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Esther moved out of the Chancellor mansion. Victoria and Billy reunited. Chelsea called Adam by his real name when he was on the phone with Ian. Neil bedded Gwen to steal medical supplies from the hospital. Hilary realized Neil was holding her at the boathouse.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 7, 2015 on Y&R
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Adam and Ian Plan Revenge Adam and Ian Plan Revenge

Monday, September 7, 2015

At Chancellor Park, Esther became emotional when the electricity was restored and the outdoor lighting flickered on. Esther insisted to Jill and Colin that the unusual occurrence was a sign that the late Katherine Chancellor "sees everything." Esther declined Jill's invitation to retreat to the Chancellor Estate to lighten their moods by drinking alcoholic beverages. Jill prodded Colin to help change Esther's mind. Colin hesitantly approached Esther. When Colin touched her shoulder, Esther recoiled and yelled, "Don't you dare!" Jill was perplexed by Esther's reaction.

At Crimson Lights, Esther sat alone, saddened and contemplative. Jill and Colin arrived and asked why Esther couldn't mourn along with them. Esther said, "The blackout was a symbol. The world is a much darker place without Mrs. C. in it." Colin said he hadn't intended to upset Esther, and he took her cup to get a refill.

After Colin walked away, Jill said, "You see how nice he's being?" Esther replied, "Or he could poison my coffee!" Jill demanded to know what had happened while she'd been away in Hong Kong. Esther said that Colin had made inappropriate advances. Jill laughed and replied, "He hit on you?" Colin, having rejoined the ladies, denied the accusation. Esther said, "He is brazen and insulting and relentless."

Esther told Jill that Colin had approached her while she had been dusting, had ogled her, and had said, "Give me a tickle." Colin spun his version and claimed that he'd innocently asked for a sandwich with a pickle. Esther replied, "You're a louse and a liar!" Addressing Jill, Colin said, "Who are you going to believe, loving hubby or partial-wit here?" Colin pointed to Esther, indicating she was the partial-wit. Jill replied, "I don't think he made a proposal that was illicit. It was just a misunderstanding."

Esther cried that she couldn't believe Jill believed Colin over her. Jill reminded Esther that Roger Wilkes, the last man Esther had been involved with, had nearly caused her death. Jill insisted that Colin would never be attracted to Esther. Esther, refusing to live in the same house with Colin, said that if Colin wouldn't leave, she would. Jill chose Colin. Esther replied, "Mrs. C. would be so ashamed of you!"

At the Chancellor Estate, Esther set her packed bags in the entryway and entered the sitting room to reflect on her years of service to her beloved Katherine. Admiring a sketch of Katherine propped on the mantel, Esther said, "You were the best friend I ever had. I stayed here just to be close to you. It's time for me to go out on my own, leave this house, this job, and the monthly check." Esther assured Katherine that she'd saved for a rainy day. Esther said she would make Katherine proud. Sobbing, Esther said, "I love you, Mrs. C." Esther blew a kiss to Katherine's sketch before collecting her belongings and walking out the door.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Adam sat alone in front of a laptop while a computer virus, called the Paragon Project, was remotely installed. Adam phoned Ian Ward. Ian and an accomplice were holed up in a cramped motorhome. Adam asked if the brief blackout could cover their tracks because the virus was taking a long time to download. Adam cried that he was the only person in danger of being apprehended.

Ian's accomplice took the phone headset and gave Adam final instructions. The accomplice said, "The virus is loaded, so log out and make sure you erase any record of being on that computer." After the call ended, Adam heard the elevator's arrival chime and quickly hid. Victoria entered the office and phoned the security detail. Victoria said she'd noticed from her vantage point at a nearby park that her father's office had remained lit during the power outage. She asked an officer to investigate. Adam quickly escaped while Victoria's back was turned.

When the security officer arrived, he told Victoria that Victor hadn't been in his office all evening. Victoria said she'd heard someone as she'd approached. Victoria suggested the officer review the surveillance video before realizing the system couldn't have operated without power. The security officer suggested that the light Victoria had seen might have been operated by a back-up system. Victoria remained unsettled and studied the screen of Victor's laptop.

Ian, pleased that his plans were unfolding just as intended, told his accomplice that he'd been caged and alone until Gabriel Bingham had happened along. Ian said, "We are a perfect match, Gabe and me. We both detest Victor Newman -- provincial, closed-minded, and cowardly. Resentful of my connection with the lovely Nicole, sweet, sweet Nikki." Ian patted his accomplice on the back and congratulated him because their plan for revenge was being "served cold."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea, holding Connor, was elated when the power was restored. Chelsea told Billy she couldn't understand what might have caused the outage because there hadn't been any rainstorms or winds, only some intermittent thunder. Billy said someone might have nodded off at the power company. To soothe Connor, Billy gave him a toy car that had belonged to Johnny. Chelsea instructed her son to thank Billy. Chelsea said she wasn't sure how Connor should address him. Billy said it didn't matter as long as they all remained "buddies."

Chelsea told Billy that after discovering she wasn't legally required to relinquish her fashion line to Newman Enterprises, Victor had filed a lawsuit for visitation rights. Chelsea added that she'd given up on a planned move to Paris. Billy mentioned Chelsea's relationship with Gabriel. Billy said, "Lucky for him, he gets to stay in town and finish what he started with Victor." Chelsea insisted that Gabe had given up his plan for revenge. Billy, urging Chelsea to leave with Connor, warned that Victor would continue to hover, and Gabe would continue to sneer at Victor.

Chelsea, carefully concealing her knowledge of Gabe's true identity, explained that she often mentioned Adam to Connor so the little boy would know his father had loved him. Billy replied, "It must drive Gabe nuts, hearing Connor talk about his father." Adam overheard Billy's remark and replied, "Actually, I'm involved enough to appreciate Connor's parentage." Billy claimed that Connor was nothing like Adam. Billy asked Gabe why he seemed to maintain a "cosmic connection to Adam Newman." Before Adam could respond, Billy noted that Gabe and Adam were two of a kind.

Chelsea, clutching Connor, moved to a nearby seating area while the two men continued to argue. Adam, speaking to Billy as Gabe, mentioned Adam's videotaped confession. Gabe said Adam had expressed regret for not stepping forward sooner to claim responsibility for the accident. Billy maintained that Adam's only decent act had been dying. Billy added, "I don't ever have to see his face again, but the trouble is, I don't ever get to see Delia's face again."

Billy said Gabe wouldn't understand because he wasn't a father. Billy added that latching onto someone else's child wouldn't make Gabe a father. Chelsea interrupted the men and asked Gabe to leave with her. Billy said, "Gabe, Chelsea is Connor's mom, and he's always going to love her, but who the hell are you?" After Billy left, Adam whispered to Chelsea, "I think he might be right."

Upstairs in their suite, Chelsea asked Adam to clarify what he'd meant about Billy being right. Adam said, "I'm Gabriel Bingham, your boyfriend. We hold hands? We make out in the backseat? That kind of thing?" Adam explained that he couldn't claim his rightful relationships to Chelsea and Connor as long as they remained in Genoa City. Chelsea reminded Adam that if they fled to Paris and were arrested, Adam's fingerprints would be checked. Adam seemed undaunted.

Chelsea said that if Adam divulged his true identity, he'd be imprisoned and torn away from her and Connor. Adam said, "Outside these walls, I want to be your husband." Chelsea replied, "Is that a proposal?" Adam reminded Chelsea that he was supposed to be a dead man. Chelsea explained that whenever they were together privately, he was her husband and soul mate. Adam agreed to maintain his charade as Gabriel Bingham. Before Chelsea left the room to check on Connor, Adam said he'd make arrangements to move them back to their home.

Adam's phone rang, and he made sure Chelsea wasn't present before answering. The caller was Ian. Ian said, "The digital worm is burrowing like a champion, and Victor will never know who unleashed the beast." Adam nervously felt his left ring finger with his thumb and turned his head toward the room where Chelsea had gone. Ian said, "This is what we wanted, so feel free to be pleased." Without much emotion, Adam replied, "I am pleased. Exactly what we wanted." After the call ended, Adam seemed distressed.

