The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 15, 2013 on Y&R

Gus suffered an apparent heart attack. Victoria returned to Newman Enterprises. Billy won On the Boulevard in a poker game. Phyllis agreed to move in with Jack. Adam confronted Chelsea about her pregnancy in front of Dylan.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 15, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Noah, bedraggled and partly recovered from a hangover, returned to the tack house. Nick excitedly announced that he and Avery were engaged. Without much emotion, Noah replied, "You love Avery. It's great." Nick asked his son to honestly share his thoughts. Noah asked, "How much of this has to do with Dylan being back in town?" Nick explained that he'd planned to propose to Avery long before Dylan returned. Noah asked if his father was jealous of Dylan. Nick explained that he felt sympathy for Dylan because he'd lost two years of his life and had later discovered that everything had changed.

Nick admitted that the traumatic events at his parents' wedding had partially motivated him because he didn't want to waste another day without Avery. Noah nodded, acknowledging his dad's feelings. Noah admitted that he'd been hurt by Adriana's sudden exit. Nick claimed that even his failed relationships with women had made him a better person. Noah asked if his dad feared losing Avery. Nick said that he and Avery loved each other and had decided to spend their lives together. Nick added that he was certain Avery was the right one for him.

Chloe dragged the pregnant Chelsea to the Underground in hopes of locating a "fake baby daddy." Chloe reminded Chelsea that her expanding belly would soon catch Adam's attention. Chelsea agreed that she wouldn't want to wage a custody battle against Adam, but she insisted that it wouldn't be fair to saddle an unsuspecting man with a child. Chloe maintained that it wouldn't be fair for Chelsea to spend her life alone. Chloe spotted Dylan and announced that Chelsea should strike up a conversation with him.

Chloe encouraged Chelsea to share all of the details about her recent one-night stand. Chloe fixed her gaze on Dylan, sitting across the room with Avery, and asked Chelsea if she could imagine being in bed with him. In a brief flashback, Chelsea remembered the night she and Dylan had made love in his motel room. Chloe noticed Chelsea's physical reaction to the idea of making love to Dylan and prodded her to turn her fantasy into a reality. Chelsea blushed when she mentioned Dylan by name, and Chloe realized that Chelsea had been intimate with him.

Across the room from Chelsea and Chloe, Dylan and Avery talked about the baby they had conceived but later lost. Sobbing, Avery explained that she'd desperately yearned to gaze into their baby's eyes to see his father's staring back. Avery broke down. She cried, "What happened to our baby was punishment for what we did. Our affair hurt a good man." Dylan replied, "So God took our baby as payback? He doesn't work like that." Avery cried that she seemed to lose all of the people she loved.

Dylan told Avery that she deserved to be happy. Avery replied, "I am happy with Nick." Avery told Dylan that she'd spent two years thinking that she'd never again be happy. Avery explained that she and Nick had encountered a few bumps along the way because of Nick and Phyllis' complicated relationship. Avery noted that she and Nick had later grown closer and had eventually found happiness together.

Dylan asked Avery if she'd mentioned their baby to Nick. Avery admitted that she hadn't. Dylan assured Avery that Nick would understand because he'd lost Cassie. Avery said that Nick had spent years loving Cassie. Avery added that she'd never even meet her child. Avery sobbed when Dylan recalled how they'd happily anticipated their unborn child's first step and other important milestones. Avery noted that their world had fallen apart after the miscarriage. Avery admitted that she feared suffering the anguish of another miscarriage.

Avery told Dylan that she'd never been able to maintain a lasting relationship with anyone, not even members of her family. Dylan admitted that he hadn't remained committed to Avery. He apologized for disappearing after they lost the baby. Dylan added, "If we could have grieved together and moved past it, maybe we could be planning our wedding." Avery cried, "I love Nick." Dylan told Avery that he would always love her, and he begged her to marry him. Tears welled in Avery's eyes, but she didn't respond.

At Leslie's apartment, Neil unlocked the door and led an exhausted Leslie inside. The clanging of pots and pans startled the couple. Leslie spotted her father in the kitchen and said, "Dad, what are you doing?" Gus announced that he'd cooked spaghetti, which he recalled was Leslie's favorite. Gus dished out heaping servings of spaghetti and noted that there was plenty just in case Tyler happened by. Leslie cautioned her father not to get his hopes up. Gus praised Avery's efforts through the Innocence Foundation for giving him another chance. Gus swore that he'd be the father his children deserved.

After the meal, Leslie began washing dishes. Gus insisted he take over the task. Leslie encouraged Gus to take a walk, but when he attempted to grab a glass from her hand, it fell to the floor. Leslie recoiled from the shattered glass and became upset. Gus acknowledged that he and his daughter might benefit from time away from each other. After Gus stepped out, Neil held Leslie's hand and noted that she was a strong woman because she'd cared for herself and her brother after their family fell apart.

At Jabot's Fashion Division, Lily and Tyler worked late and were alone together. Lily urged Tyler to be happy because it was what his mother would desire for her son. Lily added, "You deserve to have good things in your life because you are such a good person." Tyler, mesmerized by Lily's concern, kissed her on the lips. Lily wrapped her arms around Tyler, and he embraced her.

Lily suddenly pulled away and said, "Oh, my God!" Lily cried, "You're drunk and upset. I'm here, so it just happened." Tyler stopped Lily as she rushed toward the door. He said, "You're making it sound like I was looking to be with just any woman. It had to be you."

Tyler admitted that he'd felt a connection to Lily since they'd first met because she effortlessly connected with people and put them at ease. Tyler noted that he'd never been able to trust others, but he felt he could pour out his heart to her. Lily replied, "I'm glad I was here because obviously you needed a friend." Tyler thanked Lily for being a true friend to him while he was dealing with his father. Tyler apologized to Lily for not being as supportive to her. Lily told Tyler that they could continue working together as long as he never kissed her again.

Cane accompanied Katherine to On the Boulevard. Katherine thanked Cane for allowing her time to decompress after discovering that she had a brain tumor. Cane noted that he would be free until Lily finished working late on a project. Katherine admitted that facing brain surgery was very intimidating. Cane attempted to allay Katherine's fears and explained that her neurosurgeon was the best.

Katherine lowered her voice and insisted to Cane that her family would be better off not knowing about her tumor. Katherine said that Cane could share the news with Lily because the couple kept no secrets from each other. Katherine pointed her finger at Cane and made him promise not to disclose her condition to anyone else. Cane nodded affirmatively. Katherine said her family would worry that she was at the end of her life. She added that members of her family would pity her, and she said she couldn't handle their reactions.

