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Avery and Dylan kissed, but she chose Nick. Dylan and Sharon's cars collided during the snowstorm, and Sharon hired him to fix her roof. Katherine hired Adriana. Lauren moved out. Jack told Victor that Nikki had MS.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 18, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Stuck in her car during a snowstorm, Katherine became frustrated when she discovered that her cell phone couldn't locate a signal. The announcer on the radio warned that plummeting temperatures posed a danger to those venturing out in the elements. Katherine turned off the radio and noticed a young woman approach her car. Katherine gasped and said, "Oh, thank God! You're a life saver." The young woman, Adriana, climbed into Katherine's car and offered to drive her home. Katherine said she lived on Foothill Road in Genoa City. Adriana smiled and explained that she needed to return to Genoa City to set herself on the right track.

Trapped in Lily's broken-down car during the storm, Tyler watched snowflakes dance across the windshield and noted that staying in the car made more sense than trudging through the snow. Lily expressed concern about the twins, but Tyler assured her that the children were snuggled in a warm bed and that Cane was probably home with them. Lily was anxious to phone her nanny, but Tyler assured her that she'd chosen the best-qualified person to care for the twins. Tyler praised Lily for being a concerned parent.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea sat on the floor and sobbed after her home-pregnancy test yielded positive results, indicating that she was indeed pregnant. She rose to her feet and hid the test stick when she heard a room-service waiter's knock. When Chelsea opened the door, Cane waltzed in with snacks and said Chelsea needed sustenance while preparing for her presentation. Chelsea asked about Lily and if Cane resented his wife's extended work hours. Cane explained that he understood and loved Lily. Cane admitted that he'd be hurt if Lily faced a struggle alone because they'd vowed to face problems as a couple.

Cane went to search for Lily and happened upon her snow-covered, broken-down car. Cane called out to Lily repeatedly. Cane brushed away a covering of snow stuck to the windows and peered into the front seat. The car appeared empty. Cane brushed snow off the back window and was shocked when he saw Lily and Tyler in the backseat. Lily was asleep with her head resting on Tyler's shoulder.

As Lily and Cane entered the suite they'd rented at the Genoa City Athletic Club for Valentine's Day, Lily casually noted that she'd worried about the twins for no reason. Lily thanked Cane for rescuing her. Lily noted that she and Tyler could have been stuck in the snow for an indeterminate length of time. Cane, miffed, asked Lily how much time had passed before Tyler had offered to share his coat with her. Lily, angered, explained that she might have frozen to death without Tyler's assistance.

Cane said he'd often wondered if Lily had cheated on him while they were separated and contemplating divorce. Lily looked horrified. Cane said, "Did you fool around on me with Daniel?" Lily replied, "It's not cheating if you and I weren't together!" Cane sighed heavily and said, "I'll take that as a yes. Lily sat alone on the bed, facing the fireplace. Cane lifted the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket, glanced at Lily, and then unceremoniously returned the unopened bottle to the bucket.

At Adam's estate, Adam and Sharon began kissing and fondling each other. Adam jerked open Sharon's blouse and popped off the buttons. As the couple reclined together on the sofa, Adam continued tugging at Sharon's clothing. Sharon loosened Adam's belt and pulled away his shirttail. Adam asked Sharon if she wanted to go upstairs. Sharon suddenly sat upright and said, "We can't." Adam echoed her sober statement, and Sharon attempted to close the front of her blouse. She noted that she'd need something else to wear. Adam sipped whiskey and sighed. Sharon went upstairs to find some clothes.

Adam was surprised when Chelsea showed up. Chelsea explained that she'd braved the storm because she needed to share something very important with him before she lost her nerve. Sharon suddenly descended the stairs, wearing a maroon blouse. Before peering into the candlelit room, Sharon said, "Who was at the door?" Chelsea was stunned to see Sharon and cried, "Is that my shirt?"

Sharon quickly explained to Chelsea that she'd found the top in bag from the dry cleaner. Adam prompted Chelsea to tell him what she'd wanted to say. Chelsea stammered and said she had something to give to Adam. She pulled off her wedding band, handed it to Adam, and abruptly left.

Later, Adam told Sharon that she didn't have to leave. Sharon noted that they'd almost destroyed the progress they made to become just friends. Adam said, "We didn't. We stopped ourselves." Sharon cried, "This time." Adam cautioned Sharon to be careful driving home.

After Chelsea left the home she'd once shared with Adam, she returned to her suite alone. Without removing her wet coat, Chelsea plopped down on the edge of her bed. Stunned by her encounter with Adam and Sharon, Chelsea seemed lost in thought. She sat motionless and stared blankly into space. The wind continued to howl outside.

