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Victor secretly arranged for Kelly to make bail and leave town. Neil confessed to Paul that he had been responsible for Christine's accident. Kevin discovered video footage of Stitch threatening Austin. Victoria walked in on Stitch comforting Abby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 16, 2015 on Y&R
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Jack Thwarts Adam's Plan to Reveal Himself

Jack Thwarts Adam's Plan to Reveal Himself

Monday, March 16, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, a drunken Adam insisted on toasting Billy and Chelsea's engagement in a room filled with family and friends. Adam punctuated the introduction to his toast by waving the tip of an emptied champagne bottle. Jack attempted to deter Adam from speaking. Chelsea perked up and was eager to hear Adam out. Sage winced and glared at Adam. Adam said that marriage was a promise made by a couple to love each other forever.

When Adam claimed that he and his bride had pledged to remain together until death and even after death. Jack again attempted and failed to silence Adam. Staring directly at Chelsea, Adam said, "My wife needs to know how much I love her. I never stopped loving her, and she has no idea who I am." Jack wrangled Adam by the arm and pulled him into another room. After Jack, Adam, and Phyllis left the room, Kyle toasted his uncle and Chelsea. Billy thanked Kyle and noted that the party had taken a weird turn. Chelsea replied, "Poor Gabriel. Our happy engagement reminds him of his unhappy marriage."

In the Abbotts' dining room, Adam told Jack that Chelsea and Billy's wedding had to be stopped. Jack reminded Adam that he was the one who'd insisted on making everyone believe he was dead. Phyllis poked her head in and asked if everything was all right. Jack said he was helping his guest become sober. Jack closed the door after Phyllis walked away.

Jack, addressing Adam, said, "I thought this was supposed to be your shot at redemption to prove that you're a new man." Adam said he wanted to get back to his life with Chelsea and raise his son. Jack berated Adam and said that if he revealed his identity too soon it would serve no one but himself. Jack added that Adam hadn't changed and acted every bit like Victor Newman's son. Adam again said he desperately wanted to reunite with his wife and son.

Jack warned Adam that Chelsea wouldn't likely welcome him with open arms because he'd lied to her for so long a time. Jack added that Adam would likely be imprisoned for Delia's death. Jack explained that Chelsea was in love with Billy. Jack advised Adam to consider letting go of Chelsea. Adam rose to his feet and said, "That's never going to happen. Chelsea and I will be together." Jack pleaded with Adam to wait and trust that the situation would work itself out in time.

Back in the Abbotts' living room, Kyle approached a nervous Abby and cautioned her about confiding to anyone. Kyle explained that someone wanted the people aware of Austin's murder to remain mum. Abby, thinking of her breach of confidence, said, "What if it was someone trusted?" Ashley interrupted and demanded to know what Kyle and Abby were discussing. Abby claimed she was just tired and should return to Victoria's house to rest. Kyle offered to accompany Abby, but she insisted she would be fine.

Billy tried to pin Chelsea down on a wedding date, but she insisted that 30 days for planning were inadequate. Phyllis joined the conversation and said that Jack had planned for them to marry in a month. After Phyllis received a phone call and stepped away, Chelsea told Billy that their wedding would have to wait until after Jack and Phyllis' wedding. Billy replied, "Is that so?" He took a gulp of champagne and seemed disappointed. Across the room, Phyllis learned disturbing news and quietly slipped out the front door. Kyle received a text message from Kevin stating that he hadn't heard from Abby.

Adam returned to face his guests and apologized. Billy said he understood. Adam said, "I know this isn't the time or place for me to bare my soul. I'll have to wait until I can get the right person alone for that." Chelsea had stepped away, and Sage personally apologized for Gabriel's behavior. Chelsea's response was pert, and Sage replied, "Is there something else bothering you?" Across the room, Billy listened for Chelsea's reply.

Chelsea hesitated before answering Sage. Glancing at Adam and Billy, Chelsea said that Billy had caught her off-guard with his demand to marry as soon as possible. Sage replied, "That would be a problem?" Chelsea explained that she wanted a grand wedding, which would take time to plan, so she was content with a long engagement. Jack panicked after he noticed that Phyllis had left.

At the Genoa City police station, Kelly feared that Victor had double-crossed her when he showed up to post bail without summoning a lawyer. Kelly said, "I did everything that you told me to do." Victor explained that he couldn't be seen taking the side of Kelly's attorney because he should insist that she pay for the sins she'd committed against Phyllis. Victor cautioned Kelly not to divulge his part in paying her bail. Kelly thanked Victor "for playing his part."

