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Victoria named her daughter Katie, after Katherine. A clueless Kelly was stunned when Phyllis bragged about her engagement to Jack. Nick drank himself into a stupor and stumbled into the woods, and his foot got caught in a bear trap.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 24, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, November 24, 2014

In Jack's office at Jabot, Devon stopped by and found Hilary alone. The couple began kissing. Phyllis walked in unannounced in search of Jack, who'd claimed he'd had a meeting. Devon introduced Phyllis to Hilary. Phyllis asked about Neil's brother, Malcolm, when she realized that Hilary was married to Neil. Hilary said that Malcolm was well.

Hilary suggested to Phyllis that Jack might have chosen to meet with a client over dinner. Phyllis said she might run into Jack at the Genoa City Athletic Club. After Phyllis left, Hilary said, "That was way too close. First Cane found out about us, and then Colin saw us and demanded hush money." Devon began kissing Hilary again and said, "No what-ifs tonight." Devon dimmed the lights and played Hawaiian music.

Hilary seemed charmed by Devon's plans. Devon said, "For the next hour, this is our own tropical island. There are no phones or computers." Devon placed a flower in Hilary's hair and began dancing with her. The couple cuddled together on the office sofa, and Hilary said she enjoyed cuddling just as much as making love.

Hilary panicked when she noticed the time and gathered her files. Hilary cautioned Devon not to stare at her during the family Thanksgiving dinner. Devon noted that he'd have to find someone to portray the girlfriend Lily thought he had. Hilary, joking, said she'd "find the girl of Devon's dreams." Devon left first when Hilary announced that it was time to leave. Hilary smelled the flower Devon had placed in her hair before leaving it behind on a credenza.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy assured Chelsea that their relationship wouldn't be affected if tests proved that he was the father of Victoria's newborn daughter. Victoria interrupted the conversation when she phoned Billy and asked him to visit the hospital and submit DNA for a paternity test. After the call ended, Billy acknowledged that the test freaked him out. Chelsea replied, "Freaked that it won't be your baby, or it will?" Chelsea asked to accompany Billy, so Johnny could visit his little sister. Billy agreed.

At the hospital, Ben visited Victoria and asked if his mother had stopped by for an unwelcome visit. Victoria was surprised to learn that Maureen had checked herself out of the hospital so soon after suffering a heart attack and undergoing surgery. Victoria asked Ben to supply a DNA sample because she was eager to determine who'd fathered her baby girl. Changing the subject, Victoria said she couldn't believe that Maureen had allowed Ben to implicate himself in the death of his father. Ben explained that his main objective had been to protect his mother after watching her suffer abuse from his father for years.

Ben told Victoria that after his mother had shown up in Genoa City, he realized that "she'd gotten over murdering her husband a long time ago." Ben added, "I lost so much -- my son, my wife, my work. I couldn't stand the thought of losing you because of a lie." Victoria said that Ben's decision to tell the truth meant a lot to her. Victoria expressed hope that the hospital might readmit Ben into its residency program. Ben said he was more concerned about his relationship with Victoria. Ben asked, "How do you see me now?"

Billy, Chelsea, and Johnny entered Victoria's hospital room, unannounced. The impromptu visit interrupted Ben's conversation with Victoria. Billy said that Johnny yearned to meet his new sister. After Ben, Billy, and Johnny left, Chelsea assured Victoria that if Billy was the baby's father, the child would always be welcome in their home. Chelsea admitted that she truly loved Billy and wasn't using him to forget about Adam.

After Chelsea left to look after Johnny, Billy and Victoria talked. Before Billy went to submit a DNA sample, Victoria told Billy that the sooner they completed the DNA test, the sooner they'd know. When Billy later returned, Victoria admitted that she'd never envisioned herself having to await DNA tests to determine the paternity of her infant. Billy said, "No matter what, you can always count on me." Chelsea returned with Johnny. Victoria tenderly thanked Billy before he, Chelsea, and Johnny left together. Victoria later cradled her infant, admired her newborn's delicate facial features and said, "Are your beautiful eyes like Ben's or Billy's?"