At the hospital, Sage told Nick that just before she'd experienced severe abdominal pain, she'd dreamed that Victor had taken their baby. Nick said, "No one is taking our baby away from us -- not my father, not anyone." Sage began sobbing and said that perhaps the blackout had been a sign to let her know that a baby was too much to hope for. Nick noted that the lights had gone back on, signaling that everything was all right. Sage, tears rolling down her cheeks, hesitantly agreed. Nick gently kissed Sage's hand.

In the hallway, Victor, growing impatient, peered through a window and watched Nick and Sage. Nikki arrived after Victor summoned her. Abby happened by, and Nikki explained that they were concerned about Nick and Sage's baby. Dr. Greene and Ben arrived. Ben introduced Nikki and Victor. Victor insisted that Dr. Greene divulge the results of tests conducted on Sage. Dr. Greene replied, "I'll leave Dr. Rayburn to explain our HIPAA laws to you, and I'll go meet with my patient." After Dr. Greene went into Sage's room, Ben assured Victor, Nikki, and Abby that Sage was in good hands.

Dr. Greene informed Sage and Nick that their baby was developing normally. Nick said, "What about the dizziness and pains?" Dr. Greene explained that physical and hormonal changes affected patients differently. The doctor ordered bed rest for the duration of Sage's pregnancy. Nick agreed to meet with Dr. Greene later to receive additional care instructions. After Dr. Greene left, Nick told Sage that he'd been right to assure her that everything would be okay. Nick kissed Sage before leaving her so she could rest.

Nick joined his parents, Abby, and Ben in the hallway. Nick explained that Sage and the baby were fine. Ben invited Nick to join him and Abby for coffee before Dr. Greene returned. After the others left, Victor and Nikki entered Sage's room. Sage explained that she'd been instructed by her doctor to remain in bed. Victor said, "It's a very small price to pay for another Newman."

Nikki said she would ensure that Sage had everything she needed. Victor added, "Everything!" Sage grunted and quickly pressed her palm against her swollen abdomen. Victor said, "Should I get a doctor?" Sage replied, "No. The baby just kicked me really hard." Nikki and Victor left so Sage could rest. Sage's fake smile turned to a frown after Victor turned his back.

In the hallway outside Sage's room, Victoria had joined the others waiting to hear news. Victor told Nick that both he and Sage could move into the main house, where nurses could look after Sage day and night. Nick declined the offer. Victoria said, "Bed rest can be exhausting. You should take Dad up on his offer." Nick said he and Sage would rather remain in their own home. Victor and Nikki told Nick to let them know if he changed his mind. Nick thanked his parents for lending support. Victoria left with Victor and Nikki.

Dr. Greene returned to deliver additional instructions to Nick for Sage's care. Ben offered to stay, and Abby remained present, too. Dr. Greene explained that the dizziness and pain Sage had experienced could have resulted from emotional stress. Dr. Greene said she would refer Sage to a therapist who specialized in birth issues. The doctor asked Nick to encourage Sage to discuss her concerns. After Dr. Greene left, Nick solicited Ben's opinion. Ben said, "Maybe Sage's symptoms are psychosomatic, or maybe there's a medical reason for what she's experiencing. Can't hurt to double-check."

In Sage's room, Nick sat by his wife's bedside. Nick explained that Dr. Greene had suggested that Sage visit a therapist to help her deal with stress. Sage insisted that her symptoms were real. Nick assured Sage that she shouldn't worry because he would look after her. Nick added that Ben had offered to evaluate Sage's condition, too. Nick told Sage to close her eyes and rest so he could take her home the next day. Sage smiled and told Nick she loved him.

Victoria joined Billy at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar. When Billy learned about Sage's health scare, he recalled how she'd longed for a baby she thought she could never have. Victoria said, "You understood because it was similar to what you and I went through." Billy and Victoria both said they'd been fortunate to have Katie. Victoria said she hoped it would work out for Sage. Victoria added that thinking negatively was like inviting terrible things to happen. To make peace with Victoria, Billy promised to back off and not rant about how Victor had mistreated Chelsea. Victoria asked about getting back together. Billy pulled Victoria close and kissed her.

Victor and Nikki went to Chancellor Park to reflect on Katherine's memory. Nikki said they all should be thankful for family. Nikki added that she'd been reminded about how much Victor loved his family. Victor replied, "More than anything because I didn't have one when I grew up." Nikki placed her hands on Victor's shoulders and said he could be very tender and sweet.

Nikki commended Victor for having been supportive to Sage and Nick. Victor said, "It's up to you and me to keep this whole family together." Nikki assured Victor that she and Neil had never been romantically involved. Victor said he knew they hadn't. Nikki said, "You will be the only man for me, always." The couple embraced.

A New Witness Implicates Devon A New Witness Implicates Devon

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jack admired Ashley's new nameplate on her office door, and an exasperated Ashley grumbled to herself about not being able to get any work done. He questioned whether she'd thought the job would be easy, and she informed him that Internet service hadn't been working since the power outage. Ashley thanked Jack for the sweet note he'd left, but she assured him that she had things under control, and she asked why he was there. He announced that he'd made a deal with the devil, and she angrily assumed he meant Victor.

Jack explained that he and Victor had agreed to coordinate their efforts to find out more about the Paragon Project, since Victor believed it was a real threat. Jack speculated that someone was after both companies, and Ashley griped that it had only taken one day for Jack to go behind her back, but Jack insisted that it wasn't a power play. Jack said he and Victor had discussed working individually to get information and sharing what they learned, but Ashley wondered what was to stop Victor from making a deal with the project mastermind to take down Jabot together. Jack pledged to figure out who was behind it first.

Ashley was relieved when the Internet connection started working, and she saw a message about an incomplete transaction on her computer. She realized it was for a purchase order she'd automatically scheduled to be placed the night before, but she'd received a lower bid in the meantime, so the blackout had saved the company millions of dollars. Jack marveled that she'd used the blackout to her advantage, and Ashley prepared to leave to meet with a potential buyer. Jack asked her to keep her eyes and ears open about anyone with an axe to grind with the Abbotts.

At a bar in Virgin Gorda, Cane met with the lead investigator Devon had hired, and he noted that the rescue team's findings had indicated no sign of Hilary. The investigator asked if Cane wanted to continue looking, and Cane replied that he wouldn't leave until he found Hilary and cleared Devon's name. Cane handed the investigator a stack of flyers to post around town, and the man was stunned by the amount of the reward Devon was offering. Meanwhile, Michael warned Devon over the phone that offering a million-dollar reward would draw out dishonest people and send the investigators in wrong directions. Devon countered that he'd offer even more to anyone who could give him information about what had happened to Hilary.

Michael joined Cane and the investigator, and the investigator worried that they'd end up chasing bad leads. Michael hoped the generous offer helped prove Devon was innocent, since a guilty man wouldn't beg witnesses to step forward. Michael left to meet with the prosecutor, and Cane observed that the investigator looked worried. The man explained that he'd worked on many missing person cases, and it was likely that a body would never turn up if foul play had been involved.

At the prosecutor's office, the prosecutor told Michael that there was more than enough evidence to convict Devon, but Michael pointed out that it was all circumstantial, and there was no body. The prosecutor said Devon had had the opportunity to be alone with Hilary on the summit, and a witness had seen Hilary arguing with a man who matched Devon's description. Michael countered that there was no proof Devon had made the call to cancel the tour, and the witness hadn't specifically identified Devon. Michael added that Devon hadn't had a motive, but the prosecutor pointed out that Hilary had cheated on her previous husband, so it was possible she'd cheated again.

Michael called the theory a work of fiction, but the prosecutor continued that Hilary was really Anne Turner, and he speculated that perhaps she hadn't been done seeking revenge. The prosecutor added that Hilary's bloody shoe was a fact, and not having a body wouldn't stop him from trying and convicting Devon. The prosecutor advised that the best thing Michael could do was to convince Devon to admit his guilt. Michael said there was no way Devon would plead guilty to a crime he hadn't committed, and he maintained that Devon would never hurt Hilary.

