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J.T. left Victor for dead. Victor underwent surgery for a brain bleed. Jack was arrested for attempted murder. Mac revealed that J.T. had been emotionally abusive. Devon and Hilary had sex. Ashley and Abby ran a DNA test to confirm whether John was Jack's father.
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The Newman family gathers to rally for Victor

The Newman family gathers to rally for Victor

Monday, March 26, 2018

At the Abbott mansion, Abby was stunned after Dina made a startling confession during one of the videotaped interview sessions. Abby asked Dina to share more information about a man she'd slept with. Dina clammed up and said she needed to rest. Dina hurried to the kitchen to request a cup of herbal tea. Ashley returned after Dina left the room. Abby, tears streaming down her cheeks, told Ashley about Dina's admission claiming that Jack wasn't an Abbott. Ashley doubted the veracity of Dina's claim and reminded Abby that Dina had recently believed she was a courting teenager. Abby agreed that perhaps she'd overreacted.

Ashley explained that it was difficult to distinguish fact from fiction when dealing with a loved one battling Alzheimer's disease. Ashley asked Abby if Jack had returned home. Abby said he hadn't. Ashley recalled Jack's belligerent behavior earlier in the evening at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Ashley told Abby that a drunken Jack had caused a scene, yelling and blaming Victor for all his woes.

Dina, wearing a hat and sunglasses, interrupted and announced that she was due at the Athletic Club for her diving lessons. Dina became frustrated when she found the front door locked. Ashley insisted she couldn't unlock the door for Dina. Abby changed the subject by inviting Dina to resume the recording of her memories on video.

Ashley sat a distance away to avoid upsetting Dina. After Abby turned on the camera, she prompted Dina to resume talking about the consequences of her unfaithfulness to John. Dina said, "I'll tell you whatever you want to know." Dina admitted to having had a brief affair with John's accountant before becoming enamored with a witty, sharp, desirable man she'd met at the country club. Dina seemed certain that the second man was Jack's father. Abby asked Dina the man's name, but Dina couldn't remember.

After Dina went to bed, Ashley and Abby discussed Dina's confessions. Ashley told Abby that Dina might be confusing her catch of a paramour with Brent Davis. Ashley recalled that Brent Davis had also been a member of the country club at the time. Abby didn't seem convinced. Ashley again expressed doubt about Dina's claim that John wasn't Jack's father.

At the Newman ranch, Victor tumbled down a flight of stairs after he and J.T. fought. An unconscious Victor ended up on his back at the bottom of the stairs. J.T., blood streaming down his lip, offered no help to Victor. Instead, J.T. rushed back to Victor's study and took a laptop and some documents. Victor remained comatose as J.T. stepped over his body without even pausing to assess Victor's injuries. Victor appeared to be in grave condition.

After J.T. left, Jack showed up. He was drunk. The front door was slightly ajar. As Jack pushed open the door, he called out to Nikki and Victor. No one responded. The shock of seeing Victor unconscious on the floor appeared to sober Jack somewhat. Jack knelt down, removed one glove, and felt Victor's neck for a pulse. Jack then took out his phone to summon help, but he paused before changing his mind and putting his phone away.

Jack's foot caught on Victor's arm as he made his way upstairs. Jack made sure no one was home before he slipped into Victor's study and briefly surveyed the damage left by the violent physical altercation between Victor and J.T. With a gloved hand, Jack attempted to open the safe, but the door was locked. Jack stumbled as he made his way toward Victor's desk. Papers pushed off the desk had landed in a heap in Victor's chair. Jack unplugged an external hard drive and stuffed it in his coat pocket before selecting a particular document from the pile. Jack stashed the document and a couple of jump drives in his pockets before heading back downstairs.

Jack stepped over Victor again and was about to leave before having a change of heart. Jack reentered the home and summoned help. Jack told the dispatcher to send help quickly because Victor was barely alive. Paul arrived before paramedics transported Victor to the hospital. Paul approached Jack and asked him to describe what had taken place.

Jack told Paul he'd entered the home without first summoning security because he'd been concerned about Nikki. Jack noted that very few people in town didn't hold a grudge against Victor. Paul attempted to phone Nikki, but she didn't answer. Jack also tried and failed to reach Nikki. Before Jack left, he told Paul he'd stopped by to apologize to Victor and Nikki. An investigator, carrying Victor's phone encased in an evidence bag, obeyed Paul's orders to transport the phone to the forensics lab for examination.

J.T. returned to Victoria's and phoned Paul while standing just outside the front door. J.T. announced that he'd secured the evidence Paul needed. J.T., describing the contracts he'd stolen, said, "It's going to help build our case for global price-fixing. Dated, initialed, and autographed by Victor." J.T. didn't say a word about the fight with Victor or anything about Victor's fall. Paul praised J.T. for his work and agreed to meet with him to receive the evidence. After the call ended, J.T. exhaled a sigh of relief before going inside.

After J.T. entered the house, Victoria noted that J.T. had been away longer than she thought he should have been. J.T. claimed he'd driven to a fine wine shop farther away, had gotten stuck in traffic, and had also experienced issues with his phone. J.T. embraced Victoria and said, "This is the best night of our entire lives." As Victoria and J.T. sipped Champagne, Victoria admitted that Nikki had seemed wary of her the engagement, given that J.T.'s divorce hadn't yet been finalized. J.T. insisted that he and Victoria would prove their relationship was based on love. Victoria said she was concerned about how Victor might react.

J.T. changed the subject and told Victoria they should continue their celebration. Victoria noticed the cut on J.T.'s lip and assumed she'd inflicted the injury during their altercation. J.T. replied, "That's behind us now. We don't ever have to talk about it again." After Victoria stepped out, J.T. searched for the hidden camera, found it, and stuffed it into his briefcase. Victoria quickly returned and told J.T. that Victor had been rushed to the hospital. Victoria slipped her engagement ring into her purse and told J.T. it wasn't the right time to announce their engagement.

At Sharon's house, Nick and Sharon kissed passionately. Sharon began unbuttoning Nick's shirt. Nick suddenly came to his senses, backed away from Sharon, and said, "We can't do this." Sharon told Nick that she'd gotten as carried away as Nick had. Nick said it was best that he move out. Sharon disagreed and said perhaps Nick should stay because they were still attracted to each other. Nick said it wasn't the right time for him to pursue a serious relationship because his main focus was parenting Christian. Jack phoned and told Nick that Victor had been attacked and taken to the hospital. Nick rushed out to break the news to Nikki.

Nick hurried down the hallway at the Athletic Club. Nick pounded on the door to Nikki's suite, but Nikki ignored the knocks. Nikki remained in Arturo's arms, kissing him. After the pronounced knocks continued, Nikki pulled on her robe and answered the door. Nick pushed his way inside and glared at Arturo before telling Nikki that an ambulance had whisked a badly injured Victor to the hospital. Nikki cried, "Oh, my God!" Nikki told Arturo that only family should gather at the hospital.

After Jack returned home, he informed Abby and Ashley about Victor. Abby, upset, asked if Paul had determined the identity of Victor's attacker. Jack assured Abby that police would track down the attacker. Jack added that Victor was in good hands at the hospital. Before Abby and Ashley left, Ashley told Jack not to disturb Dina.

After Abby and Ashley left, Jack used his laptop to access the hard drive he'd stolen from Victor. Jack noticed a series of emails cached from Victor's computer. Jack perused the emails. He was shocked to discover that Kyle and Victor had exchanged a number of communications. As Jack read the subject lines, he seemed shocked. Jack realized that Victor and Kyle seemed to be plotting against him.

At the hospital, Nick was by Nikki's side as they learned that Victor, still unconscious, had suffered a serious head injury. Nikki cried that Victor had seemed fine and hadn't mentioned plans to meet with anyone. Nick assured his mother that Victor was a strong fighter. J.T. and Victoria arrived. Victoria embraced her sobbing mother. Nick told Victoria that Victor's injuries were serious. J.T. stood silent as Victoria cried, "Who did this to him? How could this happen?" Nikki replied, "I don't know. I just don't know."

