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Adam recovered his memories and arranged to cover up the identity of his shooter. Adam demanded money, Chelsea and Connor's whereabouts, and Christian in exchange for leaving town. Dina overheard Jack and Traci making plans to place her in a facility. A creepy fan confronted Mariah.
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Adam recovered his memories and arranged to cover up the identity of his shooter
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Adam awakes and recognizes Victor

Adam awakes and recognizes Victor

Monday, May 20, 2019

Sharon was at home when she heard a gunshot at the tack house. She yelled Adam's name before hurrying out. When Sharon reached the tack house, she saw Adam sprawled out on the floor just inside the doorway. The front door had been left open. Sharon knelt down and asked Adam if he could hear her. Adam mumbled incoherently. Sharon dialed 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher that a man had been shot. Sharon returned to Adam's side, promised she wouldn't allow anyone to take his life, and begged him to hang on.

Paramedics wheeled Adam into a treatment room. Sharon walked alongside the gurney, assuring Adam that everything would be okay. Sharon wasn't allowed into the trauma room. Paul and Victor arrived. Sharon told Victor she'd heard a gunshot, rushed to the tack house, and discovered Adam lying on the floor, bleeding. Nate emerged from the trauma room as nurses wheeled Adam to surgery. Nate told Victor he couldn't immediately assess the extent of Adam's injuries. Victor leaned close to his son, pointed his finger, and pleaded with Adam not to die.

At Nick's, Christian and his dad played together with toy dinosaurs. Nick held one dinosaur and Christian another as Nick identified the dinosaurs by name. Their fun was interrupted by a text message from Victor. Victor's message urged Nick to phone his father immediately. Nick seemed puzzled when he realized that something had happened to Adam that Victor stated was an emergency.

Victoria and Billy made love in a suite at the Athletic Club. After catching his breath, Billy said, "Happy engagement day." Victoria replied, "We should not get engaged more often." Victoria said she should head to work, teasing that if she arrived late, Victor might set up Adam in her office. Billy suggested that Adam was hoping his amnesia might rub off on everyone. Victoria lamented about having to deal with Adam. Billy said he believed Adam wouldn't stick around, and he cautioned Victoria not to trust Adam for a second.

After Victoria got dressed, Billy told her not to let Adam get to her because she was smarter and stronger. Billy added that Adam lacked a soul. Victoria replied, "Well that may give him an edge in my father's eyes, at least when it comes to business." Victoria received a text message from Victor instructing her to phone about an urgent matter. Billy left before Victoria phoned Victor.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis set up a retail website titled "Jolie Chic Vision," which she modeled after Jabot's new logo. Phyllis admired her work and said, "Perfect." Phyllis read a press release published online about Jabot's new lifestyle initiative, set to open in June. Phyllis amended her website, stating that Jolie Chic Vision would be open for business in June. Summer stopped by unannounced.

After Summer entered the suite, Phyllis closed the lid on her laptop. Summer cried that she hated the tension she'd created between them by telling Jack that Phyllis had accessed Jabot's server. Phyllis offered to reconcile if Summer quit her job and worked with her. Phyllis insisted Summer could help her build a legacy for future generations of their family. Summer, recalling that her mother had recently convinced her to stay at Jabot, said she felt she was being manipulated to spy on Jabot.

Phyllis explained to Summer that only Abbott males would ever be allowed to run Jabot. Summer advised Phyllis to move on because harboring bitterness and anger wasn't good for her. Phyllis defended her actions and recalled that Kyle had lured Billy into gambling, that Billy had embezzled the company's money, and that Jack had used Ashley's paternity against her. Summer asked Phyllis if she planned to hit the Abbott family where it hurt. Phyllis replied, "No. Now that you have told Jack what I'm up to, there is no way that I can carry out that plan."

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack and Kyle admired their new logo featuring "JCV" in a stylized configuration with the "J" appearing larger. Kyle said, "Between the concept, our marketing strategy, and this sweet logo, our competitors aren't going to know what hit them." Jack replied, "Including Ashley." Kyle boasted that his dad had created something bold and completely unique. Jack agreed that there was nothing out there like his concept.

Kyle laid out his plan to utilize social media by using specific influencers to target buyers and yield maximum sales results. Kyle handed Jack a tablet displaying the account of a popular user on YouTube. Kyle said he planned to hire the young woman to post videos of herself unboxing their company's products. Jack suggested that Kyle was wasting his Harvard MBA by stalking people on social media. Kyle, miffed, said, "I know a Summer scheme when I see one."

Billy interrupted Jack and Kyle's meeting. Billy announced that Adam was alive, though he was suffering from amnesia. Jack asked if Adam might be faking amnesia. Billy, recalling that Adam had faked his own death, replied, "I think he's capable of anything." Jack told Billy that being given a second chance at life could change a man. Billy noted there was a strong possibility that Adam might have become a worse version of himself.

After Billy left, Kyle asked Jack if it had been Summer's idea to have him reassigned. Jack replied that Summer had expressed concern about Kyle's commitment. Kyle expressed his displeasure about having to abandon his role in the project. Kyle said he felt he was being demoted. Jack said Kyle's new position would allow him to spend more time with Lola.

After Summer arrived, Kyle congratulated her for ensuring that they'd no longer be working as a team. Summer said it wasn't what she wanted, but it was the right way to move forward. Kyle agreed and apologized for what he'd put her through. Summer admitted she'd been wrong to believe she could force Kyle to love her the way he loved Lola. Kyle assured Summer that she'd find the right person. Summer replied, "After I make a name for myself in the corporate world."

After Kyle left, Summer entered Jack's office. Summer thanked Jack for reassigning Kyle. Jack replied, "Simple business decision." Summer expressed concerns that her mother might be up to something. Jack thanked Summer for giving him a heads-up. Jack claimed he wasn't worried and added, "What's the worst she could do?" Summer replied, "I don't think you want to find out."

Phyllis, sitting on the sofa in her hotel suite, drew a deep breath. The screen on her laptop displayed the website she'd created with an option to launch the site. Phyllis seemed mesmerized by the image. She set down her cup of tea, cupped her hands over her mouth, and appeared to wrestle with her emotions about what she should do. Phyllis sat up straight, flipped her hair back, and depressed the button to launch her website.

In the hospital waiting room, Victor asked Sharon who'd shot his son. Paul asked Sharon if Adam had said anything. Sharon said Adam had uttered her name before she'd told him not to speak. Paul repeated Sharon's description of what had happened and asked if she could have left out a detail. Paul added that it wouldn't be the first time Sharon hadn't been completely honest with him.

Sharon insisted that what had happened to Adam wasn't at all like what had transpired with J.T. Sharon cried that she would never hurt Adam. Victor agreed that Sharon hadn't been involved in Adam's shooting. Before he left, Paul instructed Sharon not to leave town.

Nick and Victoria arrived and asked Victor about Adam. Victor told Nick and Victoria that Adam was in surgery. Nick phoned Nikki to let her know about Adam. Victoria said she wondered how the shooter had gotten past ranch security. Sharon replied, "Somebody must have really wanted Adam dead." Nick said Adam could have been involved with shady people in Las Vegas. Sharon admitted that at one point or another, any one of them could have been suspects.

Nick had a private conversation with Sharon and warned that being close to Adam was putting her in danger. Sharon refused to abandon Adam because he'd saved her life. Nate entered the waiting area and told the family that Adam had been lucky to escape organ and arterial damage. Nate told the family to go home and wait for a nurse to let them know when Adam awakened. Victor refused to leave until he was certain Adam would be all right.