The prosecutor argued that it wouldn't have been the first time a bride had been murdered on her honeymoon, but Michael reiterated that Devon and Hilary had fought against the odds to be together, and there had been no reason for Devon to be angry with Hilary. The prosecutor questioned whether Hilary had been angry with Devon, but Michael insisted that Devon was a good man who wouldn't hurt a fly, much less the woman he loved. The prosecutor said lovely words moved juries, but evidence convinced them.

At the island bar, a man approached Cane and said he hadn't been able to get through on the hotline, but he'd seen what had happened to Hilary. After the man told his story, Cane asked if the man was sure about what he'd seen, and the man replied that it hadn't been the type of thing someone forgot. The man inquired about the reward, and Cane asked him to write down his name and number and to not speak to anyone until Cane got in touch. The man left as Michael entered, and Cane revealed that he might have found a credible witness.

Cane explained that the witness had seen a man pick up Hilary on the rocks below the hiking trail and carry her off, and the man had looked a lot like the husband he'd seen on television. Michael grumbled that it was convenient that someone had remembered that after Devon had offered a reward, and Cane clarified that the witness had assumed Hilary had been drunk until he'd seen the flyer. Michael worried that it was the kind of information the prosecutor was looking for, and Cane reported that the investigator had advised that a body wouldn't be found if Hilary had been killed.

Michael fretted that it looked more and more like Hilary might be dead, and he instructed Cane to make sure no one heard about the man's eyewitness account. Cane promised he wouldn't say anything, and Michael was confident that the witness wouldn't shoot off his mouth if he wanted the reward money. Cane thought they had to find out whether the man had been telling the truth, but Michael pointed out that Devon wouldn't tell them the truth if he was guilty. Cane said they needed someone else to help them.

At the boathouse, Neil asked if Hilary was sleeping peacefully, and he crowed that he had been resting well for the first time in months, since he could finally wake up without feeling the pain that she and Devon had caused him. Neil said he'd always tried to take care of Hilary by showering her with love and trying to make her wishes a reality, but it hadn't been enough for her. He snarled that it had always been about her inflicting pain on other people, and he recalled her plot to get revenge on him. He said he'd never clearly understood the deep, obsessive impulse to pay someone back, and he'd wanted to teach her that love had the power to heal, but she'd ended up teaching him that it had the power to destroy.

At the Athletic Club, Devon told Lily that the reporter had asked for additional pictures of Hilary to increase the odds of someone recognizing her, and Lily offered to forward photos from the wedding. Devon was certain that Hilary knew he was working hard to get her home, just like he knew Hilary was doing everything she could to get back to him.

In the foyer, Joe asked Phyllis how Avery was doing, since he hadn't heard from Avery since she'd left town. Phyllis testily told him to get used to it, and she refused to discuss her sister. She demanded to know why he was still in Genoa City, and Joe asserted that he had business and friends there. He said he'd asked about Avery because he cared, but Phyllis pointed out that Avery had accused him of being a rapist. Joe reasoned that people made mistakes, and Phyllis spat that Avery's biggest one had been marrying him.

Joe insisted that he'd loved Avery, but Phyllis retorted that he'd abused and manipulated Avery, and Avery never would have been in the alley if it hadn't been for him. Phyllis continued that it was his fault Avery had left town, so she'd lost her sister because of him. Joe admitted that he'd been a lousy husband, but he contended that Phyllis had been responsible for her own loss. Joe followed Phyllis to the bar and asked if she couldn't handle the truth, since she'd left her kid sister behind with crappy parents before he'd even entered the picture.

Phyllis huffed that she and Avery had worked through that, but Joe taunted that Avery had confided in him about the deep pain Phyllis' abandonment had caused. Joe said Phyllis had lost Avery because Phyllis had been a terrible sister, and Phyllis warned Joe not to try to contact Avery, or Phyllis would make his life a "living hell." Lily approached and asked what was going on, and Joe revealed that he'd ruffled Phyllis' feathers by asking about Avery. Lily thought Joe had as much right as anyone to ask, and Phyllis thought Cane would be appalled that Lily was defending Joe.

After Phyllis stepped away, Joe remarked that it was hard to believe Phyllis and Avery were sisters, since the women were complete opposites. He agreed that Cane wouldn't appreciate Lily jumping to Joe's defense, and he apologized for causing trouble. Lily said she and Cane were working through it, and she'd learned that they had to have trust if their love was going to last. Joe recognized that Lily was the only person in town who was decent to him, and Lily proclaimed that he was a decent guy, but they'd all made mistakes in the name of love. He wondered why she saw him that way, and she called herself a good judge of character.

Ashley ran into Phyllis in the foyer and wanted to talk about the Paragon Project. Phyllis called it an imaginary plot to destroy the Newmans, but Ashley revealed that Victor had Jack believing in it, and Jack was determined to find out who was behind the vendetta. Phyllis glared at Joe and questioned why he was still in town, and she mentioned that Joe and Ashley were friends. Ashley said she didn't know Joe very well, and Phyllis commented that it seemed like he had a hidden agenda. Phyllis insinuated that Joe might be behind the Paragon Project.

Phyllis pointed out that Joe had lost a lot of money when Victor had backed out of the real estate plan, but Ashley questioned what Joe would have against Jack. Phyllis noted that Joe despised her, and Ashley thought it was a stretch, but Phyllis argued that Joe had the resources to pull it off. Ashley offered to have Victor and Jack look into it, since the men had made a deal to start working together again, and Phyllis rolled her eyes and stalked off. Ashley made a call to postpone her meeting.

Ashley joined Joe at the bar, and he was sure Phyllis had given Ashley her unbiased opinion of him. Ashley urged him not to take Phyllis seriously, and he complained that he'd been the town's punching bag since he'd moved there. Ashley asked why he was still in town, and he noted that Phyllis had asked him the same thing. Ashley pointed out that he had no family or ties to the community, and he'd admitted he had a lot of haters, so she questioned why he was sticking around. Joe vaguely stated that he still had business there.

Ashley inquired about Joe's latest dealings, and he mentioned his work with the Better Days Foundation. She recalled getting the charity's latest newsletter, and she noted that he wasn't pulling a salary. He confirmed that he was doing pro bono work for the organization, and she commented that it was hard to pay the bills that way. She pressed to find out who Joe was doing business with when he had issues with half the town, but he politely said he had to run.

At Jabot, Phyllis confronted Jack about his latest association with Victor, and Jack assured her that he hadn't forgotten a single thing Victor had done to either of them. Jack regretted that he hadn't been able to protect the people he loved when he'd been kept away from them, and he vowed that no one would ever threaten his family again. Phyllis snapped that the only threat was Victor, but Jack insisted that the Paragon Project was real. Phyllis understood that Jack planned to team up with Victor to destroy a common enemy, but she questioned what would happen if Jack lost everything he was trying to protect in the process.

Jack recognized that Phyllis had good reason not to believe that he could protect her, but he swore that no one in his family would get hurt again. She lectured that someone always got hurt when Victor was involved, but Jack refused to lose another minute with her. She begged him to step away from his alliance with Victor, but Jack wouldn't do it as long as someone was plotting to ruin their happiness. Phyllis growled that a phantom enemy wasn't getting in way of their happiness -- Victor was the one getting between them.

On the club rooftop, Devon groused to Neil that he couldn't just sit there and do nothing, but Neil reminded Devon that he'd be arrested if he returned to the Virgin Islands. Devon looked through photos on his phone to pick images of Hilary to send to the press, and Neil asked where a particular shot had been taken. Devon said it had been at the top of the Empire State Building, but he clammed up when he realized he and Hilary had taken the trip when she'd been married to Neil. Neil stressed that it was all in the past, and he remarked that he was surprised Hilary had gone to the top of the building, since she'd been deathly afraid of heights ever since a childhood incident on a Ferris wheel.

