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Nick decided to go into business with Noah. Phyllis found Victoria unconscious in the Jabot elevator. Reed and Mattie kissed. Victoria talked Jack out of hiring Cane. Jesse tried to extort more money from Cane, but he turned to Billy for cash when Cane hesitated to pay.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 24, 2017 on Y&R
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Victor's reaction stuns Mariah Victor's reaction stuns Mariah

Monday, July 24, 2017

At Jabot, Gloria met Jack at the elevator with a cup of hot coffee. After Jack accepted the coffee, Gloria asked about the MS fundraiser. Jack proclaimed it a night to remember. Gloria inquired about Dina's experience with Jack acting as his mother's escort. Jack explained that Dina had been less than pleased after he left the gala early with Nikki.

Gloria gloated that she had lunch plans with Graham. Jack asked Gloria if she'd found Graham to be more appealing after discovering that he would inherit Dina's estate. Gloria replied, "He's very handsome. Being an heir doesn't make him less so." Jack requested that Gloria inquire about Dina, though he stopped short of explaining why. Gloria refused, saying she'd rather not think about Jack or his agenda during her date.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria stopped by to visit Nikki. Victoria quizzed Nikki about why she'd been spending more time with Jack. Nikki mentioned that she'd spent the night at the Abbott cabin with Jack present. Victoria was surprised and said the only tidbit she'd heard about was that Abby had caught Jack and Nikki kissing. Nikki sighed and insisted that Abby had blown the story out of proportion because, Nikki added, all she'd done was offer a kiss to thank Jack for his support before and after the benefit. Nikki noted that she and Jack had slept in separate bedrooms. Victoria complained that her mother had been keeping too many secrets lately.

Nikki and Victoria had breakfast, Nikki asked her daughter if she'd had enough to eat. Victoria said Nikki sounded like she did while interacting with Reed. Nikki noted that Reed evidently uttered one-word responses to his mother's questions, too. Victoria recalled that Nikki had never mentioned experiencing a flare-up of her MS. Nikki explained that she avoided discussing her illness because it made her feel like she had no control over her body or her life.

After Nikki admitted to Victoria that she'd told Jack about her flare-up, Victoria took it as a sign that her mother and Jack had grown closer again. Nikki asked Victoria if she'd mistakenly believed her mother had intended to reunite with Victor. Victoria admitted that she'd been missing her father and had assumed that Nikki had missed him, too. Victoria said she was certain that Victor adored Nikki and wondered if their family was meant to heal their rift and go back to the way they'd been before discovering what had happened with Adam and Chloe. Nikki said that discussing the past was moot because Victor was the one who'd made the decision to walk away.

Nikki assured Victoria that she didn't know where Victor had gone. Nikki added that she would relish time alone to make her own decisions and examine her feelings without interference from anyone. Victoria shared the difficulties she'd faced with her company and admitted that recent debacles had affected sales figures. Victoria added that Billy had accepted her challenge to step up and lend support. Nikki asked Victoria if she was referring to Billy's support of the company or his and Victoria's relationship.

Victoria informed Nikki that Billy and Phyllis had moved in together. Victoria blamed herself because she'd pushed Billy away due to the family's decision to hold Victor accountable. Nikki was shocked when Victoria told her that Billy had taken Phyllis to Victoria's home to meet Johnny and Katie. Victoria calmly noted that the children seemed to enjoy spending time with Phyllis.

Nikki was surprised at Victoria's calm demeanor when she related Billy's deepening relationship with Phyllis. Victoria said she'd had too much to deal with already during the benefit. Victoria described her and Abby's heated argument, during which Abby had thrown a drink in Victoria's face. Nikki was horrified when Victoria said she'd fallen backward after the drink had hit her face. Nikki's attention was diverted when the doorbell rang.

As Nikki went to answer the door, Victoria insisted she was fine, but she was nearly overcome by a dizzy spell. Victoria recovered just before Nikki escorted Nick into the living room. Nick said that though he could handle the broken relationship with his dad, he greatly desired to reconcile with his mother and sister. Nikki immediately embraced her son and said she couldn't stay mad at him. Victoria refused to reconcile and admitted she'd missed her relationship with Victor. Nikki begged Nick to join her and Victoria, so they could watch The Hilary Hour together.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane approached Neil and asked if Neil and Devon had made a decision about hiring him at the Hamilton-Winters Group. Neil said, "I'm sorry, man. We can't make you part of the Hamilton-Winters Group." Neil assured Cane that he'd find another position. As Cane was about to walk out, Neil invited him to sit down. Neil asked Cane about the baby Juliet was carrying. Cane said Lily had insisted he support the child financially.

Neil advised Cane to give Lily time to work through everything. Cane cried that he had no idea how to deal with his children's reaction. Neil recalled how he'd endured similar issues dealing with Lily and Devon and knew how difficult it was. Cane said he'd hoped his job proposal would've worked out, so Mattie and Charlie could see that their dad could bounce back from his mistakes. Cane pleaded with Neil to give him a chance. Neil replied, "Good luck, man." Before Cane left, he graciously shook Neil's hand.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Cane admitted to Jack that Victoria had let him go at Brash & Sassy after Juliet Helton had named him in her sexual harassment lawsuit. Though Cane denied he'd sexually harassed Juliet, he admitted he hadn't been honest about some key points. Cane added that he would forever regret the drunken one-night stand he'd had with Juliet in Tokyo. Jack commiserated and said he couldn't stand in judgment. Jack broached the subject of Cane's history with Jabot and his recent leadership with Brash & Sassy's marketing plan. Cane said that before he could help devise a plan for Jabot to outwit Brash & Sassy, Jack would have to hire him. Jack said he'd have to consult Ashley and his advisors before extending an official offer.

At the coffeehouse's patio, Scott ran into Abby. Scott said he'd just spoken to Victor on the phone and learned that Victor had left town again. Abby asked if Victor had mentioned where he'd gone or why he'd left. Scott replied, "I was hoping you'd know." Abby insisted she didn't know where her father was or why he'd decided to leave. Scott noted that Abby's nervous response had reminded him of what a bad liar she was. Abby expressed misgivings about being transparent because Scott's first inclination was to approach others as a journalist. Scott said he understood, but he told Abby she shouldn't be defensive or hide the truth.

Scott dug deeper, nonetheless, and said, "You know something you don't want to tell me, and I'm talking more that happened between your father and Nick at the concert or afterwards." Abby said she didn't know where Victor was. Scott said he believed Abby. Scott said he was aware that Victor had told Nick he was no longer part of the family, but Scott added that Abby seemed to be aware of another reason why Victor had abruptly left town. Abby didn't respond, and after she received a text from Ashley, she explained that she'd been invited to enjoy a spa day with her mother and grandmother. Abby said she would eagerly embrace a day away from Scott, and she left.

In the main dining room at Crimson Lights, Nick approached Sharon and discussed the falling-out with his father. Nick said he was thankful Faith had been away at camp and was unaware of the family squabble. Sharon said she hoped Nick and Victor could work out their differences before Faith returned home. After Nick told Sharon that Victor had cut him off from the family, Sharon remarked that it wasn't the first time Victor had announced to someone close to him that they were no longer a part of his life. Nick replied, "Yeah, look how that turned out for my brother."

Sharon recalled that Victor had treated Nick and Adam in an awful way. Sharon assured Nick that Victor would eventually welcome him back. Nick quipped, "Is that a promise or a threat?" Scott approached from the patio and greeted Sharon with a peck on her cheek. Scott told Nick he'd spoken to Victor and learned that he was out of town. Nick refused to react to Scott's comment, turned, and left. After Nick walked away, Scott invited Sharon to lunch. Sharon said she could join Scott after she completed her scheduled shift at a crisis hotline.

After Sharon began her shift at the crisis hotline, a frightened woman who identified herself as Crystal phoned. Sharon learned that Crystal had been selling sexual favors and wished to stop, but the men who'd been paying her wouldn't let her go. Sharon gently explained that what the men had been doing was wrong. When Sharon mentioned that she could send someone to help, Crystal became frightened because she believed Sharon would send the police. Sharon offered to send social workers and asked Crystal where the social workers could reach her. Crystal wouldn't identify the people who were abusing her out of fear, and she hung up.

Scott later joined Sharon, and the two approached Paul. Sharon told Paul about Crystal's desperate call to the crisis hotline. Sharon noted that she knew nothing more than the name of the frightened woman. Paul explained that the caller had probably used a fake name. Scott recalled that Christine had told him about a sex ring. Paul suggested that no one jump to conclusions and instead let the police handle the matter.

