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Jack accepted Jill's inflated counteroffer for Jabot to buy Chancellor Industries, but she later called off the deal. Sam was released from the hospital. Reed was arrested for DUI. Nikki and Victor renewed their vows. Lily dodged Cane's New Year's Eve kiss. Nick caught Abby and Scott kissing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 25, 2017 on Y&R
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Miraculous events renew hope and change hearts Miraculous events renew hope and change hearts

Monday, December 25, 2017

At Sharon's house, Mariah entered toting gift bags. Sharon, having found Cassie's stocking packed away with other decorations, wiped away tears. Neither Sharon nor Mariah mentioned that they'd been unable to find the perfect gifts for each other. Mariah asked Sharon if she still needed a blender. Sharon shook her head and explained that her old one was still working. Sharon and Mariah secretly sought gift-buying advice from family members.

Faith strongly suggested that Sharon give Mariah a pony. Sharon nixed that idea. Determined, Sharon maintained hope by proclaiming that she would select the perfect gift like Santa always did. Faith interjected, "You know Mariah better than anyone. There's got to be something she likes as much as I like ponies." Sharon smiled and nodded.

Mariah brainstormed with Nick and considered giving Sharon a puppy. Mariah ultimately decided that a puppy didn't fit with Sharon's lifestyle. Nick told Mariah that she was trying too hard. Nick said, "It's about the giving. Remember that little dude who just got gold, myrrh, and frankincense?" Mariah, frustrated, noted that after being married to or dating someone in the Newman family for decades, Sharon already owned plenty of gold. Nick told Mariah she was missing the point. Mariah still didn't grasp Nick's suggestion. Nick explained that Sharon would be happy with anything Mariah chose.

Later, Sharon and Mariah returned home and exchanged gifts. Mariah opened hers first. Sharon appeared disappointed when Mariah lifted her gift from a box and cried, "No!" Mariah explained that she liked the blouse so much she'd chosen the same one as a gift for Sharon. Sharon modeled the blouse and said, "We can be twinsies." Sharon peered into the gift bag and also found a tiny ornament onto which was written "Mom." Sharon shed a tear and noted that earlier, she'd run across some Christmas decor that had belonged to Cassie. Mariah asked to see the mementos.

Sharon displayed a personalized stocking and a snow globe, both of which had been Cassie's favorites. Mariah cradled the snow globe and said she could feel the happiness her sister had enjoyed while growing up at the ranch house. Sharon recalled Mariah's difficult upbringing and noted that Mariah rarely called her "Mom." Mariah explained that she'd never meant to hurt Sharon's feelings. Mariah added that she'd never thought of the woman who'd raised her as her mother. Mariah asked if she could keep Cassie's snow globe. Sharon happily gave Mariah her sister's memento.

At the Top of the Tower, Hilary prepared to interview Devon about the Hamilton-Winters Holiday Toy Drive. As Hilary frantically readied her holiday-themed backdrop, a fancily wrapped gift she'd ordered for herself arrived. Mariah and Devon watched as Hilary opened the box and examined the couture dress. Mariah's eyes widened, and she exclaimed that the lovely dress looked expensive. Not pleased, Hilary noted that the color of the red dress didn't match what she'd envisioned while viewing the frock online. Hilary tossed the gift aside and went about prepping for her show by shouting instructions to her crew.

After Hilary walked away, Devon and Mariah visited briefly. Mariah told Devon that Hilary, a scrooge, shouldn't expect to receive gifts from anyone that year. Devon agreed that Hilary's personal life had suffered. Devon expressed relief that he and Mariah could enjoy a genuine friendship. Mariah mentioned that she'd refused to wear a snowman costume during the show. Hilary's punishment, Mariah explained, included banishing Mariah from appearing on the broadcast. Devon held up a Santa hat and said he wished he'd opted for a wardrobe change, too.

Hilary opened her show by introducing Devon and inviting him to share more about the charity toy drive. Devon explained that the goal was to help underprivileged families enduring a tough time during the holidays. Hilary told her audience that she would help Devon share holiday joy. Hilary picked up a letter to Santa from a child named Tommy and read it aloud. Tommy requested a video game. Devon promised to fulfill Tommy's wish.

Devon read aloud the next letter Hilary plucked from the pile. The child who'd written the letter requested nothing for herself, but she pleaded for new cooking pans and a pretty dress for her mother. Hilary seemed touched by the request. Devon addressed the show's viewers by looking straight toward the camera. Devon explained that he wasn't prepared to fulfill requests for grown-ups. Hilary, in an effort to control the situation, urged Devon to move on.

Devon continued reading the letter and said, "I always do my homework and clean up when Mom goes out and stays late at Flannery's, which she's doing a lot recently." The child explained that when she became a grown-up, she wouldn't request fancy clothes, wealth, or fame. The little girl insisted that she dreamed of having a loving family including two children, a home, and a dog. Hilary tried to conceal her true emotions while Devon promised to send Annie toys and a few gifts to give her mom. Devon didn't understand why Hilary had reacted as she had to the letter.

During a commercial break, Hilary snatched the letter from Devon and explained that she'd written it. Hilary cried, "This little girl is me." Devon recalled that Annie was Hilary's given birth name. Devon wondered aloud how the letter could have reached its destination. Mariah couldn't believe what she'd witnessed and said it was also difficult to explain why Hilary, as a youngster, had declared she was not interested in wealth or fame. Hilary glared at Mariah.

Devon examined the letter and found a note that Hilary's childhood Sunday school teacher had enclosed. Hilary's former teacher explained that she'd held onto particularly moving letters her students had written and, having recognized Hilary as former student "Annie," had decided to return the letter.

Devon asked for privacy, so Mariah stepped away. The letter spurred memories for Hilary, and she explained that looking back, she realized why her mother had been so sad. Devon comforted Hilary and said he felt sad, knowing the history of her childhood. Hilary cried that her mother had drunk because life hadn't measured up to the dream she'd envisioned. Devon assured Hilary that there was nothing wrong with her desire to push forward and her drive to achieve. Hilary seemed torn by her wave of emotions and admitted that her adult life was far removed from what she'd wished for as a little girl. Devon said, "Do our childhood wishes ever go away?"

Hilary, emotionally raw, said Devon had always looked out for her even though she'd given him plenty of reasons not to. After a stagehand counted down the seconds before the show resumed broadcast, Hilary requested that Mariah join her and Devon. Mariah was relieved when she learned she wouldn't be required to wear the snowman costume. Mariah reopened the show by wishing viewers peace, love, and more chocolate in the New Year. Hilary promised to fulfill every possible wish of all the children who'd sent letters.

Mariah asked about Annie's letter and said viewers would be wondering if the little girl would be okay. Hilary replied, "I have no doubt that Annie is very happy. Sometimes, that's all it takes is getting your wishes out there." Hilary urged viewers to write a letter to themselves to help them determine what they wanted to do with their lives. Mariah added, "Kind of like a vision board." Hilary replied, "Exactly. If Santa won't get it for you, then you go and you get it for yourself. You deserve it."