In Victor's reply to Kelly, he said, "Now you must play yours. You've got to stop acting in such a confident, cocky manner. You must give the impression, especially to Jack Abbott, of being a jilted, fragile bird." Victor instructed Kelly to act as if she'd been driven to commit extreme acts because she'd been deeply hurt after losing Jack. He told her to retreat to the suite he'd reserved for her at the Genoa City Athletic Club and prepare herself for what was about to come. Kelly nodded when Victor said, "Be a good girl."

At Crimson Lights, Summer sparred with Mariah over Austin's role as a loving husband. Mariah said that for the first time she actually felt sorry for Summer. Summer insisted that she and Austin had truly loved each other. Summer angrily noted that Mariah would never know that kind of love. Mariah sighed and rolled her eyes.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Kevin was busy extracting videos on Austin's laptop when Ben approached and let it be known that Abby had filled him in on the details of Austin's sudden and mysterious demise. Ben explained that Abby had slipped up while she was being treated at the hospital. Ben added that Abby had decided to move in with him and Victoria. Kevin, asserting his suspicion that Ben might have been involved with Austin's murder, claimed that Ben's aim was to keep Abby close and learn what she'd surmised. Mariah and Summer stepped out onto the patio and closed the door to the dining area when they heard Kevin confronting Ben.

Kevin told Mariah and Summer that supposedly Abby had spilled all to Ben. Ben noted that Kevin and his friends were covering up something. Ben added that he'd promised Abby he wouldn't contact the police. Summer, speaking in a low voice, cried that someone unknown had been stalking and taunting them. Ben said he had no reason to harm Austin. Kevin said that perhaps Ben had regretted divulging information about the Newman family. Ben insisted that he'd refused to cooperate after Austin approached him about the documentary.

Kevin mentioned that Ben's sister was sitting in jail for having framed Phyllis Newman. Summer added, "My mom is innocent. Kelly confessed." Before Ben rushed out, he reiterated that he was innocent, and he cautioned Kevin, Summer, and Mariah not to do anything stupid. After Ben left, Kevin suggested that Ben might have feared the repercussions of Austin's documentary, especially if he believed that it contained damning information about Victoria. Summer expressed her doubts. Kevin claimed that some men would stop at nothing to protect the women they loved.

Kyle arrived and learned that Abby had confided in Ben. Summer claimed that Abby had betrayed them behind their backs. Summer told Kyle that Kevin and Mariah believed Ben might have been involved with the strange occurrences. Kevin discovered a video of Ben on Austin's laptop. In the video, Ben became irate and yelled, "You're getting into dangerous territory! Turn that damn thing off!" The video abruptly ended. Mariah noted that whatever Austin had said had spooked Ben and that Ben had lied about having been interviewed.

When Ben arrived at the police station, an officer was arranging for Kelly's release. Ben asked his sister why she hadn't contacted him. Kelly assured her brother that everything would turn out fine. Ben was surprised to see how calm Kelly seemed. When Ben said he should've realized that Kelly might have been driven to lash out at Phyllis, Kelly replied, "Who said I did?" Kelly backtracked and claimed she wasn't herself when the crimes took place, and she again assured her brother that everything would be fine.

Ben escorted Kelly to a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club that she claimed that Lily had arranged. Before Kelly entered her room alone, Ben asked about her bail, knowing that Jack hadn't paid it. Kelly said Jack wasn't the only powerful person in town, but she denied that Victor had acted as her benefactor. Ben warned that Kelly was keeping too many lies and trusting the wrong people. Before Ben left, Kelly assured him that everything would work out.

Kelly raced to her room phone and ordered a bottle of champagne. Afterward, Kelly used her tablet to verify her plane ticket. When Kelly answered a knock at her door, she found Phyllis standing in the doorway next a bottle of champagne sitting in an ice bucket on a cart. Phyllis pushed the cart inside and said, "Stop with your games! We both know that your confession was bogus because you had insisted that you were innocent for so long. You wouldn't be confessing now without an ulterior motive." Phyllis picked up Kelly's tablet and read the ticket information. Phyllis took out her phone and said she intended to report that Kelly was jumping bail. Kelly picked up the champagne bottle and threw it across the room at Phyllis. Phyllis fell unconscious to the floor.

