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Victoria suggested to Victor that they revive the Brash & Sassy line. Victor bugged the Jabot lab. Colin blackmailed Devon to get the money for Jill and Cane to purchase Chancellor Industries. Kelly accused Phyllis of poisoning her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 19, 2015 on Y&R
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Victoria presents Victor with a business proposal.

Victoria presents Victor with a business proposal.

Monday, January 19, 2015

In the gym at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria apologized to Billy for being nosy about his future plans with Chelsea. Billy joked that Victoria was probably glad he was out of her life. Victoria said she was happy for Billy, Chelsea, and especially Connor because Billy would be a much better father than Adam would've been. Victoria said it was fortunate that Adam was no longer around because Billy might have ended up in jail for harming him.

Victoria noted that both Billy and Victor tended to lash out at people who hurt their families. Billy said that Victor attacked anyone who got in his way. Victoria was taken aback when Billy said that Victor had ordered thugs to beat up Dylan. Billy assured Victoria that he would protect her if she ever needed his help. Victoria seemed touched by Billy's promise to look after her.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack confronted Phyllis after discovering a blonde wig in a tote bag. Phyllis denied that the wig belonged to her and asked Jack if he thought she'd been lying to him. Jack replied, "I don't know what I think." Phyllis assured Jack that she'd had nothing to do with ordering the roses or sending the messages that had led him and Kelly to the same hotel suite. Jack suggested that Phyllis might have had a lapse of memory after carrying out the plan.

Phyllis, hurt by Jack's accusations, cried, "You think I'm crazy?" Jack reminded Phyllis that she'd used his phone to lure Kelly to his office. Phyllis scoffed at Jack's assumptions. She said she'd just undergone a battery of medical tests and had been assured everything was normal. Jack said he just couldn't believe that Kelly had broken in and hidden the blonde wig.

At Victor's office, Victor asked Joe Clark why he'd sent two thugs to rough up Dylan McAvoy at the coffeehouse. Before Joe could respond, Victor added, "I told you I'd handle it." Joe said, "Last I heard, it was a robbery, and there's nothing to prove otherwise." Victor said he'd told everyone that his plans were just business, and he cautioned Joe not to make a liar out of him. Joe admitted that separating his business and personal lives had never been his strong suit.

After Joe left, Victoria stopped by and asked her dad to change his mind about selling the property to a consortium planning to redevelop the warehouse district. Victor admitted that his business had experienced a financial setback related to the Bonaventure debacle. Victoria announced a plan she thought might solve their problems and stick it to their archrival at the same time. She added, "It's a brash and sassy blast from the past!" Victor was intrigued.

Victoria recalled her successful business acumen when she'd launched a cosmetics line that appealed to young girls. Victoria remembered that she'd used a photo of her lips as a logo. Victor nodded. Victoria said she planned to utilize social media to let customers know that Brash & Sassy was back. Victor urged Victoria to put a rush on production because the Chancellor side of Newman-Chancellor was in dire straits. Just as Victor noted that the vultures were circling, Jack walked in unannounced.

Victoria said she had to leave, but before she did, she told Victor that Jack had agreed to be Katie's godfather. Victor asked Victoria why she'd chosen Jack. Victoria explained that she and Billy wanted both of Katherine's families to be involved. After Victoria left, Jack said he wanted to discuss what kind of treatments Victor had ordered for Phyllis. Jack cried that Phyllis just wasn't the same woman she'd been before the accident. Victor gave Jack the contact information of the doctor that had treated Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Avery hovered over Dylan, whose face was bruised and bandage after two men had attacked him at the coffeehouse. Paul arrived and said he had an update about the attack. Dylan replied, "Did you find proof to nail Victor?" Paul explained that evidence was still being processed. After Paul stepped away to take a phone call, Avery pleaded with Dylan to step aside and allow someone else to lead the fight. Dylan refused to step aside and let anyone force him out of business.

Joe showed up and said that Avery had told him about the robbery. Avery quickly admitted that she'd questioned Joe because she'd thought he might have been behind the attack. Dylan said, "What do you think?" Joe said he wanted to know what Avery thought, too. Avery said she believed people were innocent until proven guilty.

After Paul returned and asked Dylan to review security footage, Avery stepped inside the dining room to confront Joe. Paul told Dylan that he'd sent evidence to be carefully processed by the FBI. Both Paul and Dylan said they had an idea about who might be behind the attack. Victoria stopped by to check on Dylan. She admitted that though her father might not have disclosed his involvement, she was certain that Victor hadn't hired anyone to rough up Dylan.

Avery angrily told Joe that he was not to kiss her ever again. Joe recalled their romantic getaways when they'd stayed in their room, making love. In a flashback, Avery remembered the passion she and Joe had once shared. Avery also recalled his habit of interrupting their time together to conduct business. Joe said that if Avery ever changed her mind, she'd know where to find him.

After Joe left, Phyllis stopped by and told Avery she needed her help to lock someone up. As the sisters discussed what had taken place, Avery noted that there was no evidence to support Kelly's involvement. Avery added that others had witnessed Phyllis' verbal attack directed at Kelly in public. Phyllis cried that Kelly was getting to Jack. Avery seemed torn to see Phyllis in turmoil.

After Phyllis left, Dylan asked Avery about Joe's visit. Avery remained mum about Joe's kiss. Dylan received a mysterious phone call. The male caller warned Dylan that the harassment would continue. After the call ended, Dylan said, "This is far from over." Avery was distressed.

At home, Phyllis inspected the blonde wig. She seemed lost in thought. She ran her fingers through the strands and smoothed the wispy bangs. Phyllis slipped the wig over her head. Gazing at herself in the mirror, she pushed her own hair into the wig's cap and stared at her altered appearance from across the room.

At Jabot's fashion studio, Chelsea was taken aback when she found Adam, the man she believed was Gabriel, holding Connor. Chelsea took Connor from Adam and noticed that her son was holding a toy car that had been missing. Chelsea said, "I've been looking all over for this. Where did you get it?" Adam claimed he'd found the toy stuck in a crevice in Connor's stroller.

Chelsea asked Adam if he had children. Adam said he planned on having a little guy just like Connor soon. Adam praised Chelsea's designs and said it couldn't be easy for her to balance her career with motherhood. Chelsea said Billy was a great help. Adam asked if it was difficult for Billy to be around the son of the man who'd killed Delia. Chelsea said both Billy and Chloe had weathered far worse grief. Adam noted that Chelsea would have to discuss the issue with Connor someday. Chelsea explained that her son would know more about his father than his one tragic mistake. Adam replied, "Sounds like you forgive him."

Chelsea admitted to Adam that she could never forget the accident or Adam's part in it. Chelsea noted that Adam had felt tortured about the accident. Adam asked Chelsea if she could ever forgive her late husband. Chelsea said it was fortunate that "Gabriel" never knew Adam because most people in town had condemned him for not stepping forward to admit what he'd done. Adam asked Chelsea what she'd say to her late husband if she had the chance.

Before Chelsea could respond to Adam's question, Connor pointed at Adam and said, "Daddy!" Billy was standing in the doorway at the time and claimed that the tot was calling out to him. Adam grimaced and said, "Yeah, I'm sure he knows exactly who his dad is." Billy was unfriendly to Adam. Chelsea asked Billy to ease up. Adam knelt close to Connor and whispered that soon everyone would know who his father was.

Devon sneaks off to see Hilary

Devon sneaks off to see Hilary

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jill visited Victor at his office to talk about Chancellor, and he flatly refused to sell it to her. She pointed out that the division was hurting badly, and everyone knew he was the seller in the warehouse redevelopment project. She imagined that both Victor and his company would take huge hits, but Victor declared that real estate prices were going up, so he stood to make a fortune. Jill warned that the results of the impact study could quash the sale, but she could help him save face and allow him to make a bundle. She suggested that she might be his last hope, and he chuckled.

Victor sarcastically said it was kind of Jill to want to protect him, but he was certain the warehouse district sale would go through. Jill reminded him that she was no corporate neophyte, and she was aware he needed a lot of cash, or he wouldn't have risked Nikki's wrath and health by trying to sell Crimson Lights out from under Dylan. Jill continued that the Bonaventure deal had turned Chancellor into a stuffed pig, and Victor imagined she wanted to take it off his hands. Jill contended that Chancellor should have been hers, since she loved the company and had run it well, but Victor countered that Katherine had left it in better hands with him.