During a live broadcast from the hospital, Hilary announced that Victor had undergone a procedure to relieve bleeding on his brain. Hilary added that Victor's prognosis was unknown. She noted that Victor, an example of the American Dream, had built for himself an extraordinary life after having been orphaned. Through fierce determination, Hilary noted, Victor, a true icon in the business world, had built Newman Enterprises.

Hilary told her audience that the Newman family had gathered together at the hospital to pray for Victor's recovery. Hilary also acknowledged that Victor had his fair share of enemies. Hilary interviewed Paul. Paul assured viewers that his officers would find and prosecute the person who'd attacked Victor.

Lorie and Leslie Brooks spar with Jill

Lorie and Leslie Brooks spar with Jill

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

At the Athletic Club, Esther welcomed Jill home, and she wondered what mysterious mission Jill had been referring to in her text message. Jill declared that she was waging war against Nikki, who was making changes to Chancellor Park. Jill huffed that Nikki was sadly mistaken if she expected to deface Katherine's beautiful memorial, but she was distracted when she overheard two women whispering about her. Jill confronted the women and was stunned to recognize Lorie and Leslie Brooks. Esther exclaimed that she'd read every one of Lorie's books and that she'd listened to Leslie's concert albums.

"What the hell are you doing in Genoa City?" Jill asked the "infamous" Brooks sisters. Lorie revealed that they'd agreed to return for Walnut Grove's centennial, thinking Genoa City was a "Jill-free zone," yet they were face to face with their "former stepmother from hell." Leslie inquired whether Jill was also in town to celebrate the centennial, but Jill doubted that she would have time. Lorie snapped to let them know if she changed her mind so they could avoid running into one another again. Leslie announced that they'd be honoring their dad, since the school was naming a journalism lab after him.

Leslie and Lorie recalled their father being a hardworking, ethical man who'd held his reporters to high standards. Lorie griped that he'd tossed his standards out the window when he'd married Jill, but Jill argued that Stuart's life had been extended because of her, since she'd performed an emergency tracheotomy by following Snapper's instructions over the phone. Leslie conceded that Jill had been a hero that day, but Lorie groused that all the other days with Jill had been a problem -- especially when Jill had pretended to be pregnant after seducing their father, stealing his second chance at love with Jill's own mother, Liz.

Esther recalled that Katherine had loved gossiping about the scandal, but Jill swore that she'd been fond of Stuart. Lorie clarified that Jill had been fond of his money, and Jill argued that she'd been a single mother who'd been trying to provide a good home for her son. Lorie barked to leave the fiction to the experts, since she wasn't buying Jill's spin on the past.

Jack spotted Jill across the club dining room and sat down at a table out of sight. He left a voicemail for Kyle, asking his son to call back with an update about his life in New York. Billy plopped down and was surprised that Jack was in a bad mood rather than dancing a jig because Victor was incapacitated. Jack revealed that Kyle wasn't returning his calls and that they hadn't spoken since Kyle had voted to oust him from his seat at Jabot.

Jack added that Kyle had found time for Victor, since Jack had seen emails between the two on Victor's backup drive, referring to a plan they'd been working on together. Billy thought Jack was just being paranoid, since Kyle and Victor had been close before, and sometimes it was easier to talk to someone other than one's father. Jack worried that the email thread had gone back months, and if Victor and Kyle had been colluding, it explained why Kyle had voted against Jack.

Billy joined Jill and Esther, and Jill complained that she'd heard that Nikki was planning to make significant changes to Chancellor Park. Jill spotted Victoria and called her over, and she demanded to know Nikki's plans for the park. Victoria replied that it was the furthest thing from her mother's mind, but Jill ordered Victoria to deliver the message that Jill was ready to rally the troops to do whatever it took to protect the tribute to Katherine. Victoria revealed that she was there to pick up food while her father was in a coma and fighting for his life, and Jill was taken aback. Victoria headed out, and Jill reprimanded Esther for not telling her about Victor.

Jill groused that it was strike two during her visit. Billy inquired about the first strike, and Jill mentioned the Brooks sisters, who had once been her stepdaughters when she'd been briefly married to their father. Jill tried to change the subject, but Billy wanted to hear about the blip on Jill's romantic radar. Jill explained that she'd wanted to provide Phillip with the kind of home she'd never grown up in, and Stuart had been professionally successful with social standing, but his adult daughters had been opposed to the marriage.

Billy teased Jill for liking old men when she'd been younger, and he figured that the women had despised her because of the age difference. Jill confessed that they'd accused her of stealing their father away from the woman he'd really loved -- Billy's grandmother, Liz. Billy chortled as he recalled the grief Jill had given him for dating his brother's ex-wife, and he imagined that he'd inherited his lack of family boundaries from his mother.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby lamented to Ashley that Nikki had called to relay that there had been no change in Victor's condition, and Ashley insisted that Victor never gave up without a fight. Abby inquired whether Ashley had managed to keep Dina away from Jack, and Ashley mentioned that she'd had breakfast with Dina upstairs. Ashley hoped to keep Jack and Dina apart long enough for her mother to forget the silly notion that he wasn't John's son, and she remained sure that Dina's mind was just playing tricks on her. Abby pointed out that Dina had shown moments of clarity, and she thought they had to consider the possibility that the story was true.

Later, Abby noted that it seemed like Dina was having a good day, and she suggested that she ask about Jack's father again. Ashley insisted that they let it go, since Dina's mind would fill in the blanks with bogus information if they pushed too hard. Ashley maintained that Dina's story was a sad byproduct of Alzheimer's, and she imagined that Dina would dream up other new secrets to share just because she was confused. Dina rushed in and insisted on using Abby's laptop to find Jack's real father, since Jack needed to meet him before it was too late.

Dina became discouraged when she couldn't remember her former beau's name. Ashley suggested that it had been Brent, but Dina insisted that another man was Jack's biological father. Jack returned home and asked what was going on, and Ashley led Dina to the kitchen to make some tea. Jack wondered how Abby was doing, and she groaned that she was tired after spending the night at the hospital. Jack sincerely said he was sorry Victor was still unconscious, and he hugged her. Ashley returned and told Abby that Dina wanted to talk to her, and Abby stepped out.

Ashley thanked Jack for setting his animosity toward Victor aside, and she inquired whether he'd heard anything about Victor's case. Jack declared that he'd been delighted to wash his hands of the whole thing after he'd given his statement, but Ashley was surprised that he wasn't curious about who had done it. Jack pointed out that he could spend all day making a list, but Ashley noted that not all of Victor's enemies had had a nasty run-in with Victor on the same day as the attack. Ashley warned that if she were Paul, Jack would be at the top of the list.

Later, Abby retrieved a box upon Dina's request, and Dina explained that it contained her magical moments and treasures. Dina opened the box and pulled out a key to a motel room at the Stardust Inn, where she and Jack's father had spent their afternoons. Dina mentioned that they'd met on the outskirts of town to be discreet, and Abby urged her to close her eyes and concentrate to see if she could think of the man's name. Dina tried, but she couldn't remember his name -- only the passionate encounters they'd shared.

Dina asked Abby to take her to the Stardust Inn to try to jog her memory. Abby performed an online search and found nothing in Genoa City, but she discovered a motel that had changed its name. Abby checked the GPS, and she was stunned when Dina recited the exact address from memory. Dina insisted that they go there.

Dina and Abby arrived at the motel, and Dina observed that the exterior was a different color, but it was definitely the motel where she'd spent time with Jack's father. Abby pressed for any other details, but Dina couldn't think of anything. Abby prepared to return home, but Dina insisted on seeing if the key still worked, and she got out of the car over Abby's protests. Abby followed Dina to the room, and Dina prepared to use her key to open the door. Abby pointed out that the inn had modernized the locks, and Dina rapped sharply on the door and willed herself to remember Jack's father's name. There was no response, and Dina became distraught.

Dina grew excited when she suddenly remembered the name Graham. Abby sadly revealed that Graham had been Dina's companion in France in recent years, and Abby wondered if Dina had met Brent at the motel. Dina was adamant that she'd met a man other than Brent, and he'd looked a lot like Jack. Dina began to cry, and Abby assured her that she'd remember the man's name when she least expected it. Dina tearfully questioned why she hadn't been able to make a life with the man in question, but she was grateful that she at least had a reminder of the love they'd shared, since she saw the man she loved every time she looked at "Jackie."

