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Adam paid Phyllis to hack into Dark Horse's servers. Adam bought Dark Horse's debt and forced Nick to choose between Dark Horse and Christian. Kevin held Phyllis captive. Victor confided to Nikki that he had a rare blood disease. Lola accepted Kyle's proposal. Devon and Elena made love.
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Adam paid Phyllis to hack into Dark Horse; she was later kidnapped
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Victor and Adam clash

Victor and Adam clash

Monday, June 3, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Traci overheard Billy and Victoria talking about their recommitment ceremony. Traci asked the couple if they were planning to marry again. Victoria smiled and replied, "All of the meaning and fun with none of the paperwork." Traci said, "That's awesome." After Traci left, Billy kissed Victoria and told her he couldn't be happier. Victoria admitted that planning their party diverted her attention from Adam and reminded her of what was really important.

Billy asked Victoria if Adam had gotten back to her after she'd made a counteroffer to his demands of money and contact with Chelsea. Victoria said that apparently, Adam's silence was his response. Victoria said she believed Adam had been sincere in his desire to start over with Chelsea and Connor. Victoria added that if Adam accepted her monetary counteroffer, it would be worth every dime for him to leave them alone. Billy said that while they waited, they'd carry on with their lives.

At the tack house, Sharon knocked on the door. Adam, shirtless and still wearing a patch of gauze over his gunshot wound, answered the door. Sharon asked Adam how he was doing. Adam said he was feeling much better. Adam was elated when Sharon reported that Chelsea had returned her call. Adam said he wanted to hear everything Chelsea had said, including her reaction after hearing he was still alive. Sharon said Chelsea had been shocked to hear that Adam had survived, though she had no intention of reuniting. Sharon explained that Chelsea had married after having come to terms with Adam's death. Chelsea's main concern, Sharon noted, was for Connor because Chelsea feared that seeing Adam would be traumatizing.

Adam demanded to know where Chelsea was living. Sharon said she didn't know and added that Chelsea had a new name and identity and didn't want Adam to find out where she was. While Adam and Sharon talked, they weren't aware that Rey was standing outside the tack house, peering in a window. Adam asked Sharon why Chelsea felt the need to protect Connor from his father. Sharon explained that Chelsea's husband had adopted Connor, and she was concerned about the detrimental effects of uprooting the boy. Sharon left after Victor phoned Adam and requested to meet with him.

After Sharon returned home, Rey was sitting on the sofa. Sharon said she'd thought Rey would be at Dark Horse. Rey explained that part of his job was to keep an eye on Adam. Sharon told Rey that if he'd rather not be involved, he should tell Nick. Rey admitted he'd been outside the tack house and had witnessed the tense encounter between Adam and Sharon. Rey added that it had made him uncomfortable.

Sharon told Rey she'd felt bad for Adam. Sharon added that Adam had been crushed when she'd told him that Chelsea had refused to see him and didn't want Adam to get to know their child. Rey said the only reason Sharon felt bad was because Adam had made her feel that way. Sharon noted that Rey only knew a small part of Adam's history. Rey said he had a history of dealing with manipulative people and knew they shouldn't be trusted. Sharon asked Rey if he was worried that she might fall back in love with Adam. Rey said he wasn't, though he was concerned about Adam's continued attempts to manipulate her.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Victor told Adam he'd given thought to Adam's request to take Christian away from Nick. Victor said Adam and Nick should sit down and find a solution. Victor added that he understood Adam's desire to claim his son. Adam remained determined, visibly recoiling at Victor's lack of assistance. Victor explained that Nick was the only father Christian had ever known. Adam said that things had changed since he'd entrusted Nick with Christian's care. Victor said he felt it would be cruel to remove Christian from the only father he'd ever known.

Adam rose to his feet and said, "Christian is my son, and he's going to know he's my son. Nobody -- not you or Nick or anybody -- is going to take that away from me." Victor crossed his arms, raised his eyebrows, and reminded Adam that it had been Adam's decision to change the paternity test because he'd known Nick would be the most stable father. Adam said that after all he'd endured, the only true family connection he had was to Christian. Adam added that Sharon had contacted Chelsea and learned that her new husband had adopted Connor. Adam said he intended to track down Chelsea and get his son back.

Victor advised Adam to slow down, determine how to proceed, and find a way to go about it. Adam complained that Victor's aim was to delay him. Victor promised to help Adam track down Chelsea, and he gave Adam a project to work on with Victoria in the meantime. Adam complained that forcing him to work with Victoria wouldn't improve their relationship. Adam added that apart from Sharon, Victor was his only ally, though he was using the term loosely in respect to his father. Adam said the smartest thing he could do was to distance himself from Victor, Victoria, and Nick.

After Adam stepped out of Victor's office, he ran into Victoria. Adam said Victor had planned to throw him and Victoria together on a company project. Victoria indicated that she understood that Adam had rebuffed Victor. Adam confirmed that he'd refused Victor's offer, so Victoria would be spared the aggravation. Adam said he had no stomach for Victor's games or petty family infighting. Adam said he intended to use the $50 million Victoria had given him to start his own company. Adam added, "Congratulations, sis. You got what you wanted."

After her encounter with Adam, Victoria met with Victor. Victor said Adam had reported that she and Nick had made Adam feel uncomfortable. Victoria replied, "He started threatening us the minute he got his memory back." Victor noted that Victoria and Nick had all the power and could have crushed Adam. Victoria asked her dad if he felt guilty about what Adam had been through. Victoria expressed concern that Victor had lost perspective and was setting himself up. Victor insisted he didn't need protection from his own son.

After Adam returned home, he received a text message informing him that the sender had found what Adam had been looking for. Adam replied, instructing the sender to "stay on it." Afterward, Adam left. Nearby at Sharon's, Rey returned. Sharon embraced Rey and explained that Adam no longer had a hold over her, so she wouldn't allow him to use her. Sharon kissed Rey and assured him that he had nothing to worry about.

At Jabot, Jack, Summer, and Kyle prepared for the Jabot Collective project to launch online. Summer assured Jack that the launch would be a huge hit. Jack remained apprehensive and asked Kyle for an update about the copycat website. Kyle said that once the IT department pinpointed the owner, the legal department would swoop in and demand that the copycat site cease and desist to prevent it from going live. Kyle noted that the ripoff site had been created by someone in Genoa City.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was busy on her laptop when Lauren approached. Lauren, angry, said, "Tell me it's down." Phyllis sarcastically thanked Lauren for her support and understanding. Lauren replied, "Damn it! I am saving you from yourself, and that is what a friend does. They say 'stop' when there's a bazooka aimed at your foot." Phyllis slammed the lid down on her laptop and said, "Fine. You made your point." Lauren insisted Phyllis wasn't justified to launch the copycat website over what Jack had done. Phyllis cried that Jack and the others at Jabot had forced her out without a severance package. Lauren warned that if Phyllis went forward, neither Lauren nor Michael would protect her.

Lauren and Billy arrived at Jabot seconds before the Jabot Collective website launched. The business associates celebrated with high-fives and hugs. Summer embraced Kyle and said, "I really do miss working together. We make a great team." Kyle gently explained that the decision for them to not work together was best for everyone. Kyle added that he and Lola were totally in love, and he expressed hope that Summer would find love one day. After Kyle stepped away, Theo phoned Summer and set up a time to meet. Jack invited everyone to his house to celebrate.

At Society, Billy ran into Phyllis. She was sipping a drink at the bar. Phyllis told Billy that she thought he'd be celebrating Jabot's big day. Billy explained that he'd stopped by to order food for a party to be held at Jack's house. Phyllis berated Billy for playing the hero after he'd embezzled company funds and put Jabot at risk. Phyllis added, "What's that saying? 'Success has a thousand fathers?'" Billy, finishing the quote, replied, "'And failure's an orphan.'" Billy told Phyllis that Jack believed she was behind the phony website. Billy said he knew the website had been created by someone in Genoa City, and it was galling to realize that Phyllis had borrowed money from him to scam Jabot with a copycat website. Phyllis grabbed her purse and abruptly left.