Jill asserted that she wanted Chancellor back, and she suggested that she and Victor reach terms as friends instead of enemies. She offered to let him draft the press release to polish his image after publicly trying to destroy his wife's son, and Victor claimed to be touched, but he said Jill and Cane didn't have the finances to buy a company of that size. She countered that she'd been saving for a rainy day, and she asked how much he wanted. He wrote down a figure on a piece of paper and handed it to her with a smirk.

In Chicago, Lily and Hilary entered their hotel suite, and Lily commented that it was weird to be there together for a spa weekend. Hilary pointedly stated that she'd never envisioned it happening, but it had made Neil happy. Lily praised Hilary for always putting Neil first, and Hilary said he deserved it. Lily acknowledged that she and Hilary had had issues in the past, but the fact that Hilary loved Neil trumped everything. Lily hoped she and Hilary could be friends, and Hilary offered to get started by booking some spa treatments.

Hilary exited the room and ran into Devon in the hallway, and she whispered that he couldn't be there. He pulled her into a kiss, but she pushed him away and worried that Lily could pop out at any second. Devon pleaded that he needed time with Hilary, but she protested that it couldn't be like that, since she was there with his sister. Devon said he didn't want to think about Lily, Neil, or anyone else, and Hilary asked for some time to figure out how to fix the situation.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Neil told Cane that his doctor was confident he would regain his sight, and he was looking forward to starting treatment. Cane urged Neil to tell Hilary, since it would be like giving her a gift, but Neil didn't want to get her hopes up. Neil promised to give her the gift when it happened, but in the meantime, he wanted her to be pampered and not to think about home. Cane questioned whether Neil felt the same way about Lily, and Neil explained that Lily had enough on her plate with the business and the twins. As Colin watched, Cane informed Neil that he was about to add more stress to their lives, since he intended to make a play to take over Chancellor.

Lily called Cane and reported that Hilary was seriously stressed out, and she hadn't realized how Hilary's job and home life had been getting to her. Cane relayed that Neil had been giving him tips about how to handle the club and the kids, and the couple exchanged expressions of love before they hung up. Cane told Neil that the women were relaxing, and Colin joined them and declared that it would soon be a new beginning for Cane and Chancellor. Neil cautioned that they had to get through Victor first, and Victor had a tendency to bounce back harder and stronger than ever. Gwen approached, and Colin pulled Cane aside.

Neil asked Gwen for a favor, and he referred to the conversation they'd had about where things stood with her and Devon. She acknowledged that she'd probably told Neil more than he'd wanted to know, but she gushed that things were still great. Neil suggested that the three of them have dinner, but she reported that Devon had sent her a text message to tell her he'd had to go away on business, and it had sounded important. As Colin eavesdropped, Neil tried to reach Devon, who didn't answer his phone, and Neil imagined it was one "hell of a meeting." Gwen cooed that she loved that Devon didn't brag or publicize, even though he was a mover and a shaker.

Hilary insisted that Lily take the first massage appointment, and Lily objected because the trip was intended for Hilary to relax, but Hilary pointed out that she wasn't the one with two kids. Lily relented and headed out, and a moment later, there was a knock at the door. Hilary let in Devon, and she asked if he was there to talk. He mused that they never had enough time for it, and they kissed. Devon and Hilary began to disrobe, and Lily searched for her room key in her robe pockets as she approached the hotel room door.

Colin wanted to hammer out a plan to get back Chancellor, but Cane clarified that he was working on it with Jill, and Colin wasn't involved. Colin questioned whether Cane was content to let it remain a pipedream, but Cane contended that he knew Chancellor and how to deal with Victor. Colin believed that Cane and Jill needed access to Colin's wicked ways, since it took a scoundrel to catch one.

Cane mentioned that Victor didn't want to sell the company, and he was aware that Victor had loved Katherine and that Victor hated to lose, so Victor wouldn't just hand it over. Colin remarked that everyone had a price, and Jill arrived and announced that Victor's price would make their eyeballs bleed. She showed them the paper with Victor's asking price, and Cane wondered if Victor had meant it, but she said it didn't matter, since they didn't have the money. Jill contemplated looking for investors, but Colin said they only needed one, and he could help.

Colin asserted that he and Jill had both been exposed to the same information, but he knew how to use it better. Jill chortled, but Cane asked Colin to tell them his strategy to get the capital. Neil approached and asked if the trio was ready to take over an empire. Colin commented that they were all in the same family, and one of his investments was about to pay off big.

At the Jabot lab, Abby and Stitch discussed the potential of using the new formula in other products, like soaps and shampoos. Ashley entered, and she showed them a newspaper article about Newman-Chancellor reviving the Brash & Sassy line. Stitch had no idea what that meant, and Abby explained that it had been iconic for teenage girls in the '90s. Ashley theorized that Victor was trying to steal Jabot's thunder by beating them to market, and Abby recognized that the line would have instant branding, but she wondered what products Newman had in the pipeline. Ashley worried that Victor knew what Jabot had, and Stitch swore that he and Victoria hadn't talked about it.

Stitch added that Victoria had mentioned a new venture but nothing specific, and Ashley figured that Victor felt threatened. Abby read from the article that Newman-Chancellor was reviving the Brash & Sassy brand with a new, organic essence, and Ashley thought it was a message from Victor. Abby wondered how Victor might have learned the ingredients in Jabot's new formula, and both women looked at Stitch. Stitch reiterated that he hadn't talked to Victoria about his work, but Abby noted that he'd convinced the cops that he'd killed his own father.

Stitch dared Ashley to fire him if she thought she couldn't trust him, but Tobias walked in, and Ashley fired Tobias instead. Ashley ranted that she'd humored Tobias and Victor for far too long, and the pictures Tobias had taken of the files had only given Victor a formula for tequila. Ashley guessed that there was another mole involved, and she offered not to have Tobias arrested for corporate espionage if he gave her the mole's name. Tobias swore he didn't know if there was another mole, and Ashley dismissed him. Stitch ripped the security badge from Tobias' jacket and roughly escorted him out the door.

An impressed Abby noted that Ashley had almost made Tobias cry, and she said she wanted to be her mother. Ashley was sure that Tobias had known nothing about the formula, but she worried that Victor had found out about it another way. Abby thought Stitch had protested too much earlier, and she accidentally dropped her purse. A vial fell out, and Ashley spotted it. Abby admitted that she'd borrowed a sample of the formula to try to get Victoria and Billy back together, and Ashley freaked out that Victor could have had it analyzed if he'd found it.

Abby said Victor had already won if he was in Ashley's head, regardless of whether or not he had the formula, and Ashley apologized. Ashley rambled about how big the project was for Jabot and for her career, and Abby swore she'd never do anything to hurt Ashley or the project. Ashley vowed to find out exactly what Victor knew, and Abby expressed confidence that if anyone could take him on, Ashley could.

Over drinks at Victor's office, Ashley asked Victor if he'd heard from Tobias, and she relayed that she'd fired her assistant. Ashley assumed that Victor had acquired information about her formula, and she confronted him about using the term "organic essences" in his press release to needle her. He innocently asked if her formula was based on that, and she imagined he knew she was using a rare root extract, but he didn't know the details and never would. She requested that he stop using moles and press releases to annoy her, and he guessed that her formula no longer produced tequila. She pointed out that he'd practically admitted to spying on her, and Victor said he'd thought she would enjoy the game as much as he did, but he agreed to end it in a friendly draw.

Ashley returned to the lab, and she reported to Abby that her meeting with Victor had been civil. Ashley added that she was confident he didn't know about their compound, since she'd watched his eyes when she'd mentioned a rare root extract, even though the formula didn't contain one. Ashley admitted that she'd set him up to waste a lot of time and money while they went to market and amazed the world, and she envisioned making a fortune for Jabot and becoming CEO. Abby pulled out the sample she'd swiped and poured it down the sink, and Ashley proclaimed that the world would find out when they decided to tell them. Meanwhile, Victor listened to the conversation via a bug in the lab.

Kelly ran into Phyllis in the Athletic Club foyer, and she refused to get into a screaming match at her place of work over what Phyllis had done. Phyllis presented Kelly with the wig and snapped that she'd found it where Kelly had left it. Phyllis accused Kelly of planting the wig in the living room in order to make Jack think Phyllis had disguised herself as a blonde to order the roses from the florist. Phyllis argued that she wouldn't have been stupid enough to give her own name, and she'd never pull the "half-assed job" Kelly had tried to frame her for.