After the show ended, Devon said that because of Hilary, his charity would be able to fulfill the wishes of many more children. After Hilary walked away, Devon and Mariah discussed how it was nearly impossible to figure out Hilary based on her past actions. Devon noted that perhaps even Hilary had surprised herself by her response to the letter's message. Hilary returned with the dress and presented it to Mariah. Mariah was touched, and she embraced Hilary and thanked her. Hilary generously gave Mariah the evening off. After Mariah and Devon left, Hilary picked up her letter, turned it over, and began writing another note addressed to Santa.

At Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis gave Billy a miniature parachute and explained that she'd arranged for him to undertake skydiving lessons from a professional. Billy proclaimed it to be the best present ever. Phyllis anticipated opening her gift from Billy. Billy, disappointed, explained that his gift to her had failed to show up in time for Christmas. Billy profusely apologized and admitted he should've planned better. Daniel phoned, and Phyllis stepped into another room to talk to her son.

While Phyllis was out of the room, Abby arrived. A dejected Billy greeted Abby by declaring he was a winter warlock, the Grinch, and the Abominable Snowman all wrapped into a mushy snowball. Abby took Billy to Chancellor Park so they could talk. Billy cried that he constantly disappointed, like a clueless kid who couldn't get it right. Abby noted that growing up was overrated. Abby added that after the year she'd endured, she'd like nothing more than to regress and arrive naked on a horse to Christmas dinner. Billy requested warning because he was a male relative, so he wouldn't want to see Abby naked.

Abby explained that she wasn't related to Billy because he was no longer her brother-in-law since his divorce from Victoria. Abby added that Billy wasn't her uncle because her mom wasn't Billy's sister. Billy insisted that he and Ashley would always be brother and sister. No matter what, Billy said, he and Abby would always be family. Touched, Abby said, "Sometimes you get it right. Like what you just said to me. You just gave me the best gift ever, and you didn't even have to wrap it." Abby rested her head on Billy's shoulder and placed her hand across his neck to show her affection.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis approached Victoria and thanked her for the invitation to the holiday celebration. Victoria said she was thankful that Billy had passed along the invitation and assured Phyllis there were no ulterior motives. Victoria laughed and asked Phyllis how many gifts Billy had showered on her so far. Phyllis replied, "I can't keep up." Victoria recalled that Billy had always put much thought into the gifts he selected. Victoria said that after the fire at her parents' house had destroyed a treasured bookcase, Billy hadn't been able to locate a suitable replacement, so he'd commissioned a woodworker to build a replica.

Victoria admitted to Phyllis that Billy wasn't perfect. Victoria said she was grateful Billy was her children's father. Victoria noted that Billy possessed important qualities and was a devoted father to their children. Victoria asked Phyllis not to be too hard on Billy and admitted it was odd to be giving Phyllis advice about Billy. Phyllis replied, "Well, I can't believe that I might be taking it."

After Phyllis returned home, Billy immediately apologized for forgetting her gift and ruining her holiday. Billy promised Phyllis that he would change. Phyllis interrupted, told Billy not to change, and said she loved him just the way he was. Phyllis added that she was okay with spontaneity because it sometimes went hand in hand with screwups. Billy replied, "You're the best. I don't deserve you." Billy presented a homemade chocolate cake decorated with candies that spelled out their love for each other. The doorbell rang. Billy answered the door and revealed a gift delivered for Phyllis.

Billy set a miniature pear tree, which had gotten lost in transit, on the table. Billy joked that he'd been unable to procure doves, swimming swans, geese laying eggs, and French hens. Phyllis found a pouch attached to the tree. Phyllis opened the pouch and found five golden rings tucked inside. Billy explained that there was a ring for each finger. Billy slid the narrow bands onto Phyllis' fingers. Phyllis said she loved the rings and thanked Billy by planting a kiss on his lips. Phyllis admired the rings and said, "Merry Christmas. Five golden rings."

At Chancellor Park, Nikki sipped hot chocolate. A woman approached and said, "You don't have anything stronger than caffeine in that drink, do you?" Nikki replied, "Excuse me?" The embarrassed woman explained that Nikki resembled an old friend when viewed from the side. The woman explained that she'd stopped drinking years before. Nikki replied, "I raise my virgin hot chocolate to that!" The woman recognized Nikki and shared her own tale of woe. The woman, Kathy, noted that she'd once been recognized as if she were a duchess. Kathy added that she'd recently been called on the carpet and criticized for every mistake on "God's green earth." Nikki noted that drama was often associated with that particular time of the year.

Kathy explained that she'd once been connected enough to know everything that transpired in Genoa City, though she added, she'd been out of touch for a few years. Nikki was confused when Kathy said, "Since we both seem to have some time on our hands, you want to fill me in?" Nikki quizzically replied, "What?" Kathy said, "You. Your husband. Are you loving him, leaving him, wishing he were here?" Nikki laughed and said Kathy seemed to be aware of Genoa City's gossip. Kathy explained that Nikki's predicament wasn't a laughing matter.

Kathy admitted that she'd had a string of relationships that could never compare to the saga of Nikki and Victor's grand love affair. Kathy suddenly insisted that she had to run. Before leaving, Kathy advised Nikki to stay true and stick to her guns always. Nikki, bewildered, replied, "Yeah. Sure." After Kathy was out of sight, Nikki realized her purse was missing. Nikki cried, "Oh, my God! That woman stole my purse!"

Upset and disheveled, Nikki rushed to Crimson Lights and ordered a cup of calming herbal tea from Sharon. Sharon asked if everything was okay. Nikki replied, "I was robbed, but it wasn't like I was held up at gunpoint." Nikki cried that a woman had just slipped off with her purse. Nikki explained that the incident had taken place at Chancellor Park. After Sharon inquired, Nikki, still in shock, said she hadn't phoned the police. Sharon acknowledged that Nikki couldn't have summoned the police because her phone had been inside the stolen purse. Sharon presented Nikki with a bag of herbal tea and said it was a present. Nikki sarcastically proclaimed Sharon's gift to be the most generous Sharon had ever given her.

Nikki sat down to drink her tea and spotted Kathy sitting out on the patio. Nikki angrily confronted Kathy and said, "You have got to be the dumbest crook I've ever seen!" Kathy explained that she was homeless and thought someone like Nikki wouldn't miss a few bucks. Kathy apologized and cried that life was difficult without mansions and private jets. Nikki recalled her early days, noting that she could relate to Kathy's plight. Kathy asked Nikki if she'd put in a good word when the police arrived. Nikki said she wouldn't phone the police, even if Kathy removed cash before returning the purse.

Nikki recalled Kathy's own words, noting that the woman didn't seem like the kind of person that would stay in a bad situation. Kathy said that even though she was living in a shelter, she wouldn't give up, having modeled her life on the song "I'm Going to Live Until I Die." Nikki admitted she was more familiar with the particular song than she'd care to admit. Nikki noted that Kathy seemed to be much older than she appeared. Kathy thanked Nikki and proclaimed that Nikki was a kind soul with much to give. Nikki asked Kathy to stay put while she ordered food.

