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Adam obtained the funding to take Newman Enterprises private. Victoria hired a private investigator. Nick reunited with Avery. Gus died. A blogger posted excerpts about Leslie from Neil's private diary. Michael confronted Lauren about her affair with Carmine.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 6, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, May 6, 2013

At Newman Enterprises, Adam and Victor amicably discussed acquisitions that would both bolster Newman's income and reduce expenses for information technology. Victor was uncertain that stockholders would approve the costly expenditure. Victor added that most companies pacified stockholders by maximizing short-term profits. Adam suggested that he and his father "ditch the stockholders by taking the company back and making it a family-run company again." Adam added, "Let's make it ours. All we have to do is buy Newman Enterprises."

Victor reminded Adam that they didn't have the funds necessary to buy the company. Victor added that Nick, Victoria, and Abby each had $500 million from their lawsuit. Victor insisted that his children should return the funds to the family company, where it belonged. Adam noted that Nick and Abby would never invest in Newman Enterprises as long Adam was involved. Victor rose from his seat, buttoned his coat, and said, "Let me deal with that, son."

Billy arrived home late after a long day at On the Boulevard and emptied his pockets. He placed his belongings on a desk near the front door. In the dark room, Victoria was seated on the sofa, cradling a wide-awake Johnny. Victoria took Johnny upstairs and said that she and Billy needed to have a talk. Billy spied a poker chip on the desk, so he quickly attempted to conceal it by replacing it in his pocket. Billy was unaware that the chip had fallen on the floor and landed atop one of Johnny's toys.

Later, alone together, Billy and Victoria made up after earlier exchanging cross words during an argument. Billy promised that he'd never again suggest that Victoria turn her back on Newman Enterprises. He praised his wife for doing everything she wanted to do quite well. Victoria spotted the dinosaur toy on the floor and found the poker chip. She asked Billy about it, and he mumbled that it was nothing.

Victor arrived and told Victoria that he had a proposition to discuss that just couldn't wait. Victoria and her father seated themselves across from each other in the living room, and Billy positioned himself beside his wife. Victor announced that he, Adam, Victoria, Nick, and Abby could purchase Newman Enterprises from the stockholders if they all pooled their funds. Billy noted that a judge had decided that Victor's offspring had deserved the money they'd won. Victor told Billy that he should be more understanding because Jabot had been returned to the Abbott family.

Victoria asked her father what she, Nick, and Abby would receive in exchange for their $1.5 billion dollars. Victor replied, "You're saying that you want me to remove Adam from the company?" Victoria said she knew her father wouldn't remove Adam. Victoria reiterated that though Adam wouldn't support such a deal, she, Nick, and Abby would expect something in return for their investment. Victoria added that arranging a business deal definitely wasn't the way to reunite their family.

Victor claimed that Adam had proven his loyalty when he risked his life to save his father. Billy could barely contain himself, and he scrunched his face as if he were in physical pain when Victor claimed that Victoria had indicated her desire to make Newman Enterprises a private company. Victoria said she'd need time to think and discuss the matter with Billy. Victor managed to edge in a dig against his son-in-law when he goaded "Billy Boy" about his poorly managed restaurant. After Victor left, Billy moaned about Victor's brazen request. Victoria indignantly reminded Billy that he'd bought a restaurant without first consulting her.

At On the Boulevard, Chelsea and Chloe discussed business over lunch. Chloe admitted that she and Kevin had attempted to spice up their boring marriage by having sex at the office. Chelsea sighed and expressed her displeasure about working at the same desk that Chloe and Kevin had violated during their evening of carnal pleasure. Chloe said that happiness for her and Kevin, in addition to Chelsea and Dylan, could be achieved. Chelsea, weary and confused, sighed deeply.

Chloe urged Chelsea to stick with her decision to declare Dylan the father of her unborn baby. Chelsea cried that the thought of lying to everyone forever made her feel as if her lungs were being squeezed in a vice. She rolled her eyes and added that Dylan had scheduled a meeting to discuss the baby. Chelsea explained that the baby had been conceived because she and Adam had once been in love and had so wanted to have a child together. Chloe replied, "Adam turned out to be a giant, soul-sucking bastard who deserved everything that he got."

Chloe warned that Chelsea would lose her baby to Adam if he discovered that the baby was his. Chelsea maintained that she'd never allow Adam to take her baby, no matter how entitled he believed himself to be. All Adam wanted, Chelsea explained, was Newman Enterprises and Sharon. After Chloe left, Chelsea placed a to-go order of Penne Arrabiata. Carmine took the order and remarked that Chelsea had made an excellent choice.

While Chelsea waited, Adam showed up and asked about Dylan. Chelsea noted that Dylan was out of town and would return soon. Adam mentioned having overheard Chelsea's menu choice. He asked, "Craving spicy food, like you did with our baby?" Chelsea broke down in tears. Adam immediately apologized for his insensitive comment.

Blaming hormones, Chelsea yanked her napkin from beneath the flatware and dabbed at her tears. She added that Adam's thoughtless comment had reminded her of the baby they'd lost. Adam agreed that losing their baby had been painful. Chelsea recalled that Adam had shut her out and begun devoting his life to Newman Enterprises. Tears welled in Adam's eyes, and he admitted he was a jerk. Adam blamed himself for losing Chelsea and what they could have had.

Chelsea's expression changed from anger to affection. She leaned toward Adam and called out his name. Carmine interrupted when he delivered Chelsea's takeout order to the table. Chelsea hesitated and dropped her phone. Adam picked up the phone and noticed a message notification. Adam said, "You don't want to leave Dylan waiting." After Adam left, Chelsea sunk back in her seat in despair.

At Crimson Lights, a frustrated Michael rushed in and demanded that Kevin explain what was going on with Fen. Kevin, noting that he was about to violate his nephew's trust, said that Fen had needed a place to stay. Kevin added that Fen had forbidden him from divulging his nephew's whereabouts. Michael was relieved that Fen had sought help. Kevin cried that he didn't have the power to put Fen's family back together. Michael sadly replied, "I'm not sure I can, either. Maybe Lauren has passed the point of no return."

Later, Chloe stopped by and talked to Kevin about the rift in Lauren and Michael's marriage. Kevin said that Fen would be staying with them another night. Chloe mentioned that Chelsea was torn up about Adam, though Chloe claimed that Chelsea was better off. Expressing concern for her own marriage, Chloe admitted that she and Kevin had endured a few less-than-stellar moments. Chloe asked, "We're good in all the ways that matter, right?" Kevin robotically hugged Chloe and indifferently replied, "Yeah, we are."

At On the Boulevard, Carmine left a phone message for Lauren. He said that he would've returned to town with her had he known she was headed home to take care of her family. Carmine told Lauren that he would be standing by to take care of her. Later, Carmine checked his phone. After a while, Carmine drew in a deep breath and became discouraged because Lauren hadn't returned his call.

Michael stopped by and took a seat at the bar. Carmine asked, "What will you have?" Michael glared at Carmine and boldly replied, "The truth." Carmine fearfully asked, "About what?" Michael said he wanted to discuss the meaning of life and love like most people expected their bartender to expound upon. After Carmine poured a drink, he invited Michael to share his problems. Michael said, "I don't think you'd begin to understand them."

