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Hilary attempted to trick Neil into drinking alcohol. Victor offered to buy Newman Enterprises from Jack and Adam. Victor overheard Nikki leaving a message about her son. To protect Fen, Michael confessed to killing Carmine.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 30, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, September 30, 2013

At Chancellor Park, Nick sipped whiskey from a silver flask. A few feet away, Dylan sipped booze straight from a bottle set inside a paper bag. Nick said, "If you're here for the wedding, you're late. Of course, so was the bride." Dylan explained that he'd gone to the park because the walls at his loft seemed to be closing in on him.

Nick said that Avery had told him about Chelsea's baby. Nick added, "Dylan, I am very sorry. That must have crushed you. Loving that baby with all your heart and then finding out that she wasn't yours." Dylan replied, "He wasn't mine. You said, 'she.'" Nick said he guessed he'd been thinking about something else.

Nick told Dylan that Avery was free again. Dylan insisted that he didn't purposely break up Avery and Nick. Nick claimed that Dylan had never gotten over Avery. Dylan said that he felt like dirt because he'd run to Avery on her wedding day. Nick insisted that Dylan would always be in love with Avery. Nick asked if Dylan had ever considered how much it might have hurt Chelsea to see the moon-eyed look in Dylan's eyes whenever he was around Avery.

Nick shoved Dylan, and Dylan told Nick not to touch him again. Nick shouted, "You don't get to boss me around!" Dylan punched Nick in the eye. Dylan said that sitting in the park with Nick, drinking and fighting, almost seemed normal compared to what else had been going on. Dylan cried that he couldn't have taken much more. Nick agreed and said that it seemed as if the emotional pain would never end.

Billy stopped by the Abbott mansion and told Jack that Newman Enterprises had taken a nosedive after Victor became head of Chancellor Industries. Billy noted that he'd read through the entire business article but had failed to find anything about "Fishhook Capital." Billy added that he knew Jack was behind the fictional company and that Jack had lost a great deal of money. Jack explained that Adam had not stabbed him in the back. Jack said that both he and Adam had underestimated Victor's ability to react like a human being.

Billy admitted that he was unsettled about Jack's newfound friendship with Adam. Billy reminded Jack about the faked journal that had landed Adam in jail and the torment Adam had put Ashley through. Jack insisted that both he and Adam had put the past behind them. Jack added that he'd invested in Newman Enterprises because he believed that Victor might have given Adam the respect his son deserved. Billy asked Jack why he'd helped Adam. Jack explained that he could relate to Adam because all Adam wanted was to make his father proud.

Jack added that both he and Billy could relate to Adam because Billy had also yearned to please his father. Billy noted that John Abbott had been the greatest, while Victor Newman wasn't. Jack explained that the father-and-son bond colored a man's entire life. Jack noted that even though Adam had taken a bullet for Victor, all Victor did was slap Adam down. Jack said that at least Adam knew where he stood with Victor. Billy said he still didn't understand why Jack was concerned about Adam. Jack said he knew what it was like to screw up his father's legacy.

Jack reminded Billy that not long before, Billy had attempted to get Victoria back in her father's good graces. Billy acknowledged that his plan had blown up in his face. Jack said that every child longed for his parents' approval just as most decent parents longed for their offsprings' approval. Summer arrived. Billy stepped aside to take a call from Victoria. Billy quietly noted that he wasn't in a position to pick up where he and Victoria had left off earlier. Victoria snapped a photo of herself wearing sexy lingerie and sent the photo to Billy. Billy quickly excused himself and told Jack and Summer that he needed to head home, and Billy left.

Jack told Summer that his earlier exchange with Victor had been an attempt to get Victor to back off. Jack acknowledged that he deserved whatever Summer had to say to him. Summer noted that she'd been furious with Jack and her grandfather. Summer added that she realized that both Jack and Victor were all about family and that both Jack and Nick would always look out for her best interests. Jack noted that Summer was being more mature than he or Victor had been.

Summer told Jack that Oliver, a photographer working for Forrester Creations, had told her that she could find work modeling in Los Angeles. Jack asked if Summer was there to tell him she was leaving town. Jack promised Summer a fulfilling career at Jabot. Summer noted that Kyle had encouraged her to move to California. Summer asked Jack what he thought about her plans to leave Genoa City. Jack noted that Summer would be walking out on her contract.

Summer said she knew that Jack wouldn't prevent any employee, especially a beloved family member, from pursuing happiness. Jack replied, "You're calling me out just like your mom always did." Jack admitted that he loved that Summer was so much like her mother. Jack told Summer that she was the only one who could decide whether she was embracing a new life rather than walking away from an old life that was hard. Jack encouraged Summer to make peace with her life. Summer nodded and seemed to take Jack's advice to heart.

After Billy went home, he continued his conversation with Victoria. Believing that Victoria was still away on a business trip, Billy said he'd describe how he'd disrobe Victoria after viewing the photo she'd sent. Victoria walked into the living room and told Billy that he was a bad boy. Billy grinned when he saw Victoria, clad in her see-through negligée. Victoria pranced sexily toward her husband. Billy told Victoria that he'd still like to take photos of her, but she noted that Billy was overdressed. Victoria unbuttoned Billy's shirt. The two kissed, and Victoria told Billy that she'd missed him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chloe and Chelsea talked while they dined. Chelsea said she wished she'd never jumped to conclusions about Connor's vision problems being hereditary because both Adam and Dylan had learned that Adam was Connor's father. Chelsea noted that Adam's only concern was ownership of Connor. Chloe didn't approve when Chelsea admitted that she and the baby were living with Adam. Chloe said that Adam had no legal claim to Connor.

Chelsea explained that she wanted Adam to see how much Connor needed to be with his mother. Chloe still balked. Chelsea noted that Adam would petition the court for custody as soon as the results from the paternity test arrived. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to lie in court and claim that she believed Connor was Dylan's baby. Chelsea said that if she attempted to lie under oath, Dylan would be subpoenaed. Chelsea added, "No more lying, Chloe. Not to anyone." Before Chelsea left, she tearfully admitted that she wanted Dylan back in her life.

At his penthouse, Adam read on his electronic tablet about the disaster at Newman Enterprises. Adam sipped a glass of whiskey while he contemplated his predicament. Adam sighed heavily and continued to sip whiskey. As a diversion, Adam phoned the hospital as he sealed the swab onto which he'd collected DNA from his cheek into an envelope. Adam asked how long it would take before the paternity results were ready.

Later, when Chelsea returned with Connor, she found Adam staring at the screen of his electronic tablet. When Chelsea asked Adam what was wrong, he told her to read the business news. Chelsea scanned the article and asked if Newman Enterprises was in trouble. Adam said it was more like destruction of the company because he'd allowed Jack to invest, which had been the ultimate sin in Victor's eyes. Adam cried that Victor had gutted Newman Enterprises. Adam added that his father wanted to make his son look like a failure.

