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Victor ordered Nikki to fire Arturo. Hilary announced her pregnancy on live television but was later devastated to learn that her test had been a false positive. Kyle watched Dina's admission that John wasn't Jack's father. Victoria reluctantly supported Reed's decision to go to boarding school.
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Hilary tells Devon she's pregnant

Hilary tells Devon she's pregnant

Monday, April 23, 2018

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki consoled a distraught Victoria. Victoria cried that everywhere she looked inside her home, she saw reminders of J.T. Nikki assured Victoria that she'd feel better as time passed. Nikki reminded Victoria that Victoria had done nothing wrong. Nikki added that she'd been the one who'd stopped J.T., so she alone was responsible.

Nikki urged Victoria to get past her guilt for her own good and the good of their family. Victoria nodded affirmatively. Wringing her hands, Victoria asked how they might regain emotional stability. Nikki said they should both refocus their attention and avoid obsessing over what had happened. Victoria said she'd try and would begin by taking time off to get her anxiety under control.

After Victoria left, Nikki joined Arturo. Nikki praised Arturo's excellent work inside the lobby at Rainbow Gardens. Nikki mentioned her reasons for taking a hiatus from their relationship and noted that Victor was improving every day. Nikki added that Victor was aware that she was seeing someone, though he didn't know who. Nikki invited Arturo upstairs for private time. After the couple spent time upstairs, Nikki said there was nothing like escaping the world's troubles. Arturo escorted Nikki downstairs and said he'd return to his suite to shower. Nikki replied, "Oh, lucky soap."

Victoria met with her counselor. Victoria cried that she'd made a mistake by not breaking up instead of convincing herself she and J.T. could make things works. Dr. Mosely replied, "What was your rationale?" Victoria said it was their chemistry, physical bond, and sexual attraction. Victoria seemed humiliated when she admitted to having allowed J.T. to confiscate and lock up her phone while they'd been in Hawaii. Victoria said that after J.T. had lured her 4,000 miles from home, he'd urged her to leave her family, quit her job, pull her kids out of school, and settle in a remote location. Victoria asked if she'd been delusional. Dr. Mosely noted that it had been J.T.'s plan, not Victoria's.

Victoria told Dr. Mosely that she'd decided to leave Hawaii abruptly after realizing how damaged and pathetic J.T. had become. Remembering that J.T. had recently lost control during a fight, Dr. Mosely asked if J.T. had repeated his abusive behavior in Hawaii. Victoria said she'd taken the kids and returned home before anything had happened. Dr. Mosely said she'd read news reports about J.T. attempting to murder Victor. Victoria admitted that J.T. had confessed, which was why he'd become desperate. Victoria blamed herself for not having broken off the relationship with J.T. before the attack on Victor. Dr. Mosely encouraged Victoria to continue her discussion. Victoria abruptly left.

At the Newman ranch, Reed stopped by to visit Victor. Still weak and reliant on a wheelchair, Victor challenged Reed to a chess game. Reed asked to hold off on the chess lessons because he wanted to talk about what had happened the night Victor had fallen. Victor said he didn't feel like talking because he'd just been released from the hospital. Reed noted that Victor had checked himself out against doctor's orders. Reed agreed to play chess, adding that if he won, Victor would have to share information about J.T. Reed lost the game, but he pleaded with his grandpa to explain what had happened.

Victor explained that J.T. had been working for Newman Enterprises under false pretenses. Victor added that J.T.'s aim had been to find evidence proving that Victor had been involved in illegal activities. Reed replied, "Were you?" Victor said he hadn't been, and he added that the only reason J.T. had reconnected with Victoria had been to get to him. Reed lashed out and insisted that J.T.'s only desire was to reunite his family. Reed scattered the chess pieces and accused Victor of lying.

Nikki heard the commotion and approached Reed. Reed cried that Victor was making things up to trash his dad. Nikki reprimanded Reed and implored him to apologize. Nikki's phone rang. Victoria called and nervously explained that police had evidently taken J.T.'s car because it was missing. Nikki asked Reed if he'd driven his father's car. Reed said he had. Nikki told Victoria that Reed had taken the car. Victoria replied, "Thank God."

Victor asked Reed if he'd driven without a license. Reed defended himself and noted that he hadn't driven far. Nikki chastised Reed and said that he wasn't the only person angry over J.T. Victor sent Reed out to clean the stables as punishment for driving without a license. Nikki administered Victor's medication and explained that Reed felt devastated. Nikki advised Victor to be gentle with Reed because he was sensitive. Nikki cried that Reed couldn't fully comprehend all that had transpired.

Victor interrupted and asked Nikki if she wished to discuss a personal matter. Nikki mentioned Helen stopping by the day of Victor's homecoming. Nikki added that she didn't appreciate having to play hostess with a woman possessing the "social skills of a Bunsen burner." Nikki strongly advised Victor not to do it again. Victor settled on the sofa and reminded Nikki about their open-marriage agreement. Nikki admitted she'd spent time in town with her friend, though she withheld additional details. Nikki left to drive Reed home.

At the Hamilton-Winters Group, Hilary entered Devon's office and requested a chat with him. Devon said that if Hilary had concerns about her show, she could ask Tessa to set up a phone meeting. Devon added that otherwise, he didn't want to hear anything Hilary had to say. Hilary complained that Devon was being harsh and unrealistic. Devon ignored Hilary and carried on with his conference call. Hilary picked up her handbag, in which she carried a home pregnancy-test kit, and she left.

Later, Hilary returned, announcing that she had news. Devon was on a business call and ignored Hilary. Hilary stuck a note on a plastic bag containing a pregnancy test. Devon continued to ignore Hilary. Hilary casually placed the bag with the note on Devon's desk. After Hilary left, Devon picked up the bag and read the note. It explained that the "plus sign" on the test indicator meant that he and Hilary would be having a baby.

Devon found Hilary downstairs, sitting at the Athletic Club bar. Hilary said she didn't think Devon would've wanted her to share such important news with him through Tessa. Devon claimed that Hilary was pulling a prank because he'd broken off their arrangement. Hilary offered to take another test, and she noted that the newer tests could detect a pregnancy on the first day of a missed cycle. Hilary even offered to provide her fertility-tracking calendar. Devon acknowledged that Hilary wasn't joking. Hilary said, "You're going to be a baby daddy."

Hilary expressed anger because Devon had doubted her word. Hilary insisted she could be a single mother and raise her child without Devon's help and negative energy. Hilary threatened to list her baby's father as an anonymous donor. Hilary ordered Devon to tear up the contract. Devon insisted that he had no intentions of letting Hilary out of the contract or allowing the baby to believe his or her father was an anonymous donor. Hilary said Simone wouldn't be happy, especially after it became evident that a baby was on the way. Devon told Hilary to keep him updated about the baby's progress because it was his child, too.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle examined the partially melted memory card he'd recovered from a pile of ashes after Abby had attempted to destroy it in the fireplace. Abby entered the room. Kyle asked Abby what she planned to do with the video interviews she'd been conducting with Dina. Kyle noted that he enjoyed spending time with his grandmother and was eager to hear the stories Dina had shared. Abby noted that though their grandmother was smart and tough, Dina had begun to slip away. Abby added that it was important to capture Dina's memories on camera.

Abby stepped over to the fireplace and swept a pile of ashes off the hearth. Kyle asked Abby how she'd been dealing with Dina's habit of melding real memories with false ones. Abby admitted that Dina would often forget what she'd eaten for breakfast and later in the day recall vivid details of events that had occurred decades in the past. In response to Kyle's earlier question, Abby explained that after Charlie edited the video, it would be shared with the family. Kyle said he couldn't wait to see the finished product.

At the Newman ranch, Kyle sat down beside Victor. Kyle noted that Victor's health appeared to be improving. Victor said he knew that Jack had nixed Kyle's plan to take Jabot public. Kyle admitted that Jack had been upset. Kyle said he hoped Victor wasn't also upset about him halting the IPO. Kyle noted that he'd been sidelined after Jack had brought Billy on board. Kyle begged Victor to give him a position at Newman Enterprises. Victor replied, "Not yet." Victor advised Kyle to learn what he could at Jabot and share the information he gleaned.