Back at Chelsea's penthouse, Billy sipped a nightcap, hoping it might make him sleepy. He urged Chelsea to go to bed without him because she appeared tired. Billy admitted that he was anxious about the test. Chelsea said she knew how to ease Billy's anxiety. She lovingly massaged Billy's shoulders.

Billy seemed relaxed while Chelsea massaged his tense muscles. Billy said, "Have I told you how great it is to have you with me and know that I'm not going through this alone?" Chelsea replied, "I know what it's like to feel alone. Luckily, you and I don't ever have to feel that way again." Billy kissed Chelsea. The couple tightly embraced.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kelly told Jack she understood why he hadn't been able to wait with her at the hospital all night. Kelly added that her brother and the medical staff had been supportive while Maureen had undergone surgery. Kelly happily reported that her mother's vital signs were very good. Jack attempted to change the course of the conversation. As if her efforts might change reality, Kelly interrupted and asked Jack to accompany her to the hospital to check on Maureen.

Appearing tormented but determined to be honest with Kelly, Jack said, "More than anything, I don't want to hurt you." Kelly replied, "Then don't!" Jack explained that Phyllis had run across the engagement ring he'd bought for her before the accident. Jack attempted to explain, but Kelly repeatedly interrupted and insisted that she could wait for Jack. Phyllis entered the dining room unnoticed. Jack told Kelly that they couldn't have a future together.

Phyllis interrupted the conversation. Taking a seat next to Jack, Phyllis overtly displayed her engagement ring and said, "We're getting married." Kelly barely maintained her composure when Phyllis insisted on setting up a time with Kelly to plan the details of the wedding. Jack suggested that Phyllis phone Lily later. Ben interrupted and announced that Maureen had left the hospital. Jack offered to help Kelly, but she refused his offer and suggested he concentrate his attention on his fiancée.

After Jack and Phyllis walked away, Ben said he had something to tell Kelly that would change both their lives. Ben admitted that he hadn't killed their father. Ben noted that he'd confessed to the crime in order to save their mother. Ben added that their father had abused Maureen for years. Kelly cried, "They locked you away. You were her own son." Kelly collapsed in her brother's arms and condemned their mother for having acted so selfishly. Kelly refused to discuss what was troubling her, and she urged Ben to make himself a new, better life because doing so was all that mattered.

Later at the Abbott mansion, Phyllis noted that Kelly had seemed a bit distracted even before Ben had arrived and announced the news about their missing mother. Jack scolded Phyllis for announcing their engagement. Phyllis replied, "Why would that bother her?" Jack explained that Kelly had spent a stressful night in her mother's hospital room. Jack added that Kelly hadn't had time to recover before Phyllis had arrived cheerily announcing wedding plans.

Phyllis told Jack that she couldn't wait to announce their plans because she was so excited. Phyllis asked, "Aren't you? You still want to marry me? Speak now, Jack Abbott, or forever hold your peace." Jack professed his love to Phyllis. Jack assured Phyllis that he had no doubts or regrets. He added, "When I'm with you, I'm more alive than I've ever been with anyone. Phyllis kissed Jack, took him by the hand, and led him upstairs.

At Constance's house, Sage attempted to appease Constance after Gabriel's dog, Bugatti, failed to recognize Adam, who was masquerading as Constance's grandson. Sage explained that Bugatti felt he'd been abandoned because "Gabriel" had been away for an extended length of time. Constance replied, "I may be an old woman, but I'm not an old fool. Dogs sense things that humans don't. Bugatti knows that you, Gabriel, are not the same man you used to be."

Sage and Adam attempted to convince Constance that she was wrong about Gabriel. Constance explained her statement and said she was proud that her grandson had changed within. Sage offered to push Constance, riding in a wheelchair, back to the elder woman's bedroom. After the women left the room, Adam closed the door and muttered aloud to himself, "Damn mutt." Adam, anxious, sighed and paced.

When Sage later returned, Adam ordered her to keep the dog away. Sage claimed that she'd helped Adam in order to spare Constance the pain of losing her grandson. Adam demanded to know what other reason Sage had for nursing him back to health after giving him Gabriel's name, face, and life. Sage replied, "Being Gabriel Bingham is more than just having his face. If you don't correct that, Constance is going to see right through you. Gabriel listened to women, and they responded."

