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A police officer found no damage to Adam's SUV. Chelsea and Dylan signed divorce papers. Adam made a video confession. Sharon and Nick accidentally got locked in the Underground's freezer. Michael was thrown into solitary confinement.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 4, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Victoria ventured downstairs at her home and found a bleary-eyed Billy glaring at the screen of his laptop. Billy sighed after Victoria asked if he'd gotten even a wink of sleep. Billy, seething with anger, said he'd learned that drivers who hit and kill a child on the side of the road served a maximum prison sentence of 25 years if convicted. Billy cried that his daughter had received no justice.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea tiptoed into the living room and startled Adam awake when she covered him with a blanket. Irritable and frustrated, Adam opened his laptop and tapped a few keys. Chelsea noted that Connor could see, so their son's future was looking up. Chelsea told Adam not to dwell on the past, so he could enjoy every minute with their son. Adam replied, "Stop acting like you care. Crisis averted, so we're done. You're moving out, and we're going to split time with the baby."

Chelsea reminded Adam that they'd both hoped that Connor would have his sight restored and had supported each other every step of the way. Adam replied, "Doesn't matter because the universe doesn't give a damn what we want." Chelsea carried Connor downstairs and told Adam that it was time for her to move out. Dylan phoned and told Chelsea he needed to meet with her. After the call ended, Chelsea placed Connor in Adam's arms and headed out the door.

Adam cradled his son near a window and gazed into his baby's eyes. Adam told Connor that he loved him deeply. Adam, referring to his recent actions and decisions, said, "I need you to know that I've kept you in mind." Adam set up a video camera on a table and aimed the viewfinder toward himself as he held Connor. Adam said that he shouldn't have been driving while he was preoccupied with Connor's urgent need for a cornea transplant. Adam recalled how he'd swerved to miss a dog in the road and had hit a little girl named Delia. Adam cried, "I swear to you that I didn't even know that I had hit her."

Adam, addressing his sleeping baby, said that Connor would someday hear that his father had done bad things that had adversely affected many people. Adam explained that though he and Chelsea had mourned the child they'd lost, he couldn't imagine how much Billy and Chloe were suffering. Adam wiped away his tears and cried, "I can't imagine what it would be like to be without you. I won't imagine it, and that is why I am here with you and not at the police station." Adam cried that he was unable to cope with his feelings of guilt and remorse. Adam turned on the video recorder and said, "My name is Victor Adam Newman, Jr. It is November 4, 2013, and I am confessing to the hit-and-run murder of Delia Abbott."

At Chancellor Park, Lily complained to Cane that Neil had offered Hilary a position at Jabot. Lily recalled how Hilary had cruelly attacked her family. Cane assured Lily that Hilary had no reason to stay in Genoa City. Cane agreed when Lily pitched her plan to rejoin his team on Jabot's fashion division. Lily noted that the love of fashion, not working with Tyler, had prompted her desire to return to fashion.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary, toting her luggage down the staircase, bumped into Jack. Hilary dropped her phone and broke it, so Jack lent her his phone. Before Hilary returned Jack's phone, she explained that she'd attempted to book a flight before arriving at the airport. Jack offered to reimburse Hilary for the cost of a new phone, and he gave her his business card. Hilary looked at the card and said, "Jack Abbott." Hilary produced Jack's business card that Neil had given to her earlier when Neil had encouraged her to meet with Jack.

Hilary asked if Neil had told Jack everything about her past. Jack said he knew all about Hilary's past. Neil knew, Jack added, that Jack would be open to giving Hilary a fresh start. Hilary noted that Neil's family would never forgive her after what she'd put them through. Jack noted that he'd "lost his halo" long before. Jack told Hilary that there wasn't anything she could dream of plotting that he hadn't already done. Jack added, "You'd have a hard time putting one over on me."

Hilary thanked Jack but said she'd already made up her mind to leave Genoa City. Cane and Lily arrived after Jack stepped away to take a call. Hilary offered a sincere apology to Lily and Cane. Lily blasted Hilary for doing everything possible to tear her family apart. Lily added that Hilary's plans had failed. Lily, livid, said that Hilary was shameless and soulless. Jack returned and intervened. Jack told Lily and Cane that he'd recently witnessed grieving family members lashing out and seeking revenge. Jack added, "This is honest remorse and a genuine effort to make amends and do the right thing."

Jack reminded Cane that they'd both been given numerous second chances. Lily said that Jack was seeing what he wanted to see if he truly believed that Hilary felt remorse. Cane warned Jack that he was making a mistake. Cane pointed his finger at Hilary and told her to stay away from his family. After Cane and Lily left, Jack said, "Nobody said that getting forgiveness was going to be easy." Hilary replied, "Well, my mother never raised a quitter, so why don't you tell me about that job offer."

Kevin accompanied Chloe to Crimson Lights and offered to get her anything she wanted. Chloe thanked Kevin for rubbing her back in the middle of the night until she was able to fall asleep. Kevin replied, "You're not alone, Chloe, and you never will be." Kevin set down a plate filled with various menu selections and begged Chloe to eat something. Chloe wasn't interested. Kevin persisted in his efforts to distract Chloe and offered to accompany her to a show featuring vintage jewelry. Chloe told Kevin that she needed some free time in order to do something for Delia.

Chelsea arrived at the coffeehouse and seemed eager to hear what Dylan had to say after he summoned her. The couple sought privacy out on the patio. Chelsea, smiling, told Dylan that he looked well. Chelsea's expression quickly changed when Dylan said that he'd filed for divorce. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes, and she explained that she'd thought that Dylan had forgiven her. Dylan said he was sorry if he'd given Chelsea the wrong impression. Chelsea said the mix-up had been wishful thinking on her part.

Dylan noted that he and Chelsea could file for an uncomplicated divorce because they shared no property or assets, but he encouraged Chelsea to have her attorney look over the paperwork. Chelsea said it wouldn't be necessary because Dylan was the most honest person she'd ever met. Chelsea said she'd sign the papers, so Dylan could forget her. Dylan said he couldn't forgive Chelsea for making him believe he was Connor's father, but Dylan added that he could never hate her. Chelsea wiped her face and dug in her handbag to find a pen. One of Connor's toys fell out, and Dylan picked it up. Chelsea told Dylan that she'd never stop being sorry for what she'd done.

Chelsea announced that the cornea transplant had been successful, so Connor would be able to see and live a great life. Dylan replied, "I bet it's going to be one hell of a life." Chelsea noted that she'd become a better person during the time she'd spent with Dylan. Dylan said that Chelsea had helped him open up and talk about Ara.

Chloe showed up at Victoria's house just after Victoria left a message for Jack, alerting him that she was concerned for Billy's well-being. Chloe asked to speak with Billy, but Victoria explained that Billy was out. Chloe, noticing that Victoria seemed distraught, asked if everything was all right. Victoria explained that Billy had left earlier to search for the hit-and-run driver. Victoria added that Billy was out for blood. Chloe said, "I hope Billy finds that bastard and makes him pay, and I hope I'm there to watch it happen."