Victor listened as Kyle complained that Ashley and Abby had conspired to keep a secret of Dina's from him. Victor insisted that Dina was off-limits because he had sympathy for her. Both Kyle and Victor agreed that Alzheimer's was a dreadful disease. Victor reminded Kyle not to become distracted. Kyle promised to remain vigilant in his role as Victor's mole at Jabot.

Kyle noted that if Jabot didn't become public, Victor couldn't take it over. Kyle added that he'd no longer have access to confidential information. Victor, speaking slowly in his weakened condition, advised Kyle to rebuild his relationship with his father. Victor added that Kyle should practice humility and loyalty, strive to become a good employee, and play the long game. Victor noted that good things came to those who waited.

At Victoria's, Nikki and Reed arrived together. Victoria ordered Reed to go upstairs and think about his reckless behavior. After Reed went upstairs, Victoria said she'd felt relieved when Nikki had told her that Reed had taken J.T.'s car. Nikki said that Reed was having a difficult time processing all that had happened. Victoria said, "What are we going to do, Mom?" Nikki said they'd help Reed get through it.

After Nikki left, Reed asked Victoria if J.T. had reconnected with her only to dig up dirt on Victor. Victoria admitted that it was true. Victoria said she believed that J.T. had also wanted to reunite his family, though he had a lot of rage and other problems. Reed expressed hope that things could work out if his dad returned. Victoria said she'd tried to make things work and was certain that J.T. loved Reed. Reed said Victoria made it sound as if his dad would never return. Victoria's reaction confirmed Reed's worst fears. Victoria embraced her son as he sobbed.

Abby was sitting in the dining room at the Athletic Club when she spotted Arturo. Abby joked that she and Arturo should stop bumping into each other. Arturo said they should make plans to spend time together. Abby told Arturo that their previous chat had been the highlight of a crummy week. Arturo agreed to join Abby for dessert.

Abby noted that Arturo looked trim and fit for someone who indulged in dessert. Arturo said he preferred cardio workouts done the old-fashioned way because it was more pleasant. Abby's eyes sparkled, and she nodded to let Arturo know she'd understood his innuendo. Abby inquired about the next phase of the New Hope project. Arturo explained that the project, including its positive impact on Rainbow Gardens, had been much more than a job for him.

Arturo said he'd enjoyed working with Nick. Abby asked about working with Nikki. Arturo replied, "I'd say we're both pretty happy with the terms." Arturo raised his glass to celebrate "unexpected and very welcome new friendships." Abby replied, "The very best kind." Nikki entered and saw Arturo and Abby together. Nikki turned and left before Abby and Arturo spotted her.

Hilary announces her pregnancy on live TV

Hilary announces her pregnancy on live TV

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

At the Newman ranch, Victor told Nikki that there had been no news about J.T., and she assured him that his investigators would catch J.T. eventually. The doorbell rang, and Nikki invited Paul in. Victor surmised that Paul was there about J.T., and Paul confirmed that he was. Nikki stepped out to fetch them some coffee, and when she returned, she asked what she'd missed. Victor indicated that Paul hadn't found J.T. yet.

Paul assumed that Victor had his own people working on it, and he suggested that they pool their resources. Victor questioned why he would when Paul had hired J.T. to dig up dirt on Victor, and Paul swore that he'd just been doing his job -- just like he was doing then. Paul pulled out the tablet he'd retrieved from Victoria's house and noted that Victoria had identified it as Victor's. Paul asked why J.T. had had it, and Victor inquired whether Paul had seen what was on it. Paul replied that it was password-protected. Victor muttered that he wanted J.T. behind bars because he didn't want J.T. on Paul's payroll.

Paul wondered why Victor had argued with J.T., and Victor invited Paul to see for himself. Victor unlocked the tablet and showed Paul the video that proved J.T. had abused Victoria. Nikki was aghast that Victor had videotaped the encounter, and Paul asked if she'd known. Nikki conceded that Victoria and J.T. had been having problems, but she confirmed that she'd never seen the video. Paul kept the tablet as further evidence, and he showed himself out. Victor snarled that J.T. had better hope the police found him before Victor did.

Nikki reprimanded Victor for violating Victoria's privacy by installing the camera, but Victor argued that it had been for his daughter's own good. Nikki admonished him for handing over the footage to the police when Victoria didn't even know the camera had existed. Nikki explained that a terrified Victoria had never wanted the abuse to get out there, and Victor asked if Nikki had known about it. Nikki vaguely replied that she'd been vocal about her concerns about J.T., and Victor assumed that Nikki had only talked to Victoria about it. Nikki blurted out that she'd done something, but she quickly clarified that she would have done anything possible to get her daughter out of a terrible relationship, and that was exactly what had happened in the end. Nikki excused herself to go run the company, but she was clearly unnerved.

Paul met Cane at the Athletic Club bar to discuss Cane's conversation with J.T. on the night J.T. had disappeared. Cane recalled that J.T. had been tense and upset, and he'd thought it had been because Victoria had broken off their engagement. Cane added that J.T. had seemed more remorseful than angry, and J.T. had said Cane wouldn't see him after that night. Cane repeated J.T.'s words that Cane might hear things that he could choose whether or not to believe, and he assumed that J.T. had been referring to Victor.

Paul asked if J.T. had indicated where he'd been headed, and Cane thought J.T. had planned to skip town after picking up his things at Victoria's place. Paul relayed that Victoria had told him that J.T. had never shown up, and J.T.'s clothes had still been at her house. Cane worried that J.T. had hurt himself, but Paul anticipated that J.T. would go down fighting if pushed into a corner. Cane remarked that Paul had known J.T. longer than he had, but Paul lamented that after the things he'd discovered, he didn't know who J.T. was anymore.

At home, Victoria approached Reed, who was lounging on the couch, watching something on his laptop. She yanked his headphones off and asked what he was doing there, and he replied that he lived there. She lectured that it was past the time for his carpool, and she demanded an explanation for why he wasn't on his way to school. Reed huffed that he didn't see the point in going; he started to walk out, but Victoria warned that he could kiss his laptop goodbye if he left the room. Victoria imagined what would happen if his father was there, and Reed snapped that J.T. wasn't -- because of her.

Victoria prepared to drop Reed off at school, and she fretted that she was late for work. He suggested that she call him a cab so she wouldn't have to dodge his questions in the car. He refused to believe that his father would leave without saying goodbye, even though she had told him that J.T. would never be back. Reed mentioned that his text messages and emails to his dad had gone unanswered, and he'd even called Mac. Reed theorized that J.T. might not contact him because the phones could be bugged, but his father would call his younger children, who wouldn't understand why he'd dropped out of their lives.

Reed reported that Mac hadn't heard from J.T., either, and Victoria said she was sorry. Reed ranted that his dad wasn't returning because Victoria wouldn't take him back, even though she'd been ready to remarry him a week earlier. Victoria stammered that relationships were hard, and she'd been trying not to make the same mistakes. She whimpered that she wasn't perfect, and Reed spat that it was ironic, considering that she expected everyone else to be. Reed recounted that he'd always seen J.T. trying to do things for her, but it had never been good enough.

Victoria acknowledged that J.T. might have felt that way, but she'd never thought of him as less than. She added that J.T. had meant everything to her; she'd told him that and tried to show him, but he hadn't believed it. Her voice trailed off when she mentioned the things J.T. had done, but she quickly covered by saying that what J.T. had done to Victor had been too much to forgive. Reed didn't think it made sense, and he struggled to understand why his father was gone.

Paul heard Victoria and Reed arguing inside the house as he stepped up to the porch. Reed stormed out, and Paul apologized for showing up at an awkward time. Victoria invited Paul in, and he reported that he'd had an interesting chat with Cane, who might have been the last person in Genoa City to see J.T. Paul understood that J.T. had taken off with nothing but the clothes on his back, and Victoria pointed out that J.T. had had a packed bag from their trip to Hawaii.

Paul intended to impound J.T.'s car to see if it had any clues about where J.T. might be, and he mentioned that Cane had gotten the impression that J.T. had been going home the night of Victoria's get-together with the ladies. Victoria maintained that J.T. had never shown up, and Paul gently informed her that he'd uncovered a rather sensitive matter on the tablet he'd found. He revealed that there was a video of her and J.T. fighting on it, and he was aware that J.T. had abused her. Victoria was taken aback, and she wondered how that was possible.