Kelly countered that it wasn't her fault Phyllis had slipped up, and Phyllis ridiculed Kelly's flower-scattering attempt to seduce Jack. Phyllis added that the night she'd planned for Jack had been different, since she was a woman who knew what Jack wanted. Kelly sweetly asked if he wanted a deranged fiancée waving a wig around, and Phyllis pushed Kelly to admit what she'd done, or they'd go to war like Kelly had never imagined. "Let's do this, Phyllis, once and for all," Kelly suggested.

Over tea, Phyllis ordered Kelly to confess what she'd done or stop wasting Phyllis' time. Kelly questioned how she could have planted the wig in Jack and Phyllis' house, and Phyllis speculated that Kelly had kept a copy of the key, but she warned that they'd just changed the locks that morning. Kelly pointed out that no one had to be the villain, and she recommended that Phyllis ask Jack for help, since there could be a medical excuse for Phyllis' actions. Phyllis demanded to know Kelly's excuse for being a "sneaky bitch," and Kelly stepped aside for a moment to give Phyllis a minute to calm down.

Kelly returned a few moments later, and Phyllis complained that the tea was cold. Kelly said she had to get back to work, and Phyllis envisioned Kelly folding napkins into swans, but Kelly refused to humor Phyllis after Phyllis had bullied and humiliated her just because Jack had cared about her. Phyllis vowed to get Kelly to confess, and Kelly asked if Phyllis was ready for a catfight in a public place. Kelly wondered how Phyllis would explain it to Jack, and Phyllis warned Kelly not to think she could mess with Phyllis and not pay for it. Phyllis started to walk away, but Kelly said she was forgetting something, and she tossed Phyllis the wig and the handbag.

After Phyllis left, Stitch joined Kelly at the table while she finished her tea, and he guessed from her expression that she wasn't having the best day. He surmised it was about Jack, and she revealed that Jack's maniacal fiancée had been calling her a stalker. Kelly explained that she was being blamed for something she hadn't done, and Stitch empathized that it was frustrating. Kelly asserted that nothing she'd ever done could compare to what Phyllis was capable of, but she suddenly became weak and murmured that something was wrong. Stitch worriedly called Kelly's name as she started to pass out.

At the Abbott mansion, Dr. Cutler assumed that Jack had flown him in on the private jet due to an urgent situation, and he inquired whether Phyllis had suffered a relapse. Jack reported that Phyllis was active and alert, and the doctor lectured that he had other patients who needed his attention. Jack said he needed to better understand the protocol Dr. Cutler had used to get Phyllis out of her coma, including the possible side effects. Jack wondered if other patients had lost their grip on reality.

Jack explained that he'd known and loved Phyllis for a long time, and she was a complex and frustrating woman, but she'd changed. He inquired whether other patients who had been through Dr. Cutler's procedure had acted out, but Phyllis interrupted. Jack introduced Dr. Cutler, who said it was wonderful to see Phyllis with her eyes open. She suspected that wasn't why he was there, and Jack revealed that he'd invited the doctor. Phyllis concluded that Jack was trying to determine if she'd woken up loopy, and she huffed that there was another woman who was doing a bang-up job of making Jack question Phyllis' sanity. Jack insisted that he'd called Dr. Cutler because he loved Phyllis and wanted to figure out what was really going on.

Jack told Phyllis to forget about Kelly, and Phyllis quipped that perhaps she should go to Sharon's doctor for some electrotherapy to zap it out of her mind. Jack ranted that Victor had played God when he'd subjected Phyllis to experimental treatment, and Dr. Cutler swore his methods were effective, but aftercare was imperative, so he wanted to examine Phyllis. Phyllis thanked the doctor for being there, but she recognized Victor had bought him, and she was happy with her neurologist. Dr. Cutler contended that he had expertise her doctor didn't, but Phyllis flatly stated that Jack shouldn't have called, since she was awake and sane enough to call her own doctor.

Dr. Cutler mentioned that he'd be in town until the next day, and Phyllis warned him to watch out for a crazy-eyed blonde if he was staying at the Athletic Club. Dr. Cutler left, and Phyllis demanded to know if Jack had summoned the doctor there because he thought she was crazy. Jack said Phyllis had been the one throwing around terms like psycho and whacko, but she countered that no one had forced Kelly to see a doctor. Jack argued that Phyllis had been through a major head trauma and experimental treatment, and she'd left the clinic without being checked out, but Phyllis defended that she'd stayed in bed until the doctors had told her she was okay.

Phyllis maintained that Kelly had set the whole thing up, but Jack noted that Phyllis had pulled similar stunts in the past. Phyllis contended that she'd won because Jack was hers, and she was happy to rub Kelly's face in it, but it would be a waste of her time to frame Kelly with a complicated plan. Phyllis questioned whether Jack really thought she'd changed that much, and Jack argued that Victor hadn't cared about her, Jack, or Summer when he'd pulled the strings to get Dr. Cutler on board, so Jack needed to make sure there had been no unintended consequences.

Phyllis asked if Jack thought her brain was scrambled, and she contended that she was awake because Victor had played games and pulled strings, which was more than what Jack had done. Jack was shocked by her words, but Phyllis bellowed that she was acting like a lucid, normal person, and she dared him to call her crazy again.

In the emergency room, Stitch explained that Kelly had suffered from abdominal pain and dizziness before she'd collapsed. Kelly regained consciousness, and she complained about her head and her stomach. Stitch started to tend to her, but the doctor gently reminded him that he wasn't on staff anymore. Stitch stepped out into the corridor, and he worriedly peered in from outside.

The doctor stepped out of the exam room, and Stitch asked if the problem had been with Kelly's heart. The doctor revealed that Kelly's ailment hadn't had anything to do with stress -- she'd been poisoned.

Michael plans for his future

Michael plans for his future

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adam and Sage were dining at the Athletic Club. Adam grew angry as he read aloud a flattering online profile of Chelsea, which had been posted on the GC Buzz website. Sage asked him to calm down, but Adam felt that he and Sage needed to "speed things up," as every day that passed was another day he had to spend without his wife and son. He told Sage to persist in pumping Nick for background information on Gabriel Bingham. Adam said that would ensure that Nick continued to believe that Adam was Nick's former classmate.

Sharon was at Chelsea's design studio for a fitting, but Chelsea noticed that Sharon was lost in thought. She wondered if Sharon had thought about Chelsea's suggestion to "play dirty" in her custody battle with Nick. Sharon said that she had thought about it but claimed to have no information about Nick that would sully his reputation. Chelsea said that Sharon had to have dirt on Nick but was probably reluctant to use it because it would affect Sharon's chance of ever reconciling with Nick. Chelsea said, "Your love for Nick is going to cost you your little girl."

Chelsea told Sharon that she had done a lot of research when Adam had threatened her with a custody suit, and she'd learned that one needed to be uncompromising in order to win. Sharon still seemed reluctant to say nasty things about Nick at the hearing. Chelsea told her that Nick's legal team would certainly say bad things about Sharon.

Sharon mentioned that she had recently seen Nick with Sage. She was upset at the thought of a Nick-Sage relationship. Chelsea admitted that she had felt the same way about Sharon and Adam, but things had turned out the way they were supposed to have been -- at least for a while. Chelsea's mood turned gloomy as she talked about the loss of her soul mate, Adam.

As if on cue, the elevator door opened to reveal Adam, who said he was there to pitch some marketing ideas to Chelsea. After Sharon left, Adam told Chelsea that he hoped to learn about the fashion industry from her. She quipped that with "Gabriel's" impressive résumé, perhaps she could learn something from him. The subtext was clear when Adam said, "Maybe we can both learn something from each other."

Adam told Chelsea that he wanted to market Chelsea's line, using just one photograph. On the left side of the photograph would be one hundred women wearing the same outfit and trying to conform to what they thought was fashionable. On the right side of the photograph, there would be one woman who dressed as a sign of self-expression. Chelsea thought that "Gabriel" showed remarkable insight -- she hated it when "a whole population dressed nearly identically."

