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Stitch learned that Max had a brain tumor. Adam formed another alliance with Ian. Travis was livid when he learned Victoria's true identity. Luca accepted Summer's invitation to move in with her. Billy and Phyllis got into an accident on his motorcycle, but she covered up her involvement.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 30, 2016 on Y&R
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Luca Deceives Summer Luca Deceives Summer

Monday, May 30, 2016

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea assured Adam that they could stay in Genoa City and successfully triumph over Victor's schemes. Michael stopped by. Chelsea asked Michael to convince her husband that Victor wouldn't get away with framing Adam for murder. Before Michael could respond, Adam said he feared Victor might successfully retaliate. Michael opened his briefcase and extracted a number of documents. Michael explained that a forensics team hadn't discovered evidence that Sage's journal was a forgery. Michael added that he'd filed a court order to obtain the original journal, not the copy in his possession, to be retested.

Chelsea grabbed the thick stack of photocopies and began studying the pages. Chelsea, skimming individual entries, sighed and said she couldn't believe Victor had attempted to insult Sage's memory by writing horrific lies about Adam. Michael said that examination of untainted tissue samples taken from Constance's remains would be impossible because the remains had already been reburied. Noting that Constance's only relative, Gabriel, had died, Adam doubted they'd have a chance to test untainted samples. Michael recalled that Sage had been declared an heir via Constance's will. He suggested contacting Nick to obtain permission to exhume Constance's body a second time.

In Victoria's office at Newman Towers, Noah wasn't convinced when Summer assured him that she, following Luca's advice, should immediately meet with the press. Facing questions after an oil spill impacted ocean wildlife, Noah insisted that either Victoria or Nick represent Newman Enterprises. Summer explained that Victoria couldn't be reached, and Nick should be left alone to grieve. Luca said, "If we wait, it'll look like we're hiding something." Noah pointed out that Luca wasn't part of the Newman team.

Before Summer and Noah left to pick up maintenance records from an office on another floor, they instructed Luca to contact Victoria by phone. After Summer and Noah exited, Luca hung up and never placed a call to Victoria. After Summer and Noah returned, Noah explained that records indicated no discrepancies or oversights with maintenance procedures.

Luca lied and said he'd spoken with Victoria. Luca added that Victoria had instructed him to claim that the leak had been the result of sabotage. Initially unconvinced, Summer ultimately believed that had Victor been in charge, he also would've claimed that sabotage was to blame. Noah said he assumed Victoria, as CEO, would speak to the press. Luca lied and said Victoria had chosen Summer to handle that role.

At Billy's house, Victoria arrived with Johnny. Spelling out the letters of a particular word, she inquired about the possibility of her young son facing an encounter with a naked woman. Billy said he was alone. After Johnny went upstairs, Billy asked Victoria if she'd spent time naked with someone. Victoria insisted that she was too busy running Newman Enterprises to spend time dating. Billy scoffed and showed Victoria a breaking news alert displayed on his tablet. Victoria was shocked when she read a headline announcing that an investigation was underway to determine the cause of an oil leak at an offshore drilling platform owned by Newman Enterprises.

Victoria, unaware that a press interview had just ended, entered her office, demanding to know why she'd hadn't been contacted. Summer quickly explained that she'd handled the reporter's questions as Victoria had instructed. The reporter praised Summer's handling of the interview. Victoria offered to answer additional questions, but the reporter explained that she'd already sent the recorded footage to the news station. After the reporter and the photographer left, Victoria asked what was going on. Summer said she'd followed the instructions Victoria had given Luca. Victoria glared at Luca, but he just grinned back. Summer explained that she'd repeatedly attempted to contact Victoria.

Natalie arrived at Billy's after he summoned her. Citing that she was rich, Natalie turned down Billy's request to hack into Newman Enterprises' computers. Billy said he needed information about Newman Enterprises' oil platform that had sprung a leak. Natalie explained that she wouldn't get involved if Billy hoped to dig up dirt to hurt Victoria. Billy insisted he was curious about what had happened.

Natalie took a seat and used her laptop to find safety records stored on Newman Enterprises' servers. Natalie said, "Corners were cut. The safety of the Newman oil rig was compromised. The leak was inevitable." Billy muttered, "Damn it, Victor! You make it so easy to hate you." Natalie explained that Victoria had authorized the cost-cutting measures. Natalie and Billy watched Summer's interview, during which she cited sabotage by outside forces. Billy said that Summer was participating in the cover-up.

After Natalie left, Noah stopped by. Billy asked why Summer had lied about the oil-rig incident. Noah said Summer had followed Victoria's instructions. Billy explained that he'd been with Victoria when she'd learned about the leak, so he was aware that Victoria hadn't instructed Summer to participate in a cover-up. It suddenly dawned on Noah what had happened. Noah cried that Luca had again duped them.

Noah caught up with Summer at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Summer noted that her meeting with important clients had already ended. Noah announced that he had other business to discuss. Summer defended Victoria's decision to put her in charge of the press interview. Noah explained that Victoria hadn't requested Summer to step in and handle the press. Noah said, "Your boyfriend is a lying punk, and he set you up, Summer. I can prove it." Summer glared at Noah.

Alone together in her office, Victoria asked Luca what game he was playing. Luca noted that it had been a serious day at Newman Enterprises, so he'd handled it. Victoria asked Luca why he'd claimed he'd spoken to her on the phone. Luca told Victoria that her decision to be unreachable wouldn't sit well with the press, the board, or Victor. Luca noted that his goal was to prove himself to Victoria and restore his credibility. After Victoria learned that the press had backed down, Luca extended his hand to shake Victoria's. Billy entered and said, "Don't shake that hand if want your fingers back."

At Sharon's ranch house, Faith insisted her father accompany her upstairs to the nursery to watch Sully sleeping in his crib. Laughing, Faith noted that Sully had an unruly hairstyle resulting from two cowlicks. Nick briefly quizzed Sharon and asked if she, as an infant, or any other relatives on her side of the family had had cowlicks. Nervous, Sharon brushed off the question and suggested the sleeping baby be left alone. Faith ignored her mother's instructions and led her dad upstairs.

After Nick and Faith left the room, Mariah, having witnessed the encounter, asked Sharon why she was freaking out. Sharon quietly replied that genes resulting in cowlicks hadn't been inherited from her because she and Sully weren't related. Sharon expressed concern that Nick, whom she believed was Sully's father, might have become aware of the deceptions surrounding the baby's parentage. Mariah urged Sharon to tell Nick the truth, but Sharon insisted she couldn't destroy Dylan's bond with Sully. Mariah agreed to remain mum.

After Nick and Faith returned from visiting Sully's nursery, Nick said that though he'd lost Christian, he'd at least be able to enjoy watching Sully grow up. Adam phoned and summoned Nick to a meeting. After Nick left, Mariah questioned Sharon's plan to lie to Nick about Sully forever. Sharon defended her actions and explained that Nick had other children, but Dylan didn't. Mariah again agreed to keep quiet as she'd promised, but she insisted that Nick deserved time with Sully to help him recover from his grief. Sharon cried that she couldn't lose her baby. Faith overheard and said, "Why would you lose Sully?"

After Michael left Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Adam studied the pages Sage had supposedly penned in a journal. Adam cried that passages describing his behavior made him seem like an animal. Chelsea noted that Adam had warned her that Victor might retaliate. Chelsea assumed responsibility for having convinced Adam not to work for his father, and she asked Adam if he blamed her for Victor's backlash. Adam assured Chelsea that he'd clear his name.