Sharon later told Scott about her own experiences when she'd been a teen, before she'd settled in Genoa City. Sharon recalled that she'd become pregnant after her boyfriend had pressured her to have sex. Adoption, Sharon recalled, had seemed to be her only answer at the time. Years later, Sharon said she'd learned that she'd given birth to twin girls. Sharon also recalled being raped by a boyfriend named Matt Clark after she'd met Nick and had told Clark that she only wished for them to be friends. Sharon cried that, unlike Crystal, she hadn't known how to ask for help.

While enjoying coffee with Graham, Dina and Ashley made plans over the phone to enjoy a spa day with Abby. Dina quietly asked Graham if her schedule was free. Dina happily accepted Ashley's invitation after Graham urged Dina to enjoy her day free of obligations. After the phone call ended, Dina remarked to Graham that she had wished for but never imagined she'd be embraced by her family. Graham seemed less enthusiastic than Dina.

At Jabot, Ravi apologized to Ashley, noting that he'd never meant to overstep after sharing his concerns about Dina's mental confusion. Ashley thanked Ravi for having made her aware that something was amiss. Ashley said she'd planned a stress-free day at the spa with Dina and Abby, so she could observe her mother's behavior. Ashley thanked Ravi for being a friend. Ravi said he hoped his suspicions were wrong, and he asked Ashley to keep him updated.

In the lobby of the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dina joined Ashley and Abby before the trio made their way to the spa. Ashley said she embraced the opportunity to bond with her mother. Dina replied, "Bonding? That's a word I thought I'd never hear you say." Ashley announced that they were about to enjoy a day of indulgence as they made their way to be pampered.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Gloria joined Graham for their lunch date. Gloria said she was elated to receive an invitation from Graham after the two had bumped into each other inside the sauna. Gloria asked Graham if Dina was aware that he would be having lunch with a new friend. Graham said he didn't share everything with Dina and hadn't mentioned his plans to her. Graham added, "Dina knows I'm not a monk." Gloria replied, "And I'm not a nun, thank God!"

After enjoying a relaxing massage, Dina, Ashley, and Abby relaxed on chaise lounges. Each woman's eyes were covered by a slice of refreshing cucumber. After Dina remarked that her granddaughter led a busy life, she suggested that Abby seek a romantic partner like Ashley's. Abby explained that Ravi was merely her mother's coworker. Dina replied, "That Ravi is crazy over your mother!"

Dina added that in her experience, younger men asked for little but gave much. Ashley and Abby removed the slices of cucumber from their eyes and stared at each other in amusement. Dina declined to elaborate but promised she would explain what she meant during their next spa day together. Dina admitted that her days seemed longer after selling Mergeron. Dina said she missed being part of her company.

At GC Buzz, Hilary practiced her opening teaser for the show. Mariah approached and facetiously stroked Hilary's ego, noting that Hilary was always in need of ego-stroking. Mariah warned that Hilary might not be so well received after broadcasting the footage of Nick and Victor's altercation. Mariah added that instead of rehearsing, perhaps Hilary should pack her bags before the angry Newmans forced her to leave town. Hilary explained that Victor had given her express permission to air any or all of the footage. Mariah said perhaps Victor had set up Hilary. Mariah added that she had dibs on Hilary's dressing room because airing the footage would spell the end of Hilary's career.

Nikki, Nick, and Victoria watched The Hilary Hour together. Hilary opened the show and displayed a rendering of the research center for neurological diseases that would be built in Nikki's honor. Mariah said, "And now some white-hot footage from the evening." Mariah mentioned the food and music, and bragged that performer Tessa Porter was a local singer-songwriter. Hilary rolled footage of Nikki in her custom-made gown before introducing footage of Nick and Victor's tense disagreement in the parking garage. Nick grimaced as he watched himself confront his father. Nikki and Victoria were shocked.

After viewers watched Victor punch Nick, Hilary noted that Nick and Victor had a very different relationship away from the public eye. Nikki placed her palm over her face when she heard the replaying of Victor telling Nick he wasn't his son anymore. Nick became furious. Back at the studio when the show ended, Mariah again warned that Victor would be furious. Hilary had the last word when she received a "thumbs-up" text message from Victor.

Victoria convinces Jack not to hire Cane

Victoria convinces Jack not to hire Cane

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Victoria and Cane ran into one another on the Jabot elevator, and she coolly inquired why he was back there. He pointed out that Brash & Sassy only had one floor in a big building, and she testily surmised that he'd interviewed with Jack. Cane smugly replied that the last time he'd checked, he was free to meet with whomever he pleased.

Devon stopped by the Ashby home and informed Lily that he and Neil had decided to turn down the chance to work with Cane. Devon said they'd spent time considering whether to hire Cane, and Lily figured that the cons had outweighed the pros. Devon explained that their new company had a vision of standards, and working with Cane wasn't a risk they were willing to take, given his history with Brash & Sassy. Devon added that it was difficult to forgive Cane for hurting her and the kids, and Lily replied that she was trying to keep her family together.

Lily admitted that it had been tough without Cane working, and she hoped he'd find something soon so they could return to some sense of normalcy for the kids' sake. She lamented that the twins hadn't taken the news of Juliet's pregnancy well, but she'd reminded them that Cane loved them and would always be there for them. Devon questioned whether Cane would always be Lily's husband. Cane arrived home, and Devon prepared to get going. Cane confidently told Devon not to worry about not hiring him, since he was over it.

After Devon left, Lily wondered how things had turned around that quickly on the job front. Cane crowed that things had worked out for the best, since the place where he'd interviewed was a perfect fit. He announced that although Neil and Devon might not have a use for him, Jack was fascinated with what Cane had to offer. Lily worried that it was a conflict of interest, and she thought it would seem like a declaration of war against Billy and Victoria.

Cane insisted that he was just trying to support his family and that Jabot was his best and only option. Lily whined that Billy and Victoria were her bosses, but Cane thought Lily was destined for bigger and better things, and he wanted them both to have careers they deserved. He recalled that he'd complained about not being appreciated at Brash & Sassy, and he considered the chance at Jabot to be a fresh start. He wondered if she would support him if Jack made an offer.

Later, Lily gazed forlornly at a family photo as Cane returned to the room. She didn't want him to cling to unrealistic expectations, but he said all he had was hope that their family would be back together. He conceded that it might be too soon to forgive him, but he wanted her to know he was trying to make things work. Lily agreed to support Cane accepting a job with Jack. Cane reached out to her, but Lily backed away. She asserted that he'd do great things at Jabot and would love being back there, and he murmured that she still knew who he was.

At GC Buzz, Nick confronted Hilary about airing the footage of him and his dad. He demanded to know where she'd gotten it, and she chalked it up to good journalism. He accused her of shooting it without them knowing about it as a way to embarrass the Newman family, and he threatened to sue her and shut the place down. Nick blasted her for using an exclusive to shamelessly invade their privacy, but Hilary countered that she hadn't been the one to ruin Nikki's big night or to have a brawl with Victor. She insisted that all she'd done had been to tell the truth, and if Nick didn't like it, he should look in the mirror.

Nick chastised Hilary for exploiting his family's mistakes for ratings, but she asserted that she'd been hired to cover a newsworthy event. Hilary suspected that Nick was worried about his own reputation, since he'd been the one who'd looked like a "hotheaded jackass." Nick snapped that he didn't "give a damn" if people knew he was on the outs with his father, but he was concerned about how it was affecting his mother and sister. He warned that Victor would make Hilary pay, but she chirped that Victor had told her to air the footage, and she showed him Victor's text message of a thumbs-up emoji after the show had aired. She taunted that Nick's daddy wasn't scared of the truth and that Victor had wanted the whole world to see what had gone down, unedited and uncensored.

Nick contended that Victor had used Hilary to further his agenda, even it had been on a stupid tabloid television show. Hilary defended that The Hilary Hour was a lifestyle brand that streamed worldwide, and she offered to interview Nick to allow him to tell his side of the story. He spat that it would never happen, and he cautioned her against getting caught in Victor's games, or she'd be faced with a defamation suit. She argued that it wouldn't happen if what she reported was true.

Nick hissed that Hilary was a low-level vulture who would sell her soul for ratings, no matter who got hurt. Devon interrupted Nick's tirade and confirmed that Mariah had told him that Victor had given his permission to air the footage. Nick growled that Hilary had no judgment or class, and Devon recognized that Nick had issues with his dad, but he encouraged Nick not to take his frustrations out on Hilary. Nick stormed off, and Hilary took Devon's hand in hers and thanked him.