Victor sat in the chapel confessional booth and talked to someone sitting on the other side of the screen. Victor said, "She's out of jail and will be leaving town in the next 24 hours. Our plan is about to fall into place, but you had better be ready. Is that clear?" The person to whom Victor relayed the instructions didn't audibly respond. Victor peered through the openings in the screen and nodded at the person, indicating that the person understood.

Victoria's house was dark when Abby entered. She called out to Victoria and to Ben, but no one responded. After hearing a noise upstairs, Abby slowly ascended the stairs and called out again. Another noise frightened Abby, so she picked up a fireplace tool. Ben arrived though the garage and asked why the power was out. Ben offered to check the circuit breaker. Abby said she feared someone else might be inside the house, so she accompanied Ben. After Ben restored the power, Abby followed Ben back to the living room. Abby gasped in horror when she read a message scrawled on a mirror. The message stated: "I'm always watching." Ben said, "Someone was in the house." Abby threw her arms around Ben.

The Luck of the Irish

The Luck of the Irish

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In Kelly's hotel suite, Kelly snatched her tablet computer away from Phyllis and claimed that her trip had been planned for a long time. Phyllis started to call the police to report that Kelly was jumping bail, but Kelly grabbed the Champagne bottle and slugged Phyllis over the head. Phyllis fell unconscious to the floor, and Kelly grabbed Phyllis' phone and made a call. She reported that Phyllis was indisposed and that there was a problem.

Jack called out for Phyllis at the Abbott mansion, and Paul stopped by with the news that Kelly had made bail. A shocked Jack tried to reach Phyllis by phone, and Paul wondered if Phyllis had already found out. Jack worried that Phyllis would do something they'd all regret, and he heard Phyllis moaning on the line. Jack asked if she was okay, and she managed to croak Kelly's name.

Cane finished a business call as he overheard Lily reprimanding one of the Athletic Club employees. Cane said he'd thought Lily had delegated personnel issues to someone else, but he quickly acknowledged that it wasn't his business. She mentioned that the twins had been asking why their daddy had been sleeping in the guest room, and he wondered if she thought things would have been better if he'd announced to the world that Devon had been in love with his father's wife. Lily grumbled that it hadn't been love, and Cane compared it to the kind of love they had -- the kind that allowed understanding and forgiveness -- and he walked away.

Hilary entered the club and spotted Devon, but he ordered her to go away. She reminded him that she knew the truth about what Neil had done, but Devon refused to talk about it. She contended that she and Devon had been the reason Neil had been in the car and why he'd caused the accident, so it was her business. Hilary regretted that a woman had lost her baby, but Devon doubted she felt remorse over the unintended consequences, and he assumed her concern was about money.

Devon barked that Hilary had lost her mind if she thought she could take anything else away from Neil, and he admitted that he couldn't have been more convinced she'd loved Devon. As Hilary smirked, Devon vowed that Neil would find a way to get through it, and Hilary would be the one who ended up with nothing. Her smile faded after he walked off, and Cane marveled that she was really good. She recognized that Cane considered her to be a "cold-blooded bitch," but she had things to do. Cane remarked that Devon was too hurt and angry to see it, but Cane knew she was still in love with Devon.

Lily ran into Devon in the foyer, but he said he didn't want to talk and rushed out. Kelly descended the stairs with a suitcase, and Lily mentioned that she'd heard Kelly was out on bail. Lily recalled that Kelly had been confident she'd get out of it, but Kelly groaned that she'd spent the night in jail, and she didn't want to spend another hour of her life there. Lily warned her not to do anything to make it worse, and Kelly claimed she was on her way to meet with a lawyer about her defense.

Paul and Jack entered Kelly's room, and Jack found Phyllis on the floor and cradled her in his arms. Phyllis explained that Kelly had hit her with the Champagne bottle, and Paul started to call for an ambulance, but Phyllis insisted that they had to stop Kelly from leaving town. Phyllis swore she didn't need medical attention, and Paul ordered an APB on Kelly. Paul left to check the security footage downstairs, and Phyllis guessed that Jack was wondering if she'd manufactured whole thing. She bemoaned that it was starting all over again.

Hilary conceded that Devon's wealth had been a great perk, but her scheme had been about revenge. She inquired how Cane's miserable excuse for a marriage was doing, and she asked if he still thought love conquered all. Cane theorized that she'd tried to make it easy for everyone to hate her to open the door for Neil to forgive Devon, and he wondered how long she could keep up the lie. Cane implored Hilary to tell Devon the truth if she loved him and wanted to make it work, but Hilary huffed that she was leaving town. Lily interrupted and asked if Cane was buying any of it.

