyllis why she was working for Adam and suggested that their relationship might be even more involved. Phyllis was adamant that she was only working for Adam and didn't know anything about Adam's custody case. Phyllis said she believed Christian should stay with Nick. Lauren said she hoped the judge would agree. Lauren cried that if Nick lost his son, Michael would never forgive himself.

After attending a piano concert, Nikki and Victor returned to their hotel suite. Nikki noted that she was enjoying their getaway but was surprised that Victor had chosen to be out of town the day of Nick's custody hearing. Victor said he wasn't concerned because Nick had everything under control. After Nikki booked massages and a romantic dinner, Victor said he was enjoying taking a break from work. Nikki noted that Jack missed competing against Victor. Victor scoffed that Jabot had never been serious competition.

Nikki said Victor was sounding like his old self, which proved that time away was good for him. After Nikki and Victor made tentative plans for a European vacation, Nikki mentioned Victor's treatments for PNH. Victor said he was considering ending his treatments for a while. Nikki wasn't supportive of Victor taking a break from his treatments so he could travel. Victor promised to resume his treatments after they returned home.

Nikki mentioned the adverse side effects and assured Victor that they would only be temporary. Victor explained that his life wouldn't be worth living if he lost his independence. Nikki assured Victor that there was no indication it would happen. Victor cried, "It's happening. It's happening now." Victor lamented not being able to remember things. Nikki explained that she needed Victor to fight because she wasn't ready to face life without him. Victor said he expected to see the world with the love of his life.

When Nick arrived at Judge Sanders' chambers, he explained that Michael wouldn't be present because something had come up. Adam entered, and Nick glared at his brother. Judge Sanders assumed that Nick intended to file a motion for a continuance. Nick insisted he was prepared to proceed. Adam didn't protest. Judge Sanders warned that once the proceedings began, Nick wouldn't be able to change his mind.

Nick explained that for the first two years of Christian's life, he had believed he was the child's biological father. Nick noted that Adam had paid a lab technician to falsify the report. Nick added that Adam had previously had zero interest in claiming the child he suddenly wished to raise. Nick said he hadn't become aware of Christian's true paternity until after Adam had been reported dead. Nick insisted that Adam had given up his rights when he'd changed the test results.

Judge Sanders asked about the time period when Victor had been awarded custody of Christian. Nick replied, "My son was temporarily placed in my father's home. There was a question about someone I was living with at the time, but the courts realized they made a mistake and there was no cause for concern." Nick mentioned letters sent by family members attesting to his character and parenting skills. Nick added that his other children adored Christian, and they were providing a loving, happy, and healthy environment.

Nick told Judge Sanders that information from the police would attest to Adam's life of criminal behavior. Adam defended his actions and explained that at the time he'd changed the test results, Christian's mother had been involved in a relationship with Nick. Adam claimed that he'd set aside his own feelings for Christian's sake. The judge interrupted when Adam denounced Nick for having been involved with a number of women. Judge Sanders asked Adam if he planned to remain celibate should he be awarded custody. Adam said he didn't.

Judge Sanders advised Adam to move on, but Adam said he wasn't finished. Adam explained that he'd suffered from amnesia and hadn't remembered his children. Adam said he wanted to make up for not being part of his children's lives. Brenda's phone sounded an alert, indicating receipt of a text message. When Brenda watched the video attachment contained in the message, she was shocked and showed Judge Sanders a video of Nick. Nick offered to explain. Adam noted that Nick had terrorized Victor by pretending to be J.T. Hellstrom. Brenda added that Hellstrom had twice attempted to kill Victor. Adam asked Nick how he could have done such a thing to their father.

Michael went the bar at Society and ordered a scotch. After Michael noticed Kevin working on his laptop at a corner table, Michael changed his order to a "double." Michael joined Kevin and asked if his brother was doing something else for Adam. Kevin advised Michael to stop asking questions he didn't want the answers to. Michael replied, "I put myself on the line for you." Michael added that he'd done what Adam had wanted because Adam had promised to leave Kevin alone. Kevin cried that Adam had lied.

Kevin showed Michael the video he'd sent to Adam's attorney. The video showed Nick pretending to be J.T. Michael slammed down the lid of the laptop and insisted that Kevin return home. Michael said he was more of a threat to Adam, so Kevin was free. Kevin cried, "Neither of us are ever going to get out of the spider's web. Not until we find a way to take him out." Michael warned Kevin not to joke about it. Kevin replied, "Who's joking?"

Adam offers to trade Christian for Chelsea

Adam offers to trade Christian for Chelsea

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

At the custody hearing, Adam read aloud from an online article about how Nick had impersonated J.T. for months. Nick accused Adam of planting the story to hurt him, and he admitted to the judge that he'd done it to lure J.T. into the open to make him pay for what he'd done to Victor and Victoria. Adam's lawyer contended that Nick had done it to intimidate his father and raid Victor's company. Nick countered that his family had forgiven him, and that was that was all that mattered. The judge disagreed, since he needed to evaluate the family environment in which Christian would be raised.

Nick swore that he truly regretted what he'd done. Adam's attorney pointed out that Nick hadn't shown any remorse, since he'd continued to run his company by stealing his father's assets. Nick snarled that he was sorry that he'd had to stoop to his brother's level in his business dealings, but it hadn't even been close to what Adam had done. Nick indicated that Adam had stolen his company and tried to trade it for Christian, but Adam still owned it because Nick would never barter for his son. Nick asserted that it was the difference between him and Adam, and it was why Adam had no business raising Nick's son.

Adam's lawyer argued that it had made perfect sense for Adam to offer the company back to Nick to convince him to do right by Christian, given the lengths Nick had gone to in order to create Dark Horse. Adam added that the footage told the judge all he needed to know about how Nick treated family. Nick revealed that Adam had told him about the video weeks earlier, and he considered the timing of its release to be proof that it was a desperate ploy to distract from the fact that Nick had been a great father to Christian while Adam had been playing high-stakes poker games in Las Vegas.

Adam's attorney defended that Adam had had amnesia resulting from an attempt on his life. Nick huffed that it said something that it hadn't been the first time someone had tried to kill Adam. The lawyer stated that Adam had wanted nothing more than to reunite with Christian once Adam's memory had returned, and Adam had tried to find a solution to get custody because Nick became cruel and ruthless when things didn't go his way. Adam questioned where Christian had been while Nick had been terrorizing their dad. Nick retorted that Adam had given up his rights when he'd changed the paternity test and that Adam had written the book on cruel and ruthless.

Nick hissed that Adam's shady business dealings were just the beginning, since Adam had been charged with murder and faked his own death. Nick continued that Adam had stolen Faith when she'd been a baby, but Adam's lawyer countered that charges had never been filed. Nick ranted that Adam had lied and manipulated his way out of trouble, but Adam retorted that Nick was grasping at straws by acting like a paragon of virtue even after they'd seen the video as evidence of his character. Nick spat that Adam was an expert at covering his tracks, so he'd gotten away with everything. "Well, I guess not everything," Nick declared, adding, "Not Delia."