Devon marveled at how far the show had progressed since Victor had almost thrown them off the air. Hilary mused that it felt like it had been a long time since then, but Devon said it was still clear in his head. Mariah interrupted, and Devon presented her with tickets to a music festival at a beautiful vineyard in San Francisco that weekend. Hilary insisted that Mariah take the weekend off, and Mariah thanked Devon with a kiss. Hilary envisioned a bunch of wasted fans and long bathroom lines, but Devon announced that he'd arranged for VIP access, since he'd be scouting artists for his streaming service. Mariah sweetly offered to pick up a T-shirt for Hilary.

Hilary arrived at Crimson Lights and immediately informed Sharon that Victor had preapproved the story that she'd aired. Hilary ordered a latte to go, but Sharon replied that she didn't need the money enough to serve Hilary. Sharon admonished Hilary for her poor treatment of Mariah, but Hilary countered that she'd put Mariah on the show to be seen around the world. Sharon asserted that Victor had used Hilary to make a petty point, but Hilary bragged that she'd gained national attention and a ratings spike. Sharon pointed out that the number of Hilary's enemies had also spiked, and she ordered Hilary out of the coffeehouse.

Tessa greeted Noah at the Underground, and he praised that she looked fantastic. She hoped Devon agreed, since even though the streaming service was about the music, she'd be dumb to think that image didn't play a role in an artist's career. Noah crowed that she had the whole package, and Tessa was grateful to him for letting her play her new songs for Devon there instead of in a fancy office. Tessa presented Noah with a gift, and he pulled out a shirt with the Underground's logo.

Noah jokingly hoped Tessa hadn't paid too much, since he had about 500 of them in the back. She prompted him to turn it over, and he discovered that the back had language about the bar going nationwide soon. He loved it, but he thought it might be misleading. Tessa insisted that she knew he'd do it, and he kissed her. She asked if he'd talked to his dad about the idea, but he thought Nick was too distracted to get into details. Noah showed Tessa the footage from Hilary's show.

Nick entered, and Tessa excused herself to practice in the office. Nick recognized that Noah had been waiting to talk to him, but Noah didn't want to put any pressure on his father. Nick surmised that Noah had seen The Hilary Hour, and he explained that he'd tried to stop the concert because Victor had attempted to twist it into something underhanded. Nick divulged that Nikki had experienced a serious MS flare-up but had forced herself to play, so he'd felt that he'd had to do something drastic to stop the performance.

Noah swore that he didn't judge Nick and that he would follow Nick's lead over Victor's any day. Noah thought it was obvious that something more was going on between Victor and Nick, but he figured that Nick would talk about it when he was ready. Nick was determined that he and Noah would never end up at odds like Nick and Victor were, and he pledged to always encourage and support Noah. Noah mentioned his idea about wanting to expand the Underground, and Nick suggested that they discuss it right away.

Noah presented his idea of opening locations in small and medium-sized towns with no decent music venues and creating their own musical tours. Nick worried about expanding because there were always problems, and he recounted when he and Sharon had tried to open another location of Crimson Lights in Milwaukee that had only lasted a few months. Mariah entered and swore that she'd had nothing to do with the horrible piece that had aired. Nick assured her that he knew it hadn't been her fault. Tessa popped out and was surprised to see Mariah.

Nick and Noah stepped aside, and Mariah bemoaned to Tessa that she always seemed to be caught between Hilary and the people who loved to hate her or those who hated to love her. Mariah conceded that things had improved since she'd bared her soul to Devon, and she showed Tessa the tickets to the music festival. Mariah thought it was best if Tessa didn't see who'd been added to the program, but Tessa insisted on taking a look and saw the name of one of her favorite performers who she'd never seen live.

Devon arrived at the bar, and Nick apologized for the attitude he'd given Devon earlier. Devon understood that there was a high risk of crossfire when he chose to be around Hilary, who could turn the coolest person into a maniac, just like she'd done to Devon more than once.

Noah told Nick not to worry if he wasn't feeling the plan to clone the Underground, but Nick agreed to do it if it was a guaranteed success. Nick advised Noah that the biggest problem would be sticking to a strict budget, and he declared that he wanted to do it. The men embraced.

Devon said he'd been thinking about hearing Tessa's new songs since he'd woken up, and Tessa nervously replied that she'd been thinking about not messing up in front of him. Mariah indicated that Tessa feared he'd see other artists in wine country and think less of Tessa, but Devon hoped Tessa would be performing at the festival the following year. Mariah suggested that they let Tessa tag along with them that weekend.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria swallowed some aspirin, closed her eyes, and leaned back in her chair. Billy entered, and she groaned that she'd had better days. He asked if there had been fallout from the segment on The Hilary Hour, and Victoria was sure the tidal wave hadn't yet begun. She added that she'd had a run-in earlier, and she remarked that Billy would never guess what Cane had been doing in the building. "No way!" Billy exclaimed.

Victoria reported that the security people had confirmed that Cane had met with Jack, and Billy imagined that Cane would leak like a sieve after making Victoria out to be the villain. Victoria called Jack and Cane a "match made in hell," since Jack seemed set on wrecking her life. She revealed that Nikki and Jack had spent the night at the Abbott cabin after the blowup at the party and that Victor had walked out on her mom, and she surmised that Jack had been ready to swoop in to take advantage. Victoria recognized that she had no say in her mother's love life, but she refused to let Jack get away with hiring Cane at Jabot.

At Jabot, Jack told Phyllis that Cane was willing to spill everything about the inner workings of Brash & Sassy if Jabot hired him, and he noted that she didn't seem surprised. She encouraged Jack to look at the whole picture, since Cane was motivated to help Jabot because he was upset with Victoria. Jack was sure that Cane wanted to see his old company crash and burn, and he anticipated that Victoria would regret firing Cane. Jack envisioned Jabot rapidly climbing to the top of the high-end cosmetics market while Brash & Sassy went on a downward slide.

Phyllis asked where Jack had left things with Cane, and Jack reported that he'd said he'd be in touch. Jack figured that Cane was desperate because he'd just been axed, so Jabot could offer Cane less than what Victoria had paid him. Phyllis guessed that Jack was making Cane sweat to save a bundle, and Jack bet that Billy had no idea that she'd been moonlighting as a headhunter for Jabot. Phyllis clarified that she'd only told Jack that Cane was available, and Jack wished he could be a fly on the wall when Billy and Victoria found out that Cane was hot to return to Jabot. Phyllis noted that Victoria had problems other than Cane, and she showed Jack the latest segment of Hilary's show on her tablet.

Victoria strode in as Jack finished watching the video, and he told her to arrange a meeting with his assistant. Victoria insisted that it couldn't wait, and Phyllis stepped out. Victoria slammed the door shut and proclaimed that she knew Jack was probably planning to hire Cane. Jack pointed out that Cane was highly qualified, but Victoria recognized that Cane also knew every detail about Jabot's chief competitor. She warned Jack not to do it.

Jack offered Victoria a drink to calm her down, but she huffed that she'd chill out if he took her warning seriously. Jack thought it was a marvelous idea to hire Cane, but Victoria referred to Cane's baggage. Jack doubted that Cane would make the mistake of having a one-night stand that inspired a lawsuit again. Victoria asserted that Cane couldn't be trusted, and she urged Jack to focus on what the hire would cost him personally.

Victoria informed Jack that she knew all about him and her mom, including their sleepover at his hideout of choice. Jack swore that all they'd done had been sleep, since Nikki had needed his friendship and support, and he imagined that she probably would again. Victoria mentioned that he'd been spotted kissing his "friend" in that very office, and Jack insisted that he'd cared about Nikki for many years. Victoria questioned whether Jack thought Nikki would rekindle a romance with a man who was out to destroy her daughter's company, adding that she couldn't see her mother even wanting to be friends with someone who'd do something that vicious.

Jack called Cane and said he couldn't give Cane the job. Shocked, Cane stammered that he'd thought they were in sync. Jack vaguely explained that he'd had other repercussions to consider, but Cane didn't understand what that meant. Jack flatly stated that it wouldn't work, and he wished Cane the best and hung up. Jack turned and faced Victoria, who sauntered out. Cane numbly informed Lily that he hadn't gotten the job.

