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Juliet told Cane that they'd had sex in Tokyo. Victor hired Scott to write his biography. Hilary and Jordan had sex, and she allowed him to take nude photos of her. Nick found evidence that implicated Chloe in Adam's death, and he asked Paul to reopen the investigation.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 27, 2017 on Y&R
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Nick and Chelsea question Chloe Nick and Chelsea question Chloe

Monday, March 27, 2017

At Michael and Lauren's house, Kevin excitedly announced his upcoming marriage to Chloe. Michael congratulated Kevin, as did Scott. Lauren, however, expressed concern. Lauren acknowledged that she'd been impressed by Chloe's ability to turn her life around. However, Lauren advised Kevin not to rush into a decision to marry. Scott noted that Kevin and Chloe had been married in the past. Kevin admitted that he'd been eager to tie the knot with Chloe just after she'd returned to town because he'd hoped to recapture his old life. Kevin added, "I don't want my old life back. I want a new life with Chloe and Bella."

Lauren said that though she was happy for Kevin, she assumed Gloria might not be. Kevin asked his family not to share the news with Gloria. Scott recalled recently spending time with Kevin and Chloe at the Underground. Lauren learned that Chloe had gotten drunk. Kevin assured Scott that Chloe didn't normally drink too much. Kevin asked Michael to be his best man. Scott received a text message from Victor asking to meet with him; Scott left. Michael agreed to serve as Kevin's best man, and he praised Kevin for being loving and patient with Chloe.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick and Chelsea were surprised when Chloe announced that Kevin had proposed at the Top of the Tower. Chelsea recounted that Kevin had even knelt down on one knee when he'd presented her with a ring, which she showed off to her friends. Chelsea accepted Chloe's request to be a bridesmaid. Chloe gushed when she imagined Bella as a flower girl. Chloe suddenly paused and asked Nick and Chelsea what news they'd wished to share. Nick held up a small electronic device that resembled a thumb drive and asked Chloe if she recognized it. Chloe replied, "Uh, what is that?"

Nick explained that it was a GPS tracking device someone had placed inside Connor's stuffed dinosaur. Chelsea added, "The one I took with me when I planned to leave town with Adam." Chloe asked how the device had found its way inside the toy. Nick replied, "Why don't you tell us." Chloe became defensive, but Nick noted that Chloe had been living with Chelsea at the time and had been aware that the stuffed dinosaur was Connor's favorite toy.

After a few denials, Chloe admitted that she'd placed the tracker in the toy to protect Chelsea. Chloe recalled that after Adam had attacked the prison guard, she'd become increasingly worried about Chelsea. After Adam had escaped, Chloe explained, she'd feared that Chelsea might take Connor and run away with Adam. Chloe cried that instead, everything had gone "really wrong." Chelsea asked Chloe why she'd never said anything about what she'd done and why.

Chloe berated herself and insisted that she'd used the GPS tracker because she'd valued Chelsea's close friendship and had wanted to protect her. Chelsea said she believed Chloe. Nick said, "Thanks for clearing all this up." Chloe tearfully begged Chelsea for forgiveness. Chelsea accepted the apology and warmly embraced Chloe.

After Chloe left, Nick expressed doubt about Chloe's story. Nick, recalling that police had surrounded the building the night of Adam's death, said there was no way Chloe could've been at the cabin with Adam without police spotting her. Chelsea replied, "Oh, my God! Actually, there was a way." After Chelsea showed Nick the hidden passageway, Nick said Dylan had told him about it. Nick learned that Adam had built the passageway. Nick pointed out that Chloe knew about the hidden passageway because she'd been present when Dylan had told him about. Nick told Chelsea that police had located the passageway soon after she'd left to meet Adam at the cabin.

Chelsea told Nick she doubted that Chloe could've eluded police officers stationed outside the building. Nick recalled that Chloe hadn't been on the police department's radar because police had been focused on the AMBER Alert issued for Connor and Chelsea. Chelsea refused to believe that Chloe could've been capable of setting the explosion. Chelsea insisted that Adam's death had been an accident. Nick cited the GPS tracker and Chloe's mention of the view from the cabin as evidence against her. Chelsea said she might have told Chloe about the views of the lake. Nick replied, "Really? In all the excitement after the explosion and the investigation, you took the time out to tell her how the lake looked from the porch?"

Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes, and she noted that Chloe was her best friend. Nick explained that Chloe had spared Chelsea and Connor because Adam had been her target. Nick said they needed to determine whether or not Chloe had left the apartment the night of the explosion. Nick picked up the GPS tracker and explained that it had been wirelessly connected to a phone app. Nick said information recorded by the app might reveal the evidence they needed.

Chelsea suggested they enlist Paul's help. Nick said that if Paul reopened the case, Victor might be arrested for planning Adam's escape from prison. Nick said he might coax a cell phone company to release phone records by applying pressure. Chelsea replied, "Meaning what? They'll give them to Victor Newman's son?" Nick said it was worth a shot because they needed answers.

At the apartment Chloe shared with Kevin, Chloe entered a bedroom and slid a box out from under the bed. The box was marked "party shoes." As Chloe fished something out of the box, Kevin entered the room and asked Chloe what his future wife was up to. Chloe slipped the item back into the box and slid the box back under the bed. Chloe said she'd been searching for her shoes. Kevin announced that Michael would serve as his best man. Chloe said Chelsea had agreed to be her bridesmaid and dressmaker.

After Kevin left to search for a venue, Chloe retrieved the box from under the bed. She opened the box and withdrew a tranquilizer gun tucked inside a zippered case. Chloe also fished out an adjustable wrench. In a flashback, Chloe remembered greeting Adam when she'd entered the cabin. Chloe recalled how she'd aimed the gun, fired, and hit Adam with a tranquilizer dart. After Chloe relived the memory, she put the wrench and dart gun into a backpack and slid the box back under the bed.

At the Newman ranch house, Tessa, Reed's music teacher, accompanied Reed as both strummed a tune on their guitars. Nikki smiled as she listened. Tessa said she'd like to hear the piano. Reed invited Nikki to play along. Nikki agreed, and all three performed together. Victor was pleasantly surprised when he entered through the front door. Victor said, "Well, I'll be damned. What a welcome." Reed laughed when Victor offered to be a vocalist. Nikki greeted Victor with a hug and introduced Tessa as Reed's new music teacher.

Victor told Nikki, Reed, and Tessa that he was on his way to the office, and he left. Tessa, Reed, and Nikki took a break to enjoy snacks. Reed noted that Tessa had finished off all the sandwiches. Tessa admitted she hadn't eaten good food in a while. Nikki said she'd enlisted her resident chef to prepare the food. Tessa seemed impressed. Reed asked Tessa for advice about improving his skills. Tessa suggested that Reed play as often as possible with other musicians in front of audiences. Tessa also praised Nikki's piano playing, but Nikki insisted that Reed was the rock star of their family.

At Jabot, Ashley was waiting outside Jack's office to discuss his plan to associate Jabot with a hockey league. Jack dismissed Ashley by stating that he'd formally withdrawn his offer because Ashley had been right about Jabot overextending itself by pushing forward with the deal. Ashley recalled that Jack had seemed to be thrilled about sticking it to Billy one more time. Ashley wouldn't drop the matter and pressed Jack to admit what had really changed his mind. Jack said he'd simply heeded Ashley's advice and realized that he'd hoped "to stop Billy from getting a win."

Ashley thanked Jack for being honest and asked him to tell her the real reason he'd hired Gloria. Jack extolled Gloria's talents and claimed she was an asset. Ashley refuted Jack's statement and said, "She's vile. She manipulative. She tried to destroy our family. How can you hold this grudge against Billy when you open your arms wide to Gloria?" Jack changed the subject by mentioning Ashley's interactions with Ravi. Jack noted that he would've never invited Gloria to be his plus-one at the opera.

Ashley became livid and reminded Jack that he'd declined to accompany her to the opera. Jack mentioned that Ashley's decision to choose Ravi, a man younger than she was, had been improper. Ashley reminded Jack that he'd dated a number of models and secretaries throughout the years. Ashley added that Ravi was fine with their friendship. Jack said Ashley and Ravi's relationship was his business, and he advised Ashley to revisit the employee handbook section about in-office romances.

