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Two thugs robbed Crimson Lights and beat up Dylan. Chelsea caught 'Gabriel' holding Connor. Devon slept with Gwen. Phyllis planned a romantic surprise for Jack, but he ended up in a suite with Kelly. Jack found a blonde wig in Phyllis' purse.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 12, 2015 on Y&R
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Monday, January 12, 2015

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy asked Chelsea how she felt about Connor calling him "daddy." Chelsea explained that she couldn't just shrug and let Connor make an assumption about who Billy was. Chelsea said she'd have to explain the truth to her son someday. Chelsea admitted that for her son's sake, she wanted him to be proud of the good things Adam had done and know that his father had adored him. Billy tried to understand, but he seemed discouraged. Chelsea added that because of Billy's strength and compassion, she was proud that Connor considered Billy to be his father.

In the hallway outside Chelsea's penthouse, Victor and Jack clashed. Victor said he wished to visit his grandson. Jack asked if anyone had issued Victor an invitation. Victor took a jab at Jack by asking why he'd never conducted his own test to determine Summer's paternity instead of claiming her as an Abbott. Jack said that he wasn't the one who'd hoodwinked Summer into signing papers authorizing experimental treatment for her comatose mother.

Victor claimed that Jack had moved on with another woman while Phyllis had languished in a coma. Noting that Billy had invited him to stop by, Jack recalled that Adam had taken steps to distance Victor from Connor. Victor explained that Adam's mind had become distorted in the months before his death. Jack replied, "Adam made mistakes, but he is who he is only because of you." Victor, confused, asked Jack why he was speaking of Adam in the present tense.

Chelsea and Billy stepped out into the hallway when they overheard Victor and Jack arguing. Victor barked that Jack was rudely speaking about Adam as if he were still alive. Jack quietly replied, "I misspoke." Still distressed, Victor yelled, "Well that's highly inappropriate." Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes. Jack bit his upper lip.

Victor gave Chelsea a report on the shares of Newman-Chancellor stock in Connor's name. Victor asked to see the child. Chelsea said that Connor was asleep. Jack mentioned Victor's role in the redevelopment plans for the warehouse district. Billy and Chelsea were taken aback, but Victor insisted that his plan would strengthen the city. Cuing Victor to leave, Chelsea told him that he could visit with Connor another time.

After Victor left, Billy asked Jack if he would become Katie's godfather. After Chelsea left the room to check on Connor, Jack agreed to be Katie's godfather. Changing the subject, Billy grilled Jack about the new employee, Gabriel Bingham. Jack assured Billy that Gabriel could promote Jabot's products worldwide. Billy said he'd become distrustful when Gabriel had shown up at Chelsea's, claiming he was seeking a place to rent.

Jack cautioned Billy to proceed carefully with his rebound relationship with Chelsea. Chelsea overheard Jack's comment and said, "This is about Adam, isn't it?" Chelsea said she understood why Jack had maintained a sense of loyalty toward Adam. Chelsea assured Jack that she'd moved on with Billy and that they planned to build a life together. Billy said he and Chelsea could make it work. After Chelsea left the room, Jack sternly warned Billy not to believe that he could anticipate the future.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan, still riding high on a wave of support for their cause, set about waging a battle against Victor. Dylan suggested a boycott of Newman-Chancellor Enterprises. Avery set up her laptop and said she was prepared to launch a media assault. Paul, having overheard Dylan and Avery, offered a third option when he said, "Or, you could just walk away." Dylan was confused and asked Paul why he wanted them to give up.

Paul admitted to Avery and Dylan that he was concerned about Nikki. Paul explained that Victor's involvement placed her in a vulnerable position. Avery checked her laptop and noted that the media had already pitted Nikki's son against her husband. Dylan cried, "I don't see how dialing back is the answer. That would mean letting Victor win."

At the Newman ranch, Nikki, sitting alone in her living room, fixed her gaze on a bottle of vodka and an empty glass. She retrieved her phone from her purse and listened to a message from Paul. Paul said, "I just wanted to make sure you're okay. I know this whole thing with Victor came as a shock." Paul cautioned Nikki to call him if she needed to talk or had thoughts of having a drink. Nikki, talking aloud to herself, said, "Don't worry, Paul. I have everything under control."

Nikki again turned her attention to the bottle of vodka. When Victor arrived at home, Nikki quickly set the bottle on the floor. Victor asked to talk about something other than himself. Nikki fell onto the sofa when she tried to kick the bottle under the sofa. Victor was concerned about Nikki's health, but Nikki said that her condition hadn't harmed her as much as Victor had. Victor assured Nikki that his plans for redevelopment were strictly related to business.

Nikki was raising her voice to Victor when Dylan suddenly entered and asked Nikki if she wished to leave. Victor told Dylan that he had no right to interfere. Dylan asked Victor if his redevelopment plan was retaliation against him for being Paul and Nikki's son. Victor replied, "Don't spin what is a pure business decision into some sinister plot." Victor and Dylan argued, and Victor ordered Dylan to leave. Nikki promised Dylan that she would be fine.

After Dylan left, Victor told Nikki that she should rest before they continued their discussion. Nikki replied, "Fine, but I'm not sharing a bed with you." Victor, angry, asked Nikki what she meant. Nikki said she'd sleep in the guest quarters. After Victor went upstairs, Nikki retrieved the bottle of vodka, poured some into a glass, and took a sip. She gulped down the rest quickly and sighed.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren asked Michael how they should break the news about his cancer diagnosis to their friends during dinner. Michael replied, "I don't want to talk about that tonight. I'm not going to have a 'welcome to Michael's cancer' dinner." Lauren insisted that Michael should confide in Paul and Christine. Michael sighed and said that if he brought up cancer, it would remain foremost in his friends' minds and spoil the evening for everyone.

Lauren told Michael that they needed the support of their friends to help them through tough times ahead. Michael said he'd forgotten that both he and Lauren were facing his cancer together. Michael reluctantly agreed to tell Paul and Christine. When Christine arrived without Paul, she said she hoped Paul would show up soon because they had news to share. Michael replied, "So do we."

After Paul arrived, Christine announced that she was pregnant. Lauren and Michael were elated. Lauren interrupted Michael when he tried to tell his friends he had cancer. Lauren said she and Michael were proud to announce that Fen had made the dean's list at college. Michael seemed relieved. The couples toasted their good news.

Paul stepped away to take a phone call from Dylan. Paul seemed distressed and was unaware that Christine was nearby. Dylan said he was concerned about Nikki. Paul promised he'd keep an eye on Nikki. Christine seemed uneasy when she heard Paul assure Dylan that he'd look after Nikki.

At the Bingham estate, Sage laughed nervously each time Adam grappled to supply the correct answers when Nick asked questions about Juliet. Adam thought the name referred to a young woman. Nick replied, "Juliet is the name of a sailboat. I can't believe you don't remember that." Adam claimed that while he'd been stuck at an all-boys' school in the Swiss Alps, he'd naturally considered Juliet to be his first love.

After Nick later recalled that "Gabriel" had wrecked the boat, he asked Adam to describe the fallout after the boat sank. Adam ended the conversation about the boat by stating that he'd rather not revisit the tragedy. Nick refused to drop the subject and noted that Juliet had belonged the school's headmaster. Adam, citing grief over the recent loss of his beloved grandmother, simply said that she'd interceded on his behalf. Sage comforted Adam and added, "She was a wonderful woman. We're really going to miss her."

Adam offered to let Nick share the entire story about Juliet because Sage had never heard it. Adam added a bit of commentary that slightly embellished Nick's recap of the incident. Nick laughed and said, "There are a lot of stories like that." Adam replied, "I'm afraid that's probably true." Adam was steadily failing to hide his discomfort.

Before Nick left, he told Adam to remember "mut veloren, alles veloren." Before walking swiftly away, Adam replied, "Auf wiedersehene." Nick, puzzled, asked Sage if he'd said something wrong because he was just repeating a saying that meant "courage lost, all lost" that their coach had drilled into them back at school. After Nick left, Adam instructed Sage to keep an eye on Nick because he seemed smitten with her. Sage seemed flattered, but she said she'd comply in order to protect her interests.

Nick stopped by Crimson Lights. Avery greeted Nick and complained about Victor's role in the redevelopment project. She added that she was worried about Nikki and Dylan, who'd gone on the warpath. Nick seemed distracted, and Avery asked what was wrong. Nick reflected about his difficult past with Sharon and about what was best for Faith. Avery assured Nick that he was a good parent.