At Brash & Sassy, Phyllis asked Billy why Victoria had stormed into Jack's office. Billy replied that Victoria wanted to talk Jack out of hiring Cane, and Phyllis commented that Jack didn't respond well to demands. Billy thought that perhaps Jack would listen to Phyllis, but she was sure that her influence over Jack had ended when he'd filed for divorce. She added that it would look weird for someone working for Jabot's partner to protect Brash & Sassy, and she didn't want Jack to turn his fury on Billy.

Billy grumbled that Jack hiring Cane would be worse than when Jack had tried to snake the hockey deal, and he considered it to be a personal attack on Victoria. Phyllis asserted that Victoria was tough enough to take care of herself. Phyllis massaged Billy's shoulders, and he wondered why Jack didn't just make a better product instead of destroying them by hiring an ex-employee who'd been fired for cause. Phyllis expressed confidence that Billy and Victoria would save the company no matter what Jack and Cane threw their way.

Victoria stepped onto the elevator, and the doors closed. She gripped her head in her hands and became dizzy. She tumbled to the floor, unconscious.

Cane fights to get his life on track

Cane fights to get his life on track

> Cane fights to get his life on track

Cane fights to get his life on track

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

by Nel

When Ashley arrived at the Jabot reception area, she told Ravi her spa day had been enjoyable, but something Dina had said had gotten Ashley thinking. Dina had admitted she missed her company. Ravi asked if Dina was having seller's remorse, but Ashley felt it was more of a reaction to the jarring transition from such an intense lifestyle -- something Dina hadn't experienced in a very long time.

Ravi said that Dina had been working fourteen-hour days, and suddenly she had a lot of free time. Ashley said for someone like Dina, it had been a huge one-eighty. Ashley hadn't thought about what that would be like for Dina. Ravi felt that that could be the reason Dina had been acting so distracted. Ashley said Dina hadn't realized it would be harder than she'd thought it would be.

In his office, Jack called Dina and said he regretted allowing things to get so intense between them. Jack invited Dina for dinner to make amends. Dina apologized for slapping him and accepted his dinner invitation. Graham was about to leave, but Dina asked him to stay as a buffer.

Ashley walked into Jack's office. Jack informed her that he'd invited Dina for dinner. Ashley asked if she could join them. Jack readily agreed and admitted he'd appreciate Ashley being there as a buffer.

Phyllis and Billy were cuddling in the conference room at Brash & Sassy. Billy said he was waiting for Victoria because they had a conference call scheduled. Phyllis said she had to get back to work and left. Phyllis waited for an elevator. When the doors opened, she found Victoria lying unconscious on the elevator floor. She rushed to Victoria's side and tried to revive her.

Victoria regained consciousness. Phyllis wanted Victoria to see a doctor, but Victoria said she was fine and asked Phyllis not to call anyone. Victoria said she'd forgotten to eat and was dehydrated. Victoria said she didn't need a doctor to tell her to eat regularly. Victoria said she felt better, and there was no need for Phyllis to hover. Victoria said she wasn't Phyllis' responsibility. Victoria claimed she was fine and asked Phyllis not to say anything because she was embarrassed. Victoria left.

Phyllis walked into Jack's office and commented that Jack hadn't hired Cane even after Jack had told her what Cane could offer them. Jack admitted that they had both agreed that it would be a good idea, but after careful consideration and given the circumstances, Jack had decided to pass. Phyllis wanted to know about the circumstances, but Jack refused to discuss it. Phyllis knew it had been something Victoria had said when she'd gone to see Jack and been ready to lop his head off. Phyllis noted that it had to have been pretty intense, since Victoria had fainted right after she'd left Jack's office.

Phyllis told Jack she'd found Victoria unconscious in the elevator. Victoria had specifically asked Phyllis not to say anything. Jack asked why Phyllis was telling him then. Exasperated, Phyllis asked why everyone cared what Victoria wanted, especially Jack. Phyllis wanted to know why Jack had given in to Victoria. Jack said that Phyllis' opinion was on record, even though she hadn't hinted what was in it for her.

Jack said he'd been doing Phyllis' dirty work. He said that if he put Brash & Sassy out of business, it took Billy out of the business side of Victoria's life. If Victoria and Billy spent less time together, it made things much nicer on the home front for Phyllis. Phyllis walked out of Jack's office. Jack commented that the truth hurt. Phyllis turned and walked back into his office. She admitted that she'd love it if Victoria and Billy weren't joined at the hip all day. They already shared children, and that was enough of a connection.

Jack pointed out that Phyllis already realized that with Cane gone, Victoria would lean more on Billy. He admitted that Victoria had been very upset when she'd left his office, and he agreed with Phyllis that that might have been the reason Victoria had fainted. Jack suggested that perhaps Victoria had fainted because she was pregnant. It wouldn't have been the first time that had happened. As Jack was leaving, Phyllis claimed there was no way that was true.

Victoria arrived at Brash & Sassy. Billy asked how things had gone with Jack. Victoria said that she was ninety-nine percent certain that she'd convinced Jack not to hire Cane. She'd also pulled her mother into it. If Jack was seriously interested in Nikki, then going after Victoria's company's jugular wasn't going to make Nikki happy.

Billy knew that Jack would find a sneakier way to go after Brash & Sassy because he wanted Brash & Sassy to fail. Victoria said it was up to them to make sure that didn't happen. She knew she could count on Billy because they were a team, and they'd make sure that Brash & Sassy succeeded.

Victoria asked Billy to stay with the kids because she had a doctor's appointment; she'd fainted, probably because she hadn't eaten and was dehydrated. Billy asked Victoria to call or text him if there was anything serious. Victoria happily stated that Billy really cared about her. Billy agreed and said that they were partners. They hugged.

Poolside at the Athletic Club, Charlie moved a chaise for Juliet and advised her that the sun shone longest in that spot. Juliet noted that Charlie looked familiar. He smiled and left.

Jordan arrived at GC Buzz. Hilary asked about the cut on his forehead. Jordan explained that he'd tripped and fallen while playing basketball. He said that he'd managed to see Hilary's show and asked how she'd managed to get the footage of the Newmans' fight. She said getting in sync and with help from her producer. Jordan said she should be proud of herself and asked what she planned to do for a follow-up. Hilary showed him a story that had fallen into her lap just as Juliet's drama had been dying down.

Jordan said that the fallout from what Cane had done hadn't died for Lily. Hilary slyly asked if there was more. Jordan said that Cane hadn't impregnated anyone else or lost any more jobs, but Lily was still being slammed emotionally and financially. Hilary feigned sympathy when she said that it had to be tough to have everything dumped on Lily all at once.

Hilary asked if Jordan wanted to see the unedited footage from after the concert. Jordan asked how she'd gotten Victor to sign off on airing the fight with his son. She said she had her ways. Jordan stated that it was getting a lot of play. Hilary said that it was too bad that even the hottest scoop was only good for twenty-four hours. She wanted to get to the next level and have a lasting impact.

Hilary indicated that shooting viral videos wasn't enough. Jordan suggested that she change her presentation and vary the types of media and her target audience. She needed to keep delivering what worked and dump what didn't. Hilary asked if Jordan was her cheerleader or her life coach. Jordan said she could fly higher than her dreams as long as she believed, and he kissed her.

In the Ashby living room, Lily asked Cane why Jack hadn't hired him. Cane said that Jack had been encouraging and enthusiastic, so obviously something had happened after he'd left. Cane suspected that Victoria had convinced Jack not to hire him. Cane said since Brash & Sassy and Jabot were in the same building, they knew what went on in each other's companies.

Lily couldn't see Jack consulting with Billy and Victoria about personnel decisions because Jack despised Billy. Cane was certain it had been Victoria, but Lily wondered why Victoria would do that. Cane said it was Victoria's revenge. Lily told Cane that even though Jack had changed his mind, he'd seen some value in Cane, and someone who was immune to the politics would, as well. Cane just wanted to provide for his family, get his relationship with the kids back on track, and regain their trust.

Lily told Cane not to mess up. Cane admitted he was at the lowest point in his life. He knew he was a disappointment to Lily, and the kids wouldn't even look at him. Lily felt they needed to get back into a routine, and she suggested that Cane go and throw the ball with Charlie the way they had when Charlie had been younger. Lily said that Charlie's shift was almost over, and there was still plenty of daylight. Cane thanked Lily, but when he tried to hug her, she stepped back.

