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Chelsea accepted Billy's proposal. During Austin's memorial service, Summer confronted Abby about her affair with Austin. A drunken Neil grabbed the steering wheel of Nikki's car, and they plowed into Christine, who lost her baby. Paul arrested Nikki for attempted murder.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 2, 2015 on Y&R
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Unlikely Alliances Spawn Suspicion and Anger

Unlikely Alliances Spawn Suspicion and Anger

Monday, March 2, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Chelsea and Adam were talking downstairs when Adam, who was still known to Chelsea as Gabriel, noticed that Chelsea seemed uneasy. He asked what was troubling her, and Chelsea explained that perhaps Sage had been mistaken to believe that Gabriel had feelings for Chelsea. Billy happened to be descending the stairs and overheard Chelsea's remark. Billy said perhaps Sage had based her assumption on the fact that Gabriel spent so much time with Chelsea. Chelsea quickly noted that when she and Gabriel weren't busy with work, she was offering advice about how Gabriel and Sage could grow closer as a couple.

Gabriel told Billy said that Chelsea's attention had prompted Sage to become jealous. Sage's strong feelings, in turn, might lead them to form a stronger marriage. After Gabriel left the room, Billy mentioned that Sage had confirmed his suspicions about Gabriel Bingham's romantic interest in Chelsea. Billy asked Chelsea why she didn't consider it odd that Gabriel had become quite involved with their family. Chelsea reminded Billy that he'd invited Sage and Gabriel to move into Jack's home. Billy admitted that he regretted having done so.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick met with Avery to discuss his concerns with the Underground. Nick explained that Austin had failed to relay inspection reports. Nick said he'd hired a contractor and had gotten the structure repaired as soon as he'd learned about the problems. Avery told Nick he wasn't responsible. Nick said he felt responsible for his bartender's death and the injuries his friends and family had sustained.

Avery said Nick's liability would be limited if he could prove that the contractor's work was shoddy. Avery insisted that Nick wasn't to blame for the collapse. She noted that Dylan had echoed Nick's failure to relinquish unmerited blame. Avery explained that Dylan couldn't forgive himself for having accidentally landed a punch to her nose during his brawl with Joe. Nick said he still felt responsible.

Sage overheard Nick's conversation with Avery and told him he shouldn't blame himself. Nick persisted and said he'd been the one person responsible for ensuring the safety of the people in his club. Sage pointed out that Nick had disregarded his own safety in order to rescue strangers. Avery smiled when Sage tenderly noted that Nick cared deeply for others. Nick noted that Sage had often encouraged him when he'd needed uplifting. Sage recalled bartending for Nick on Valentine's Day and mentioned her "silk panties."

After Sage left, Avery mentioned Sage's silk panties and said Nick and Sage had evidently grown very close. Avery warned that Nick's relationship with Sage might complicate matters with Sharon. Nick explained that Sage's marriage was merely an arrangement to help a friend. Avery warned that Nick's involvement with a married woman could jeopardize Faith's custody arrangement if Sharon challenged him in court. Nick insisted that Faith was all that mattered to him.

In the lobby at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kelly grew increasingly irate when she confronted Ashley. Kelly asked Ashley to corroborate Kelly's claim that Jack had made love to her in the back room at the Underground. Ashley said Kelly should voice her pleas to Jack. Kelly said that not only was Jack denying it, he was also blaming her for Phyllis' misbehavior. Ashley explained that Jack had suffered through a horrible ordeal during which his heart had stopped, so his emotional state had suffered, too. Kelly, fighting back tears, replied, "I don't understand how he could've forgotten that we made love?" Kelly agreed to steer clear of Jack if Ashley would talk to him on her behalf.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis shared barbs with Christine and Paul. Phyllis sarcastically asked why Paul and Christine weren't busy pursuing an innocent person. Christine replied, "Still a delusional bully." Phyllis said she'd heard the same the last time she'd been accused and subsequently set free. Phyllis insisted that she and Jack were certain Kelly was the guilty one. Phyllis added that even Victor supported her. Christine warned Phyllis that decisions made under duress wouldn't prevail.

Phyllis continued to taunt Christine and even mentioned Danny. Christine quickly rose to her feet and yelled that she'd punish Phyllis for everything she'd ever done. Paul attempted to calm Christine and mentioned their unborn baby. Phyllis congratulated the couple and said Christine should focus on her baby and forget her personal vendetta. Christine mentioned Summer having just lost her husband and chastised Phyllis for questioning anyone's maternal instincts.

At the hospital, Victor, sharing a patient room with Jack, waited impatiently to be discharged. Victor reminded Jack that they would work together to get Phyllis out of trouble. Jack replied, "Now that my mind is a little less foggy, I'm not sure that's a good idea." Victor asked Jack if he was reneging on their agreement. Jack said he was not. Victor insisted that he was the only person who could prove that Kelly Andrews had set up Phyllis. Jack asked Victor not to do anything without consulting him.

After Victor left, Jack phoned Christine and Paul, who later stopped by to visit. Jack changed his story and accused Kelly of poisoning herself with antifreeze in an attempt to get Phyllis out of his life. Jack said he believed Kelly was deeply disturbed because she had accused him of having sex with her in a back room of the Underground. Paul replied, "That still doesn't prove that Kelly set up Phyllis for attempted murder." Jack said he believed his renewed relationship with Phyllis had sent Kelly over the edge.

Christine scoffed that Jack had also claimed his relationship with Kelly had driven Phyllis insane. Jack said he should never have doubted Phyllis. Christine replied, "Now that the trial is looming, you'd say anything to try and save Phyllis. This time, Phyllis is going to pay for what she's done." Jack seemed undaunted. Paul seemed uneasy.

As Jack was leaving the hospital, Ashley met him in the hall. Ashley said she was surprised that the doctor had discharged her brother so quickly. Ashley confronted Jack about Kelly and asked if he honestly didn't recall having slept with her. Ashley added, "I know you did. You told me so yourself." Jack admitted he had made love to Kelly, but he said he was worried about what it would do to Phyllis if she discovered the truth.

Ashley accused Jack of using Kelly in order to prevent Phyllis from turning to Victor for help. Jack explained that both he and Victor had formed an alliance to clear Phyllis and ensure that Kelly would be found guilty. Ashley became livid and reminded Jack that Victor had stolen their secret formula. Jack claimed that his near-death experience with Victor had changed him. Ashley replied, "So now you and Victor are allies?" Jack replied, "We're not enemies."

At the Abbott mansion, Adam asked Sage why she'd mentioned to Chelsea that he had feelings for her. Sage said that Chelsea wouldn't shut up about how much "Gabriel loved Sage." Sage added, "Your whole life's a lie, what's one more?" Adam warned that Sage would regret her actions if she did it again. Sage replied, "Gabe, Adam -- whatever the hell your name is, just because Chelsea isn't falling for you, don't take it out on me." Adam grabbed Sage's arm and angrily warned her again. Sage snatched her arm away and said, "Go to hell!"

Jack returned and asked, "Adam, what are you and your fake girlfriend doing here?" Adam explained that Sage was his fake wife and that Billy had invited them to stay. Adam added that he couldn't turn down an offer to stay in the same house with his wife and son. Jack warned that Billy would figure out Adam's true identity. Adam replied, "You just keep pretending that I'm dead, and everything will turn out like it's supposed to."

Sage entered the room just as Phyllis returned home. Jack explained to Phyllis why the houseguests Gabriel and Sage were present. Phyllis said she needed to speak to Jack alone. After Adam and Sage left the room, Phyllis told Jack that Austin was dead. Jack was shocked by Phyllis' news.

Victor stopped by Kelly's office and said he'd gone there to warn her. Victor explained that Jack hoped to turn the case against Phyllis around and have charges filed against Kelly. Kelly insisted that no evidence existed to prove that she'd done anything wrong. Victor said, "Powerful men have a way of making evidence where there is none. I'm not a bad man to have on your side."

Kelly said Phyllis had already tipped her off about Jack and Victor's plan to team up. Kelly added, "So, who are you playing -- me or Phyllis?" Victor explained that his goal was to get Phyllis, who was the mother of his granddaughter, away from Jack. Victor added, "Once that's accomplished, it will serve you, me, and in the end, Phyllis." Kelly replied, "You call the shots, and I do what you say?" Kelly agreed to be part of Victor's plan if she could have Jack.