Adam said that from what he had read, Chelsea's late husband had left her financially secure. She admitted that it was quite a change from earlier years, when she had lived a nomadic existence, hopping from one crummy motel to the next. Adam replied that Chelsea had really changed. She was no longer the girl sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Athénée pretending to be a guest. Chelsea turned to "Gabriel" and asked, "How did you know about that?"

Adam lied and told Chelsea that he had seen a magazine article about Chelsea, which had created a "lasting image of you in the Hotel Athénée's lobby." Chelsea seemed very uneasy with "Gabriel's" explanation and asked him to leave so she could finish up some designs. Adam said that he would like to watch, but Chelsea said that the studio was her private space -- and suggested that they meet at her Jabot office in the future. Both Chelsea and Adam seemed sad and confused, Adam alone in the elevator and Chelsea alone at her desk.

At the tack house, Faith was trouncing Nick in a fierce competition. They were playing the board game Life. Faith "gained" a family as they played, prompting her to ask Nick if he still loved Sharon. Nick replied, "Sometimes things happen," but told Faith that he still wanted Sharon to be happy.

Faith wondered how Sharon could possibly be happy if Nick was granted full custody of the little girl. Nick explained that adults could sometimes be complicated, and Faith would understand that as she got older. Faith went upstairs to put the game away while Nick began preparing hot chocolate.

Sage showed up at Nick's with an old yearbook from the Mount Bell Academy, the boarding school that Nick and Gabriel had attended. Nick chuckled and thumbed through it. Faith, looking quite nervous, joined Nick and Sage. As Nick served Faith hot chocolate, Sage smiled and introduced herself. Faith just stared at Sage and suspiciously asked, "Who are you?" Nick told Faith that the woman was his new friend Sage, who had stopped by to show Nick something from his old school. Clearly upset, Faith asked Nick if she could take her hot chocolate up to her room. Nick said that was fine, and Faith left.

Sage, realizing that she had upset Faith, thought that perhaps she should leave, but Nick suggested that she stay to savor a cup of his "famous" hot chocolate. Sage decided to hang out, and Nick invited her to join him on the couch so they could peruse the yearbook and laugh at old pictures of Nick and Gabriel.

Sharon, who heard chuckling from outside the tack house, showed up. Smiling, she asked Nick what all the fun was about as she stepped inside. Sharon's smile quickly disappeared when she eyed Sage on the couch. Sage, Nick, and Sharon nervously glanced at each other.

Sharon carried a bag containing clothes for Faith's favorite doll. Faith had left it at Sharon's. Sharon stared at Sage and quite insincerely said, "Nice to you see you again - Paige, isn't it?" Sage corrected Sharon's purposeful error.

Nick told Sharon that he would appreciate it if she didn't stop by without calling. He sternly said that Faith could do without her doll's clothes for one night. Sharon's unplanned visit would only serve to confuse their daughter. Sharon snapped, "I doubt if it's as confusing as seeing you with another woman." Nick told Sharon he wanted to speak with her outside. As Nick and Sharon walked out, Faith sat at the top of the stairwell and watched them.

Outside, Nick told Sharon that it was his night with Faith, and he wanted Sharon to respect that. Sharon apologized and became emotional as she told Nick that she missed Faith. She regained her composure, handed Nick the bag, sarcastically said, "Enjoy yourself," and walked off.

Nick rejoined Sage and they had fun looking through the yearbook. There were some photographs of Nick and Gabriel in school drama productions. Sage continued to deftly pry information about Gabriel from Nick. She learned that Gabriel had been well-liked despite being completely irresponsible. Nick was surprised about how much Gabriel had changed -- he had been reckless and crazy in school but had evidently morphed into a responsible adult.

Sage grabbed for the yearbook and knocked over a vase, spilling water all over herself. From the stairwell, Faith watched as Nick said to Sage, "Let's get you out of those clothes."

Sage changed into one of Nick's bathrobes, and they left the living room to put Sage's pants in the clothes dryer. Faith sneaked downstairs, grabbed the cordless phone, sat on the stairs, and called Sharon. Sharon wondered if Nick had given Faith her doll's clothes. Faith ignored the question and urgently said, "Mommy, you have to come to daddy's right away."

At Crimson Lights, Lauren was anxious to hear about Michael's first radiation therapy treatment, but Michael was reluctant to discuss it. Kevin approached Lauren and Michael's table and overheard that Michael had started a treatment regimen. Kevin was thrilled. He joined Michael at a table just as Lauren left for work.

Kevin rambled on about how wonderful the news of Michael's treatment was, but Michael interrupted him mid-sentence. Michael said that he was going to rewrite his will and wanted to name Kevin as executor. Michael began to give Kevin precise instructions on an executor's duties, but Kevin interrupted him. Kevin wanted to know if there was something that Michael wasn't telling him.

Michael told Kevin that people rewrote wills all the time. Kevin thought it odd that Michael had picked him to act as executor. Michael said he needed someone he could trust. Kevin listed his misdeeds: he had robbed banks dressed as a chipmunk, stared at the ceiling in a mental institution, and served jail time. Kevin exclaimed, "None of that is trustworthy!"

Michael snickered and said he didn't have anyone else to ask -- Lauren, Gloria, and Fenmore were inappropriate choices. Kevin wanted to delay the discussion, but Michael insisted on continuing. After they finished talking, Michael asked Kevin if he could rely on him. He needed Kevin to make sure that Michael's family was protected. Kevin finally agreed to be the executor. Trying to break the somber mood with some humor, Michael told Kevin that he would need to serve him coffee and pick up his dry cleaning. Kevin smiled and said that he had agreed to be Michael's executor, not his valet.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jill asked Colin how he would ever be able to raise the capital to buy Chancellor Industries from Victor. Colin answered that one of his investments was about to pay off, but Cane didn't think his father would ever have enough money to meet Victor's outrageously high asking price. Cane said he didn't believe that any of Colin's investment returns would be near enough to purchase Chancellor -- Cane wondered whether Colin was involved in some "shady" scheme. Jill pulled Colin away so that she could speak with him privately.

Jill adamantly demanded that Colin tell her everything about his high-return investment. She grew angry as Colin evaded her question, but he was saved when Lauren arrived. Colin left as the women sat at a table.

Jill was devastated when Lauren told her that Michael had cancer. Lauren recited some optimistic statistics about the five-year survival rate, but Jill detected some hesitation in her sister's voice. Lauren explained that Michael was concerned that he would be rendered impotent by the radiation therapy. She told Jill that she didn't care about that. Lauren just wanted Michael to get better.

Jill told Lauren not to dismiss Michael's concerns. Lauren reiterated that sex didn't matter to her. Jill snapped, "But it matters to him. And it will matter to you later. Fenmore women aren't exactly the celibate type." Jill painted a gloomy picture. She told Lauren that if Michael suffered from impotence, it could eat up the Baldwins' marriage bit by bit -- until there was nothing left.

As the sisters stood up to leave, Jill told Lauren that Michael was a wonderful man -- love had carried them through previous crises, and it would guide them as they dealt with Michael's illness.

Cane received a phone call from a representative of a large group that had booked a conference room at the club. The group threatened to cancel the reservation unless the room's sound system met their exacting requirements. Cane hung up and told Neil about the emergency. Neil said that Lily normally handled facility requests, but Cane reminded him that Lily was on a spa retreat with Hilary. Cane thought that perhaps Devon help out, but Neil told him that Devon was out of town on business. Cane asked where Devon had gone and rolled his eyes when Neil said all he knew was that Devon had left Genoa City in a hurry.

Colin rejoined Neil at the bar. Cane had taken off to deal with the sound system situation. Neil mentioned that both Lily and Devon were out of town. Colin listened attentively when Neil said, "Devon said he was on a business trip, but with Devon, who knows what that means?"

Devon and Hilary began kissing and unbuttoning their clothes in the posh Chicago hotel suite that Hilary was sharing with Lily. Lily, returning early from her massage, approached the door. Inside, Devon heard the faint familiar tones of an incoming text message. Hilary said that she hadn't heard anything and informed Devon that Lily wouldn't be returning for an hour. In the hallway, Lily stared at the text message she had received, slid her keycard through the reader, opened the door, and walked into the suite.

A nervous Hilary, who had hastily buttoned her blouse, asked Lily why she had returned. Devon concealed himself in one of the suite's bedroom. Lily told Hilary that her massage had been rescheduled for later that day. Hilary quickly suggested that Lily join a yoga class that was scheduled to meet in just a few minutes. Lily wasn't interested and asked if Hilary wanted to join her for a walk -- but Hilary turned Lily down.