Adam encouraged Chelsea to tell him that he deserved what had happened to Newman Enterprises. Chelsea said that Victor was a fool. Chelsea, in a caring tone, told Adam that she knew it was the worst thing that could've happened to him. Adam, watching Chelsea swaying Connor in her arms, replied, "The worst thing that could happen is not knowing that I had a son and not being a better father to that little guy than Victor was to me." Chelsea noted that it wouldn't be much of a stretch to be a better father than Victor. Adam winced.

Adam took Connor in his arms and remarked that his son felt chilled. Chelsea picked up a blanket she remembered having donated to charity. Adam admitted that he'd bought it back. Adam swaddled Conner in the blanket and noted that the blanket might have belonged to Connor all along.

Chelsea answered a knock at the door and found Dylan standing before her. Dylan said he wanted a word with Chelsea. Adam stepped toward the door and said, "Not in my house. Not with my son here." Dylan asked for five minutes with Chelsea.

Adam agreed to take his son upstairs, but Adam warned Dylan that a guard could be summoned on a moment's notice. When Chelsea and Dylan were alone, Chelsea said she wished she had have known what to do or say at the cabin to help Dylan. Dylan returned the four-leaf clover Chelsea had given him. Dylan said that perhaps Chelsea had wished that she wouldn't ever have to divulge the truth about Connor. Dylan's words seem to hurt Chelsea terribly.

Chelsea sobbed and insisted that the lucky charm belonged with Dylan. Dylan instructed Chelsea to give the charm to Connor. Dylan added, "I'm done with this." Sobbing pitifully, Chelsea pleaded with Dylan to keep the clover. Dylan set the charm on a table and left. Chelsea picked up the charm and broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. Adam ventured downstairs and watched Chelsea cry.

At Sharon's, Cassie tried to console her sobbing mother. Sharon insisted that Nick should let her fill the hole left in his heart after he broke off his marriage plans with Avery. Sharon cried that her plan hadn't worked as expected even though she'd rigged the paternity tests to indicate that Jack was Summer's father. Cassie agreed that Nick shouldn't ever have been with Phyllis. Speaking of Nick, Cassie added, "His place is with you. I drew that picture of our family for a reason."

Sharon cried that she had never intended to harm Phyllis. Cassie insisted that it wasn't Sharon's fault that Phyllis had fallen when she and Sharon began arguing and fighting for the phone when Phyllis threatened to tell Nick about the rigged paternity test. Sharon said that everything she'd done would be for nothing if Nick refused to let her in his life. Sharon became increasingly frustrated and slammed cabinet doors. Cassie warned that Sharon would awaken Faith.

Sharon cried, "Why won't Nick come to me now that he's losing Summer? Faith wants us to be a family. Why does that matter to me and not to Nick?" Cassie warned that Sharon would blow her chance with Nick if she didn't stop freaking out. Nick returned, and Sharon claimed that she'd stayed because Faith had fallen asleep. Sharon noticed Nick's blackened eye. Sharon said, "I know. It's none of my business." Sharon heard Cassie's voice urging her to take a chance and step up.

Sharon instructed Nick to sit down. Sharon promised to leave after she got some ice for Nick's bruised eye. Sharon fixed an ice bag for Nick and noted that he'd been drinking. Nick admitted that drinking had been his first mistake, though he noted that he'd taken a cab home. Nick added that his second mistake had been provoking Dylan and that his third mistake had been not ducking. Nick pressed the ice pack to his eye. Sharon insisted on warming a plate of food for Nick before she left. Before Sharon entered the kitchen, she paused and smiled.

After Sharon prepared a hot meal for Nick, she told him she'd leave him alone to think. After Sharon stepped outside, Cassie praised her mother for being evenly supportive and reserved. Sharon sadly noted that Nick didn't want her. Cassie assured Sharon that Nick would want her if she gave him time. Cassie joyfully added, "We'll have our family back for good!"

Avery visited with a comatose Phyllis in Savannah. Avery admitted that Phyllis had been right. Avery noted that she and Nick had crashed and burned. Avery cried that she'd arrived late to her own wedding because Dylan had shown up at her doorstep. Avery said that Phyllis would probably agree that Nick had been right when he claimed that Avery was still in love with Dylan. Avery held Phyllis' hand tightly and begged her to awaken and say that Avery had gotten everything she deserved.

Avery hovered over her sister and recalled that Phyllis had first left when they were kids. Avery added, "Now, here we are again. You've left me again. It's one thing to leave me, but you left Summer, too, when she needs you the most." Avery cried and told Phyllis that no one could take a mother's place in her daughter's life. Avery added, "She has two fathers and no mother. She's lost and talking about moving to California to become a model." Avery warned Phyllis that she was losing her edge because the whole world was moving on without her. Avery yelled, "Your daughter needs you! What are you going to do about it?"

Growing frustrated, Avery told Phyllis that her sister and her daughter both needed her. Avery fought back tears as she pleaded with her sister. Avery told Phyllis that Sharon would never stop trying to find a way back into Nick's life. Avery added, "I think I hurt him so much that Sharon just might win this time." Avery lovingly placed her hand on Phyllis' face and said, "I love you, Phyllis." After Avery left, Phyllis moved her index finger.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the park, Lily called the twins awesome kite-flyers, and Cane gave the kids a high-five. She allowed the children to feed the ducks, and Cane said that he'd needed time with her and the kids to make all the other problems in life disappear. She clarified that she'd almost forgotten, and Cane asserted that Hilary was out of their lives. Lily contended that Hilary should be in jail for trying to drug him, and she wished that Neil had pressed charges for the blog posts. Lily worried that Hilary would keep trying to hurt them.

Cane and Lily cuddled on a park bench, and she said that he was right about not wasting time on Hilary, and she wanted to focus on their marriage and their beautiful kids. He remarked that it was what days like that were for, with no talk about the office. Lily wondered whether he was skipping out on work to spend time together or if he was trying to avoid the new owner of Chancellor Industries.

Lily said that Cane couldn't deny that Katherine leaving Chancellor Industries to Victor had been a surprise, but Cane pointed out that Katherine and Victor had shared a history as friends and colleagues. Lily asked if Cane was disappointed, but Cane remarked that Katherine had been wise not to give the company to Cane or Jill, because it would have torn them apart. Cane added that he respected Victor as a brilliant businessman, and he might learn a lot from Victor. Lily hoped that Victor appreciated what Cane had to offer.

Cane and Lily played with the kids, and Cane thought that they should spend more days like that one together. Lily asked if he'd miss the excitement of the corporate world, but Cane insisted that he had all he needed right there. Cane and Lily kissed.

In her hotel room, Hilary poured vodka into a pitcher of orange juice, and she left a message for someone, indicating that she didn't want to start the party without him. She poured a drink, and Neil arrived. She expected him to get on her case about posting his confession online. He understood that the point had been to make him suffer, and she huffed that he'd deserved it. He conceded that there was some truth to the post, but he implored her to stop hurting the people he loved.