Ashley told Jack that she'd misplaced her handbook but could consult Gloria. Ashley said Gloria knew more than anyone about Jack's hiring practices. Lauren opened the door and noted that Gloria, Jack's watchdog, wasn't at her post. Ashley said, "See, yet another reason why Gloria should not be working here." After Ashley abruptly left, Lauren seemed not to understand why Ashley wouldn't be joining them for the meeting. Jack said he'd just wanted to ask Lauren about the merger.

Lauren told Jack she was pleased that the merger had gone smoothly. Jack noted that the Virtual Dressing Room had exceeded all expectations. Lauren thanked Jack for picking up the slack while she'd been involved with the mission to rescue Scott. Jack said he was grateful for Scott's safe return and asked Lauren how she'd carried it off. Lauren was hesitant to explain. Jack asked if there was something Lauren didn't want to tell him. Lauren admitted she'd sought Victor's help because she'd needed millions of dollars. Lauren added that Victor had connections and was unafraid to bend rules and grease palms.

Lauren told Jack she'd feared that her working relationship with Jack might also pose a complication. If something had gone wrong, Lauren explained, it would've been a disaster. Lauren pointed out that conversely, she would've felt like she owed Jack had the rescue been a success under his direction. Jack replied, "Well, what do you think you're going to get with Victor? His whole reason for being is creating complications."

At Newman Enterprises, Abby was surprised to see Victoria step off the elevator on Victor's office floor. Victoria greeted Abby and said she had news to share with Victor. Abby seemed miffed and noted that she had a business meeting planned with Victor as soon as he arrived. When Victor arrived, he was delighted to see Victoria and invited her and Abby into his office. Victor asked Victoria to tell him all about Brash & Sassy. Abby interrupted and reminded Victor that he had a tight schedule.

Victor remembered Abby's project and invited her to present her sales pitch. Abby hesitated to do so with Victoria in the room. Victoria noted that she was still on the board of directors. Victor insisted that Victoria would be discreet. Abby glared at Victoria. Abby stepped away to ready her presentation. Victoria proudly told her father about besting Jack by forcing him to recall an offer on a deal. Victoria also mentioned that Newman Enterprises might be able to capitalize on Jack's recklessness.

Abby interrupted Victoria and Victor and said she'd hoped to rent office space to start-up tech companies in exchange for a percentage on each deal. Victoria took the wind out of Abby's sails and noted that not all tech companies realized a profit. Victor welcomed Victoria's input and told his daughters to remember that they were family. Victor, Abby, and Victoria were standing outside the office when Scott stepped off the elevator. Victor pointed out his daughters to Scott, and Victoria recalled last having seen him at Lauren and Michael's wedding. Abby said she'd been impressed with Scott's news articles.

After Victor and Scott stepped into Victor's office, Abby verbally attacked Victoria. Abby said Victoria had stolen her thunder by bragging about pulling one over on Jack. Abby added that Victoria was jealous because Abby was next in line to take over. Abby cried, "You're trying to sabotage me." Victoria told Abby that her paranoia wasn't attractive. Abby abruptly left.

In Victor's office, Scott asked about news of his friend Ahmed. Victor said Scott should hear the news for himself. After Scott communicated with his friend via video chat, he was overjoyed to learn that Ahmed was all right. Scott shook Victor's hand and thanked him for doing everything he'd said he would. Scott was concerned because Ahmed hadn't mentioned his exact whereabouts. Victor explained that Ahmed had taken safety precautions by not mentioning his safe place. Victor said he'd also taken care of Ahmed's family's financial needs.

Scott told Victor he didn't know how to show his appreciation. Victor asked Scott to help him write his memoir. Victor said he wanted to counteract a scathing book about him titled Ruthless. Scott warned that the more powerful people became, the less aware they were of their own flaws. Victor replied, "I can see how your opinions got you into trouble." Scott suggested allowing an independent journalist to vet every statement. Victor replied, "You go ahead and check facts -- when, where -- but I'm the only one who knows why." Scott agreed to write the book if Victor allowed him to cover parts of his life he'd rather skip.

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Ashley met for coffee. Abby complained that Victoria had "torpedoed" her idea. Abby insisted that Victoria would leave Brash & Sassy immediately if Victor offered her the CEO position at Newman Enterprises. Ashley asked if Victor was considering retirement. Abby said he was and noted that Victor had begun to delegate more often. Ashley noted that Victor had never done so in the past. Abby said she hoped Victor might leave the family business to her, though he seemed to prefer "pure Newman blood," and she was half Abbott. Abby asked how she might encourage Victor to promote her. Ashley advised Abby to forge ahead, act on her idea, and impress Victor by not kowtowing to him.

At the ranch house, Victoria visited with Reed and learned that Tessa had impressed him. Reed explained that Tessa had honed her talents just by playing, so he planned to practice and perform a lot. Victoria said she was proud of Reed for knowing what he wanted and going after it. Reed thanked his mom and added, "You know, you can be pretty great sometimes." Victoria asked if she'd become more of a cool mom. Reed said she had.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa spoke to someone on the phone. She said, "Genoa City's kicking it, so far." Tessa told the caller that she'd met a rich kid hoping to become a singer and songwriter. Tessa didn't brag on her student, explaining that she was unsure how talented the boy was. Tessa noted that Reed's family connections "were off the chart."

Gloria isn't thrilled with Kevin's engagement

Gloria isn't thrilled with Kevin's engagement

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Chloe steeled themselves to meet with their mothers. Gloria approached their table, and she was irritated when Esther joined them. Esther considered it nice that Kevin and Chloe had invited them both, and Gloria asked what the gathering was about. Kevin took Chloe's hand and announced that they were getting married. Esther gasped in excitement while Gloria's expression darkened.

Esther fawned over Chloe's engagement ring, and Gloria grumbled that she had to get back to work. Kevin said he and Chloe still had to pick a date, and Esther suggested that the couple get married at the Chancellor mansion. Gloria snapped that Esther should check with the owners first, but Esther thought Jill would be happy to offer them the house. Esther assumed that she and Gloria would help, and Kevin pushed Esther and Chloe to start going over wedding plans while he said goodbye to Gloria. Esther cried tears of joy as she envisioned throwing Chloe a fairy tale wedding.

Once alone with his mother, Kevin testily asked if Gloria honestly wouldn't do anything to help. Gloria asserted that she had legitimate concerns about whether Kevin and Chloe were really ready for marriage. Kevin recognized that Gloria had been through dark times, but he thought she still believed in romance. He pointed out that he'd gotten a second chance at the future he'd been robbed of with the woman he loved, but Gloria clucked that he was clinging to a beautiful dream that would never happen. Gloria reminded him that Chloe had already divorced him twice, and she warned that history repeated itself.

Kevin defended that Chloe had worked hard to get better and that she had him and Bella, but Gloria griped that no one knew who the girl's father was. Kevin announced his intent to adopt Bella, and he envisioned being a family and maybe having another baby. He guessed that Gloria wouldn't be happy for him then, either, but she insisted that his happiness was all she wanted. Kevin said he wanted her blessing, but that meant she had to accept that he loved Chloe. Gloria maintained that getting married would be a terrible mistake because Chloe would break his heart all over again, and he deserved a lot better. Kevin and Chloe locked eyes.

Chloe asked Gloria to hear her out. Chloe understood that Gloria didn't like her, and she could relate as a mom who would do anything to protect her child, even if meant her kid resenting her. Chloe conceded that she'd hurt Kevin, but she'd felt like she'd been drowning in dark waters, and she'd had to choose whether to let him go or take him down with her. Chloe tearfully proclaimed that her life had changed because of Kevin, and she called him the kindest, funniest, bravest, most compassionate guy she'd ever met.

Chloe added that she felt privileged to love Kevin and to be loved by him, and she pledged that she would never hurt him again. Gloria asked if she was supposed to forget everything Chloe had done and just take her at her word. Chloe pleaded for a second chance to prove that she could be the wife Kevin deserved, but Gloria wordlessly walked out. Kevin was impressed with the way Chloe had handled his mom, and Chloe intended to continue to try to convince Gloria that they belonged together. Chloe refused to let Gloria or anyone else mess with what they had, and they kissed.

Devon jogged through the park and literally bumped into Jordan. Jordan revealed that he had an appointment at GC Buzz to meet his new boss for a full photo session. Devon sourly assumed that Jordan also intended to move in on Devon's wife, but Jordan flatly reminded him that Devon and Hilary had signed divorce papers. Jordan stated that what he and Hilary did was no longer any of Devon's business, and he started to walk away. Devon barked that they weren't done talking.