Adam assured Sage that he'd do whatever he needed to do to get back to his family. Later, while sleeping, Adam yelled Chelsea's name. When he awoke, he found Constance sitting beside his bed. Constance said she'd heard her grandson fretting and asked him the name of the poem she had recited to him whenever he'd had a bad dream when he'd been a young boy. Adam replied, "It was a long time ago, Grandmother." Constance agreed and asked who Chelsea was.

Sage returned to the room and quickly noted that Chelsea was the place in London where Gabriel had lived during his college year abroad. Constance laughed and said she remembered how happy Gabriel had been there. Adam noted that there had been many women for him to charm. Constance caressed Adam's hands and said, "That is my boy." Constance laughed when Adam said he'd instead dream about her and share the dream with her afterward. After Sage and Constance left, Adam opened his laptop and stared at a photo of Chelsea.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Outside the cabin, Nick chopped wood, and he briefly paused to take a swig from a liquor bottle. He flashed back to confronting Sharon about stealing Summer from him, and Sharon had pleaded for forgiveness, but he'd snapped that she'd broken his daughter's heart. Nick gathered the chunks of wood, and he recalled walking out on Sharon in the park. He jumped when he heard a noise, but the dog appeared, and a relieved Nick warned him not to sneak up on a drunk with an axe.

Nick wondered if the dog was lost, and he invited the dog in and gave him some water. Nick scoured the cabin for more alcohol, and when he found another bottle, he contemplated whether it could have gone bad. He decided that it couldn't hurt because he was already drunk, and he grimaced from the taste, comparing it to paint thinner. Nick sank to the floor and marveled at the peace and quiet, and he declared that they were just men being men. He guessed that the dog was a boy based on the confused look in its eye, and he griped that women were always the problem.

Nick got flames burning in the fireplace, and in his best caveman voice, Nick bragged, "I have made fire." He acknowledged that it wasn't a great fire, but he'd made it, and he thought it needed more wood. He declared that wood was the answer, not women, and he told the dog to be the man of the fort while he fetched more wood. The dog followed him outside, and Nick asked if the hound thought he was Nick's babysitter.

Nick cackled maniacally and pretended to be a killer in the woods with an axe, and he wondered what the dog's story was. Nick noted that the dog seemed to take care of himself, but his own life had been a series of bad moves because of women. Nick blamed himself for screwing things up, and he pondered how to avoid the pitfalls that kept blowing up his life. He realized that he was in the wilderness with an axe and a serious buzz, talking to a dog, and he grumbled that things couldn't get any worse. He returned to the cabin, where a vision of Amy Wilson greeted him.

Amy said she hadn't been sure Nick would recognize her, since she had changed, and Nick replied that they all had. Amy contended that he hadn't, and he said he was working on it. She confided that she thought about him sometimes, and she inquired whether he'd ever thought about her. He remarked that high school seemed to have happened in another lifetime, and he told her that Noah had given him a hard time about his cocky bachelor days. Amy recalled that she'd wanted Nick to like her, and Nick flashed back to Amy taking his hand and telling him it was time for her to show him how much she cared.

Nick said he'd really liked Amy, and she stressed that he'd been her first love. Nick apologized, and Amy said she was sorry it hadn't lasted, but she didn't regret that they'd made love. Grace suddenly appeared and taunted that Amy made it sound sweet, like cotton candy that could make someone sick to their stomach. Nick ordered Grace to leave Amy alone, but Grace blasted Nick for taking Amy's innocence and dumping Amy afterward. Nick swore that Amy was amazing and beautiful, and he imagined how different his life would have been if he'd stayed with her.

Grace teased Nick for going for the needy damsels, but she contended that she had always been the one there for him whenever he'd hit a rough patch. Nick flashed back to Grace giving him a massage and kissing him passionately, and he noted that she'd always shown up when his head hadn't been on straight. Nick chided Grace for chasing him when Sharon had been her friend, and Amy pointed out that she and Sharon had also been friends, but Nick had left Amy to be with Sharon. Nick became flustered and tried to explain, and he rambled that both he and his parents had liked Amy very much, but Victor and Nikki had never accepted Sharon. Nick reasoned that he'd gone back to Sharon to prove something to Victor, but Sharon appeared in the doorway and protested that it hadn't been revenge or payback, just love.