At the counter, Nikki, recalling that Sharon donated leftover food to the neighborhood shelter, described Kathy, and asked Sharon if she might be familiar with the homeless woman. Nikki turned to point out Kathy and noticed that the mysterious woman had vanished. Sharon was confused and said, "I thought you were alone out there." Sharon and Nikki searched the premises, but they didn't locate Kathy. Nikki showed Sharon the recovered purse and explained that Kathy had returned it. Nikki unzipped the purse and discovered an extravagant diamond-encrusted necklace inside. Nikki examined the necklace and noticed that the initials "K" and "C" were engraved on the clasp. Nikki rushed out the door, explaining that she knew where to find Kathy.

Nikki returned to Chancellor Park and stood near the plaque honoring Katherine. Nikki apologized for forgetting the advice Katherine had offered in the letters she'd written. Nikki cried, "It's so like you to find another way to reach out." Nikki assured Katherine that her town, her park, and her family and friends were in good hands. Nikki tearfully thanked Katherine for her inspiration and her reminders. Nikki hung the necklace on the plaque, and told Katherine she loved her. Before Nikki left, she joyfully wished Katherine a Merry Christmas.

Victor and Nikki plan a vow renewal

Victor and Nikki plan a vow renewal

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

In the park, Jack stopped to stretch during a run. Billy approached and noted that Jack had been sprinting like there was a family member he didn't want to see. Billy figured that Jack didn't want to talk about how he'd screwed Ashley over. Jack barked that he'd done what he'd had to do, and he refused to change his mind.

Billy taunted Jack for giving him the silent treatment, and Jack hissed that Billy had teamed up with Ashley to vote him out as CEO. Billy asserted that it hadn't been about taking sides but doing what was right for the company and for Dina. Jack testily questioned how Billy would know what was right for Jabot, and Billy reminded him that they had the same father, which also qualified Billy to run the joint. Jack ranted that Billy had ended up wasting his life after running Brash & Sassy into the ground. Jack doubted that Billy had done his homework before voting to oust Jack from the job he'd spent half his life doing, but Billy countered that he hadn't needed spreadsheets to see that Jack was spreading himself too thin.

Jack accused Billy of always being jealous of him because Billy had felt like an accident, and he blasted Billy for using any reason to be a screwup, including the death of his own daughter. Billy admitted that he'd always looked up to Jack, but he thought it would break their dad's heart to see how Jack was treating Ashley. Billy imagined that John wouldn't have raised his voice, but he would have looked Jack in the eye and told him that he was better than that. Billy walked away.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley jerked the ornaments off the Christmas tree, and Abby wondered if it couldn't wait until after New Year's Day. Ashley griped that the tree represented everything their family wasn't, so she didn't want to look at it. Traci objected to Ashley taking down the tree, and Ashley dryly called for a vote on it. Traci insisted that what had happened in the boardroom hadn't been personal, but Ashley recalled that even Traci herself had agreed that Jack had taken on too much. Traci maintained that Ashley had gone too far by forcibly removing Jack, but Ashley countered that he had gone too far by making decisions based on emotions.

Ashley recognized that Traci wanted them to all get along, but sometimes they had to make uncomfortable choices. Traci tearfully said she had by casting her vote, and Ashley questioned whether Traci was okay with the stunt Jack had pulled to declare to the world that Ashley wasn't an Abbott. Traci recounted that Ashley had practically raised her after their mother had left, and Ashley requested more than gratitude and love. Ashley asked if she could count on Traci to support her as CEO, but Traci refused to support something that was tearing the family apart. Ashley firmly stated that it was too late, and Traci ran out in tears.

Abby promised to support Ashley, and they hugged. Abby poured some drinks and toasted to Ashley becoming CEO of Jabot in the new year. Abby added a toast to the Abbott family not imploding in the process, and Ashley recognized that what Jack had done had affected Abby, too. Abby spotted Jack as he arrived home, and she made an excuse to leave. Jack inquired whether Ashley was putting away the decorations already, and Ashley replied that there was no reason to pretend it wasn't over.

Ashley noted that according to Jack and the Jabot bylaws, she wasn't an Abbott. Jack explained that he'd had the amendment drawn up when he'd learned about Phyllis' affair with Billy, since he'd wanted to protect the company from estranged exes and predators. Ashley snapped that Jack had turned around and appointed Phyllis to the board, and he countered that Phyllis had been more loyal than his own sister. He chided Ashley for going behind his back to oust him.

Jack swore that he'd never wanted to hurt Ashley, but he'd felt like he'd been fighting for his life. Ashley shakily admitted that she'd felt separated from the rest of the family from the moment she'd found out that John hadn't been her biological father, and she admonished Jack for throwing it in her face. "Daddy would have been so disappointed in you," she said, adding that Jack had given her no choice but to fight for a place in the family. He struggled to respond but silently exited the house. Ashley dialed the phone and requested someone's help.

Later, Michael was stunned to hear that Jack had used the amendment against Ashley. Ashley inquired about its enforceability, but Michael informed her that he couldn't give advice due to a conflict of interest. Jack returned and became angry that Ashley had consulted an attorney, but Ashley countered that Jack hadn't conferred with anyone when he'd had the amendment drawn up. Jack invited her to drag the matter through court and cause their family more pain, but he anticipated that they'd end up in exactly the same place.

After Michael left, Jack said he'd have Mrs. Martinez take the decorations down, but Ashley pointedly stated that she'd do it herself unless only blood Abbotts could do it. Dina entered and declared that it was a lovely day for a celebration, and Ashley wondered why she was dressed up. Dina thought she should dress nicely for Thanksgiving, but Jack gently informed her that it was only a few days until New Year's Eve. Dina insisted that they had to get through Christmas first, and Jack asked if she remembered the roast goose the night before, since she preferred it to turkey. Dina haughtily replied that she detested goose, and Jack made a quick exit to go to the Athletic Club.

Dina asked Ashley why John was upset, and Ashley corrected that they'd been talking to Jack. Dina remained focused on why he'd been angry, remembering nothing about what had happened on Christmas Eve. Ashley offered Dina some eggnog, but Dina replied that she preferred dry sherry on Thanksgiving. Dina gushed that she loved Thanksgiving because everyone put their differences aside, and families joined together. She couldn't wait to take the kids to meet Santa Claus, and Ashley sadly wrapped her arms around her mother.

Traci arrived at the Athletic Club bar and spotted Billy on the other end. She asked if they were speaking to one another, and he wasn't sure. She mentioned that she'd just had a talk with Ashley, who had essentially called her a wimp and a traitor. Billy reported that he'd had a similar conversation with Jack, except Billy was a traitor and a monumental screwup. Traci had hoped it would be a beautiful Christmas for Dina, and Billy thought Dina's situation should have put everything in perspective. Traci lamented that she only saw things escalating.

Later, Jack found Traci in the club dining room, and he referred to his skirmish with Ashley. He expected that he'd have to defend himself in court, and he didn't think the conflict would end easily. Jack couldn't stop thinking about the look on Ashley's face when he'd shown her the provision, and he regretted that he'd thrown it in her face even though he'd known how much it would hurt her. Traci advised that what had been done could be undone, but if he wouldn't try, they were looking at fight they'd never recover from.

