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Billy had nightmares about Delia. Jack visited Ashley in Paris. Phyllis implied that she had plans to take Adam down. Traci told Cane that she just wanted to stay friends. Lola demanded the truth about Kyle's life in New York. Michael suggested that he and Adam strike a deal.
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Traci told Cane that she just wanted to stay friend
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Sharon confronts Adam

Sharon confronts Adam

Monday, July 15, 2019

At Nick's house, Chelsea told Nick that dealing with her husband's death and Adam's threats to fight for custody of Connor had made her emotionally distraught. Rey arrived and interrupted Nick's attempt to learn more from Chelsea about her personal feelings for Adam. Rey introduced himself to Chelsea and said he had news about Adam. Rey first said he'd learned from a buddy on the police force that Chelsea's husband, Calvin, had died of natural causes. Nick said he and Chelsea had learned from Paul that Calvin had suffered a massive heart attack.

After Rey expressed his condolences to Chelsea, she added that Paul had warned her to watch her back where Adam was concerned. Rey said Adam had approached Paul, claiming he had evidence implicating Chelsea in Calvin's death. Rey explained that Adam had recorded a conversation he'd had with Chelsea. During that discussion, Rey added, Chelsea had expressed strong feelings about Calvin's support of Adam's plan to gain custody of Connor. Rey said that because Calvin's cause of death had been established, the tape was worthless.

As Nick walked Rey to the door, he told Rey that Sharon had returned. Nick warned Rey not to let Adam get in his head. Rey replied, "The way he had Sharon's?" Nick asked about Chance. After Rey said he hadn't yet dug up anything about Chance Chancellor, Nick replied, "There's something out there that will help us bury my brother. We both need you to find it."

After Rey left, Nick told Chelsea that Adam wanted to reunite with her. Chelsea replied, "Framing me for murder is his way of showing love?" Nick asked Chelsea if she planned to stay in Genoa City. Chelsea seemed torn and noted that Baton Rouge had been Connor's home. Chelsea seemed hesitant to disrupt Connor's life. Nick said he wouldn't press Chelsea to stay. Chelsea embraced Nick and thanked him.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon sat with Faith as the youngster enjoyed nibbling on a brownie. Faith was more interested in reuniting with her dad and baby brother at the park. Adam, perusing a menu nearby, overheard Sharon mention a family reunion. Faith was surprised to see Adam and greeted him. Sharon and Adam exchanged smiles as Adam told Faith he was glad she'd returned to town and hoped she didn't feel like she'd seen a ghost. Faith said her mom had told her about Adam and admitted it was weird to see him.

After Sharon told Faith they should get going, Adam asked about their plans. Faith responded, but Sharon interrupted her daughter and told her to get a box for her brownie. After Faith walked away, Adam told Sharon that Chelsea had returned to town and was staying with Nick. Adam added, "My ego is telling me that she could only reunite with one of us, so she flipped a coin." After Adam walked away, Sharon told Faith they should rush to meet Nick and Christian. Adam emerged from the patio area and followed Sharon and Faith.

Sharon and Faith arrived at the park before Nick and Christian showed up. Sharon explained to Faith that they'd arrived early because she hadn't wanted Adam to know about their plans. Nick hugged Faith when he and Christian arrived. Faith greeted Christian and said she couldn't believe how big he'd grown. After the children went to play, Sharon told Nick she'd heard about Chelsea and knew she was living with Nick. Nick explained that Chelsea was having a difficult time after losing her husband. Sharon noted that Adam hadn't mentioned the death of Chelsea's husband. Nick replied, "I guess he also didn't mention that he tried to frame her for his death."

Nick asked Sharon when she would see Adam for who he was. Sharon replied, "I guess when you see Chelsea for who she really is." Nick advised Sharon to steer clear of Adam and focus on Rey. Faith and Christian returned. Faith told her parents that they could hear every word they'd said. Faith cried, "Can we be a normal family for five minutes?"

Sharon and Nick suddenly noticed that Adam had been listening, too. Adam knelt down and asked if Christian remembered him. Christian shook his head, indicating that he didn't. Christian declined Adam's invitation to join him to get ice cream. Sharon sent Nick, Faith, and Christian on their way. As they left, Adam called out to Christian, promising to see him soon.

Sharon confronted Adam and said, "How dare you?" Sharon warned Adam not to use her again in order to gain access to Christian. Adam said that Nick didn't want him anywhere near Christian. Adam added that he intended to reunite with his son. Sharon told Adam that if he loved Christian, he wouldn't hurt the boy. Adam claimed that kids were resilient. Sharon warned that Christian might resent Adam for taking him away from Nick.

Sharon said she knew Adam had lied to Paul about Chelsea being responsible for her husband's death. Sharon added, "What kind of father do you think you'd be?" Adam noted that Sharon had grown angry at him in a way he'd never seen before. Sharon said she was angry at herself for not seeing Adam the way he really was, even after others had warned her about him. Sharon said, "You are a selfish, cold-hearted bastard."

Lola entered her apartment and overheard her mother talking to someone on the phone. Lola slammed the door closed to let her mother know she was being overheard. After Celeste ended her call, Lola asked her mom about the caller. Celeste replied that he was a friend from back home that Lola didn't know. Lola said, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Celeste declined to elaborate, but Lola said she wasn't going to let it go. After Lola went to her bedroom to change, Celeste seemed apprehensive.

Celeste had left before Rey stopped by to see Lola. Lola told Rey that their mother was living with her. Lola told Rey that after hearing Celeste talking on the phone, she was certain their mother had a boyfriend. Without explanation, Rey strongly urged Lola to drop the subject. After Lola persisted, Rey blurted out that their mom had reunited with their father. Rey added that their dad planned to walk Lola down the aisle. Lola told Rey that it was her wedding, so she would set things straight with their mother.

Rey had left before Celeste returned from shopping. Lola said she knew her mother and her dad were in a relationship. Celeste said, "You talked to Rey." Celeste added that she'd planned to explain. Lola asked her mom how she'd planned to explain her involvement with the man who'd trashed their lives by walking out on his family. Celeste attempted to defend Lola's dad, but Lola grew angry and cried that Adrian Rosales wasn't a good man. Celeste didn't answer when Lola asked if she was in love with Adrian.

Lola asked her mom how she could reunite with Adrian after everything he'd done. Celeste explained that technically, they were still married. Lola insisted that she'd never forgive her father. Celeste said that being with Adrian made her happy. Lola cried that her father had abandoned his family for a meaningless fling. Lola swore that her father would never be part of her life.

Celeste said it was important to her and to Adrian that he be allowed to attend Lola's wedding. Lola didn't back down. Celeste warned that Lola would someday regret her decision and wouldn't be able to take it back. Lola insisted that she wouldn't change her mind. Lola added that Rey would walk her down the aisle. Lola warned that if Adrian attempted to interfere, she and Kyle would elope.

Faith was at Crimson Lights when Rey arrived. Faith hugged Rey and said Nick and Christian were waiting outside. Rey asked about Sharon. Faith told him that Adam had shown up at the park when she, Nick, Christian, and Sharon had been there. Faith noted that Nick hadn't been happy to see Adam. Rey replied, "I bet." Faith added that she'd been surprised that her mom had stayed behind to talk to Adam. Rey replied, "Did she?"

