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Victoria outsmarted Tessa. Summer accepted a job with Victor in Dubai. Lola admitted to Kyle that she was a virgin. Ana returned to town to help Devon and found drugs in Devon's couch. After a confrontation with Cane, Devon panted for breath and nearly collapsed.
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Victoria believes Tessa didn't move J.T.

Victoria believes Tessa didn't move J.T.

Monday, November 26, 2018

At Rey's apartment, Mia stood defiantly between Rey and his bedroom. Mia cried that she'd left her home in Miami, her friends, and her clients to give things another shot. Rey replied, "With me or my brother?" Mia defended herself for having stopped by Arturo's office and said she'd done so to wake up Rey and rekindle his passion. Rey grabbed Mia and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Rey and Mia were about to make love in bed when Mia suddenly put on the brakes and pushed Rey away. Rey asked Mia why she'd stopped making love. Mia said she was ready to make love to her husband. Mia added that she'd read in Rey's eyes that he was only vested to a certain point. Mia implored Rey to be honest and admit that problems were standing in their way.

Rey went to the sitting room to drink beer. Mia joined Rey. Mia told Rey that if he couldn't stand her anymore and wanted out of the marriage, she needed to hear him say it. Rey admitted that his fear of Mia still wanting Arturo was keeping him from recommitting. Rey said he was torn between wanting to take Mia in his arms and being sadly reminded what she'd done to him and their relationship. Mia expressed relief that Rey had been open and honest, so she could begin fixing her mistake. With tears running down her cheeks, Mia told Rey that she only wanted to be with him. Rey began kissing Mia after she promised he could trust her.

At Nick's house, Phyllis and Nick shared an extended kiss. Nick said the kiss almost made up for him not being able to spend time with her at Thanksgiving. Referencing their decision to live together, Phyllis said some would hate it. Nick explained that Billy was aware of the new living arrangement, though Sharon wasn't. Phyllis said Billy's rude comments and judgmental looks would have to wait because she intended to spend time with Nick and avoid work.

Phyllis recalled the night she and Nick had slept together at Summer's apartment after Nick had found Sharon's cast-aside engagement ring. Both Phyllis and Nick agreed that they'd been truer to themselves than they'd initially been willing to admit. Phyllis, lightening the mood, challenged Nick to a video game and stepped out to get her game controllers. Sharon stopped by, complaining that Nick had failed to answer his phone. Nick detained Sharon in the entry hall and said he needed to grab a shirt.

Sharon ignored Nick's efforts to keep her from running into Phyllis and continued walking toward the den, noting that Faith had a book report due and had left her book behind. After Sharon entered the room, she spotted a tossed-aside bra, which had landed atop a vase of flowers. Sharon picked up the bra and said, "Oh, Phyllis must be spending the night." Phyllis returned, carrying her game controllers, which she noted had been moved to Nick's out of storage. Sharon, stunned, said, "You're living here?"

Sharon shrugged off the awkward encounter by stating that there was no reason to waste time if Phyllis and Nick knew what they wanted. Sharon picked up Faith's book and told Nick and Phyllis to enjoy their housewarming. After Sharon left, Phyllis bested Nick at an intense round of video games, but she noticed that Nick seemed troubled. Phyllis suggested she might change her mind about moving in if Nick wasn't over Sharon. Nick insisted he was over Sharon. Phyllis seemed satisfied with Nick's answer, and the couple eagerly resumed their game.

At Tessa's apartment, Victoria had surprised Tessa by entering and waiting for her to return. Tessa pulled out her phone and said she wasn't in the mood to have a discussion. Victoria advised Tessa to put away her phone and have a seat. Tessa claimed she didn't know why Victoria was confronting her, which made her uncomfortable. Tessa threatened to summon the police unless Victoria left. Victoria explained that she'd introduced herself to the superintendent and had obtained authorization to drop off a gift for her niece.

Victoria added that she hadn't committed a crime, unlike Tessa, who was guilty of felony blackmail and much more. Victoria brought up the surveillance footage recorded on the thumb drive. Tessa grew agitated and cried, "Mariah promised she'd keep me out of this." Victoria charged toward Tessa and said, "You want to stay out of this? Well, then, focus right now. Because that's what I'm here for. To give you the chance. You cooperate, and you're going to see a big improvement in your situation."

Tessa said Victoria was in no position to make demands. Victoria suggested that Tessa leave town and never return because Mariah deserved better than a lying extortionist. Tessa declined. Victoria warned that police would soon arrest a suspect for J.T.'s murder. Tessa insisted that any attempt to frame her for murder was absurd because she had no motive. Victoria explained that her investigative team was aware of Tessa's past as a grifter. Victoria seemed especially angry when she noted that her investigators had reported that Tessa had long before set her sights on the Newman family, having first approached Nikki, then Reed, and later Noah.

Tessa was taken aback when Victoria claimed that after J.T., an ex-detective, had confronted Tessa, she'd killed him. Victoria added that police were aware that Tessa had stolen a gun from the Newman ranch. Victoria noted that Tessa's sister had later used the stolen gun to murder another man. Tessa defended herself and said that Victoria, Phyllis, Nikki, and Sharon had had the motive and opportunity to kill J.T. Tessa added that she'd kept a copy of the surveillance footage recorded in Victoria's garage. Victoria calmly explained that her high-tech security firm at Newman had been closely monitoring Tessa's movements, even utilizing undetectable hidden cameras.

After Victoria plucked a hidden camera off a shelf, she grabbed the teddy bear propped on the counter. Victoria sliced open the bear and dumped out stacks of banded cash, along with a thumb drive, that Tessa had hidden inside. Victoria took possession of the thumb drive and the money. Victoria explained that taking away Tessa's power seemed more appealing than letting a judge and jury decide her fate. Tessa begged to make amends, so she could stay in town.

Victoria demanded that Tessa disclose the location of J.T.'s body. Tessa repeatedly insisted that she hadn't moved J.T.'s body. Tessa cried that she didn't know who had. Victoria seemed convinced that Tessa was sincere. Tessa added that she'd determined where J.T.'s body had been buried after the heavy statue had been mounted atop the burial site. Tessa scoffed that she would've needed a forklift and a steam shovel to gain access to the body. Victoria warned that Tessa had better be telling the truth.

After Sharon left Nick's, she stopped by Victoria's. Billy let Sharon inside and explained that he was watching the kids while Victoria handled a work emergency. Sensing Sharon was troubled, Billy said, "It's about Nick and Phyllis, isn't it?" Sharon cried that Phyllis and Nick's immediate decision to move forward together had made it seem that their previous relationships had meant nothing. Sharon admitted that she'd felt jealous and cheated when she'd caught Phyllis and Nick together in their love nest.

Billy insisted that Nick and Phyllis had just lost the best things that had ever happened to them and would eventually get what they deserved. Victoria returned home. Sharon awkwardly explained that she'd stopped by to vent to Victoria about Phyllis having moved in with Nick. Billy said the kids were fine, and he asked Victoria if she'd handled the crisis at Newman. Victoria replied, "It's mostly handled." After Billy left, Victoria told Sharon that she'd found Tessa's thumb drive. Victoria added that she believed Tessa, who'd insisted she hadn't moved J.T.'s body. Sharon cried, "Who else knows what we did?"

At the Abbott mansion, Jack poured wine for his date, Kerry, and himself. Jack and Kerry savored the wine and likened their appreciation for stellar vintages to the skills necessary to create fine perfume. Jack said he was fascinated with Jabot's new mystery woman. Kerry said she'd spent her childhood holidays traveling back and forth from home to boarding school. Jack boasted that his dad had most enjoyed his family while his mom had been drawn to the party scene.