Concerned, Avery asked Nick what had caused him to be filled with doubt. Nick said he'd been reminiscing with an old friend. Later, Nick searched online for news articles related to Gabriel's boat accident. From the school's own newspaper, Nick read that Gabriel had been expelled after sinking the watercraft he'd taken without permission. Thinking aloud, Nick said, "Gabriel was expelled? How could he not remember that?"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In the Athletic Club office, Abby flashed back to swiping a sample of love potion from Jabot's lab, and she mused to herself that it could be fun. Kelly walked in, and Abby said she'd left a note for Lily and started to leave, but Kelly wanted to talk. Kelly acknowledged that Abby had never been a big fan of Jack and Kelly's relationship, but she contended that it was over, so they could all move on with no need for unpleasantness. Abby was sure Kelly would find someone great, but she advised Kelly to run in the other direction if the man wasn't emotionally available. Abby sauntered off, and Kelly's face lit up as she read a text message.

Victoria and Stitch arrived outside the Jabot lab, and she groaned that she hated when work interfered with her personal life. They kissed, and Ashley dryly remarked that it had been nice of Victoria to escort Stitch to the lab. Victoria replied that she was there to see Abby, and Ashley surmised it was a cover story, since they all knew what Victoria was really after. Stitch turned the topic to his latest calculations, and he said goodbye to Victoria. Ashley and Stitch entered the lab, and he asked "what the hell" had just happened. Ashley mentioned that she and Victoria had a history, and he assumed it had something to do with his and Ashley's one-night stand. Ashley insisted that Victoria was playing him.

Ashley theorized that Victor had put pressure on his daughter to do his dirty work, and she questioned whether Victoria's devotion to Stitch outweighed her loyalty to Victor. Ashley recognized that Victor wanted something she had that could be a life-changer, and she admitted she was territorial about her work, but she assured Stitch that it was the only thing she felt that way about. Stitch apologized for thinking her attitude had been all about him, and she imagined he was accustomed to having women fall all over him, but it wasn't the case that time. Stitch remarked that Ashley was the last person who needed the new perfume, and she suggested they get back to work.

Stitch observed that Ashley enjoyed going over the details, and Ashley declared that chemistry was magical. She assumed he felt the same way about medicine, but he reiterated that the project had his focus until it was complete. She countered that he was also in a relationship with Victoria, but he gave his word that it wouldn't get in Ashley's way. There was a knock at the door, and Stitch buzzed in Kelly, who said she needed to talk to her brother. Ashley stepped into her office, and Kelly reported that Maureen had called and that their mother was a mess.

Stitch worried that Maureen had suffered another heart attack, but Kelly divulged that Maureen wanted to confess. Stitch fretted that there was a lot more involved, and he didn't want Maureen to face prison time. Kelly ranted that Maureen had taken their father's life and had watched Stitch give up his, and she insisted that Stitch not sacrifice more of his life for Maureen's sake. Stitch said he was close to having the life he'd always known he could have, and he wanted that for Kelly, too, but he was concerned about her. She insisted she was fine, since she'd been through the worst, and she could shake everything else off. Kelly left.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis told someone over the phone that Jack couldn't find out about something, and Jack appeared and asked what was going on. Jack complained that he'd woken up to an empty bed, and Phyllis explained that she'd let him sleep, but he said he'd slept alone long enough. She suggested that they go back to bed together, but he told her he had a meeting at the club. Phyllis bristled, but she claimed it had nothing to do with "Blondie" working there, and he reasoned that she couldn't get irked every time he mentioned the club.

Phyllis understood that business happened at the club, and she promised she wouldn't get irritated about Kelly taking every possible opportunity to get close to Jack. Jack offered to try to have Hilary reschedule his meeting in the office, but Phyllis declared that she knew Jack loved her, so she could handle it. Jack promised that they were always and forever, and she said she had things to do that morning anyway. She swore they were innocent things, and she departed.

In Devon's hotel suite, Devon commented that spending the night with Gwen had been a bad idea, but he quickly added that she was just going to make him late for work. She assured him that Jabot wouldn't care if she was a little tardy, and she purred that making love with him had been exactly how she'd wanted to start her day. Devon hoped he hadn't been crowding her, and Gwen replied that it had been in the best way possible. She pointed out that he hadn't answered her question about where things stood between them, but he silenced her with a kiss.

Neil and Hilary had breakfast in the dining room, and he pushed her to order orange juice for the folic acid. She said she was fine with water, and she covertly swallowed her birth control pill. Neil gushed that he wanted their baby to be healthy from the start, and Hilary half-heartedly agreed. She called a baby a blessing, but she warned that they couldn't assume she'd get pregnant right away. Neil amorously stated that they'd get to stay busy in the bedroom, and he already felt blessed that they'd found one another. Lily greeted the couple, and Hilary dropped her glass when she spied Devon and Gwen canoodling at the bar.

Hilary apologized and started to clean up the mess, and Neil asked if she was okay, since she seemed shaky. She claimed she was just embarrassed, and Lily joked that she could have a lawsuit on her hands, but Neil remarked that Hilary was way too loyal. Neil commented that it couldn't be caffeine jitters, since Hilary had given up coffee, and Hilary blamed her hand lotion and excused herself to go to the ladies' room. Lily sat down with Neil and knowingly asked if Hilary was avoiding coffee for a reason, and Neil reported that there was no baby on board yet, but he and Hilary were having fun trying.

Gwen followed Hilary into the foyer, and she excitedly rambled that she was there with Devon, since things had become very real. Hilary imagined that had been why the couple had been all over one another, and Gwen crowed that it was the afterglow, since she'd stayed in Devon's suite for the last two days. Gwen added that she had Hilary to thank, but Hilary cautioned that she didn't want Gwen to get hurt just because a guy had taken her to bed. Gwen pointed out that she was a grown woman who knew when something was for fun and when it was real, and Devon didn't need a fake girlfriend anymore. Hilary forced a smile, and Gwen took off. Devon approached Hilary, and she asked how he could have done that to her.

Hilary informed Devon that Gwen had told her all about them sleeping together, but Phyllis interrupted and called Hilary a lifesaver for setting up a fake meeting for Jack. Hilary said she hadn't seen Jack yet, and Phyllis reported that she'd just left him at home. Phyllis inquired whether Hilary had booked the suite, and Lily approached and wanted to talk to Hilary about what Neil had just told Lily. Phyllis guessed that it was about a life-changing event, but Lily replied that there was no baby news yet. Hilary said she urgently needed Lily's help to plan Phyllis' surprise for Jack.

In the office, Phyllis asked to book a suite, but Lily balked at the short notice. Phyllis was aware the hotel kept suites in reserve, and she surmised that Lily was on "Team Kelly." Lily admitted that Kelly was a coworker and a friend, and Phyllis said she understood, but Jack had made his choice. Phyllis added that she wanted him to know he was her choice, too, and Lily swore it was nothing personal. Phyllis noted that Lily knew the pain and fear of possibly losing everything, and Phyllis wanted to grab life and swallow it whole. Phyllis refused to feel guilty about being in love with Jack, and Lily agreed to find out what was available. Lily spotted Kelly listening from the hallway, and Phyllis said she really needed that day to happen without a hitch.

Later, Phyllis thanked Lily for setting up the suite, and Lily apologized for not agreeing to help right away. Lily recalled that she'd suspected Kelly would get hurt, since it had been obvious Jack had always wanted Phyllis back. Lily continued that she knew what true love looked like, and it was apparent Jack and Phyllis still had it, but Kelly had been through a lot. Lily explained that Jack had made Kelly happy, but Kelly had to start over, and she requested that Phyllis stop punishing Kelly. Phyllis contended that Kelly had taken all the shots on New Year's Eve, but Lily didn't want to argue, and Phyllis promised not to say another word. Phyllis left to carry out her romantic plan.

Gwen greeted Neil, who asked if Devon was with her, and she said Devon was taking care of business. Meanwhile, Hilary hissed to Devon that she'd had to stand there and smile while Gwen had gone on and on about how Devon and Gwen had slept together, and Devon testily inquired whether Hilary had expected him to sit back and wait for his baby brother or sister to be born. Hilary was certain she wasn't pregnant, and she wailed that it had been one lie after another, but she didn't know how many more she could take. Lily approached and grumbled that Hilary had no idea about the position she'd just put Lily in.