Nick growled that Adam had run over a little girl, and Adam clarified that it had been a terrible accident. Nick recounted that Adam had lied to everyone and had taken advantage of Delia's grieving parents by convincing them to let their daughter be an organ donor. Nick bellowed that Adam would do and say anything to get what he wanted, but Christian was Nick's, and Nick wouldn't let Adam get away with it. The judge ordered Nick not to say another word, and he said he would let them know when he'd made a decision.

At Nick's house, Summer looked disillusioned as she watched the video of Nick peeling off the mask.

At Society, Abby and Phyllis got notifications on their phones with the video of Nick. Phyllis imagined that it wasn't a coincidence that it had been distributed on the morning of the custody hearing, and Abby remarked that it had Adam written all over it. Phyllis mentioned that she'd tried to talk Adam out of suing for custody, but there had been no stopping him. Abby thought Adam was in for a big surprise if he expected to get custody over Nick, and Phyllis believed Adam shouldn't underestimate Nick's ability to fight dirty.

Abby wondered if Phyllis had thought more about her proposition about renting space in the new hotel. Phyllis questioned whether Abby thought it was realistic to replicate Society's success in another location, and Abby explained that she'd refined the idea after thinking about it. Abby envisioned the whole first floor as a lounge with infectious music and a feel like an exclusive house party where work met play. Phyllis conceded that the idea had a lot of potential, but she hesitated to do business with Abby when both sides of Abby's family hated Phyllis.

Abby understood why she and Phyllis should be wary about going into business together, but she thought they were both smart and knew how to watch their backs. Abby figured that she'd just tell her family that she, not they, was the one going into business with Phyllis. Phyllis stressed that she and Abby weren't friends, and Abby noted that Phyllis had gone into business with Adam, despite not being friends with him. Abby was confident that she and Phyllis could build off one another's momentum to build their brands and make money, and Phyllis decided to go for it. Abby anticipated that it would be a wild ride.

Later, Theo met with Phyllis, who said she had a million things to do before the hotel opening, including deciding on a name. He cited the way she'd risen from the ashes of Jabot, and he suggested that she name it the Grand Phoenix. She considered it catchy but not exactly subtle. "Neither are you," Theo replied, adding that being bold and direct sent a clear message. She announced that she wanted to hire him to help her with the opening of the Grand Phoenix, and he requested that she tell him more about her vision.

Phyllis pictured a boutique hotel with a fun, artistic vibe that catered to celebrities and entertainers, but she became irked that Theo seemed absorbed by something on his phone. He informed her that he'd just sent her the first 15 A-listers for the guest list. Summer spotted them together as Phyllis cooed that she liked a man who knew what he was doing. Summer approached and told Theo that their table was ready. Theo assured Phyllis that her opening was in good hands, and Summer squirmed as Phyllis told him not to make her regret it. Once alone, Phyllis instructed someone on the phone to pull the trigger on a second acquisition.

Summer found it weird that Theo was working with her mom, but he thought Phyllis was smart and had a lot going on. Summer warned that Phyllis had made an enemy of almost everyone in town, but Theo sensed that something more was on Summer's mind. Summer whined that it was the cumulative effect of everything going on with both of her parents, and she didn't need more drama. Theo expected his work with Phyllis to be drama-free, and he thought Summer could use the hotel launch to network with other influencers. He imagined that it could actually be fun.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon stared in disbelief at the video of Nick. She spotted Chelsea across the coffeehouse and confronted her. "Returning to the scene of the crime?" Sharon asked. Sharon was surprised when Chelsea apologized for knocking Sharon unconscious and putting her in the hospital. Sharon noted that no one had been able to prove that Chelsea had done it, so the admission meant something. Chelsea explained that she was trying to own what she'd done, and she wondered if Sharon felt guilty for encouraging Adam's interest in Connor and Christian.

Sharon insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Adam trying to take Christian from Nick, but Chelsea accused Sharon of awakening Adam's god complex. Sharon was appalled that Chelsea was blaming her when Adam was responsible for his own behavior, and she relayed that she'd told Adam that what he was doing was wrong. Sharon added that Chelsea was responsible for putting Adam on his current path by staying with Nick, and she wondered why Chelsea was even back in Genoa City after saying she had started a new life. Chelsea explained that she'd known Adam would never accept that she'd moved on, so she'd needed to handle it in person.

Sharon recalled that Chelsea had been all Adam had talked about when he'd first returned, but he'd started spinning out when he'd realized there was no hope of reconciliation. Chelsea figured that she'd just distracted Adam from what he really wanted -- Sharon. Sharon insisted that she had moved on with a great guy and that Adam was in love with Chelsea. Chelsea supposed that Victor had enlisted Sharon's help because he'd been sure Sharon had been the key to getting Adam's memory back. Chelsea considered Sharon to be a constant in Adam's life, since Sharon understood him in a way no one else did.

Chelsea appealed to Sharon to steer Adam away from his worst impulses, but Sharon wanted to remove herself from the situation. Sharon suggested that Nick and Chelsea try to reason with Adam, and she implied that Adam deserved to have some sort of role in his sons' lives. Sharon thought they both knew that Adam was lashing out because of how Victor had shaped Adam's life, and Adam wanted to spare Christian from feeling like an outsider. Chelsea asserted that Christian didn't need to be spared anything, since he had a great father who Adam had chosen for him. Chelsea firmly stated that it was her priority to protect the kids when Adam was acting out of vindictive rage.

Chelsea had thought the one thing she could count on was that Adam would never hurt his children, but it was exactly what he'd be doing if he ripped Christian away from Nick. Chelsea added that it would be the end of the Adam they'd known, and he would be a lost cause. Sharon looked away, and Chelsea realized that Sharon would never believe he was a lost cause. Chelsea was adamant that Sharon be the one to talk Adam out of it. Sharon wordlessly grabbed her purse and headed out.

On the patio, Kyle met Lola and apologized for needing to take some time before addressing her concerns about his time in New York. Kyle maintained that it had happened in another lifetime, and Lola could tell that he was trying to figure out what to say to make her feel better. She urged him to just tell her the truth. He confided that he'd been scared to hear that his past might make her back out of the wedding, and she explained that his reluctance to talk only worried her more. She hoped that he could get it all out there so they could deal with it and put it behind them.

Kyle recalled that he'd been on the rebound when he'd gotten caught up in the party lifestyle, and the combination of unlimited funds, bottomless drinks, and designer drugs could make one feel invincible. Kyle admitted that there had been lots of women, but they'd used one another. Kyle reasoned that the girls had wanted to hang out with a certain crowd, and he'd wanted to escape. He added that some women had wanted more, but he had only cared about his feelings or lack thereof, since the numbness had appealed to him.

Kyle hoped it didn't change things between him and Lola, and she replied that she didn't want it to. She acknowledged that he'd had a life before her and that he was from a very different world that she didn't know much about. Kyle stressed that it had been a very specific time when he'd been in a bad place, and Lola couldn't help but wonder who'd made him feel so sad. He swore that it wasn't about Summer, but Lola countered that it somehow always was.

Kyle figured that Summer had been the excuse he'd used to do "whatever the hell" he wanted and not "give a damn." Lola recalled that Kyle had pursued Summer when he'd returned to Genoa City, and Kyle called it a game between them. Lola pointed out that Summer had eventually wanted him back, but Kyle contended that it had been too late because everything had changed the day he'd gone to a food truck and decided to become a better man because a pretty girl had smiled at him. He murmured that he'd seen everything in that smile.