Victor sat by Adam's bedside and spoke to him as if were conscious. Victor said he wouldn't be surprised if Adam told him to "get out and leave [him] the hell alone," as his son had done when he'd last left his father's office. Victor added that for a long time, he'd feared those might have been the last words spoken. Victor vowed to never argue with his son as he'd done for years over ridiculous things. Victor promised to keep Adam safe. Adam awoke, saw Victor, and said, "Dad?"

Paul and his investigators entered the tack house to collect evidence. Eddie, a detective, reported finding footprints outside and fingerprints inside. Paul said he wasn't surprised because a number of people lived on and worked at the ranch. Paul noted that the shooter had likely not stepped inside the house. Paul said, "I'm just afraid that our best chance at nailing this guy is Adam, if he makes it." While Paul and Eddie searched the tack house, Paul found a duffel bag full of banded cash. Eddie peered into the bag and said, "Guess that rules out robbery." Paul agreed that Adam had clearly been a target.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo and Mia met with Lola and Rey. Mia told Lola and Rey that they were leaving town. Arturo explained that they'd already loaded their belongings into a moving truck. Mia thanked Lola and Rey for not sending her to prison. Lola replied, "Well, we did it for the baby." Mia apologized for what she'd done and said she'd try to be a better person. Arturo placed his arm around Mia and said he wanted his baby to have two parents. Lola smiled and replied, "You got this." Rey simply wished his brother and his ex a safe trip.

After Arturo and Mia stepped out briefly, Lola consoled Rey and said she knew he'd lost a lot because he'd wanted to be a father. Rey replied, "They screwed me over, and they are walking away with everything." Lola reminded Rey that he'd been the best role model to her and to Arturo and that their brother would need Rey more than ever. After Arturo and Mia returned, Rey wished for his brother to have a happy life in Miami with his child. Rey embraced his brother. Mia promised to let Lola know when she went into labor. After Mia and Arturo left, a tearful Lola sought solace from Kyle.

After Sharon returned home, she told Rey that Nate had assured the family that Adam's prognosis was good. Rey noted that Sharon was still worried. Sharon cried, "Who would do this to him, Rey? He's been through so much." Rey said he wished he was still on the force to work the case and give Sharon some peace. Sharon snuggled close to Rey and said, "You're doing that right now." Rey announced that he'd filed for divorce, so he could begin a new chapter in his life with Sharon.

Victoria and Nick talked over coffee at Crimson Lights. Victoria said she wished their dad hadn't forced them to leave the hospital because she was worried about Victor. Nick said Victor was aware of how they felt about Adam. Nick added that he'd rather Adam live elsewhere because trouble seemed to follow him. Victoria asked Nick if he could give Adam a chance to prove he'd changed. Nick replied, "Can you?"

Billy arrived and joined Nick and Victoria. Victoria told Billy that someone had shot Adam. Billy replied, "I'm surprised it took so long." Billy added that trouble and violence seemed to follow Adam wherever he went. Nick asked Billy if he'd shot Adam. Billy replied, "I wouldn't waste a bullet on that dirt bag." Victoria defended Billy and said he'd been with her when Adam had been shot. Billy asked Nick about his alibi. Nick said he'd been with Christian. Adam and Nick agreed that Adam hadn't likely changed. Billy added that life with Adam in town was likely to get worse.

Adam plots to hide his shooter's identity

Adam plots to hide his shooter's identity

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

In Jack's office at Jabot, Lauren introduced Jack to Claire, a Fenmore's regional manager who was based in Chicago. Lauren crowed that no one knew their business better than Claire, and Jack was interested to know Claire's take on the collective. Claire wanted to hear more details, and Jack mentioned that he'd made a reservation for three at Society. Lauren pointed out that the chef was practically Jack's family, since Lola was seeing his son. Jack and Claire made cheerful small talk as they headed out. Lauren sent a text message, indicating that "Operation Jack" was on track.

At Society, Jack examined the menu, and Claire marveled that Jett Slade had played there. Jack imagined doing something with that kind of energy for the collective. Michael apologized for interrupting and claimed that he'd been trying to reach Lauren, since there was a leak at their apartment, but he was due in court. Lauren protested, but Jack urged her to take care of it. Lauren and Michael headed out.

The Baldwins peered back into the restaurant from outside, and Michael thought Jack and Claire had bought the story. Lauren observed how absorbed Jack seemed in his conversation with Claire, and Michael teased Lauren for her need to meddle. She reasoned that it was how relationships were made when people weren't on dating apps, and she expected Jack and Claire to thank her later.

Claire spoke about her involvement in a mentoring program for young people. She suggested that she show Jack how well the program worked by putting together a promotional event for Jabot Collective where the mentees would get real-life experience at Fenmore's stores. She invited him to Chicago to meet her team before he decided, but he was ready to sign off on the idea. Claire insisted on dazzling him, and she proposed that they go to a black-tie event at a Chicago museum. She added that if they got sick of it, she'd take him to a Thai restaurant she knew he'd love.

Jack asked how Claire had known he liked Thai food, and she disclosed that Lauren had mentioned it. Jack realized that there was no leak at Lauren's apartment. Claire confided that Lauren had thought they'd hit it off -- and she didn't think Lauren had been wrong. Claire pressed him to decide on Thai or black tie, but Jack replied that he was tied to his desk with the collective. Claire jotted down her personal number on her business card and told him to contact her when he decided he deserved a break. He promised to hold onto it.

Jack returned to Jabot, where Lauren conceded that she might have been overeager, but she thought Jack and Claire were the real deal. Jack assured her that he wasn't angry, but he also wasn't available for dating. Lauren hated to think Kerry had turned Jack off women forever. Jack swore that he was still attracted to women and always would be, but he wanted to focus on business. Lauren thought it wasn't fair to the eligible, fabulous women who were wondering where the equally fabulous men were, and she knew that there was someone out there who would make Jack very happy. He promised that he'd spread the happiness around when he was ready, but he was clipping her wings where he was concerned. Lauren kissed Jack's cheek and exited.

Lauren ran into Michael as he stepped off the elevator. She joked that he should be in court, and he replied that she should be at their apartment with an escaped baby hippo. She lamented that Jack had busted her after Claire had caved, and Michael thought it was too bad, since he'd seen a little spark. Lauren agreed, but she figured that Jack was still dealing with the mess with Kerry. Lauren groaned that she'd failed miserably, but Michael proclaimed that there was still romance in the world, and he wanted to take her out dancing that night to cheer her up. He twirled her around as they boarded the elevator, and they kissed.

Jack looked at Claire's card and placed it in a drawer. He pulled out Ashley's invitation and scowled.

In Adam's hospital room, Victor informed Adam that he'd just gotten out of surgery but would be all right. Adam recalled that he'd been shot, and Victor asked if Adam had any idea who had done it. Adam claimed that he hadn't seen his assailant because everything had happened too fast. Victor reminded Adam that he'd been standing in the door of the tack house, and Adam mentioned that he'd been on his way out, but he maintained that he hadn't seen anyone.

Victor indicated that there was a security guard outside the door who wouldn't let anyone hurt Adam again, and only those they knew and trusted would be allowed inside. Adam muttered that it was a short list, but Victor adamantly stated that no one in the family would have done that to him. Adam replied that he knew better -- because he remembered everything. Victor realized that Adam had called him "Dad" because Adam had regained consciousness as well as his memory.

Adam remarked that it had taken a lifetime to connect the moments, and he'd had time to rationalize, process, and make excuses, but having everything flood back at once was like getting shot all over again. Victor inquired whether Adam remembered anything positive, like his mother, Hope. Adam reflected back on growing up on the farm in Kansas, and it made him miss his mom all over again. Adam contemplated what she would think of him, and Victor imagined that she would have been grateful that he'd survived so that he could start over by living his life without regret.

