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Victoria woke up in bed with Hochman and hazy memories. Hochman plotted with Jack. Cane sold his car to pay for the twins' tuition. Nikki moved out of the ranch. Sharon tracked down Crystal at a seedy hotel. Victor arranged to have Nick's belongings removed from the tack house.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 7, 2017 on Y&R
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Victoria awakens in bed with Benjamin Victoria awakens in bed with Benjamin

Monday, August 7, 2017

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria awoke and heard snoring. She winced when she realized she'd been sleeping beside Benjamin. Victoria quietly slipped out of bed and crawled on her hands and knees to collect pieces of her clothing strewn about the floor. Benjamin awoke and offered to buy breakfast, but Victoria insisted she was late for work. Benjamin admitted he'd been surprised by Victoria's desire to accompany him to his room. Victoria fished for additional information, and Benjamin noted that they'd drunk a considerable amount of wine.

Benjamin assured Victoria he'd keep their tryst private. Victoria rushed out of the room. Victoria paused outside the door and seemed dumbfounded about how she'd ended up in bed with Benjamin. In the lobby, Victoria phoned Hannah and learned that the sitter had already driven Johnny and Katie to day camp. Victoria thanked Hannah for staying overnight with the children. Hannah replied, "I meant what I said when I texted you back. It was no trouble." After the call ended, Victoria checked her text messages and was surprised to see that she had sent a request to Hannah to stay overnight with the kids.

At Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis overheard Billy on the phone. Billy asked sitter Hannah to put Victoria on the phone, but he learned that Victoria wasn't home. Phyllis asked Billy about his call. Billy said he hadn't reached Victoria at home and assumed she'd gotten a jumpstart on her day. Billy later reached Victoria by phone and asked about her meeting with Benjamin Hochman. Victoria replied, "I'll be in shortly." Billy seemed taken aback after Victoria abruptly ended the call.

Phyllis asked Billy if everything was all right after his call to Victoria ended so quickly. Billy noted that Victoria had remained astute while conducting business with Benjamin. Phyllis pointed out that Benjamin was also a handsome man. Billy insisted that Victoria wasn't attracted to men like Benjamin. Phyllis offered to help Billy with his tie and ended up kissing him on the lips as the couple reclined on the sofa.

Devon greeted Hilary as she descended the stairs at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Hilary asked about the music festival Devon had attended with Mariah in San Francisco. Devon explained that Noah and Tessa had tagged along, too. Hilary said, "The more, the merrier." After Hilary received a notification on her phone, she admitted she'd won out over Lily to star in a television ad. Devon graciously wished Hilary the best of luck before he left.

Victoria was seated at the bar at the Genoa City Athletic Club when Hilary approached and said she'd refused to give Jesse, the Los Angeles cameraman, a job. Hilary asked Victoria if she was aware that Jesse was in Genoa City. Victoria said she'd rather not discuss it. Hilary walked away just before Benjamin approached Victoria and again offered to buy breakfast. Victoria offered excuses to leave abruptly as Hilary watched nearby.

After Victoria left, Hilary approached Benjamin. Benjamin said he'd recognized Hilary from her television show. Hilary noted that their work was similar in that they both discerned the truth beyond what was presented to the outside world. Benjamin said he'd recently met with Victoria from Brash & Sassy. Jack joined Hilary and Benjamin, and Hilary left to take a call.

Benjamin mentioned to Jack that Brash & Sassy was in distress. Benjamin added that if he were to acquire Brash & Sassy and sell it off piece by piece, it would eliminate one of Jack's competitors. Hilary eavesdropped when Benjamin admitted that there hadn't been much shoptalk during his meeting with Victoria. Jack replied, "Is that so?" After Benjamin left, Hilary returned and told Jack about Victoria's "walk of shame" after having spent the night with Benjamin Hochman.

Phyllis joined Benjamin at the rooftop pool and lounge. Benjamin said he realized that the acquisition of Brash & Sassy wouldn't be as straightforward as he'd been led to believe. Phyllis asked if he planned to meet again with Victoria to pursue the business deal. Benjamin said he thought there was very little chance of the pursuit paying off. Phyllis seemed disappointed.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah greeted Sharon and gave her mother souvenirs from the San Francisco Music Festival. Mariah recalled the perks of her trip and said she'd often wondered about the "people behind the tinted windshields." Mariah said she understood how the rich lived because she was dating a rich man. Sharon advised her daughter to enjoy being pampered. Mariah replied, "I told Devon I love him." Sharon asked if Noah and Tessa's relationship seemed serious. Mariah said she believed it did, noting that Tessa was genuine and strived to do whatever seemed right.

At the pool and lounge atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane greeted Jack. Cane said he was considering future endeavors after Jack had turned him down for a position at Jabot. Cane suggested that both he and Jack should enter into a mutually beneficial partnership. Cane offered to work for Jack directly as a consultant or liaison. Cane added that their partnership would be kept strictly between them. Jack declined, stating that such an arrangement was "too close to home."

Later, after Cane left, Phyllis joined Jack. Jack told Phyllis that Victoria had spent the night in Benjamin Hochman's suite. Phyllis seemed intrigued by the news. Phyllis surmised that Jack had done something after he noted that Victoria's actions had presented an opportunity. Phyllis asked Jack to elaborate about the plans he'd set in motion. Jack checked his watch and added, "It should have arrived by now."

At Brash & Sassy, Billy asked Victoria about her meeting with Benjamin. Victoria said she'd told Benjamin that Brash & Sassy anticipated their best quarter of sales growth. Victoria admitted that Benjamin had said he'd wanted to get to know "the real Victoria." Billy replied, "And did he?" Victoria explained that her goal had been to dispel rumors that Brash & Sassy was in financial trouble. While Billy continued the discussion, Victoria experienced snippets of flashbacks.

Victoria remembered drinking wine with Benjamin and aggressively seducing him. Billy announced that Victoria had received delivery of a bouquet of flowers. Victoria read the sentiment written on the card, thanking her for a night to remember. Victoria experienced additional flashbacks of having sex with Benjamin. Billy asked Victoria if she wanted to share more about what had happened.

Poolside, Tessa and Noah talked about the fun they'd had in San Francisco. Tessa said she'd felt hesitant about growing closer after Noah had stalled their relationship. Noah said his intention was to be completely honest. After Noah left, Mariah saw Tessa sipping a drink. Mariah recalled kissing Tessa while they'd been in San Francisco. Tessa called out to Mariah, and they chatted about their trip and the men in their lives. Mariah noted that Devon hadn't reciprocated after she'd told him she loved him. Tessa insisted that Devon loved Mariah, too.

Hilary approached Mariah and Tessa. Hilary told Mariah she would be traveling to New York to film her commercial. Mariah assured Hilary that she'd handle duties on the show. After Hilary walked away, Tessa jokingly threatened to throw Hilary into the deep end of the pool, and the friends shared a laugh. A waitress approached and informed Tessa that a problem had arisen with Noah Newman's account. After Tessa and Mariah scraped together enough cash to cover Tessa's bill, the friends held hands and gazed into each other's eyes. Devon was standing nearby and took notice of Mariah and Tessa's interactions.

At Lily's house, Lily told Neil that she'd been hurt by Cane's lies. Neil agreed that Cane shouldn't have taken money from the kids' education fund to cover his lies. Lily said Cane's deceptions had prompted her to ask him to move out because he'd destroyed her trust. Neil offered to loan Lily money, but Lily said she expected to book promotional advertising jobs, though she admitted to losing out on a lucrative deal. Neil offered his support in any way Lily needed. After Neil left, Jordan stopped by and told Lily that Hilary had been awarded the part in the television ad. Lily seemed despondent and said she couldn't get past what had happened to her family because of Cane's lies.