Lily angrily questioned how much pain would be enough for Hilary to cause, and Hilary tried to leave, but Lily ordered Hilary to stop playing with Devon's emotions. Lily snapped at Cane when he intervened, but Hilary told her to stop blaming Cane. Lily accused Hilary of playing Cane's loyalty as a friend by convincing him that she'd been desperately in love with Devon, and Hilary sauntered out. Lily spat that Cane was still buying Hilary's lies, and nothing had changed. Lily stormed off, but Paul approached her and said he needed to talk about one of her employees. She said it would have to wait, but he mentioned it was Kelly.

Lily asked if Kelly's attack on Phyllis had been unprovoked, and Paul said he wanted to hear Kelly's side of things. Lily disclosed that she'd seen Kelly leave with a suitcase, and Paul warned that things would only get worse if Kelly jumped bail. Lily said Kelly had claimed to be on her way to meet with her attorney, and she believed that spending a night in jail had changed Kelly. Lily thought Kelly had been aware of the consequences of her actions, but she recalled Kelly's statement that she couldn't face one more hour in a jail cell.

Later, Cane sat down next to Lily, and he recognized that she had reason to question his judgment. Cane opined that Hilary still loved Devon, but Hilary had trashed their relationship so Devon and Neil could mend theirs. Lily griped that he was talking about the same woman who'd ruined their family, but Cane pointed out that people were complicated, and he referred to Kelly as an example. Cane said love could be kind and patient, but it could also be messy, and he couldn't spend the rest of their marriage apologizing. Lily conceded that she didn't want to spend the rest of it being angry, and she agreed that it all started with forgiveness. She held out her hand, and he took it.

Jack and Phyllis returned home, and Phyllis swore she hadn't made the story up, but she wasn't sure Jack trusted her. She thought she saw doubt in his eyes, but he assured her it was just concern that she needed a doctor. Jack asked why Phyllis hadn't told him about Kelly making bail, and she claimed she hadn't wanted to ruin the engagement party, but he asked what had happened to trust and honesty. Phyllis wondered how Kelly had made bail, and Jack guessed Lily had fronted the cash, but Phyllis doubted it. Phyllis surmised it had been someone who had stood to gain something, and she and Jack looked knowingly at one another.

At the ranch, a lawyer warned Nikki that witnesses were prepared to testify she'd swerved into Christine's path, and forensics would back up the statements. Nikki insisted that Christine had run out into the street without looking, and the attorney listed possibilities of how Nikki might have been distracted while driving. Nikki bellowed that she hadn't been, and Victor intervened and suggested they continue the next day. After the attorney left, Nikki thanked Victor for ending the meeting, and she hugged him. He said it was just the two of them, and he urged her to invent a better story if she was unwilling to tell the truth.

Victor reiterated that the evidence was compelling, and Nikki asked if he believed she'd aimed for Christine. Victor noted that the witnesses had said Nikki's car had veered toward Christine, and something or someone had caused the accident. He wondered if she was trying to protect Neil, and she stated that Neil had been through enough, but she recognized that it was easy to blame the drunk. Victor contended that Christine would blame it on someone, and Paul wouldn't stop Christine from blaming Nikki. Victor refused to let her sacrifice herself for Neil, and Nikki stormed upstairs.

Victor was incensed when Kelly showed up at his door, and he reminded her that he'd told her that he'd find her. She retorted that she'd trusted him to take care of her, and he shushed her and warned that his wife was upstairs. He ordered Kelly to calm down, go back to the hotel suite, and wait for further instructions, but she said she couldn't do that, since Phyllis had seen Kelly's travel itinerary. Kelly continued that she'd had to do something, so she'd knocked Phyllis out. Victor imagined that Kelly wanted him to clean up her mess, and she pointed out that they were partners. He asked if she was delusional.

Victor reminded Kelly that he'd asked her to act like a fragile damsel in distress, but Kelly argued that she'd had no choice, since Phyllis had been about to ruin their plan. Victor groused that Kelly had done that by herself, and Kelly suggested they move up the timetable to get her out of the country. Victor contended that he wasn't tied to her in any way, and he wasn't obligated to do anything. He threatened to report that she was trespassing, and Kelly asked if he wanted her to get down on her knees. Victor offered to help her in spite of her ridiculous behavior, but it would be at a price.