At home, Lauren picked up her cell phone and grew concerned when she didn't notice a message from Fen. Later, Lauren phoned Fen and left a desperate message begging him to call her. Paul arrived, and Lauren explained that Fen had left again. Paul told Lauren that she and Michael had to prove to Fen that they weren't backing down and giving up. Lauren assured Paul that their family would reunite soon because she was doing everything possible to ensure an amicable reconciliation. Paul replied, "Does that include going away with Carmine Basco?"

Lauren denied Paul's claim that she was having an affair with Carmine. Paul reminded Lauren that he loved her because she was his best friend. Recalling that Lauren had made a great life with a wonderful husband, Paul promised not to accuse Lauren of wrongdoing if she'd agree not to be evasive with him. Paul offered to help Lauren, and he asked her if she'd been sleeping with Carmine. Lauren again denied that she was having an affair.

Paul insisted that something was going on between Lauren and Carmine. Paul noted that Lauren was focusing on someone else because it was easier than dealing with the ongoing problems at home with her family. Paul said that sex was one aspect and that an emotional affair was just as destructive. Paul begged Lauren to fight for her marriage and reunite with Michael to help Fen. Paul urged Lauren to be brutally honest if she hoped to preserve her marriage. After Paul left, Kevin sent a message letting Lauren know that Fen would spend the night. Lauren saw the message notification from Carmine, but she deleted it.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki answered Dr. Costner's knock at the door and breathlessly announced that she feared something was terribly wrong. Nikki complained that she felt tired and had suffered from muscle aches. Dr. Costner assured Nikki that she was merely experiencing short-term side effects from the mediation he'd prescribed. Nikki seemed relieved. When she learned that her doctor had stopped by on his way to dinner, she insisted he dine with her because Victor was working late. Nikki added, "It's what Victor lives for."

After dinner, Nikki and Dr. Costner chatted while they enjoyed coffee. Nikki quizzed her doctor about his personal interests. He explained that after the death of his wife, caring for his patients occupied most of his time. Nikki assured her doctor that Victor and other family members had been very attentive to her needs. After Victor arrived, he was surprised to find Dr. Costner with Nikki. Victor hugged Nikki and asked if something was wrong. Nikki referred to her handsome doctor by his first name and said that Kurt had stopped by to check on her after she panicked. Kurt told Victor that Nikki had experienced some side effects from her medication.

After the doctor left, Victor asked why Nikki had referred to Dr. Costner by his first name. Nikki replied, "He asked me to." Victor said he wished she'd contacted him when she became frightened. Victor noted that he'd handled "a few surprises." Nikki understood Victor's code and asked, "What has Adam done now?" Victor told Nikki that Newman Enterprises could be privately held again if their children would agree to invest. Nikki said, "You're already writing that press release in your head."

Nikki warned that involving the children would spark power struggles, especially with Adam being involved. Victor explained that Adam's plan was to take Newman Enterprises to the next level. Victor added that the plan required the company to be held privately. Victor explained that it would be the only way to unite their family, which was what he wanted more than anything. Victor assured Nikki that Victoria would comply with his wishes and that her siblings would follow her lead.

Adam later returned to the office at Newman Enterprises and glanced at the framed photos of the Newman family members Victor kept in his office. Back at Billy and Victoria's house, Victoria apologized for blowing up at Billy again. Billy asked Victoria what she thought about investing a half billion dollars in Newman Enterprises. Victoria replied, "With Adam in charge, he'd cash the check and then shove me overboard. There's no way in hell I'll give that weasel Adam my money, and I'm going to make sure that no one else does, either."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Avery spotted Dylan sitting at a table at Crimson Lights, and she asked if he'd finalized his father's affairs. He replied that he'd taken care of everything, and he apologized for calling her from the cottage, but she said that it was water under the bridge. He inquired how things had been with her, and she explained that the ball was in Nick's court, because Nick knew what she wanted. Chelsea arrived for breakfast, and Avery excused herself to allow them to talk. Chelsea worried that she had interrupted.

Dylan insisted that Avery didn't have to rush off, and Chelsea added that she and Dylan were just meeting for breakfast. Avery congratulated Chelsea on her pregnancy, and she noted that Dylan loved kids and would be an amazing father. Avery stammered that she had to go, and Dylan watched her leave. Chelsea surmised that Avery was more than just Dylan's lawyer.

Chelsea mentioned that she'd spotted Dylan and Avery having an intense conversation at the Underground, but she realized that Dylan and Avery's relationship was personal. Dylan stated that he and Avery knew one another well, and Chelsea didn't want to pry, but Dylan thought that everything should be out in the open. He admitted that he and Avery had once been involved, and Chelsea encouraged him to go back to Avery while he still had a chance.

Dylan explained that he and Avery had been together years before, and Chelsea suspected that the relationship wasn't over. Dylan conceded that his feelings hadn't just disappeared, and Chelsea urged him to fight for Avery. He wondered why Chelsea was pushing, and she offered him an out. She declared that he was off the hook if he wanted a shot with Avery rather than full-time parenthood. Dylan replied that his relationship with Avery had been over for a while.

Dylan recounted that he'd had an affair with Avery when she had been married. He added that no matter how hard he'd wished for more, things had kept getting in the way. Chelsea didn't want the baby to stop him, but Dylan said that he'd already tried, and Avery wanted Nick. Dylan refused to turn his back on Chelsea and the baby, and he said that Avery had been right about how much the child meant to him. Chelsea looked upset, and Dylan asked what she wasn't telling him. Chelsea said that she had to be honest.

Dylan said that honesty was always good, and he wanted to hear what was on Chelsea's mind. She felt uncomfortable talking at the coffeehouse, and he invited her to talk over dinner the next day. She seemed hesitant, and he asked if she was busy. She replied that she wasn't, and he called it a date.

Billy played with Delia, and Victoria mentioned that she'd thought of a way to handle the situation with Adam. Victoria remarked that Delia was wound up about Reed's arrival, and Billy inquired when that would be, but Victoria replied that J.T. hadn't provided any details. Victoria asked if Billy would be okay with the kids, and he insisted that it would be a piece of cake. He pointed out that while he and Victoria didn't like their new schedule, the kids loved having a parent around all the time. Victoria remarked that it would be good practice for when the fertility treatments paid off, and they kissed.

After Victoria left, Delia ran around the living room, shrieking and making a mess, and Billy tried to get her to settle down. Billy sent her to play a game while he recharged. He snoozed on the couch, and he dreamed that Victoria snuggled up against him and said that he needed all the energy he could get, because the fertility treatments were magic. Billy was suddenly holding a newborn baby, with a very pregnant Victoria by his side. Billy found himself surrounded by crying children, and Victoria asked if he'd picked up a "megapack" of diapers. Victoria gushed that it was the life they'd always dreamed of, and Billy awakened with a start.

Billy and Delia played with her dolls, and she said that it was time to change her doll's diaper. Billy didn't want to hear anything about diapers, and Delia suggested that they play Go Fish. She bet that she could beat Billy, and he coached her never to bet, even for fun. He asked her to fetch a board game that didn't have cards or dice.