Jack, Billy, and Kyle had already gathered at the Abbott mansion when Summer, Theo, and Natalia, a popular social influencer, arrived. Lauren arrived and greeted Natalia. Lauren and Natalia recalled their initial meeting at a trade show, where they'd accidentally walked into each other. Phyllis barged in, picked up a glass of Champagne, and said, "To each and every one of you, may all of you get exactly what you deserve." Jack ordered Phyllis to leave. Phyllis, slurring her words, cried that Jack was a hypocrite who'd been plotting behind her back. Guests glared at Phyllis as she railed against her former colleagues.

Summer gently persuaded her mother to leave quietly, but Phyllis lashed out at Summer and at Lauren, claiming her best friend was in bed with Jack. Phyllis warned that there would be a day of reckoning. After most of the guests left, Lauren told Jack that she'd confronted Phyllis about the knockoff website. Jack said he was grateful to have Lauren on his team. Jack offered to top off Lauren's drink, but she said she had to leave.

After Phyllis left Jack's, she headed down the highway in the dark. Music blared from her stereo as she brushed her hair away from her face. Phyllis took her eyes off the road and switched the radio station. Suddenly, headlights from an oncoming vehicle blinded Phyllis. She had little time to react as a car horn blared. After Phyllis' car came to a stop in a ditch, she climbed out and said to the other driver, "What the hell's wrong with you?" When the other driver approached, Phyllis couldn't believe she was standing before Adam. Phyllis said, "You." Adam nodded.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Traci sipped coffee as she continued writing the story of her latest novel. The two main characters, a private investigator, Flynn, and his client, Iris, discussed the client's husband and a missing locket. The detective said, "Turns out, your high-class husband isn't as smart as he thinks he is." Iris became irate when Flynn suggested that her husband had been cheating on her. Iris demanded evidence. Flynn told Iris she was married to a snake. Iris claimed Flynn was jealous of her husband. Iris grabbed Flynn and began kissing him before she abruptly turned away.

Velma, Flynn's assistant, entered as Iris rushed out and said, "Oh, my. Unhappy client?" After Flynn thanked Velma for helping him, she said Flynn was blind when it came to Iris. Velma poured out her heart, but Flynn remained clueless. After Velma told Flynn she loved him, he grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. Traci strongly reacted to Velma and Flynn, based on her deep-seated feelings for Cane, and quickly deleted the kissing scene between Velma and Flynn. Traci quietly said aloud to herself, "No, no, no, no."

Adam proposes that he and Phyllis team up

Adam proposes that he and Phyllis team up

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Phyllis was stunned to see Adam on the roadside after their cars had nearly collided. She testily asked who had taught him how to drive, and he scolded her for fiddling with the radio. He observed her unsteady state and inquired whether she was feeling all right. She snapped that she was 100 percent, but he quipped that it was more like 100 proof. Phyllis groused that if she hadn't known Adam was alive, she would swear that he was greeting her at the "gates of hell."

Adam inspected the cars and didn't see any damage, so he felt no need to call the police. He figured it was a good thing, since Phyllis wouldn't pass a breathalyzer. She proclaimed that she was the picture of sobriety, and he imagined that adrenalin had sobered her up, but she was still past the legal limit. She contemplated what to do, and he suggested that she call a service to tow her car back to wherever she lived.

Phyllis sullenly revealed that she was staying at the Athletic Club, and Adam invited her to his place for coffee and food, volunteering to drive her home when she was ready. Phyllis pointed out that they hadn't exactly been best friends during his last incarnation, and she questioned why she should trust him. Adam rattled off her other options, including dragging herself back to town in heels or hitching a ride with a total stranger. She followed him to his car.

Adam escorted Phyllis to the tack house and offered her coffee and something to eat, noting that he'd learned in Las Vegas what to put in his stomach after a night out. He asked what kind of trouble she'd gotten herself into, since she'd clearly been on her way to "raise hell" when she'd almost plowed into him. Phyllis swore that all she wanted was to leave Genoa City, since there was a whole world out there where no one knew her name. Adam had never known her to run away, and he pointed out that she had friends and family there. She bemoaned that everyone thought of her as the bad guy, even though she was a monster of their own making.

Adam presented Phyllis with a bacon sandwich, and she was surprised to find it strangely delicious. She asked how things were going for him, embracing his status as an unwelcome outsider. She imagined that in Vegas, he hadn't had his father breathing down his neck or making demands, and no one had tattled to the entire town about his transgressions. Adam called Genoa City a "paradise for pariahs" and contended that Phyllis had nothing to lose, since everyone already hated her and had been conditioned to expect the worst. He implied that a smart person would stick around and revel in the power of being a lawbreaking troublemaker. Adam added that she could own that town, and all she had to do was reach out and grab it.

Adam told Phyllis about his days as Spider, and she hoped she wasn't one of his flies. He praised her for being too smart to get caught in a web, but he felt otherwise about Nick and Victoria. Phyllis warned that Adam was underestimating them, but Adam shared that he'd presented them with a once-in-a-lifetime trade. He explained the terms of his offer to walk away from Newman and leave town, and she questioned whether he'd really thought Nick would hand over his son. Adam hissed that Christian was his son, Nick refused to face the truth, and Victor thought they should compromise.

Phyllis inquired about Victoria, and Adam indicated that Victoria would do anything to get him out of the line of succession. Phyllis cautioned that no one ever won when going against the Newman front, but Adam bragged that he'd gotten two out of three of his demands -- money and Chelsea's contact information. He glumly confided that Chelsea had remarried and that her new husband had adopted Connor, and Phyllis expressed her condolences. Adam declared that it was enough about him, and he wanted to hear who was on Phyllis' hit list.

Phyllis empathized with Adam because she knew exactly what it was like to find something that meant everything to her, only to have it snatched away. She mentioned that she'd been CEO of Jabot, and he remarked that he would have loved to see that. She called it one of the best times of her life when the board had elected her over Billy and Jack, and she'd taken over the company at an all-time low after Billy had been embezzling and Ashley had run off to Paris with Jabot's patents. Phyllis proudly recalled that she'd turned things around, and things had been electric until Ashley had sent in a Trojan horse in the guise of a chemist who had spied on them and stolen the patents for their new products.

Phyllis spat that she'd been the one who'd paid the price, since she'd been let go without severance, and Jack had later ripped off her idea to start her own accessories line. She confided that she'd gotten back at him by copying Jabot Collective's logo and duplicating the products to offer them at bargain basement prices, but everyone she'd cared about had turned their backs on her and ratted her out. Adam wondered what her endgame was, and she said respect. He called it overrated, and she cited success. He agreed, since success equaled power, and that was everything. Adam asserted that he'd wanted to set the town on fire for a long time, and he had the gasoline. He asked if she wanted to be his match.

Phyllis called a car to take her home in response to Adam's suggestion. He swore that he wouldn't stand in her way, but he thought they weren't all that different. She was adamant that she was nothing like him, but he considered it kismet that they'd run into one another like lost souls on the highway of life. She called it a drunken mistake, but he pointed out that she was still there. She asked what he wanted, and he listed legitimacy, respect, and success.

Phyllis asked what she had to do in return, and Adam wanted information on Dark Horse that only the most cunning, talented hacker could get. He promised to make it worth her while, but she balked because Nick was the father of her child. Adam tempted her with a million dollars. Later, Phyllis returned to her hotel suite and opened her laptop. She pulled up Dark Horse's site and stared intently at the screen.

Adam left a voicemail for Chelsea. He imagined that it would be crazy for her to hear his voice, and he wanted her to know that he understood that she'd moved on because she'd thought he was dead. He swore that he didn't want to complicate her life, but he offered to fly anywhere to meet wherever she wanted. Adam added that he'd give anything to see Connor's face and hers, and he requested that she think about it. He said he missed her, and he hung up.