At Chelsea and Nick's penthouse, Nick attempted to assemble some toys, but he scoffed at Victoria's suggestion that he read the directions. Victoria remarked that he and Chelsea had become quite the family unit, and she mentioned that she'd invited J.T. over to spend the day with Reed. Nick was surprised that J.T. wasn't spending the holidays with Mac, and Victoria reported that J.T. and Mac had separated. Nick imagined that it had to be rough with two young kids, but he pointed out that Victoria and J.T. had been able to spend the day together, despite the bad blood after their divorce. Victoria figured that hanging out with her ex for a few hours was no big deal, considering that their parents had managed to reconcile.

Victoria filled Nick in about Victor taking advantage of the situation to persuade Nikki to move back in. Nick was surprised that Victoria sounded like she wanted their mom with their dad, and she reasoned that Nikki looked happier than she had been in a long time. They argued about Victoria always defending Victor, and Nick surmised that she tolerated Victor's controlling attitude better than he did. Nick thought that Nikki could be free if she was no longer in Victor's orbit, and he told Victoria not to judge if their mother walked away. Victoria countered that Nick shouldn't judge Nikki for loving Victor and standing by him no matter what.

At the ranch, Victor didn't understand why Nikki had spent Christmas Eve with Paul and Christine, and Nikki relayed that they'd tried to get her to turn against Victor because they hadn't bought the Newmans' sudden reconciliation. Nikki suspected that they would keep investigating until they found something to charge Victor with, and he guessed that he and Nikki had to work harder to convince people that they were back together. Nikki lamented that a press release wouldn't do it, and she thought they had to be seen out in public as a couple. Victor suggested making plans on New Year's Eve, and she asked what he had in mind. "Let's get married again," he proposed.

Nikki contemplated having a public ceremony to renew their vows, since they could control the spin. Victor added that they could dispel the rumor that they were no longer together and put an end to the investigation. She envisioned a story about them being a legendary couple who'd overcome obstacles to find happiness again, and as the heart and soul of the community, they wanted to give back. Victor asked if her answer was yes, and Nikki recognized that it would be mutually beneficial.

Nikki suggested that she begin planning the event with a guest list, and she and Victor agreed that Paul and Christine should be at the top. Victor insisted that their kids and grandkids be there to see them back where they wanted to be, since it would create the right image for the media. Nikki felt it was important for Nick to be there, but Victor argued that Nick didn't want to be part of the family. Nikki asserted that it was more reason for Nick to be there, since it would give them more credibility if Nick attended the ceremony.

Nikki stopped by the penthouse to tell Nick the latest news, and he asked if her plan to remarry Victor was a joke. She clarified that they were already married, but they wanted the entire family present when they renewed their vows. Nick growled that Victor had tricked her into moving home, but Nikki reasoned that it had been Victor's way of forcing them to figure out what they really wanted. Nick thought it made no sense after she'd wanted to break free, and he vowed to do anything to get her out of it. "Anything?" she queried.

Nick questioned why Nikki would go through with a pretend wedding after Victor had threatened to have her arrested, but she pointed out that she had just as much dirt on Victor. She insisted that Victor had realized that things had to change, and Nick warned that she said that every time, but she thought both she and Victor knew that they had to be on equal footing to survive. Nick conceded that if it was what she truly wanted, then he wanted it for her, but he wouldn't attend the party. He expected that Victor would cause a scene if Nick showed up, but Nikki swore that Victor wanted him there as much as she did. Nick needed to hear the words from Victor's mouth.

Victor greeted Paul at Crimson Lights, and he wished that he could have joined Nikki, Paul, and Christine for Christmas Eve dinner. Paul coldly replied that Victor hadn't been invited, and Victor wondered if Paul had heard that he and Nikki had reconciled. Paul noted that it had been all over the press, and he found the timing convenient. Victor claimed that the useless investigation had drawn him and Nikki back together, so they had Paul to thank. Victor offered Paul the chance to celebrate with them when they renewed their marriage vows on New Year's Eve, but Paul refused to let Victor use him and Christine to add an air of legitimacy to the union.

Later, Nikki ran into Paul and asked about his Christmas, and he informed her that Victor had already told him about their plans for New Year's Eve. Nikki hoped that Paul would attend, and he urged her not to fall for whatever Victor was pulling. Paul encouraged her to remember everything Victor had done and what had driven her away in the first place, and he cautioned that she was putting her health and happiness in jeopardy by getting sucked back in again. Nikki insisted that she and Victor had found a way to work through their differences and heal, but Paul warned that she could be arrested and convicted as an accessory when the authorities finally nailed Victor.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria rattled off orders to Abby, but Abby announced that she was taking time off through the weekend. Victoria groused that Abby could have told her sooner, and they bickered as Victor entered. Victor proclaimed that he and Nikki would be renewing their vows on New Year's Eve, and he wanted the whole family to be together. Abby wistfully remembered that she'd married Stitch on the same day two years earlier, and she offered to cancel her trip so she could be there. After Abby left, Victoria wondered how Victor had managed to pull it off when Nikki had been livid with him. He replied that both he and Nikki had made their points, but they'd discovered that they belonged together, and they wanted to shout it out to the world.

Later, Abby handed Victoria a file, and Victoria recalled that Abby had seemed enthusiastic about Victor's plans with Nikki. Abby explained that she had no illusions about the couple's relationship, but she admired them if they were trying to make it work. Abby added that it was nice to be part of a family that joined together, and Victoria pictured the Abbotts having a perfect Christmas. Abby referred to it as a nice fantasy, and Victoria pressed for details.

Abby hesitated to give up anything Victoria could use to scapegoat her. Victoria admitted that she'd been focused on salvaging Newman's reputation and not thinking about Abby's feelings, and she referred to her own public humiliation. "And people say I make everything about me," Abby grumbled. Victoria apologized for not acknowledging the pain Abby had been through, and Abby recognized that everything Victoria had done had been to help the company, even though it had sucked for Abby.

Nick opened the door to Victor and imagined that his father really wanted him to be at the "PR bonanza." Victor requested that they be respectful and civil, but Nick thought it was a lot to ask. Victor was sure that Nick didn't "give a damn" about Newman Enterprises, but he pointed out that Nick's mother and sisters did. Victor confirmed that he and Nikki were hosting the event for PR purposes, since there was a lot of damage that needed to be rectified for both Newman and the family. Victor implored Nick to do it for his mother.

Nick demanded to know why he should honor his parents' reunion when he knew what Victor had done to get Nikki to agree to it. Victor asserted that Nikki wouldn't be with him if she didn't want to be, but Nick worried that Victor's actions would push Nikki into committing another felony. Victor huffed that it had all started the night Nick had tried to sabotage Nikki's concert, but Nikki didn't need protection. Victor insisted that Nikki wanted to reunite with him for the good of the family and the company, and he asked Nick to be there for her sake. Nick agreed to do it for his mom.