A comatose Victor lay in his hospital bed, and Nikki informed Nick that the doctor hadn't had anything new to report. Nick asked if she'd gotten any sleep, but she insisted on staying by Victor's side. Nick lectured that she didn't have to keep up appearances for his sake, but Nikki asserted that her arrangement with Victor didn't change the way she felt about him. She admitted that she felt guilty that she hadn't been home when Victor had been attacked, since she would have gotten him to the hospital sooner if she'd been at the ranch. Nick assured her that the attack and Victor's condition weren't her fault, and Nikki wondered who was to blame.

Nikki sensed that something was on Nick's mind. He admitted that he was mad at Victor, but Victor was still his dad, and he didn't want Victor to stay like that forever. Nikki urged Nick not to talk like Victor would never wake up, and Nick bet that Victor was taking notes about everything they said so he could throw it in their faces later. Nick told Victor that he had to get better for Nikki, Abby, Victoria, his grandkids, and for Nick, too. Nick begged Victor to return to them.

Later, Ashley arrived at the hospital to check for news on Victor, and Victoria reported that there had been nothing. Ashley revealed her decision to return to Newman sooner than anticipated to allow Victoria to focus on her father, and she encouraged Victoria to take as much time as she needed away from the office.

Nikki was surprised when Arturo tracked her down at the hospital, and he explained that he'd been worried when she hadn't answered his messages, so he'd wanted to check on her and Victor. She was touched, but she warned that he shouldn't be there because the whole world was watching her, and she had to play the dutiful wife. Arturo promised to give her all the space she needed. Nick appeared, and Nikki tersely stated that Arturo was leaving. Jack arrived and recognized Arturo from the meeting at the ranch the day before. Arturo stepped aside to take a call, and Jack remarked that Nikki had been smart to get into bed with Arturo, since his expertise would help the project. Nick winced.

Nikki noticed that Jack had left out referee when he'd been singing Arturo's praises, since Arturo and Devon had broken up Jack and Victor's spat. Nick wondered if Jack had returned to finish the job, but Jack maintained that he'd stopped by the ranch to apologize for Nikki's sake. Jack recognized that he and Victor had issues, but he preferred to deal with them in the boardroom and not with his fists. Nick stepped away to join Victoria at Victor's bedside. Jack asked if Nikki knew anything about Victor meeting with Kyle. Nikki mentioned that Victor hadn't been to New York in a while, and Jack chalked it up to social media gossip.

Victoria asked Nick if she was a bad person for wanting to go back to work because she felt helpless there, whereas at least she could be helping their dad to keep the company running if she went to Newman. As she prepared to leave, Nick noticed her ring and wondered if she'd gotten engaged. Victoria glanced at Victor, and Nick jokingly asked if she expected their father to sit up and object. Victoria revealed that J.T. had popped the question the night before, and she recognized that it was kind of sudden, but she insisted that things had been good between them. She mentioned that Nikki wasn't thrilled, but Nick said he was happy for Victoria if it was what she wanted. They hugged.

After Victoria departed, Sharon and Faith found Nick in the corridor. Faith understood that Victor was sleeping, but she wanted to tell him she loved him. Nick promised that they'd go in as soon as the doctor was done examining Victor, and he handed Faith some money for the vending machine. After Faith stepped away, Nick admitted that he couldn't stand being around his father when Victor was healthy, but he couldn't leave his dad at a time like that.

Sharon thought the awful situation had made Nick consider losing a parent, and she recognized that even though Victor was capable of very bad things, there was also a better side to him. Sharon noted that Victor had always seemed invincible, but she couldn't help but wonder what life would be like without him. Nick said he'd been thinking about that himself, and he was sure Nikki had, too.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jill approached Nikki and expressed her concern. Nikki mentioned Jill's rant about the plans for the park, and Jill acknowledged that it wasn't the proper place to discuss it. Nikki stressed that Jill's worries were unfounded because Nikki was planning to create a Katherine Chancellor garden as a beautiful centerpiece, and she wanted to add an eco-friendly playground and an electronics-free zone. Jill admitted that she'd envisioned Nikki pulling up the grass and allowing commercial development, but she thought Nikki's ideas sounded lovely. Nikki mentioned that a dedication had been scheduled for later that week, but it would be postponed because of Victor's condition.

Victoria found Ashley in Victor's office at Newman. Ashley figured that with Victoria's demotion and Victor in the hospital, it made sense for her to take over as acting CEO. Victoria claimed that she'd been reprimanded but not demoted, so she still outranked Ashley and would be filling in. Ashley argued that Victor had told her that he'd demoted Victoria and written an in-house memo about it. Victoria countered that nothing had been sent to HR, so it had never happened.

Ashley expected Victor to call Victoria out for lying once he recovered, and Victoria said she'd deal with the consequences. Victoria believed her father would want to send a message to the shareholders that the company was stable and in family hands. Ashley growled that other people knew the truth, like Abby, but Victoria questioned who the board would believe -- a Newman or an Abbott.

At the police station, Paul informed Christine that digital forensics had sent over a transcript of voicemails that had been on Victor's phone. He pointed out one from Ashley, who had called to warn Victor that an angry Jack had been drinking and had been heading Victor's way. Christine mused that it didn't look good for Jack.

Paul summoned Arturo to the station. Paul understood that Arturo had been on the Newman property for a business meeting, and Arturo indicated that he'd presented a proposal to potential investors. Paul mentioned that his sources had said the meeting had ended badly when Jack and Victor had gotten into an argument, and Arturo confirmed that Jack had lunged at Victor and that it would have been an all-out brawl if he and Devon hadn't intervened.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley offered a shaken Abby a glass of wine. Abby rambled that she'd just been at a motel with her grandmother, who'd claimed to have cheated on Abby's grandfather with a man who was Jack's real father. Abby reported that Dina had kept the key to a motel room outside of town, and they'd gone there to see if Dina could remember the man's name. Abby continued that Dina hadn't, but her grandmother had shared intimate memories of her time there. Ashley conceded that the events lent credibility to the story, but she thought she and Abby had to keep it between them until they had definitive proof.

The doorbell rang, and Abby invited Paul in. Paul requested to speak to Ashley alone, and Abby left for the hospital. Ashley wondered if she should get Michael on the phone, and Paul informed her that she wasn't in trouble but that Jack might be. He referred to the voicemail she'd left for Victor, and he pressed to know any reason Jack might have had to attack Victor. Ashley asked how serious it might be, and Paul stated that Jack could be looking at a murder charge if Victor didn't make it.

J.T. confronts Mac at the reunion

J.T. confronts Mac at the reunion

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

by Nel

J.T. was at the Genoa City Police Station, happy that he'd been able to provide Paul with the incriminating documents against Victor that Paul had wanted. Paul informed J.T. that he'd checked the documents and had determined that they were fake, and they didn't have any other leads. There was no evidence that Victor had done any price fixing or other wrongdoing. Paul said that either J.T. had gotten played, or J.T. had played Paul. J.T. claimed that he'd had no idea that Victor had been onto him, and he assured Paul that he'd acted in good faith. Paul said that J.T. had failed, so the investigation was over.

J.T. asked Paul when they could meet to discuss the job that Paul had offered him with the Feds. Paul advised J.T. that there wasn't a job for him because he hadn't pulled through with the information Paul required to implicate Victor in price fixing. J.T. was livid and claimed that both Victor and Paul had played him. J.T. stormed out of Paul's office.

At the hospital, Nikki held Victor's hand and tried to convince him to wake up. She begged him not to give up and assured him that his family loved him. Victoria arrived and also asked Victor to listen to what Nikki had said. Victoria wanted him to return to them. Nikki advised Victoria that there had been no change in Victor's condition.