Jack noted that he'd been 15 when his mother had abandoned her family. Kerry said she'd been ten when her parents had divorced. Kerry added that she'd sought solace in books and later by secluding herself in a chemistry laboratory. Kerry said she was aware that Jack had experienced his own breakups and seemed ready to try again. Jack acknowledged that he and Phyllis had ended things badly, and he hoped to someday be her friend. Kerry admitted that she'd never met a man she believed was "the one."

Jack held up his glass and said, "To finding that elusive partner." After Jack and Kerry finished the bottle of wine, Jack went to the cellar to fetch another. After Jack stepped out, Kerry whipped out her cell phone, glanced disappointingly at the screen, and began typing. After Jack returned, Kerry was gone. Jack received a text message from Kerry, apologizing for leaving and explaining that she'd need to be her sharpest at the lab the following day. Jack seemed disappointed when he opened the second bottle of wine alone.

Summer ponders Victor's job offer

Summer ponders Victor's job offer

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Devon ordered coffee at the Athletic Club bar, and Phyllis empathized that running a company was exhausting. She wished they'd had more time to talk at the Jaboutique launch, and he praised her for taking the reins. Devon added that Hilary would have been proud, and Phyllis asked how he was doing. He revealed that he'd just gone to a concert for the first time in a while, and it had been fantastic to feel the music in his veins again. He conceded that he'd been going through the motions since the funeral, and Jack had called him out on it at the launch party and woken him up. Phyllis reminded Devon that she was always there for him, since everyone who'd loved Hilary loved him, too.

Cane arrived at Devon's penthouse, where Shauna invited him in and asked when he'd gotten back. He teased that she already knew because she'd been exchanging text messages with Charlie all morning, and he inquired about her Thanksgiving with her parents. She reported that her folks had been treating her more like an adult since she'd turned 18. Cane relayed that it had meant a lot to Lily to have everyone visit her except Devon, and he wanted to update Devon about their trip. Shauna wasn't sure where Devon was, since he hadn't returned home the night before.

Shauna recalled that Devon had picked her up from the airport, but she hadn't seen him much since. Cane asked if Devon had made a habit of going out all night and not calling, and Shauna figured that she might not have heard him because she'd had her earbuds in while she'd been studying the night before. Nate entered the penthouse, and Cane decided to wait to check on Devon. Shauna left, and Nate shared that he didn't think everything was okay with Devon.

Nate divulged that Devon hadn't been stuck at work when the Ashbys had left on their trip, since Nate had found Devon throwing a raging party in the middle of the day. Cane sadly recounted that he and the twins had tried to lift Lily's spirits by pretending they were in their kitchen at home, but Sam had cried because he hadn't understood why he was being taken away from his mom, and Lily had clearly withdrawn to protect herself from the pain. Cane contemplated whether Devon had gone back to shutting Lily out. Devon arrived home and jokingly asked if he'd entered the wrong penthouse. Cane asked where Devon had been all night.

Cane lectured that he'd never go out all night without telling the twins where he was. Devon defended that he hadn't intended to stay out all night, but he'd had a moment that had kept going. Devon refused to stop going out when music was a big part of his life, and he intended to give it more attention by networking and collaborating with others. Devon assumed that Cane and Nate had been discussing the party he'd had the other day, and Nate worried that Devon's recent behavior had been out of character. Devon argued that Nate didn't know him well, and their lines of business were much different. Nate and Cane insisted that they just wanted to look out for Devon, who suggested that they show themselves out while he showered. Cane wondered if Devon was going to ask about Lily.

Devon sympathized that it had been hard for Cane to see Lily in prison, especially over the holidays. Devon encouraged him to imagine how hard it would be for Devon to sit across from her and talk about what he was thankful for after everything she'd taken from him. Cane implored Devon to talk about how he was feeling and not use work as an excuse, but Devon retorted that work was the only thing that didn't make him think about his wife and child every second of every day. Devon testily added that he'd appreciate Cane and Nate not telling him how to conduct his business when he was doing whatever he could to survive.

After showering and changing, Devon found Cane still sitting on the couch. Cane apologized for not being more sensitive about what Devon was going through, and he suggested that they go out for beers and talk sometime. Devon preferred it to Cane talking to him like he was a high schooler who'd broken curfew, and he maintained that the night before had been nothing but a grown man doing work and living his life. Cane recalled that Devon had never allowed himself to get involved in the party lifestyle before, and Devon replied that he didn't remember who he'd been before. Devon added that they couldn't go back in time, so things would never be the way they had been -- including him.

Mariah returned home from her business trip and found a somber Tessa sitting in their apartment. Mariah noted that Tessa usually wasn't up that early, and Tessa claimed that she hadn't been able to sleep with the anticipation of Mariah being back. Mariah sensed that something was wrong, and Tessa spat that she'd realized what a bad liar Mariah was. Tessa guessed that Mariah had conveniently planned an out-of-town shoot, knowing that Victoria would show up at their apartment. Tessa accused Mariah of telling Victoria and the others that Tessa had blackmailed them.

Tessa recounted that Victoria had threatened to pin J.T.'s murder on her, and Mariah swore that she never would have been a part of it if she'd known. Tessa barked that she didn't know what Mariah would or wouldn't do anymore, since Mariah had tattled to Sharon that Tessa had been the blackmailer. Tessa snapped that Mariah had betrayed her and lied to her face about it, but Tessa had fallen for it because she'd really wanted to believe that Mariah still cared about her. Mariah insisted that she did, but Tessa firmly stated that the first rule of the long con was to know when it was over, and Mariah had won.

Tessa revealed that Victoria had the thumb drive, and Mariah confessed that she'd given it to Victoria and Sharon. Tessa clarified that she'd been talking about the backup, and Mariah's face fell when she realized that Tessa had made a copy. Mariah recounted that Tessa had handed over the drive as if it had been a big, meaningful gesture when it had meant nothing. Mariah dryly admired Tessa's sick, twisted skills, and she called herself stupid for thinking that Tessa would choose her if given an ultimatum. Tessa acknowledged that she'd had secrets, but she'd never lied about her feelings for Mariah. Tessa bet that Mariah couldn't say the same.

Mariah was glad she'd failed the test if the only way she could have proven her love would have been to let Tessa blackmail Sharon. Mariah demanded to know why Tessa had kept a copy of the video. Tessa explained that she'd learned not to trust anyone and to expect the worst, so she'd protected herself in case Mariah turned on her -- which Mariah had done. Tessa blasted Mariah for going to the women without at least warning her, and Mariah figured that Tessa would have disappeared if Mariah had tipped her off. Tessa wondered why Mariah had cared, and Mariah noted that she'd moved back in to see if they had anything worth saving. Tessa asked if there was anything left for them, but Mariah remained silent. Tessa walked out.

At Victoria's house, Nikki marveled that Victoria had gotten the footage and most of the money back. Nikki applauded Victoria for letting Tessa know that there would be "hell to pay" if she ever messed with them again, and Victoria admitted that it had felt good to be strong and in control after she'd thought that part of her had been gone forever. Victoria pointed out that Tessa could still go to the police with her story, but Nikki doubted that anyone would believe Tessa. Nikki hesitated to believe that Tessa hadn't known that J.T.'s body had been moved from the park, but she recognized that if Tessa had been truthful, then someone else was keeping their secret. Victoria vowed to find out who'd moved the body and why.

Phyllis joined Nikki and Victoria, who informed her that Tessa wouldn't be bothering them again. Phyllis couldn't believe that she'd been picturing a supervillain for months, only to find out they'd been terrorized by a singing barista. Victoria remained determined to figure out who'd moved the body, and Nikki considered the possibility that J.T. had climbed his way out. Victoria doubted that he would have left his watch behind, and Nikki focused on why someone had moved the body. Victoria theorized that someone had wanted to prevent the police from gathering evidence against them. Nikki stepped out to answer a call from Victor, and Phyllis questioned whether Victor might have moved the body.