Rey caught up with Sharon at the park after Adam left. Sharon told Rey that she and Adam had nothing more to say to each other. Sharon apologized to Rey about the way she'd left Las Vegas. Rey noted that their problems hadn't begun there. Sharon changed the subject and asked Rey why he'd sought her out. Rey said Faith had told him that her mom had seemed upset. Sharon admitted that Rey had been right about Adam. Sharon insisted that Adam would no longer be an issue between them. Sharon begged Rey to tell her that it wasn't too late for them to reconcile. Rey said he wanted to make their relationship work.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea confronted Adam. Chelsea was defiant when she asked Adam about recording their conversation about Calvin and handing it over to Paul. Adam deflected and noted that Chelsea had flown with Nick to visit Connor after having refused to let Adam see the boy. Chelsea replied, "Nick didn't see Connor, okay? He came with me for emotional support." Adam said he could have supported Chelsea. Adam claimed he loved Chelsea. Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd been willing to let her end up in prison for a crime she hadn't committed. Chelsea cried, "The Adam who loved me would've never done that."

Adam recalled that when he'd been with Chelsea, he'd never given in to dark impulses. Adam begged Chelsea to help him because she could see the good in him. Chelsea refused and cried that she couldn't stop Adam from being a horrible person. Chelsea told Adam that he was the one responsible for letting his demons control him. Chelsea recalled that the Adam she'd loved had been special. Adam and Chelsea both agreed that things could have been very different. Chelsea abruptly left after Adam told her not to return.

After Nick returned home with Christian, he phoned Michael. Nick explained that Adam might be involved with Chance Chancellor. Nick added that he had a gut feeling that Adam and Chance's involvement was something shady. Nick informed Michael that Adam had attempted to frame Chelsea for her husband's death and had ambushed him and Christian, frightening the boy. Nick said Adam's behavior proved that he had no business raising Christian.

Billy flips out over Cane and Traci's trip

Billy flips out over Cane and Traci's trip

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy called out for Delia, and a figure appeared then vanished. Billy yelled Delia's name and frantically searched for her. He heard the squeal of tires and a car driving away, followed by a girl screaming. Billy awakened with a start on the couch.

At Society, Cane told Jill about the conference he planned to attend in New York. She expected him to be on the expert panel by the following year, and she hoped the trip would give him time to hang out with Charlie, who was in New York for an internship. Cane mentioned that Traci would also be there to see her editor about her new book. Jill called it a fun coincidence, and Cane excitedly divulged that Traci's publisher wanted to meet him, since he'd been the inspiration for one of the book's characters.

Cane recounted that Traci had read him the entire novel, but Jill didn't see the connection between Cane and a private eye in the '40s. Cane explained that Flynn had been heartbroken from a failed relationship at the beginning of the story, but he'd built himself back up with the encouragement of his girl Friday. Jill wondered if it bothered him that Traci was putting his private life on public display, but Cane praised Traci for taking something personal and making it universal. Cane gushed that the book had everything going for it, but his lips were sealed about who Flynn had ended up with. Jill credited Traci with putting him in a good mood.

Cane mentioned that the real estate agent would be showing his house while he was out of town, and he inquired about Jill's plans. She announced that she would soon be off to Bali, and he proclaimed that she was an inspiration to him. She wondered what Lily thought about his trip to New York. Cane reported that Lily didn't know, since he hadn't spoken to her, and he wasn't sure if Charlie had told her. Jill exclaimed that Cane had had a breakthrough, since it was the first time since his breakup that he wasn't trying to prove something to Lily. He admitted that it felt like a step forward.

Billy entered the restaurant and ordered a scotch at the bar, and Jill invited him to join her and Cane. She implored Cane to tell Billy about his trip to New York, and she assumed that Billy had already heard about it from Traci. Billy was stunned to hear that Cane and Traci were going together, and Jill clarified that they were just meeting up sometime while they were both in New York. Cane explained that he and Traci were flying in together and staying in the same hotel, and Billy demanded to know "what the hell kind of game" Cane was playing.

Billy asked whose idea it had been, and Cane replied that he'd suggested having dinner and seeing a show while he and Traci were both in New York for work. Billy condemned Cane for tagging along, since the trip was important for Traci, and Cane would just be a distraction. Jill mentioned that Traci's publisher wanted to meet Cane, since a character in the book was based on him. Cane swore that he wasn't taking advantage of Traci and that he just appreciated her friendship.

Cane recalled that putting Dina in memory care had been hard on Traci, and she hadn't had anyone to talk to. Billy snapped that she'd had plenty of people. Cane invited Billy to join them in New York and not turn it into something more than it was. Cane reiterated that he and Traci just enjoyed spending time together, but Billy stalked off. Cane wasn't surprised that Billy was protective of Traci, but Jill asserted that Traci was a grown woman who didn't need her little brother picking out her friends for her. Jill urged Cane to have a ball in New York and not to give Billy a second thought.

Traci arrived at the Abbott mansion, and Jack warned that she was cutting it close. She figured that she had packing down to a science after all the traveling she'd done, and Jack loved the buoyant mood she'd been in since she'd planned her trip. He admired her for waiting for inspiration and following wherever it led, and he thought he could take a lesson from her. Traci lectured that Jack had to be true to his own nature.

Traci sensed that Jack was feeling at loose ends because he was between challenges. She applauded him for getting Jabot back on its feet and saving lives by developing an amazing treatment program in Neil's honor. Jack figured that it was what Neil would have wanted, and Traci expected that whatever Jack did next would be epic. Jack realized that he needed a new mountain to climb, and he contemplated which one. She suggested the tallest one.

Later, Traci answered the door and invited Cane in. She informed him that she wasn't finished packing yet, and she guessed that his early arrival meant that he was eager to get to New York. He said his bags were in the car, but there was something he wanted to say to her first. He wondered if she was having second thoughts about spending time with him, and he offered to stay clear of her if she was. She looked shocked.

Traci wondered if there was something she'd done or said to make Cane think she was having second thoughts, and Cane recounted that he'd run into Billy over lunch. Traci ordered Cane to disregard anything Billy had said, since her brother had zero insight into how she was feeling. She added that she hadn't even told Billy about the trip, and Cane wondered if her not wanting Billy to know meant she wasn't comfortable with it. She vehemently denied it, and she explained that she hadn't told Billy because she knew how he and Cane felt about one another.

Traci contended that it was a different story if Cane was the one having second thoughts, but he insisted that he was fine with it if she was. Traci enthused that she'd been making a list of all the places she wanted to show him, and they'd have to prolong their trip to see them all. He remarked that it would be fine as long as Billy didn't find out, and she headed upstairs to finish packing.

A short time later, Cane jumped to his feet to take Traci's luggage. She joked that she would have gone with a bigger suitcase if she'd known she'd have someone to help, and he contended that a famous author shouldn't have to carry her own bags. She asked if he was ready to take New York by storm, and he declared that, with a dame like her by his side, he was. He offered her his arm as they headed out.

Nikki and Victor picked up coffee at Crimson Lights, and she observed that he wasn't having decaf. He complained that he was sick and tired of walking around in a fog, but he considered the side effects of such strong treatment to be minor. Nikki reasoned that a little caffeine wouldn't hurt, but she warned him not to make a habit of it because he needed his sleep. She recognized that he hated not being as alert as he normally would be, but she assured him that everything was in order. She thought it was a gift to be able to spend that time with him, and she thought they should make the most out of it.