Devon acknowledged that Lily thought Jordan was great, and he didn't want things to be weird, so he was trying to be straight with Jordan. Devon recognized that he didn't have a say in what Hilary did, but he didn't see how it was possible that she was moving on that quickly. Jordan pointed out that Devon hadn't seemed to be taking his time at the Underground with Mariah, but Devon argued that he and Mariah had a long-term friendship, whereas Jordan and Hilary had just met.

Jordan thought Devon would be even more jealous if Jordan and Hilary had shared a past. Devon insisted that he wasn't jealous, but Jordan didn't believe him. Devon expected to dance with joy at Hilary's wedding one day, but Jordan quipped that Devon would be too old to get up and dance by the time he accepted that Hilary had moved on. Devon said he just needed long enough for Hilary's next guy to prove that Devon could trust him. Jordan countered that as long as Hilary trusted him, he didn't "give a damn" about how Devon felt.

At GC Buzz, Hilary announced to the staff that Devon had left the show and that there was a new owner -- her. The room remained silent for a moment before Mariah started to applaud, and the other employees followed suit. Hilary declared that their team and the show could go beyond local and state concerns, and she anticipated hosting major celebrities and telling stories that the whole country would be buzzing about. Hilary added that they'd set the trends, and if the show wasn't going viral, they weren't doing their jobs. She encouraged her staff to take it all the way with her, and there was more applause.

Later, Hilary asked how Mariah thought the staff meeting had gone. Mariah praised Hilary's enthusiasm, but she stressed that their core audience depended on them to deliver news and gossip about Genoa City. Hilary dismissively stated that she didn't intend to take the "GC" out of GC Buzz, but Mariah contended that her opinion should matter as co-host of the show. Hilary urged Mariah to think and dream big, but she figured that maybe Mariah already was, based on Mariah's aggressive play for Devon. Mariah protested that it hadn't been what she'd tried to do, but Hilary curtly said they had a show to tape. Hilary warned Mariah to stick to the script to avoid upsetting her new boss.

Mariah and Hilary wrapped up their latest segment, and Hilary concluded the show as executive producer and sole owner by promising the audience an exciting time ahead. Hilary commended her staff for their great work and gave them the rest of the night off as long as they left immediately. Mariah asked if she could stop by her desk first, and Hilary told her to make it snappy, since Hilary had a private rebranding shoot with Jordan. Mariah suspected the shoot had more to do with Hilary getting over Devon.

Hilary snapped that she had no other choice but to move on, and she admitted that her meeting with Jordan was personal. Jordan entered, and Mariah pointedly mentioned that Hilary had cleared all the staff out. Devon called Mariah and asked if she was done shooting, and she joked that she was live on air and offered to put him on speaker. She wondered if he wanted to talk, and he thought talking should be part of whatever they did. They made plans to meet at Crimson Lights later.

Gloria arrived at GC Buzz and pulled Hilary away from Jordan to have a private word with her. Gloria explained that she'd wanted to thank Hilary for cutting off "Clarissa's" interview, and she requested that Hilary get rid of the footage so it didn't fall into the wrong hands. Hilary agreed to trash it for Jack's sake and told Gloria to buzz off. Gloria sauntered over to Mariah, who tried to make a quick getaway, but Gloria announced that Kevin and Chloe were engaged.

Gloria insisted that she and Mariah stop the wedding, but Mariah supported Kevin's choice. Gloria thought Mariah was more suitable for Kevin than Chloe, but Mariah recalled that it had been a debacle when they'd tried to be more than friends. Gloria groused that Chloe was an aspiring murderer who'd been in a mental hospital, and Mariah countered that Sharon had also been institutionalized but had been a success story. Mariah wished Kevin and Chloe well if they were happy, and she advised Gloria to step back and accept the inevitable to avoid pushing Kevin away.

Later, Jordan snapped photos, and Hilary asked if he was able to capture the look of a serious newswoman that she was going for. He replied that she looked professionally serious, and she told him to level with her. He thought she had sold the image of a trusted journalist but that she was missing the sparkle that made her who she was. Jordan explained that there was no call for Hilary to play a part, and she didn't have to emulate any famous reporter because she commanded the spotlight on her own.

Jordan took more photos of Hilary and marveled that they were much better because she was being herself. He called her a total star, but she figured that she had a long way to go. Hilary swore that she hadn't booked the shoot to convince him or herself otherwise, and she knew that he'd worked with real stars before. He pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Mariah arrived at the coffeehouse and teased Kevin for getting engaged without telling his best gal pal. She mentioned that Gloria had ambushed her at work, and Kevin swore that Mariah had been next on his list to tell. Mariah congratulated him, and they hugged. Mariah imagined that he'd expected her to go on an anti-Chloe tirade, but she assured him that anything that made him that happy was a good thing. Kevin informed Mariah that she was on the guest list, and she asked if she could have a plus one. He wondered if she had someone in mind, and he was stunned when she waved at Devon when he walked in.

Mariah joined Devon on the patio. She wondered if he'd meant what he'd said to Hilary earlier about him and Mariah seeing more of one another, and he swore that he really wanted to date Mariah. Mariah and Devon discussed their mutual surprise that putting on a show for Hilary's benefit had turned into something more. Mariah commented that their kiss had been over before she'd processed it, and he suggested that they try it again. She flirtatiously asked what he was waiting for, and he replied that a prominent young philanthropist couldn't ravish her in public.

Mariah jokingly inquired when Devon would get a real job, and he revealed that he was thinking about starting a company with his dad. Mariah was glad the men were still close after everything that had happened with Hilary, but she quickly apologized for broaching the topic. Devon said one of his favorite things about Mariah was that they could talk about anything because they were friends. She wanted to make sure that they always stayed that way no matter what else happened between them, and he promised that they would.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor looked forward to the creation of his memoir, and Scott suspected that there was a reason why Victor wanted to tell his unvarnished true story. Scott demanded to know what that reason was before he committed to the project, and Victor explained that he wanted the book to be part of the legacy he'd hand down to his children and grandchildren. Scott anticipated that Victor intended to document his adventures and triumphs in his own words, but he warned that Victor would also have to reveal his mistakes and regrets. Victor insisted that he wanted his family to know the truth, including how much they meant to him. Scott inquired whether Adam's death had been the impetus for the memoir.

Victor recognized that nothing had affected him as deeply as Adam's death had, and he wanted everyone who read his memoir to understand that he loved and missed Adam very much. Victor also wanted the readers to know that he was enormously protective of his family, and anyone who crossed him or any member of his family would have to deal with him. Scott suggested that Victor take some time to make sure it was what he really wanted, since the process could be intimate and invasive. Scott said he would dig for the truth and not pull any punches, and Victor hoped for nothing less. The men shook hands.

Chloe sat on a bench in the park and flashed back to confronting Victor in his hospital room after he'd defended Adam in court. She reflected back on shooting Adam with a tranquilizer and the cabin exploding. Chloe felt for the tranquilizer gun in her purse and crossed over to the trash, but she stopped when Victor approached.

Chloe asked if Victor was just out taking a stroll or if he was locked out of his limo, and he growled that the sight of her caused a queasy feeling in his stomach. She figured that seeing her made him feel guilty that he'd started the chain reaction that had led to Adam's death. Victor contended that the difference between them was that he felt truly remorseful, whereas she was elated that Adam was dead. Victor called Chloe a monster, but Chloe refused to let him ruin the day she'd gotten engaged. Chloe crowed that she had Kevin, and she'd gotten her daughter and her life back. She thanked Victor for giving her everything she'd ever wanted by getting her out of the hospital to help him frame his son.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick asked someone over the phone to dig up some information as soon as possible. After he hung up, Chelsea remarked that it sounded like using his connections had paid off, and he indicated that there should be a record of every cell tower that Chloe's phone had pinged on the night of the explosion at the cabin. Chelsea pointed out that the records might show that Chloe had told the truth about being at the penthouse, and Nick insisted that they had to find out. He added that they'd soon know if Chloe had been at the cabin on the night Adam had died.

Nick assured Chelsea that they were only getting information, but Chelsea hated trying to catch Chloe in a lie. He argued that Chloe's explanation about the tracking device hadn't made sense, and Chelsea reasoned that Chloe was a protective person who had been like a guardian to her and Connor. Chelsea hoped that the phone records confirmed that Chloe had been at the penthouse on the night in question. Nick cautioned that it might not be the truth, but Chelsea thought it should be enough that Chloe had been the best friend she could possibly ask for. Nick said the things Chelsea didn't want to face wouldn't go away, and she had to deal with them.