Victoria told Nikki about Ashley stepping in as acting CEO of Newman. Victoria asked Nikki to keep quiet about her demotion because Victoria needed to stop Ashley from taking over their family business. Because Victoria had agreed to the demotion, Nikki was uncomfortable with Victoria's request and reluctant to comply with it. Nikki reminded Victoria that Abby knew about the demotion, but Victoria was confident that everyone knew that Abby was biased because she was Ashley's daughter -- and everyone knew about the animosity between her and Abby. Nikki understood and reluctantly agreed to keep quiet.

At the Abbotts', Jack left another message for Kyle to call him. When he finished the call, he threw his phone down on the sofa. Ashley entered the room and asked what had Jack so upset. Jack said it was the lawsuit, Kyle, and his mother. Ashley stopped Jack from leaving and said that they needed to talk. She told Jack that Paul had doubts about his story about how he'd found Victor, and she was the reason why. Jack became furious when Ashley advised him that the police had questioned her about why Jack had gone to the ranch. Ashley shouted that she'd been looking out for him. Jack retorted that Ashley had been looking out for Victor, not him.

Jack asked if Ashley had straightened things out with Paul. When Ashley didn't respond, Jack wanted to know what she'd told Paul. Ashley claimed that she hadn't tried to incriminate him, but she knew that Jack despised Victor. He added that if he'd beaten Victor up, he wouldn't have called 9-1-1. He hated that the Newmans thought he'd done it.

Jack accused Ashley of being ready, willing, and able to step in and run Newman. Ashley advised him that Victoria had made a power play and had claimed that as COO, it was up to her to run Newman. Ashley said that Victoria had been demoted, and Ashley should have been the one to step in and run Newman. Jack snarled that he'd begged Ashley to return to Jabot, but Ashley had chosen to stay at Newman. Jack didn't want to hear her whine about how Victoria couldn't be trusted. He added that Ashley couldn't be trusted, either.

At the Athletic Club, Abby asked Dina for more information about the man Dina claimed was Jack's biological father. Dina glowed when she spoke about him and asked if she'd told Abby that he was handsome and smart. At that moment, Phyllis walked by. Dina became indignant and asked why that ugly manicurist was there. Dina said she was only there to steal Katherine's husband.

Billy, Cane, Lily, and Jill had dinner together. Jill claimed she was happy that Cane and Lily hadn't given up on each other, and she took credit for forcing them back together. Billy claimed he'd helped by advising Cane not to give up on Lily. After Lily and Cane left for the Walnut Grove reunion, Phyllis arrived. Billy commented that she looked amazing, but Jill snorted that she was very glammed up. Phyllis claimed she wanted to do Billy proud. Jill said there was a fine line between making a man proud and stealing his spotlight. It was Billy's reunion, not Phyllis'.

Abby tried to correct Dina that Phyllis hadn't been Jill, but she changed her mind when she realized Dina was distracted. Abby saw Jill at a table, and Dina continued her rant. She claimed that Katherine had taken "that trollop" into her home. Katherine had trusted and confided in Jill, and Jill had repaid Katherine's kindness by seducing Katherine's husband, Phillip. Abby asked if Katherine had told Jill everything. Dina said that she'd adored her friend, but Katherine had always become foolish when she'd been drinking and would blab everything she knew about everyone. Abby asked if it was safe to say that if Katherine knew something, so did Jill. Dina agreed and said she wished she'd kept more of her secrets to herself.

Abby and Dina approached Jill. Dina asked Abby why they were with that woman. Abby explained to Jill that they'd been recording Dina's life, and she hoped that Jill could help by filling in some of the gaps. Jill agreed to help.

Brittany walked into the Athletic Club and dropped her wrap. Raul walked in behind her and picked it up. Billy and Phyllis greeted them. Brittany asked if Billy and Phyllis had bumped into each other, but Billy informed her that he and Phyllis were a couple. Brittany was surprised and claimed that they had a lot to catch up on.

J.T. arrived, and as soon as he spotted Brittany and Raul, he tried to leave before they saw him. To J.T.'s chagrin, Brittany had seen him and greeted him warmly. She asked J.T. if he would be attending the reunion, but J.T. said the reunion was not his bag. He also told Brittany that he and Mac were divorcing and that he had a lot going on in Genoa City. Brittany hoped he'd change his mind and attend the reunion. J.T. left.

Jack arrived at Victoria's house and confessed that he'd been on edge with everything that had gone on. Victoria agreed that things had been rough and added that it was no thanks to his sister. Victoria explained that Ashley had used Victor's condition to take control of Newman. Victoria claimed that Ashley had had the audacity to claim that Victor had demoted her and that she was second in command to Ashley.

Jack said he'd heard about the demotion days earlier, and Ashley had claimed that Victoria was the one that had lied. Victoria asked if Jack intended to make trouble, but Jack claimed that he wanted to remain neutral. Victoria asked if that was the wisest move. Jack said he valued their friendship and thought they could help each other. He assured her that the only time he'd touched Victor had been when he'd felt for a pulse.

The reunion was in full swing at the Top of the Tower when J.T. arrived. Mattie and Charlie claimed that they weren't supposed to allow anyone in who wasn't on the guest list, but Lily told the twins that she and Cane would vouch for J.T. Lily told Charlie and Mattie that not only was J.T. a Walnut Grove alum, but he'd ruled the school back in the day.

J.T. joined Billy, Phyllis, Brittany, and Raul. He wanted to know everything that Brittany and Raul had done since they'd left Genoa City. Billy and Phyllis left. Brittany told J.T. that she and Raul were married. They'd run into each other in New York and gotten married a year later. Raul said that after he and Mac had broken their engagement, he'd climbed the corporate ladder and had become the youngest agency director of a company. Brittany said she'd become a partner in a law firm, and her son, Joshua, was attending Harvard. J.T. told Brittany and Raul that he and Victoria were engaged and that he was head of security at Newman.

Elsewhere, Lily and Cane greeted Mac. Mac was delighted to see the twins and told Lily that the pictures she'd posted hadn't done the twins justice. Lily wanted to know what was going on between Mac and J.T. At that moment, J.T. approached. He immediately started to argue with Mac. He stated that he wanted to see his kids. Mac said that it wasn't the time or place to have that conversation, and she walked away. J.T. griped to Cane that he missed his kids. Cane told J.T. that if he wanted joint custody, he had to find a way to make peace with Mac.

Mac joined Phyllis and Billy and said that she'd never imagined them together. Billy said they were sorry to hear about her and J.T. Phyllis claimed that she had never believed that Mac and J.T. would ever break up. Billy knew that Mac had filed for sole custody. Mac said it made sense, since she was in Washington, DC, and J.T. was in Genoa City. Phyllis said that was only geography and wondered why Mac was keeping the kids away from J.T. Mac stated that she had a good reason.

Mac was chatting with Brittany and Raul when J.T. joined them and apologized to Mac for his earlier behavior. He wanted to talk to Mac, and Brittany encouraged it. Mac and J.T. found a quiet spot. Mac told J.T. that the kids didn't need to deal with a dysfunctional relationship. J.T. claimed that the kids needed a father, and he asked if Mac believed he was a bad father. Mac claimed that a bad father was worse than no father.

J.T. accused Mac of being judgmental and said she had standards that no one could live up to. Mac said that that comment described him, not her. Mac said that since J.T. had left, she'd actually felt good about herself. She hadn't had to listen to any of his constant criticisms that had made her doubt herself, and he wasn't controlling her every move.

Billy noted the intensity between Mac and J.T., and he decided to call Victoria.

Jack asked Victoria for her help. He wanted to know if Victor had made any new alliances outside Newman with someone who could be a threat to Jabot. Victoria said she didn't know, but it sounded as if Jack knew something she didn't. At that moment, Billy called Victoria and told her that J.T. was at the reunion with Mac. Billy suggested that Victoria needed to attend and pick-up her man.

J.T. claimed it hadn't been his fault that Mac had low self-esteem. He claimed that her manufactured accusations didn't give her the right to take his kids away from him. Mac stated that she'd had every right. J.T. said he'd fight her in court and that he'd win. Victoria arrived at that moment and asked what was going on.