Chloe said she'd thought about what she might say to the hit-and-run driver in court. Victoria noted that Billy intended to take matters into his own hands. Victoria told Chloe that she seemed to be coping better than Billy was. Chloe cried, "There's no way to hurt so much and keep breathing, but you do. You breathe."

At the police station, Kevin was livid when he discovered that Fen had been locked up. Alex said that Paul was handling Fen's case. Kevin said he hoped Alex was a step closer to finding Delia's killer. Alex said that police had a new, solid lead on the vehicle involved. A fracas erupted when Billy and the man he'd accused of being involved in the hit-and-run accident began shouting at each other.

Chloe and Victoria arrived. Alex explained that the man Billy had attacked had an alibi. The man said that Billy had confronted him in front of his children. Victoria approached the man and explained that Billy's little girl, Delia, had been killed. Victoria asked the man to be grateful that he could return home, hug his children, and let them know he'd done something kind for a man who was hurting inside. The man left without pressing charges.

Billy remained combatant, wrestled with an officer, and challenged Alex to lock him in a cell for assault. Chloe cried, "Just get Billy out of here." Victoria pulled Billy toward the exit, and the couple left. Chloe thanked Alex for not pressing charges against Billy. She said, "I think we're all a bunch of idiots right now, and he was just trying to help you do your job, Alex." Chloe noted that Billy was angry because the killer wasn't in custody.

Alex told Chloe that a piece of plastic from a turn-signal light had been found at the scene of the accident. Chloe glared at Alex and wasn't at all encouraged by his news. Chloe shouted at Alex and said she didn't understand how a piece of plastic would help find her daughter's killer. After Alex walked away, Kevin told Chloe that the lens had been traced to an expensive SUV and would help police narrow down its list of suspects. Kevin promised to find the guy who had taken Delia away.

Later at home, Victoria told Billy that he was throwing his life away. She yelled in an attempt to get through to Billy. Victoria said, "Do you know how much I need you? You have a son upstairs who needs his father! I know you're grieving, but you're going to have to find a different way to cope." Billy opened his laptop and stared intently at the screen. Exasperated, Victoria sighed and ran upstairs.

Just before Chelsea returned to the penthouse, Adam stashed the video camera in a cabinet. Chelsea told Adam that her marriage to Dylan had ended after she signed divorce papers. Adam said that Connor was asleep upstairs in his crib. Chelsea replied, "Did you enjoy some father-and-son time first?" Adam nodded and rubbed his face.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nikki was displeased when Sharon showed up at the ranch to pick up Faith for a dance class. Nikki pointedly noted that Faith had had a good time in a stable environment, but Sharon didn't want her daughter to be spoiled by overindulgent grandparents. Nikki went to get Faith, and Victor cautioned Sharon not to criticize Nikki again, since Nikki was a far better mother than Sharon could ever be. Sharon shuddered at the thought of Noah working with Victor, and Victor warned her not to get between him and his grandson. Nick arrived and ordered Victor not to threaten Sharon.

Nick asserted that he and Sharon shared the same concerns about Noah, and Nick was aware of the consequences of not living up to Victor's expectations. Nick further contended that Sharon was a great mother, and Victor questioned how Nick could say that in good conscience, because Sharon had put her own desires above her children. Sharon insisted that she loved her kids and would always put them first, but Victor rattled off Sharon's numerous misdeeds against the Newman family. Sharon admitted that she'd made mistakes, but she credited her children with keeping her on the right path. As Nikki listened, Victor growled that Sharon had made an unforgivable mistake by abandoning her children.

Faith entered, dressed for her ballet lesson, and Nikki gushed that Faith made a beautiful ballerina. Victor surmised that Sharon and Nick had mixed up their schedules, and he offered to take Faith to class himself, but Sharon insisted upon doing so. Faith suggested that both her parents take her, and Nick agreed to make it a family affair. Faith hugged Nikki and Victor goodbye, and Nick, Sharon, and Faith left together.

Nikki told Victor that she was heading to yoga class and to do some laps in the pool, but she noticed that he wasn't listening, and she added that she would go skydiving afterward. Victor conceded that his mind had been somewhere else, and he objected to Nick getting involved with Sharon again. Nikki pointed out that Nick was heartbroken and vulnerable, so Sharon had seen a chance to make a move. Victor vowed not to let Sharon succeed, and Nikki blamed Sharon for Faith's attempts to try to push Sharon and Nick together.

Victor understood that a child wanted a stable home, but he thought Faith was too young to realize that Sharon couldn't offer one. Victor recalled his own unfulfilled childhood wishes, but Nikki countered that his life would have been different if loving parents had adopted him. He stated that he didn't want to talk about it, because he couldn't change the past, but he could fix the present. Victor pledged to make sure that Sharon stayed out of all of their lives.

At the Athletic Club, Avery opened a file and stared at Nikki's will. Dylan noticed Avery's concerned expression and asked what was wrong. Avery closed the file and claimed that she had been going over a difficult case, and Dylan offered his help as a sounding board, but she protested that it would be unethical. He respected that she upheld attorney-client privilege, but he hated seeing her down. Avery remarked that other people were going through worse situations, and Dylan replied that Billy and Chloe were facing the worst thing imaginable.

Avery sympathized that losing Connor hadn't been easy for Dylan, and Dylan pointed out that he'd lost Chelsea, too. Avery asked about the impending divorce, and Dylan disclosed that he and Chelsea had agreed that their marriage was over. Avery recognized that Dylan had gotten married with high hopes, and he admitted that he'd expected his marriage to last forever like his parents' had, but his folks had been devoted, honest people with no secrets or lies. Avery covered her discomfort.

Leslie joined the table and thanked Dylan for meeting her there, and Dylan said that he was looking forward to taking out his frustration at the gym afterward. He handed Leslie the signed divorce papers, and he left. Leslie noted that it was hard for Avery to see Dylan hurting, but Avery simply stated that the end of a marriage was sad. Avery prepared to go back to the office, and as the women packed up their files, Leslie happened to open the one containing Nikki's will. Leslie gasped in shock that Dylan was Nikki's son.

Avery warned Leslie to keep her voice down, and Leslie said that she hadn't even known that Nikki was a client. Avery explained that Nikki had asked her to revise Nikki's will, but she'd learned later that Nikki had hoped to use Avery's connection to Dylan to find out more about him. Leslie realized that it was a terrible position for Avery to be in, and Avery admitted that keeping the secret was killing her. Leslie was stunned that Dylan didn't know, and Avery lamented that she couldn't tell him and that Nikki had refused to say anything.