Adam compared the statement to something Sharon had said, and he noted that Victor had done a solid job of pretending to tolerate Sharon. Victor swore that he was proud of the way she'd turned her life around, and Adam questioned whether Victor had really changed that much in the past few years. Victor admitted that he had a lot of regrets about their past relationship, but they had a chance to start over, and he was very happy to have Adam home again. Adam thought regaining his memory was even more reason to take off, but Victor refused to talk about it then. Victor vowed to find out who had shot Adam and deal with them.

Later, Sharon visited Adam, and he mentioned that Victor had said she'd found him. Sharon recounted that there had been a lot of blood, and she'd been really scared. He referred to her earlier statement that she owed him, and he considered the debt paid in full. She insisted that she hadn't thought he'd be in danger when she'd convinced him to return to Genoa City, but he assured her that it wasn't her fault. He anticipated that they might never know who'd shot him, sarcastically adding that he had a lot of fans.

Adam informed Sharon that Victor had him covered, and she confirmed that she'd had to show identification to the guard outside. He swore that everything was good, but she argued that he'd had a bullet in him. He quipped that it hadn't been the first time, and he recognized what it had taken for her to go to Las Vegas, reach out to him, and wait until he was ready. He shared that he remembered everything, including what he'd put her through, and he couldn't believe that she'd wanted to help him. Adam thought Sharon never should have forgiven him, but she stated that it had been her choice and not anyone else's.

Adam explained that he'd felt his memory there for the past few days, as if he could almost grab it. He refused to give the shooter the credit for restoring it, since it had been bound to return, whether he'd been ready for it or not. Sharon recognized how worried he'd been when he'd learned about Delia, and Adam wondered how anyone could be in the same room with him. After seeing all the people he'd hurt, he understood why his brain had wiped itself clean, and he'd been ready to run away from Genoa City even before he'd known all that. He thought it might be best if he disappeared again.

Paul entered, and Adam recognized him. Sharon revealed that the trauma or something else had triggered Adam's memories. Paul called it good news, even though it was a lot to remember all at once. Paul had a few questions, and Sharon moved to leave. Adam inquired whether his phone had been taken in as evidence, but Paul thought it was still at the ranch. Sharon offered to pick it up for Adam, and she left. Paul asked if Adam had seen who'd shot him. Adam said no, but he had a pretty good idea who it had been.

Paul was skeptical of Adam's theory that someone from Nevada had tracked him down in Genoa City to shoot him at the ranch, which was full of guards and cameras. Adam explained that he had enemies in other players who thought he'd cheated, and they might have learned his real name. Paul pointed out that the shooter hadn't taken a bag full of money that had been left in plain sight, and Adam guessed that they'd panicked or that it had only been about revenge. Paul inquired about the money, and Adam confirmed that it was every penny he had, since it had been hard to get a bank account when he hadn't had a name or identification.

Paul divulged that he'd requested security footage from the gatehouse and surveillance tapes from the area, and he wondered who had known Adam was back in town. Adam rattled off a list of names of people he'd interacted with, and he figured that Victor could have taken him out in Vegas if that had been his father's intention. Adam insisted that someone had gone all that way to give "Spider" his due and that Adam hadn't been the target.

Victoria met Nick at Crimson Lights and was aghast to find out that their father had barged in and made Christian meet Adam. Nick recalled that Christian hadn't remembered Adam at all, but the scene had left Nick with a pit in his stomach. Victoria chided Victor for not taking Nick and Christian into consideration, and she doubted that their dad had gotten the moment of recognition that he'd wanted. Nick reported that Adam had hated what Victor had done, too, and he griped that Victor didn't think of Christian as Nick's son. Nick accused Victor of using Christian to get Adam back into the fold, and Victoria reiterated that their father seemed desperate. She expected things to get worse.

Victoria clucked that Adam would always be Adam, no matter what he remembered. Victoria relayed that, according to Adam, Victor's plan was to push Adam toward Christian and reinstate him at Newman. Nick was appalled that Victor had never mentioned it to his COO, and Victoria expected that Victor would give Adam anything to make him stay in Genoa City. Nick envisioned Victor trying to shape them into a family unit that had never existed, including finally having "Newman and Son" -- and it wouldn't be him. Victoria thought it clearly wasn't her, either, and Nick imagined that Victor Newman Jr. had been the one Victor had always seen himself in. Victoria believed that there was no way to talk someone out of a connection like that.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nick asked Victor and Nikki if they'd found the shooter. Victor reported that his team had searched the ranch, but the culprit had been long gone. He revealed that he'd increased protection on the property to make sure Nikki, Sharon, and Faith were secure, but Nick worried that the shooter had gotten on the grounds, unnoticed, and could do it again. Nick suggested that Adam be placed in a safehouse, and Victoria proposed that Adam go out of town for his own protection.

Abby arrived, and Victor informed his family that the upside to the shooting had been that Adam had recovered his memory. A skeptical Nick asked if the doctors had explained how it had happened, and Victor shared their hypothesis that the trauma had triggered it. Victor requested that the family give Adam the support he needed to recover from his injuries and reclaim his life. Nick sourly responded that it depended on what that meant.

Nick swore that they were all happy that Adam was going to recover, but it was truly amazing that a bullet had cured Adam's amnesia. Nikki understood that Adam's sudden recollection of the past seemed convenient, and Victor contended that it was why he'd hired a doctor to confirm that Adam had lost his memory of his life before Vegas. Nick wondered if Adam would hold old grudges because his memory had returned, but Victor defended that Nick and Adam had gotten along well before the explosion. Victor credited Adam with making sure Nick would raise Christian, but Nick countered that Adam's looming prison sentence had been a buffer for both of them.

Victoria admitted that she had her doubts about Adam, and she thought Billy had every right to be wary of the man who'd taken Delia's life. Victor stressed that it had been an accident and that Adam was suffering from that memory, yet they still wanted to punish Adam. Nick asserted that Adam had caused all of them pain, and Abby piped up that Adam had chosen to work with shady people instead of getting help. Victor voiced his disappointment with their level of judgment against a member of their own family. Nick accepted that Victor had done an amazing job with Adam's legal issues and could give Adam an office at Newman, but it wouldn't fix their family.

Nikki lectured that everyone had to move at their own speed and that Adam also needed his own time and space. Victor groused that Adam was well aware of how everyone felt about him and that he would have left town if it hadn't been for the shooting. Abby insisted that no one had wanted Adam to leave, and she thought he understood why he hadn't gotten the warmest welcome. Victor implored them to make their best efforts to stick together as a family, and he wouldn't tolerate them treating Adam like an outsider.

Victoria defended that they were being protective of Victor, since Adam could be taking advantage of Victor's love and trust. Victor huffed that he didn't need protection. Nick recognized that it was impossible for any of them to be objective, but they were just being honest with Victor. Victor declared that it was the end of the discussion, and his children filed out.

Nikki asked if Victor would be joining her to head home. He said he would see her later, and she understood that it hadn't been an easy day for him. She recognized that Adam was his priority, but she hoped he wouldn't be too hard on his other children where Adam was concerned. Victor barked that his children's jealousy and refusal to accept Adam as their brother was an embarrassment.

Nikki thought Victor's children just wanted reassurance that Victor's eyes were wide open. She scolded him for not assuring Victoria that her position was safe or telling Nick that Victor would never help Adam fight for custody of Christian. Victor countered that he was fighting for his family, and he expected and demanded that they behave like one.