Paul arrived at the ranch to question Nikki about the attack on Victor. He asked Nikki where she'd been when Victor had been attacked. Nikki said she'd taken a room at the club. Paul asked if Nikki and Victor had had an argument. Nikki said they hadn't. Nikki told Paul that she had an early meeting, and it had been easier to stay at the club than to drive in from the ranch. When Paul said that he didn't believe her, Nikki confessed she'd been with a man. Paul asked if she'd been cheating, but Nikki clarified that she hadn't cheated. She and Victor had an arrangement.

Paul wanted to know who the guy was, but Nikki refused to tell him. Paul reminded her that he could be investigating an attempted murder. He needed the man's name. Paul told Nikki he wanted to post men outside her home. Nikki bristled and asked if she was a suspect. Paul said that he needed to find the person who'd pushed Victor down the stairs and needed the man's name. Nikki reluctantly told him she'd been with Arturo. Nikki claimed that she and Victor had an arrangement and that they were far more in tune with each other than ever.

Paul asked Nikki what the altercation between Victor and Jack had been about. Nikki said that Jack had felt that Ashley was working at Newman because Victor had wanted to put a wedge between the siblings. Paul asked if Victor had handled the situation with his usual "grace" and asked if Nikki had believed that Jack had arrived at the ranch to apologize. Nikki said she believed Jack and added that when Jack had arrived at the hospital, he'd been very kind and concerned. Nikki noticed that Paul didn't believe that. Paul said that perhaps Jack hadn't attacked Victor, but if Jack hadn't, Paul wondered who else had a motive to go after Victor.

Abby, Jill, and Dina arrived at the Abbotts' home. Dina wanted to know why that random woman had been taken into their home. Dina wanted nothing to do with her and walked out of the room. Jill wanted to know what had happened, because moments earlier, Dina had been laughing and inviting Jill to tea. Abby said one never got used to it; one just learned to accept it.

When Ashley entered the room, Abby asked Jill to make herself comfortable. Ashley wanted to know why Jill was there. Abby told Ashley that Jill had information about Dina's past and possibly about Jack's paternity. Also, Dina and Jill had a history. Abby felt that Jill could provide some information about Dina's life.

Moments later, Ashley advised Jill that they had been trying to get insight into Dina's life, but with Dina's memory issues, it had been a difficult process. Jill wanted to know how she'd be able to help. Abby said that they wanted to separate fact from fiction and that Dina had mentioned she'd been involved with a couple of men while she'd been married to John.

Ashley thought that Dina had only had an affair with Brent Davis, but perhaps she'd been confused. Jill said that according to Katherine, Dina had had numerous affairs with the men she'd met at the club and that Dina had always bragged about her conquests. Jill apologized and understood that that wasn't the kind of thing that one wanted to hear about their mother and grandmother.

After Jill left, Abby told Ashley that Jill had corroborated a lot of Dina's stories. Ashley said that she had a hard time believing that Dina had slept around. As far as Jack not being John's son, that was a different story, and Jill hadn't said anything to back that up. Ashley told Abby that they still didn't have the proof they needed. Abby said that it didn't matter because Dina didn't have a filter, and she was bound to say something to Jack at some point.

Ashley said that if Dina said anything, Ashley wanted to have complete confidence when she told Jack that he could ignore that ridiculous story. Ashley wondered how they could accomplish that. Abby said there was only one way to get the proof they needed. They needed to test Jack's DNA.

Jack joined Jill at the Athletic Club bar and said that he'd heard she'd returned. Jill told him that it had been quite a day. She told Jack that she'd just left his house. Jill told Jack that Abby had asked for her help. Jill advised him that it had been a delicate issue, but Abby had wanted to know if she'd heard stories that Dina had regularly stepped out on John.

Agitated, Jack asked who cared if she had. He felt that Abby and Ashley had taken their mission of capturing Dina's memories too far. He said that Dina needed peace. Jill said that it looked like Jack needed some of that, as well. He admitted that he'd had a rough week. Jack said he loved his mother, and he'd be there for her to the end. He confessed that his life had begun to unravel the day he'd taken Dina home to look after her. He said that what had scared him most was that he couldn't anticipate how much worse things would get.

Back at the hospital, Victor was alone, and a mystery man arrived in his room.

Paul arrests Jack for attempted murder

Paul arrests Jack for attempted murder

Thursday, March 29, 2018

At the hospital, Kyle told an unconscious Victor that he'd heard what had happened, but he'd had to see it for himself. Kyle thought that nothing could take down the great Victor Newman, and he wondered if Victor was faking it while he worked out his next move. Kyle snapped his fingers in front of Victor's face but got no reaction, and he realized that maybe it was for real. Kyle implored Victor to wake up soon to avoid missing all the fun.

Christine entered Paul's office at the police station, and Paul marveled that no one would miss the mayor because Christine looked fabulous. Christine hesitated to go to a party at Newman Tower when they had nothing concrete on Victor's assault, but Paul pointed out that Jack's animosity toward Victor didn't give them grounds to charge Jack with anything. Christine found it odd that Victor had given the household staff the night off hours before he'd been attacked, and Paul asked if she believed Victor had set up a secret meeting with the person who'd put him in a coma. She urged Paul to dig deep to find hard evidence. He told her to go have fun at the Walnut Grove reunion.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley agreed to help Abby with a DNA test to prove that Dina was wrong and avoid putting Jack through any unnecessary agony. Jack arrived home and assumed that the women had been discussing Dina's ancient infidelities. He chided them for going to Jill to get her take on Dina's extramarital adventures, but Ashley swore that Jill had been sensitive about the matter. Jack complained that Abby's well-intentioned project was turning into a salacious confessional, but Abby refused to shame Dina into being more discreet.

Ashley warned that Jack's judgmental attitude would force Dina back into her shell. Jack grumbled that he wouldn't mention the topic because he wouldn't put his mother through that, and he figured that affairs were a sore subject with Ashley. Ashley blasted Jack for making her the problem when he had no idea how much she'd protected him and their family.

Traci descended the stairs, dressed stylishly for a special evening on Colleen's behalf. Ashley commended Traci for sponsoring a scholarship in Colleen's name, and Traci anticipated giving a speech from the heart at Walnut Grove's centennial celebration. Ashley apologized for not being able to go, and Traci understood that the last thing her sister wanted was a party. Jack offered to escort Traci to the reunion, and they prepared to leave. Abby anticipated that she and Ashley would be able to get what they needed for the DNA test that evening.

Later, Ashley thanked someone as she finished a phone call, and she reported that she'd found someone to push the DNA test through that night. Abby presented hair that she'd retrieved from Traci and Jack's rooms, and she carefully placed each sample inside a plastic bag. There was a loud knock at the front door, and Paul called out to identify himself. Ashley let him in, and he informed her that he had a search warrant related to the attack on Victor. He instructed his officers to start upstairs.

Abby hoped the police didn't disturb Dina. Ashley wasn't sure of Jack's innocence, and she thought they needed to know if he'd snapped and attacked Victor. Paul returned downstairs and apologized for causing any disruption. Ashley inquired whether they'd found anything, but Paul simply thanked her for her cooperation and headed out. Abby worried about whether the bag Paul had been carrying had been empty, but Ashley suggested that they focus on getting the hair samples tested.

At the hospital, Abby begged Victor to wake up. Ashley entered the room and indicated that the DNA lab should have the results by the next morning. Abby doubted that she'd be able to sleep, and Ashley requested a moment with Victor. Abby went to wait downstairs, and Ashley told Victor that she knew how strong he was, so he wouldn't leave them yet, since his family and his company needed him. She thought he wouldn't like that he'd left Newman in a lurch, and the company needed a strong leader to avoid getting into bigger trouble. She mused that if that didn't wake him up, she didn't know what would.

Ashley mentioned that Paul had shown up at the Abbott house because he believed Jack had put Victor in the hospital, and she pleaded with Victor to give her a sign that Jack hadn't been part of it. Victor's eyes fluttered open.

As the camera rolled, Hilary welcomed her audience to the elegant surroundings at Top of the Tower, where past and present Genoa City residents were attending the centennial celebration for Walnut Grove. She remarked that a blast from the past could change just about everything.