Lily thought Hilary was acting "closed off" and tense and wondered if something had happened while Lily had been out of the room. Hilary didn't respond. Devon grimaced as Lily said she had hoped that Lily and Hilary could bond during their spa retreat. A dejected-looking Lily started to walk off when Hilary blurted out that there was something that Lily needed to know.

Lily was shocked when Hilary told her that Neil and Hilary had postponed having a baby. Devon continued eavesdropping as Lily asked Hilary what had changed. Hilary told Lily that she wanted to have a baby with "the man she loved," but she couldn't do that to Neil. Lily was confused, since Neil was the man Hilary loved. Hilary began sobbing. As Devon looked on, Lily hugged Hilary. Lily told her that everything was going to be okay.

Hilary explained, "Neil deserves all of me -- especially now." Hilary feared that Neil might start drinking again. She couldn't bear it if something she did pushed Neil off the wagon. Lily received a phone call from Cane. He told her about the potential cancellation. Lily volunteered to return to Genoa City, but Cane said he could handle the problem -- he just needed the sound engineer's phone number. Lily hung up after telling Cane that she would text him the number.

Hilary, almost hopefully, asked Lily if she had to leave. Lily said that Cane could handle the problem, adding that she didn't want to abandon Hilary. Lily thought Hilary was severely depressed. Hilary said that she felt much better but would feel bad if Lily didn't return to Genoa City.

Later, Devon held Hilary, who wondered if Lily suspected that she was cheating on Neil. Devon assured Hilary that Lily didn't suspect anything. Hilary again hinted that she and Devon should end their affair. Devon told her that they had, several times, tried to walk away from each other, but they were always drawn back to each other. He described their love as "once-in-a-lifetime" and he couldn't turn his back on that.

Neil, Cane, and Colin were surprised when Lily showed up at the club. Neil hoped that Hilary would be okay by herself. Lily assured him that Hilary would be fine. Colin said that he needed to make a phone call and walked away. Lily and Cane left to speak to the sound system engineer.

Colin sent a text message to Devon: "Your secret is safe with me for now. Talk soon." Neil was alone at the bar when Sharon joined him. Sharon wondered how Neil was faring. He claimed to have a phenomenal support system: Cane, Lily, Devon, and Hilary. Sharon wondered where Hilary was. Neil explained that his wife was at a spa retreat.

Colin joined Neil and Sharon at the bar. Sharon suggested to Neil that he surprise Hilary by joining her in Chicago. Colin said that was a wonderful thought, but Hilary was probably enjoying her "downtime."

In Chicago, Hilary and Devon were lustfully rolling around in bed and didn't notice Colin's sinister text message.

Jack worries about Phyllis' behavior

Jack worries about Phyllis' behavior

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over the phone, Sharon told Faith that she'd already been at the tack house to drop off Miss Patsy's pajamas, but Faith whined that she hadn't seen Sharon. Sharon explained that it was Nick and Faith's time together, but Faith insisted there was an emergency and mentioned her daddy. Sharon asked what was wrong with Nick, but Faith hung up. Meanwhile, Nick recounted a story about Gabriel jumping into a fountain and claiming he'd contracted "Bingo fever," and he joked that Sage could have caught it if Nick had let her go outside in wet clothes. Sage thanked him for his hospitality, and he offered her more hot chocolate. Faith ran downstairs and asked why Sage was wearing Nick's robe.

Sage informed Faith that she'd klutzily knocked a vase over, and Nick had lent her his robe while her pants were in the dryer. Faith protested that Sage shouldn't be there, since it was Faith's night with her daddy, and she ranted that the evening was ruined. Nick scolded Faith and ordered her to go to her room, and Sage said she should leave. Nick pointed out that if she did, Faith would learn that she could get what she wanted by throwing a tantrum. He added that it would be depressing to drink the hot chocolate by himself, and he insisted that Sage stay.

Sage changed back into her dry clothes, and Nick explained that Faith blamed him for moving out and breaking up their family. He continued that Faith didn't understand why he hadn't forgiven Sharon for making him believe that his oldest daughter was another man's child, since Faith didn't know, and he didn't want Faith to hate her mother. He admitted that Sharon was a great mother, and Sage called him a good dad. Nick confided that on nights like that, he felt like he was failing, and Sage encouraged him not to be that hard on himself. Sharon suddenly burst in and worriedly yelled for Faith, and Nick asked what was going on. A relieved Sharon thanked God and hugged him.

Nick pulled away from Sharon and asked what she was doing there, and she divulged that Faith had called about an emergency. Nick said Sharon could have saved herself a trip if she'd called him, and she replied that she'd tried, but he had clearly been busy with other things. Sharon admonished him for not taking her calls while her daughter was staying there, and Nick ordered her to stop checking in on him at home. Sharon maintained that Faith had sounded frantic when she'd called, but Nick assured her that everything was fine, so she could go home. Faith appeared on the stairs and said she wanted to go home, too.

Faith pleaded to go home with her mommy, and Nick questioned whether Faith needed to be punished for her bad behavior, including calling Sharon about an emergency. Faith claimed that her stomach hurt, and Sharon was the only one who could make it feel better. Sharon offered to take Faith home, and Nick wished Faith a good night. After Faith headed out to the car, Nick told Sharon to stop undermining him in front of his daughter, and Sharon eyed Sage and said he should be grateful that he could get back to his evening. Nick ordered Sharon to knock the next time, and Sharon left.

Nick apologized for the scene, and Sage felt responsible that Faith had felt displaced. Nick reiterated that his daughter had to learn she couldn't cry wolf, but Sage worried that the situation had been open to misinterpretation. She jokingly pledged to avoid all liquids from then on, and Nick asked if she intended to see him again.

Sharon tucked Faith in, and she observed that the girl seemed to be in better spirits. Faith admitted her tummy had never hurt, but she just hadn't wanted to stay with her daddy. Sharon gently lectured that it wasn't nice to make up stories or to pretend there was an emergency, but Faith complained that she hadn't wanted to share time with Nick. Sharon asked what Nick and Sage had been talking about, and Faith divulged that she'd heard her daddy tell the woman to take off her clothes.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Fen she'd expected to see more of him during his winter break, and he asked if married life had been going well. She replied that it was great, but it would be even better if Mariah kept her lips off Summer's husband. Summer explained that Mariah had kissed Austin, but Mariah had just been using him like she'd used everyone else. Fen asked if Summer was sure the buss had been one-sided, and Summer huffed that Austin would never be interested in a "manipulative skank." Fen clucked that people sometimes got caught doing things they shouldn't have been doing, but Summer said he didn't know Austin. Fen countered that she didn't really know her husband, either.

Fen pointed out that Austin had held Avery hostage at gunpoint, and Summer said Avery and everyone else had forgiven Austin, but Fen contended that Austin needed to pay for his crime. Fen griped that he'd had to spend a month in prison for less than what Austin had done, and Summer ordered Fen just to say what he was thinking. Fen blurted out that he wished Summer would finally see Austin for the loser he was, and Summer sputtered that she hadn't expected Fen to say something that spiteful and mean. Fen swore that he didn't want to see her get hurt, but she said it was too late, and she stormed off.

At the Underground, Austin and Mariah awkwardly got ready for a shift, and she noted that he hadn't been on the schedule. He explained that the commercial shoot had been pushed back, so he'd picked up an extra shift, and he asked if it was a problem. Mariah replied that it wasn't for her, and Austin said he understood that she'd kissed him because she'd been acting out. She coolly remarked that he was astute, and he warned her that it couldn't happen again, since someone might get hurt. She surmised that he meant Summer, but Austin cautioned that Mariah might screw things up with Kevin, who appeared in the doorway and heard his name.

After Austin ducked into the back room, Kevin asked if Mariah had learned her lesson about running scared, and she groaned that he'd already given her a lecture the other night. She swore that she hadn't made a pass at anyone since then, and Kevin was glad to hear it. Mariah asked why he cared about what happened to her, and Kevin surmised that Mariah was trying to push him away, since she put up walls when people were nice to her. Kevin argued that they had terrible childhoods and bad impulse control in common, and he thought keeping her in check would help him not to implode.