Juliet ran into Cane in the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, and he asked her to join him. Cane admitted that he'd used money from his kids' education fund to pay off Jesse. Juliet noted that Cane had directed Jesse to delete the footage of Billy and the hockey players admitting they'd been joking about gambling so it would make Billy look bad. Juliet became angry and noted that she'd taken the blame and had later been fired because of Cane's actions. Cane cried that he couldn't secure a job and had been forced to move out of his house. Juliet said she was sorry Cane's family had treated him harshly, and she showed him the ultrasound image of her baby.

Tessa gets a disturbing call -- from Crystal

Tessa gets a disturbing call -- from Crystal

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Billy considered the bouquet to be overkill, but Victoria called it a thoughtful, innocent gesture. Billy griped that Hochman didn't do innocent, and he wondered where Victoria was on Hochman's to-do list. Victoria snapped that she hadn't grilled Billy about the last time he and Phyllis had plundered one another, and she sarcastically suggested that he share the graphic details.

Billy said he hadn't meant to upset Victoria, and she conceded that her words had been harsh. He recognized that he had no right to ask about her personal life and that she was free to date Hochman if she wished. Victoria suspected that Hochman was more interested in getting his claws in her company than getting involved romantically. Billy thought that would be impossible unless Hochman was charming enough to talk her into anything.

Victoria intended to make it clear to Hochman that Brash & Sassy wasn't a wounded gazelle waiting to be pounced on. Billy offered to pretend to be Hochman so she could practice, and he delivered a cheesy pickup line. She said she wasn't in the mood for role-playing, and she instructed him to take the rest of the day off. Billy headed out, and Victoria sent a text message to Hochman, asking him to meet her at the office right away.

Hochman arrived at Brash & Sassy and voiced surprise that Victoria had summoned him to her private command center with no one around. He found it encouraging, but she clarified that the night before had been a one-time deal. She thought the flowers were proof that she'd left him with false expectations, and he covered his confusion by saying that he hadn't expected them to be delivered that quickly. Victoria wished he hadn't been that extravagant, and Hochman asked if it had earned him the right to confide something personal.

Hochman confessed that he'd been flattered when a gorgeous, accomplished woman like Victoria had gotten real with him by telling him about her problems getting over her ex. A flustered Victoria said she usually didn't drink wine on an empty stomach, and she apologized for going on about her personal life. Hochman said he hadn't felt that kind of mutual connection since his divorce, and he empathized with being suddenly single. He invited her out to dinner again, and she accepted.

Poolside at the Athletic Club, Devon sat down with Mariah and Tessa after seeing the women clasping hands. He asked if everything was all right, since he was picking up a nervous vibe. Tessa confessed that she was anxious about recording in the studio that night. Mariah pointed out that Tessa had recorded her music before, but Tessa argued that it had been on her phone. Devon insisted that it would be the same thing but with top-notch equipment and the people who believed in Tessa most, starting with him and Mariah. Mariah protested that she didn't want to get in the way, but Devon indicated that Tessa had asked him to make sure Mariah was there. Tessa reasoned that a friendly face never hurt.

After Devon left, Tessa spilled her drink, and Mariah assured her that she'd perform like she always had -- with a ton of confidence. Tessa wasn't sure how much of it had been an act and how much had been real. Mariah argued that Tessa had become one of her best friends because of what was real about her -- Tessa's heart and especially her talent. Tessa mused that people in Genoa City had shown her more kindness than anyone in her life, and she felt pressure not to let Devon down. Mariah swore that Tessa wouldn't because Mariah wouldn't let her.

At the Hamilton-Winters Group's office, Neil finished giving Ashley a tour. She exclaimed that it was incredible and congratulated him on branching off to do something amazing. Neil anticipated that it would be a long road ahead before he and Devon turned a profit, and he noted that Mergeron was full of moving parts. Ashley suspected that there were some areas that he wasn't familiar with, and she imagined that it wouldn't be easy to find team members with the wide range of experience required. He guessed that it had to do with the mysterious reason she was there.

Ashley implied that someone who understood the ins and outs of Mergeron would be a savvy hire, and Neil realized that she was referring to Dina. He balked at hiring Dina at her former company in a lesser position, and Ashley suggested that he give Dina a vague but important-sounding title. Ashley admitted that her relationship with Dina was still dysfunctional, but she couldn't ignore that her mother was in pain. Ashley explained that Dina regretted selling the company and was suffering from depression. Neil revealed that Dina had already approached him about becoming more involved, and he and Devon had agreed to let her consult occasionally, but he firmly stated that they called the shots.

Ashley recognized that it was a huge favor to ask, but Neil was concerned about how it would look to the business world. Ashley understood that he didn't want people to think that he and Devon had turned to Dina to show them how to run the company, and she insisted that there were no hard feelings if he was saying no. Neil expressed compassion because depression was a serious condition, and he wished Dina the best. He hoped Ashley found another way to help Dina, and they hugged goodbye.

Devon stopped by the office to update Neil about his accomplishments at the festival, and Neil asked about the romantic getaway part of the trip. Devon conceded that it hadn't been the weekend he'd planned, but he thought Mariah had had a great time. Devon confided that Mariah had dropped "the L-word" on him, and Neil worried that it had been a little soon. Devon agreed, and Neil asked if Devon felt the same way. Devon admitted that he didn't know, so he hadn't said it back. Neil wondered what had stopped him.

Devon thought he and Mariah had a good thing going, but his voice trailed off when he mentioned Hilary. Neil figured that Devon needed someone who was the opposite of Hilary, and that person was Mariah. Devon worried because he'd started throwing around love way too early with Hilary, and Neil asked if he'd explained that to Mariah. Devon said the love speech had taken him by surprise, so he hadn't known what to say. Neil advised him that no matter how he felt or didn't feel, total honesty was the way to go every time.

On the roof, Mariah flashed back to kissing Tessa. Devon returned and insisted on clarifying some things before they headed to the studio. He recounted that he hadn't responded when she'd said she loved him, but Mariah didn't want him to feel pressured into saying anything. He explained that he wasn't ready to say the words yet but that he was committed to her, and he respected her too much to lie to her by saying something he wasn't ready for. She called it the sweetest "non-I-love-you" that she'd ever heard from the most amazing guy. Devon hoped she didn't move on to someone more amazing before he caught up, and she insisted that there was no one else. They kissed.

Across the rooftop, Phyllis wondered if Jack was going to make her guess what he'd done to shove Victoria in Hochman's direction. Jack revealed that he'd sent a flower arrangement to Victoria in Hochman's name that would melt the heart of even the toughest female CEO. Phyllis jokingly called Jack an evil man, and she asked what was next, since she was in. He warned her to tread carefully, and he questioned what her boyfriend would think if he knew she was trying to sabotage his bread and butter.

Phyllis contended that she'd be delighted if Hochman pulled Brash & Sassy out of its rut, since it would keep Billy from spending every moment keeping his ex's company afloat. Jack hoped Phyllis would keep his role in the scheme a secret if Hochman inflicted any real damage, and Phyllis guessed that Jack didn't want Nikki to find out that he was trying to crush her daughter's company. Jack reasoned that both he and Phyllis had axes to grind, so there was no need to share their joint venture with anyone. Jack and Phyllis agreed to call one another if either one of them learned more details.

Billy approached, and Jack claimed that he and Phyllis had been conferring about her upcoming visit to Fenmore's satellite stores. Phyllis promised to stick to a tight budget, and Jack quipped that it wouldn't be like shooting an exorbitant commercial in Hollywood that would never air. Jack departed, and Phyllis insisted that she and Billy focus on the little time they had before she left town. He cooed that he missed her already, and she noted that he'd been busy. She asked how things were going at Brash & Sassy, particularly how Victoria's dinner with Hochman had gone. Billy reported that Victoria had apparently made a heck of an impression on Hochman, and Phyllis pressed to know more.