Victoria recalled that her dad hadn't known J.T. was dead when Nick had been impersonating J.T., and Phyllis realized that the sculpture had already been installed on top of the grave by then. They contemplated who else would have hidden the corpse, and Victoria wondered about Billy. Phyllis imagined that turning her in would have given him a rush, but Victoria argued that he wouldn't have implicated the mother of his children. Phyllis noted that Billy was also fond of Sharon, and Victoria revealed that Billy had consoled Sharon after she'd found out Phyllis had moved in with Nick.

Victoria thought Billy was handling the breakup in a mature way, and Phyllis hoped Victoria wasn't thinking about rekindling things with him. Phyllis warned that there was no such thing as a new and improved Billy, and she recalled how Victoria had warned her how self-destructive he was. Victoria swore that Phyllis was reading too much into what Victoria had said.

Meanwhile, Nikki told Victor that she'd missed him over the holiday, and he swore that he wouldn't have stayed away that long if it hadn't been necessary. He reported that things were going well, since it was a buyer's market with properties ripe for the picking. He added that the new office was up and running, but he needed someone to groom to take over. Nikki offered to contact a headhunter, but Victor had someone in mind.

Nikki told Victoria that the Dubai office was flourishing, and the competition with Dark Horse had given Victor new focus and drive. Nikki hated the fact that Victor would have to answer more questions about J.T. when he got home, but she pledged not to get her husband mixed up in the mess they'd created. Mariah burst into Victoria's home and confronted Victoria about going to Tessa behind her back.

Mariah groused that Tessa felt betrayed, but Nikki grumbled that Tessa was most upset about Victoria retrieving the $230,000 that Tessa had hidden in the teddy bear. Nikki realized that Mariah hadn't known about the hidden money, and Mariah numbly recounted that Tessa had supposedly given the money to charities. Mariah couldn't believe that she'd fallen in love with a compulsive liar, and Victoria commented that seeing the real Tessa was the first step in moving on. Nikki added that some people faced reality and chose to stay, and it was a choice Mariah had to make.

Mariah returned home and picked up the shredded teddy bear as Tessa walked in. Tessa surmised that Mariah had spoken to Victoria, and Mariah wondered why Tessa hadn't copped to everything she'd done instead of letting Mariah find out that way. Tessa ranted that she knew she was damaged and that she'd never be good enough for Mariah, and she questioned why Mariah was still there. Mariah admitted that she didn't know, and Tessa ordered her to go away and leave her alone. Mariah softly stated that she didn't want Tessa to be alone, but Tessa hesitated to get her hopes up again. Mariah understood because her life would be easier if she could take her heart out of her chest put it on the shelf.

Summer met Nikki at the Athletic Club. Nikki explained that Victor had been in Dubai to expand Newman's real estate division, and he was looking for someone young and hungry to oversee it. Nikki asserted that Summer was exactly what he was looking for, and she pointed out that Summer reminded Victor of Nick. Summer worried that it was all about scoring points against her dad, but Nikki assured her that it was about building up Newman, not tearing down Dark Horse. Summer said she liked her job at Fenmore's, and there were new opportunities with her mom becoming CEO of Jabot. Nikki argued that Victor was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and Summer would be learning directly from him. Summer requested time to think it over, and Nikki advised her not to make a mistake by turning the offer down.

Kyle entered Crimson Lights and ran into Lola on her way out. She explained that she had a breakfast shift, and he said he'd missed her that weekend. She figured that her customers could wait five minutes, and they kissed. He mused that it would get him through the rest of the day, but he didn't want to go another whole weekend without seeing her. He wondered if she'd taken care of everything she'd needed to get done, and she asked how the cabin had been. Kyle replied that he hadn't wanted to go without her, and he promised to plan something in advance the next time. Lola abruptly stated that she had to check her schedule, and she headed out.

Summer tracked down Kyle at Jabot and wondered if he was still mad at her over their accidental liplock at the party. He replied that he hadn't given it a second thought, and he preferred to stick to work. She requested his advice, and she informed him about the job Nikki had offered her at Newman's Dubai office. Kyle exclaimed that it was an unbelievable chance of a lifetime, and he asked when Summer would leave. She explained that she hadn't decided whether to go yet, and he gushed that it would have been his dream job when he'd first returned to town, but he was committed to his family company and had other stuff going on.

Kyle figured that Summer had nothing tying her there, but she said she had her parents and him. He flatly told her that he shouldn't be a factor in her decision, since he was happy with Lola. Summer taunted that she hadn't seen the couple post any sickeningly cute selfies, but Lola had posted a bunch of photos with her brother that weekend. Summer reiterated that she appreciated him more than Lola did, but she realized that she was too late. Kyle stressed that even though he cared about Summer, she couldn't put her life on hold to wait for him. Later, Summer called Nikki and declared her intent to take the job.

Kyle thanked Lola for meeting him at the Athletic Club, and she joked that she would have dropped off lunch from her truck because her food was better. He wanted to talk when she wasn't in a rush, and he mentioned that he'd seen her online posts about all the leisurely things she'd done with Arturo over the weekend. He questioned why she hadn't wanted to go to the cabin with him, and he guessed that she was scared of bears. Lola asserted that a bear was no match for her, and Kyle envisioned hiking during the day and hanging out by the fire at night. She thought it sounded romantic, and he asked if she wasn't into romance. She suspected that romance was something he was doing for her to get to the sex.

Lola pushed Kyle to just say that he wanted to have sex. Kyle readily admitted that he did because she was gorgeous inside and out, and he wanted to spend every second he could with her. He continued that he was attracted to her in a lot of ways, but he would slow down if he was moving too fast. He worried that she was trying to break up with him, but she insisted that she really liked him and had missed him that weekend.

Kyle proposed that Lola no longer avoid him, and he wouldn't pressure her with weekend plans at the cabin. He figured that they could plan "sexy time" when it felt right. Lola hesitated to plan it, but she also didn't want it to be an everyday thing that just happened. She confessed that she didn't know how she wanted it to be because she'd never had sex before.

Phyllis was surprised to find Summer in her office, since they had a meeting scheduled later. Summer announced that she was leaving town, and Phyllis assumed it was for a long weekend. Summer revealed that she was moving and quitting Fenmore's, and she'd spoken to Lauren already. Summer handed Phyllis a resignation letter, and Phyllis surmised that Billy had done something. Summer explained that she'd realized that what she was looking for in life wasn't there.

Phyllis voiced surprise because she'd thought Summer had been excited to work at Fenmore's. Summer reasoned that she was young and unattached, so it was the perfect time to make a big change and go on an adventure. Phyllis cautioned that she wouldn't finance poker games and stolen cars again, but Summer divulged that her grandfather had handpicked her for a job in Dubai with Newman's real estate division. Phyllis tore up Summer's resignation letter and proclaimed, "You will work for Victor Newman over my dead body."

Ana arrives to help Devon

Ana arrives to help Devon

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Devon was bewildered when Charlie, Mattie, Cane, and Nate entered his penthouse, carrying trays of food. Devon chastised Nate for not giving him a heads-up. Nate said he hadn't wanted to give Devon the opportunity to make an excuse. Devon perceived it as an ambush.

Cane told Devon that his head had been spinning because he'd been trying to do what was right for his family. He said that they smiled to make sure things were good for Lily, but they were crying on the inside. He told Devon that the past few days had meant a lot to Lily, and it was a good thing that Neil was there because she had a long road ahead of her. Devon said Cane was lucky because he would eventually get his wife back. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Devon was gobsmacked to see his sister Ana at the door.

Ana told Devon that she'd received her college degree and that Neil had called her because he knew that Devon needed his family around him. Devon admitted things had been rough since Hilary's death. Ana said she hoped her presence would help Devon. Nate and Cane were pleased to see that in the short time she'd been there, Ana had lifted Devon's spirits.