Kevin said he had to keep things together for his brother, and he didn't want to let Michael down. Mariah was certain Kevin wouldn't, and Kevin announced that he was collecting money for a cancer run. He asked if she was willing to part with some of the prior night's tips, and she handed him the entire tip jar. Kevin said he'd known there had been a decent person inside her, and that was why he liked her. Kevin departed as Austin returned, and Austin advised Mariah not to ruin a good thing. Mariah protested that she and Kevin weren't together, but Austin remarked that it didn't mean they couldn't be one day.

Mariah said Kevin was hung up on his ex and not looking to get involved, but Austin commented that sometimes things just happened, like they had between him and Summer. Austin gushed that Summer was amazing, and Summer entered and warned Mariah that another kiss with Austin would never happen. Summer spat that Mariah had thrown herself at Austin just like she'd thrown herself at Tyler, and it was pathetic that Mariah always went after men who weren't available. Summer taunted Mariah for thinking she'd had a chance with either man, and she snarled that Mariah would never know what true love was like because no one could stand to be around her. Mariah ran off.

Summer groused that she hadn't needed to be nice to Mariah after Mariah had kissed Austin, but Austin countered that Summer hadn't needed to be cruel, since he'd told her the kiss had meant nothing. Summer questioned whether he was sure, and he wondered why she suddenly doubted him. Austin proclaimed that he didn't have a huge bank account or a fancy car, but he didn't kick people when they were down. He snapped that it was more than he could say for her, and he stormed into the office.

Kevin arrived at the coffeehouse and cheerfully reported to Fen that he'd raised $1,500 for the cancer run. Kevin asked if Fen could make it home from school for the race, and Fen distractedly said maybe. Kevin guessed that Fen was preoccupied because of Michael's cancer treatment, but Fen said he knew his dad would beat it, and he mentioned that he'd just been talking to Summer, who he believed had made a mistake by marrying Austin. Kevin hoped Fen hadn't told Summer that, but Fen revealed he had, and he thought Mariah and Austin deserved one another.

Kevin was certain that Mariah wasn't interested in Austin, and he explained that she'd done something outrageous when she'd been upset. Kevin added that he had a tendency to react the same way, and Mariah wasn't a bad person. Fen said Summer had been quick to make excuses for Austin, and he griped that she was blinded by love. Kevin spotted an upset Mariah and rushed over to hug her.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack apologized to Phyllis for leaving before they'd worked everything out, but she understood that he'd needed to tend to business, and it had given her time to think. She said she'd been staring at her beautiful ring, wondering how they'd gotten to that place, and he replied that he loved her and that he wanted to spend the rest of life with her. Phyllis countered that he didn't trust her, or he wouldn't have ambushed her with a visit from Dr. Cutler, but Jack reiterated that he'd wanted to make sure there were no lasting effects from her coma. Phyllis stated that the only one who was the crazy was the woman he'd fallen in love with while Phyllis had been gone.

After Phyllis left, Jack thanked Dr. Cutler for returning, and the doctor asked if Phyllis had changed her mind. Jack revealed that Phyllis had been unable to accept that there could be a coma-related cause for her strange behavior, and he wanted to discuss Dr. Cutler's other patients. The doctor refused to breach confidentiality, and Jack noted that Dr. Cutler seemed to be a stickler for adhering to the rules, but the doctor had been willing to break them while treating Phyllis.

Dr. Cutler defended that he hadn't known Phyllis' family hadn't consented to the treatment, since Victor had provided the proper documentation, and Jack haughtily surmised that Victor had also made a healthy donation to the clinic. Dr. Cutler insisted that his concern was for his patients, and Jack insinuated that his lawyers could make a case that Victor had paid off Dr. Cutler to keep quiet about the treatment. Jack imagined that would lead to the end of the doctor's drug trial, and he threatened that Dr. Cutler's life's work would end with a screeching halt if Jack didn't get the information he wanted.

Dr. Cutler reported that most of his patients had gone home and had resumed their lives, and Jack inquired about any changes in behavior. Dr. Cutler explained that changes could happen after traumatic brain injuries, and people sometimes needed to learn to do basic things again. He added that patients could experience slight shifts in personality, like a loss of empathy and questionable decision-making, and he said some patients felt like all their actions were justified. Jack mused to himself that Phyllis was capable of almost anything.

Kelly awakened in the hospital, and she asked Stitch why she was there. He told her that she'd collapsed at the Athletic Club, and she teased him for overreacting to a fainting spell, but she groaned when she tried to get up. Stitch reported that the doctors had found poison in her system and that they were still trying to determine what the substance had been. She said she hadn't been near anything poisonous and hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary, but her expression suddenly clouded. Kelly declared that it hadn't been an accident -- it had been Phyllis.

Stitch asked if Kelly thought Phyllis had deliberately poisoned her, and he pointed out that it would be considered attempted murder. Kelly imagined that Phyllis had just been trying to make her sick, and she wouldn't have even considered it if Phyllis hadn't done other things to make Kelly look bad in Jack's eyes. Kelly said she'd tried to call a truce with Phyllis by arranging to have tea, but she'd needed to deal with some hotel business, so she'd left Phyllis alone at the table. Kelly theorized that Phyllis had put something in her drink.

Stitch questioned what Phyllis would have stood to gain, since she and Jack were getting married, but Kelly called Phyllis crazy. Stitch wanted to call the cops, but Kelly assured him that Phyllis had just been trying to scare her, and she didn't want to look like a scorned woman. Kelly pointed out that she hadn't seen Phyllis put the poison in the tea, and even though Phyllis had accused Kelly of trying to cause trouble, she didn't want Jack to think Kelly was the problem. Stitch took Kelly's hand and warned her that no man was worth her life. "What life?" Kelly wailed, adding, "Phyllis is living my life now."

Stitch said that just because Kelly didn't have a future with Jack didn't mean her life was over, and he rattled off a list of the things she had going for her. Kelly said she'd kept trying to do the right thing, but Phyllis had made it impossible, since Phyllis couldn't accept that Jack had fallen in love with someone else. Kelly babbled that she and Jack had been in love and that they could have had a lifetime together, and Stitch implored her to let it go, since Jack had made his choice. Kelly asserted that it had been the wrong one, and Stitch agreed, but he urged Kelly to move on with her life, especially if Phyllis was playing dangerous games.

Kelly said she was worried about Jack, and she couldn't let him marry "that awful woman." Stitch told Kelly not to put herself at risk, but Kelly refused to give up on Jack. Kelly imagined that Stitch would do everything possible if someone were trying to hurt Victoria, but Stitch advised Kelly to back off and let the police handle it. Kelly fretted that it would be another excuse for Phyllis to call her paranoid, but Stitch informed her that the problem was out of her hands, since the hospital was obligated to report poisonings. He started to call Victoria to cancel their date, but Kelly objected to him missing a date to watch her sleep, and she swore she'd rest better knowing he was having a wonderful time with the person he loved.

Later, the doctor informed Kelly that there were no lingering effects, but he was still waiting for the toxicology results. He mentioned that he needed to file a report about the poisoning, and Kelly insisted it had been a silly accident from handling a chemical at work and not properly washing her hands afterward. She asked how soon she could be released.

Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club, and she asked if Victoria had seen Kelly. Victoria jokingly wondered if Phyllis was scrounging for a mention in the tabloids, but Phyllis revealed that she'd had tea with Kelly earlier. Victoria reported that the office door had been locked, since she'd gone there to try to find Stitch, who hadn't shown up. Phyllis assumed that meant Victoria had time to help her with something, but Victoria looked skeptical.

Victoria hesitated to get into the middle of a war between Phyllis and Kelly, and Phyllis swore that she didn't expect Victoria to pick a side, but she wanted insight into the other woman. Phyllis pointed out that Victoria had once been in Phyllis' position, but Victoria contended that Kelly and Billy had shared a one-night stand, which was much different than the committed relationship between Kelly and Jack. Phyllis inquired whether Kelly had wanted to keep things going with Billy, and Victoria recalled that Kelly and Billy had met up to talk sometimes, since they'd maintained contact through Delia's foundation. Victoria admitted that it had upset her to have Kelly hanging around, and Phyllis remarked that it was impossible to move on when someone refused to let go.