Victor stopped by Nick's house, and Nick guessed that it wasn't a social visit. Nick offered his father a drink, but Victor declined. Nick expected to need one, and Victor mentioned that he'd spent the better part of the night arguing with Adam. Nick popped open a beer, and Victor recounted that Adam had been very upset. Nick complained that "farm boy" had threatened him the other day, and Victor wished that his sons would end their feud. Nick declared that it wouldn't happen, and he wanted to know all about Adam's latest scheme.

Victor was upset that none of his children would give Adam the benefit of the doubt. Nick demanded to know why they should after everything Adam had pulled before his disappearance, only to return and threaten to take Christian away. Victor reasoned that Adam might be bluffing, but Nick scoffed at the idea that he'd failed a loyalty test by not sacrificing his son. Victor recounted the hardships that Adam had suffered since the explosion, including being shot and finding out Chelsea had changed her name and remarried. Victor added that her new husband had adopted Connor, and Nick wondered how Adam had found her.

Victor dismissed the inquiry as being beside the point, and he encouraged Nick to think about Adam having his hopes of being reunited with the two people he loved dashed. Nick conceded that it sounded rough, but he snarled that Adam didn't get to fill the void by taking Nick's son. Victor realized that Nick thought Victor was there to convince Nick to give Christian to Adam, and he revealed that he'd asked Adam to stop pursuing custody of Christian.

Victor had hoped that Adam's miraculous return would be cause for celebration, but his children were fighting one another instead. Nick corrected that they were all fighting Adam, who always tried to play both sides against the middle. Victor swore that he was trying to help, and Nick suggested that Victor do so by getting his other son to stand down. Victor asserted that a father didn't take sides, and Nick agreed that fathers should make all their kids feel important and protected. Nick asserted that he didn't need protection, but Victoria did because she was afraid Adam would take control over Newman Enterprises.

Victor argued that Adam had refused to return to the company, and Nick asked why Victor put up with Adam's tantrums when Adam wanted nothing to do with them. Victor vaguely replied that he had his reasons, and Nick suspected that there was something his father wasn't telling him. Christian interrupted them, and Nick guessed that someone had cleaned off the "stay-away-monster salt" that he'd put down. Nick swore that he would always protect Christian, and Victor mused that it was what families always did. Nick took Christian upstairs.

Nick reported that Christian had dozed right off, and Victor wished he could sleep like that. Nick wondered what was keeping his father up at night, and Victor cited his kids fighting him and one another. Victor added that Victoria's upcoming commitment ceremony with Billy was icing on the cake, but Nick insisted that it would mean a lot to her if Victor showed up. Victor was grateful that it wouldn't be legally binding, so she could kick Billy to the curb anytime she wanted to. Nick pointedly wished that it was that easy to get rid of other people.

Victor reminded Nick that Adam was his blood, and Nick accused Victor of playing favorites. Nick griped that it was a big poker game to Adam, who was all in, and he refused to let Adam have all the cards that time. Nick expected to have to go at it alone, and he thought it was anyone's guess what Adam would do next. Once alone, Nick stared thoughtfully at photo of him and Christian.

At Society, Summer arrived with Theo and Natalia, and Natalia got the party started by ordering shots. Summer told the bartender to keep pouring them all night for her and her friends. Abby watched Summer shimmying with Theo on the dance floor and anticipated that it would be a Dumpster fire.

Natalia took selfies to post online, and Summer made sure a Jabot Collective handbag was included in one of the photos. Summer, Natalia, and Theo toasted with shots, and Natalia posted the picture on her feed and crowed to watch the money rain down. Theo went to get more shots, and Natalia inquired about the hot mess back at the Abbott house, where Phyllis had been out of control. Summer insisted that her mom wasn't normally like that, but "stuff happens."

Kyle arrived to pick Lola up, and Theo pulled him over to their table. Kyle declined to join them because he was exhausted, but Theo suggested that dancing would wake Kyle up. Natalia asked how Kyle and Summer knew one another, and Kyle replied that they worked together at Jabot. Natalia sensed it was more than that. Summer yammered on about how Kyle's girlfriend had needed a liver, so Kyle had married Summer to convince her to give the gift of life, and she'd gotten a divorce in return.

Natalia was appalled that Kyle had dumped Summer. Summer flippantly stated that it hadn't been the best trade she'd ever made, but she'd lived and learned. Kyle prepared to head home, but Theo protested that the party was just getting started. Nate arrived, and Abby reported that he'd missed the start of a train wreck, but he was just in time for the finale.

At the bar, Nate delivered a glass of water to Summer, compliments of her surgeon. He warned her against keeping up the drinking, or she'd be the one needing a transplant. She chirped that it was a good thing she knew where to get one, and she returned to her table. Theo announced that he was having his nightcap before taking off, but Natalia proposed that they take the party back to his place. He asked if Summer was in.

Abby noted that Nate was quickly becoming one of her best customers, and he asked if he was one of her favorite ones. She teased him for reading too much into one date, and he suggested that they discuss it over dinner. She wondered if it would be a second date, but his phone pinged with a text message. She saw that the message was from Victor, and she demanded to know why her father needed to start treatment with Nate.

Nate said he couldn't tell Abby what she wanted to know, and he suggested that she go to Victor for answers. Abby whined that Nate had met the man, and Victor kept them all in the dark. Abby pushed to know what treatment her father needed, and Nate spotted Victor walk in and told her to go to the source. She approached Victor and asked if he was sick. Nate explained that Abby had seen Victor's text message and jumped to the worst conclusion. Victor assured her that it was nothing to be worried about, and Abby hugged him.

Victor claimed that he'd pulled a muscle in his back and that Nate was helping him with physical therapy. Victor picked up takeout for Nikki, and Abby noted that the name on the order was Mr. Smith. Victor headed out, and Abby pointed out how secretive her father was. She was skeptical about the physical therapy story, and Nate urged her to let Victor handle it his own way. Abby thought about what had happened with Neil, and she fretted that something might be wrong with her dad. Nate regretted that he couldn't tell her anything more, and she prepared to close early and go home. She vowed to find out what was going on.

Lola and Kyle arrived home, and she asked if she could get him anything. He thought she should relax after being on her feet all day, but she couldn't wind down with him being gloomy when he should be excited about the collective's debut. Lola guessed that his mood had to do with Summer, and Kyle acknowledged that it was the last thing Lola wanted to hear about. Lola mentioned that she'd seen Summer dancing and throwing back shots, and she was worried, too.

Kyle relayed how Phyllis had been on a rampage, going after Summer like an archenemy on what should have been one of the most important days of Summer's life. Kyle commented that he'd seen the movie before, and when Summer was hurt and humiliated, she went wild and got into trouble, just like Phyllis. Kyle apologized for going on and on, but Lola assured him that she wasn't jealous. She called Summer an emotional vampire who fed off his worry.

Lola thought Summer always had an emergency that needed Kyle's attention, but the attention only made Summer needier, and the more Kyle gave Summer, the more Summer craved. Lola understood that he felt guilty, but she contended that Summer was an adult who wasn't his responsibility anymore. Lola insisted that he had to set Summer free to stand on her own two feet, and Kyle agreed that Summer was a grown woman who could take care of herself.

Later, Lola noticed that Kyle was hiding something behind his back, and he asked if she knew what the night was. She realized that it was their one-week anniversary of living together, and he presented her with a gift. She gushed that she loved it already, and he joked that it was a diamond-encrusted potato peeler. She opened it and fawned over the simple photo frame inside, and he thought they could put a picture of them on the wall to make the place officially theirs. She prepared to do it right away, and she asked how she looked. He replied that she looked like the happiest woman on earth, and he snapped a photo of them on his phone.

Summer and Theo retreated to his hotel suite, and she squealed about an outrageous suggestion that he'd made to Devon about installing a disco elevator with mirrors on the ceiling. Summer thought they should check on Natalia to find out where she was, but Theo insisted that Summer was the one he wanted to chill with. She pulled him into a kiss.

Summer and Theo took a photo of themselves lounging on the bed. She didn't think that it would work for social media, and he suggested that they take another one. She slurred that she had a better idea, and she kissed him passionately and pulled off his shirt.