Hilary interviewed Billy about his transition from Walnut Grove bad boy to CEO of Chancellor. Billy proclaimed that he'd lived in a lot of places in the world, but he'd never been happier than where he was then, since Genoa City was home. Hilary wrapped up the segment and asked to share something personal with Phyllis, and Billy went to get more Champagne. Hilary confided that her intrauterine insemination was scheduled for the next day, thanks to Devon. Phyllis congratulated her for making it happen, and she couldn't wait to throw the best baby shower ever. Hilary imagined that Phyllis would save money on the catering, since the guest list would be on the short side.

Cane groaned that he and Lily couldn't escape Hilary, even at a party for a school Hilary hadn't attended. Lily fretted that Devon would regret having a baby with Hilary even more than marrying her, but it would be too late to change anything by that time the next day. "Or maybe not," Cane replied, since he didn't expect his beautiful, conniving wife to give up that easily. Lily admitted that she might be ready to try just about anything to stop Hilary.

Across the room, J.T. was appalled by Mac's assertion that he was a bad influence on their kids. Victoria insisted that J.T. was a good father, and she pointed out that Mac had thought the same thing when she'd convinced him to take Reed away and have two kids of her own with J.T. Mac admitted that she'd had complete faith in J.T. for a long time, but her voice trailed off when she spotted Victoria's engagement ring, and she begged Victoria not to make the same mistake she'd made. J.T. questioned whether Mac had shown up to sabotage his life in person, but Mac insisted that she had no agenda other than preventing what she knew was a disaster in the making. J.T. led Victoria away.

Raul told Hilary that Billy had helped a scholarship kid like him navigate through private school, but Brittany protested that Raul had fit right in. Hilary asked what had stood out the most, and Raul joked that they'd all graduated, while Brittany gushed that the school was the reason she was happily married to Raul. Raul envisioned them being crowned king and queen of the event, and Brittany wished that she'd prepared a song. Hilary spotted Victoria and J.T. and rushed over to request a quick sound bite from the COO of Newman and her plus-one. Victoria flatly said no, and J.T. scowled at being called a plus-one.

At the bar, J.T. griped about Victoria being there, and she reminded him that he'd intended to steer clear of the event. He explained that he'd changed his mind after running into Raul and Brittany, and he barked that it hadn't been a big deal until Victoria and Mac had shown up in his face. J.T. demanded to know how Victoria had known where to find him, and she mentioned that Billy had called her when things had seemed to be getting tense with Mac. J.T. snarled that it was what happened when an "irrational bitch" tried to take his kids away.

Victoria contemplated what had motivated Mac to freak out, and J.T. assumed that Victoria was blaming him for Mac being messed up. J.T. sarcastically thanked Victoria for the support, and he walked away. J.T. roughly pulled Billy aside and ordered him to stay out of Victoria's life. Billy speculated that J.T. didn't want Victoria there because she might hear something that J.T. didn't want her to know. J.T. hissed that Mac couldn't wait to fill Victoria's head with her hysterical ranting, but Billy defended that it sounded nothing like Mac. J.T. contended that Mac wasn't the saint Billy was holding her up to be, and he walked off.

Lily approached a shaken Mac and observed that things seemed to have gotten worse with J.T. Mac mentioned that J.T. and Victoria were engaged, and Lily guessed that Mac was upset because she still wanted to be with him. Mac adamantly replied that she didn't, since the last couple of years had been a nightmare. Mac recounted that J.T.'s jobs had turned out to be one disappointment after another, and he'd turned into someone she didn't recognize with deep, serious issues. Mac added that she never wanted to spend another second with him, but she also didn't want anyone else to go through what she had, since he was getting worse.

Lily noted that J.T. hadn't seemed crazy or scary, but Mac figured that being a friend was worlds away from being in a relationship with him. Mac insisted that he wasn't the same guy anymore, and Lily hugged her. Billy approached and asked if Mac was okay, and Mac prepared to leave to avoid ruining the celebration. Mac lamented that Victoria wouldn't listen to her, but she couldn't force Victoria not to marry J.T. Billy was stunned that the couple was engaged, and he implored Mac to say something if she knew of a reason to stop it, since his kids lived under the same roof.

Meanwhile, J.T. muttered that his first instinct had been right not to attend. Brittany informed him that she'd felt the same way, but Raul had been excited to go, and they were having a blast. J.T. growled that Mac was doing her "damnedest" to mess things up, and Brittany handed him her business card in case he needed a divorce attorney. He recounted a time when Brittany's idea of a perfect family was him, her, and her son, and she assured him that he was on her short list of truly great guys, so it was Mac's fault if she didn't appreciate him. Brittany added that Victoria was much more his type, and J.T. agreed.

Billy and Mac joined Victoria, and he wondered when she'd planned to tell him she was engaged. He asserted that if she was serious about marrying J.T., she owed it to herself, Reed, and their kids to know exactly what she was getting into. Mac told Victoria that J.T. had become possessive and constantly critical after Becca had been born, and Billy referred to when J.T. had blown up at Victoria for dancing with Billy on Valentine's Day. Mac guessed that J.T. had been making Victoria question herself and that he had chalked it up to Victoria being too sensitive or paranoid. Victoria recognized that she hadn't been in DC to witness what had happened, but she defended that there were two sides to every story.

Mac revealed that going to marriage counseling had made her see that J.T. had been emotionally abusive. Victoria scoffed at the idea, but Mac recounted that J.T. had blamed her for being a poor parent whenever something had happened to one of the kids. Victoria expected J.T. to be concerned with the well-being of his children, but Mac said he'd made her feel like a terrible mother. Victoria snapped that honesty could sound harsh, and Mac noted that it was exactly what J.T. would say. Victoria contended that even if Mac and J.T. had had a dysfunctional marriage, it didn't mean that he and Victoria would. J.T. ordered Billy and Mac to stop harassing Victoria, and he pulled Victoria away.

Hilary shared that the valet parking staff had been notifying her of the big arrivals, and two members of Genoa City's first family were heading her way. She cooed that one of them had stepped up as the key sponsor of her show when she'd needed him most, and she greeted Jack and Traci as they stepped off the elevator. Hilary requested a comment from Jack about the Victor Newman tragedy, but he declined and led Traci away.

Christine arrived at the reunion, and she exchanged barbs with Phyllis. Phyllis presented Christine with a nametag with her old nickname, Cricket, for old times' sake. Hilary sensed a riveting story between the women, and Christine suggested that Phyllis tell Hilary about the time Phyllis had tried to run over Christine with her car. Hilary wondered how long there had been animosity between the women. "Let's just say she's my Lily," Phyllis replied.

Lily welcomed the crowd to the centennial celebration, and she joked that everyone seemed to be getting younger and blonder. Lily introduced a very special guest -- the mother of her best friend who would never be forgotten. Traci stepped to the podium and declared that anniversaries were important, since they marked the passage of time and the lengths of every important human connection. She thought it was crucial to honor both the good times and the difficult ones, and she believed certain memories deserved special recognition to inspire others to live their best lives. Traci announced that she was there to endow a full scholarship in the name of her amazing daughter, Colleen, to be awarded each year to a promising student who had an interest in art and literature, the subjects Colleen had loved most.

Traci tearfully recalled that Colleen had loved her time at Walnut Grove and had made lasting friendships that had carried on long after graduation. Traci recognized many of the faces in the crowd, and she cried that her girl had died too young, but she somehow felt like Colleen wasn't really gone when she looked around at the lovely people who her daughter had grown up with. Traci thanked them from the bottom of her heart, and J.T. hugged Traci as she stepped down.

J.T. commended Traci for getting through such a beautiful, moving speech, and Traci thought Colleen would have appreciated how well he was taking care of her mom. J.T. suspected that Colleen would be disappointed if she could see him, and Traci stressed that she was there if he ever needed to talk. He admitted that he'd done things that he wasn't proud of, and he was sure Colleen would have hated it. Traci pointed out that Colleen had been no saint, but her daughter had been able to make amends whenever she'd messed up, and she knew J.T. could do it, too.