Billy grumbled that Hochman was a jaded, amoral businessman who'd found a way to go after the company and a single, sexy CEO at the same time. Billy surmised that Victoria had shot Hochman down, but he thought Hochman hadn't been deterred, since Hochman had sent flowers. Phyllis called Hochman a capitalist and a gentleman, but Billy griped that Hochman's reputation was the opposite. Billy groused that Hochman wasn't good enough for Victoria, and Phyllis asked if Billy was jealous.

Billy denied that he was jealous, and he relayed that he'd told Victoria that she was entitled to a social life. Phyllis sensed that something was bugging Billy about Victoria socializing with Hochman, and Billy referred to Victoria's reaction when the flowers had arrived. Phyllis pointed out that Victoria might not want to talk about a new romance with her ex, but Billy thought something hadn't been right about it.

Ashley found Graham sipping a bloody Mary in the Athletic Club dining room, and he acknowledged that he was drinking during the day, but he thought it would go well with an omelet. She mentioned that Neil had just shown her around Hamilton-Winters' new offices, and Graham pointedly asked if anyone else had been around, like Devon or Dina. Ashley questioned why Dina would have been there, and she noted that Graham seemed worried. She demanded to know what was going on.

Ashley sourly queried whether Dina always informed him of her slightest move, but Graham said Ashley was making too much of it. Ashley asked if he'd noticed a change in Dina's mood, since Dina didn't seem as happy as when she'd arrived in town. Ashley divulged that Dina had confessed that she missed Mergeron, and Graham acknowledged that it had been a big change, but he swore that Dina had known that her CEO days would end when she'd signed away the company. Ashley accused him of pushing Dina into selling the company when it clearly had been a path that Dina hadn't wanted to follow.

Graham asserted that Dina had talked about scaling back for a long time before the sale, and he stressed that it had been her decision to step down. Ashley assumed that Graham had supported it, and Graham thought Dina had earned the downtime to spend with her family. Ashley thought it was obvious how Graham felt about the Abbotts, and she refused to blindly accept everything he was saying about her mother. Ashley recalled that Dina had stayed away from her family because she'd preferred glamour and excitement, and Graham contended that people changed. Ashley huffed that they could also be pushed and manipulated, and she thought it had served Graham's purposes for Dina to walk away from Mergeron.

Dina burst in with an armful of shopping bags and cheerfully asked what seemed to be the problem. Graham fibbed that he and Ashley had been having a passionate debate about bloody Mary recipes, but Ashley flatly stated that Graham had been upset that Dina hadn't informed him about her whereabouts. Dina declared that Graham didn't expect her to run her every move by him, and Ashley said she'd misconstrued the situation based on his behavior. Ashley referred to the shopping bags, and Dina said she'd picked up a few essentials.

Graham offered to escort Dina up to her room to put the things away, but Ashley requested a word with Dina alone. Graham took the bags upstairs, and Ashley was stunned that her mother had gone to the mall. Dina proclaimed that she was doing things that she'd never done before, and Ashley suggested that they have a shopping adventure together the next time. Dina remarked that shopping wouldn't fill her days, and she contemplated how to spend the rest of that one.

At Jabot, Ashley told Jack that she was certain that Dina was suffering from depression, since Dina had gone to Neil to beg him to give her an active role with Mergeron. Ashley added that after Neil had declined, Dina had comforted herself by going to the mall and spending money on gadgets. Ashley suspected that Dina was bored and frustrated after Graham had pushed her into selling Mergeron because it benefited his purpose. Jack agreed that Dina staying vital and engaged would slow Graham's big payday.

Ashley called Graham slippery and clever, but Jack countered that he was, too. Ashley wondered if Jack had a plan, and Jack said he intended to keep Dina close by. He considered offering Dina a job there, but Ashley thought it was a bad idea to pull their mother into the family business that had been their father's pride and joy. Jack pointed out that Dina felt unwanted and unneeded by anyone except for her adoring minion and heir, but Ashley reiterated that it would tarnish their father's memory. Jack argued that John had been generous and forgiving, and he wanted to give Dina a project as a gesture to show they cared. Jack added that Graham had too much control, and they had to take it back.

In Dina's hotel suite, Dina scolded Graham for making Ashley worry. He said he'd covered after Dina had disappeared that morning, but Dina claimed that she hadn't told him that she'd gone shopping because she hadn't wanted to disturb his workout. He pressed her to keep him informed, and he inquired about her purchases. She pulled out a juicer, but he noted that it was hardly essential when they had room service. Dina snapped that she might want to make her own juice and that maybe she missed having a kitchen and a home. She stormed into the bathroom.

Later, Graham swore that he hadn't meant to sound patronizing, but he'd been worried when Dina had been gone. Dina asserted that she could take care of herself, and Graham apologized if he'd wounded her with anything he'd said. He added that she knew why he was with her, and he wasn't going anywhere. They embraced.

At the Underground, Nick said it was good to have Noah back, and he inquired about the music festival. Noah gushed that the whole trip had been awesome and that meeting players in the industry had gotten him fired up about their expansion plans. Nick mentioned that he'd already gotten the ball rolling. Nick's phone rang, and Nick hoped it was the update he was looking for.

After Nick hung up, he informed Noah that he'd intended to announce that he'd secured locations in the markets they'd talked about, but he'd lost all three of the bids he'd placed. Nick apologized for not having better news, but Noah said it meant a lot to him to see Nick pumped about the project. Nick referred to one location that they might still get, and Noah figured that they'd have plenty of opportunities. Nick vowed not to let their dream die easily, and he couldn't stop thinking about how lucky he was.

Nick swore that his relationship with Noah meant everything to him, and Noah called him an incredible dad. Nick teased him for not putting the sentiment in a Father's Day card, and Noah remarked that Nick's best quality was his sense of humor. Nick imagined that he'd gotten it from his mom, since his dad had none. Nick revealed that Victor had removed him from the Newman account at the Athletic Club. Noah pointed out that Nick could afford his own membership, but Nick considered it to be a warning shot.

Over the phone, Nick informed Sharon that Crystal hadn't been back. After he hung up, he explained to Noah that he'd found the runaway hiding behind a Dumpster, but she'd taken off again. Noah couldn't imagine not having a family to count on, and it made him value what he had more. Tessa entered, and Noah announced that the next time Nick saw her, she'd officially be the first recording artist for Devon's streaming service. Tessa received a call from an unknown caller, and she stepped aside to answer it. "Tessa, thank God!" Crystal cried.

Tessa stepped out of earshot, and Crystal said she'd been trying to reach Tessa. Tessa explained that her phone had been off when she'd been in California, and she asked if everything was okay. Crystal whimpered that she was scared and needed help, but someone grabbed the phone away from her. Tessa ducked back into the bar, clearly shaken. Noah asked if everything was okay, and Tessa covered by saying it had been an old friend.

Sharon finds herself in serious danger

Sharon finds herself in serious danger

> Sharon finds herself in serious danger

Sharon finds herself in serious danger

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

by Nel

Abby arrived at Lily's with a bottle of wine. Abby had heard that Lily and Cane had split, and she asked how Cane could do that. Lily asked which part -- the lying or the cheating. Lily said when she'd first met Cane, she hadn't known his real first name, and it felt like they were back to where they'd started -- lies.

Abby made Lily giggle when she said that Lily and Cane were her relationship goal. Lily suggested that Abby set her standards higher. Abby said it was hard rebuilding a relationship -- one's attempt to hold everything together had everyone commenting how brave the person was, but one didn't always want to be brave -- and Lily didn't have to be.

Lily admitted that when she'd woken up, she'd rather have slept all week. Taking a shower and getting dressed felt like an Olympic event. She'd tell the twins everything would be okay when she knew it wouldn't be. Sometimes she saw her world falling apart. Lily didn't know who Cane was anymore. She could talk to Cane, but she felt he'd lie to her, and that made her feel very alone. Abby said Lily wasn't alone -- she had the twins. Lily pointed out that the twins would soon have a new brother or sister.