Later, Leslie spotted Nikki enter the Athletic Club, and she asked Nikki to join her. Leslie explained that as law partners, she and Avery discussed cases with one another, so Leslie was aware of Nikki's tie to Dylan. Nikki cut her off and ordered her not to say anything out loud, but Leslie contended that Dylan had a right to know the truth. Leslie said that Avery was her friend, and she chided Nikki for putting Avery in a terrible position, because if Dylan found out, it could ruin the chance of a reconciliation between Dylan and Avery.

Leslie revealed that she'd grown up in a family with secrets and lies, and it had cost her mother her life and her father twelve years of his, but things might have been different if her parents had been honest. Leslie pointed out that it wasn't too late for Nikki and Dylan, but Nikki argued that she wouldn't be giving back something Dylan had lost, but rather, she'd be taking away what he believed about himself and his parents. Nikki worried that Dylan would hate her for it, but Leslie maintained that Dylan had a right to know, and she thought that Nikki was taking away his choice.

At the penthouse, Adam told the police officer that he owned several automobiles, and the cop stated that he needed to examine Adam's black SUV, since such a vehicle had been involved in a hit-and-run that had killed a little girl. Chelsea assumed that the officer was investigating Delia's accident, and she defended that there were a lot of people with black SUVs. Adam declared that he had nothing to hide, and he instructed the officer where to find his vehicle. The officer headed to the garage, and Chelsea griped that the police were wasting time. Chelsea prayed that they'd find the killer soon, so Chloe could have some peace.

Chelsea asked if Adam was worried, and she asserted that he hadn't done anything wrong. He pointed out that he'd been accused of things he hadn't done before, but she dismissed the officer's inquiry as no big deal. Chelsea informed Adam that her Realtor had given her a list of apartments to look at, and she said that she'd see him later. As she left, she ran into the officer in the hall, and she inquired whether he'd found anything suspicious.

The policeman reported that everything appeared to be in order, and he departed. Chelsea wanted to discuss her moving out, and she was shocked when Adam readily agreed that there was no need for them to live in the same place. She tentatively asked if she could take Connor with her, and Adam clarified that they still needed to work out custody issues, but she and Connor were free to go. She questioned Adam's sudden turnaround, but he encouraged her to take advantage of his generosity, and she said that she'd let him know when she found a place. Once alone, Adam took out a bag that contained his broken light casing. He picked up a stuffed animal from the floor and held it close.

An agitated Adam sat on the couch, and he looked at the article about the police search for the hit-and-run driver on his computer. He summoned someone to the penthouse, and he replayed his confession on his video recorder.

Avery ran into Chelsea and Connor in the park, and Chelsea informed her that the corneal transplant had been a success, so Chelsea was ready move forward without Adam or Dylan. Avery mentioned that Dylan had hired her firm to handle the divorce, and she was sorry that things hadn't worked out. Chelsea revealed that Adam had agreed to let her move out of the penthouse, and Avery was surprised, since Adam had been determined to file for sole custody.

Chelsea said that Delia's death had profoundly affected Adam, and she had never seen him that emotional. Avery noted that it didn't sound like Adam, and she wondered what was going on. Later, Chelsea spoke with her real estate agent about an apartment that she'd liked near the park. After she hung up, she excitedly told Connor that they could move in right away.

Adam's doorbell rang, and he shut off the video. He let in Avery, who'd received his urgent message, and she said that she'd heard about Connor's surgery. Adam said that he didn't want to make chitchat, but she replied that she was worried about him. Avery relayed that Chelsea knew that he was upset about something that he wouldn't talk about, and Avery asked if he needed a friend. Adam stated that he needed a lawyer.

Avery assumed that Adam wanted to pursue custody of Connor, but she questioned why Adam was being cryptic. Adam handed her his video camera and instructed her to keep it but not watch what was on it. She demanded to know what had happened, and she told him that he was scaring her. He corrected that he needed both a lawyer and a friend, and he requested that she put the camera somewhere safe until he gave her further directions. She asked when that would be, and he replied that he'd let her know when he was ready.

At Crimson Lights, Summer greeted Noah and jokingly asked if he was taking photos of coffee and pastries. He revealed that he was no longer pursuing a career in photography and that he was trying something new. Courtney arrived and kissed Noah hello, and Summer was surprised by all of the changes in Noah's life. Courtney asked about Noah's meeting, and Noah informed Summer that he'd be working for Victor. Courtney voiced her approval, but Summer warned that Victor wouldn't let him walk away easily.

At the ranch, Victor welcomed Noah aboard at Newman Enterprises, and Noah said that he looked forward to working together. Victor hoped that Noah would put down roots at the company for the rest of his life the way Victor had, but Noah suggested that he get through his orientation first. Victor preached that doing good things for family provided purpose in life, and Noah disclosed that his parents preferred that he didn't work for Victor. Victor said that he'd seen Nick and Sharon earlier, and he'd noticed that they'd been getting along better lately.

Noah thought that Nick and Sharon's closeness was due to Faith rather than affection for one another, and Victor mentioned that Sharon had been trying to work through her emotional issues. Noah said that the anniversary of Cassie's death had hit Sharon harder than usual, but he'd been glad to help her through the worst of it. Victor inquired whether the worst was over, but Noah simply stated that he'd always be there to help his mother. Victor said that they were all lucky to have Noah, and he was confident that Noah would do well in business.

Courtney anxiously wondered how long Noah's meeting would last, and Summer advised her that Victor had a lot to say, so it could take a while. Summer observed that Courtney really cared about Noah, and Courtney mentioned that Noah had told her that Summer was okay with them going out. Summer said that Noah and Courtney made a cute couple, but she confided that she missed her best friend and her brother, and since Courtney and Noah were together, Summer felt alone. Courtney swore that she was still Summer's best friend, and Summer said that she was truly happy for Courtney and Noah. Courtney received a text message from Zach, ordering her to meet him at their usual place, but she told Summer that it was just something family-related.

Nick and Sharon strolled through the park with Faith, and Nick reiterated that he didn't want Faith to get the wrong idea about them taking Faith to class together. Sharon added that they were still a family who didn't live together, and Nick explained that he and Sharon were just friends, but Faith chirped that friends did things together. Faith spotted Dylan and ran over to hug him. Dylan asked Faith if she'd seen the elves that day, and Sharon recalled that they hadn't seen them since their hike in the woods with Dylan. Sharon said that Dylan had been Faith's knight in shining armor, but Faith corrected that Dylan had been the court jester.

Nick pointed out that one of Faith's friends was playing on the swings, and Faith ran off. Sharon told Nick that Dylan had been a good friend to both her and Faith, and Nick said that he didn't have a problem with Faith liking Dylan, because Faith knew who her dad was. Nick quickly apologized for the comment, but Dylan retorted that he understood why Nick wouldn't want to discuss paternity problems. Sharon asked how Dylan was doing, and he revealed that he'd filed for divorce. Sharon said that she was sorry, but Nick dryly noted that Dylan was free to go after Avery.