Nick headed to the kitchen to whip up a smoothie to kill some time, and Chelsea stared at a photo of Adam. She flashed back to Chloe admitting that she'd dreamed of watching Adam suffer, but Chloe had been glad that Adam had survived her attempt to mow him down with her car because it had made her realize that her anger and hate had been controlling everything. Nick's phone rang, and he raced back into the room to answer it. He asked whether the caller had obtained the phone records.

Nick relayed that Chloe's phone had pinged a cell phone tower about a mile away from the cabin less than an hour before the explosion. Chelsea argued that it didn't prove that Chloe had been at the cabin, but Nick countered that it proved that Chloe hadn't been in the penthouse. Chelsea reasoned that the authorities had ruled the explosion an accident, but Nick pointed out that someone could have deliberately destroyed the evidence. Nick urged Chelsea to consider the phone records with an open mind, and she testily asked if he thought she was an idiot with her head stuck in the sand. She barked that she was done with it, and she stormed upstairs.

Later, Chelsea descended the stairs and apologized to Nick, and he took her into his arms as she cried. She bemoaned that she'd thought it had been a perfectly normal day, but it had turned upside down. Chelsea wailed that Chloe was her best friend, and they'd been closer than sisters. Nick didn't want to believe it, either, but he reiterated that Chelsea couldn't hide from it. He forced her to face the possibility that Chloe might have murdered Adam.

Things heated up between Jordan and Hilary

Things heated up between Jordan and Hilary

> Things heated up between Jordan and Hilary

Things heated up between Jordan and Hilary

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

by Nel

Chelsea was in denial about Chloe. Chelsea claimed that Chloe couldn't have done something so horrific. Nick said there were too many questions about the night of the explosion. If Chloe had killed Adam, she wasn't as sane as they'd thought, and she could hurt someone else. Chelsea maintained that Chloe knew clothes, hemlines, and scoop neck shirts. She didn't believe that Chloe would have known how to blow up a cabin and then cover her tracks so that the police couldn't find any evidence.

Nick reminded Chelsea that Chloe had pulled a gun on Adam at his daughter's memorial service and had also run Adam over with her car in front of the courthouse. Nick stated that Chloe was capable of more things than they'd ever imagined. Chelsea said that Chloe had worked hard to get better. Chelsea said she would have known if Chloe had been responsible for killing Adam because she was good at reading people. Nick reminded her that sometimes the people they trusted made them turn a blind eye to what was right in front of them.

Chelsea maintained that Chloe was her best friend -- they took their kids to the park together, sat on the couch and drank wine, ate ice cream, and watched bad movies. They talked about their deepest hopes and fears. There was no way that that had been a lie. Nick understood that Chelsea didn't want to see the worst in Chloe, but he was worried about Chelsea and Connor's safety. Chelsea assured Nick that Chelsea would never hurt them. Nick reminded her that Chloe had lied about the tracking device and about being so close to the cabin when it had exploded.

Chelsea said that just because Chloe's phone had pinged near the cabin, it didn't mean she had been inside the cabin. Nick understood that Chelsea found it hard to believe that Chloe was guilty. Chelsea argued that Nick had already tried and convicted Chloe. She also argued that perhaps Chloe's phone had been stolen or someone had been trying to frame Chloe. Nick felt they needed definitive answers, and the only way to do that was to involve Paul. Nick pulled out his phone, but Chelsea refused to alert Paul and grabbed Nick's phone. Nick said they needed the help, and the police had resources they didn't. Chelsea asked "Like what, traffic cameras?" Nick agreed.

Chelsea pointed out that the person who would review the footage was Kevin, and he'd tell Chloe. Chloe would think that Nick and Chelsea didn't believe her. Nick said they didn't believe Chloe. Chelsea argued that Nick was wrong, and he needed to drop it because she believed Chloe. Nick was afraid that Chloe might have gotten away with murdering his brother, and he couldn't let that go. He was surprised that Chelsea could.

Chelsea said that if she thought Adam had been murdered, she'd have sought justice, but she didn't believe that was the case. Nick reiterated that they needed proof. Chelsea yelled that her best friend hadn't murdered Adam. If she had, Chelsea would have known it in her heart.

Chelsea said that Nick had to understand how the grief had taken over her life, and there had been many days she hadn't been able to get out of bed. She'd been surrounded by darkness, and she didn't want to go to that place again. She asked Nick to forget about the tracker and the silly evidence he thought he had against Chloe. She asked him to do it for her. Nick agreed not to go to the police with his suspicions about Chloe. Nick kissed her and left. In the elevator, he stroked the tracker and had a look of determination on his face.

In the park, Chloe told Victor that he'd given her everything she'd ever wanted. Victor said that she was more delusional than he'd thought, and he told her to enjoy it while it lasted. Chloe knew that having a loving and loyal family was foreign to him because, after all, he'd framed Adam for murder. Victor warned her not to mention Adam's name. She observed that Victor didn't like her pushing his buttons. Victor asked Chloe how happy Kevin would be when he found out that she'd returned to Genoa City to help him put Adam behind bars.

Chloe said she hoped Victor wasn't trying to "nuke" her marriage, because she knew Victor's secrets and wouldn't hesitate to obliterate his life. Victor wore a smug smile as Chloe walked away.

While on a walk, Devon and Mariah discussed where they should go on their first official date. They settled on the Underground.

Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights and sarcastically thanked Scott. She showed him her grade for the essay she'd written. Scott said she'd received an A-. He was happy with her grade. Sharon remarked that that was Scott's grade because the work she had done had rated a B. She dreaded that her professor had expectations from her that she couldn't meet, and she didn't need the added pressure.

Scott understood that it was overwhelming for Sharon having to deal with raising a family, running a business, and attending classes. He suggested that in times of stress, she should find a quiet spot and chill out. Sharon felt better, and Scott said he'd be happy to give her a pep talk whenever she needed one.

Sharon asked about Scott's friend. Scott told her that his friend was safe and home with his family. Sharon asked what was next for Scott. He said he was going to stay in Genoa City and write Victor's autobiography. Sharon was dumbfounded and over-poured Scott's coffee. From Sharon's reaction, Scott assumed that she wouldn't be first in line at the bookstore to receive an autographed copy of Victor's book. Sharon warned Scott that he might end up writing a chapter or two about her marriages to the Newman men.

Scott told Sharon that he'd written a book about the psycho that had stolen him at birth. Scott said that Victor had agreed to his terms. Sharon was astounded, and she was impressed that Scott had given Victor an ultimatum. She said that Scott lived dangerously. She warned Scott that Victor would do everything in his power to manipulate him and the facts. Scott said that Victor could try. At that very moment, Scott received a text from Victor and had to leave.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Reed told Tessa about the Underground and how she could sing and play there on open mic night. She was reluctant and asked if it was a legitimate place. Reed said that it was legitimate; it belonged to his uncle, and the place was always crowded. She agreed to go with him.

At GC Buzz, Hilary and Jordan shared a heated kiss. Jordan backed off and apologized for his unprofessional behavior. Hilary said she saw no reason to complain. Jordan admitted that he'd kissed her because she was smoking hot, and he'd wanted to get close to her. He said that he shouldn't have been playing with fire. Hilary told him they were alone in the office, and the doors had been locked. If he wanted to play with fire, he needed to light it up. They made love.

After the lovemaking, Jordan decided he should take pictures of Hilary in the nude. He promised her the pictures were for her private collection. He stated that when she didn't feel beautiful, she could look at those pictures and remember the fire she'd felt. Jordan also promised he wouldn't post the pictures anywhere. Hilary was impressed with the photographs and asked Jordan for the memory card. She told Jordan she wanted to keep their session between them only. She asked him not to tell his best friend, Lily. He wanted to know when he could see Hilary again, and she advised him she'd definitely be in touch very soon. After Jordan kissed her and left, Hilary tapped the memory card and looked thoughtful.

Victor arrived at the ranch, and Nikki told him how much she'd enjoyed playing with Reed and Tessa. Victor asked where Victoria had found Tessa. Nikki told him that she'd found Tessa outside the coffee shop, where Tessa had been singing and playing her guitar for tips. Victor was concerned that Nikki had taken a stranger into their home, but Nikki assured him that she hadn't given Tessa the gate key or the combination to the safe. Victor wanted to run a background check on Tessa, but Nikki defended her and promised that Tessa wasn't a thief and hadn't asked for a handout. Nikki said that Reed really liked her, and so did she. Victor agreed to let Nikki to keep a watchful eye on Tessa.

