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Sam made it through surgery. Scott agreed to move in with Sharon. Scott and Abby almost kissed. Ravi accepted a job offer from Victoria. Jack and Ashley clashed over Jabot and Dina. Nick made it his mission to stop Newman from paving over Chancellor Park to build condos.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 4, 2017 on Y&R
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Victor tells Tessa that he doesn't trust her Victor tells Tessa that he doesn't trust her

Monday, December 4, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Lily was with Mattie and Charlie when Cane phoned. Cane, at the hospital, awaiting Sam's surgery, sought Lily's help. Mattie and Charlie learned that Lily had donated blood for Sam in case the baby needed it during surgery. Lily explained that the hospital had hoped to have additional blood available. Mattie, fearing that Cane's request had hurt Lily, noted that her mom had stepped up even though Lily wasn't related to the infant. Mattie cried that Sam had wrecked her parents' marriage. Lily disagreed. Charlie noted that the baby was helpless and innocent. When Charlie and Lily were leaving to head to the hospital, Mattie stayed behind.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki approached Abby. Nikki asked Abby about the status of her resuming her position at Newman Enterprises. Abby explained that if Victor failed to enter negotiations, she'd refuse to return to the company. Nikki reminded Abby that Victor demanded unconditional devotion. Abby remained obstinate about Victor accepting her terms. Nikki, doubting that Victor would bow to Abby's demands, warned her to consider everything she'd be giving up.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Tessa feared that her dress, which Chelsea had chosen, might be too revealing. Chelsea said, "You look stunning. Noah is going to be speechless." Nick and Noah were waiting in the living room and greeted Chelsea and Tessa when they entered. Both men admired their dates' attire. Chelsea explained that she and Devon had been working with Tessa to conceptualize a new image. Noah said, "You're going to knock them dead at my grandfather's Christmas party." Tessa expressed a desire to skip the party, but Noah said attendance was mandatory.

Nick agreed with Tessa that skipping his dad's party was the best idea. Noah said he felt it was necessary to make an appearance. Nick explained that Victor hadn't invited him to the party. Nick said there was nothing left for Victor to take away from him if Chelsea and Connor opted not to attend the party. Nick's comment made Chelsea uneasy.

Noah and Tessa had a private conversation, and Tessa shared her concerns about Crystal. Noah insisted that Tessa wasn't responsible for what Crystal had done while fighting to protect herself, Abby, and Scott from Zack. Nikki arrived. Nick asked Nikki what she thought about their eclectic tree decorations. Nikki glanced at the tree and remarked, "Well, it is unique!" Nikki greeted Noah and Tessa and said that Tessa looked amazing. Noah and Tessa left after they each received a text message summoning them to the ranch house.

Victor phoned Chelsea and insisted she appear at the party with Connor. Chelsea said she and Nick were enjoying their own festivities. Victor said, "Why would Nicholas prevent Adam's children from attending this beautiful event? Chelsea replied, "You know what's reassuring, Victor? Knowing that you will always do what is best for your grandchildren. Connor is already missing out because his father is not here for these very special moments, and I'm really glad that Christian doesn't have to suffer in the same way."

After Chelsea ended her call, Nikki checked on her. Flustered, Chelsea explained that Victor had placed her in a difficult position by insisting she choose between being at the tree lighting or staying at home with Nick. Nikki said she had the perfect solution. Nikki decided to take Connor to Victor's and allow Nick, Chelsea, and Christian to enjoy their own party.

Chelsea, Nick, and Christian enjoyed being together and decorating for Christmas. Nick gathered Chelsea and Christian close. Christian, holding a stuffed bear, leaned in close to Nick and Chelsea. Nick beamed with joy. After Christian went to bed, Chelsea told Nick that Victor had tried to force her to attend his party. Chelsea said she felt guilty about keeping Connor from spending time with his grandfather. Chelsea said she was grateful that it had all worked out.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria, Reed, and Victor made final preparations before the family tree-lighting ceremony. Devon arrived with a photographer named Tahza and explained that Neil had been called away. Victor told Victoria and Reed that he hoped publication of candid photos showing the tree lighting might help counter bad press about the Newmans. Reed said, "Let the family healing begin." Abby arrived for the family get-together and asked about the photographer. Victor explained that he had a plan to counter the bad press and thought Abby would approve. Abby said she did as long as she wasn't blamed for what had happened. Victor insisted Abby wasn't to blame, which was why Victoria had graciously invited Abby to return to Newman.

Sharon arrived with Faith. Faith presented Victor with a string of berries and popcorn. Victor loved the garland, and Reed helped place it on the tree. Victor asked Sharon to stay, and he encouraged her to summon Scott, too. Victor proclaimed that Scott, a Newman employee, was almost part of the family. Abby reacted to the comment and appeared uneasy.

Reed received a text message from Mattie requesting he meet her at Crimson Lights. Reed kept mum about his text message and told Victoria he'd spilled something on his sweater. Mattie was thrilled to see Reed when he arrived at Crimson Lights. Reed explained that Victoria believed he was in the kitchen, removing a stain from his sweater, so he'd have to return to the ranch soon. Reed gave Mattie a silver bell ornament engraved "2017" and said it was in honor of their first Christmas together. Reed admitted he'd swiped it from his grandfather's Christmas tree. Mattie kissed Reed.

After Reed left the room, Sharon congratulated Victoria on her promotion at Newman and added, "Now lay off my boyfriend." Victoria defended her actions, but Sharon noted that Scott had nearly lost his life while pursuing a story for Hashtag. Scott arrived, explaining that Victor had invited him. Before Victoria rudely walked away, she said, "I'm so glad it all worked out."

Abby approached Victor. Abby, referring to her offer to return to Newman Enterprises, asked Victor if she could report directly to him and not to Victoria. Victor replied, "There's a chain of command that will not be circumvented because that causes confusion. So you report to Victoria." Abby said she would return only if she could appeal decisions to Victor. Victor kissed Abby's cheek and said, "Okay. That better?" Abby nodded in approval.

Devon approached Scott and Sharon and asked to take their photo. Devon advised Scott to clear it with him in the future whenever Scott planned to take part in a sit-down interview with the media. Scott attempted to defend his actions, but Sharon interrupted and reminded them that they were at a party. Tessa and Noah arrived. Devon greeted them and asked them to join Scott, Sharon, and the others for a group photo.

Victor asked to speak to Noah privately. Victor told Noah that Tessa had stolen Nikki's gun and had given it to Tessa's sister. Victor added that the stolen gun had been used to kill Zack Stinnett. Victor insisted that Noah end his relationship with Tessa. Noah said Tessa had acted to protect her sister. Victor suggested that Tessa was taking advantage of the Newman family because they were rich.

Noah privately asked Tessa about the gun. Noah explained that the gun was part of a murder investigation that involved the Newman family. Noah asked Tessa if she was with him because of his money. Tessa insisted she'd stolen the gun for her sister's safety. Tessa said she'd kept it a secret from Noah so he could have deniability. Tessa suggested she and Noah break up, but Noah embraced Tessa and didn't respond.

Scott asked Abby if Victor had agreed to her terms. Abby nodded and said she'd be returning to Newman Enterprises on her own terms, for the most part. Scott noted that he and Abby had been a good team. Faith noticed that Scott and Abby were standing beneath a sprig of mistletoe. Scott grabbed Sharon and said she was the only woman he'd kiss under the mistletoe. Abby appeared to be disappointed.