Dylan said that he didn't want any trouble with Nick, and he suggested that they both just continue to cross the park. Nick countered that things would be easier if Dylan wasn't constantly hanging out with the women in Nick's life, and Dylan asked Sharon to tell Faith goodbye. After Dylan left, Sharon blasted Nick, because Dylan had been a good friend to her, and she didn't have many of them. She assured Nick that Dylan wouldn't steal Faith away.

After dropping off Faith, Sharon and Nick went to the Underground, where Sharon fretted that Faith had forgotten to give her a note about providing snacks that week after ballet class. Sharon and Nick teased one another about which one of them Faith took after, and Nick asserted that he kept his bar incredibly organized. Sharon asked to see his organized snack selection, and Nick claimed that he'd arranged it alphabetically, but it was mostly bar food.

In the storage room, Sharon complained that it was freezing, and she pointed out that Nick hadn't arranged his snacks at all. Nick took a brief inventory of the greasy snacks he had available, and she asked for something healthy. He replied that wings and sliders were healthy for happy hour, and he wondered if she expected him to have broccoli at a bar. The door slammed shut, and Nick reached for the safety latch, but it broke off in his hand. He proclaimed that they were locked in.

Nikki entered Crimson Lights and greeted Dylan, who figured that she was there to chew him out over his altercation with Nick. She inquired whether the men had thrown any punches, and Dylan said that he didn't want to fight with her son. Nikki said that she was glad, and she thought that Dylan would also be glad once he heard what she had to say. She vaguely stated that she wasn't sure how Dylan would feel about what she wanted to discuss, and he pointed out that she wouldn't know until she told him what it was.

Nikki said that Dylan seemed like a truly good person that any mother would be proud of, and Dylan imagined that there had been times when his mom wouldn't have agreed, but he liked to think that his mother would have been proud of the man he'd become. Dylan said that he really missed his mother, and Summer approached and hugged Nikki. Summer suggested that she and Nikki sit and talk, and Dylan implored them to spend some family time together. Dylan asked Nikki to let him know when she wanted to finish their conversation.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lauren went to visit Michael in prison. She explained how Fen had deliberately committed a felony so that he would get thrown in prison because he had the mistaken belief that it would force Michael to tell the truth that Michael had not killed Carmine Basco. Lauren was very upset and blamed herself for the destruction of their family.

Michal told Lauren that they were in it together and that they loved each other and Fen. Michael said that they had to stick together, and together they would find a way to get both Michael and Fen out of prison. Lauren was crying when she left.

Paul was going over the evidence in Carmine's murder case when Christine entered his office. He told her he was hoping to find the truth but was hampered because the Baldwin family had told so many lies. Christine agreed that it was the secrecy that was destroying the family. Paul said it was up to him to save them.

Paul noticed that the crime scene photos were missing, and when he called the evidence room, Paul found that the photos had never been checked in. He and Christine were puzzled as to whether that meant bad police work or something else. Lauren went to Paul's office to ask if there was something he or Christine could do to help Fen. Christine said that she would try. Paul advised Lauren to get some sleep, and she left.

Christine was heartbroken for Lauren and asked Paul what he would do. Paul said that he would go back to the beginning and start all over investigating Carmine Basco. Lauren's phone rang while she was waiting for the elevator. When she answered it, the caller hung up.

In the prison exercise yard, Fen did as he was told and kept moving until he saw Michael on the other side of the fence, sitting on a bench, reading a book. Fen greeted Michael as "dad" but Michael told Fen not to call him that. Fen did not understand, but Michael warned him that admitting that Michael was his father, an ex-D.A., could get Fen killed.

Michael pretended to read and had Fen turn his back as Michael gave Fen the short course on how to survive prison. When the guard told Fen to go back inside, a burly convict told Fen not to look scared because the convict would take care of Fen.

Noah and Victor concluded their business at the ranch and were saying their goodbyes when Jill arrived to see Victor. Victor was cordial, but Jill was not. She was there to talk about Chancellor Industries, which Katherine had left to Victor. Jill said that she did not understand how Victor had maneuvered Katherine. Jill said that she had just been to Switzerland and had learned that Katherine had been vindictive to the core. Victor would not hear anything bad about Katherine.

Victor offered Jill a job, but she refused it. Jill said that she would not take orders from Victor in a company that she had recently managed. Victor told Jill that if she was there to harangue him, their conversation was over. Jill said that their business was not finished, and she left.

Neil and Jack met at the Athletic Club, where Devon joined them. They talked briefly about the reward that Devon had posted for information about Delia's death. Devon admitted that he felt weighed down by the burden of great wealth, which he did not think he could spend in a lifetime. Jack cautioned that fortunes were lost every day by people who trusted bad advisors.

Devon mentioned that he had asked Victor for advice because he had thought that Katherine had intended that Victor counsel him. Jack told Devon to stay away from Victor because Victor would offer one hand in friendship while stabbing a person in the back with the other hand.

Neil went to see Victor about Devon. Victor though Neil was warning him off, but Neil explained that he was there for advice on how to advise his son, Devon. Neil said that Victor was a good parent who had taught his children how to be their own persons, instead of being defined by their wealth. Neil said that Devon was confused by his role in the world, and Neil wondered what he should say.

Victor acknowledged that inheriting a fortune was difficult under the best circumstances. Victor said that the best thing a parent could do was to teach a child the difference between a good friend and a bad friend because there would always be people trying to scam and use anyone who inherited a fortune as large as the one Devon had.

Jill met Jack at the Athletic Club. They discussed Billy, who was not responding to their calls, and Victoria, who was frantic to find him. Jill told Jack about her visit with Victor. She fretted that Victor would sell Chancellor for parts. Jack said that Victor had bested him, and he wanted to take Victor down. Jill said that there was strength in numbers and suggested that she and Jack form a partnership and go after Victor.

Jill said that she wanted Chancellor, and Jack wanted payback. Jill acknowledged that the might kill each other, but she said that until they did, they could work together to defeat Victor. Jill and Jack shook hands.

Sharon and Nick were in the walk-in freezer at the Underground, looking for refreshments for Faith's party, when the door shut accidentally. When Nick tried the safety lever, it broke off in his hands. At first, they joked about it and reminisced about a time when they were young and had been locked in a hot bank vault instead of a freezer.

When Nick could not get cell service, Sharon panicked and pounded on the door, but she went unheard by Mason, who was wearing headphones as he went about setting up the bar. Sharon started shivering, so Nick gave her his shirt as he told her that someone would open the freezer soon. They hugged each other to use their body heat to keep warm. As things started to appear grim, Sharon tried to tell Nick a secret that she had been keeping and wanted Nick to know. He encouraged her to wait and conserve energy and air.