Kyle refused to make excuses for the things he'd done or the person he'd been before he'd met Lola, and all he could say was that he'd changed. Lola knew that, but she saw a different side of him when he was with Theo. Theo entered the patio and stood within earshot as Kyle proclaimed that he had no interest in spending time with Theo, whose life was vapid and self-absorbed.

Adam returned home and poured a drink. He picked up a photo of Christian. Meanwhile, Sharon stepped off the elevator and almost knocked on Adam's door, but she stopped herself and left.

At home, Nick stared despondently at Christian's toys. Chelsea entered and mentioned that she'd seen the video of Nick impersonating J.T. Nick grumbled that the whole world had seen it by then, and he didn't have an excuse for what he'd done. Chelsea assured him that he didn't have to explain, since she knew who he was, and she also knew that it had been Adam's vicious attempt to paint him in the worst possible light. Nick bemoaned that he'd done a good enough job of that himself at the hearing, and he was really concerned that he would lose Christian. She sat next to him and put her arms around him.

Nick lamented that it had been a mistake to go to the hearing without a lawyer, but he'd felt confident that it would be obvious that Christian should be with him. He regretted that he'd gotten wrapped up in Adam's lies and tricks, and he'd lost sight of needing to get across how much he loved the little boy. Chelsea was confident that the judge had seen the love because it was written all over Nick's face. Nick said he couldn't tell her enough how much it meant to him that she was there. They heard Adam in the foyer, snapping at Monique that he didn't need an appointment to see his own brother.

Adam stormed in and became irate upon seeing Nick and Chelsea together. Adam taunted that behind every man was a woman who felt sorry for him, and he intended to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible. "Pride comes before the fall," Nick quoted, but Adam contended that pride and confidence were two different things that he knew how to separate. Nick growled that Adam hadn't won anything yet, but Adam told him not to fool himself, since Nick knew in his heart that the judge would rule in Adam's favor.

Chelsea guessed that Sharon hadn't spoken to Adam, and Adam spat that it was nice to know that Chelsea and Sharon had cared enough to put their heads together to try to fix him. Chelsea clarified that they were trying to help him, since they all knew how he was acting had everything to do with Victor and nothing to do with Adam wanting to hurt his own child. She suggested that they talk it out to find a solution, and Adam proposed that she go home with him with no questions asked and go back to the way things had been before he'd "died." Nick ordered Adam out of his house, but Adam refused to go until Chelsea responded. She asked if Adam would drop the custody fight for Christian if she complied, and Adam called it their solution.

Chelsea told Adam that he was out of his mind to think she would go anywhere with him. Adam huffed that she really knew how to hurt a guy, and he figured it would be handy when she broke Nick's heart again. Adam swore that he hadn't been testing her feelings but had been seeing how far she'd go for Nick. Nick demanded that Adam stop trying to trade things for Nick's son, since it would never happen. Adam expected it to happen as soon as the judge made his ruling, since Adam was more worthy of Christian's love than Nick would ever be. Chelsea spotted Christian and ordered the men to stop.

Chelsea led Christian into the kitchen to get something to drink. Nick glared as Adam called out that he would see Christian later. Adam conceded that Nick had taken good care of Adam's son while Adam had been gone, and he trusted that Nick would continue to act in Christian's best interests. Nick vowed to make Adam pay for what he'd done, but Adam didn't expect to lose sleep over Nick's idle threats. Nick recognized that Adam had been right about some things that day, like the fact that Nick had been a good father to Christian, but Nick was also the guy in the video. Nick suggested that Adam watch it again to remember who he was dealing with.

Nick and Adam both lose the custody battle

Nick and Adam both lose the custody battle

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

by Nel

At the Abbott mansion, Billy dreamed he heard Delia's laughter. He called out to her, but the laughter continued. While he searched for her, he spotted a marker on the floor and picked it up. He saw something written behind a curled piece of wallpaper. He woke up when he received a text message from Jack: "Sorry. Flight was late. Be there soon. Bringing a surprise from Paris." Billy appeared upset and left.

A short time later, Traci arrived home from her trip to New York. Jack arrived seconds later and announced that he'd brought Ashley with him. The small talk between Ashley, Jack, and Traci became awkward until Ashley asked Traci about her trip to New York with Cane. Traci smiled and said that she and Cane had had a fabulous time, and she assured them that she and Cane were only good friends. Jack said he had some great news, but he wanted to wait for Billy.

At Newman, Nick told Victoria about the hearing. He admitted he'd lost his cool and that he should have asked for a postponement. Victoria assured Nick there was no way that Adam would get custody of Christian. Nick received a text message and told Victoria that he was about to find out who got custody. He left.

At Crimson Lights, Adam and his lawyer sat in a booth. Adam wondered why the judge was taking so long. His lawyer said that custody battles were very complicated. Adam expressed his confidence in winning custody of Christian. He said it was simple: he was Christian's father, and Nick was unfit. His lawyer said that a judge might not see it that way, and she wanted to make sure Adam was prepared. Adam said he was prepared to win. Adam received a text message that the judge had reached a decision. He and his lawyer left.

At a table nearby, Celeste left Lola a voicemail message about shopping for a dress. Theo had eavesdropped, and when Celeste ended the call, he introduced himself as Kyle's friend. He told Celeste that he had met Kyle in New York. He smiled and said that he and Kyle worked and played together, and he had a lot of stories about Kyle. He said that things were not the same for him anymore without Kyle because Kyle had left that life behind. Celeste commented that there was a lot she didn't know about Kyle because Lola hadn't shared anything about her life in Genoa City. Celeste was stunned when Theo mentioned Lola's surgery. Celeste asked Theo to fill her in.

In the kitchen at Society, Kyle told Lola he wanted to have a picnic on a sailboat. Lola claimed she was too busy. Kyle said he had checked her calendar, and she was free for the rest of the day. He asked if Lola was avoiding him. Lola claimed she needed time to reconcile between the guy he was with Theo and the guy she was engaged to. Kyle told her to take all the time she needed. He said he loved her. Kyle assured her that he would answer any questions she had.

Celeste arrived in a rage and stepped between Kyle and Lola. She confronted Lola. She told Lola that she'd had a conversation with Theo and that she knew about Kyle's past and his marriage to Summer. She also knew that Lola had been in the hospital. Celeste wanted to know why no one had told her about the liver transplant and the fact that Lola had almost died. Kyle was horrified when Celeste said she knew everything about him except why Lola wanted to marry him.

Lola took Celeste aside and said they hadn't meant to cut her out, but at the time, there had been a lot going on. She said Theo hadn't been there at the time, and he had no idea what had gone on. Celeste said she was thankful that Theo had provided her with the information, otherwise she wouldn't have known what had happened. Lola told Celeste not to trust anything Theo said, and Kyle agreed.

Angrily, Celeste recapped everything Theo had told her: Kyle had fallen in love with Lola, he had married Summer, and when Lola had woken up after her surgery, Kyle had dumped Summer. Kyle stated that things were far more complicated. Celeste asked Kyle if things had been more complicated than the life he'd led in New York. She asked if Theo had lied about the parties, the weekends in the Hamptons, the endless women Kyle had used and tossed aside, and the marriage to Summer that had been so fast that the ink hadn't had a chance to dry on the marriage license.