After Nick arrived, Adam immediately declared that he wouldn't have hurt Constance because he'd loved her. Nick said that when he'd visited their dad, Victor had denied having set up Adam. Nick said he'd wanted to believe Adam. Nick noticed the copies of the journal pages sitting on a nearby table. Nick picked up the papers and said, "Are you digging in my wife's private thoughts?" Nick cried that the press would use Sage's own words against her.

Chelsea explained to Nick that no one could prove what portions of Sage's journal were true and which portions weren't. Nick became defensive and insisted that the journal entries were authentic. Chelsea defended Adam and said he'd been protecting Nick. Nick replied, "How has he protected me?" Chelsea claimed that Adam's decision to step away from the company had helped everyone. Nick said his responsibility was protecting Sage's memory. Adam requested Nick's permission to exhume Constance's body again.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Natalie let Kevin know she was miffed after he had canceled plans with her to offer comfort to a distraught Mariah. Kevin explained that he intended to find out what had been so troubling to Mariah. Natalie suggested that Mariah's unwillingness to divulge her troubles should discourage Kevin. Natalie urged Kevin to instead spend time with her because they were more compatible.

Kevin mentioned Natalie's resemblance to Chloe. Kevin noted that he also had a history with Mariah based mostly on friendship. The conversation was cut short when Natalie was briefly summoned away. After Natalie and Kevin later reconnected, Kevin kissed Natalie and said they should give their romance a shot.

Nick refuses to help Adam

Nick refuses to help Adam

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

At the cottage, Faith overheard Sharon say that she couldn't lose her baby, and she asked why Sharon would lose Sully. Faith panicked that Sully was sick and going to heaven to be with Cassie and Christian, but Sharon swore that Sully was a happy and healthy little boy. Dylan arrived home and wondered why anyone would think otherwise, and Faith repeated Sharon's words about losing her baby. Sharon scolded Faith for eavesdropping, and Mariah took Faith upstairs to finish getting ready for the father-daughter dance. Dylan pushed Sharon to tell him what Faith had misunderstood.

Sharon claimed that she'd been talking about the anniversary of Cassie's death, and Faith had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Sharon added that she was glad Faith had spoken up instead of worrying for weeks, and Dylan observed that Faith hadn't been the only one who'd seemed upset. He begged Sharon to talk to him, but Faith interrupted to show off her dress. Sharon pointedly asked Mariah to manage things while she was gone, and Sharon and Faith left to meet Nick for the dance. Dylan said he trusted Mariah to tell him what was going on with Sharon.

Mariah questioned why Dylan thought something was wrong, and Dylan noted that Sharon had seemed anxious lately. Mariah claimed that Sharon was still dealing with Sage's death and that Sharon had been thinking about Cassie, and it was a struggle for Sharon to control her emotions even at the best of times. Dylan explained that he wanted to be sure Sharon didn't suffer a relapse, and Mariah assured him that she'd made sure Sharon had been taking her medication. Dylan was glad Sharon had Mariah to rely on, but Mariah said she didn't know what Sharon would do if Dylan wasn't there. He thought it sounded like Mariah thought he was going somewhere.

Dylan answered a call from Christine, who wanted to meet to review Adam's case. Dylan asked Mariah to tell Sharon where he'd gone, and he handed Mariah a stuffed bunny to give to Sully when the baby woke up. Dylan apologized for upsetting Mariah, and she swore that Sharon had never been happier or healthier than she was with Dylan, since Sharon loved him and their family. Dylan declared that they were stuck with him, and nothing would ever change that.

At the penthouse, Adam explained to Nick that the only way get the bogus murder charges dropped was to exhume Constance's body again, since the initial forensics samples had been susceptible to Victor's influence. Adam wanted to have more testing done to prove he was being framed, but Nick didn't understand why Adam had summoned him. Chelsea noted that Constance hadn't had any living relatives, and since Sage had been the executor of Constance's estate, the responsibility had passed on to Nick. Adam recognized that he and Nick had never been close, but they were still brothers, and his fate rested in Nick's hands.

Adam appealed to Nick to call Michael to grant his approval, but Nick pointed out that no one had asked for his permission to examine Sage's diary. Adam acknowledged that Nick saw himself as the guardian of Sage's memory, but Adam and Sage had shared something, too. Nick spat that Adam and Sage had shared a lie, and he blasted Adam for comparing that to Nick and Sage losing a child. Adam struggled to stay composed, and he apologized and conceded that Nick had known his wife better than Adam ever had. Adam contended that Victor had been lying when he'd claimed he'd had nothing to do with setting Adam up, and he thought Sage wouldn't want the lie to continue if she were there. Nick countered that Sage was gone, and all he had left was her journal, so he'd see Adam "in hell" before he let Adam exploit her words.

Nick stormed out, and Adam grumbled that Nick would never see his wife as anything but perfect. Chelsea suggested that Adam tell Nick that his perfect wife had given birth to Adam's baby. Adam recounted Sage begging him in her letter to never let Nick find out that Christian hadn't been his son, and he thought her last request was all that mattered. Chelsea whined about what it would do to her and Connor to watch Adam go to prison, and she refused to sacrifice the man she loved to preserve Nick's memory of his dead wife.

Adam was sure that Michael would figure something out, but Chelsea maintained that Nick needed to realize that Sage hadn't been perfect, and revealing the truth about Christian was the only way to make sure Nick helped them. She asserted that they'd already suffered too much, and she wouldn't let anyone or anything tear them apart. Chelsea pleaded with Adam to fight for them, and he countered that he'd been fighting to be the man he'd promised he would be, but he wouldn't be that man if he betrayed the trust Sage had put in him. They hugged.

Adam said his case rested in the motive, and Christine would try to prove that he'd killed Constance to protect his true identity. Chelsea groaned that she couldn't handle thinking about the worst-case scenarios, and Adam answered a call from Michael and looked stunned. Adam hung up and informed Chelsea that Elise Moxley was hearing his case, and he expected the judge to bend over backwards to appear impartial after she'd gone public about her affair with Victor. Chelsea anticipated that Elise would allow the tainted evidence to be presented in court, and she again suggested that they get out of town.

Adam refused to run away, but Chelsea regretted that she'd let him and Victoria convince her to stay. Adam argued that it would be an admission of guilt if they ran, but Chelsea countered that it would keep him safe. Adam swore that he wouldn't lose her and Connor, since he was innocent, and he would prove it to the jury.

Nick strolled through the park, and Faith ran over and hugged him. Sharon handed Faith money to get some ice cream, and Nick guessed that the treat was a diversion. Sharon sensed that something was bothering him, and she apologized for making things more difficult by suggesting that he spend time with Sully. Nick insisted that he loved being around the baby, and holding Sully had been the best thing that had happened to him in a while. He added that spending time with Faith reminded him that every memory was irreplaceable, and he wondered if it was a sin to keep a secret if it caused someone else to suffer.

Nick reasoned that Sage never would have been okay with people poring over her diary, and Sharon remarked that some things were better off being kept secret. He believed that Sage would have been appalled if she'd known that Adam wanted to use Constance's remains as evidence, and Sharon queried whether Nick thought Adam was guilty. Nick mentioned that Victor thought so, and Sharon pointed out that normally that would make Nick think Adam was innocent. Nick wasn't sure whether he was honoring Sage's wishes or protecting himself from more pain, but he didn't believe that Sage had kept such a big secret from him. Faith returned, and Sharon worried that Nick wasn't up for the dance, but Nick said he'd never pass up a night with his best girl.