At the Baldwins' condo, Fen, Kevin, and Michael lit candles and illuminated the living room with flashlights after the power failed. Kevin was antsy and worried that Chloe would be angry because he was late for the date they'd arranged at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Michael said he hoped there was electricity wherever Lauren was. Fen noted that the wind had blown down a couple of cell towers. Kevin grumbled that nothing ever worked right when he needed it.

Fen suggested that he and his dad search for Lauren. Michael explained that the weather conditions were too dangerous. Fen replied, "So you're going to give up on her like you did me?" Michael insisted that his goal was to protect his son. After the power was restored, Michael went to the kitchen to phone Lauren. Kevin begged Fen to give his dad another chance.

After Kevin left, Michael explained to Fen that Kevin had panicked during the power outage because his father had often punished him by locking him in a dark closet for hours or even days at a time. Fen replied, "That's sick." Michael said that he regretted leaving Kevin behind, so he felt the need to make amends to his brother by offering support. Fen praised his dad for joking with Kevin and attempting to distract his brother by saying all the right things. Fen added that his father had done the complete opposite for him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Carmine embraced Lauren and kissed her passionately on the lips. Lauren pulled away and exclaimed, "I can't believe I did that!" Carmine replied, "Let's get a room." Lauren admitted that she'd been flattered by Carmine's kiss, but she told him they'd have to leave it at that because she was a married mother. Lauren thanked Carmine for his support. Carmine begged Lauren to let him pour drinks for her often.

When Lauren returned home, Fen was elated and greeted his mother with a warm embrace. Lauren asked Fen if he'd eaten, and he said he had after the power was restored. Lauren said she was sorry her son had suffered through the storm in the dark. Michael waved his hand and said, "Actually, we both did." Fen left the room. Michael asked Lauren where she'd been. She tersely replied, "Out." Michael asked what he could do to make things right. Lauren said, "I don't think you can."

At the Underground, Alex Chavez told Noah that he'd been fired from the police force after losing the $500,000 that Adriana stole. Noah admitted that he shouldn't have let Adriana have the money. Abby showed up and ordered a martini with extra alcohol. Alex, sitting nearby, swigged beer from a bottle and told Abby that perhaps they could drown their sorrows together after she mentioned having had a tough day. Noah warned Abby that her drink was potent, but she insisted she could handle the concoction just fine.

Alex initially introduced himself using his real name, Alejandro. Abby determined that her drink was quite strong and feared she'd not be able to pronounce "Alejandro" later. He told Abby that friends called him Alex, and he admitted that because his sister had stolen his gun, handcuffed him to a banister, and run away with $500,000 in drug money, he'd been fired from the New York City Police Department. Abby proclaimed Alex the winner of the "drown your sorrows" competition because she'd merely been dumped by her boyfriend.

Abby told Alex that she'd tired of living off of her mother in New York. Alex said that he'd always wanted to be a police officer, so he could catch the bad guys. Alex returned to the bar and ordered drink refills. Noah mentioned that Abby was his aunt. Alex noted that Abby was friendly and likable. Before Abby left, Noah reminded her to be careful. Abby extended her hand to Alex and said, "Thank you for sharing your rotten day with me, Alejandro." She made him promise to someday "share the dirt about why he'd chosen to become a cop."

After Abby left, Adriana walked in, carrying the bag of money. Alex grabbed his sister's arm and made sure she stayed put. Adriana explained that all of the missing money and her brother's service weapon were in the bag. Adriana promised to make amends with her brother. Alex angrily replied, "You take your apology and go to hell." After Alex stormed out, Adriana faced Noah and said, "Are you going to tell me to go to hell, too?"

At Billy and Victoria's house, baby Johnny slept upstairs while Victoria studied paint chips and informed Billy that they'd agreed to update their home. The couple playfully argued about which paint color looked best, and both painted streaks of paint onto each other's faces. Billy picked up the paint can and began chasing Victoria, who squealed and laughed as she ran through the house. Victoria promised to give Billy anything he wanted if he agreed not to pour paint on her. The couple reclined on the sofa and kissed. Victoria covertly grabbed a paintbrush from a nearby can of paint and spread magenta paint onto the side of Billy's face before running away.

At Avery's condo, Dylan kissed Avery, and she reciprocated. Due to the power outage, Nick showed up to check on Avery. Just as Nick walked inside, the lights came on. Nick explained that though Avery had asked for time to think, he felt the need to share his feelings. Dylan replied, "Looks like we had the same idea." Avery noted that Dylan had been about to leave after supplying her with emergency essentials. Nick sarcastically proclaimed that Dylan was an officer and a gentleman. Nick told Avery that he'd be at home when she was ready to talk, and he left.