Neil recognized that Hilary wanted to lash out, and he swore that he wasn't diminishing her grief, but she argued that he was doing exactly that by asking for forgiveness. Neil wished that he could go back in time and save Rose's life, and Hilary appeared to relent. She offered him some orange juice, and he accepted a glass. Neil suggested that he find a way to give Hilary a sense of resolution, like a public confession or a donation to a rehab facility. He added that he was sorry for what had happened to Hilary's mother, but he maintained that his family didn't deserve to be punished.

Hilary asserted that Rose hadn't deserved to die, and she started to cry. Neil understood that Hilary wanted justice, but he contended that he would do whatever he needed to protect his family. A teary Hilary said that hearing Neil stand up for his family reminded her of how Rose had protected her own. Hilary said that Rose had been her best friend, and they'd spoken at least once a day after Hilary had gone off to college. Hilary recalled the day that a nurse had called from the hospital to inform Hilary that her mom had "expired," as if Rose had been nothing more than a carton of milk.

Hilary continued that the next few weeks had been a blur, with funeral arrangements and clearing out Rose's things, but the world had kept going on as if nothing had changed. Hilary revealed that she'd left school and the country, and she'd traveled from one city to another, trying to forget that the one person she had always been able to count on was gone. Neil recalled that it had been obvious during his conversation with Rose how much Rose had loved Hilary, and he urged Hilary not to forget it. Hilary replied that she hadn't forgotten and that she never would.

Neil suggested that he start a memorial in Rose's name or a scholarship at Hilary's alma mater, and Hilary conceded that her mother would have liked that. Neil wished that there was more he could do, and she proposed a toast to a fresh start. They touched their glasses together and sipped, and a horrified Neil immediately spat out the drink. He demanded to know what she was doing. "Getting you drunk, just like you did my mother," Hilary barked.

Neil ranted that he hadn't had taken a drink in six years, and Hilary retorted that neither had her mother, because he'd left Rose to die. Neil questioned whether Hilary considered spiking his drink to be payback, and he said that Rose would be ashamed that Hilary had given a drink to a recovering alcoholic. Neil called Hilary sick, and she tried to tempt him with the bottle of vodka. She screamed that she knew he wanted to take a drink, and she implored him to do it. He stormed out.

Noah stopped by the tack house to check on Nick, and he saw Nick's black eye. Noah scolded that Nick was too old to be getting into schoolyard fights, and he asked how Nick was doing. Nick noted that he'd lost his fiancée, one of his daughters, and a fairly good bartender, but he was doing great otherwise. Noah asked what he could to do to help, and Nick suggested that they go out to breakfast, but Noah reported that he had a meeting with Victor. Nick was suspicious.

Noah confided that Victor had offered him a job, and he thought that it was just the beginning of Victor's plans, because he thought that Victor had something up his sleeve. Nick questioned whether Noah wanted to be involved, and he mentioned that Noah had left the Underground to pursue photography. Noah stated that he wasn't serious about anything yet, and Nick hoped that Noah didn't follow in Victor's footsteps. Nick warned Noah to be careful, but Noah swore that he knew what he was getting into.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea entered with Connor, and Victor approached and asked to see his grandson. Chelsea refused to wake the baby up just so Victor could anoint him as a Newman, and Victor contended that the boy was one. Chelsea vowed to do everything she could to keep Connor's ancestry from ruining his life, and Victor chided her for suddenly playing the loving, protective mother after she'd denied the child his father to serve her own purposes. Victor spat that she didn't deserve to be Connor's mother.

Nikki ran into Paul in the foyer, and she said that she was still processing what they'd learned, but she still felt guilty for giving up her son. Paul received a text message about an adoption mix-up, and Nikki wondered if everything was all right. Paul insisted that it was just something he needed to take care of, and he remarked that he knew it was important to know the truth. She agreed, no matter how heartbreaking it was. Paul left.

Chelsea berated Victor for judging her ability to raise her son, and she pointed out that he didn't trust Adam any more than she did. He contended that she was an unfit mother, and he called her the same two-bit con who he'd hired to seduce Billy. Nikki approached and asked what was going on, and Victor refused to let Chelsea do to Connor what she'd done to Johnny. Chelsea swore that she loved her baby, but Victor taunted that she hadn't bothered to keep Johnny, and he wouldn't allow her to do that to his grandson. Chelsea warned Victor to stay away from her son, and he ominously stated that no one warned him.

Chelsea told Victor not to threaten her family, and Victor snarled that she didn't know the meaning of family, or she wouldn't have handed Johnny over to Victoria as if he'd been a pet. Nikki defended that Chelsea hadn't been selfish and that it had probably been the hardest thing Chelsea had ever done. Nikki said that Chelsea had a beautiful son, and she advised Chelsea to keep him safe. Nikki added that eventually, Connor would know that everything Chelsea had done had been out of love. Chelsea thanked Nikki and hurried off. Victor glared at an emotional Nikki.

Nikki acknowledged that Chelsea had made mistakes, but she argued that they didn't make Chelsea a bad mother. Nikki asserted that Chelsea had done what had been best for Johnny, and she wouldn't let Victor disparage Chelsea for it. Victor questioned why Nikki was defending Chelsea that adamantly. Nikki said that Chelsea loved her son, but Victor growled that anyone who had abandoned a child wasn't a fit mother.

Noah arrived and wondered why Victor had offered him a job at Newman Enterprises when Victor had trashed the company. Victor told him not to believe everything he'd heard, and Nick appeared. Nikki fretted over Nick's black eye, and Victor asked if the shiner had anything to do with Nick's botched wedding, but Nick said that he wasn't there to talk about himself. Nikki said that she had a routine checkup, and she departed. Nick hoped that Victor wasn't trying to get between Nick and Noah.

Noah asserted that he had asked Victor about the business, and Nick expected Victor to lure Noah in with the promise that one day Noah would lead the empire. Victor replied that it could still be Nick's legacy. Noah insisted upon making the decision for himself, but he had to get to his other job. Noah left, and Nick asked Victor not to hire Noah. Victor suspected that Nick was simply redirecting his anger, but Nick insisted that he was only concerned about his son.

Devon apologized for being late for his meeting with Chelsea, and she moved to show him her latest designs, but he instructed her to move forward with whatever she wanted. Chelsea noted that she hadn't been able to order a button without his approval the week before, and she wondered what was going on, because she liked getting his feedback. Devon conceded that he had a lot on his mind, but it had been no reason to blow her off. The baby began to fuss, and she suggested that she email her drawings to him. He promised to get back to her as soon as he could, and Chelsea left.

At the loft, Dylan teased Stitch for dressing up for his first day of work at the hospital. Stitch said that he planned to move out soon, but Dylan said that the loft would be the perfect place for Stitch, because Dylan intended to sell his home and business and to leave Genoa City. Stitch cautioned that running away wouldn't work, but Dylan remarked that he was sick of just surviving, and he wanted to start living. Dylan wished Stitch luck on first day of work, and he left.