At home, Nick referred to Christian having a good time on a play date. Nick asked if cookies had been involved, and the boy shook his head. Nick mused that he could go a day without a cookie but not a day without Christian, and he kissed the tot's forehead and held him close.

Sharon returned to the hospital and hesitated to give Adam his phone, depending on whether he intended to use it to leave town. She requested fair warning if he planned to take off, but he assured her that he wasn't ready to say goodbye. She handed him the phone, and he noted that she kept saving his life. Sharon left to meet Faith. Adam made a call and curtly informed someone that he was in the hospital after being shot. He added that he knew exactly who had done it, but he had to shut the investigation down. "Find me a fall guy," he ordered.

Later, Adam awakened and found Victoria at his bedside. She said she hadn't meant to startle him, and he dryly replied that it was a side effect from the bullet. She imagined that regaining his memory had been a shock, and she asked if he wished he didn't remember. Adam accepted that he couldn't stick the genie back in the bottle. Victoria wished she could forget everything he'd done to her and the people she loved -- but she couldn't and never would.

Sharon and Rey discuss moving in together

Sharon and Rey discuss moving in together

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

by Nel

At Delia's gravesite, Billy told Delia about his camping trip with Victoria. He talked about Johnny and Katie, told how Katie often reminded him of Delia, and said that he missed her terribly. He said it had been less painful while Adam had been gone. Since Adam's return, all the rage had surfaced, and every second that Adam was in town was a slap in the face.

At the penthouse, Jett and Devon had been listening to the song Jett had performed at Society. Jett told Devon that he wanted to go on tour. Devon agreed that Jett should. They could record the songs from the tour and release them on an album. Elena entered the room and aired her concerns about Jett singing every night. She felt there was a risk of Jett losing his voice permanently, but Jett said he needed the tour.

At that moment, Michael arrived. Elena and Jett left to give Devon and Michael some privacy. Michael told Devon that he couldn't put off dealing with Neil's will any longer. Devon asked Michael to reschedule their meeting to discuss the will to a later date. Michael suggested that the sooner Devon dealt with the matter, the sooner he would have closure. Devon said that he wasn't ready to close the book on Neil. Michael encouraged Devon to move on.

Michael reminded Devon that he was Devon's friend as well as his lawyer. He said everyone wanted to see Devon heal and hoped that Devon would find someone to share his life with. Michael stated that it had been unfortunate that Devon had lost Hilary and Neil, but Devon had a whole lot of life to live, and Michael wanted to see Devon happy again.

At home, Sharon warned Rey how difficult it was to deal with girls in their tweens. Faith joined them. She was advised that they would be going to the park. Faith warned Rey that he was under pressure to impress her.

At the Park, Rey gave Faith the drone control, and when he tried to instruct her on how to use it, he realized she'd been two steps ahead of him. As Faith maneuvered the drone, Rey became increasingly nervous when Faith flew the drone too close to a tree. Faith guided the drone safely around it. She told Rey that it had felt like Sharon had hit a tree every time she'd dated someone new. Faith told Rey about the men that had been in Sharon's life. Rey assured Faith that Sharon was strong and could take care of herself.

When Sharon joined Rey and Faith, Sharon and Rey's jaws dropped when Faith said that Rey and Sharon should move in together, since Rey would be around for a long time.

When Sharon, Faith, and Rey returned to Sharon's home, Sharon said that Faith owed Rey an apology for having been so forward. Faith said that Sharon and Rey moving in together was the next step in their relationship. Sharon advised Faith that she and Rey hadn't even discussed it. Faith said that since it affected her, as well, she wanted to know where they would live. Sharon told Faith that they needed to discuss the issue later. Faith thanked Rey for letting her fly the drone, and she went to her room.

Alone with Rey, Sharon apologized for Faith's suggestion about them moving in together. Sharon said she had always encouraged Faith to express herself. She stated that Faith was protective of her. Sharon felt guilty because Faith had experienced the same heartbreak that Sharon had, and it hadn't been Faith's burden to carry. Rey said he hoped he hadn't caused a problem. Sharon assured Rey that Faith liked him a lot more than met the eye. Rey teased that Sharon had a two-door fridge and a huge flat-screen television. Teasingly, Sharon asked if Rey wasn't happy with his accommodations, but Rey claimed Sharon had more room.

After Rey left, Faith asked Sharon if she'd driven Rey away. She admitted that she liked Rey. Sharon explained that new relationships were risky. They didn't always turn out the way everyone hoped. Sharon told Faith that if she didn't put herself out there, she would miss out. Faith said she didn't want Sharon to miss out on anything. She knew that Rey had made Sharon happy. Sharon agreed, but she wanted Faith to be happy, too, and she didn't want Faith to hide her feelings. Sharon never wanted Faith to hide her feelings and wanted her to always talk it out with Sharon. Sharon questioned whether it would be possible for the three of them to be happy together. Faith assured Sharon it was possible.

Billy arrived at Newman Enterprises and confronted Victor. He wanted to know why Victor had brought Adam back. Victor said it was because Adam was his son, and if memory served, Billy had forgiven Adam. Billy said he would never forgive Adam, and Victor should have left Adam crawling around Las Vegas like the cockroach that he was. Billy claimed that Victor had brought Adam back because he felt guilty, and as a result, they all had to live with Victor's choice. Billy said that it had been a mistake to bring Adam back.

Victor asked if, given a chance to be reunited with Delia, Billy would take it. Furious, Billy told Victor there was no comparing the two. He said that Victor had claimed to love his children equally, but Adam had always been Victor's favorite. Billy claimed that Adam brought destruction everywhere he went, and anyone Adam touched ended up hurt, broken, or dead. Delia was dead while Adam lived. Billy called Victor a selfish bastard, and he left.

Victoria paid Adam a visit at the hospital. Adam asked if she wanted to know if he had faked his amnesia. Victoria wanted to know what Adam's agenda was. Sarcastically, Adam said he wanted world peace and a panini for lunch. Victoria said she wasn't threatened by him. She said that Adam appeared to have had a pretty good life in Las Vegas. She wanted to know why he had returned. Adam claimed he had wanted to find out who he was and that he'd been ready to give up that idea just before he'd been shot.

Victoria asked what Victor had promised Adam if he returned to Genoa City. Adam claimed he only had his own agenda and denied any knowledge of Victor's agenda. Victoria asked Adam about his agenda, but Adam said he wanted to speak to her and Nick together. Victoria offered to call Nick and ask him to join them, but Adam stated that he had almost died after being shot, and the shooter was still out there. He wanted a little time to regain some of his strength. Victoria suggested that he get some rest and added that she was anxious to hear about his agenda.

A short time later, Victor paid Adam a visit. He said it was time to talk about Adam's future plans. Adam advised Victor that he would return to the tack house and take time to recuperate. Victor claimed it was time for Adam to take his life back. Adam told Victor that Victoria had asked about his and Victor's plans. Victor said that his plans didn't concern Victoria. Adam asked why everything was such a big secret. He wanted to know if Victor planned to pit them against each other again or if there was something else going on. Victor told Adam to concentrate on his recovery.

When Adam was alone, he received a text message: "Found the fall guy. More to come. What's your next move?"

In the meantime, Victor found Nate and asked when Adam would be released. Nate said that Adam would be released the following day, but he would know better once he saw Adam's test results. Victor said the sooner the better because time was running out.