Victor asked if Nikki thought he was an honest person. Nikki, chose her words carefully and said that Victor could be truthful, but at times, he was less than forthcoming. Victor said that was because it had been best for the family. Nikki wondered if he had something to confess but then realized it was about his book. Victor advised that the world needed to know about him and assured Nikki that it would be the unvarnished truth. He told her that he'd be working with Scott, who'd been digging for the truth all his life. Scott would take a no-holds-barred look at Victor's life.

Scott arrived at the ranch. Victor stepped away to take a call. Scott realized that Nikki had reservations about the book, fearing people would sit in judgment of Victor. Scott said he'd done some research on the man, the myth, and the legend. It was an interesting read. Victor returned and told Scott that he agreed to Scott's terms, and Scott had full access to Victor. Nikki looked uncomfortable.

At Kevin's, Chloe told Kevin that she wanted to get married immediately. Kevin said it was impossible because the clerk's office was closed, and they didn't have a marriage license. Chloe suggested they go to Las Vegas and borrow Victor's jet. She felt that Victor owed Kevin for saving Scott. Kevin refused and said he'd done it for Scott not Victor. Chloe suggested that Michael could get ordained online just like Katherine had done.

Kevin reminded Chloe about all the plans she'd made for her dream wedding and wondered why she wanted to scrap it all to get married on a whim. Chloe said she'd thought about what Kevin had said about life being unpredictable, and she believed he was right. Kevin said he wanted her to have the wedding of her dreams, and it was worth waiting for. Chloe accused Kevin of stalling and said that it was Gloria's fault because she'd convinced Kevin to ditch Chloe. Kevin assured her he wanted nothing more than to marry her and asked when he'd ever listened to Gloria. Kevin assured Chloe that Gloria had no influence on him.

Chloe said it wasn't just Gloria -- it was everyone. People were nice to her, but they thought that Chloe was a crazy person. Lidia's parents wouldn't let Bella hang out with Lidia because of Chloe. Kevin offered to talk to them, but Chloe said that they'd agree to a play date but later would cancel it. It had happened more times than she could count, and as a result, Bella suffered because her mom had emotional issues. Kevin reminded Chloe that the operative word was "had." Chloe had had therapy and inpatient treatment. He stated that the doctors wouldn't have allowed Chloe's release if it hadn't worked.

Chloe claimed that her psych evaluation wasn't breaking news, but what she'd done to Adam had been. That was what people cared about -- sensationalism. She'd be Crazy Chloe for the rest of her life. Chloe apologized for being a big ball of need. Kevin assured Chloe that anyone who judged her was ignorant and closed-minded. He was very proud of how hard she'd worked, and it had taken guts for her to return to Genoa City and face everyone. He acknowledged that Chloe was smart, rational, and balanced.

Chloe said she was lucky to have Kevin, and perhaps after they were married, people would see her in the light that Kevin did. Kevin assured her that she didn't need a wedding ring to prove how normal she was. Kevin and Chloe both agreed that they wanted to get married sooner rather than later. Kevin suggested they give it a couple of days because he wanted to make sure they could rally the troops.

At the Underground, Reed introduced Tessa to Noah. Reed and Noah tried to convince Tessa to perform, but she just wanted to watch. Noah said if she changed her mind, he'd put her at the top of the list.

Mariah and Devon arrived. Reed grabbed Tessa and introduced her to them. Mariah was extremely giddy and blurted out that Devon was a billionaire, owned buildings, and was getting a divorce. Mariah stated that she couldn't stop blurting things out and wanted someone to please stop her. Noah took her aside and asked what was going on with her. Breathlessly, she told Noah that she was on a date with Devon. Noah said he could see how happy she was. He was all for her dating Devon.

At the bar, Tessa asked Mariah if she had a musical talent. Mariah denied it and told Tessa she'd gone to the Underground to check out new talent and to upload it for GC Buzz. Tessa was suddenly awe-struck. She recognized Mariah as the "hell on heels faceplant Mariah." Tessa told Mariah that she'd watched that video a thousand times. Tessa said if that had happened to her, she'd have lain on the carpet until it had been rolled up and carried out. Tessa was impressed that Mariah had finished the show. Tessa added that Mariah rocked.

Tessa made a comment to Mariah that everyone she'd met in Genoa City was rich and famous. Mariah advised that she was neither rich nor famous. She was not on any A-list -- more on the V-list -- viral video. Tessa stated she wouldn't make it in Genoa City because everyone who had made it had connections. Mariah advised Tessa that she'd mopped the floors and plunged the toilets at the Underground, but she'd gone on to co-host a television show -- so anything was possible.

Reed advised Tessa that he'd put her name at the top of the list to perform, and it was her turn. Noah introduced her, and Tessa sang a song she'd written.

Later, Noah asked Tessa what had led her to Genoa City. She replied that she'd been looking for something new. So far, she liked Genoa City, but she felt it should have been named Newman City because everyone she'd met was either a Newman or related to one.

At the bar, Devon told Mariah that he'd been a music producer and had had his own studio. He said he'd had hits back in the day. He was thinking about starting a new business like streaming music. He thought he might have the first person he'd love to work with -- Tessa. He saw potential in her.

Mariah and Devon arrived at Crimson Lights and agreed that they'd had a good time. It had been the perfect first date. Devon said that there was something he'd wanted to do all night, and he gave her their official first date kiss. When they broke apart, Sharon stood there, grinning. Sharon asked how long they'd been dating. They admitted that it had been their first date. Devon stepped away to answer a call from Neil. Sharon said she was surprised. She hadn't known that Mariah felt that way about Devon.

Mariah asked if Sharon felt Mariah and Devon were moving too fast after his separation from Hilary. Mariah thought Devon was a great guy, they had fun together, and there was no pressure. She assured Sharon that she would bail as soon as Devon showed any signs that she was the rebound chick. Mariah said she wouldn't let anyone break her heart.

Juliet tells Cane that they had sex

Juliet tells Cane that they had sex

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ashley met Abby at the Athletic Club. Abby conveyed her excitement about finding an off-site property where she could initiate her project to house startup tech companies. Ashley regretted that Victor didn't share Abby's vision, and Abby groused that her father had let Victoria talk him out of it. Abby thought Victoria had only torpedoed the idea because she'd been jealous that it hadn't been hers. Abby added that Victoria always underestimated her, but she expected her sister to be blown away when she pulled it off.

Abby bemoaned that it was complicated working for Newman when the Abbotts were her family, too, and Ashley inquired whether Victoria had talked to Victor about Jabot. Abby relayed that Victoria had been bragging about pulling a power play on Jack after he'd tried to steal a deal from Brash & Sassy, and Victoria had thought Newman could capitalize on Jack's recklessness. Ashley contemplated what Victoria might be holding over Jack's head, and Abby imagined that it had to be something big if Jack had caved. Ashley remarked that Victoria had always had a ruthless streak, and she thought Victoria had turned out to be her father's daughter.

Abby revealed that Victor had hired Scott to write his biography, but Ashley was skeptical that Victor was willing to tell the whole story about his life. Abby fretted that Scott wanted to interview Victor's kids, and she recalled that she hadn't grown up with her father and that she'd later sued him. Abby didn't want it to seem like she didn't love Victor, and Ashley suggested that Abby call Scott and ask to be interviewed right away. Ashley anticipated that Abby would talk about how much she admired her father, and once Abby told Victor what she'd done, he'd be more willing to let her move forward with her ideas without letting Victoria shut them down.

Jack found Neil waiting for him at Jabot, and Neil referred to being in an awkward situation. Jack surmised that Neil was going through a family thing, but he was stunned when Neil revealed that Ashley had offered him a job. Neil explained that Ashley was concerned about some of Jack's decisions and his obsession with exacting revenge on people who'd wronged him. Jack was irritated that Ashley had gone behind his back, but Neil said he'd turned down the job because his relationship with Jack was too valuable to undermine him. Jack invited Neil to return to the company whenever he wished, but Neil announced that he had a brand new opportunity to do something he thought would be huge.

Neil filled Jack in about Devon's idea to start a father-and-son business, and Jack thought it was fantastic. Jack assumed that the men would start on a small scale, but Neil pointed out that Devon had billions, so they were ready to invest in and acquire companies. Neil wondered if Jack was worried about the competition, and Jack warned that it had taken the Abbotts decades to build Jabot. Neil figured that Devon had deep pockets and a knack for acquisitions, so he was ready to jump into a new project with his son. Jack supported the endeavor as long as it didn't involve cosmetics, and Neil chuckled.