Sharon returned home and thanked Mariah for being such a good sister, and Mariah snapped that she could add the praise to the blue ribbon she'd gotten for lying to Dylan and Nick. Sharon urged Mariah to think about what was best, and Mariah argued that it wasn't best for Sharon to juggle the lies. Mariah revealed that Dylan knew Sharon was keeping something from him, but she'd covered for Sharon. Mariah admitted that it had killed her to lie to Dylan, but she'd also seen how much Sharon and Sully meant to him. Mariah recognized that family was everything to Dylan and Sharon, and she couldn't hurt them by spilling her guts to Nick, since it was her family, too. The women hugged.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Summer questioned why she should believe anything Noah said about Luca, but Noah maintained that Victoria had never told Luca to have Summer speak to the press. Noah relayed that Billy had informed him that Victoria hadn't known about the oil spill until that morning, but Summer insisted that Victoria had gone over the talking points with Luca. Noah ranted that Luca had made the story up and that Summer couldn't see that Luca had used her. Summer huffed that Noah was jealous of her success, and she accused him of not accepting Luca because Luca believed in her, unlike Noah.

Noah told Summer to open her eyes, since they'd seen Luca manipulate people to get what he wanted. Summer testily inquired whether Noah considered her to be a puppet who was incapable of thinking for herself, and Noah warned that Luca was using both her and Victoria. Summer scoffed at the idea that the CEO of Newman was stupid, and Noah speculated that Luca had some sort of hold on Victoria. Noah encouraged Summer to ask Luca about the conversation Luca and Victoria had never had, but Summer swore that she believed Luca, and she stormed past Marisa on her way out.

Marisa assured Noah that Luca couldn't touch them anymore, but Noah griped that Luca was using Summer and Victoria to get back into Newman. Marisa was surprised that Noah was being protective of his legacy, but Noah refused to stand by and let Luca take Victor's place. Marisa urged Noah to let it go rather than play into Luca's hands by letting his anger take over, but Noah balked at the idea of letting Luca win. Marisa reinforced that they'd already won, and Luca lived in a world of secrets and lies that would eventually catch up to him.

Nick and Faith arrived at the club for the dance, and Dylan volunteered to take their photo. Faith offered to save a dance for Dylan, but he explained that he was there to work. Faith scampered off to say hello to Noah and Marisa, and Dylan informed Nick that he was there to meet Christine, since Adam's trial date had been set. Nick groused that he was ready for the case to be over, and Dylan implored him not to let it sour his evening with Faith, who needed her father. Nick replied that she didn't need him as much as he needed her.

Meanwhile, Noah said Faith looked pretty, and Marisa thanked Faith for putting a smile on Noah's face. Faith inquired whether Noah was sad, and he replied that it was hard to stay that way with her around. Faith ran off to go to the dance, and Noah pledged to let go of his anger and to stop telling Summer how to live her life, even if she was making a mistake. Marisa suggested that perhaps Summer might save Luca from himself.

Faith told Nick that the dance was about to start, and he told her to wait for him upstairs. After she departed, Nick applauded Dylan for stepping up when Sharon and Faith had needed him. Dylan confided that he always wondered whether he was doing enough, and Nick said he knew from the time he'd spent with Sully that Dylan was doing a great job.

At Newman, Billy found Luca extending his hand to Victoria, and he cautioned her against shaking hands with the devil unless she was okay with avoiding responsibility for the oil rig incident. Victoria insisted that Luca had been invaluable in coping with the crisis, but Billy suspected that Luca had given her just enough assistance to hang herself. Victoria snapped that it was none of Billy's business, and she demanded to know the real reason he was there. Billy said he wanted to keep Victoria from making a terrible mistake, since they both knew that Victoria hadn't passed any information to Summer through Luca. Billy admitted that he'd accessed the Newman database to look at safety records, and despite the words Luca had put in Summer's mouth, the oil rig had been a disaster waiting to happen.

Victoria surmised that Billy had used Natalie to hack into Newman's system, and Billy argued that he'd used Natalie's genius for good, since he was on Victoria's side, unlike Luca. Luca claimed that he'd followed Victoria's directive, but Billy was sure that Victoria hadn't called Luca. Victoria fibbed that Luca had called her after she'd left Billy's house, and she'd conveyed to him what to have Summer say at the press conference. Luca declared that disaster had been averted, and Billy called it a classic Victor move to pass the buck. Hannah called Billy, who immediately became alarmed when he heard Johnny was sick. Victoria and Billy hurried out.

Later, Summer returned to the office, and Luca proclaimed that she was the heroine who'd rescued Newman. She coolly inquired where Victoria was, and Luca reported that Victoria and Billy had left to care for their sick child. Luca implied that Billy had been using it as an excuse to worm his back into Victoria's life, since Luca thought Billy was willing to use anything to derail Victoria's plan to lead the company forward. Summer wondered if Luca's real concern was that nothing got in the way of him doing what was best for him.

Luca asked who had been filling Summer's head with doubts, and she questioned whether he thought her head was so hollow that he could fill it with his thoughts and words. Summer revealed that Noah had told her that Luca had never spoken to Victoria before the press conference, and she demanded to know if Luca had provided the talking points and tricked her into repeating them. She asked if he was lying to her so that he could get what he wanted, and he swore that he wanted her. Luca added that he wanted to prove that Summer was Victor's rightful heir, and he reminded her that Victoria had confirmed that she'd passed the notes to him.

Summer conceded that Victoria would never lie to her face, and Luca argued that he'd proven that he had the Newman family's best interests at heart during the latest crisis. Summer guessed that Noah and Billy resented that Victoria trusted Luca, and Luca remarked that Noah had to be embarrassed that he didn't fit in at Newman the way Summer did. Luca vowed not let them take their jealousy out on Summer by painting her as a pawn rather than the confident woman she was.

Luca suggested that they stop talking about oil leaks or press conferences, and Summer added family to the list of banned topics. He glanced up at Victor's portrait and remarked that it was easier said than done, and he promised to work hard to make her forget the picture was there. He kissed her and pulled her close, and he smirked up at Victor's portrait.

In Johnny's room at Billy's place, Billy and Victoria tucked Johnny into bed. Billy said it was just a virus, and Victoria told Johnny that the medicine would make him feel better. Billy added that the boy's mommy was right as usual, and he handed Johnny a baseball and suggested that they go to a game once the tot got well. Billy invited Victoria to join them, and she accepted. Victoria encouraged Johnny to get some sleep, and she promised her son that she'd be downstairs.

Downstairs, Billy told Victoria that she didn't have to stay, and she realized that she should have checked with him first before promising Johnny that she'd be there. Billy sternly reminded her that they had an agreement, but he quickly added that he was just kidding. She recognized that sometimes the agreement had to take a back seat, and Billy thought one of those times had been when he'd tried to keep her from making a major mistake. He asked if she'd lied to protect Luca or to protect herself.

Victoria asserted that she was only interested in protecting Newman, and she proposed that they talk about something else or nothing at all. Billy offered her a glass of wine, and she pondered what they could do besides argue about business. She suggested that they play truth or dare, and he agreed to answer one personal question. She asked him to tell her about him and Fiona, since she'd heard a rumor that he was having an affair, and Billy replied that he'd heard a similar rumor about Victoria. He wondered who she was sleeping with, but she protested that she'd asked him first.

Over wine, Billy claimed that he was seeing a fabulously wealthy princess who laughed at everything he said, and Victoria quipped that the princess obviously didn't speak English. Billy bragged that his new squeeze spoke five languages and was a Navy SEAL and swimsuit model with a deep love for kids and baseball. Billy inquired about the man in Victoria's life, and she stated that he was a cowboy who rode in rodeos, had flair to spare, and owned only two pairs of pants. Billy marveled that she'd clearly found the man of her dreams.