Billy and Victoria sat on a park bench in Chancellor Park. Victoria told Billy she had visited Adam, and the old dynamic had returned between them with all their history. She said she wasn't sure if Adam had faked his amnesia, but he hadn't faked being shot. Adam appeared frail, and she didn't want to think the worst of him. Billy stated that Adam had spent a lifetime being a horrible person. He asked if she had any idea about what Adam had been plotting. Victoria said she didn't know. Billy stated that whatever Adam's scheme was, it had to do with Newman. He said Victoria had worked too hard to earn her position to allow that weasel to threaten her.

Victoria agreed. She admitted she was happy that Adam was alive, but they had to stop Adam in his tracks before he gained any momentum. Victoria said that going to war with Adam while he was in the hospital felt cold and calculating. Billy claimed it was the Newman way. Victoria realized that she had to protect herself. Billy said that Adam had to go somewhere else to be healthy. He and Victoria had to figure out how to make that happen.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Lola searched online for an apartment and debated their rent budget. Lola felt that the rents were too high for the places that they liked, but Kyle pointed out that they were both making good money and could raise their budget a bit. To Kyle's delight, Lola raise their budget by $500.

Rey arrived, and Lola asked how things had gone with Faith. Rey felt things had gone well. He noticed Lola's online search for an apartment. He asked if the top chef was too good to live with her big brother. Lola said it would be a great day not having to share a bathroom with him. Rey suddenly had a lightbulb moment and asked if Lola and Kyle planned to move in together. Kyle said maybe not because, so far, the only place they had both liked was Rey's apartment.

Kyle informed Rey that he had filed for divorce, and Summer wouldn't be an issue. He said he loved Lola, and they were happy together. Skeptical, Rey said they would be until Kyle's feelings changed. Kyle assured Rey that his feelings for Lola wouldn't change. Lola said she loved that Rey had always been so protective of her, but it wasn't one of those times. She asked Rey to respect her choices the same way she had respected his. Teasing, Rey stated that he wouldn't buy her a housewarming plant.

Rey asked Lola if moving in with Kyle was what she really wanted. Lola assured him that she'd never wanted anything more. She said things had settled down for them, and they'd always known they were right for each other. She asked Rey to be happy for them. Rey agreed to be. At that moment, Kyle received a phone call about one of the places they had inquired about.

After Kyle and Lola left, Rey called Sharon. Sharon informed him that Faith liked him. Rey said he had been determined to win Faith over. Sharon said that Faith had been protecting her. All joking aside, Rey asked if Sharon wanted him to move in with her. Sharon assured him that she was very ready to take that step. Sharon warned Rey that Faith would want him to pass further tests. Rey chortled and said he was ready because he wanted to be the guy that Sharon and Faith deserved.

Elena, Ana, and Jett sat at a table on the patio at Crimson Lights and discussed Jett's tour. Elena expressed her concerns that Jett would suffer a setback. Jett understood her concern, but after Neil's death, Jett realized how fleeting life was, and he wanted to make the most of the time he had to do what he loved. Ana asked Elena how dangerous the tour would be for Jett. Elena told Ana that as long as Jett stayed within his limits, he would be fine. She wouldn't stand in Jett's way. If he wanted to go on tour, she would be there to take care of him.

Jett told Elena that his condition wasn't life-threatening. He said that Elena had found a home, and she'd begun to build a new life. He wanted her to stay and see where it took her.

Elena returned to the penthouse and asked if Devon was okay after his meeting with Michael. Devon said that Michael had wanted to discuss Neil's will. He assured her he was fine. Elena told him about her conversation with Jett about his tour and that Jett wanted her to stay in Genoa City. Devon was delighted. Elena said it felt strange to stop living in the past and look at the future. Devon said he felt the same way. Elena went upstairs when Devon received a call from Michael, who told Devon they had to meet as soon as possible.

Dina overhears a decision about her future

Dina overhears a decision about her future

Thursday, May 23, 2019

At Society, Nate found Abby at the bar, cutting fruit and vegetables, and he asked if she'd become the chef. She explained that she could barely boil water, but the bartender was running late, so she was preparing garnishes. Nate said he'd just wanted to see how she was doing, and Abby relayed that her cheating ex had moved to Miami with his pregnant lover, so she had reason to celebrate. Nate clarified that he'd been asking about what was going on with Abby's family, and Abby sarcastically replied that she was totally fine with her dead brother showing up and then getting shot.

As Abby furiously chopped the produce, she ranted that Adam would be fine because he was Nate's patient, leaving the rest of them to wonder what havoc Adam would wreak and what Victor would do to screw with them. She cried out when she cut herself. Nate bandaged Abby's hand and instructed her not to get it wet. She asked about her prognosis, and he predicted a full recovery, although he recommended that she stay away from knives. He hesitated to let go of her hand, and there was an awkward moment before he declared that she was good as new.

Abby thanked Nate for tending to her wound and stopping by to check on her, and he recognized that she'd been going through a lot lately. Abby swore that she hadn't meant to sound heartless about Adam, since she was happy her brother was back and would be okay. She marveled that the bullet would have damaged a major organ if it had been an inch in either direction. Abby hoped Nate understood that she didn't want to get into her family's baggage with Adam, and he told her just to let him know if she ever needed a friend. She asked if they were friends, and he replied that he thought they were.

Nate joked that Abby wasn't to handle any sharp objects during her recovery, and she asked if she could get him anything on the house. He realized that his break was over, so he had to get back to work. She thought she owed him for taking care of her, but he assured her it had been nothing, and he headed out. She blurted out an invitation to dinner, and he wondered if she was asking him out. She stammered that it would just be dinner between friends to settle an IOU. He accepted.

At Crimson Lights, Cane answered a call from Traci, who wished him a happy first day at his new job. He called it a new beginning for him, and she applauded him for embarking on a wonderful project. He reasoned that it wasn't possible for rehabilitated prisoners to get back into society without a decent job, and Traci rattled off statistics about the high probability that ex-convicts would commit crimes within a few years after being released from prison. Cane noted that she'd done her homework, and Traci voiced her interest in his desire to give people the tools they needed to succeed. He pointed out that he hadn't done it yet, and she told him to let her know how it went. She added that she'd be around, writing the next chapter of her book, since his suggestion had inspired her.

Cane spotted his first client, and Traci told him to break a leg. Cane and his client, Dave, introduced themselves and shook hands. Dave worried that it had been years since he'd interviewed for a job. Cane assured him that no one was expecting him to be letter-perfect, and he implored Dave just to relax, smile, and be sincere. Cane encouraged him to ask questions to show that he was interested in the job, and he suggested that Dave play up his strengths.

Dave questioned what he should say if he was asked about his past, and Cane told him to be honest and direct about wanting a fresh start, since the employer knew he'd served time and wanted to give him a second chance. Dave stressed that he had to make a good impression because he needed the job, and he'd promised his family that his days of robbing houses and stealing cars were over. Dave pledged not to do anything that would keep him from his family again, since it had been torture being away from his wife and kids. Cane understood that there was no more powerful motivation than proving oneself to those one loved, and Dave thanked him for his help.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci sat down at her laptop. She envisioned herself as Velma, a character who offered to help Flynn find a family heirloom for his client. Flynn revealed that his search for the locket had been unsuccessful, but he'd found something else. He handed Velma a piece of paper and suspected that someone had left it for him to find. Velma held the paper up against the light of a lamp and exclaimed that it had a special ink that could only be seen when hot. She made out an address, and she had a hunch that Flynn would want to visit the location. He called her a genius, and they hugged.