Kyle tried to explain his marriage to Summer, but Celeste interrupted him and finished his sentence that it had been complicated. She asked why she would allow Lola to marry Kyle. Kyle said because he loved Lola. Lola said she loved Kyle and that Celeste was wrong about him. He wasn't the person Celeste had described. Lola suggested that she and Celeste continue the conversation at the apartment.

Adam and his lawyer arrived at court. Nick was already there. Adam told his lawyer that he needed names of nannies and private schools. He said he wanted the name on Christian's birth certificate changed. Nick said that Adam was delusional. Adam said that there were women who would be willing to give Nick their womb. He said that Chelsea didn't mind giving men the babies they needed. Adam claimed that Nick couldn't whitewash Chelsea's past. Nick countered that Adam didn't give a damn about Connor or Christian.

The judge entered and ordered Nick and Adam to sit down. He said it hadn't been an easy case, but he'd made his decision. The judge said he'd witnessed some of the most deplorable behavior, and he'd been disgusted by the tactics used to show him the disdain Nick and Adam had for each other. He said it revealed a lot about Nick and Adam and their fitness to raise Christian. Adam said that his dislike of Nick didn't make him an unfit parent. Nick claimed he'd already proven he was a good father.

The judge told Adam and Nick that Christian needed to be raised in a safe and decent home, free from strife and bitterness. He said neither one of them could provide that. He said he would be remiss in his moral obligation if he placed Christian with either one of them. The judge denied custody to both men. Adam claimed the judge couldn't do that while Nick claimed it wasn't fair to Christian. The judge said he'd made his decision, and the issue would be revisited in three months.

The judge said he wanted Christian to stay with a qualified family member, and he would sign off on the person he approved. Nick asked what would happen if they couldn't find someone that the judge approved. The judge said that Christian would go into a foster home. Tempers flaring, Adam and Nick blamed each other for the outcome. Nick stormed out, with Adam hot on Nick's heals.

Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Kevin greeted him and asked if Billy had had another dream. Billy said he needed to move a table that was against the wall. Billy pulled back some curled wallpaper and saw the word "Adam" written there. Billy said that Delia had been trying to tell him something. Kevin peeled away more wallpaper to reveal the word "Cordelia." Kevin explained that Delia had loved dressing up, and she had called herself Madam Cordelia. Kevin asked if Billy wanted to talk. Billy said he didn't, and he left.

At home, Sharon and Rey agreed that it was for the best that Sharon severed all ties with Adam. After Rey left the room Sharon opened her computer and read about the custody battle.

A short time later, Rey was alone and on the phone. He told someone that Chance's legal name was Phillip Chancellor IV. Rey was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Adam, and he wanted to talk to Sharon. Rey reminded him that Sharon wanted nothing to do with whatever game Adam was playing. Adam said it wasn't a game. He said it was about Christian, and it didn't matter how Sharon felt about him. Adam said Christian needed a mother.

Rey asked Sharon if she saw what Adam was doing. He said that Adam believed that if Sharon had Christian, she would give Adam access, but he told Adam there was a problem because he and Sharon believed that Nick was the best person to parent Christian. Sharon suggested Nikki. Adam said it wasn't a good time for Nikki. Sharon suggested Victoria, but Adam claimed that Victoria would do everything she could to keep him away from Christian. Adam said he needed Sharon.

Sharon was reluctant and told Adam that Nick had lost temporary custody of Christian because of her, and she could be a liability for Adam. Adam said that Sharon had loved Christian and had raised him for part of his life. Christian knew Sharon, and he loved her. Angry, Rey accused Adam of manipulating Sharon. Sharon said she needed to hear what Adam had to say. Rey said he didn't and left.

Adam said he knew that Sharon was angry with him, but whenever he needed help, she was the only person he could trust. Sharon said, "No." Adam claimed he wanted what was best for Christian, and she was the best. Sharon agreed to help.

Billy arrived at the Abbott mansion and greeted Traci and Ashley. Jack announced that he and Ashley had done a lot of talking and soul-searching about their past, and they concluded that they worked best together. Jack said that he and Ashley were merging their companies. Everyone was delighted except Billy. Jack said that he and Ashley had realized what had been missing in both their lives. They believed they would be stronger together. Jack said it would be a win-win situation. Ashley asked Billy to comment.

Billy said that the last time they had trusted Ashley, she'd shredded the company and left them with nothing. They had rebuilt Jabot, and since the profits were through the roof, Ashley wanted a piece of it. Ashley admitted that Billy was right; she would reap the benefits of their hard work, but in return, they would all reap the benefits of her hard work, as well as all her years developing Jabot's most successful products.

Jack told Billy that by joining the two companies, their revenues would triple. Billy stated that they would be at each other's throats, and he didn't want to be part of it. Billy said he was happy that Ashley was back and that the family was back together, but he was not a fan of them working together. Ashley said she understood, but their family working together was best for everyone. It was what John would have wanted. Billy said he wondered how long it would be before Ashley played that card. Conflicted, Billy left.

Alone with Ashley, Jack poured some Champagne. Ashley asked what they were celebrating. Jack said new beginnings. Ashley wondered if it was premature, since Billy wasn't happy. She noted that Billy's attitude wasn't entirely about the merger. She felt there was more going on with him. She hoped Billy would come around because the merger was the best thing for everyone. Jack made a toast: "To the Abbotts, reunited at last." It was what John would have wanted.

Nick returned to Newman and told Victoria that his world had been blown up, and he needed her help to fix it. He needed someone to be Christian's guardian, someone he knew who would be in his corner, and that was Victoria. Nick explained that it would only be for three months, and he needed to know that Christian would be in good hands. He said he needed an answer quickly, because if Adam already had someone, and he didn't, then he would lose contact with Christian. Victoria agreed to help. She tried to call Billy but only got his voicemail. Nick and Victoria left.

At Lola's apartment, Lola told Celeste she was willing to talk, but she wouldn't turn it into a debate about whether she and Kyle should be together. Lola said that Celeste was being hypocritical about her and Kyle's relationship, considering Celeste had gone back to her cheating husband. Celeste said that betrayal was devastating, and it had taken her years to get over the pain Adrian had caused her. She said that if Kyle was the wrong man, Lola needed to end it immediately. Lola stated that Kyle wasn't the wrong man. She told Celeste that Summer had been her liver donor. Celeste asked if that was the reason Kyle had married Summer. Lola stated that Kyle would have done anything to save her life.

Celeste told Lola that it wasn't an explanation for why Rey and Arturo hadn't advised her of Lola's condition. Lola explained that her brothers had been going crazy looking for a donor. They'd both known that even if Celeste had been a match, they couldn't use her because she'd had hepatitis. Rey and Arturo were afraid Celeste would feel terrible knowing she couldn't help. After Lola's surgery had been done and she was fine, there had been no point in telling Celeste. Celeste said that as Lola's mother, she'd had a right to know. Celeste was upset that the information had been relayed by a stranger.