Cane insisted that Katherine should allow her family to face her illness along with her, so she wouldn't be alone. Katherine admitted that she wouldn't be pleased if Cane hid an illness from her. Cane reminded Katherine that family members had offered support and love when Lily had cancer, and he offered to be present when Katherine broke the news. Katherine replied, "It's my life. It's my body. It's my decision. You don't have a vote." Katherine rose from the table and walked out alone.

Lily joined Cane and took the seat Katherine had vacated. Cane told Lily that Katherine had decided not to reveal her diagnosis to her family. Cane said he'd mentioned to Katherine that they never kept secrets from each other. Cane said he was concerned about Katherine and hoped that the tumor and the treatment for it wouldn't alter her. Lily replied, "The tumor could be benign." Cane agreed and said he wanted to returned home and spend the rest of the evening snuggling in bed with her. Lily agreed. Cane asked if Lily had taken care of everything at the office. Lily smiled and replied, "I think so."

Neil stopped by the Jabot office to visit Tyler, who noted that Lily had already left. Neil explained that he wasn't searching for Lily. Neil asked Tyler why he was still at the office so late. Neil mentioned that Gus was making an honest effort to earn his son's respect and affection. Tyler told Neil that Neil didn't need to plead Tyler's father's case. Neil advised Tyler not to shut out his sister because the siblings needed each other more than ever. Tyler sighed.

After Gus and Neil left Leslie's apartment, she tidied the kitchen. When she opened a cabinet door to put away a pot, she discovered a sealed box labeled with Gus's name. Leslie was poised to slice open the box with a knife when Gus returned. He rushed toward Leslie and yelled, "What are you doing going through my things?" Leslie said she was just curious about the box and hadn't meant to pry. Gus apologized, and noted that he'd managed to fit his entire life inside the small box. He added that the box contained letters, books, and things that were personal to him. Gus wrapped his arms around the box and walked to his bedroom.

Tyler stopped by his sister's apartment and explained that he couldn't handle the "joy and harmony" his sister and dad were "tossing around." Leslie told Tyler that they should embrace the opportunity to have a relationship with their parent. Tyler shook his head and explained that he didn't know how to build a relationship with someone. Leslie said she wasn't sure she did, either. Leslie told Tyler that she intended to make things work. Leslie added that Gus might surprise them. Tyler seemed apprehensive.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Kevin sent Chloe a text message stating that he had a big surprise for her, and he clutched a necklace in his hand. Alex approached Kevin with questions about a burglary, and Kevin stated that he hadn't reported one. Alex asked to speak to Chloe.

At the Underground, Chelsea begged Chloe to stop pushing for information about Dylan, but Chloe chided Chelsea for holding out on her. Chloe wondered if perhaps Dylan would provide the details if Chelsea wouldn't. Chloe received Kevin's message and wondered what the surprise was, and Chelsea encouraged Chloe to find out. Chloe wanted to quiz Dylan first, but Chelsea argued that Dylan was with Avery, and Chloe observed that Dylan and Avery looked serious.

Chloe got Dylan's work schedule from another bartender and gleefully handed it to Chelsea. Chelsea reiterated that the baby was Adam's, and she wished that Chloe would stop trying to hook Chelsea up with someone else. Chloe cautioned that Adam would demand a paternity test, but Chelsea vowed to figure out another way to keep Adam from taking her child. Chloe noted that Chelsea could do much worse than Dylan, and she thought that Chelsea was a fool to give him up.

Alex interrogated Kevin about the date that Kevin and Chloe had moved out of the Chancellor estate, but he eventually revealed that Esther had already confirmed the answer. Chloe and Chelsea arrived, and Chloe tried to flatter Alex with compliments. Alex grew suspicious when Chloe supplied the exact answer as Kevin to Alex's inquiry about a burglary. Alex inquired whether Kevin and Chloe knew about a box of expensive donations that had gone missing, and the couple provided conflicting responses.

Kevin explained that he and Chloe had overheard Jill and Katherine discussing the box, and Chloe added that she had forgotten about it because the women had decided not to report it. Alex disclosed that Esther had called the police, and Kevin accused Adriana of the theft. Alex said that a man had pawned one of the items after Adriana had left town. Kevin stated that Adriana had probably used a fence, and he walked off. Alex advised Chloe not to let Kevin lead her in a bad direction.

Alex left to take a call, and Chloe dragged Kevin back to the counter. Kevin showed her the necklace, and he commented that people left their doors wide open while they walked their dogs. Chloe was incredulous that Kevin had anticipated that she'd be thrilled, but Kevin defended that they might need more cash. She called it lunacy to continue to steal, and she noticed that Alex was watching them. She reprimanded Kevin for stealing, and Kevin argued that the rich would never miss their things. Chloe demanded that Kevin stop, but he refused.

Kevin asserted that it had been Chloe's idea to take Katherine's box, and Chloe reasoned that she had only taken things that someone had been getting rid of. Chloe blasted Kevin for stealing, but he amorously reminded her of how turned on they had been with the idea. He called it the best sex they'd ever had, but she whined that it wasn't what their whole marriage was about. He retorted that until she'd put on the catsuit, their marriage hadn't been much of anything.

Chelsea looked at Dylan's work schedule and smiled. Alex approached Chelsea, and they fondly recalled meeting on New Year's Eve. He was glad that his pick-up lines had pushed her back to her husband, but Chelsea stated that she was getting a divorce. Alex hoped that something good had happened on New Year's Eve, and she mused that it had. Later, Abby shimmied up to Alex and asked whether he'd caught any bad guys. He remarked that he might have, but his shift had just ended, and they left together.

Dylan asked Avery to marry him, and he explained that he had arrived in Genoa City to find her and to build their dreams together. She tearfully replied that it had been years since they'd discussed having a future, but he contended that it hadn't been long enough to forget the plans they'd made. Dylan insisted that he and Avery could have another chance, but Avery pleaded with him not to pursue her. He opined that the reason she had accepted Nick's proposal had been the same reason she had initially hesitated -- because she still had feelings for Dylan.

Avery insisted that she loved Nick, but Dylan pondered what would have happened if Dylan had asked her to marry him first. Dylan revealed that he'd bought a ring and had planned to give it to her, but he'd backed off and left town. He continued that he had been practically forced back to her, and while he didn't believe in fate, he refused to let her go again. Dylan proclaimed that he had never stopped loving Avery and that he knew that she loved him, too. He offered to walk away if she told him otherwise.

Avery asserted that the love she felt for Dylan was mixed with pain from the loss of their baby and the hurt they had caused others. She explained that she had felt emptiness when she thought that he'd died, and she had shut down and had focused on work. She added that she hadn't let anyone get close to her until Nick, and she had held back because she had been afraid of being hurt again, but Nick had broken down the walls and had opened her heart. Avery stated that she felt good about life again and that she loved Nick.