Phyllis and Adam join forces

Phyllis and Adam join forces

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

by Nel

Victoria, Nikki, and Abby gathered at Nick's. Nick proposed a toast in celebration of Victoria and Billy's commitment ceremony. Everyone wondered where Victor was. Nick didn't think that Victor would show because of his hatred for Billy, but Nikki assured him that Victor would be there.

Nikki said she needed to leave, and Abby offered to walk her out. In the hallway, Abby confided to Nikki that she was worried about Victor's health. She told Nikki she'd seen a text message between Victor and Nate about a treatment. She said she'd confronted Victor, and he'd claimed he'd pulled a muscle in his back. Abby said there had been a weird vibe between Nate and Victor. She asked Nikki to question Victor about any health issues. Concerned, Nikki assured Abby she would.

Abby rejoined Nick and Victoria. She said she understood things had been challenging with Adam's return and their issues with Victor, but they needed a time-out from all of it to celebrate Victoria and Billy and to remember they were family, no matter what the next day brought. They were lucky to have each other. Nick and Victoria agreed that a time-out would do them all good.

At Newman, Nate gave Victor his first treatment. He told Victor it would be better to get treatment at the hospital, but Victor refused. Nate advised Victor not to keep his condition a secret because Victor had an uphill battle ahead of him. Victor said no one needed to know about it.

A short time later, Nikki arrived at Victor's office and questioned him about the pulled muscles in his back. She wanted answers. and she wouldn't accept vague or evasive answers. She said it hurt when Victor shut her out. She wanted to know what was wrong. Victor finally gave in and told her that he had a rare blood disease that could be life-threatening. He said that something had been destroying his red blood cells, but he was optimistic. He said that Nate had already given him his first treatment. Victor claimed he would beat the disease.

Nikki demanded a copy of Victor's treatment schedule because they would beat the disease together. She wanted to know when he'd found out about his condition. Victor said it had been at the same time he'd discovered that Adam was alive. Victor told her he wanted to correct the wrongs between him and Adam. Nikki said she would advise the family, but Victor didn't want anyone to know. Nikki agreed to keep his secret for the time being. She told Victor she loved him.

In a room at the Athletic Club, Summer and Theo awoke slowly, both hungover. Theo thought the previous evening had been incredible. Summer agreed. Theo suggested they hang out together. Summer accepted and said she had the perfect solution.

Phyllis arrived at the tack house. She told Adam that she'd given thought to his proposal, and in spite of needing the one million dollars, she'd decided to turn down his offer. She said that breaking into the Dark Horse server was a crime. Adam reminded her that she'd done worse. Phyllis said that compared to Adam, she was an angel. She wanted to know why he wanted a hostile takeover of Dark Horse. She said that she and Nick weren't in a good place, but she wouldn't hand over Nick's company to Adam. Adam assured Phyllis that he wasn't out to hurt Nick. He only wanted to use it as leverage.

Phyllis realized Adam wanted to use Dark Horse as leverage to get Christian. Adam claimed that Nick had been keeping Christian out of his life. Phyllis pointed out that even if Adam managed to get control of Dark Horse, Nick wouldn't give Christian up like a bargaining chip. Adam said perhaps not, but it would be a wake-up call to show Nick how far he was willing to go to get what he wanted.

Adam told Phyllis he'd known how it felt to be just out of reach of something that was rightfully theirs and treated like a villain. He said the Newmans had praised his talents, but then they would cast him aside. He and Phyllis needed to make a statement. Adam reminded Phyllis that the Abbotts and the Newmans would always treat them like pariahs until they had been taught a lesson.

Phyllis said she was aware that Adam had tried to manipulate her emotions and advised him to stop. She asked him about his plan.

Adam arrived at Society. Billy told him the kitchen was closed. Adam asked why Billy was there. Billy said he was there for his and Victoria's commitment celebration. Sarcastically, Adam claimed his invitation had to have been lost in the mail. Billy admitted that Adam hadn't been invited. Adam advised Billy that he wouldn't be working at Newman because he wanted to do something on his own. Billy said Adam was a narcissist and told him get out and not to return. Before Adam left, he congratulated Billy and hoped the day would be everything Billy had imagined.

Later, Billy greeted Jack, Traci, and Kyle. After a bit of back-and-forth banter, Jack said he was delighted that Billy and Victoria were together again. Billy stated that he wasn't going to let go that time.

Summer arrived on Theo's arm and congratulated Billy. Kyle didn't look happy when he saw Summer with Theo.

Billy kissed Victoria when she arrived. Victoria was surprised that Victor and Nikki hadn't arrived yet.

Alone with Nick, Billy commented that he had no idea what he would do if someone tried to take his kids. Nick knowingly stated that Billy would know, and he'd do the same as Nick was doing.

Summer and Theo sat down at a table. When Theo went to get drinks, Kyle sat down and asked Summer how she was doing. Smiling, Summer said she was fine, and she'd gotten to know Theo a lot better. Kyle left.

Moments later, Summer introduced Theo to Nick. Theo said, "Happy to meet you, sir." Nick asked for a moment alone with Summer. Annoyed, Nick asked Summer why she'd brought Theo to a family event. He asked if Summer had wanted to make Kyle jealous or if she had started a new relationship. Summer claimed she didn't know. Nick hoped it wasn't a rebound because, in his experience, it never worked out. Summer said she was having fun, and she asked Nick to be happy for her.

Nikki and Victor arrived. Victoria claimed she hadn't been certain that they would make it because of how Victor felt about Billy. Victor stated that Victoria was his daughter, and he wanted her to be happy. Victoria smiled and said that the good thing about a commitment party was that no one could object.

Johnny and Katie joined Victoria and Billy on the stage. Victoria and Billy told everyone that they had been married and they had been apart, but they wanted to commit to each other in an unconventional way. Billy said that they'd had tattoos, ring tattoos, and rings, but this time, they had asked their children to make something special that he and Victoria could exchange. Johnny showed the heart on a string he'd made, and it read: "Daddy loves mommy." Billy hung the heart around Victoria's neck. Katie produced a hanky that read: "Mommy loves daddy." Victoria stuffed the hanky into Billy's jacket pocket. They proclaimed their love for each other and kissed.

To everyone's shock, Phyllis and Adam arrived, and Phyllis shouted, "Well, it looks like we made it just in time for the big finish." Billy asked Abby to take the kids out of the room. Billy told Adam that he had already kicked him out once that day, and he would do it again. Jack asked Adam and Phyllis to leave, but Phyllis refused. Victoria warned Adam that his stunt wouldn't ruin her day.

While Billy took Phyllis aside, Kyle asked Summer why Phyllis and Adam were there. Summer questioned why Phyllis was with Adam.

At the entrance, Phyllis scoffed at Billy's commitment ceremony and said that Victoria wouldn't marry him because she had spared herself the humiliation of a third divorce. Billy told Phyllis that her misery and loneliness were shining through. Phyllis retorted that he and Victoria would wind up miserable and lonely because all Billy ever did was sabotage and destroy everything. Billy said that Phyllis was pathetic and vindictive. He asked her why she'd brought Adam. He wanted to know what had happened to the woman he'd known. Phyllis hissed about all the betrayals. She claimed she was the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Billy told her to get out.

In the meantime, Victor asked Adam why he'd brought Phyllis. Victor claimed Adam had spit in his face after everything he'd done for Adam. Adam claimed that Victor hadn't done nearly enough. Nikki broke them apart and led Victor away. Nick sat holding Christian and glared at Adam. Adam approached and asked if Christian remembered him. Nick immediately sent Christian off to find his cousins. Nick warned Adam never to try that again. Adam said Christian was his son, and he would have him in the end. Nick ordered Adam to leave, or he would "throw [his] ass out."

Jack watched the exchange and decided it was time to break Nick and Adam up. Jack suggested that Adam leave. Before Adam left, he told Nick to enjoy his day.