Abby said that Juliet's pregnancy was unfair. Lily agreed and said that Cane and Juliet had barely known each other when they'd slept together, resulting in Juliet's pregnancy with Cane's baby. Lily cried that she'd never gotten to carry Cane's child. There had been a pregnancy, but then it had been gone. After her cancer, Mac had been an amazing surrogate who had given her and Cane two miracles. Lily knew she was lucky to have the twins and had grown to accept that she'd never carry Cane's child, but she had never believed someone else would.

Lily said that Juliet had gotten drunk, had sex with Cane, and become pregnant. It wasn't a baby Juliet had dreamed of or hoped for. She was carrying Cane's child, and Lily never would. Lily wept while Abby tried to comfort her. Lily said she'd had to tell Cane to leave because she couldn't pretend things were okay anymore. Lily admitted she'd put up a front for the kids. Abby told Lily she was available whenever Lily needed her.

After Abby left, Lily looked at the tuition reminder and called the academy to ask for an extension to pay the bill. Lily was told that Cane had paid the bill in full earlier in the day. Lily called Cane -- and he told her that he'd sold his car. He said he owed it to the twins to make things right after he'd given their tuition money to Jesse. It was something he could fix. Lily said goodnight and disconnected the call.

At Crimson Lights, Zach approached Cane and asked if he was the guy selling his car. Cane admitted he was and took Zach for a test drive. When they returned, Zach said they had a deal and asked for Cane's bank account so he could transfer the funds. Zach mentioned that he was excited about launching his dating app at midnight. Cane told Zach that he had a corporate background and was available for hire. Zach advised Cane that he would contact Cane after the launch of his dating app.

At the counter, Sharon received a call from Crystal. Sharon asked Crystal where she was. Sharon wanted to call the police to go and get her. Crystal warned that there were not to be any police, and Sharon agreed. Crystal gave Sharon her location. Sharon left to get Crystal.

Abby arrived at Crimson Lights. Zach told her that the app would launch at midnight. The bugs had been worked out, and the marketing plan was in gear. Zach added that if there was ever anything they disagreed on, he wanted Abby to tell him. Abby said that without honesty, they had nothing. She told Zach about Lily's marriage falling apart. Abby said that if she made Zach mad or ticked him off, she wanted him to be forthcoming, and they'd be okay.

Hilary and Juliet sat at a table in the Athletic Club dining room. Juliet said she'd had a breakthrough with Cane. She'd had her first ultrasound and had shown the picture to Cane. Hilary asked if Juliet thought she'd have a life with Cane and advised her to scrap the idea because Cane would never leave Lily. Juliet informed Hilary that Lily had kicked Cane out. Hilary thought that Lily had turned Cane loose because he'd ruined her career.

Juliet said that Cane had watched the commercial get pulled, but he'd wanted to stay out of the fray because he'd set Billy up. Cane had wanted to keep that fact to himself. Cane hadn't counted on Jesse being such a sleaze. Jesse had shaken Cane down to keep silent, and he'd returned for a second helping.

Hilary noted that Juliet had left out the part that Cane was the reason Juliet had been fired. Hilary hoped that Juliet didn't feel sorry for him because Juliet should be just as angry as Lily was. Juliet admitted she would have been if not for the baby. Hilary added sarcastically that there had also been that big payout for Juliet from Victoria.

Juliet said she could sympathize with Cane. He'd been shut off from his family; he was ashamed and isolated. Hilary noted that Juliet was happy comforting Cane and filling that void. Hilary couldn't tell whether Juliet was a sucker, an opportunist or just plain crazy.

Hilary saw Jordan arrive and joined him at the bar. She asked if he'd heard about Cane and Lily. Jordan advised that Lily had updated him when he'd gone over to tell Lily that Hilary had scored the commercial. Hilary ignored the barb and asked how Lily had been holding up. Jordan said that Lily needed people around her that she could count on. He wanted to be there for her as a friend. Hilary said she wouldn't have expected anything else.

Jordan felt that Cane dragged Lily down, and he hoped that Lily would leave Cane for good. He said the twins were old enough to know how Cane had betrayed Lily. He wondered what kind of example she'd set if she didn't leave Cane. Hilary spouted that it wasn't about examples -- it was about reality and who a person loved. Hilary said she felt for the twins.

Jordan fired back that if Hilary had felt for the twins, it hadn't stopped her from going after the commercial Lily had auditioned for. It had been something Lily had been looking forward to. Lily could have used the money, since Cane wasn't employed, and she was on her own. Hilary said that Lily was a beautiful and talented woman, and something would happen for her. Jordan hoped it would because Lily needed something to focus on.

Hilary wanted Jordan's support, and she invited him to go to New York with her, stating that it would be like a do-over from Los Angeles. Jordan said that he had work to do. Hilary added sarcastically that Lily could use the company. Jordan realized that Hilary's invitation wasn't about him going away with her but more about keeping him away from Lily.

Hilary denied it and reminded Jordan that she'd said Lily could use his support. Hilary had never done anything like a commercial before. Jordan said it was about acting, and that was natural for Hilary -- like scoring a commercial that she wasn't even up for. Disgusted, Jordan said she'd be fine, and he left.

At the recording studio, Tessa told Noah that it didn't feel real to her. Tessa kept checking her phone and looked worried. Devon and Mariah arrived. Tessa had second thoughts and suggested they record her song another time. Mariah took Tessa aside and told her that it wasn't any different than Tessa singing in the park or at the Underground -- it was just Tessa and her music. Tessa kept checking her phone.

Tessa attempted to record her song, but she was distracted. Devon asked Tessa to put her phone away because it was a distraction. Tessa put her phone into her guitar case and tried to record again, but she failed. Noah said that her past was getting to her, and he tried to calm her. Noah told Tessa that she'd gotten to that point on her own, and a lot of people had faith in her. He said that Tessa had earned it. He wanted her to go and get it and hold on tight. Mariah watched jealously as Noah and Tessa hugged. Tessa successfully recorded her first single.

Everyone was delighted with Tessa's recording, and Mariah suggested they celebrate. Tessa checked her phone and saw that she'd missed three calls from an unknown number, and she looked concerned.

At Jabot, Ashley told Ravi that Jack had suggested that Dina work at Jabot, but Ashley wasn't crazy about the idea. She felt that Dina was unpredictable. Ashley told Ravi that Jabot had been John Abbott's legacy, and Dina had turned her back on John and her children. Ashley knew that John would forgive Dina. Ashley told Ravi that John had asked Dina to marry him twice. Ashley could hear John saying that Dina might have changed and that this time it would be different. Ravi offered to be Ashley's buffer if Dina joined Jabot.

Ashley told Ravi that Dina had called Ashley a fool for not appreciating Ravi more. Ravi admitted he'd enjoyed spending time with Ashley in New York, and he wanted to spend time with her outside the office. Ashley admitted she could use some time away from her desk and asked Ravi how he felt about water.

In Dina's suite, Jack stated that he and Ashley had been concerned that Dina didn't have enough to do and that she needed a purpose. Jack invited Dina to work at Jabot as a consultant, and she'd be given special projects of her own. Dina wasn't interested in Jack's charity or his pity. Jack claimed he'd never pitied her. He might have felt ambivalent, but never pity. He wanted her at Jabot and said it wouldn't be like it had been at Mergeron, but he wanted Dina at Jabot for the daily contact with her.

Jack said he wanted to learn from her, and maybe she could learn something from him. He wanted her to see what he and Ashley had accomplished. He stated that he'd be proud to have her working alongside him, although he admitted it wouldn't be like running an international conglomerate. Dina agreed to work with Jack. Graham arrived. As Jack was leaving, he said that he'd see Dina in the morning.