Ana told Devon that she had given up her singing career because it didn't pay and had gone back to school. She said that finding a job had been very difficult. Nate told Devon that Neil had had a brainstorm because he thought Ana could fill the spot vacated by Tessa at Hamilton-Winters. Devon was overjoyed when Ana said she'd love to fill the position of his assistant.

Ana told Devon she was aware that Hamilton-Winters had been expanding. Devon said it would expand even more with Ana on board. Devon admitted it had been lonely in the office with Neil gone and that he didn't always handle things the best way, but life went on. Ana said she hoped she'd be able to help.

Nate and Ana met in the hallway. Nate advised her that he'd spoken to Neil, who was grateful that Ana had been able to drop everything and return to Genoa City. Ana said she was thankful because working with Devon was a dream job. She'd be learning the business from behind the scenes, and it was an awesome opportunity.

Ana told Nate that Devon didn't appear to be as depressed as Neil had made him out to be. Nate explained that it was a special family occasion because Ana had arrived. Nate said that even though Ana and Devon hadn't been raised together, Devon thought the world of her, but Devon was struggling.

Nate told Ana that Devon would be back in the thick of things soon enough. That was the reason Neil thought it would be a good idea for Ana to keep an eye on Devon without him knowing. Nate told Ana he'd help any way he could. He said that Devon was in a downward spiral, but Ana's presence was the only thing keeping things from ending badly.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah admitted to Sharon that she could hardly look at Tessa. Mariah didn't know whether she could stay with someone who'd lied over and over again. She asked Sharon what she should do. Sharon advised Mariah that the answer had to come from Maria's heart. Mariah said she had to leave for the studio, and Sharon offered to walk her out. They stopped at the door to the patio because they saw Rey and Mia in a close moment.

When Mia spotted Mariah, she introduced herself and said that she watched Mariah's show. She and Rey were huge fans. Mariah said she had to leave, but Mia began peppering Mariah with questions. Rey said he had to leave. Mariah and Sharon walked away, but Sharon lagged behind to eavesdrop. She heard Rey tell Mia he'd try to leave work early, and they'd go for a pizza. Sharon looked a bit miffed.

At the counter, Mariah said that Sharon looked like she could use a shoulder to cry on. Sharon admitted that she and Rey had started to care for each other, but it couldn't go anywhere because Rey wanted to fix his marriage. Sharon said that Mariah could go back to Tessa, but her only option with Rey was to give him time and space to fix his marriage.

At Jabot, Kyle was in Phyllis' office and had been arguing with a supplier. As he walked out of the office, he ran into Lola. She had brought him a sandwich. At that moment, Kyle's phone rang. He apologized and told Lola he had to take the call. The supplier wanted to meet with Kyle to discuss the situation over lunch. Kyle agreed. He left the sandwich on the receptionist's desk and left. Moments later, Lola returned to the reception area. She was disappointed when she saw the sandwich on the desk and that Kyle was gone.

At Dark Horse, Abby was very excited. She told Arturo that Victor had hired Summer to head up his office in Dubai, and Victor would be her mentor. Abby said it had burned her butt that Victor hadn't considered her for the job. Abby said that working at Dark Horse was a great job for the moment. She admitted she didn't want the job in Dubai, but it would have been nice if Victor had considered her for it.

Arturo reminded Abby that she'd started working at Dark Horse because she'd wanted to get away from Victor. Abby said that because Victor hadn't offered her the job, it showed how she was perceived. Arturo said that was how Victor perceived her, not Nick -- Nick valued her. Abby said she didn't want to be valued. She wanted to be a superstar, and the information she'd received would get her there.

Abby showed Arturo the building she'd found that had been ninety percent renovated because the contractor had run out of money, and it was sitting empty. She wanted Dark Horse to pounce on it. It would be a big win for her. Arturo said that it was only a good deal if the neighborhood took off. Abby said she could make it happen. Arturo supported her.

A short time later, Lola arrived at Dark Horse and asked Abby if she'd seen Arturo. Abby advised that Arturo was at a meeting and wouldn't be back for some time. Abby asked if Lola was okay because she seemed a little off. Lola said that a friend of hers was going through something. Things were a little tense with the guy she'd been seeing, and she didn't know what to do about it. Abby asked Lola to tell her everything.

Lola told Abby that her friend was a virgin. She said men tended to get a little weirded out when they heard that, and it became a huge deal. Abby said that most guys wouldn't know what to do with that because they automatically thought something was wrong. They thought that the person might be religious, a prude, socially inept, or maybe a combination of all of those things. Abby suddenly realized that Lola had not been talking about a friend. Lola turned and headed toward the elevator. Abby stopped her and said that was how guys in general felt.

Lola told Abby it wasn't about faith. Lola said she'd been waiting for the "the one" with whom she'd be in a committed relationship because she could only give that gift once, and the guy better be the right one. She'd seen how sex could mess things up. She admitted that it hadn't been the only reason she'd waited. She said sex always made things complicated. Lola said that one day, she wanted to open up her own restaurant, and that took a ton of work. She couldn't afford to get caught up in a lot of ridiculous drama.

Lola said that finding that special guy hadn't been on her priority list. She said maybe that area of her life could have taken off already if she hadn't been so focused on cooking, establishing her business, getting the food truck off the ground, and establishing a following. Abby said that everything Lola said made sense, but she wanted to know where Kyle fit into Lola's plans. Lola said she liked Kyle a lot, and he liked her, too, but she was confused by his reaction.

Abby asked Lola how the subject had come up. Lola explained that Kyle had invited her to the Abbott cabin over Thanksgiving, and she knew there would be certain expectations. She'd told Kyle she couldn't go, and when he'd asked why, she'd told him.

Lola told Abby that she'd seen Kyle at Jabot earlier, and it had felt like he'd been trying to avoid her. She said she'd brought lunch for him as a surprise, but Kyle had acted as though he hadn't wanted it. Maybe they'd gotten their signals crossed. Abby advised Lola to talk to Kyle because Lola deserved a guy who'd back her up and be proud of her for the strong choices she'd made. Abby believed that guy was Kyle, but he needed time to process the information he'd been given.

Abby said that Lola wasn't like most girls and certainly not like any of the girls Kyle had been with, and she meant that in the best way possible. She said that Lola had been attracted to Kyle because she'd received a vibe from him. Abby told Lola to give Kyle the chance to show that her instincts had been right. They hugged.

Kyle sat on the patio at Crimson Lights and typed a message to Lola, apologizing, but changed his mind and erased it. Mariah approached, and she noted that he didn't look happy. Kyle admitted he wasn't and that he needed to apologize to Lola because he was worried he'd blown her off earlier.

Kyle told Mariah that he'd been on the phone with a supplier who'd been trying to weasel his way out of a delivery date. The supplier had insisted they hammer things out over lunch. He said Lola had brought him a sandwich as a surprise, but he'd been distracted because his meeting couldn't wait. Mariah said that Kyle hadn't given Lola enough credit. He'd been handling a work emergency, and Lola would have understood.

Kyle said that wasn't all it had been. There had been an issue that had arisen the previous evening, and things had become awkward, so Lola hadn't just brought him a sandwich. He said he would be surprised if she didn't feel hurt. Kyle was uncomfortable when he told Mariah that Lola was a virgin. Stunned, Mariah asked if Kyle was the type of guy who overreacted. Kyle said he had been caught completely off guard.

Kyle asked Mariah how such a confident, sexy woman could be so naive. Shocked, Mariah asked how Kyle could be so shallow. Kyle said that after Lola had made that admission, she'd left in a rush, and they hadn't discussed it. Mariah advised Kyle to talk to Lola. She told Kyle to draw Lola out and find out the reason she was still a virgin. Mariah accused him of acting like a deer caught in the headlights. Mariah said that perhaps Lola was saving herself for marriage, or maybe it was for religious reasons.