Victoria regretted wasting time and energy being angry, but she'd snapped out of it by focusing on her kids. Phyllis noted that her own children were grown, and Victoria recommended that Phyllis concentrate on work or the wedding. Phyllis said she would if Kelly stopped playing mind games, but she believed Kelly was determined to hang on to Jack. Victoria understood why Kelly wanted to cling to the one stable relationship in her life, since Kelly had been through a lot of upheaval. Phyllis barked that they'd all had it tough, but Kelly was the only one going around torturing people because of it.

After Phyllis departed, Stitch arrived and reported that Kelly would be all right as soon as she got Jack out of her life, since Phyllis had tried to poison her. A shocked Victoria asked if there was proof, and Stitch relayed that Kelly had said Phyllis had been trying to cause trouble for her. Victoria revealed that Phyllis had just told her the same thing about Kelly, but Stitch believed that Phyllis was determined to punish Kelly for getting involved with Jack. Victoria questioned how they could know who was telling the truth, and Stitch reasoned that Kelly was the one who'd ended up in the hospital after drinking poisoned tea.

Victoria argued that Phyllis hadn't been the only one with access, and Stitch incredulously asked if Victoria thought his sister had poisoned herself. Stitch argued that Kelly wasn't suicidal, or she would have killed herself after her son had died. Victoria wondered if losing both Sam and Jack had made it even harder on Kelly, but Stitch insisted that Phyllis had been behind the poisoning. Victoria said she'd known Phyllis could be vindictive, but she thought Phyllis had no reason to feel insecure, and she suspected something else was going on.

Phyllis returned home, and she informed Jack she'd had drinks with Victoria. Jack asked if they'd been at the club, and she suggested he call and check her story. He said he wanted to stop arguing, but Phyllis didn't know if that was possible until Kelly was out of their lives for good. Jack thought Phyllis should keep her distance from Kelly to avoid any misunderstandings, but Phyllis believed that Kelly wanted to drive her out of Jack's life. Jack said he'd made it clear to Kelly that would never happen, and Phyllis added that she had, too. Kelly sauntered in and proclaimed that Phyllis had poisoned her.

Cane and Lily turn up the heat

Cane and Lily turn up the heat

Friday, January 23, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Jack stared at Kelly and repeated her assertion that Phyllis had poisoned her. Phyllis called Kelly insane, but Kelly insisted that it was true. Jack barked that Kelly had no right to walk into his home uninvited, throwing around accusations, but Kelly maintained it was what had happened. Jack ordered Kelly to leave, but Kelly proclaimed that she'd just been released from the hospital, and the doctor had said she was lucky to be alive. Kelly claimed that she'd almost died because of Phyllis, and she pulled out her release papers and swore she was telling the truth.

Kelly suggested that Jack call the hospital if he didn't believe her, and Jack asked how the alleged poisoning had taken place. Kelly explained that she'd sat down with Phyllis over tea, thinking they could talk like civil adults, but she'd had to leave the table for a few minutes. Kelly assumed that had been when Phyllis had put the poison in Kelly's cup, and she'd collapsed in front of witnesses a few minutes later. Kelly was thankful Stitch had been there, and Phyllis inquired whether the fake doctor had helped falsify the test results. Kelly presented a disposable cup with what had been left of the tea she'd consumed, and she dared Phyllis to take a sip. Jack protested, and Kelly thanked God that he believed her.

Jack asserted that he wasn't taking sides or accusing anyone, and Phyllis speculated that Kelly had poisoned herself to set Phyllis up. Kelly revealed that it was actually just plain tea in the cup, but she'd challenged Phyllis to drink it to prove a point. Jack grumbled that Kelly wasn't winning any points with him, but Kelly said she'd taken the high road, since the doctors had urged her to press charges. Kelly argued that she could have gone to the police, but she'd decided to make a personal appeal to stop the madness for Jack's sake. Kelly added that if she'd wanted revenge, the cops would be leading Phyllis out in handcuffs.

Kelly recognized that Jack had deep feelings for Phyllis, but she contended that Phyllis was no longer the woman he'd fallen in love with. Phyllis blasted Kelly for making baseless accusations, but Kelly countered that someone had put the poison in her tea, and it had been only the two of them there. Phyllis suggested that it was possible someone else had wanted to get rid of Kelly as much as Phyllis did, and Kelly pointed out that Phyllis had just admitted she wanted Kelly gone. Jack repeated his request for Kelly to leave, and Kelly warned him to be careful. After Kelly left, Phyllis quipped that the encounter had been fun, and she offered Jack a drink -- perhaps some tea.

Jack said he wasn't amused, and Phyllis wondered if he honestly thought she was capable of murder. Jack replied that he didn't think the poisoning had been intentional, and he mentioned that Dr. Cutler had admitted his treatment had sometimes caused negative consequences in other patients. Phyllis queried whether he really thought she had gone to the Athletic Club in an altered state to poison Kelly, and she yelled that Kelly was the one who was desperate and deranged. Phyllis questioned whether Jack believed she'd turned into a "freaky psycho killer," and she admonished him for taking the word of a lunatic who wanted to break them up over hers. Phyllis screamed and smashed a vase of flowers, and she looked down at her bloody hand.

Jack wrapped Phyllis' hand with a bandage, and a teary Phyllis admitted she'd always had issues with self-control. She asked if he thought it might be different that time, and Jack said he would give anything to be wrong. Phyllis wondered if the drugs she'd had while in a coma had made her angry and untrusting, and she sobbed that breaking the vase hadn't seemed like something she'd do. She worried she was losing her grip, and she contemplated whether she could have poisoned Kelly and not remembered it. Jack kissed her hand and said he'd be by her side no matter what they found out, but she needed help.

Cane arrived at Joe's hotel suite, and Joe asked Cane to make it short, since he had somewhere to be. Cane suggested that Joe seek out another property for the redevelopment project, and Joe imagined Cane wanted him to find something that Victor didn't own. Cane admitted he'd be happy if the sale didn't go through, and Joe recognized that Victor would be forced to sell Chancellor if he needed the cash. Cane urged Joe to consider the idea, since the community didn't want to lose Crimson Lights and other small businesses, but Joe replied that the warehouse district property stood to get him what he wanted.

In Chicago, Devon and Hilary cuddled in bed after making love, and she murmured that she didn't want the night to end. Devon said he could spend the night there, and she purred that it sounded like heaven. He suggested Italian food for dinner, and she offered to call room service, but he preferred to go out somewhere together, since they were far enough away from home to not worry about anyone seeing them. He envisioned having some wine and holding hands across a candlelit table, and she got out of bed to get ready. Devon reached for his phone and spied a text message from Colin, saying that hide-and-seek was his favorite game, and Colin invited Devon to play.

Hilary emerged from the bathroom and was surprised to see Devon packing. She asked what had happened, and he claimed that he had to tend to an emergency. She didn't believe him, and he promised he would make it up to her, but she complained that they already had enough secrets between them. Devon showed her Colin's message, and she groaned that she'd known it would happen, since blackmailers always wanted more. Devon said he had to find out what Colin wanted, and Hilary suggested that they call Colin together.

At the Athletic Club, Jill contemplated what she could sell to raise enough money to buy Chancellor, but Colin told her he hadn't been joking when he'd said he could find the funds for her. She reminded him that it was a huge amount, but he swore he was good for every penny. Jill suspected he was involved in something dodgy, but Colin assured her that he'd simply taken advantage of a business opportunity, and no one had been hurt. He added that he was working with a legitimate businessman with no criminal record or ties to organized crime, and Jill said she trusted him. Colin told her to sit back and let him provide her with her heart's desire, and she inquired how long it would take for him to get the money.

Colin excused himself to take a call, and he cheerfully remarked that it was nice of Devon to call while he was out of town. Colin surmised that Devon and Hilary were enjoying the spa, and Devon put the call on speakerphone and asked who had told Colin they were there. Colin said he'd figured it out, and he demanded that Devon get back to town with his money. Hilary sternly stated that it had been a one-time thing that wouldn't happen again, but Colin ominously stated that he was at the club, staring at Hilary's husband, and he thought the news might crush Neil. Devon reminded Colin that they'd made a deal, but Colin said their arrangement had expired, and it was time for a new one.

Colin wondered how Lily would feel when she discovered her brother had been sleeping with her daddy's wife, and Hilary spat that all Colin cared about was the money. Colin instructed Devon to meet him in Chancellor Park with the money in an hour, and Devon argued that he was out of town. Colin suggested that the man with millions hire a helicopter -- unless Devon preferred that Colin tell Neil that Devon was hanging out with Neil's wife at a swanky spa on Neil's dime. Devon asked how much Colin wanted.