Victoria was appalled that her father had planted a hidden camera in her home, and she didn't want to be reminded of what had happened. Paul wondered why she hadn't reported it, and she said the video didn't tell the whole story, since both she and J.T. had been at fault. Paul reminded her that his ex-wife, April, had been abused by her husband, and he'd seen how she'd suffered. Paul was torn up that Victoria hadn't trusted him enough to protect her because of his friendship with J.T., but Victoria explained that she hadn't gone to him because she'd been ashamed and embarrassed. Paul pointed out that she could still file charges, but she thought there was no point, since everything had changed.

Victoria firmly stated that she'd ended things for good, and Paul hoped she stuck to it when they found J.T. and proceeded with a trial. She stressed that it didn't matter, since J.T. would never be back again. Paul recalled that Cane had said the same thing, and he asked how she could be sure. Paul argued that J.T.'s son was there, but Victoria reiterated that she and her children had to accept that J.T. wouldn't be back. Paul asked if J.T. knew that, and Victoria responded, "He does now."

Kyle stepped off the Jabot elevator and knocked on the door to Jack's office. When he received no response, he sat at Jack's desk and plugged the memory card that he'd found in the Abbott fireplace into a laptop. Jack appeared in the doorway and coolly asked if Kyle was comfortable. Kyle claimed that he'd been looking for the pen that Jack had given him as a graduation gift, and Jack sternly stated that he'd buzz Kyle in his office if it turned up.

Jack groused that seeing Kyle making himself at home in the office had been another reminder that Jack needed to undo the damage Kyle had done. Kyle offered to help, and Jack ordered him to fix things by getting Gloria back at Jabot, along with the other loyal employees Kyle had minimized and rejected. Kyle promised to get them back, and Jack handed over his phone and instructed Kyle to call Gloria. Kyle remarked that Jack was the boss, and Jack told him not to forget it.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Gloria dropped her keys as she reached for her ringing phone, and Arturo picked them up and handed them to her. She amorously eyed him as he walked away. She answered the call, assuming it was from Jack, but Kyle identified himself as the caller. Kyle invited her to stop by Jabot because he'd love to see her, and she demanded that he put Jack on the line. Kyle claimed that he was sincerely sorry for how he'd treated her, and Jack took the phone. Gloria blasted Jack for being too much of a coward to call her himself. She haughtily added that she'd gotten all his messages, and if he wanted her back, he would have to beg.

Later, Jack sent a text message to Gloria to ask her to stop by the office right away. He brightened when there was a knock at the door, but his face fell when Kyle walked in. Kyle figured that he had to get accustomed to the look of disappointment until he proved himself, and Jack grumbled that it was difficult to get work done without Gloria there, since the temps knew nothing. Kyle volunteered to help Jack find what he needed, but Jack preferred that Kyle get back on the phone to apologize to the people he'd let go. Kyle said he'd just finished his last call, and Jack appointed him to the reception desk until Gloria returned.

Jack spoke with Dina's nurse over the phone, and Kyle inquired whether everything was okay. Jack bemoaned that his mother was being difficult, and Kyle offered to watch over things while Jack went home, but Jack insisted that the nurse could handle it. Gloria sauntered in and asked if Kyle was her replacement, and Kyle hoped his demotion was temporary. Kyle commended Gloria for making a tough job look easy, but she didn't believe a word of it. Jack informed her that Kyle's first assignment had been to get her back, and he hoped that she was ready to return, since he desperately needed her.

Gloria contended that she was only there to demand that Jack stop texting her, and Kyle begged her to return. Gloria requested a new title, a large pay increase, and extra vacation time, and Jack agreed. Gloria hesitated because Kyle was still there, but he promised to clean up his act. Gloria disdainfully referred to the diva chemist, and Jack divulged that he'd fired Helen. Gloria mentioned a lithograph that Jack had given Helen as a signing bonus, and Jack said it was Gloria's if she returned immediately.

Kyle suggested that Gloria not accept until Jack had taken her to a three-hour welcome back lunch, complete with martinis. Jack led Gloria out, and Kyle stepped back into Jack's office. Kyle attempted to pull up the files from the memory card on Jack's computer, but the video fizzled out, and an error message appeared. He pulled the card out and stared at it.

Nikki approached Arturo at the Athletic Club and curtly thanked him for making it on short notice. She handed him some documents, and he asked how she was doing. She ignored the question and hoped he was available for a meeting to discuss New Hope at the ranch, since Victor wasn't up for traveling. Arturo inquired whether that would be uncomfortable for her, but she didn't see why it would, since Victor didn't know that she and Arturo had once been involved. Arturo was surprised by her use of the past tense, and Nikki revealed that she'd seen him with Abby. Nikki barked that the least he could have done was to let her know that the last time they'd been together had been the last time.

Nikki objected to Arturo juggling several women at once, but Arturo swore that he had just met Abby and wasn't sleeping with her. He contended that it was foolish to predict the future, so he lived in the present, and he was enjoying it with Nikki. He thought she'd been enjoying it just as much, and he proposed that they take things day by day. Nikki admitted that it would be exciting to have him under her own roof at the meeting when Victor had no idea. As he kissed her hand, Arturo said he was looking forward to it himself.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon announced that he'd overruled Neil's decision to have Mariah and Hilary work solely from GC Buzz, since he believed it built synergy between the companies to have everyone under the same roof. Mariah, Tessa, Neil, Lily, and Devon all received text messages from Hilary with an invitation. Devon stepped out of the office and ran into Hilary, and he asked what her message was about. She declared that she'd arranged for a lunch at Top of the Tower because she had big news. Devon realized that she planned to reveal her pregnancy, and Hilary figured that everyone would find out soon enough. He barked that people wouldn't find out like that or on that day.

Hilary apologized to everyone in the office for being too impulsive and not giving them enough notice. Neil figured that she had their attention, and he asked what she'd planned on telling them. Hilary glanced at Devon and claimed that she'd been thinking about Devon's team-building dinner, so she'd wanted to do her part to boost morale. Devon added that he'd reminded her that everyone was busy, so they'd reschedule.

Devon pulled Hilary aside under the guise of going over a report, and he quietly thanked her. She didn't understand why he didn't want to get ahead of the story by telling people before they found out another way, but he pointed out that they were the only ones who knew about her pregnancy. Hilary sourly surmised that he was trying to figure out a way to break the news to Simone, but Devon recognized that Simone wouldn't be the only one who'd have an issue with it.

Hilary and Mariah ran into Simone on their way out, and Hilary and Simone politely exchanged compliments about one another's outfits. Hilary pointedly stated that she loved the color she was wearing because it made her feel like she was glowing. Hilary glowered at Simone and Devon kissing as she left, and Lily mentioned the tension between Simone and Hilary. Neil commented that Hilary had a talent for getting under people's skin, and Lily complained that Hilary had decided that she was the only woman in Devon's life, even if they weren't together. Devon beamed at Simone and proclaimed that it was too bad, since there was already another woman in his life.

At GC Buzz, Mariah watched an irritated Hilary scrap content for their upcoming segment, and she asked if Hilary was okay. Hilary retorted that she was fine, and Mariah observed that Hilary's demeanor had changed after they'd run into Simone. Mariah reluctantly inquired whether Hilary wanted to talk about it, but Hilary replied that she wasn't allowed. Mariah questioned when that had ever stopped Hilary before.

Devon, Neil, and Simone returned to the office after a recording session, and Lily suggested that they watch the end of Hilary's show. They watched as Mariah finished a segment and prompted Hilary to tell everyone about an upcoming benefit. Hilary proclaimed that 10,000 babies were born every day in the United States, but she paused. Hilary apologized, and Mariah asked if everything was okay. Hilary gushed that okay was an understatement, since she couldn't wait to tell all of her friends and viewers some amazing news. Devon steeled himself as Hilary exclaimed on live television that she was pregnant and that Devon was the father.

Victoria agrees to let Reed leave home

Victoria agrees to let Reed leave home

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

by Nel

Billy arrived at Jabot for his first day at work. As Jack greeted him, Kyle arrived and congratulated Billy on his new position. Jack advised Kyle that Billy was his second in command. Billy thanked Kyle, stating that if Kyle hadn't botched the CEO position, Billy wouldn't have the COO position. They went into Jack's office for a meeting.