At the tack house, Nick read Avery's love letter. He met Abby at On the Boulevard, and he wondered why Victoria had summoned them. Victoria arrived and informed her siblings that Victor had approached her with the idea to privatize the company. Nick refused to discuss business, but Victoria warned him and Abby to be prepared for Victor to ask them to invest the money they'd won in the lawsuit. Victoria proposed that the three of them pool their money together to take over the company and kick Adam out for good. Nick questioned what would happen if Victor decided to stand by Adam.

Victoria wanted Victor in charge, but she was tired of Adam undermining her. Abby mentioned that Adam appeared to be doing great work, but Victoria snarled that Adam's true nature would eventually surface, and he's stab them all in the back. Nick contended that he, Victoria, and Abby had all fought against Victor to have their own lives, and he thought that Victor was using the company as a loyalty test. He warned Victoria not to fall into the trap, and he encouraged her to let Adam play the game and learn the hard way. Nick said that he had things to do, and he left. Victoria asked Abby to go in with her, but Victor called Abby and asked to see her that day.

Nick returned home, and he found Avery waiting for him. He asked how she was doing, and she wondered if he'd read her letter. He said that he had, and she nervously rambled that she'd last written a note to a boy in seventh grade, but she'd at least heard back from him by the end of class. She apologized for barging in, when clearly Nick wasn't ready to respond. She told him to take the time he needed and get back to her, and she started to leave. She suddenly announced that the bell had rung and class was over, and she needed to know how Nick felt after reading the letter.

Nick realized that Avery was anxious, and she pointed out that it wasn't every day that she wrote a love letter. She begged for even a tiny hint about how he felt, and Nick admitted that he had been moved. He said that he still loved her, but he also still wondered if she was trying to convince herself that she was over Dylan. Avery revealed that Dylan had asked her to go to his family's cottage, but she had turned him down. She wished that she and Nick could start over and pretend that Dylan had never arrived in town.

Avery invited Nick to dinner as a "first date" at her apartment. She knew that she couldn't erase what had happened, but she felt that they could get back to a place that worked. She vowed not to give up without a fight, and he said that his acceptance hinged on what she planned to make for dinner. Avery questioned whether she'd ever let him down, and Nick reminded her that he liked bacon. She asked if his answer was yes, and he called it a date.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor reported that he'd spoken with Victoria about taking the company private, and Adam surmised that she hadn't cut a check. Victor realized that it was an enormous investment, and he understood that Victoria had wanted to sleep on it, but Adam thought that Victor was in denial about Victoria's bias against Adam. Adam asserted that being a Newman made Victoria dangerous, and he didn't want to be blindsided. Victor insisted that he didn't have a blind spot where any of his children were concerned.

Victor mentioned that he had asked Victoria to give Adam a chance, and he requested that Adam extend the same courtesy to Victoria. Adam contended that he'd hired her, but Victor felt that Adam needed to treat her as an equal. Adam argued that he was her boss, and he worried that there would be at least three strong-willed people all trying to run the company if the Newmans took it private. Victor was certain that their family would pull together to make it work.

Victor and Adam discussed an accounting issue, and Adam thought that Hope would have been touched that they were working together. Victor remarked that he often thought of her, and he had many fond memories. Abby arrived, and Victor suggested that the three of them have lunch. Abby said that she'd just had breakfast with Nick and Victoria, and Adam assumed that Victoria had informed Abby about their plan for the company. Abby revealed that Victoria wanted to make a bid for Victoria, Nick, and Abby to buy back the company themselves. Victor asked what Abby had decided to do.

Abby announced that she wouldn't team up with either side. She admitted that she had been tempted to back Victoria, but she was in a good place with Victor and didn't want to mess that up. Abby added that she was both an Abbott and a Newman, and she was aware of how money could mess things up. She stood firm in her choice to not side with one family member over another, and she wished them luck. Abby departed, and Victor grumbled that his own kids had betrayed him.

Victoria arrived, and Victor requested a moment alone with her. Adam obliged, and Victor barked that she had made the decision behind his back and had betrayed him. He reiterated that the company was more than just business to him, and he called it their family's legacy. She retorted that Adam was threatening their family, but Victor maintained that Adam deserved to be there. She couldn't believe that Victor would take Adam's side, and she imagined the damage Adam could cause with no board to keep him in check.

Victor reminded Victoria that Adam had saved his life, and Victoria was grateful, but she believed that Adam had done it out of instinct, not love. She refused to give Adam a pass for the horrible things he'd done, but Victor bellowed that he'd give Adam one if he wanted to. Victoria recalled that Adam had only been at the wedding to hurt Victor, but Victor remained livid that Victoria had betrayed him. She declared that she would never trust Adam and that she wouldn't give up trying to protect Victor, and she stalked out.

Adam returned and concluded that Victor hadn't gotten anywhere with Victoria, and Victor said to give it time. Adam suspected that Victoria's efforts to "save" the company would destroy its reputation, but Victor believed that family ties were powerful. Adam quipped that they hadn't been when Victor's children had sued him, but Victor was convinced that he'd win Victoria over. Adam believed that Victoria's hatred went much deeper than sibling rivalry, and he anticipated a duel to the death in which Victoria would force Victor to choose between Adam and Victoria.

Victoria met with a private investigator and requested that he dig up information about Adam. She mentioned that she had personal dirt on Adam already, but she needed something related to Newman Enterprises. Victoria explained that Adam had crashed her parents' wedding reception and had threatened to drop a bombshell, but he had been shot before he could follow through. She asked the investigator to find out how explosive the news was.

Tyler arrived at Leslie's apartment to check on Gus, and he hoped that she had let Gus rest before she continued her interrogation about Rose. Leslie wondered why Gus wouldn't tell them who Rose was, and she worried that the answer was something worse than an affair. Gus emerged from the bedroom, and he stated that nothing could be worse than his children spending twelve years thinking that Gus had killed their mother.

Tyler asked if Gus was all right, and Gus told his children to stop fussing over him, because they had something more important to talk about if they wanted to have a chance at a relationship as a family. Gus wanted to put their cards on the table, but Tyler said that it could wait. Gus stated that it had meant the world to him that Tyler and Leslie had reached out, but he thought that they had to go back to where they had been before Gus had gone to prison. Gus suggested that they discuss the night Belinda had died.

Leslie thought that Gus didn't look well, and she made him take some aspirin. Tyler thought that it didn't make sense to revisit Belinda's death, but Gus said that they'd all lost her, but they'd never had the chance to grieve her properly. Leslie regretted that she and Tyler had moved and had pretended not to be related to Gus, and Gus said that he'd also lost his identity, because he had just been a number in prison. Gus said that Belinda had been a painful memory that he'd tried to forget, but they could start by saying goodbye to her.

Tyler proposed that they visit Belinda's grave, but Leslie asked for the whole truth about Rose first. Gus became upset that Leslie could even think that he'd have an affair. He doubled over in discomfort, but he insisted that he didn't want any doctors, because he had to get the truth out. Tyler rushed to get Gus's pills, and Leslie helped Gus to the couch. Gus managed to gasp that Rose wasn't who Leslie thought, and Leslie urged him to calm down. Gus struggled to reveal that he had cared about Rose and that Belinda had known about her.