Neil added that he'd been shocked that Devon had been able to convince Hilary to take a helicopter ride and hike up a hill, and Devon blurted out that he had been responsible for everything that had happened in Virgin Gorda. Devon wailed that Hilary had only gone on the trail because he'd convinced her to, and he wondered how he hadn't known that she was afraid of heights. Devon thought she'd only done those things for him, and he'd give every penny he had to get her back. Devon shuddered at the thought of her suffering, and Neil urged him to stay strong. Devon started to break down as he contemplated losing Hilary, and Neil pulled him into a hug.

Devon resolved to keep it together and to believe that Cane and the rescue crew would find Hilary. Neil encouraged Devon not to lose hope, and Devon thought the key was to find the man Hilary had been arguing with. Neil asked if Devon had considered what he would do if something had happened to Hilary, and Devon vowed that he'd make it his priority to make sure the person responsible paid.

Later, Devon mentioned to Lily that he'd just found out from Neil that Hilary was afraid of heights. Lily wondered why Hilary had hiked up the mountain, and Devon thought Hilary had tried to tell him that she hadn't wanted to go. He wondered why Hilary hadn't told him about her phobia, especially after he'd been the one to get sick during the helicopter ride, and he pointed out that she'd told Neil about it. Lily was sure Neil hadn't meant to upset Devon, and Devon mumbled that he'd forgotten how close Neil and Hilary had been. Lily suspected Devon was jealous.

Devon asked why he'd be jealous when Hilary had left Neil to marry him, and Lily answered a call from Cane, who asked that she not let on to Devon what Cane was about to tell her. An anxious Devon inquired whether Cane had news, and Lily feigned making small talk. Cane said he had a witness who might have seen Devon carry off Hilary after she'd fallen, and Lily struggled to hide her panic.

At the boathouse, Neil told Hilary that Devon was really worried about her because he truly loved her, but she shouldn't feel bad for Devon, since Neil had loved her, too. Neil coldly said she'd broken his heart, so she'd made him do what he'd done. Neil thought Devon was right to blame himself, since Devon was partly responsible for putting her in that state. Neil suddenly realized the I.V. bag was empty, and he begged Hilary not to die on him.

Victoria and Billy Reunite Victoria and Billy Reunite

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

At Jabot, Jack told "Gabriel" that Ashley was running things, and Adam appealed to Ashley to give him his old job back. Billy overheard as he entered, and he spat that there was "no way in hell." Adam snapped that he wasn't asking for permission to offer his services, but Billy questioned why they should rehire a snake who'd worked every angle to climb his way to the top at Newman. Jack said he understood Gabriel in a way Billy didn't, and he didn't think anyone there should be throwing stones. Ashley coldly stated that Gabriel had been given plenty of chances, but he'd only proven himself to be an untrustworthy egomaniac. Jack agreed, but he also believed that was the very reason she should rehire Gabriel.

Ashley recalled that Jack had asked her to take over as CEO because she valued integrity and honesty, and she asked how hiring a man like Gabriel would honor their father's legacy. Adam argued that Victor had forced Chelsea to stay in Genoa City out of a pathological need to control her son, and he contended that hiring him would help Chelsea stick it to Victor. Billy grumbled that they could help Chelsea by kicking Gabriel to the curb, but Jack said Billy didn't get a vote. Billy demanded to know what had happened to the old Jack who he'd trusted and admired, and he stalked out. Adam thanked Jack for standing behind him, but Ashley announced that Jack didn't have a vote, either.

Jack asserted that he had a say as chairman of the board, and Ashley reminded him that he'd promised no strings had been attached when she'd taken the job. She told Gabriel to show himself out, and Jack walked Adam to the elevator. Jack noted that Adam didn't have many friends at Newman or at Jabot, and Adam contemplated whether there was a project that wouldn't require him to interact with anyone. Adam mentioned that Jack had told him about working with Victor to get information about the Paragon Project, and Jack conceded that he needed a troubleshooter to keep the threat from becoming a reality. "Who finds trouble better than I do?" Adam asked with a smirk.

Jack returned to Ashley's office and said he didn't blame Ashley for not wanting to work with Gabriel, but he contended that they would have bigger problems than personality clashes if the Paragon Project turned out to be real. Jack reasoned that Gabriel knew both companies, and he intended to hire Gabriel as an independent contractor to keep an eye on both systems for breaches. Ashley barked that it was a position that didn't need filling, and she blurted out that she had an idea of who was behind the mysterious project if it actually existed, but she refused to provide details about her suspicions.

Jack swore that he was trying to do something to help the company, but Ashley reiterated that she had no use for someone she barely tolerated. Jack planned to hire Gabriel as a consultant answering directly to him, and Ashley scolded Jack for being passive-aggressive. Jack asserted that he had a majority of the vote and the financial stake, and he intended to continue digging on his own. Jack stepped out, and he eavesdropped from outside the door as Ashley called Joe and made dinner plans for the next day.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria thanked Chelsea for meeting her, and Chelsea assumed Victoria wanted to lay down some ground rules. Victoria explained that she wasn't there to dictate terms, and she recognized that they'd butted heads in the past, but she intended to be hands-off with Chelsea's line. Victoria was confident that together they could make Chelsea's brand successful, and she wanted to clear the air to make sure there were no misunderstandings going forward. Chelsea huffed that Victor had used her son to blackmail her into staying in town.

Chelsea revealed that she'd been willing to give up her fashion line, but Victor had convinced a judge to keep her and Gabriel from leaving town by suing for visitation rights. Victoria defended that Connor was the only piece of Adam that Victor had left, but Chelsea asserted that Victor should have loved Adam instead of trying to control him. Victoria lamented that none of them could go back, and Chelsea imagined that Victoria understood how hard it was to move forward when someone like Victor was meddling in her life. Victoria recounted that Victor had arranged for her to be arrested on her wedding day to keep her from marrying Billy, and she realized that it had happened exactly five years earlier.

Victoria recalled that she and Billy had said their vows as the police car had dragged her away, and Chelsea pointed out that Victoria and Billy had won by getting married and starting a life together. Victoria noted that Chelsea and Gabriel could have the same thing, and Chelsea asked if Victoria still wanted a life with Billy. Victoria didn't feel comfortable discussing Billy, but Chelsea swore that she and Billy had never been meant to be. Victoria wondered if Chelsea thought Victoria and Billy were, and Chelsea knowingly inquired whether Victoria had to ask.

Later, Adam arrived at the coffeehouse, and Chelsea asked how his meeting had gone. He reported that Jack had made a case to give Adam his job back despite Billy and Ashley's objections, and Jack was going to bat for him one more time. Adam gushed that the world was a better place with Chelsea and Connor back in his life, and he looked forward to moving in together. Chelsea revealed that her meeting with Victoria had gone surprisingly well, and they'd ended up talking like friends. Adam warned that Chelsea could expect a knife in her neck if a Newman had been acting nice.

Chelsea said Billy and Victoria had always found their way back to one another, and Adam pointed out that he and Chelsea had, too. Chelsea complained that they could only be themselves behind closed doors, and she wished the whole world could see that they were Mr. and Mrs. Adam Newman, but it would never happen. Adam advised her to never say never, and Jack approached and announced that Adam was hired. Jack prepared to give Adam his first assignment.

Victoria returned home and found Billy on the couch, and he informed her that Hannah had taken the kids to the park. Victoria plopped down next to him, and he surmised that he wasn't the only one having a bad day. He apologized for just showing up, but he'd needed to be in a place where someone thought he was worth something, and he was still a hero to Johnny and Katie. Victoria asked why he was in a funk, and Billy spitefully revealed that Jack had been cheerleading to give Gabriel a job at Jabot.

Billy remarked that he'd always thought Jack possessed a "great B.S. detector," and he didn't understand why Jack didn't see Gabriel for the "prince of darkness" he was. Victoria chuckled and remembered that Billy had called her father the same thing, and she thought she and Billy were making progress if the title had passed to Gabriel. Victoria mentioned that she'd become nostalgic during her meeting with Chelsea, and she'd realized it would have been her and Billy's fifth wedding anniversary. Billy was surprised he hadn't remembered, and Victoria pointed out that they'd had more than a few weddings.

