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Hilary told Devon that she wouldn't fight a divorce. Cane was upset by Lily's return to modeling. Lauren enlisted Eric Forrester's help to trick Jack into meeting her terms of a deal between Fenmore's and Jabot. Dylan bid an emotional farewell before entering witness protection.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 23, 2017 on Y&R
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Paul Fears for Dylan's Safety Paul Fears for Dylan's Safety

Monday, January 23, 2017

At Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Devon sat forlornly on the staircase and flipped through photos of himself and Hilary sharing happy moments. Neil stopped by with breakfast. Neil asked about Devon's checkup and the absence of his nurse. Devon explained that he no longer needed a nurse and was home alone because he'd asked Hilary to leave. Devon explained that while Mariah had offered heartfelt apologies about what had transpired, he'd regained his memory and was fully aware of what had happened the night of his accident. Devon asked Neil why he, Lily, or Cane hadn't told him what had happened. Neil reminded Devon that he'd suffered a traumatic injury. Devon complained of a headache, so Neil gave his son medication to treat the pain.

Neil warned Devon not to push himself. Neil added that Ben had warned Devon's family about causing added stress. Neil explained that family members had made careful decisions about what to tell Devon based on his condition. Devon said, "You thought it was the best thing for me to go home and start playing house with a woman who was doing nothing but lying to me?" Neil recalled that Hilary had lied to him, too. Neil insisted that his decision to remain silent had been done out of love for Devon.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary asked for Lily's help with Devon. Hilary explained that Devon had remembered everything that had happened the night of his car accident. Lily seemed relieved and replied, "He's finally seen the light about his two-faced shrew of a wife." Hilary didn't defend herself against Lily's insults. Instead, Hilary begged for Lily to help Devon. Hilary said that after Devon had regained his memory, he'd become furious with her. Lily rushed off when she learned that Devon was at home alone.

At the Top of the Tower, Lauren met with a businessman named Craig. Lauren shook Craig's hand and enthusiastically welcomed him as one of Femore's investors. Craig hesitated before telling Lauren that he'd decided against making a deal with her. Lauren asked Craig if he'd had second thoughts about the expansion plan. Craig said he hadn't and believed that Fenmore's plans would lead to a successful resurgence.

Craig noted that he'd suddenly become aware of another investment opportunity. Lauren, miffed, replied, "From one of my competitors?" Craig would only say that he'd had to act fast or risk losing the investment opportunity, which had tied up all his funds. After Craig left, Lauren seemed stunned.

In the lobby of the Athletic Club, Phyllis paused to talk to Jack after he'd exited the gym. Phyllis asked Jack about his association with Gloria. Jack avoided answering and said he no longer owed Phyllis an explanation because their professional and business relationships had ended. Phyllis replied, "It's my business if you're making a play for Fenmore's and using Gloria to get the information."

Jack claimed that he and Gloria had been out on a date. Phyllis laughed and said, "You and Gloria? Okay. All right. Sure you were." Gloria arrived, snuggled up to Jack, and said, "Hello, lover. Can't believe you let this one get away. I mean, he's a real tiger." Phyllis glared at Jack and said she didn't believe that Jack and Gloria were involved.

After Phyllis left, Jack explained to Gloria that he'd had to make up a story involving her so he could preserve his opportunity to acquire Fenmore's. After Gloria left, Jack noticed Hilary sitting at the bar. Hilary explained that Devon had remembered everything on his own. Hilary cried that her silence had worsened matters. Hilary explained that she'd kept quiet because Devon had wanted to focus on their future. Jack comforted Hilary and told her that she and Devon could still mend their relationship. Hilary cried that she'd lost Devon and the plans they'd made to have a child.

Lily arrived at Devon's penthouse. Lily told Devon that Hilary had explained what had happened. While Neil stood nearby, Devon told Lily that he'd asked Hilary to leave because he was tired of her lies. Devon seemed overwhelmed when he recalled that he and Hilary had discussed the possibility of starting a family. Devon blamed himself for having stolen Hilary away from Neil.

Neil attempted to comfort his son, but Devon berated himself for staying with Hilary even though she'd repeatedly proven to him that she cared only about herself. Devon shuddered when he recalled his dangerous actions on New Year's Eve and said he realized he hadn't been himself while he'd been with Hilary. Neil suggested that Devon give himself time to heal and think before making a drastic decision. Lily disagreed with Neil. After Lily and Neil left, Devon remembered his wedding vows. Hilary stopped by and told Devon that she wouldn't fight his decision to end their relationship because she loved him.

Later, Neil and Lily shared a meal at the Top of the Tower. Lily was miffed because Neil hadn't agreed with Devon's decision to end his marriage to Hilary. Neil said that a clean break from Hilary would be best for Devon. Lily replied, "Then why didn't you tell him that?" Neil explained that Devon wasn't well enough to deal with ending his marriage. Neil added that regret and doubts would later force Devon back into Hilary's arms.

Phyllis joined Lauren at the Top of the Tower. Phyllis told Lauren about her encounter with Jack and Gloria. Phyllis said, "Those two were all over each other like a rash." Lauren said that Michael had said that Gloria was hunting for another husband. Phyllis suggested that Gloria was attempting to get her hands on the Abbott fortune. Phyllis' disgust turned to remorse, and she expressed regret for what she and Billy had done to Jack.

Lauren announced to Phyllis that Craig had backed out, so they'd need to find another investor. Phyllis replied, "The only viable prospect on the table now is Jack." Lauren said that though she still had reservations about him, she felt she owed it to her employees to consider Jack. Phyllis vowed to support Lauren's decision. Lauren seemed uncertain and anxious about approaching Jack.

At Jabot, Lauren and Phyllis ran into Craig outside Jack's office. Craig praised Phyllis' ideas to bolster Fenmore's online presence. Lauren and Phyllis asked Craig if he'd invested with Jack. Craig said he had, and he praised Jack for being a good guy. Lauren and Phyllis seemed taken aback by their encounter with Craig.

Lauren and Phyllis barged into Jack's office. Lauren accused Jack of stealing her investors so he'd be her only option. Jack noted that he'd been determined to become Lauren's business partner. Phyllis asked Jack why he wanted to be Lauren's investor. Jack replied, "This is between Lauren and me." Phyllis accused Jack of attempting to take over Lauren's business. Jack claimed that his aim was to create a successful collaboration, and he assured Lauren that she would continue to run Fenmore's. Jack added that the partnership would allow him to expand Jabot beyond his father's dream. Lauren ordered Jack to put the terms in writing before she decided what was best for her company.

At the police station, Christine and Paul expressed concern about Dylan. Kevin noted that twelve hours had passed since Dylan had last made contact. Kevin added that it was safe to assume that something had gone wrong in the meantime. Paul worried that something had happened to expose Dylan as an undercover officer. Kevin seemed to share Paul's concern about Dylan's safety.

In Paul's office, Christine suggested to Paul that the drug deal might have been delayed. Paul recalled that Dylan had seemed confident he could locate the shipment. Christine asked if Dylan had expressed concern about Fisk or his assistant becoming suspicious. Paul recalled that Dylan had said he'd successfully passed every test. Paul's concern escalated as time passed without word from Dylan.

Kevin summoned Paul and Christine and announced the discovery of an audio file. In the audio clip, one man directed another to drive Dylan, known as Derek, to pier 13. The man added that the shipment could be found aboard the Esmerelda, a ship registered in Panama. Paul attempted to alert authorities, but Christine said she'd first need to secure a federal warrant. Paul instructed Kevin to pinpoint Dylan's location when he'd sent the file.