Nikki declared her desire to have a family dinner as a reminder of how much love and support Victor had. He wondered who she wanted to invite, and she suggested that it be a grown-up evening with Victoria, Nick, Billy, Abby, and Summer. Victor surmised that Adam wouldn't be invited, but he had no problem with that. Nikki held out hope that Adam could join them in the future, but she was glad Victor was able to accept that Adam was a difficult subject. She realized that she was late for a meeting with the park supervisor, and Victor said he would see her later, since he had to take care of something.

Rey jogged through Chancellor Park and met with Nick, who asked if there was any new information since the last time they'd talked. Rey revealed that he'd found out more about what had happened in Las Vegas. Nick found it hard to believe that Chance had hung out with Adam, but he figured that his brother had a way of reeling people in against their better judgment. Rey reported that Chance might have had a sterling reputation but that he'd gone in a very different direction.

Rey indicated that his sources had picked up on various rumors about Chance being involved in money laundering and other shady financial deals. Nick argued that Chance was a Chancellor who didn't need money and that it went against everything Chance had stood for. Nick pushed for details, but Rey didn't have answers. Nick instructed him to keep digging, since associating Adam with a criminal enterprise would help prove him to be an unfit father.

Rey stepped aside to call Sharon. After Rey hung up, Nick surmised that things were better for the couple, and Rey mentioned that Sharon had told him about Adam going to Paul to implicate Chelsea in Calvin's death. Nick hoped Sharon had stopped rooting for Adam once she'd seen what a serious threat he was, adding that it had been a wake-up call for Chelsea. Rey couldn't imagine what the women had seen in the jerk, and Nick was grateful that their eyes were finally open. Nick thought he and Rey had to make sure the judge's eyes were open, too.

At Nick's house, Chelsea was on the phone, griping that she'd called Anita to find out how her son was doing at camp, not to answer questions about Calvin's will. Chelsea abruptly said she had to go, and she asked Anita to tell Connor that she loved him and would see him soon. Chelsea heard someone approaching as she hung up, and she groaned that her mother was driving her crazy. She was startled when she saw Victor, and he wondered why she looked surprised, since she'd known she'd have to face him again someday.

Chelsea offered Victor a drink, and he noted that she'd made herself at home there. She countered that she could say the same thing about him, citing that he'd walked in unannounced. He defended that the housekeeper had let him in, but Chelsea hadn't heard him because she'd been arguing with her mother. He inquired whether Anita was still her mother's name, and Chelsea confirmed that Anita had changed it. Victor assumed that it had been to keep Connor away from him, but Chelsea pointed out that she'd had to keep herself out of jail, and she'd been willing to do anything to make sure she and Connor were safe and together. Victor contended that they weren't together then, but Chelsea intended to see her son soon.

Victor expressed condolences for Chelsea's loss, and she regretted that Connor had a long, hard road ahead of him. She didn't want to add to the confusion by telling the boy that Adam was alive, and Victor didn't blame her, since Adam had been behaving erratically. Chelsea blasted Adam for his lack of respect for the bond between Nick and Christian, and she refused to trust Adam with her own son. Victor swore that he wasn't blindly siding with Adam, and he wanted Chelsea to know that he wasn't a threat. He hoped she would allow him to see his grandson, but she balked at divulging Connor's whereabouts.

Chelsea stated that she wasn't opposed to Victor visiting Connor, but she stressed that it had to happen the right way. Victor wanted it to happen immediately, but she encouraged him to see it from Connor's perspective, since the boy had lost nearly everyone who had ever been important to him. Victor intended to reestablish contact and remind Connor that he had a large family who loved him. Chelsea called it a beautiful sentiment, but she felt like Connor wasn't prepared for the news about Adam.

Chelsea offered to talk to Connor about Adam when she saw him, and she made Victor promise not to tell Connor about Adam if she wasn't there. She reluctantly wrote down Connor's location on a slip of paper, and Victor requested that she add his name to the list of visitors at Connor's camp. Nick entered and asked what was going on. Victor claimed that he and Chelsea had just been catching up while waiting for Nick.

Victor announced that he was there with an invitation to a family dinner, and he suggested that Nick call Nikki to find out the time and place. Victor invited Chelsea to join them, but she said she was heading out of town to see Connor. Nick reminded Victor that Christian had a T-ball game later that week, and Victor pointedly replied that he didn't need reminding because his grandchildren were very important to him. After Victor left, Nick assumed that Chelsea wasn't up for a Newman family summit. Chelsea wasn't sure that she should be a part of Nick's life at all.

Chelsea reasoned that the last thing she should do was wave a red flag in front of Adam by going to a Newman event. Nick doubted that Adam would be invited, and Chelsea worried that it would make Adam even more angry and determined to punish Nick. Nick repeated that they couldn't let Adam dictate how they lived their lives, so she should go to the dinner if she wanted to go. Chelsea asked what Nick wanted her to do, and he replied that he would love for her to be there. He stressed that he had no problem with the statement it would make.

In the park, Jill hugged Jack and thanked him for meeting her during her short detour before heading to Bali. Jill mentioned that Cane had said the Abbotts had needed to put Dina in a memory care facility, and Jack bemoaned that his mother had been too frightened and disoriented to remain at home. Jill sympathized, and Jack shared that he only got occasional glimpses of the woman Dina had once been. Jill revealed that Katherine sometimes visited her in her dreams, and it provided some small comfort. Jack confided that he kept seeing a younger version of Dina in his dreams, and she kept pushing him to do something, but he wasn't sure what. He added that the dream Dina kept asking what he wanted.

Jill advised Jack to tell Dina to back off in his next dream, since he'd suffered serious losses and was grieving. Jill explained that she'd been in a similar situation when her marriage to Colin had ended, and she hadn't been able to launch into a new phase of her life without grieving for what she'd left behind. She continued that things had become clearer once she'd made peace, and Jack wondered if he might end up in Bali himself. Nikki greeted them, and she and Jill bantered about Jill turning up like a bad penny. Jill stated that she had many people to see in a brief time, and Jack thanked her for the advice.

After Jill left, Nikki scoffed at the idea of Jill giving good advice. Nikki mentioned that Jack and Victor had shared a civil drink the other day, and she asked what had caused the change in attitude. Jack figured that Victor hadn't needed him piling it on with everything else going on in Victor's life, and Nikki referred to Adam's return. "Among other things," Jack replied, and Nikki commented that they were all approaching a time of life when things that had seemed so far away weren't far anymore.

Nikki believed that the only thing they could do to get through it was cherish every moment and keep moving forward the best they could. Jack thought Victor was lucky to have Nikki by his side, and he hoped Victor would be back at Newman soon. Jack explained that he had nothing against Victoria, but it was less fun to best her than to best Victor. Nikki laughed and admitted that while she didn't approve of the men reviving their rivalry, she would do what she could.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Billy approached Jack, who commented that Jabot's latest sales report hadn't been too bad. Billy exclaimed that it was great that they'd overshot their targets, and Jack conceded that he should show more enthusiasm. Billy wondered if something was wrong, since he'd expected Jack to be over the moon about the numbers. Jack shared that he just had a feeling of dissatisfaction, and everyone he'd spoken with had given him different advice.

Billy suggested that Jack take in some new sights and sounds, and he made a call to see if the company jet was available. Billy gave instructions to prepare the jet to go to Europe, but Jack protested that he was buried with work. Billy decided that Jack would go to Paris to check on the competition, and he ordered the person on the phone to book a hotel suite. Billy implored Jack to go see Ashley.