Leslie told Gus not to be sorry, and he suddenly gripped his arm. Leslie called 9-1-1 for an ambulance, and Tyler begged his dad to stay with them. "Dad," Gus repeated, and he managed a weak smile. The EMTs arrived and worked on Gus, and Leslie flashed back to talking to Gus at the prison and blaming herself for his incarceration, but he had replied that he hadn't deserved his family. In the present, Leslie whispered that she forgave Gus.

Tyler flashed back to his conversation with Gus at the hospital. Gus had been remorseful that Tyler had bad memories, and he had asked for the chance to try to make better ones. Tyler begged Gus to hang on, and Leslie prayed to God that Gus would make it through. The EMTs stopped working, and Leslie and Tyler yelled at them not to give up. One of the technicians apologetically stated that it was too late.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Leslie and Neil met Tyler at her apartment. Tyler reported that he'd handled all the paperwork at the hospital and that Gus's body was at the funeral home. Neil excused himself to make some tea, and a shaken Leslie started to clean up the mess. She picked up ten pills from the floor and became frantic, because there should have been eleven pills left. She scrounged around trying to find the missing one, and Tyler urged her to let it go, because Gus didn't need the medication anymore. Tyler comforted Leslie.

Neil handed a cup of tea to a despondent Leslie. She wished that Gus was still alive in prison, and she regretted hammering Gus with questions about Rose. Tyler bemoaned that he'd pushed Gus to stay, when Gus might have been better off on his own. Neil assured them that Gus had wanted to be with his children, and he added that the last few weeks had been heaven for Gus, because Leslie and Tyler had been willing to be Gus's family. Leslie realized that they didn't know Gus any better than when he had first moved in.

Lily joined Cane for lunch at On the Boulevard, and she said that she was surprised that he had time, given his new CEO title. He said that he hadn't officially started his duties, and she warned that Jill would be waiting for him to make a mistake. Cane thought that Katherine would approve of his plan to spend the afternoon at the lake with Lily. Lily thought his idea sounded amazing, but she had to go to a fitting for the Jabot models. Cane remarked that dealing with models was Tyler's specialty.

Lily told Cane a cute story about Humphrey, and Cane ignored his ringing phone. He was surprised that she hadn't received her usual string of messages from Tyler about the campaign. She became concerned that she hadn't heard anything from Tyler that day, and Cane assumed that Tyler was busy hanging out with the models. Cane asked Lily to resume her story, but she encouraged him to take his call. Cane left to call Katherine back, and Lily sent a text message to Tyler, asking if he was okay.

Tyler received Lily's message, but he didn't respond. Neil asked how Leslie and Tyler would have felt if Gus had died a few months before, and he imagined that Tyler would have cheered. Neil noted that Leslie and Tyler had learned that Gus hadn't been the murderer or the monster they'd thought he had been. Neil added that Gus regretted not being a better father, and Gus had been desperate to make amends. Leslie admitted that she hadn't made it easy, and Tyler was angry with himself for getting too close to Gus, because his gut had told him that Gus would leave again.

Leslie contemplated what clothes to bury Gus in, and she made suggestions to Tyler about music and flowers for the funeral. An overwhelmed Tyler said that he couldn't handle it, and he walked out. Leslie told Neil that the only other funeral Tyler had attended had been their mother's, and she'd handled it by herself. Neil assured her that she wasn't alone, and he recommended white and yellow roses and a particular hymn for the ceremony.

Neil suggested taking Gus back to Milwaukee to be buried next to Belinda, so Leslie and Tyler could visit both graves at the same time. Leslie mused that after their mom had died and Gus had been locked up, she and Tyler had considered themselves orphans. She compared their situation to kids camping out in a tent in the back yard, knowing that the safety of their home was just steps away. She said that she and Tyler were still in the tent, but the house was gone. Neil commented that he knew exactly how she felt, and she asked if he'd lost his parents.

Leslie realized that she and Neil had never discussed Neil's parents, and he said that he'd lost touch with them many years before. He turned the topic back to planning for Gus's funeral, and he asked who they should invite. Leslie wanted to invite Rose, and Neil reminded her that Gus had wanted the matter left alone, but Leslie reasoned that Rose deserved to know that Gus was gone. Neil realized that Leslie was determined to get her own questions answered.

Cane noticed that Lily seemed distracted, and she claimed that she had been thinking about the fitting. She playfully remarked that she didn't make her own hours, unlike the big shots she knew. Cane replied that Neil might let her off early, but she said that she had to work, since Tyler was nowhere to be found. Cane looked disappointed, and she covertly checked her phone. Cane wished Lily luck at the fitting, and they kissed goodbye. Lily tried to call Tyler, who ignored the call and took out his frustrations on a punching bag.

At the Abbott home, Kyle started to leave for the gym, but Jack asked him for a favor for that night. Kyle declared that he had plans and couldn't babysit, but Jack informed him that Summer intended to spend the night at Courtney's, and he wanted to have a romantic night with Phyllis. Kyle promised that he'd make himself scarce, and Jack thanked him for being cool about Phyllis and Summer moving in. Kyle said that he was glad to see Jack happy. Jack proclaimed that he had taken the right step and that he was ready to take the next one. As Phyllis entered the room, Kyle asked if Jack planned to propose.

Phyllis admitted that she'd overheard Jack and Kyle's exchange, and Kyle quickly ducked out. Phyllis asked whether Jack intended to propose, but Jack insisted that Kyle had just gotten ahead of himself. Jack divulged that he had a surprise in store for her, but he wouldn't jinx things by pushing too far. She tried to get him to tell her about the surprise, but he kept mum.

Jack made arrangements over the phone for Phyllis' surprise that evening. Traci entered, and Jack was stunned by her unexpected arrival. Traci called it retribution for his surprise reunion with Phyllis, and he surmised that Ashley had sent her. Jack stated that Phyllis made him happy, and Traci rolled her eyes and said that she had heard it before. He insisted that it was different this time, since Phyllis had saved his life by getting him through rehab. Jack told Traci to go home if she couldn't accept that he was with Phyllis. Traci conceded that if Phyllis made him happy, then Traci was happy for him.

Michael told Paul that he had never expected to be headed for divorce, but Paul encouraged him to fight for his marriage. Michael contended that Lauren had disappeared for days without an explanation, but Paul was certain that Lauren loved Michael. Michael reported that Lauren suddenly hadn't been able to look him in the eye, and he knew that she was hiding something. Paul advised him not to jump to conclusions, but Michael was tired of the unanswered questions, and he asked when he should stop fighting. Michael noted that he'd owned his own mistakes, and it was time for Lauren to do the same.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis bumped into Michael, and he noted that she seemed happy. She announced that she had moved in with Jack, and Michael congratulated her. Phyllis hoped that Michael and Lauren had worked things out, but Michael revealed that while Phyllis had been moving in, he had been moving out. Phyllis asked if the bullying incident had been the cause, but he said it had involved much more. He groused that Lauren was too wrapped up in her new boyfriend to care whether he moved out.