As Mason played loud music and prepared to open the bar, Noah was puzzled by the fact that neither of his parents had picked up Faith after dance class and that he was unable to reach either of them. When Noah said that he had given his notice and Mason would be able to pick up extra shifts, Mason said that he had some other business opportunities in the works.

Devon walked in and asked for a drink. When he tried to pay with a large bill, Mason said that he did not have change. Devon told Mason to keep it. Then Devon noticed that Mason was listening to music that he had produced. Mason pretended that he was unaware that most of the music that he was playing was either produced by Devon or was a favorite of Devon's. Mason poured drinks for Devon as they conversed about music.

Noah tried to call Sharon again and found her phone and purse in a booth when he heard the phone ringing. Noah went to the freezer and found Nick and Sharon just in time. Sharon said that she had been getting scared, but Nick said that he'd had faith that Noah would find them.

As he and Sharon were warming up with blankets, Nick suggested that Sharon should go to the hospital. Sharon said that she had been light-headed and delusional earlier when she had thought that they were in a life-or-death situation, but since getting out, she felt like nothing had happened.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

At the Abbott mansion, Jack invited Cane in, and Jill offered to fix Cane some coffee. Cane jokingly stated that it was ominous that Jill and Jack were working together, and Jack mentioned that Cane had left Newman Enterprises to avoid being kept under Victor's thumb. Jill revealed that they also wanted to liberate Chancellor Industries from Victor, but Cane wasn't interested in doing battle. Jill contended that Victor had cheated Cane out of the role Katherine had wanted for Cane, but Cane was happy that his life had changed for the better since he'd quit.

Jack said that he considered Chancellor to be a stand-alone company, and he anticipated that both he and Cane would get what they wanted if they got the company away from Victor. Jack explained that he'd lost a bundle divesting his Newman stock, and he wanted to recoup his losses, but he also admitted that he'd love to best Victor. Cane wanted to take Katherine's advice to balance work and family, and he refused to join the fight, because Lily and the kids were his priority. Hilary entered and commented that she wasn't the only one who was learning big life lessons.

Jill told Jack to invest in a security system, and Cane warned that Jack didn't know what he was getting into. Jack announced that Hilary worked for him, and Jill called Hilary a liar and a cheat who deserved to be in prison. Jack proclaimed that he was done listening to their objections, and Hilary pointed out that Jill had tried to hire her to spy on Cane when Jill had wanted to take over Chancellor. Jill retorted that she'd been testing Hilary, and her instincts had been correct, because Hilary was a skilled liar. Jack speculated that together, they'd all make sure that Victor paid for what he'd done.

Cane said that he had no interest in dealing with Victor, especially with someone he didn't trust, and he glared at Hilary. Jill and Jack walked Cane out, and Cane wished them luck. Jill refused to be in a partnership with Jack if Hilary was involved, but Jack argued that he'd hired Hilary as a favor to Neil, and he believed that Hilary could be an asset. Jill groused that Jack had chosen Hilary over Cane, and Jack asked if Jill preferred to seek retribution against Victor or to stick it to Hilary. Jill said that she wanted Chancellor, but she would manage to do both. Hilary announced that she had an idea.

Hilary explained that she'd used her proximity to gain Cane's trust and identify his weaknesses, and she proposed that they work with someone on the inside at Newman. Jack thought that it was risky to try to win over a current employee, but he considered using a plant. Jill said that she had the perfect mole to burrow into Victor's lair.

Abby and Tyler raced through the park, and she crowed that she'd won, but he complained that she'd taken off before he'd said go. She teased that he wasn't "in charge of go" just because he was ripped and pumped, and she maintained that she'd won fair and square. She performed a victory dance, and Tyler grabbed her and tickled her until she agreed that he was in charge of go. They laughed and danced together, and Tyler said that it was good to see her smile.

Abby marveled that she loved that time of year, and she lamented that the Abbotts' holidays wouldn't be the same, because Delia had always been the life of the party. Abby asked if Tyler had plans, and he replied that he and Leslie usually kept things low-key. Abby realized that it was the first holiday season since his dad had died, but Tyler contended that he'd lost Gus long before, just not in the same way. Tyler's phone rang, and he ignored a call from Mariah. Abby spotted Mariah's name and asked who she was, and Tyler replied that Mariah was his fiancée.

Abby was stunned, and Tyler clarified that Mariah was his ex-fiancée, but Abby snapped that she hadn't even known that he'd been engaged. Tyler said that it had been a few years before, but Abby pointed out that Mariah had just called him, and Tyler revealed that it had been an ugly breakup. Abby wondered if Mariah had extended an olive branch, but Tyler confessed that Mariah wanted to get back together. Abby demanded to know why Tyler hadn't told her, and she wondered what else he was hiding. Tyler swore that he hadn't lied, but Abby called it a lie of omission.

Tyler defended that his relationship with Mariah hadn't been anywhere close to what he and Abby shared, and he said that he'd never mentioned his engagement because it hadn't been a huge thing. He thought that Abby knew who he was and that he loved her, and she chided him for using the L-word to make things better, but he contended that he thought about Abby whenever he was waiting to see her again. Tyler confirmed that Mariah had broken his heart, but he credited Abby with fixing it. Tyler professed his love, and Abby said that she loved him, too. They hugged.

The doorbell rang at the ranch, and Victor was stunned when Dylan entered. Dylan explained that he was there at Nikki's request, and Victor warned Dylan to never be near the Newman family again. Nikki walked in and asked why Victor was threatening her guest, and Victor demanded to know why Nikki had invited Dylan into their home. Nikki explained that she was organizing an event for Veterans Day, and she needed real servicemen to participate.

Victor scoffed at the idea of honoring a kidnapper, and Nikki directed Dylan to the kitchen for some coffee. Victor told Nikki that he didn't want Dylan in his house, but she reminded him that it was her house, too. She argued that Dylan was remorseful about taking Connor, and she wanted Dylan at her event. Victor griped that her charity work was stressing her out, but she asserted that she was perfectly fine. He mentioned that she had changed her will, and he didn't like it when she kept things from him.

Nikki downplayed her will as a formality, but Victor pointed out that she'd lied to him about being ill, so she couldn't blame him for wondering whether she was telling the truth. Nikki said that she had only a week to put together an event, and she begged Victor to let it go. Victor took her in his arms and agreed, but he glared at Dylan on his way out. Nikki apologetically told Dylan that it was hard to make Victor see sense, but Dylan thought that Victor was right. Nikki contended that Genoa City needed a face to go with veterans' issues, and Dylan conceded that it was a great cause that was close to his heart, but he couldn't be a part of it.