Nick retreated outside, and he scolded the dog for not barking when people had shown up. Nick insisted that he wasn't afraid of facing the women, but no one was taking any blame for the things they'd pulled on him over the years. He heard electronic sounds in the cabin, and he joined Phyllis on the couch to play a video game. Phyllis asserted that he'd been wasting his time with Amy and Grace, since he needed a challenge, and he asked if she was talking about herself. He called her a "pain in the ass," but he recognized that they'd had something good for a while.

Phyllis agreed that the video games and junk food had been great, and Nick questioned whose fault it had been that things had gone wrong. Phyllis reasoned that perhaps it hadn't been anyone's fault, since love ended and people moved on, or they jumped on and off like they were on a merry-go-round. Nick asked if they should jump back on again, but she doubted that was what he wanted, and he looked away. Phyllis blurted out that it had been his fault, and he suddenly lost the video game. He complained that she'd let a troll rip his heart out, and she referred to her sister as Avery appeared.

Nick defended that Avery wasn't a troll, and Phyllis sarcastically described Avery as "sunshine and cupcakes." Phyllis huffed that Nick hadn't been in love with Avery, but Nick swore he had been. Avery recalled that Phyllis had cheated on Nick with Ronan, but Phyllis argued that it had just been sex, whereas Avery had caused Nick complete humiliation by falling in love with someone else. Nick questioned why Avery hadn't cut him loose earlier, and Avery explained that she hadn't understood what she'd felt until they'd been about to make the jump to the altar. Nick groused that Avery had made him look like a chump, and Phyllis said that Avery had layers of imperfections.

Phyllis said that they'd all managed to become friends, and Avery added that there was no need to rehash the past, but Nick asserted that both women had hurt and betrayed him, so he couldn't pretend it didn't bother him. He ranted that polite conversation wasn't okay, and he accused both women of not wanting to get to the bottom of it, but Avery clucked that he wasn't exactly St. Nicholas. Phyllis and Avery reminded Nick that there was a long list of what he'd done to the women in his life, and it was time for him to answer for his actions. The women pushed Nick onto the bed, and he incredulously asked if he was on trial. Avery put on her glasses and proclaimed, "Court is now in session."

Avery accused Nick of being reckless with people's hearts by making careless declarations of love since his youth. Nick defended that he had regrets, and Phyllis asked if he was aware of how much he'd hurt Amy. Nick flashed back to breaking up with Amy, who had guessed that he had feelings for Sharon. Nick had explained that it hadn't been Amy's fault that he couldn't get Sharon out of his head, and he'd hoped he and Amy could stay friends, but Amy had told him that she would never forgive him. Avery asserted that Amy had given Nick something special, and she questioned what he'd think if someone had treated Summer that way.

Grace asked if she'd gotten what she'd deserved, and Nick contended that they'd never had anything real, but Phyllis barked that he'd been too busy obsessing over Sharon to care about anyone else's feelings. Phyllis added that he'd promised to love Phyllis, and Nick swore that he had, but Avery questioned whether he'd lived up to his word to love Phyllis forever. Nick flashed back to exchanging wedding vows with Phyllis, and Phyllis snapped that he hadn't kept his promises. Nick testily inquired whether Phyllis had, and Phyllis pointed out that he had cheated first. Nick recalled having a huge argument with Phyllis, who had confronted him about still being in love with Sharon the entire time he'd been building a life with Phyllis and Summer. Phyllis had ordered him to go, and he had walked out.

Nick contended that Faith was in the world because of his affair with Sharon, just like Summer existed because of what he and Phyllis had shared, and his kids were only thing good thing he'd done in his life. Nick apologized that he'd hurt Phyllis, but he didn't regret his girls being in his life. Avery asked if Nick had ever been with anyone he hadn't cheated on, and she charged him with emotional polygamy. Nick argued that people fell in love multiple times in their lives, but Avery pointed out that he'd been emotionally engaged with more than one person at a time. Nick argued that Phyllis had moved on with Jack, and Avery had reunited with Dylan, so he didn't understand why they were convicting him of being a jerk. Avery called her star witness -- Sharon Collins Newman.