Kelly asked Victor to promise to keep up his end of the bargain, and they heard Jack's voice in the foyer. Kelly scurried out the back, and Phyllis and Jack entered. Phyllis declared that they knew what Victor was up to, and Victor stated that he'd helped Phyllis elude charges. Jack reported that Phyllis had taken a Champagne bottle to the head thanks to Kelly, and they were lucky it hadn't been worse. Jack accused Victor of bailing Kelly out, and Phyllis said Kelly's public confession hadn't made any sense. Victor questioned why he would help Kelly, and Jack vowed to figure it out.

Jack concluded that Victor had paid Kelly's bail and had arranged for her to get out of town, but Victor pointed out that he'd had no motive, since Kelly meant nothing to him. Victor added that Kelly meant something to Jack, but Jack insisted that his past relationship with Kelly had nothing to do with it. Victor noted that Phyllis wasn't facing prosecution, and he thought Jack should be happy that Kelly was leaving town. Jack's phone rang, but he didn't recognize the number. He answered the call, and Kelly said she hadn't been able to leave without saying one last goodbye.

Jack asked where Kelly was, and she vaguely replied that she was at a payphone. Jack acknowledged that she was scared, but he tried to convince her that she couldn't afford to jump bail. Jack informed her that Phyllis hadn't been hurt badly, and Kelly said she was glad to hear it. Phyllis tried to grab the phone, but Jack offered to pick up Kelly and help her find an attorney. Kelly marveled that he had been her white knight until the end, and she told him to always remember she loved him before she hung up. Phyllis barked that Kelly was a total sociopath who would do or say anything, but Jack worried about what Kelly was going to do to herself.

At a bar, the bartender offered Neil an Irish stout for St. Patrick's Day, but Neil ordered vodka. Neil flashed back to arguing with Nikki in her car and grabbing the steering wheel, and he chugged the drink. Later, Nikki found Neil at the bar, and she ordered the same drink he was having. She informed Neil that Victor had cleared out the liquor cabinet, and she was surprised when she discovered water in her glass.

Neil explained that the vodka had only been making things worse, but Nikki insisted they had to stick to their story. He grumbled that it was a lie, and he had killed a baby. Nikki swore it had been an accident, but Neil contended that he'd grabbed the wheel because he'd been drunk and out of control, and everyone was blaming her. Nikki argued that Victor would get her through it, but Neil didn't have that kind of protection, and Neil would face more severe charges. Neil informed her that he'd already confessed.

Nikki and Neil moved to a table, and she asked why he hadn't reached out to her. He revealed that he'd drunkenly spilled everything to Devon, and Hilary had heard it, too. Nikki expected that they'd protect him, but Neil countered that he didn't want them to, since his actions had led to the death of a child. Nikki suggested that Neil do something to honor the child instead, and Neil compared it to how Adam had tried to buy salvation after he'd killed Delia. Nikki cried that Neil would be throwing his life away, and she urged him not to let Hilary take anything more from him.

Devon arrived at the bar and asked Nikki if she'd seen his dad. Nikki reported that Neil was in the men's room, and she assured Devon that both she and Neil had been drinking water. Devon thanked her for protecting Neil, and Nikki said Neil truly hadn't been to blame for what had happened to the baby. Nikki explained that she'd been taking Neil to a meeting against his will, but it never worked to force help on someone. Nikki suspected that Neil wanted to punish himself, and she hoped Devon could get through to him. The bartender informed Nikki that her friend had left about five minutes before.

Later, Hilary entered the bar, and she noticed a patron's green beer and decided to have one herself. She plopped down next to the stranger at the bar, and he clinked his glass against hers. He commented that she needed the love of a good man, and she forlornly replied that she'd had it, but the man had been blinded in an accident while building her dream house. The bar customer slurred that it was horrible, and Hilary continued to confide the entire story of what she'd done with the love of two good men. The stranger guessed she was a Pisces.

The stranger moved to pay for Hilary's drink, but she said she always had and always would take care of herself. She wished him the luck of the Irish, and as she turned to leave, the bartender assured her that the bar regular was harmless. "I'm not," she replied.

Nikki and Devon found Neil at the police station, waiting for Paul to return. Nikki cautioned that Neil's confession would only make things worse, and Devon urged Neil not to throw away his life because of Devon's selfishness. Neil insisted that he wasn't making an act of self-sacrifice, and his decision had nothing to do with Devon, Hilary, or wounded pride. Neil apologized for letting Nikki carry the burden, and he said he didn't like the person he'd become, so he wanted to own what he'd done and be a man he could respect.