Nikki arrived with Connor. Victor told Nikki that she hadn't been invited and should leave. Nikki said she was aware that the party had been set up as a public relations event and noted that Victor would need a lot of help. Devon approached and encouraged Nikki to stay. Victor agreed to let Nikki enjoy the party. Scott and Sharon prepared to leave, and Nikki agreed to drive Faith home later.

Victor spent time with Connor while Nikki and Victoria talked. Victoria complained that though Victor had given her full autonomy, he'd overridden her when he'd mistakenly thought Victoria had fired Abby. As the lighting ceremony was about to commence, Victoria asked about Reed. Reed suddenly entered the room, carrying a star-shaped tree topper. Victor, noting that adding the special topper was a family tradition, allowed Connor to set the star atop the tree. Victor turned on the lights, and the guests applauded.

Victor approached Tessa and asked what else she'd stolen from his home. Tessa insisted she'd taken nothing else. Victor said, "What secrets are you keeping?" Tessa replied, "None." Victor said he didn't believe her. Tessa said she'd wait for Noah in the car, but Victor stopped her. Victor said, "I don't want you to do any further damage to this family. I'm giving you $100,000. I want you to take it, find your sister, and then vanish." Victor warned Tessa not to contact any members of his family. Tessa insisted that she didn't care about Noah's money. Tessa informed Victor that she didn't plan to leave Noah.

At the hospital, Lily and Charlie met up with Cane. Lily explained that it was too soon for her to give blood again. Charlie agreed to be tested in hopes that his blood might be a match to his little brother's. After Charlie walked away, Lily told Cane that Mattie wasn't ready to accept Sam yet. Cane understood and didn't want to press the issue.

Charlie returned to the waiting room, explained that his blood didn't match Sam's, and said he'd phone Mattie in hopes that she might be a match. Mattie arrived before Charlie summoned her and said, "Just show me where the lab is." Mattie was able to provide blood. Cane learned that Sam had made it through surgery. Cane thanked Mattie, and Lily said they all hoped Sam would pull through. Cane, joyful about the good news, hugged Lily.

At Sharon's house, Sharon presented Scott with a personalized Christmas stocking. Sharon asked Scott to move in. Scott asked about Faith's reaction to Sharon's decision. Sharon said Faith seemed to be fine with it. Scott happily accepted. Sharon asked Scott what questions he'd wanted to ask her earlier in the evening. Scott said that Sharon's commitment to their relationship had addressed all the questions he'd planned to discuss.

Victoria offers Ravi a job

Victoria offers Ravi a job

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

At the Abbott mansion, Dina explained to Jack that she'd told him to spell "Jacky" with a "y" on his Christmas ornament because there hadn't been enough room for an "ie." She asked if they'd had that conversation before, and he called it a story worth repeating. Nikki stopped by, and Dina haughtily declared that she'd thought Jack had ended his relationship with Nikki. Dina admonished Nikki for showing no dignity by crawling back on her hands and knees.

Nikki announced that she was there to apologize for the way she'd treated Dina since Dina had returned to town. Nikki added that she wouldn't have behaved the way she had after the knife incident if she'd known, but her voice trailed off. Dina firmly stated that they could mention Alzheimer's in her presence, since she wouldn't melt. Dina contended that her only choice was to fight it the best she could, and Jack pointed out that Nikki knew about facing a major illness.

Nikki explained that her MS was in remission, but she understood how terrible it was to live with a disease that could take over her life at any time. Dina declared that Alzheimer's trumped MS, and she ordered Nikki to stop trying to steal her spotlight. Nikki recognized that Dina was living with a difficult disease and invited her to be as rude as she liked. Nikki reiterated that she had no hard feelings about the stabbing, but Dina barked that she had no idea what Nikki blabbering about.

After Dina stepped out, Jack told Nikki that Dina's behavior was part of sundown syndrome, where symptoms got worse after dark. He wasn't sure what the worst part of the disease was -- the sudden mood changes, the verbal abuse, or the random disorientation. Nikki urged him to take comfort in knowing that Dina still knew who he was, but he sadly questioned how long it would be before his own mother looked at his face and saw nothing but a stranger.

Jack asked about what had been going on in Nikki's life, and she mentioned that Victor had hosted his grand lighting of the tree the night before. Jack was surprised that she'd attended, and he suspected that she was reverting to form and slowly drifting back to Victor. Nikki understood why Jack had needed to walk away from both her and Jabot, since Dina relied on him. Jack admitted that he missed his life, and he knew that Jabot would always be there for him, but he couldn't expect the same from Nikki. She kissed his cheek and left.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis faked a sneeze and wailed to Lauren over the phone that she wasn't sure that she would be over her illness in time for work. She coughed and dramatically promised to make up for it if she survived. After Phyllis hung up, Billy praised her award-winning performance. Phyllis crowed that she was ready to take on New York, and she contemplated whether it would top the magic of Bourbon Street.

At Jabot, Ashley was pleased with the increased traffic for Jabot Go, and Ravi reported that the beta testing for a new feature had been a huge success. He received a text message, informing him that he'd just won a free drink at the new bar at Top of the Tower. He invited Ashley to join him and make a dinner out of it, but she protested that she had too much work. He offered stick around, but she told him to go and have a good time.

Later, Ashley was happily surprised when Billy stopped by, and he remarked that it hadn't taken her long to get settled in. He broached the subject of what had happened at her award dinner, since everything he'd believed while growing up had changed. He recognized that Jack and Traci were still Ashley's half-siblings, but he and Ashley weren't blood related, so some people would say that they weren't brother and sister. Ashley vehemently stated that most people could "go to hell," since Billy was her brother, and nothing would ever change that or her love for him. Billy echoed the sentiment, and they hugged.

Billy requested the use of the company jet to take Phyllis to New York, but Ashley refused. He pleaded that he just wanted to get away to do some Christmas shopping, and he swore that he'd get Ashley a fantastic gift. She was adamant that the jet was for business use only, and she wondered if he and Phyllis were in a rut. Billy swore that he and Phyllis couldn't be in a better place, and he revealed that he'd moved back in. Ashley inquired whether he was going to propose, but Billy joked that he wouldn't ruin things with matrimony.

Ashley understood why a no-strings relationship was attractive, and Billy questioned whether she wouldn't love to go to New York with a special person if she were him. Ashley asserted that she knew how to have fun, and Billy guessed that she and Ravi were friends with benefits. She considered whether it was fair of her not to offer a commitment, since things were awkward because she was Ravi's boss. Billy encouraged her not to worry about it if a handsome genius whispering binary codes in her ear was floating her boat.

Billy complained about having to fly coach to New York, but Ashley lectured that he needed something more meaningful in life besides little trips. Billy reasoned that he'd put in a lot of overtime hours at Brash & Sassy, and his new motto was that life was to be lived, so he intended to grab everything he could and "enjoy the hell" out of it. He thought Dina's situation showed them that they shouldn't let things pass them by, and he inquired about how Dina was doing. Ashley replied that every day was a mixed bag, but Dina was spending most of her time with Jack.

Ashley begrudgingly agreed to let Billy use the jet one last time until he was again working at Jabot, but he expected Jack to squash the idea quickly. Ashley coyly pointed out that Jack wasn't there. Ashley expected Billy to buy her an expensive present in New York, and she remarked that her tastes were classy -- the opposite of Phyllis'. Billy thanked her for the jet and for trying to hire him back against Jack's wishes. She urged Billy to return to help her give Jabot the necessary kick in the pants it needed.

Noah greeted Ravi at Top of the Tower, and Ravi mentioned the offer for a free drink at the new bar. Ravi was surprised when Noah led him downstairs to a members-only area. Noah excused himself to check out Tessa's live television appearance, but Ravi noted that it looked more like an office than a bar. Victoria handed Ravi a drink and apologized for the subterfuge, but she figured he would have turned down a straight offer to meet with her.