Christine and Paul went to Paul's office. Paul said he should question Kelly to determine whether or not Jack's accusations had merit. Christine insisted that Jack would say whatever he had to in order to save Phyllis. Paul replied, "We need to check out every angle, or the whole case could fall apart." Christine vowed to fight even Paul to ensure that Phyllis ended up behind bars. Paul, aggravated, reminded Christine that they were on the same side and explained that his goal was to make the case rock-solid.

Paul went to Kelly's office. Paul told Kelly that he wanted to ensure that all bases had been covered. Kelly asked how Christine felt about Paul's misgivings that Phyllis might not have been involved with the poisoning. Kelly added, "Why would I hurt myself?" Paul said Kelly had hoped to reunite with Jack by framing Phyllis. Kelly replied, "No man is worth that -- not even Jack." Kelly said that as long as Paul didn't allow Jack to cloud his judgment, justice would be served. After Paul left, Kelly smiled.

Ashley ran into Victor at the Genoa City Athletic Club. She asked Victor why he and Jack, working together to free Phyllis, were claiming that Kelly had poisoned herself. Victor said that he and Jack shared a mutual concern for Phyllis' well-being. Victor added that he had also saved Jack's life, which had changed Jack's attitude. Ashley agreed that though Jack might be grateful, he would never become Victor's friend. Victor reiterated his story about Jack's change of heart. Victor added that, in time, Ashley and everyone else would also see the changes in Jack. Ashley seemed unconvinced.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Billy discussed Gabriel's claim that he and Billy were even after he'd saved Billy from the fire. Billy said, "I've got to know what that meant." Chelsea said that Gabriel, all alone in the world, was just trying to connect with people. Billy said that even when Gabriel was being nice, there was an undercurrent of bitterness and resentment. Chelsea urged Billy to remember that the man had saved his life. Billy replied, "I know, but I just can't shake this feeling that part of him wanted me to die in that building."

At Summer's apartment, a disoriented Summer awoke after having fallen asleep on Kyle's shoulder. Kyle told Summer that she'd needed rest. Summer said she wished she'd never awakened. Kyle assured her that everything would be okay. Summer cried, "I killed Austin. How is anything ever going to be okay again?"

Phyllis arrived and asked Summer why she hadn't called. Kyle explained that they'd heard about the structure collapse at the Underground. Summer asked about Jack and Victor. Phyllis said that everyone, including Nick, was fine. Summer began sobbing and said she wished she and Austin hadn't traveled to the cabin.

Summer cried, "It's all because of me. It's my fault." Kyle seemed anxious when Summer insisted she was to blame. Kyle and Summer supplied the story the group at the cabin had concocted. Kyle explained that Kevin had injured himself clearing snow off the roof. Summer added that after Austin had left to summon help, his body had later been found inside a wrecked car.

Phyllis comforted her sobbing daughter when Summer recalled having to identify Austin's body at the morgue. Phyllis offered to plan a memorial service for Austin. After Summer fell asleep on the sofa, Phyllis questioned Kyle about having shown up when Summer needed a friend. Phyllis added that Kyle, Summer's first love, was no longer off-limits to her. Kyle pointed out that Summer had taken her vows to Austin seriously. Phyllis noted that some, even after discovering they'd made a mistake, couldn't admit to it, no matter the consequences.

After Phyllis left, Summer had a traumatic nightmare about Austin being dead. In the dream, she desperately tried to awaken Austin, who lay dead in a pool of blood. When Summer cried out, Kyle awakened her. Summer cried that all she could ever see, whether she was awake or asleep, was Austin dead on the floor with blood pouring out of his head. Kyle embraced Summer and comforted her. Summer remained distraught.

Veering Out of Control

Veering Out of Control

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Kevin informed Noah, Abby, and Mariah that his friend at the police station had tested the blood on Kyle's towel. Abby swore that her cousin hadn't been an accomplice to murder, but Noah suspected that Kyle was hiding something.

At Summer's apartment, Summer asked Kyle how he'd dealt with his mother's death, and Kyle replied that he'd tried to think about the good times. Summer bemoaned that she couldn't get past seeing Austin dead, and Kyle suggested that they select some pictures for the memorial service. Summer fetched Austin's laptop, but she hesitated and cried that she didn't think she could do it. Kyle gently pressed her to proceed, and she commented that Austin had looked pretty cute in their wedding photos. A video of Austin suddenly appeared on the screen, and in it, he asked where his beautiful wife was, adding, "Our future depends on this."

Summer remembered the day Austin had filmed the video, and she and Kyle watched the footage of Austin setting up a reaction shot to show the whole world Summer's expression when Austin had promised to love her forever. Noah, Mariah, Kevin, and Abby arrived, and Mariah wondered why Fen wasn't there. Summer reported that Fen had stopped by earlier, but he'd returned to school. Kyle mentioned that Summer had found some video footage, and Mariah commented that Summer and Austin had looked really happy in the video.

Summer recounted that Austin had dreamed of getting a big-time directing job, and all he'd talked about had been their future together. On the video, Austin said the camera loved Summer, but he loved her more, and an uncomfortable Abby suggested they turn it off. Summer insisted on watching it to see her husband again, but the video switched to footage of Austin stating it was Valentine's Day 2015. Summer gasped and murmured that she'd never seen that video before, and she realized Austin had made it for her on the day he'd died. Abby stared nervously at the screen.

Austin had spoken to the camera, saying Summer had deserved roses and candy, but he'd felt he'd really needed to give her an apology for not acting like himself. Austin had confided that he hadn't liked himself much, and she had needed to know the reason why. Summer had breezed in and unknowingly interrupted the taping session, and she had babbled excitedly about going to the cabin. Summer said she'd known something had been off at the cabin, but she'd had no idea Austin had been depressed.

Noah wondered why Austin had felt the need to tape an apology, but Summer had no idea, since there was nothing her husband could have done to upset her. Abby and Mariah exchanged a glance, and Abby suddenly said she had to handle something. Abby rushed off, and Summer prepared to watch the video again to try to figure out what Austin had meant to say. Kevin dragged Mariah aside and inquired about the look between her and Abby.

Kyle said he needed to head out, too, but he promised Summer he'd be at the memorial, and they hugged. Summer offered the rest of her guests some coffee, and after she and Noah headed into the kitchen, Kevin pressed Mariah to spill what had been going on with her and Abby. Mariah revealed that Austin hadn't been depressed in the video -- he'd been guilty. The video footage suddenly changed again to Austin filming Abby as they playfully bantered over coffee, and Summer returned and wondered why Austin had shot a video of her aunt.

Noah claimed that Austin had been working on a documentary about corporate titans, but Summer said she didn't remember Austin saying anything about the project. Summer noted that Abby wasn't a mogul, but Noah reasoned that Austin might have interviewed Abby about Victor and Jack. Summer wailed that she'd been an awful wife who hadn't even known about her husband's work, but Noah contended that most of Austin's video footage had been about his love for her. Meanwhile, Kevin showed Mariah a text message indicating the blood test results from the towel were in.

Once Noah and Summer were alone, Summer whimpered that there had been things in the videos she'd never heard about before, and it was embarrassing and sad because she should have known Austin better than anyone else. She tearfully questioned how she could sit through Austin's memorial, knowing she'd ended his life, but Noah assured her that she was strong enough to handle it. Noah thought Austin would have wanted her to be there, and Summer took comfort in knowing Noah and Kyle would be by her side. Noah and Summer hugged, and he glanced over her shoulder at Austin's video footage of Abby. Noah spied Kyle hovering in the background of the video.

At Crimson Lights, Abby flashed back to kissing Austin when they'd been alone at the cabin, but she had pulled away and had said it couldn't happen. Austin had agreed, but they had gazed longingly at one another and had resumed kissing. Abby and Austin had made love in front of the fire, and afterward, Abby had regretted betraying her niece's trust. Austin had taken responsibility because he'd been the married one, and Abby had insisted it couldn't happen again. Austin had stated it had been a one-time thing, but they'd started to kiss passionately again.

Abby recalled meeting Austin at the coffeehouse, and he'd griped that he was over his marriage and that he'd wanted out. Abby had declared that he couldn't end things with Summer because Abby was ending things with him, but Austin had said Summer didn't get him like Abby did. Abby had surmised that Austin had wanted to smash things up because he hadn't felt good enough, but she'd advised him to forget about their fling and to make himself worthy of Summer. Kyle arrived, and he guessed that an emotional Abby had been thinking about Austin.