Nick continued to chug liquor outside, and Sharon remarked it was beautiful out. She asked if he was cold, and he said the whiskey was keeping him warm, but he agreed it was peaceful there. She said it wasn't inside the cabin, and he conceded that he'd made many mistakes and that he hadn't kept all of his promises. Sharon advised that it was human to fail and to try to do better, and it worked sometimes. Nick recalled that they'd made promises to one another, and he flashed back to their first wedding.

Sharon said she'd meant every word, and she pleaded with Nick to forgive her for her past mistakes and the ones she was bound to make going forward. Nick growled that she'd had secrets from the beginning, and it had shown that she didn't have faith in him or in them. Nick continued that her secrets and lies were reasons for them not to stay together, and Sharon whimpered that she'd withheld things out of fear and shame, since she'd felt like she hadn't deserved him. She cried that she'd been afraid he wouldn't love her if he'd known the truth, but Nick became irate that she'd kept testing his love and forgiveness, and he couldn't do it anymore.

Nick realized that he couldn't fix or heal Sharon, and he never should have tried. He said that he'd convinced himself that everything would lead to them being together forever, but instead, she had devastated his child. Sharon insisted she was sorry, and he reflected upon how many times they'd apologized to one another. Nick huffed that apologies wouldn't fix things, and he would never feel for Sharon what he once had. Sharon argued that he'd never been able to shut her out, but he pledged to keep his distance, or they'd end up back in the same place.

Nick vowed never to let Sharon back into his life again, and she asserted that they'd always forgiven one another, but he maintained that he wouldn't forgive her that time. He added that he'd never feel love for her or any woman ever again, and he returned to the cabin, where Nikki greeted him with a hug. Nikki lectured Nick about drinking water instead of alcohol, and she wondered if he was trying to drown his emotions with whiskey. Nikki sympathized that he'd handed over his heart to someone who had treated it carelessly, and she reminded him that she'd warned him about Sharon.

Nick flashed back to Nikki advising him that girls like Sharon were more trouble than they were worth, and he wished he'd listened to his mother. Nikki said that many people had loved Nick throughout his life, including women, and she urged him to remember that despite the pain, he'd also experienced a lot of joy. Nick recalled surprising Avery with her own booth at the Underground, and he thought about playfully bantering with Phyllis about how they had used sex to fix things, but he'd also really liked having her around. Nick flashed back to Sharon listing the reasons why she loved him, and the main one had been the way he treated other people.

Nick conceded he'd had some good times, but he pointed out that Nikki had hated most of the women he'd been with, and he wondered why she was siding with them. Nikki swore that she was on his side, and she wanted him to find lasting love, but he had to look for it to find it. Nick complained that all of his relationships had crashed and burned, and Nikki questioned whether all of them had. They heard squeals of laughter outside, and Nick stumbled out the door and found Summer and Faith.

Nick played with his daughters, and they discussed whether Faith would be an astronaut or a professional skateboarder when she grew up. Faith declared that she wanted to be a bride and marry a man just like her daddy, and Summer wondered who their daddy would marry. Mariah approached and said that the warm and fuzzy scene made her want to hurl, and Faith chirped that their family was all together. Mariah asked why she was there in Nick's mind instead of Cassie, and Nick replied that Cassie deserved to rest in peace.

Mariah wished Nick luck with swearing off women, and she proclaimed that love turned people into starry-eyed idiots, but love only caused pain. Summer countered that love also caused happiness, and she said Nick had taught his children to be brave enough to find love. Summer inquired whether Nick wanted to take back everything he'd said, and he suggested that they head back to the cabin, but Mariah wouldn't allow Nick to blow off Summer's question. Mariah dared him to tell Summer that love was a lie and marriage was a load, and Faith told Mariah not to be mean. Summer insisted that her father believed in love, but Nick said it wasn't that simple.

Nick's exes surrounded him and agreed that Nick had once believed in love, but Nick thought it would be safer for everyone if he gave up women. Phyllis said she'd been alone in her head for a year, and she didn't think Nick was built for solitude. Faith declared that her daddy wasn't a quitter, but Nick contended that he'd had several shots at love, and they hadn't worked out. Phyllis urged him to take another chance, just like she had with Jack and Avery had with Dylan. Mariah challenged Nick to own his truth, and Nick acknowledged that love existed, but he reiterated that he had to walk away from it.