Devon begged Neil to go somewhere else to talk about it, but Paul returned, and Nikki claimed there had been a miscommunication. Neil instructed Devon to take Nikki and leave, and he said he wanted to talk to Paul about the accident. Nikki said Neil had been going through a lot, but Neil asserted that the accident hadn't been Nikki's fault. Paul told Neil to save it for court, but Neil proclaimed that Nikki hadn't been the one responsible for taking the life of Paul's baby. "I am," Neil confessed.

More Motives and More Suspects

More Motives and More Suspects

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Dylan wondered why Nick was tense. Nick said he was irritated that Sharon was late. She and Faith were supposed to meet Nick at the coffeehouse so Faith could spend the morning with him. Dylan thought Nick was overreacting -- perhaps Sharon had merely gotten caught in a traffic jam. Dylan thought that Nick should cut Sharon some slack because people sometimes made mistakes.

Noah, Kevin, and Summer arrived at the coffeehouse. When Nick asked Summer how she was doing, in a flat voice, she said, "Fine." Kevin and Summer went to the patio, but Nick held Noah back. He insisted that Noah reveal what was really going on with Summer.

Noah explained that Austin had been filming a documentary and had been trying to get people to reveal secrets about the Newmans and the Abbotts. Nick grew angry when he realized that Austin might have been using Summer.

Sharon and a glum-looking Faith finally arrived at the coffeehouse. Noah said hi to his mother and Faith and left for the patio. Sharon apologized for being late, but Nick told her she didn't need to apologize -- he realized that "things happened." Sharon seemed genuinely touched that Nick was so forgiving.

Faith asked Nick if Sharon could join them for breakfast. Evidently expecting Nick to reject Faith's idea, Sharon grinned when he asked Sharon to join him and Faith. Faith, Nick, and Sharon were laughing and smiling during breakfast -- Faith and Sharon's moods changed quickly when Sage approached. Sharon stood up and said she needed to leave.

Before Sharon left, she signed a slip permitting Faith to go on a field trip. Sage smiled and asked Faith about the trip. In a monotone, Faith answered, "A play." Nick told Sage that Faith was going to see an opera. Sage continued to try to get Faith to open up and discuss their common interests, but the little girl didn't want to chat. Faith told Nick to drive her to school. Nick, realizing that Faith wanted to get away from Sage, told Sage he would call her later. Before Sage left, she told Faith, "You have a wonderful daddy." Faith smugly added, "And mommy."

Later, Nick dropped by the Athletic Club and found Sage. He wanted to explain about Faith's earlier reluctance to speak. Sage told him he didn't need to explain -- kids always wanted their parents to be together. Nick explained to Sage that Faith would never approve of any woman, other than Sharon, in his life, but Faith needed to accept that he wasn't going to reconcile with Sharon. After telling Sage that he was excited about moving on with his life, he and Sage shared a passionate kiss.

Joe showed up at Avery's law office. She told him she had received the wedding dress, and the next time he found a nostalgic object, he should throw it away or donate it because a reconciliation between them was not in the cards. Joe said he wasn't there to try to reconcile -- he needed a lawyer.

Joe told Avery that a nonprofit organization, the Better Days Foundation, whose mission was to help abused women and children, was in financial difficulty. He wanted to save it and needed an attorney to handle the paperwork. Avery was initially reluctant, but Joe reminded her of the abuse he had suffered at the hands of his father.

Joe said Avery was the only person he had ever told about being abused. Avery was surprised Joe had never sought counseling. He found being involved in organizations like the Better Days Foundation to be the best therapy. Avery was pleased that Joe had found a positive outlet, but she couldn't help wondering, "why here and why now?"

Joe explained that Constance Bingham had been the foundation's primary benefactor, but her funds were tied up in probate. The foundation's executive director had reached out to Joe, who had drafted a plan to help out. Avery realized that working with the foundation meant a lot to Joe and gazed into his eyes as Dylan entered, wondering if he had interrupted anything.

Avery told Dylan that Joe needed an attorney to help reorganize the finances of a nonprofit that was "close to his heart." Avery remembered that she had a conference call and left. Dylan peppered Joe with questions about the nonprofit. Joe explained that the organization provided programs for abused women and children. Dylan believed that Joe had gotten involved with the foundation so he could stay "in Avery's orbit."