Phyllis agreed with Michael that Lauren's change in behavior seemed suspicious, but she argued that even if Lauren had been with someone else, it might not have been serious. Phyllis added that an innocent flirtation might have made Lauren feel good, but Michael wanted her to spare him the details. Phyllis encouraged Michael to talk to Lauren, but Michael anticipated that Lauren wouldn't admit anything. Speaking from experience, Phyllis said that sneaking around chipped away at the soul, and sometimes telling the truth was easier than living a lie.

Traci descended the stairs, and Jack asked if she'd gotten settled in. She complained that her bedroom had been taken, and he mentioned that Summer had moved in. Traci was surprised that Phyllis' daughter lived there, and Jack revealed that Phyllis did, too. Phyllis arrived home, and she exchanged uncomfortable glances with Jack and Traci.

Phyllis called Traci's presence a surprise, and Jack revealed that the surprise he had planned had been dinner and flowers. Traci commented that she'd barely had a place to put her bags down. Jack scolded that it would have been easier if Traci had called first, and Traci reprimanded him for not informing her that Phyllis and Summer had moved in. Phyllis asked how long Traci planned to stay, and Traci sternly replied, "Indefinitely."

Fen and Summer ran into one another in the Athletic Club lobby, and she asked him not to undo the stress relief that she'd just gotten in yoga class. He said that he was stressed, too, because Michael had moved out, and Fen felt that it was his fault. Fen resented that Michael had convinced Fen to invest in their family again, and then Michael had taken off. Summer received a call, and Fen jealously assumed that it was from her boyfriend. Fen warned that Kyle would just get what he wanted from Summer and move on.

Kyle worked out at the gym, and Fen approached and pulled on Kyle's barbell. Fen warned Kyle to stay away from Summer, and Kyle told Fen to get his facts straight. As Kyle safely set down the weight, Fen menacingly stated that Kyle could get hurt a lot worse. Kyle roughly grabbed Fen's arm, but Carmine separated them and threatened to call the cops. Fen hissed that he'd meant what he'd said, and he stalked off.

Fen returned to the gym, and he thanked Carmine for keeping him from doing anything stupid. Carmine remarked that Kyle was out of Fen's weight class, but Fen responded that he had smarter tactics to use. Carmine guessed that Fen's sullen attitude had to do with girl problems, and Fen grumbled that Kyle just wanted to take what he could get. Carmine suggested that Fen prove that he was the better man by being there to pick up the pieces when things fell apart.

At Crimson Lights, Summer met with Kyle before her Jabot fitting. He said that he had summoned her because he had wanted to talk in person, and she worried that he was about to fire her. He told her about Fen's possessive behavior, and he wondered if Fen might really be a threat to her. Summer attributed Fen's built-up rage to his parents' breakup, but Kyle cautioned her to avoid Fen. She mentioned that Fen thought that Kyle was her boyfriend, so it would be easy to explain if Kyle was always around to look out for her.

Lauren looked at the Carmine's playing cards and flashed back to Michael questioning her about them. She answered her door to Carmine, and she nervously asked what he was doing there. Carmine reminded her that she had run out on him and had ignored his calls, and she told him that he had to leave. He begged to know if he had done something wrong, but she replied that she regretted leaving town and continuing their affair, and she declared that it had to stop. Carmine argued that he didn't want it to end.

Lauren refused to give in to Carmine's charms again. She revealed that Michael had found the deck of cards, and she had lied about it, but she couldn't do it anymore. She vowed that she had to stop lying, and Carmine questioned whether she thought it had been okay to ditch him on their trip. She explained that she hadn't wanted Carmine to try to stop her. Carmine understood that she had responsibilities, and he asked if she trusted him. Lauren replied that she didn't trust herself around Carmine.

Carmine pointed out that Lauren's impulse was to be with him, but she refused to continue to act on her impulses. He asserted that she'd been reinvigorated after a few days with him in Lake Geneva, but she pointed out that her problems hadn't gone away, and she needed to deal with them. Lauren proclaimed that she wanted her family, and she pledged to do anything to make it happen. Paul entered and demanded that she end things with Carmine immediately.

Lauren fibbed that she'd asked Carmine for a quote for his bartending services for an upcoming party. Paul said that she was out of excuses, and Carmine insisted that he and Lauren were just friends, but Paul ordered Carmine out. Carmine became defensive, but Lauren asked Carmine to go. After Carmine left, Paul called Lauren out on her lies. Lauren confessed that she'd broken off the affair, but Paul couldn't believe that she'd risk her marriage for Carmine.

Paul and Lauren argued, and he asserted that friends looked out for one another and stopped one another from making mistakes. He questioned why she would trash the life she'd built, and she tearfully explained that Carmine had listened when she and Michael had been barely been on speaking terms. She had thought of Carmine as a simple, safe place, but she realized that she couldn't go back, and she didn't know how to get rid of the guilt. Paul said that he wasn't sure that she could. She panicked that he would tell Michael, but Paul declared, "I'm not going to tell Michael anything. You are."

Lauren wailed that she couldn't hurt Michael with the truth, but Paul mentioned that Michael had just poured his guts out to Paul. Paul believed that Lauren loved Michael, and he implored her to be honest with her husband. Paul advised that if she wanted her old life back, then she needed to put everything on the table and accept the consequences. He asked if she loved Michael, and she nodded. He pushed her to be honest, because although it would be painful, Michael didn't deserve to be played for a fool.

After Paul left, Lauren saw a text message from Carmine, saying he'd be there if she needed a friend. She deleted the message. She took a deep breath and called Michael, who happened to answer his phone as he walked in the front door. Lauren said that she was glad Michael was there, and he wondered what he had done right.

Lauren acknowledged that she had been unapproachable, and she wanted to change things, but Michael couldn't accept her word at face value. She swore that she loved him and wanted to fix their marriage, but he demanded the truth. Michael asked point-blank if Lauren was having an affair.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Carmine offered to cover for Dylan, so Dylan could leave early for his date. Adam overheard and asked if Dylan and Chelsea were sharing more than just a kid. Adam advised Dylan that Chelsea had champagne tastes, but Dylan refused to let Adam insult Chelsea. Dylan and Adam exchanged barbs, and Dylan asserted that he was gentleman enough to walk away before he did something he regretted. Carmine poured Adam a double shot, and he pointedly commented that it was impossible to let go of some women.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea worried about her dinner date with Dylan, and Chloe teased that it sounded intimate. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to take the chance to get to know Dylan better, because that night could be the start of something more. Chelsea thought it was more likely that it would be the end of something, and Chloe questioned whether Chelsea planned to dump Dylan. Chelsea pointed out that they had never been a couple, but she needed privacy to tell Dylan the truth about the baby's father. Chelsea anticipated that he'd walk out and that she'd never see him again.

Chloe argued that Adam was in the dark and that Dylan was picking out baby names, so no one stood to get hurt, but Chelsea called Dylan a stand-up guy who deserved to know the truth. Avery overheard and asked what Chelsea was talking about. Chloe called the conversation private, but Chelsea covered by saying that Dylan should know that Chelsea might not stay in Genoa City. Chloe left to talk to Kevin, and Avery apologized for eavesdropping. Chelsea revealed that Dylan had told her about his past relationship with Avery, and she made it clear that she didn't want to stand in their way.