Lily complained that she'd felt two-faced for giving a suite to Phyllis, and she didn't know how she'd look Kelly in the eye. Hilary apologized, and Lily recognized that Jack and Phyllis deserved to have a getaway together, but she'd seen the look on Kelly's face. Devon questioned whether Jack should have chosen Kelly, and Lily remarked that a situation where two people were in love with the same person would never end well. Hilary asked Lily to tell Neil she'd be a few more minutes, but Lily was pleased to see that Neil was already occupied with Gwen. Lily praised Devon for picking a girl Neil liked.

After Lily left, Hilary explained to Devon that Neil had hope for the future and that he wanted to start their lives together with a baby, but she hadn't been able to tell him that she was in love with someone else. She revealed that she'd made Neil think she'd stopped taking her birth control pills, and she reiterated that she'd had to lie while Devon had been sleeping with Gwen. Devon said Neil had told him Hilary had thrown away the pills, and he'd turned to Gwen when he'd thought Hilary had wanted a life with Neil and not him. Devon said he was sorry, but Hilary pointed out that he was free, and she was the one breaking her vows.

Hilary pledged not to let Neil drink again, but talking to Devon and hearing his voice made it all worth it. Devon suggested that they get out of town to spend time alone together, and he swore he didn't want to put more pressure on Hilary by making demands, but she said the thought of spending even one moment with him got her through it. She promised to find a way to meet Devon, and he thanked her. Devon assured Hilary that there was nobody in the world he wanted more than her and that there never would be. She mused that she'd dreamed of having a baby, but she'd only pictured him as the child's father.

Neil mentioned that he'd overheard the end of an intense conversation between Gwen and Devon, and he expected Gwen to tell him that it was none of his business. Gwen confessed that Devon had been lying to him, and she explained that she hadn't known Devon before he'd received his inheritance, but she'd seen people treat him with respect in an effort to get something out of him. She understood Devon had trust issues because of women going after his wallet, but she had a good job and a great life, and she wasn't that kind of woman. Gwen confided that she'd gone out with Devon as a favor to a friend, but she hadn't known Devon when she'd first met Neil, and her relationship with Devon had been a lie.

Neil wondered why Devon and Gwen had faked it, and Gwen relayed that Devon hadn't wanted Neil to worry about him. She added that it wasn't a lie anymore, since things had changed, and what she and Devon shared was real and amazing. Gwen said it was clear Neil loved his family, and she wondered if she'd overstepped, but he told her that nothing was more valuable than honesty. Neil added that he appreciated the fact she cared for his son, since he wanted happiness and stability for Devon, and he'd known everything would fall into place once Devon had found the right person. Gwen left to get to work, and Hilary's phone rang from inside her purse. Neil reached in to retrieve it, and he felt her packet of birth control pills.

Jack arrived at the club and greeted Abby, who sympathized that the situation with Phyllis and Kelly had been messy for him. He announced that he was Katie's godfather, and Abby noted that he'd assumed the same responsibility for Connor, but she bet he'd never envisioned having to step up in Adam's absence. Jack hoped Victoria and Billy lived long, happy lives, and Abby wished they'd do it together. Victoria approached and revealed that she'd gone to Jabot to ask Abby to be Katie's godmother, and a clerk interrupted to hand Jack a note. Jack read a hand-written message that said the woman he loved had a surprise for him, and he needed to ask the room clerk for a key to room 702.

Jack excused himself, and Abby argued that she wasn't the kind of person people trusted with a child, but Victoria pointed out that she'd trusted Abby to be her birthing coach. Abby reasoned that she hadn't been able to drop the baby or be a bad role model before Victoria had given birth, but Victoria was sure Abby could help teach Katie to be a decent and loving person. Abby said Jack was perfect for the role, but she thought Victoria could find someone more qualified than Abby. Victoria applauded Abby for embracing every moment of life, and she wanted Abby to be a role model for Katie. Victoria swore that Katie would admire and love Abby, and Abby said she would be honored. The sisters hugged.

At the lab, Ashley examined the saturation point, and the formula had the concentration levels she and Stitch had been shooting for. They exchanged a high-five, and he agreed that chemistry was magical. She said she was proud of them for not letting their one night together ruin anything, and she noticed Victoria peering through the door. Stitch let Victoria in, and she noted that no one could get through the high-tech lock without authorization. Stitch handed Victoria a glove he'd found on the floor after she'd left, and Victoria blamed it on her scattered post-baby brain. Stitch walked Victoria out, and Ashley muttered to herself, "Scattered, my ass. You know exactly what you're doing."

Jack asked the desk clerk about the note, and the clerk handed Jack two glasses and informed him that sparkling cider was waiting in the room. Jack inquired whether Phyllis had been the one to set up the romantic interlude, and the clerk confirmed she had. Jack referred to the room number, but the clerk clarified that it was room 802, and he blamed the confusion on the short notice.

Phyllis entered room 702, and she put on some music. Jack accessed room 802, and he heard the shower running. He set the glasses on the table, and he spotted a card that instructed him to take off his clothes and put on a blindfold. A shirtless, blindfolded Jack lay in a bed that had been scattered with flower petals, and he heard the bathroom door open. He called out hello, and a lingerie-clad Kelly stroked his chest with a rose.

Phyllis sprawled on the bed in sexy lingerie, and she primped and watched the door. Meanwhile, Kelly passionately kissed Jack, but he suddenly whipped off the blindfold and asked what she was doing. She cowered and asked if she'd done something wrong, and he snapped that he should have known not to trust the desk clerk. He assumed Kelly had tricked him into meeting her there, and he asked if she'd expected him to cheat on his fiancée.

Kelly insisted that she'd thought Jack had arranged the rendezvous, and she questioned whether he'd wanted to make her think they had a chance in order to humiliate her. She observed that the rose petals on the bed had been their routine, and she asked who else would have set it up. Jack ordered her not to play innocent, but she pleaded that she'd had no reason to torture herself with his rejection. Kelly asserted that she believed him if he truly hadn't set her up, and she begged him to believe that she hadn't done it, either. A seething Phyllis suddenly burst in and exclaimed, "Oh, hell no!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

At the Newman ranch, Victor had some bad news for Joe. The mayor had called to tell Victor that the sale of the warehouse district was on hold, pending a community impact study. Joe said that it was too bad that Avery was using her considerable talent to "help her boyfriend save this rundown coffeehouse." Victor told Joe that he didn't care about Joe and Dylan's feud -- Victor only cared that he was on the losing end of a business deal.

Victor reminded Joe that Joe was supposed to have completed the purchase of the warehouse district before anyone had found out that Victor was the owner. Joe said that he had underestimated Dylan, but most of the city council still supported the redevelopment project. Joe said that McAvoy wasn't going to back down. Victor quipped, "McAvoy is no longer your problem -- I'll take care of him." When Joe asked him how, Victor said that was none of Joe's business.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan were overjoyed when Avery received a call from the mayor's chief of staff, informing her that the sale of the warehouse property had been put on hold -- a final determination as to the district's fate would be made after a community impact study. Avery hugged Dylan and said, "You're going to win this fight. Dylan corrected her, "No, we are going to win this fight."

Avery broke free of Dylan's embrace -- she needed to meet Summer at the club - - they were taking a spin class together. Dylan begged her to skip the class so they could celebrate. Avery said that she couldn't, but promised him a "real celebration" at home that night.

Victor found Dylan doing some paperwork at a table in the coffeehouse. Dylan wondered if Victor had heard about the community impact study. Victor responded, "Who hasn't?" and commented that Dylan and Avery were worthy adversaries. Victor then dropped a folded card on the table -- and told Dylan that he was making him an offer.

Dylan stared at the card for a moment -- Victor said it was a great offer. Dylan admitted that it was lucrative but wondered if Victor thought he could buy him. Victor said that he was reaching out to Nikki's son because Dylan's happiness seemed to mean a lot to her. Dylan replied, "But not to you." Victor said he didn't "give a damn" about Dylan's happiness -- he was simply making a business proposition.

Victor said that with the money he was offering for Crimson Lights, Dylan could move the coffeehouse anywhere in town. Dylan said that he liked the existing location. Victor suggested that Dylan consider franchising Crimson Lights -- if Dylan had the drive. He handed Victor the card with the offer amount. Victor said that Dylan was a fool. He hoped Dylan didn't live to regret his decision -- warning that sometimes things didn't work out the way one hoped they would. Dylan said, "Yeah, sometimes they don't." Victor was glad that they agreed on that, at least, and told Dylan that his offer still stood. Dylan said, "So does my refusal."

In the Athletic Club gym, Austin was helping Summer learn a new, more intense exercise routine. When they took a break, Summer told him that she was looking forward to her classes at Genoa City University. Austin said that Summer had inspired him to look for work in the field he loved -- videography. Summer was thrilled when Austin told her that he had gotten a job filming a commercial. She excitedly asked Austin questions about the commercial, but he hadn't received any details.