Dina told Graham she'd be working with Jack at Jabot. Graham said she couldn't do that, and she had to tell Jack she'd changed her mind. Graham said that Jack didn't want her at Jabot -- he wanted to keep her away from Graham. Dina asked if Graham was insulting her insights into her son, her business ability, or both. Graham apologized and stated he hadn't meant to sound insulting. He reminded her that she never needed to question his loyalty, but he was worried about Jack's.

Dina assured Graham that she and Jack had progressed a long way in a short period of time. Jack wanted her at Jabot, and she wanted to be there. Graham asked what would happen if something went wrong. Dina assured him that she was capable of taking on a few projects. Graham said he was looking out for her and had her best interest at heart. Dina said she needed to work and be useful again.

Graham asked Dina about the demands and the stress of the job. Dina said that boredom was the most stressful thing to her, and the argument was boring her deeply. She told Graham to accept her decision because she wouldn't change her mind. Graham assured her he'd support her no matter what. Dina informed Graham that she wanted a nice long bubble bath then she'd make a smoothie in her new juicer. Graham left.

Cane arrived at the poolside bar at the Athletic Club. Charlie asked why Cane was there. Cane said that Charlie's shift was almost over, and he wanted to have dinner with Charlie because they hadn't talked in a while. Charlie added that they hadn't talked since mom had kicked Cane out. Charlie said he had plans. Cane said he'd stop by the next day, and they would catch up. Cane told Charlie that it was okay and asked if Charlie needed help, but Charlie said he was fine and didn't need help -- he needed answers.

Charlie wanted to know what else Cane had done for Lily to kick Cane out. Charlie asked what could be worse than Cane getting some random woman pregnant. Cane admitted he'd made mistakes and bad judgment calls, but he wanted to be there for Charlie and Mattie. He said that Lily needed time and space to think. Cane claimed that eventually they'd work things through and be a family again. Charlie asked what would happen if Lily wanted a divorce. Startled, Cane asked if Lily had mentioned it. Charlie said that Lily was better off without Cane, and he walked away.

Cane was sitting at the bar with a drink when he received a call from Lily. She told him about the twins' tuition being paid in full. Cane said he'd sold his car, and the money hadn't hadn't been withdrawn from their bank accounts. Cane said he'd given the twins' tuition money to Jesse, and he owed it to the twins to make it right. It was one thing he could fix. Lily said goodnight and disconnected the call.

In Jack's office, Ashley invited Ravi to the Abbott cabin, and Ravi accepted. Jack arrived and advised that Dina was excited and had agreed to work at Jabot. Jack said that Dina needed something new to focus on, and she'd work on special projects that would be determined later. Ravi offered to be Dina's point person because he and Dina had great rapport. Jack told Ashley that he'd call Human Resources in the morning and make it official.

Jack saw Ashley's hesitation and asked why she had a problem with Dina working with them. Ashley wanted to make sure that Jack dealt with the reality and not a fantasy that all sins would be forgiven and the family would heal. She reminded Jack that Dina had spent decades putting herself first. Ashley didn't believe that had changed. Jack believed that Dina wouldn't let them down. Ashley hoped Jack was right.

When Sharon arrived at the motel, Crystal was frantic and told Sharon they couldn't find Sharon there. Sharon asked who "they" were. Crystal said "they" would be there soon because her client had just left, and Sharon had to leave. Crystal insisted that Sharon couldn't be there, and she'd be hurt if "they" knew she'd called Sharon.

Sharon knew Crystal was scared. She said she'd take Crystal someplace safe where she could start over and there wouldn't be any more clients. When Sharon opened the door, a thug stood in the doorway and asked "who the hell" Sharon was. Crystal said Sharon was the client's wife, and he'd wanted a threesome. Sharon said her husband had left, but she needed more time with the girl. The thug told Sharon to make another date. Sharon said she had money and asked him to leave the girl, but the thug grabbed Crystal and drove away with her.

Charlie descended the stairs at the Athletic Club. Juliet greeted him and said that since Charlie knew who she was, she was available anytime if he wanted to talk. Charlie asked if she'd planned to get Cane drunk in Tokyo and bed him. Juliet said she hadn't planned anything. She and Cane had been celebrating a successful business deal. Charlie said that Juliet having Cane's baby had wrecked his family. Juliet said that hadn't been her intention.

Charlie said he didn't want Juliet being nice to him or Mattie. He said he'd save her if she were drowning because that was his job. He told Juliet that he and Mattie didn't want anything to do with her or her kid, and he left.

Victoria's mood swings baffle Abby

Victoria's mood swings baffle Abby

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scott rushed into the seedy motel room and asked if Sharon was okay. She explained that Crystal had been in trouble and that they'd been about to leave together when a scary guy had dragged Crystal off. Christine entered and demanded to know what Sharon had been thinking. Scott defended that Sharon had been trying to help, and Sharon asked where Paul was. Christine replied that Paul was on assignment, and she scolded Sharon for not calling the cops right away.

Sharon insisted that there hadn't been any time to consult with anyone else because Crystal had needed immediate help. Christine sternly stated that Sharon could have been hurt or kidnapped, but Sharon asserted that she wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Sharon recalled that Paul had encouraged her to build a relationship with Crystal, but Christine argued that he'd meant taking Crystal's calls and not going after her. Sharon mentioned that Paul had been concerned about the sex trafficking ring expanding, and Christine wondered if Crystal had said anything about it. Sharon suggested that the authorities find Crystal and blow the whole thing wide open.

Sharon vaguely described the thug's car, and she asked how soon Christine expected a lead. Christine intended to proceed with caution, but Sharon thought a sex trafficking case should take priority. Christine reported that the Feds were surveying the big players and that she'd gone over Paul's reports about Sharon's interactions with Crystal. Christine pointed out that there was no support to tie Crystal to a sex trafficking ring, but Sharon contended that Crystal could be involved. Christine argued that it could also be local prostitution, and she didn't want them getting ahead of themselves.

Mariah, Tessa, and Noah arrived at Sharon's cottage, and he suggested that they go out. Tessa didn't feel up to going to the Underground, but Noah thought they should celebrate her first recording session. Tessa groaned that she'd practically tanked, but Noah insisted that she'd nailed it. Tessa searched intently for her phone charger, and Mariah offered to let Tessa borrow hers. Tessa scurried off to plug her phone in, and Mariah asked if she was expecting a call. Tessa nervously stared at her phone and claimed that she just couldn't be without it.

Noah pushed for a mini-celebration, and Tessa proposed that they have one if her next session went better. Noah thought she'd feel better once Devon sent her the mix, since she was too close to know how well she'd done. Mariah suggested that they call it a night, but Tessa said she wouldn't mind hanging out to unwind. Noah declared that he was proud of Tessa, and she called him the reason she'd gotten a somewhat decent take. Tessa contemplated all the things she could or should have done, and Mariah squirmed as Noah and Tessa kissed.

Later, Sharon and Scott entered the cottage, and she couldn't stop thinking about how alone and helpless Crystal felt. He asked if it reminded her of her own sexual assault, and she imagined that Crystal was worried that there was no end in sight or that it could be horrible if there was one. Scott assured her that Paul and Christine would do everything they could, but Sharon was determined to let Crystal know that she wasn't alone. Mariah and Tessa entered the room and sensed that something was wrong. Sharon wailed that a girl from the crisis center was in terrible trouble.

Tessa commended Sharon for dropping everything to help the girl, and Sharon lamented that there wasn't more information to go on. Scott made notes on his phone for the piece he was going to write, and Mariah admonished him for exploiting the story to sell ads online. Sharon defended that the exposure would only help, since sex trafficking was the real exploitation, and someone had to shine a light on the abuse. Tessa abruptly excused herself to see if her phone was charged, and Mariah wondered why the police hadn't been able to track down the girl. Sharon revealed that all she knew about the girl was that her name was Crystal, and a stricken Tessa dropped her phone.