Neil assured Jack that he and Devon had no immediate plans in the cosmetics industry. Neil envisioned Moses, the twins, and Devon's future kids knowing that they could join the family business when they finished school, just like Jack and Ashley had. Jack remarked that it was a special bond to build a family business, and Neil promised that he wouldn't abandon the foundation. They wished one another luck, and Neil departed.

Ashley stormed into Jack's office, and she and Jack accused one another of lying. Jack called her out on offering Neil a job, and she snapped that she'd found out the real reason Jack had backed out of the hockey deal. Ashley barked that Victoria had something on him that had gotten him to back off, and she demanded to know what it was. Jack swore that it was nothing to worry about, and Ashley griped that there was always something to worry about with him.

Jack thought Ashley should be more concerned about someone else, and he revealed that Neil had turned down her job offer because he and Devon were starting their own family company. Jack imagined that Neil and Devon wouldn't be competition right away, but they could be if they lured Cane and Lily away from Brash & Sassy. Jack urged Ashley to focus on innovations at Jabot, and she pointed out that she'd helped to create two spectacular apps. Jack also insisted on updating and promoting the men's line, and he dared her to take the bigger role that she'd threatened to assume. Ashley refused to be intimidated, since she was more than ready to meet the challenge.

Lily greeted Jordan at Crimson Lights, and he wondered if there was a reason for her bright smile. She attributed it to Devon cutting himself loose from Hilary, and she thanked Jordan for anything he'd had to do with it. Jordan wouldn't take credit for Hilary's decisions, and Lily observed that he seemed to be in a good mood. He said he'd had a great night, shooting a personal photography project. She suggested that she take a look at it, but he informed her that it was private.

Jordan mentioned that he'd been getting inquiries about Lily from other fashion houses and photographers. She was flattered, but she reminded him that she had an exclusive deal with Brash & Sassy. He pointed out that her contract was up in a couple of years, and then she could become as famous as she wanted to be. Lily swore that she wasn't looking to leave her job, since she was happy to have a flexible schedule working with her husband, and she asserted that her family was what grounded her.

Jordan remarked that Lily and Cane did marriage well, and she praised Cane for being a great husband. Jordan asked if they ever fought, and Lily figured that all couples had their issues. Jordan asked how Lily and Cane made things work, and she explained that they still sometimes clashed. She mentioned that Cane hadn't been thrilled about her going back to modeling, but he'd eventually been okay with it, especially after he'd closed the deal in Tokyo. She continued that they loved one another, and working through their issues had only made them stronger.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria informed Cane that she was interviewing Juliet that day, and he didn't think Victoria would be disappointed. Victoria pointed out that Juliet didn't have as much experience as the other candidates, but Cane was glad that Victoria was at least giving Juliet a chance, just like Victoria had given him. He added that it had meant a lot that Victoria had trusted him to negotiate the Sato deal. Victoria insisted that he didn't have to prove himself to her, since she'd seen how good he was at his job.

Juliet arrived and thanked Victoria for the opportunity. Victoria mentioned that Cane was a huge supporter of Juliet's, and she stepped aside to take a call. Juliet told Cane that she was nervous, and she requested that he look at her résumé and give her some guidance. He noted that she spoke fluent Japanese and already lived in Tokyo, and he applauded her for getting Sato back to the table after Cane had nearly botched the deal. Juliet worried that she didn't have a lot of leadership experience, but Cane argued that Victoria hadn't at one time, either. Cane noticed Juliet's tag sticking out from her collar, and he tucked it back in. She said he'd saved her, and he assured her that she'd nail the interview.

In the conference room, Victoria asked Juliet why she'd moved to Japan, and Juliet explained that her father had been stationed there. Cane peered in through the window and gestured for Juliet to smile. Victoria was surprised that Juliet's previous employer hadn't offered her a job in the United States after they'd closed their Japanese division, and Juliet responded that she loved Japan and its culture. Victoria recognized that Juliet's knowledge of the company was impressive, and Juliet called herself geeky for working harder than anyone when she enjoyed something. Victoria commented that Juliet reminded her of herself.

Later, a broadly grinning Juliet exited the conference room and squealed that she'd crushed it. She thanked Cane for the interview tips and couldn't wait to work with him again. After she departed, Victoria reported that the interview had been great, but she needed someone with more experience. Cane argued that Juliet was quick and hungry, but Victoria stood firm in her decision to go with someone else. Victoria groaned that she hated telling candidates that they hadn't made the cut, and Cane volunteered to tell Juliet for her. Victoria told him to tell Juliet that she'd been very impressed and that she'd keep Juliet in mind for future opportunities.

At Crimson Lights, Abby made an appointment with Scott over the phone. Victoria greeted her and asked if she had time to sit, but Abby coolly replied that she didn't think so. Victoria surmised that Abby was still mad because Victoria hadn't liked the idea of rent-free space for startups, and Abby admitted that she had been upset at first, but it hadn't been Victoria's fault that Victor trusted her opinion. Victoria figured that eventually Abby would have an idea that would make a lot of money, and Abby haughtily stated that it might happen sooner than Victoria thought.

Cane joined Juliet at the Athletic Club bar, and she assumed that he'd asked her to meet because he had good news for her. She rambled about not caring how much her salary was, but he apologetically informed her that she hadn't gotten the job. Her face fell, and she didn't understand because she'd thought the interview had gone well. Cane confirmed that it had and that Victoria would consider her for other positions, but it wouldn't happen with that one. Juliet thanked him for his help, and she assured him that he wouldn't have to worry. He wondered what she meant, and she replied, "You know -- our secret."

Cane said he hadn't known that he and Juliet shared a secret, and she told him that he didn't have to pretend with her. She promised that she wouldn't say anything, but he honestly didn't know what she was talking about. Juliet asked if he really didn't remember, since she'd believed that he just hadn't wanted to talk about it. Cane guessed that she was referring to helping him back to his room and staying the night. Juliet claimed that she hadn't just spent the night -- they'd had sex.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chelsea draped some gauzy material over a wedding dress on a clothing dummy. "Beautiful," Nick mused, adding that the dress wasn't so bad, either. Chelsea mentioned that the gown was Chloe's, and she politely told him that she didn't have time to talk. He indicated that what he had to say wouldn't take long.

Nick handed Chelsea some coffee and guessed that she needed it if she'd slept like he had the night before. He explained that he'd stopped by to apologize, but he couldn't make himself do it, since he had to find out if Chloe had had something to do with his brother's death. Chelsea asked if he was trying to upset her, since she'd worked hard to get past her grief, but it seemed like he was working around the clock to prove that her best friend had murdered Adam. Nick said he was sorry that he hadn't considered what his investigation would do to Chelsea, but he couldn't drop it.

Chelsea insisted that Chloe would never sabotage a propane tank and that dragging up the explosion again wouldn't get Adam back. She added that she wouldn't have gotten through the past six months without Chloe, and she referred to everything Chloe had done to help her. Nick countered that Chloe had also pulled a gun on Adam and hit Adam with her car, but Chelsea argued that Chloe was no longer the same person. Nick maintained that he couldn't ignore his suspicions, but he promised to stop talking about them and not to try to change her mind about Chloe. Chelsea figured that it would have to be good enough, and he pulled her close as Chloe walked in.

Chloe offered to leave, but Nick said he'd been about to take off because Chelsea was in wedding dress mode. Chloe gushed over the dress, but Chelsea said she couldn't finish it until Chloe approved the final touches. Nick wished Chloe and Kevin happiness, and Chloe teased that maybe Nick and Chelsea would be next. Nick kissed Chelsea goodbye, and they exchanged an uncomfortable glance before he departed. Outside, Nick crouched down next to Chloe's car and placed a tracking device under a wheel well. He checked his phone to make sure it properly showed the car's location.

Chloe reported that Esther had agreed to let her and Kevin have the wedding at Katherine's house, so there was no reason to wait. Chloe asked how quickly Chelsea could finish the dress, and Chelsea suggested that she work on it while Chloe confirmed pricing for the fall line. As they tended to their tasks, Chloe mused that she really liked working together, and Chelsea was glad they'd cleared the air about the tracking device. Chloe maintained that she'd just wanted to be able to tip Chelsea off in case the cops had been onto anything, since best friends didn't allow one another to end up in jail.