Avery cried that what she and Dylan had wanted wasn't possible, but Dylan replied that anything was. Avery ran out in tears, but he followed her and pulled her into a tender kiss. He asked if she was sure that she was marrying the right man, but Avery maintained that she wanted to spend her life with Nick. Dylan wished that they could go back, but she sobbed that too much had transpired, and she ran off. Later, Dylan made a call to inquire about selling the engagement ring.

Abby, Nick, Victoria, and Billy congregated at On the Boulevard. Victor arrived, and Victoria quipped that Victor had summoned them because he had stabbed them in the back. Victoria asked if Victor had changed his mind, but Victor said that he had gathered them together because Nikki's birthday was the next day, and he wanted them to celebrate as a family. Victoria inquired whether Victor intended to include Adam.

Nick admitted that he was grateful to Adam, but he argued that Adam wasn't Nikki's favorite person. Victor divulged that Nikki had made peace with Adam, and he implored the rest of his family to do the same. Abby asked about the big mystery Victoria had hinted at, and Victoria announced that Adam and Victor planned to run Newman Enterprises together. Victoria snarled that Victor's other children had all disappointed him, so Victor had chosen a new favorite.

Victor reminded Victoria that he'd asked her to join the executive team, and he had always made it clear that he wanted to run the business with his family. Nick said that he had his own business to run, and Abby thought she'd be disloyal if she bailed on Jack. Billy added that he and Victoria were working on their own project. Victor asserted that from their responses, they should be able to figure out why Adam had taken over the reins. Nick gave it a month before Victor and Adam tried to kill one another.

Victor understood that his family had issues with Adam, but he felt different about Adam since Adam had put his life on the line. Victor thought that Adam wanted to be part of the family, but Victoria doubted that Adam was interested in getting close to any of them except Victor. Victor expected everyone to be on their best behavior at Nikki's party, and he left. Abby huffed that it was too bad that she couldn't be there. Nick told Victoria and Billy that he hoped that they had something other than Newman Enterprises, because his own life was much better without all the drama.

Once they were alone at the bar, Billy noted that Victoria had barely said a word, and she thought that Victor had nerve to preach about forgiveness when Victor wasn't capable of it. Billy urged her to focus on their baby project, and she vowed not to let Adam's presence at Nikki's party bother her, but Billy suspected that Victoria would want to pummel Adam before the appetizers were served. Victoria was determined to prove that she could be the bigger person. After Victoria left, Billy gazed at a poker chip.

Avery pounded on Nick's door, and when he answered, she pulled him into a passionate kiss. He reported that Victor wanted the family to celebrate Nikki's birthday together, and he thought that it would be a good moment to officially welcome Avery to the family. Avery wanted to hold off announcing their engagement, and she suggested that they tell some other people first. Avery revealed that she'd already told Dylan that she loved Nick and that she couldn't wait to be Nick's wife. Nick asked if Dylan was okay with it, and she replied that it didn't matter, because Dylan had to accept it.

Sharon accompanied Adam home from the hospital, and he half-heartedly acknowledged the "welcome home" banner that Sharon had put up. She guessed that he had hoped that Chelsea would be there, but he stated that Chelsea had made her choice. Sharon thought that things might have changed since Victor had finally granted Adam his love and acceptance. Adam crowed that he and Victor could do terrific things, but Sharon warned that Victor would turn on Adam if Victor ever felt crossed, and if that happened, Adam would need someone on his side.

Adam promised that he'd watch his back. Sharon offered to change his bandage before she left, and she helped him to remove his shirt. She ripped off the old bandage unexpectedly, and she explained that it was best not to anticipate the pain. She ogled his back and placed her hands on his shoulders, and he reminded her that he hadn't been shot in the shoulder. She claimed that she was just finishing up, and she suggested that he needed help recuperating. Adam said that he'd hire someone, but Sharon volunteered to move back in.

Sharon explained that she had moved out because she had been worried that she had been too dependent on Adam, but she owed him and could repay him by helping during his recovery. Adam said that Sharon had been invaluable at work, and she replied that she still intended to leave the company, because she doubted that Victor's goodwill extended to her. Adam refused to let Victor have unilateral control, and Adam vowed to fight his father to allow Sharon to stay. She didn't want to be the reason for Victor and Adam's newfound closeness to unravel, and she thought it was best for her to leave the company before Adam had to make a choice between Victor and Sharon.

Sharon set out Adam's medications so he didn't have to go far, and he urged her to head home. There was a knock at the door, and she offered to answer it on her way out. She opened the door, and Victor coldly asked what she was doing there. Adam wished Sharon a good night, and she stepped outside. She overheard Victor bark that the staff at Newman needed to be revamped. Adam said that he wanted to take the night off from work, and Victor grumbled that it was self-evident who would make the final decision.

Adam said that both he and Victor had run successful companies, but Victor argued that he'd run Newman for much longer than Adam. Adam retorted that he was more tech-savvy, and it had been a nightmare to update the company's old databases. Adam wanted to remain CEO, and he suggested that Victor act as a consigliere. Victoria entered through the open door, and she assumed that Victor had invited Adam to the birthday party. Adam thought it would be too much activity, but Victor insisted upon sending a car to pick Adam up. Adam declined, and Victoria suggested that she try to talk Adam into it. Victor left, and Adam demanded to know what Victoria really wanted.

Victoria said that Adam had always complained about not being invited to family functions, and she pointed out that it would mean a lot to Victor if Adam attended. Adam recognized that he didn't have many fans, but she promised not to give him grief. He questioned whether she had an ulterior motive, and he pointed out that he wasn't in the best shape, so he needed to know what he was walking into. Meanwhile, Victor settled into the CEO's chair at Newman Enterprises.

Sharon entered Crimson Lights, and Chelsea inquired about Adam. Sharon reported that he was home, and she suggested that Chelsea stop by to see him. Chelsea didn't think that Adam wanted to see her, but she just wanted to check on how he was doing. Sharon declared that she was done being Chelsea's pipeline, and since Chelsea had broken up with him, he was no longer any of Chelsea's business.

Chelsea contended that she still cared about Adam, and Sharon told her to stop, because Sharon had tried to get Chelsea to understand that Adam didn't turn his back on people when they were in trouble. Sharon accused Chelsea of not accepting all the facets of Adam's life, and she ordered Chelsea to move on. Chelsea huffed that Sharon just wanted Adam all to herself, and she began to storm out.