Chelsea stopped by the loft, and she told Stitch that she wanted to talk to Dylan. She noticed the new paint job, and Stitch said that Dylan was trying to move on. Stitch suggested that she do the same, and she admitted that what she'd done had been wrong, but she loved Dylan. Stitch argued that he didn't want to see Dylan hurt, but Chelsea vowed not to give up trying to convince Dylan that they belonged together. Stitch informed her that Dylan planned to leave town.

Dylan sat at his father's grave and reported that they had both been screwed, because baby Terrence Connor McAvoy had no connection to their family. Dylan said that he'd refused to see the many signs that had been telling him the truth. He stated that he loved Chelsea, and he'd thought that she'd loved him, too, but she had only been using him. Dylan confessed that he'd fooled himself into believing that the baby was his and that he and Chelsea could have a life together. Dylan thought that he had gotten back the life that he'd lost, but he had been wrong.

Chelsea returned to the empty loft and forlornly looked around. She left a letter on the table for Dylan.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie suggested that getting back to work would help get Avery's mind off her troubles. Leslie wanted to start by discussing the case that would generate the most revenue -- the Connor McAvoy custody suit. Avery suggested that they simply not represent Adam, but Leslie pointed out that a high-profile case could make a name for their firm. Avery worried that Adam would do anything to gain custody, and Leslie argued that he was justified. Avery didn't want to see anyone in pain, and Leslie assumed that Avery was talking about Dylan.

Avery acknowledged that things were complicated, and Leslie commented that being in love with two men usually was. Avery recounted that Dylan had told her that he'd survived the war because of her, and she felt responsible for Dylan ending up with Chelsea and ultimately having a broken heart. Avery contemplated what would have happened if she'd been honest with herself, and Leslie realized that Avery was still in love with Dylan. Dylan walked in and overheard.

Leslie clammed up when she saw Dylan. Dylan jokingly asked if he had to charge the women rent, and Leslie made a quick exit. Avery and Dylan made small talk about the lock he'd fixed, and he said to let him know if there was anything else she needed. A flustered Avery departed.

At the hospital, Nikki met with Dr. Costner, who introduced Stitch as Dr. Rayburn, a new doctor on staff. Nikki welcomed Stitch, and she reported that she'd been tired lately and that she'd had some tingling in her fingers, but nothing more than usual. Dr. Costner stepped out to answer a page, and Stitch and Nikki got to know one another. He mentioned that the only person he knew in town was Dylan, and she revealed that Connor was her grandson. Stitch understood if Nikki didn't want him to be part of her medical team, but she sympathized with Dylan's situation, and she thought it would be nice to deal with Stitch. Dr. Costner returned and announced that he had a concern.

At the police station, Paul called someone and mentioned that the baby in Scott Goodwin's adoption records had been adopted by Penelope Harrison, and he inquired whether Penelope had ever gone by the surname Wayne. He explained that he had been told that Penelope Wayne had adopted a baby boy who had later died, and he needed to know if it had been the same adoption. Paul said that his contact information for Penelope Harrison was outdated, and he was elated when the person on the phone provided him with a lead.

Later, Paul knocked on the door to an apartment, and he introduced himself to the woman who answered. He said that he was looking for Pamela Harrison, and the woman disclosed that it had been her maiden name. He mentioned that he was trying to locate Penelope Harrison and the son that Penelope had adopted, but Pamela denied that Penelope had never adopted a child. Pamela snapped that she couldn't help him, and she shut the door in Paul's face.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chloe arrived at Victoria and Billy's home to pick up Delia. Billy mentioned that Delia was happy with her new puppy. Chloe half-joked that she wished she had a puppy to be happy about. Delia overheard her and said that Chloe did not need a puppy -- Chloe needed Kevin. Chloe told Delia that she had been joking and then hustled Delia to get her things so that Delia would not be late for the children's overnight party that she had been invited to attend.

Billy took Delia upstairs. Chloe told Victoria that even though Delia wanted Chloe and Kevin back together, it was not going to happen. Victoria said that Chloe was protesting too much. Chloe admitted that she wanted to give Kevin another chance, but she could not get over what Kevin had done. As Chloe described Kevin's behavior, Victoria pointed out that it was basically the same addictive behavior that had caused Victoria's separation from Billy.

Victoria said that she had been furious with Billy, even going so far as to accuse him of having an affair with Chloe, so that Victoria did not have to admit that Billy was an addict, just like Kevin. Victoria said that she loved Billy, but had not been able to forgive him. Victoria said that Billy proved his love by doing what he'd had to do. He had gotten a handle on his problem and had made Victoria proud. Chloe acknowledged that Kevin was doing better.

Victoria said that she knew what it was like to start over. Victoria told Chloe that Chloe would not be happy unless she faced her fear and gave Kevin a second chance. Victoria added that she was grateful for every day that had Billy in it. Billy and Delia returned. Delia said that she was training her dog with help from Billy's dog training book. Billy said that training a dog was like training a husband because it was important to reward good behavior.

Lauren and Michael got dressed up and were getting ready to go downstairs to the Athletic Club ballroom when Fen appeared at their door. Fen looked sharp in a suit and conventional haircut. When Lauren and Michael did not seem overjoyed to see him, Michael explained that Carmine was once again on the loose. Lauren said that they had not told Fen because they had known that he was safe in the rehab facility.

Fen advised Lauren and Michael to flee, but Lauren said she felt very safe at the club, surrounded by police. Michael said that he was not going to let Carmine ruin Lauren's day. Lauren, Michael, and Fen were laughing as they left the suite and headed to the ballroom.

Outside the ballroom, Carmine, barely recognizable in a policeman disguise and glasses, peered at the large publicity photo of Lauren. Gloria walked up and started talking about her importance to the event, but when she turned, Carmine was gone. Kevin and Alex exchanged barbs as they sat stakeout and watched Lauren's building for Carmine to appear. Alex called Kevin "Felix" and Kevin called Alex "Oscar" as they exchanged tidbits about The Odd Couple.

Kevin mentioned that he had picked up after Chloe. Alex said that Kevin mentioned her up every two seconds. Kevin replied that Alex had not loved as Kevin had. Alex shot back that anything worth having was worth fighting for.

Kevin, who was keeping watch on his computer, noticed a maintenance man approaching the building, but it was a false alarm. Kevin said that statistically, Carmine would not return to the building. Alex said that his gut told him the same thing. Alex said that he would tell the other watchers that he and Kevin were packing it in for the night.

Chloe and Delia went to Crimson Lights to pick up cupcakes for the party. Delia wanted Chloe to attend so that Chloe would not be alone. Chloe was thoughtful as she sent Delia to get the party treats. Chloe phoned Kevin and asked him if he wanted a date for Lauren's award ceremony. At first Kevin was offended because he thought that Chloe was trying to set him up with someone else. As soon as Kevin understood that Chloe wanted to be his date, he started smiling.