While Christine was away, Paul told Kevin that Dylan had to be rescued before it was too late. Kevin told Paul that Dylan's phone had pinged near a warehouse district in south Miami. Christine returned and said she'd secured a warrant for Fisk's arrest. Kevin explained that Paul had already summoned the Miami Police Department. Christine told Paul that he might have put Dylan in more danger by alerting local authorities. Paul said he couldn't take chances because Fisk wouldn't hesitate to kill Dylan.

Christine explained that Paul's actions could undermine Dylan's work if the Miami police invaded without first securing a warrant. Paul cited his role as Dylan's father as reason enough to shut down the operation. Paul received a phone call from the Miami police. Paul told Christine and Kevin that police had searched the warehouse. Paul cried that Dylan wasn't at the warehouse. Kevin insisted that Dylan would've left behind a clue had he been inside the warehouse.

Paul told Kevin and Christine that police had noted signs of a struggle, had recovered several bullet casings, and had detected traces of blood. Paul became distraught and tightly embraced Christine. Paul quickly packed his bags and was headed toward the door. Kevin received a phone call from a secure line, but no one answered when Paul spoke. Paul ordered Kevin to trace the call's location. Christine told Paul to be careful. Paul cried, "I'm going to find my son."

Lily accepts a new job

Lily accepts a new job

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

At Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Hilary volunteered to do whatever it took to erase herself from Devon's life. She offered to leave and not contest the divorce, and she asked him to tell her what he wanted her to do. Devon testily inquired whether she still thought she could play him after everything that had that had gone down. Devon barked that he'd seen her plead for forgiveness before, and he bet she was about to cry and make promises that she never intended to keep.

Hilary insisted that she wanted to do right by Devon, and he told her that she'd have to give up everything. She agreed to do it if it would give him peace, and he predicted it would take half a day before she threatened to take him to court to get whatever she could out of him. Devon offered to make a generous deposit in her account that day as long as he never had to see her again, and they'd both get what they wanted -- she would be set for life and out of his. He wrote out a check, but she refused to take it. He assumed that it wasn't enough, but she clarified that she didn't want any of his money.

Hilary pulled out her credit cards from her purse and threw them on the table. She took off various pieces of jewelry, citing the occasions on which Devon had given them to her as gifts. She recalled that he'd purchased the dress she was wearing after she'd seen it at fashion week, and she started to disrobe, but he told her that she'd made her point. Hilary reiterated that she just wanted Devon to be happy, but he questioned why she was willing to give everything up that time.

Hilary replied that loving her could kill Devon, since he'd almost died when he'd run as far and as fast as he could to get away from her because she'd lied, and she anticipated that she'd do it again. Hilary swore that she didn't want him to be collateral damage, and he deserved someone great who truly could make him happy. Devon realized that Hilary wouldn't change for him or for love, just like he wouldn't be able to change that she was his weakness, and he hated himself for it.

Devon picked up his and Hilary's wedding photo and mused that he saw a fool who'd given and given, but it had never been enough. He thought everyone around him had known that he'd been a means to an end for Hilary, and she'd done horrible things to achieve money, power, and fame. He was sure that they'd be in a much better place if she'd devoted that kind of energy to their marriage, and she prepared to leave and pick up her things later. He ordered her to take everything then, and he insisted on being the one to leave. After he walked out, she collapsed on the couch in tears.

Later, Hilary descended the stairs with a bag, and Chelsea appeared in the doorway and asked if everything was okay. Hilary apologized for the boxes in the hallway, and Chelsea inquired whether Hilary and Devon were moving out already. Chelsea worriedly asked if something had happened to Devon, and Hilary flatly replied, "Yeah -- me." Chelsea reasoned that couples had troubles all the time, but they could be fixed. Hilary lamented that the wounds were too deep, and the scars were permanent.

Chelsea sympathized because she and Adam had had ups and down in their marriage, but they'd always found their way back to one another. Hilary explained that she wanted Devon to be happy, but it was clear that it wouldn't happen if he was with her. Hilary bemoaned that she was responsible for the problems in their marriage, and she didn't want to scheme and lie to get back in his heart again. Hilary recounted that Devon had given her more than just possessions, since he'd believed in her, but he'd never trust her again. Hilary contemplated what to do next, and Chelsea encouraged Hilary to look forward by facing one challenge at a time, since looking at the full picture could be paralyzing.

Chelsea recounted that she'd coped after Adam's death because she'd had to be strong for Connor, and Hilary wailed that she and Devon had wanted to have a baby. Hilary cried that she'd thought she could have it all, but she was all alone with no family or place to live, and she was pretty sure she'd be out of a job soon. Chelsea recalled that she'd learned that even after the hardest loss, good things could happen again. Chelsea pointed out that Hilary still had herself and possibilities that she'd never considered, and she contended that starting over and reinventing oneself could sometimes be a blessing.

At home, Victoria told Reed that she'd be working late, so Hannah would be babysitting. Victoria questioned whether he was listening, and she reminded him to finish his homework. He complained that he didn't get why Hannah would be there when Victoria could have paid him to watch the kids. Victoria lectured that it was his job to go to school, and they bickered about him skipping classes. Reed wondered how he was supposed to show that he could be responsible if she wouldn't even let him babysit for a couple of hours.

Later, Hannah asked Reed if he needed help with his homework, and he replied that he didn't need a babysitter. Hannah mentioned that his mom had told her to check in with him, and he assured her that he was good. Hannah lingered in the living room, and Reed pointed out that it was hard to concentrate with her hovering. He promised to tell his mom that Hannah had done her job if she gave him space, and Hannah stepped into the kitchen. He received a text message from Zoey asking if he could hang out at Crimson Lights.

At Brash & Sassy, Jill and Billy went over photos from Lily's photo shoot, and Billy pushed to have Lily sign a contract. Jill preferred to run the idea by Cane first, but Billy doubted Cane would have a problem with being married to a supermodel. Jill worried that it might put a strain on the Ashbys' marriage. Reed sent a text message to Billy, griping that "Judge Mom" had dropped the hammer. Jill recalled that Victoria had blown a gasket when Reed had requested Billy's help with a paper, and she could only imagine how Victoria would react to Reed texting Billy.

Billy thought Reed was being a typical teenager, but he applauded Victoria for being a fantastic mom who was involved in her kids' upbringing. Jill surmised that Billy meant Victoria was unlike Jill, and she dared him to tell her again what a rotten mother she was. Billy and Jill silently studied the photos, and he remarked that she had the concentration of a lion hunting its prey. Jill compared her parental instincts to those of harp seals, who fed their young for twelve days after birth before abandoning them to look for another mate.

Jill acknowledged that she hadn't been as attentive as she could have been, but she assured Billy that she'd wanted him. Jill recounted that she'd wanted to make up for the mistakes she'd made with Phillip, but John hadn't thought he'd had the stamina to raise another child, so she'd tricked him into getting her pregnant. She admitted that part of her blamed John for her disjointed relationship with Billy because he'd moved to New York to put distance between them. Jill insisted that she liked being a mother, but she recognized that she'd never made it a priority. Billy pointed out that he hadn't made things easy on her.

Jill thought there had been something missing in her with both Phillip and Billy, but she believed the lack of parenting skills had skipped a generation, since Billy was a wonderful father. Jill opined that Victoria should be thrilled that Billy wanted to be a strong male presence in Reed's life, but Billy understood that Victoria needed to set boundaries. Jill chuckled at the memories of Billy as a "teenage hellion," and she remarked that the stories weren't suitable for an impressionable young man, but she believed Reed could have a much worse role model. Jill noted that all things considered, Billy had turned out "pretty damn good," and Billy said he could say the same thing about her.