Kevin and Phyllis each plot to take Adam down

Kevin and Phyllis each plot to take Adam down

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Michael informed Nick that Adam's attorney had moved the custody hearing to the following week. Michael assured Nick that they were ready to proceed. Nick said he was prepared to do everything necessary to keep Christian. At that moment, Phyllis arrived and asked what Michael and Nick had been talking about. Nick said it was none of her business, and he asked Phyllis to leave. When Phyllis asked how Michael was, Michael went to get a coffee refill.

Nick asked if Phyllis was a robot because she was able to turn off her conscience. He said that Adam had taken Dark Horse from him, had hired her as CEO, and was attempting to take Christian from him. Phyllis admitted that Nick was a wonderful father to all his children. She informed Nick that she was only running Adam's company, nothing more. Nick countered that they both knew Phyllis' self-serving track record. Phyllis refused to apologize for looking out for her future because she didn't have millions of dollars or well-placed friends.

Nick reminded Phyllis that at one time, she'd had all that, and he added that he no longer recognized her. Phyllis changed the subject and told Nick he wouldn't recognize the amazing hotel he had been working on prior to leaving Dark Horse. Nick claimed it had been stolen from him. Phyllis said it was incredible, and she promised to invite Nick to the grand opening. She hoped he would attend. Phyllis added that she would be living in the penthouse. Nick commented that it was too bad she had no one to share it with, and he walked away.

Alone with Nick, Michael hoped that Phyllis wouldn't testify on Adam's behalf. Nick stated that Phyllis had no conscience. Nick informed Michael that Chelsea didn't want Adam anywhere near Connor. Michael assured Nick they had a strong case. Nick said that Adam had photos of him impersonating J.T. Michael asked Nick how a photo would prove that Nick was an unfit father. He further stated that Adam had falsified the paternity test, and it proved that Adam had had no interest in raising Christian. It was the equivalent of child abandonment. Nick hoped the judge would see it that way.

When Kevin arrived at Adam's penthouse, Adam provided him with an envelope and told him to take it to a judge. Kevin opened the envelope and saw photos of Nick. Kevin commented that it was a new low for Adam, but extortion was just another day at the office for Adam. Kevin gave the envelope back to Adam. Adam blurted out an address, 1206 Wilmington Road, and asked Kevin if he'd gotten it right. Stunned, Kevin asked how Adam had found it.

Adam claimed that Kevin needed to focus on how long it would take the police to arrive at that address. Adam said that the worst part would be for Bella to watch her mother being arrested for attempted murder and taken out in handcuffs. That image would haunt Bella for the rest of her life. Kevin said that Adam had promised to leave Chloe alone. Adam stated he would only if Kevin did what he was told. He ordered Kevin to take the envelope to the judge. He asked Kevin which was more important to him, family or righteous indignation. Kevin took the envelope and left.

In New York, Traci met Cane in the corridor outside her suite and said she couldn't wait to explore New York. Traci told Cane where the perfect place for bagels was. She told him to mention her name, and he would get the VIP treatment. They went their separate ways after agreeing to meet later.

When Cane returned with fresh bagels, Traci asked him about his lunch with Charlie. Cane said the conversation with Charlie had been strange. Charlie was very mature and confident. Cane wasn't thrilled that Charlie was in love with the movie business or that Charlie wanted to stay in New York. Traci said that Charlie was young and driven, and he wanted to follow his dream. She advised Cane to allow Charlie to reach for the stars because he was the hero of his own story.

A short time later, Cane and Traci met in the corridor again, dressed for Traci's costume party. They left for the party, dressed as Velma and Flynn, the characters from her book.

After the party, Cane and Traci returned to the hotel. Cane claimed it had been the best party he'd ever attended. Traci grew teary-eyed when Cane stated that she'd been dazzling. He asked Traci if she knew how truly amazing she was. Traci said that it had been a long time since anyone had spoken to her like that.

Cane asked why Traci had stopped letting people into her life. Traci said it might have been several things -- when she'd lost Colleen, or when her husband had left her, or when Dina had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Traci said she had her work and her writing, but at some point, her life had become about everyone else.

Cane told Traci to turn the page and write her own chapter. He said that anything could happen because she would be writing her own story, and she could choose her happily ever after. Cane said he hoped to be there to witness it. Traci said she hoped she would be, as well. She bid Cane a good night and entered her suite.

At the Chancellor estate, Billy had been holding Delia's doll when Jill arrived. She sensed something was wrong. She took the doll and asked if Billy had been thinking about Delia. Billy said, "Always." Jill admitted that she missed Delia, as well. She said that Delia would want him to be happy and to dance and sing. She urged Billy to be the man Delia had taught him to be. She said he had two other children and an almost wife. She said he had stopped gambling and had turned his life around.

Before Jill left, she and Billy hugged. Billy wished Jill well on the next leg of her journey. Jill asked Billy to live and love without regret. She said she loved him, and she left.

Still upset, Billy picked up Delia's doll and sat down. He suddenly spotted the word "daddy" written on one of the side tables, and he touched it. Kevin arrived and asked Billy if everything was okay. Billy asked Kevin if anyone had been in the house recently and pointed to the word on the side table.

Kevin surmised that the word had been written a long time before because the ink had faded. Kevin admitted that Delia had been a wild child, and she'd written her name all over the place. Billy told Kevin that he continued to dream about Delia and described his latest dream about her.

Billy told Kevin that in his dream, he had been running in the dark, trying to find Delia, when he'd heard the screeching of tires. Billy admitted that his mind had been playing tricks on him because of Delia. Kevin blamed Adam. He urged Billy to avoid Adam at all costs. He also told Billy not to worry because Adam would be stopped soon.

After Billy left, Kevin pulled out the photos Adam had given him and took his own pictures of the photos with his phone. At that moment, Chloe called him. He asked her if she was clear where she needed to go. He said he would join them soon and that the end game was in sight. He put the photos into his backpack and opened the door to leave, only to bump into Michael, who asked where Kevin was heading. Kevin said he was going to Crimson Lights for a coffee. He assured Michael that he wasn't helping Adam and that he would be joining Chloe and Bella very soon.

Michael said he didn't believe Kevin. Michael believed that Adam had come up with a worse plan, and he warned Kevin not to go against Adam alone. Michael wanted to know Kevin's plan, but Kevin claimed he was fine and refused to share his plans. Michael asked if Kevin wanted to end up in prison again, but Kevin said that things wouldn't get that far. He asked Michael to trust him. Michael said he trusted Kevin, but he knew how dangerous Adam was.

Kevin asked Michael what it was called when someone made somebody suffer in a trap they had set for someone else. Michael replied, "Hoist him on his own petard." Kevin said that when that happened, it would be downright poetic. Michael said that Kevin had never needed a brother or a lawyer more that he did at that moment -- before he got into deeper trouble. Kevin said he intended to take Adam down because Adam had crossed the line.

Adam arrived at Dark Horse, and Phyllis updated him on the hotel. She told Adam that she had run into Nick and that he'd mentioned the custody hearing. Adam chirped that if he had a heart, it would break for Nick. Phyllis tried to convince Adam to drop his vendetta and let Nick raise Christian. She said Nick had been the only father Christian had ever known and that Christian adored Nick. Adam claimed that Nick hadn't been a shining example with his other kids.

Phyllis told Adam that raising a child was about being present in the child's life. Adam suggested that in a couple of years, Phyllis could ask Connor and Christian about their father. Incensed, Phyllis spat that it wasn't a competition. She said that they had to do the best for their children, and she admitted that she was still trying to master that. Adam said it had been a nice try, but like him, Phyllis would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. He left.