J.T. mentioned that he'd tried to do something for Colleen, but he'd screwed it up. Victoria interrupted and praised Traci for the lovely tribute, and Traci stepped away to find Jack. Victoria suggested that she and J.T. go home, and he muttered that it was a huge mistake to be there.

Hilary hoped get a sound bite with Cane and Lily, but he declined. Hilary encouraged them to get past their hatred toward her, since she'd soon be carrying Lily's niece or nephew. Hilary scurried off, and Lily griped that Hilary had devastated their lives yet pretended that nothing had happened. Cane noted that Hilary had never apologized for her role in the bogus lawsuit, and Lily vowed to make Devon see sense.

Billy was surprised to run into Kyle, who abruptly excused himself to talk to an old classmate, but Jack stopped him and insisted that they catch up. Jack asked why Kyle hadn't been in touch since Jack had been ousted as CEO, and Kyle replied that he'd known how his father would react. Kyle insisted that it had just been business, and he'd only done what had been best for Jabot, just like Jack had taught him. Jack confronted Kyle about associating with Victor. Hilary accosted the men for an interview, and Kyle declared that Walnut Grove would always have his support because the school had helped make him the man he'd become.

Jack asked Kyle to be straight with him about whatever deal he had with Victor, and he demanded to know if Victor had influenced Kyle's vote at Jabot. Paul walked in and placed Jack under arrest for the attempted murder of Victor Newman.

Victoria and J.T. arrived home, and she indicated that her conversation with Mac had felt more like an ambush. J.T. demanded to know what Mac had said, and Victoria relayed that Mac had claimed emotional abuse. J.T. ranted that it was a total lie and that it was just a label people slapped on their exes to make themselves look like victims. Victoria opined that emotional abuse existed, and he griped that Mac had gotten to her. He wondered if Victoria was referring to their fight when he'd hit the wall, and he argued that they'd both been out of control, so that made her just as much of an abuser.

Victoria was taken aback by the accusation, and J.T. insisted that he was just pointing out how ridiculous the idea was. He recognized that she'd been nothing but good to him, and he believed all that counted was that they loved one another. He suggested that they drop all of it and try to salvage the night with their own celebration. They embraced, but Victoria looked wary.

Hilary and Devon have sex to make a baby

Hilary and Devon have sex to make a baby

Friday, March 30, 2018

In Victor's hospital room, Victor opened his eyes, and Ashley asked if he knew where he was. She informed him that he was in the hospital because he'd been injured, and she inquired whether he knew who had done it to him. Ashley sympathized that it was difficult, but she wondered if Victor could tell her anything. Victor croaked Victoria's name and indicated that he had something he had to tell her. The monitors began beeping, and he lapsed into unconsciousness. Ashley yelled for help.

At the police station, Jack had his mug shots taken, and he was led in handcuffs to see Billy and Michael. Michael asked Paul to explain what kind of evidence he thought he had that warranted an arrest for attempted homicide, and Paul held up Victor's hard drive in a clear plastic bag and announced that he'd found it at Jack's house. Paul revealed that the drive contained confidential information pertaining to Newman Enterprises, and he implored Jack to tell him how it had ended up in his home office with his fingerprints on it. Michael invoked Jack's right to remain silent, and Paul suggested that Jack consider his next move carefully.

The next morning, a disheveled Jack woke up in a holding cell. Meanwhile, Victor's loved ones gathered at the hospital, and Nikki told them that she'd received a call the night before to request her permission for Victor to have surgery. Ashley reported that she'd been there when he'd suddenly woken up for a moment, but the medical staff had rushed her out when the monitors had gone off. Nikki bemoaned that Victor's brain bleed had gotten worse, and the doctor would update them as soon as he could. Ashley recalled that Victor had been weak, but he'd said Victoria's name and had wanted to tell his daughter something.

Victoria regretted that she hadn't been there when her dad had needed her, but Nikki pointed out that the important thing was that he hadn't been alone. Victoria admonished Ashley for stepping behind Victor's desk right after he'd been attacked, and Ashley reasoned that he wouldn't be pleased if the company wasn't up to speed. Victoria asserted that Victor had said her name because he wanted her in charge, but Ashley reminded her that she'd been demoted. Victoria argued with Ashley and Abby, and Nikki contended that there had been no demotion because Victor had wanted to make peace.

Ashley figured that either Nikki was lying or that Victor hadn't told her, and Victoria demanded to know what Ashley had said to push Victor over the edge. A woman appeared and declared that it was shameful that they were turning on one another at a time like that. Nikki was happy to see Julia, Victor's first wife. Julia met Victor's children, and she noted that Victoria had the same look of steel in her eyes that Victor had. Victoria introduced J.T. as her fiancé, and Julia thought his name seemed familiar. J.T. explained that he and Victoria had been married before and had found their way back to one another, and Julia imagined that it was meant to be.

Julia asked how Victor was doing, and Nick mentioned that his father was in surgery after some complications. Julia explained that she was in town for business, since she and her daughter ran a design firm. Julia mused that it gave her joy to work with her family, and Victoria firmly stated that her father felt the same way. Nikki remarked that everything was on a grand scale with Victor, and she and Julia agreed that he appeared larger than life, especially to an impressionable young girl. Nikki expected that he would always be a force of nature.

Julia recognized that Nikki and Victor had something special, since they were two strong people with strong opinions who fit with one another. Julia continued that she'd been touched to hear that they'd renewed their vows, and it had made her think of their first wedding. Nikki recalled that Julia had been there, and Ashley said she'd attended, too. Nick gave credit to all three women for being there for Victor, and Nikki thought Victor would be thrilled to hear about it once he pulled through. The doctor approached and reported that he'd evacuated the hematoma, but Victor's condition remained serious, so the following few hours would be critical.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Billy ran into Kyle and asked if he'd gotten any rest after the drama of Jack's arrest. Kyle referred to it happening at his father's high school reunion, and he joked that Jack was most likely to make license plates. Billy was appalled, but Kyle scoffed at the day being all about Jack and not the guy who was fighting for his life. Billy warned his nephew to never side against his family -- especially not to side with Victor. Kyle fibbed that he hadn't said two words to Victor in years, but Billy mentioned that Jack had evidence to prove otherwise. Billy imagined that whatever Kyle and "Lurch" had been working on might end quickly, since Victor was in surgery. Kyle cautioned Billy to be careful what he wished for.

In the dining room, Lily and Cane crowed about the plot they'd put together to keep Hilary away from the doctor, allowing another month for Devon to realize that having a baby with her was a bad idea. Lily thought their kids would be amazed if they knew their boring parents were a sneaky, conniving team. Cane pointed out that the twins could never know, and Lily envisioned her and Cane being superheroes who would save the day.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon, Mariah, and Tessa anxiously waited for a tardy Hilary to begin their meeting. Tessa chided Hilary for not respecting her contract, and Devon testily asked what she meant. Mariah realized that Devon had been thinking about his baby-making agreement with Hilary, and she guessed that it was the day of the insemination appointment. Devon refused to talk about it, and Hilary burst in and demanded some coffee because she'd been working all night between the Walnut Grove centennial and reporting on Victor's condition. Devon privately asked Hilary if she was up for the IUI procedure, and she replied that she wouldn't miss it for the world.

Lily and Cane entered the office as Devon wrapped up the staff meeting. Devon prepared to meet a prospective model at Lily's request, but Hilary protested that they had their doctor's appointment. Devon revealed that Lily had set up the appointment near the doctor's office to keep him on schedule, and he departed. Hilary found it tragic that Lily honestly thought Devon would fall for a random model, but Lily wondered why Hilary cared, since Hilary and Devon had agreed to no marriage or romance, just a contract.

Cane pretended to suddenly remember that he'd gotten a reservation that day at an exclusive restaurant, but he'd already eaten. Mariah and Tessa gushed about how impossible it was to get into the place, and Cane invited them to take his reservation on his dime. Mariah and Tessa excitedly headed out, and Hilary also prepared to leave to run some errands before her appointment, pointedly noting that her fake assistant hadn't canceled it that time. Lily swore that she just cared about Devon, but she had to accept that it was what he wanted. Hilary commended her for finally being an adult about it. Cane and Lily exited the office and locked Hilary in from the outside, and Hilary screamed at them to open up.