Avery insisted that she and Dylan were over, but she hoped that Chelsea would let Dylan help raise the child, because the baby meant a lot to him after he'd suffered many losses. Avery contended that Dylan had a lot of love to give, and she thought that he needed someone to love him back. Avery called Dylan a kind, caring man who was one of the few genuinely good guys left, and Chelsea questioned whether Avery was still in love with Dylan.

Avery said that she still cared about Dylan, and she thought that he would be devastated if he weren't in his child's life. She added that it would be a shame for the child to not know its father, but ultimately, it was Chelsea's choice. Chelsea said that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Dylan's position. Avery nervously vowed to stop procrastinating when she had to prepare an important dinner that could change everything. Chelsea replied that she had to do the same thing.

Later, Dylan arrived at Chelsea's suite, and he presented her with sparkling cider. He observed that her room was classier than his, but she said that she didn't plan to live there much longer. He mentioned that he had set up an appointment to look at an apartment with enough space for him and the baby, if she felt comfortable letting the baby stay with him sometimes. She asked him to sit down, because she had to tell him something important.

Chelsea said that she wanted to discuss the baby, and Dylan blurted that he had been an idiot for talking about having the baby stay at his place. He assured her that he didn't want to pressure her, but it would mean a lot to him to spend time with the baby. Chelsea said that she understood, based on her conversation with Avery. Dylan assumed that Avery had mentioned the baby he and Avery had lost, but Chelsea said that Avery had only said that he would make a great father. Chelsea asked for the whole story, and she promised not to judge.

Dylan recounted that Avery had been pregnant, and they had happily planned to get married, but she had miscarried. Chelsea realized why he had empathized with Chelsea regarding her own miscarriage. Dylan explained that he and Avery had drifted apart, and then he'd gone overseas, while Avery had moved on. Dylan said it had been a miracle to help create a life, and he had hoped that someday he'd have another chance. He swore that whatever happened, he'd be there for the child, because that kind of bond and love lasted forever. Dylan asked what Chelsea had wanted to say, but she balked.

Chelsea grappled for words, and eventually she stuck with the same story she'd told Avery about potentially leaving Genoa City. Dylan was surprised, and he asked if she intended to move someplace close. She replied that she'd realized that her home and family were there, so she'd decided to stay. He was relieved, and he said that they had a lot to discuss.

Dylan pulled out his sketch of a baby cradle, and Chelsea called it gorgeous. He swore that he'd followed all the safety guidelines, and he said they could pick the type of wood based on what colors she wanted for the nursery. A clearly affected Chelsea said that she loved it, and she called it art. They looked at the sketch together and gazed into one another's eyes.

Dylan told a story about the first thing he'd ever built, and Chelsea laughed as he recounted his mother risking her life on his uneven stepstool. Chelsea commented that he'd had a really good mom, and he replied that Chelsea would be a great one, too. He said that it was getting late, and he moved to leave. Dylan thanked Chelsea for listening and talking, as well as for letting him be a part of their child's life. They shared a tender kiss, and he wished her a good night. He left, and she smiled as she closed the door behind him.

Chloe mentioned a rich gated community to Kevin, and she thought that perhaps Crimson Lights could cater their clubhouse parties. Kevin groused about how much rich people wasted, but Chloe cautioned him against liberating the rich homeowners from their junk, especially with the cops being suspicious of the Fishers. Chloe swore to keep things hot and fun between them, and she recalled that they'd had fun the prior night, watching a movie. He half-heartedly replied that it had been great, but after she walked away, he complained about being in bed by ten.

Later, Chloe fell asleep while watching a movie with Kevin. She awakened when Kevin slammed his laptop shut, and he griped that watching other people commit a crime didn't have same effect he had thought it would. She kissed him and said that they didn't need to be Bonnie and Clyde to have a great marriage, and she recalled the imaginary trip to Thailand they'd taken at her office. She left to lock up, and Kevin opened his laptop and looked at the Ridgecliff Estates website.

Nick looked at Avery's engagement ring, and he set it on the coffee table when he heard a knock at the door. Sharon asked if she could tuck Faith in, and she inquired whether Nick was on his way out. He mentioned that Avery had invited him over for dinner, and Sharon thought he sounded strangely formal, like he was headed out on a first date rather than a night with his fiancée. Nick replied that the situation was exactly that.

Sharon noticed the ring on the table, and Nick tried to change the subject, but Sharon guessed that he had taken her advice not to move forward too quickly. She asked who had called off the engagement, and he claimed that it had been a mutual decision to take time to see where things stood. He continued that his date with Avery that night was a new start to figure out whether he and Avery wanted the same things for their future. He steeled himself to put his own feelings aside while Avery sorted through her feelings for Dylan.

While Sharon was upstairs with Faith, Adam stopped by to see Nick. Adam announced his and Victor's plan to buy back stock to take Newman Enterprises private, and Nick dryly stated that it would be one big, happy family running the business. Adam said that he shared Victor's dream, and he wanted to discuss the idea with Nick further. Nick declared that any plan involving Adam wasn't good, and he told Adam to look elsewhere for the money.

Sharon descended the stairs, and she was surprised to see Adam there. Adam said that he and Nick had just finished a business discussion, and he asked if Sharon had any ideas about a maid. She replied that she'd let him know, and Adam left. Nick found Adam's maid inquiry creepy, but Sharon said that Adam had just bought the penthouse and probably needed help. Nick advised her to be careful to not get hurt; she looked at the ring and counseled him to do the same thing. Sharon departed, and Nick put the ring in a drawer.

Over the phone at home, Adam told someone that he needed full funding. There was a knock at his door, and he found Sharon on his doorstep in a skimpy maid's uniform. In a bad French accent, she asked where she should begin. He said that he was a little dirty, and they began to kiss passionately. After they had sex, Adam said that he was glad that he and Sharon had bumped into one another at Nick's.

Sharon mentioned that Nick had warned her to be careful with Adam. Adam called it good advice, but she insisted that she knew what she was doing. She asked what business Adam and Nick had been talking about, and he tersely replied Newman Enterprises. Adam inquired how her "lady of leisure" status was working for her, and she mused that she didn't know what she wanted in some areas of her life, but others were crystal clear.

As Adam walked Sharon to the door, she playfully commented that her air conditioner was acting up, and with the warm weather approaching, she thought that Adam might know someone with an accent who could regulate her heat. They kissed goodbye. Adam called Victor and said that he'd gotten the money to buy out the public investors. Adam declared that Newman Enterprises would soon be theirs and only theirs.

Nick presented Avery with flowers at her apartment, and he said that the food smelled great. She rattled off the menu, and he noted that it consisted of his favorites. She admitted that she was nervous, and he said that he was, too, but he added that was how first dates worked. Nick kissed Avery's cheek, and he asked if she was still feeling shaky. She said that she was anxious about where their date could lead, and they smiled at one another. Avery proposed a toast to new beginnings.

Nick and Avery slowly danced, and he suggested that they quit while they were ahead, but she didn't want to. He mentioned dessert, and she went to get it. They agreed that they'd had a nice evening, and she asked him to fetch a whisk. He found Dylan's dog tags in her drawer, and she explained that she'd meant to give them back to Dylan. Nick pointed out that she hadn't.