Billy blustered to Victoria about Adam and Phyllis. Billy calmed down when Victoria told him that Adam and Phyllis were irrelevant to their life, and no one would come between them again.

Summer had been waiting when Phyllis exited the washroom. Summer advised her to leave, but Phyllis claimed she had more to say. Summer said that what Phyllis had done the previous evening was bad enough, but this was worse. She said she'd known that Phyllis had been hurt, but it had to stop. She said that Phyllis had made a fool of herself, and she'd burned every bridge she'd had.

Summer said Phyllis had broken her heart. Summer said that Phyllis and Adam should have been kicked out the minute they'd arrived. Phyllis said that was perfect and accused Summer of siding with the Abbotts over her mother, especially after Kyle had thrown her out the way he'd done. Summer said it hadn't been like that, and Phyllis knew it.

Phyllis told Summer that the Abbotts were fickle and opportunists. They were only loyal to themselves. She said that the minute Summer overstepped, Billy and Jack would leave her like roadkill, and they would blame Summer for their mistakes. They would make Summer the fall guy. Phyllis asked who Summer would have left besides Phyllis when that happened. Nick said she would have him. Phyllis told Nick to stay out of it. Summer told Nick that Phyllis had wanted to launch a Jabot Collective knockoff company in order to get revenge against the Abbotts. Nick said he wanted to talk to Phyllis alone. Summer left.

Nick asked Phyllis when she would stop dragging Summer into her quest for revenge. Phyllis said that Nick wasn't one to talk about revenge. She asked why Nick thought he was better than Adam and why he was the good brother and Adam the bad seed. Phyllis said that she agreed with Adam on certain points. Nick said it was because she was pretty much the same person as Adam -- always the victim, never the attacker, and someone who justified her actions like avoiding a murder charge or destroying Summer's career.

Phyllis claimed that Nick didn't know what he was talking about, but Nick said that she and Adam were two of a kind -- selfish and immoral -- and neither of them gave "a damn" who they hurt. Nick asked if Phyllis saw a friendly face in the room. He claimed that what he'd said to her had been true. Everyone saw her and Adam for who they really were. Nick asked Phyllis how that felt. Looking defeated, Phyllis walked away.

The family stood together for one last toast to Victoria and Billy. Traci commented that she was happy they hadn't allowed Adam and Phyllis to dampen their spirits. She thanked them for a beautiful day, and she left. Billy and Victoria went to the bar for a drink. Victor, Nikki, and Abby sat down, and Victor told Abby to rest easy about his health. Nikki assured Abby that she'd spoken to Victor, and he had answered all her questions. She assured Abby that everything would be fine.

Elsewhere, Summer thanked Theo for rolling with her family. Theo apologized for addressing Nick as "sir," but Summer told him that Nick wasn't the one he needed to impress. Theo raised his glass and said, "Yes, ma'am."

At the bar, Victoria asked Billy how they would celebrate their night together. Billy said that he had booked a romantic getaway for a few nights. Victoria smiled and said that it sounded like heaven. They kissed.

Nick admitted to Jack that he shouldn't have allowed Adam to get to him, but when Adam talked about Christian, Nick saw red. He said that Phyllis had gone off the deep end. He had confronted Phyllis because he hadn't wanted her to cause a scene. Jack admitted that sometimes Phyllis forced people to do that. Jack said that both Phyllis and Adam were gone, so out of sight, out of mind. Nick asked for how long.

Kyle crept into the kitchen and surprised Lola with a kiss on the cheek and a glass of Champagne. Lola said she admired Victoria and Billy. She loved what they'd said to each other and the gifts the kids had made for them. Lola watched as Kyle ripped a strip from a napkin and tied it around her ring finger. He promised that nothing would come between them. Lola followed suit and tied a strip around Kyle's ring finger. She promised that little things wouldn't get in the way of their big picture. Kyle told her how much he loved her. Lola said she couldn't imagine her life without him. Kyle shocked Lola when he asked her to marry him.

Phyllis arrived at the tack house and told Adam he'd been right about everything. Adam said he usually was. Phyllis said she was all in.

Adam forces Nick to make a choice

Adam forces Nick to make a choice

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Mariah and Tessa entered the Crimson Lights patio, and Tessa fretted about a broken guitar string. Mariah didn't understand why it was a big deal, since Tessa had replaced it. Tessa considered having a broken string right before a performance to be a bad omen, but Mariah argued that Abby wouldn't have hired Tessa if she didn't believe in Tessa's talent. Tessa assumed that Abby had just wanted to thank her for helping with Dina, and Mariah encouraged Tessa just to be herself.

Tessa groaned that she'd been herself when she'd dumped a major recording deal, and she contemplated whether she should have tried harder to make things work with Ana. Tessa received a text message from Devon, who wanted to see her. Mariah offered to handle Devon while Tessa focused on her upcoming show. Tessa hesitated to let Mariah fight her battles, but Mariah insisted on helping make the night perfect for Tessa. Mariah promised that she'd be at Society in time to hear Tessa sing, and they kissed goodbye.

Devon was surprised when Mariah showed up at his penthouse. She informed him that Tessa had gotten his message, but Mariah hadn't wanted Tessa stressing out before her show at Society, so she was there to speak on Tessa's behalf. Mariah asked if Ana was home, and Devon revealed that his sister was at the studio but that they'd had a conversation. He wanted to hear Tessa's side about why she'd left LP.

Mariah explained that Tessa was sorry about how everything had gone down, but Tessa had her own vision of who she wanted to be. Devon surmised that it didn't match Ana's vision. Mariah applauded Ana for putting together slick, glossy hits, but Tessa didn't want to become the mainstream pop star that Ana had wanted to make her into. Mariah stressed that Tessa's art was what was important to Tessa -- and to Mariah.

Devon understood that both Tessa and Ana had tried to make things work, but it was best that they'd parted ways. Mariah mentioned that she had something else to talk to him about, and she hesitantly announced that she was leaving GC Buzz. Devon was taken aback, and he inquired whether something had happened at the studio. She insisted that she loved the people she'd worked with, but things hadn't been the same since Hilary had died, and she missed their camaraderie. Mariah was adamant that it was time for her to move on, although she didn't know what that would mean.

Mariah imagined doing something behind the camera that was still creative, and Devon noted that she was already doing that by defending Tessa. Mariah jokingly asked if she could make a career out of being obnoxious, and they laughed. Devon contended that artists needed advocates to leave them free to pursue their art, and he knew of a way Mariah could do that while still staying with Hamilton-Winters. He intended to start following Neil's advice to pay it forward.

Devon commended Mariah for staying with GC Buzz to help the fans grieve and move on after Hilary's death, and he wanted to help Mariah. Mariah was dumbfounded when Devon suggested that she run Power Communications. Mariah protested that she wasn't qualified to run a company or handle public relations, but Devon was sure that she'd be amazing on both fronts, and he invited her to expand into branding and image-building. Mariah realized that she could help people achieve their dreams, and Devon compared it to what she'd just done with Tessa. Mariah didn't want to let him or Neil down, and Devon insisted that she wouldn't.

In Society's kitchen, Lola was speechless after Kyle's spontaneous marriage proposal. She questioned whether he had a fever or had consumed too much Champagne, but he swore that he wanted them to be together forever. He added that he wouldn't have asked her to marry him if he'd thought she didn't feel the same way. Lola conceded that she wasn't as good with words as Kyle was, and she really wanted to get it right. She insisted that it meant a lot to her that he knew how much she loved him, and she'd never been with anyone who'd made her feel the way he did.

Lola confirmed that she shared Kyle's desire to be together forever. She'd thought about them getting married, but things were moving too fast. She pointed out that they'd just moved in together, and he contended that it had felt right from the second they'd done it. She agreed, and he asked what was holding her back. She reiterated that she wasn't ready for it, and he apologized for pressuring her. He considered himself an idiot for asking her to marry him when he wasn't even divorced yet, and he was concerned that he'd screwed everything up.