Victoria asked Billy if the princess was easier to be with than she had been, and Billy responded that there was nothing easy about it. He inquired about her cowboy, and she compared her new man to a drug that was bad for her, but she couldn't stop. She apologized for the reference, and she chalked it up to the wine talking. She started to stand up to check on Johnny, but she became woozy and fell back on the couch. Billy declared that she wasn't going anywhere.

Katherine's dedication ceremony begins

Katherine's dedication ceremony begins

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

by Mike

After spending the night with Luca, Summer awoke in the morning and went to take a shower. While she was in the bathroom, Luca contacted his private investigator, who had just learned that Travis was having money troubles. Luca ordered the private investigator to get more details right away.

Later, while Summer was getting dressed, she asked Luca to move in with her. Taken aback, Luca pointed out that Summer's family might not approve, but she insisted that they couldn't tell her how to run her life. Summer hoped, however, that Victoria would be supportive, since it seemed like she was finally starting to warm up to Luca.

When Victoria awoke after spending the night on Billy's couch, her first instinct was to check on Johnny, but she ran into Billy as she was heading up the stairs to the boy's bedroom. Billy reported that Johnny was still sleeping but seemed to be doing better. Groaning, Victoria guessed that she looked like a wreck. "Come on, Victoria. You've always looked amazing in the morning," Billy protested as he caressed her cheek.

Victoria pulled away and abruptly excused herself, prompting Billy to guess that she was eager to get an update on the crisis at Newman Enterprises. Victoria insisted that she didn't want to talk about that with Billy. Victoria spotted some perfume samples sitting on a table, but when Billy admitted that he would gladly accept her feedback on the scents, she said she wasn't interested in helping him.

Changing the subject, Billy spontaneously decided to tell Victoria who he was sleeping with, hoping she would show him the same courtesy. Billy stressed that his fling with Bethany wasn't serious at all, but Victoria insisted that she didn't care -- and she wasn't going to divulge any details about her personal life. Billy protested that it had seemed like he and Victoria had been in a good place the previous night, and he had been hoping things could stay that way. "You know what, I thought we were in a good place, too, but now you've screwed it up again!" Victoria snapped before heading upstairs to get Johnny.

Later, Victoria went to see Travis at his bar, and when she realized that he was upset about something, she urged him to tell her what was wrong. "Nothing twenty grand wouldn't cure," Travis replied, and he proceeded to rant for a bit about uncooperative banks and the greedy members of the "one percent" before apologizing to Victoria for dumping his problems on her, acknowledging that she wasn't the enemy.

Victoria explained that she hadn't visited Travis the previous night because an issue had arisen with her son. After assuring Victoria that he understood, Travis proceeded to ask her to go on a date with him later, but she said she had already made plans for the evening. Victoria started to excuse herself, explaining that she had just wanted to let Travis know why she had stood him up the previous night, but he pointed out that she could have called to tell him that. "It wouldn't kill you to just once admit you wanted to see me," Travis added, so Victoria admitted just that then rushed off, ignoring his attempts to stop her.

At Chancellor Park, Nikki overheard Cane talking to Katherine, admitting that he could really use her advice. Nikki offered to help Cane, but he didn't want to tell her about Hilary's recent antics, so he just claimed that he had been trying to talk himself through some family issues. Nikki revealed that she, too, often found herself wondering how Katherine would handle certain things.

Nikki mused that Katherine had been her lifeline and had always understood her struggle to stay sober. Cane admitted that it was hard for him to understand how someone could promise to stay sober -- and genuinely mean it at the time -- but then start drinking again a short time later. Guessing that Cane was talking about Neil, Nikki stressed that Cane could only continue to offer Neil support and hope that Neil would one day decide for himself that he needed to seek help.

As Lily was preparing the Athletic Club for Katherine's dedication ceremony, she made it clear to Neil that she was still upset with him. Neil tried to apologize for asking Lily to keep his secret, but she stressed that she wasn't just upset about that; she was also upset because he had given Hilary the power to blackmail their entire family for the rest of their lives.

Later, Neil ran into Nikki, who assured him that she would always be there for him if he needed her. Neil thanked Nikki for her support but insisted that he was doing fine. "It's a good thing, too, because for an active drunk to be running a foundation where the first project is a treatment center -- I'd be a hell of a hypocrite, wouldn't you say?" Neil mused. Nikki assured Neil that every person in attendance had done something they regretted. "The important thing is to own it," Nikki added.

Elsewhere, Jill started to ask Jack about the schedule of events for the dedication ceremony, but Hilary interrupted and proceeded to answer for him, revealing that she would be making some opening remarks that she had prepared herself. "The hell you will. The only thing you should be prepared for is to stay out of the way and keep your mouth shut," Jill insisted.

Devon tried to assure Jill that Hilary wasn't trying to steal the spotlight, but Jill maintained that the dedication ceremony was supposed to be about Katherine, not Hilary. Jack promised that Hilary would be front and center during her mother's dedication ceremony, and Jill agreed that Hilary could make a nice, long speech then -- if anyone was even interested in listening to it.

Devon argued that Katherine would want everyone to try to get along that day. Ignoring the point, Phyllis stressed that she, Jack, and Jill had managed to handle all the arrangements just fine on their own, without Hilary's help, and Jill added that things would be done her way because she was footing the bill. Hilary started to protest that the whole event had been her idea, but Jill interrupted and insisted that the conversation was over.

Jill made it clear that it would be wise for Jack to back her up, but he tried to be diplomatic, declaring that Hilary could make a brief introduction before letting Jill take over. Jack urged Jill to respect his decision and refrain from making a scene, but she walked away without making any promises. Jill ordered a drink at the bar, and when she realized that the bartender was Billy's recent one-night stand, she made it clear to Bethany that Billy was still in love with his ex-wife. "Honey, he's gonna use you and throw you away," Jill added. Bethany sarcastically thanked Jill for the advice then rushed off, hoping it was time for her break.

Meanwhile, Hilary tried to apologize to Jack, stressing that she hadn't meant to cause a scene with Jill, but Phyllis expressed skepticism, arguing that if Hilary hadn't wanted to cause trouble, she wouldn't have gone out of her way to antagonize Jill in the first place. Jack defended Hilary, clarifying that they had previously discussed the idea of her giving the opening remarks. Hilary thanked Jack for backing her up then added that she needed to go over a few more things with him before the ceremony began. Phyllis abruptly excused herself, rushing off before Jack could even rise from his chair to say goodbye to her.

Phyllis went to the park, where Billy soon greeted her and wondered why she wasn't with Jack. Phyllis explained that she had needed a break from Jill and Hilary's bickering, especially after Jack had sided with Hilary. Phyllis started to excuse herself so she could get back to the dedication ceremony, but Billy urged her to take a ride on his motorcycle first, and after some hesitation, she eventually decided to accept the invitation.

Esther arrived at the Athletic Club while Nikki and Jill were trading veiled insults. Jill was taken aback, however, when she tossed in a dig about Victor that prompted Nikki to admit that she was in the process of divorcing him. "Well, that's the smartest thing you've done since marrying him," Jill declared. Nikki abruptly excused herself after offering Esther a warm greeting.