Tessa pressed to know whether it was what the girl had said or how she'd sounded that had gotten to Sharon, and Sharon replied that she'd heard fear in Crystal's voice. Sharon continued that she'd been terrified for both of them when the scary guy had shown up, but Crystal had ended up saving and protecting her by thinking of a fast excuse about why they'd been there. Tessa asked whether Sharon was sure the girl was a prostitute, and Sharon indicated that there had been no doubt.

Sharon wondered why Tessa was asking a lot of questions, and Tessa insisted that she was trying to help, since she played her guitar around town and could keep an eye out for Crystal. Sharon described Crystal physically, but she doubted that Tessa would run into her, since the man had seemed to have total control over Crystal's life. Tessa choked back tears and said she couldn't imagine what it was like.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria wished a business associate a safe trip back to New York. She ran into Nikki, who'd just had a massage. Victoria reported that she'd just negotiated a discounted rate with a key supplier, which had been a relief because of the financial strain Brash & Sassy was under. Nikki hoped Victoria wasn't on her way to spend another late night at the office, and Victoria replied that she was going to check on the kids then go on a date. Victoria indicated that she really didn't know the guy, but they'd apparently hit it off the last time they'd gone out. Nikki asked if Victoria wasn't sure.

Victoria explained to Nikki that she hadn't quite been herself during her first date with the guy, but she chalked it up to work stress spilling into the rest of her life. She confided that she'd opened up to him about Billy after she'd had too much to drink, but the man had still sent her beautiful flowers the next day. Victoria noted that the conversation was still a bit fuzzy, but she wondered if something was there, given that she'd felt safe enough to open up. Nikki asked for the man's name, and Victoria divulged that it was Benjamin Hochman. Victoria hoped to have dinner and drinks with him that night to forget about work for a while, and she rushed off to buy a new dress.

At the Underground, Chelsea and Nick kissed, and she asked if she'd see him later. He said he'd meet up with her after a meeting, and she wondered if it had something to do with Victor. She inquired whether he'd seen his father since the mess with the Athletic Club membership, but Nick questioned why he should bother. Nick added that he had his own ways of handling things with his dad.

After Chelsea left, Nick met with Dean, who assumed Nick had more properties that he wanted to bid on. Nick announced that he was letting Dean go, but Dean cited the strong returns in Nick's portfolio. Nick explained that he wanted to take more personal control over his finances, and he figured that the rest of the Newman accounts would keep Dean busy. Nick added that he thought another firm would give his new venture the independence he was looking for, and he stressed that his mind was made up.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Victoria thanked Chelsea for letting her pick out a dress privately. Chelsea noted that Fenmore's had a wider selection, but Victoria preferred to stay away from a partner of Jabot's. Victoria revealed that she had a date and confided that it was a little nerve-wracking, since her confidence had taken a hit when she and Billy hadn't gotten back together. Victoria wasn't sure whether the businessman she was going out with was her type, and Chelsea pulled out a sexy black dress that she thought would work.

Victoria went upstairs to try the frock on, and the doorbell rang. Chelsea let Nick in and informed him that Victoria was upstairs, and Nick wondered how his sister would take the news that he'd moved money from their family bank. Victoria returned downstairs and modeled the dress as she spoke with Nick about Dean. Nick explained that he didn't want his money in the same bank where their dad was a shareholder and a board member, but Victoria thought it was an unnecessary escalation after the club membership incident. Nick contended that it was a matter of principle, but Victoria struggled to make out his words as she heard ringing in her ears.

Victoria agreed not to waste time trying to change Nick's mind, and she thanked Chelsea for the perfect dress before hurrying out for her date. Nick was surprised that there hadn't been more blowback from Victoria about moving his money, but he observed that his sister had seemed giddy about her date. Chelsea recounted that Victoria had been more subdued when she'd arrived at the penthouse, but she guessed that the dress had turned things around. Chelsea wondered if Nick was worried about how Victor would react when he found out what Nick had done that day, but Nick swore that he wasn't.

Nick said the club membership thing had gotten him thinking about how his life had been outsourced. He realized that he'd never thought about getting his own membership and that he'd never seen his bills because Dean had always paid them. Nick thought he had to get control of his life by knowing what cash was going in and out, especially with the expansion. Chelsea was skeptical that it was about Nick's personal goals and not his dad, but Nick contended that it could be about both. He anticipated that it would be smooth sailing from then on.

On the club rooftop, Jack approached Hochman, who asked if Jack was stalking him to find out if he'd be seeing more of Victoria. Jack hoped it hadn't been a waste to send her flowers in Hochman's name, and he pointed out that he'd made it abundantly clear that he wanted to see them get closer. Hochman insisted that he honestly liked Victoria and that he wasn't looking to exploit her, but Jack confidently stated that every man had his price. Hochman argued that there were a ton of companies out there to acquire but only one Victoria Newman. Jack thought Hochman sounded either noble or smitten.

Jack figured that Hochman would eventually go after Brash & Sassy once another attractive woman caught his eye, but Jack wanted to accelerate Hochman's timetable to line up with his. Jack suggested that he hire Hochman as an outside consultant to gather private information about Brash & Sassy. Hochman was intrigued, but he said it would take more than a paycheck for him to supply that consultation. Jack asserted that Hochman would get a powerful friend and ally who never forgot a favor. The men shook hands.

Later, Nikki met Jack on the rooftop for dinner, and she noted that after all the trouble they'd gone through to get some private time, they were there for everyone to see. Jack wondered if his mother would pop up and scold him, and he mentioned that he'd given Dina a project at Jabot. Jack admitted that he was nervous about the arrangement, but Nikki remarked that risk could result in rewards. She added that she was thinking about Victoria, who had a date with a guy who might or might not be her type. Nikki asked if Jack had heard of Ben Hochman.

Jack claimed that he hadn't had much exposure to Hochman but that Ashley wasn't a fan, since Hochman had rubbed her the wrong way in New York. Nikki figured that Ashley had a tendency to judge harshly, so she took it with a grain of salt. Nikki declared that she was all for it if Hochman put a smile on Victoria's face.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby and Zack informed Victor that the dating app was going live at midnight that night. She crowed that it wasn't just a simple matchmaking platform but a game-changer, but Victor remarked that really thinking out of the box would be creating an app for users to run from the people they were done with. Victor thought the obvious question was why it was so difficult for people to meet, talk, and create relationships. Abby explained that everything happened at warp speed compared to the days when people had had time to plan dates. Victor advised her to remember that when the press asked questions, and Abby realized that he'd been testing her.

Victor proclaimed that Abby had backed a winner, and he was very proud of her for not taking no for an answer. He added that Zack had a future as well, and Abby realized that they needed to meet Ashley for dinner. Victor requested a private moment with Zack, and he recognized that Zack and Abby were getting closer. Zack mused that Victor's daughter was amazing, and Victor urged him to remember that Victor was very protective of her.

Later, Dean informed Victor about his meeting with Nick. Victor suspected that Nick either wanted to challenge Victor or that he'd figured out what Victor had planned for him. Dean was sure he would have sensed it if Nick had figured out what they'd been doing. Victor ominously stated that Nick thought all he had to do was make a little effort for things to fall into place like magic, but his boy had always had a tendency to overestimate himself and underestimate his father.

At Jabot, Ravi sent Ashley a link to a satellite image of the Abbott cabin. She showed him the exact spot where she'd fallen off a makeshift tire swing, and she looked forward to going there with him the next day. Ravi offered to pull an all-nighter to ensure that work didn't stand in their way, and he suggested that they order in dinner. She revealed that she had plans with Abby, and she invited him to join them, since Abby was taking along Zack. Ashley mentioned that they were launching the new dating app that night, and she wanted Ravi to take a peek at it. He assumed that he'd be her tech spy, but she stressed that he was her date.