Nikki told Dylan to ignore Victor, because the event was to honor veterans, and Dylan deserved to be recognized. Dylan protested that he couldn't pretend to be a hero, but she asserted that he'd put himself in harm's way to protect the country. He countered that she didn't know him or what had happened on his tours, and he suggested that she honor Stitch or other people who'd earned it. Nikki replied that everyone was damaged and broken, and it was nothing to be ashamed of, but it was heroic to face one's weaknesses.

Nikki admitted that she was an alcoholic and that she'd had bad moments that her family had suffered through with her. She revealed that Stitch was helping her with her recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis, and she confessed that she hadn't told Victor about her MS right away because she hadn't wanted her family to worry, but it had been a mistake to hide it. She said that everyone was damaged and that no one could get through life alone, but it took courage to seek help. Dylan confided that he was just learning that, and she offered to be there if he needed anything. Dylan said that he appreciated her kindness, but he doubted that her family would approve.

Victoria awakened when the alarm clock buzzed, and she turned it off and reached over to the other side of the bed, but she found herself alone. Downstairs, she discovered Billy staring at his computer, and she encouraged him to get some sleep. He replied that he didn't need it, because he had stuff to do. Victoria reminded him that she'd had to beg a stranger not to press charges against him because Billy hadn't been thinking clearly, and he promised that he would get some sleep as soon as he found Delia's killer.

Victoria pleaded with Billy to let the cops find the driver, but Billy grumbled that they hadn't found anything. He ranted that people who got away with hit-and-run accidents were murderers, and even if they went to jail, they only got a slap on the wrist. Victoria insisted that the police were looking and that Billy needed to reset his brain. He testily inquired whether that would make him forget his kid, and Victoria implored him to remember the New Year's Eve when he'd trusted Victoria. She begged him to trust her again, but Billy refused to allow the person who'd taken his child get away with it.

Victoria pointed out that if life were fair, then Delia would be there, begging Billy to let her play games on his computer or convincing them that jelly doughnuts were healthy. Billy recalled that Delia had been a born negotiator, and Victoria said that Delia could have done just about anything, but Billy replied that Delia couldn't anymore. Victoria contended that Delia wouldn't want to see him not acting like himself, and Billy countered that Delia wasn't there to see it.

Victoria said that she'd seen what losing Cassie had done to Nick and Sharon, and she promised to be there for Billy. She added that Johnny was upstairs and that Billy's siblings needed him, and she pointed out that Connor could see because of Delia. Victoria said that Delia had been a gift to all of them and that Delia would never really be gone. Victor arrived, and Victoria told him that it wasn't a good time, but Billy claimed that he had something to deal with, and he rushed out.

At the penthouse, Chelsea looked out the window with Connor and pointed out the trees and buildings. She declared that he would see it all, thanks to Delia, and Adam inquired whether Chelsea's Realtor had found a place with a view. Chelsea reported that she'd seen an apartment overlooking the park, and he asked when she planned to move in. Chelsea pointed out that Adam had been annoyed by the idea of her moving out, and she wondered why he suddenly wanted her gone.

Adam recalled that Chelsea had said that it was time for her to move out, but she replied that she wasn't ready yet. He offered to help with the deposit, but she said that she had her own money, and she remarked that he couldn't con a con artist. She asserted that he couldn't push her away by being a jerk, and she declared that she wouldn't move out until he told her what was going on with him. Adam attributed his change in behavior to relief regarding Connor's recovery, and he maintained that it was time for Chelsea to move along.

Chelsea recounted that Adam had wanted to be around Connor every minute and that Adam had been the best father possible. Chelsea noted that she knew why Adam was terrified, and Adam huffed that he was afraid of nothing, but Chelsea suspected that he was scared of becoming a real parent. She agreed that it was a big deal, and she knew that not being able to count on Victor had changed Adam, but she assured Adam that he was nothing like Victor. She swore to be nothing like Anita, but she was aware that they wouldn't always know what they were doing. Adam detected fear in her voice, and she said that she needed Adam to be present with his son, so he had to stop acting strangely.

Adam questioned whether Chelsea was staying there for Adam's own good, and Chelsea replied that it would be good for Connor, so she hoped that Adam would let them stay a little longer. The doorbell rang, and Chelsea let Billy in. Billy said that he'd heard about Connor's surgery, and Chelsea held up a toy for Connor and declared that he could see it. Billy became choked up and said that was great, and Chelsea offered to let him hold the baby, but Billy declined. Billy voiced his frustration about the cops not finding his daughter's killer, and he vowed to find the culprit and make him wish that Billy hadn't.

After Billy left, Chelsea regretted asking Billy to hold the baby, and she wondered if Billy would break the rules to find the driver. Chelsea pointed out that Adam hadn't played by the rules when finding corneas for Connor, but Adam reminded her that his plan had failed. She mentioned that Adam had underground contacts, and she thought that maybe one of them knew about an SUV being repaired off the record. She suggested that Adam help find Delia's killer to thank Billy and Chloe for their huge sacrifice.

Adam was unsure, but Chelsea cried that Delia was a part of their son, and she recounted how sad she and Adam had been after Chelsea's miscarriage. She imagined having to cope with Billy and Chloe's loss and having no one to blame. Adam promised that he'd make the call, but he warned her not to expect a miracle. Chelsea replied that they'd already received theirs, because Connor could see, and Billy and Chloe deserved a miracle, too.

Victoria went over her plans for a new lifestyles division, and Victor remarked that emotional problems drove them both to work, but Victoria swore that wasn't what she was doing. Victor instructed Victoria to sit down, and she insisted that she was fine, but she fought tears as she divulged that she couldn't get through to Billy. Victoria broke down and cried in Victor's arms. She pulled away and apologized for her outburst, but Victor vowed that he would always be there for her.

Victoria said that couldn't let Johnny see her upset, but Victor noted that kids sensed when their parents were having trouble. She thought that getting emotional wouldn't do anyone any good, and she pledged to smile for Johnny and wait for Billy to talk to her. Victor inquired whether Billy was pushing her away, and she replied that Billy was shutting out the whole world. She wailed that her heart was hurting, but if she could figure out a way to heal hers, then maybe she could find a way to heal Billy's, too.

Victoria was pleased that Victor liked her ideas, and Victor acknowledged that she had been working hard. She explained that she worked when Johnny was asleep and Billy was online, and Victor assumed that Billy was using the Internet to push Victoria away. Victor said that he'd done the same thing when things had become overwhelming, and he'd turned his back on Nikki and his kids. Victoria remembered that it had been terrifying, but in time, she had realized that it was how Victor grieved. Victor advised Victoria to give Billy room, even though Billy didn't deserve her. Victoria thanked Victor for his vote of confidence, and she stated that she was excited to feel needed again. Billy overheard.

Victor left, and Victoria explained that she'd been referring to work when she'd mentioned being needed. Billy said that he knew, and she said that it felt good to be back on the inside. She stated that she loved work and the company, but she loved Billy and Johnny more, and she belonged there if Billy needed her. Billy urged her to accept the job.