At Top of the Tower, an irritated Lily tore her bread into tiny pieces. Cane joked that she really hated carbs, and she tore off one scrap for Hilary and another for Neil, since he hadn't been able to keep his mouth shut. Lily explained that Devon had remembered everything and had been ready to kick Hilary to the curb, but Neil had urged him to hold off on making a decision. Cane suggested that Neil had possibly done Devon a favor, but Lily griped that it allowed more time for Hilary to put her claws back into Devon. Cane pushed the breadbasket toward Lily.

Cane thought Neil had a point, since Devon had been dealing with almost dying. Cane figured that Neil had been worried that it wasn't the right time for Devon to make life-altering choices, especially when Devon had no prenuptial agreement. Lily was adamant that Devon needed to get Hilary out of his life, but Cane warned that Hilary wouldn't give up without getting at least half of Devon's assets. Lily thought a big settlement would be a small price for Devon to pay for his freedom.

Cane suggested that he and Lily go to Milwaukee for the weekend with the kids, but she didn't want to get the twins' hopes up if his work schedule might get in the way. Cane insisted that his priority was their happiness, and she was curious about what had changed. Cane explained that Devon's accident had shown him that he needed to treat every day like it could be his last, and he refused to let the daily grind get them down. Cane sensed that something was wrong, and he urged Lily to talk to him.

Lily confided that she'd been feeling a little restless ever since the photo shoot, since she'd forgotten how much fun modeling could be. She continued that it had stirred up emotions about her mom because modeling had been one of the few shared experiences they'd had, and it had made her feel close to her mother again. Lily was glad that she'd gotten to feel it one more time, even if she never modeled again. Lily and Cane both received the same text message from Jill summoning them to the office right away.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria and Billy discussed details of the marketing campaign, and Cane and Lily were stunned when they walked in and found posters featuring Lily plastered all over the office. Victoria announced that they wanted to expand Lily's role, and Jill added that they wanted Lily to be their brand ambassador as the face of Brash & Sassy. Cane tried to hide his discomfort as Billy and Victoria begged Lily to say yes. Lily enthusiastically accepted, but she realized that she should discuss it with Cane first. Cane insisted that it was her decision, and Lily excitedly joined Billy and Victoria in the conference room to go over the contract. Jill observed that Cane didn't seem thrilled, but Cane stated that he was happy for Lily, and he supported her choice.

Meanwhile, Victoria answered a call from Hannah, who reported that she had to leave due to a family emergency. Victoria asked to speak to Reed, and she inquired whether he could watch his siblings until she got home. Reed confirmed that it was fine and told her to take her time. After they hung up, he sent a text message to Zoey to invite her over.

Jill informed Cane that Billy had sent the photos they'd chosen to graphics, but Cane corrected that only Billy and Jill had chosen the pictures. Lily reentered and declared that it was official, and Cane hugged her. Lily wanted to celebrate, and she invited Jill to join them, but Jill said she had a meeting. Jill headed out, and Lily contemplated what to do that evening. Cane coolly stated that he had work to do first, and she asked if she should hang out there to wait. She surmised that he wasn't happy about her modeling again.

Lily understood that Cane was upset with her for not discussing how her new job would affect their lives before she'd accepted it. He claimed that he wasn't opposed to her taking the job, but he was irritated that he'd been left out of the decision-making process again. He recognized what the job meant to her, and he admired how beautiful she was in her photos, but he admitted that he didn't know if he wanted to share her with the world. Lily attempted to ease his mind by kissing his neck, and Cane declared that work could wait, since they had to celebrate her new job. She looked around the empty office and amorously suggested that they celebrate right there. They kissed passionately and began to make love on the couch.

Devon sipped a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Jill approached and observed that he was looking well. She guessed from his expression that it wasn't a celebration, and he replied that it was more like a funeral for his marriage. Jill said she'd offer her condolences, but she'd never liked his wife, and he appreciated Jill's honesty. Devon remarked that the worst part hadn't been breaking up but realizing what kind of person he'd become, and he was sure that Katherine would have been disappointed in him. Jill reveled in the thought of Katherine facing off with Hilary, but Devon was glad that Katherine wasn't there to see how irresponsible and reckless he'd become.

Devon contemplated what Katherine would have said about him spending money on a car he hadn't needed and wrecking it in the same night, and Jill thought Katherine wouldn't have judged him. Jill added that the "old fossil" had made plenty of mistakes of her own, and most of the time, it had been thanks to alcohol. Jill flashed back to lecturing Katherine about the difference between getting sober and staying sober, and Katherine had declared that she hadn't been doing it for Jill or for anyone else but herself. Jill noted that Devon had Katherine's blood in him, which meant he was a fighter and a survivor. Jill recalled that Katherine had said the measure of a person was their ability to deal with adversity, and she encouraged Devon to take Katherine's words to heart.

Devon groused that his whole life had been a pile of lies, from his mom lying about being able to take care of him to Hilary vowing to love and honor him. He recalled that Katherine had lied when she'd kept the truth about his biological father from him, and he wished he hadn't inherited most of her fortune because he hadn't earned it. Jill figured that Katherine had had reasons to give it to him, and she believed that Katherine had had faith that Devon would figure out how to deal with his newfound wealth. Devon hoped that he would one day.

Zoey arrived at Victoria's house and asked if Reed was sure it was cool for her to be there, and Reed informed her that his mom wouldn't be there for a while and that his siblings were preoccupied upstairs. He invited her to watch television, and they nervously sat on the couch. She picked up a magazine, and he moved closer to point out an article. He awkwardly leaned in and kissed her, and she readily responded.

Victoria walked in and found Reed and Zoey making out. Victoria demanded to know what was going on, since Reed was supposed to be babysitting, and she hadn't given permission for him to have a friend over. Victoria huffed that it was unacceptable, and Billy appeared behind her and suggested that everyone calm down. Reed argued that Johnny and Katie were fine and that he hadn't done anything wrong. Victoria angrily questioned whether Zoey's parents knew where she was and what she'd been doing, and she threatened to call them to pick Zoey up. Reed yelled that Victoria was "the worst."

Zoey wished Reed luck before she hurried out. Reed headed upstairs, but Victoria stopped him and lectured that inviting a girl over to make out was the opposite of being responsible. Victoria questioned what would have happened if the kids had gone downstairs, and Reed defended that he'd only been kissing Zoey, not having sex in the living room. Victoria was aghast at the thought of Reed having sex, but Reed asserted that it was what kids did at his age. Reed blurted out that Billy had told him everything he needed to know about it.

A Frantic Search for Dylan

A Frantic Search for Dylan

> A Frantic Search for Dylan

A Frantic Search for Dylan

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

by Nel

Reed explained that he'd had some questions about sex and had gone to Billy, who'd answered them for him. Victoria was angry. Billy tried to defuse the situation, but Victoria cut him off. Billy commented that it was obvious that she didn't want to hear what he had to say. Victoria stated that she didn't want his opinion and didn't know why he was there. Billy reminded her that his kids lived there, and he was there to say goodnight to them, but if that was a problem, he'd leave.

Reed asked Billy to stay because Reed saw Billy as his stepdad. Victoria said that was a family matter. Reed reminded her that he'd grown up with Billy, and Billy was family to him. Victoria pointed out that Billy was the reason Reed was in trouble. Billy wanted a private word with Victoria and explained what his conversation with Reed had entailed. Victoria was angry because Billy hadn't shared the information with her.