Jill guessed that Esther wasn't nearly as happy to see her. "That's for sure," Esther confirmed. Picking up right where she had left off with Nikki, Jill traded insults with Esther for a while then spontaneously admitted that she wished Esther were still living at the Chancellor mansion. Esther was surprised to learn that Jill had turned the place over to Billy, who had proceeded to do some serious redecorating. Jill thought Esther might have been able to stop Billy, but Esther assured Jill that Katherine probably would have approved of the changes.

"I wish that house had never had to change hands, Esther. I wish that Katherine and I -- and you -- were still there, driving each other crazy, instead of us sitting here, waiting to dedicate a building to her memory. I just wish we could turn back the clock [and that] things could be the way they were," Jill admitted with a sigh. "Me, too," Esther agreed.

As Neil lingered near an empty table, considering downing the remains of a drink that had been left there, he watched Hilary give Devon a kiss as a way of thanking him for backing her up during her earlier fight with Jill. Hilary stressed that she loved Devon, and she conceded that she didn't tell him that often enough.

Elsewhere, Summer informed Jack and Nikki that she had asked Luca to move in with her. Nikki hoped that Summer had given the idea plenty of thought beforehand. Insisting that she had, Summer conceded that she didn't expect Nikki's blessing, especially since they hadn't been seeing eye to eye lately. Nikki agreed that her relationship with Summer had been strained lately, and she admitted that some of the things Summer had said to her recently had actually hurt her quite a lot. Summer stressed that she hadn't intended to do that.

Nodding, Nikki acknowledged that Summer was entitled to her opinions but added that she was likewise entitled to free herself from a toxic relationship, with or without Summer's approval. Nikki stressed that she didn't want the rift between her and Summer to get any bigger. Nikki conceded that Summer was a grown woman who could make her own decisions, and Jack agreed but warned Luca to take good care of Summer. Luca promised to do just that, and Nikki assured him that if he failed to keep that promise, he would have to answer to a lot of people.

Meanwhile, Hilary tried to start the ceremony, but Jill seized the microphone before Hilary could say a single word. "Problem?" Nikki quietly asked Jack. "Nothing I shouldn't have expected," Jack replied as Jill continued to tell the press about the new memorial wing that was being dedicated to Katherine Chancellor's memory. Jill also unveiled a plaque that would hang in the entrance of the memorial wing.

While Jill was at the plaque, Hilary seized the opportunity to step up to the microphone and introduce Jack, who soon called Neil to the podium, explaining that the foundation had been his idea. Neil said a few words about the program then announced, "As co-founder of this foundation, I am going to follow [Katherine's] example now, which is why I intend to sign myself in as the center's first patient."

One of the reporters asked if Devon's affair with Hilary was what had caused Neil to fall off the wagon. Neil started to stammer out a response, but Nikki intervened, arguing that everyone needed to acknowledge Neil's bravery instead of tossing out salacious questions that weren't in the spirit of what the day was about. Nikki proceeded to introduce Victoria, who announced that Newman Enterprises would be donating five million dollars to the foundation. As Victoria stood at the podium, she saw Travis exiting the Athletic Club, having just heard her announcement.

Meanwhile, Jack received a phone call from someone. "There's been an accident," Jack informed Jill after ending the call.

Stitch learns Max has a brain tumor

Stitch learns Max has a brain tumor

Thursday, June 2, 2016

At the hospital, paramedics wheeled Billy into an exam room, and Stitch said he'd be right in. A police officer confirmed that Billy had been wearing a helmet but moving at a fast clip when the accident had occurred. The cop added that Billy had been found alone, but someone had called 9-1-1.

Phyllis cleaned up in a gas station bathroom and examined the injuries on her shoulder. Jack called to inform her that Billy was at the hospital after crashing his motorcycle, and she asked if Billy was okay. Jack replied that he'd just arrived there, and he wondered where she was. She stated that she was on her way, and she hung up and sobbed.

In the hospital waiting area, Victoria assured Jill that Billy was in good hands with Stitch. Phyllis arrived and hugged Jack, who explained that they were waiting for an update. Phyllis asked if Billy had been awake in the ambulance, and Jill informed her that all they knew was that a good Samaritan had called 9-1-1 after Billy's crash. Victoria bemoaned that they'd been in the same position five months earlier, and she'd thought Billy had changed after he'd woken up from his coma. Jack griped that Billy was the only person to blame for where Billy had ended up, and Jill swore to shake some sense into her son.

Jack asked where Phyllis had gone after she'd left the Athletic Club, since he'd expected her to return for the dedication. Phyllis claimed that she'd checked in with Natalie about PassKey and that the ceremony had been over by the time she'd gotten back. Stitch emerged from Billy's room, and the group anxiously inquired how Billy was.

Later, Victoria worried that Billy had suffered a second head injury in a short period of time, but Jack told her that Stitch thought Billy had a good chance of recovery. Phyllis stepped away, and Jack asked if she was okay. Phyllis wondered how many chances one person got, and Jack wished they'd gotten through to Billy to prevent him from being that reckless. Victoria couldn't stop thinking about when Billy had willed himself to wake up from his coma because he'd had a lot to live for, and Jill replied that he still did.

Stitch reported that Billy's test results were good, and Billy was awake. Stitch told Billy's loved ones that they could see him if they kept it brief and calm, and he stepped away to answer a call. Victoria, Jill, and Jack entered Billy's room, and Jill and Jack scolded Billy. Billy inquired how "she" was, and a confused Jack said the cop hadn't mentioned anyone else. Phyllis entered as Victoria asked if someone else had been on the bike with Billy, and Billy looked at Phyllis, who shook her head.

Billy covered by asking where his friend Bethany was, and Jill snapped that Billy hadn't been able to remember his "friend's" name the other day. Victoria was angry with herself for being worried, since Billy obviously had other friends looking out for him, and she stormed out. Phyllis followed Victoria and begged her not to go, but Victoria ranted that she couldn't stop Billy if he wanted to risk his own neck. Phyllis asserted that Victoria was the only one who could, since Billy was acting out because he needed Victoria. Victoria declared that Billy was moving on with his life, and she was, too. Phyllis pleaded with Victoria not to believe a word Billy had said.

Phyllis insisted that Billy hadn't moved on and that he wasn't serious about another woman, but he was mad at the world because his plans for Victor hadn't worked out. Phyllis contended that the only thing that gave Billy real joy in life was Victoria and the beautiful family they'd created together, and she urged Victoria not to give up on it. Victoria said she'd been trying to save Billy from himself the same way she'd tried to save her father, but Billy hadn't wanted to be saved any more than Victor had. Phyllis swore that Billy loved Victoria, but Victoria sensed that something had changed, and she could feel that Billy had moved on, so she was doing the same thing.

Jill asked why Billy had mentioned "that bimbo" in front of Victoria, and Billy claimed that he hadn't been thinking clearly after his accident, but it hadn't mattered because Victoria didn't care. Jack remarked that Billy hadn't seen the look on Victoria's face when she'd heard about the accident, and he imagined it had triggered memories of not knowing whether Billy would live or die. Billy joked about having nine lives, but Jill lectured that he could have killed himself, and she demanded to know what he'd been thinking.

Jill wondered if Billy had a death wish, but Billy replied that it was the opposite -- he'd had a "life wish" on a perfect spring day to feel free and more alive than he'd felt in a long time, and he hadn't been thinking about business or anyone's expectations. He added that he hadn't wanted the ride to end, and Jill protested that the ride could have killed him. Jack understood the feeling Billy was talking about, but he also knew it couldn't last. Jack reminded Jill about her flight, and he promised that he and Phyllis would look after Billy. Jack recognized that Billy would live life the way he wanted, and nothing they did or said would convince Billy to do otherwise.