Kyle divulged that he knew about Austin and Abby's affair, and he explained that he'd taken a weekend off to go to the cabin, where he'd found evidence that she and Austin had been there together. He continued that he'd stayed in town and followed them around, and he wondered if she would have admitted it if he'd asked. Abby refused to admit to anything, and Kyle confirmed that he'd actually seen her and Austin together. Abby nervously asked what he was going to do with the information.

Kyle said he felt torn about the whole thing, and Abby thanked him for keeping her horrible mistake a secret. He confessed that he'd confronted Austin about it, and they'd had it out, since Kyle hadn't been able to let Austin get away with treating Summer like garbage. Kyle admitted the altercation had been physical, and Abby wondered if Kyle had killed Austin. Meanwhile, at the police station, Mariah asked Kevin about the forensics report, and Kevin replied that Kyle's story had made sense, but Kyle had lied.

In Paul's office, Christine savored a candy bar, and she was startled when Paul walked in. He gently scolded her for not limiting her chocolate intake, but she defended that she had wanted 20 candy bars but had only eaten one. Paul remarked that he'd thought pregnant women liked salty things like pickles, and Christine said she'd dip a pickle in chocolate. He wondered if that meant their baby would be really sweet, and Nikki burst in as the couple kissed. Nikki apologized for interrupting, and she asked to talk to them both about the charges against Phyllis.

Christine surmised that Nikki wanted to help with the prosecution, but Nikki replied that she was certain Phyllis was innocent. Christine countered that the evidence indicated otherwise, and her expression soured when Paul insisted on hearing Nikki out. Nikki announced that she didn't think Phyllis had poisoned Kelly, since she believed Phyllis had changed. Nikki explained that Phyllis had been with her during the collapse, and she recalled that Phyllis had insisted that Nikki be rescued first. Nikki asserted that Phyllis was a different person than she once had been, but Christine ranted that Phyllis was more lethal and dangerous than ever. Nikki felt otherwise, and she urged Christine to drop the charges.

Christine contended that Nikki wasn't qualified to have a say, but Paul thought Nikki had provided a glimpse into Phyllis' state of mind. Christine testily asked if Paul thought she couldn't see things objectively, and Nikki sensed the tension and quickly left. Christine slammed the door and blasted Paul for insinuating that she couldn't be professional, and Paul asked if she'd looked into the possibility that someone else had poisoned Kelly. Christine argued that it was obvious Phyllis had tried to kill Kelly, but Paul suspected that Christine couldn't see past the fact Phyllis had gone unpunished for her previous crimes.

Paul said it was both his and Christine's job to charge the right person with the crime, and Christine groused that they'd be wasting taxpayers' money, since all the evidence pointed to Phyllis. Paul countered that it was circumstantial, and Christine asked if he was questioning her integrity. He encouraged her not to blow a business disagreement out of proportion, but Christine retorted that it was about their marriage and his undying loyalty to Nikki. Christine raged that Nikki's word was gospel to Paul, and he'd automatically sided with Nikki over his wife.

Christine understood that Paul had always been devoted to Nikki, but she thought once he'd found out about Dylan, it had become something more extreme. Paul calmly refused to turn his back on Dylan and Nikki, but Christine yelled that it was more than that. Christine said he had once trusted her and had shown faith in her instincts, but he'd second-guessed her from the minute Phyllis' case had landed on her desk. Christine fumed that if he didn't have faith in her, she didn't know what kind of marriage they had, and she stormed out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Neil chugged a drink as Lily looked on, and he drunkenly protested when the bartender stepped away. Lily approached and said he'd had enough, but Neil clutched his glass when she tried to take it away, and he grabbed the bottle from behind the bar and poured himself another drink. He questioned whether she'd have her own father thrown out, and she suggested they go to her office to talk, but he snapped that he didn't need a lecture. Lily begged Neil not to keep drinking, and she implored him to remember what had happened the last time he'd gone on a bender. Neil remarked that sobriety had given him nothing but pain and betrayal, and Lily pleaded with him to think about Moses.

Lily admonished Neil for being selfish, since Moses needed a father who was healthy and sober, but Neil mumbled that the boy would survive. Lily assumed that Neil was trying to hurt Devon, but Neil turned the topic to how she and Cane were doing. She admitted that Cane had slept in the guest room after they'd fought, but she pointed out that Neil was the one who was self-destructing. Neil said he loved Lily, but he didn't care if she dumped her husband. Devon ordered Neil to stop taking out his anger on Lily, and Neil referred to Devon as the man he'd once called his son. Neil barked that Devon had done everything to drive him to that point except pour the bourbon into the glass.

Neil growled that he didn't want to share the same air with Devon, and Lily encouraged Neil to take his anger out on Hilary. Neil asked if Hilary had hypnotized or drugged Devon to get him into bed like she'd tried with Cane, and he wondered if Lily would have solely blamed Hilary if Cane and Hilary had slept together. Neil spat that he couldn't forgive anything as contemptible as what Devon had done, and he proclaimed that it was time for another drink. Lily refused to watch Neil drink himself into oblivion, and she snatched the liquor bottle and stormed off. Devon wanted to try to apologize, but Neil coldly stated that Devon meant nothing to him. "You are not my son," Neil snarled.

Devon thought it was the alcohol talking, and Neil reached over the bar and grabbed another bottle. Devon argued that there was no way he could mean nothing to Neil after Neil had spent years as his father, but Neil told him to go to Tucker, since Devon and Tucker were both liars and cheaters who deserved one another. Devon insisted he was truly sorry, but Neil asked if Devon had told Hilary he loved her, and Devon admitted he had. Neil recounted the things Devon had knowingly done with Hilary while she'd been married to Neil, and he questioned whether Devon had started feeling sorry only when Hilary had turned him away.

Devon pointed out that Neil had done the same thing to Malcolm, and he pledged to find a way to make it right over time. Neil huffed that Devon's time was up, and he told Devon to take his apologies and regrets and stick them where the sun didn't shine. Devon swore he wouldn't give up, and he asked what he could do to make it right. Neil instructed Devon to go to a liquor store, buy an expensive bottle of scotch, and drink until the bottle was gone. Neil told Devon that becoming a drunk just like his old man would be a gift to Neil, and he chugged the rest of the contents of his glass as Nikki arrived.

Nikki assumed that everything had finally hit the fan for Neil, but she thought he regretted what he'd said to Devon. Neil contended that it had been the truth, and Nikki relayed that her family had discovered that she'd been drinking. She added that they wanted her to go back to meetings, and she'd promised she would. Neil suspected that she wanted a second opinion, and he pushed the liquor bottle toward her.

Nikki revealed that she was on her way to a meeting, and she had to attend a memorial for her granddaughter's husband later that day. Neil expressed his condolences, and Nikki anticipated that the meeting would help her get through the emotionally taxing event. She thought it would help Neil, too, but he scoffed at the idea of going. Nikki warned that he couldn't constantly be drunk, or awful things could happen, but Neil declared that he had no interest in getting sober. He consented to letting her drive him home instead.

In the office, Lily asked what Devon had expected after he'd slept with his stepmother, and Devon replied that he'd expected Neil to be hurt and angry, but he was surprised by the venomous things Neil had said. Lily argued that their father felt humiliated and betrayed, and she believed alcohol had played a part, but Devon remarked that it didn't make the words hurt less. Devon couldn't believe Hilary had been playing him when she'd convinced him she loved him, and he wanted to hate her. Lily cautioned him against holding out hope that the "vicious bitch" would crawl back to him.

Lily suggested that Devon forget about Hilary and focus on helping Neil, even if Neil wouldn't accept it, and Devon appreciated that she still cared, despite being mad at him. Lily maintained that she couldn't ever forgive Devon, and she couldn't imagine them being as close as they once had been.

In Nikki's car, Neil stressed that he'd meant exactly what he'd said about wanting to see Devon suffer, and Nikki considered it reasonable that Neil wanted to hurt Devon. Neil squinted at the road, and he became incensed when he realized she wasn't taking him to his place but to the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Neil demanded that Nikki let him out of the car, but she said she wished someone had done it for her. Neil adamantly bellowed that he wasn't going to a meeting, and he lunged for the steering wheel. Nikki's vehicle veered out of control, heading straight toward Christine.