Chelsea stressed that Chloe never had to keep secrets from her, and Chloe claimed that she'd planned to tell Chelsea about the device, but she'd forgotten about it after the explosion. Chelsea marveled that they'd been through a lot together, and she felt like it had made them stronger and closer than ever. Chelsea encouraged Chloe to tell her if there was anything else about the night of the explosion that Chloe hadn't divulged, but Chloe insisted that she'd spilled everything. Chelsea blurted out that she and Nick had traced Chloe's cell phone, and she demanded to know why Chloe hadn't said anything about being less than a mile away from the cabin just before the explosion.

An incensed Chloe prepared to leave, and she recounted that Chelsea had already said she'd forgiven Chloe for putting the tracker in Connor's toy. Chloe suspected that Nick had convinced Chelsea that Chloe was lying, and Chelsea explained that she'd gone along with getting the phone records because she'd expected them to confirm that Chloe had been telling the truth about being at the penthouse. Chloe ranted that Nick had probably thrown around his name or money to get the information, and she questioned how much he'd paid for the so-called truth. Chloe reminded Chelsea that Kevin and Daniel had also been at the penthouse that night, and she asked if Chelsea thought they'd all been in on it together.

Chelsea swore that she was on Chloe's side, but Chloe didn't blame Chelsea one bit for believing Nick's theory about Chloe being a crazy killer. Chloe recognized that Chelsea had every reason to think Chloe had had something to do with Adam's death, since she'd tried to kill him the same way he'd killed Delia. Chelsea wanted to hear the whole story because she believed Chloe and was grateful to her for stepping up after Adam had died. Chloe reiterated that she'd only been trying to protect her best friend when she'd planted the tracker, and Chelsea said she loved Chloe for it. They hugged, and Chelsea asked for Chloe's forgiveness. Chelsea declared that the fall collection could wait, since Chloe had a wedding to plan. Chloe departed.

Nick was surprised to find Noah at the Underground early in the day, and Noah mentioned that he was taking care of some invoices before he met with a booking agent. Noah mentioned that Reed's music teacher had performed the night before and was very talented, and Nick suspected that she was also cute. Noah hoped that Tessa would be back for a return engagement, and Nick wondered if Noah wanted to hear her sing or get her number. Noah pointed out that he was already following her on social media, so he could contact her anytime. Nick wondered if she'd posted a lot of selfies, but Noah replied that she hadn't posted any personal data, just information about her favorite bands.

Noah noticed that Nick kept checking his phone, and Nick said he was waiting on something. Noah guessed it had to do with Chelsea, and he stated that he liked Chelsea because she made Nick happy. Nick confided that there had been some tension between them, but he was dealing with it. Noah hoped whatever was causing the tension didn't ruin things, and Nick echoed the sentiment.

Later, Nick watched as Chloe approached a Dumpster. She shoved a black satchel into the debris and walked away. Nick approached the Dumpster and recovered the bag.

Nick returned to the Underground. Wearing a pair of gloves, he opened the bag he'd taken from the Dumpster. He removed a case and unzipped it, and he found a tranquilizer gun and darts inside. He reached into the bag again, and he looked stunned and horrified when he pulled out a wrench.

Nick shares his suspicions with Sharon

Nick shares his suspicions with Sharon

Friday, March 31, 2017

Abby entered Crimson Lights in a conservative business suit, and Lily was surprised to see her dressed that formally. Abby explained that her dad had given her more responsibility, so she was trying to project a certain image. Abby asked what her look said to Lily, and Lily guessed that Abby didn't have a life, ate takeout at her desk, and worked until midnight every night. Abby confirmed it was all true, and Lily suggested that Abby download Fenmore's dressing room app. Abby revealed that she'd already placed an order using the app, and Lily teased her for buying from the competition. Abby pointed out that she was an Abbott, too, but she jokingly asked Lily not to tell Victor.

Abby mentioned that she'd seen Lily all over the site's banner ads, and she wondered if Victoria had been driving Lily crazy with her know-it-all attitude. Lily indicated that Victoria had been supportive of both her and Cane, and Abby wished her dad had the same faith in her. Abby grumbled that Victoria had sabotaged one of her deals and made her look like a fool so that Victor wouldn't give the company to Abby when he retired. Lily pointed out that Victoria had her own company, but Abby was certain that Victoria still wanted Newman and that Victor wanted his firstborn back at his company.

At Brash & Sassy, Victor overheard as Victoria ordered additional units for their Asian markets, since she expected their products to fly off the shelves. A startled Victoria spied him and asked what he was doing, and Victor replied that he'd been watching a brilliant businesswoman at work. She thanked him for encouraging her to buy Brash & Sassy, and he contended that seeing her happy was the only reward he needed. She doubted that was the reason he'd stopped by, and he informed her that he'd hired Scott to write his biography and that he'd given Scott carte blanche to interview anyone, including his children. Victoria asked "what the hell" Victor was thinking.

Victor was surprised by Victoria's reaction, and she argued that he'd be opening up all of their lives to scrutiny. She pointed out that Scott had written hard-hitting pieces, and she questioned why he was writing a book for Victor. Victor explained that he didn't want Ruthless to be his legacy, and Victoria warned that Scott wouldn't necessarily write the version of events that Victor wanted. She worried that it might dredge up unpleasant history, but Victor declared that he wanted the book to be truthful.

Victoria snatched a file away from Victor, and he asked if she honestly thought he'd steal ideas from his own daughter, especially since she'd just put Jack in his place for doing the same thing. Victoria remarked that she'd learned from the best, and she'd put those lessons to use when she'd had to make a tough hiring decision earlier that day. She explained having to make a choice between Juliet and a more experienced candidate, and she'd gone with the person who'd had more experience.

Victor commented that experience always paid off, and Victoria guessed that he was learning the hard way with Abby. Victor reported that Abby was exceeding expectations, but Victoria referred to Abby's paranoia that Victoria was trying to undermine her. Victoria advised him not to feel obligated to give Abby a role just because she was his daughter. Victor thought Abby just needed more time, but Victoria implied that Abby didn't have a killer instinct for business the way Victor and Victoria did.

At the Athletic Club bar, Cane reeled from Juliet's assertion that they'd had sex in Tokyo. He had a fuzzy memory of Juliet steadying him in his hotel room, and he'd pulled her into a kiss. He flashed back to them sleeping naked together in bed. He numbly stated that he'd never cheated on his wife before, and Juliet recalled that they hadn't been flirting or lusting after one another. She chalked it up to a combination of a lot of alcohol with no food, but he was horrified by what he'd done. Juliet figured that sex sometimes happened, but Cane replied that for him, it only happened with his wife.

Juliet suspected that Cane had known what had happened in Tokyo, but he'd been clinging to hope because the memories were foggy. Cane said he couldn't believe it had happened at all, but Juliet pointed out that the earring and the camisole had made it clear that something had happened. She claimed that she'd just followed his lead when he'd acted like he hadn't remembered, and he insisted that he hadn't been acting. Juliet wondered if he was still in denial. Cane knew that he'd been drunk, but he swore that he would never jeopardize his marriage by sleeping with her.

Juliet assured Cane that she wasn't going to go "all Fatal Attraction" on him, since they had separate lives, and it wasn't like it would happen again. Cane firmly stated that it wouldn't, and she asked when he'd become that tight, since he hadn't been a prude in Tokyo. He glumly replied that things had changed when he'd realized that he'd been unfaithful. Lily approached and cheerfully greeted him, and Juliet and Cane forced smiles.

Lily remembered meeting Juliet at Brash & Sassy, and she commended Juliet for helping Cane get out of an embarrassing situation in Tokyo. Cane squirmed as Lily added that whatever Juliet had done had made a lasting impression on Cane. Cane thanked Juliet for her hard work and wished her luck with her job search, and Juliet stammered that she'd see him around. After Juliet left, Lily wondered why Cane had seemed anxious to get rid of Juliet.

Cane explained that Juliet hadn't gotten the division manager job, and he'd just given her the bad news. Lily assumed that had been why things had seemed awkward, but she was sure Juliet appreciated Cane telling her in person. Lily left for a photo shoot, and Victoria called Cane to see how things had gone with Juliet. He reported that Juliet had been disappointed but had understood, and Victoria contemplated hiring Juliet for a marketing position instead. Cane thought Juliet would be thrilled to continue working for the company in Tokyo, but Victoria clarified that the position would be based in Genoa City.