Ravi asked where the conversation was headed, and Victoria hoped that they both ended up in a beneficial and profitable place. She announced that she wanted him to leave Jabot and join Newman as the head of software development, since she'd noticed his stellar work on Jabot Go and the Fenmore's dressing room app. She added that she'd heard his contract with Jabot was up, and she wanted to make him an offer. Ravi surmised that it had less to do with his skill set and was more about disrupting his rival, but Victoria stressed that she was very interested in him.

Ravi reviewed Victoria's offer and conceded that the responsibilities were impressive and flattering. She pointed out that Newman was a much larger company than what he was accustomed to and that he'd be on the cutting edge of IT, and she thought the offer was beyond anything Jabot could give him. Ravi recognized that it was an amazing opportunity, but he declined because his loyalty was with Ashley and Jabot. Victoria handed him her business card and urged him to take time to think about it.

Ravi returned to the restaurant, where Phyllis invited him to join her. She offered to cover his bar tab in exchange for his silence, since she was playing hooky from work. She planned to fly to New York if Billy was able to convince Ashley to loan them the Jabot jet. Ravi warned that Ashley was used to making all the decisions, and Phyllis guessed that Ravi had been pushed to the back burner. Ravi replied that he definitely hadn't been rebuffed, and Phyllis goaded him until he admitted that he'd spent the night with Ashley. Phyllis gave him a high-five.

Phyllis asked if Ravi was drowning his sorrows or celebrating, because she'd thought being intimate with Ashley had been his fondest desire. Ravi confided that he felt a bit used, since Ashley needed a distraction from her family issues, but all she wanted to talk about was work. He added that when Ashley reached out, it was only physical, and he didn't know what she wanted from him. Phyllis pointed out that in every stage of Ravi and Ashley's relationship, he'd always been the employee to Ashley's boss lady. Phyllis advised him to lose the underling label and show Ashley that he was a brilliant, desirable man.

Phyllis thought she should leave before the wrong person saw her in public, and she wished Ravi luck with Ashley before heading out. Ravi called Ashley and suggested that she put work aside for one night to join him for dinner. She informed him that she was about to order delivery, and she opted to keep her work momentum going. She offered to meet him at the same room at the Athletic Club later, and he half-heartedly said it sounded great.

Tessa arrived at the police station and asked Paul if he had an update on her sister. Paul revealed that he'd summoned Tessa because he needed to determine whether she'd been Crystal's accomplice. Tessa asserted that she'd been nowhere near the motel on the night Zack had died, and she said she had a live television appearance to go to. Paul replied that it wasn't his concern, and he informed her that the police had gotten a tip that she'd stolen Nikki's gun and given it to Crystal. He warned her that it was a felony in itself, and Tessa guessed that Victor had tipped them off to get her locked up.

Paul questioned why Victor would want Tessa behind bars, and she indicated that Victor wanted her out of Noah's life for good because she wasn't Newman material. She observed that Paul didn't seem shocked, and he proposed that they work out a deal. Later, Paul informed Tessa that he'd spoken with the D.A., who had offered to grant her immunity from prosecution in exchange for furnishing evidence that linked Victor to the sex trafficking ring. Tessa swore that she didn't know of anything like that, and Paul asked if she was willing to work undercover to get it.

At GC Buzz, Hilary freaked out when her guest hadn't arrived. Mariah assured her that Tessa would be there any minute, but Hilary grumbled that Tessa wasn't a star yet, so punctuality still applied. Devon arrived alone, and he was surprised that Tessa wasn't there. Devon was unable to reach Tessa, and Hilary panicked that she was about to go live without a guest.

Mariah figured that they'd improvised before, but Hilary fretted that she'd promised her audience a singer. Devon tried to reassure Hilary that she'd be fine, and she smiled brightly and welcomed her "bees" to another live edition of her show. Hilary gushed about the anticipation of doing the show in real time, since flying without a safety net led to surprises. Devon joined them on the stage, and Mariah announced that their surprise guest had arrived. Hilary cooed that her audience was in for a very special show that she wouldn't soon forget.

Hilary lauded Devon's new music streaming service and mentioned that the number of subscribers had doubled since Hamilton-Winters had acquired the company from Mergeron. Hilary rattled off some listener statistics and encouraged her fans to take advantage of an offer to get one month of service free. Noah arrived at the studio as Hilary commended Devon for giving his users a variety of world music and cultivating his own talent, including Tessa. Devon was impressed by Hilary's knowledge of the streaming music industry, and she suggested that she chuck her show and work for him instead. He pointed out that they'd probably kill one another, and the show went to a commercial.

Noah inquired about why Tessa wasn't there, since she'd been stoked to do the show. Hilary griped that she had a whole show to stretch out, so she needed more material pronto. The show resumed, and Hilary purred that Devon held another badge of distinction other than music producer and CEO -- he was also her ex-husband. They marveled about the roller-coaster ride it had been, and Hilary pointed out that he'd also dated her co-host. Hilary thought it would be juicy to compare notes, but Devon and Mariah protested. Hilary received a news update and turned the topic to the real reason Tessa was unable to be there that night.

Hilary revealed that she'd received an exclusive tip that Tessa had been hauled into the police station, and she speculated about what crime Tessa might have committed. Noah rushed out, and Hilary gushed that the excitement of live television was only on The Hilary Hour. Hilary looked forward to having Tessa on the show to explain her legal troubles -- if Tessa wasn't still incarcerated. Devon argued that no one even knew if Tessa had been charged, and Mariah theorized that Tessa was helping the police. Hilary conceded that anything was possible, and she encouraged her viewers to stay tuned as the story developed.

The show ended, and Devon angrily confronted Hilary. Mariah blasted Hilary for painting Tessa as a criminal to the entire world, and Hilary flippantly recognized that she should have said "alleged." Mariah ranted that Devon had helped Hilary out, but Hilary had thanked him by trashing one of his artists. Hilary waited for Devon to let her have it, and he recalled that she'd shown deep emotional regret after she'd been blindsided and exposed, but she'd just done the same thing to someone else. He hissed that he'd thought she'd wanted to do something worthwhile with her life and her show, but she was back in the dirt where she loved to be.

Noah arrived at the police station and found Tessa in handcuffs. Paul reported that she was being booked, and Tessa informed Noah that his granddad owed her. Noah was shocked to learn that Paul was pressuring her to dig up dirt on Victor. Noah thanked her for not throwing Victor under the bus, and she replied that it hadn't seemed right. Noah cautioned that often when someone was trying to get close to a Newman, it was because they wanted money or a story to sell, and she was part of the inner circle because they lived together. Tessa insisted that she wasn't going anywhere, and they hugged.

Victoria filmed a statement as a leading female executive at Newman to make clear that the company was vehemently opposed to sex trafficking. She announced that they planned on donating 100 percent of the proceeds from Design Date to women's charities to take down sex rings and save girls from sexual slavery. Lily told the cameraman to take it straight to Devon to clear up any lingering doubts people had about Newman's involvement in prostitution. Lily received an alert on her phone, and she groaned that as a result of the ongoing sex trafficking investigation, Newman was facing a top-to-bottom audit.

Victoria fielded calls from the press, and she anticipated that it wouldn't end until someone went down hard. Lily had an idea and called Devon. Meanwhile, Victoria answered a call from Ravi, who informed her that he'd reconsidered, and he was in. She promised that he wouldn't regret it, and they planned to iron out the details the next day. Victoria reported that she had excellent news, but it had nothing to do with the audit. Lily said she was willing to help, but she had to ask if there were any Newman skeletons that people might find. Victoria stared at Victor's portrait.