Kyle told Mariah that he and Lola had been getting a little serious, and he'd assumed that at some point, they'd have had sex. He asked if Mariah realized the kind of pressure there was being a woman's first guy. Mariah called him out on his huge ego. She said that perhaps Lola was saving herself for someone better than him.

Mariah asked if Kyle had no intention of reaching out to Lola. Kyle said that Mariah had convinced him that no matter what he said, he'd make a mess of things. Mariah told him to talk to Lola. She suggested that maybe Lola wanted to get to know him a little better before she jumped into bed with him.

At Dark Horse, Abby was furious. She told Arturo that she'd given Nick the pitch about the empty building and how it could lead the way in a hot new area. Nick had let her ramble on, and when she'd been done, Nick had listed all the reasons why he wouldn't pursue it. Nick said he had a huge global vision, and Abby's thinking was too small -- she was chasing after pennies.

Abby told Arturo that she'd shown Nick all the projections, but Nick had become annoyed and had told her that Dark Horse was only interested in investing in areas that were going to be a big win -- meaning millions of dollars. She told Arturo that Nick had made her feel small and stupid. She said it reminded her of the time she had worked at Newman Enterprises. Victor would pat her on the head and tell her she was on the right track but to keep trying, and someday she'd get it right. Meanwhile, Victor had offered Summer, who was green and immature, a job in Dubai. He'd given Summer an opportunity of a lifetime to prove herself under his mentorship.

Abby told Arturo she was done, and Arturo said he didn't blame her. Arturo said she didn't need Nick or Victor's permission to bring her ideas to life because she had resources and the confidence in her own ability. He said Abby's worth wasn't dependent on someone else's permission or validation, and he told Abby to prove them wrong. That gave Abby pause for thought, and she asked Arturo if she should just go for it -- purchase the property and do the deal on her own.

Arturo said Abby thought of Nick and Victor as gatekeepers. He told Abby to do what they would do --- find a way around them and treat them like any other obstacle. He told Abby it wouldn't be easy, but if she wanted it bad enough, she'd find a way. Abby admitted that she really wanted it. She felt that it was an incredible opportunity. Abby thanked him for believing in her, and they kissed.

At the police station, Sharon apologized to Rey for eavesdropping on his conversation with Mia about their plans for the evening. Sharon told Rey that he needed to take Mia out for a nice dinner and offered Rey a gift card she had for the Top of the Tower. At first, Rey refused to take it, but finally, he gave in and thanked Sharon. Sharon advised him to call and make a reservation. She assured him that Mia would be pleased.

A short time later, Rey returned to the police station, dressed in a suit, and Mia arrived right behind him. Sharon watched as Mia gushed over Rey and about going to the Top of the Tower. Mia kissed Rey. Sharon watched them leave.

At the Top of the Tower, Mia beamed. She spoke about making things work out for their marriage. Mia and Rey agreed to take it one step at a time. After their meal ended, Rey received a call from the station and left Mia alone at the table. The waitress arrived with the check and addressed Mia as Mrs. Sharon Newman. The waitress said that was the name on the gift card. Without correcting the waitress, Mia signed the check and said nothing to Rey about it when he returned.

Mariah had been working on her computer when Sharon returned to Crimson Lights. Mariah said she had wanted to stick around to see how the Rey situation had gone. Sharon said it was fine. She wanted Rey and Mia to work things out. As Sharon was heading to the back office, she received a text message and stopped to read it. Rey and Mia arrived, and Mia suggested they go upstairs. As they left, Rey looked back at Sharon.

In Rey's apartment, Mia commented on what a great night it had been. When Mia tried to kiss Rey, he said that they'd agreed to take one step at a time, and he didn't want to keep disappointing her. He said it would be better for him to tell her when he was ready. He walked into the bedroom alone.

Summer says her goodbyes

Summer says her goodbyes

Thursday, November 29, 2018

At Devon's penthouse, Devon found Nate and Ana chatting in the living room and dryly inquired whether Nate was moving in. Nate claimed that he was just checking on Ana, and he imagined that it would be nice for Shauna to have another female in the house. Ana declared her intent to stay until her paychecks started rolling in, and she implied that she was ready to get to work. Devon said he had a schedule full of meetings that day, so he'd check in with her later. After Devon headed out, Nate pointed out that Devon had provided no explanation about where he was going or what he was doing. Ana pledged to find out if there was anything to worry about, and Nate had a bad feeling about it.

Later, Ana spotted Devon at the Athletic Club, having drinks with a group of people. Ana explained that she was there to check out the office, and Devon quickly ushered her aside. He asserted that socializing was the way business got done in the industry, but it was just work for him. Ana acknowledged that she'd never been at that level of the music industry, but it looked like partying to escape the real world to her. Devon suspected that Neil, Nate, and Cane had planted the idea in her head, and he accused her of being there to look out for him on his family's behalf.

Ana insisted that she was looking forward to finally having the chance to live with her brother, and it had seemed right to be with family again when Neil had reached out to her. Devon noted that she hadn't shown up when Hilary had passed away or when Lily had been sent to prison, and he was curious why Ana was there then. Ana chalked it up to the holidays, and she sympathized that they wouldn't be the way Devon had imagined them without Hilary there. Devon swore that he was fine, since he was back in the studio and living his life. He stepped away to rejoin his colleagues.

At Devon's penthouse, Ana tattled to Nate that Devon had been acting like he'd been at an afterparty in the middle of the day. She thought Devon was too smart to let people use him as a means of picking up the bar tab, but he only cared about filling the hours of the day. Nate believed that Ana could get through to Devon if anyone could. Devon arrived home and claimed that he'd had to reschedule his studio session because the singer was sick. Ana invited Devon to go out that night, but he said he had plans to meet some buddies, and he expected it to be a late night.

While Devon got ready for the evening, Nate and Ana discussed how Devon hadn't found things to fill up his time after losing someone he'd loved. Ana abruptly changed the topic when Devon returned, but Devon assumed that she'd blabbed about him being at the bar instead of the office. Devon added that he'd probably be out all night long, so they didn't have to argue about who would take the next shift to watch over him. Ana insisted that she wanted to be there for him, and he told her to be his sister and not his warden. Devon flatly stated that he had people waiting for him, but Nate argued that those people didn't care about Devon. Nate pleaded with Devon to hear him and Ana out.

Ana regretted that she hadn't been back sooner, but she wanted to be there for Devon then. She invited Devon out to dinner to thank him for the job and place to stay, but Devon maintained that he had a job to do and a life to live. Ana complained that the people he was spending time with didn't care what was going on with him, and Devon snapped that they weren't his support group. Nate saw them as vultures who expected Devon to open his wallet, and he accused Devon of self-medicating instead of getting help.

Devon groused that Nate and Ana didn't get a say in his life, but Nate questioned who would drag Devon back up when he spiraled down. Devon spat that they didn't know him or how he felt, and he refused to make himself miserable to make them feel better about themselves. Devon stormed out.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah bemoaned to Sharon that it had been awful going home to Tessa in their tiny studio apartment, but she didn't know how to walk away or stop loving Tessa. Sharon offered her support no matter what Mariah decided. Mia approached and sweetly stated through gritted teeth that she knew Sharon had been the reason Rey had taken Mia to Top of the Tower the night before, and she wanted to chat about it.

Sharon figured that the gift card would have only gone to waste if she hadn't given it to Rey, and Mia gushed about how fabulous and romantic the evening had been. Mia continued that she wanted to make things wonderful again that night, but the kitchen wasn't her best room, and she requested Sharon's advice. Sharon suggested picking up food from the Athletic Club, and Mia anticipated owing Sharon another thank you the following day. After Mia took off, Mariah asked if she could hate Mia because she really wanted to. Sharon recognized that Mia was just being protective of her husband and marriage.