After Cane left, Lily called Barry, the agent she'd met in Hollywood. When Barry arrived, Lily stated that she was ready to work for him. She confirmed that she was not leaving Brash & Sassy, but she wanted more work and suggested getting into commercials and possibly acting. Barry was delighted and gave her a commercial she could audition for. He said she'd need someone to record her audition. Lily knew someone who would do it.

After Barry left, Lily called Jordan and asked if he would be her knight in shining armor. She explained what she needed. Jordan agreed to help her and asked her to go to GC Buzz. He assured Lily that Hilary would be happy to let her record her audition at GC Buzz. Hilary was in the background and shook her head "no."

Hilary chastised Jordan for inviting Lily. Jordan said that Hilary had a great heart and acknowledged that Hilary and Lily had a history. Hilary told him they hated each other. Jordan claimed people didn't kick their worst enemy when they were down.

Hilary and Jordan were kissing when Lily arrived. Lily told Hilary that she realized that she wasn't Hilary's favorite person, but she was grateful that Hilary was letting her record her audition there. Hilary said she hoped it would make up for how Hilary had helped Juliet when she'd needed a lawyer. Hilary admired Lily because most women would have kicked their husband out, but Lily stuck by Cane. Hilary hoped it would work out for them.

Jordan and Lily recorded her commercial while Hilary stood in the background, very annoyed. Jordan was pleased with the end result and gave Lily the flash drive. Lily thanked him, and she left. Jordan offered to take Hilary out for dinner, but she asked for takeout. After Jordan left, Hilary picked up Lily's commercial script and made a sexy recording of herself.

Charlie served Juliet a glass of iced tea. Juliet offered to tip him, but he refused and advised her that he'd been happy to help. Charlie spotted Cane and asked why Cane was at Charlie's workplace. Cane wanted them to spend time together, throwing the ball. Charlie claimed he was busy and left. Juliet was stunned when she realized that Charlie was Cane's son.

Cane marched over to Juliet, and she immediately told Cane that she'd had no idea that Charlie was his son. She stated that Charlie was polite and conscientious and that Cane and Lily had done a good job raising him. Cane admitted he was proud of Charlie. Juliet hoped their child would grow up to be as well adjusted as Charlie. Cane asked if she had to do that. Juliet said she couldn't pretend she wasn't pregnant or that the baby wasn't Cane's. Cane said he couldn't pretend that it was a total disaster. Juliet said if he had something on his mind, he should say it.

Juliet reminded Cane that they'd been friends, and she wanted them to get back there again for the baby's sake. Cane said he knew Juliet had been trying to reach out to him, but she'd caught him on a bad day. Cane pointed out that Juliet was sitting there, enjoying her iced tea. After Victoria had fired him, he'd been trying to figure out how he was going to put food on the table for his kids.

Juliet said getting fired never looked good on a résumé, but it happened to almost everyone. She said Cane had a very impressive skill set and years of experience to balance it out. He'd thought he'd had the job at Jabot in the bag, but he suspected Victoria had torpedoed him and stopped him from going with the competition. He said he couldn't go anywhere if Victoria kept blackballing him.

Cane said that just when he thought his mistakes couldn't cost him more, Victoria would keep him paying. Juliet said that Victoria might have had cause to fire him, but she didn't have control over the rest of his life. Cane left abruptly.

Jack and Ashley arrived at the Athletic Club and met Dina and Graham. Ashley stated that she hoped they would all play nice. Dina claimed she looked forward to her future. Ashley asked what Dina was involved in and commented that it had to be challenging for Dina to go from working nonstop to not working at all. Dina said she was content managing her investments and her philanthropy.

When the menus arrived, Dina asked Graham to order for her, since he knew what she liked. Ashley kept her eye on Dina. Jack suggested that Dina go to the cabin. Dina said she hadn't been there in years and reminisced about playing trivia. She asked if Ashley remembered, but Ashley didn't. Dina asked if Jack recalled the question that had won them the game. Jack admitted he did and recalled the answer as well. Ashley suggested they play sometime, but Dina said that Ashley would trounce her because Dina had been too busy working to bone up on past history and pop culture.

Ashley challenged Dina to name the Kardashians. Ashley was impressed when Dina named the Kardashians and said that Kendall and Kylie were Jenners. Dina had never imagined that Ashley would be interested in how she'd spent her days. Ashley said that something Dina had said at the spa had gotten her thinking. She realized that Dina had downshifted her lifestyle when she'd sold Mergeron. Ashley pointed out that a lot of people might regret making such a sudden change. Graham appeared to give Dina a warning look.

Dina admitted she missed the excitement -- the high-stakes decisions, taking risks, and watching them pay off. She wished that Neil and Devon would accept her advice more but admitted that if she'd been in their shoes, she wouldn't have either. Dina knew she couldn't change the past, so she didn't dwell on it. Sll the while, she looked at Graham.

After dinner was over, Jack was happy they'd gotten past the tension of the evening. Dina loved reminiscing about the cabin and claimed she'd love to go back. Jack invited her for the weekend, but Graham reminded Dina that she'd already committed to a function. Dina assured Jack she wanted time at the cabin soon. Jack and Ashley kissed Dina goodnight.

Jack went to get the car. Ashley called Ravi and told him that she'd been able to draw Dina out a little more. She felt that Dina might be suffering from depression.

Billy arrived at Jabot. Phyllis asked if Billy was done for the day because she wanted them to go out for the evening. Billy said that Victoria had asked him to watch the kids because she had a doctor's appointment. He told Phyllis that Victoria had fainted and that she wanted to have it checked out. Phyllis was surprised that Victoria had told him. Phyllis told Billy that she'd been the one who'd found Victoria in the elevator.

Billy asked why Phyllis hadn't told him. Phyllis said that Victoria had asked her to not say anything. Victoria had had to explain her situation to Billy when she'd asked him to watch the kids. Phyllis was enthusiastic about playing with the kids and said that they'd had fun the last time.

Billy admitted they'd had fun, but he felt they should find the right time that worked for everyone, out of consideration for Victoria. Phyllis wondered if Victoria had said something. Billy assured her that Victoria hadn't, but he felt that it had been presumptuous to invite Phyllis over the last time. It was Victoria's house and her kids too. He hoped Phyllis understood and said he'd check in with her later. Billy kissed her and left. Phyllis wasn't happy.

Jesse demands more money from Cane

Jesse demands more money from Cane

Thursday, July 27, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria told Cane that he'd destroyed his life all by himself, but he accused her of convincing Jack not to hire him. Cane refused to stand there while she lied, and he questioned why her lies were more acceptable than his. She admitted that she'd spoken with Jack, and she wondered why Cane had thought it would be okay to give Brash & Sassy's secrets away to Jabot. Cane snapped that he was free to work wherever he wanted, and Victoria retorted that she was free to defend what was hers.

Cane suspected that Victoria was trying to punish him by blackballing him, but he pleaded that he had a family to support. She huffed that he should have thought of that before he'd slept with Juliet and gotten her pregnant. She called him a liar and a cheater, and he countered that she was a "stone cold bitch." She ordered him to leave before she called security.

Victoria went to a doctor's appointment, and the doctor referred to her fainting spell. He inquired about dizziness or headaches, and she confirmed that she'd experienced them after she'd fallen and bumped her head. The doctor wished she'd been checked out sooner, and he ordered a CT scan right away. Later, the doctor reported that the scan was normal, and he suspected that Victoria had suffered a minor concussion.

The doctor lectured that Victoria was lucky she was okay, and he recommended that she get sleep and proper food and hydration. He also suggested that she take time off from work, but Victoria protested that it was a challenging time for her company. The doctor advised her to work normal hours and to minimize stress, and he expected a slow, steady recovery if she followed his instructions. Victoria stepped out and ran into Juliet, who revealed that she'd just had an ultrasound. Victoria asked if Cane was there, and Juliet replied that he wasn't but that she'd just seen her baby for the first time.

Juliet indicated that she hadn't been able to find out the baby's sex yet, but she showed Victoria a sonogram photo. Victoria brusquely wished her luck and started to leave, but Juliet added that she'd intended to become invaluable when Victoria had hired her. Juliet had never imagined that she'd end up being fired and getting pregnant, and Victoria wondered what Juliet had expected when she'd sued the company by claiming sexual harassment.

Juliet recounted the event that had led to her firing, and she mused that she'd still have a job if the cameraman hadn't stopped filming before it had been clear that Billy had been joking. Victoria testily questioned why Juliet would miss a job where she'd been sexually harassed, and she asked how things were between Juliet and Cane. Juliet relayed that Cane had promised to take care of the baby financially, but Victoria doubted that Juliet could rely on him for that.