Summer Starts to Remember

Summer Starts to Remember

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In a confessional booth, Victor spoke to someone through the grating. Victor told the person that Kelly was adamant about "prying" Phyllis away from Jack. Victor added, "So we will proceed as planned -- and no one will ever know." Victor left the booth and was surprised to see Jack in the church. Jack wondered who Victor had been confessing to, but Victor said he had been in the booth alone for some quiet meditation.

Victor and Jack began their usual sniping but stopped when Victor reminded Jack that Austin's memorial service was being held later that day. They both planned to attend the service and promised to act civilly toward each other. After all, Victor shared an important goal with Jack -- to prove that Phyllis was innocent of attempted murder. Jack felt they faced an uphill battle, "Christine isn't going to take this lying down."

After Victor left, Jack heard a rustling sound emanating from the confessional booth. He shouted, "Hello?" a couple of times, then reached out to open the booth's door. He tried to turn the knob, but the door was locked. Phyllis called him, asking him to head to Austin's memorial service as soon as he could. Jack grabbed his coat and left but not before suspiciously eyeing the door to the confessional.

In his office, Paul remembered the argument he'd had with Christine earlier that day -- she had stormed out of his office after telling him that if he didn't have faith in her, she didn't know what kind of marriage they had. Paul grabbed his coat and left the station.

A drunken Neil became livid when he realized that Nikki was not driving him home as he had requested, but was instead driving to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He tried to leave the moving car but couldn't unlock the door. Neil grabbed the steering wheel. Nikki unsuccessfully tried to regain control of the car, which was careening toward Christine. Nikki was able to brake -- but not before hitting something.

Nikki and Neil left the car to see what -- or whom -- the car had hit. Nikki saw a motionless body on the ground. She became hysterical when she realized it was Christine. Nikki gently shook Christine, who stirred a bit. Neil called 9-1-1.

Neil began rambling to Nikki that he hadn't seen Christine when he grabbed the steering wheel. Nikki implored him not to say another word. Paul and a uniformed officer arrived at the scene. Paul rushed over to see who had been hit. He knelt down next to the body -- astonished and dazed when he realized that his wife had been hit by the car.

Neil started to tell Paul what had happened, but Nikki interrupted Neil. She told Paul that she had been driving and hadn't seen Christine, not mentioning that an inebriated Neil had grabbed the steering wheel. An ambulance's siren pierced the air as Nikki continued to stop Neil, who apparently wanted to tell the truth, from talking.

After the paramedics showed up, Paul turned his attention to Nikki. Paul wasn't even listening to Nikki apologizing -- he turned to an officer and said, "Book her. Suspected DUI." Nikki insisted that she hadn't been drinking, but the furious Paul said, "Oh, yeah? What are you gonna blow? 1.2 or 1.4 on the breathalyzer?" Paul told the officer to take Nikki away. Neil again tried to speak to Paul, but Paul told him to "shut up."

At Genoa City Memorial, Paul left a voicemail for Father Todd, asking him to pray for Christine. Victor showed up and wondered why Paul was at the hospital. Paul snarled that Christine was in emergency surgery, fighting for her life as well as the life of their unborn child after a drunk Nikki had hit Christine with her car. Paul alleged that Victor was the reason Nikki had begun drinking again -- and Christine was paying the price.

Victor defended himself, saying he'd had absolutely nothing to do with the accident. He tried to calm Paul down, saying that throwing around accusations wasn't going to help Christine. Paul said, "Only the surgeons can help my wife. And only a lawyer can help yours." Victor learned that Nikki was at the station, making a statement. Victor told Paul he was going to the station to "straighten this out." When Victor said how terrible he felt about what had happened to Christine, Paul could only shake his head and say, "God, Victor. You go to hell."

After Victor left, a doctor told Paul that Christine was out of surgery and was expected to make a full recovery.

At his unconscious wife's bedside, Paul told Christine that he had never lost faith in her -- he was sorry he'd made her feel that she had to get away from him. Sobbing, he told her that he loved her and needed her.

Christine began to regain consciousness and opened her eyes. She whispered that she had been hit by a car and became agitated. Paul begged her to close her eyes and rest. Christine said, "The baby -- please tell me the baby made it." Paul informed a hysterical Christine that she had lost the baby. He began crying and hugged his despondent wife.

At the police station, Kevin told Mariah that the forensic results had arrived -- the blood on the towel in Kyle's car's trunk was Austin's -- not Kyle's. Courtney asked Mariah and Kevin if they had any theories as to how Austin's blood had ended up on the towel. After they discussed several scenarios in which Kyle had found and moved Austin's lifeless body, Kevin said there was a simpler answer -- perhaps Kyle had murdered Austin.

Courtney felt that, even though the group at the cabin had been drugged, it was unlikely that no one would remember Kyle in the cabin. Kevin said that Noah had seen someone outside the cabin -- perhaps it was Kyle, who, after seeing Summer bash in Austin's skull, had helped her stash Austin's body in the armoire. They discussed numerous other ways that Kyle could have been involved in Austin's murder or its aftermath but stopped when it was time to leave for Austin's memorial service.

After Courtney left the room, Kevin noticed that Mariah seemed down. She explained that she had really liked Austin -- she and Austin had really understood each other. There had been a time when Mariah had felt that Austin could have been a special person in her life -- but he was dead, and she missed her friend.

Mariah left the station to go to the memorial. As Kevin got ready to leave, a handcuffed Nikki was escorted into the police station by a couple of officers. Neil followed behind. Nikki was hauled off for a Breathalyzer test. Kevin wondered what had happened. Neil told him that there had been an accident -- Christine had been hit by a car. Kevin asked if Christine and the baby were okay. Neil hadn't known that Christine was pregnant.

Nikki and Neil were able to speak privately while Nikki waited to take the Breathalyzer test. She was confident the results would indicate that she had been sober and that hitting Christine had just been a horrible accident. Neil said he had learned that Christine was pregnant, and, if anything happened to the baby, it was Neil's fault. Nikki lectured Neil, insisting that he not tell the truth about the accident. Nikki would take the blame, and her sobriety would prove that it had been an accident -- not a crime.

Neil whined that his life had been so full of lies -- he was ready to take the blame for what had happened to Christine and go to prison if necessary -- he had nothing to live for. Nikki ordered Neil not to reveal the truth and told him he had plenty to live for -- Moses, Lily, and his grandchildren. An officer approached Nikki and told her it was time for her to take the Breathalyzer test.

As the officer escorted Nikki to the testing room, she saw Kevin and asked him if there had been any word on Christine. Kevin said all he knew was that Christine had been taken into surgery.

Nikki left the testing room and, as she passed Neil, whispered, "So, just tell the truth that I was driving. That's all there is to it." An officer escorted Neil into the interrogation room so he could give his statement.

Nikki was relieved when Victor arrived at the station. He asked her what had happened -- she related the details of the accident but omitted any mention of Neil grabbing the steering wheel. She told Victor the accident was entirely her fault. Victor asked Nikki if she had been drinking.

Nikki told Victor that she hadn't been drinking. Victor wondered why Nikki seemed so agitated. She said that the officer was interrogating Neil, and "God knows what he is going to say." Victor was confused -- since Nikki had tested clean, he didn't know why she would care about what Neil said. Victor suspected that Nikki was keeping something from him.

At Summer's apartment, Noah told Summer that she needed to get dressed for Austin's memorial service. Crying, Summer insisted that she wouldn't be able to attend -- she blamed herself for Austin's death. Noah said they might never know what had happened at the Valentine's Day party. He gently told Summer that she needed to attend the service and say goodbye. After Summer went upstairs, Noah sent Kyle a text message, "We need to talk."

At Crimson Lights, Kyle told Abby that he had confronted Austin after learning that Austin had been having a fling with Abby. Abby jumped to the conclusion that Kyle had murdered Austin. Kyle didn't respond to Abby's accusation, instead telling her that Austin was a "cheating jerk," and Summer deserved better.

After Kyle received the text message from Noah, Kyle told Abby that he had spied on her and Austin sharing a tender moment at Crimson Lights. Abby was flabbergasted when she learned that Kyle had been tailing her and Austin. Kyle admitted that he had confronted Austin after learning about his affair with Abby. The confrontation had grown violent when Austin had tried to grab Kyle after Kyle had threatened to tell Summer about her husband's infidelity. Kyle had punched Austin in the face. Kyle had tossed Austin a towel. Austin had begun wiping blood from his face.