Joe walked into the gym -- Austin told Summer that Joe was his new boss. Summer informed Austin that aside from being her Aunt Avery's ex-husband, Joe was also the person responsible for trying to close down Crimson Lights. Austin seemed concerned over that new knowledge. He told Summer he would see her after her class.

Joe approached Austin and asked him if he was still planning to shoot the commercial. Austin said that he had a problem -- he hadn't realized that ad was designed to persuade people to tear down Crimson Lights.

Avery met up with Summer at the gym. Sensing Summer's glum mood, Avery asked her what was wrong. Summer replied that Austin had finally gotten a production job -- but he would be working for Joe.

Summer told Avery how excited she had been when she'd heard that Austin had gotten a production job -- until she'd learned that he would be working for Joe. Summer wondered if Avery would be angry if Austin took the job. Avery said that she would never tell Austin whether or not to take the job -- and Summer shouldn't either.

Austin joined Summer and Avery to tell them that the commercial he would be shooting wasn't an ad urging people to support the redevelopment project -- rather it was an ad for Joe's real estate firm. Both Summer and Avery urged Austin to take the job.

Avery approached Joe and asked him why he had hired Austin. Joe wondered why it was so hard for Avery to believe that he had given Austin the job out of kindness and asked Avery what it would take for her to believe that he wasn't out to hurt anyone. Avery suggested that Joe stop working for Victor and do something worthy. Avery walked off when Joe responded, "And who's to say that I'm not."

Later, Joe stared at a photograph of him and Avery in happier times.

Victor ran into Avery in the club's foyer. She wondered if he was going to vent his frustration about the thwarted sale of the warehouse district on a punching bag. Victor said that Dylan might see the situation as a fight -- but it was merely a business transaction. Before he walked off, Victor told Avery that any dealings they might have in the future would be strictly business -- nothing personal.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan was speaking to someone on the phone. When he turned around, two men wearing ski masks were staring at him. Dylan said he didn't want any trouble. One of the men ordered him to open the cash register and step back. As the man began to empty the register, Dylan pounced on him. The two men began beating Dylan. They threw him to the ground, emptied the till, and left.

In her Athletic Club office, Lily, frustrated that her pen ran out of ink, threw the pen in the air -- the projectile just missed hitting Cane. Cane asked her why she was irritated, and she listed a couple of reasons: the protest outside the club then learning that Victor was behind the sale of the warehouse properties. Having the cocktail party about the redevelopment project at the club was actually affecting business -- several couples who had booked the club for Valentine's Day had canceled. Lily was happy, however, that all was well with her family.

Lily told Cane how glad she was that Hilary was part of Neil's life and that Devon had fallen in love with Gwen. Lily was already talking about a wedding and a baby shower when Cane told her to slow down -- Lily had enough work that was real without planning hypothetical events. The Ashbys discussed Cane's burning desire to return to the corporate world, and he said he felt like he might be abandoning Lily. Lily told Cane that she wanted him to be happy -- and if running Chancellor Industries would make him happy, then she was all for it. Cane needed to leave; he had to drive Neil to an appointment.

In the club's foyer, Hilary insisted to Devon that she didn't want to have a baby with Neil. She'd faked throwing away her birth control pills for Neil's benefit, and she told Devon that if she ever had a baby, she wanted it to be Devon's. Devon said that he should have never doubted Hilary. Hilary admitted that she had misread Devon's involvement with Gwen.

Devon said that he feared that he and Hilary might drift apart -- they needed to get of town, even if just for a few days. He suggested a new hotel/spa in Chicago -- the Saison. Hilary hated the idea of lying to Neil, but she hated the thought of losing Devon even more.

In the club's dining room, Neil held the bubble-pack that contained Hilary's birth control pills. When he heard her return to the table, he quickly squirreled them away in her purse. As soon as Hilary sat down, Neil asked her if she really wanted to have a child. Hilary said that she was determined to have a baby -- she had even thrown away her birth control. Neil pulled the pills out of Hilary's purse and asked her what they were doing there.

Hilary lied and said that she had carried around the extra pills in case she forgot to take one in the morning. She said she had forgotten the spare pills but would get rid of them. Neil, sensing something was wrong, asked Hilary what was really going on. Although Hilary insisted that nothing was wrong, Neil told her it was okay if she didn't want to have a baby. She explained that the timing still didn't feel right and apologized to Neil. Neil said that he was the one who should be apologizing -- perhaps he had pressed the "baby issue" too hard.

Neil blamed himself for being insensitive -- Hilary told him that he was blameless -- she had been really stressed. Neil suggested that Hilary take a break. She said that she had been thinking of spending a few days away from Genoa City so she could clear her head and relax. Neil wondered where Hilary was thinking of going. She said that she had heard about a new spa at the Saison Hotel in Chicago.

In the foyer, Devon was making reservations for two at the Saison Hotel.

Later, after Neil left for his appointment, Devon joined Hilary at her table and informed her that he had made the reservations. Hilary told Devon that Neil felt that it would be a good idea for her to get away for a few days. Hilary was reluctant to commit to the trip, saying that things were becoming too complicated. Their conversation was interrupted when the maître d' delivered a gift bag that had been left for Devon at the front desk. Devon opened the gift -- it was a set of massage oils accompanied by a note, "Can't wait to try this on you. Let me know when. Gwen."

Hilary was bothered that another person, Gwen, might end up getting hurt because of Hilary and Devon's lies. Devon said he would break up with Gwen. Hilary reminded Devon that it wouldn't solve the biggest problem -- Neil. Devon said that was why he and Hilary needed to get out of town -- to think things through. Devon said, "If I thought spending money on a hotel was a bad idea, I wouldn't have done it." Lily walked by and overheard the remark. To Devon, she said, "Please don't tell me I just heard what I think I did."

Lily had misunderstood and thought that Devon was having regrets about buying the Athletic Club. Devon assured her it was nothing like that. Hilary joined in, saying that she was going to a hotel in Chicago for a few days to relieve some stress with massages, facials, sauna -- the whole works. Lily said she needed some stress relief, as well, and asked if she could join Hilary.

Waiting in an ophthalmologist's office at Genoa City Memorial, Neil remembered his near-electrocution -- then recalled waking up in the hospital and realizing that he couldn't see. After the appointment, Cane joined Neil in the exam room, anxious to hear what the doctor had said. Neil said the doctor had told him that the bits of light he had been seeing could be an indication that his vision was returning.

Cane grew excited and said that he couldn't wait for Lily to hear the news -- she had been stressed out, and hearing that Neil's vision might return would cheer her wonderfully. Neil adamantly insisted that Cane not tell anyone.

Phyllis walked into suite 802 at the Athletic Club and couldn't believe her eyes when she found Jack and Kelly -- in various stages of undress -- in the suite. Jack insisted to Phyllis that "this isn't what it looks like." He went on to explain that he had received a note telling him to go to suite 802 for a romantic surprise. Jack had assumed the note was from Phyllis.

Phyllis told Jack that Kelly had tricked him. Kelly said that she had received a message from Jack asking her to meet him in suite 802. Jack swore that he hadn't sent Kelly a message. Kelly said that when she had gone to the room and seen one red rose -- the symbol of Jack and Kelly's love -- she'd known it had to be Jack who had sent the message.

Jack showed Kelly the note that instructed him to don a blindfold -- he wondered why that note hadn't thrown her a bit. Kelly said that the note hadn't been in the room when she'd arrived -- someone had to have placed it there while she had been in the bathroom, getting ready. Phyllis slammed the door shut, saying, "You know what? Get ready for this, bitch..."

Phyllis went ballistic and threw a vase of roses at Kelly. Jack had to hold Phyllis back. Phyllis accused Kelly of setting Jack up. Venom spewed from Kelly's mouth as she told Jack that this was "classic Phyllis" -- the manipulative, vindictive person everyone had warned Kelly about, adding that Phyllis had set the hoax up in order to humiliate Kelly.

The women rehashed the alleged wrongs they had committed against one another recently. Jack wondered how Phyllis would have known to send only red roses to the room. Kelly explained that she had pressed a red rose in a book at the Abbott mansion, and Phyllis had to have seen it. When the decibel level of the women's argument increased to a new high, Jack yelled that he was going to get to the bottom of whatever had happened. Phyllis volunteered to help Jack. After Phyllis and Jack left her alone, Kelly began sobbing.