Billy and Victoria recounted their various wedding ceremonies, and Billy envisioned how beautiful Delia had looked as a flower girl. He mused that good and bad memories were part of life, and Victoria clarified that it had been their life. Billy questioned whether they should celebrate by looking back or forward, and Victoria suggested that they do both as long as they were together. He asked if they were together, and she noted that they weren't apart anymore. He added that it felt right, and he amorously pointed out that the kids would be away for at least another hour. Billy and Victoria tenderly made love.

During a call with Cane, Lily tried to hide her panic in front of Devon when Cane informed her that a new eyewitness might have seen Devon carry away an unconscious Hilary. Lily fibbed to Devon that Cane wanted to discuss the twins, and she stepped aside to finish the call privately. She insisted that Devon hadn't hurt Hilary, and she imagined that eyewitnesses had lined up around the block after Devon had offered a hefty reward, but Cane told her that he believed the man's story was legitimate. Lily questioned why the witness hadn't stepped forward earlier, and Michael took the phone from Cane and explained that they had to entertain the possibility that the man was telling the truth.

Michael repeated the witness' account of what he'd seen, but Lily remained skeptical. Michael thought the only way to know if the witness was credible was to get Devon to tell them what had really happened, and Lily countered that Michael wouldn't have suggested that if he saw Devon's agony. Michael speculated that Devon's demeanor could also be an indication that he was holding something back, and Lily threatened to hang up. Michael reasoned that it was his job to ask the ugly questions before the prosecution did, and she reluctantly agreed to see what she could do.

After Lily hung up, she turned back to Devon, who apologized for making Cane leave her and the kids. Lily reported that the police were giving Cane and Michael a hard time by trying to punch holes in Devon's alibi, and she suggested they go over it again to find details that could help Cane and Michael. Devon noted that Lily had said Cane had been asking about the kids, but he demanded to know what the call had really been about. Lily told Devon about the new witness, and Devon was sure it was all about the reward money, but Lily worried that the man's story was credible. Lily pleaded with Devon to be honest with her, and she promised she wouldn't judge him if he'd been on the trail with Hilary.

Lily offered to go somewhere else to talk, and Devon testily wondered if she expected him to confess to something he hadn't done. He blasted her for believing a stranger's word over his, and he swore that it didn't prove he was guilty. Lily bemoaned that the media had already tried and convicted Devon, and she pressed him to trust her. Devon snapped that she was the one who had to trust him, and he questioned how he was supposed to convince a jury of his innocence when his sister, his brother-in-law, and his lawyer thought he was a murderer. Devon stormed off.

In Virgin Gorda, Jimmy, the witness who had responded to the flyer, walked into the island bar, and Cane reminded Jimmy that he'd be in touch after he verified Jimmy's story. Jimmy insisted that he knew what he'd seen, and Michael introduced himself as Devon's attorney. Michael explained that they had to make sure Jimmy's claims lined up with the evidence before they handed over a million dollars. Jimmy was sure that the information was also valuable to the police, and he refused to cover up the truth for Michael's client. Jimmy stalked off, and Michael stopped Cane from going after him, since an assault charge would only make things worse.

Later, Michael ranted about the numerous frivolous leads on the hotline, and he griped that the reward was complicating everything. Cane wondered if Devon's intent had been to slow down the process, and the prosecutor entered the bar. Michael introduced Mr. Donovan to Cane, and Donovan sternly stated that Michael had been holding out on him. Michael said they'd spoken to hundreds of potential witnesses who had hoped to claim the reward money, but all of them had only been interested in the cash. Donovan contended that one witness' account could help prove Devon was guilty of murder.

In the boathouse, Neil freaked out when he noticed that Hilary's I.V. bag was empty, and he begged her not to die on him. He rushed across the room to fetch a replacement, and he urged her to hang in there as he hurriedly installed the new drip. Neil contended that he would have let Hilary drown if he'd wanted her to die, but he'd saved her and taken her back to their dream house, where they should have been living the whole time. Neil realized that Hilary needed more help than him checking her pulse and swapping out her I.V., and he said he knew exactly where to go to get it.

Neil entered a supply closet at the hospital, and he saw a sign on a locked cabinet that stated a hospital identification badge was required for access. He crept back out into the corridor, where he ran into Gwen with a hospital employee. Neil worriedly asked if Gwen was okay, and she explained that she was taking her sister, Emma, out to lunch. Emma asked what Neil had been doing in supply closet, since it was a restricted area.

Neil claimed that he'd stopped by the hospital to get a prescription to help him sleep, since he'd been having trouble after Hilary had disappeared. He added that the media had been hounding him for quotes, and he'd ducked inside the closet when he'd spotted a reporter. Gwen sympathized that Neil was under a lot of stress, and Neil noted that it had been especially rough on Devon. Neil eyed Emma's hospital badge as he lamented that it was getting increasingly harder to hold out hope.

On the club rooftop, Lily left a message for Michael about her disastrous conversation with Devon, and she groaned that the nightmare was getting worse. Gwen and Emma arrived, and Gwen crossed over to say hello to Lily. Gwen said she was sorry to hear about Hilary and Devon, and Lily rambled about there being no proof Devon had done anything wrong. Gwen said she hadn't meant to imply anything, and she mentioned that she'd seen Neil at the hospital earlier. Lily worriedly asked why he'd been at the hospital, and Gwen relayed his story about getting a prescription sleep aid, but she was sure his doctor hadn't prescribed anything Neil couldn't handle.

Cane called Lily and divulged that Michael had told him about her message, and she informed him that she'd heard second-hand that Neil had obtained sleeping pills. Cane assured her that a doctor wouldn't give Neil something habit-forming, but Lily was scared of where it might lead. Cane suggested that Lily talk to Neil about it before she got worked up over nothing, and Lily asked what had happened with the witness. Cane revealed that he and Michael had tried to prove the man's story, but they had ended up in jail.

Neil rushed to the Crimson Lights patio to meet Devon, who informed Neil about the new witness. Devon lamented that everyone doubted him, and he didn't want to drag Neil in deeper, but he had nowhere else to turn. Devon said he wouldn't blame Neil if he turned his back on Devon, too, but Neil maintained that he would always be there for his son. Devon said he deserved to lose Neil because of the hurt Devon had caused him, and Neil flashed back to showing Hilary the incriminating video. Neil insisted he had forgiven Devon, and Devon bemoaned that he didn't know if he was being foolish to think he would find Hilary alive or if he was just setting himself up for more heartache.

Neil was confident that Michael would clear Devon's name, and he said Cane was determined to find Hilary. Devon thought he looked guiltier as more time passed, and he thought he'd have nothing left to live for if Hilary was gone, so he might as well be behind bars. Neil understood that Devon's world was crumbling, but he was adamant that Devon had many things to live for. Devon conceded that there was one thing -- finding out who had been responsible for hurting Hilary and making that person pay with his life.

Devon Returns to Virgin Gorda Devon Returns to Virgin Gorda

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Phyllis marveled to Jack that the decorator had done an amazing job remodeling the Abbott cabin, and he remarked that no one would ever guess that two people had been murdered there. He pledged to put their troubles behind them while they were there, and they agreed that electronics were off-limits. Phyllis added that there would be no talk about business, but she couldn't help but complain about Jack's recent dealings with Victor and Gabriel, and she acknowledged that she'd broken the rules already.

Jack handed Phyllis a glass of wine, and she asked if his plan was to ply her with alcohol so she'd forget about her concerns. Jack explained that he'd tried to get it out of her system on the way to the cabin, but it hadn't worked. Phyllis maintained that he was making a mistake, and Jack reiterated that he was doing what he believed was right for Jabot and for his family. He suggested they follow the house rules and focus on themselves, and he kissed her neck. She recognized that he was trying to distract her, and he was doing a great job. They fell into bed.

Jack and Phyllis cuddled after making love, and he asked if she was hungry. She said no, and he invited her to join him in the shower. She opted to go outside and get some air, and she looked lost in thought as he headed to the shower alone.