Billy and Victoria were dolled up and ready to go to Lauren's event. Billy asked what Victoria and Chloe had been talking about earlier. Victoria was mum, but Billy let her know that he had overheard when Victoria had said that she was grateful for every day with Billy in it. Billy said that they were back on track except for one thing; they had not decided whether or not to go back to trying for a baby.

Both agreed that they wanted a child together Victoria suggested they start after the ceremony. Billy suggested that they would not be missed and could start trying immediately. Giggling like teenagers, Billy and Victoria raced up the stairs.

Carmine watched as Lauren, Michael, Fen, and Gloria traded family quips. Gloria told Fen that she was proud of him, even suggesting that he could meet a celebrity in rehab and start a wonderful life. Lauren experienced a chill and remembered Carmine's attempt to kill her by turning on the gas in her apartment. Lauren shook it off.

Gloria said that it was show time and went to the podium. Kevin arrived, followed by Chloe. Kevin told Chloe that she had not missed anything, but Chloe said that he was wrong, that she had missed way too much. Alex also arrived and surveyed the crowd.

Gloria started the ceremony with a laudatory speech about Lauren's accomplishments. Lauren stood by the podium. Gloria concluded by saying that Lauren would speak after a short video showcasing the best of Lauren. The video began. Instead of honoring Lauren's achievements, it was immediately apparent that Carmine had somehow managed to substitute the sex tape. Carmine looked on, as Lauren, Michael, and Fen were devastated.

At the hospital, Stitch, who was also known as Dr. Rayburn, assisted Dr. Costner as he examined Nikki, who was worried that the tingling in her fingers might mean that she was having a relapse of her MS. After reviewing the test results, Dr. Costner told Nikki that she was not having a relapse, but could be headed to a flare-up. He assured her that it was not inevitable. Dr. Costner said that it was not good to ignore symptoms, which could ultimately trigger a relapse. Questioned further, Nikki admitted that she was tired because she was not getting enough sleep.

Dr. Costner told Nikki that stress could lead to a lack of sleep and questioned if she had been under stress due to Victor's latest financial dealings. Nikki said that Victor's business did not stress her, but that there had been something else that had been recently resolved. Dr. Costner stepped out of the room to adjust the dosage of Nikki's meds. Stitch offered Nikki some tips on ways to reduce stress, including exercise. They bonded like they had known each other for a long time

When Dr. Costner returned and apologized for being gone so long, Nikki said that she had been well entertained. Stitch left Dr. Costner alone to go over Nikki's new dosage, but not before telling Nikki that he hoped that they would meet again.

Paul found Pamela Wayne, who slammed the door in his face when Paul said that he was there to get information about Penelope Wayne. Paul took out a business card, wrote a note and slipped it under the door. Pamela read it and opened the door. She said that she had not known that it was a police matter. Paul said that it was not but that he would keep digging until he found what he was looking for.

Paul said that he did not want to hurt anyone or interfere, but he would like to provide closure for the friend whose child Penelope had adopted. Pamela said that Penelope, who she called "Penny," was dead and that Pamela had promised never to reveal Penny's secret. Pamela told Paul that the secret weighed on her. Paul encouraged Pamela to unburden herself, and she did.

Pamela said that Penny had been in a relationship, but her boyfriend had broken it off and moved away. Penny had adopted Nikki's son and had then gone to the boyfriend and claimed that the child was his, which had caused the couple to reunite. Pamela said that she had lost touch over the years because she had not wanted to support Penny's lie.

Pamela recalled that Penny's husband was also dead. She remembered only that Penny's son had been a handsome boy and that he had been in the military. Pamela offered to look for a photograph. When Pamela was unable to locate any photos, Paul asked for the last name of Penny's husband.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

At the tack house, Nick spotted a collage of photos of him, Sharon, and Faith that Faith had made for him. Later, at Crimson Lights, Nick showed the collage to Sharon. He hoped that Sharon hadn't been encouraging Faith's behavior, and Sharon replied that it was normal for a child to want her parents together. Nick thought that Faith needed a reality check, and Sharon theorized that Faith was confused because of Nick and Avery's breakup. Nick stressed that he and Sharon were only friends, and Sharon offered to explain things to Faith again.

Nick got up to leave, but Sharon declared that he'd had his say, and it was time for hers. Sharon worried that Nick had closed himself off, even though she knew that he was in pain. She implored him to talk to someone, and she sympathized that he felt hurt and lost. She suggested that maybe it was time to reevaluate things and to figure out why things had gone wrong. Nick said that was what he was doing, and he appreciated her concern, but he had to deal with it on his own. He left, and Sharon looked disappointed.

Dylan read Chelsea's letter, in which she admitted that she had torn Dylan's world apart along with her own, and she was sorry. She explained that she'd known that she would never find a better man or father than Dylan, so she'd lied to him and Adam, but her plan had snowballed when she'd fallen deeply in love with Dylan. Chelsea had written that she felt lost without him, but she insisted that it didn't have to be that way, because she wanted him in her life and in Connor's, and she hoped that Dylan would remember how happy they'd been once his anger subsided. She added that she loved him and would never stop.

Avery found Dylan's St. Christopher medal between her couch cushions, and she called Dylan and offered to drop off the necklace. He suspected that she wanted to check up on him, and she commented that she'd thought he'd be pleased that she'd found the medal. He agreed that he was, but he insisted that he was coping. She promised that she wouldn't hover, and he invited her to stop by if she wanted. Dylan crumpled up Chelsea's letter and tossed it in the garbage. He stared at the cradle and fought back tears.

Nick brooded in the park, and he reflected upon Sharon's advice. Avery approached, and she asked what had happened to his eye. He fibbed that he'd had a fight with a door, but she assumed that he had fought with Dylan. She remarked that things had gone downhill for all of them, and Nick asserted that it hadn't had to be that way, because she could have chosen to show up at their wedding. She countered that it was easy to put the blame on her, but she thought that Nick could have fought harder for what they'd had. She questioned why he hadn't.

Nick pointed out that he'd "fought like hell" for Avery when Dylan had arrived in town, but he'd gotten the impression that she hadn't wanted Nick to do that. Avery wondered if Nick had been just as afraid to make a commitment as she had been. She accepted half the blame for their breakup, but she referred to his track record of failed relationships. Nick argued that she had been married, too, but she hadn't kept her vows.

Avery said that she and Nick didn't have the right to judge one another's pasts, and she wanted him to stop hurting. He said that she hadn't helped by reminding him of how he'd failed in life, and he asked if she wanted his blessing to get back together with Dylan. She said that even if she wanted to, it was too late, because Dylan was leaving town.