Jack told Kyle he wanted Kyle to help reorganize the records room, and once that was done, he was to offer Fran any help that she needed. Kyle said he'd hoped for a more challenging profile than chatting it up with the librarian. Jack told Kyle that he'd envisioned a records room that was labeled and up to date.

Jack asked Billy to do a complete review of Jabot's manufacturing facilities with an eye toward redundancy and cost-cutting opportunities. He also assigned Billy to work with Jabot's R & D priority list, but Kyle objected and claimed that it was his project. Jack sternly advised Kyle that it was Billy's. He added that Kyle would have plenty of projects to keep him busy. Billy said that Kyle had been working sixteen-hour days and had made Jabot unrecognizable. It was time Kyle took a break. Kyle offered to sit down with Billy and get him up to speed, but Billy declined.

Billy told Jack that Jabot had received a ton of media attention when Ashley had won Innovator of the Year. Billy thought they could do that again and solidify their leadership role. Jack said it was a very tall order without Ashley in the picture. Billy said he liked the challenge and added that he wanted to launch a major initiative to create new products and new marketing strategies. He wanted to open it up company-wide to encourage everyone from the loading docks to the senior vice president to get involved. Billy said they'd be clamoring to get in. Jack was intrigued and wanted to know the budget it would involve. Billy offered to put some numbers together for Jack.

Kyle expressed a desire to be included in Billy's project. He said that innovation was about reaching new, young customers. Kyle said that speaking from experience, there was nothing worse than some middle-aged guy trying to create products for twenty-somethings when he had no idea what millennials wanted, how they talked, or how they did the world. Billy accused Kyle of thinking very small. Billy said that what they did at Jabot was make customers of any age look and feel beautiful. Billy wanted Kyle to trust him because Billy knew exactly what women wanted.

After Kyle left, Billy commented that it appeared that Kyle hadn't enjoyed the lesson in humility. Jack stated that it hadn't been meant for Kyle's enjoyment. Billy hoped that Kyle had learned his lesson. Jack noted that he'd given Billy a full plate. Billy assured him that he could handle it all and more.

Jack liked the attitude and said that attitude was different than the one Billy had seemed to have at Chancellor. Billy said it hadn't been work as much as it had been, to placate Jill. Jack was certain that Billy had also wanted to irritate Cane. Jack said he knew Billy wanted to have fun with Kyle, but he didn't want Billy to make an enemy of him. Jack wanted Kyle to focus on his work rather than dream up ways to stick it to Billy.

Billy pointed out that Jack giving him the fun projects was more about sticking it to Kyle. Jack denied it. He said he wouldn't have made Billy COO if he didn't think Billy could handle it. Billy was happy to hear it and told Jack that he wanted to open things up beyond operations.

Billy wanted to go to the trade shows, and he wanted to do the press. He also wanted to represent Jabot in the industry. He said they'd taken a hit because of Jack's time in jail, so it was time they showed the world that they were back as the world's leading cosmetics company. Jack said that what Billy had described were the CEO's duties. Billy said that with Jack's PR issues, it was better if Jack stepped back from the spotlight.

Billy told Jack that he wanted to revamp their classic skin line to take advantage of the growing Asian market. Jack reminded Billy that Billy was working for Jack -- Jack was the boss, and what Billy did there was what Jack wanted him to do. Jack appreciated Billy's enthusiasm, but he didn't want another Kyle situation. Billy assured Jack that he wasn't trying to do that.

Outside Jack's office, Billy received a call from Reed asking Billy to meet him at Crimson Lights.

At Victoria's, Phyllis asked about Victoria's meeting with Paul. Victoria said that Paul knew about J.T.'s abuse. Phyllis asked if Sharon had told Paul, but Victoria explained that Victor had had a camera installed and had recorded the abuse incident. Paul had seen the video on Victor's tablet. Concerned, Phyllis asked if that had been the only camera that Victor had installed. Phyllis was afraid that there might be footage of Nikki hitting J.T. with the poker. They decided to investigate.

A short time later, Phyllis and Victoria returned to the living room, satisfied that Victor had only installed one camera. Victoria surmised that if there had been footage of Nikki hitting J.T. over the head, they all would have been in jail. Phyllis commented that it was creepy that Victor had installed a video camera in her house, and she said it had been an invasion of privacy. Phyllis asked Victoria if it had occurred to her that Victor and J.T. were a lot alike. They both had control issues and thought they knew what was best. Victoria said that was possible, and the reason she'd allowed J.T. to get away with his behavior for so long was she was familiar with it. She told Phyllis that under the circumstances, she had to be strong for her kids, especially Reed.

At the ranch, Nikki shaved Victor. She advised him that there would be a meeting there shortly and invited him to stay. Nick arrived. Victor told Nick that he'd heard Nick tell the doctors that he didn't want Victor taken off life support, and he knew Nick had fought for Victor to stay on the machines so he could recover. Victor became emotional and started to cry. He told Nick that it had meant a lot to him. Nick said he knew that Victor would've done the same for him. Victor said it had meant a lot that Nick had stayed with him at the hospital. Nick said that Victor would always be his dad, no matter what went on in their lives. Victor thanked him and sobbed.

Nikki returned. Nick told her that he and Victor had said what they'd needed to. Victor wanted to know if there had been any word on J.T. Victor told Nick that J.T. had been working for Paul and Christine and had tried to get information on any criminal activity that Victor might have been involved in. Victor told Nick that J.T. had physically abused Victoria. J.T. had slammed Victoria against the wall and had tried to choke her. Nick was incensed. He said that when J.T. was found, he'd kill J.T. with his bare hands.

Nikki advised Nick that Victoria had ended her engagement to J.T. Nick wanted to talk to Victoria. He wanted to know why Victoria hadn't said anything to him or to the family. Nikki forbade Nick from going to Victoria. Nick was upset that Nikki had obviously known. He wanted to know why she hadn't shared the information with him. Nikki said that domestic violence wasn't easy to talk about.

Arturo arrived, and Nikki whispered to him that she was really happy he was there. Nick stated that he had invited Sharon to the meeting, but it appeared she was late. He added that Devon had a conflict, so Nick would fill Devon in later. Jack arrived, and Nick suggested that they start the meeting.

When the meeting was over, Jack and Nick left. Nikki stopped Arturo and said she had some important business questions for him. Victor looked at them suspiciously. Nikki told Arturo that one of their projects was in such bad shape that it needed to be torn down. Arturo said he'd run the numbers, and perhaps they could meet at the Athletic Club and discuss how they would proceed. Victor listened and watched as Nikki escorted Arturo to the door with her hand on Arturo's back.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon approached Reed and offered her sympathy for what he'd been going through. Reed barked that his father was gone, and it wouldn't make things any better by talking about it. Reed knew that everyone hated J.T. and that J.T. was a big loser. Sharon said that they remembered what J.T. had done to Victor.

Reed told Sharon that when Victoria had been with Billy, Billy had hurt her over and over, but she'd always forgiven him. J.T. had made one mistake, Victoria had shut him out, and J.T. had left. Reed couldn't understand why his dad would ghost him. Reed refused to believe that J.T. had run to save himself. Sharon asked if it bothered Reed to know what J.T. had done to Victor. She said that J.T. appeared to have a violent streak. Sharon told Reed that Victoria had been protecting him and the kids. Reed said he still loved his dad. However, Victoria had stated that J.T. was out of his life, and he had to accept that.

A short time later, Nikki arrived, and Sharon told her that Reed was struggling. Nikki said her heart went out to him, but they hadn't had time to consider the ramifications of their actions. It was too late to undo them. Sharon suggested they tell Paul everything. Nikki sternly ordered Sharon to get those thoughts out of her head.

On the patio, Reed called Billy and asked Billy to meet him. When Billy arrived, Reed told Billy he couldn't live with Victoria anymore. He'd been told not to blame Victoria for what had happened to J.T., but Reed did blame her. He said that Victoria had convinced him to give J.T. a chance after J.T. had arrived in Genoa City. Victoria had encouraged him to build a relationship with J.T. Later, Victoria had asked him not to ask questions about J.T., who'd become a criminal after he'd attempted to kill Victor.

Billy told Reed that sometimes relationships just didn't work. Billy had no idea what had happened between Reed and Victoria, but he assured Reed that Victoria had never meant to hurt him. He told Reed to focus on his life. Reed asked Billy to help him do something drastic.