Celeste questioned her and Lola's relationship. She said she hadn't felt the love recently, because Lola, Rey, and Arturo had shut her out of their lives. Celeste said she wouldn't have believed that she'd ever feel like an outsider with her own children. Before she left, she told Lola she wouldn't stay where she wasn't welcome.

Kyle found Theo at Crimson Lights. He rushed in and grabbed Theo by the shirt. Livid, Kyle said he knew that Theo had tried to cause trouble for him and Lola with Celeste. Unruffled, Theo said that Celeste had had questions, and he hadn't wanted to lie. Kyle spat that lying was Theo's default. Theo claimed he'd done Kyle a favor because Lola had changed Kyle, and not in a good way.

Kyle asked if the reason Theo had tried to ruin things for him was because he wasn't footing the bill for Theo; he added that their friendship had been based mostly on that. Theo claimed he didn't need Kyle's money. Kyle told Theo they were done, and Theo was dead to him. Kyle warned Theo not to hurt Summer, or Theo would pay. Theo asked if that was how Kyle had gotten Summer into bed. Theo smirked when Kyle shoved him and left.

Billy sat at the bar at Society and wrote "madame" on a napkin. When Traci arrived, he asked her how she lived without Colleen. Traci said she did the same thing Billy did -- one day at a time. Traci was certain that the feelings Billy had been having about Delia were linked to Adam's return. Billy assured Traci he was fine, and she left. Billy's phone rang, and he ignored it.

Victoria is appointed as Christian's guardian

Victoria is appointed as Christian's guardian

Thursday, July 25, 2019

At Crimson Lights, a haggard Billy contemplated performing an Internet search on his laptop about ghosts making contact. He put his head in his hands as Kevin approached. Kevin observed that Billy "still looked like hell," and Billy expected to look better once he got some sleep. Kevin warned that it wouldn't happen while Billy was still obsessing over Delia, and he firmly stated that it was impossible that Delia was trying to reach out. Billy chalked it up to Adam being back in town, and Kevin advised Billy not to let Adam do that to him.

Kevin recalled that he'd seen Delia for months after she'd died, but he'd realized that he'd only been seeing other kids who looked like her. He suspected that his mind had been playing tricks on him because he had missed her and hadn't been able to handle her being gone. Kevin continued that it had lasted a couple of months, but it had eventually stopped after he'd done some online research and found out that it wasn't uncommon for people to think they'd seen someone they'd lost among the living.

Kevin admitted that it had helped him to open up to people he knew he could talk to without feeling judged or pitied. Billy groaned that he'd thought he'd moved on from all of it, and Kevin inquired whether he'd talked to Victoria about it. Billy refused to dump it on her when everything had been so good with them, and Kevin suggested that Billy see a trained professional to avoid keeping it bottled up inside. Billy fretted that he didn't want his past to ruin things when his life was finally going in the right direction.

At the courthouse, the judge announced that he'd heard the cases made on Victoria and Sharon's behalves and reviewed the social worker's reports, and he appointed Victoria as Christian's guardian. The judge reasoned that Victoria was family to both Nick and Adam and that she had a long-standing, positive relationship with her nephew. Adam protested that she would never let him see Christian, but the judge declared that it wasn't her call, since he had decided to grant both men supervised visits. Nick questioned why he needed to be blocked from being alone with Christian, and the judge deemed it best for the child.

Nick argued that his brother shouldn't be anywhere near Nick's son, with or without supervision. Adam stressed that Christian was his son, and he thanked the judge for recognizing that he was the boy's biological father. The judge instructed Victoria to take physical custody that evening, and he indicated that a social worker would stop by Nick's home to ensure a smooth transition. Adam requested to see Christian before then, but the judge ordered Adam to wait for an agreed-upon time. The judge added that Adam had never cared to know his son before Adam's presumed death, and Adam had gone to great lengths to avoid taking parental responsibility. The judge sternly explained that he was allowing visits because of Adam's genetic connection to the boy, but it shouldn't be seen as an endorsement by the court.

Victoria and Nick went to Nick's house, where Chelsea hugged Nick and expressed her condolences. Nick prepared to pack up Christian's things and send the tot home with Victoria. Nick figured that it was better than Christian going home with Adam, but he still couldn't believe he had to do it, since Christian should be with him. Victoria assured him that it was only temporary, and Chelsea anticipated that Nick would appeal. Victoria believed that the judge would have ruled in Nick's favor if it hadn't been for the video, and Nick resolved to use his time wisely to build a stronger case and give Adam the fight of his life.

Nick expected a long, hard battle, especially since the judge had allowed Adam to spend time with Christian. Nick worried that Adam would use that to his advantage by making Christian question the way Nick felt about him or letting Christian do things at Adam's house that the boy couldn't do at Nick's. Victoria swore that she or someone else would be there to shut Adam down if he tried stunts like that, and she intended to make it difficult for Adam to spend time with Christian while offering a flexible schedule to Nick. Nick thanked her for agreeing to be Christian's guardian with everything else she had going on, and he hoped Billy was cool with it. Victoria was sure Billy would be fine with it, since he felt the same way they did about doing everything they could for the people they loved.

Nick handed Victoria a backpack with Christian's things, and he became choked up as he mentioned a book that Christian had been asking Nick to read to him a lot. Nick requested that Victoria read it to Christian at bedtime to make him smile, and Victoria promised that she would also give Christian a kiss and tell him that his daddy loved him. Nick bemoaned that he'd never thought he'd have to do something like that again. Chelsea wailed that she couldn't stand watching him go through it, knowing she could have stopped it from happening if she'd gone back to Adam.

Nick refused to let Chelsea take the blame, since there was no way he wanted her to be with Adam or for Adam to have influence over Connor. Nick blasted Adam for playing mind games, but Chelsea figured that she could have stalled while convincing Adam to drop the suit. Nick was certain that there was nothing Chelsea could have done to get Adam to back off, and Victoria added that it only would have forced Chelsea to demean herself. Chelsea wished that she could do something to help, and Nick said she was helping by being there. He answered a call and reported that the social worker was on the way. Victoria left another urgent message for Billy.

Chelsea led Christian into the room, and Nick struggled for words as he tried to explain that the boy would be going home with Victoria that night. Christian asked why, and Nick stammered that Christian would be staying with his aunt, uncle, and cousins for a little while. Nick encouraged him not to worry because Nick would see him all the time, and Monique would be there. Nick handed Christian a stuffed bear and advised the boy to hug the toy if he ever got sad or scared.

Nick hugged Christian and fought back tears as he told the boy to remember that he was a Newman, and that meant he was tough. Nick said he loved Christian, and he was counting on Christian to be a good boy for his aunt and uncle. Victoria enthused that Christian's cousins would be very happy to see him, and Chelsea forced a smile as she waved goodbye. Victoria walked Christian out, and Nick broke down in tears as Chelsea helplessly looked on.

Adam and Sharon retreated to his penthouse, where he lamented that he'd expected to finally have the chance to be a father to his son. Sharon brightly pointed out that having visitation was huge, since it would allow Adam to build a relationship with Christian, and Adam could eventually petition the court to revisit custody and prove they'd bonded. Adam thanked her for trying to make him feel better, but he didn't have faith that he would magically get justice in the end. Sharon wondered what he was planning.