Dina suddenly called out for help, and Traci asked what was wrong. Dina rambled that she'd been looking for the bathroom but hadn't been able to find it, and she didn't know where she was. Traci insisted that Dina was home and safe, but Dina adamantly stated that it wasn't her home and that she was lost. Traci reached out to help her, but Dina flailed her arms and ordered Traci to stay away. Traci promised that she wouldn't touch her mother and that everything would be all right. Dina collapsed in tears on the couch and wailed that she just wanted to go home.

In Adam's hospital room, Jack asked if Adam was up for a visitor. Adam enthusiastically replied that he was when the visitor was Jack. Jack admitted that he hadn't believed it when Billy had told him Adam was alive, and he noted that Adam had gotten himself shot on his first day back in town. Adam quipped that he'd always had a flair for the dramatic, and Jack was glad to see that Adam's sense of humor was intact. Jack hoped that whoever was responsible got caught, so Adam could stop looking over his shoulder and keep moving forward. Jack inquired about Adam's plans, and Adam mumbled that everyone kept asking him that.

Jack inquired whether Adam had decided how long to stay in town, and Adam mentioned that his father wanted him to stick around because Victor had plans for him. Jack was sure that Victor was overjoyed to have Adam back in his life so that Victor could right the wrongs he'd done to his son, but he warned that the way Victor went about it might not be in Adam's best interests. Adam confirmed that he'd been pondering that very thing, and he believed Jack might be the one person who could help him figure out what was going on.

Adam indicated that Victor had been all about taking him home and making sure he got his memory back, and he gave Jack three guesses as to their first stop upon returning to Genoa City. Jack immediately thought of Newman Enterprises, and Adam wondered if Victor's urgency to have him back in the family business had to do with Victor's disappointment in his other children. Jack clucked that none of them had lived up to Victor's expectations, and Adam grumbled that nothing had changed. Jack recounted that Nick had started his own company after a falling-out with Victor, and even though the men were in a better place then, Nick had sworn he'd never work at Newman again.

Jack added that Abby had felt undervalued, so she'd chartered her own course by making a splash at Society. He continued that Victoria had remained faithful to the family company, but Victor was as quick to dismiss her as he was to compliment her for her hard work. Jack guessed that Victor was looking at Adam to be his heir apparent, but Adam found it more likely that Victor wanted to pit him against Victoria and sit back to enjoy the show. Jack advised Adam not to get caught up in the chaos again and suggested he instead grab the chance to start a new life.

Adam insisted that his eyes were wide open, but that was all he could say -- for then. Jack was fine with Adam not telling him more, and Adam considered it a welcome change for someone to have his back after a series of excruciating encounters with people who wished he'd disappear again. Jack inquired about Adam's amnesia, and Adam swore it had been real. Jack answered a call from Traci, who begged him to return home right away. Jack told Adam he'd be in touch, and he greeted Paul on his way out. Paul announced that he had an update on the person who'd shot Adam.

Paul divulged that a man from Las Vegas had walked into the police station and confessed that morning. Paul showed Adam a photo, and Adam recognized the guy as a rude, nasty player who hated his guts for taking home a lot of the player's cash over several poker games. Paul revealed that the man had admitted to tracking Adam down to make him pay, and Adam sighed in relief to know the lunatic was in custody. Adam assumed it was over, but Paul clarified that he'd never said it was over.

Paul clucked that too much of the story didn't make sense, since the guy had supposedly flown halfway across the country to shoot Adam in cold blood while avoiding security, yet he'd turned himself in the next day. Adam imagined that the shooter hadn't been able to handle the guilt, but Paul pointed out that the man could have been coerced into confessing to cover the truth. Paul found it interesting that Adam hadn't caught a glimpse of his assailant, and Adam scoffed at the idea that he'd orchestrated the plot from his hospital bed to protect the person who'd wanted to kill him. Adam understood why Paul was suspicious, but he insisted that things were exactly as they appeared.

Paul recapped Adam's latest string of luck, from being back from the grave to having the charges against him dropped to his alleged shooter serving himself up on a silver platter. Paul figured that a gambler like Adam knew everyone's winning streak ended sooner or later. Adam thanked Paul for telling him about the arrest, and Paul expected Adam to make himself available for follow-up questions. Adam stated that he'd be happy to cooperate. Nate interrupted to check on his patient, and Paul left.

Nate reported that Adam was healing well with no signs of infection. Adam hoped he could get out of there soon, and Nate prepared to draw up the discharge paperwork. Nate instructed Adam to take his prescription medications and contact him with any concerns. Adam mentioned that he'd heard his clothes had been cut off in the emergency room, and he requested to borrow some scrubs. Nate anticipated that someone from the ranch would drop off a change of clothes when they picked up Adam to take him home. Adam preferred to leave as soon as possible, since he had business that couldn't wait.

Adam returned to the tack house and stared at the bloodstain on the floor. He staggered over to the table and checked his duffel bag, where he found his piles of cash intact. He sent a text message to inform someone that he was out of the hospital and that the cops were suspicious but had nothing solid to go on. "Now what?" the other party wrote back. Adam sent another message, saying his plans had changed, and he wasn't going back to Vegas. "Thank you for everything. This is goodbye," he concluded.

Adam changed clothes, once again gazed at the bloodstain, and headed out. Adam entered Victor's office at Newman Enterprises and stared at his father's portrait. "I'm sorry, Pop. I'm about to let you down," he mused. He sent a text message, saying he needed to see "you both" as soon as possible.

Jack returned home, and Traci informed him about Dina's hysterical episode after not being able to find the bathroom. Traci described how Dina had lashed out verbally and physically, and she pleaded with Jack to try to get through to Dina. Jack approached Dina, who was cowering on the couch. She asked if she knew him, and he gently replied that he was family and was there to help. Dina cried that she was scared because she couldn't remember anything, and Jack put his arm around her and assured her that everything would be okay.

Later, Jack reported that Dina was back in bed, and he'd waited until she'd fallen asleep. He thought her decline seemed sudden, but Traci bemoaned that Alzheimer's was a degenerative disease and that the plateaus couldn't last forever. She thought they should revisit the idea of moving Dina into a memory care facility, but Jack asserted that they'd decided as a family to keep her at home as long as possible. Traci softly stated that she didn't think it was the best place for Dina anymore, since their mother was confused more often than not, and her behavior was erratic.

Jack recognized that they had to expect more of those types of episodes, and Traci wasn't sure it was safe for Dina there anymore. Traci pointed out that Dina had managed to wander out and get to Jabot on her own, despite the precautions they'd taken. Traci was thankful that Summer had intervened, but she worried that they might not be so lucky if it happened again. Traci envisioned Dina harming herself or worse if her aggressive behavior escalated. Jack brokenly recalled his promise to himself that Dina would spend her last days in that home, but Traci didn't think they could give Dina what she needed anymore. Jack agreed that it was time, and they hugged.

Jack planned to call Ashley, and Traci was sure their sister would understand and agree. Traci recalled that Ashley had done a lot of research on facilities in the area, and the information was in Jack's study. Jack intended to meet with medical staff and nurses to determine the best option. Cane arrived to tell Traci about his first day of work, but he sensed that he'd stopped by at a bad time. Traci cited an issue with her mother and suggested that they talk later, but Jack insisted that Cane take her out for some fresh air.

In Chancellor Park, Cane sympathized that it had to be hard to see Dina deteriorate. Traci groaned that her mother was disappearing bit by bit. Cane remembered Dina as a force to be reckoned with, and Traci recognized that Dina had been considered willful and selfish, but her mother had also been the most determined person she'd ever known. Cane remarked that Dina had never met an obstacle she hadn't liked, and Traci recognized that she and her siblings were facing the challenge of finding a facility where their mother could get the care she needed.