Later, Abby excitedly told Ashley about Victor's reaction to the app, and Ashley encouraged her to sit back and enjoy the rewards. Abby invited Ashley to a private dinner the following night to thank her for her support, but Ashley mentioned that she was going to the Abbott cabin with Ravi. Zack and Ravi entered, and Ravi said he couldn't say enough good things about the app. Ashley suggested that they head to the Underground, since there might be potential new clients for the app there. Abby declared that her mother was hip and with it, and she eyed Ravi as she pointedly asked what had changed.

At the Underground, Victoria swigged back a drink as Hochman arrived. He observed that she looked dazzling, but he voiced surprise that she'd wanted to meet there. She figured that he'd expected something like Top of the Tower, but she felt like having fun. He noted that it looked like she had a head start, but she said she was having sparkling water because she didn't need a drink to have a good time. He led her to a table and suggested that she give him a private tour of Brash & Sassy sometime, but she scoffed at the idea of talking about work.

Victoria recalled that she'd opened up to Hochman about her personal life, so it was his turn. He referred to his custody battle with his ex, but he doubted she wanted to hear about it. Victoria flatly admitted that she didn't, and she pulled him out to the dance floor. Abby walked in and was stunned to see Victoria living it up. Victoria waved to Abby and called her over, and she introduced Hochman to Abby and Zack. Ashley smirked when she saw Hochman, who stammered that he knew Ashley and was acquainted with Ravi.

Victoria headed to the ladies' room to freshen up, and Ashley followed her. Ashley asked if Victoria was there for a business meeting, but Victoria replied that it was more like a date. Ashley warned that Hochman could be a jerk, but Victoria huffed that maybe Ashley was just too uptight to appreciate him. Ashley was floored.

Noah congratulated Zack on the new app and offered Zack and Abby Champagne on the house. Zack's phone rang, and he stepped aside to take a call in a quiet place. He told a blonde woman on the other end that he'd been waiting for her call, and he indicated that everything was on schedule to take everything to the next level when they launched in a couple of hours. He added that the woman knew what to do, and they hung up.

Meanwhile, Victoria declared that she'd lost too much dancing time when she'd stepped away, and she seductively asked what Hochman was waiting for. He led her back to the dance floor and held her close as they swayed. Across the bar, Abby remarked that she couldn't keep up with Victoria's moods, since Victoria had gone from crying on her shoulder to snapping at her to being the life of the party. Abby thought Victoria had been volatile and unpredictable, and Ashley wondered if Victoria knew what she was doing with Hochman. Abby said Victoria knew how to take care of herself, and Ashley hoped that night wasn't the exception.

Victor makes his next move against Nick

Victor makes his next move against Nick

Friday, August 11, 2017

At Newman Enterprises, Victor informed Abby that he'd called a photographer to take new head shots of the executives to reflect the new structure of the company. Nikki walked in and said she needed to talk to Victor, and Victor instructed Abby to tell Scott that, for the shoot, he should wear a suit that was appropriate for a new division head. Abby testily questioned whether she was the fashion police, but she agreed to do it. After Abby departed, Victor barked that he had a full calendar, but Nikki handed him a note with her new address and announced that she'd moved out of the ranch. He retorted that he hadn't noticed.

Nikki revealed that she'd booked the penthouse at a hotel called the Sanctuary for an indefinite stay, so Victor would never run into her at the ranch. "So?" Victor spat, and she figured it had been what he'd wanted when he'd told her goodbye and good riddance. He recalled that she'd been sick of pretending that they had a happy marriage, but she pointed out that they would always be family because they had kids and grandkids. Victor demanded that she stop talking about family, since family to him meant people who appreciated what he'd done and who weren't disloyal.

Victor ranted that Nick had been disrespectful toward him since he could remember, and he wanted Nick to find out what it was like to make a living without Victor to fall back on. Nikki argued that Nick regretted his behavior, but Victor thought Nick only regretted that their altercation had aired on television. Nikki defended that Nick had felt like he'd had to stop Victor, but Victor growled that he didn't "give a damn" what the people who'd turned their backs on him thought. He wished them luck living their lives without him, and Nikki declared that it was what she would do. She stalked out.

Later, Abby inquired whether Victor and Nikki had made peace, but he announced that they'd officially separated. He added that Nikki had vacated the premises while he'd been gone, but he thought that she would soon realize what life was like without him. He turned the topic to the new product launch, and Abby checked her phone and exclaimed that downloads and signups were better than they'd predicted. Victor quipped that there was hope for new love yet. He answered a call and told someone that something had to be done immediately. Abby thought it sounded ominous, and Victor cryptically replied that there was one more change he had to make at the ranch.

In Dina's hotel room, Graham asked if Dina was sure about taking the job at Jabot. She firmly replied that it had been decided, and she didn't want to be late for her first day or disappoint her son. Graham warned that she might disappoint herself, and she asked why he was being negative. He explained that he was worried about her and concerned about her family's motives, but she refused to debate the issue. Graham offered to drive her, but Dina replied that she'd already ordered a car, and she headed out.

At Jabot, Jack reminded Ashley that it was their mother's first day, and Ashley imagined that he'd do a fine job showing Dina around. Jack requested Ashley's help, but she claimed that she was slammed with a research project and would be sequestered off-site all day. Ravi entered, wearing beach gear and carrying a paddleboard, and asked if Ashley was ready to head to the lake. Jack invited Ravi to take a vacation, but he insisted that Ashley had a previous engagement. Ashley explained that it was Dina's first day, and Ravi offered to postpone the trip for a day to get Dina settled in.

After Ravi stepped out, Jack assumed that things between Ashley and Ravi had progressed. Ashley planned to hike and enjoy nature as friends, and she pointed out that she hadn't given Jack grief for spending time alone with Nikki. Ashley intended to keep her plans with Ravi while Jack held down the fort there. Dina breezed in and griped that no one had been at reception, and Jack volunteered to show Dina her new office and take her on a tour of the executive floor. They ran into Gloria in the corridor, and Dina schooled Gloria on how she took her coffee. Gloria's testily threw a stack of files on her desk.

Jack asked Dina how she liked her new office, and she complained about the angle of the sun and not having Internet access on her computer. Jack offered to have it set up, but she huffed that nothing like that would have fallen through the cracks at Mergeron. Ravi welcomed Dina to Jabot, and Jack requested that Ravi hook her up with Wi-Fi. Ravi led Dina away, and Gloria groused to Jack that he should have promoted her instead of creating a make-believe position for Dina. Gloria was pleased when Graham called her, and he requested that she do him a favor by keeping an eye on Dina.

Later, Jack found Dina camped out in his office, but he pointed out that he'd set her up with her own office. Dina insisted that she was there to be with her family, but Ashley reasoned that Dina understood firsthand that a CEO needed privacy. Dina snapped that she'd have to make do, and she stalked out. Jack groaned that Dina was already driving him crazy, and he wondered if they could have her telecommute. Ashley noted that they wanted to get distance between Dina and Graham, and she thought Dina already seemed less depressed. Ashley believed that the deal Jack had assigned to Dina was right up their mother's alley.

Ashley exited Jack's office and found Dina talking to Ravi about a technical issue. Ashley observed that Dina seemed right at home on the executive floor, and Dina thanked Ashley for putting her to work. Ashley cautioned that Dina was working on a very important deal for Jabot that had to be done just right, and Dina proclaimed that she was up for the challenge. Dina asked Ravi to escort her back to her office, and Gloria instructed Dina to help herself to her own coffee. Ashley warned Gloria not to cross Dina, and Nikki appeared. Gloria asked herself if the day could get any worse.

Nikki entered Jack's office and relayed to Jack that it had been rather liberating to tell Victor that she'd moved out of the ranch and into a hotel. Jack asked how Victor had handled it, and Nikki replied that Victor had had no choice but to accept it, but she wished Victor would get rid of his rage toward Nick. Jack was glad that she was out of the line of fire, and he believed Nick was strong enough to handle whatever Victor dished out. Dina returned and haughtily asked if Nikki was why Jack needed privacy.