Lola assured Kyle that he hadn't ruined anything, but he'd seen the look on her face. She explained that he'd caught her off guard, but everything was still good. He wanted to go home and forget about what a dumb jerk he'd been, but she teased that he was talking about the guy she loved. "Still?" he asked. "Always," she replied. She blurted out that there was something she had to do by herself, and she would be right back. She hurried out.

In the dining room, Jack noted that the "un-wedding" had been uneventful, and Summer translated that to mean boring. Jack said he'd take that over Newman-Abbott fireworks any day, and Summer told him to just give Billy some time. Nick stepped aside when he saw Rey enter the restaurant. Rey insisted that they speak privately, and they arranged to meet at Nick's office.

Theo ordered a round of tequila shots, but Jack opted to stick to his wine. Summer protested that Jack was no fun, and she and Theo tossed back shots. Kyle sent a text message to Jack, asking to meet out front to discuss something in private.

Once alone, Theo sensed that not everyone had been thrilled that he'd tagged along with Summer that day, but Summer insisted that everyone had liked him. She explained that her dad had just been overprotective because he thought she was rebounding. Theo wondered if that had been why the night before had happened, but she didn't want to put a label on it. Summer wondered where Jack had gone, and she wandered off to find him while Theo ordered more shots.

Outside the restaurant, Kyle lamented to Jack about how his impulsive proposal had been an epic screw-up. Summer overheard Kyle recounting how he'd asked Lola to marry him, and Jack lectured that Kyle was still married. Kyle bemoaned that his marriage to Summer had been a mistake, and he wanted to do things right that time. Jack urged Kyle to give Lola time to process, but Kyle rushed off to find a way to fix it.

At Dark Horse, Rey reported to Nick that Adam had hired a private investigator to gather information on Chloe Mitchell. Nick explained that she'd been responsible for the explosion that had supposedly killed Adam. However, she'd died of a drug overdose, and he'd seen the body. Nick theorized that Adam had wanted to make sure she was gone, since she'd tried to kill him once. Rey questioned whether she might have tried twice, and he didn't want to rule her out as the one who'd shot Adam. Rey wondered why Adam was keeping quiet about his search for Chloe, and Nick guessed that Adam thought Chloe could lead him to Chelsea and Connor.

At the cottage, Rey told Sharon about Adam digging up information on Chloe. Sharon stated that Chloe was dead, but Rey countered that J.T. had been, too. Rey pointed out that Adam thought Chloe was alive. Sharon supposed that it was possible that Adam hadn't been honest about not seeing his shooter, and she realized that Adam might want to find Chloe because she might be able to lead him to Chelsea. Sharon added that the one thing she knew about Adam was that he wasn't a quitter, and Rey wondered how far Adam would go to get what he wanted.

Lola stopped by the cottage and told Rey and Sharon about Kyle's surprise proposal. Sharon stepped out to let the siblings talk, and Lola implored Rey to think about his own track record before he judged anyone. Rey argued that Kyle wasn't even divorced yet, and he begged her to tell him that she hadn't said yes. She confirmed that she hadn't, but she insisted that she and Kyle loved one another.

Rey encouraged Lola to live with Kyle and do everything two people in love did, but he cautioned that marriage was a huge step that she shouldn't just dive into. Rey questioned the harm in waiting, and he thought Lola's gut was saying she'd done the right thing. Lola regretted the way she'd handled things after the proposal, and she worried that Kyle had gotten the wrong impression when she'd run off. She thought she had to fix things, but she wasn't sure how.

Later, Society's patrons clapped as Tessa ended her first set. Theo thought Summer looked like she could use another drink, but she glumly replied that she was good. He pressed to know what had happened, and she admitted that she'd overheard Kyle telling Jack that he'd proposed to Lola. Summer figured that she shouldn't have been surprised, since Kyle had been in love with Lola during his entire marriage to Summer. Theo noted that she had it bad for the guy, and Summer wailed that she didn't know how she felt anymore.

Lola overheard as Summer reasoned that perhaps Kyle's proposal was a good thing, since Summer had to move on and stop thinking about ways to get Kyle back. Summer swore that she really liked Theo, and he said he was her guy if she was looking for a no-strings deal. Summer pledged to have no strings or plans and to leave marriage to the boring, predictable people. Lola received a text message from Kyle that said he was waiting for her at home.

Tessa finished her last set as Mariah smiled up at her. Amidst applause, Tessa ran over and hugged Mariah, who said she wouldn't be surprised if Abby booked Tessa every night. Mariah shared that she and Devon had discussed a lot, starting with Devon being cool with Tessa not working with Ana anymore. Mariah also divulged that she'd quit her job hosting GC Buzz and that Devon had offered her a position at Power Communications.

At his apartment, Kyle taped up a simple banner that said, "I'm sorry." Lola returned home and spied the banner, and he apologized for putting her on the spot and making her feel uncomfortable. She thought she owed him an apology for walking away and making him feel like he'd done something wrong when he hadn't. She recognized that he'd offered her everything she'd ever dreamed of, but she'd been overwhelmed and had needed to talk to Rey.

Lola relayed that Rey thought she and Kyle should wait to get married. Everything Rey had said had made sense, but then something unexpected had happened -- Summer had inspired her. Lola informed Kyle that Summer had found out about the proposal, but instead of breaking things, Summer had simply trashed the idea of boring married life. Lola revealed that Summer wanted to be free to do whatever with whomever with no commitments or risk of getting her heart broken. It had made Lola realize that when someone focused too much on one thing, the rest of their life became unbalanced. Lola recalled that she'd spent her whole life focusing on her dream of becoming a chef; she'd thought that would be enough for her, but she'd been wrong.

Kyle asked what Lola was saying, and she jokingly inquired whether she had to put up a banner. She clarified that she was saying yes. They kissed, and he asked if she was sure. She intended to spend the rest of her life waking up next to him. She admitted that it had taken her awhile to realize it, but things had never felt more right. She proclaimed that there would be no more waiting, no more regrets, and no more apologies, and she ripped down Kyle's banner. They fell onto the couch in a passionate kiss.

At the tack house, Adam wondered why it had taken Phyllis so long to get on board with his search-and-destroy mission. She pointed out that she would be committing corporate espionage, but he figured that it would only be a crime if she got caught. She argued that anyone would hack Dark Horse's site for a million dollars, but her rate was a little higher. She negotiated him up to $2.5 million and demanded that he pay in advance. Phyllis repeated his advice to trust no one, and she ordered him to pay to play.

Moments later, Phyllis checked her phone and confirmed that the bank transfer was complete. She told Adam that that he was getting a bargain, and he dared her to prove it. She sat down at his laptop and noted that Dark Horse had a state-of-the-art security system. Adam wondered if it would be a problem, and she crowed that it wouldn't be for her. She suddenly hesitated, and he asked if she'd hit a firewall. He sensed that she was growing a conscience.

Adam remarked that the Phyllis he remembered hadn't felt guilt, and Phyllis responded that she needed personal space. Adam recalled that she'd always done everything full throttle, including getting revenge if someone had done her wrong. Adam recounted that Nick had berated Phyllis in front of her enemies and her daughter, and he incredulously inquired whether she was going to let Nick get away with embarrassing her. Adam contended that the Phyllis he knew would prove to Nick and the rest of the world that she didn't take "crap" from anybody. Phyllis began typing and proclaimed, "We're in."

Adam instructed Phyllis to click on certain things, and she asked what he was looking for. He took her place in front of the computer screen and clucked, "Oh, Nick, you make it too easy." Adam gave his brother credit for building a successful company, but he reveled in the fact that Nick was leveraged up to his neck to the tune of $27 million, and Nick hadn't borrowed it from "the bank of Daddy."

Phyllis questioned why carrying debt was an issue if Nick was making payments, and Adam envisioned what would happen if the lender called in the whole loan. Phyllis was sure Nick had structured something he could manage, but Adam gleefully noted that debt got sold all the time. He imagined what would happen if someone who wanted leverage over Nick bought it. "Someone like you," Phyllis mused.