Billy and Reed arrived at Victoria's. Billy told Victoria that Reed had a valid idea and asked Victoria to hear Reed out. Reed told Victoria that he couldn't be around people who hated J.T. or who told him that he shouldn't care about his dad -- and worse yet, people who couldn't wait for J.T. to go to jail. Victoria said she'd never told Reed any of those things. She said that after what J.T. had done, he couldn't return anytime soon. If he returned, he'd be arrested. Victoria said she didn't like it, but she needed Reed to be realistic.

Billy encouraged Reed to calmly tell Victoria what he'd told Billy. Reed repeated that he couldn't stay where his dad was seen as a villain and where no one was allowed to have an opinion. Victoria said she'd understand if Reed wanted to stay at the ranch for a while. Astounded, Reed said he wouldn't live with Victor -- the only person in the world who hated J.T. more than Victoria did. Victoria said she didn't hate J.T.

Reed said he needed to leave Genoa City and be in a place where everyone wasn't gunning for J.T. to go to jail for the rest of his life. Reed said that he wanted to go to a boarding school in New Hampshire that was focused on music. Mattie had told him about it, and it had been the same school that Devon's sister, Anna, had attended. He said that Genoa City University music program had rejected him, and J.T. had been the only one to convince him not to give up on music. They had bonded over it while playing guitar. Reed felt that he'd lost one of the few people who'd understood him.

Reed told Victoria that perhaps if J.T. reached out to him, he could show J.T. that he was following the passion the way J.T. had when he'd been Reed's age. Music was what had drawn them together. That was the reason Reed wanted to go to that school -- partially for himself and partially because it would make Reed feel closer to his dad. Reed said he wanted to be like the good parts of J.T. and not the bad. Victoria told him that J.T. was self-destructive, and there was no way that Reed would ever be like that. Billy agreed.

Billy assured Victoria that he'd checked out the school, and he encouraged Victoria to allow Reed to attend. It didn't mean that she'd quit being a parent -- it just meant that she'd put Reed's needs ahead of her own. Reed thanked Billy for his help, and Billy left. Victoria cried that if it were up to her, she'd keep Reed close forever, and she hoped she hadn't been pushing him away. In tears, Victoria agreed to let Reed attend the boarding school. She told Reed she was proud of him for following his dreams. She added that J.T. would have been proud of him if he'd been there. After Reed went upstairs, Victoria collapsed onto the floor and sobbed.

In the reception area at Jabot, Kyle cornered Ravi and asked Ravi to help him with an IT issue. Ravi wasn't receptive and commented on how polite Kyle had become. Ravi said that when Kyle had been masquerading as CEO, Kyle had ignored him every time they'd passed in the hall. Kyle said it had been unintentional, and he'd had a lot going on.

Kyle assured Ravi that his job had always been safe because Ravi was a "rock star." Ravi wanted to know what Kyle wanted. Kyle asked Ravi to retrieve the contents on a memory card. Ravi noted that the memory card appeared to have been in a fire. Kyle offered Ravi a bribe -- money or game tickets. Ravi agreed and said he'd see what he could do.

After Ravi left, Phyllis arrived. Kyle asked what had put that smile on her face. Phyllis said it had been his Uncle Billy and asked if Kyle had seen him. Kyle asked if she'd give him a chance to make her smile like that. Phyllis said, "Next question." Kyle asked if she'd spoken to Summer recently. Phyllis admitted she hadn't and asked why. Kyle said he'd been wondering what Summer had been up to, and he walked away.

Billy returned to Jabot and bumped into Phyllis as he exited the elevator. He told her he'd needed to take care of something, but seeing her, his day had greatly improved. He dragged Phyllis into the elevator and kissed her. He said he loved that elevator because it was the site of some of his favorite memories. They continued to kiss as the elevator door closed.

Nick arrived at Sharon's. Sharon asked how the meeting had gone. Nick asked why she hadn't attended. Sharon claimed that she'd been short a manager and hadn't had anyone to cover. She saw that Nick was upset and asked what was troubling him. Nick told her that his parents had told him why Victoria had broken up with J.T. He said that J.T. had physically and emotionally abused Victoria. Victor had informed him that J.T. had shoved Victoria up against the wall and had tried to choke her. Nick wanted to know why Victoria hadn't turned to him or any other family member.

Nick told Sharon that Victoria had been alone with J.T. night after night, isolated, confused, and terrified. Sharon said that she knew from her time on the crisis hotline that it was a difficult subject for women to talk about. Nick said that J.T. was still out there, and he'd tried to kill Victor. J.T. could resurface at any time. Nick said he was determined to find the "bastard" and that finding J.T. had become more critical than ever.

Kyle watches Dina's video admission about Jack

Kyle watches Dina's video admission about Jack

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Victoria was surprised when Mac showed up at her door. Mac explained that her kids were missing their father, and she needed to know what had happened to J.T. Mac mentioned that she'd been trying to call her ex ever since she'd seen the news bulletins, but she was running out of ways to reassure her children, who kept asking to see their dad. Victoria claimed that she didn't know where J.T. was, and she murmured that she didn't know what to do. Mac replied that she didn't, either, and she contemplated what to tell her kids.

Mac recalled that J.T. had called and video chatted with D.J. every day, but then there had suddenly been nothing. Victoria confirmed that J.T. also hadn't contacted Reed, and Mac worried that D.J. thought his dad had rejected and abandoned him. Mac angrily questioned how J.T. could do that to his children, and Victoria recognized that she should have listened to what Mac had said about what J.T. was capable of. Mac softly asked how bad it had been, and Victoria recounted that J.T. had been manipulative and controlling, just like Mac had predicted he would be. Mac sensed that there was more, and Victoria turned away.

Victoria recounted her physical altercation with J.T. and how they'd ended up on opposite sides of the bathroom door, exchanging apologies and deciding to find a way forward. Victoria asked if J.T. had ever hit Mac, and Mac said no, but she recognized the pattern because she'd lived it. Mac couldn't believe how long it had taken her to say no more and to do something about it, and Victoria said she was sorry because she'd never meant for Mac and her children to be collateral damage.

Mac swore that Victoria didn't owe her any apologizes, since J.T. had been the one to hurt his kids by leaving without even a goodbye. Mac regretted that she hadn't tried harder to get Victoria to understand how much J.T. had changed, but she recognized that there was no use in looking back. Mac thought they had to do what was best for their kids by finding J.T., but Victoria responded that it might be impossible.

At Crimson Lights, Nick instructed someone over the phone to check with Cane, who'd been the last person to see J.T. in Genoa City. Sharon and Mariah approached, and Nick explained that he was doing everything he could to help with Victor's investigation. He intended to check on Victoria to let her know that he was there for her, but Sharon blurted out that it was the last thing Victoria needed. Mariah questioned what it was to Sharon if Nick wanted to have his sister's back, and Sharon referred to what J.T. had done to Victoria. Mariah expected the siblings to bond over hating the guy who had put their father in the hospital, but Nick informed Mariah that there were things she didn't know.

Sharon revealed that J.T. had been abusing Victoria, and Mariah imagined that Nick wanted to kill J.T. Sharon indicated that Victoria was dealing with her own guilt, but Mariah pointed out that there had been no way Victoria could have known that a person the whole town knew and loved would morph into someone who hurt people. Mariah insisted that Nick needed to be there for Victoria, but Sharon cautioned that Victoria might have reasons for not talking about it. Sharon contended that Victoria's home was her sanctuary, and she anticipated that Victoria would reach out to Nick if she needed him.

Hilary joined Phyllis on the coffeehouse patio, and Phyllis congratulated her. Phyllis inquired about Devon's reaction when he'd heard the news, and Hilary replied, "Devon who?" Phyllis was stunned to learn that Hilary had broadcast the news about her pregnancy to the world after Devon had said he needed time to adjust. Hilary conceded that it hadn't been her smartest move, but she thought he had to face his responsibilities. Hilary recounted that he'd insisted that he'd love to be a father, and he'd spent an entire night in her room, trying to seal the deal.