Kyle insisted that he had been on his way to Abby's party when his car had gotten stuck in a ditch. Abby didn't believe him -- she thought Kyle had purposely driven into the ditch. Abby revealed that Noah had seen Kyle lurking outside the Abbott cabin on the night of the party.

Telling Abby that Noah was wrong, Kyle said he hadn't gone to the cabin on that fateful night. He chided Abby for having sex with her niece's husband. Abby said that she had tried to stop the affair then begged Kyle not to reveal anything to Summer.

In the chapel, Phyllis was making last-minute preparations for Austin's memorial service. She adjusted some flowers on the casket and told Austin that although she hadn't approved of his marriage to Summer, he certainly hadn't deserved to die. Nick arrived and, having overheard Phyllis, told her that only "tincture of time" would mend Summer's broken heart. Phyllis said she thought Kyle was trying to help Summer -- Phyllis was happy Summer had someone to lean on.

Avery arrived for the service, saying how shocked she was about Austin's death. However, she had some good news for Nick -- the contractor who had made the repairs to the Underground had a history of cutting corners -- therefore, Nick was in the clear. Nick insisted that he was to blame -- he had hired the contractor. Nick felt responsible for Derek the bartender's death, as well as for the injuries Jack, Victor, and others had sustained.

Alone with Phyllis, Avery apologized for having been in cahoots with Jack -- Avery and Jack had tried to make Phyllis appear unstable in front of witnesses. Phyllis said she and Jack were putting that behind them. Jack, according to Phyllis, fervently believed that Kelly had been playing dirty tricks on Phyllis.

The sisters' conversation was interrupted when Summer arrived. Nick returned to the room. Avery, Phyllis, and Nick hugged Summer. Phyllis told her daughter that everything was going to be okay, but when Summer saw Austin's casket, she said, "No. It's never going to be okay again."

Jack arrived, and Phyllis asked him to try to comfort Summer. Sobbing, Summer told Jack that Austin's death should not have happened -- it was all because of "one stupid night" at the Abbott cabin.

Abby and Mariah entered the chapel. Summer handed Abby a photograph of Austin and asked her to place it in the lobby. Looking a bit guilty, Abby took the photograph and placed it in the lobby just as Kyle arrived. Kyle pointed out the irony of Austin's paramour helping Summer out at the service. Abby wondered why Kyle hated her so much. Kyle snapped, "Love the sinner. Hate the sin."

Noah arrived and gave Abby a hug. After Abby returned to the chapel, Noah asked Kyle why he hadn't replied to Noah's text message. Noah said he had seen a video of Kyle spying on Austin and Abby at Crimson Lights.

Kyle said he wasn't going to "play this game" with Noah. Noah pointed his finger at Kyle, telling him he knew exactly when and why Kyle had been in town. As Courtney and Kevin entered, Kyle pushed Noah's finger away, saying that Summer was going through hell, and told Noah to pick a fight with someone else. After Kyle went into the chapel, Courtney and Kevin approached Noah. Kevin told Noah that the blood on the towel in Kyle's car was Austin's. Noah informed Courtney and Kevin that Kyle had lied about being in Genoa City several weeks earlier.

Noah explained that he had seen a video that Austin had shot in February -- and Kyle was in the background. Noah planned to get the laptop with that video and be back in time for the memorial. He told Kevin and Courtney to make sure that Kyle didn't leave.

Nick began the service. He stepped up to the podium and began eulogizing Austin. As he spoke, Summer had memory flashes -- first, some muffled arguing -- then, as the memory focused, she remembered Austin and Abby bickering about telling something to someone.

Mariah got up to speak and told the attendees what a great friend and coworker Austin had been. Summer had another memory flash -- she remembered Abby telling Austin, "This cannot happen, ever again." After Mariah finished her eulogy, Phyllis told Summer that she didn't need to step up to the podium and speak about Austin. Summer said that she needed to.

At the podium, Summer delivered a beautiful eulogy. She talked about the lack of love in Austin's life and how he'd lost his mother, which had made him do some "desperate" things. She thanked her family and friends for forgiving Austin and making him feel welcome. While talking, Summer began staring at Abby and had yet another memory flash -- she remembered Abby saying to Austin, "We can't do this anymore. It's not fair to Summer. We're family."

Summer stepped away from the podium and began walking toward Abby. She stared Abby down and, as everyone looked on, growled, "You slept with my husband!"

He Who Has Friends Is Never Alone

He Who Has Friends Is Never Alone

Thursday, March 5, 2015

At Austin's memorial service, a seething Summer spat that Abby had slept with Austin, and she angrily demanded to know where and when it had happened. Phyllis tried to calm Summer down, but Summer bellowed that she knew exactly what she'd seen, and she dared Abby to have the guts to admit it. Summer contended that Abby wasn't denying it because it was true, and she challenged Abby to lie to her face and tell her she was wrong. Abby stammered that she was sorry as she ran out, and Nick chased after her.

Nick condemned Abby for betraying her own flesh and blood, and Abby defended that she hadn't done it on purpose, but she'd been lonely after her breakup with Tyler. Nick pointed out that Austin had been married, and Abby countered that Nick had also been married when he'd cheated. Nick questioned whether Abby had even thought about Summer's feelings once, and he accused Abby of wanting what hadn't been hers. Abby whined that she hadn't been able to help her feelings, and Nick asked how she was feeling then. Abby cried that she was "in hell" before she tearfully rushed out.

Inside the church, Mariah judged from Kyle's reaction that he'd known about the affair, and Summer overheard and confronted Kyle. Nick intervened and insisted on getting Summer home, but Summer demanded to know who had known her husband and her aunt had been sneaking around behind her back. She asked if Kyle had been laughing at her all along, and Kyle revealed that he'd gone to the cabin to force Austin and Abby to admit everything to Summer. Summer sarcastically asked if Kyle had considered if a favor to wait until Valentine's Day to tell her, and she looked around and wondered who else had known.

Summer remembered Mariah and Abby whispering at the cabin, and she wondered if Abby had been bragging about her latest conquest. Mariah replied that Abby had known better than to brag, and Summer assumed Kevin had known, too. Summer ranted that she'd been the only one who hadn't known, and no one had wanted to tell her because she had been too stupid and trusting. Phyllis ordered everyone out, and Kyle tried to reach out to Summer, but Jack signaled for him to leave. Avery asked what she could do, and Summer requested that Avery stay, since Summer needed to know why people said they loved one another and then cheated.

In the vestibule, Courtney asked why no one had clued her in about the affair, and Mariah explained that she'd found out after they'd already had a dead body on their hands. Mariah questioned why Kyle hadn't bothered to say anything, and Kyle reasoned that it wouldn't have been right to tell them before he'd told Summer. Kevin pointed out that they'd all been covering for Summer, but Kyle countered that they didn't know who they'd really covered for. The group wondered who had wanted Austin dead.

Summer looked around at Phyllis, Avery, Nick, and Jack, and she realized that they'd all cheated. Summer questioned what made someone choose to cheat rather than to protect the person they loved, and she contended that Austin had been her first and only lover and that she never would have hurt him by being unfaithful. She noted that all the other adults present had made a different choice, and she wondered why she hadn't been enough for Austin. Jack assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Summer asked why Avery had decided to be with Dylan when she'd been married to Joe.

Avery admitted she hadn't been a good wife, and her marriage hadn't worked out. Summer inquired whether Avery had punished Joe because he hadn't been enough for her, and Avery replied that she'd fallen in love with someone else. Summer disdainfully guessed that perhaps Austin had fallen in love with Abby, but Phyllis doubted love had had anything to do with it. Summer continued to pepper Avery with questions about why she'd cheated on Joe, but Avery said she didn't have the answers. Avery departed, and Summer regretted going off on her aunt, but Phyllis said it hadn't been Summer's fault that Austin had done something selfish.

Summer gazed at the program from the service, and Phyllis and Jack suggested they go home and talk. Summer whimpered that Austin was about to be taken away and put in the ground, so she needed to be there a little longer. Phyllis implored Jack to go home and rest, and she pointed out that if things had been different, she might have been mourning him. Phyllis promised she would call if she needed backup, and Jack told Summer he loved her before he took off. Phyllis suggested to Nick that they give Summer some time alone, and they stepped outside. Summer slowly stood up and approached the coffin. "You son of a bitch," she spat.