Tessa is dogged by questions about the gun

Tessa is dogged by questions about the gun

> Tessa is dogged by questions about the gun

Tessa is dogged by questions about the gun

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

In Devon's office at the Hamilton-Winters Group, Devon directed employees to delete negative threads on social media pertaining to Tessa. Hilary entered, having overheard Devon's phone conversation. Hilary offered a solution. Devon replied, "I only want to hear your idea if it's going to fix the problem you created when you threw Tessa under the bus on live TV on your show." Hilary suggested that Tessa appear on The Hilary Hour and share her side of the story.

Devon wasn't eager to heed Hilary's suggestion, but Hilary explained that Tessa's arrest on the firearm charge would've made news even if she hadn't covered the story. Hilary added that she was offering Devon a suitable way to protect his star artist. Devon admitted he was considering dropping Tessa's contract, but Hilary said she hoped Devon hadn't yet made his final decision. Devon later phoned Hilary and said Tessa would conduct an interview.

At Chancellor Park, Tessa ran into Nikki. Tessa sarcastically thanked Nikki for telling Victor that Tessa had stolen the gun from the Newman ranch. Tessa explained that she'd been arrested after Victor had alerted the police. Nikki apologized and said that Victor had been rattled by recent events. Tessa noted that the police had offered to drop all charges related to the stolen weapon if she'd agree to secretly record Victor. Tessa added that she'd declined the offer and had told police that Victor hadn't been involved. Nikki seemed relieved. Tessa insisted that both Victor and Nikki owed her a favor. Tessa added that she hadn't mentioned anything to Noah about his grandmother telling Victor about the theft.

Nick, Connor, and Christian joined Nikki for hot drinks at Chancellor Park's outdoor café. Nick found a flyer on the table, alerting citizens about a meeting to discuss the future of Chancellor Park. Nick summoned his nanny to pick up the children so he and Nikki could attend. After the meeting ended, Nikki and Nick expressed anger over Genoa City's intentions to sell the park to a developer planning to build condominiums. Nikki cried that the park honored Katherine Chancellor and the wonderful things she'd done for the city. Nikki, saddened about the turn of events, cried, "This has to stop."

Nick went home and began writing a letter to the mayor of Genoa City. Chelsea entered the room and asked Nick what he'd been doing. Nick told Chelsea about Genoa City's plans to sell Chancellor Park to a developer. Chelsea read Nick's letter to the mayor and asked Nick what else he planned to do. Nick replied, "We're going to unite [and] stop whoever this developer is."

Nikki stopped by the Chancellor mansion and told Esther about the plans to bulldoze Chancellor Park. Esther was shocked and expressed her intentions to protest. Kevin entered the room. Esther said she'd neglected to tell Nikki that Kevin and Bella were in town. Esther stepped out.

Nikki questioned Kevin about helping Victor break into her email account and her cell phone. Nikki showed Kevin an email she'd received in September, warning of a detected intrusion. Nikki added that the same month, someone had also hacked Nick's bank accounts and emptied them. Nikki noted that after the intrusion warning, Victor had seemed to know private information from emails she'd sent and other messages she'd stored on her computer. Kevin shook his head, indicating he knew nothing about the hacking of Nikki's email and phone.

Nikki suggested that Kevin had owed Victor a favor because Victor had allowed Kevin to visit Chloe one last time before her untimely death. Kevin admitted he'd helped Victor. Kevin said he'd needed the money to move with Bella and begin a new life. Nikki threatened to contact Paul if it happened again. Kevin appeared nervous. Nikki, citing the way in which Victor was known to operate, asked Kevin what information Victor had on him to use as leverage.

In Paul's office at the police station, Christine expressed her frustration when she learned that Paul hadn't gleaned much information from Tessa Porter. Paul said Tessa hadn't been cooperative when he'd questioned her about the connection between Zack Stinnett and Victor. Christine said she'd hoped the gun found at the Newman ranch might be the key to unlock the true story, especially after the audit of Newman Enterprises' files and laptops had led them nowhere. Paul told Christine he'd be open to any of her ideas. Alone later, Paul phoned someone and sought help.

As Abby was passing through Chancellor Park, Mariah stopped her. Mariah informed Abby that Scott planned to move in with Sharon. Mariah seemed apprehensive and asked Abby for an objective opinion about Scott. Abby claimed that Scott had strong feelings for Sharon. Mariah replied, "Oh, you guys talked about Sharon in the storage unit?" Abby said, "We talked about a lot of things."

At Sharon's house, Scott moved in, carrying everything he owned in a small bag, noting that he'd never stayed in one place for long. Scott told Sharon he was finally home. The couple celebrated with a kiss before shedding their clothing. Mariah later entered through the front door and startled the naked lovers, covered only with a throw. Sharon said she'd thought Mariah would be away at the studio. Scott quickly ran upstairs, and Sharon apologized to Mariah.

Scott's phone, lying on the coffee table, sounded an alert indicating receipt of a text message. Sharon placed her hand on Scott's phone, but she changed her mind and vowed not to snoop. Mariah picked up Scott's phone and showed Sharon the message. It was from colleague Kerry Morris, offering Scott a permanent job based in New York. Mariah had left before Scott returned. Sharon asked Scott about the job interview. Scott noted that he'd already decided not to take the job, and he immediately sent a reply declining the offer.

After Mariah returned to the studio, Hilary ecstatically announced that she'd be interviewing Tessa live. Hilary asked Mariah to prep Tessa after she arrived. After Hilary walked away, Mariah said, "Damn it!" After Tessa arrived, Mariah warned that Hilary would ask about the arrest. Tessa leaned in close and whispered that she'd given the gun to Crystal, who'd then used it to kill Zack. Mariah asked if Tessa was hiding other secrets. Tessa said she wasn't, and she begged Mariah to help her avoid being asked about the gun.

Hilary arrived on set and greeted Tessa. Devon stood nearby as Mariah and Hilary opened the show and introduced Tessa to viewers. Hilary noted that Tessa had missed a previously scheduled interview after being arrested for gun charges. Tessa began her interview by mentioning her music projects and insisted that the story of her arrest was being blown out of proportion. Tessa added that her attorney had advised her not discuss the details of her arrest.

After Tessa performed one of her songs, she explained that she'd written it about her sister, Crystal Porter. Hilary told the audience that Crystal had allegedly shot Zack Stinnett, who'd been the leader of the sex ring that was currently under investigation. Tessa clarified that Zack had been a human trafficker. Tessa added that Zack had held Crystal prisoner and forced her into prostitution. Hilary urged Tessa to continue. Tessa explained that Crystal had saved the lives of two people Zack had kidnapped and intended to murder.

After Abby received a text notification from The Hilary Hour about Tessa's interview, she seemed apprehensive. Abby phoned Scott and told him about the interview, which she feared might focus on the sex trafficking case. Scott told Abby he'd meet her at the office. Sharon entered the room and asked Scott where he was going. Scott said he had to check in at Newman and would return soon.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Abby and Scott watched Tessa's live interview. Abby said she hoped Scott and Sharon hadn't been in the middle of anything. Scott replied, "Glad you called." Abby and Scott continued watching the interview and were shocked when Tessa admitted she'd been arrested for stealing the gun she'd given to Crystal. Tessa said Crystal had used the stolen gun to shoot Zack. Hilary mentioned Tessa's boyfriend, Noah, and explained that the Newman family was being investigated about their connection to Zack.