Phyllis took Jack to the tropically decorated suite 702. Phyllis knew that Jack would be very busy with work in the upcoming months and wouldn't be able to take a real vacation, so she and Lily had tried to recreate the tropics in the Athletic Club suite. Jack wondered why Phyllis had given him the key to suite 802. Phyllis said that she hadn't -- Kelly had to have switched the keys.

Phyllis told Jack what she thought Kelly's plan was -- Kelly had known that when Jack hadn't shown up in suite 702, Phyllis would call the desk and learn that Jack had gone to suite 802 -- which was indeed what Phyllis had done. Jack asked what would have happened if Phyllis hadn't called the desk. Phyllis said that Kelly would then have had Jack all to herself for the afternoon -- it was a "win-win" situation for Kelly.

Jack wondered why Kelly would go to such lengths -- after all, Kelly knew that Jack loved Phyllis. Phyllis said that Kelly wanted Jack to think that Phyllis had set all the trickery in motion. When Jack reminded Phyllis about the phony text message Phyllis had sent to Kelly from Jack's phone, a concerned Phyllis said, "She's doing it, Jack -- and you promised me she wouldn't -- she's turning you against me!"

Kelly told Lily that she had heard stories about Phyllis but hadn't realized Phyllis would go all Fatal Attraction" on her. Lily pointed out that Phyllis wasn't exactly "boiling bunnies." Lily was having difficulty believing Kelly's theory that Phyllis had planned all of the afternoon's events in order to humiliate Kelly.

In another room at the club, Jack lectured Phyllis, telling her that love was the strongest emotion two people could share, and if one of the people didn't screw it up, it could last forever. He begged Phyllis not to screw it up. He assured her that Kelly did not have the power to interfere in Jack and Phyllis' relationship. Jack begged Phyllis not to continue her vendetta against Kelly.

Phyllis wondered if Jack was willing to let Kelly off the hook for the stunt that Phyllis alleged Kelly had pulled. Jack reminded Phyllis that Kelly had denied having anything to do with the fiasco -- perhaps it was someone else entirely -- but if it wasn't someone else, it had to have been either Phyllis or Kelly who had set the whole charade in motion. Phyllis asked Jack if he thought she or Kelly was to blame. He left her questioned unanswered.

In the foyer, Jack suggested to Phyllis that they leave. Phyllis said she wouldn't until she was able to prove that she was telling the truth. Lily, with Kelly behind her, approached Phyllis and apologized for the misunderstanding with the room. Phyllis said that there were no misunderstandings -- then accused Kelly of using her position to arrange for Phyllis to find Jack in bed with Kelly.

Kelly wondered why Phyllis had chosen the Athletic Club for her romantic encounter with Jack, knowing that Kelly worked at the club. Kelly again accused Phyllis of setting her up. The desk clerk who had told Jack to go to suite 802 walked by. Phyllis grabbed him and asked who had told him to give Jack the message that had led Jack to suite 802. Lily had to leave to take a phone call, but before she walked off, she and Kelly reassured the desk clerk that it was okay for him to answer.

Matt, the desk clerk, said that he received a call from a woman instructing him to tell Jack to meet her in suite 802. Matt insisted that he didn't know who the woman was. Phyllis thought Matt was covering for Kelly and began to make a scene. Jack tried to calm Phyllis down -- he said that the ring Phyllis wore proved that he was marrying Phyllis. Kelly said that Phyllis' ring would never be enough -- Phyllis wouldn't be happy until she destroyed Kelly.

Kelly handed Jack a small envelope and said, "This card was in the room. If you don't believe me, call that number. It will prove what I'm saying is true." Kelly walked off. Phyllis turned to Jack, saying, "This is insane." She left to get her things as Jack took a card out of the envelope and stared at it.

Phyllis rejoined Jack at the bar. He still held the envelope that Kelly had given him -- it was the business card from the florist who had delivered the roses. Jack said he had called the florist -- who had told Jack that Phyllis had ordered the flowers.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Over Chinese takeout at Jabot, Chelsea wished she had another week to finalize the sketches for the fall line. She held up two drawings and asked which dress Billy liked better. He said it was hard to tell without seeing the gowns on a beautiful woman, and he requested that she model them. She told him to use his imagination, but he started to unbutton her blouse, and they kissed as Adam walked in. Adam said he was looking for Jack, and he apologized for interrupting. Billy grumbled that "Gabriel" always seemed to show up uninvited.

Chelsea said Jack had left, and Adam explained that he was starting work on Monday, so he'd wanted to tell Jack how much he was looking forward to it. Billy coolly noted that "Gabriel" could have called, but Adam stated that he'd already been there to drop off some human resources paperwork. Chelsea suggested that "Gabriel" leave Jack a note, and Adam admired Chelsea's designs. Adam said the company was lucky to have her there, and she gazed lovingly at Billy and mused that it was mutually beneficial.

Chelsea thought "Gabriel" would like working there, since it was still a family business even though it was a huge company, and the Abbotts were very hands-on. Adam jealously mumbled that he could see that, and Billy pointedly mentioned their morning deadline. Chelsea wished "Gabriel" luck with the job and said to let her know if he needed anything, and Adam asked if she could sketch him a map to his office to ensure he wasn't late. Billy questioned who "Gabriel" was trying to impress, and Adam remarked that last names opened doors, but he didn't want his colleagues to think he'd gotten the job based on his pedigree. Adam proclaimed that he was smart and driven, and he wasn't afraid to go after what he wanted, no matter what obstacle stood in his way.

Adam thanked Chelsea for showing him around, and Billy groused that they'd be lucky to get home to Connor before breakfast. Chelsea reasoned that it had been easier just to show "Gabriel" where his office was, and she wrote down the extension for security in case he needed anything else. As she handed him the slip of paper, Adam struggled to hide his disappointment when he noticed her bare ring finger. After Adam left, Chelsea gently scolded Billy for being a brat, and she sympathized that it could be stressful to start a new job, especially since "Gabriel" was planning his grandmother's funeral.

Billy was suspicious that someone would start work during a time of grief, but Chelsea imagined "Gabriel" needed a distraction. Billy ranted that he'd never heard of Gabriel, but the man was suddenly everywhere. Billy complained that he couldn't even get a night alone with her, and Chelsea put her arms around him and amorously observed that they were alone then. Chelsea and Billy started to undress and make love.

At the Underground, Sage thanked Nick for the flowers and the donation. She added that "Gabriel" had been touched, and she wondered if Nick had more boarding school stories to share. Nick imagined that "Bingo" had a million of them, and he suggested she ask Gabriel. Sage said she'd never heard from Gabriel while he'd been at boarding school, and he'd never talked about the past, so she hoped Nick would give her some insight. Nick recalled that Gabriel had loved playing pranks on everyone and that Gabriel had been the only person to get expelled for it, and he stepped aside to take care of a customer. Sage sent a text message to Adam to report that she was getting more information about Gabriel.

Nick told a story about how Gabriel had climbed a trellis to a second story to talk to some girls, and Sage recounted that Constance had called Gabriel a scamp. Sage couldn't believe Gabriel had been expelled, since Constance had kept it quiet, and Nick inquired about what Sage intended to do, since she was no longer Constance's caretaker. She replied that she hadn't really thought about it, but moving on was difficult to contemplate, since Constance had been the only family she'd had. Nick confided that it had taken him years to get out from under Victor's shadow, but he hoped he'd become his own person and a better man. Sage teased that she'd seen Nick at his worst when they'd first met, but he seemed like a decent guy, so it appeared he'd succeeded.

Nick guessed Sage knew something about Victor's life from the media, but Sage replied that she didn't pay attention to business press. Nick said his father could be ruthless, but Victor loved his family, and he'd built a business to pass on to his children. Nick added that he wanted no part of it, and Sage assumed that was why Nick owned a bar. He explained that he'd opened it to occupy his time, and he suggested she also make a fresh start with a new outlook on life. He acknowledged that it could be hard to start over, but he was sure she'd be good at whatever she did next.

Nick suggested some frivolous career choices to Sage, and Adam entered and asked for a word with her. She excused herself, and Adam sternly noted that she had been assigned to get information from Nick, not hit on him. She clarified that Adam had instructed her to get close to Nick, and forming a friendship had gotten Nick to open up. She divulged that Nick had told her things about Gabriel that she'd never known, which is what Adam had wanted. Adam replied that he wanted his wife and son back, and he needed to speed things along, since Chelsea was slipping further away.

Avery entered Crimson Lights, and when she found the coffeehouse in disarray, she nervously called out for Dylan. She found him unconscious behind the counter, and she phoned for an ambulance.