Sharon grabbed Chelsea's arm, and the contents of Chelsea's purse spilled out. Sharon picked up a bottle of prenatal vitamins, and she incredulously asked if Adam knew that Chelsea was pregnant. Chelsea snapped that the baby wasn't his, and she rushed off.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Istanbul, Phyllis griped that the rain was interfering with her shopping plans, but Jack said that they were there to collect experiences, not scarves. He told her not to give up on the trip, because he had an idea, and they kissed. Later, Phyllis and Jack shared an elaborate feast in their room, and they pretended that they were at an outdoor café. A waiter offered them specialty drinks, but Jack opted for coffee, and Phyllis did the same. The waiter proposed a Turkish toast about the miracle of Istanbul following them home, and the man happily chugged both drinks. Phyllis proclaimed that it was a party.

Phyllis and Jack got a couple's massage, and she reveled in the moment. Jack asked her to make the magic last by moving in with him. She wondered what had happened to taking things slowly, but he said that their relationship was different from when they had been married. She worried whether enough had changed, but he reasoned that there was only one way to find out, and he proposed that they start a whole new adventure. She pondered the idea, and she agreed to move in with him.

Michael discovered that Lauren had created a romantic setting in their living room. He joked that he had gotten off on the wrong floor, but she seductively said that she was very happy that he was home, and she kissed him. Michael pulled away, but Lauren said that she wanted to show him that she loved him. He appreciated it, but he could feel something wrong about her kiss. Lauren contended that they were working their way back to normal, but Michael replied that it would take a while to find their path, and he wanted to take little steps.

Michael toasted to the future, and Lauren toasted to their marriage, and they clinked glasses. After an uncomfortable silence, she suggested that they turn on some music, and he obliged. He extended his hand to ask her to dance, and she moved into his arms. Michael held Lauren close, and they swayed to the music. He marveled about the way she felt in his arms, and he kissed her neck. She flashed back to Carmine kissing her, and she winced. Michael realized that she didn't want him to touch her, and he thought that they needed to stop.

Lauren apologized for not thinking, but Michael barked that it wasn't a good sign that she had flinched at his touch. She said that they had survived everything, but Michael suspected that they had a thousand cracks in their foundation. Lauren wanted to fix things, but Michael believed that he'd lost her the moment he'd pressed charges against Fen. Lauren admitted that she'd also made mistakes, but she loved Michael. He returned the sentiment, but he said that they'd both tried, and they hadn't been able to figure it out. He felt like they were flailing in the deep end, and it was only a matter of time before they went under.

Nick wanted to tell his family about his and Avery's engagement, but Avery reminded him that they'd agreed to wait until they told some other people. She mentioned that Phyllis would be back from Istanbul soon, but neither Nick nor Avery looked forward to telling Phyllis their good news. Nick unsuccessfully tried to find a babysitter, and Avery volunteered to stay with Faith. Nick argued that Avery was his date, but Avery declared that it was a great opportunity for her to spend time with Faith. Nick said that Faith would probably sleep through the evening, and he wished her luck on his way out.

As Victoria and Billy prepared for the party, she fretted that Adam would be at the dinner. Billy quipped that at least Adam had experience taking a bullet, and he encouraged her to steer clear of shop talk. Victoria swore that she was fine with Adam and Victor working together, and she apologized for being hormonal. She wondered how Billy could handle dealing with her, and she vowed to get through the evening for Nikki's sake.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that Newman Enterprises' stock was up, and she inquired whether Adam was the reason. Victor chalked it up to coincidence, and he stated that he had a present to give her later that evening. She looked forward to a drama-free dinner, and Victor said that he'd ordered their kids to be on their best behavior. As they left for the party, Victor's computer screen indicated that Victor had been reading an article that questioned whether Adam or Victor was really in charge of Newman.

Victor was pleased to find Adam waiting at On the Boulevard, and Adam said that Nikki looked beautiful. Victor left to take care of something, and Nikki and Adam made small talk. She admitted that she had been wrong about Victor and Adam working together, because Newman Enterprises was Victor's soul. Adam presented Nikki with a gift, and she found a statue of a dove inside. Adam explained that it was a symbol of peace. Victor returned and called the gesture thoughtful.

Nikki crossed the room and greeted Katherine, who said that she was there to meet Murphy. Nikki expressed concern that Katherine hadn't attended the wedding, and Katherine remarked that she'd sent a gift, but Nikki pointed out that Katherine hadn't explained her absence. Katherine stated that she'd forgotten. Nikki didn't understand, and Katherine admitted that she had been experiencing memory lapses. Katherine continued that she'd believed that she'd had Alzheimer's, but her doctor had found something else, and she planned to take care of it soon.

Nikki wanted to get together with Katherine for lunch to share her own news. Dr. Costner approached, and Nikki praised that his new regimen had been working wonders for her. After the doctor walked off, Katherine asked if he had something to do with Nikki's news. Nikki and Katherine giggled and agreed that they were two old broads who were falling apart. They said that they loved one another, and Katherine wished Nikki a happy birthday.

Victoria and Billy arrived at the restaurant, and Billy thanked Nikki for passing her genes on to Victoria. Victoria forced herself to say that she was happy that Adam could make it. Billy ordered a scotch at the bar, and Adam assumed that Victoria was putting on a performance. Billy urged Adam to make nice for the family dinner, but Adam suggested that they make a friendly wager of bar nuts about how long until Victoria turned her rage and loathing in Adam's direction.

Nick entered and informed Nikki that Avery was babysitting Faith. Victor was glad that everyone was there to celebrate his new bride's birthday. Nikki recalled that they had last been together at the wedding, but Victor said that the tragedy was in the past, and he wanted his family to enjoy themselves that night. Victor declared that they had assembled to celebrate Nikki's birthday, but he also wished to celebrate being together as a family, because if it hadn't been for Adam, the wedding might have been the last time they had all spent together.

Victoria credited Billy with smelling the gas leak and defusing the bomb, and Billy tried to change the subject. Victoria continued that Victor and Adam had been bonding both as partners and as father and son, and Nick advised her against talking about business. Victoria stubbornly stated that she had one more thing to say, but a waiter interrupted to inform the group that their table was ready. While the dinner party perused the menu, Nick inquired about what Victoria had wanted to say.

Victoria announced that she hadn't been thrilled about Victor and Adam teaming up, and Adam mumbled that Billy owed him bar nuts. Victoria declared that Newman Enterprises meant a lot to Victor, and even though Adam had wrestled it away from Jack, Victor wanted all of his children involved. Nick asserted that Victor respected their decisions, but Victoria divulged that she wanted to rejoin the company. Billy and Nick both reacted negatively, but Victoria declared that the company was in her blood, too. The waiter arrived with a birthday cake, and Nick pointed out that they hadn't even ordered yet. Nikki wondered what to wish for.

After dinner, Nikki praised the food and thanked everyone for attending. Nikki departed, and Victor asked Adam how he felt about Victoria's plan to return to Newman. Adam was suspicious that Victoria had initially turned him down, but Victor thought it would be good for both Newman and the family. Victor wished Adam a good night, and Adam thanked Victor for the invitation.