Adam clarified that he hadn't meant to sound like he was plotting something, but he was just frustrated because he wasn't one to sit back and quietly take orders. Sharon cautioned that the judge had more power than Adam did, and he grumbled, "In theory." She stressed that she'd seen how the system worked, and he would regret it if he didn't abide by the rules. Adam contended that he'd tried to reason with Nick, but Nick hadn't listened -- and Christian would suffer the most, since he was bound to be even more confused. Sharon sympathized with everyone involved, but she demanded that Adam take responsibility for the outcome, since they both knew he hadn't played fair.

Sharon dared Adam to admit that he'd made sure the video of Nick had hit the news cycle when it could do the most damage. Adam defended that the video told the truth, and the world had seen a side of Nick that Nick liked to pretend didn't exist. Adam insisted that he wanted his kids to have a loving family, but he'd lost everything. He continued that people thought he was heartless, but his heart bled just as much as everyone else's.

Sharon worried about what the rage inside Adam would drive him to do, and she asked what she could do. He said he needed time to be alone, but she didn't want to leave until she knew he was okay. Adam acknowledged that he'd lied to a lot of people, but he'd never been able to lie to her. He swore that he would be okay, and she told him to call if he needed her. She headed out. Adam stared at a photo of Christian, and his hand shook as he set down his drink.

At the Chancellor mansion, Kevin cursed when Michael informed him about the judge's ruling. Kevin pointed out that if wouldn't have happened if Michael hadn't left his client high and dry, but Michael stood by his decision to do it in order to save Kevin from making the legal blunder of his life. Kevin regretted releasing the video, but Michael was more afraid of what Adam would demand of them next. Kevin declared that there was a way to put an end to it once and for all.

Kevin assured Michael that he wasn't suggesting that they murder Adam, but he wanted to find a way to get Adam off their backs permanently. Kevin snarled that Adam had forgotten who they were and what they were capable of, and he was determined to remind Adam of that. Kevin received a text message from Chloe, who was wondering when he'd be able to meet up with her and Bella. Michael instructed him to say he was leaving right then.

Michael imagined that Adam was preoccupied with the outcome of the hearing, so it was Kevin's chance to get away before Adam realized he was gone. Michael encouraged Kevin to use the new identities he'd created to vanish into thin air, but Kevin refused to abandon him. Michael argued that he'd only done Adam's bidding to allow Kevin to get back to his family, and he begged Kevin to go while he still could.

Later, Kevin returned downstairs with his bags. He admitted that he would be thrilled to be thousands of miles away from Adam, but he was worried about Michael replacing him as Adam's flunky. Michael told Kevin to focus on taking care of his family. Kevin marveled that he'd never thought Michael would be able to find a way to save him, but Michael had. Michael reiterated that Kevin had Chloe and a beautiful daughter waiting, and they needed him. "Almost as much as I need them," Kevin replied, and he and Michael hugged and exchanged words of love. Kevin drove away.

At Society, Billy chugged a drink, and Sharon sat down next to him. She assumed that he'd heard about the custody hearing, but he replied that he hadn't because his phone had died. Sharon divulged that neither Nick nor Adam had won custody, but she thought Victoria would want to be the one to fill Billy in. Billy mentioned that he had intended to reach out to Sharon, since Adam being alive and back in town had really messed with Billy's head, and he was having some pretty heavy thoughts about Delia's death. Billy confided that he'd tried to act normal and cover up his feelings, but it wasn't working.

Sharon asked how bad things had gotten, and Billy confessed that he'd recently pulled out a gun. He explained that it hadn't been to hurt himself, and he hadn't planned to use it. However, he'd held it in his hands and fantasized about getting rid of Adam. Billy swore that it had been nothing more than a fleeting thought, and he'd since locked the gun away. Sharon recounted that Billy had held a gun on Adam before, but Billy insisted that he didn't want to kill Adam. Billy conceded that life would be better without Adam, but he wouldn't sacrifice what he had with Victoria and the kids just to get rid of him.

Billy shared that he was more concerned about the frequent dreams he'd been having about Delia, waking up with anxiety and the overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. Sharon mentioned that she still dreamed about Cassie sometimes, but the dreams comforted her. Billy described his dreams as being very intense, and he had the feeling his daughter was haunting him, like she was trying to tell him something. He recalled finding Delia's doll on the floor, even though Esther had said she'd packed it away in the attic.

Billy recounted dreaming about seeing "Daddy" written on a piece of furniture and finding it when he'd woken up, written exactly the same way as it had been in the dream. Sharon recommended that he consult with a professional, but he hesitated to unburden himself to a stranger. Billy added that he trusted her, but Sharon warned that she wasn't licensed or trained to work with patients. He pleaded with her to be his sounding board until he had time to find a therapist, and she agreed to help if she could.

In the cemetery, Billy knelt by Delia's gravestone and mused that he missed her. He wondered if that was why he'd been having weird dreams and seeing messages that weren't there. He swore that he would get some help, since he couldn't let himself lose control again. Billy told himself that he couldn't do it to Victoria, Johnny, and Katie -- or Delia, knowing she'd never want that. "Poor Daddy," a tormented Billy heard Delia's voice say.

Devon and Elena hosted a dinner at their penthouse, and Nate asked what they were celebrating. Elena announced that she and Devon were officially living together as a couple, and Abby hugged and congratulated her. Abby noted that living together was a major step, and Devon exclaimed that they were both pretty excited. Devon voiced approval that Nate and Abby were together, and he thought things couldn't be better. Devon was glad Abby had made it that night, with everything going on, and she replied that spending time with wonderful people was just what she'd needed.

Nate and Elena swapped stories about the bizarre things that had happened while they'd been on duty as medical personnel. Devon assumed that everything at Society had been pretty tame -- unless there was something Abby hadn't told him. Abby proclaimed that she had news, since she would be partnering with the Grand Phoenix Hotel to open a cool, hip lounge with a killer sound system and big-screen televisions. Abby hoped that Devon didn't mind that she'd branched out on her own that time, and he assured her that he was fine with it as long as he got a VIP pass.

After dinner, Nate requested the recipe, and Devon said Nate would have to ask Elena. Elena credited Devon with helping the entire way, adding that they made the perfect team. Nate offered to have them over for dinner once he got settled into his new home. Abby was amazed that he could find the time, and Nate asserted that he always found time for what mattered the most. Devon was glad that Cane had moved on by selling the house, and Nate remarked that it seemed like they were all starting new chapters in their lives. Devon toasted to their bright futures.

After Abby and Nate left, Elena marveled that their first official dinner party had been a success. Devon anticipated that it would be the first of many milestones in their lives. Ana returned home while on the phone, clearly upset about something. After Ana hung up, she informed Devon and Elena that Jett had felt his voice get rough and scratchy during a performance, and it had been worse the following morning, so he'd checked himself into the hospital.

Ana wanted to be there when her father got his test results back, and Devon and Elena insisted on going, too. Devon instructed the women to pack their bags while he called the pilot, but Ana protested that they had responsibilities in town. Devon was adamant about putting friends and family first, and Ana was floored by their generosity. Devon told her to get used to it, since it was what they did for one another.