Traci struggled to wrap her mind around the reality that she couldn't care for her own mother, but she apologized for rambling on when Cane was there to tell her about his first day. She added that she'd love to have something else to think about, and Cane thought he'd made his client feel more confident about himself. Traci thought he sounded surprised, but she wasn't, since she was impressed with his resolve to do something more meaningful with his life.

Cane commented that he was nowhere near Traci's league, and she protested that he made her sound like a saint. He insisted that the halo fit, but she considered herself to be an ordinary person who was trying to find her way, like everybody else. Cane called her one of the most caring people he'd ever met, since she was always strong for everyone else, no matter what she was going through. He took her hand in his and called her a remarkable woman, and he leaned in to kiss her. Traci was startled out of her daydream when Cane called her name, and she became flustered and hurried off.

Cane met Dave at the coffeehouse. Dave was over the moon that he'd gotten the job, and Cane congratulated him. Dave excitedly recounted that he'd done everything Cane had said, and he couldn't have done it without Cane's advice. Cane conceded that he'd provided the coaching, but Dave had done all the work. Cane said he couldn't be happier for Dave.

Traci rushed home, and Jack was surprised to see her back so soon. She claimed that she'd felt she shouldn't be away, and Jack informed her that Ashley was flying home to be part of the process. Traci wondered how they could prepare Dina for it, since there was no way to predict how their mother would react to the idea of moving somewhere new. Jack imagined that the change would be very disconcerting, and he intended to call the doctor to ask about the best way to put Dina in a facility. Meanwhile, Dina listened from the bottom of the stairs.

Adam makes his demands known

Adam makes his demands known

Friday, May 24, 2019

At the tack house, Adam crushed his cell phone with his foot and threw it away, and he pulled out a new phone. He opened the door as Sharon arrived, and he coolly asked what she was doing there. She said she'd heard he was home, so she'd stopped by to see if he needed anything. He replied that he was good, but she noted that it seemed soon for him to be back on his feet already. He swore that he was more than capable, and he snapped to stop breathing down his neck, since everyone was constantly in his face.

Sharon stressed that a lot of people cared about Adam, but he told her to save it for someone who needed it. She demanded to know why he was pushing her away. Adam gruffly stated that he had an appointment, and Sharon offered to drive him to the hospital. He vaguely replied that it wasn't that kind of appointment, and he was late as it was. She doubted that it was so important that it couldn't wait until he healed.

Sharon encouraged Adam to let her help. He recognized that she'd gone above and beyond, but he'd gotten his memory back, and he had a lot to deal with. Sharon implored him to open up about how overwhelming it was, but he simply told her to hold onto the good life she'd made with Rey. He added that he was glad things were working out, since she deserved only the best, but he had to head out. He walked away.

At Dark Horse, Nick and Victoria compared notes about Adam sending them both a text message, requesting to see them as soon as possible. Victoria recalled that Adam had mentioned having an agenda that he'd wanted to discuss when he got out of the hospital. Victoria added that Adam had also claimed that he'd changed, and Nick sourly asked, "Changed into what?" Victoria thought that Adam might want to be a family again, but Nick suspected that it was a ploy to keep their family off balance.

Adam entered Nick's office and was pleased to find both Nick and Victoria there. Nick voiced surprise that Adam was out of the hospital, and Adam reported that his doctor had cleared him. Nick muttered that it had been convenient how the shooter had gone to the police to confess, and Adam called himself a walking miracle. Victoria referred to the agenda Adam had mentioned, and Adam revealed that Victor wanted him back at Newman.

Adam assumed that their father had put him on the fast track because Victor had been disappointed in how his other children had handled business, and Victoria asked if he was there to gloat. Adam thought they deserved to know the truth -- that Victor didn't value them or their work. Nick argued that it was why Victoria should join him at Dark Horse. Victoria noted that Adam had talked a lot about their dad's plans, but she demanded to know what Adam wanted.

Adam complimented Victoria for doing well for herself at Newman, but she coldly replied that she didn't need the praise. Adam hoped that she was getting it from somewhere, but he suspected that she was vastly underappreciated, given that Victor was repaying her hard work by putting him in charge less than a week after he'd been back in town. Nick sarcastically congratulated him, but Adam contended that Newman was the last place he wanted to be. Adam proclaimed that he was focused on his future and ready to turn his back on Newman and everything else. Nick guessed that Adam had a price, and Adam confirmed that he only wanted three little things.

Adam claimed that he wanted to move as far away from Genoa City as he could get, and he needed money to start over somewhere else. He wanted the same amount Victor's other children had won in their lawsuit against their father. Nick scoffed at the idea of Adam expecting $500 million from them, and he assumed that Adam had never heard that Nick had given his fortune away to charity. Victoria proposed that Adam turn to Victor for the cash, but Adam reasoned that Victor would never give up that kind of green, especially for Adam to get away from him.

Adam pointed out that Victoria knew the company like the back of her hand, so she could find a way to make it happen. Nick bristled at the insinuation that Victoria should embezzle money from Newman to get Adam to leave town. Victoria turned the topic to Adam's other two demands. Adam wanted to know where he could find Chelsea and Connor, but Nick said they'd left town without a trace, so he and Victoria didn't know their whereabouts. Adam didn't believe it, and Nick barked that he didn't care. Victoria wondered about the third demand. "Christian. I want my son," Adam asserted.

Nick snarled that there was "no way in hell" that Adam was taking Nick's son. Adam clarified that Christian was his son, but Nick argued that Adam had never been a father to the boy. Nick pledged to fight for custody with everything he had, and Adam taunted that Nick would lose. Nick recalled that Adam had switched the paternity results and had been making a living as a card shark, and he reminded Adam that he'd asked Nick to raise Christian as his own. Adam contended that he'd missed much of the boy's life and that he should be with Christian -- as far away from Victor as they could get.

Victoria chided Adam for deciding to walk away after the years he'd spent fighting for recognition. Adam reiterated that he wanted to make a different life with his son, and the sooner Victoria and Nick made it happen, the sooner they'd see his taillights on the highway. He wrote down his new number and cautioned that the clock was ticking, and he walked out. Nick grumbled that it was a sweet deal for Victoria, since she'd keep her seat in the hierarchy. Victoria pointed out that Adam could still go after custody of his son, but she quickly clarified that Christian had always been Nick's. Nick imagined that Adam wanted them to be at one another's throats, but they couldn't let Adam win.

Victoria suggested that she and Nick step back and look at things logically. Nick anticipated that if Victoria met Adam's demand to take money from the company, Adam would be in her chair in no time. Nick pointed out that it was his name on Christian's birth certificate, and there was no way he was handing his son over to Adam. Victoria wondered what Adam wanted with Chelsea and Connor, and Nick refused to drag them into it. Victoria realized that he knew where Chelsea was.

Nick divulged that Chelsea had tried to contact him, but he hadn't responded. Victoria thought Chelsea had a right to know that Adam was alive. Nick countered that Chelsea had a right to be at peace, and he didn't trust Adam. Victoria was adamant that it should be Chelsea's decision, and she expected Adam to find a way to reach Chelsea, whether they wanted him to or not. Victoria insisted that they prepare Chelsea for that, and she was sure Nick would do the right thing. They hugged, and she headed out.

Nick stared at Chelsea's contact information on his phone, and he looked at the number Adam had written down. Nick made a call, and Adam answered and asked if Nick had made a decision. "As a matter of fact, I have," Nick replied.