Later, Jack emerged from the bathroom and called out to Phyllis, but he found the cabin empty. He checked his phone and saw a missed call from Ashley, and he left a message for Phyllis, since he was worried about her being in the woods alone. Meanwhile, Phyllis made her way through the woods with a flashlight, and she was surprised when she ran into a man. Ian turned around and said he hadn't expected to see anyone out there, either, but it was a nice surprise.

Ian apologized for startling Phyllis, and he called the area isolated and beautiful. He added that he liked to think and stargaze there, and she commented that it was a good place for both things. Ian stated that the stars were good companions for listening to all his troubles, but they didn't offer helpful advice like well-meaning people did. He pointed to a particular star that was brighter than all the others, and he claimed it was his wife who'd just passed away.

Phyllis expressed her condolences, and Ian said he'd told his wife that they'd always be tied together by a tiny thread that no one else could see. He noticed Phyllis' wedding ring and asked if she'd been married long, and she replied that it was a long, complicated story. He guessed that she was there to think, too, and she explained that she and her husband had escaped to his family's cabin to reconnect. Ian surmised that it hadn't been going well, since her husband wasn't with her, and he offered to lend an ear.

Phyllis confided that she'd been having trouble with some of her husband's decisions, and Ian counseled that it was part of marriage to agree and disagree, but sometimes spouses discovered that they saw things differently. Phyllis wished the stars could give her advice, and Ian said if they could, they'd tell her that all that mattered was trust. Ian suggested that she trust her husband to make the right choices, and her anger and resentment would disappear.

At the Dive Bar, Neil gazed at an image of the reward flyer on his tablet computer, and Gwen joined him and asked if there had been any word. He reported that there had been nothing, but he was trying to stay strong for Devon. Gwen said she'd been thinking about Neil since she'd seen him the other day, and Neil wondered if she'd like to have dinner with him that night. She recommended a Brazilian place, but he preferred to have a quiet night away from media attention, and he suggested that she make a pasta primavera she'd bragged about.

Lily worriedly approached and told Neil that something had happened, and Gwen stepped aside to give them some privacy. Lily revealed that Cane and Michael had been arrested for withholding information about a potential witness, so the men were in jail. She was afraid Devon was reaching his breaking point, and she thought he'd been avoiding her because he believed she'd accused him of being responsible for Hilary's disappearance.

Neil questioned whether Lily thought Devon was guilty, but Lily defended that people would say anything for money. Lily wanted to be sure Devon knew that she believed he would never hurt Hilary, and she turned the topic to how Neil was doing, since Gwen had told her that he'd picked up a prescription for sleeping pills. Neil assured Lily that the pills weren't addictive, and he was being careful, but he'd needed a few nights of sleep to be ready for whatever happened next with Hilary and Devon.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adam ordered a scotch and introduced himself as Gabriel to Joe, and Joe said he knew Gabriel's reputation in the corporate world. Adam replied that he was aware of Joe's success in property development, and Joe pointed out that the warehouse district project had been an exception. Adam commented that it was how one handled such losses that counted, and he offered to buy Joe a drink while they talked about what else Joe had in the works. Ashley approached and testily asked "what the hell" Gabriel thought he was doing.

Ashley pulled Adam aside and warned him to stay away from Joe, and Adam deadpanned that Joe wasn't his type. Ashley revealed that she knew Jack had asked Gabriel to find out if Joe was connected to the Paragon Project, and Adam assured her that they were on the same side. She explained that she and Joe had a history, so she'd be the one to get information out of him. Adam taunted that he'd actually be finding out who was behind Paragon while she was working her magic, and he took off. Ashley left a voicemail for Jack, insisting that he call her back right away.

Ashley perused the menu and asked what looked good, and Joe flirtatiously replied that everything did. She affectionately said he never changed, and they looked forward to their evening as they clinked their wine glasses together. Joe asked what Ashley and Gabriel had been discussing, and she claimed that she and Gabriel didn't like one another, so she'd thought Gabriel might have been talking smack to her date. Joe said he and Gabriel had only been talking about business, and Ashley wondered if it had involved the project Joe had previously mentioned.

Ashley excused herself to take a call from Jack, and she accused Jack of eavesdropping on her conversation and sending Gabriel after Joe. Jack claimed he'd innocently overheard her conversation when he'd returned to get something in the office, and he stressed that they were on the same team. Ashley ordered Jack to stay out of her way.

Lily approached Joe, and they talked about how Charlie missed Cane, but she stepped away when Ashley returned. Ashley explained that she'd been working nonstop since she'd become CEO, and Joe pointed out that she no longer had to deal with Victor. She remarked that the Abbotts were happy to have their family company back, but the battle with Victor wasn't over, since there was still unresolved resentment from the merger. Ashley guessed that Victor wasn't finished trying to destroy her father's legacy, and she refused to stand by and let Victor strike again. Joe said he understood how she felt.

Joe conceded that Victor had cost him a huge opportunity, but it had been nothing compared to what Victor had done to Ashley and her family. Joe advised Ashley against pursuing a vendetta, and he referred to how he'd made things worse for everyone by trying to get back at Dylan and Avery. Joe wished he'd moved on and focused on the future, and Ashley asked if he had let go of the past. He confirmed he had, and he urged her to forget about getting back at Victor, since it wouldn't be worth it.

Phyllis returned to the cabin, and she caught Jack breaking the rules by using his phone. He defended that he'd been calling her, but she informed him that she'd left her phone in the car. He acknowledged that she was upset with him, and he admitted that he'd tried to call Ashley, too. Phyllis reminded Jack of his promise that Victor would be out of their lives, and Jack asked if there was something he could say to get them beyond it.

Phyllis reiterated that she hated Jack's involvement with Victor, and she worried Jack would end up hurt, but she stood behind Jack if that was what he needed to do. Jack thanked her, and she cautioned that it didn't mean she'd keep her mouth shut, but Jack said he expected nothing less. He asked what had changed her mind, and she replied that she'd realized that she had to trust him. They kissed.

At the penthouse, Chelsea thanked the Realtor for getting her back into her home, and she pointed out that the agent would still get a commission for the sale of Gabriel's place. The Realtor said she needed Gabriel to sign the sales contract, and Chelsea was surprised he hadn't done it when he'd met with the agent the other night. The Realtor revealed that Gabriel had never shown up, and Chelsea tried to cover her irritation.

Later, Adam exuberantly declared that he was home, and he approached Chelsea to kiss her hello, but she turned away. She snapped that they hadn't been back a week before he'd lied to her, and she handed him the real estate paperwork. Chelsea divulged that the Realtor had stopped by with the documents he'd supposedly signed the other night, but he'd never met the agent like he'd told Chelsea he had. Chelsea asked where Adam had been that night.

Adam flashed back to initiating the Paragon Project on Victor's computer, and Chelsea wondered if he was creating a lie in his head. He claimed he'd gone to Jabot to get his old job back, but Chelsea didn't understand why he'd lied about it. Adam informed her that he wasn't returning to his old position, since Jack had assigned him to a special project that involved Victor. Chelsea questioned whether the special project was to get revenge on Victor, but Adam explained that someone was threatening both companies, so Victor and Jack had decided to work together to find out who it was.

Chelsea warned that Victor and Jack only had their best interests in mind, and she wondered about Adam's. Adam asserted that he could take care of himself, but she testily referred to what had happened the last time. He tried to stop her from storming upstairs, but she flatly stated that she was done talking about it, since Adam would be stuck in the middle between Jack and Victor, and he was dragging her and Connor along for the ride.

Adam's phone rang, and he rolled his eyes when he saw who the caller was. He curtly asked what the person wanted, and Ian asked if his partner was getting cold feet. Adam snapped to let him do his job, but Ian had the feeling there was something Gabriel wasn't telling him. Chelsea grabbed the phone out of Adam's hand, assuming Jack was on the line, and she told Jack to leave Adam out of it. Adam tried covering with an apology, but Ian had already hung up.