At the ranch, Paul stared at a half-empty vodka bottle, and a haggard Nikki staggered downstairs. He asked if it was a bad time, and she claimed she'd fallen asleep while reading. Paul mentioned that he'd left her several messages, and she apologized for not calling back, but she'd had a lot on her mind. Paul said that he and Dylan had been worried, but Nikki insisted she was fine. Paul accused her of lying.

Paul said he'd always been able to tell when Nikki was hiding something, and he observed her bloodshot eyes and lack of balance. She claimed she'd been up all night, thinking about Victor's lies, and she thought Victor wasn't protecting anything but Newman's bottom line. Paul lectured that neither stress nor alcohol was good for her, but she fibbed that she'd only had the one slip. Paul skeptically asked if she hadn't been tempted, but a call from Avery interrupted them. Nikki assured Avery they'd be right there, and she told Paul they had to get to the hospital.

At the hospital, Avery worriedly looked in on Dylan, and she flashed back to spending Christmas with him at Crimson Lights and making plans to celebrate there the following year. Paul and Nikki arrived, and Avery reported that the doctor was with Dylan. Avery explained that the coffeehouse had been trashed, and she'd found a bloody Dylan unconscious on the floor. The doctor emerged from the exam room, and he relayed that Dylan had suffered a concussion and had taken a beating. The doctor disclosed that Dylan had significant bruising across his abdomen, and Nikki mentioned Dylan's liver donation, but the doctor expected there to be no lasting effects.

Dylan winced in pain when Avery hugged him, and he said he wasn't sure who had attacked him, but he had a pretty good idea what it had been about. Dylan said he'd been alone when two masked men had robbed the place, and they'd had their hands in their pockets, so they might have had weapons. He recalled that the men had ordered him to open the cash register, but he had seen an opening and had fought back. Dylan asserted that he hadn't been able to allow the lowlifes to hurt his business any more than he'd let Joe and Victor do it, since the place had meaning. Avery countered that Dylan's life had more meaning than the building.

Paul learned that there had been no other robberies in the area, and Avery reasoned that the bar down the street had had far more cash than the coffeehouse. Dylan pointed out that Crimson Lights didn't have a bouncer, and Nikki thought perhaps there should be one. Dylan said he'd been through worse, but Avery asserted that he shouldn't have to look over his shoulder at his place of business. Paul noted that it hadn't been the first violent incident there, and he suspected someone was trying to send Dylan a message.

After Avery and Paul left, Dylan told Nikki she didn't have to stay, but Nikki lamented that her husband had created the mess. Dylan asked if she thought Victor had been behind the robbery, and Nikki recognized that Victor had been known to fight hard and dirty when he was backed against a wall. Dylan informed her that Victor had offered to write a big check if Dylan relocated, but when Dylan had turned him down, Victor had insinuated that things could go very badly for Dylan and Avery. Dylan added that Victor had denied it had been a threat, but he was afraid Avery's law practice would be next on Victor's hit list if Dylan didn't back down. Nikki said Paul needed to know, and Dylan declared that he wasn't afraid of Victor. "I hate to say this, but you should be," Nikki warned.

Nikki cautioned that Victor didn't make idle threats, and she believed he wouldn't hesitate to ruin Avery's firm if it meant saving his own company. She thought Victor was selling the land to keep Chancellor solvent, and Dylan said he'd considered stepping aside and letting someone else lead the charge, but he'd become enraged when Victor had tried to buy him. Dylan continued that there was no way he'd give up after Victor had implied he'd go after Avery, and he pledged to fight with everything he had. Nikki understood, but she begged Dylan to be careful.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Jack informed Phyllis that the florist had said she had ordered the roses, but she argued that Kelly could have used Phyllis' name to make Phyllis look bad, and she pointed out that Kelly had lied about Phyllis slapping her. Jack countered that Phyllis had lured Kelly to Jabot under false pretenses, and Phyllis contended that Kelly hadn't let go, so she'd had to make sure Kelly understood that Jack and Phyllis were getting married. Jack swore that Kelly was painfully aware of where things stood, but Phyllis huffed that Jack was wrong about Kelly. Victor overheard and declared that Jack had been wrong about a great many things, and Phyllis was living proof.

Jack barked that he and Phyllis had been having a private conversation, but Victor said he'd practically been able to hear it from the parking lot. Victor contended that Phyllis was there because he'd searched for a cure to get her out of her coma while Jack had been too busy with another woman. Jack snapped to leave Kelly out of it, and Phyllis couldn't believe he was defending Kelly. Jack insisted that they continue the conversation at home, and Victor told Phyllis to call if she needed anything. Jack snarled that Victor had only sought treatment because Victor had wanted something from Phyllis, but Victor questioned why Jack hadn't continued searching, and he insinuated that the answer was obvious.

At the gym, Joe engaged in a vigorous workout with the punching bag, and Cane asked what the bag had done to him. Cane wondered if Victor had dropped out of the redevelopment project, but Joe was confident that the sale would go through as soon as they cut through the red tape, and he commented that sometimes, it just felt good to hit something. Cane asked why Joe hadn't told him that Victor had been involved in the deal, and Joe vaguely replied that he hadn't been at liberty to share the information.

Cane recalled that Joe had known that Victor had been responsible for Cane's dismissal from Chancellor when Joe had asked for Cane's help, and he was surprised Joe hadn't volunteered the details. Joe defended that the redevelopment deal wasn't about Chancellor, and Cane speculated that Victor's business was in trouble if Victor was willing to risk alienating his family to get the cash. Cane wondered whether Victor would have to sell Chancellor if the warehouse deal fell through, but Victor overheard and said he wouldn't count on it.

Victor assumed that Joe had been filling Cane's head with nonsensical ideas, and he huffed that Cane was a neophyte in business, but one bad quarter didn't mean Chancellor was circling the drain. Cane agreed that most companies could bounce back from a bad quarter, but he cited the bad press and fines from the Bonaventure mess, and he imagined that would make it difficult. Victor vowed that Jill would never lay her hands on his company, and Cane offered to pass the message along, but he warned that both he and Jill liked a challenge. Cane repeated Victor's words that it was business and not personal.

After Victor left, Joe understood Cane wanted to get back what had been taken from him, but he recommended that Cane not waste his efforts, since Victor had plenty of money to ensure the redevelopment deal went through. Joe argued that Cane would only create a bump in the road for Joe by going after Chancellor, and Cane said he wanted information in return for helping Joe. Cane threatened to give his support to Dylan if Joe continued to keep secrets.

Later, Avery confronted Joe in the foyer, and she accused him of hiring thugs to beat Dylan up. Joe asked what she was talking about, and she blasted him for lying to her. He swore he hadn't sent anyone after Dylan, but she refused to believe him. Joe contended that the deal had a lot of money involved, and Dylan had made some powerful enemies, but Avery spat that Joe had been the only one to make it personal.

Joe maintained that he cared about Avery, so it made no sense to hurt anyone close to her because it would only push her away. Avery hissed that whoever had been behind the scare tactics had gone too far, but Dylan was more determined than ever to continue the fight. Joe stated that the opposition was, too, and she said there had to be a way to make it stop. Joe said he could think of one thing, and he forcefully pulled her into a kiss. She slapped him and yelled never to touch her again, and she walked out.

Victor returned home and found Paul waiting for him. Paul said Nikki was at the hospital, and although she hadn't been physically hurt, she wasn't all right after what Victor had done. Paul reported that she wouldn't leave Dylan's side, since Dylan had been beaten unconscious that day. Victor haughtily asked what that had to do with him, and Paul concluded that Victor was furious that Nikki and Paul shared a son. Paul said he wasn't surprised that Victor was trying to sell Dylan's business out from under him, but Victor had crossed the line when he'd put Dylan in the hospital.

Victor asked if Paul was there as a cop or as a parent, and he swore he'd had nothing to do with Dylan's mugging. Victor added that he'd made Dylan a generous offer to relocate his business, and Paul assumed Dylan had told Victor what to do with his proposal. Victor called Dylan a fool, but Paul imagined that Victor saw Dylan as an obstacle. Victor stated that he was a businessman and not a criminal, but Paul snarled not to tell him that Victor was above all of it because they both knew better.

Victor bellowed that he was stunned and outraged by Paul's accusations, and he ordered Paul to put the cuffs on him or remove himself. Paul received a call, and he revealed that security cameras had picked up a partial license plate on a vehicle leaving the coffeehouse at the time of the beating. Paul promised that whoever had been responsible would pay, and Victor hoped so. Victor warned Paul not to ever make baseless accusations against him again, and Paul wordlessly stormed out.