Tessa told Hilary she'd sworn to the police that only she and Crystal had connections to Zack, not the Newmans or their company. Hilary ended the interview by announcing that the proceeds from sales of Tessa's music would benefit organizations that helped abused women. After the interview ended, Abby told Scott that they'd be dead if Tessa hadn't given Crystal the gun. Scott noted that Power Communications seemed to be keeping a tight lid on the story because Tessa had omitted a lot of information. Scott added that Tessa's body language didn't seem to match that of someone confessing to her crimes, especially when Tessa had mentioned the gun.

Abby, expressing frustration, doubted Scott's perceptions of Tessa's demeanor during the interview. Scott angered Abby by suggesting that she expected him to revise the story about human trafficking to benefit Newman Enterprises. Abby adamantly protested, explaining that both she and Scott should remain focused on staying employed. Abby asked Scott if he was naïve. Without hesitation, Scott noted that he hadn't been the one who'd fallen in love with a homicidal pimp.

Abby angrily confronted Scott, standing inches from his face, and insisted he take back what he'd said. Scott's lips quivered as he calmly apologized and vowed not to write a follow-up piece on Zack and Crystal. Abby and Scott stood close together and almost shared a kiss, but Scott backed away. Abby watched longingly as Scott walked away.

Back at the studio, Tessa berated Mariah for telling Hilary details about the gun and the arrest. Devon interrupted and admitted he'd been the one who'd told Hilary. Tessa apologized to Mariah. Mariah said she couldn't believe Tessa had mistrusted her after everything they'd been through together. Mariah grabbed her coat and rushed out the door.

Hilary served Champagne to Devon after Tessa's interview and noted that Devon's surprise appearance had netted interest. Hilary admitted that women often asked her what it was like to have a relationship with Devon. Hilary added that Devon's life would make an excellent reality show because many were interested in the life of a young mogul. Devon replied, "About the two of us?" Hilary said viewers would be interested to see how they managed their friendship post-divorce. Devon didn't embrace Hilary's idea and said it would be too hurtful.

Mariah returned home in a sad mood. Sharon asked if Mariah had had a bad day. Mariah complained about working with a narcissist who worked her interviewees like puppets by pulling their strings to extract information. Sharon updated Mariah about the text-message job offer Scott had received. Sharon expressed relief that Scott hadn't intended to take the job. Mariah noted that Sharon was the happiest she'd been in a long time. Sharon agreed and said, "I'm in love!" Sharon assured Mariah that she'd fall in love soon, too.

Jack and Ashley clash over Jabot and Dina

Jack and Ashley clash over Jabot and Dina

Thursday, December 7, 2017

At home, Billy handed Phyllis a gift, but she noted that it wasn't her birthday and that it was too early for Christmas. She found a framed photo of a horse inside, and he informed her that he'd bought the horse. Phyllis dryly inquired whether it would live in their spare bedroom. He explained that it was a racehorse named Philly, which was a combination of their names. Phyllis was surprised that it was a present for her, and Billy indicated that technically, they both owned Philly. Phyllis considered the purchase to be rash and totally insane, and that was why she loved Billy. They kissed passionately and began to have sex on the kitchen counter.

Later, Phyllis and Billy cuddled under a blanket on the couch, and she admired Philly's photo. Billy clarified that he'd only bought one end of the horse, and Phyllis burst out laughing and asked which end. He explained that the other end belonged to a friend with big bucks, and she envisioned them all sitting in the winner's circle. She was suddenly distracted with the thought of work, since she'd already taken a day off that week by pretending to be sick. Billy suggested that she tell Lauren that she had two prize stallions at home who needed attention, and Phyllis joked that it was more like one and a half.

At Jabot, Lauren voiced surprise that Phyllis wasn't in yet, and Gloria figured that Phyllis was shacking up with an Abbott who had no workday to worry about. Gloria huffed that she would never take her job for granted with things falling apart without Jack there, and Lauren stepped away. Ashley exited her office and requested that Gloria get Jack on the phone. Gloria begrudgingly dialed his number.

Hilary stopped by to see Jack at the Abbott mansion to make him a deal he couldn't refuse. She enthusiastically pitched an idea for Jabot to sponsor The Hilary Hour, but he paused to answer a call from Gloria, who inquired whether he was available for a word with Ashley. Jack said he was in a meeting and abruptly hung up, and Gloria reported to Ashley that Jack was too busy. Ashley stormed back into her office.

Jack received another call, and he told the person on the other end that he'd check into something. He revealed that he had a trespasser on the property, and he worriedly called out for Dina and Traci. He informed them that their security company had notified him about an intruder, and Dina pointed at Hilary and barked that she wanted "that awful woman" out of her house. Jack insisted that Hilary was his guest, but Dina called her a "loudmouthed, social-climbing bitch" who'd tried to link Abby to a sex ring.

Traci led Dina to the kitchen, and Jack apologized to Hilary for his mother's behavior. He explained that the disease amplified Dina's hostility, and Hilary sympathized with what Jack was going through. Hilary regretted disturbing him when he was facing so much, but Jack pointed out that they wouldn't get to shake on their deal if she left. He agreed to sponsor her show.

Hilary and Jack negotiated terms of their deal, and he wanted credits to run at the top of every show, indicating that Jabot was presenting The Hilary Hour. She objected, but he wanted her to use Jabot's cosmetics exclusively and to leave ample room for product placement. She argued that there would be too much time devoted to promoting products rather than breaking news, and he invited her to look for another sponsor. She reluctantly agreed to Jack's terms, and he named one more condition -- she had to clean up her show, since it had to reflect family values if the Abbott name was attached.

Meanwhile, Gloria reported that there hadn't been any word from Jack, and she offered to help. Ashley grumbled that Jack had shot down the Cartwright deal, and no one could undo the damage, since he'd sabotaged years of hard work. Gloria opined that Jack knew what was best for Jabot, and Ashley was offended by the implication that she didn't. Gloria answered a call from Jack, who told her to pass along that he'd decided that Jabot would sponsor The Hilary Hour. Gloria grinned broadly as she hung up.

Later, Hilary arrived at Jabot, and Gloria ushered her into Ashley's office and wished her luck. Hilary suggested that she and Ashley get the paperwork out of the way, since she and Jack hadn't discussed how much the branding would cost Jabot. Ashley informed her that there had been a misunderstanding about the reason for their meeting. Ashley announced that Jabot wouldn't be sponsoring The Hilary Hour -- "not now, not ever." Hilary asserted that she and Jack had already reached an agreement, so Ashley couldn't stop it. Ashley countered that she could as the acting CEO.

Billy stopped by the Abbott mansion to say goodbye to Traci before she left for New York. Jack answered a call from Hilary, who ranted that Ashley had killed their deal because Jack was no longer in charge. Jack griped that Ashley had let the position go to her head, and he promised to take care of everything. After he hung up, he told Billy and Traci that he had some things to straighten things out with Ashley. Traci pointed out that it had been Jack's idea to take a leave of absence, but it didn't seem like he'd done it. Billy encouraged Jack to let Ashley do her job, and Jack snapped that he'd love to if she was better at it.

Phyllis ran into Lauren in the hallway and rambled about how she'd been too busy to pop her head in. Gloria passed by and clucked that Phyllis wasn't fooling anyone, and Lauren scolded Phyllis for waltzing in at noon after blowing off work the day before. Phyllis admitted that she'd lied about being sick, since it had been difficult for her and Billy to pull themselves away from one another. Lauren reflected back fondly on the days she and Michael had played hooky, but she needed to know that she could rely on her right hand, since there was a power struggle between Jack and Ashley. Lauren fretted that it would be terrible for her company if things were unstable at the top, and she didn't know who she'd pick if she were forced to choose between Jack and Ashley.