Adam sternly warned Chelsea that anyone could have been on the phone, and Chelsea said she hadn't been thinking because she'd been upset. He reprimanded her for risking exposing him like that, and Chelsea whined that Victor was getting between them like he always had. Adam said it would only happen if they let it, but Chelsea countered that they were already fighting over Victor, and they never should have returned to Genoa City.

At the boathouse, Neil examined Hilary's I.V. and said things were looking good, and he murmured that he'd never wanted that for Hilary. He admitted that he'd wanted her to feel the pain that she and Devon had caused him, and he'd gone to Virgin Gorda to ruin her honeymoon and her marriage, but things had spiraled out of control. Neil wondered if Devon really was guilty, and he implored Hilary to wake up and tell everyone what had happened.

Neil contemplated whether Devon had found Hilary on the trail and fought with her about the video, but he recognized that a stranger might have harmed her, or she might have just slipped. Neil said Hilary had to wake up, or people might think he was a jealous ex-husband who had gone to the Virgin Islands to kill his ex, but it wasn't true. Neil swore he'd never wanted things to turn out that way, and he tried to convince himself that she would wake up. He realized that he needed more medical supplies, and he thought he knew where to get them.

At Gwen and Emma's apartment, Emma returned home from work and set her hospital identification badge on the table. Gwen chirped that she was making Neil dinner, and Emma teased that Gwen was hoping food wasn't Neil's only request. Gwen excitedly anticipated the evening ahead, and Emma hoped Neil treated Gwen better than Devon had. There was a knock at the door, and Gwen eagerly invited Neil in. He thanked her for having him over and complimented the smell of the food. Emma announced that it was Gwen's famous pasta. Emma grabbed her keys and left to meet some friends, and Neil noticed the badge she'd left behind.

Over dinner, Neil said if Gwen ever gave up on finance, she could cook full-time for him. She inquired about the pay, and he replied that it was minimum wage with amazing fringe benefits. She offered to consider it while she grabbed the peach cobbler for dessert, and she ducked into the kitchen. Neil made a beeline for Emma's badge, but Gwen returned before he could grab it. Gwen purred that she'd had a really nice time that evening, and she kissed him passionately. She suggested they skip dessert, and she led him to the bedroom.

Michael and Cane returned to their island hotel, and Michael quipped that he could cross off another thing on his bucket list after spending the night in jail in the Virgin Islands. They opened the door to their suite and were shocked to find Devon inside. Devon proclaimed that he was there to clear his name, since neither Michael nor Cane believed he was innocent. Michael swore that he and Cane were on Devon's side, but Devon demanded to know why Cane had asked Lily to grill Devon about the day Hilary had disappeared.

Michael recapped the witness' story, and Devon assumed Michael believed the man's account. Michael explained that he had to investigate all information to prove Devon wasn't guilty, but Cane said they couldn't ignore that everything they'd discovered made things look worse. Devon wondered if they'd forgotten everything they knew about him, since he'd never hurt a woman, much less the love of his life. Devon insisted on talking to the witness himself.

Cane summoned Jimmy to the hotel suite, and Jimmy asked if they believed him and intended to pay him the reward. Devon stepped into the room and ordered Jimmy to tell the story to Devon's face, and Jimmy recounted that he'd been walking his dog when he'd seen a man on the beach, struggling to carry something. Jimmy had realized it had been an unconscious woman, and he'd simply thought the woman had been drunk, but he'd tried to help when he'd seen the flyer.

Devon asked Jimmy to take a good look at Hilary's photo to be sure she had been the woman he'd seen, and Jimmy replied that he was pretty sure it had been Hilary. Michael noted that Jimmy had previously stated that the man he'd seen on the beach had looked like Devon, and Jimmy said he'd seen Devon's picture on television, but the man he'd seen on the beach had been taller with more hair. Jimmy conceded that he couldn't be absolutely sure, but the man on the beach probably hadn't been Devon.

Later, Michael announced that the plane was ready on the tarmac, but Devon hesitated to go home. Cane answered a call and learned that someone had witnessed a woman on a gurney being loaded into a plane on a remote airfield the same day Hilary had gone missing. Michael and Cane urged Devon to leave the island, but Devon refused to go until he got answers. Meanwhile, Hilary slowly awakened and grimaced in pain.

Neil Steals Meds from the Hospital Neil Steals Meds from the Hospital

Friday, September 11, 2015

Kevin arrived at Victor's office, and Victor told him to close the door behind him. Victor referred to the strange incident that had occurred during Katherine's memorial, and he asked what Kevin thought had happened. Kevin replied that he didn't know, but people had speculated that Katherine had been pulling a prank. Victor chuckled, and Kevin remarked that if anyone could have done it, it would have been her. Victor said it was an entertaining thought, but he believed the blackout had been part of a serious attack on him and Newman Enterprises, and he wanted to find out who had been behind it.

Victor suspected a cyber attack had occurred on the night of the blackout, and Kevin inquired whether Victor had seen any sinister pop-ups on his computer. Victor asked if that was the method Kevin would have used, but Kevin swore that he'd never attack a scary man like Victor, and he would have chosen an easier target. Kevin suggested that the attacker might have left behind clues, since hackers wanted to sign their work. Kevin pointed out that Victor had a team of tech guys, but Victor said his employees had never worked outside the bounds of the law like Kevin had.

Victor noted that Kevin had demonstrated a hacker's instinct, and he thought they could work well together to protect Victor's family. Kevin theorized that the hacker knew Victor's friends and family were important to him, so the attacker had expected Victor to attend Katherine's memorial. Kevin added that it had been the perfect night to launch an attack with everyone out of the office, and he suggested that Victor have his team take a look at the system, since Kevin already had a job. Victor offered Kevin a lucrative side job.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan wrapped his arms around Sharon and mused that "Mom" would have to take it easy soon, and she said she would miss their breaks. They kissed, and Mariah entered and asked if the health department was okay with such activities near the cupcakes. Dylan returned to work, and Mariah asked if Sharon had been to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy. Sharon claimed that it was too soon to take a pregnancy test, but Mariah pressed her to get a blood test to be sure. Sharon asserted that she knew what being pregnant felt like, but Mariah worried that Sharon was driving herself crazy by hoping that Dylan never found out she'd lost the baby.

Sharon lamented that the hard part was lying to Dylan, and Mariah begged her to tell him. Sharon maintained that Dylan had already been through enough, and Mariah questioned whether Sharon was afraid Dylan would leave her. Sharon reiterated that Dylan would be heartbroken if he suffered the loss of another child, but Mariah argued that Dylan and Sharon were in it together. Sharon said Dylan had taken their relationship to the next level because of the idea of creating a family, but Mariah insisted that the couple shared more than that, and she thought Sharon was underestimating how much he loved her.

Dylan stopped by Esther's table and asked if she was okay, and she said the coffee was fine, but she definitely wasn't. She explained that she'd agreed to stay on as housekeeper at the Chancellor mansion after Katherine had died, but Colin had started chasing her. Dylan was shocked, and Esther complained that Jill hadn't believed her, so she'd walked out. Esther continued that she'd felt powerful at first, but she'd realized that she needed a job. She prepared to look over the want ads again, but Dylan informed her that he needed help there, since a pregnant Sharon would have to stop working soon. Esther gushed that she would love to help them.

Dylan interrupted Sharon and Mariah's conversation to announce his latest hire, and Sharon welcomed Esther aboard. As Sharon showed Esther around, Mariah asked Dylan for his insight about the "man brain." Mariah claimed that she was trying to understand men better, since she and Kevin were slowly taking their relationship to the next level, and both she and Kevin had been through things that had made them wary. She wondered if Kevin would be reminded of bad times with his exes if she let him down, and she thought he might bail on her.

Mariah asked what Dylan would do in that situation, and Dylan replied that he'd needed to walk away and regroup after he'd had his heart broken, but he'd known when he'd clicked with someone again. Dylan noted that Kevin didn't seem to have one foot out the door, and he suggested that Mariah had doubts. Mariah questioned when a woman could be sure that a man was all in, and Dylan opined that it was when someone stuck around during the bad days and hard times. Mariah pointed out that Dylan and Sharon had been through such times, and Dylan thought the rough patches had bonded them.