At Hank's Bar, Travis scowled as he flashed back to Victoria's announcement that Newman Enterprises was donating five million dollars to the Abbott-Winters Foundation. Victoria entered the bar and nervously greeted Travis, and she said they needed to talk. He coldly told her to hang around ten minutes so she could go slumming with another bartender, but she argued that although she'd wanted to keep things anonymous, she'd never lied. Travis blasted her for pretending to be a working girl who was slaving away for the rich, but he'd seen her in all her privileged Newman glory when she'd granted millions of dollars to the peasants.

Victoria countered that Travis was the one who'd lied, since they'd agreed to stay out of one another's personal lives, but he'd followed her. He sarcastically apologized for ruining her good time, and he snapped that he had a business to run. He added that the bankers were screwing him, and unlike her, he needed a loan to stay afloat. Victoria sympathized that he was having financial difficulties, and she implored him to understand that she wasn't a trust fund princess but an important businesswoman. She suggested that he fill her in, since maybe she could help him.

Travis spat that he shouldn't be surprised that he'd caught Victoria in a lie, since her answer was to throw money at things because she saw people as commodities. Victoria insisted that he didn't know her, and he questioned whose fault that was. She admitted that she was successful, but she'd worked hard, and there was more to her than the privileges she'd had. Travis accused her of keeping to herself to avoid being spotted with a guy like him, and she retorted that he couldn't handle who she was, so he'd reduced her to a stereotype to blame his problems on evil rich people. He ordered her to get out of the bar and to leave him "the hell alone."

At the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis ordered Bethany to stop what she was doing, since Billy had been in an accident. Phyllis quickly added that he was fine, but he needed Bethany to say she had been riding on the back of his motorcycle and had called 9-1-1. Bethany questioned why she should do anything for Billy when he didn't even know her name, but Phyllis called her by name and swore that he did. Bethany thought it was obvious that Billy was hung up on someone else, and she didn't buy that it was his ex-wife. Bethany guessed that Phyllis was the other woman.

Phyllis stressed that Billy would appreciate it if Bethany vouched for him, since his life had gotten complicated. Bethany was skeptical that lying would solve the problem, but Phyllis implied that Bethany and Billy could share something more than a one-night stand. Phyllis guaranteed that Billy would pay Bethany ten thousand dollars to back up his story.

At the lab, Abby suggested that they spin the cancellation of the initial trial to make it look like they'd been thoughtful and careful. Ashley said it was nice to see her excited about work again, and Abby pledged to get past the loss and anger of losing her baby and focus on what she had to be grateful for. Abby received a text notification about the mounting evidence against Adam, and she remarked that Victor was really sticking it to him. Ashley inquired whether Abby believed Victor had been behind the charges, and Abby opined that the timing hadn't been a coincidence.

Ashley asked about Max, and Abby reported that the boy was in intensive therapy every day and that Stitch stopped by each morning to see him. Abby explained that Stitch felt responsible for Max's problems, but Ashley argued that Jenna had taken Max halfway around the world. Abby suspected that Stitch's issues were deeper, since he'd had a messed-up childhood with an abusive father, and he'd made a vow to be there for his kids no matter what. Abby thought father-son relationships were complex even when they were healthy, and Ashley pressed to know what Abby needed.

Ashley inquired whether the doctors had indicated when Max might be released, and Abby replied that they hadn't. Abby mentioned that it had been too soon for her and Stitch to discuss Max returning to live with them, and Stitch had been focused on getting Max the help he needed. Stitch entered the lab, and he relayed that Billy was banged up but would be fine. Abby was surprised to see Stitch before the end of his shift, and he revealed that he'd just given permission for Max's doctors to run brain scans, since they thought Max's problems might be physiological.

Stitch divulged that a neurologist had determined that Max's behavior had been consistent with an anomaly in his brain, and Abby suggested that it might be good news if the problem was fixable. Ashley asked how serious it might be, and Stitch admitted that he was scared about what the test results might show. Abby reiterated that it could be a relief if there had been a medical reason for Max's actions, but Stitch said he'd read between the lines, and if Max's ailment was what he thought it was, it could be terrifying.

Abby assured Stitch that he was getting Max the best possible care, and Stitch got a call from Max's clinic. He thanked the caller and hung up, and he revealed that Max had a brain tumor. Abby gasped, and Stitch explained that the next step was surgery. Abby optimistically stated that at least they had an answer and could fix it, but Stitch disclosed that the tumor was big and in a bad place, and even if Max survived, he might never be the same.

At the state penitentiary, Paul noted that Victor had adapted well to prison life, and he imagined that Victor had found ways to amuse himself by pulling strings at Newman from behind bars. Victor huffed that if he'd had as many failures in business as the police department had experienced, his company would be broke. Paul mentioned Adam's case, and he thought Victor would consider it poetic justice if Adam ended up in a cell just like Victor's. Victor declared that he had nothing to say about it, but Paul insisted on asking a few questions.

Paul remembered when Adam had been born, and Hope had decided to raise her son on her farm in Kansas. Paul recognized that Victor's relationship with Adam was different than those with his other children, since Adam hadn't been raised as a Newman, and Adam had never lost the need to prove himself to Victor. Paul didn't understand why Victor had never fully embraced Adam, but Victor protested that he'd welcomed Adam with open arms and offered him a job after he'd graduated from Harvard. Paul pointed out that Victor had kept Adam at arm's length, and he speculated that it had made the men incredibly competitive with one another, but it had also made them closer, since Victor saw himself in Adam.

Victor asked if Paul had become a shrink, and he offered to name all the heinous things Adam had done as the reasons why Victor had kept Adam at arm's length. Paul guessed that Adam had confided in Victor that he might be blamed for Constance's death, but Victor asserted that Adam hadn't said anything to that effect. Paul was sure that Victor had heard that Adam had accused Victor of framing him, and he questioned whether it was true. Victor figured that Paul would think he was lying no matter how he responded, but Paul believed he knew Victor well enough to know if Victor was telling the truth. Victor volunteered to tell Paul more than he'd bargained for.

Victor contended that Adam was his flesh and blood, and it pained him to think that his son might have killed Constance. Victor noted that Paul knew what it meant to have a son with no conscience, so he thought Paul understood what it was like to want to protect one's child from doing terrible things. Victor claimed that he had nothing that would help with Christine's case against Adam, and Paul marveled that it was still fascinating to see Victor in action. Paul compared Victor to a legendary pitcher who'd lost his fastball but made an art of throwing junk to keep everyone off-balance. Victor wondered why Paul had visited him if Paul refused to believe him, and Paul replied that perhaps he'd just been throwing junk, too. They chuckled.

In the infirmary, Paul introduced himself to Meredith and wanted to discuss Victor, but she said she couldn't help him with any information about the stabbing. Paul guessed that she hadn't met a lot of people like Victor at the prison, and he called Victor a fascinating person and successful businessman who was committed to his company and family. Meredith confirmed that Victor's family meant everything to him, and she mentioned that he'd talked about them a lot. She found it hard to fathom that Victor's family had banded together to convict him and was obsessed with keeping him in prison. Paul agreed, and he assumed that she was trying to make sense of the allegations Adam had made.

Meredith said Victor had only spoken to her about longing to reconcile with his family, and Paul theorized that Victor was motivated to help Adam get out from under the charges. Paul mentioned that the details in Sage's diary lined up with the coroner's report, and he found it interesting that Adam had once tried to frame Victor for murder by forging a diary that Victor had allegedly written. Meredith maintained that Victor had been sincere about wanting to make amends with his family, and Paul said Victor was lucky to have an advocate like her.