At the ranch, Victoria had a feeling that Nikki had wanted to reconcile with Victor on her own terms. Nikki confided that she and Victor were still working things out, and Victoria noted that they were opening themselves up to outside scrutiny. Nikki stressed the importance of the public believing that they were a real couple, and Victoria surmised that it was important to Nikki. Victoria questioned whether Nikki could really keep a straight face while proclaiming to the media that she was going to spend the rest of her life with Victor. "I guess we'll find out," Nikki replied.

Jill is warned about doing business with Jack

Jill is warned about doing business with Jack

> Jill is warned about doing business with Jack

Jill is warned about doing business with Jack

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

At the Abbott mansion, Jill turned down Jack's offer to purchase Chancellor Industries because it was too low. Jack urged Jill not to base her valuation on dollar amount alone. Jack said, "This is about logistics. Think about how these two companies fit together." Jack recalled that Chancellor Industries had recently acquired a small skincare manufacturer at the same time he'd been overhauling Jabot's lab. Jack added that Ashley was set up to create new products. Jack reminded Jill that Katherine had trusted her to do the right thing.

Jill presented Jack with her counteroffer and conditions for the sale. Jack read the binding offer, which included retaining Cane. Jill noted that the company had realized remarkable growth under Cane's guidance. Jack insisted that the price was hefty. Jill said, "Well, that's the price. Take it or leave it."

After Jill left, Jack summoned Michael and asked how soon he could draw up contracts for the purchase of Chancellor Industries. Michael said he was reluctant to do so, given Jack's precarious position at Jabot. Michael recalled that Jack's initial offer for Chancellor had been a major factor in the majority of Jabot's board of directors' decision to vote no confidence. Michael added that Ashley was planning to file a lawsuit, too. Legally, Michael explained, there was no CEO. Jack ordered Michael to proceed before Ashley blocked the sale.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Billy and Ashley discussed Jack's battles with his family. After Jack added an amendment restricting the position of CEO to members of the Abbott family related by blood, Ashley told Billy she would mount a legal challenge. Ashley said, "It's going to be a fight. Jack's not afraid to get down and dirty." Billy pledged his support for Ashley. Billy said, "Well, I know you. He has no idea what he's about to get into." Billy received a text message from Jill letting him know that she'd just sold Chancellor to Jack. Ashley cried that Jack seemed unwilling to admit that the consequences of his decisions could gravely impact the future of Jabot. Ashley insisted that she would kill the deal.

At Chelsea and Nick's penthouse, Nick told Chelsea that he'd received his insurance money for the Underground. Nick said the receipt of the check had helped take the sting out of having to attend a celebration at the Newman ranch on New Year's Day. Chelsea was surprised to learn that Victor and Nikki planned to renew their wedding vows. Nick insisted he would only stay until the vows had been exchanged. Chelsea quipped that she wanted to stay long enough to enjoy cake.

Nick changed the subject. Nick recalled recent plumbing issues at the penthouse and offered to remodel, upgrade, and expand. Chelsea seemed daunted by the idea. Nick used toy blocks to show Chelsea a crude model of his dream building project. Nick asked Chelsea about her ideas for a dream house. Chelsea explained that she'd made memories with Adam and Connor at her home. Chelsea added that even she and Nick had made memories together with his children. Chelsea recalled all the areas of the home where she and Nick had made love. Nick pulled Chelsea close, kissed her, and said, "Well, let's make some more memories."

In the lobby at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon ran into Lily and noticed that she seemed preoccupied. Lily explained that Cane's son Sam was being released from the hospital. Devon said that Mattie and Charlie had invited him to the baby's "welcome home" party. Lily said she was thankful that Mattie and Charlie were accepting their new brother. Lily admitted she missed Cane, but she wasn't sure how she would respond to seeing Cane with a baby that wasn't hers. Devon urged Lily to face her fears.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther doted on baby Sam when Cane took home his infant son. Mattie and Charlie popped up from behind the furniture; whispered, "Surprise;" and displayed decorated signs welcoming Sam home. Hilary arrived and presented Sam with a silver rattle. Hilary knelt down, admired the baby, and said, "Oh, look at those cute little hands and your itty-bitty nose." Lily and Devon arrived. Lily was surprised to see Hilary.

Lily gazed at Sam and noticed that the baby's foot was uncovered. Hilary tugged on the blanket to keep Sam's foot warm. Cane said he was surprised to see Lily. Lily explained that their twins had invited her. Lily noted that Cane had plenty of help with his baby because Hilary knew more about the baby than she did. Cane explained that Hilary knew things because she'd asked questions. Cane noted that Sam would benefit from the support of many people in his life. Lily walked away.

Devon approached Cane and said it was difficult for Lily to be there with the baby. Cane said he understood, but his baby was his focus. Lily embraced Mattie and Charlie for making Sam's homecoming special. Charlie recalled that Lily had given her blood for Sam and could be as big a part of Sam's life as they were. After a while, Mattie and Charlie left to be with their friends at a party.

Cane spoke privately with Jill, and she told him she'd sold Chancellor Industries to Jabot. Jill said she'd insisted that Jack retain Cane. Jill added that Jack had even mentioned giving Cane a seat on the board of directors. Cane was disappointed. Jill explained that she'd accepted an opportunity to liquidate her major asset. Jill added that Cane would have more time with Sam, so everyone would win.

Lily confronted Hilary during the homecoming celebration and asked why she was there. Hilary replied, "Because I didn't want Sam and Cane to come home to an empty house." Lily laughed sarcastically. Hilary asked why it was hard for Lily to believe that Hilary could have compassion for a baby and for Cane's situation. Lily replied, "Because you're a cold-hearted witch, and there's something about your new attitude that stinks." Hilary said, "If something stinks, it's you and your attitude." Before Hilary walked away, she noted that Lily was judgmental and unforgiving.

Devon and Jill overheard the terse exchange between Lily and Hilary. After Hilary walked away, Jill said, "Ugh." Devon told Jill that Hilary had befriended Cane after Juliet had passed away. Devon added that Hilary had become Cane's source for baby-related advice. Jill approached Lily and told her that it meant a lot to the family for her to be there. Hilary admitted that everything was confusing. Jill invited Lily to a New Year's Eve party. After Lily glanced across the room and noticed Hilary talking to Cane, Lily accepted Jill's invitation.

Devon sat with Lily at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar after they left Sam's homecoming party. Devon told Lily he shouldn't have taken her to visit Cane and his baby. Lily insisted she was fine and said the baby looked better than he had when he'd been ill and hospitalized. Devon said, "You know you had a hand in that, donating your blood." Lily gave credit to Mattie for being able to donate a second time. Devon insisted that Cane considered both Lily and Mattie to be angels.

Lily said she feared she'd tarnished her halo. Lily said she intended to improve her outlook by reading self-help books, journaling, and imbibing copious amounts of wine. Lily laughed jokingly about her third suggestion, but she insisted it would help not to see Cane with Hilary. Devon said Hilary was trying to be a better person and had no ulterior motives. Lily said that if Hilary wasn't after Cane to get under her skin, she was doing it to get under Devon's.