Nikki understood why Dylan didn't want to participate in her event, and Dylan offered to have Stitch hook Nikki up with his contacts at the veterans' affairs office. She invited Dylan to attend the event as a guest, and he thanked her. Dylan wordlessly encountered Victor on his way out, and Victor told Nikki not to waste her time with Dylan. Nikki argued that Dylan deserved respect and thanks, because he was one of thousands of people who had risked everything and had received little in return. Victor barked that she could find enough honorees without involving Dylan.

Later, Victor made a call and said that with the retainer he'd paid, he anticipated that the investigator had done a far better job than the police. Victor asked what the investigator had learned, and he remarked that the news was interesting.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sharon stopped by the Underground, where Nick was moving the food out of the freezer while the lock was being fixed. She asked if that was why he was hot and sweaty, and he replied that it beat freezing. She said that she'd thought that she might lose some fingers after being locked in the freezer, but he was glad that his shirt had helped. She lectured that he could have gotten pneumonia, but she admitted that he was still her knight in shining armor. She wondered if he'd called her over to make sure she was okay, but Nick said that he wanted to talk to her about something.

Sharon asked if Nick was concerned about one of the kids, but Nick assured her that everyone was fine. He mentioned that she'd said something in the freezer right before they'd been found, and it had sounded like she had been about to make a confession. Sharon claimed that she'd only been thinking about getting out, and he wondered if she'd wanted to make amends. She admitted that she'd done something to him that she regretted.

Sharon explained that she'd taken advantage of Nick by calling him whenever Faith had had a bad dream or the sniffles, and it hadn't been right to grab opportunities to be close to him. Nick pointed out that she hadn't manipulated anything the night before, and she said that it had taken her a long time to realize that they had become different people. Nick opened a bottle of soda, and it sprayed all over him. Sharon laughed, and he responded by playfully dousing her with the fizzy liquid. He chased her around the bar, and she grabbed a bottle of her own and retaliated. They squealed in delight as they squirted one another.

Nick suggested that they expand their battle to champagne, but Sharon protested that he shouldn't waste it when he might already lose a freezer full of food. He said that wasn't the least of his problems, since Nikki was hosting a fundraiser there for Veterans Day. Sharon recounted that most big events at the bar had resulted in catastrophe, and she suggested that maybe he wasn't meant to be a bar owner. Nick agreed that it was time to reevaluate his life again, and she thought she was ready for the same thing.

Sharon mentioned that she intended to do something special that night for Faith to make up for not picking her up from dance class, and Nick suggested that the three of them do it together. Sharon thought that Nick had agreed to take Faith to dance class together to irk his parents, and Nick admitted that had been part of the reason, but he also wanted Faith to know that they could be a family as friends. Nick said that Faith needed stability after Delia's death and the botched wedding, and he asked if they had a date with their daughter that evening. Sharon smiled and accepted the invitation.

Lauren visited Fen in prison, and he relayed that Michael had told him to keep a low profile, but there was nothing Michael could do to help Fen. Lauren advised Fen not to underestimate Michael, but Fen was concerned that receiving special treatment would cause trouble. Fen contended that he should be the only one locked up, and he wanted to find a way to get Michael out. Fen ordered Lauren not to visit anymore, because he'd get beaten up if his fellow prisoners thought that he was a mama's boy.

In the prison yard, Michael watched the prisoners from the other side of a chain-link fence. He recognized one of the guards as Officer Duncan, who remembered Michael as the former district attorney. Michael asked about Duncan's wife and daughter, and Michael noted that their kids were around the same age. Michael requested that Duncan arrange a meeting between Michael and the warden. Duncan warned that inmates didn't get meetings with the warden upon demand, but Michael asserted that he could help the warden in return.

Prisoners filed into the prison yard, and Fen sat with his back to Michael, who covertly inquired about Fen's first two nights there. Fen reported that he'd been hassled, but it had been all talk. Fen revealed that Lauren had visited, and Michael instructed him to keep his head down and do what the guards said. Michael advised Fen not to start anything but not to let anyone push him around either. An inmate named Womack approached and warned Fen to be careful who he talked to, and Michael growled for Womack to mind his own business.

Michael claimed that he had asked Fen for smokes, and Fen told Michael to stop bugging him. Michael said that he didn't want any trouble, and a guard told them to keep moving. Womack suggested that Fen take advantage of the time to work on his muscles, and he walked away. Michael asked if Fen knew Womack, and Fen replied that he'd seen Womack around. Michael cautioned Fen to stay away from Womack, and he promised to get Fen out of there. Michael mentioned that he'd asked for a meeting with the warden to discuss a proposition that would benefit everyone.

Fen walked off, and Michael watched as Womack told Fen to "ditch the loser" and stick with Womack, who would take care of Fen. Fen asked what Womack's protection would cost, and Womack suggested that they go inside and talk. Duncan ordered Michael back to his cell, and Michael inquired whether Duncan had set up a meeting with the warden. Duncan barked that it wouldn't happen, and Michael grabbed the fence and refused to go back in. Duncan forcibly grabbed Michael and dragged him inside.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin glumly reported to Alex that he'd left Chloe in Delia's room, clutching a stuffed animal. Kevin hated leaving her, but he figured that the best thing he could do would be to catch the monster who had killed Delia. Alex hoped to get a lead soon, but Kevin was tired of only hoping. Alex swore that the police were doing all they could, but Kevin grumbled that it wasn't enough. Alex was certain that they would find the driver, but they just needed a little luck to point them in the right direction.

Chloe ran into Alex and Kevin on their way out, and Kevin lagged behind to talk to her. Alex left, and Chloe marveled that she and Kevin were on the same side as Alex. Chloe picked up her coffee and started to rush off, but Kevin stopped her and said that he'd checked out more leads that morning. She warned that he couldn't keep working all day and taking care of her at night, and she worried that he was exhausted. She added that it wasn't fair for Kevin to devote his whole life to her, especially when his own family needed him.

Kevin contended that he couldn't do anything for Michael and Fen, so Chloe was his priority. Chloe asserted that she couldn't use Kevin to get her through, and she had to survive on her own. Kevin suggested that she let him help until she could stand on her own, because it was what friends did. She conceded that she wouldn't have been able to survive without him, but she warned that she was incapable of more than friendship. Kevin insisted that she was making him feel needed, and that was how he was surviving.

At the penthouse, Chelsea proudly informed Adam that Connor had been watching his mobile for 15 minutes, but Adam seemed distant. She said that the news should make Adam happy, and he coldly replied that it did. She surmised that Adam felt guilty that Connor had the ability to see because a little girl had died, and she agreed that it was hard to accept. Chelsea asked if Adam had heard from his contacts about the possibility of finding Delia's killer, because Chloe was on her way over, and Chelsea wanted to tell her about their plan. Adam blurted that Chelsea couldn't say anything.