Victoria pointed out that she and Billy had walked in on Reed kissing Zoey and wondered what they would have been doing had Victoria and Billy arrived home later. Victoria wanted Reed to wait until he was older to have sex. Billy reminded her that because of his conversation with Reed, Reed was protecting himself from dangerous consequences. Victoria said that pregnancy and STDs weren't the only dangers of teenagers having sex. Being intimate too soon could create self-esteem issues and wreck future relationships. Victoria said she'd had sex about Reed's age, and it had been the worst mistake she'd made in her life. That decision had led to dozens of other bad decisions.

Billy noted that an older man had pressured Victoria, and they hadn't used birth control. Billy wanted to make sure Reed didn't go in that direction, and they had to make sure Reed was well informed. He asked if Victoria regretted that someone hadn't talked to her about sex. Victoria warned Billy not to assume to know her life better than she did. Billy apologized for his assumption but pointed out that that was what Victoria was doing to Reed. She was assuming sex would ruin Reed's life. Victoria wondered if her poor choices in men had been because of what had happened to her as a teenager. Billy asked if he'd been one of those men.

Victoria didn't like Billy's cavalier attitude, and it scared her. She didn't know if she could trust Billy with Johnny and Katie down the road. Billy accused Victoria of crossing the line. Victoria was worried that ten years from then, she could see Billy handing their kids condoms and telling them to go and have a great time. She couldn't let that happen. Billy was angry and said she could question his ability to be a good husband, but she couldn't question his ability to be a good parent to Johnny and Katie. Victoria countered that a good father would set limits, and he'd care about their well-being, not whether the kids thought he was cool.

Billy admitted he'd given Reed advice, but he'd also told Reed to wait until he was in a serious relationship and that neither what the kids in school said nor his inexperience mattered. Victoria said it was obvious which part of the conversation had registered with Reed. Billy said that Reed and Zoey had been on the couch, fully clothed -- so the good part had registered. He said it could have been worse.

Victoria accused Billy of setting the bar low. Billy knew she had a lot to deal with, since Reed had shown up unannounced, but he resented that it had turned into a referendum on whether Billy could be trusted to raise their children. Billy said she was wrong about him. He resented her questioning his parenting skills and said she was wrong in the way she was handling Reed.

Victoria stated that Billy had no right to tell her how to raise her son in her house. Billy reminded her that it had been their house, and his children still lived there. Victoria advised him she was happy they had never reunited because she couldn't imagine what Reed would be doing if Billy lived under the same roof -- gambling at school or breaking up a relative's marriage. Billy assured her that he would make sure Reed didn't make the same mistakes Billy had made, and that included falling for a woman who blamed everyone else for her mistakes. Victoria told Billy to leave and let her deal with her problems with Reed. Billy said that in the morning, Victoria would realize she'd blown everything out of proportion. He further stated that if she needed help with Reed -- not to turn to him. He left.

Reed returned and apologized to Victoria for being such a problem. Victoria told him he wasn't a problem. She and Billy had lost their tempers and said things they shouldn't have. Reed admitted he'd screwed up, not Billy. He didn't want her angry with Billy because he didn't want Johnny and Katie to suffer. It sucked when parents fought.

Victoria said Reed had let her down and disappointed her. Reed clarified that that had been the first time he'd seen Zoey out of the classroom, and he assured Victoria that things wouldn't have gone any further. He'd just met Zoey, and they were just getting to know each other. Victoria advised Reed that she couldn't leave him in charge of Johnny and Katie because he wasn't mature enough to keep his eye on them.

Victoria asked Reed to go to her, not Billy, if Reed had any questions about anything. Reed asked if she would forgive Billy if Reed stopped asking Billy for advice. He noted that Victoria and Billy weren't being straight with each other. Victoria said things were very complicated between her and Billy. She tried to change the subject and said she wanted to talk about Reed. Reed said he got the message -- he wasn't allowed to have girls over.

Reed wanted to know why Victoria was so angry with Billy. Victoria said that many things had happened between her and Billy, and they were inappropriate to discuss with Reed. She admitted their relationship was strained. Reed said that Victoria was an ice queen around Billy. Victoria said it was because Billy drove her to it. Reed said that Billy had only tried to help him, and Victoria wouldn't cut Billy any slack. Victoria said he'd understand in time. Reed said he understood already and accused her of being cold and mean. He went to his room.

At the Top of The Tower Lauren was on the phone with Phyllis. Phyllis told Lauren that she'd seen Gloria and Jack conspiring together. At that moment, Gloria arrived, and Lauren invited her for a drink. Gloria asked what they should drink to. Lauren said to Gloria's specialty --- backstabbing. Gloria said she'd only answered a few questions for Jack.

Lauren couldn't believe that Gloria had slept under Lauren's roof while sabotaging her efforts to get an investor. Gloria said she was trying to help Lauren save Fenmore's. Lauren called her a master manipulator, and she knew Gloria had been conspiring with Jack so that Gloria could get a job at Jabot. Lauren said Gloria's plan had failed because Lauren had other options. Lauren refused to elaborate.

At Jabot, Phyllis confronted Jack about sabotaging Lauren's deals. She accused Jack of being underhanded and deceptive. Jack stated that he'd been open about his desire to get controlling interest in Fenmore's, and he had been sharing insights with Gloria. Phyllis advised that Lauren wouldn't sign with Jack.

Jack said Lauren would thank him in six months when her company was in the black. Jack said it was going to happen whether Phyllis liked it or not. She advised Jack that it was Lauren's legacy, and Lauren wouldn't partner with someone who wasn't trustworthy. Jack said Phyllis had a point because that was how he'd felt when Phyllis had begged Jack to take her back after she'd slept with Billy.

Jack said that Phyllis hadn't gone to see him about business -- she was there to show him how smart she was and to act morally superior. Jack said that Phyllis had repeatedly slept with his brother for months behind Jack's back. Phyllis said she'd apologized for that a dozen times and had tried to explain, but Jack had refused to listen. Jack admitted he was the bad guy because he wouldn't let her off the hook, and he said Phyllis felt that gave her the right to trash him for trying to close a deal. She accused him of being underhanded. Jack said that once he had Fenmore's, he would agree to put up with his cheating wife working at Fenmore's for Lauren's sake. He advised Phyllis to stop being such a hypocrite. Phyllis left.

Later, Gloria arrived at Jabot and advised Jack that Lauren had figured everything out. Gloria said they'd gone too far, and Lauren was furious. Jack said that Phyllis had just given him an earful, and he'd admitted everything to Phyllis. Gloria asked why he'd done that and pointed out that Jack no longer had any leverage. Jack advised her that they had eliminated all of Lauren's investors, and the clock was ticking. Jack knew that Lauren would be begging him to rescue her.

Gloria advised Jack not to be so cocky because Lauren had told her that Lauren had other options, but she hadn't provided Gloria with any information. Jack told Gloria that that person didn't exist, and Lauren was only trying to jack up the price. Jack said he'd seen it before. He said they had Lauren right where they wanted her.

At the police station, Kevin informed Christine that Fisk was in custody. Christine was happy, but she didn't want to celebrate until they'd heard from Dylan. Paul called Christine and said that the more time that passed, the worse it looked for Dylan. Paul asked Christine to find Sharon and update her. Christine asked if Paul wanted her to tell Sharon that Dylan might be dead. Paul said no and admitted he shouldn't have let Dylan take this case. Christine advised him to stop second-guessing himself.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah urged Sharon to eat and tried to reassure her about Dylan. Sharon said that Dylan was on an assignment and was dealing with very dangerous people. If Dylan was suffering because of something she'd done, she'd never forgive herself. Sharon said she wouldn't feel better until she heard Dylan's voice. Mariah assured Sharon that Dylan was indestructible and would return home.