At the Athletic Club pool, Billy praised Johnny for swimming in the deep end for the first time. Billy greeted Chelsea, who reported that Connor was downstairs with Katie in the kids' club. Billy prompted Johnny to say hi to Connor's mom, and Johnny excitedly revealed that he'd gone swimming in the deep end. Chelsea congratulated the tot. Billy told Johnny to stay near the lifeguard, and Chelsea marveled that the boy was already swimming.

Billy wondered if Chelsea had regrets about giving Johnny up, but she insisted that letting Billy and Victoria raise Johnny had been one of the best decisions she'd ever made. He imagined that Chelsea hadn't foreseen them getting divorced, but Chelsea pointed out that Billy still got to spend time with his son. Billy thought it had to be hard that Connor wouldn't have that with Adam, but Chelsea thought Nick was wonderful with Connor and that Connor and Christian had bonded. Billy referred to the boys' family bond, and Chelsea looked uncomfortable for a moment before Billy mentioned that the kids were cousins. Billy remarked that they didn't have anything if they didn't have family.

Later, Victoria joined Billy on the deck. She informed him that her CT results had been normal, but her doctor had told her to take better care of herself. Billy insisted that she take a break, but she insisted on getting Brash & Sassy's sales figures up. She quipped that her health had given her fewer problems than her ex-employees, since Cane was blaming her for preventing him from getting another job. Billy threatened to punch Cane out, but she didn't want Billy to escalate the conflict. Billy offered to do what it took to relieve her stress, and she replied that she wouldn't shed any tears if Cane and Juliet were out of her life for good.

Victoria said she was relaxed thanks to Billy, but he knew it wouldn't last. She thought it was too bad that they hadn't taken the trip to San Diego with the kids, and Billy regretted that his big mouth had made the hockey league flip out. Victoria reiterated that Juliet never should have rushed the footage to air, and Billy grumbled that it would have been clear that he'd been joking if the cameraman hadn't stopped filming. Victoria quipped that it had been one debacle that hadn't had anything to do with Cane.

At the Ashby home, Charlie apologized for being mean to Lily. She recognized that he was upset with his father, and he questioned whether she wasn't. She admitted that she was disappointed and very hurt, but she pointed out that Cane was still his father and her husband, and people didn't just give up on a marriage. Charlie argued that Cane had cheated and gotten another woman pregnant, and he wondered how Lily could forgive his dad for that.

Lily conceded that it hadn't been easy to try to forgive Cane, but she commented that loving someone meant sticking with them for better or for worse. Charlie noted that a lot of his friends had divorced parents and that it wasn't a big deal, but Lily argued that Cane loved them and was trying to make things right. Lily encouraged Charlie to give it time, since it was important to keep their family together. Charlie implored her not to stay with Cane for the twins' sake.

Reed and Mattie arrived at Crimson Lights, and he apologized for not double-checking the movie schedule, so they'd had to sit through car explosions rather than seeing a romantic comedy. Reed assumed that she'd hated it, but Mattie insisted that she loved action movies. Across the coffeehouse, Charlie glowered at them as they flirted and exchanged stories about embarrassing moments. Reed noticed Charlie staring at them and told Mattie that they were having too much fun for Charlie. Mattie replied that it was Charlie's problem, not theirs.

Reed walked Mattie home and said he'd had a great time, and he hoped she had, too. She realized that she'd stopped thinking about the insanity going on with her family, so it had been a pretty good date. He asked if there was a chance of a repeat, and she replied that she'd like that. He leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips, wished her a good night, and walked away.

Mattie gazed happily after Reed, and Charlie appeared and bitterly congratulated her on her first kiss. She blasted him for spying on her, but he argued that he lived there. He hoped it had been her last date with "that loser," since Reed's mom had fired their dad, and going out with Reed would only make things worse. "Dump him, now," Charlie ordered.

At the Underground, Tessa asked Devon and Mariah if they were sure about including Tessa on their trip to the music festival, since she might ruin their romantic escape. Mariah suggested that Noah also join them so Tessa wouldn't feel like a third wheel.

Across the bar, Noah told Nick that there were a lot of college towns without music venues, and he proposed that they go on a scouting trip to make offers on available spaces. Nick balked at opening multiple branches at the same time, and he preferred to focus on a slow rollout to make sure each location was a success. Noah countered that they'd lose momentum and give others the chance to duplicate their formula, and he thought Nick was being too cautious. Nick warned that Noah was assuming that all the locations would be successful, and Noah asked if Nick was having second thoughts about being his partner.

A bar patron recognized Nick from the video of Victor punching him. The customer asked when there would be an episode with Nick punching his dad, and Nick replied that there never would be. Nick turned to Noah and said he enjoyed running the club together, and he didn't want to be known as the angry son but as the guy who owned cool clubs with his son. Noah agreed to do a slow rollout, but Nick insisted on doing it Noah's way.

Noah told Tessa that his dad was on board to turn the Underground into a chain, and Tessa gushed that it was amazing. She hugged him, and she suggested that they celebrate by going to a music festival in San Francisco, since Devon had invited them both to join him and Mariah. Tessa rambled that they'd have all-access passes and a huge luxury hotel suite, and she remarked that Devon had to be the most generous guy ever.

Meanwhile, Mariah called Devon the most generous guy in the whole world, and she envisioned that the four of them would own the music festival. He seemed nonplussed, and she asked if she'd blown it by inviting Tessa and Noah. Devon admitted that he'd wanted time alone with Mariah, but he conceded that he'd be crazy not to promote Tessa at the festival. He figured that he and Mariah could do their own thing while Tessa and Noah did theirs. Noah approached and thanked Devon for inviting him to the festival, and Devon replied that it would be a blast.

Mariah privately suggested to Tessa that the guys could cover the music festival while she and Tessa explored hot spots in San Francisco. Later, Devon told Mariah that he'd heard San Francisco could be a romantic city, and they kissed. Noah said he couldn't stop smiling, and Tessa didn't want him to. He thought it couldn't get any better than going to the music festival, and he noted that it was a big step for them. Tessa insisted that it didn't have to be a big deal and that they could just go with the flow.

Chelsea arrived at the bar and jokingly ordered a complicated drink from Nick. He told her to enjoy the fancy drinks while she could, since his bartending days might soon be over. He revealed that he was going into business with his son, turning the Underground into a chain. Chelsea was surprised because Nick wasn't a gambling man, and it sounded like a risky endeavor. He indicated that getting kicked out of his father's life had changed things.

Nick explained that he'd felt free since his father had pushed Nick out of his life, but Chelsea questioned whether Nick had always wanted to be a bar mogul. He asserted that her passion to grow Chelsea 2.0 had inspired him, and he was finally ready not to be Victor Newman's son. Nick pledged to start focusing on his own happiness rather than trying to change his family. Chelsea thought he would still be there for Nikki, Victoria, and Abby, and Nick insisted that they would always be there for his family. He added that his family didn't just include blood relations but also the people he loved.

Chelsea mentioned that she'd run into Billy and Johnny at the pool, and Nick noted that she never talked about Johnny. Chelsea stressed that Victoria had been the boy's mother since the day he'd been born, and Nick clarified that he considered Chelsea and Connor to be part of his family. Chelsea replied that her family included him and Christian, and they kissed.

At GC Buzz, Hilary closed the file of her audition video when she heard someone enter the studio. She called out for Jordan, but Jesse introduced himself and explained that he was a cameraman who'd had a meeting scheduled with Howard that afternoon, but Jesse's flight had been delayed. Hilary declared that she was the executive producer, and she asked if Jesse had his résumé with him. She noted that he had a lot of credits in L.A., and she queried why he'd leave L.A. for Genoa City. He replied that Howard had said she was the next big thing, and she figured that it was fine for Jesse to join the team if Howard thought it was a good idea. Jordan interrupted and warned that it was a bad idea for her to be talking to Jesse.

Jordan revealed that Jesse had shot Brash & Sassy's behind-the-scenes footage in L.A., and Hilary found it interesting that Jesse had left it off his résumé. Jesse wrote it off as a one-day shoot, but Hilary pointed out that the shoot had caused a lot of trouble. Jesse argued that it hadn't been his fault, but Jordan reiterated that Hilary shouldn't have anything to do with Jesse. Jesse revealed that Cane had hired him as a freelancer for the project, and Hilary flatly stated that she couldn't hire Jesse. Jesse sourly headed out, and Hilary thanked Jordan with a kiss.