Faith descended the stairs and asked why Avery was at the tack house. Avery explained that Nick had needed to go to a party for grownups, but she thought it would be fun to spend time together. Avery suggested that they read a book, and she pulled Faith onto her lap. Avery opened a book about butterflies, but Faith moved across the couch and said that she wanted her daddy. Avery bet that Nick was a fun storyteller, but she knew that Faith spent time with other people Faith liked, too, like Summer and Noah. Faith asked for Dylan.

Avery understood that Nick had told Faith that he and Avery were getting married, and she wanted to spend time playing, reading, or just sitting together. Avery gushed that Nick loved his children, and she couldn't imagine a better family to be part of. Faith refused to read or allow Avery to play with Miss Patsy, so Avery tried to win Faith over with chocolate chip cookies. Faith reached for one, and she threw it across the room.

Avery tried to find a book that Faith liked, but one about a swan who had two friends who loved her made Avery uneasy, and she also discarded one with a wicked stepmother. As Avery struggled to find a nice story about people who got along, she realized that Faith had fallen asleep, and she expressed immense relief. Nick returned and surmised that Avery had the magic touch, but she laughed nervously and asked about the dinner. Nick reported that Adam had been fine but that surprises had emerged from another corner.

Nick reported that Faith was asleep and smiling, and he assumed that it had been a good night. Avery revealed that it had been terrible, and she was afraid that Faith hated her.

At home, Victoria asked if she and Billy could talk without freaking out, but he was livid that she intended to put herself back in the crossfire between Victor and Adam. She insisted that she knew what she was doing, but Billy retorted that she was sacrificing her family. She whined that Victor needed her, and Billy chided her for wanting to rescue Victor. She argued that Victor was blind to Adam, but Billy was certain that Victor would figure out Adam's schemes and move on. He contended that the war between Adam and Victor would eventually resume, and he couldn't believe that she was setting herself up for an emotional beating.

Billy inquired about their family project, and Victoria wanted to pursue both a pregnancy and a job at Newman. Billy thought that her dreams of pregnancy would fall by the wayside once she returned to work, but she snapped that she wasn't an addict. Billy remarked that every addict said exactly that, and he knew that her job would be all-encompassing. She argued that she was allowed to have a career, but he asked her to cash in her chips and walk away from the table. She replied that he couldn't shame her into walking away from what she wanted. Later, Victoria called out for Billy, but she found herself alone at home.

At the ranch, Victor gifted Nikki with a necklace, and they pledged their love. Nikki stated that Victoria's announcement had been a shock, but Victor wasn't surprised, because he believed that Victoria would be bored with her project with Billy in no time. Nikki disagreed, and she revealed that the project was a baby. Nikki wondered if Victoria might change her mind about getting pregnant, and she worried that Victoria would replace her dreams for a family with Victor's dreams for his.

Adam headed to the bar, and he told Carmine that family time needed a recovery period. Carmine set Adam up with a drink, and a despondent Michael sat down and ordered a double whiskey. Carmine sent a text message to Lauren to ask if there was still hope that they could be friends. Lauren started to reply that she could use a friend, and she hesitated, but then she sent the message. Carmine smiled when he received it, and he topped off Michael's drink.

Billy returned to the bar and ordered a drink, and he ordered Adam not to look at him. Michael, Billy, and Adam sat in silence, each man preferring to drink alone. Another patron ordered his usual drink, and Billy recognized him as Barry, an old contact from Vegas from long before Billy had married Victoria. Barry wanted to hear all about Billy's new life, but he displayed a deck of cards and warned that he might not be able to hear Billy over the shuffling.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nick made hot chocolate with marshmallows to comfort Avery after her unsuccessful attempt to bond with Faith while babysitting. Nick theorized that Faith had just been surprised that Nick hadn't been there, but Avery believed that Faith had seemed genuinely unhappy. Nick assured Avery that Faith would get used to the idea of Avery being part of the family, and he was sure that Avery would be an amazing mom to Faith and their future kids. Avery answered a call, and Dylan begged her to meet him at Crimson Lights.

Nick asked who had called Avery, and she claimed that it had been work-related. Nick didn't want one bad evening with Faith to scare Avery off, but Avery understood that it would take time for Faith to get comfortable with the idea of Nick and Avery getting married. He was certain that Faith would grow to love Avery as much he did. Avery said that she had an early court date and that she had to do some work on a case. She insisted that she wasn't leaving because of Faith, but she thought that they should limit their talk about their engagement around the girl. Avery departed.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan met with a jewelry broker and handed him the engagement ring. The jeweler questioned whether Dylan was sure that he wanted to sell it. Dylan hesitated, and then he affirmed that he was sure. The jeweler slid an envelope across the table and wished Dylan luck.

Avery arrived at the coffeehouse and told Dylan that he couldn't keep calling her. He handed her the bail money and revealed that he had arranged to go before the judge the next day. She said that his hearing wasn't for two weeks, but he said that he had taken care of it. Avery realized that Dylan planned to hurry out of town because of her, but he contended that he'd just taken a detour, and it was time for him to get back on the road. Avery blurted that she couldn't let Dylan go.

With hope in his voice, Dylan asked if Avery wanted him to stay. She tearfully replied that she didn't want him to go because they had started as friends, and he knew her better than anyone. He contended that was still true. She continued that she had missed their conversations more than anything, and she thought that their friendship was very rare. Avery said that she had felt a void when she'd thought Dylan had died, and she didn't want to lose her friend again.

Dylan vowed that he'd always be a phone call away, but it was too difficult for him to stay and watch Avery marry Nick. Dylan and Avery hugged, and she said that she was sorry for everything. Nick walked in and spied their embrace. Dylan spotted Nick, and he said that he'd let Avery know where he ended up. Dylan departed, and Avery approached Nick, who asked if she had been meeting with Dylan about his case. She didn't want him to get the wrong idea, and Nick asked what he should be thinking.

Nick and Avery returned to the tack house, and he admonished her for lying. She explained that she'd just needed to find out what Dylan had wanted, and she admitted that she should have told Nick. Nick asked why she hadn't, and he assumed that she'd needed confirmation that she was over Dylan. Avery replied that she had been worried that Dylan wasn't over her, but Dylan had paid her back and was leaving town for good. Nick thought that Avery had expected Dylan to say something else, and he wanted her to be honest about why she'd thought Dylan had summoned her.

Dylan packed his clothing, but he suddenly had a flashback of calling for Sully in Afghanistan. He had pleaded with Sully to talk to him, and he had crawled over to Sully and had promised that it would be okay. He had turned Sully over and had discovered a bloody wound, and he had screamed for Sully to open his eyes. Dylan clutched his head, and he thought of Avery to calm himself down. Later, someone pounded on Dylan's door, and Dylan found Nick in the hallway. Nick asked what it would take for Dylan to stay out of Nick and Avery's lives.