Hilary left a message for Devon to inform him that his "crazy bitch of a sister" had locked her in the office, so she couldn't leave. Hilary begged Cane and Lily to let her out as the Ashbys deliberately made small talk about their kids outside the door. Hilary yelled that it was her fertile period, and she threatened to destroy them. Cane innocently asked if Lily had seen Hilary leave, and Lily sweetly replied that Hilary had had errands to run. Hilary bellowed that Lily could kiss her modeling agency goodbye, and Lily reached for the door handle but taunted that she was just kidding.

Hilary questioned what Lily thought the stunt would get her, and Lily said it would buy time for Devon to realize that it wasn't what he wanted. Hilary wailed that she would miss her window, but Lily imagined that Hilary only wanted to rush things before Devon realized it was a mistake. Hilary barked that Lily had three kids to love and to love her back, and she demanded to know why Lily couldn't let her have that. Lily invited Hilary to become a mother, but she insisted that Hilary find someone else to give her a kid to mess up.

Later, Devon raced in and ranted that he'd been blowing up Lily's phone to tell her to open the door. Devon admonished Cane and Lily for keeping a woman locked up against her will, but Lily argued that Hilary could have called the cops if she'd called him. Devon woke up a sleeping Hilary, and she cried that she'd lost her chance to conceive because of Lily. Lily anticipated that Devon would thank her one day, since Hilary had tried to destroy their family more than once. Devon ordered them to "get the hell out" of the office, and he comforted Hilary by wrapping his arms around her.

Devon silently escorted Hilary back to her hotel suite, and he acknowledged that Lily had had no right to do what she'd done. Hilary was stunned that Lily honestly believed that Hilary would be a terrible mother, and she recounted that Cane had trusted her to hold and feed Sam when Lily hadn't been able to stand being in the same room with the baby. Hilary longed to do that with her own child, but she didn't think it would happen for her. Devon crossed over to her and softly stated that they didn't have to wait another month, since they could do it the old-fashioned way.

Devon clarified that the rules they'd outlined still applied, and they weren't getting back together, but they could sleep together to get pregnant. Hilary said she was okay with it, but she asked if he was. He stressed that it had been his idea. She nervously stammered that she didn't know how to do it, and he huskily suggested, "Why don't we start with this?" He pulled her into a kiss, which grew more passionate, and they began to tear off one another's clothes. He carried her to the bed, and they began to make love.

At the police station, Michael believed he had a strong argument for bail, but he warned that the cost would be substantial. Traci and Billy vowed to do whatever it took. Gloria sauntered in and scolded Michael because she'd had to hear about Jack's arrest on the news, and she suggested that they file a civil suit against the police department. Gloria offered to be a character witness, and she claimed that she and Jack had rekindled their private time together. Michael advised her against falsifying an alibi.

An officer led Jack in, and Traci hugged him. Billy reported that Ashley and Abby were at the hospital, and Jack inquired whether Victor had woken up to confirm that Jack hadn't done it. Jack asked if Kyle knew about the arraignment, but he realized that his son didn't intend to be there.

At the Athletic Club after Jack's arraignment, Traci couldn't believe that the judge had turned down the request for bail. Michael griped that Christine had made it sound like Jack had fueled the jet and was ready to skip down, and Gloria was livid that Christine had made Victor out to be a helpless victim. Traci pondered how long Victor would have gone without medical treatment if it hadn't been for Jack, and she thought it spoke to Jack's innocence. Michael grumbled that the hard drive theft hadn't helped, but Gloria questioned how Jack was supposed to survive in a cell after he'd been held captive on a boat because of Victor. Michael swore that he would throw everything he could at the case. Lauren had faith in Michael and thought Jack was very lucky to have his family helping him through it.

An officer escorted Jack to a meeting room, and Jack asked who his visitor was. Kyle walked in and asked how Jack was doing, and Jack sarcastically replied that it was kind of him to care. Jack assumed that Victor had told Kyle to be there, and Kyle divulged that Victor was in surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain. Jack inquired about Victor's chances, but Kyle lectured that it sounded like Jack was really asking about the difference between homicide and attempted homicide. Jack was taken aback that Kyle thought he was capable of such a vicious attack. Kyle insisted that he didn't consider Jack to be violent, but he knew what his father was capable of and referred to what Jack had done to his family.

Jack guessed that Kyle was talking about the change to the company bylaws, and Kyle hissed that it had cut Ashley off at the knees. Jack argued that he'd begged her to return to Jabot and offered to take out the clause, but Kyle thought the fact that she'd chosen to stay at Newman should have told Jack something. Jack admitted that the amendment had been a mistake, but he'd only wanted to protect his family and the company. Kyle accused Jack of using Ashley's paternity to keep her from leading Jabot, and he mocked the idea of Jack walking in John's footsteps by playing the noble patriarch.

Kyle snarled that Jack talked a big game about family, but he was proof that it had never been Jack's thing. Jack defended that he'd always wanted Kyle in his life, but Kyle declared that he'd learned how to separate reality from the hype. Jack asked what Victor had offered to turn Kyle against him, and Kyle admonished Jack for only being able to think about Victor. Kyle barked that unlike Jack, his life didn't revolve around Victor. Jack wondered what Kyle wanted from him.

Kyle said he'd needed distance from Genoa City to see things clearly, and he thought that no one else's opinions mattered to Jack. Kyle questioned whether Jack's decision to take care of Dina on his own had been the best call, but Jack asserted that he didn't regret his choice to look after his mother. Kyle ranted that Jack had always acted like king of the world, functioning on pure ego. Jack chided Kyle for molding himself in Victor's image, and Kyle figured Jack would think that because Kyle was the only other person besides Victor who had called Jack out on anything. Jack asked if Victor had promised to let Kyle run Newman, and he scowled at the thought of Victor having a collection of Abbotts.

Kyle growled that Victor had acted more like a father to him than Jack had, and Jack demanded to know what Victor was offering Kyle. Kyle bellowed that Jack couldn't ever let it go, even after what Kyle had just told him. Kyle observed that Jack was in jail, yelling about a man who might not make it through the night, and he implored Jack to see how out of control he was. Jack realized that Kyle was enjoying the confrontation, and he wondered what Kyle had done. "Nothing -- yet," Kyle replied, but he figured that with Victor fighting for his life and Jack looking at a long-term jail sentence, he'd gotten back to town just in time. Kyle called for the guard.

Billy arrived at the hospital and revealed that Jack had been arrested for the attack on Victor. Billy added that Jack had been denied bail, and Nick swore that Jack would never let things go that far. Nikki pointed out that Paul wouldn't have arrested Jack without good reason, and Victoria speculated that the men had fought over Ashley. J.T. remarked that people were capable of anything if they were pushed hard enough, but Billy trusted his brother's word that he hadn't done it.

Billy urged Ashley and Abby to visit Jack, since Kyle's absence had hit Jack hard. Billy realized that he'd left out the part about Kyle being back in town, and he mentioned that Kyle had been in contact with Victor and had been holding a grudge against Jack. Ashley received a text message about the lab results being in, and Billy spied it and wondered what it was for. Ashley claimed that she'd had a cholesterol test run. Billy told Victoria that he would hold good thoughts for Victor, and he headed out. Ashley hesitated to look at the results there, but Abby insisted that they couldn't wait any longer.

Nikki entered Victor's room and tenderly touched his bandaged head. She looked alarmed and called his name, and the doctor joined her and said it would be awhile before Victor woke up. Nikki reported that Victor was burning up, and she worried that something was wrong.

Nick prepared to go home to check on the kids, and he asked Victoria to call if there was any news. J.T. suggested that he and Victoria also go home to share the happy news of their engagement with Johnny and Katie. Victoria watched J.T. closely.

Ashley told herself that opening the file wouldn't change anything, since Dina could have easily been confused about Jack's paternity. Abby suspected that her mother was stalling because she was too scared to look at the results, and Ashley clicked on the file. Ashley and Abby read the results and exchanged a knowing look.

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