Avery told Dylan that what they'd had was over. Avery, sobbing, explained that for a couple of years, she'd dealt with constant, painful reminders of the life she and Dylan had shared. She recalled how much she'd grieved for her loss. Finally, Avery explained, she had returned to Beaver Island and conducted a private ceremony, so she could move on. Dylan added, "With Nick?" Avery nodded and replied, "Yes." Dylan noted that their memories were real. Avery repeatedly apologized to Dylan. Avery made Dylan promise to make a good life for himself, and she kissed him on the cheek before he left.

At the tack house, Nick sipped beer and mindlessly flipped through the channels on television. He frowned after checking the screen of his cell phone. When Nick heard a knock at his door, he turned off the television and answered the door. Nick's face lit up when he saw Avery standing before him. Avery smiled, walked toward Nick's open arms, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Nick closed the door behind Avery.

Dylan returned to his motel room and packed his belonging into his duffel bag. He gazed at his treasured photo of Avery before slipping it inside the front cover of his journal. He grabbed his coat and headed out of the room. In his car, Dylan headed out of Genoa City. A thick layer of ice and snow covered the hood of his car, and he squinted to see the road through the blowing snow. The radio announcer warned drivers to be aware of icy conditions and freezing temperatures.

Heading toward Genoa City, Sharon wiped tears from her eyes as she navigated the icy road. Her windshield wipers cleared away wisps of snow that collected between swipes. Suddenly, headlights from an oncoming car blinded Sharon. Dylan, driving in the opposite direction, heard screeching tires, and he attempted to steer clear of Sharon's vehicle. Sharon, unable to see, swerved to avoid the oncoming car.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In her suite at the Athletic Club, Chelsea tried to work on her designs, but her mind was filled with memories of having seen Adam and Sharon together at the house earlier that evening. Chelsea looked at the positive home pregnancy test strip, and Chelsea then picked up her cell phone. Chelsea told the person on the other end of the line to hurry to her room because Chelsea had something to say. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Adam left a message on Sharon's phone, asking if she'd made it home safely in the snow. A short time later, Adam knocked on Chelsea's door.

Chelsea was surprised to see Adam at her suite and said that she didn't want to see him. Adam demanded to know what Chelsea had wanted to tell him when she went to the house earlier. Chelsea avoided his question and said that she'd been thrown to see Sharon at Adam's place, wearing Chelsea's blouse. Adam said nothing had happened with Sharon, but Chelsea didn't want believe him and was disappointed that he'd already moved on from their marriage.

Chloe knocked on Chelsea's door, and Chelsea tried to keep her from walking in because Adam was still there. Chloe was wearing a sexy catsuit and told Chelsea that she'd left Kevin in another room so she could answer Chelsea's call. Chloe was anxious to return to her husband to enjoy Valentine's Day. Chloe pushed past Chelsea into the room and as she asked Chelsea what was so important that Chloe had to see Chelsea right away. Adam echoed the same question.

Chelsea explained that she needed to speak with Chloe about the fashion business. Chelsea brought up Adam and Sharon having been together at the house and her curiosity that Sharon had been wearing Chelsea's shirt. Adam apologized that Chelsea had seen Sharon with him, but he insisted they had not been intimate. Adam walked out rather than fight with Chelsea.

After Adam left the room, Chloe realized that Chelsea had called her because she'd confirmed that she was pregnant. Chelsea said it didn't matter any longer because Adam had already moved on from her with Sharon. Chloe asked what Chelsea planned to do about the pregnancy. Chelsea declared that she didn't want Adam to know about the baby. Chelsea admitted that after the miscarriage, she'd wanted to get pregnant again, but not in that way.

When Chelsea contemplated not keeping the baby, implying that she could have an abortion, Chloe offered Chelsea her support. Chelsea was torn up about what to do, and Chloe said that no matter what Chelsea decided to do, Chloe would help her. Chloe pointed out that if Chelsea decided to have the baby, Adam would insist on being involved. Chloe contended that Adam's screwed up childhood would compel him to be a father to his son or daughter.

On the highway, after having skidded on the ice and hit another car, Sharon was assessing the damage. Sharon called 9-1-1 for help and said that there was an unconscious driver in the other car. When Sharon checked on the man, she recognized that it was Dylan, the bartender from the Underground. Sharon tried to get Dylan to respond to her, but he was out cold.