Jack and Phyllis returned home, and he noted that she'd barely said anything on the way there. She revealed that she'd been thinking about what Victor had said, and she wondered why Jack hadn't looked for a way to pull her out of her coma. Jack explained that she'd been in a cutting-edge facility, and he'd flown in specialists from around the world, but all of them had said there had been nothing they could do. Phyllis asked if Jack had simply accepted it, and Jack recalled that he'd listened to specialists make promises for months, but he'd had his hopes dashed every time.

Jack admitted that it had been difficult to face a life without Phyllis, but he'd had to do it for his sake as well as Summer's. Phyllis recognized that he'd wanted to move on with Kelly with a clear conscience and that Phyllis' return had thrown his life into chaos, and she concluded that he was still torn between the two women. Phyllis demanded to know if Jack was still in love with Kelly, and he hollered no. He swore that he loved Phyllis and had chosen her, and he asked what more she needed. She replied that she needed him to trust her, and he insisted he did. She said he needed to prove it.

Over the phone, Jack asked the florist to describe the woman who'd ordered the flowers, and he learned that she'd been a blonde. Phyllis asked if he was ready to admit Kelly wasn't an innocent victim, and she theorized that Kelly had ordered the blooms under Phyllis' name and had then sent a message for Jack to go to a different suite. Phyllis was certain that Kelly was absolutely desperate to hold on to Jack, and Jack said he owed Phyllis an apology, since she had been right about Kelly all along. They hugged.

Phyllis agreed to accept Jack's apology on one condition, and he promised to let Kelly know once and for all that things were over between them. Phyllis suggested that they salvage the rest of evening, and he volunteered to run a bath. She thought it would be a great way to forget about Kelly's twisted games, and the couple went upstairs together. Phyllis left her purse behind with a blonde wig inside.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Nick called to "Bingo" at the gym, and Adam, posing as Gabriel, remarked that they hadn't had a chance to catch up at the Underground. Nick recalled that "Gabriel" had said Constance had bailed him out of the Juliet incident, and as Billy eavesdropped, Nick questioned why "Gabriel" hadn't mentioned that he'd been kicked out of school. "Gabriel" confirmed it was true, but Constance had bailed him out by paying for the wrecked boat, so no charges had been filed against him. He continued that she'd managed to get him into another boarding school, but it had been very embarrassing for her, so he'd made a habit of glossing it over.

Billy approached and asked if the men were talking about embarrassing chapters in their lives, and he joked that they could talk until midnight and only touch on a fraction of them. Billy told Nick that "Gabriel" was the newest member of Jabot's executive team, and Nick good-naturedly said it was a good place to work, despite Billy working there. After Nick left, Adam asked if Billy wanted a spot, but Billy said he owed "Gabriel" after the way Billy had treated him. Billy explained that he'd found it strange that "Gabriel" had been popping up everywhere, but it had only been a coincidence, and he suggested that they get to know one another.

Victoria arrived at the Athletic Club and ran into Sage, and the women recognized one another. Victoria jokingly asked if Sage had helped any strange, helpless men wandering in the woods lately, and she thanked Sage for helping Nick. Sage replied that Nick had thanked her more than enough, and she mentioned that Nick had paid her a condolence call when a close friend had died. Victoria remarked that she hadn't known Nick and Sage had become that close.

Later, Nick ordered coffee at the club bar, and Victoria approached him to discuss the attack on Dylan. Victoria relayed that Nikki had said Dylan was being released that day, but their mother had sounded strained. Victoria imagined that Nikki was furious with Victor for hiding his ownership of the buildings in the warehouse district, and Nick fretted that Nikki should be avoiding stress. Victoria planned to see what Victor had to say when she saw him at work, and she mentioned that she'd run into Nick's friend Sage earlier. Nick balked at calling Sage a friend, but Victoria noted that a condolence call sounded pretty friendly, and she asked if Nick was interested in Sage.

Nick said he wasn't interested in Sage that way, and he explained that the person who'd died had been the grandmother of an old boarding school friend, Gabriel Bingham. Nick conceded that he liked talking to Sage, but with a broken engagement and a custody battle to deal with, he wasn't in the frame of mind to get involved. Victoria recalled that she hadn't been serious about Stitch when they'd started seeing one another, but it had been interesting how things had turned out. Nick reiterated that he wouldn't be looking for a relationship for a long time, and Victoria promised she wouldn't push, but she encouraged him not to close the door on the possibility that a woman might make him happy one day.

During a workout, Billy asked "Gabriel" if he was married or had kids, and he assumed "Gabriel" was single because he had no ring, but he quickly added that he didn't mean to pry. Adam said he didn't like to talk about himself, but he remarked that Connor was a great kid, and he pretended to assume the boy was Billy's son. Billy explained that he loved Connor, but the tot wasn't his. Adam mentioned that Chelsea had said she was a widow, and Billy grew agitated. Billy hissed that Chelsea's husband had been "a real bastard," and the world was a better place without him.

Adam noted that it sounded like Billy had really hated Chelsea's husband, and Billy shared that his little girl had died because Adam had hit her with his car and had kept driving without saying a word. Adam imagined that the driver had felt horrible about it, and Billy demanded to know why "Gabriel" was defending someone he'd never met. Adam said he was sorry, and Billy acknowledged that he shouldn't have overreacted, but talking about Delia made him emotional. Victoria entered, and Billy introduced her to "Gabriel." Adam said he needed to get going to work, and after he left, Billy said he'd been trying hard to like "Gabriel," but it wasn't happening.

Victoria urged Billy to give "Gabriel" a chance, and as she put on boxing gloves, Billy asked if she was planning to take on Victor. She groaned that her yoga class hadn't been working, and she wanted to get back into shape. Billy remarked that it was tough to improve on perfection, and he offered to spar with her. She threw a few punches before she accidentally hit him, and he joked that she still had it. Victoria fetched some water, and Billy assured her that he'd recover in time for Katie's christening. As he took the water bottle from her, she noticed he'd gotten his wedding ring tattoo removed, and he said it had been time.

Victoria said she was planning to get her tattoo removed soon, and Billy asked how things were going with Stitch. Victoria replied that Stitch made her happy and that he was good with the kids, but Katie and Johnny would always know Billy was their father. Billy remarked that Connor would soon be old enough to know about Adam, but Billy was the only dad the boy would ever know. Victoria asked if Billy thought of himself as Connor's father, and she wondered if he was planning to spend the rest of his life with Chelsea.

At the design studio, Chelsea told Sharon that her nanny's car had gotten stuck in a ditch, so she'd had to take Connor to the fitting with her that day. Sharon gushed that the baby had been a cutie the whole time, and Chelsea pinned Sharon's dress in place and said she was almost done. A frazzled Sharon apologized for being late, but Chelsea assured her it hadn't been a big deal, and she understood that the job was important to Sharon. Sharon recognized it was a little bizarre for both of them, but Chelsea replied that it wasn't as weird as she'd thought it would be.

Chelsea instructed Sharon to change, and Sharon took a brief call from David and was obviously rattled. Chelsea surmised it was bad news, and Sharon revealed that her court date with Nick was sooner than she'd expected. Sharon confided that she was terrified, and she gazed at Connor and recalled watching Faith explore the world at that age. Chelsea commented that it went by fast, and a tearful Sharon said she wanted to be there for every minute of the growing up her little girl still had to do. Sharon began to cry at the thought of losing Faith, and Chelsea soothingly stated that it was obvious Sharon loved her children and that she was a good mom. Sharon hoped Nick remembered that before it was too late.

Sharon said she still loved Nick, and it killed her that they were fighting over their daughter when Faith should be with both of them under one roof. Chelsea recounted that she'd vowed to do whatever it had taken to keep Connor, no matter how dirty or underhanded she'd had to play, and she asked how far Sharon was willing to go to win custody. Sharon disclosed that her lawyer had advised it was all or nothing, but she didn't feel comfortable with that, and she didn't have anything incriminating on Nick to turn over to the judge. Chelsea suspected Sharon could find something if she looked hard enough.

Sharon fretted that if she dug up dirt and put it out there, she couldn't take it back, but Chelsea argued that Nick had opened himself up by filing the lawsuit. Chelsea said she'd keep Sharon and Faith in her prayers, and she hoped Sharon and Nick could find a compromise. Adam entered as Chelsea added that she was glad she and Adam had been able to work things out, and Sharon said he looked really familiar. He reminded her that they'd met at the coffeehouse, and "Gabriel" and Sharon introduced themselves.