Summer snarled that she had trusted Austin and had shown faith in him, and even her father had said she'd saved Austin by loving him. Summer continued that she'd defended and protected Austin, and they'd promised to always love one another. She pounded on the coffin with her fists and screamed over what Austin had done to her.

At the Abbott cabin, a distraught Abby sat in front of a fire, and she flashed back to Austin joining her in that same spot. He had asked her who had been the one who'd gotten away, but she hadn't wanted to talk about her failed relationships. Austin had remarked that couples told stories to one another about their pasts, but Abby had protested that they weren't a couple in a real way. He'd kissed her and asked if it had felt real, and she'd warned him that it would all go away sooner or later, since he would realize he belonged with Summer. Austin had insisted that Abby was wrong, and they'd started to make love. Kyle, Mariah, Kevin, and Courtney suddenly burst in, and Kyle accused Abby of killing Austin.

Abby swore she'd tried to end it with Austin, and she denied she'd killed him. She rattled off motives that any of them might have had to kill Austin, and she reminded them that they'd agreed Summer couldn't have stuffed the body into the armoire alone. Abby scoffed at the idea that she had been any more capable of doing so, and she whipped the wardrobe open. Everyone stared at a message scrawled in lipstick on the inside mirror: "I know what happened here."

At the cottage, Dylan arrived in response to a text message from Sharon, and he asked if everything was okay. She explained that he'd been wonderful to her and Faith on the night of the storm, and she'd wanted to do something for him in return. She recounted that she'd been spinning out of control, but he'd talked her down when most people wouldn't have bothered. Dylan replied that he'd been in the same position himself, so he'd be the last one to judge, and he figured she would have done the same thing for him. She commended him for helping her and everyone who had been at Crimson Lights, and she presented him with a nicely set table.

Sharon explained that she never got to cook for anyone, so she'd thought it would be fun to make dinner to thank Dylan for being a good friend. She added that she didn't have many of them, and she admired that he'd stood up to Nick in her defense. Dylan said he'd just told truth about her being a good mom, but Sharon said it had been unusual for Nick to back down. Dylan asked where Faith was, and Sharon reported that the girl was at a sleepover, so it would be the adult version of a tea party. She handed Dylan a glass of wine and clinked her glass against his as she toasted to fighting off loneliness.

Dylan said he appreciated the gesture, but he was concerned that he'd given Sharon the wrong impression of where things stood between him and Avery. Embarrassed, Sharon acknowledged that she was out of practice with having friends, and she swore it was just pasta and Chianti to show her thanks, but she understood if it was too awkward. Dylan said he had things to handle with Avery after Austin's memorial, and Sharon indicated that she'd wanted to be there for Summer, but she was sure that Summer hadn't wanted her to attend. Sharon joked that she'd scared Dylan off even before she'd boiled the water, and he requested a rain check. Dylan headed toward the door, but he stopped and suggested they order Chinese food instead.

Dylan and Sharon dined on their takeout, and they agreed that pasta was great, but not cooking was sometimes better. She noted that they'd finished everything, but he was wearing some of it, and she helped him wipe his face. He offered to help clean up, but she handed him a fortune cookie for the road. He told her to give it to Faith, and she was touched that he'd thought of her daughter. He called Faith his little buddy, and Sharon wished him luck with Avery. Sharon thanked Dylan for keeping her company, and after he departed, she removed her fortune from a cookie and read aloud, "He who has friends is never alone."

At Crimson Lights, Dylan asked Avery about the memorial, and she revealed that Summer had found out Austin had been cheating with Abby. Avery added that Summer had been surrounded by trusted adults who had all cheated at some point in their lives, and Summer had looked at Avery like she was the poster child for cheaters everywhere. Dylan remarked that it had once been clear why he and Avery had gotten together, and she confirmed that nothing had been left between her and Joe when she and Dylan had fallen in love. Dylan wondered if perhaps she wished it had never happened.

Avery asked if Dylan honestly thought she regretted falling in love with him, and he reminded her that he'd hit her. She said she didn't care about that, and she understood he'd been through many terrible things, but those things were part of why she loved him even more than when they'd first gotten together. He thought that maybe she'd had enough, but she refused to let go, or she would be lost forever. She pledged to forgive and to hold on to one another no matter how scary things got, and they embraced.

At the hospital, Christine sobbed over the loss of her baby girl, and she wailed that it had been her job to protect her child. Paul regretted that he'd said things to make Christine think he'd doubted her, and he thought she'd had every right to want to get away. Christine wailed that they'd wanted the baby very badly, and Paul professed his love to her. Christine whimpered that she didn't understand how it had happened, and he urged her to get some sleep, but she couldn't stop thinking about the accident.

Paul reminded Christine that she'd just had surgery, but she said the headlights had made her think of the accident with Phyllis years before. Christine asked if the driver had even cared to stop, and Paul mentioned that the female driver was at the police station. Christine panicked that it had been Phyllis, but Paul assured her it hadn't been, and Christine speculated that someone she'd prosecuted had targeted her. She begged him to find out why it had happened, and he reluctantly agreed. After Paul left, Christine turned over in bed and clutched her belly as she sobbed.

At the police station, a cop asked Neil to sign his name on the witness report. Outside the interrogation room, Victor told Nikki to stop looking at the door and to answer his question about what had happened. Nikki reiterated that she'd been driving, and she'd accidentally hit Christine, but she maintained that she hadn't been drinking. Victor believed that had been what she'd told the police, but he demanded the truth, and she insisted she'd given it to him. She admonished him for calling her a liar, and she swore it had just been a terrible accident.

Victor continued to pressure Nikki to tell him the whole story, and they bickered about their lack of trust in one another. He wondered if she was worried about what Neil was saying, and she suggested that Victor look at the Breathalyzer results. Victor theorized that her multiple sclerosis symptoms had caused her to lose control, but she stuck to her story that she hadn't been able to stop after Christine had run into the street. Victor recounted that Adam would have gone to prison because of his cover-up in Delia's accident, but Nikki snapped that she wasn't Adam. Victor warned that it was a serious situation, and he needed to know what had happened so he could help her.

Nikki asserted that her situation was completely different than Adam's had been, and she told Victor to trust that she was telling him the truth. Neil emerged from the interrogation room, and an officer told him that he was free to go. Neil departed, and Victor informed the cop that he wanted to take his wife home after a tragic accident, but Paul entered and commanded that Nikki stay. Victor argued that Nikki had passed a Breathalyzer and that Neil had corroborated what she'd said, so there hadn't been any wrongdoing. Paul snapped that he'd just been at the hospital, where his wife had been crying over the loss of their unborn daughter. "Don't you dare tell me there is no wrongdoing," Paul blasted.

Victor expressed his condolences, and a stricken Nikki softly stated she'd known how much Paul and Christine had wanted the baby. Paul said he needed to speak with Nikki in private, and Victor protested that an officer had already taken her statement, but Paul declared that it was his job to decide. Nikki offered to go over her story again, but they'd never know why the accident had happened. Victor recommended that Paul recuse himself from the investigation, but Paul swore he wasn't asking Nikki into his office to browbeat her but just to hear her account firsthand. Nikki insisted it was okay, and she and Paul stepped into his office.

Neil opened the door to Christine's room, and a nurse asked if he was family. He replied that he was a worried friend, and the nurse remarked that Christine had been very lucky. Neil asked about the baby, and the nurse shook her head. Christine invited Neil in and said it was nice of him to be there, and he claimed that he'd heard about the accident. Christine coldly stated that it hadn't been an accident, since she'd seen the car swerve right at her, but Neil swore that Nikki would never willingly hurt Christine. "Nikki?" an incensed Christine hissed.

Christine yelled that Nikki was the reason her baby was gone, and Neil wished he hadn't said anything, but he had assumed Paul had told her. Christine started to get out of bed and raged that Paul had remained mum for Nikki's sake, and she imagined that Paul was with Nikki at that moment, trying to figuring out how to protect "poor, fragile, murderous Nikki." Christine struggled to her feet and attempted to leave for the police station, but Neil caught her as she collapsed in his arms. Neil apologized for upsetting Christine, but she assured him it wasn't his fault, since only one person had been responsible. Neil grappled with his guilt.