Lily raced into the hospital and burst in on Cane. She breathlessly stated that she'd gotten his message, and she asked what was wrong. Cane turned around with Sam in his arms, and he replied, "Not a thing in the world." Lily stared at them in amazement.

Later, Cane worried about how long the nurse had been away with Sam, and he ached to hold his child again. Lily remarked that she'd thought it had been a miracle when she'd first seen Sam in Cane's arms, and Cane credited her and Mattie for donating their blood. Lily chalked it up to Sam having his father's strength, and she said she was genuinely happy for both of them. Cane reported that Sam's heart was beating stronger on its own, and Lily urged him not to give up. She hoped it was one of many milestones Cane had to look forward to, since she expected him and Sam to have long, happy life together.

Lily asked if Cane had any idea when Sam could go home, and Cane replied that it was up in the air, but the doctors had said the baby should be home by Christmas. Lily envisioned Esther doting on Sam, and Cane remembered when they'd taken the twins home. Lily recalled being excited about the kids but terrified that the immigration people would take Cane away. Cane noted that his status had been settled, and their kids had been home for their first Christmas. He hoped Sam's would be just as joyful.

Lily thanked Victoria over the phone for letting her take the day off. Cane recounted that Victoria had been more supportive than he'd expected, and his face lit up when the nurse returned with Sam. He took the boy into his arms, and he asked if Lily wanted to hold his son. Lily gushed that Sam was adorable, and Cane handed Sam to her. She smiled awkwardly at Cane but quickly returned Sam to him and hurried out as Hilary looked on.

Hilary fawned over how good Sam looked, and she mentioned that she'd seen Lily rush out. Cane recognized that Lily was dealing with a lot, and he offered to let Hilary hold the baby. She balked because she hadn't held many babies before, and she thought it was more pressure than hosting a TV show. Cane teased that babies were her Achilles heel, and Hilary agreed to hold Sam. Cane guided her how to do it, and she looked down at the baby and called him the cutest thing ever.

Hilary said babies were miracles, and Cane wondered if she wanted one. She replied that she was glad she'd stopped by to see him, but she hadn't expected to meet his son. He figured that he could call her if he ever needed a babysitter, and she sympathized that Lily was having a hard time. Hilary urged Cane to give it time, but he was afraid that Lily just didn't know how to tell him that the divorce was still on.

Scott joined Abby on the Newman elevator, and she asked if he was sure that he didn't want to wait to take the next one. He thought they should find time alone to discuss what had happened, and she stopped the elevator and declared that they were alone. Moments later, Abby and Scott entered Victor's office, and Scott chided her for stopping the elevator in a busy building. She noted that they'd almost kissed the last time they'd been alone, and it had been practically as bad as if they had actually done it. She wondered what was wrong with them, but he replied that they'd have to figure it out later, and he walked away.

Later, Scott returned, looking for Victoria, and Abby informed him that Victoria was meeting with Michael about the audit. Abby asked if she should back away or if they were alone enough. Scott confided that what had happened in the storage locker was killing him because he wanted it to happen again, and Abby questioned whether that would be such a bad thing. He revealed that he'd moved in with Sharon, and Abby wondered if that had been a mistake. Abby pointed out that Sharon was a little older than him, but Scott insisted that his feelings for Sharon were real. Abby remarked that they hadn't been real enough to stop him from "doing the deed" with her.

Abby asked how Scott honestly felt about her and not what had happened. Scott conceded that there was chemistry between them, but it was just a matter of opposites attracting and nothing more. He added that she was an incredibly desirable woman, but they weren't a match because she wasn't his type at all. Scott continued that he couldn't help but be drawn to her physically, but he wanted things to work out with Sharon. He was adamant that Sharon could never know about them, but Abby received a call and said she had to take it. Scott stepped out, and Abby was surprised when Ashley summoned her to Jabot but instructed her not to tell anyone.

Abby entered Ashley's office, where Ashley called a meeting of Jabot's board of directors to order. Ashley welcomed Lauren to her first official board meeting since the merger, but Abby blurted out that someone was missing. Ashley contended that it was a quorum without Jack and Kyle, and she accused Jack of undermining her ability to run the company. She cited several examples, including the Cartwright deal that he'd shot down without consulting her and his attempt to align Jabot with a tawdry television show.

Ashley believed that Jack needed to take a real step back because he'd been distracted by his personal life ever since his marriage had gone down publicly a year earlier. Billy protested, but Ashley insisted on addressing Jack's focus on his battle with Brash & Sassy because of his animosity toward Billy. She referred to Jack's erratic decisions and underhanded tactics that had affected both Billy and Lauren, and she thought the company needed one CEO with one vision who would lead the company in a positive manner without any personal vendettas.

Ashley requested that the board give her complete authority to run the company as she saw fit. Jack stalked in and announced that he'd just heard about the meeting from his assistant, who was apparently more loyal than his own family. Ashley spat that Jack had single-handedly created the crisis, and Traci moved to take a break. Ashley offered to paint Jack a picture of the damage he'd done since he'd told her to take over his duties, and he called her a seat-filler. They argued, and Jack asked the rest of the board to excuse them to talk alone.

Jack speculated that Ashley had called the meeting because she was jealous, and she accused him of exploiting the company to punish his enemies, including his own brother. Ashley barked that their father would have been appalled, and Jack retorted, "He's my father, not yours." After a moment of silence, Ashley choked out that she hadn't expected him to go there, but she should have. Jack ranted that he'd kept her secret for years and endorsed her as an Abbott in every way, and she'd thanked him by trying to turn their family against him.

Ashley hissed that blood or not, Jack was far less like John than she was. She called Jack the "true seat-filler," since he was a sad shadow of the great man who'd raised them both, and the saddest thing was that Jack knew it deep inside. Jack swore that he was trying to do the right thing, but Ashley contended that he wouldn't know what that was if it slapped him across the face. She admonished him for taking Jabot public without thinking it through and letting Victor take over, leading to John's heart attack. She added that Jack had made too many mistakes to ever make it up to their father, and she imagined that was why he was desperate to gain their mother's approval.

Jack scoffed at the idea of Ashley taking the high road when she was using Dina's illness to advance her own agenda. Jack coldly stated that he had more important things to do, and he ordered Ashley to get out of his office. He reiterated that Jabot would be sponsoring The Hilary Hour, and that was the last word on the subject. She stormed out, and he angrily threw papers off the desk.

Outside Jack's office, Ashley relayed that things had gotten ugly, and she needed to know she had both Abby and Billy's support. Billy questioned whether it was the best time to be fighting, and Abby urged everyone to pull together for Dina's sake. Ashley demanded to know if they were on her side.

Over drinks at the Athletic Club, Lily groaned to Abby that she wished she could just be happy for Cane, and she felt guilty because none of it was the baby's fault. Abby bemoaned that she was stuck in the middle of an Abbott civil war and that she'd never understand men. Lily expected Abby to take a break from dating after Zack, and Abby said it was complicated. Lily thought she was an expert on that subject, since she still missed Cane in spite of everything.

At home, Phyllis couldn't believe that Ashley had sandbagged Jack after all he'd done to make sure Dina was okay. Billy wasn't surprised after the way Jack had been treating Ashley, and Phyllis protested that Billy was taking Ashley's side after it had taken months to make peace with Jack. Phyllis refused to get dragged into an argument, since she and Billy had a horrible habit of taking opposite sides. She declared that the one side she was on was his, and he assured her that he was on hers. They kissed.