Dylan reflected back on when Sharon had been facing murder charges, and he'd gotten to know and understand her when he'd worked to clear her name. Dylan added that he and Sharon had become close long before the baby, and Sharon overheard and nervously asked why they were talking about the baby. Mariah said she'd been asking Dylan for advice about Kevin, like how to know that Kevin wouldn't bolt at the first sign of trouble. Sharon wondered how the subject had turned to the baby, and Dylan said he'd been explaining the beginning of their relationship.

Sharon marveled that she had suddenly seen Dylan in a new light, and she had known he accepted her for who she was. Dylan kissed her and declared that they were making a life and a family together. Mariah pointedly commented that they could tell one another anything, and Dylan responded that they shared anything and everything. Dylan reminded Sharon to pick up Faith, and Sharon shot Mariah a look and said she'd be right back.

Esther told Dylan that she could start right away on one condition -- she reserved the right to refuse service to Colin. Dylan said Colin hadn't spent much time there, so it shouldn't be an issue, and Esther grumbled that Colin was a sneak and a conniver, just like he had been with Devon. Esther revealed that when Devon had been sneaking around with a married Hilary, Colin had received large sums of money and whispery phone calls, since he'd been blackmailing Devon. She was sure Colin was still up to something, and Dylan looked thoughtful.

At the tack house, Faith presented Sage with hot cider, and she noted that Sage was on the couch, but the doctor had prescribed bed rest. Sage explained that couch rest was just as good, and Faith offered to fetch a blanket, but Sage replied that she wasn't cold. Faith tucked a blanket around Sage and worried that the baby was cold, and she fretted that something bad could happen again. Nick assured Faith that everyone was safe, and nothing bad would happen to Sage or the baby.

Victor stopped by to check on Sage, and Faith chirped that she was helping Sage get couch rest. Faith checked Victor's pocket but found it empty, and he reached behind her ear and pulled out a coin. He said they'd have to teach the baby their tricks, and Faith exclaimed that she'd teach both babies. Faith asked Nick to help her put the money in her piggy bank, and they went upstairs. Victor told Sage to let him know if there was anything she needed, and he said there was something he wanted to say to her.

Victor had a feeling that Sage had heard uncomplimentary things about him, and she admitted that she'd heard rumors. He assured her they were vastly exaggerated, since he loved his children and his grandchildren, and he enjoyed having them all around him because he'd grown up without a family. He vowed that he would do anything in his power to protect them, and he thought Sage would understand when her baby grew up. Nick returned, and Victor asked to discuss something with Nick outside.

On the porch, Victor informed Nick that he thought the Paragon Project was about to be set in motion, and it would be disastrous if someone cracked their network. Victor added that he needed all hands on deck, so he wanted Nick to spend as much time at the office as possible. Nick countered that Sage also needed him, and he intended to put his family first. Victor contended that he was family, too, and Nick said he respected that, but he had to focus on his wife and children. Victor said he understood, and he walked away.

Nick told Sage that Victor wanted him at the office to help ward off a big attack, and Sage encouraged Nick to be there. Nick balked at leaving her side before Stitch figured out the cause of her pains, but Sage insisted that he talk to his dad. She reasoned that she was supposed to avoid stress, and if Nick was back at work, Victor had less reason to drop by, so she'd be under less stress.

Later, Faith greeted Sharon, and Sage praised that Faith had been doing an excellent job taking care of her. Faith asked if they could stay for a while, but Sharon said she was in a hurry, and she'd hoped to go back to the coffeehouse together. Sage insisted that she would be all right, and Sharon sent Faith upstairs to get her bag. Sage mentioned that Faith had been pampering her, and she was glad Faith could see that Sage and the baby were fine. Faith returned and said goodbye to Sage's baby, and she told Sharon that the baby had moved the first time she'd talked to it. Faith wondered if it would happen with Sharon's baby, too, and she put her hand on Sharon's belly, but she said she didn't feel anything.

Sharon told Faith that it was too early to feel anything, and Faith asked why. Sharon changed the topic by saying Sage had told her that Faith had been a big help, and she suggested that Faith stay with Sage that night. Sharon insisted that she and Nick had been flexible with one another, and she offered to pick up Faith in the morning for school. Sharon left, but she stopped outside and looked concerned as she touched her stomach.

Victor returned to his office, and Kevin reported that he'd found a hacker at the gate of the Newman system. Kevin was impressed with the hacker's skills, but he hadn't found any way to identify the attacker. Victor inquired whether there had been any damage to the system, and Kevin divulged that the company's firewall had prevented the hack and that he hadn't found any sign of a Trojan horse. Kevin asked how Newman and Jabot had handled the cyber security when the companies had split, and he thought they should tell Jack. Victor ordered Kevin to share nothing outside those four walls, and Kevin reluctantly agreed.

Kevin arrived at the coffeehouse and told Mariah that Victor had hired him to troubleshoot the Newman computer system, since Victor thought a hacker had caused the power glitch while hacking into the network. He pointed out that Newman Tower had been the one building that hadn't lost power, and Mariah asked who the hackers had been, but Kevin said Victor had sworn him to secrecy. "And?" she prompted.

Kevin said he'd found an attempted hack, but Victor didn't want him to share the information with Jack. Mariah was sure Victor wouldn't have a problem if the hacker hit Jabot, and Kevin grappled with what to do. Mariah advised him to stay out of it, since she'd worked for Victor, and she knew from experience that he didn't like his people going rogue. Kevin argued that Jack deserved to know, but Mariah warned Kevin not to fall on the wrong side of Victor Newman.

Nick arrived at Victor's office, and he apologized for being dismissive earlier. Victor understood that Nick was concerned about Sage and the baby, but Nick conceded that hovering over her wouldn't do any good. Nick agreed to be there for work the next day, and he credited Sage with changing his mind. Victor applauded her for encouraging Nick to go to work instead of making him feel guilty for doing so, and Nick swore she'd never do that. Victor said he was glad Nick had decided to stay with the company.

After Gwen and Neil had sex at her apartment, she remarked that she would have called him the week before if she'd known that would happen. He asked why she hadn't, and she replied that she'd been nervous he'd turn her down. He scoffed at the idea of any guy turning her down, and she pointed out that Devon had. Neil joked that Devon had never had her pasta primavera, and Gwen recalled running into Neil at the hospital. Neil flashed back to finding the locked cabinet in the hospital supply closet, and Gwen asked where his mind had gone.

Gwen said she felt terrible about Hilary going missing, and she could only imagine what Neil was going through with the bad press about Devon. Neil swore he was doing everything he could to end the nightmare. Gwen thought it was amazing that Neil had completely forgiven Hilary and Devon, and Neil asked why she thought that. Gwen pointed out that Neil was determined to find Hilary and to clear Devon's name, and Neil stated that he had to do it for his son.

Neil added that he understood Devon and Hilary hadn't had an affair out of malice, and they had meant to tell him that they were in love, but no one could have foreseen how things had spiraled out of control. Gwen apologized for making it worse by talking about it, and she said being there with Neil had been wonderful. Neil said he had to make some calls, and he encouraged Gwen to get some sleep while he stepped out to handle them. In the living room, Neil picked up Emma's hospital badge and headed out.

Later, Gwen was surprised to discover that Neil had left without a word. Meanwhile, Neil nervously entered the hospital supply closet, and he swiped Emma's badge in the locked cabinet to gain access. He loaded medical supplies into a briefcase.

Hilary awakened in the boathouse, and she grimaced as she sat up. She called out hello, and she wondered where she was. Hilary yelled out for someone, and as she looked around, she flashed back to Neil taking her on a tour of their new home. "My dream house," she murmured as her eyes widened in panic. Hilary called out for Neil, and she recalled Neil telling her how the house matched her description of the home she'd always dreamed of having. She tried to get up, but she knocked over the I.V. stand before she collapsed back into bed, unconscious.

Neil returned to the boathouse and set the I.V. stand upright, and he received an apologetic text message from Gwen. "I am so sorry," he softly said.

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