At the loft, Avery presented Dylan with the medal, and he mentioned that he'd lost it once before in Chelsea's room. He asked if he seemed to have pulled himself together, and he swore that she hadn't needed to check on him. Avery asked when Dylan planned to leave town and how it would affect his therapy, but he divulged that he'd had second thoughts, because he was tired of running. He stated that he had the loft and the coffeehouse, and he was looking forward to spending time with Stitch, who had just moved there for a job. Avery mentioned that Chelsea also wasn't going anywhere, and she wondered if there was any hope of Dylan and Chelsea getting back together.

Dylan flatly replied that there wasn't, and he asked what was going on with Avery and Nick. Avery reported that she and Nick weren't getting back together after everything that had happened, and she moved to leave. She pointed out that St. Christopher was the patron saint of travelers, and he reiterated that he was staying put. He called after her as she left, and he thanked her again for everything. She hesitated outside the door, but she ultimately left.

Nick returned home found Sharon waiting for him. She informed him that she'd talked to Faith, and the girl had promised to stop with the matchmaking. Nick thanked Sharon and apologized if he'd seemed abrupt, and she acknowledged that he had a lot on his mind. She looked upset, and she explained that it was hard letting Faith down over and over again. Sharon headed for the door.

Chelsea strolled with Connor through the park, and she imagined her and Dylan walking with Connor together. She told Connor that she'd really screwed up.

Jack stopped by Adam's penthouse to discuss the future of Newman Enterprises, but Adam was skeptical about whether there was a future. Jack insisted that they weren't sunk, but Adam showed him some dire projections and stated that the company was a shell of its former self. Jack suggested that they rebuild, and he refused to give up. Jack implored Adam to fight back, but Adam griped that Victor had killed the company out of pure spite. Victor called Adam and requested to see Adam and Jack immediately to settle some old debts. Adam hung up and declared that the other shoe was about to drop.

Adam surmised that Victor just wanted to pour salt in the wound. Adam recognized that he had been a fool to think that things would be different, and he admitted that Victor could never be a real father to him. Jack thought that perhaps it was a good thing that Adam had realized that Adam would never measure up in Victor's eyes, and he urged Adam to start a new life with his son. The doorbell rang, and Jack let Victor in. Victor said that he was glad they were both there, and he expected that his visit would be short but not painless. Victor announced that he was there to make a deal.

Victor proclaimed that the company he'd built from nothing was worth exactly that because of poor management, and Adam scoffed at the idea that Newman Enterprises' decline had had nothing to do with an act of sabotage. Victor offered to buy Newman for less than what it should be worth but more than what it actually was. He handed Adam a piece of paper with a dollar amount, and Adam sarcastically stated that it was very generous. Victor said that their plan to run the company as father and son had been based on trust, but Adam had stabbed Victor in the back by involving Jack, and Victor was buying back the company to save his own reputation.

Adam contended that he'd gotten the company back in the family, but Victor accused him of running it into the ground. Adam countered that the company had been in fine shape until Victor had turned their clients against them, and Victor said that Adam should be grateful for the offer. Adam responded heatedly, and Jack intervened and said that they'd let Victor know. Victor departed, and he ran into Chelsea and Connor in the hall. Victor remarked that he was there to take back what belonged to him, because he always did. He peered in at his grandson.

Adam recalled that he'd been introduced to Victor when Hope had been sick, but he finally felt like he was meeting Victor for the first time. Jack retracted his assertion that they needed to rebuild, because resurrecting Newman would only be a reminder of Victor's brutality. Jack suggested that Adam start fresh by building something of his own that Victor couldn't touch, and he encouraged Adam to do it for his son. Chelsea entered, and she reported that Connor had been fussy, but fortunately, the baby had been sleeping and hadn't had to see Victor's looming face.

Jack said that he'd leave Adam and Chelsea alone to make some decisions, but Adam said that Chelsea had nothing to do with it. Jack argued that it had everything to do with their child, and Adam admitted that he had to let Newman Enterprises go. Jack said that it was the right move, and he promised that Adam would be okay. Later, Chelsea raced downstairs and cried that something was wrong with Connor, who was burning up. Adam and Chelsea rushed Connor to the hospital.

Jack arrived at the ranch and congratulated Victor. Jack stated that Victor might have won what was left of Newman Enterprises, but Victor was still a disaster as a father. Jack pointed out that Victor preached about family being important, and he wondered why Victor put his kids through tests. Victor huffed that unlike Jack, he hadn't been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and Victor hadn't been given any breaks, so he didn't think he should give one to an ingrate like Adam.

Jack contended that Adam was Victor's son and that love was more important than business. Jack wondered why Victor couldn't accept and love Adam as his son, but Victor retorted that Adam had been nothing but trouble. Victor barked that he didn't need a lecture on fatherhood, but Jack said that he was there for another reason. He revealed that he and Adam would accept a reasonable offer for Newman, but he cautioned that the company might be all Victor had left in the end. Victor replied that they'd see.

Jack predicted that Victor would die an unhappy man who had pushed everyone away. Victor told Jack to go back to Jabot and take Adam with him, and he cautioned Jack not to run John's legacy into the ground, or Victor would swoop in and buy it for cents on the dollar. Victor chuckled that Jack and Adam had almost made it too easy, and Jack snarled that Adam was more of a man and a father than Victor ever would be.

At the Businesswoman of the Year banquet, Lauren was horrified when the video of her romp with Carmine began to play. Michael yelled to turn it off, and Fen suspected that Carmine had been behind it. Fen ran off, and Michael followed him. Gloria prepared to play the real tribute video, but Lauren announced that it wasn't necessary. Lauren explained to the crowd that the sex tape had been a cruel joke from a sick person, and she thanked them for being there to honor her, but she wanted to end the festivities.

Gloria protested, and she appealed to Kevin and Chloe to convince Lauren not to give up. Chloe remarked that Lauren had handled the situation in a classy manner, and Lauren said that she had to find Michael. Kevin warned that Carmine had found a way to get past the police, and he and Chloe refused to leave Lauren's side. Lauren lamented that there was no end to the nightmare, and she sent a text message to Michael, asking if he'd found Fen.

Michael found Fen in the hallway. Michael encouraged Fen not to give Carmine the satisfaction of getting to him, but Fen complained that Carmine would never stop, because not even jail had held Carmine. Michael suggested that they go somewhere to talk, but Fen said that nothing would make him feel better about Lauren being humiliated. Michael called it the despicable act of a desperate man who had no future, and he said that they had to stick together as a family and present a united front for Lauren. Fen took off again.

Lauren blasted Alex, and he said that his men were sweeping the building. Lauren was positive that Carmine had been behind the video switch, and she threatened to find him herself. Alex advised her not to put herself in danger and to let the police handle it, but Lauren snapped that the police hadn't done anything so far. Michael returned and reported that Fen had gotten away, and Alex promised that they would find Carmine. Meanwhile, Carmine pretended to be on a call with the police chief when other officers passed by. Once he was alone, he pulled out a gun.