Sharon told the 9-1-1 operator that the other driver was still unconscious. Sharon spoke with Dylan again, and after a moment, he roused himself. Dylan called for Avery, then he asked about someone name Sully. Sharon told Dylan that he'd be all right when he reached the hospital, but Dylan balked at the idea and seemed disoriented. Dylan said he couldn't leave Sully.

In a suite at the Athletic Club, Lily was relieved Cane had found her and Tyler stuck in the snowbound car. Cane couldn't get excited about Valentine's Day and their anniversary because he was upset with Lily. Cane wanted to know why Lily had never told him that she had slept with Daniel while she and Cane had been separated. Lily said that she and Daniel had both been single at the time.

Cane thought Lily had lied to him, but Lily reminded Cane that he was the last person to talk about honesty, considering the pack of lies he'd told when they were apart. Lily changed the subject and reminded Cane that they were celebrating their anniversary and shouldn't be quibbling about the past. Lily said they'd survived so much, like her cancer, that they could beat all the odds if they just stuck together.

Cane asked Lily to tell Tyler that she was committed to their marriage. Lily explained that Tyler was a harmless flirt and knew that Lily was not going to stray from her marriage. Cane believed that Tyler was a player and had been manipulating situations to be with Lily. Cane warned Lily that Tyler was intent on destroying their relationship.

Lily disagreed with Cane and was not afraid of spending time with Tyler at work. Lily reminded Cane of the time when he'd faked his death and how difficult that had been on her. Cane assured Lily that he wasn't going anywhere. Lily asked him if they could start celebrating their anniversary and stop bickering. Cane agreed.

Lily and Cane kissed and started pulling off each other's clothes. As their kissing grew more intense, Cane led Lily onto the bed and they began to make love. A short time later, Cane was sitting at the table beside the bed, looking at some work. Lily woke up and asked Cane why he wasn't in bed. She took his hand and suggested that they continue celebrating their anniversary before resuming work.

Sitting at the Athletic Club bar, Tyler and Leslie were having a drink. Tyler thought it was lame that a brother and sister were spending Valentine's Day together. Leslie told Tyler that Neil had reserved a room upstairs, and she was joining him later. Leslie felt uncomfortable lying to Neil about her past. Tyler didn't think their past was a big deal and felt that there was no chance of the past catching up to them.

Leslie feared that someone would figure out that they had once been Valerie and Davis. Tyler advised Leslie to go to Neil's room and chill out. Leslie wondered what Tyler had planned for the holiday and feared that he was still trying to make a love connection with Lily. Tyler said that some marriages didn't make it, and Cane and Lily's might be in that category.

Leslie reminded Tyler that their mother had cheated on their father. It was her cheating that had led to all the trouble that they'd faced. Tyler was aware of that. Leslie didn't want Tyler's interest in Lily to screw up Leslie's relationship with Neil. Marcus overheard their conversation and realized that Tyler was Valerie's brother, Davis. Marcus asked them why they'd lied about their past.

Leslie said that they'd done nothing wrong. Marcus wanted Tyler and Leslie to get involved in the Innocence Foundation case that Avery was spearheading. Marcus declared that they had to speak up so that a guilty man would remain behind bars. Tyler asked the congressman to leave because they were having a private conversation.

Marcus would not walk away. Leslie told Marcus that she had no intention of getting in the middle of Avery Clark's case. Marcus didn't think Tyler and Leslie would want to let their mother's killer go free, which was what Avery was attempting to do. Marcus urged them to do the right thing. After Marcus left the bar, Tyler agreed that their mother deserved justice.

At the tack house, Nick was overjoyed that Avery had chosen him over Dylan. Avery told Nick that he was the only man for her. Nick said her decision made it the best Valentine's Day ever. Avery poured red wine for them and suggested that they enjoy the holiday. Nick turned up the stereo, and Avery liked the dance music.

Avery drank the wine and began to sway to the music. Nick was amused to see her so carefree and happy. Avery dared Nick to dance with her and did the "Gangnum Style" move. Nick countered with the chicken dance, and she laughed heartily. Nick and Avery collapsed on the couch in each other's arms.

Avery noticed that the house was very quiet, and Nick explained that all the kids were elsewhere. Avery was excited that they were alone in the house. Nick kissed Avery seductively, ready to make love, but Avery's phone rang a moment later. Avery was surprised to see the call was coming from Sharon. Avery took the call.

At the hospital, Nick and Avery found Sharon in the emergency room and asked what had happened. Sharon explained that she and Dylan had been in an accident on the highway, and Dylan had been admitted because he had lost consciousness. The doctor appeared and reported that Dylan had suffered a concussion and broken ribs.