Victor stopped by to see Victoria. She hoped that her announcement hadn't spoiled Nikki's party, and she recognized that she should have waited to tell everyone that she would be working with him. Victor clarified that she'd also be working with Adam, and he stated that Adam had always felt like an outsider, but he wanted her to respect Adam's effort to change. Victoria acknowledged that she would be working with both Adam and Victor, but Victor inquired whether she expected to strengthen or sever their family ties.

Victoria asked if Victor expected Adam to put Victor back in charge, and she warned that Adam only wanted to prove himself to Victor and that Adam could destroy Newman Enterprises in the process. Victor pointed out that Adam had made the company stronger, and he didn't want competition among his offspring. Victoria argued that Adam had been jealous of her, Nick, and Abby from the beginning, but Victor noted that they'd kept Adam on the outside, and Adam had responded by committing crimes against their family. Victoria incredulously inquired whether Victor was blaming them for the suffering Adam had caused, but Victor thought that it was time to forgive and forget. Victoria said that she loved and wanted to protect Victor, but Victor huffed that he didn't need protection from Adam.

Victoria asserted that she was on Victor's side and always had been, and Victor said that Adam was, too. Victoria was doubtful, but Victor wanted her to accept Adam as her brother. She claimed that she was trying, and she was upset that Victor believed Adam's intentions and not hers. Victor realized that it had been an illusion to imagine all his children working with him, and he reprimanded Victoria for forcing him to choose between her and Adam. Victor revealed that Nikki had told him about Victoria's plans to have a baby, and he advised her to do it.

At On the Boulevard, Barry suggested that he and Billy play some cards, but Billy good-naturedly refused to play with a shark like Barry. Barry commented that Billy swam with the best of them, but Billy replied that he didn't go near the ocean anymore. Barry asked around the bar to see if anyone wanted to play a friendly game, but Billy warned that the restaurant's owner would have a problem with illegal activity. Barry revealed that he owned the restaurant, and Adam accepted the challenge. Adam stated that it was about time that he tangled horns with Billy.

Barry shuffled the cards, and Carmine pulled out the chips. Mason entered and requested a drink, and Barry invited him to join the game. Mason said that he was willing to learn if it meant taking from the rich, and he glared at Adam. Adam goaded Billy into playing. Barry declared that they'd play Texas hold 'em with no limit, but Carmine said to wait, and he asked Michael to participate.

Michael didn't think it was a good idea, but Carmine implored him to be a regular guy like the rest of them. Michael snarled that he and Carmine had nothing in common, and Carmine stated that Michael would be surprised. Carmine taunted that he could take everything Michael had. Carmine added that there were two things he could do better than Michael, and one of them was playing poker. Michael said to deal him in.

The men played poker, and Carmine hinted that he'd take something from Michael before the night was over. Adam raised, and Billy did the same. Adam called, and he revealed that he had an ace-high flush. Billy had a full house, and Barry declared Billy the big winner. Billy hoped that Adam knew that they were "playing for keepsies." Adam asked to buy more chips, and Billy called out to Carmine to fetch them.

Adam told Billy that staring at the cards wouldn't make them better, but Billy retorted that he'd always find a way to beat Adam. Billy ignored a call from Victoria, and Adam sarcastically noted that Victoria would be proud once she heard of Billy's success. Billy snapped that Victoria trusted him, and Adam replied that it had been her first mistake. Barry ordered the men to play cards. Billy raised the stakes, and Adam folded. Michael shouted out to Carmine for another drink, but Carmine was gone.

Billy suggested that they play another hand, but Michael thanked the men and left. Mason got up to leave, too, and he spat that an unemployed guy couldn't afford another round. Adam suggested that Billy could front Mason with Victoria's cash. Barry wanted to increase the stakes, and Adam asked if Billy had to check with his wife first. Billy countered that at least he had a wife. Meanwhile, Victoria left a message asking Billy to return home so she could apologize.

Adam and Billy faced off across the poker table, and Adam folded. Adam pointedly said that he knew when to quit and that he was able to do it. Billy quipped that it was great that Adam took pride in being a quitter, and he observed that Barry didn't have enough chips to play the hand. Barry threw his keys into the pot, and Billy said that was against the rules. Barry asserted that it was his place, so they'd play by his rules. Barry disclosed that he was putting up the restaurant, and he ordered Billy to play or fold.

Billy scoffed at the idea that Barry was willing to risk the restaurant for one hand, but Barry was prepared to win or lose big, and he wasn't worried. Adam warned that Billy stood to lose a lot, and he reminded Billy that they were "playing for keepsies." Billy boasted that he remembered every hand of poker he'd ever played, and he recounted a game five years before. He recalled the exact hand, and he said that Barry had gotten Billy to fold by saying that Barry hadn't been worried. Billy called the hand, and he revealed a king-high straight. Billy asked whether he'd just become a restaurateur.

Billy pressed Barry to reveal his hand, and Barry showed two pair. Billy crowed that he was back, and Barry congratulated him. Billy asked if Barry wanted to play again to win the restaurant back, but Barry simply offered to draw up the papers the next day, and he wished them a good night. Adam remarked that he might not have won, but at least he didn't have to explain to Victoria how he'd gone out for a beer and returned with a restaurant.

Billy returned home, and he quietly started to ascend the stairs, but Victoria turned on the light and asked where he'd been. He apologized, and she said that she'd fallen asleep waiting up for him. He wanted to go to bed, and she asked if everything was okay between them. He swore that everything was good, and he lovingly kissed her hand.

Fen returned home and was happy to see the romantic setting, and he asked Lauren if she and Michael had worked things out. She replied that she was waiting for Michael to return, and Fen concluded that Michael had bailed. Lauren told Fen not to blame Michael, because relationships could be difficult to work through. Fen asked if it was impossible to fix things, and Lauren didn't answer. Fen believed that his parents' estrangement was his fault for getting into trouble.

Lauren informed Fen that a good marriage wouldn't implode over a teenager's misdeeds, and she contended that many other things had factored into her problems with Michael. Fen took responsibility for bullying Jamie and for hurting a lot of people, and Lauren was proud of him for admitting his mistakes. Fen continued to blame himself for breaking up Michael and Lauren's marriage. Lauren insisted that he wasn't the reason, and Fen assumed that Michael and Lauren were breaking up.

Lauren assured Fen that she and Michael wouldn't just let their marriage go because things had become difficult. She swore that they could be happy again if they worked at it, but Fen noted that she didn't seem enthusiastic. She cautioned that a negative attitude wouldn't help, but Fen didn't think that putting on his smile would make his parents love one another again. Lauren defended that she and Michael did love one another, but Fen called it a lie. Fen yelled that their family was screwed, and he walked out.