Later, Avery asked if Nick wanted seconds, but he thought that he should get home. She wished that he would stay, but he reminded her that it was their first date, and she said that she wanted many more. He replied that it would take time, and she walked him to the door. He thanked her, and they shared a brief kiss. Nick left, and Avery looked disappointed.

Michael asked Lauren if she was cheating on him, and he pleaded with her just to tell him the truth. She hesitated, and he wondered if he hadn't been able to fix their marriage because she had found someone else. He argued that for months, he'd thought their marriage had been wasting away because he'd hurt her and Fen, and he questioned whether there was more to it. Lauren confirmed that it hadn't just been him, and Michael inquired again if she had been with someone else. She tried to walk past him, but he grabbed her arm and refused to let her run away again. He demanded to know whether she was in love with another man.

Lauren insisted that she wasn't in love with another man, and Michael again asked her if she'd had an affair. She angrily pointed out that Michael had left and that he had said that their marriage couldn't be fixed. Michael snapped that he was sick of her evasions and lies, and he noticed a pen on the table with a logo for the Geneva Pines Inn. He asked when she'd been there, and he assumed that it had been on the day no one had been able to find her. A livid Michael questioned whether she had been at the inn with "him."

Lauren suggested that a client could have left the pen behind, but Michael hotly questioned how stupid she thought he was. She implored him to trust her, and he sarcastically congratulated her for tricking an attorney by blinding him about the evidence. Michael's fury grew as he put together the pieces -- her distracted nature, the sudden meetings, the nights she hadn't returned home, the odd calls, and her recoil from Michael's touch. Michael roared that he'd heard her lover's voice in the background, yet she still had the gall to stand there and tell him that she wasn't having an affair. Lauren spat that no one would blame her if she had.

Michael couldn't believe that Lauren would justify having an affair, but she said that things weren't black and white, like the way Michael saw them as a lawyer. Michael barked that he'd acknowledged his mistakes, and Lauren recalled that she'd begged Michael to be there for her, but he had been too caught up in the law and his own feelings about Fen. Michael contended that he loved Fen just as much as she did, but she yelled that Michael had shut down and had driven her to find support elsewhere. Michael continued to question whether it had been into another man's arms.

Michael demanded to know who Lauren had turned to, but Lauren denied that there had been someone else. An enraged Michael turned over the coffee table and screamed at her to tell him, but she begged him to stop. He said that it was just as well, because if he ever found out who had put their hands on her, Michael wouldn't be responsible for his actions. Michael stalked out, and as Lauren cleaned up the mess from his tirade, she found the queen of hearts card. She stabbed at it with the hotel pen in despair.

Carmine lit a candle at the bar. Michael arrived, and Carmine asked if he'd had another bad day. Michael told him to shut up and pour. Michael spied a book of matches from the Geneva Pines Inn on the bar, and he seethed as he glared incredulously at Carmine.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Avery thanked Dylan for meeting her at the Athletic Club bar. She handed him his dog tags, and he mentioned that he had replacements, but she thought that she shouldn't have them anymore. He noted that she'd had them for a long time, and she replied that her problem was holding on too long and forgetting to concentrate on what was ahead. Nick was incredulous when he found Dylan and Avery together.

Dylan said that Nick had jumped to the wrong conclusion, and Avery explained that she'd needed to give Dylan back what was his. She told Nick that the dog tags had almost ruined her evening with Nick, and she had needed to take care of giving them back in order to move forward. Nick apologized, and he left to go work out. Later, Dylan confronted Nick at the gym. Nick asked if Dylan had something to say, and Dylan replied that it was time they settled things.

Nick grumbled that Dylan seemed to show up everywhere and that Dylan was always getting between Nick and Avery. Dylan conceded that he'd tried to make Avery see that she didn't want a life with Nick, but instead, Avery had convinced Dylan that she loved Nick more than him. Dylan stated that it was fine with him if Nick ended up losing Avery because Nick didn't believe her, and it would be Nick's own fault if Nick chose not to listen.

Nick acknowledged that Avery had loved Dylan deeply, and he revealed that she had cried when she'd told Nick that Dylan had died. Nick said that Dylan's memory hadn't affected Nick's relationship with Avery until Dylan had shown up, and Nick admitted that he'd been jealous. Dylan pointed out that Avery had made it clear that she didn't want to be with Dylan, and Nick didn't blame Dylan for trying to reunite with Avery, because Dylan would have been an idiot to let her slip away. Dylan asked if Nick was an idiot, and he told Nick to follow his own advice.

At On the Boulevard, Dylan seemed lost in thought as he looked at his dog tags. He received a text message from Chelsea, who let him know that she'd had a nice time that evening, and he smiled.

Avery returned to her apartment and turned on some music, and she glumly cleaned up the plates from dinner. Afterward, she sipped a glass of wine and looked at the rock she'd given Dylan. She then gazed at a photo of her and Nick. Avery put the rock away in a box, and she answered her door to Nick.

Nick said that Dylan had asked him if he was an idiot, and he had realized that he was. Nick recognized that he had ex-wives, kids, and tons of family baggage, and he had no right trying to make Avery prove that she loved him. Nick accepted that Dylan was part of Avery's life, but he knew that Nick was in Avery's heart, too. He repeated that he was an idiot, and he proclaimed that he loved her and wanted her. Nick asked if she still wanted him, and she joyfully replied, "So much." They passionately kissed.

An upset Leslie showed Neil an online blog post about her past as Valerie. The post questioned who she really was and what she had to hide. The author suspected that Leslie was running from her guilt with good reason, and maybe it was better not to find out what that reason was. Leslie said that only a couple of people had known about her past, and she was certain that Tyler hadn't said anything. She asked if Neil had written those things about her.

Neil admitted that the words were his, but they had never been meant for public consumption. He explained that the comments had been part of a diary he'd kept since he'd gotten sober, and the diary had served as a dumping ground for emotional baggage to help him to avoid drinking again. He said that the statement didn't represent how he felt about her, and he had never wanted to hurt her, but he hadn't expected the information to go public. Leslie surmised that he'd written more, and she asked to know the rest.

Neil said that he'd also written about how Leslie made him feel when they were together and how beautiful she was, inside and out. Neil added that he'd revealed how grateful he'd been that she had let down her walls and had told him her secrets. He insisted that those were the things that mattered, not what he'd penned before he'd really known her. Leslie wondered who would hurt her by putting it out there, especially when Gus had just died, and Neil promised that they'd find out.

Neil and Leslie went to the police station and inquired whether there had been any leads about the burglary. Detective Gordon reported that they had no video surveillance or fingerprint matches, but Neil said that he had some information that might help. He added that he thought the break-in had been personal. Neil explained that someone had anonymously posted information from his stolen flash drive. Alex looked up the web page to track the IP address, and he realized that it wasn't a random blog template, but Genoa City Buzz. Alex suspected that the mysterious blogger wouldn't stop there.

Traci referred to Phyllis as Jack's housemate, and Jack was irritated by the clinical term. Traci asked how it had happened, and Jack stated that Phyllis made him happy, so it had been a logical step to spend more time together. Jack mentioned that he'd been the one to convince Phyllis to move in, and Traci questioned Phyllis' reluctance. Jack contended that he and Phyllis had known one another for years, and they were in a wonderful place. Traci said that she wanted Jack to be happy, but Phyllis had hurt him badly, and there was a chance that Phyllis would hurt him again. Phyllis eavesdropped from the stairway.