After Lily left, Devon ran into Hilary. Devon asked Hilary about her recent close friendship with Cane. Hilary said Devon seemed to believe that she and Cane were involved. Devon asked Hilary about the nature of her friendship with Cane. Hilary told Devon that it wasn't any of his business.

Billy stopped by the Chancellor mansion to talk to Jill. Jill insisted that her decision to sell Chancellor Industries to Jack was a done deal. Billy replied, "Even though the board issued a no-confidence vote against Jack? Did he not mention that he was no longer the CEO of Jabot?" Jill was shocked and said she hadn't known. Billy explained that technically, Jack shouldn't have accepted the offer. Jill asked Billy why he hadn't warned her. Billy said he'd believed that the deal was dead. Cane joined the discussion and pleaded with Jill not to let Chancellor become part of Jabot. Cane cried, "If you put me in the middle of a battle between Jack and Ashley, everyone is going to lose."

At Jabot, Ashley met with Lauren. Ashley told Lauren that because Jabot had no acting CEO, there wasn't a clear chain of command. Lauren said Michael had told her about Jack's amendment, and she wasn't pleased. Ashley said Jack was using the amendment as an excuse to ignore the no-confidence vote. Ashley added that Jack was still working from home despite the board's majority decision for him to resign. Lauren said, "Do you have a plan?" Ashley said she would hold another board meeting. Ashley enlisted Lauren's help to convince the board to accept common-sense measures while the issues were sorted out. Lauren said she'd make a decision based on Ashley's proposed measures.

Lauren stopped by the Chancellor mansion to talk to Jill. Jill said Billy had informed her that Jabot's board had voted Jack out as CEO. Jill cried that she'd been bluffing when she'd written an outrageous offer amount on a slip of paper. Jill added that, to her surprise, Jack had actually accepted it. Lauren asked Jill if she'd inflated her price because she'd questioned her decision to sell. Jill admitted it had been a big decision, but she couldn't turn down that amount of money. Lauren suggested that Jill's ultimate decision was based on money only.

Jill explained to Lauren that she'd decided to sell Chancellor because she'd wanted to use part of her good fortune to help others. Lauren said that though Jill's plan was admirable, Lauren sensed that Jill had misgivings. Jill said she was concerned about preserving Katherine's legacy, given Jack's unpredictable behavior. Lauren noted that she'd voted for Jack to remain as CEO. For the most part, Lauren noted, Jack had honored his deal with her after she'd sold him a stake in Fenmore's. Jill asked about Ashley and Jack's battle. Lauren admitted it had been messy. Lauren advised Jill to proceed if she decided to sell Chancellor Industries to Jack.

Ashley returned home and asked Jack about Dina. Jack said Dina was upstairs. As Ashley walked upstairs to visit Dina, Jack said Gloria had phoned to let him know that Ashley had called a board meeting behind his back. Ashley said it had been a last-minute meeting to add an amendment declaring that the CEO was required to work from an office at the Jabot building. Ashley said that Billy, Abby, and Lauren had supported the amendment. Kyle had also voted "yes" via email, Ashley added. Ashley told Jack he could either choose to stay home and care for Dina, or he could resume his role as CEO from his office.

After Ashley went upstairs, Jack made phone calls. Billy stopped by. Jack told Billy that hired caregivers would be looking after Dina. Jack said he wouldn't be leaving the company after Jill had agreed to sell him Chancellor. Billy explained that Jill had sent him over with a message. Billy said, "She heard what was going on at Jabot, and the deal is off. She's not going to be selling her company to you."

At Victoria's house, J.T. stopped by to visit Reed. J.T. said his flight was set to take off soon. Before J.T. headed upstairs, Victoria thanked him for protecting Nikki from prosecution. J.T. reminded Victoria that they'd agreed not to mention the issue. J.T. said he'd enjoyed spending Christmas with Victoria and Reed because it had reminded him of past Christmases. Victoria asked J.T. about his future plans. J.T. said he'd search for a job and hoped to get a position in Washington, DC. J.T. said he'd learned his lesson and wouldn't force Mac into a tough custody battle.

Reed had entered the room and overheard the conversation, learning for the first time that J.T. and Mac were ending their marriage. J.T. told Reed that their relationship would remain strong, and he promised they would plan a special trip together soon. Reed asked Victoria for the keys to the car, so he could hang out with his friends. J.T. agreed that Reed should spend time with his friends. After Reed left, J.T. asked Victoria if she thought their divorce had contributed to Reed's behavioral problems. Victoria said it could have, and she noted that during Reed's lifetime, she had three failed marriages.

Victoria admitted to J.T. that she'd made it difficult for the men in her life because she set high standards. J.T. insisted there was nothing wrong with high standards because Victoria deserved a guy with high standards. Victoria, charmed by J.T.'s words, proposed a wine toast to her personal cheerleader. J.T. admitted that in the past, he'd judged her more than she'd judged him. Victoria encouraged J.T. to work on his marriage to Mac in hopes of settling their differences.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, where Charlie's athletic team was having a party, Mattie, Charlie, and Reed entered to join the fun. The suite was filled with young people, and Mattie noticed that some were drinking alcohol. Charlie told Mattie she didn't have to drink. Charlie assured Mattie he didn't plan to drink alcohol. Charlie laughed and added, "But I am going to get in some trouble."

Mattie suggested she and Reed hang out downstairs. Reed slipped off his coat and said he'd rather stay for the party because he needed a distraction. Mattie was saddened to learn that J.T. and Mac were divorcing. Reed grabbed a beer and said at least he wouldn't have to spend more time with his dad because J.T. was leaving town. Mattie appeared concerned. After staying a while, Reed said he was bored and wanted to leave. Mattie went to get Charlie, but he said he wasn't ready to leave his friends. Mattie asked for the keys to the car, explaining that she didn't want Reed behind the wheel. Charlie said he and his girlfriend might choose to drive somewhere, and he suggested Mattie call a cab.

After Mattie realized that Reed had left the room, she raced to the parking lot. Mattie located Reed and begged him not to drive. Mattie threatened to phone the police if he did. Reed warned Mattie that he'd never forgive her if she called the police. After Reed drove away, Lily saw Mattie sitting on a bench. Mattie explained that she'd phoned police to let them know that Reed was driving after drinking at the party. Lily said she wouldn't have allowed her kids to attend had she known alcohol would be served.

Mattie assured her mother that she and Charlie hadn't had anything to drink at the party upstairs. Mattie cried that Reed had said he wouldn't forgive her if she called the police. Lily told Mattie she'd done the right thing. Down the road, Reed sighed when a police car with flashing lights pulled him over. The police later phoned Victoria. After Victoria hung up, she told J.T. that Reed had been arrested.

Nick sees Scott and Abby kissing

Nick sees Scott and Abby kissing

Thursday, December 28, 2017

At the penthouse, Chelsea called to the birthday boy to get out of the bathroom because she had to do her hair. Nick responded that he'd been checking out his new present, and he emerged wearing little more than a tool belt. She objected to him wearing it to his parents' house because of obscenity laws, and she insisted that he put on clothes for the vow renewal ceremony. Nick figured that he could renovate the bathroom, but Victor and Nikki's farce of a marriage was beyond repair.