Sitting at the bar at Society, Nick left a message for Rey to find out everything he could about Adam as quickly as possible because they were running out of time. Adam arrived and sat down next to Nick. Nick advised Adam to back off because he wouldn't win the custody case. Adam said that Phyllis had said the same thing to him earlier, but Nick had already known that because it was obvious that Nick had asked Phyllis to join forces with him. Nick informed Adam that he and Phyllis hadn't been on the same page in months. Nick said that if Phyllis was Adam's last ally, then it should tell Adam something.

Adam claimed that Phyllis had been stroking Nick's back, looking for a soft spot to bury the hatchet. Nick thanked Adam for the warning. Nick said that Adam had hitched his wagon to a wrecking ball. Adam claimed he was doing just fine. Nick began to walk away, but he stopped. He said that all the distractions that Adam had created weren't working the way Adam had intended. Everything Adam had tried to do to get ahead only showed Nick the cards Adam had been holding. He said Adam had nothing, and he was even more confident that Adam wouldn't win custody of Christian.

Adam claimed he would win, but Nick countered that he had a lot of ammunition, and he knew there was a lot more information out there. Adam asked if that was the part where Nick tried to get him to back down. Nick said he would only be wasting his breath, because if Adam had given a damn about doing the right thing, Adam would have walked away, but Adam couldn't do that because he was too fixated on winning at any cost.

Nick said that Adam was willing to turn a little boy's life upside down just to say he'd won. Nick claimed that once he and Michael gathered all the information about every crime Adam had committed and every person he'd wronged, it would show that Adam had no character or moral compass. He said that when he and Michael were finished, Adam wouldn't get custody of a cactus. Nick walked away.

Billy had been running through the park, and when he stopped, Phyllis asked him what he'd been running from. Billy told her to stop pretending that she cared. Phyllis confessed that she wasn't interested in getting back at him. Billy asked why she had shown up with Adam at his and Victoria's commitment ceremony. Billy said she hadn't been invited because he hadn't wanted her there. It appeared that she wanted to cause as much damage as she could, no matter where she went, just like Adam.

Billy told Phyllis that Adam had messed up so many things in his head that he didn't know right from wrong. He said he wouldn't be responsible for his actions if Adam decided to so something else to him. Phyllis claimed she couldn't control Adam. Billy accused her of being as corrupt as Adam. Phyllis said that perhaps she was. She asked if it had occurred to Billy that she might be using Adam. She said that she might have a plan to make everything right and to even the score. Billy advised her to hurry up before Adam ruined any more lives. Billy left.

Traci tells Cane they should just stay friends

Traci tells Cane they should just stay friends

Thursday, July 18, 2019

On a street in Paris, Ashley called out in a French accent to ask Jack if he was lost. She exclaimed that she was happy to see him, and she insisted on showing him something before they got something to eat. After Ashley gave Jack a tour of her company's offices, she jokingly assumed that the real reason he was there was to spy on her operation, and she hoped he'd gotten his money's worth. He complained that he hadn't seen her top-secret lab, but the rest of it had been amazing, and he'd expected nothing less. She figured that she had to keep up with Jabot Collective.

Ashley revealed that she'd spoken to Billy while Jack had been en route, and she knew it had been Billy's idea for Jack to make the trip. Ashley relayed that Billy had said he'd practically had to shove Jack on the plane, and Jack pointed out that he'd made it there and that they were having a lovely time. Ashley pressed to know why Jack was really there, and he confided that he was stuck in a funk, but he didn't know why. Ashley theorized that Jack was accustomed to running from crisis to crisis, and he didn't know what normal was anymore.

Ashley sensed that instead of being relieved that there was nothing to panic about, Jack felt like something was missing. She shared that it was how she'd felt when she'd first gotten to Paris, but giving herself a chance to breathe and live had changed her perspective. Ashley believed that watching Dina slowly slip away and having Neil taken so quickly had allowed her to see something special -- that life was a gift. She suggested that she and Jack go get the most magnificent chocolate mousse he'd ever experienced, and she promised it wouldn't disappoint. They stood up to leave, and Jack thanked her. She took his face into her hands and declared her love, and they hugged.

Nate stopped by Devon's penthouse, and Devon mentioned that he'd just gotten home from his trip. Nate said he'd missed Devon and watching his big-screen television, and Devon pointed out that Nate had had one at Neil's penthouse. Nate divulged that he'd used the proceeds from the penthouse sale to make some charitable donations and set aside a down payment on a house. Devon couldn't imagine Nate mowing lawns, but he hoped Nate found the house of his dreams. Nate observed that Devon was in a good mood, and Devon shared that his medication was doing the trick and that he'd just returned from a therapy session.

Devon added that he was thinking of doing one more thing to make his life better -- taking the next step with Elena. Nate wondered if Devon was considering proposing. Devon clarified that he wanted to ask Elena to live together, but not just as roommates. Nate called it a big move, and he voiced concern that Devon was doing it to prove he was over Hilary. Devon swore that it had nothing to do with Hilary and everything to do with what he and Elena could be. Nate encouraged him to go for it, since Elena would be crazy to say no. Devon hoped she felt the same way.

Later, Elena returned home from work and was glad to see Devon was there. They said they'd missed one another, and they embraced. He wondered how she could look so beautiful after working all night, and she called him smooth and a liar. He admitted that he didn't feel particularly smooth right then, since he'd been doing some thinking while he'd been gone, and he'd had a bit of a revelation. Devon declared that he thought they should live together, and Elena realized that he meant as a couple. She suggested that they go on a walk and talk about it after she showered and changed.

Elena and Devon strolled through the park. She supposed they'd already addressed most things a couple might worry about when moving in together, but even a short move down the hall would be a big change. Devon understood that, but he also knew how much joy she had put into his life since he'd met her. He recalled that the only thing he'd wanted while he'd been gone had been to get back to her, and he wanted to fall asleep next to her and see her first thing when he woke up every morning. He firmly stated that he had no doubt that he was ready, and he wondered if she was.

Devon and Elena returned to the penthouse, where he kissed her hand and welcomed her home. They kissed and headed upstairs, where they made love.

At Crimson Lights, Abby declared that Phyllis was just the person she'd wanted to see. Phyllis opted to leave to avoid being tortured, but Abby announced that she had a proposition Phyllis might be very interested in. Abby pointed out that Society was a big success, so she was looking to expand the brand, and she understood that Phyllis was opening a new hotel. Phyllis guessed that the property was perfect for Abby's new location.

Phyllis argued that the Newmans and Abbotts would hate the idea, and Abby was part of both families. Phyllis continued that she and Abby weren't friends, and she suspected there was a catch. Abby reasoned that she didn't have to like Phyllis to go into business with her, and they had a common interest in making money. Abby proposed that they sign an iron-clad contract and set aside their personal issues to make a deal. Phyllis agreed to think about it, and she left.

Nate approached Abby and commented that it was nice to see the hard-working restauranteur get some down time. He indicated that his shift wasn't until the afternoon, so he was about to go house-hunting. She tried to imagine the workaholic surgeon on a riding mower, and he revealed that he liked to cut his own grass and work on his own car. She noted that it sounded like he knew exactly what he wanted, but he groaned that he hated haggling. She found negotiations to be exhilarating, and he invited her to go with him.