Over the phone, Hilary convinced the casting director of the commercial to take a look at her audition video. She covered when Jordan appeared, and she thanked him for treating her to dinner. He hoped it had gotten her in a better mood after Jesse had shown up, and Hilary contemplated dropping Howard and getting someone more plugged into what was happening. Jordan realized that she was still dreaming big, and she announced that she was thinking about expanding into acting. Jordan compared her to Lily, and he hoped Lily got the commercial. Hilary pointedly stated that there was a lot of stiff competition, so she wouldn't count on Lily booking it.

Jordan thought Hilary sounded jealous of Lily for having an agent who'd booked her an audition, and Hilary admitted that she had been until she'd realized that she didn't need anyone to help her get where she was going. Jordan considered Hilary's remark to be a subtle kiss-off, but she swore that she'd been teasing. He pointed out that it could get lonely to need no one, and she purred that there was plenty of room for two. She started to unbutton his shirt, and he guessed that she wanted to keep things fun and light, but he asked if that was all they were.

Jordan insisted that he wasn't going anywhere, but Hilary maintained that she was the only one in charge of her life and her dreams, since she'd learned that she couldn't control the men in her life. Jordan admitted that he didn't want his heart broken any more than she did, and he thought Hilary had to understand that he had dreams of his own. He promised to always have her back, but he wondered if she would have his. Hilary replied that she wouldn't have it any other way, and they kissed passionately.

Cane returned home, and Lily reported that she'd told Charlie that they just had to move forward. Cane grumbled that Victoria would make it difficult, since she'd told Jack not to give him a job. Lily understood why Victoria wouldn't want Cane working for the competition, but she thought plenty of other businesses would be eager to hire him. Cane bemoaned that no one had gotten back to him, and Lily mentioned that she'd gotten in touch with Barry about earning some extra money. Cane concluded that Lily doubted he'd find work again.

Lily contended that there was nothing wrong with her pursuing a career, and she mentioned that Jordan had helped her shoot a video to submit for a commercial. Cane stammered that he had his fingers crossed for her to get it, but she didn't expect to book her first audition. Cane gushed that the casting director would be lucky to find someone as beautiful and talented as her, and Lily remarked that the extra money would be nice, since they needed to support one another. Cane answered a call, and Jesse announced that Cane's favorite cameraman needed help.

Cane snapped not to bother him again, and he hung up. He claimed that it had been a telemarketer, and Lily prepared to turn in early before a photo shoot the next day. Cane said he was happy she'd gotten her first audition, and he hoped there were more to follow. Once alone, Cane returned Jesse's call, and Jesse stated that work had dried up, so he needed cash. Cane reminded him of their deal, but Jesse threatened to go public with what he'd really been hired to do.

Jesse imagined that everyone who'd lost money might be interested to hear that Cane had bribed him to delete the footage to make a colleague look bad, and he demanded $25,000 for his continued silence. Cane argued that he'd been fired, so the secret was worthless, but Jesse questioned whether Lily knew that her big commercial had been scrapped because of what Cane had done. Deflated, Cane said he needed a few days to get the money to Jesse. Jesse revealed that he was in Genoa City, so he could pick up the cash payment in person.

Jesse offers Billy information for cash

Jesse offers Billy information for cash

Friday, July 28, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Sharon started to get Nick his usual bagel and black coffee, but he ordered something different to break free from a lifelong rut. He announced his intent to be bolder and more ambitious, and he pledged to go big or go home. Nick disclosed that Noah had decided to become a business mogul by opening a chain of Undergrounds in college towns, and Nick was going along for the ride. Sharon wondered if Nick had told Noah about what had happened when they'd tried to expand the coffeehouse, but Nick reported that Noah was confident that they could turn the project into a major success.

Sharon questioned how much Nick's decision had to do with his altercation with Victor at the charity event, and Nick admitted that he wanted to be the dad to Noah that Nick had never had. Nick anticipated working hard together but letting Noah be himself, making good decisions and using common sense. Sharon inquired whether that extended to the women in Noah's life, and Nick asked if Sharon had a problem with Tessa. Sharon fretted about how wrapped up Tessa was with the Newman family.

Sharon thought Tessa had had a rough past, but she recognized that Tessa had been a good friend to Mariah. Nick teased Sharon for approving of Tessa hanging out with Sharon's daughter but not her son, but Sharon insisted that she was okay with both. Sharon mentioned that things were getting serious, since Noah and Tessa were going to a music festival in California together. Nick worried that trouble in pretty packages tended to sneak up on the Newmans.

Later, Paul stopped by the coffeehouse, and Sharon voiced concern about human trafficking and the terrified girl named Crystal who'd called the hotline. Sharon was sure that someone was exploiting Crystal by forcing her into the sex trade, and she was adamant that they find her. Paul assured Sharon that his department was pursuing every angle, but they didn't have a lot to work with. Sharon hoped Crystal would call again during Sharon's next shift at the hotline, and Paul indicated that he'd given the shift managers a heads-up to try to get a lead on Crystal's location.

Sharon didn't think people could call sex trafficking prostitution when it was abuse, and Paul said the people who used the women to generate cash and the men who went to them for sex were all criminals. Sharon sympathized that the women thought they'd been forgotten, and Paul indicated that the people in charge preyed on the most vulnerable by using their weaknesses to make sure they felt alone in the world with no way out. Sharon was horrified that it could be happening in their back yards.

At the Ashby home, Cane looked worriedly at his online bank account, and he flashed back to Jesse's demand for $25,000 in exchange for his continued silence. The twins entered the room, bickering about their shared bathroom. Cane asked if Mattie was excited to start her internship at the Hamilton-Winters Group, but the kids became silent. Cane remarked that Mattie had gotten home late the night before, and Charlie mumbled that she hadn't been studying. Mattie revealed that she'd gone to the movies, and Cane inquired whether she'd gone with anyone he knew.

Mattie downplayed the movie as a last-minute thing with friends. Charlie asked where Lily was, and Cane jumped at the chance to help the twins out with anything they needed. Charlie coolly said he'd talk to his mom later, and Cane marveled that the teens had gotten great summer jobs. Cane recalled that he'd spent his teenage summers lounging on the beach, and Charlie dryly stated that Cane could still do that if he wanted. Charlie stalked out, and Cane groaned that his kids couldn't get away from him fast enough.

Mattie pointed out that they couldn't pretend things were normal, but Cane was determined to get his family back on track. Mattie inquired about his job search, and Cane reported that he'd almost landed a good one, but Victoria had killed his chance. Cane griped that Victoria had blackballed him, and he compared Victoria's lack of scruples to Victor's. The doorbell rang, and Mattie ran to get it. She opened the door and asked Jesse if she could help him. Cane squirmed.

Jesse told Mattie that he was there to see her dad, and Cane pretended that he was glad to see Jesse. Mattie headed out, and Cane spat that he'd changed his mind about giving Jesse more money. Jesse clucked that Cane didn't understand how blackmail worked, since Jesse had kept the original footage that Cane had told him to edit and delete. Jesse pulled out a flash drive and inquired about the money, and Cane maintained that he needed a couple of days to pull it together.

Jesse revealed that he hadn't been able to get a job at The Hilary Hour because of the Brash & Sassy video, and he again demanded the cash. Jesse handed Cane a slip of paper with his account information, and he threatened to make things worse for Cane's family if Cane didn't get him the money before Jesse flew back to L.A. that night. Later, Cane looked despondent as he stared at the balances in his bank accounts.

At the Dive Bar, Lily ordered a bloody Mary, and Jordan questioned when she'd become a morning drinker. She explained that she was trying not to freak out while she was waiting to hear about her audition, and he assured her that what she'd taped had been perfect. Lily wailed that she felt like it was all on her to fix everything, since her kids were confused and angry, and Cane was having a hard time finding a job. She added that she felt like she was running on empty, and she didn't know if she was strong enough to handle it. Jordan put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Lily prayed that she got the commercial, since she couldn't stop thinking about her family's bank accounts. She mentioned that tuition was due at Walnut Grove, and they had the funds set aside for that year, but she contemplated what would happen after that. Charlie approached, and Lily introduced him to Jordan. Charlie praised Jordan's billboard photo of Lily, and Lily indicated that Charlie was taking a photography class in the fall.

Charlie rattled off a list of equipment he needed for football, but Lily pointed out that it was his dad's department. Charlie hoped Lily could help, and she suggested that they spend some one-on-one time together before the season started. A whistle blew, and Charlie left to get back to work. Jordan commended Lily for holding it together, and she hoped her children didn't get dragged deeper into the mess.