Hilary wished that Devon was as excited as she was, but she grumbled that he was treating her and the baby like he was ashamed of them. Phyllis urged Hilary to give him some time. Hilary gushed about how special it had been when they'd made the baby, since it had been more than just sex. Phyllis wondered what had happened since then, and Hilary spat that Simone was in the mix. Phyllis doubted that was the only reason Devon was conflicted, and Hilary admitted that she was sometimes her own worst enemy.

Mac joined Nick at Crimson Lights and called Sharon over. Nick reported that Mac had just been at Victoria's, and Mac revealed that she'd wanted reassurance that J.T. was okay, but Victoria hadn't heard from him, either. Mac added that it had turned out to be a much different conversation, since Victoria had confided in her about J.T.'s abuse. Mac sympathized that Victoria was struggling, wondering what she could have done differently, even though there was nothing she could have done. Nick asked if Victoria had been willing to open up, and Mac recognized that it hadn't been easy, but she thought it had helped Victoria to talk to someone.

Mac excused herself to take a call from the nanny, and Nick prepared to go see Victoria and try to get her to open up to him, too. After he took off, Sharon interrupted Phyllis and Hilary on the patio and said she needed to borrow Phyllis for a minute. Hilary said she had to get going anyway, and she hugged Phyllis goodbye. Once alone, Sharon panicked that Nick was on his way to see Victoria to let her know that he was aware of the abuse and that she could tell him anything. Phyllis pressed Sharon to do something, but Sharon protested that she had no one to cover. Phyllis griped that she would have to handle it herself, and she rushed out.

Nick arrived at Victoria's house and said he'd been second-guessing whether he should stop by. He revealed that Victor had told him what J.T. had done to Victoria, and she asserted that it wasn't their dad's business, so he'd had no right to tell. Nick contended that both he and Victor were concerned, and he assured her that she wasn't alone. He pledged to find J.T., but Victoria urged him not to feel like he needed to rescue her. He swore that it wasn't what he was doing, but he was missing any solid leads. He inquired whether there was anything she'd felt uncomfortable talking about with the police, but the doorbell interrupted them.

Victoria found Phyllis at the door, and Nick was surprised to see her. Phyllis jokingly scolded him for thinking he could break up their party, since they had arranged a girls' night with wine and gossip over gallons of ice cream, and he wasn't invited. Sharon approached Victoria's front door, but she scurried out of sight when she heard Nick say that he'd let them get back to their plans. After he departed, Sharon stepped out of the shadows and asked what had happened. Victoria realized that Phyllis and Sharon had thought she'd cave and tell Nick everything, and Sharon reasoned that Victoria had been under a lot of pressure.

Victoria reminded them that they'd all agreed to keep quiet, but Sharon groaned that none of them had anticipated how hard it would be. Sharon contemplated whether it had been a mistake not to tell the police, since their choice might have made things worse. Sharon admitted that every day that ticked by added to the guilt, and she suspected that Nick and Mac wouldn't stop until they got answers. Victoria insisted that they had to stay strong, but Sharon considered whether going to prison might be better than the guilt. Sharon told them to forget what she'd said, and she headed outside to get some air.

Sharon walked through the park and sat down near the spot where she'd helped bury J.T. Phyllis and Victoria tracked her down, worried that she'd gone to the cops. Sharon huffed that she didn't need their permission to get some air, but Victoria warned that they couldn't be there, since it looked suspicious. Victoria insisted that they go back to her house, but Sharon opted to go home and walked away.

Victoria and Phyllis returned to Victoria's place. Phyllis had a bad feeling about Sharon being on a guilt trip while living with Nick, and Victoria wished they'd gotten Sharon back there to sort things out. Phyllis refused to let Sharon blow it for the rest of them.

At the cottage, Nick finished a call about the search for J.T. as Sharon arrived home, and he informed her that he'd seen Victoria. He relayed that he hadn't gotten a chance to get his sister to open up, since Phyllis and Victoria had made plans. Nick voiced surprise that Phyllis and Victoria had suddenly become best friends, and Sharon reasoned that Victoria could use some close women friends. Nick planned to reassure Victoria that she could be honest about everything, and he noted that Sharon seemed off. She chalked it up to a long day, and she went upstairs to turn in early.

Sharon dreamed of returning to the park and staring at the spot where J.T. was buried. She envisioned a hand reaching up from the earth, and she cried out as she woke up. Nick burst into the room and asked what was wrong, and he comforted her. He inquired what her dream had been about, and he reminded her that she was always saying it was better for people to talk about what was bothering them. She requested a glass of water, and he offered to make some tea. Nick headed downstairs and looked thoughtful.

Lily and Neil entered the Hamilton-Winters office and noticed a glum Devon. Neil thought Devon had been out to scout new talent, and Devon replied that he was done. Lily assumed that it had just been an excuse to avoid joining them for dinner, and Neil guessed that Devon had wanted to take some time away to figure things out. Devon scoffed at the idea that he'd make up a story to avoid talking about the issue, and he flatly stated that he wasn't going to discuss it with either of them. He walked out.

Later, Devon finished a call. Neil recognized that they were all upset about Hilary, but he thought talking would help. Devon was sure about how the conversation would go -- they'd briefly touch on him becoming a father before it turned into a Hilary-bashing. Lily glibly asked what was wrong with that, and Devon lectured that it was inappropriate, since he'd entered into the agreement after giving it a lot of thought. He curtly added that he had a meeting to go to, so he'd see them in the morning, and he exited. Neil surmised that Devon didn't want to follow through with his commitment, but Lily opined that Devon wanted to be a father -- he just didn't want to have a baby with Hilary.

Lily griped that their family was tied to Hilary for good after thinking they were rid of her, and Hilary overheard as she entered and asked who they'd been talking about. Lily was surprised Hilary was there after the stunt she'd pulled, and she bet Hilary had been hoping to see Devon because he hadn't talked to her since her announcement. Hilary looked away, and Lily taunted that Hilary had blown it that time. Neil warned that fighting wouldn't get them anywhere, and he begrudgingly congratulated Hilary. Lily planned to show Devon how greedy and manipulative Hilary was, and Hilary dared Lily to give her reasons to never let Lily get to know her future niece or nephew.

Hilary threatened Lily with a restraining order, but Lily barked that Hilary wasn't the only one with a say. Lily anticipated getting access to the child through Devon, since the kid would need a strong, honest female presence that he or she wouldn't get from Hilary. Hilary shoved Lily, but Neil intervened and suggested that they all learn to coexist for the child's sake.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was dismayed when Abby showed him a video that showed Dina jumping between fantasy and fact. Abby lamented that the past few interviews had been like that, and she bemoaned that there was no way to tell if what Dina had said was real. Kyle pointed out that Abby had been able to preserve part of Dina's legacy on tape, and Abby said it had been fun getting to know Dina through her memories. Kyle wanted to see more of the footage, and Abby indicated that Charlie was putting it together. Jack thought they should make the screening of it a celebration of his mom's history by giving Dina a night to remember.

Dina sauntered in and announced that she was off to the club for her swimming lesson, and she asked Kyle to pull the car around for her. Abby claimed that Dina had napped through her alarm, and the club only provided swim lessons in the daylight. Dina questioned when it had become night, and Abby chalked it up to Dina always being busy. Dina agreed to reschedule another time, and she told Kyle that she wouldn't need the car, after all.

Addressing Jack, Dina asked "John" to meet her new friend, but she grappled with Kyle's name. Kyle reminded her of what it was, and she sat down next to him and whispered that she didn't want John to know about something. Abby led Dina away, and Kyle asked Jack who Dina had thought Kyle was. Kyle speculated that Dina had seen him as Brent Davis, but Jack replied that Kyle's guess was as good as his. Jack theorized that she'd been recalling a chauffeur she'd had or that it had just been a fantasy.

Kyle questioned whether there was any way of verifying Dina's interviews, and Jack acknowledged that it was common knowledge that Dina had had affairs. Jack was glad that although John had known about them, John had never found out the truth about Ashley, since fatherhood had been sacred to him. Kyle remarked that Jack had been lucky to have a dad like that. Jack recognized that his father had set the bar high, and Jack usually missed it by a mile. Jack spotted Abby on the stairs and said he didn't mind her overhearing, since he owed it to Kyle to be a better father, and he wanted to keep trying. Kyle vowed to try to be a better son, and Jack hoped that they could get it right someday.