Nate took Abby back to his house, and she was impressed with the hard work he'd put in. He showed her where he wanted to put in more bookshelves, and he offered her a drink. She wordlessly stepped toward him, and he wondered if she wanted to sit outside and talk. She shook her head and passionately kissed him. They proceeded to make love.

Rey walks out on Sharon

Rey walks out on Sharon

Friday, July 26, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Celeste recognized Phyllis and introduced herself. Phyllis confirmed that she was Summer's mother, and Celeste hugged her and thanked God for Phyllis' lovely, selfless daughter. Celeste gushed that Summer had saved Lola's life, and she imagined that Phyllis was proud. Phyllis stammered that she was prouder than Summer knew.

Over coffee, Celeste complained that she'd had no idea about Lola's transplant or Summer and Kyle's marriage. Phyllis replied that Celeste was preaching to the choir, since Phyllis hadn't known about Summer's donation until after Summer was recuperating. Celeste asked if Phyllis would have tried to talk Summer out of it, and Phyllis admitted that she would have tried harder to talk Summer out of marrying Kyle. Celeste wished that kids learned from their parents' mistakes instead of making a million of their own. Phyllis believed that their children wouldn't understand until they had daughters of their own, and she groaned that she sounded like her mom. Celeste appreciated talking to someone who was going through the same thing.

Later, Summer entered the coffeehouse and introduced herself to Celeste. Celeste called Summer the reason she still had a daughter, and she said she could never thank Summer enough for the sacrifice she'd made for Lola. Summer figured that anyone would have done it, but Celeste couldn't imagine wanting to save the life of the woman her husband was in love with. Summer adamantly stated that Lola had been completely blameless in the situation, since Lola had been in a coma when the big decisions had been made. Summer was sure Lola would have squashed the whole thing -- especially the marriage part.

Celeste thanked Summer for being honest, and Summer replied that Celeste deserved to know the truth. Celeste inquired whether Lola was making a mistake by marrying Kyle. Summer went to the counter to get a refill, and when she returned, Celeste assumed that she had her answer based on how long it had taken Summer to get her coffee. Summer explained that she hadn't hesitated because of Kyle but because of herself. She revealed that she'd never admitted it to anyone, but everything that had happened had been her fault, since she'd completely taken advantage of the situation.

Summer confirmed that Kyle had been so in love with Lola that he'd been desperate to save her life, and there'd been nothing he wouldn't have done, including marrying Summer if she helped Lola. Summer recounted that she'd hoped Kyle would grow to love her, but he hadn't been able to get Lola out of his mind. Summer added that Kyle and Lola were made for one another, and Lola could literally trust him with her life. Celeste called Summer a remarkable young woman with a huge heart, noting that Summer's mother thought so, too -- but she believed Summer already knew that. Later, Summer forlornly looked at a photo of her and Phyllis.

At Lola's apartment, Lola lamented to Rey that their mom felt like she'd been kicked to the curb, and it was unfair that Celeste had been taking it out on Kyle. Rey reasoned that any decent parent would have doubts if their little girl got engaged to a guy who'd already been married when he'd proposed, but Lola reiterated that she wasn't a kid. Lola argued that Celeste had said nothing about Arturo getting his brother's wife pregnant or Rey living with a woman whose entire life was a giant red flag, but she quickly apologized. Rey recognized that Sharon had a lot of baggage and that maybe it was too much for him to handle.

Lola figured that it made sense that Celeste didn't worry about Rey, since he'd learned from his mistakes and sent Mia packing. Lola anticipated that he would never be stuck in a relationship like that again. Rey mused that people were never stuck, but they had to decide what they were willing to accept and what they weren't. Rey suspected that their mom wanted Lola to learn from Celeste's mistakes, but Lola swore that she wasn't her mom and that Kyle was nothing like their father. Rey understood why their mom was worried, since the end of a marriage was brutal.

Rey contended that Lola hadn't seen the worst of what he'd gone through because he'd kept it hidden, and she hadn't even been born when their dad had left. Rey compared the end of a marriage to a death, and even though he'd gone on, things hadn't been the same. He stressed that it was what their mother was trying to protect Lola from, since Celeste couldn't live through another heartbreak.

Later, Rey was alone at Lola's apartment when Celeste returned. Rey mentioned that he knew Celeste had found out about Lola's transplant and coma, and Celeste muttered that she'd been of no use because she hadn't been eligible as a donor. Rey recounted that Lola had been in the hospital, and his marriage had been falling apart for the second time, so he'd been a wreck. Rey remembered that the last thing Celeste had told him before he'd left Miami had been to take care of his sister, and he'd felt like he'd failed. Rey regretted that he'd been too weak to say the words, so he'd waited and prayed.

Celeste referred to when Lola's health had improved, and Rey reasoned that it had been easier not to say anything. Celeste wondered if he would have found the words if Lola had died, but Rey pointed out that Lola hadn't died because Kyle had convinced Summer to have the surgery. Celeste admitted that she'd probably been wrong about Kyle, but she still worried about Kyle's history with Summer. Celeste noted that Kyle had said he was over Summer, but Arturo had said the same thing about Mia. Rey swore that it wasn't the same thing and that Lola and Kyle needed support and guidance.

Celeste groused that the last thing Lola wanted from her was advice, and it had been the same way with Celeste and her mother. Celeste bemoaned that there was nothing more she could do, so she should just go home. Rey protested that she'd just gotten there, and he reminded her that she'd taught them not to run away when things got tough, since nothing was more important than family. Celeste recognized that her kids were grown up and that they could make decisions and mistakes without her. She added that she'd learned love was a verb, and it was what one did and not said that counted.

Later, Lola returned home with a bouquet of flowers and called out to ask if Celeste was there. She spotted a suitcase, and Celeste entered the room. Lola asked what was up with the luggage, and Celeste said she thought it had become obvious that she didn't belong there. Lola insisted that she wanted her mother to stay, but Celeste figured that she had a new grandchild on the way, and Mia would need all the help she could get.

Lola pleaded that she needed Celeste, too, but Celeste said Lola would be fine without her, and she told Lola to just let her know how everything went. Lola wondered if her mom would be back for the wedding, but Celeste simply replied that she loved Lola very much -- enough to say goodbye. Over Lola's protests, Celeste hugged her and told her to take care of herself, and she wheeled her suitcase out.

In Chancellor Park, Victoria instructed Monique to take Christian to the pond. Victoria called Chelsea and inquired whether she knew where Nick was, since Victoria had been trying to track him down all morning. Chelsea indicated that she'd been running an errand and hadn't spoken to him that day, and she asked if everything was okay. Victoria reported that she and Christian were hanging out at the park, and Chelsea said she'd let Nick know if she saw him. They hung up, and Chelsea called out to ask if Nick was home.

Monique reported that Christian had found a dead beetle and that he had decided to give it a burial at sea. Victoria suggested that Christian wrap the bug in a leaf and send it out to float on the pond, and Monique led him away as Sharon approached. Sharon noted that Christian looked happy, and she was glad Monique was there to avoid even more disruption in the boy's life. Victoria demanded to know why Sharon had shown up in court with Adam to attempt to take Christian herself.