Chelsea thought that knowing about Adam's efforts would give Chloe some peace, but Adam argued that they'd be giving Chloe false hope, and he pointed out what had happened with the corneas he'd purchased. Adam reminded Chelsea that as a con, selling false hope was the easiest way to make a quick buck, and he urged her to wait until they had something first. Chelsea agreed that Adam was right, because she didn't want to see Chloe hurt even more.

Adam said that he'd leave Chloe and Chelsea alone to work, and Chelsea insisted that he didn't have to go, but he said that he had a meeting. He ran into Chloe on his way out, and they made awkward small talk. Chloe hoped that he hadn't been avoiding her, and she recognized that he was uncomfortable about the organ donation. He admitted that it was hard to find the right words, and she softly replied that there weren't any. He boarded the elevator and left.

Chloe asked if Connor's eyes bothered him, and Chelsea revealed that the doctor had indicated that the baby wasn't in any pain. Chelsea noted that Connor was pulling his legs up, and she surmised that he had a stomachache. Chloe hesitantly stated that she'd rubbed Delia's tummy when Delia had fussed like that. Chloe turned to her files, and she rambled about setting a timetable for the spring line. Chelsea said that they didn't need to discuss business, but Chloe insisted that she needed to keep busy to keep her mind on something other than Delia.

Chloe cried that Delia was all she thought about, and even simple thoughts like what to have for dinner turned to visions of the last dinner she'd made for Delia. Chloe wailed that the memories kept slipping away, and soon there wouldn't be any left. Chloe continued that the nights had been the worst, but Kevin had been getting her through them. Chelsea stated that having someone to count on had made a big difference, and Chloe wondered if that was why Chelsea was still staying with Adam.

Chelsea fretted that she didn't know what was going on with Adam, but he'd been nervous and jumpy, especially around Connor. Chloe pointed out that Adam had never been around a baby before, and Chelsea understood the fear of screwing up a kid up for life. Chelsea apologized for talking about it, but Chloe recognized that Chelsea couldn't stop being a parent. Chloe urged Chelsea not to waste too much time worrying about not getting it right and to just to enjoy every moment with her child.

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Courtney that he couldn't stay for lunch, and she complained that she'd barely seen him since he'd started his job. He revealed that Victor wanted him to learn about every division, and it would be a lot of hours, but he thought that had been what she'd wanted for him. Courtney whined that she hadn't known that she wouldn't see him anymore, and he imagined that someday, he'd be supportive when she had a job she loved. He invited her to dinner and a movie that night, and they kissed.

On the patio, Lauren hugged Summer hello, and Summer thanked Lauren for meeting her. Summer said that Fen's arrest hadn't made sense to her, because she couldn't imagine him dealing after he'd been through rehab. Lauren said that Fen had complicated issues, and Summer declared that she was scared for him. Summer recalled that Fen had been one of her best friends until she had ruined things, and Lauren replied that they all made mistakes. Summer wanted to tell Fen in person that she still cared.

Lauren balked at the thought of Summer visiting the prison, but Summer argued that she wasn't a little kid. Summer recounted that she and Fen had gotten one another through some rough times, and she regretted that she'd screwed up her friendship with Fen, but she was determined to take responsibility. Lauren said that Phyllis would be proud of Summer, and Summer replied that she missed her mom. Summer insisted upon seeing Fen, and Lauren said that she would send the visiting hours to Summer. Summer thanked her, and the women hugged.

Summer ran into Noah and Courtney, and Noah asked if Summer was stalking them. Summer explained that she'd just had coffee with Lauren, and Noah teased her for hanging out with her friend's parents. Summer disclosed that they'd talked about Fen, and Noah commented that it didn't seem right that Fen was in jail, while the guy who'd sold Fen the drugs was out doing business as usual. Summer remarked that the cops never caught the big fish, and Courtney abruptly made an excuse and left.

Courtney sent a cryptic text message outside the coffeehouse, and Summer suspected that Courtney had taken off because Summer had voiced her resentment over not having anyone to hang out with since Noah and Courtney had become a couple. Noah was sure that Courtney wouldn't ditch Summer for a date, but Summer said that he didn't know Courtney. Noah asked Summer to tell him more about Courtney, and Summer realized that she really didn't know much at all. Summer disclosed that Courtney had never invited her over, but she had gotten the impression that Courtney was embarrassed by her family.

Lauren went back to the prison to see Michael, but a guard informed her that Michael had been sent to the hole until further notice. Michael yelled Lauren's name as he was roughly escorted away, but a guard told him to shut up, because he was only making things worse.

At the police station, Alex slammed down the phone, and Kevin asked if he had bad news. Alex reported that the police had gone over every SUV on the list but had found nothing. Kevin recommended that they expand the search, but Alex pondered what someone who knew that the entire police force and half the population was looking for him would do. Kevin theorized that the person would try to live a normal life, and Alex wondered if they'd been looking in the wrong places. Alex took off.

A towel-clad Alex found Adam in the Athletic Club sauna, and he joked that he had been hoping to find some hot women there instead. Adam was surprised that Alex wasn't busy following up on leads, and Alex grumbled about all the false tips they'd received. Adam remarked that it was amazing what people would do for a million dollars, and Alex said that he understood that money was a powerful motivator, but he could never comprehend how someone could kill a sweet little girl and just go on with life. Adam questioned whether that was what had really happened, and Alex concluded that the driver hadn't experienced one second of regret.

Adam contended that it was easy to judge, but no one knew what the driver was going through. Alex incredulously asked if Adam was defending the culprit, and Adam reiterated that no one knew the full story. Alex asserted that no one had owned up to killing an innocent child, and Adam countered that maybe there was a reason why. Alex said that he'd heard people find ways to justify just about anything, but it didn't make their actions less horrible. Adam asked if the police were close to catching the driver, and Alex assumed that Adam was invested in the case because of a personal stake.

Adam concluded that Alex was referring to Connor's corneal transplant, and he remarked that Delia had affected people who hadn't even known her. Adam conceded that he had more of a personal connection to Delia than most people because of his son, but he would have preferred that Connor had regained his sight another way. Alex promised that the driver wouldn't get away with it, no matter how the guy justified the situation. Adam said that he admired Alex's dedication, and as he got up to leave, he noted that whether or not they caught the person, nothing would get Delia back.

Alex went back to the station, and he told Kevin that he'd gone to the gym and the spa. Kevin complained that Alex had been having a spa day while Kevin had been working, and he sarcastically inquired whether Alex had found any clues in the sauna. Alex mysteriously stated that he might have.

Adam returned home, and Chelsea reported that Connor was asleep, thanks to Chloe's tip about how to calm the baby's upset tummy. As Adam ascended the stairs, he heard Chloe say that she'd always be there when Chelsea needed her.

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