Sharon thanked Chelsea for the talk, and after she left, Adam asked if the women were working together. Chelsea revealed that Sharon was her fitting model, and Adam hoped to look at the final fall selections so he could start putting together a marketing catalog. Connor suddenly squealed, and Chelsea informed "Gabriel" that they had company. Adam smiled and said he didn't mind at all.

Adam called Chelsea's designs stunning, and he promised to design a marketing campaign worthy of them. She received a phone call, and he offered to keep an eye on Connor while she took it. She stepped out, and he crossed over to the playpen and picked up the boy. He pulled out the toy car he'd taken from the penthouse, and he whispered that he'd borrowed it to feel close to his son. Adam said he'd missed Connor, and he asked if Connor could give his daddy a hug. Chelsea walked in on Adam holding Connor, and she asked what "Gabriel" was doing.

At the Underground, Nick left a message for Avery, and Sage appeared at the bar and asked for his help. Sage explained that she and "Gabriel" had thought their lawyer would handle Constance's estate, but the attorney was retiring and closing shop. She hoped Nick could recommend someone, and Nick mentioned that Avery was representing him in the custody suit. Sage surmised he trusted Avery's abilities, and Nick said nothing mattered to him more than securing his daughter's future. Sage asked if he thought he would win.

Sage thanked Nick for giving her Avery's number, and she offered to buy him a drink, but it was a bit early in the day. He said Sage didn't owe him anything, and she declared that they were even. He scoffed at the idea of comparing saving his life to giving her a phone number, but she recalled that he'd given her some awesome career advice. She added that she'd needed to laugh, and it had been a long time since she had. Sharon watched from the doorway as Nick said it had been a long time for him, too.

Sharon asked to talk to Nick, and he coolly replied that he was busy, but she promised it wouldn't take long. Nick crossed the bar, and Sharon assumed he'd talked to his lawyer, but he reported that he'd been playing phone tag with Avery. Sharon informed him that the trial had been scheduled for the following week, and it wouldn't be pretty if they revealed things they preferred to keep private. Nick asked if that was a threat, and Sharon contemplated what would happen when people started testifying. She said that they had only a handful of days to avoid it by working something out between them, and she walked out.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis crowed that make-up sex was the best kind, and Jack asked if it had been worth the fight. She was relieved that Jack knew it had been Kelly and not her pulling the dirty tricks, and she asked what had gone through his mind when he'd heard from the florist that a blonde woman had ordered the roses. Jack said he never should have doubted Phyllis in the first place, and he swore he never would again. She said it didn't matter because the truth was out, and Jack admitted the incident in the hotel room had shaken him up, since he hadn't realized how deranged Kelly was. The couple hugged, and a text message appeared on his phone from Kelly, asking if she and Jack could talk.

Jack said he hated what Kelly had done, but he also felt sorry for her. Phyllis suspected that Kelly had known what she'd been doing all along, and some women would do whatever it took to hang on to a man. Jack swore that Kelly wasn't like that, but Phyllis countered that Kelly was just good at covering it up. Phyllis was glad his eyes had been opened, so he'd know if Kelly tried to commit another act of desperation, and she saw the time and remembered she had an appointment with her neurologist. Jack offered to clear his schedule to join her, but she said it was just a routine checkup, and she rushed out. Jack spotted the text message from Kelly and left.

In the club office, Kelly was happy when Jack showed up in response to her message, and she hoped he understood what had happened. Jack declared that he knew she had been responsible for luring him into the rose-covered bed, just like she'd been behind Phyllis' car running out of gas and the incident with the matching dresses. Kelly accepted that Jack would be inclined to take Phyllis' word over hers, and that was why she'd given him the florist's card to find out the truth for himself. Jack reported that the florist had confirmed Kelly had bought the roses, and she denied it, but he bellowed that there would be no more lies or deceit, since they were over and done.

Jack revealed that the florist had said a blonde woman had ordered the roses, so Kelly's cover was blown, even though she'd tried to get away with it by using Phyllis' name. "That bitch is good," Kelly grumbled, but Jack refused to let her say another bad word about Phyllis. Kelly begged Jack to see that Phyllis was trying to make her look like a lunatic, and she argued that Phyllis could have hired someone to order the flowers. Kelly insisted that Jack knew her, and she questioned when she'd ever done anything manipulative.

Kelly admitted she'd been hurt and angry when Jack had reunited with Phyllis, but she swore that she'd never cook up such a vicious scheme. Kelly proclaimed that she'd been ready to open her heart to him when she'd joined him in bed, and she'd truly believed he'd chosen her. She added that she wouldn't have wanted to be Jack's second choice if Phyllis had blown into the hotel room and broken up with him, and she implored Jack to see that Phyllis was punishing Kelly for being with Jack while Phyllis had been in the clinic. Jack conceded that Phyllis was capable of outrageous things, but he wished Kelly would be honest. Kelly felt like she was in a bad dream, and she wondered why Jack was blaming her for everything. He said he blamed himself.

Jack took responsibility for starting a relationship with Kelly before he'd been emotionally free, and he believed he had set her down the path she was on. Kelly reiterated that Jack knew her, and she wanted to talk like they once had, but he said she needed to talk to someone besides him, like a counselor. She incredulously asked if he thought she was having a breakdown, and he noted that she'd suffered more losses than anyone he'd known. He recognized that he'd done what she'd been afraid of from the start by going back to Phyllis, and he was deeply sorry for the pain he'd caused, but he maintained that he and Kelly had no future. Jack proclaimed that he was marrying Phyllis and that there was nothing Kelly could do about it, and he walked out.

At the hospital, a nurse asked how Michael was doing, and he said he was as ready as he'd ever be. She explained that if the lab work went well, he could start radiation treatment the next day. After Michael finished giving samples, he opened the exam room door to leave. The nurse informed him that she'd put a rush on the results and send them directly to his oncologist, and Phyllis overheard from the corridor.

Phyllis asked if Michael had cancer, and he reluctantly informed her that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of the year. She fought back tears as she called him a selfish jerk, and she reminded him they were best friends. He explained that he'd only told Kevin, Lauren, and Fen, and he wouldn't have even done that if Kevin hadn't found out on his own. Michael added that Phyllis' hands hand been full with her recovery, but she pointed out that it made her the perfect person to talk to. She asked how bad it was, and he told her his condition was treatable, but the side effects of radiation and hormone therapy weren't appealing.

Phyllis cursed the doctors for hedging their bets the way lawyers did, but she could tell Michael was holding something back. Michael worried that he wouldn't be able to be the kind of husband Lauren deserved and that he would lose her, but Phyllis promised he wouldn't. Michael dropped Carmine's name, but Phyllis swore that Michael would always be exactly what Lauren needed. Michael lamented that he couldn't control what the future had in store, but Phyllis asserted that he could by refusing to let go of the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Phyllis told Michael to give Lauren credit and to stay positive, or she would personally kick his butt from there to Milwaukee. She pointed out that she was living proof that miracles could happen, and she was back and happier than ever. Phyllis was confident that Michael and Lauren could weather the storm, too, and Michael asked if things were good between Phyllis and Jack. She acknowledged that Kelly had caused some bumps, and she wished Michael had warned her that Kelly was a whack job. Phyllis claimed that Kelly had gone off the deep end to win Jack back, but she'd taken care of it. Michael worriedly wondered what Phyllis had done.

Michael said he'd only run into Kelly a handful of times, but he found it hard to believe she'd done the things Phyllis had accused her of. Michael imagined that Phyllis had fought back, and Phyllis remarked that she'd only helped Jack see the truth. Phyllis said Jack felt sorry for Kelly, but he was done with her, and Michael hoped it was true, since Phyllis' jealous streak was legendary. Michael worried that Phyllis would screw things up with Jack, and Phyllis admitted she'd had a "few minor issues with self-control," but those days were behind them. Michael chuckled and said he loved her.

Later, the nurse was surprised to find Michael still at the hospital, and he said he'd been answering emails from clients. He mentioned that he was aware of the side effects of his treatment, but he asked if he could still keep working and doing normal things. The nurse replied that he could if he felt up to it, and he half-heartedly said he was sure he would be.

Kelly looked at photos of her and Jack on her phone, and she told herself that Jack would realize that Phyllis was the one who couldn't be trusted. Meanwhile, Jack returned home and thumbed through the mail, and he spotted the blonde wig poking out of Phyllis' purse. Phyllis called out that she was home, and she rambled about running into someone at the hospital. She found Jack holding the wig and asked what it was. "Good question. Why don't you tell me?" he responded.

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