Dylan accused Joe of doing anything he could to hang around Avery. Joe said it had nothing to do with Avery -- Joe had had it rough growing up, and Avery had helped him through a lot of his issues during their marriage. He didn't have the patience to explain anything more to Dylan. Joe grabbed his coat and left.

Avery returned to her office and, seeing that Joe was gone, immediately realized that he and Dylan had to have "had words." Dylan accused Joe of being a parasite, but Avery said that domestic violence was a very real issue for her ex-husband. Dylan snapped that Joe was, once again, trying to drive a wedge between Avery and Dylan. Exasperated, Avery told Dylan to give Joe the benefit of the doubt.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Kyle told Abby he had been surprised to learn that she had taken a suite at the club. Abby explained that she felt safer there with its around-the-clock security than at Victoria's. Kyle thought it wise that Abby stay as far away from Stitch as she could -- when Austin had tried to interview Stitch for the documentary, Stitch had threatened Austin. Kyle said Stitch had appeared angry enough to kill Austin.

Abby wondered why Stitch would have killed Austin, who Stitch barely knew. Kyle told Abby that Stitch had lied when he'd claimed not to have been interviewed by Austin. Kevin, working with Austin's laptop, had recovered footage of Austin interviewing Stitch. According to Kyle, Stitch had been about to smash the camera over Austin's head. Abby defended Stitch and told Kyle that Austin had probably asked the doctor a question that had "pissed Ben off."

Kyle didn't understand why Abby was so quick to believe Stitch. Kyle was worried because Stitch had managed to get Abby to confide in him about Austin's murder. Stitch had then offered to help Kevin but had warned Kevin to keep quiet about the murder -- just as the person leaving the lipstick messages had.

Abby told Kyle that she had told Stitch to keep quiet about the murder. She admitted that, while on pain medication after being mugged, she had told Stitch the truth. She didn't want Kyle to treat Stitch as if he were a suspect. Kyle pointedly said that the people who had been interviewed for Austin's documentary had either had a secret, revealed a secret, or discovered a secret.

At Victoria's, Stitch recalled him and Abby finding the message, "I'm Always Watching," written in lipstick on a mirror. Victoria joined Stitch. He told her that someone had been watching the house the previous night. Victoria was frightened and assumed the voyeur had been the same person who had attacked Abby. Stitch told Victoria he believed that Abby was in danger.

Victoria said she couldn't stop thinking about Abby and everything she had been through. Stitch had some news -- Abby had decided it would be safer to stay at the Athletic Club. Victoria wasn't sure if Abby's relocation was a good idea. Stitch reminded her of the club's twenty-four hour security force, but Victoria wondered whether the force would be up to the task of protecting Abby.

Victoria asked Stitch to stay at the club and watch out for Abby. Stitch resisted the idea, saying that his priority was Victoria and the kids -- Victoria told him that Abby was the one in trouble. Stitch acquiesced and told the grateful Victoria that he would do his best to keep an eye on Abby.

After Stitch left, Victoria was surprised when Kyle showed up at her house, looking for Abby. Victoria told him that Abby was staying in a suite at the club until the police apprehended her attacker. Kyle was clearly unhappy when Victoria informed him that Stitch was staying in the suite adjacent to Abby's. Kyle said that since Abby had slept with Summer's husband, Victoria had to really place a lot of trust in Stitch.

Victoria said it wasn't a matter of trust -- rather, it was a matter of protecting Abby -- and Stitch was good at protecting people. Kyle hissed, "Well, he's damned good at keeping his secret." Victoria didn't understand what Kyle was talking about. He told her about Austin's documentary. Victoria said that Stitch had told her about Austin's project -- but that Stitch hadn't been involved. Kyle replied, "Not involved? I'm sorry, Victoria -- he had a starring role."

Initially, Victoria didn't believe Kyle, but he told her that Kevin had decrypted several of the video files that Austin had deleted -- and Stitch was on camera, "as big as life." Kyle reminded Victoria that Stitch had a foot in both the Newman world -- living with Victoria -- and the Abbott world -- working with Ashley. Stitch was the perfect person to give an "insider's view."

Abby cautiously entered her suite at the club. She remembered Summer's realization, at Austin's memorial service, that Abby and Austin had had an affair. Abby then remembered the terrifying moment the previous evening when she and Stitch had seen the lipstick message on the mirror.

Stitch showed up at Abby's suite and told her that he had booked the suite next door to watch over her. He confessed that he hadn't told Victoria about Austin's murder because he didn't want Victoria to suffer any harm.