Mariah wondered why Sharon had sent Mia and Rey out on a date and paid for it. Sharon replied that she'd done it to prove to herself that she could do the right thing where Rey was concerned. Sharon was sure she'd like Mia under different circumstances, since Sharon wanted Rey to be happy, and Rey loved Mia. Mariah quipped that Sharon had taken the high road, but Sharon would need an oxygen tank if she went any higher. Sharon thought that she should have put more distance between herself and Rey, and she had to face the consequences of developing a crush on a married man. Mariah cautioned Sharon against passing judgment and handing out punishment for being human.

Mariah commended Sharon for looking out for her all the time, but she thought it was her time to be soothing and optimistic. Mariah called Sharon and Rey good people who wanted to do the right thing, and she had faith in Sharon. Sharon suspected that no matter how hard Rey tried with Mia, he would never see how deep their problems ran. Mariah warned that Sharon couldn't "shrink" him. Sharon lamented that she was watching a car crash happen in slow motion, but there was nothing she could do to help.

At Jabot, Summer engaged in a video chat with Victor, who conveyed his excitement about her joining him in Dubai. He informed her that her apartment was ready, and he invited her to go shopping for new work outfits when she arrived. Summer stressed that she was going there to work and not play. Phyllis plopped down next to Summer and ordered Victor to take his claws out of her daughter. Victor wished Summer a safe trip, and he signed off.

Phyllis realized that Summer had taken the job, and Summer replied that Phyllis ripping up her resignation letter hadn't changed anything. Phyllis cautioned that working for Victor would be a mistake, and it would be too late once Victor burned Summer. Summer was determined to get on her flight that afternoon, and Phyllis grabbed her phone to call Nick. Summer asserted that she didn't want to end things on bad terms, but it was up to her parents how they said goodbye.

Later, Phyllis called Nick and informed him that Summer had made up her mind to leave that day, and she thought they both knew what they needed to do. Kyle burst into Phyllis' office, looking for Summer. Phyllis sensed that he wasn't surprised that Summer was leaving town, and he revealed that Summer had told him about Victor's job offer. Kyle remarked that he would kill for that kind of opportunity, and Phyllis suggested that he put on a wig and go in Summer's place. Phyllis worried that Victor was pitting Summer against Nick, just like he'd done with Kyle and Jack. Kyle recalled that he'd joined Newman to get past his own garbage, but he believed Summer loved Nick and wouldn't do anything to hurt her father or his company. Kyle added that Summer wasn't anyone's pawn, and he encouraged Phyllis to trust Summer.

At Dark Horse, Nick confronted Victor over video chat about hiring an executive with no real estate experience just because she was Nick's daughter. Victor contended that he had more faith in Summer's abilities than Nick did, but Nick blasted him for dragging Summer across the world to play games. Victor countered that he didn't need Summer as a go-between, and he thought she was wasting her time at a sinking ship like Jabot. Victor expected her to do very well in Dubai, and he suggested that Nick "stay the hell" out of her way.

Nick slammed his laptop shut as Abby entered, and he mentioned that he had to get over to Jabot because Summer had accepted the job in Dubai. Abby wanted to discuss the mixed-use building, but Nick stood by his decision to pass on it. Abby announced her intent to make a personal bid on the property, but she wanted him to know that Dark Horse was her primary focus. Nick appreciated that she'd shown loyalty by telling him first, and he hoped that one day she would be able to tell him what a mistake he'd made. She looked forward to it.

At the Athletic Club bar, Arturo toasted to Abby's new real estate venture, and Abby hoped the seller accepted her offer. She playfully wondered who she could get to do her renovations, and they kissed. Abby spotted Lola, and Arturo called his sister over to share Abby's news. He stepped aside to take a call, and Abby could tell from Lola's expression that something was wrong. Lola revealed that she'd woken up to find an apologetic text message from Kyle, saying they'd talk soon.

Lola wondered if Kyle's message meant that he was out because she was a virgin. Abby doubted that Kyle was that big of a jerk, but Lola glumly reported that he hadn't responded to her invitation to meet her there. Abby reasoned that there was a lot going on at Jabot, and she offered to see what she could do.

At Jabot, Phyllis told Summer that Nick was on his way and that he might have questions about her sudden need to leave the country. Phyllis pointed out that Nick didn't know about Summer and Billy, and Summer maintained that her decision had nothing to do with Billy. Phyllis worried that it had to do with her, even though she'd thought she and Summer were close again. Summer assured her mother that she loved her.

Nick entered and pitched the idea of Summer working for Dark Horse, since she'd turned him down before to stay at Fenmore's, but that was no longer an issue. Nick envisioned Victor mentoring Summer at first but eventually leaving her there alone after throwing her into the deep end, but Summer dismissed Nick's concerns because she'd be working directly for Nikki. Phyllis recalled that the last time Summer had left home had ended in stolen cars and poker games. Summer promised that she wasn't running away that time, and she just needed to try something new as a responsible adult who had the chance of a lifetime. Summer referred to how long it had taken Nick to find his passion with Dark Horse, and she considered it her chance to find hers. Nick and Phyllis agreed to cheer Summer on and still worry about her at the same time.

Nikki presented Summer with a bag of luxuries for the flight, and she thought it felt right for Summer to take the job. Nick insinuated that no harm would be done if things didn't work out, and Phyllis warned that Victor had turned on all his children at one time or another. Summer asserted that she made her own decisions, and Nikki assured Nick and Phyllis that Summer would be reporting directly to her, so she'd know if there were any issues. Nikki spotted Kyle standing outside the office and indicated that someone else was there to see Summer.

Summer stepped out, and Nick asked why Nikki seemed eager to send Summer halfway around the world when they knew Victor would leave Summer hanging. Nikki thought Summer had proven to be clever and creative, and it was Summer's chance to put her fearlessness to use without anyone hovering. Nikki swore that she had no agenda, but Nick grumbled that Summer had no idea what she was in for. Nikki reasoned that Summer could return home if it didn't work out, but Summer deserved to be sent off with hugs and smiles.

In the corridor, Kyle imagined that Summer would love the shopping in Dubai, and Summer protested that everyone was saying that as if she wouldn't work at all. Kyle was glad she'd said yes, and she recounted that he'd made it clear that she should go. Kyle relayed that he'd told her mom that Summer could handle herself, since Summer played to win. Summer murmured that it didn't mean she always got what she wanted, and she wondered if things might have been different if she'd been different. They said they'd miss one another, and Summer kissed Kyle's cheek as Abby arrived.

Abby told Kyle to check his phone, since Lola was waiting for him at the club. Kyle left, and Summer guessed that Abby had stopped by to pry him out of Summer's clutches. Abby recognized that she'd been right where Summer was, so she knew exactly what would happen. Abby expected that Victor would make Summer feel like the chosen one, worthy of taking on his legacy, but things would get ugly the first time Summer chose to do something her way and not his. Abby anticipated that Victor would make Summer wonder if she had any value in the world at all, but Summer retorted that she wasn't Abby. Abby wished her luck. Nikki stopped by on her way out and told Summer to give Victor a big hug from her.

Summer announced that her car was waiting downstairs. Phyllis remembered when Summer had been a little girl, and they'd gone away to get her strong and healthy. Phyllis declared that Summer was her heart, and she would be there if Summer needed anything. Phyllis volunteered to catch the next flight if Summer got lonely, and Nick pledged to be right there with her. Nick said he was proud of Summer, and Summer exchanged declarations of love with her parents and hugged them. Phyllis fought back tears as she watched Summer leave, and Nick comforted her.