At that moment, Christine arrived and advised Sharon that they hadn't heard from Dylan and that there had been complications with the operation. She confirmed that she didn't know if Dylan was okay. Sharon asked if Dylan was dead. Christine said there was no reason to believe that.

Christine said that Dylan had sent the evidence against Fisk electronically the night before, and they'd arrested Fisk. Christine assured Sharon that it was normal to lay low after a bust. She told Sharon that Paul was in Miami, doing everything he could to get Dylan home. Sharon became very upset and left.

Billy was at the bar, having a drink, when Phyllis arrived and asked what had ticked him off. Billy said Victoria, as usual. Phyllis said that Jack had ticked her off because Jack wanted to invest in Fenmore's. Billy noted that it didn't sound like Jack's kind of investment. Phyllis informed him that Jack claimed his genius was going to save Fenmore's, and all he demanded in return was a controlling interest. Billy had noticed that Jack had become more aggressive at Jabot over the past few months, and Brash & Sassy had felt the brunt of that. Jack wanted to add more stores to his empire. Phyllis noticed that Jack had a fire in his belly, and he was going to prove to everyone he was in charge.

Billy shared that he and Victoria had had a confrontation over Reed, but it had ended with them butting heads over Johnny and Katie. He had tried to help because Reed and Victoria weren't getting along, and "no good deed goes unpunished." Phyllis suggested Billy let Victoria deal with Reed on her own. He said a sensible person would do that and free up their time. He asked if Phyllis had any suggestions for how he could occupy himself. Phyllis said she was sure he'd figure something out, and she left.

In Miami at the warehouse, Paul saw the blood splatter and bullet shells but no body. He instructed the officers to go over the place inch by inch. He wanted the blood analyzed because he had to know what had happened to Dylan. Fisk was handcuffed and taken to Paul. Paul asked Fisk where Derek Young was. Fisk claimed he'd never heard of him and asked to call his lawyer.

The officers left Paul alone with Fisk, and Paul threatened to pull out his gun. He told Fisk to start talking, or Fisk wouldn't make it to court. Fisk said he could always spot a cop easily, but Derek was really good. Fisk suggested that his associates might have exterminated a rat. Fisk said that if Derek was missing, he'd had nothing to do with it. Fisk was taken away.

Kevin called Paul and advised Paul the blood splatter that Paul had wanted analyzed was type O positive. Paul was relieved because Dylan's blood type was AB negative. If Dylan had shot one of Fisk's men, it would have been a good reason for Dylan to go underground. An officer gave Paul a piece of jewelry he'd found. Paul called Kevin and asked him to track Christine down and have her call him. When Christine called him back, she confirmed that Dylan had worn a black biker bracelet with a gold eagle charm on it. Paul advised her that he was holding the bracelet, and it had been found just outside the warehouse door, which meant that Dylan had been there -- and something had to have happened to him.

At the Top of The Tower, Lauren told Phyllis that Gloria's strategy was to deny. Phyllis told her that Jack had admitted everything and seemed proud of the way he'd screwed them over. Lauren said that Jack and Gloria hadn't had time to get their stories straight, but it didn't matter because she had another potential investor, and it was a good one. Lauren didn't want to reveal who it was for fear she'd jinx it. Phyllis just wanted it to go well because Jack wouldn't be a partner -- he'd be a conqueror -- and Phyllis would rather go into business with Genghis Khan. Phyllis asked Lauren to make sure they didn't have to work with Jack, and she left.

Lauren was talking on the phone to someone who confirmed they would arrive the next day. Lauren said she'd have a car waiting for them. Lauren said she was ready to make it happen and added that the energy and cross-marketing opportunities were endless. They would be an unstoppable team.

As Lauren ended the call, Jack arrived and asked if it had been good news. Lauren asked if Jack had gotten rid of Gloria and started spying on her himself. Jack claimed he hadn't heard a word she'd said, but he was intrigued. Lauren said she'd been catching up with an old friend and told Jack to have a good night. She recommended the special to him, told him to charge it to her tab, and left.

At home, Mariah told Sharon there were a million reasons why Dylan hadn't called. Sharon called it her punishment for pretending Christian was hers. The universe was taking Dylan away from her. Mariah said that wasn't the way things worked. Life was a series of random events, and it didn't mean anything. Mariah admitted that she was really bad at comforting Sharon.

Sharon thanked Mariah because Sharon needed a reminder that it wasn't about Sharon, and she needed to be more positive. Sharon knew Mariah had to get to work and asked her to make sure nothing about Dylan got on GC Buzz. After Mariah left, Sharon opened the box containing Dylan's ring. She placed the ring on her finger and looked at Dylan's damaged picture. The door slammed behind her, and she turned and saw Dylan standing there.

Dylan tells Sharon he's in danger

Dylan tells Sharon he's in danger

Thursday, January 26, 2017

At home, Victoria called upstairs to Reed, but she received no response. Nikki arrived and announced that she'd been selected to chair the Better Days fundraiser, and she hoped Victoria would help her brainstorm ideas for the event. Victoria distractedly replied that it wasn't a good time, and she suddenly asked if Nikki thought Victoria was a cold person, since Reed had called her an ice queen. Nikki wondered what Victoria had done to him, and Victoria questioned why everyone assumed everything was her fault.

Victoria asked what Nikki thought Reed had done when he'd been left in charge of his brother and sister, and Nikki immediately surmised that he'd been kissing a girl. Nikki quipped that she'd raised teenagers for ten years, and it had taken 30 years of her life. Victoria thought it had been reasonable to expect Reed to know it hadn't been appropriate behavior with his younger siblings upstairs, but Nikki suspected that Victoria was upset about more than Reed calling her cold. Victoria admitted that it had bothered her when Reed had made Billy out to be a saint, while she felt like the bad guy.

Later, Victoria reported that the kids had fallen asleep watching a movie, surrounded by junk food that Reed had given them. Victoria groaned that she didn't have the strength to argue about good nutrition when Reed would just turn to Billy to talk about it, since Billy could do no wrong in Reed's eyes. Nikki assumed that Victoria hadn't provided Reed with an unadulterated history of her ex, and Victoria explained that she didn't want to disappoint Reed by telling the truth about Billy's gambling and affairs. Nikki called Victoria a kind, compassionate person, and Victoria begrudgingly admitted that Reed needed a man to count on.

Nikki questioned whether Victoria trusted Billy not to do or say anything to ruin Reed's impression of him. An electric guitar blared upstairs, and Victoria yelled for Reed to turn it down. Nikki contended that Reed hadn't lived there long, and he was trying to find his place in the family and testing Victoria because it was what teenagers did. Nikki advised Victoria to give him time and to give herself a break. Victoria agreed to try, even though it was hard to put up with it, especially since she'd never had those issues when she'd been Reed's age. Nikki burst into laughter.

Nikki recalled the antics that Victoria had pulled at boarding school, and she recounted that Victoria had become sexually active at a young age. Victoria acknowledged that she'd been a terrible teen who'd tested her parents, and she was scared that Reed would be bad as she'd been or worse. Nikki noted that Victoria had turned out to be accomplished and responsible in spite of her mistakes, and it was inevitable to have growing pains. Victoria fretted that she didn't want to make a mistake that would ruin Reed's life, but Nikki encouraged her to give him time and space to negotiate the transition from boy to man.

Victoria willed herself to be more understanding, and she said she had to get back to the office. Victoria wondered where she could find a sitter, and Nikki volunteered to stay and do her charity planning from there. Nikki promised that everything would be fine, and the women hugged goodbye. After Victoria headed out, Reed descended the stairs and was surprised to see Nikki. Nikki imagined that he'd expected to have the place to himself again, but she thought it would be nice to have some time together.