Summer didn't want Nick to be alone, and Faith considered the idea terrible. Nick stated that he would always have his kids, but Summer encouraged him to find someone else to love. Nick bellowed that it would take an act from God to get him to do it, and Summer begged him not to shut himself off. Nick confessed that he loved women, but he couldn't take the pain and agony anymore. The women in Nick's life closed in around him, and he yelled that he was done.

Nick suddenly awakened in a drunken stupor on the cabin floor, and he asked the dog what was going on. He let the dog outside, and he planned to follow the hound home and tell the owner how great the dog was. Nick screamed in pain when his foot got caught in a bear trap.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From her hospital bed, Victoria cradled her infant daughter as she called Johnny, who was at Billy and Chelsea's, to wish her son a happy Thanksgiving. Billy took the phone from Johnny. Victoria told Billy that she would call him as soon as she received the results of the DNA test taken to determine her newborn's paternity. Chelsea, sitting with Connor, looked on warily, appearing to infer the topic of Billy and Victoria's brief conversation.

Chelsea joined a pensive Billy. She told him that she knew that he had a lot on his mind, and he didn't need to pretend that everything was fine. Billy insisted that he really wanted to celebrate the holiday with Chelsea. He showed her a picture that Connor had drawn the Thanksgiving before Adam had been presumed killed. Billy said that he wanted to start some new holiday traditions with Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea smiled and told Billy to "break out the finger paints."

Abby stopped by to visit Victoria and the baby. She told Victoria what a shame it was that Victoria couldn't spend the holiday with Billy. Abby was not happy to learn that Billy was spending the day with Chelsea. Victoria became angry when Abby hoped that Stitch would be "smart enough to stay away." Victoria admonished Abby to stop maligning Stitch.

After Victoria explained to Abby that Stitch wasn't a murderer, Abby regretted treating him so horribly and wondered if Victoria had decided that Stitch was the man she wanted to be with. Victoria said that she hadn't asked Abby over to discuss Victoria's love life -- rather, she needed Abby to help her with something.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki stared longingly at a bottle of Champagne chilling in an ice bucket sitting on the beautifully set Thanksgiving buffet table. Any thoughts of taking a drink were interrupted when Victor walked in. The Newmans discussed how much they loved the holiday, although they regretted that many members of the family wouldn't be joining them for dinner. Sad thoughts quickly evaporated when an excited Faith ran in -- Victor and Nikki were thrilled to see their granddaughter. They were less thrilled when Sharon, who had taken Faith there, entered.

Victor told Sharon that he hoped she understood if they didn't ask her to stay. Sharon said she had her own plans but didn't want Faith's holiday to be ruined because of "things we didn't anticipate." Nikki thanked Sharon then quickly said goodbye. Sharon asked Nikki to walk her out. At the front door, Sharon informed Nikki that Faith wasn't aware of Nick and Sharon's breakup and asked Nikki to make sure that nothing was said about the acrimonious split in front of the little girl. As Sharon continued to speak, Nikki closed the door in her face.

Later, Paul and Christine arrived. Paul thanked Victor for inviting them, but Victor pointedly told him that it was important -- to Nikki -- that Paul and Christine spend the holiday at the ranch. After Victor walked away, Paul chuckled when Christine sarcastically said, "That went well." Paul thanked Christine for accompanying him to the Newmans'. Christine told Paul that she knew it was important for Paul to spend Thanksgiving with Dylan, who was on the other side of the room, playing with Faith.

Nikki offered Paul and Christine some wine. Christine declined, telling Nikki that she and Paul were trying to have a baby. Nikki feigned happiness, but as she left to get Christine sparkling water, her smile turned into a frown, and she stared at the glass of wine she held in her hand.

Avery arrived at the Newmans' and almost immediately received a text message from Joe wishing her a happy Thanksgiving. She joined Faith and Dylan -- it was obvious that the little girl still loathed Avery. After Faith ran off, Avery told Dylan that the tension was fitting -- after all, Thanksgiving was all about awkward family gatherings.