At the Athletic Club, Lola scowled when Mia plopped down next to Arturo at the bar while she waited for her takeout. Kyle arrived with apologies for being late, and Lola led him over to a private table. Mia taunted that it wasn't a good sign that Abby was keeping Arturo waiting, and he testily asked if pretending to be helpful ever worked. Mia swore that she'd always care about Arturo, but she doubted that someone like Abby would get serious with him. Mia figured that he didn't believe in marriage, so he preferred something meaningless. He insisted that what he had with Abby was real, but Mia thought only he felt that way.

Mia ranted that "those people" always got what they wanted, so they never had to fight, and nothing had value to them. She rambled on that they didn't fix things that broke but just threw them away, and Arturo inquired about her marriage to his brother. Mia swore that she was trying, but she could feel that Rey was holding back. Arturo suggested that she take the energy that she was wasting on Arturo and use it on Rey. Abby joined them and pulled Arturo away.

Across the room, Lola explained that she'd asked Kyle to meet because she wasn't used to feeling weird with him, and he swore that he would have been there sooner if not for work. He admitted that his brain hadn't been able to handle what she'd told him, and it was his fault for assuming that she'd had sex before. Lola assured him that she wasn't anti-sex, and she didn't think it was bad or evil. She guessed that it was probably amazing and important, which was why she'd been waiting for something real and committed. Lola told Kyle that she'd accept the invitation if he asked her to spend the weekend with him again, but only if he understood that she wouldn't change her mind about sex. She wondered where that left them.

Kyle reiterated that Lola wasn't like any girl he'd ever known, and she prepared for him to end things. He respected that she wanted what she wanted, and he understood. He swore that he was fine with not having sex, but he wasn't about to give up what they had. Lola pointed out that most guys would bolt, but Kyle said they were idiots, whereas he was a genius. He insisted that he was trying to be the guy she deserved, and they kissed.

Ana finds drugs in Devon's home

Ana finds drugs in Devon's home

Friday, November 30, 2018

At Dark Horse, Abby and Arturo kissed hello, and he was surprised to see her there that early. She showed him her post on the Dark Horse blog with photos of his renovations on one of the company's properties. He thanked her for making him and his crew look good, and she explained that she wanted Nick to see how dedicated she was. Arturo inquired about her outside project, and Abby mentioned that she was going to sign the papers later to officially become the owner of 985 Cresthaven Place.

Abby nervously waited for her appointment to sign the paperwork, and Arturo thought she sounded less than excited. She admitted that it was nerve-wracking, and she doubted that she would have had the confidence to buy the property if he hadn't been behind her. Arturo recognized that she could have easily been out the door when she'd found out about his mistakes in Miami. Abby understood that everyone had regrets, but he'd faced his issues and was trying not to repeat them. She refused to throw away what they had over ancient history, and they kissed. He cooed that she was the smartest, most beautiful real estate mogul ever, and she squealed that she had a building to buy.

At home, Devon descended the stairs and greeted Ana, who volunteered to make him breakfast. He brushed her off, claiming that he was late for a meeting, and he searched for his keys. She pointed them out to him, and he cautioned her not to babysit him. She insisted that she was back in town because she'd missed her big brother, and he headed out. Ana straightened up the couch and discovered a bag of pills in the cushions. She made a call to ask someone for help.

Cane stopped by the penthouse and assured Ana that she'd done the right thing by calling him. Ana bet that one of Devon's friends had left the drugs behind at a party, and Cane wanted to call Devon to see what he had to say. Ana pointed out that the pills had been near Shauna's bag, and Shauna had just visited her brother, who had a drug problem. Cane doubted that Shauna had engaged in such reckless behavior, but he thought if the drugs were hers, Devon should hear about it sooner rather than later.

Shauna arrived home and wondered if Cane was there to see Devon. Cane informed her that Ana had found drugs in the couch, and Shauna guessed that Cane and Ana suspected that the drugs were Shauna's. Shauna scoffed at the idea that she'd gone to Colorado to pick up a stash of drugs, smuggle them through security, and lose them in the couch. Cane recognized that Shauna was too smart and driven to do that, but they were trying to find out who the pills belonged to.

Ana inquired whether Shauna had invited friends over, but Shauna replied that Charlie had been the only person there. Cane reminded Shauna that there were rules about that, and Shauna insisted that Charlie hadn't been there for the reason Cane was thinking. Cane implored Shauna to open up to them, and Shauna revealed that Devon's new friends had been over at all hours, since Devon had told them to use his place as a clubhouse. Shauna had felt that some of his friends were sketchy, so she'd stayed upstairs with the door locked, but she hadn't wanted to be stuck in her room alone all the time.

Cane asked if Shauna had talked to Devon about it, but she was reluctant to tell Devon how to live his life after everything he'd done for her. Shauna imagined that it would no longer be an issue with Ana there, and Cane encouraged Shauna to call him, Ana, or Nate if she needed them to take her somewhere safe. Shauna retrieved her computer for her study group, and Ana stressed that no one was pointing a finger at Shauna, but they'd just wanted to be sure she was okay. After Shauna headed out, Cane was appalled that Shauna had felt so unsafe that she'd locked herself in her room.

Ana worried about how Devon would react to what she'd done, since he already thought Neil had sent her to monitor him. Cane refused to let Devon turn it around on her, but Ana was certain that Devon wouldn't use drugs after what he'd gone through with his mom. Cane contended that even if Devon wasn't using drugs, having people there who did was reckless, since Shauna and Charlie were kids who shouldn't be exposed. He was adamant that changes be made -- and he wasn't asking Devon for permission.

Devon meandered into Crimson Lights, wearing sunglasses. He greeted Abby, and they hugged. She asked how things were going, and he indicated that he'd been very busy, throwing himself back into the music division of Hamilton-Winters. He added that Ana was back in town, and Abby bet that the siblings were excited to be together again. Devon worried that it might be an overdose of togetherness, but Abby pointed out that Arturo and his sister were awesome roommates. Abby became concerned when Devon seemed to space out, and he apologetically explained that he'd been having some late nights that week. She advised him to get some sleep and eat something, and she headed out.

Devon returned home and assumed Cane was there to pick up Charlie. Cane explained that he'd sent the kids out so that he and Devon could have a talk, and Devon assumed Ana had told Cane about the words he'd exchanged with Nate. Devon conceded that he owed Nate an apology, but he needed to get some sleep. Cane insisted that they talk, and he displayed the bag of pills and suggested they start with that. Cane divulged that Ana had found the pills on the sofa in plain sight and that Ana and Shauna had denied that the drugs were theirs.

Devon swore that the pills weren't his, and he guessed that they belonged to someone who'd been at his party. Devon asked Cane to dispose of them, but Cane wondered what would happen the next time. Cane argued that his son hung out there and that Shauna lived there, and he blasted Devon for seeming not to care. Devon snapped that he wasn't about to put up signs about it being a sober living facility, and he didn't know what Cane wanted. Cane shared that he'd spoken to Shauna, and while she loved Devon and was grateful for all he'd done, she didn't feel safe there. Cane announced that she was going to Colorado to live with her parents.

Devon protested that Shauna wasn't going anywhere. Cane argued that it was her decision and that her parents wanted her with them. Devon recalled his promise to Hilary, and Cane pointed out that Devon could still pay for Shauna's education. Devon stressed that Shauna was supposed to be there, and he ordered Cane out of his house and locked the door behind him. Inside the penthouse, Devon panted for breath and steadied himself against a wall.

Abby returned home to the Abbott mansion and found a large envelope and a bottle of Champagne outside the door. She opened a card from Arturo, saying how proud he was of her. Arturo appeared, surprised that she wasn't smothering his face in kisses and jumping into his arms. She glumly invited him inside, and he wondered if the sale hadn't gone through. Abby confirmed that she had a building and a huge case of buyer's remorse.