Reed asked if Nikki was his babysitter, but she clarified that she was his grandmother, and she wanted to spend time with him. He assumed that his mom had told her what a pain he'd been, and he guessed that Nikki hated him, too. Nikki assured Reed that he was loved, but his mom worried about him. Reed groused that Victoria had to quit obsessing over him like he was a little kid, and Nikki revealed that even though his mom and uncles were adults, she treated them like kids to that day. She thought her children had fallen into the same trap when raising their own families, and she encouraged Reed to show his mom that he was maturing by easing up on her and making things easier around there, not more difficult.

Nikki marveled at how Reed could watch a video on the tiny screen on his phone, and he imagined that things had been hard walking 20 miles to a single-room schoolhouse in her youth. She recalled that she hadn't had the easiest time at his age, but she wouldn't go into details. Nikki said all he needed to know was that she'd found happily ever after with his grandfather, and Reed inquired whether anything bad had ever happened to her. She replied that bad things happened to everyone, and life could be difficult sometimes, but then good things happened. He figured that she was telling him to be patient, and he thanked her for not talking down to him. Nikki thought he'd find that he could talk to his mother, too.

Neil entered the Athletic Club, and Lily excitedly informed him that he was looking at the recently appointed brand ambassador for Brash & Sassy's men's line. He hugged her, and she envisioned making appearances all over the country or even the world. Neil said he was proud of her, but she revealed that there was just one little problem. Neil questioned how Lily would handle her management duties at the club while being an ambassador, and she worried about telling Devon.

Neil was sure that Devon wanted Lily to be happy, but she recognized that Devon had a lot going on, and she wondered if she could push back her start date. Neil reasoned that Katherine had trusted Devon to handle the money she'd left him, and he was certain that Devon could deal with Lily's departure. Neil imagined that Cane had been excited to have a hand in hiring her, and Lily revealed that Cane hadn't been involved in the decision, but they'd celebrated earlier. She was concerned when Neil seemed relieved, but he told her not to worry about anything.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane confronted Billy about going behind his back to hire Lily, but Billy pointed out that Cane had said he didn't have a problem with Lily modeling for their line. Cane argued that he hadn't wanted to seem like the bad guy when he'd seen how excited Lily had been about it, and he accused Billy of deliberately blindsiding him. Cane griped that he should have been involved in the decision, but Billy scoffed at the idea of asking for Cane's permission to hire "the little woman." Billy insisted that Lily was perfect for the role, but Cane snapped that it wasn't the point, since they were all supposed to have equal say. Billy asserted that there had been no time, and he told Cane to get out of his face and let him do his job.

Billy suggested that Cane take his complaint to Jill and leave him out of it, and he inquired whether Cane was more upset because he hadn't been involved in the hiring decision or because they'd hired Lily. Cane barked to stay out of his relationship and not to talk to him like he was a subordinate, but Billy countered that Cane took every chance possible to treat Billy that way. The men argued, and Lily walked in and overheard as Cane snarled that he never would have gone behind Billy's back and manipulated him the way Billy had manipulated Cane.

Lily greeted Cane and asked if everything was okay, and he insisted that everything was fine. He mentioned that he'd arranged for someone to watch the kids while he took her out to dinner, and she said it would be a great way to celebrate her new job. Lily told Billy that she was there to discuss her schedule for shoots and appearances, but Cane preferred to talk about it another time, and he ushered her out.

Victoria was surprised to find Billy at the office, and he figured that he'd put in more time on the rollout, since Valentine's Day would be there soon. Victoria said that was why she was there, too, and he guessed the conversation with Reed hadn't gone well. Victoria reported that she'd left the kids with her mom, and she insisted on working privately in the conference room. Victoria and Billy took turns glancing at one another through the conference room window. She watched him leave.

At the Athletic Club, Lily rambled about possibly going to Paris or Venice for her new role, and she thought the best part of the job would be getting to work and travel with Cane. Cane told her to slow down, since they hadn't even figured out the campaign schedule yet. He suggested that they table business talk for the night, but she said she was really excited. Cane claimed that he was, too, but he wanted to spend time relaxing with her. Lily recalled that he'd put her off earlier when she'd tried to talk about how her new job might affect them, and she thought they had to discuss it.

Cane figured that Lily had already signed the contract, but she asked if he was happy about it, since she'd just found him arguing with Billy. Cane chalked it up to it being the way he and Billy communicated, but she pressed him to tell her if he had doubts. Cane was surprised that she didn't have concerns about the transition from club manager to supermodel. Lily explained that when she modeled, it was nice not to be treated like a mother or a wife or a manager. She added that it wasn't that she didn't want those roles, but she liked being treated as herself and not an appendage to anyone else, and she didn't want that feeling to go away.

Over dinner, Lily observed that Cane had been awfully quiet, and she reiterated that she wasn't saying that she didn't love being a wife and a mom. Cane confirmed that he knew she loved them, and he turned the topic to the wine. She told him to stop evading the issue and telling her what she wanted to hear, since she knew when he wasn't being honest. He repeated that he wanted a nice evening without talking about work, but she demanded that he tell her if he wasn't happy with her career change instead of pretending otherwise. Cane admitted that he wasn't happy about her going back to modeling.

Over the phone, Paul worriedly remarked to Christine that the bracelet he'd found in the Miami warehouse was proof that Dylan had been there. Christine assured Paul that there could be another logical explanation about why he'd found the bracelet there, but Paul recognized that Dylan had probably been attacked and dragged somewhere by Fisk's cronies. Paul worried what would happen if the authorities didn't find Dylan soon, and Christine reminded him that Dylan was strong and that he would never give up, so neither should Paul.

Later, a police officer told Paul that they were ready to wrap things up, but Paul insisted that they had to keep checking the entire area and broaden the search if they didn't find anything. He called Christine and informed her that the locals and the Feds were working to find Dylan, and he thought he should return home to fill in Nikki and Sharon. Christine offered to tell them for him, but he believed that they should hear the news from him. He said he would catch the first plane he could, and she warned him to be careful, since Fisk's people were still out there.

At the cottage, Sharon rushed into Dylan's arms. Dylan closed the curtains and stressed that it was important that no one saw them. He held Sharon in his arms and asked if she knew how often he'd thought about her and how much he'd missed her, and he jokingly asked if she liked his facial hair. She mused that she could get used to it, and they kissed. She declared that she was glad he'd closed the curtains and locked the doors, and they could stay in the house for their whole lives. He inquired whether they'd live on love, and she replied that they had enough of it to last.

Sharon wanted to stay in their own world, and she wondered if she was selfish for not calling anyone to tell them that Dylan was there, but she didn't want anyone intruding on that moment. Dylan swore that no one and nothing would, and Sharon pledged never to let him go. He winced in pain when she hugged him, and she gasped in horror when she discovered a bloody wound on his side. Dylan insisted that he was all right, but Sharon wanted to take him to the hospital. He reiterated that she couldn't, and he tried to downplay his injury as no big deal.

Sharon prepared to call Stitch if Dylan refused to go to the hospital, but Dylan encouraged her to stay in the private world that they'd been talking about. She asked him to tell her how he'd gotten hurt so she would know how to kiss it and make it better. He said they'd figure it out, and they kissed, but she sensed that his assignment was still in the room with them. She demanded that he tell her everything that had happened, and he said it would take awhile, but she pointed out that they had years.

Sharon volunteered to make Dylan something to eat or drink, but he kissed her again. He admitted that he was seducing her to convince her that he was fine, and she assured him that she was convinced. She stepped away to call Faith to let her know he was home, but he was adamant that they couldn't tell anyone he was back. Dylan cautioned that the people he'd been dealing with could never find out he was there. Sharon mentioned that Christine had said he'd found evidence to make an arrest, and she wondered why there was a problem if the bad guys were in jail.