Traci talked to Jack, who wished he could take it all back, but the words were already out there. Traci acknowledged that they were all on edge over the situation with Dina, but it didn't mean Ashley and Jack couldn't compromise. Traci thought they were both clinging to the company because they had lost their dad and were losing their mother, and Jack snapped that he didn't want to be psychoanalyzed. He quickly apologized and said he had to get Dina home. He exited the office and asked if Abby had taken Dina home, and Ashley informed him that Dina hadn't been there. Jack indicated that he'd left Dina with Gloria, and he wondered where they were.

Traci made calls to see if anyone had spotted Dina in the building. Ashley lectured that Jack should have stayed home and let her deal with business, and Jack admonished her for trying to run him out of the company. Traci scolded that their bickering wasn't helping to find Dina. Gloria suddenly called out for help, and she stepped off the elevator with Dina, who was clutching some test tubes.

Dina proclaimed that she'd been protecting the company's secrets from the likes of Gloria, and Ashley told Dina that she was sorry that Jack had left Dina alone. Jack bellowed that he had business out of town, so Ashley could take care of Dina the next day. "Have fun!" he exclaimed as he sauntered out.

Nick learns Newman is behind the condo project

Nick learns Newman is behind the condo project

Friday, December 8, 2017

Abby arrived outside the Abbott mansion and flashed back to almost kissing Scott. Ashley opened the door and noticed an odd look on Abby's face, and she figured that it was about all the decorations Jack had put up to amuse Dina. Abby asked how Ashley was feeling after her meeting with Jack, and Ashley was sure Abby could relate after working with Victoria at Newman. Ashley assumed that it was nice for Abby to have an ally in Scott, but Abby insisted that he wasn't her ally. Abby pledged to stay away from him as much as possible, since the last thing she wanted was Scott Grainger in her face.

Ashley was surprised by Abby's disdain for Scott, especially since he'd given Abby credit in his interview. Abby griped that he'd used her name to score press for Hashtag, but Ashley wondered if it had more to do with the fact that Victoria had let Abby walk away while keeping Scott on. Abby declared that she'd hated Scott even before that, and Ashley theorized that he reminded Abby of being trapped in the storage locker. Abby confirmed that it was exactly the problem, and she vowed to try not to think about Scott or the ordeal.

Ashley anticipated that things wouldn't get easier with Jack, and she needed to know that she had Abby's support. Abby assured Ashley that she didn't have to ask, and she wondered where Jack was. Ashley recounted that Jack had made a point of taking an out-of-town meeting to leave her there to care for Dina, and Abby imagined that it would be nothing like their spa day. Ashley wasn't sure what Jack expected to happen, but she sensed that Dina would soon need full-time professional care. Abby stressed that she supported Ashley leading Jabot, but she sided with Jack about Dina.

Abby advised that there was still time before the disease took full effect, and she was opposed to taking Dina away from everyone she was familiar with. Ashley insisted that they have a conversation about what was best for both Dina and the people around her, but she acknowledged that Dina was comfortable there. Ashley admitted that she hadn't been able to get past the damage that had been done in her relationship with Dina, and Abby suggested that Jack hadn't left to punish Ashley but to give her a day to spend with her mother while they still had time. Dina appeared and guessed that they were talking about her again.

After Abby left, Ashley informed Dina that Jack was out of town, so it would be just the two of them that day. Ashley proposed that they go to a spa or to the movies, and Dina testily referred to it as Ashley babysitting her. Ashley asked what Dina wanted to do, and Dina replied that she wanted to be treated like an adult. Ashley was distracted when her phone rang, and Dina huffed that she saw where Ashley's priorities were. Ashley set down her phone and pledged to have fun even if it killed them. Dina chuckled.

At the cottage, Scott looked at a framed photo of him and Sharon, but he envisioned that it morphed into a picture of him and Abby kissing. Sharon gushed that she loved that photo, and she thought it belonged on display because he'd moved in. He reflected back on the many holidays he'd spent overseas, but he thought being home felt warm and alive, and he intended to dive right in. Scott asked if she preferred eggnog or mulled wine, and he offered to learn to chop firewood. Mariah entered and banned reindeer sweaters, and Scott grabbed some gifts that he'd placed under the Christmas tree. Sharon told him to put the presents back, and Mariah marveled at how lucky Scott was because Sharon adored him even after he'd committed an unforgivable sin.

At the penthouse, Chelsea told someone over the phone that she'd send a sketch over right away. She groaned that custom design paid well but was a pain, and she observed that Nick wasn't listening because he was absorbed by something on her laptop. He explained that his computer had been destroyed in the fire, and she noted that she hadn't seen him that focused in a long time. Nick replied that he hadn't had anything worth fighting for in a while.

Nick was incensed by the idea of tearing up Chancellor Park to put in condos, and he'd tracked down the real estate company that had put in a bid on the property. He revealed that Alco's proposed plans were online, but the public wasn't aware of what was going on, so he wanted to get the word out to get the developers to back off. Chelsea warned that it would be him against massive entities, but Nick asserted that the park was dedicated to Katherine and was the heart and soul of the city, so it was something he needed to do. He showed Chelsea some flyers he'd printed to try to get people involved, and she called him her hero and assured him that he could do it. He left to put them up around town.

Cane arrived at Crimson Lights and sent a text message to Charlie and Mattie to invite them to join him for hot chocolate. Meanwhile, Nick hung up his flyers and informed Sharon that some developers wanted to turn the park into condos. Sharon recalled that Joe Clark had wanted to tear down the warehouse district a few years earlier, but he hadn't won, and she swore that the developers wouldn't win that time, either. Nick asserted that the park was Katherine's living memory, and Sharon encouraged him to write that down in case he had to give a speech.

Scott arrived and spotted Nick's flyers, and Sharon explained that Nick was protesting contractors putting up condos in the park. Sharon suggested that Scott write a story for Hashtag by digging into Alco, which clearly didn't care about the environment and quality of life. Scott cautioned that he'd worked on stories where one guy was up against big business and local government, and things didn't usually work out. Nick figured that Scott wasn't interested because the story couldn't compare to exposing a sex trafficking ring, and the men argued. Sharon tried to intervene, and Nick stalked off. Sharon looked disapprovingly at Scott.

Scott told Sharon that he was thinking about getting Faith some engineering kits for tweens so that they could build them together, and Sharon curtly replied that it would be nice. Scott wondered if Nick had said something to upset Sharon, but Sharon complained that Scott had completely dismissed her idea about doing a story about the park. She assumed that it was too boring and small compared to dangerous, exciting things like a war zone or human trafficking, so it wasn't worth Scott's time.

Scott insisted that it wasn't true, but Sharon believed that Nick showing an investment in the community hadn't registered with Scott because Scott was all about writing the story and not fighting the fight. Scott referred to what he'd gone through to help Crystal and other women, and he said he had no problem with Nick trying to save the park. Scott added that he'd actually saved a few human beings, and if Sharon wanted him to be more like her ex, it wasn't going to happen. He stormed off.

Charlie joined Cane on the patio, and Cane swore that he always had time for hot chocolate and for Charlie. Cane didn't want Charlie to think that he didn't want to listen because of Sam and work, and Charlie told him about school. Cane signaled to Charlie that he had a whipped cream moustache, and Charlie fondly recalled Cane giving him and Mattie whipped cream moustaches as kids. Cane noted that they were all grown up, so things weren't like that anymore. Charlie assured Cane that Mattie was completely into Reed and school, so her absence had nothing to do with Cane. Cane accepted that his daughter hadn't forgiven him.