Nikki told Victor that she wanted to make a toast. Victor got the group's attention as Nikki said there weren't words to express how much it meant to have all of the guests there. She reminded them that it had been exactly one year since she had announced that Dylan was her son, and what an amazing journey getting to know Dylan had been. Dylan agreed, telling Nikki that he felt closer to her than he had ever thought possible.

Dylan turned his attention to Paul, telling his father that they had traveled down a rough road -- but Dylan was proud to call Paul and Nikki his parents. He wished the group a happy Thanksgiving as they all clinked glasses.

The group was thrilled when Abby, Victoria, and the new baby showed up. Victor and Nikki were overjoyed when Victoria asked if she could spend the night at the ranch. As Victor, Nikki, and their guests fussed over the infant. Victoria said that she had an announcement to make -- she was naming the baby Katie, short for Katherine. Nikki cried tears of joy as they all discussed what a wonderful, fearless, strong woman Katherine Chancellor had been.

Ashley was toiling away in the Jabot lab when Stitch showed up. Stitch was surprised to see her working on a holiday, but she told him she was just wrapping things up before getting together with Traci. Ashley asked him if he would like a few days off so he could spend time with Maureen, who Ashley assumed was still in the hospital, recuperating from heart surgery. Ashley was shocked to hear that Maureen had skipped town shortly after her heart attack.

Ashley asked Stitch about Kelly -- then slipped up, inadvertently telling Stitch that it had to have been rough on Kelly to learn that Jack was engaged to Phyllis. Stitch's eyes widened as he heard the news for the first time. He realized that the news of the engagement was the reason Kelly had been so preoccupied when he "laid news on her that he had been lying to everyone most of his life."

Ashley realized that what she had suspected was true. Stitch hadn't murdered his father -- he had been covering for Maureen. She thought that was admirable and that people would see Stitch for the man he really was -- a person who sacrificed so much for his mother. Stitch focused on the negative -- his life, as well as Maureen's, was in shambles. He had falsified his identity, "screwing up" his military record and jeopardizing his medical license. When Ashley told him that he had her support, he said all he cared about was that the truth would "mean the world to Victoria."

Stitch thought Ashley was hoping that Billy had fathered Victoria's baby. Ashley didn't want to discuss her feelings -- she reminded Stitch that they were close to a breakthrough on their new fragrance and suggested they spend the rest of the day trying to make that happen.

After working for a while, Ashley realized that she and Stitch were no closer to a breakthrough, and she needed to leave to meet Traci. Ashley tried to cajole Stitch into joining her and Traci for dinner, but he said he would rather spend the evening working in the lab. Before Ashley left, she told Stitch that she hoped he considered her more than his boss -- she wanted him to know that she was his friend.

Joyful chaos was the order of the day at Neil and Hilary's as Matty and Charlie ran around the living room. Cane took the kids into the kitchen, leaving Neil and Hilary on the couch as Devon looked on. Hilary left the room to refill Neil's drink just as Lily walked in from the kitchen, staring worriedly at her father. The doorbell rang -- it was Jill and Colin -- Neil had invited them for Thanksgiving dinner. Matty and Charlie were excited to see Jill and walked her into the kitchen so she could wish Cane a happy holiday. In the living room, Colin told Devon that it was good to see him. Devon replied, "It's good to see Jill." Hilary returned with Neil's drink -- she exchanged worried glances with Devon when she saw Colin.

Later, Hilary invited Colin to the kitchen to help her prepare drinks. Devon looked on worriedly as they left the living room. In the kitchen, Hilary told Colin to leave her and Devon alone. She warned him that he was not the only one who knew how to "screw" with people's lives. As Jill looked on suspiciously, Colin told Hilary that they should focus on the family holiday.

Alone on Neil and Hilary's patio, Jill asked Colin if there was something going on between him and Hilary, adding that it appeared as if Hilary wasn't particularly fond of Colin. Colin lied and said that he had questioned why a beautiful woman like Hilary had married Neil. Jill said that she wondered the same thing but for a different reason -- Neil was a man of integrity, but Jill didn't trust Hilary.