Abby wondered why Stitch was so certain that he could find out who was behind "this." He evaded Abby's question and said the most important thing was to get her to a safe place. Abby stared at Stitch and started backing away from him when he chuckled and asked her if there was anything she hadn't told him. She swore that she had told him everything. When he asked her if she was sure about that, she quickly tried to leave the room, but Stitch pushed the door shut.

Abby grew very frightened and threatened to scream or call 9-1-1. Stitch wondered what was wrong. He asked if she thought Stitch had attacked her or had left the lipstick messages. Abby replied, "Did you?"

Stitch wondered who had planted the seeds of suspicion in Abby's mind. Abby reluctantly said that Kyle thought Stitch might have murdered Austin. Stitch had a theory: perhaps Austin had stumbled upon a "whopper" of a secret -- a secret that involved the Newmans -- and "everyone knew" that Victor would go to any length to protect his family. Abby didn't think Victor would commit murder. Stitch knew about protecting one's family -- he had served time in prison for a murder that his mother had committed. Abby wondered why Stitch was trying to protect her.

Stitch said that Abby was innocent -- and she certainly didn't deserve to be stalked and assaulted. Victoria had asked him to keep her safe, and he was going to do anything he could to protect her. Abby apologized for her behavior and told Stitch she was scared. He held her, and she put her head on his shoulder. They didn't see Victoria in the open doorway, staring at them.

Noah joined Kevin and Summer at their patio table. Kevin told them that Austin had been deleting his files, indicating that he had been abandoning the project. Noah asked if Kevin had been able to salvage more of Austin's interview with Stitch. Kevin hadn't been able to but said that what they had seen of the interview was really incriminating. Kevin and Summer told Noah that Stitch had really gone off the deep end during the interview.

Kevin had even thought of a motive -- perhaps Stitch was trying to protect Victoria from whatever scandal Austin might have uncovered. Even if Stitch hadn't murdered Austin, attempting to shield Victoria might have given Stitch reason to leave notes and warn Kevin to keep quiet about the murder. Summer mentioned that Stitch had already spent time in prison for a murder he hadn't committed. She wondered how far he would go to shut them up.

Sharon overheard Kevin speaking with Noah and Summer on the patio. Sharon looked concerned when Kevin said, "As long as the secret Austin discovered stays buried, and no one else finds out what was on this computer, there's a good chance we'll all stay safe."

A few moments later, Sharon joined the group on the patio, feigning surprise at running into them. She proudly told Noah about her "successful" morning, getting along with Nick. Sharon wondered if one day Summer might forgive her -- Sharon said she missed having Summer in her life. Summer went off on Sharon, telling her that Nick was only being nice to Sharon because of Faith.

Noah asked Summer not to be rude to Sharon. Summer said she had no interest in having anything to do with Sharon. Sharon said she understood Summer's attitude, and she left. Kevin needed to return to the police station. Before walking out, he asked Noah to keep an eye on Austin's laptop.

After Kevin left, Summer told Noah that she was tired of hearing that Sharon hadn't been in her right mind when she had switched the paternity results. Noah said that, just as he had been sure Summer hadn't killed Austin, he was equally sure that Sharon had had nothing to do with Austin's death. Summer insisted it was possible that Sharon was somehow involved in the murder, but Noah said he wasn't going to "play pretend." Summer reminded Noah of what Sharon was capable of and asked him to keep an open mind.

When Summer left to get a refill, Noah remembered when Sharon had admitted that she that burned down the Newman ranch house. Sharon had begged Noah to try to convince the authorities that she hadn't known what she had done.

Summer rejoined Noah and told him that they shouldn't rule anyone out as a suspect simply because the person was a friend or a family member. Noah said, "That's my mom -- and I can't imagine that she would do anything to hurt Austin." Summer thought Noah didn't sound as sure of Sharon's innocence as he had earlier.

Summer and Noah went inside the coffeehouse to get some dessert. As soon as they left, Sharon tiptoed onto the patio and stared at Austin's unattended laptop. She walked over to Noah and Summer's table and removed the computer from its carrying case, just as Kyle showed up. Summer and Noah returned to the patio and were stunned when they saw Sharon holding the laptop. Summer said, "What the hell are you doing with Austin's computer?"

More Motives and More Suspects

More Motives and More Suspects

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 23, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 18 episode concluded.

More Motives and More Suspects

More Motives and More Suspects

Friday, March 20, 2015

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 23, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 18 episode concluded.

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