Michael hugged Lauren, and she wanted to look for Fen, but Michael said that it wasn't safe for her. Michael asked Kevin to take Lauren up to the suite and wait, but she refused to just wait for something terrible to happen. Michael vowed to find their son. In the alley, Fen angrily kicked around some garbage as Carmine watched him.

Lauren, Gloria, Kevin, and Chloe retreated to the hotel suite, and Lauren expressed concern that Carmine would get to Fen. Kevin left to help look for Fen, and Lauren fretted about Fen's recovery. Gloria assured her that Fen was stronger than Lauren thought, and Chloe added that the cops would find Carmine. Lauren said that it felt like the times when Sheila had terrorized her, and she received a text message. Carmine had written that he had Fen in an alley outside the club, and he instructed her to tell no one.

Gloria asked if someone had found Fen, but Lauren claimed that the message had been work-related. Lauren asked Gloria to fetch a glass of water, and she requested that Chloe retrieve some aspirin. Once the women were preoccupied, Lauren headed out.

Michael asked Alex if there had been any sign of Carmine or Fen, and Alex guessed that Carmine had taken off after seeing the Baldwins' reaction to the video. Carmine called Michael and asked if Michael had gotten off by watching his wife with another man. Michael hissed that Carmine would soon be locked up for good.

Gloria and Chloe rushed downstairs, and they reported that Lauren had given them the slip. Michael cursed and hurried toward the suite. Carmine called Michael again and taunted that Lauren had been insatiable on the day the video had been taken. Carmine continued that he and Lauren had made love a dozen times that day, and he said that the video reminded him of how hot he and Lauren had been together. Suddenly, Michael heard Fen pleading with Carmine, and a gunshot rang out.

Michael frantically called Lauren's name in their suite, and he discovered Carmine's text message on her phone. He raced downstairs to the alley, and he found Lauren standing over a lifeless Carmine.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Devon and Neil finished a run in the park, and Neil remarked that it had been a good way to get the taste of booze out of his mouth. Devon commended Neil for spitting out the drink, and Neil said that even one taste had been too much, but it had helped to talk to his sponsor and go to a meeting. Devon contended that Hilary's actions should be illegal, but Neil was sympathetic that she'd lost her mother. Devon cautioned that Hilary was dangerous and that she wouldn't stop swinging until she took Neil out.

Neil said that it would be easy to be angry at Hilary for targeting his family, but he accepted responsibility for being the last person to see Rose alive. He mused that every moment he'd had with his children since the night of Rose's death had been a moment that Rose had never had with Hilary. Devon understood that Neil felt guilty, but he thought that Hilary was an evil person who enjoyed causing pain. Devon vowed to put an end to her vendetta. As Devon walked off, Neil shouted that he could fight his own battles.

Hilary tried to seduce Mason, but he griped that he was late for work. She frowned upon his bartending job, but he argued that he had to make a living until she got some cash out of their scheme. She huffed that money was no good without seeing the look on Neil's face. Hilary added that she wanted Neil to wish he were dead instead of Rose, and Mason warned that Neil was onto her.

Mason thought that it was time to take the money and run, but Hilary stated that the fun wasn't over yet, and she kissed him. Mason wondered whether she was turned on by him or by messing with Neil's life, and she insisted that it was all Mason. She seductively reminded Mason that he had to go to work, but he said to stop talking, and he carried her to the bed. After they had sex, there was pounding on the door, and Hilary put on a robe and told Mason to hide and be quiet. She found Devon at the door, and he demanded that they talk.

Devon snarled that he was tired of watching Hilary go after a good man, and he asked what it would take for her to leave town. She replied that she wanted complete justice and retribution, and she inquired whether he had any idea what it felt like to lose a mother. Devon ranted that he'd lost his mother to drugs early in his life, and then he'd found a mom who had loved him more than anything, but she'd died a tragic death, so he understood. Hilary wondered what he could offer that would make her leave, and he asked if a million dollars was enough.

Hilary pointed out that she'd heard that Devon was a billionaire, and she questioned what the going rate was for a dead mother. He conceded that the cash couldn't erase her loss, but he said that it was in her best interest to accept his offer, and he pushed her to take it before he changed his mind. Devon stalked out, and Mason returned to the room and chided Hilary for not negotiating or thinking of Mason. Mason realized that she didn't think of him as a partner and that she expected to pay Mason off in bed. She snapped that his wounded act was a turnoff, and she dared him to turn her in to the cops. He proclaimed that she was on her own, and she replied that she always had been.

Father Martin and Sister Clare stopped by the police station at Paul's request, and Father Martin said that he'd thought that they'd concluded their sad business. Paul revealed that they might have pursued the wrong adoptive mother, and he showed Sister Clare a photo of a woman on his computer. Paul asked if it was the woman who'd adopted Nikki's baby.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin tried to reach Michael, and Gloria scolded Alex for allowing Carmine to get in and switch the videos. Gloria complained that Alex was holding them hostage, but Alex said that he didn't need to worry about the rest of the Baldwin family being on the loose, too. Kevin asserted that he was affiliated with the police and should be out searching, but Alex ordered him to stay put.

Kevin apologized to Chloe for the evening not going as planned, but she assured him that it wasn't his fault. Chloe blasted Carmine for trying to ruin the Baldwins' marriage, and she commented that one mistake shouldn't destroy a family. Kevin noted that Chloe wasn't part of his family anymore, and he said that he was sorry he'd dragged her into his family's problems. She replied that she still cared and that she wanted to be there. He was glad that he knew that she was safe.

An officer reported to Alex that only cops had been allowed to leave the premises, and Alex realized that Carmine might have been disguised as a policeman. He told the officer to account for all the cops who had been working at the club that night. Later, Alex yelled at an officer for letting Kevin and Chloe take off, and he learned that the cop who had been stationed in the back alley was unaccounted for.

In the alley, Michael stared at Carmine's lifeless body and the gun next to it. Lauren stammered that she didn't know what had happened, and Michael put his arms around her and comforted her. Michael felt for Carmine's pulse and reported that he couldn't find one, and Lauren realized that Carmine was dead. Michael surveyed the alley and said that he and Lauren were the only ones there. He affirmed that he loved her with every ounce of who he was, and he beseeched her to tell him if she'd killed Carmine.

A shaken Lauren managed to explain that Carmine had been on the ground with the gun next to him when she'd arrived, and Michael growled that Carmine had earned death after the life he'd chosen. Michael inquired again whether Lauren had killed Carmine, but she insisted that she didn't know who had shot him, and all she could think about was that Carmine wouldn't ever hurt them again. Michael asked if she'd seen Fen, but she said that she had no idea where Fen was.