Adam made a deal with the lender over the phone, and Phyllis marveled that just like that, Adam owned Nick's debt. Adam insisted that it wasn't about revenge, but it was about getting back what was rightfully his -- his son. Phyllis recognized how much Christian was worth to Adam, but she also knew the little boy meant a lot to Nick. Adam was sure that Dark Horse was a symbol of strength and independence for Nick, and it was everything to Nick to show the world that he was more than Victor Newman's son. Adam told Phyllis to clean up her web trail of espionage and lock the place up, and he headed out.

Phyllis completed her task and headed to the door to leave, but she found Sharon on the porch. Sharon asked where Adam was, and Phyllis replied that he wasn't there. Phyllis claimed that she'd stopped by to welcome him back from the dead, but Sharon wondered if Phyllis had broken in. Phyllis questioned what Sharon's boyfriend would think about Sharon's concern for Adam, and she walked out, telling Sharon to lock up.

Adam arrived at Dark Horse. Nick suggested that if Adam was there to apologize for showing up uninvited at the party, he should speak to Victoria. Adam flippantly thanked him for the tip, and Nick questioned what reason Adam had to see him. Adam replied that he had 27 million of them. Nick barked that he wasn't in the mood for games, and he scoffed at the idea that he'd give up his son just because Adam owned information about Nick carrying debt. Adam taunted that he didn't just own information -- he owned Nick.

Adam scolded Nick for being careless by carrying that much debt, since it had left Dark Horse vulnerable and way too easy to target. Nick slammed his fist on his desk and demanded that Adam get to the point. Adam crowed that he technically owned the place, but he had no desire to run it, and he wanted something much more important. Nick guessed that Adam meant Christian, and Adam stressed, "My son." "You bastard," Nick snarled.

Nick considered it sick that Adam was trying to bargain for Nick's son. Adam again reiterated that Christian was his, and Nick retorted that Adam had given the boy up. Adam asserted that things had changed, and Christian deserved to know his real father. Adam gave Nick 24 hours to decide between Dark Horse and Christian.

Phyllis returned to her hotel suite and stood in the dark, gazing out the window. Someone clad in black suddenly grabbed her from behind, covered her mouth, and injected the contents of a syringe into her neck. Phyllis passed out.

Kevin is revealed to be Phyllis' captor

Kevin is revealed to be Phyllis' captor

Friday, June 7, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Jett prepared to leave for Detroit, and Devon indicated that Ana was waiting in the car. Elena protested that she'd thought the tour wouldn't start for another week, and Devon explained that it had been an opportunity he hadn't been able to pass up. Devon assured Elena that Jett would have plenty of time to rest before the show the following night, and Jett conveyed his thanks to Devon for arranging the tour. Devon thought it was the perfect way to get Jett back out there.

Elena understood that Jett wanted to go, and she was really happy for him. Jett invited her to attend his first gig, since Detroit wasn't too far away. She agreed to think about it, and he promised that he'd be back in a few months with stories from the road to tell. They hugged, and Jett departed. An emotional Elena excused herself and hurried upstairs.

Later, Devon hoped Elena was hungry because he'd made enough for four people before the travel plans had changed. Elena apologized for not helping with dinner, but Devon had sensed that she'd wanted time to herself. She recalled that it had been good for her to stay with Jett after her mom had died, since she and Jett had talked about her mother. Devon imagined it had been like having a piece of her mom still with her.

Devon acknowledged that Jett's departure had been a surprise, and he wondered if Elena had plans to go back to her residency once Jett recuperated. She admitted that she wasn't ready for that step yet, but she had interviews lined up, and she intended to land a job, find an apartment, and move out. Devon asked why she'd leave.

After dinner, Devon turned on some music and held Elena close. She thanked him for the delicious meal, and he offered to cook like that for her every night if it kept her there. She reasoned that she'd moved in to help take care of her uncle, but Jett was gone. Devon pointed out that she'd gotten to know her cousin, too, and Elena hoped to stay in touch with both Ana and Devon. Devon hoped Elena wouldn't go because she'd miss him too much, but she figured that she could just call him. He didn't think talking on the phone compared to what they were doing then, and she pointed out that he could still invite her over for dinner.

Devon expected that he and Elena would end up right back where they'd started, wondering why she'd left in the first place. Elena said it wasn't like she wanted to go, and Devon replied, "Then don't leave." He confided that his feelings had sneaked up on him, and it made him really happy to walk through the door, knowing she'd be on the other side. He reflected back on the times they'd stayed up and talked while everyone had been asleep, and he never wanted to lose her. They kissed passionately, but Elena pulled back and asked if he was sure. He kissed her again and led her upstairs, where they made love.

Devon returned downstairs and poured himself a drink. He turned and envisioned Hilary staring at him. Elena appeared and asked if he regretted what they'd done. He insisted that he didn't, and he kissed her and held her close. He saw Hilary again as he looked over Elena's shoulder.

At home, Lola and Kyle shared a pint of ice cream and reveled in the fact that they were getting married. He wished he'd taken more time to plan a more memorable proposal. She replied that planning was overrated, and a girl couldn't ask for more than a proposal straight from the heart. Kyle admitted that he had to get a few things squared away beforehand, and she referred to him finalizing his divorce. He mentioned getting her a ring and asking Rey for his blessing. Lola warned that the latter wouldn't be a good idea.

Kyle changed clothes. Lola assured him that he looked very nice, but it wouldn't matter because Rey would give him a flat no. Kyle pointed out that it wasn't up to Rey, but Lola thought it obviously meant something to Kyle, who was working hard to get on Rey's good side. Kyle figured that Rey was old school, so they couldn't announce their engagement without telling Rey first. Kyle recognized that Rey adored Lola, and he respected Rey for that. Kyle intended to make it clear to Rey how much he loved Lola, and they kissed. Lola gave Kyle her blessing to ask for Rey's blessing. Lola playfully pushed Kyle onto the couch and climbed on top of him.

A clearly perplexed Sharon returned to the cottage, and Rey asked what was wrong. She informed him that she'd stopped by Adam's place to confront him about Chloe, and Phyllis had been there, waiting for Adam to get back. Rey hadn't realized the two were friends, and Sharon confirmed that they never had been before. Sharon hoped Phyllis hadn't roped Adam into one of her schemes, but Rey muttered that Phyllis might not be the one doing the roping, since Nick didn't feel that Adam had changed. Sharon hoped Nick was wrong and that Adam made a different life for himself that time around. Rey hoped Adam lived up to her faith in him.

Rey was determined to find out why Adam was looking for Chloe. Sharon pointed out that Rey's theory that Chloe wasn't dead was a little out there, but Rey argued that it wouldn't be the first greatly exaggerated death in town. Sharon hadn't sensed that Adam was worried about someone attacking him, and Rey guessed that Adam's goal in finding Chloe was to seek revenge. Rey recognized that Adam was Sharon's friend; however, he had to trust his cop's instincts about people, and alarm bells went off around the guy. Rey hoped, for her sake, that he was wrong about Adam, but only time would tell.

At Dark Horse, Nick blasted his lender over the phone for selling his debt without even the courtesy of a phone call. After Nick hung up, he asked where Adam had gotten that kind of cash, and Adam implied that it was someone close to Nick who wasn't as loyal as Nick had thought. Adam suggested that Nick ponder that truth another day, since Nick had a choice to make between the incredible legacy he'd created with Dark Horse and his irrational obsession with keeping Adam from his son. Nick reiterated that Christian didn't know Adam, and Adam argued that the point was to fix that.

Adam reminded Nick that he had 24 hours to consider his options, and Adam planned to be back the next day to hear Nick's decision. Nick declared that there was no decision to make, since he would never abandon his son the way Adam had. "If that means I lose Dark Horse, so be it," Nick added. Nick chided Adam for thinking Nick would be willing to trade his son for his company. Adam again demanded that Nick stop calling Christian his son when the boy was Adam's. Nick wondered why Adam was upset, since Adam had won by buying Dark Horse right out from under Nick.