Inside, Hilary whispered to Devon, saying that she didn't trust Colin. Neil wondered when the family was going to meet Devon's "special lady," and asked Devon if "she" could be "the one." Devon deflected the question.

Lily told Devon and Hilary that she was concerned about Neil -- she thought he had been acting "different." Devon said he hadn't noticed anything wrong, but Lily said that he seemed to be putting on a brave face for them. She wondered if Neil's blindness was really beginning to bother him -- he had originally thought he would quickly regain his sight. Worried that Neil might be tempted to start drinking again, she asked Hilary and Devon to be there for Neil and do everything in their power to help him.

Dinner was finally served. Before eating, Neil told everyone at the table how grateful he was to have them in his life before he said grace.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack left Kelly a voicemail apologizing for how she had learned about his engagement to Phyllis -- he begged Kelly to call him. Phyllis overheard Jack leaving the message and when he hung up, she quipped, "I see you found your phone." Jack didn't seem to pick up on the subtext when Phyllis referred to his phone as "sneaky."

Phyllis told Jack that Mrs. Martinez had prepared them a lovely Thanksgiving dinner -- all they had to do was heat it up. They joked about Phyllis' poor culinary skills. Phyllis said she was glad they had left the cooking to the expert, as she wanted to spend a quiet holiday alone with Jack. Jack presented an excited Phyllis with a gift box, but when she opened it she said, "What in the hell is this?"

She pulled a wishbone out of the box. Jack explained that the previous Thanksgiving, he and Summer had visited the comatose Phyllis in Georgia. When they'd realized that nothing they could do would rouse her, they'd returned to Genoa City and joined the rest of the Abbott family for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, Jack and Summer had held the wishbone and made the same wish -- that Phyllis would recover. Jack had glued the wishbone back together, thinking it might eventually have some significance. Phyllis told Jack that the wishbone meant more to her than any piece of jewelry would have.

Phyllis commended Jack for not giving up on her but asked about the woman Jack had dated while she had been comatose. Jack assured Phyllis that she had nothing to worry about -- his relationship with that woman was over.

Sharon went to the Underground at Noah's request. She walked in and saw Noah and Mariah behind the bar. Noah said that he hadn't completely forgiven Sharon for what she had done, but she was still his mother, and he didn't want her to spend Thanksgiving alone. Sharon's eyes welled up with tears.

Noah, Mariah, and Sharon sat in a booth and devoured club sandwiches. Noah apologized for the cuisine, but Sharon said that it was the best Thanksgiving she had ever celebrated. Mariah told Noah and Sharon about her past Thanksgivings -- members of the Path had gathered and discussed how thankful they were to have Ian in their lives as well as what areas of their lives needed improvement.

Noah asked Mariah how she could improve her life. She admitted to being a bit self-centered and impatient. Mariah asked Noah the same question, and the three of them had a good laugh when Noah joked that he had nothing to work on -- he was perfect. When Mariah and Noah posed the question to Sharon, she rolled her eyes and said it would take the entire night for her to list aspects of her life that could use improving. Noah comforted his mother, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

After finishing their sandwiches, Mariah and Noah began guzzling whipped cream right out of the can. Sharon seemed a bit down. She told them that she really enjoyed spending time with them, but they needed to prepare for what was going to begin to happen the following day. Noah wondered if Nick was still planning on trying to win full custody of Faith. Mariah was shocked to hear that. Sharon said she wasn't going to allow Nick to take Faith away from her.

In the woods outside a hunter's cabin, Nick writhed in pain as he unsuccessfully attempted to free his leg from a bear trap. He began screaming for help, and the dog appeared. Nick asked the dog to get its owner. Nick appeared to pass out from the pain as the dog lay down next to him.

Nick regained consciousness, and the dog took off. He passed out again.

Stitch was still at work in the Jabot lab when his phone rang. He answered, "Hello? Yes, this is him." Billy received a call seconds later, answering, "Hey, doc, you have some news?" At the ranch, Victoria received a similar call. She told her parents and the guests that the DNA results would be available the following morning -- they would finally know who Katie's father was.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air on Thursday, November 27. The pre-emption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 1.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air on Friday, November 28. The pre-emption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 1.

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