Paul questioned Nikki about why she'd been driving Neil home from the Athletic Club, and she revealed that Neil had fallen off the wagon. Paul repeated Nikki's claim that she'd been sober, and she urged him to look at her test results to confirm that she was telling the truth. Paul envisioned Christine crying over their baby, and he recounted that he'd driven Christine away by making her feel like he'd doubted her, but Nikki swore it hadn't been his fault. Paul contemplated whose fault it had been, since Nikki had been sober and clearheaded when she'd run down his wife. Paul inquired whether Nikki had aimed for Christine, but Nikki begged Paul to believe she hadn't had time to stop.

Victor made a call and summoned an attorney to the police station to counsel Nikki before she said something she regretted. Victor stressed that he didn't doubt his wife, but he worried that she was too trusting of Paul, and the lawyer had to get there to protect Nikki from herself.

Paul and Nikki exited his office, and Victor reported that an attorney would be there shortly. Nikki said it wasn't necessary, and Paul announced that he'd heard enough. Nikki encouraged Paul to go back to the hospital, and Victor suggested they go home. Paul ordered an officer to read Nikki her rights, since she was under arrest for attempted murder.

Billy Proposes to Chelsea

Billy Proposes to Chelsea

Friday, March 6, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Chelsea informed Billy that she'd changed into the prettiest dress she had available, and he declared that he wanted to spend the evening with the most beautiful girl on the planet. He added that Jack was out, and he'd arranged for Gabriel and Sage to spend the evening at a French bistro, since it was easy for him to be generous when he was in love. Billy handed Chelsea a jewelry box, and she discovered an engagement ring inside. He dropped to one knee and asked her to do him the great honor and privilege of becoming his wife, but she flatly responded, "No."

Chelsea told Billy to take the ring back, since she suspected his proposal had been a reaction to Sage's comment that Gabriel had feelings for Chelsea, but Billy insisted it hadn't had anything to do with Gabriel. Billy explained that they could have died in the fire, and during the ordeal, he'd been thinking that he should have told Chelsea how serious he was about her. Billy proclaimed that she was what he'd wanted his whole life -- someone who understood him completely. He wanted to devote his life to her if she'd let him, and she smiled and extended her hand.

Billy slid the ring on Chelsea's finger, but it was much too big. He recognized that he'd miscalculated, but all he cared about was whether her answer was yes, and she joyfully replied that it was. Adam and Sage walked in, and they reported that the board of health had closed the bistro, but they thought it was obvious they were interrupting. Billy announced that he and Chelsea were engaged, and Chelsea happily displayed the ring as Adam tried to hide his dismay.

Billy credited "Gabriel" with giving him the push he'd needed by dragging him out of the burning building, since that had been when Billy had realized he'd wanted to spend the rest of his life with Chelsea. Billy thanked "Gabriel" for the inspiration, and Sage admired the ring. Adam noted that Billy had gotten the size wrong, and Billy suggested that he and Chelsea head over to the jeweler to have it fixed. Billy and Chelsea departed, and Adam blamed Sage for pushing the couple together by saying he had feelings for Chelsea. Sage pointed out that Billy and Chelsea had already been together, and she cautioned that Adam would ruin things for both of them if he didn't accept that.

Victoria and Stitch kissed at Crimson Lights, and she remarked that he tasted like orange juice. He explained that he'd given blood to help out the victims of the storm and the Underground collapse, and she called him a good guy. Stitch mentioned that he'd heard about an accident when he'd been at the hospital, and he'd found out Paul and Christine had lost their baby. Victoria couldn't believe she'd almost lost her own kids in the fire, and she said she and Billy had been lucky. She quickly added that Stitch had been lucky, too.

Victoria apologized for making Stitch sound like an afterthought, and she explained that hearing about Paul and Christine's loss had made her think about how close she'd been to losing her own kids. Stitch said he would have felt the same way if Max's life had been in danger, but he was glad he'd had a chance to do what he loved by helping to saving lives for a while. Victoria asked if he wanted to quit the lab and return to medicine, and he replied that he'd been considering it. They agreed to face whatever the future held together.

Chelsea and Billy arrived at the coffeehouse, and Victoria noticed Chelsea's ring and said it looked like congratulations were in order. As Billy got some coffee, Stitch hugged Chelsea, who whispered that it looked like they'd both gotten a happy ending. Billy and Chelsea left, and Stitch mentioned that he'd promised Ashley that he'd put in a few hours, but he offered to cancel. Victoria assured him it was okay, and she said the engagement was kind of a relief, since she could move on completely. She encouraged him to get to work, and they kissed goodbye. Stitch stopped in the doorway and turned to look back at Victoria, who was forlornly staring at her wedding ring tattoo.

In the Jabot lab, Jack couldn't believe Ashley was still there at such a late hour, and he inquired about what she was working on. She realized she'd forgotten about Austin's memorial, and she asked about Summer. Jack replied that Summer wasn't doing well, especially after she'd found out Abby had been sleeping with her husband. Ashley left a message for Abby, but Jack guessed that Abby wouldn't be quick to call back. Ashley acknowledged that her daughter hadn't had the best parental role models.

Ashley asked how Jack's new venture with Victor was going, and Jack asked if she'd been hiding her work because she had concerns about his alliance with Victor. Jack reminded her that he'd paid for the state-of-the-art lab, and he asserted that he deserved answers because he ran the place. Ashley complained that Jack had been acting erratically lately, and she didn't trust Victor. Jack swore he and Victor were only working together to help Phyllis, but Ashley warned that Victor always had another agenda. Jack relayed that he'd caught Victor stepping out of a confessional in the hospital chapel, and he wondered who Victor had been conferring with and what it had been about.

Jack returned home, and Adam asked where he'd been. Jack said he'd been dealing with the fallout from Austin's memorial, so anything else would have to wait, but Adam blurted out that Billy had proposed to Chelsea. Adam asked Jack to help convince Billy that marriage was a horrible idea, but Jack contended that Billy and Chelsea were happy, and he refused to take that away. Adam threatened to tell the police Billy had shot him, but Jack countered that Adam could end up in the cell next to Billy's. Adam pledged to reunite his family with or without Jack's help, and Jack disapprovingly stated that Victor would be proud of Adam's determination to win at any cost.

Later, Billy was curious when Jack showed no reaction to the news of Billy and Chelsea's engagement, and Jack grumbled that the ink was barely dry on Billy's divorce papers. Billy conceded that things were moving fast, but Chelsea made him happy and was good for him, and he inquired whether Jack knew something he wasn't saying. Jack carefully worded that he didn't know anything about Chelsea, and Billy resolved to go ahead with the wedding unless Jack gave a good reason why he shouldn't. Jack promised to stand behind Billy, and he offered to throw the couple an engagement party. The brothers hugged.

Chelsea returned to Crimson Lights and ran into "Gabriel," and she explained that she'd gone back to the jeweler to pick up some earrings to match her engagement ring. She prepared to call a cab to take her home, but Adam volunteered to drive her. Adam reasoned that there was no need to waste money on a cab when both he and Chelsea were living under the same roof, and he said he could use the opportunity to explain how her engagement had inspired him. He claimed that maybe there was hope for him and Sage, and he asked Chelsea to give him some pointers on the way home. She agreed, and he went to pull the car around.

At the lab, Stitch urged Ashley to go home, and she said he should do the same thing. He mentioned that he and Victoria had found out about Billy and Chelsea's engagement earlier, and Ashley was surprised Billy hadn't told her about it yet. She thought it was good news for Stitch, but he wasn't sure Victoria would be able to get past Billy. Stitch added that everyone had one great love in their life, and he wasn't sure he was Victoria's.

Phyllis and Nick reentered the church during Summer's tirade against her dead husband, and Summer wailed that it was all her fault. Nick assured Summer that she had nothing to feel guilty about, but Summer sobbed that she did. Nick stressed that Austin's death had been an accident, and Phyllis added that Summer couldn't have prevented it. Summer insisted that she had to be alone, and she ran past Noah on her way out. Noah offered to go after her, and Phyllis urged Nick to give their daughter time.