Later, Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy, and Victoria inquired whether he thought Juliet would consider the marketing position to be a step down. He voiced concern that there wouldn't be enough for Juliet to do, and he worried about mixing in a new personality on the team. Victoria thought they had to add someone sooner rather than later, and she believed Juliet would fit right in based on Cane's prior recommendation. Cane said Juliet had a life in Tokyo, and he wasn't sure if she'd relocate. Victoria wondered why Cane seemed hesitant after he'd been pushing hard for Juliet before, and she asked if there was something she should know.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby told Scott that she'd donated to charities after reading his articles about orphans in India. He explained that he wrote to inspire people to take action like she had, and she hoped he had his investigative skills handy to write Victor's book. Scott informed her that Victor had given him full access to interview anyone he wanted, starting with Victor's children. Abby surmised that Scott had already spoken with Victoria and Nick, but he informed her that he'd chosen to start with the youngest. Abby remarked that she finally got to be first at something.

Scott told Abby that he just wanted to get to know her, and he pulled out a voice recorder and began taping the conversation. He encouraged her to tell him what it was like to be Victor's youngest child, specifically not being raised as a Newman. Abby insisted that she and her dad had never been closer. Scott inquired how she'd morphed into a high-powered executive, and Abby replied that it hadn't been easy, since people didn't always take her seriously. Scott asked if Victor did, and Abby called it a work in progress, since she had to prove herself every day, but she didn't want anything handed to her. Scott shut off the recorder and suggested that they take a step back and just chat.

Scott asked if Abby had any childhood memories that stood out, and she recalled Victor showing up unexpectedly to visit her and her mom in London. Abby happily recounted that Victor had bought her a beautiful dress and had taken her to a ball at Buckingham Palace, where they'd been presented to the Queen of England. She sadly added that Victor had then gone back to his "real family" again, and Scott pressed to know what she meant. Abby explained that Nick and Victoria shared the same parents, and they'd been a family unit before Abby had been born.

Abby was sure Scott had heard the tales of rivalry between the Newmans and the Abbotts, and Scott wondered what it was like to be caught in the middle. Abby confided that while she tried to be a peacemaker, she honestly felt like she was an outsider who would never be fully accepted by either side of her family. Abby recognized that Nikki was the love of her dad's life, so it made sense that he'd favored their kids together. Scott noted that Adam had also had a different mother, and he wondered if Adam had felt the same way that Abby did. Abby said it had been hard to know what Adam had thought, but he'd spent his adult life seeking Victor's approval.

Scott asked what it was like to work for Victor, and Abby responded that it was terrifying and rewarding and that the challenge had made her stronger. Scott observed that it seemed like Victor was positioning her to take over the company, and she hesitated to take anything for granted, but she hoped her best work didn't go unnoticed. Victor entered, and Scott wrapped things up for the day. Scott looked forward to his next session with Abby, whose smile faded when Victor mentioned that Victoria had also agreed to be interviewed.

After Scott left, Abby admitted that he'd gotten her to open up about some things, and Victor promised not to ask about what they'd discussed. Abby swore that she'd told Scott glowing things about Victor, and they had all been true. She recognized that Victor had been with Victoria, and he assured Abby that she wasn't in competition with Victoria or anyone else. Victor encouraged Abby to be herself rather than what she thought a Newman executive should be. He advised her to follow her gut instincts, and she replied that it was exactly what she'd needed to hear.

Victor suggested that Abby and Scott meet at Top of the Tower for their next interview, and he offered to pay for dinner. Abby wondered if her father was trying to set her up on a date, and Victor conceded that he was trying to teach her that there were more important things in life than work. She stated that work took precedence, and she handed him a file with a requisition to review. Abby distracted Victor by saying that Scott was cute, and Victor signed the document. She stepped out of the office and made a call to inform someone that she'd received funds for a warehouse purchase. She told the person to make an offer as soon as possible, since she was moving forward with her project.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chloe kissed Kevin passionately, and he asked if she greeted all her visitors that way. "Just my fiancé," she purred, and he suggested that they prolong their engagement. She warned that he'd miss out on the way she'd greet her husband, and he requested a preview. They continued kissing, and he said he wanted to move up the wedding. She asked if he was free the next day, and he jokingly offered to push back his lunch with Scott. Chloe insisted that she seriously wanted to be Kevin's wife by that time the next day.

Chloe swore that she'd wanted to marry Kevin since the night he'd proposed, but he reminded her that they'd decided to have a formal wedding. Chloe chirped that her dress was almost done, but she protested when he went to peek at it. She asserted that he could see her in the dress the next day, and he asked why she was in such a rush to get married. Chloe proclaimed that she'd never stopped loving Kevin, but it had scared her when he'd wanted to pick up where they'd left off. She regretted that she'd pushed him away, and she didn't want to wait any longer to be his wife.

Chloe cried that she'd wasted a lot of time already, and she didn't need a massive wedding with acquaintances filling up chairs. She anticipated having just her daughter, their best friends, and their families at their wedding, but what she needed most of all was Kevin. Chloe dropped to her knees and asked if he'd marry her the following day. Kevin agreed that they had to stop looking backward and only look forward to their future, and he was certain that they were going to have an extraordinary life together. He said he couldn't wait to marry her the next day, and they kissed.

Nick stopped by the cottage to talk to Sharon, and he inquired whether there was any way to get in touch with Dylan. Sharon informed him that Dylan had left and never looked back, so she had no means of contacting him. Sharon sensed that Nick was worked up, and he asked if Dylan had talked to her about the case involving the cabin where Adam had died. Nick peppered her with questions, and Sharon told him to slow down. Nick blurted out that he'd found evidence that Adam's death hadn't been an accident.

Nick refused to make any accusations until he was sure about what had happened, and he inquired whether Dylan had talked about the explosion. Sharon recalled that Dylan had never been convinced that it had been an accident, and he'd discovered that there was always damage or tampering involved in propane tank explosions. Sharon figured that the cabin had been old and not maintained well, so the police had surmised that there had been a leak. Nick asserted that something about the timing seemed off to him, since he and Chelsea had arrived outside the cabin just before the place had gone up in flames. Nick theorized that someone had wanted them to see the blast without anyone else getting hurt, and he thought that person had been Chloe.

Nick explained that the evidence had made him question where Chloe had been when Adam had died, but Sharon thought Chloe had worked through her rage. Nick mentioned that Chelsea couldn't fathom the idea that her best friend might be a cold-blooded killer. Sharon noted that Chelsea knew Chloe better than anyone else and that Dylan had never mentioned Chloe as a suspect. Nick figured that Chloe had been smart enough to cover her tracks, but she'd been obsessed with getting revenge. Nick requested some water because he was dehydrated, and Sharon remembered that Chloe had needed to rehydrate when she'd been nursing a hangover.

Sharon recalled that Chloe had been worried that her past issues might wreck her life again. Nick divulged that Scott had informed him that Chloe had said she'd gotten complete control of her life six months earlier. Nick wondered how Chloe could live with Adam's death on her conscience, and he stopped short of saying that she had to be completely insane. Sharon became incensed that he considered Chloe to be crazy -- like Sharon.

Sharon scolded Nick for unfairly judging Chloe just because she had a history of mental illness, but Nick remained convinced that Chloe had been involved in Adam's death, based on the evidence he'd uncovered. Sharon pointed out that he'd felt the same way about Daniel after Cassie had died, but Nick was sure that he wasn't wrong that time. Sharon urged him to go to the police, but Nick worried that Kevin might tip Chloe off or that the police might find out that Victor had been responsible for breaking Adam out of prison. Sharon thought Nick was in a no-win situation, but he was determined to find out if Chloe had been responsible. Sharon thought Nick had to go to Paul to get to the truth.

Later, Sharon spilled coffee on the Crimson Lights counter. She pulled out an apron but stopped short when she saw Dylan's name embroidered on it. She fought back tears and used both hands to shakily carry a cup of coffee over to Scott, who insisted that she sit down and tell him what was going on. She told him about finding the apron, and it had gotten her thinking about all the people she'd loved who were gone. Scott said he understood because he'd lost friends and coworkers, and she asked how he'd dealt with it. He replied that he'd leaned on the friends he'd still had, and he put his arm around her.

Nick burst into Paul's office at the police station, and Paul asked if everything was okay. Nick said he couldn't stop thinking about how Adam had died, and he didn't think it had been an accident. Paul pointed out that the case had been closed months earlier, but Nick insisted on knowing what had really happened. Nick asked what it would take to reopen the investigation.

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