Chelsea worried that they'd be late if Nick didn't put a suit on, and he sarcastically contended that there was no time to change because they had to get to the sincere, emotional ceremony on time. She proposed that they spend New Year's at home alone with leftover birthday cake, but he recognized that his mom needed him at the event, and he wanted Victor to see that he couldn't get between Nick and his family. Nick and Chelsea agreed that they were going, and she told him that he had to take off the belt first. It crashed to the floor as they kissed.

Victoria, J.T., and Reed returned to Victoria's home after Reed's arraignment. Reed protested that he'd only had one or two beers and hadn't been drunk, but Victoria ordered him to lose the attitude. Reed snapped for his parents to lay off because he wanted to crash, but Victoria informed him that they were heading to the ranch for the vow renewal. She lectured that it was an important night for their family, and she expected him to present an image befitting a Newman -- if it wasn't too late.

At the ranch, Nikki reported to Victor that the flowers had arrived for the ceremony. She noted that the PR firm had taken care of everything else, including the wedding vows. She surmised that the professionals didn't trust them to speak from their hearts, and Victor replied that they just had to show up. Nikki answered a call from Victoria, who warned that their big night might be in trouble.

Victoria informed Nikki that Reed had been busted for drunk driving. Victoria expected Nikki to tell Victor, but Nikki stated that she wasn't sure she needed to. After they hung up, Victor asked if everything was all right, and Nikki fibbed that the cleaners had ruined the dress Victoria had planned to wear. Victor was sure that whatever Victoria chose would be fine, and he expected the night to be perfect, with no surprises. Nikki agreed, and she grabbed her purse and headed out.

Victoria reiterated to Reed that the night was about appearances and presenting a positive image, and he grumbled that it was good to know that his image was a problem. Victoria pointed out that he could have been killed, and J.T. added that Reed could have hurt someone else. Victoria warned that Reed was facing fines and a license suspension, and she worried that it might affect his college chances. Reed spat that both his parents had been arrested before, and it hadn't ruined their lives.

Victoria was surprised when Nikki showed up at her door, and Nikki requested a word alone with Reed. Victoria and J.T. exited, and Reed assumed that Victoria had dragged Nikki over there to lecture him. Nikki figured that he thought that because she was an alcoholic, and she inquired whether it had ever occurred to him that he might have inherited a predisposition to addiction. Reed defended that he didn't do drugs and hardly drank, but Nikki cautioned that things could snowball. Reed argued that Victoria and Nick were fine, but Nikki sensed that Reed had been pushing his luck.

Nikki referred to Reed breaking into the Underground on Halloween, pretending that he'd done it to listen to music. She counseled that one drink could turn into two then three, and she regretted doing things while drunk that had hurt other people. She recounted a morning when she'd woken up in bed with a stranger, having no idea how she'd gotten there. Reed chalked it up to people doing stupid, crazy things while drinking, but he was aghast when Nikki confided that it had happened just two years earlier.

Nikki told Victoria that Reed had seemed to listen, but she wasn't sure how much he'd heard. Nikki said she'd had a bad feeling when Victoria had gone back to Newman, and she lectured that Victoria had priorities other than her job. J.T. asserted that he was the one Reed had a problem with, and he swore that he would never again underestimate Victoria as a mother. After Nikki left, J.T. maintained that he'd been wrong about a lot of things before. He thought he had to do more than just say he was sorry, and he revealed that he had reached a big decision.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon was on the phone, asking if Scott would be there soon to head over to the ranch. Scott walked in while still on the call, and Sharon wondered what had taken him that long. He replied that he'd had an errand to run, and she teased him for not telling her what it had been. Scott remarked that the mystery kept things interesting, and Sharon vowed to find out his secrets one way or another.

Over drinks at the Athletic Club bar, Abby tried to get Lily to join her at the vow renewal ceremony so that Lily could stand between Abby and Scott all night. Lily pointed out that the person standing between Abby and Scott was Sharon, but Abby wasn't sure if Sharon would be there. Abby begged Lily to go, but Lily said she had plans to go to the big New Year's Eve party at the Chancellor mansion. Lily groaned that she'd be dateless on the most awkward New Year's Eve of her life, but Abby proclaimed that they'd have a great night with great people while wearing great dresses. Abby pledged to make the last night of the year amazing, since they didn't need a buffer or a man to kiss at midnight. Lily toasted to having fun with lots of other random people.

In the foyer, Devon ran into Jill, who was carrying a bag of takeout. Devon doubted that it was enough to feed her party guests, but she indicated that it wouldn't be a problem because the only people in attendance would be Cane and Lily. Devon protested that it was a horrible idea, since they'd already tried to reunite the couple on Christmas. Jill groused that the Ashbys were wasting time, being stubborn, but Devon didn't think that she'd get them back together with a fake party. Jill commented that sometimes it took a little deviousness, which was her specialty.

Abby and Lily greeted Devon and Jill, and Lily inquired whether Devon wanted to go to Jill's party together. Devon stammered that he wouldn't be able to make it, and Lily and Abby headed out. Jill thanked Devon for covering even though he didn't approve, and he warned that Hilary might be a problem. A horrified Jill wondered if Hilary had managed to sink her claws into Cane, and Devon replied that he didn't know, but Lily had picked up some vibes. Jill hoped that the party for two was a huge moment for Cane and Lily, or the fireworks would start early that night.

At the Chancellor mansion, Hilary presented Cane with an outfit for Sam and prepared to leave. Cane asked what she was doing that night, and she anticipated television and takeout before going to bed early. He invited her to Jill's party. Later, Jill arrived home and curtly said hello and goodbye to Hilary, since she assumed Hilary was leaving. Jill rambled about how much she had to do, and Hilary announced that Cane had convinced her to join the party.

As Hilary fawned over pictures of Sam, Jill haughtily implied that Hilary should go home to change, but Cane assured Hilary that she looked great. Jill voiced surprise that Hilary wasn't weaseling into the Newman estate to get the scoop on the vow renewal, since there was always some juicy scandal at their parties. Hilary explained that her show's new mission was to uplift and empower, and Jill feigned interest to get close enough to unsuccessfully attempt to spill a drink on Hilary. Jill pretended to hear Sam crying, and Cane went to check on him. Jill ordered Hilary to keep her mitts off Cane, and Hilary wondered why everyone thought she wanted him when she didn't.

Jill invited Hilary to prove it by going home and staying gone, but Hilary questioned why having one extra guest was a big deal. Jill divulged that it was a party for two for Cane and Lily, and Hilary taunted that Jill's matchmaking efforts hadn't worked with Billy and Victoria, so Jill was trying with the Ashbys. Hilary asked why she should do Jill any favors, but Cane returned and reported that Sam was sound asleep. Hilary pretended to remember that she had a prior engagement, and Jill whispered her thanks as she showed Hilary to the door. Hilary firmly stated that Jill owed her.