Nick thought it hadn't made sense for Summer to blame herself, but Phyllis guessed that Summer blamed herself for Austin's affair, since Summer had believed love could conquer all. Nick suggested that Phyllis go home to Jack, and they agreed they'd call one another if either of them heard from Summer. They hugged goodbye, and Phyllis headed out. Nick stood by the casket and anticipated that someday, his little girl would forgive Austin for breaking her heart, but Nick vowed that he never would.

Sage rushed into the church and told Nick she was sorry she'd missed the service, but he replied that he'd been leaning on her too much already. She asked if she could lean on him, since keeping up the fašade of her marriage was getting harder. Nick commented that it was hard enough to make a real marriage work, but he pointed out that she knew how he felt about her situation. Sage recalled his advice to stop worrying about making others happy, but she recognized that while she had a fake marriage, the divorce would be real.

Sage said there was an inheritance at stake, and Nick reiterated that there was more to life than money. He pointed out that her life had never been about money, and he questioned why she'd let that change. Sage agreed that she was unhappy and that she had to change things, and Nick invited her to his club for a free meal once it was back up and running. He noticed the look of concern on Sage's face, and he realized that she was worried about Gabriel. Sage said "Gabriel" wasn't the same person Nick had gone to school with, and "Gabriel" would never be okay with her turning against him.

At the Abbott cabin, Mariah commented that the message written in lipstick was creepy, and Abby started to shut the armoire door, but Courtney wanted to get a better look. Courtney snapped photos of the mirror on her cell phone, and she asked if anyone recognized the handwriting. Courtney suspected that the same person who had written the message had also moved the body, and Kevin thought the person wanted something. Abby headed to the bathroom, and Mariah commented that Abby seemed more scattered than usual.

Summer and Noah arrived, and Courtney informed them that Summer hadn't killed Austin. Kevin announced that it hadn't been Kyle's blood on the towel, and Kyle admitted he'd punched Austin for sleeping with Abby. Mariah huffed that Kyle had lied about the towel just like he'd lied about being in town, but Kyle defended that he'd stayed out of sight to get proof of Austin and Abby's fling.

Abby returned, and Summer angrily questioned how Abby could even stand to show her face. Summer raged that for all she knew, Abby had murdered Austin, and she lunged at Abby, but Noah and Kyle held her back. "You lying bitch!" Summer screamed as Abby ran out. Summer admitted she'd been angry enough to kill Abby, and she wondered if she'd felt that way about Austin.

Later, Kyle made Summer some tea, and he asked if she was hungry, but she remained silent. He sat next to her on the couch and commented that the place had gotten quiet once he'd kicked everyone out, and he swore he'd never meant to hurt her. He explained that he'd gotten caught up in something by accident when he'd seen Austin and Abby together, but he was glad he'd found out what a creep Austin had been, since Austin hadn't deserved Summer. Summer whined that she couldn't hear about Austin anymore, and Kyle firmly stated that she deserved better.

Summer whimpered that she'd thought she'd known Austin, and Kyle implored her to let him prove she could trust him by letting him help her through it. Kyle said it was okay for her to show whatever she was feeling, but Summer replied that all she wanted was to sleep without having any bad dreams. She got up to head to the bedroom, and she asked if Kyle could lock up when he left. He said he wasn't going anywhere, and after she stepped out, he grabbed a tissue and wiped off the lipstick from the armoire mirror.

Kevin and Courtney prepared to clock in at the police station, and he remarked that the amateur detective stuff wasn't getting them anywhere. Noah questioned whether they should hand over their information to the professionals, and Courtney remarked that she hated the idea of hiding it, but she hated the thought of Summer going to prison more. Mariah theorized that the person who'd written the message had known they'd keep it to themselves, and Noah speculated that the person knew them pretty well. Kevin wondered how well they knew the killer.

Victoria wrapped up a call as Abby entered the coffeehouse, and she invited Abby to sit down and talk, but Abby broke down in tears. Abby confided that she'd met the wrong guy at the wrong time, and Victoria remarked that love wasn't painless. Abby said it had just been a dirty affair in the beginning, but then she'd fallen hard. Abby cried that she'd loved Austin more than she'd ever thought she could, and it had killed her that he hadn't felt the same way. Abby wailed that she hadn't been able to bear for him to go back to Summer, and Victoria comforted her.

At the hospital, Christine cried out in her sleep for someone to "please come back," and she woke up with a start. Dylan assured her it had just been a bad dream, and he said he had heard about the accident and had wanted to be there for her and Paul. She rambled that she'd tried to catch up, but she hadn't been able to reach her child. She added that her child hadn't just been a dream, and someone had taken her baby by deliberately running her down. Dylan asked who would have done something like that, and Christine spat, "Your mother, that's who."

At the police station, Victor demanded to know what was going on when an officer handcuffed Nikki, and Paul coldly explained that it was part of standard procedure to book someone for attempted murder. Victor argued that Nikki had submitted to an interrogation and a Breathalyzer without a lawyer present, and he angrily asked if that was how Paul paid her back. Nikki swore it had been an accident after Christine had stepped into the path of her car, but Paul revealed that a bystander and his wife had said Nikki had deliberately swerved in Christine's direction.

Victor ordered Paul to drop the ridiculous charges or take himself off the case, and Nikki said she wanted to tell Christine how sorry she was. Paul ordered one of his men to take Nikki to her cell, but Nikki's lawyer walked in and relayed that a judge had agreed to bail, which he'd already posted. Victor demanded that an officer take the cuffs off Nikki, and he suggested Paul visit his own wife in the hospital. Victor led Nikki out, and Paul mumbled to himself, "This isn't over, Victor."

Dylan arrived at the station to see Paul, and he voiced concern about Christine's accusations against Nikki, but Paul revealed that he had credible witnesses who had corroborated Christine's claims. Dylan argued that Nikki would never intentionally hurt anyone, and Paul confided that Nikki hadn't been the only one responsible, since he and Christine had had a disagreement before she'd run into the street. Dylan pointed out that all couples had fights, but Paul revealed that he and Christine had been at odds for months over his devotion to Dylan and Nikki. Paul explained that he'd been desperate to prove to everyone that he would be a better father to Dylan than he had been to his other kids, and it had ended up costing him and Christine their baby.

Paul clarified that he was grateful Dylan was in his life, but he wished he'd told Christine that she and the baby had meant just as much to him and that Nikki had never been a threat to their marriage. Dylan urged Paul to tell Christine those things, but Paul thought it was too little, too late, since he'd failed her. Dylan said he'd failed Avery in a similar way once, and he'd run from it for a long time, but it had only hurt her more. Dylan advised Paul not to run if Paul didn't want the same thing to happen with him and Christine.

At the ranch, Nikki expressed relief to be home, and Victor promised that she wouldn't spend a single night in jail. He assured her that she would be all right, but she pointed out that Paul and Christine wouldn't be. Victor agreed that it was terrible to lose a child, but time healed all wounds, and they'd all move on. Phyllis entered and said she'd be out of their way as soon as she picked up a few things, but Nikki suggested that Phyllis keep Victor company while Nikki rested. Nikki went upstairs, and Victor informed Phyllis about the car accident and Christine losing the baby. Victor added that Christine was determined to punish Nikki for it.

Phyllis said the idea of a child suffering broke her heart, and it had killed her to see Summer devastated after she'd found out Austin had been unfaithful with Abby. Phyllis wondered if Victor had any comment about his daughter's behavior, and Victor said he felt bad for Summer, but he couldn't control Abby. Victor added that Austin hadn't been good enough for Summer, and Phyllis noted that Victor could be cold and calculating one minute and "soft as a kitty cat" the next. Victor declared that he'd see to it if someone needed to be punished, but he hated to see people suffering needlessly.

Nikki entered Christine's room, and Christine asked if Nikki was there to gloat. Nikki sat at Christine's bedside and said she was devastated by what had happened, and Christine asked if Nikki felt that way because she hadn't killed Christine as well as her baby. Nikki swore she hadn't seen Christine until it had been too late, but Christine accused Nikki of wanting Paul to fix her life, so Nikki had needed to eliminate what had been in the way. Nikki defended that Christine had run into the street without looking, and Christine incredulously asked if Nikki was saying it was Christine's fault her baby was dead.

Nikki said Christine had misunderstood, but Christine became extremely agitated and ordered Nikki out. Paul walked in as Christine ranted that Nikki had killed her baby and that she hated Nikki. Paul dragged a trembling Nikki out of the room.

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