Dylan divulged that the criminals he'd been with had found out that he'd been working undercover, and he flashed back to Fisk's thug taking him to see Alex at a warehouse. Dylan had said he'd thought their business was done, but Alex had accused him of running a game, and she replayed the audio file he'd sent to Christine. Dylan had reminded Alex about the bugs in his room, and he'd stressed that his boss was a maniac about protecting his back. Alex had spat that the Feds had been waiting at the pier and that Fisk had been arrested, and she had concluded that Dylan had sent the authorities there because he was one of them.

Sharon noted that Dylan had been able to get away, and he replied, "For now." He warned that Fisk's people wouldn't stop trying to find out who and where he was, and he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he let the guys get to their front door. Dylan expected that Fisk would try to send a message by seeking revenge, and the drug lord's reach was worldwide. Sharon argued that Victor was also powerful and that the ranch was like a fort, so they could hide there and hire a bodyguard. Dylan apologetically told her it would be okay, and they hugged.

At the police station, Christine appealed to the authorities over the phone to find Dylan because he not only was a cop but also a decorated veteran. Paul walked in, and they hugged. Paul answered a call and was visibly relieved to hear Dylan's voice. Dylan revealed that he was safe -- "for now."

Later, Sharon asked Dylan what the next few weeks would look like if he felt that he wasn't safe. He swore that he couldn't let anything happen to anyone he loved, and she assured him that Paul would have the entire force looking after them. Dylan anticipated that it wouldn't be easy, since Fisk wouldn't stop trying to find out who Dylan was and who he loved. Dylan thought there was only one thing to do -- he had to leave that night. Sharon asserted that she was going with him.

Dylan bids an emotional farewell

Dylan bids an emotional farewell

Friday, January 27, 2017

At Jabot, Ashley entered Jack's office, and he announced that he'd asked the legal department to draw up a merger agreement with Fenmore's. He believed Lauren's claim of having another investor was only a desperate attempt to build her case in negotiations, and he sensed that it was time to close the deal. Ashley thought he was wasting his time, and she advised him to shred the contract and move on. Jack asserted that when he wanted something, he fought for it.

Ashley warned that the last thing Jabot needed was to acquire a retail chain on shaky ground, but Jack maintained that it would be a wonderful addition at a bargain price. Ashley expected Lauren to fight it because she wanted a silent partner, but Jack was confident that Lauren's only choice other than Jabot was watching her company go under. Ashley suspected that Lauren wouldn't do business with Jack after he'd undermined her other investors, but Jack crowed that no one would make a better offer than his. Ashley lectured that he should be focusing on Jabot's existing assets, but Jack expected Lauren to sign on the dotted line once she saw the terms of his deal.

At Top of the Tower, a male voice asked if a seat at Lauren's table was taken. Lauren happily greeted Eric Forrester, and they hugged. She inquired about his flight, and he observed that she looked fantastic. She indicated that she'd ordered wine, and he was pleased that she'd remembered his favorites. She poured two glasses of wine, and they toasted to dear friends and fond memories. Lauren thanked Eric for flying out on short notice, and he recognized that her company meant as much to her as Forrester Creations meant to him. She was grateful to talk to someone who understood family business, and he wondered why it had taken her so long to call him.

Lauren and Eric discussed their families, and she mentioned that Scott worked too much and that Fen intended to go to law school. She congratulated Eric on his marriage, and she guessed by looking at him that it was going well. Eric confided that his kids were up in arms because they thought Quinn was manipulating him, and Lauren replied that she didn't think a woman had been born who could do that. Eric acknowledged that there had been a few, but he was grateful for her vote of confidence.

Lauren noted that Eric hadn't lost one ounce of charm, but he figured it hadn't been that potent or she wouldn't have broken things off. He toasted to what might have been, and she received a text message from Jack, who wanted to meet with her right away. Lauren called it the moment of truth, and Eric told her not to worry about a thing, since he could handle it.

Lauren arrived at Jabot and said she'd received Jack's summons, and she asked if Ashley would also be involved in the arm-twisting. Ashley insisted that it was between Lauren and Jack, and Jack informed Lauren that he'd put his proposal in writing as she had requested. He assumed that Lauren's presence there indicated that she was willing to consider it, and he was confident that the generous terms would put her fears to rest. Lauren apologized for getting his hopes up, but she refused to sign it, since she'd received a better offer. Jack asked who her mystery investor was. "That would be me," Eric declared as he strode in.

Ashley hugged Eric hello, and Jack was stunned that Eric was a potential investor. Lauren dryly remarked that Jack's spy hadn't been as thorough as he'd thought, but Jack contended that his contract was a generous offer. Lauren bragged that it wasn't as generous as the one Eric had on the table, and Eric praised Lauren's business leadership and her plans to modernize Fenmore's. Eric saw potential for great profits, and he thought a merger between Fenmore's and Forrester would be a perfect fit for both companies. Jack felt the same way about Fenmore's and Jabot, but Lauren asserted that her choice was clear unless Jack was willing to increase his bid.

Jack reasoned that Lauren would have already inked the deal with Forrester if that was she really wanted, and Eric claimed that he'd flown in to sign the papers in person. Lauren explained that she wasn't happy with Jack's terms because she wanted to retain control of her family business, but Eric was happy to let her do it. She inquired whether Jack could match or beat Eric's offer, and Jack wondered if she'd sign with Jabot if he did. She offered to sell Jack 49 percent of her company if he increased his purchase price by 25 percent.

Jack agreed to the deal if Lauren accepted immediately, or he'd take it off the table completely. Lauren turned to Eric and apologetically stated that her corporate offices were in Genoa City, and Jack demanded to know whether or not they had a deal. Lauren told Jack to let her know when the new paperwork had been drawn up, and she told Eric that she was sorry. Eric chalked it up to business, and Lauren offered to buy him a drink. Lauren and Eric headed out, but she stopped in the doorway and warned Jack to never underestimate her again.

Jack gave instructions over the phone to draw up a revised document, and Ashley remarked that what he had considered to be a desperate ploy on Lauren's part to gain leverage had worked beautifully. Jack refused to let Eric best him, and Ashley realized that the deal had been all about Jack's ego.

Lauren and Eric celebrated at Top of the Tower, and she raved that he'd made her think that he'd actually wanted to buy her company. Eric swore that he'd meant every compliment he'd paid her, and he said making the deal would have been good business. Lauren promised that he'd be her first call if Jack gave her any trouble, and Eric realized that the jet was waiting for him. She walked him to the elevator and said she owed him for helping save her family business, but he replied that the look on her face was thanks enough. He encouraged her to finish their Champagne, and he headed out. Lauren breathed a deep sigh of relief and grinned.

At the cottage, Sharon was adamant that if Dylan had to go away, she was going with him. Dylan countered that her life was there, and Faith needed her mom. Sharon argued that Faith's grandparents were taking wonderful care of her and that Mariah and Noah were adults who would be all right without her for a while. Sharon figured that she and Dylan could return once authorities had arrested everyone else in the drug ring. There was pounding on the door, and Paul yelled out to identify himself. Paul thanked God that Dylan had made it out of there, and the men embraced.

Paul wanted to hear more about what had happened to Dylan, but he warned that they didn't have much time, since Kevin was making arrangements for Dylan to leave that night. Paul wished he could give Dylan more time, but that was the way it had to be. Dylan asked Sharon to get Nikki so he could see her before he left, and Sharon hurried out. Dylan told Paul that Sharon was rattled enough, so she didn't need to know the details about what had gone down.