Abby was surprised when Nate took her to Cane's house, since she hadn't known Cane was selling it. Nate still thought of it as Cane and Lily's home, but he thought he should take a look. Abby recalled that Lily had loved the place, and she thought Lily would approve of Nate creating new memories there. Nate remarked that it had everything on his checklist, but he worried that if he moved in, Cane would think of his family falling apart whenever he saw Nate. Abby said there was only one way to find out.

Cane arrived at Traci's New York hotel room and assumed that she'd been up for a while. Traci gushed that she loved watching the sunrise, especially in the city. He looked out the window and remarked that it was a beautiful view he could get used to. Over room service, Traci lamented that she'd had such a wonderful time that she was sorry they had to go home. Cane wondered if they really had to leave, since he loved the city and being there with her. He suggested that they make it their new reality.

Traci pressed to know what Cane meant, and he explained that he didn't want to leave that feeling behind when they got on the plane, since he wanted to explore what was happening. His phone chimed, and she encouraged him to get it. He read a text message and declared that it was the stars aligning. Meanwhile, Nate excitedly read Cane's reply that he'd sell Nate the house. Abby threw her arms around Nate and squealed that he'd just bought a house, and they kissed.

Cane was pleased that the house would stay in the family, since Mattie and Charlie could stay there when they were back in town. Traci was happy to see Cane so positive, since it was a big thing to sell his house. Cane said he'd known he would be okay when it happened, since he finally felt like he could live in the moment -- there with her. Cane admitted that it had been hard for him to accept that his marriage was over, but he'd finally done it -- and he needed to find his future. He took Traci's hand in his and recognized that he couldn't predict what would happen, but he would like to find out with her. "Oh, Cane!" she cried.

Cane asked if something was wrong, and Traci marveled that it had all been so lovely. She confessed that her feelings had caught her by surprise, since she hadn't expected to feel butterflies again or to wake up in the morning, full of hope of what the day would hold. She recalled the first moment his hand had touched hers and their first kiss, and he realized that she was talking like it was over. Traci pinpointed when it had started -- when he'd asked how she was and waited for an answer. She credited him with reminding her that she was a person who deserved affection and respect. She'd been thrilled when he'd inspired her writing, but the journey was over.

Cane wondered if Traci was talking about the book. She tearfully stated that she would hate for him to think that she'd used him in any way, since he was an amazing man. She added that she was honored and grateful to be his friend, and that was exactly what they'd be when they got home -- really good friends who'd shared something magical. He called her one of the best friends he'd ever had, and she promised that she would always be there for him. They hugged.

At Society, Theo interrupted Kyle and Lola's kiss and asked if they were ever not in the mood. Theo apologized for barging in on them the other night, and Lola politely thanked him and scurried off to the kitchen. Theo acknowledged that things had gotten out of hand, but he'd never meant to cause trouble. Kyle insisted that things between him and Lola were fine, but he thought Theo had focused on them like causing trouble had been the goal.

Theo swore that he would never try to bust up Kyle's relationship, and he called Lola an incredible woman. Theo conceded that it had been tougher than he'd thought to let go of the guy he'd once known, and he compared it to losing a friend. Kyle insisted that he was the same guy with different priorities, and he urged Theo to give growing up and falling in love a try. Theo called him out on his not-so-subtle judgment.

Theo proclaimed that he liked his lifestyle and that at least he was honest about who he was. Theo lectured that they couldn't rewrite history, even if Kyle was blocking it out or in denial. Kyle defended that he wasn't judging Theo, and Theo replied that Kyle's secrets were safe with him. Lola eavesdropped as Theo contended that New York had defined both him and Kyle, and they had become friends for a reason. Theo offered to forget they'd had the conversation.

Lola rejoined the men and offered to whip up a dish for them. Summer interrupted to steal Theo away, but he'd expected to grab a bite there while they worked. Summer firmly stated that their plans had changed, and she dragged him away. Lola admitted that she'd overheard Kyle and Theo discussing New York. She realized that Kyle had never talked much about that time in his life, and she wanted to know more about it.

Kyle claimed that there wasn't much to say, since his time in New York had been exactly what Lola thought it had been -- two young, dumb dudes in the city. Lola thought it didn't sound like Kyle, but he called himself a man-child who'd had a bank account and known nothing about life. He admitted that he wasn't proud of everything that had happened, but he promised that it hadn't been anything to lose sleep over. Kyle headed out to go to work, and Lola's expression darkened. Rey spotted her and asked if everything was okay.

Rey refused to leave until Lola talked to him. She hesitantly shared that Kyle's bad-boy past in New York had been mentioned a lot lately, and she'd realized that there was a lot to his life that she didn't know much about. Rey stressed that he was out of the business of being overprotective, but he volunteered to look into it. Lola objected, and he advised her to trust her instincts and not bury them like he had with Mia.

In Chancellor Park, a shirtless Theo proclaimed that the change of venue had definitely been an improvement. He and Summer lounged on a blanket, and she displayed the Jabot necklace she was wearing and snapped a photo of them. He crowed that she was born to be an influencer, and he expected that it wouldn't be long until her feed blew up. They kissed, but they were startled when Phyllis greeted them. Theo jumped to his feet, put on his shirt, and stammered that it was nice to see Phyllis.

Phyllis asked to talk to her daughter for a second, and Theo stepped away to make a call. An irritated Summer wondered what was so important that Phyllis had needed to chase him away, and Phyllis chided Summer for blowing off work for a guy. Phyllis warned that she'd seen Theo on social media, and she knew he was a player. Phyllis assumed that Theo had gotten Summer drunk the other night, but Summer took responsibility for doing it to herself. Phyllis urged her to focus on what was important, and she insisted that the thing with Theo had to stop.

Summer protested that Phyllis was wrong about Theo, since he was exactly what Summer needed after her marriage had ended. Summer added that they'd been working to build her brand as an influencer, and she showed Phyllis her phone. Phyllis clucked that Summer could be doing a lot more with her time than taking selfies, and she suggested that Summer leave Jabot to work for Dark Horse. Summer bristled, and Theo returned and inquired whether everything was okay. Theo mentioned that he'd heard about Phyllis' hotel, and he offered to have celebrities fly in for the launch party. A clearly impressed Phyllis thanked him, and Summer huffed that her mother was a hypocrite. Summer steered Theo away over Phyllis' protests.

At Crimson Lights, Summer admired how Theo had handled Phyllis. Summer asserted that they could be professional and have fun at the same time, but they were surrounded by naysayers like her mom and Kyle. Theo was dismayed by how much Kyle had changed, and Summer pressed for details about their glory days. Theo thought the stories were best told after cocktails, and he figured that it was up to him and Summer to carry the torch for young, single people looking to have a good time.

Nate dropped Abby off at Society and thanked her for going along and providing advice. She stopped him from leaving and invited him to be her plus-one at a Newman family dinner that night. Nate worried that he'd be intruding, but Abby joked that her father liked him more than Victor liked her. Nate said he'd love to go, and she promised to send him a text message with the details. Lola watched Abby beam at Nate as he left, and she wondered if the blinding smile had anything to do with the handsome doctor. Abby reported that she and Nate were seeing where it went.

Lola asked to pick Abby's brain about the time Kyle had spent in New York with Theo, and Abby was sure the young men had been idiots. Lola recounted that Kyle and Theo had been talking about how out of control it had been, and Theo had accused Kyle of denying who Kyle really was. Abby chalked it up to Theo missing his party buddy, and she was sure Kyle wanted nothing to do with it. Lola fretted that Kyle had danced around the topic with her, and she couldn't help feeling that he was holding back.