Lauren was stunned when Carmine showed up at the door, and she demanded that he stop showing up unexpectedly. He mentioned her text message, and she wished that she hadn't sent it. Carmine reported that Michael was out playing poker with the boys and that the stakes were pretty high. She told Carmine to go because they couldn't be anything to one another, but Carmine said that it was too late. She murmured Michael's name, but Carmine stated that Michael wasn't there, and he took her in his arms. Lauren protested that it was wrong, but Carmine kissed her, and she gave in.

Lauren pushed Carmine away and said that they couldn't be together, and he suggested that they meet in his room. Lauren showed Carmine a photo of her with Michael and Fen and said that she didn't want to lose them. She added that she'd promised Fen that she'd save their family. Carmine thought it sounded like a lot of work, but she said that it was worth it, but Carmine thought that it should be easier to love someone. Meanwhile, Michael drunkenly fumbled for his keys outside the door.

Lauren asserted that it was easier to give up, but Carmine countered that sometimes it was harder to let go than to hold on. Lauren said that her family had once been happy, and she wanted Michael and Fen to be happy again. Carmine inquired about her own happiness, and she told him to leave. He offered to be there if she needed anything, and he departed. As Carmine waited for the elevator, Michael was nowhere to be seen.

At Crimson Lights, Michael answered Lauren's call. He told her his whereabouts, and she wondered why he hadn't picked up earlier. He said that he hadn't felt like talking, but she contended that they couldn't work things out if he wasn't at home. He mumbled that he had to work out some things on his own and that he would be home the next day.

Fen listened to Michael's end of the conversation, but he didn't make his presence known. After Michael left, Fen sat down and put his head in his hands. Carmine approached and said that Fen looked like he could use a friend.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sharon slept on the couch, but she awoke to a knock at door, and she opened it to a drunken Adam. He said that he couldn't pretend that he didn't want more when he did, and he never should have sent her away. Sharon understood that he had been thinking about Chelsea and Victor, but Adam declared that he would walk away from Newman Enterprises if he could have Sharon. He insisted that they belonged together and always had. He kissed her deeply, and they fell onto the couch. Sharon suddenly awakened from a dream.

Adam startled Chelsea at her design studio, and she wondered why he'd dropped in so late. He said that he had been passing by and had seen the light on, and he'd taken it as a sign. He asked if she knew what day it was, but Chelsea noticed that Adam had been drinking, and she offered to call him a cab. He wondered if she had forgotten, but she coldly stated that she couldn't forget that it should have been her due date. Chelsea didn't want to discuss it, because Adam hadn't wanted to talk about it before, so he couldn't expect her to make him feel better.

Chelsea proclaimed that she was back to her old, tough self, and she cautioned Adam to stay out of her way. He realized that if they'd worked things out, she wouldn't have her design firm, so maybe things had worked out the way they were supposed to. Chelsea told him to sleep it off, and she suspected that he wouldn't even remember that they'd spoken. Adam departed, and Chelsea vowed to her baby that everything would be okay.

Nick angrily asked what Dylan had been thinking when Dylan had asked Avery to marry him, but Dylan replied that she had turned Dylan down, and there was nothing to keep Dylan in Genoa City. Nick pointed out that Dylan had tried to leave town before, but Dylan always ended up in trouble and calling Avery for help. Nick accused Dylan of planning every move to make Avery feel bad for Dylan, but Dylan snapped that Nick didn't know anything about him, and he warned Nick to back off. Nick contended that he'd back off once Dylan left town, and Dylan realized that Nick was worried that Avery had unresolved feelings for Dylan.

Dylan thought that it was normal to wonder what could have been, and he pointed out that Nick was doing everything he could to hold on to Avery, even though Nick had less history with Avery than Dylan did. Dylan insisted that he intended to bow out, and Avery heard them arguing from the hallway. Dylan said that he wanted what was best for Avery and that he always would. Nick implored Avery to leave with him, and she said goodnight to Dylan. "Goodbye," Dylan responded.

Billy poured a drink and contemplated how to tell Victoria that he owned On the Boulevard. Victoria descended the stairs, and he explained that he'd needed help sleeping. Billy said that there was nothing to worry about, but Victoria knew better, and she asked what trouble he'd gotten into. He swore his innocence, but she inquired why he was so upset that he couldn't sleep. He confessed that he'd bought a restaurant, and she thought he was kidding.

Billy showed Victoria the keys to On the Boulevard, and she couldn't believe that he'd made such a huge decision without discussing it with her first. She assumed that he would nullify the deal, but he liked the idea of being his own boss and escaping the corporate world. She argued that he knew nothing about running a restaurant, but he proposed that they create something successful together. She scoffed at the idea of being happy in the food service industry, and he retorted that it would be better than babysitting Victor. She went back to bed.

A woman relentlessly hit on Tyler at the Underground, and another woman approached and greeted Tyler with a kiss. The first woman staked her claim to Tyler, but the second woman claimed that her "fiancé" simply liked to flirt. An amused Noah asked when the wedding was, and Tyler declared that he was a one-woman man. Tyler thanked the mystery woman for jumping to his rescue, and she introduced herself as Lola. She recognized Tyler from his marketing work, and she labeled herself a business geek who had a weakness for hot guys with hot résumés. Tyler offered to buy her a drink.

Leslie woke up to Gus banging dishes around in the kitchen in the wee hours, and he complained that he couldn't sleep because he wasn't accustomed to the quiet. In the morning, Neil showed up at Leslie's apartment to carpool, and he found Tyler about to knock on her door. An exasperated Leslie answered the door, and she ranted that Gus kept breaking her dishes and burning things while cooking at all hours. Gus overheard and agreed that their living situation wouldn't work out.

Gus thanked Leslie for putting up with him, and he said that he'd be in touch. Leslie told him to put his bags down, because she had reacted in the heat of the moment, but she understood that the transition was harder on him than it was on her. Neil suggested that he treat everyone to a burn-free breakfast, but Tyler mumbled that he had to get to a meeting. Tyler left, and Leslie made an excuse about Tyler being too busy for his own good, but Gus was aware that Tyler couldn't stand to be in same room with Gus.

At On the Boulevard, Gus felt like a kid in a candy store with so many menu choices, and Neil said that the world was open to Gus. Gus said that he was still trying to figure it out, and Leslie observed that Gus was guarding his coffee cup. Gus commented that it was a habit, and Neil realized that it might take time for Gus to alter his routine. Gus rearranged his silverware in an odd manner, and Leslie rushed off, upset. Neil asked Gus to give her some space, and Gus asked for Neil's help with trying to get his children back.