Jack found Devon at the Athletic Club bar, chugging back shots, and he asked if Devon was celebrating. Devon despondently recognized that it was supposed to be a business meeting, and Jack got the feeling it wasn't a celebration. Jack had expected Devon to be happier about becoming a father, and Devon cited the difference between saying he wanted to be a parent and actually seeing the positive pregnancy test. Jack understood the feeling of commitment to an actual human being, and Devon sourly added, "And the mother."

Jack realized that the baby wasn't the problem. He shared that he'd found out Kyle was his son later in life, and he'd been playing catch-up ever since. Jack regretted that he'd let too much time go by without spending time with Kyle and reassuring Kyle that Jack truly loved him. Jack advised Devon to put the work in from day one and not to let his feelings for his child's mother get in the way of being a good parent.

Later, Mariah spotted Devon at the club, and she asked if he was mad at her for encouraging Hilary to speak her mind. Devon took responsibility for starting everything by drawing up a contract, and Mariah observed that he wasn't exactly throwing back Champagne. He confided that he didn't have a problem with the baby so much as he did with what went along with it.

Meanwhile, at the Abbott mansion, Kyle commented that it was too bad Abby's video project had ended, and Abby explained that it had been too heartbreaking for her. Abby referred to Dina talking to Kyle like he was someone she'd been involved with, and Kyle questioned whether that person existed. Abby figured that there was no way to tell, and Kyle bet there were intriguing tidbits in the interviews. Abby insisted that he wait to see the piece that Charlie was editing together, and she refused to provide any spoilers.

Once alone, Kyle received a text message from Ravi, indicating that Ravi had cracked the video file. Kyle played the video on his phone, and he watched Dina's admission that there was something John didn't know, since she'd had multiple affairs with many consequences. Jack entered and asked what Kyle was watching, and Kyle fibbed that it was a presentation on accounting documentation for Jabot. Jack was pleased to see Kyle's initiative, and he headed upstairs.

Later, Jack ordered Kyle to put the phone down so they could have some father-and-son time by watching a baseball game. Kyle preferred to work, and he compared watching baseball to watching paint dry. Jack protested that Kyle had once loved the game, but Kyle contended that he'd moved on from it. Jack left to watch the game in the den, and Kyle put on his headphones to finish watching the video. He was stunned to see Dina declare that Jack wasn't John's son.

Hilary learns she's not pregnant

Hilary learns she's not pregnant

Friday, April 27, 2018

Reed arrived home and groaned when he saw his name on a banner over the mantel. He told Victoria to count him out of whatever she'd planned, and she informed him that it was a going-away party. He protested that she should have asked him first, but she countered that he'd made arrangements to leave town without talking to her. She added that she could have said no, but she hadn't because it was what he wanted. Reed agreed to attend the party as long as there were no tears. Victoria hoped everyone in the family would be there, but Reed muttered that he knew one person who wouldn't be.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki asked if Victor was ready for Reed's party, but Victor declared that he wasn't going because his doctor had advised against it. Nikki questioned when he'd started listening to his doctor, but Victor thought she'd be happy about it. He mentioned that Reed had been there earlier, and he'd told his grandson how he felt. Nikki wondered if Victor had told Reed that he loved him, and Victor stated that Reed knew it. Nikki clucked that it never hurt to hear it, and she kissed Victor's cheek and headed out. He made a call and summoned someone to his home immediately.

Arturo arrived at the ranch and hoped there were no problems with the New Hope project, since he had enough on his plate. Victor haughtily replied that he was sure Arturo did, and Arturo asked where Nikki and the rest of the team were. Victor declared that the meeting was for just the two of them, and he indicated that he'd gone over the budget for New Hope. Arturo remarked that he hadn't realized that Victor was so involved, and Victor pointedly stated that he got involved in anything Nikki was passionate about.

Victor barked that he didn't like the numbers, and he wondered if Arturo was providing services that Victor didn't know about. Arturo insisted that he was good at what he did, but Victor assumed that Arturo disliked oversight, and Victor didn't want Nikki to be taken advantage of. Arturo observed that Nikki seemed to be in complete control, but Victor replied that she sometimes used bad judgment. Arturo asked if they were through, and Victor replied that they were -- for then. Arturo departed.

At the cottage, Sharon screamed when she heard a crash in the kitchen. Mariah called out that it had been a minor accident, but she hadn't killed anyone. A shirtless Nick rushed in, and Mariah reported that her mother had freaked out because Mariah had dropped a plate. Nick observed that Sharon was shaking, and he noted that it had been happening a lot. He referred to her terrible nightmare, but Sharon argued that reacting to a bad dream or a loud noise wasn't unusual. Mariah agreed that Sharon had been acting odd, and she wondered what was going on.

Sharon contemplated what to do to convince them that there was nothing to worry about, and Mariah decided to carry on with her day. Nick mentioned that Victoria was throwing a party for Reed, and he invited Sharon to go. Sharon balked, but Mariah teased that Sharon and Victoria had become best friends since their bonding party. Sharon protested that the party was for family, but Nick insisted that she was family. Mariah implored Sharon to get out of the house. Sharon agreed to go to prove to both of them that she was okay, and she and Nick headed out.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina greeted Kyle, who asked how his favorite beautiful lady was doing. She found him familiar, and she asked if she knew him. He implied that she knew him very well, and he claimed that he hadn't seen her around the club, so he'd swung by to take her for a bite to eat. She went to get her purse.

Abby arrived home and was surprised to see Dina and Kyle heading out. Kyle announced that he was taking Dina on an excursion, and Dina exclaimed that they were going to the country club, where they'd first met. Abby pulled Kyle aside and asked if he was sure about taking Dina out by himself, and she offered to go with them after she stopped by Reed's party. Kyle assured her that he had it, and he claimed that he wanted to get to know his grandmother. Kyle took Dina's hand and led her out.

At the Athletic Club, Dina gushed that she loved the place, and Kyle cooed that he loved the way she said his name. She began to tremble when she couldn't remember what it was, and he suggested that they talk about something else, since names weren't important. Dina pounded the table and bellowed that it was important to her, and he urged her to take it easy. He insisted that she was a beautiful, smart, amazing lady, but she lamented that she couldn't even remember his name. Kyle swore that he just wanted to get to know her better, and Dina said she was glad he was in her life.

Reed welcomed Billy and Phyllis to his party, and Billy guessed that Victoria wasn't upset with him for helping Reed plan his escape. Phyllis questioned who else would teach Reed how to get through boarding school, and Victoria piped up that she could. Billy imagined that she could help Katie one day, but there were things Reed needed to know that weren't in Victoria's bandwidth. Victoria ordered them to keep the conversation rated PG, and she led Phyllis to the kitchen. Phyllis thought that Reed leaving would be good for everyone, and Victoria groused that Phyllis was ignoring the fact that the teen hadn't gotten a chance to mourn his father. Phyllis clarified that it would be easier for Victoria to move on with Reed away, but Victoria wasn't sure how to do that.

Victoria greeted Nikki with a hug, and Nikki regretted that Victor wasn't there. Victoria reasoned that it was better to have fewer people to keep a secret from, and Phyllis warned them to watch their expressions because people were watching. Billy noted that the women really had bonded, and he asked if he could attend their next get-together. Nikki remarked that they were still recovering from the last one, and Phyllis referred to the liquor. Billy marveled that after the years of catfights, there was hope for them all.

Nikki handed Reed a going-away present, and he jokingly asked if it was a car. She said she'd miss him. He replied that he'd miss her, too, but he couldn't stay with his dad gone. He recognized that Victoria didn't want him to leave. Nikki pointed out that no mother wanted to see her child go, but Victoria wanted what was best for him. Reed recalled that Victor had said the same thing. He mentioned that he and his grandfather had had a good talk at the ranch, but he wasn't sure if Victor had accepted his apology. Nikki recognized that Victor could be very forgiving when he wanted to be.

Reed asked how many boarding schools Billy had been kicked out of, but Billy bragged that there had been none because he'd never been caught. Reed opened the door to Nick and Sharon, and she hoped Reed didn't mind that she was there. Reed supposed it was cool, but Sharon wasn't sure everyone else would feel that way. Nick offered to give Reed pointers on how not to get expelled, and Sharon joined the other ladies.