Abby imagined that Kyle was mortified by how immature and obnoxious he'd been back then, and she referred to the stunts she'd pulled that she wished she could take back. Abby insisted that Kyle was no longer the same guy he'd been in New York, but Lola wailed that it was hard not to feel insecure about what she didn't know. Abby advised her to focus on who Kyle was then, since he was pretty great. After Abby stepped away, Lola called Theo and asked if he had time to talk that day.

Rey burst into Phyllis' office at Dark Horse to ask a few questions about a new case he was working on. Rey explained that he was looking into Chance, who seemed to be missing. Rey noted that she'd recently been in Las Vegas, and Chance had fallen off the grid shortly after her visit. Rey wondered if she'd met with Chance.

Phyllis claimed that she'd tried to find Chance in Vegas because she'd wanted to ask him about Ronan, his half-brother and an old friend of hers, but she hadn't been able to get in touch. Rey thanked her for her time, and she wished him luck with his search. After Rey exited, Phyllis exhaled deeply and looked perplexed.

Michael proposes that he and Adam make a deal

Michael proposes that he and Adam make a deal

Friday, July 19, 2019

At Dark Horse, Adam walked into Phyllis' office and demanded to know what had been so urgent that he'd needed to race over. Phyllis revealed that Rey knew about Adam's connection to Chance and that Rey also knew that she knew. Adam figured that he'd been a high-stakes poker player using an alias, and he'd met many people who hadn't used their real names. Phyllis warned that if something had happened that would look bad in the eyes of the family court judge, Rey probably knew about it, and he was working for Nick. She suggested that Adam play his strategy accordingly.

Adam hoped Phyllis wasn't going to try to talk him out of fighting for his son again, and she countered that she was just doing him a favor by giving him useful information. She reasoned that she owed him after he'd given her a chance when everyone else had wanted her to crash and burn, and she valued their unconventional business relationship. Phyllis prompted him to tell her what had happened between him and Chance in Las Vegas, but Adam merely thanked her for the heads-up. She griped that she'd thought he trusted her. He admitted that he trusted her more than anyone else right then, and he wanted to show her his appreciation.

At Nick's house, Chelsea asked what Nick thought of how she looked. She worried that she was trying too hard for a family dinner, but he assured her that she looked as gorgeous as always. He added that he was glad she'd decided to go with him, and he thought Victor genuinely wanted her there. Chelsea was surprised to be invited after she'd left town with Victor's grandson and hurt Nick terribly, but Nick anticipated that everyone would know it was all in the past when they walked in together. Chelsea worried that he couldn't afford to lose any allies, given the fight he was facing with Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Summer updated Kyle about her efforts as an influencer. He noted that she seemed really into it, and he praised the job she'd been doing to promote the collective. He added that Theo had a good handle on the market, but she sensed a "but." She groused that she'd already gotten an earful from her mom, but she knew who Theo was and what she'd gotten herself into. Kyle expressed doubt that she did.

Summer scoffed at the idea that Kyle was worried about her going out with his best bud from New York. Kyle cautioned that Theo knew how to work people, and Summer called it charm. Kyle remarked that she'd never been sucked into a party that she hadn't left until two days later, and he warned that Theo was dangerous. Summer argued that she had also been just as wild, and she had no interest in being settled and boring. She asserted that Theo was good at his job and that Kyle was worried about nothing.

At Society, Victor and Nikki prepared for their family dinner. Victor was glad that his family had been getting along, but Nikki muttered that there was one notable exception. She pledged to be by his side the whole time, and she assured him that he'd be surrounded by people who loved him and wouldn't judge, no matter what happened.

"Let the party begin!" Abby proclaimed, and she hugged Victor and Nikki. Abby confirmed that Nate was her plus-one, and Nikki inquired whether the two were dating. Abby and Nate looked at one another and laughed. Nate called himself lucky, and Victor said he couldn't be more pleased. Abby explained that they'd just started seeing one another, so there was no need to hand out prenups.

Victoria and Billy arrived, and Victor suggested that he and Victoria discuss Newman's latest merger while everyone was getting drinks, since there was something she might have missed. Victor referred to a clause that might affect the valuation of the company, and Victoria immediately cited an issue about stock options that she'd already discussed with their legal team, who had approved the deal. Victor realized that she'd done her homework, and she said she'd had an incredible mentor who'd taught her that the devil was in the details. Nick and Chelsea arrived, and Victoria glowered at Chelsea.

Abby and Chelsea exchanged pleasantries, and Chelsea awkwardly greeted Billy and Victoria. Billy remarked that it was good to see Chelsea, and Victoria extended her condolences. Victor thanked Chelsea for accepting his invitation, and he hoped they could have a fresh start. Abby introduced Chelsea to Nate, but she realized that she didn't know if Lawson was still Chelsea's last name. Chelsea indicated that she wasn't sure, either. Nikki haughtily recalled the last time Chelsea had attended a family dinner, when everyone had realized Chelsea and Nick were engaged.

In the kitchen, Theo entered in response to Lola's summons. He was glad for the chance to get to know the woman who'd tamed Kyle, but Lola pressed to know more about the untamed Kyle in New York. Theo vaguely replied that it had been a different time when Kyle had been a different guy, and he was sure Lola had stuff in her past that she felt the same way about. Lola contended that she didn't, since she hadn't been into partying. She referred to the way Kyle had danced around the subject, and Theo guessed that Kyle probably didn't want her to think about him that way. Lola questioned what way Theo meant, and she pushed to know exactly what had gone on in Kyle's life in New York.

Theo swore that what had gone on back east had been no big deal, and Lola noted that Kyle had used exactly the same words. Theo maintained that Kyle was trying really hard to be a different guy because he was serious about Lola, who was different from the other women Kyle had been with. Lola explained that what she didn't know worried her, and Theo reiterated that there was no cause for alarm. She pointed out that she didn't know him, and the more they talked, the more it made her wonder. She reasoned that he'd have no problem being straight with her if it really hadn't been that bad, and she asked what there was to hide about her fiancé's past behavior. Theo conceded that she'd made a good case, and he offered to tell her the truth.

Theo admitted that he and Kyle had partied a lot in the city and the Hamptons, rotating through their favorite bars and clubs with women they'd swept up for the ride. Theo thought Lola couldn't be that surprised, since she knew she hadn't caught an innocent choir boy. Theo recounted that they'd started calling Kyle "Sparrow" when he'd commandeered a yacht with a blonde whose name Theo couldn't remember, since there had been so many. Lola sensed that there had been more to it than clubbing, but Theo thought Kyle had gotten it out of his system. He deferred to Kyle if she wanted more details.

Lola walked off, and Summer appeared and huffed that she'd thought Theo was Kyle's friend, yet he'd inserted himself into Kyle's relationship. Theo defended that Lola had called him and that he hadn't told her anything she hadn't suspected. Theo noted that Summer hadn't rushed in to stop him, and he guessed that she'd been enjoying it. Summer insisted that she was trying to be a better person, but Theo clucked that neither of them was saintly. She kissed him, and he suggested that they go to his room. She chirped that she had to go, since she was booked.