Jack asked Traci to be happy for him, but he warned her not to bash Phyllis. Traci expressed her concern, but Jack barked that he didn't need his sisters to run his life. Phyllis interrupted and said that she needed to go to work, and she kissed Jack goodbye. Jack chided Traci for chasing Phyllis away, but Traci implied that Phyllis had lied about having work to do.

Jack maintained that he and Phyllis had changed, but Traci called Phyllis "emotional poison," and she refused to let Phyllis hurt him again. Jack admitted that he and Phyllis had a lot of history, but they had gone through a lot together and were in a good place. Traci argued that Phyllis wasn't good for him or his recovery. Jack testily called Traci's visit an ambush, and he barked that he didn't need an intervention. Jack asserted that if Traci couldn't be happy for him, then she shouldn't stay at the house.

At On the Boulevard, Michael stared at the matchbook from Geneva Pines Inn, and he asked Carmine if it was a nice place. Carmine claimed that he didn't know much about "Geneva Plains," but it looked expensive. Michael mentioned that he'd found the matchbook on the bar, and Carmine said that people left things behind all the time. Michael found it strange that someone would leave a matchbook, since no smoking was allowed in the restaurant. Carmine asked if Michael had something to say. "You son of a bitch," Michael hissed, and he stalked off. Carmine called Lauren.

Lauren asked herself what she'd done, and she ignored Carmine's call. She jumped up when she heard someone at the door, and she was happy to see Fen, since she hadn't been sure if he'd return home after he'd stayed with Kevin and Chloe. Fen compared his absence to Michael's, and he lamented that his behavior drove people to walk off ledges. A concerned Lauren asked what had happened, and Fen said that he couldn't stop screwing up. He confessed that he loved Summer, but Summer couldn't stand him.

Lauren advised Fen that it was part of growing up to get off track and then find a way back, and she sympathized that learning and growing could be painful. He said that he couldn't forget the terrible things that he'd done to Jamie and the awful words he'd said to his parents. Fen added that he felt like a jerk, and he thought that Summer saw him the same way. Lauren suggested that if Fen cared about Summer, then he should strive to be the guy Summer deserved, and she was sure that he and Summer would work it out. He asked if the same went for Lauren and Michael, and Lauren replied that she was confident that they would work things out, too.

Kyle entered Crimson Lights, and Summer asked if he was planning his next "walk of shame." He mentioned that he was meeting some friends at the Underground, and Summer suggested that he ask his friends to meet her and Kyle someplace else. He wondered what she meant, and Summer reminded him of the plan to pretend that she was dating Kyle to protect her from Fen. Kyle said that she knew Fen better than him, and Fen probably wasn't a threat. Summer requested a big favor, and she asked if Kyle would take her to prom.

Summer worried that her request sounded odd, but she really needed a date. Kyle said that he was flattered, but he reasoned that the school didn't allow dates over the age of 21. She argued that they wouldn't card him, and since she was about to become a professional model, she couldn't show up stag. He remarked that it would be a sign of confidence, and he pointed out that it would ruin the evening if the school turned him away. Kyle was sure that any guy at school would love to take her, and he suggested that she tell him about it afterward.

Across the coffeehouse, Michael despondently toyed with the matchbook, and Phyllis observed that he looked like death. He revealed that he had been right about Lauren, and Phyllis asked if Lauren had confessed to having an affair. Michael replied that she hadn't, but he had confirmation of it, and knowing that Lauren had turned to another man changed everything. Phyllis advised Michael to talk to Lauren, but Michael thought that there was no point. Phyllis questioned whether Michael's marriage was over.

Michael accepted blame for the mess, because he'd ignored his wife and arrested his son. Phyllis noted that people cheated because they wanted to, not because they were forced to, and an affair could mean many things, but it didn't define Lauren. Phyllis contended that the affair didn't mean that Lauren loved Michael any less, and she reminded him that he and Lauren had once had a great marriage. Phyllis adamantly urged Michael to go home immediately and talk to Lauren.

Later, Summer spotted Phyllis, who confided that Traci was at the house and that Traci obviously hated Phyllis. Summer joked that Phyllis could take Traci, and she offered to get Phyllis some brass knuckles for Mother's Day. Summer assured her mother that Jack worshipped Phyllis, and Phyllis considered herself lucky. Summer wondered when she would find someone who liked her for who she was, and Phyllis encouraged Summer to hold out for the right person. Phyllis said that Jack was her best friend, and there was nothing better than being in love with one's best friend. Fen overheard and smiled.

Fen asked for a moment with Summer, and Phyllis wasn't sure that was a good idea, but he promised that he wouldn't cause trouble. He added that he was there to apologize, and Summer said that it was fine. Summer told Phyllis to go home and prove that she had a right to be with Jack, because everyone deserved a second chance. Fen seemed heartened by Summer's words.

Phyllis returned to the Abbott house and was shocked to learn that Jack had asked Traci to leave. Traci agreed that it was for the best, but Phyllis called the situation crazy. Phyllis rambled that she knew that Traci and Ashley didn't think that Phyllis was right for Jack, but Phyllis cared very deeply for him. Phyllis rationalized that she couldn't convince Traci of that if Traci went back to New York, and Phyllis suggested that Traci stay for dinner, so Traci could see for herself that Phyllis and Jack could make things work.

Michael returned home, and Lauren said that she was glad he was there. He asked if Fen was around, and she divulged that she'd had a good talk with Fen and that Fen had reached out. She offered to call Fen and ask him to return home, but Michael understood that Fen needed to clear his head. Michael poured a drink, and Lauren explained that she had lashed out in anger earlier, and she apologized for being cruel. He questioned whether she was denying that she had walked away from Michael and into "that bartender's" bed.

Michael recounted that Carmine had always been eager to ask how Michael was doing, when all the while Carmine had been silently cheering while Michael had been mourning his marriage. Michael coldly questioned what had made Carmine the answer, and a shaken Lauren said that it had been a mistake that she wished she could take back. Michael spat that she couldn't unmake the bed or erase what had happened in it. Michael didn't know whether he felt grief, rage, or just a dull ache where his heart had once been. He said that Phyllis had advised him to fight for his marriage, and Lauren pleaded with him to yell at her and tell her how she'd hurt him. Lauren begged Michael to love her again and to give her another chance.

Michael recalled that he and Lauren had shared a lifetime of incredible moments, and he said that Phyllis had called them the couple that everyone wanted to be. Lauren remarked that they'd seen a lot of people break up since they'd been together, but they'd beaten the odds. "Until now," Michael replied. Lauren contended that they'd gotten that far because of love, and she thought that they could get their marriage back. Michael questioned whether Lauren really wanted a life with him or just a means to alleviate her shame and guilt. Lauren admitted that she was ashamed, but she wasn't giving up.

Lauren declared that she loved Michael, and she hoped that under his anger and hurt, he still loved her, too. Michael was tortured with images in his head of the intimate moments Carmine and Lauren had shared. Michael tearfully stated that he had hurt Lauren, and she had hurt him back. Lauren insisted that they could heal, and she begged Michael to do it together.

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