Charlie inquired about Sam, and Cane reported that the tot was a fighter. Charlie asked to see pictures, and Cane obliged. Cane mentioned that the doctors expected Sam to be home by Christmas, and Charlie realized that it would be Sam's first Christmas at home but also the first one where Cane and the twins wouldn't be together. Cane thought they had to respect the fact that Lily had moved on, but Charlie proclaimed that Cane would have him as company on the big day. Cane said it meant a lot, but Charlie also had his mom and Mattie to think of. Charlie asserted that he had to respect their decisions, so they had to respect his.

Mariah stopped by the coffeehouse and observed that Sharon looked miserable. Sharon lamented that Scott wasn't who she'd thought he was, since they didn't have the same priorities, whereas Nick had wonderful qualities. Mariah pointed out that Scott did, too, and he hadn't broken Sharon's heart 6,000 times. Sharon thought that she and Nick had managed to stay close because they shared the same perspective on family and the community, and she wondered what she'd been thinking when she'd invited Scott to move in.

Mariah reminded Sharon that she'd wanted Scott to be part of the family, but Sharon groaned that she should have known better than to think it would work, since they were very different people. Mariah argued that it was what Sharon liked about Scott, since he'd never seen her as someone who needed saving. Sharon gave Scott credit for never judging her, but she thought that real life couldn't hold his attention after he'd covered such important stories. Mariah countered that Sharon had been happy and hopeful with Scott, and she urged Sharon to be sure that she wasn't making problems up, since what she and Scott had was good.

Scott ran into Abby at Newman and asked if Nick was a paragon of virtue, since Sharon had made him sound like a saint compared to Scott. Abby became worried that Scott had told Sharon about what had happened in the locker, but Scott was adamant that he hadn't said anything and wasn't going to. He asked if Abby had heard of a company called Alco, and she revealed that it was a dormant Newman entity that her dad had created for real estate deals. She snapped that she had work to do, and she suggested that he spend the day convincing Sharon that he wasn't a total jerk.

Scott returned to the coffeehouse, and Mariah suddenly said she was late for work and rushed out. Scott acknowledged that he'd been a jerk with Nick earlier, but he'd gotten jealous because Sharon had kids and a lifetime of history with the guy. Sharon assured Scott that she and Nick had had their chance and hadn't been able to make it work, and Scott admitted that he didn't want to think of her with anyone else. He added that he didn't want her to think that he couldn't focus on things that hit close to home, and he pointed out that he'd gotten involved in the sex trafficking story because Sharon had been worried about Crystal.

Scott swore that what mattered to Sharon mattered to him, and he offered some news as a peace offering. Scott divulged that Victor owned the shell company for the property developer, but he asked her to leave his name out of it when she told Nick. Sharon called Nick and informed him that she'd heard from a reliable customer that his father owned Alco. After she hung up, Sharon was stunned that Scott had been willing to help Nick, and Scott clarified that he'd done it for her. They kissed, and he asked if there was anything else he could do to earn her gratitude.

At the cottage, a shirtless Scott descended the stairs and breathlessly stated that Sharon was insatiable. Sharon appeared behind him, clad in his shirt, and Mariah arrived home. Mariah groaned that it was what dying felt like, and Scott went back upstairs to put a shirt on. Mariah guessed that the couple had made up, and Sharon regretted that she'd let fear take over. Mariah asked if Sharon just had a happy afterglow or if it was a solid, long-term happy, and Sharon promised that it was the latter. Sharon swore that Scott was sweet and honest and that he'd never hurt her.

Nick entered Victor's office and asked Victoria where their father was, and she replied that Victor was out of town. Nick insisted on talking to Victor, since he'd heard that a Newman shell company had plans to pave over the park, so he'd gone straight to the source. He considered it to be a typical shady move out of the Newman playbook, just like they'd tried to bulldoze the warehouse district. Victoria defended that it was standard operating procedure to operate under a shell company, and Nick accused Victoria of standing behind Victor to make a buck. He asked if she'd returned to Newman to show everyone that she was just as bad as Victor was.

Nick implored Victoria to consider how lucky she was, since she had a huge house with a big back yard, but a lot of people thought of the park as their yard. He reminded her that the park was dedicated to the woman she had named her daughter after, and she questioned why he was wasting time with her if he thought she was a terrible person. Nick asked if she'd known about the development from the beginning, and Victoria informed him that it had been underway before she'd returned to the company, but she expected it to create jobs and help the local economy. Nick groused that he heard their dad's words and her voice, and it reminded him that he'd made the right decision when he'd walked away. He received a call from the nanny and learned that Christian had fallen at the toddler gym, and he rushed out.

Chelsea raced to the hospital and asked Nick where Christian was. Nick reported that it had just been the boy's ankle and not his head, and he was sorry that he'd scared her. Chelsea admitted that she'd been terrified because she loved Christian, and the doctor informed them that it was just a sprain. Nick told Chelsea that they could take their son home. They hugged, but a troubled look crossed her face.

Later, Victoria stopped by the penthouse, and Nick informed her that Christian was fine. Victoria recognized that Nick was upset about the park, but she lectured that he was making it too personal. Nick asserted that he'd been against the development before he'd known Newman had been behind it, and he questioned whether the town needed more noise and traffic for Newman to turn a profit. Victoria believed that Katherine would have approved of employing people and pouring money into the economy, and she added that the development would be named after Katherine. Nick maintained that he would fight Newman all the way.

After Victoria left, Chelsea reported that Christian was down for the count, with Connor napping beside him. Nick called it brotherly solidarity, and Chelsea looked away. Nick commended her for being brave at the hospital, and she bemoaned that she hated when things happened to the kids. He recognized that she would be the only mother Christian would ever remember. Chelsea swore that she'd never take Sage's place, and Nick replied that he'd never try to replace Adam in Connor's eyes. Nick noted that the boys were cousins who were growing up as brothers, and he vowed to fight his dad or anyone else who tried to trash the town for money, because their kids deserved better.

Ashley and Dina arrived at the park café after going ice-skating. Ashley was surprised that Dina had wanted to take the risk of going skating, and Dina said she'd known that Ashley would never let her fall. Dina added that she'd wanted to recreate a little bit of history, since she'd taken Ashley skating for the first time years earlier. Ashley was certain that she would remember that, and Dina recounted that she'd gifted Ashley with skates and private lessons, but Ashley had wanted to learn on her own, so Dina had taken her. Ashley imagined that she'd fallen 1,000 times, and Dina proudly stated that Ashley had stood up 1,001 of them. Ashley was amazed that Dina remembered that when she didn't.

Ashley recalled skating with Jack, Traci, and John, but not with Dina. Dina said it had only happened once, and she mused that when special days had happened, she hadn't realized how special they'd been. Dina regretted that she'd never been there for her children, but Ashley brightly pointed out that Dina had been there when Ashley had learned to skate. Dina declared that she'd been proud of Ashley then and that she still was, and Ashley swore that she'd remember the day they'd just shared. Dina suggested that they go pole dancing next, and they clinked their coffee cups together and laughed.

Ashley and Dina returned to the mansion, and Ashley proclaimed that hot toddies were next on the agenda. Dina crowed that it sounded perfect, and Ashley exclaimed that it was never too late to make good memories. "What memories?" Dina suddenly asked, and Ashley recalled holding Dina's arm when they'd gone skating. Dina spat that she loathed skating and that she'd never waste her time on something like that.

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CONFIRMED: Marcus Coloma out as GH's Nikolas
SHAKEUP: The Young and the Restless executive producer out
Y&R alum Shemar Moore is going to be a dad for the first time
Eric Braeden recuperating following knee replacement surgery
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