Nick contended that it didn't change anything, but the fact Adam had been willing to go to such lengths to extort over a child proved that he was unfit to be a parent. Adam accused Nick of driving him to extremes by blocking him from having a relationship with his own son. Nick spat that Adam hadn't wanted anything to do with Christian when the boy had been born, and Adam defended that there had been reasons for that. Adam recounted that he'd spent years in exile with no one caring if he'd lived or died until Sharon had asked if he wanted something more.

Adam wanted to be connected to another human being, and he asked how Nick could deprive Christian of his father's love. Nick barked that if Adam had a scrap of affection for Christian, he would have gone about getting to know the tot gradually, but Adam had chosen to cheat and manipulate when he hadn't gotten what he'd wanted. Nick invited Adam to take Dark Horse, and he tossed a framed photo of Christian at Adam and growled that it was as close to Nick's son as Adam would ever get. Adam clutched the photo to his chest and snarled that Nick would regret it.

Nick stopped by the cottage to see Rey. Nick groused that Rey was supposed to be keeping an eye on Adam, yet Adam had bought Nick's loan from the lender Nick had used to finance Dark Horse. Nick explained that Adam could call the loan in as due in full immediately, and he assumed it was what Adam would do because Nick wasn't giving him what he really wanted. Rey surmised that Adam wanted Christian, and Sharon couldn't believe it. Nick didn't understand why she couldn't see that Adam was the same monster he'd been before, using a child like a pawn, just like Adam had used Faith.

Rey wondered what had happened with Faith, and Nick was appalled that Sharon hadn't told Rey the story. Sharon guessed that Phyllis had given Adam the information about the loan, since she'd just seen Phyllis at the tack house, acting like she'd had something to hide. Nick bet that Adam had used Phyllis' latest woes to whip her into revenge mode. Rey asked if Phyllis had had access to Dark Horse's servers, but Sharon figured that Phyllis had just hacked her way in.

Rey apologized for being so focused on Adam that he hadn't reviewed Dark Horse's cybersecurity. Nick thought it didn't matter, since the whole place would be Adam's, and he wouldn't be surprised if Phyllis ended up running the company. Sharon thought it was possible that Adam hadn't told Phyllis what he'd planned to do with the information. Nick grumbled that Phyllis never realized what a mess she'd gotten herself into until it was too late.

After Nick left, Rey was stunned to learn that Adam had taken a newborn Faith and allowed Nick and Sharon to believe their baby had died. Rey considered it unspeakably cruel, and Sharon imagined that he found it strange that she'd forgiven and even fallen in love with Adam. She explained that Adam had been a damaged soul, but she'd been able to look past the worst things he'd done to see how much pain he'd been in. She continued that she'd recognized it because she'd been damaged, too, and they'd been kindred spirits in that way. She thought she'd needed as much forgiveness as Adam had.

Sharon said it had been a long journey for her to get to that place, but Rey noted that Adam hadn't progressed as far as she had. Sharon understood that Adam wanted to be near Christian, but she thought taking the boy out of a loving home would be terrible. She felt responsible because she'd convinced Adam to return to town. Rey swore that Sharon wasn't responsible for Adam's choices, and he thought there was no way to know what Adam would pull next. Kyle sent Rey a text message, asking Rey to meet. Rey thought he knew what it was about.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Kyle that it was way too soon to be talking marriage. Rey knew how it felt to be in love, but he also knew what it was like to realize too late that he had made a mistake and was trapped. Kyle asserted that Lola wasn't Mia, and Rey acknowledged that it was a fair point, except Lola had never been in a serious relationship before. Kyle countered that he really hadn't been, either. Rey cautioned that married life was a lot different than dating, since it wasn't something to conveniently fit into one's schedule. Rey warned that marriage meant having to always put the other person first, even when they were at their most annoying -- and Lola could be annoying.

Kyle had expected Rey to say Lola was perfect and Kyle wasn't worthy, and Rey joked that Lola was annoying because she was so perfect. Kyle recognized that Rey had been more of a father than a brother to Lola, and that was why he'd wanted to talk to Rey about the most important job Kyle would ever have -- taking care of Lola and eventually their kids. Kyle figured that he would be crazy not to ask for advice and support from the man who knew Lola best, and Rey gave his word that he would be there for both of them. Rey accepted that Kyle would be part of the family.

At Society, Jack asked Abby if Lola was there, since he was hoping to speak with her. Abby informed him that the sous chef was covering, since something had happened the night before, and she suspected that Jack knew what it had been. Abby apologized for being pushy, but she was sensitive to people keeping secrets from her. Jack sympathized that no one had given her a heads-up about her brother being alive.

Abby griped that her family had continued to hide things from her, although she wasn't sure what. She figured that she'd be the last to know about whatever it was, and she wondered how much she had to accomplish before they treated her like an adult. Jack urged her to stop waiting for them to change and to trust her instincts by going after what she wanted. He stepped aside to say hello to Michael and Lauren.

Lola arrived at Society and shared her engagement news with Abby, who congratulated her. Lola wondered if it was too soon, but Abby encouraged her to follow her instincts, since Lola had found herself a keeper. Abby asked to see the ring, and Lola admitted that she didn't have one yet because it had happened so fast. Abby volunteered to take Kyle bling-shopping, and she warned Lola not to give him a hard time if the ring was gorgeous. Lola swore that she wouldn't complain unless the ring was so heavy that she couldn't lift her hand.

Across the dining room, Jack was glad to see Lola happy after everything she'd been through. Jack suggested that Lauren use her skills to fix Abby up with someone, but Lauren announced that she'd retired from matchmaking. Michael received a text message and regretted that he had to go because of a legal emergency. Lauren offered to get the special boxed up for him, and he was grateful that Jack was there so that Lauren wouldn't have to dine alone.

At Nick's house, Nick asked Michael to tell him his options. Michael warned that they were limited, and he recommended trying to negotiate a working arrangement. Nick replied that there was "no way in hell," and Michael advised that Nick's best hope would be to round up funds to buy back the loan. Nick expected that Adam would never sell, but Michael pointed out that Adam's attempt to use Dark Horse as leverage hadn't worked, so Adam might be willing to sell the debt to turn a quick profit and walk away with some semblance of pride. Nick realized that he needed a white knight investor.

Meanwhile, at Society, Jack observed that he'd never seen Lauren that content. She confirmed that she and Michael were in a very good place, and Jack asked their secret, since they acted like newlyweds, despite having rough patches that most people wouldn't have made it through. Lauren recalled that she and Michael had once been in a bad place. They were strong because she knew what it was like to almost lose him, and she never wanted to go through that again. She explained that she paid attention when he did something nice or made her laugh, and she appreciated how truly lucky they were to have one another.

Jack thought Lauren made it sound simple, but he couldn't argue with the results, since she was radiant. Michael sent a text message to let Lauren know he was on his way home, and Jack insisted on taking care of the check. Jack added that he enjoyed Lauren's company more than she knew, and she reiterated that the right woman was out there for him. She headed out, and he looked thoughtful.

Kyle returned home and informed Lola that he and Rey had had a great talk. He shared that Rey might not be 100 percent behind the wedding, but her brother would be proud and happy to walk her down the aisle. Lola hugged Kyle and squealed that she had news, too, since Abby was excited to help them plan for their wedding and had already done a ton of research. Lola gushed about Abby's expertise about caterers and photographers, and Kyle asked if Lola would actually let him spend big money. She figured that it was a one-time special occasion, and he promised to give her the wedding of her dreams.

Adam returned to the tack house and pounded a drink as he looked at the framed photo of Christian. Adam received a text message that asked, "What's your ETA?" Adam replied that he'd be there as soon as he could get away, and it wouldn't be much longer.

Someone set an unconscious Phyllis on a bare mattress in what appeared to be a room in a basement and locked her in. Phyllis eventually stirred and groggily grabbed her head. She looked around and staggered to the door but found it locked. She pounded on the door and yelled out for help. She tried to get a signal on her cell phone, to no avail. Meanwhile, Kevin hovered outside the door.

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