Michael told Lauren about hearing a gunshot during Carmine's call and finding the text message that Carmine had sent Lauren. Michael approached the body, and he found a sober chip nearby. He realized that it could be Fen's chip, but a panicked Lauren yelled that it could have belonged to anyone. She blamed herself if Fen had been there, and she became hysterical at the thought that Fen had shot Carmine. Michael calmly held her and pointed out that everyone had seen a noticeably upset Fen leave.

Michael proclaimed that Fen had never been there. Michael wiped the gun clean, and he fired it against the wall. Lauren freaked out that there would be gun residue on Michael's hands and clothes, and he dropped the slug into her purse. She realized that Michael intended to make the police think that he'd killed Carmine. He told her to help him push a Dumpster to cover the bullet hole in the wall, and he instructed her to erase all communication from Carmine on their phones. He professed that he loved her, and Alex and the cops burst in.

The police surrounded Michael, who volunteered to set the gun down. Alex examined Carmine and asked who had done the honors. Michael snapped that it was obvious that Carmine was dead and that Michael had a gun. Alex commanded Michael to stop talking, but Michael recited his own rights and confessed to a homicide. "That filth is dead, and I couldn't be more delighted," Michael declared.

Alex said that he had no choice but to use cuffs, and Michael understood the protocol. Michael rambled that Carmine had hurt his wife and had evaded Alex's men, so Michael had taken Carmine's gun from the holster and pulled the trigger. Alex surmised that Michael had sneaked up on Carmine from behind and that Carmine had been threatening Lauren, but Michael claimed that Carmine had never had the chance, because Michael had shot him. Michael swore that he'd made sure that Carmine would never go near the Baldwin family again.

Paul arrived at the scene and asked for a moment alone with the Baldwins, but Michael maintained his story. Lauren added that she'd found Carmine in the alley when she had been looking for Fen. Paul doubted that the encounter was totally random, and Michael asked why Paul was questioning Lauren when Michael had already confessed. Paul ordered the officers to take Michael in, and Michael implored Lauren to find Fen.

A distraught Lauren raced back to the hotel suite and called out for Fen. She left a message for him, begging him to let her know that he was okay. She promised that they'd get through everything and that he'd be fine.

At Crimson Lights, Charlie and Matty played with Cane's cell phone, and Lily remarked that it was nice that Cane couldn't check message or emails. She thanked him for playing hooky that day, and he said that he'd proven that Chancellor Industries could survive without him. The twins ran over to play with the robot, and Victor called Cane. Victor said that it was public knowledge that he'd taken over Chancellor, and he asked Cane to meet him at the ranch in an hour. Cane agreed to be there.

Lily asserted that Victor should respect the fact that Katherine had handpicked Cane to run Chancellor Industries, and she urged Cane to take the chance to prove that he was a star. After Cane left, Lily called the sitter and informed her that Lily and Cane would be home late that evening. Lily made a reservation for a romantic celebratory dinner.

Kevin and Chloe arrived and asked if Lily had spotted Lauren, Michael, or Fen. Lily confirmed that she had seen Fen with a "goth girl." Kevin surmised that Fen was with Raven, and Chloe wondered if Fen was high. Kevin grumbled that if Fen was using again, then Carmine had beaten Kevin's family senseless. Kevin asked the barista about Raven, but the barista had no idea where Raven lived. Chloe contemplated how they could find out more information about Raven, and Kevin had an idea.

Nikki noticed that Victor had a "mogul glint" in his eye, and he proclaimed that Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries were about to merge to become the most powerful family-run empire in the world. Nikki anticipated that it would make headlines, and Victor offered to take her out to dinner. She declined because she didn't feel up to it, and he wondered if she'd learned anything at her doctor's appointment that he should know about. Nikki reported that Dr. Costner had warned that her symptoms could be exacerbated by stress.

Victor voiced concern that Nikki's charity work was causing stress, and she tried to turn the topic to his corporate battle with Adam, but Victor continued to worry about her. She insisted that she just had to take it easy, and he swore that he'd see that she did. Nikki saw an incoming call from Paul, but she fibbed that it was just some old charity news, and she wanted to focus on Victor and the things she was grateful for. Paul left a message, saying that he had important news about her son.

Cane arrived at the ranch and said that he was looking forward to talking about Katherine's company. Victor clarified that the company was Victor's, and Nikki mentioned that she was going to pick up food for dinner. She asked Cane to join them, but he said that he had plans with Lily. Nikki left, and Victor offered Cane a drink.

Victor remarked that Cane had had quite a career, and he recognized that Katherine had expressed a lot of faith in Cane. Cane explained that Katherine had wanted someone who would speak with her voice, and Victor announced that Chancellor was about to merge with Newman to form an entirely new company. Victor disclosed that he'd invited Cane over to discuss Cane's place in it, and he promised that Cane would be well-rewarded within the new entity. Cane knew that running a family business was important to Victor, and he suspected that he would be disposable after the merger.

Victor insisted that he didn't plan to fire Cane, but Cane understood why Victor might not want him to continue on as CEO. Victor promised Cane a powerful position, and Cane asserted that no one knew Chancellor Industries better than Cane did. Victor offered to compensate Cane well, but Cane contended that if Victor's intention was to only keep Cane around for the transition, then Cane wasn't interested. Cane suggested that Victor extend him a contract as CEO, but otherwise, Cane preferred to walk away amicably.

Cane returned to Crimson Lights and kissed Lily. She guessed that his meeting had gone well, and he reported that he had walked in feeling good and had walked out feeling the same way. He revealed that he had quit, and she was stunned, because he loved Chancellor Industries. He assured her that it was okay, and she regretted that she'd made a dinner reservation to celebrate. He reminded her that he'd taken the day off to play hooky with his gorgeous wife, and it was only the beginning.

Nikki listened to Paul's message and tried to call him back, but he was busy dealing with the situation involving Carmine and Michael. Nikki left a message to inform Paul that her search was over, and no matter what news he had, she had to let it go. Nikki added that they should talk in person about why she had to move on for her sanity and her marriage.

Nikki found Paul's office empty, and Chloe and Kevin arrived and informed Nikki that Paul was most likely at the Athletic Club. Nikki suspected that Lauren was a wreck, and Chloe remarked that Michael had probably gone through the roof. Kevin searched the police database, but there were no hits that turned up anything about Raven. Kevin said that it had been a waste of time, and Chloe insisted that they continue to look for Fen.

Later, Paul escorted Michael into an interrogation room, and Michael complained that he'd already provided the police with all the answers, but Paul told him to shut up and sit down. Alex called Paul and reported that Carmine's body was on the way to the morgue, and Paul ordered him to bag and tag everything, because they needed to piece together the night's events with the forensic evidence.

Nikki returned home and called Victor's name, but she received no response. She left Paul another message, saying that she'd chased him all over town to tell him that she didn't want to know anything more, but she had since realized that deep down, she did. She added that even though it hurt, she would always want to know about the life that had been cut too short. As Victor appeared in the doorway, Nikki requested that Paul call her back to tell her what he'd found out about her son.

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