Billy greeted Reed at the Athletic Club pool and asked how Victoria was feeling. Reed was surprised to hear that his mother had suffered a mild concussion when she'd fallen at the party, and Billy reported that she had to avoid stress. Reed realized that Billy still cared about Victoria, and Billy swore that he'd always be dedicated to their entire family. Billy noticed Lily and Jordan across the rooftop, and he asked if Reed was still getting close with Mattie. Reed reported that he wasn't quite sure what was going on, but the fact that his mom had fired Mattie's dad hadn't made things easier.

Billy joined Lily and Jordan and commended them for their test shots that morning, and he thought the hockey league would love them. Jordan mentioned that he'd seen Jesse the day before, and Billy groused that the cameraman had nearly ruined his life. Jordan reported that Jesse had been looking for a job with Hilary, but she'd shot him down because of the Brash & Sassy footage. Billy took responsibility for lighting the match by being an idiot in L.A., but he blamed Jesse for sending the whole thing up in flames.

Across the deck, Charlie confronted Reed and blasted him for not leaving Mattie alone. Reed replied that neither she nor Reed followed Charlie's orders. Reed added that Mattie didn't boss Charlie around, and he urged Charlie to pay her the same respect. Charlie revealed that Mattie had never been kissed before her buss with Reed the night before, and he thought Reed was making her do things she normally wouldn't do. Charlie snapped that his family was falling apart because of Reed's mom, and he demanded that Reed leave Mattie alone if he cared about her.

Cane grappled with whether or not to make the transfer, and he stared at the screen as Lily walked in. Cane recounted that he'd tried to talk to Charlie, but their son had kept shutting him down. Cane reported that at least Mattie was warming up to him, and Lily figured that Charlie eventually would, too. Lily asked if Barry had called about her audition, and she was disappointed to learn that he hadn't. She noted that a national commercial would give them the money they needed, and she wished they'd been smarter with their savings account.

Cane urged Lily not to drive herself crazy about money, since they had a cushion to get through it. Lily lamented that the kids were upset and that it wasn't how things were supposed to be. Cane hated that he'd caused it, and he wanted to be able to tell her and the kids that everything would be okay. Cane pulled Lily into his arms and vowed to fix everything. He reached over and shut his laptop.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Jesse anxiously eyed his phone, waiting for the money to show up in his account. Billy approached and wondered if Jesse was in town to follow him around with a camera, since the footage might imply Billy was on drugs if he took an aspirin. Jesse insisted that he'd simply done the job he'd been paid to do, but Billy found that hard to believe.

Billy was curious about why the camera for the behind-the-scenes footage had been trained on him when the photo shoot had been all about Lily. Jesse figured that he'd needed to shoot something, but Billy didn't believe it. Jesse checked his phone again and sighed impatiently. Jesse asked what Billy wanted to know and how much it was worth to him.

Neil and Devon walked into their new office and admired the sign bearing the Hamilton-Winters Group's logo. Neil was glad they'd set up their base at the Athletic Club for meetings, and Devon pointed out that they had plenty of ways to blow off steam in between. Neil commented that it had been a long time since he'd schooled Devon in one-on-one on the basketball court, but Devon expected that the office was where the hard work would take place. Devon declared that it was the day they put their family company on the map, and the men shook hands.

Neil and Devon gasped when a huge fruit basket was delivered with a congratulatory card from Dina. Devon noted that Dina had been more restrained than he'd expected, but Neil pointed out that there was someone in the building who was less familiar with restraint. Devon recognized that Hilary still had a suite there, and Neil recalled that Devon and Hilary had spent time together at the concert. Devon chalked it up to keeping things civil for Mariah's sake, but Neil suspected that Devon harbored leftover feelings for Hilary. Devon asserted that there was nothing there.

Mattie knocked on the door and anxiously asked if she was early or late, and Devon welcomed their newest intern. She insisted that she not be treated like family, and she expected a ton of grunt work. Devon informed her that he was heading out of town, so Neil would be giving the orders. After Devon departed, Mattie excitedly prepared to get to work, and Neil suggested that she input some data into a spreadsheet. She peppered him with questions about various bells and whistles she could add to the project.

A short time later, Mattie announced that she'd finished the spreadsheet, and she asked what was next. Neil was stunned by how quickly she'd completed the project, and she chirped that it had been easy. He suggested that she read up on the company's holdings, but she replied that she already had after they'd offered her the internship. Mattie received a text message from Reed, informing her that he was at the pool and that her brother had issues. Mattie requested a quick break while Neil found another job for her. He was visibly impressed by her skills.

Meanwhile, Charlie admonished Reed for playing on his phone. Reed asserted that if Mattie wanted to see him, then he wanted to see her, and what Charlie wanted didn't matter. Charlie insisted that they weren't done, and he walked away. Mattie approached Reed, who told her that Charlie had just been there to warn him to stay away from her. Mattie offered to explain again to her brother that she could look out for herself, but Reed thought Charlie had been right about the family stuff. Mattie wondered if Charlie had mentioned that Victoria had been preventing Cane from getting another job.

Reed couldn't believe his mother would cause trouble, and Mattie took offense that he thought she or her dad was making it up. Reed swore he believed Mattie, but he was shocked that his mom had gone to that extreme. He wondered why their parents' troubles couldn't just go away, but Mattie groaned that it wasn't happening anytime soon. Reed invited her to the Underground that night to hear him play, but she hurried off to get back to work.

At GC Buzz, Mariah flashed back to Tessa telling her that no one should make her feel like she was second choice because she was incredible. Tessa entered and checked to make sure that Mariah's she-devil boss wasn't around. Mariah confirmed that it was a Hilary-free zone, and Tessa loudly declared that she could talk smack about Hilary. Mariah noted that Tessa had packed her guitar for the trip, and she anticipated checking out Tessa's stage position for the following year once Devon made her a huge superstar. Tessa stated that she needed to confess something before they left.

Mariah insisted that Tessa didn't have to tell her whatever it was, but Tessa swore that Mariah was the only person she could imagine telling it to. Tessa blurted out that she'd never been on a plane before, and a relieved Mariah nervously laughed. Mariah rambled about the benefits of taking a private plane, and she promised that she'd be right there. Mariah quickly added that Noah would also be there, probably holding Tessa's hand the entire time.

Tessa said she didn't think any of it was real sometimes, since having good friends, a music deal, and a hot boyfriend couldn't be her life. Tessa couldn't believe two rebel girls were going to a VIP lounge with decent guys, and Mariah joked that they were going mainstream. Tessa thought Mariah was a wild child at heart, and Mariah noted that Tessa was, too. Mariah said it was what she liked about Tessa, but she continued that it was also what Noah loved about Tessa. Mariah suggested that they head to the plane.

Nick arrived at the Underground and informed Noah that he'd told Sharon their news. Noah mentioned that he'd started doing research on college towns with real estate that matched their brand, and Nick said he'd set up a meeting with his financial advisor. Noah volunteered to use funds from his trust, but Nick insisted on being the wallet while Noah was the brains. Nick instructed Noah to do his job and have fun with Tessa at the music festival, and Noah figured that Sharon had told Nick about the trip because she was worried about Noah's taste in girlfriends. Nick thought Sharon was willing to give Tessa the benefit of the doubt, and Noah wondered if Nick was.

Nick approved of the locations that Noah had chosen, and Noah remarked that Nick trusted his judgment in real estate but not women. Noah acknowledged that his past relationships had failed, but it hadn't been because the women had been gold diggers. Noah was sure that Tessa wasn't one, either, and he argued that she'd never asked him for a dime. Noah questioned how he and Nick were supposed to have a partnership when Nick didn't trust his decisions about the women he dated. The men looked over and awkwardly realized that Mariah and Tessa had walked in.

Mariah looked forward to her first huge festival with three music professionals, but Tessa didn't think playing for change in the park qualified her as a pro. Nick excused himself when his financial advisor arrived. The advisor said he'd been surprised to hear from Nick, who explained that he needed liquid cash to put in bids on some commercial properties. Nick added that he hadn't been planning to touch the principal in his account, but he'd decided to go into business with his son.

Tessa figured that private jets and fancy food were the norm for Noah, but he replied that it would be different that time because he'd get to experience them with her. She told him to kiss her, and he obliged as Mariah uncomfortably looked on. Devon entered and asked if everyone was ready to rock and roll, and the foursome headed out.

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