Arturo assured Abby that she'd flip the property for profits, but she referred to her track record with the startup incubator, when her best tenant had fronted a sleazy criminal racket. She lamented that she'd been a clueless mark, and it had been a humiliating disaster that her family had known all about. She thought she deserved to have no credibility with any of them. Abby wished that she'd chosen another project with less risk or at least taken more time to think things through.

Arturo argued that someone might have bought the building out from under Abby if she had hesitated, but she recalled that Nick had been nonplussed about the property. Arturo proclaimed that she was about to school Nick in how to make a deal, since he'd checked out the action in her building's neighborhood, and there was a new high-rise being built next door. He expected that her investment was about to shoot up in value when she hadn't even owned it for one day, and they embraced. Abby enthused that she'd be turning down tenants, and Arturo remarked that it couldn't have turned out better if she'd planned it. She toasted to learning from her mistakes, and they excitedly looked forward to getting started.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Mia fawned over Rey, who had made her breakfast. He raved about the dinner she'd cooked from scratch the night before, but she admitted that she'd ordered the food from the Athletic Club. They joked about cooking not being her strong point, and he inquired about her plans for the day. Mia intended to pick up a few things to make their place feel more like home, and Rey told her not to go crazy with his plastic.

Mia promised to reimburse Rey for anything she bought for work, and she envisioned giving the apartment a feminine touch so she could have consultations and parties there for her beauty business. Rey balked at the idea of hosting parties, but Mia argued that she needed to network and make personal connections. He jokingly contemplated contacting the credit card company to decrease the credit line.

Later, Mia returned home with shopping bags and gushed about Fenmore's holiday blowout sale. She insisted that she couldn't "do class on cheap," but she expected the investment to pay off sooner rather than later, since she'd bought everything they needed for their place to be ready for visitors -- even the Newmans. Mia referred to the party she'd mentioned earlier, and she envisioned establishing a high-end client base, including Abby, Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis, Lauren, and Esther. Mia pointedly wondered who she was forgetting, and she named another Newman -- Sharon.

Mia changed into a sexy nightie and asked that Rey cut off the price tag for her. He obliged, and he pushed to talk about the guest list for her party. He lectured that he had questioned members of the Newman family for a case, and he voiced concern about what it would look like if his wife socialized with them. Mia pointed out that they'd had Abby over for Thanksgiving, and she'd already sent out the invitations. Mia wished that Rey would be supportive, since she was starting a new life in a new town with no connections. Rey cautioned her against rushing into anything when they hadn't agreed on it, but Mia clarified that they weren't doing it -- she was, and she expected him to find somewhere else to be the following night.

Kyle arrived at Jabot, and Billy requested his help on a special project. Billy confided that he'd secured a meeting with Rebekah Barlow, since a source had told him that she was looking for exclusive retail partners. Kyle marveled that it would be a total coup for Jabot, and Billy was determined to nail it. Kyle offered to clear his schedule, and Billy pledged to stop the CEO from sidelining them in their own family business. Billy ordered Kyle to keep the information between them, and the men abruptly switched the topic to sports when Phyllis walked by.

Phyllis summoned Billy to her office and requested his marketing report on some new packaging. He replied that he'd emailed it to her the day before, and she mentioned his private chat with Kyle earlier. Billy fibbed that they'd been talking about Summer's move to Dubai, and Phyllis questioned whether he expected her to buy "that load of crap." She accused him of using her daughter to distract her when he was really conspiring with Kyle. She warned that she could always tell when Billy was hiding something, and he implied that becoming CEO had made her paranoid. He said he had work to do, and she huffed that it wasn't over. "What isn't over, Phyllis?" he countered as he walked out. She slammed the door behind him.

Phyllis arranged a meeting with Kerry, who was thankful for a reason to take a break. Phyllis asked when Kerry had last gotten out, and Kerry referred to the launch party. Phyllis offered to treat Kerry to drinks that night. Phyllis shared that the semi-truce between her and the Abbotts seemed to be crumbling, since she'd caught Kyle and Billy looking suspicious earlier that day. Phyllis wondered if the men had dropped any clues around Kerry, who reported that they'd been on their best behavior.

Phyllis advised Kerry to stay on alert for anything odd, and Kerry recalled that a former colleague had just called to confirm a rumor about Rebekah Barlow meeting with Jabot. Kerry explained that her colleague had heard it through an ex-assistant whose boyfriend handled Rebekah's travel arrangements, and Phyllis requested that Kerry find out whether the boyfriend really worked for Rebekah. Kerry agreed to make a few calls.

Later, Billy was irritated when Phyllis called him back to her office, and she swore that it would just take a few minutes. She nonchalantly requested a quick status report on the Rebekah Barlow pitch, since she'd just had a lovely call with Rebekah's office about how delighted Jabot would be to host Rebekah during her visit, but they'd been under the impression that Phyllis might not be available. Phyllis sarcastically asked if Billy could believe that. Billy claimed that he'd scheduled the meeting after days of research, and he'd used every connection he had because he'd thought it would be good for Jabot.

Phyllis hissed that she didn't like being kept out of the loop, and Billy suspected that he knew where she'd gotten her information from. She demanded that he tell her his pitch, but he ordered her not to get involved just to prove a point. Phyllis accused him of being in denial that she was CEO, and she expected that Rebekah would only want to deal with a top-level executive about a potential partnership. Billy argued that the meeting wouldn't have been set up without him, and Phyllis suggested that they sell the idea as a team. She'd thought giving him proper credit for the Jaboutiques had meant they could work together, but she wouldn't force him. They discussed how the two companies could work together.

Kyle entered, and Phyllis curtly informed him that she and Billy were working on the Rebekah Barlow pitch. Kyle feigned surprise and asked how he could help, but Phyllis coldly instructed him to shut the door on his way out. Phyllis and Billy collaborated on their pitch to Rebekah, and she thought their concept of something fun and sexy was on point. Billy intended to stay to keep working, but Phyllis recalled that she'd invited Kerry out for drinks that night. Phyllis warned him not to spend all night deleting her contribution, but he conceded that her insight had made the presentation better. She asserted that they were a dynamic team -- professionally. She headed out.

Later, Kyle dropped by and questioned why Billy was working with Phyllis on the pitch when it was supposed to be between the two of them. Billy said he could ask Kyle the same thing, since Phyllis had known about his meeting with Rebekah, and Phyllis had forced him to work with her. Kyle noted that he'd seen Billy and Phyllis having what had seemed to be an enjoyable time, and Billy argued that he hadn't been able to cry and whine when he was already on Phyllis' hit list. Billy added that he had to be careful because he couldn't engineer her downfall if he wasn't allowed in the building. Billy insisted that he was "Team Abbott" all the way, but he had to play it smart.

At the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis informed Kerry that she'd convinced Billy to work on the pitch. Kerry considered it a gift that Phyllis had stayed civil with her exes, and Phyllis guessed that Kerry was a "scorched earth kind of gal." Phyllis called Billy a bad boyfriend and a lousy CEO but a marketing genius, and Kerry figured that he had to have special gifts for Phyllis to keep him around. Kerry realized that it was almost her bedtime, and Phyllis wished her a good night. After Kerry left, Nick sent a text message to Phyllis, asking if she'd be home soon. She responded that it might be awhile, so he shouldn't wait up.

Billy was surprised when Phyllis returned to the office, and she reported that Kerry had needed to go to sleep. Phyllis confided that she'd been distracted by wanting to nail the pitch, and she peered over his shoulder to see what he was working on. He lost his train of thought, and she vowed to stay as long as it took to get it right. Phyllis commented that they were working hard and together, and she thought they had fun side by side. She figured that they should try to enjoy it, and he replied that he didn't have to try.

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