Nikki said it was good to see Dina, and Dina wished she could say the same. Dina questioned how long Jack was going to keep pretending that he was helping a friend in crisis, and Jack admitted that it had become more than that. Dina voiced her disapproval and thought the two of them were courting disaster by thumbing their noses at Victor. Nikki wondered how she and Dina had gotten off on a bad foot, and Dina stated that Nikki's husband lived to go after Dina's son. Nikki thought Dina had no right to lecture her because of Dina's track record, and she asserted that Dina had always been a hypocrite. Jack winced.

Dina demanded that Nikki not talk to her that way, but Nikki told Dina to get off her high horse, since Nikki and Victor had separated and were free to do what they pleased. Dina clarified that Nikki was free to make a fool of herself with Dina's son while hanging tight to the Newman name. Jack refused to let Dina talk to Nikki that way in his office. Dina acknowledged that Jack was the boss, but she had a right, as his mother, to tell him when he was making a terrible mistake. Dina firmly stated that she would never condone their relationship.

Ashley thanked Ravi for helping Dina get up to speed with the technical stuff. Ashley admitted that it was good to see Dina back in her element, and she thought it was good for Dina to be around people. Ravi asked if they were sticking to their original plan to go to the lake, and Ashley enthused that she wanted to do it. He asked what time she thought they'd be back, and she playfully suggested that they leave it up to the lake.

At the cottage, a shirtless Scott descended the stairs and found Sharon hunched over her computer. He noted that she was checking the overnight police blogger, and she reported that there had been no arrests or reports of bodies found. Sharon bemoaned that she felt helpless, and she wished that Crystal would call again. Sharon lamented that Crystal was out there with mercenary people and no family to fall back on, but Scott pointed out that Crystal had Sharon. He pulled Sharon into his arms.

Scott was dismayed when he saw an incoming call from Abby, but Sharon urged him to take it. He answered the call and snapped that he was in the middle of something, and Abby informed him that Victor expected him to dress like a grown-up for their executive portraits that day. Scott groused that there were more critical things going on in the world, but Abby told him to "stop bitching and just do it" because it was important to her dad. She imagined that they probably wouldn't even need the picture, since Scott would run his division into the ground.

Scott got dressed and complained that Abby had been irritated because he didn't care about a vapid photo shoot. Sharon asked if he was going to work looking like that, and he figured that he was wearing a suit. She recalled that she had experience in the corporate realm, and she recognized that there was a level of protocol that he should follow. She ordered him to strip down, and he hesitantly obliged.

In the bathroom, Scott, shirtless but wearing suspenders, faced Sharon, who held up a can of shaving cream and a razor. He protested that she couldn't be serious about a razor with purple flowers on it. She was sure his masculinity would survive, but she thought his job might not if he represented the company by looking like a lumberjack who'd just crawled out of the wilderness. He realized that she wasn't kidding, and she grabbed his hand and squirted shaving cream into it.

Sharon gently pressed the razor against Scott's lathered cheek, and he cried out in pain. She worriedly asked if he was okay, but he told her that he was just kidding. She continued to shave his face. Afterward, Sharon jokingly asked who he was and how he'd gotten into her house. He said he felt naked, but she insisted that he looked amazing. He recalled that his beard had been like an old friend and that they'd had many adventures together. Sharon pointed out that he could grow it back, but she found him very kissable without it. They passionately embraced.

At the tack house, Nick stared at family photos on the mantel, including one of Victor and Faith. Chelsea entered and asked about what color trim they should go with in Faith's room, and she inquired about the photo. Nick remarked that he would have packed it away if it wasn't one of Faith's favorites. Nick couldn't believe he was still displaying a photo of his dad, but Chelsea pointed out that Nick wanted Faith to be happy, which was why they were redecorating the girl's room. Nick expected that Faith would want to spend time with Victor when she got home, and he wondered how much nastiness he'd have to deal with to preserve her relationship with her grandpa.

Chelsea compared what Nick was going through to her history with Jeffrey, but she thought the difference was that Connor wasn't old enough to remember Jeffrey, whereas Faith adored Victor. She questioned whether Nick could really live a Victor-free life in Genoa City, and Nick mused that the photos had captured much of his life. He intended to put them in Faith's room, and he thought the girl would love what Chelsea had done to change Faith's room from little girl décor to "official tweendom coolness." Chelsea contemplated which color to paint the room, and Nick tenderly touched her face and claimed that the paint wasn't rubbing off.

Nick thought Chelsea should take another shower, and she suggested that he join her. They kissed and raced upstairs. In the shower, Nick and Chelsea flashed back to loving things they'd said to one another. They kissed passionately and began to make love.

Tessa summoned Zack to Crimson Lights, where she pulled him to the patio and nervously looked around. He assumed that it was an emergency from her text message, and she recognized that they'd agreed to stay away from one another, but she desperately needed his help. She revealed that her sister, Crystal, was in deep trouble. Tessa explained that Crystal had run away from home and was being forced to have sex with guys for money.

Tessa hoped Zack's contacts in Chicago might know something about it, and he swore he'd tell her if he knew anything, but he'd walked away from all of that for a new life. Zack asked if she'd gone to the cops, and Tessa indicated that they already knew. He told her to keep the faith, since he was sure the police would find Crystal. Tessa thanked him for listening, and she started to walk away, but he called after her and wished her luck. Once alone, Zack made a call and said things had changed -- they needed to move right away.

Zack tracked down Abby at the office and inquired about her urgent text message. She congratulated him on his app being a hit, and she wondered how he'd gotten that many people to sign up and download it. She imagined that they'd be making a sweet profit in no time, and he replied that they could never predict what would happen.

At the Underground, Noah worried that his mom had messed around with dangerous criminals and could have been hurt. Mariah insisted that Sharon was fine and that their mom had agreed to let the police handle it. Mariah was stunned when Noah informed her that Nikki had left Victor and moved out of the ranch, and he mentioned that he'd asked Sharon if Tessa could stay at the cottage. Noah added that Sharon had said it would be cool if Mariah was okay with it, and he asked what Mariah thought.

Mariah stammered that it wasn't her place to say, since it was Sharon's house and rules. Mariah wondered why Noah hadn't asked Tessa to move in with him, and he reiterated that he tended to rush into things and wreck everything by getting too serious. He didn't want to risk that with Tessa, and Mariah understood. Tessa entered, and Noah kissed her hello. He reported that Nikki had moved out of the ranch and that Sharon had invited Tessa to stay at her house. Tessa squealed that it would be great, and she asked Mariah if it was cool. Mariah insisted that it was, and Noah stepped aside when Nick arrived. Tessa pressed to know if Mariah was really okay with it.

Nick informed Noah that he'd let Dean go and that he'd be taking control of his own finances from then on. Noah questioned whether it was smart to move on properties without Dean's guidance, but Nick pointed out that they hadn't gotten the properties they'd already bid on through Dean, so Nick wanted to take his chances on his own. Nick made a call to see where things stood with his latest offer, and he excitedly told someone to send over the paperwork. He informed Noah that they'd just gotten themselves another Underground in Ann Arbor.

Mariah envisioned that it would be a girls' night every night once Faith got back, and Tessa murmured that it would be like being part of a family. Mariah observed that Tessa had become quiet, and Tessa gushed that she'd met amazing people who were willing to take her in and take a chance on her career. Tessa didn't know how she'd gotten so lucky when some people didn't, and Mariah noticed the tears welling in Tessa's eyes. Noah returned and announced that the Underground was officially a chain, and Mariah hugged him. Mariah suggested that Nick join them to celebrate, but Noah mentioned that Nick had been summoned to deal with a false alarm at the ranch.

Nick returned to the tack house and had trouble turning his key in the lock. The door opened from the inside, and a pair of movers carried boxes out. Nick protested that it was his stuff, and he demanded to know what was going on. He rushed inside and found the room completely empty. Victor emerged from the shadows, and the men faced off.

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