Hilary joined Devon at the Athletic Club bar and asked how handsome, single billionaires rang in the new year. Devon realized that he had an answer to his earlier question about Cane, since Hilary would be at the mansion if they were involved. She contemplated how much time Devon had spent thinking about whether or not she was seeing Cane, and she mentioned that she'd just left the mansion. Devon warned her that Cane wasn't over Lily, but Hilary imagined that Cane wouldn't be single for long. Hilary admitted that she didn't want Cane at all, but there was someone she couldn't stop thinking about.

Hilary thought Devon was dying to say "I told you so" about putting feel-good stories on the air, since she had nothing but amazing ratings to show for it. Devon pressed to know about the man Hilary was interested in, and Hilary apologized if Devon thought it was him. She declared that there was someone new in her life, and he half-heartedly replied that it was fantastic as long as she was happy. Hilary rambled on about how the guy's smile made her whole day, and he had eyes she could fall into. Hilary conceded that the guy wasn't perfect, since he wore a diaper, but it only added to his charm. Devon realized that she was talking about Sam, and Hilary mused that she was putty in the tot's tiny little hands.

Hilary continued to babble about Sam, and Devon figured that either Sam was the greatest baby ever born or there was something else going on. Hilary insisted that her biological clock wasn't ticking, since she had plenty of time left, and she wasn't the type of woman to get baby fever. She swore that she wasn't counting down the days to motherhood, and he replied that the only countdown he cared about was the one to midnight. They looked up at the television and realized that it was about to start. Devon wished Hilary a happy New Year, and he walked away as the countdown began.

Lily arrived at the Chancellor estate for the party, and Jill greeted her. Lily saw that Cane was the only other person there, and she was embarrassed that she was the first to arrive. Jill excused herself, and Lily and Cane made small talk about the Champagne. Lily realized that no one else was showing up, and she asked if it was his doing. Jill and Esther appeared with elaborate covered platters of food. Cane insisted that he'd had no idea, and he offered to get Lily's coat for her.

Lily figured that Jill and Esther had gone to a lot of trouble, and she had no plans and was hungry. She agreed to stay unless he'd prefer she didn't, and he poured her more Champagne. They discussed Mattie's bravery for calling the cops on Reed, and Lily acknowledged that Cane had been right about Reed all along. Lily realized that she had to cherish all the moments with her kids because they'd be out of the house soon, but she noted that Cane had a lot more time with Sam. Cane asked if it was okay if he talked about his son, and Lily reasoned that Sam was Mattie and Charlie's little brother.

Cane mused that the baby was special, adding that even Hilary couldn't get enough of Sam. Lily coolly said she was sorry that Jill's arrangements had prevented Hilary from being there, since it seemed like Hilary was constantly around. Cane admitted that Hilary had become a friend, but he was sure that she liked Sam more than she liked him. Lily maintained that she would never like "that woman," and some music suddenly began to play. Cane had a feeling that Jill and Esther wanted them to dance, and he didn't dare disappoint them. He extended his hand and pulled Lily to her feet, and they began to sway.

Cane stared at Lily intently, but she pulled away and said she should go. He asked her to stay a little longer and ring in the new year with him. Lily and Cane watched the countdown on television, and they wished one another a happy New Year. He leaned in slowly, and Jill and Esther excitedly looked on from the shadows. Lily dodged Cane's kiss and hugged him instead.

Before the vow renewal, Abby asked Nick how it felt to be there with his parents saying their vows -- again. Nick swore that he wouldn't jump up when the judge asked if there were any objections, but he also wouldn't smile pretty for the cameras. He stressed that he was there for his mom, and he remarked that some people respected the concept of commitment, and some didn't. Abby stared at Scott and Sharon.

Sharon insisted that she and Scott say hello to Abby, but Scott preferred to save it for their goodbyes. Sharon recognized that she'd had unfair suspicions about Scott and Abby, and she wanted to make it clear that she knew where they all stood. Sharon dragged him over to greet Abby, who said she hadn't been sure she'd see them there. Sharon exclaimed that they could all root for true love, and she pointedly held up her hand in Scott's. Scott ushered Sharon away to introduce her to a business colleague. Chelsea started to go check on Nikki, but Abby relayed that Bonnie had seen Nikki step out. Nick hoped there would be a runaway bride.

Victoria arrived at the party with J.T. and Reed, and she instructed Reed to smile and remember his manners. Reed griped that he wasn't five, and J.T. reprimanded him. Reed scoffed at the idea that J.T. cared about him when J.T. was ready to leave town again, but Victoria revealed that J.T. had decided to stay in town. J.T. confirmed that he'd canceled his flight and extended his stay to be there for his son. The guests applauded when Victor and Nikki appeared, and Victor thanked the guests for helping to celebrate the joyous occasion of them vowing to love, honor, and obey one another. "Two out of three, at least," Nikki quipped, and the couple posed for photos.

The judge announced that the Newmans had written their own vows. Victor imagined that everyone thought he was showing off, and they were right, since he wanted the world to see his strong, brilliant, beautiful bride in all her glory. He said he and Nikki had seen one another through sickness and health, better and worse, and richer and occasionally slightly poorer. Victor proclaimed that his life had only been truly impoverished when she hadn't been by his side, and only they knew what really kept them together and what made them strong. He called her his destiny.

In place of her vows, Nikki offered some resolutions. She resolved to give more than take and to welcome every challenge head-on. She admitted that she'd learned much from Victor over the years, and she resolved to prove that they were truer equals than they'd ever been before. She promised to keep learning because love meant something different to different people, and it should mean the very most to them after all they'd survived.

The judge began to complete the ceremony, but Victor interrupted, and Nikki joked that they all knew he had to have the last word. Victor vowed from the bottom of his heart that their relationship would be strong and that they'd be even more in love at the end of the following year than they were right then. The crowd applauded.

As the guests rang in the new year, Abby jealously eyed Sharon and Scott. Victoria and J.T. affectionately forced Reed into a family hug. Nikki and Victor approached Nick and Chelsea, and Victor wished Faith had been there. Nick grumbled that it wasn't the best example of a happy marriage to show his children, but Victor recognized that Nick had shown guts by being there. Nick stated that he'd suffer through anything for his mother, and he went to get his and Chelsea's coats.

Sharon stepped aside to call the kids, and Scott spotted Abby duck out. Scott followed Abby to the dining room, and she informed him that Sharon wasn't in there. He hoped that Abby got everything she wanted and deserved that year, and she hoped that things worked out for him and Sharon. They agreed to maintain a peaceful coexistence and go their separate ways after work. "Onward to 2018," she declared, but she hesitated to leave, and they succumbed to a passionate kiss. Nick stopped in his tracks when he walked in on them, and he quickly stepped out.

Y&R will not air due to sports coverage

Y&R will not air due to sports coverage

Friday, December 29, 2017

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA basketball, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost episodes" as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, and picked up where the Thursday, December 28, 2017, episode concluded. On behalf of everyone at Soap Central thank you for your continued support of our coverage of all things soapy. We wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

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