Victoria questioned whether Sharon still thought of Christian as her own son. Sharon defended that she'd just wanted to help, and Victoria blasted Sharon for thinking she could do a better job than Christian's own family. Sharon explained that Adam had been afraid that Victoria wouldn't let him get to know Christian, and Victoria imagined that Sharon would encourage it. Sharon asserted that Adam deserved to get to know his son. "There it is -- that judgment you're so famous for," Victoria spat.

Sharon argued that Victoria couldn't keep Adam away from Christian for the rest of the boy's life, since eventually, Christian would learn the truth. Victoria countered that Adam was a dangerous manipulator, and she vowed to keep Christian safe for as long as possible. Sharon argued that even Chelsea would admit that Adam was a good father, and Chelsea overheard as she passed by. Victoria thought they just had to hope the ruling was overturned.

Sharon and Chelsea offered tips about Christian's routine so Victoria could keep things familiar for him. Chelsea described a ritual race that Nick and Christian had every night to see who could pick up the most toys. Chelsea sadly recounted that Nick had done it alone the night before until nothing had been left, and he'd just stood there with no one to read a story to or kiss goodnight. They discussed how Christian loved knocking down towers of blocks and making forts, and Victoria pledged to have as much fun as she could with Christian until Nick took him home again.

Phyllis stumbled upon the trio and voiced surprise that she hadn't been invited, since they'd all served as mother figures to Christian. Victoria snapped that they had it covered without her. Phyllis acknowledged that she wasn't their favorite person, but Christian needed all the support and love he could get, and she wanted to help. Victoria testily asked if Phyllis wanted to help the same way she had when she'd handed over the video to Adam, and Sharon added that Phyllis had helped steal Dark Horse from Nick.

Phyllis countered that Sharon had walked into court with the man who was trying to take Christian from Nick and that Victoria had provided the money that had been used to pay for the takeover and the custody battle. Phyllis contended that she only worked for Adam, and Chelsea retorted that Phyllis had taken the job to punish Nick. Phyllis thought she had to be in an alternate universe for Chelsea to be lecturing her on devastating people, since Chelsea had broken Nick's heart and knocked Sharon unconscious, yet Phyllis was the one twisting in the wind. Phyllis huffed that Victoria and Sharon deserved whatever con Chelsea pulled next, and Chelsea stalked off.

Sharon also prepared to leave, and Phyllis asked how Rey had taken it when he'd learned Sharon had wanted to help raise Nick's son. Sharon reported that Rey had been there when Adam had asked, and she and Rey didn't keep things from each other. Phyllis questioned whether Rey knew Adam had Sharon wrapped around his finger, and Sharon walked away. Phyllis warned that Victoria would be a fool to trust either Sharon or Chelsea. Victoria stopped Phyllis from leaving and demanded to know more about Summertime Inc.

Phyllis feigned ignorance, but Victoria ordered her to drop the act, since Billy had told her about Phyllis working against Adam. Victoria surmised that Phyllis felt the need to make amends after the stunts she'd pulled, but Phyllis noted that Victoria had just accused her of siding with the man who was taking Christian away from Nick. Victoria apologized for thinking Phyllis would stoop that low, and she implied that they could work together to cut Adam down to size.

Victoria suspected that Phyllis had found a way to transfer real estate assets from Dark Horse to Summertime, and she guessed that Adam wasn't supervising his corporation too closely. Phyllis confirmed that he'd been very distracted with the custody case, and Victoria imagined the myriad ways they could take advantage of that. Victoria noted that Phyllis had the power as CEO to negotiate the sale of all of Dark Horse's assets, and Phyllis indicated interest if the price was right. Victoria promised that it would be, and Phyllis agreed to consider it -- on one condition.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki surmised that Victoria had taken some time off between meetings to spend time with Christian. Victor was sure that Nick was happy that Victoria had taken the boy in, but Nikki was galled that the judge had found it to be necessary. Nikki griped that all Nick's fears since finding out Adam was alive were becoming a reality, and all Adam had done was tear their family apart. Victor pointed out that Adam hadn't won custody and that Christian had been placed with someone he knew and loved, and Nikki thanked God for that.

Victor was surprised when he awakened from a nap, since he'd only expected to close his eyes for a few minutes. Nikki chalked it up to both needing rest after their weekend away. She thought it had been great seeing Connor, but she regretted not being there when the judge had made his ruling, since they could have volunteered to take Christian in. Victor assumed that they would have had to prove they were both healthy, and he wouldn't have been able to do it.

Victor worried that Nick was upset with him over the tape Adam had used to claim Nick was an unfit father, and he wished that he'd destroyed it. Nikki figured that it was too late for regrets, and they had to focus on getting Nick's son back where he belonged. Nikki planned to head home, but Victor said he still had a few things to do. She didn't mind waiting, but he told her he'd be fine. She promised not to push.

Later, Chelsea entered Victor's office in response to a text message. He informed her that he wanted to clear the air about his visit to Connor, and she thanked him for not telling Connor about Adam being alive. Victor marveled that Connor had grown a lot and was poised and confident. Chelsea praised Calvin for being an exceptional role model, and Victor looked forward to getting to know Connor better. Victor announced that he'd changed his mind about keeping Connor out of town, but Chelsea barked that it wasn't up to him. Victor considered it the perfect time for Connor to reconnect with family, and Chelsea asked if it was a request or an order.

Chelsea worried that Adam was angry, and there was no telling how he would lash out next. She wanted to keep Connor safe, but Victor scoffed at the thought of his grandson being safe with Anita. Chelsea refused to let Connor be caught in the crossfire with Christian, and she insisted on keeping things the way they were.

Rey returned to the cottage, and Sharon asked how his day had been. He mentioned that he'd been dealing with family drama, and she jokingly replied that she wouldn't know anything about that. Rey firmly stated that Adam wasn't her family, even though Adam had been the source of most of the drama in her life over the past few months. Sharon swore that she'd only offered to help in a crisis for Christian's sake, and Rey responded that Adam had created the situation. Sharon reiterated that she'd told Adam that what he was doing was wrong, and Rey countered that actions spoke louder than words.

Rey was certain that Adam had gotten inside Sharon's head and was manipulating her. Rey needed to trust his instincts after Mia had lied to him about her feelings for his brother, and he noted that Sharon had fallen in love with two brothers. Sharon argued that it wasn't the same situation, since she was a different person than she had been. Rey asked who she was then, and she replied that she was the woman who was in love with him and only him. Rey said he loved her, too, but he couldn't keep doing the dance with her.

Rey griped that every time Sharon drew the line with Adam, she let Adam cross it. Sharon swore that she wasn't choosing Adam over Rey, but Rey thought they knew how it would end, and he didn't have the heart to go down that road with her. Rey packed a bag and planned to arrange a time to pick up the rest of his things. Sharon begged him not to go, but he maintained that he couldn't watch her do it to herself.

Rey flatly stated that he couldn't save Sharon if she wouldn't save herself. Sharon asserted that she wasn't in need of rescuing, but Rey thought none of it would have happened if she had refused to help Victor. She insisted that she and Rey were stronger together, and she wailed that it couldn't be over. He left it up to her, and she kissed him passionately. Rey succumbed for a moment, but he pulled back, grabbed his bag, and hurried out over her protests.

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