Victoria griped that Phyllis hadn't been invited, and Phyllis countered that it wouldn't have been a problem if Nikki hadn't greeted her like a long-lost buddy. Sharon said Nick had invited her, and Nikki huffed that "no" wasn't in Sharon's vocabulary. Phyllis encouraged them to keep up the "bitchiness" to avoid people becoming suspicious, and she loudly declared that no one was interested in Sharon's opinion. The women bickered, and Victoria snapped that the party was supposed to be about Reed -- the boy who thought his father had abandoned him.

Billy looked over at the women hanging out together, and he marveled that the only thing they'd had in common a week earlier had been that they'd all shared a last name. Billy dryly suggested that he and Nick get together with Jack and Victor to see if lightning struck twice. Nick chuckled, and he found it ironic that the women's friendship had happened once Victoria had realized what kind of person J.T. was. Billy and Nick commended the ladies for putting their differences aside to support Victoria.

Billy answered the door and greeted Abby, who was taken aback when she saw Victoria and Nikki talking to Sharon and Phyllis. Meanwhile, Sharon intentionally hurled an insult at Phyllis to avoid suspicion, but Phyllis ordered her to dial it down. As Abby approached, Nikki accused Sharon of using Reed's party to get close to Nick. Abby asked if she was interrupting, and she said she was sorry that she'd missed their "killer" girls' night. The rest of the women exchanged uncomfortable glances.

Billy asked if Reed was okay, and Reed bemoaned that he was still expecting his dad to walk through the front door. Sharon looked pained, and Reed thought J.T. could have found a way to get in touch using a burner phone. Billy recognized that J.T. had problems but that he loved Reed, and he was sure J.T. would be happy that Reed was pursuing his music. Reed wished his father would tell him that, and he fantasized about playing in a dive bar and seeing J.T. smiling up at him from the front row. Sharon struggled to maintain her composure.

Sharon privately told Reed how sorry she was, and he asked for what. She stammered that she felt partly responsible for him leaving town, since perhaps she could have given him better advice when they'd spoken at the coffeehouse. Reed insisted that his decision hadn't had anything to do with her, and she sympathized about what he was going though. A confused Reed thanked her and turned away as Nikki and Phyllis watched. Victoria proclaimed that there was someone else there to see him, and he faced Mattie.

In a quiet corner, Reed admitted that he'd made big mistakes, since it had been selfish and stupid to drive drunk. He praised Mattie for being a good friend, and he thought he should have seen that when she'd defended him to the judge in court. He was amazed by the way she focused on what she wanted and pushed herself to do better, and it made him want to turn his life around. He pledged to show her that he wasn't a complete loser, and he said he would miss her. She replied that she'd miss him, too, and they hugged.

Nick asked Victoria if she had any idea what was going on with Sharon, who was standing alone across the room. Nick recounted the nightmare and the incident with the dropped plate. Victoria figured that Sharon had always been prone to being dramatic, but Nick suspected that there was something bothering Sharon. Sharon stared at the fireplace poker and flashed back to Nikki whacking J.T. over the head. Sharon suddenly claimed that she'd remembered something she needed to take care of, and she hurried out. Phyllis worried that they'd end up in matching jumpsuits if they didn't rein Sharon in.

After the party was over, Victoria teased that Reed had survived, and he conceded that it hadn't been as lame as he'd thought it would be. She asked if he'd said goodbye to the kids, since they'd really miss him. He wondered if Victoria would miss his dirty socks and his music, and she sobbed that she'd miss everything. He pointed out that she'd almost made it without tears, and she apologized for everything she'd put him through. Reed implored her not to feel guilty that his dad wasn't there, since that was on J.T. Victoria said she loved Reed, and they hugged.

Nikki returned to the ranch and asked about Victor's day. He informed her that he'd had an interesting visitor -- her contractor, who he'd called there. Victor explained that he had doubts about Arturo's role in the project, and he didn't trust Arturo in a project of that size. Nikki asserted that she'd be the judge of it, but Victor insisted that she needed advice. He ordered her to fire Arturo. She huffed that she was perfectly capable of making her own decisions, but Victor warned that there would be trouble if she kept Arturo around.

Dina and Kyle returned to the mansion, and she recalled going out like that with Katherine, who she hadn't seen in ages. Kyle was sure they'd reconnect one day, and Dina was dismayed that so many of her friends had disappeared. Kyle swore that he wasn't going anywhere, and Abby inquired about their outing. Dina squealed that it had been delightful, but she was a little weary and wanted to lie down. After Dina headed upstairs, Abby noted that she hadn't seen Dina that happy in a long time, and she implored Kyle to keep doing whatever he'd been doing.

Phyllis and Billy entered the Athletic Club. She spotted Sharon at the bar and asked him to grab a table. Sharon ordered another drink, but Phyllis changed it to club soda, since Sharon couldn't even handle things sober. Phyllis cautioned that Sharon would send them all to prison if she didn't keep her mouth shut, but Sharon snapped that Phyllis couldn't force her to stay quiet. Phyllis ominously stated that no one would believe Sharon in the psych ward, and she threatened to lace up the straitjacket herself.

Hilary greeted Devon in the club foyer, but he silently brushed past her. She asked if he was going to ignore her when they were going to have a baby together, and he spat that the whole world knew about it, thanks to her. Hilary asserted that it wasn't her fault if his girlfriend had broken up with him because he'd decided to become a father, but he clarified that they hadn't broken up. Devon intended to smooth out the mess, but he'd hold Hilary responsible if Simone called things off.

At the doctor's office, Hilary's doctor voiced surprise that Hilary was pregnant after she'd missed her insemination appointment. Hilary confessed that she'd gone the traditional route because she hadn't been able to wait to conceive. Hilary rambled on about the research she'd done to have a healthy pregnancy, and she wanted to book her first ultrasound. The doctor told her to slow down, and Hilary insisted on doing everything right and not letting anything mess things up.

The doctor returned after running some tests, and Hilary babbled about her nutritional needs during her pregnancy. The doctor apologetically stated that the results of the blood test had revealed that Hilary wasn't pregnant. Hilary protested that she'd taken two home pregnancy tests, and they'd both been positive. The doctor explained that it could happen in cases of a chemical pregnancy, where the egg had been fertilized but hadn't implanted in the uterus, rendering a false positive. The doctor assured Hilary that it didn't mean she couldn't conceive in the future. Hilary sadly realized that there was no baby, and she wailed that Devon would think she'd made the whole thing up.

At the Athletic Club, Devon assured Simone that things didn't have to change between them just because he'd conceived a child. She thought he didn't realize how much parenthood would change his life, but he pointed out that he'd be sharing the responsibility. She insisted that she wanted him to have a deep and loving bond with his child. Devon reasoned that he didn't have to deal with it for nine months, and that would give them time to figure out if what they had was serious enough to make things work.

Hilary approached Devon and Simone's table and nervously asked if she and Devon could talk privately. He stressed that her pregnancy wouldn't interfere in his relationship with Simone, and he insisted that Hilary say whatever it was because he and Simone didn't keep secrets. Hilary mentioned that she'd just seen her obstetrician, and she'd just wanted to keep him apprised. He curtly thanked her, and she retreated to the foyer, where she struggled against tears.

Hilary arrived at GC Buzz and found the studio cluttered with baby accessories. Mariah exclaimed that Hilary's bees had been very busy and that every baby company in the country wanted a shout-out on the air. Mariah called Hilary's announcement a nice marketing ploy, but Hilary swore that it hadn't been a publicity stunt. Mariah figured that ratings were ratings, and she suggested that Hilary name her baby Nielsen. A shaken Hilary requested that they rewrite the day's script to take out all the baby references, but Mariah replied that it was impossible because they were going on in five minutes.

Hilary welcomed her audience on The Hilary Hour, and Mariah reported that things were definitely buzzing at the studio, since it seemed the viewers were as happy as Hilary was about her pregnancy news. The camera panned over the vast array of baby items that people had sent. Hilary announced that there was something she wanted to say, since it wasn't always easy living life in front of the camera, but she'd always tried to be authentic and show the audience the real her.

Hilary acknowledged that there were sometimes consequences to sharing her personal life, but Mariah crowed that she'd take a superdome full of baby swag as a tradeoff. Hilary thanked everyone for the gifts, and Mariah began fawning over the various cute items as Devon entered. Hilary's eyes welled with tears as she spotted Devon.

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