In the foyer, Lily caught Neil leaving, and he announced that he was heading to the spa to surprise his wife. Cane overheard and asked if Hilary knew Neil planned to join her, but Lily contended that it wouldn't be a romantic surprise if Hilary did. Cane pointed out that it was a long drive when Neil had a big day the next day, and Neil told Lily he had a meeting with a local business group about the warehouse project. Neil decided against surprising Hilary, and Lily excused herself to check on one of the rooms.

Cane praised Neil's cover story, but Neil said it had been the truth, even though the biggest part of the next day would be his eye exam. Neil admitted he'd considered telling Hilary about the flashes of light, but Cane urged him to stick to the plan and not get her hopes up. Neil agreed that he didn't want to disappoint his wife, and he pledged to wait until he had definitive news before he said anything. Neil headed home.

Jill contemplated ways to get the money, but Cane warned her that Victor might not sell, even if they found the funding. Cane thought the best bet was to stop the redevelopment deal from going through because if Victor lost the sale, he would be strapped for cash and might lower the asking price. Cane lamented that although they didn't have the funds to acquire Chancellor, they could do the company much more justice. Lily asked Cane to check on a room with her, and they headed upstairs. Colin returned to Jill's table, and she surmised that his colleague had turned down his request for money. Colin wished she had faith, and he swore he would be the good husband she wanted him to be.

Lily and Cane entered a hotel room, and he realized there had been no emergency. She cooed that he'd needed a break, and she planted a passionate kiss on him, but she sensed his hesitation to respond. She asked if the situation with Chancellor was bothering him, and he said he hated feeling powerless. She seductively suggested that he take charge with her by telling her what to do, and he told her to slowly unbutton her blouse. She loosened it around her shoulders, and he instructed her to take it off and signaled for her to step closer. He guided her to the bed, where they kissed and made love.

Cane and Lily agreed the sex had been amazing, but she said she wanted to be the boss the next time. She asked if he was feeling better after her distraction, and he said he'd stopped thinking about Chancellor for a while, but he thought he saw things from another angle. Cane realized that no matter what happened with the warehouse project, Victor would have a plan, but Cane was prepared to have an even better one.

Lily approached a clearly upset Kelly in the dining room, and she asked what had happened. Kelly revealed that Phyllis had tried to kill her by poisoning her tea, and she'd spent most of the day in the emergency room. Lily thought Phyllis had gone way too far, and she hoped Phyllis had been arrested and finally held accountable for something. Kelly disclosed that she hadn't wanted to go to the police, since she'd thought it would be better if Jack handled it privately. Lily cautioned that Jack might not reunite with Kelly even if he saw how disturbed Phyllis was, but Kelly said all that mattered was getting Phyllis away from him.

Colin and Devon met in the park, and Colin asked if he had the money. Devon pointed out that he was the godfather to Colin's grandkids, and he questioned why Colin would threaten to hurt Neil, since they were all family. Devon warned that everyone would blame the messenger, and Colin would never be welcome at family gatherings again. Devon noted that after all the "unforgivable crap" Colin had pulled, he'd been welcomed back into the fold, and he had all the things a man needed to be happy. Devon added that he wanted to be with the one person who made him happy, and he and Hilary had enough obstacles to get through without Colin's interference. Devon asked if Colin could find a way to drop it and to leave them in peace.

Colin swore that he was on Devon and Hilary's side, since others would have told Neil the truth. Devon scoffed at the idea that blackmail was the right thing to do, and Colin thought it paled in comparison to cavorting with Devon's blind father's wife. Devon said he hated being in that position, and he would give all his money away to protect Neil. Colin contended that he wasn't asking for all of it, but he wanted a small portion in order to protect the secret. Colin equated it to buying a license to be with Hilary, and he reasoned that Devon could look at himself in the mirror and think that he wasn't such a bad guy when he compared himself to Colin. Devon spat that it was still blackmail, and Colin said he still wanted the money.

Neil read a book in Braille, and Hilary entered and called out that she was home. Neil said he hadn't expected her back until the next day, and he asked if she'd missed him. She said of course, and she sat down next to him. He informed her that he'd considered surprising her at the spa, and she said he really needed to stop, since she knew how much he loved her. Neil amorously said he wanted to show her, and he kissed her and suggested they take it to the bedroom.

Hilary pulled away and claimed she was exhausted from her trip, and Neil teased that the facials and pedicures had taken it out of her. She said she hadn't been able to sleep in a strange bed, and he said he just wanted to be there with her and be close to her. He added that it meant something that she had missed him that much, and he'd missed her even more.

Later, Hilary quietly sobbed as she sat with Neil on the couch, and he heard her sniffle and asked if it was a sad part of her book. She replied that she'd put it down, and he asked if she was crying. Hilary insisted she was fine, and she got up to make some tea. He reached for the throw pillow, and he felt that it was wet from her tears.

Devon entered the club, and Cane hoped Devon's departure hadn't had anything to do with Hilary, since Neil had almost paid her a visit. Cane remembered how Neil had almost walked in on Devon and Hilary in New York, and he surmised that wouldn't happen again, since Devon was with Gwen. Lily approached and judged from the uncomfortable look on Devon's face that Cane had asked him for the money to buy Chancellor. Cane divulged that he hadn't pitched the idea yet, but Devon informed them that all of his money was tied up.

Colin pulled Jill over to a private table and proclaimed that they had something to celebrate. He presented her with a serving tray and lifted the lid, revealing stacks of money. He declared that it was a special delivery of Chancellor Industries on a silver platter.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked if Dylan intended to ignore the threatening calls, but he didn't want to go to the police. She warned that taking action on his own would be worse, and she didn't want him to end up in the hospital again. Dylan promised not to put her through anything like that again, but she worried that people were threatening his life. He declared that he was ready for them, and he showed her a gun he'd stashed under the counter as backup.

Avery couldn't believe Dylan had bought a gun, but he argued that it was legal, and he knew how to use a firearm to protect himself. They argued, and Joe walked in, but Avery reiterated that he wasn't welcome there. Joe suggested they call a truce, but Dylan huffed that it wouldn't happen, and he received another call. A man warned Dylan to give it up, or the business wouldn't be the only thing to get demolished.

Dylan growled that the caller's threats didn't scare him, and Joe asked who was on the phone. Dylan hung up and mentioned that he'd received some threatening calls, and Joe pointed out that he couldn't have done it, since he was standing right there. Avery contended that Joe could have hired someone, but Dylan thought the calls had Victor's name all over them. Joe asserted that it wasn't the type of business his investors partook in, and he departed. Avery believed that Joe was trying to play them and that he really had been behind the call, but Dylan replied that he'd just played Joe.

Dylan told Avery that it was obvious Joe had been behind everything, and the timing of Joe's latest visit had been too convenient to look innocent. Dylan resolved to handle it once and for all, and he vowed, "Your ex won't see it coming." Avery recommended that he contact Paul, but Dylan didn't think going through legal channels would help, and the situation couldn't get more personal. They bickered, and Dylan promised to put an end to it that night, but he didn't want Avery to be any part of it. She grabbed her coat and stormed off, and Dylan went behind the counter and picked up the gun.

Joe met with a man in the park, and he praised that his cohort couldn't have timed the phone call any better. Joe crowed that Dylan had fallen for it, and he handed over a cash payment and said the man knew what to do next.

Later, there was a knock at Joe's door, and he smiled when he peered through the peephole. Avery stormed in and ranted that he'd gone far enough with threatening and intimidating Dylan. Joe swore he'd done nothing, but she accused him of lying, and she insisted that they settle things right then, or someone would get killed. Joe pointed out that Avery's fiancé believed Joe was innocent, but Avery said she was worried about Joe, since Dylan was ready to kill him.

Joe smugly considered himself warned and offered Avery a glass of wine, and she suggested that they find a way to work things out. She asked what he wanted, and he replied, "You know exactly what I want." She spat that she despised him, but he was confident that her ire wouldn't last for long. Avery maintained that her heart was completely with Dylan, and Joe would never have her, but he countered that it didn't mean she couldn't spend one night with him. A seething Dylan suddenly burst through the door.

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