Meanwhile, Victor proposed a toast to Nikki, his rock and his partner in everything that counted. He thanked Abby for creating the elegant evening, and he respected that she'd become a successful entrepreneur. Abby thanked him for teaching her everything she knew about business. Victor credited Nate for taking care of both him and Nikki, and he praised the job Victoria had done at Newman and the personal stamp she'd put on things. Victor acknowledged that he and "Billy Boy" hadn't always gotten along, but he appreciated Billy supporting Victoria. Billy declared that he was honored to do it.

Summer joined the Newman dinner and apologized for being late, claiming that she'd been held up at work. Victor admitted that he'd never figured out what an influencer did, but he'd seen from sales reports that her marketing tools were working, and he was very proud of the next Newman generation. Victor recognized that he and Nick had had their difficulties, but he respected Nick for always being a man of his own with creativity, talent, and tenacity. Victor applauded Nick for getting his priorities right by becoming a great father, and he commended Nick for fighting for Christian and helping Chelsea through a tough time.

Victor wrapped up his speech by affirming that he was very happy to call all of them members of his family. "Gee, Dad, you don't have any kind words for me?" Adam asked as he appeared with Phyllis at his side, and he imagined that his invitation had been lost in the mail. Victor barked that Adam had chosen to distance himself from his family by his actions. Phyllis suggested that she and Adam go to another restaurant, and Billy quipped that he'd heard of a great Thai place in Iowa. Phyllis urged Adam to walk away, but Adam taunted that Chelsea was back in the family, even though Calvin had been dead hardly a week. Nick ominously stood up and barked that it was time to go.

Billy asked if Nick needed help taking out the trash, and Victor implored Adam to move on. Phyllis stressed that it wasn't worth it, and Adam suggested that the group enjoy their fleeting moment of Newman solidarity because it wouldn't last. Adam and Phyllis headed to the bar, and Nick reminded everyone that the night was about their family being together. Chelsea overheard Billy tell Victoria that Phyllis had implied she was using Adam. Nick shared that Adam had told him that Phyllis had attempted to get Adam to back off going after custody. Victoria spat that Phyllis only cared about herself and that Adam was out to wreak havoc any way he could.

Phyllis agreed to have one drink before heading elsewhere, but Adam commented that the night was still full of possibilities. He and Chelsea locked eyes for a moment. Adam considered it hilarious to watch the Newmans publicly trying to act like a functional family. Phyllis felt like she was in an alternate universe with a gentler, sweeter Victor, but Adam suspected that Victor was pitting everyone else against him. Adam proposed that they get takeout and go back to his place. Summer left the table and approached the bar, and Phyllis decided she wanted to stay for a bit.

Adam wished Phyllis luck and stepped away. Summer lectured that it was getting to be a habit for Phyllis to crash Newman family events with Adam, but Phyllis was only alienating herself by associating with him. Phyllis retorted that Summer wanted things both ways by having Phyllis around when Summer was down in the dumps but being nasty and judgmental when Summer was feeling great. Phyllis asked if there was a time clock on Summer's emotional exile, and she got choked up as she stated that she was Summer's mom and always would be. Phyllis was adamant that they deal with it there and then.

Summer told Phyllis that she could make things right by breaking ties with Adam and giving Dark Horse back to Nick. Phyllis pointed out that it wasn't her company to give back, and she contended that her working relationship with Adam had nothing to do with her and Summer. Summer argued that it was hurting her family to watch Phyllis make hurtful choices, but Phyllis refused to give up a job she loved after she'd suffered so many losses.

Phyllis figured that people had to deal with others they didn't like to get where they wanted to go in the world, and she wished everyone would stop reading into her relationship with Adam. Phyllis questioned why Summer was trying to emotionally manipulate her, and Summer snapped that she had learned everything she knew about manipulation from her mother. Phyllis growled that Summer was a stellar pupil, and Summer stalked back to the table as Phyllis slinked out.

After dinner, the Newmans discussed the pleasant evening they'd had together. Victor announced that his children had a hard day of work ahead of them, and he thanked them for attending. The guests exchanged worried glances. Victor clarified that he'd meant that it was getting late, and everyone had a lot of work the next day. Victor insisted that he was fine, and Nick joked that he was out of it half the time without having a good excuse. Victoria and Nikki still looked concerned.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle met Lola in response to a text message, and she said they had to have a serious talk. He asked what was bothering her, and she replied that it had been the same thing since the weird, spontaneous party at his house. She insisted that he tell her about his time in New York, but he protested that it had been years earlier. Lola questioned why Kyle was holding back, and she told him that she needed him to be completely honest with her because she needed to know who he really was before she could marry him.

At home, Victoria read a book in bed while Billy tossed and turned in his sleep. She asked if he was okay, and she guessed that he'd been having a bad dream. He chalked it up to eating too much for dinner and the stress of covering for Jack. She turned off the light and snuggled up next to him, but he lay awake.

Over some wine at Nick's house, Chelsea admitted that she'd found it surprisingly comfortable to be around Nick's family, and it had reminded her of what Connor was missing out on. Chelsea thought she'd always managed to do what was best for her son, and she was determined to do it again. She added that it was less daunting with Nick in her corner, and she appreciated the way he'd stood up to Adam. Nick leaned in close as he set down his wine glass, and he repeated that she could count on him. Chelsea reiterated that she didn't need anyone fighting her battles for her, but it felt good knowing she wasn't alone. She planted a tender kiss on him and wished him goodnight. She headed upstairs, but she paused to look back at him.

Kevin broke into Adam's penthouse and entered a code to disable the alarm. He used gloved hands to pull out photos from an envelope, and he started to make a call. Michael suddenly appeared, snatched the phone out of Kevin's hand, and demanded to know what Kevin was doing. Kevin couldn't believe that Michael had followed him, and Michael explained that it had been clear that Kevin intended to find a way to get out from under Adam's thumb. Kevin refused to involve Michael in his mess, but Michael insisted that his brother tell him what was going on.

Kevin spilled that Adam had ordered Kevin to blackmail the judge in the custody case with incriminating photos to ensure that Adam got custody of Christian. Kevin crowed that Adam had underestimated him by handing him leverage, since he planned to take the photos to the cops, and Adam would go to jail. Kevin declared his plot brilliant, but Michael scolded that Kevin hadn't thought it through. Michael pointed out that there was nothing to prevent Adam from announcing that Chloe was alive, and Adam was the kind of person who would exact retribution from behind bars. Kevin explained that he'd already arranged for Chloe to disappear, and he'd meet her and Bella at a new location and get them new identities.

Kevin recognized that the longer Adam exploited him, the more likely it was that Kevin would go to prison, so failure wasn't an option. Michael grabbed the photos and ordered Kevin to leave, or he'd tear them up. Kevin revealed that he'd made backup copies, and he proudly displayed them on his phone. The men struggled over the phone, and Michael managed to delete the photos. An infuriated Kevin wondered how he'd ever get back to Chloe. Michael asked if Kevin trusted him, and Kevin replied that he did with his life. Michael told him to go, and he'd deal with it.

Later, Adam returned home and found Michael sitting on the couch, flipping through the incriminating photos. Michael explained that he'd caught Kevin breaking into the penthouse, and he stated that he and Adam needed to talk. Adam assumed that Michael was there to turn the tables by going to the cops with the photos, but it would make a flimsy case, especially since Michael had admitted he'd broken in. Michael revealed that it had been Kevin's plan, but he was there to put a stop to it.

Michael didn't want Kevin to do something reckless, and Adam found it admirable that Michael wanted to save Kevin from himself. Michael said they both knew Kevin wasn't who Adam was after -- it was Michael, and that was why Michael was there to make a deal.


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