Dylan revealed that after he'd uploaded the details of the drug deal to Christine, Stan had discovered the message and had driven to a place where Alex had been waiting. Dylan recounted that Alex had accused him of being undercover and had wanted him to go into a room, but he'd stood his ground to leave the evidence out in the open if they killed him. Dylan divulged that he'd struggled with Stan, and a bullet had grazed Dylan when the gun had gone off. Dylan showed Paul the wound on his side, and he recalled that he'd gotten control of the weapon and shot Stan in self-defense, but Alex had disappeared.

Dylan inquired whether the Feds had picked Alex up yet, but Paul had no information about where she was. Dylan hoped that Fisk would go away for life, but he recognized that Fisk's crew would keep looking for Dylan. Dylan understood that he had to go off the grid, but he wondered if there was a chance that someday the threat would be gone and he'd be able to return home. Paul remarked that they'd cut the head off the snake, but Fisk had a large network of people who would relentlessly search for Dylan. Dylan said he'd tried to tell that to Sharon, but she believed they could go away until everything blew over.

Paul insisted that the only way to protect Dylan was to put him in witness protection, but Sharon was recognizable from her days as a spokesmodel. Paul explained that the only way for Sharon to stay with Dylan would be for her to seriously change her entire appearance and never have contact with her kids again, and he couldn't imagine her agreeing to it. Dylan didn't expect her to do it, and he questioned whether he'd ever be able to contact Sharon or any of his loved ones after that night. Paul confirmed that Dylan had to become someone else once he walked out the door. Dylan declared that Dylan McAvoy would be dead.

Nikki returned to the ranch after visiting Victoria, and she reported to Victor that Victoria and Reed had been butting heads. Victor was still glad that his grandson was back in town, since he liked to have his family close. Nikki pointed out that she wouldn't have been open to Faith living with them if she felt otherwise, but she thought Victor was using the time he'd been spending with Faith as an excuse to avoid the office. She inquired whether he'd made any decisions about the next big thing he wanted to do with his life, and he promised that whatever decision he made wouldn't take him away from her or his family. They kissed.

Sharon raced into the ranch and yelled for Nikki. Sharon quickly revealed that Dylan was at her house, and he needed to see Nikki right away. Nikki grabbed her coat and rushed out, and Victor mentioned that Nikki had been anxious about Dylan's whereabouts. Sharon hoped to see Faith while she was there, but Victor informed her that the girl was at a birthday party. Sharon remarked that Faith seemed very happy staying there, and Victor stressed that Faith could stay as long as she wanted. Sharon nervously said she should get going, and she headed out.

Meanwhile, Paul regretted assigning Dylan to the case, but Dylan reminded Paul that he'd chosen to go, and he'd been aware of the risks and rewards. Paul proudly noted that Dylan had accomplished his goal by going above and beyond like he always had, and Dylan stated that he'd followed Paul's example. Paul became emotional, and Dylan mused that he'd learned a lot from Paul in the short time they'd had together. Dylan added that he'd miss working with and spending time with his dad, and Paul replied that he would miss Dylan, too. Paul wished there were a different way, but he needed Dylan to be safe, since he'd already had one son die too young.

Paul swore that he'd think about Dylan every day and remind himself that keeping Dylan out of harm's way was the right thing to do, no matter how much it hurt. Nikki burst in and became alarmed when she saw the men's solemn expressions. Dylan said he had to leave town, and she complained that he'd just gotten home. Nikki asked how long he'd be gone, and Dylan replied that he had to leave for good. Nikki protested that he couldn't, but Paul thought she would understand why she had to let Dylan go when she heard the reason.

After Dylan and Paul filled Nikki in, she expressed relief that Dylan was still alive. Nikki wailed that she'd thought she and Dylan would have time to get their relationship back on track after the situation with Christian had put distance between them, and Dylan told her that he understood the position she'd been in. Nikki sobbed that there were a lot of important things she wanted to say to Dylan, and she wanted him to know how proud she was of him for always striving to be the best man he could be.

Nikki praised Dylan for the sacrifices he'd made for the sake of other people, and she wished she could take some credit for him turning out to be a good man. Dylan urged her not to focus on the years they hadn't had together but to think about the ones they'd had, and she regretted taking such a long time to find him. Nikki cried that they hadn't had enough time, and Dylan assured her that he loved her and that he knew she loved him, so he'd carry that with him wherever he went. Dylan held Nikki as she cried, and Paul joined them in a family embrace.

Nikki returned to the ranch and told Victor about Dylan's departure, and Victor commended Dylan's exceptional courage. A distraught Nikki picked up a family photo and recalled that it had meant a lot to Dylan to be part of an extended family after he'd lost his adoptive parents. Nikki lamented that Dylan would be all alone again, and he wouldn't even be able to call if he needed help. She imagined that Dylan was in as much agony as she was, and Victor comforted her.

Nikki whimpered that Dylan was gone, and she'd never see him again. She wondered how she was supposed to get over it, and Victor empathized because he knew what it was like to have a son suddenly disappear and never return. Victor was sure that Dylan wouldn't want her to roll over just because he was gone, and her son would want her to find a way to pick herself up. Victor held Nikki close and assured her it would be all right.

Later, Kevin presented Dylan with legal documents and information about his new identity to memorize. Paul indicated that Dylan would be staying at a safe house for a few days before he was relocated, and Kevin would join him to help with the transition, but it would be like it had never happened once Kevin got back to Genoa City. Sharon returned, and she surmised that the men were discussing police business. She mentioned that she'd gone for a walk to give Dylan time with his parents, and she went upstairs to pack. Kevin was shocked that Sharon thought both she and Dylan were leaving.

Kevin cautioned that the clock was ticking, and he and Paul went to wait in the car. Sharon descended the stairs and prepared to track down her children to say goodbye, but Dylan gently informed her that she didn't have to because she couldn't go with him. Sharon insisted on staying together, but he took her hand and revealed that he had to go into the Federal Witness Protection Program. She refused to accept it and thought there had to be another way, but he replied that he'd already talked to Paul about it, and it was the only option.

Dylan imagined looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life if he stayed, fearing every day for everyone he loved. He asserted that Dylan McAvoy could no longer exist, and Sharon grappled with the realization that he'd never be back and that it was the last time she'd see him. Sharon begged Dylan not to do it, and he sadly recognized that things weren't supposed to be that way. He blamed himself for taking the risk by accepting the assignment, and he apologized for screwing up when they'd been building a future together.

Sharon hugged Dylan and whimpered that they didn't have a lot of time left, and he asked if she could forgive him. She cried that she loved him, and she pointed out that he'd forgiven her for many things. Dylan felt terrible that he was leaving her alone, and she turned away and groaned that she should be used to it, since everyone left. Sharon recalled that it had been that way her whole life with her father and every man she'd met after that, until she'd met Dylan. She considered Dylan to be the one person she'd always been able to count on to be there for her, even when she'd lied about Sully.

Sharon praised Dylan for supporting her when everyone else had rejected her, and she noted that he'd never abandoned her. He swore that he still wasn't abandoning her, and she said she knew. He softly stated that she was everything to him, and he asked her to tell Mariah and Noah goodbye for him. He added to tell Faith that she was the best helper and the best daughter any dad could ever have, and he swore that he would always remember Sharon until the day he died.

Dylan said he had to go, and Sharon retrieved his wedding band and put it on his finger. She flashed back to him proposing to her. Dylan cupped her face in his hands as they shared a final kiss, and he made his way to the door. He looked back at Sharon one last time before he headed for the waiting car. Sharon stood on the porch with tears streaming down her face as she watched him walk away.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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