Gus and Neil returned to Leslie's apartment with breakfast, and Leslie apologized to Gus for running out. Gus felt guilty for his strange behavior, but she said that it had been selfish of her to expect him to instantly morph into the ideal dad. Gus called her understanding a relief, and he moved to hug her, but he suddenly grimaced and clutched his chest. Leslie helped Gus to the couch, while Neil called 9-1-1.

Victoria dressed in business attire, and Billy was irritated that she was going through with her plan to return to Newman Enterprises. She asked if he expected her to wait tables instead, and he inquired how she expected to avoid stress so that she could get pregnant. She stated that he wasn't in a position to lecture, and she thought that she'd avoid stress by being able to keep an eye on Adam. Billy sarcastically wished her a great day.

In his office, Adam popped aspirin. Sharon arrived, and he hoped that she'd decided to return to the company, but she informed him that she was only there to clean out her office. He admitted that he'd had a bit too much to drink and that he had made a fool of himself in front of Chelsea. Adam swore never to drink that much again, and he considered his headache a consequence of a family gathering. He commented that he had felt wildly alone despite being surrounded by Newmans, but Sharon encouraged him to speak up and reach out. He asked if she really believed that he could make things right with Chelsea.

Victoria arrived and remarked that she couldn't wait to get to work. Sharon was surprised, and Victoria claimed that Victor and Adam's reconciliation had inspired her to rejoin the company. Adam said that Victoria was spying on him, and he suggested that Victoria spend her time looking after Billy. Victoria insisted that she had meant it when she'd said that Adam had nothing to worry about from her, and she felt that Adam had proven that he could be trusted when he'd taken a bullet for Victor.

Victoria expressed desire to put the past behind them, and Adam inquired whether she thought that he was an idiot. She contended that she'd never underestimate him, and if he did the same with her, they could find a way to make it work. She left to choose an office, and Adam asked Sharon again if she thought that he had a shot with Chelsea. Sharon remarked that at one time she had, but she was afraid that there was no longer a chance.

Adam suspected that Sharon knew something, and she balked, but Adam urged her to tell him if it affected him. Sharon revealed that Chelsea was pregnant, and Adam asked how far along Chelsea was. Sharon informed him that the baby wasn't his, and Adam demanded to know who the father was, but Sharon insisted that she didn't know. Sharon swore that it didn't matter, but Adam stormed off. Later, Sharon returned and received a text reminder to take her medication, and she swallowed a pill.

Billy met Barry at On the Boulevard, and Barry raved about the hand Billy had played. Billy said that he wanted to forgive the bet, but Barry insisted that it was part of his code to pay his debts. Barry called it a chance for Billy to find his true calling, and he thought that Billy could have people lining up around block to get in. Barry recalled that Billy had always wanted to outshine his siblings, and he said that Billy could do it with one signature. Billy shook Barry's hand and grabbed the papers.

Victoria returned to Adam's office, and Billy appeared with a single red rose. He asked for forgiveness because he hated fighting with her, and she wished he'd thought about that before he'd made a monumental decision without her. He said that he'd learned his lesson and asked for a do-over. He proclaimed that he'd decided what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, and he asked her to check out a place he'd found.

Billy escorted Victoria into On the Boulevard, and he told her to prepare to be amazed, but she was clearly underwhelmed. He gushed that they owned it, and she worried about how much the restaurant had cost, but he quipped that he'd gotten it for a steal. Barry approached and remarked that Billy couldn't stay away from his new toy, and he introduced himself to Victoria, who didn't know whether to thank or scold Barry. Billy caught Barry's eye and guided the conversation so that it sounded like Barry had sold the place to Billy.

Chloe entered the design studio and noted that Chelsea had spent the night there. Chelsea said that she'd dozed off while working, but Chloe noticed something that Adam had left behind, and she panicked that Chelsea had told him about the baby. Chelsea yelled at Chloe to stop pressuring her. Lily entered and asked if there was something wrong with the line, and Chelsea claimed that she was just sick of Chloe harping about Chelsea finishing the sportswear designs. Lola arrived, looking for Tyler, and she said that she and Tyler were dating.

Tyler gave Lola a tour of the studio, and he asked if she'd ever modeled. She replied that she didn't like being in front of the camera, but Tyler flirtatiously said that she had an amazing sense of style. Lily testily reminded Tyler that they had to finish some mockups, and Tyler asked Lola to lunch. Lola kissed his cheek and left. Tyler asked Lily what she thought, and she barked that Lola wasn't her type, but Tyler clarified that he'd been referring to the mockups. Lily was clearly flustered.

Tyler thought that they should find some unknown faces to promote the line, and Lily suggested that they use Lola. Tyler mentioned that Lola didn't like having her photo taken, but a surly Lily commented that Tyler's new girlfriend would be perfect for the role. Tyler explained that he and Lola had shared a couple of drinks, but they had gone home separately. Lily suggested that the two should date, and she made a fuss about answering a call from Cane. Tyler realized that Lily was jealous.

Avery summoned Nick to her apartment, and she questioned whether he'd asked her to marry him because he had been afraid that he'd lose her to Dylan if he hadn't. Nick insisted that he loved Avery, but she wondered if Dylan had been a factor, too. Nick admitted that Dylan might have influenced his decision, but it didn't matter, because Nick and Avery were happy. She couldn't help but wonder if Nick wanted to marry her for the wrong reasons.

Nick asked what had caused Avery's doubts, and Avery explained that she had become less trusting since the truth about her father had opened her eyes. Nick conceded that he'd had many motivations for his proposal, but he contended that even if Dylan had been one of them, he was crazy in love with her. He added that he should thank Dylan for giving him the kick in the pants that he had needed. Avery kissed Nick, and they made love.

Nick wanted to set a date, and Avery made him promise that they wouldn't have a traditional wedding. They discussed what type of wedding they wanted to have, but he said that first they needed to decide which one of them would tell Phyllis. He pulled out a coin to flip for it, but Avery thought that as Phyllis' sister, it was her duty to do so.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe apologized to Chelsea for being pushy, and Chelsea said that she was sorry for snapping at Chloe. Chloe admitted that she had taken her anger at Kevin out on Chelsea, and Chloe suggested that they go out and blow off some steam. Dylan entered, and he and Chelsea exchanged a smile. Chloe said that she had to get back to work, but she'd cover for Chelsea, since Chelsea and Dylan had a lot to talk about. Chloe flounced off, and Dylan asked what Chloe had meant.

Chelsea told Dylan that she didn't know whether to interpret or apologize for Chloe's remark, but Adam suddenly confronted Chelsea about her pregnancy. Adam asked if Dylan was the father. A seething Adam demanded to know if Dylan had slept with Adam's wife.

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