Later, Meredith informed Victor that Paul had sought her out, and Victor wasn't surprised. Victor explained that Paul had been a family friend for decades, and he was sure that Paul had found out that Meredith had attended Sage's memorial service, so Paul had assumed that Victor had confided his family secrets to her. Meredith assured Victor that she hadn't said a word about Victor's suspicions that Adam had poisoned Constance, and he replied that he didn't want her to lie to the police. She asserted that she'd made her own call, and she would do it again. Victor asked what he could do for her in return, and she smiled and said she could think of something.

Over dinner from the prison cafeteria, Victor told Meredith that dining with her didn't seem like a way to return the favor, but she insisted that he didn't owe her anything, and she was happy that he trusted her not to repeat anything he'd told her. She clarified that doctor-patient confidentiality had nothing to do with it, and she didn't think anyone else would handle the situation with as much grace as Victor had shown. She added that she'd been able to tell that Paul admired Victor despite his horrendous accusation that Victor had set up Adam for murder. Victor asked if she thought it was true, and she replied that she already knew the answer, since she had a good idea of who Victor was.

Victor and Meredith stared at one another for a moment, and he said he had to get back to his cell. He started to head to the door, but she stopped him. Meredith stood inches away from Victor for a moment, and she placed her hand on his chest as she stepped past him to lock the door. She turned to face him and took off her lab coat, and she began to unbutton her blouse.

Adam and Ian strike a deal

Adam and Ian strike a deal

Friday, June 3, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Paul guessed that Michael had summoned him to discuss exhuming Constance's body again, but Michael reported that the decision was in Nick's hands, and Nick had refused to allow it. Michael protested that the law was being used to screw over an innocent man, and Paul mentioned that Victor had claimed to know nothing during their visit the day before. Paul added that he'd been surprised by Victor's friendship with Meredith, even though she'd downplayed it, and he noted that Victor never did anything unless it was part of a grander scheme. Michael thought it was obvious that Victor was out for revenge, but Paul argued that Christine never would have pursued Adam's case if the evidence hadn't been compelling.

Michael countered that the evidence was circumstantial, but Paul couldn't dismiss the fact that Constance had been poisoned. Michael asserted that there was no direct connection between Adam and the poison, and no one could question the dead woman who'd written the diary. Michael continued that Victor was framing Adam the same way Adam had once framed Victor, but Paul doubted that a father would do that to his own son. Michael quipped that Victor had raised dysfunctional parenting to an art form, and he suspected that Victor had tried to mess with Paul's head. Michael recalled that he'd talked to Victor as one father to another to urge Victor to do the right thing, but Victor's vision of fatherhood was very different from theirs.

Michael remained convinced that Victor had framed Adam, and he thought Paul would arrive at the same conclusion eventually. Michael urged Paul to consider the possibility that Victor had someone on the inside who'd made sure the test results had indicated that Constance had been poisoned, but Paul refused to believe that one of his cops was dirty. Michael referred to Detective Harding, and he suggested that Paul question the medical examiner and lab technicians and see if any of them had enjoyed a sudden large influx of cash.

Paul said there might be nothing to find, but Michael implored him to do it so they'd be able to sleep at night, knowing they'd done everything they could to keep a father with his family. Over the phone, Paul requested the names of all the team members who'd worked on Constance's autopsy, and Michael thanked him. Michael hoped that Connor would be able to thank Paul himself someday.

At the penthouse, Adam wasn't sure about following through with his and Chelsea's plan, but Chelsea was determined to try everything they could. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon was surprised when Adam answered it. He imagined that she'd expected him to be behind bars, and Sharon said Chelsea had asked her there to do some work. Sharon expressed sympathy about what Adam was going through, and Adam inquired whether she thought he was a cold-blooded killer who deserved to be ripped away from his son.

Sharon recounted that Adam had done horrible things, but she didn't believe he was a murderer. He bemoaned that Victor was trying to force him to go to prison, where he wouldn't be able to watch his son grow up. Sharon empathized about being caught in Victor's crosshairs, and she hoped the truth was revealed. Adam departed, and Sharon announced that she was done with the marketing campaign Sage had started. Chelsea groaned that work was the last thing on her mind, but there was one way Sharon might be able to help her.

Chelsea ranted that she needed the insane murder charges to go away, but Sharon had no idea how she could help. Chelsea said it was obvious that the evidence had been manufactured, so they needed to do their own testing to determine how Constance had really died. Chelsea explained that Nick was the one thing standing between Adam and his freedom, and she encouraged Sharon to convince Nick to exhume the body one more time. Sharon argued that she didn't have the influence over Nick to change his mind, but Chelsea continued to pressure her to do it. Sharon snapped that she couldn't, and she firmly said no.

Sharon reasoned that a grieving Nick had been torn up all over again when Sage's private thoughts had been made public, and she thought he needed peace. Chelsea countered that Adam needed the truth, but Sharon explained that her own life and family were finally on track, and she needed to keep it that way. Chelsea demanded to know why Sharon wouldn't help her, and Sharon angrily realized that had been the real reason why Chelsea had summoned her there. Chelsea argued that there was no legitimate reason why Sharon wouldn't do it, and Sharon asserted that she'd worked hard to build an independent life. Sharon was adamant that she wouldn't do it, and she walked out.

In the prison infirmary, Victor stood with his back to the door, and he heard someone enter. He hoped the person had slept well, but he was surprised when a male doctor replied that he had. Victor asked what had happened to Dr. Gates, and the doctor revealed that Meredith had taken a sudden leave of absence. The doctor inquired about what medical problem Victor had, and Victor explained that Meredith had taken an x-ray when he'd hurt his hand. The doctor searched for Victor's chart but couldn't find it, and Victor informed him that the files were across the hall. The doctor stepped out, and Victor eyed the phone.

Victor picked up the receiver and pressed a speed-dial button labeled "home." He asked why Meredith wasn't at the prison, since the place needed her, and so did he. He implored her to return, and the male doctor walked back in and asked "what the hell" Victor was doing. The doctor declared that he wasn't a pushover like Dr. Gates had been, but Victor countered that Meredith was as tough as it got, and she'd written him up before. The doctor threatened to go to the warden, and Victor defended that he'd made the call because he was concerned about one of his sons.

Ian entered the prison visiting room, and he invited a guard to stay with him, since Ian had been lonely in solitary confinement. Ian commented that he wouldn't hunger for company for long, since a visitor would be there soon, and their showdown was long overdue. Adam arrived shortly thereafter, and Ian proclaimed that Adam was a sight for sore eyes. Ian recalled that the last time they'd met, they'd been surrounded by flames "on the precipice of hell," and Adam had left him for dead. Ian suggested that they set the joint ablaze for old time's sake.

Adam flatly stated that they weren't setting fire to anything, and Ian claimed that he was surprised Adam was there for a social call. Adam replied that he wasn't. Ian became excited at the idea of doing business, and he wondered if Adam was once again there to pay an inmate to take Ian's place. Adam replied that the beauty of his new plan was that Ian didn't have to go anywhere, but Ian guessed that Adam still needed help with Victor. Adam proposed that he and Ian work together to stop Victor for good by making sure he never left that "hellhole."

Ian declared that the eternal bond of fathers and sons was fraught with peril, and he referred to a mythological figure who'd eaten his children to prevent them from usurping his power. Adam remarked that Victor just chewed up his kids and spit them out, and Ian swore that if Adam had been his son, he would have been proud of Adam's achievements. Adam divulged that Victor had framed him for murder by doctoring Constance's autopsy results and forging a diary. Ian contemplated whether Adam had killed the woman and was framing Victor for framing him, but Adam insisted that Victor had found someone on the outside to do his dirty work.