At Devon's penthouse, Tessa listened to the track she'd recorded. Ana asked what Tessa thought, and Tessa replied that she was speechless, since she hadn't realized how much Ana would change the song. Ana crowed that it was accessible after she'd added in layers with harmonies and bass. Tessa worried that everything she'd loved about the song had gotten lost in production, and the edited version wasn't very her. Ana proclaimed that it was the new Tessa that millions of people would send to the top of the charts.

Ana thought they had the sound down, and it was time to find Tessa's style. Tessa asserted that she liked herself the way she was, but Ana was sure that Tessa would love the outfits Ana had found for her. Ana dressed up Tessa in a colorful sequined gown and blue fur. As Tessa nearly toppled over in her heels, Ana cried that it was exactly what she'd been going for -- edgy and unpredictable. Ana snapped photos, but she sensed that Tessa was holding back. Tessa claimed that she was just dying to see what else Ana had for her to try on, and Ana was sure Tessa would love it.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Lola commiserated over not being able to find the right apartment in the right neighborhood. Kyle cooed that it would be perfect as long as they were together, and they kissed. Rey asked if the "lovebirds" were still looking for an apartment, and he considered it a sign if they hadn't found one. Lola protested that she'd thought Rey was cool with them living together, and a grinning Rey replied that everything happened for a reason. Lola ordered him to stop talking in riddles and tell her why he was smiling. Rey announced that he was moving in with Sharon, and he set down the keys to his former apartment and declared that it was all Lola's.

Lola excitedly hugged Rey and gushed over all the things she loved about his apartment, and she was happy that things had worked out for him and Sharon. Lola marveled that she wouldn't have a Rosales as a roommate for the first time in years, and Rey admitted that he'd miss her cooking. She invited him to stop by Society, but he insisted on having family dinners to make sure Kyle was taking care of her. Rey told Lola and Kyle to be good to one another, and she told Rey to be good to Sharon because there wouldn't be any takebacks. Rey remarked that he would do anything for Lola, and Kyle replied that it made two of them. Lola urged Kyle to grab his stuff, since she couldn't wait to start living with him. They kissed.

Mariah entered the coffeehouse patio and almost bumped into a man. She apologized, and he asked, "For what, exactly?" A flustered Mariah stepped away, and he surmised that she had no idea who he was. She inquired whether they'd met, and he confirmed that they'd never met in person, but he'd written to her several times. He mentioned his name, Jared, as if he expected her to know him. She stammered that she was late to get to the studio, but she promised to look through the mail if he told her his last name. Jared retorted that it wasn't worth it, since he knew for a fact that she "sure as hell" had gotten his note.

Mariah realized that Jared had thrown the brick through the coffeehouse window. He hissed for her to have a seat, since they needed to have a talk. Jared asked how Mariah could sit in front of the camera every week, pretending she cared about her viewers. She swore that she did care, but he questioned why she'd ignored him. She assured him that it hadn't been her intention, and he ominously stated that she'd left him no choice but to throw the rock through the window. He dared her to deny that they had a connection.

Jared growled that it had been painful to accept the truth, but Mariah was a "self-centered, thoughtless piece of trash masquerading as a decent human being." Tessa overheard and angrily jumped to Mariah's defense, and Mariah introduced him as the one who'd sent her the messages. Tessa snapped photos of him on her phone and threatened to send them to the police. She advised him that his best move was to drive far away from Genoa City, or they'd "rain down hell" on his world like he'd never imagined. She bellowed for him to go, and he stalked off.

Tessa hugged Mariah, who insisted that she was okay. Mariah didn't know what she would have done if Tessa hadn't shown up like an avenging angel, and Tessa wished she could use her powers on herself. Tessa groaned that Ana had turned Tessa's song into something totally unrecognizable, since every piece of heart and soul had been eviscerated. Tessa continued that Ana thought both Tessa and her songs needed to be prettied up, and Ana had to add her own style to feel like she was doing her job.

Tessa showed Mariah photos of the outfits Ana had made Tessa try on, and Mariah grimaced. Tessa complained that Ana was getting rid of everything that made her who she was, but she didn't want to screw up her second chance. Mariah swore that Tessa wouldn't, since Tessa knew exactly who she was, and Tessa had to be honest with herself. Mariah vowed to be with Tessa every step of the way, no matter what Tessa chose.

Back at the penthouse, Ana invited Tessa and Mariah in. Tessa revealed that she'd played the song again, and she didn't think she'd been clear about her reservations about what Ana had done to the track. Ana realized that they weren't on the same page, and Tessa replied that they weren't even in the same book. Tessa swore that she was grateful for the opportunity and that she valued Ana's expertise, and she hoped the respect went both ways. Tessa explained that her music was deep and personal to her, and she wanted people to feel same way she had when she'd written it.

Tessa voiced concern that the original impulse of the song was getting lost in production, and she didn't think they needed to dress it up. Ana haughtily asked if Tessa considered herself a producer, and she thought she hadn't made it clear that it was a business, so it was about giving people what they wanted. Mariah griped that Ana wasn't listening to Tessa, and Ana huffed that Tessa could speak for herself. Ana demanded to know if Tessa wanted a career in the music business or not.

Ana conceded that Tessa's song was pretty and that her quirky indie girl look was charming, but it wouldn't sell at the level Ana expected. Ana swore that she respected Tessa's talent, but there were a million other people out there who would give anything for the chance Ana was giving her. Ana insisted that they either do it her way or cut ties. Tessa apologetically stated that it wasn't her song, and she couldn't be someone she wasn't. Tessa suggested that Ana burn the contract, and she headed for the door. Mariah followed, and Ana sniped that it looked like Mariah got what she wanted by holding Tessa back and watching her fail. Mariah responded that Tessa never failed -- Tessa just never settled for anything less than she was worth.

At the cottage, Rey was touched when he found Sharon and Faith standing beside a homemade "welcome home" banner. He acknowledged that him moving in was a big deal, especially for Faith, and he presented the girl with two books. Faith squealed that she loved them, and she joked that maybe it wouldn't be so bad having him there, after all. He suggested that they make a deal to talk it out if things ever got awkward or frustrating, since he wanted to hear what was on her mind. Faith declared that it was time for their first family meeting.

Faith walked Rey through her routines, and she made him promise not to yell at her or the referee during her soccer games. She suggested that Rey load the dishwasher after dinner, but Sharon called her out on trying to offload her assigned chore. Faith clarified that Rey was welcome to help, and he agreed to find a way to share the work. Sharon inquired how Faith's social studies project was going, and she took the hint, but she stressed that the most important rule was to keep her mom happy. Rey declared that it was his favorite thing to do, and Faith scampered upstairs.

Sharon thought Faith definitely liked Rey, and he called Faith a cool kid. Sharon welcomed him home, and they kissed. Sharon exclaimed that it had become their home, and she couldn't wait to start filling it with wonderful memories.

Lola teased Kyle for how many suitcases he moved into their apartment. She hoped she'd made enough space in their bedroom closet, and he liked the sound of "our bedroom." She informed him that she'd taken the night off to celebrate, and he bet her sous chef was excited. Lola admitted that she was nervous to leave Society in someone else's hands, but she wanted to focus on them and make their first meal after moving in together. She told him to unpack and let her know when he was ready. He thought the unpacking could wait, since he preferred to have a little housewarming. He pulled her into a kiss.

Kyle and Lola made out on the couch until the smoke detector went off. She freaked out because she'd forgotten to turn off the oven, and she coached Kyle how to turn off the alarm while she tended to the burning food. She realized that he'd never had to deal with a smoke alarm before, and he began laughing and called the incident amazing. She was dismayed that she'd burned their first dinner, but he assured her that the night hadn't been ruined. They kissed passionately and headed to the bedroom to make love.



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