Ian assumed that Adam wanted him to get Victor to confess, and he bragged that no one knew Victor's mind better than Ian did, but he questioned why he'd help Adam after Adam had left him to die. Adam retorted that Ian had been ready to stab him in the brain with a pitchfork, and Ian remarked that it had been a chaotic scene that they'd both been lucky to survive, but it didn't make them partners again. Adam asked what Ian wanted, and Ian requested a release from solitary so he could take a stab at Victor, but he'd have to consider what else he'd require. Ian extended his hand and asked if they had a deal, and Adam shook it and headed out.

Ian found Victor cleaning a table, and he grinned and teased that Victor had missed a spot. Ian complained about solitary confinement, and he asked if Victor happened to know who had gotten him sent there. Victor offered to shake the person's hand if he ever found out who it had been. Ian inquired about their agreement to manipulate Dr. Gates so they could both walk out together, and Victor suggested that Ian was hallucinating after spending too much time in solitary. Ian clucked that Victor had broken their agreement, but it looked like Meredith had gone rogue, and he questioned where that left Victor.

Victor warned Ian to stay away from him, and Ian imagined that the greatest pain of all had been the blistering humiliation Victor had suffered when his family had abandoned him. Victor snarled that Ian knew nothing about his family, but Ian commented that Victor's family had made Victor a punch line, since Victor was as powerless as a baby behind bars. Ian taunted that Victor's family was laughing at Victor and sharpening their knives to cut him into pieces, but Victor retorted that his family wasn't doing well at all. Victor mentioned that one of his sons might join them in prison very soon, and Ian pressed for details.

Victor said Ian could read all about the murder charges online, but Ian preferred to hear the story directly from the source. Ian noted that Adam had dedicated his life to destroying Victor, and he imagined that it was satisfying for Victor to see Adam going down in flames, especially if Victor had had a hand in it. Ian inquired whether Victor had been involved, but Victor simply handed him the cleaning supplies and told him to do a good job.

At the cottage, Dylan opened the front door, holding an armful of toys, and Nick jokingly asked if Dylan was playing with Sully's toys again. Dylan explained that he'd been cleaning up during the baby's nap, and Nick returned a headband that Faith had left in his car after the father-daughter dance. Nick started to head out, but Dylan asked if he had a minute. Nick wondered if the request was of a brotherly or a police nature. Dylan replied that it was both, since it was about the murder charges against Adam. Nick flatly stated that he had no answers, but Dylan pointed out that Nick was the only person with the power to make sure justice was done.

Dylan understood that Nick was caught between his father and his brother, one of whom was lying. Dylan contended that there was one way to find out for sure who it was -- by performing a second examination of Constance's body. Nick argued that they'd disturbed the grave once too much already, but Dylan maintained that it was the only way to find out the truth. Nick wondered if Dylan thought Victor had found a way to tamper with the original samples, and Dylan replied that it would be good to have a definitive answer. Nick realized that Dylan thought someone on the police force might be corrupt.

Nick asked if Dylan had talked to Paul about the possibility of someone on the force being dirty, but Dylan expected Paul to hit the roof if he speculated that someone had taken Victor's money to frame Adam. Nick remarked that fathers and sons could talk about anything unless the dad was Victor, but Dylan explained that he was still trying to navigate his relationship with Paul, and he didn't want to jeopardize it by sharing suspicions with no proof. Nick recognized that he and Dylan had become brothers late in life, but Dylan could approach him with anything, and Dylan replied that it went both ways. Nick said spending time with Sully was helping him get past losing Sage and Christian, and he was proud to call Dylan his brother.

Nick looked at a photo of Dylan and Sully on the mantel, and Dylan pointed out that he and Nick were all about the truth, but Adam and Victor were the opposite. Nick was disgusted by the thought of Sage's intimate thoughts being exposed to strangers and Constance being treated like a slab of meat, but Dylan questioned who had the most to lose. Dylan said the worst-case scenario was that Adam was being framed, and he wondered what would happen to Connor. Nick asked what kind of man would take a child away from its father, and a stunned Sharon stumbled in the doorway as she overheard.

Sharon claimed that she'd tripped, and she asked if something was wrong. Nick mentioned that Faith had forgotten her headband after the dance, but Sharon referred to his comment about a father and a child. Nick grumbled that people couldn't stop talking about the charges against Adam, and he'd feel terrible if he was responsible for a little boy growing up without a dad. Sharon relayed that Chelsea had ambushed her with a request to convince Nick to dig up Constance's remains, and Dylan swore that it hadn't been a conspiracy. Nick huffed that he was done talking about it, and he stormed out. Dylan started to follow him, but Sharon told Dylan to let it go.

Dylan asked why Sharon was against a second examination, and Sharon opined that Adam had to find a way other than harassing Nick. Dylan argued that another autopsy would help get to the truth, but Sharon didn't want to pressure Nick after all he'd been through. She contended that Nick needed time to heal alone, and she suggested that he'd been spending too much time there. Dylan was confused, since Sharon had said she'd wanted Nick around more, and Dylan had seen that spending time with Sully had been helping Nick. Sharon blurted out that Nick was way too close, and Dylan asked what she meant.

Sharon admitted that she hadn't been totally honest with Dylan, since her decision had been about what she needed, too. She explained that the Newman family had literally driven her crazy, and she didn't want to get sucked into their latest drama, but it had already started. She understood that Dylan was looking for justice, and she loved him for it, but she thought that nothing good would happen from taking sides in a Newman war. She begged Dylan to be on her side, since she was free of the Newman web, and she and Dylan had created a wonderful family that was her whole world. All she wanted was to keep their perfect family happy and safe, and Dylan agreed to keep her out of it.

Adam returned home, and Chelsea reported that Sharon had refused to help with Nick, but she thought it made no sense. Adam pledged to stay strong and forge ahead, and he revealed that he'd just gone to Walworth to meet with Ian. Chelsea questioned why Adam had willingly been in the same room with a man who'd tried to kill him, and Adam reasoned that he and Ian had a common enemy. Chelsea warned that Adam couldn't control a dangerous man like Ian, but Adam thought Ian's gift for getting under Victor's skin might be useful to get Victor to admit he'd set Adam up.

Chelsea thought making a deal with Ian was just as dangerous as dealing with Victor, but Adam figured that he'd had no choice but to turn to his enemies after his friends and family had turned their backs on him. She cautioned him not to trust Ian, but Adam vowed to prove his innocence, even if he had to stoop to Victor's level.

Nick stopped by the penthouse and blasted Adam and Chelsea for trying to get Sharon and Dylan to change his mind. Adam swore that it was the only way to get to the truth, but Nick argued that Adam and Victor had to tell the truth. Nick accused Adam of being willing to do anything to get what he wanted, including exploiting Nick's dead wife and disturbing a woman's remains. Adam contended that he was fighting for his life, and Nick growled that their dad would be proud of Adam's behavior. Adam questioned whether Nick thought the whole thing would be over if Adam went to prison, and he warned that Victor wouldn't stop until they all paid.

Nick announced that his decision was final, and he ordered Adam and Chelsea to stop trying to get to him through people he cared about. Adam physically stopped Nick from leaving and said he wanted Nick to know something. Adam anticipated that Victor would eventually scroll down his hit list and trash Nick's life, and he told Nick not to dare knock on his door for help. Adam ordered Nick to get out.

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