Avery was allowed to go into the room to see Dylan. Avery sat at Dylan's bedside, and after a moment, he awoke. Avery told Dylan that he'd be all right. Avery asked if she should call his father, but Dylan said he'd do it himself later. Avery nodded her head, and she was clearly emotional. Dylan took Avery's hand and asked her to stay.

In the waiting room, Sharon told Nick that she'd never seen Dylan's car on the road before she hit him. Realizing the road she'd been on, Nick asked if Sharon had been at Adam's house. Sharon admitted that they'd been together, and Nick wasn't happy that Sharon was spending time with Adam. Sharon told Nick that Adam was a good friend to her. Nick said that Adam had hurt Sharon in the past.

Nick walked by Dylan's room and looked in through the door window. At just that moment, Dylan took Avery's hand. Nick watched Avery and Dylan talking. Meanwhile, Sharon saw she had a phone message. Sharon listened to the message in which Adam expressed his concern about her getting home safely in the stormy weather.

In the hospital room, Dylan knew Avery well enough to know that she felt responsible for his having wound up in the hospital. Dylan explained that Avery's rejection had not caused the car wreck. The doctor walked into the room to take Dylan for a CT scan. Avery said that she'd see Dylan later.

In the waiting room, Avery spoke with Sharon and wondered how Sharon had known that Dylan had been the man from Avery's past past. Sharon explained that when she spoke with Dylan, he'd used the very same phrases that Sharon had heard Avery use. Sharon said that when she found Dylan, he'd been calling for someone named Sully. Avery had no idea who that was.

Later, Nick found Avery alone in the waiting room. Avery was very emotional about Dylan and explained that she'd always wondered how she'd feel if Dylan were alive. Avery believed she had reached closure and was ready to move on with Nick. Back at Nick's house, he put on some soft music and told Avery that he loved her. Avery said she loved Nick, too.

In the hospital room, Dylan was asleep and having a nightmare. In the dream, which was more like a flashback, Dylan was hurt in combat. Dylan called for Sully, a fellow soldier who was also wounded. Dylan urged Sully to push his weapon in Dylan's direction. As Sully tried, a shot rang out, and Dylan screamed for Sully. Dylan woke up suddenly and angrily pulled the I.V. from his arm.

Sharon went to Adam's house, and he opened the door for her. Adam was surprised to see her again. Sharon wanted Adam to know that she was all right. Adam asked Sharon what was going to happen next. Sharon said that she wasn't sure anymore.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Neil ran into Nick. Neil said that he was rushing back to the office because Jack was gung-ho about getting the Jabot fashion line up and running very soon. Nick admired Neil's drive, but Neil noted that Nick had just opened the Underground in record time. Nick appreciated Neil's approval. Neil asked Nick about his relationship with Avery, and Nick explained that she was very busy with her work. Neil advised Nick to spend time on his personal life as much as his business. Neil urged Nick to take care of his relationship with Avery if she was the right woman for him.

At the hospital, Avery walked into Dylan's room. Avery was stunned to learn from the nurse that Dylan had checked himself out of the hospital. Later, Avery entered her apartment and was compelled to look at Dylan's dog tags. Just then, Nick let himself into the place and asked if Avery planned to go to the hospital. Avery said she'd already been there, and Dylan had checked out.

Nick hoped that Dylan had decided to leave town. Avery said it was likely that was the case, but whether it was or not, she'd already chosen Nick over Dylan. Nick wished he could spend more time with Avery, but she said that until March 4, the date of her Milwaukee trial, she'd be very busy.

Avery offered to play hooky and spend the day in bed with Nick, but he told her that wasn't necessary. Nick told Avery that he knew how important her work was, and he respected her dedication. Nick said he'd be patient. Avery began to kiss Nick seductively on the couch.

Nick was getting turned on and reminded Avery that they'd decided she couldn't play hooky. Avery suggested that she could simply get to the office later than usual. Nick thought that was a sensible compromise, and they continued kissing. Avery asked Nick to follow her into the bedroom.

Sharon was on the phone with a contractor, explaining that she had a hole in her roof from a fallen tree. Sharon was frustrated that every contractor she called was already tied up on the Newman ranch reconstruction. There was a knock on the door, and Sharon discovered Dylan on her doorstep.

Sharon was surprised that Dylan had been released from the hospital, but he said that his injuries weren't serious. Sharon let Dylan know that she knew that he'd been Avery's past romance. Dylan said that what he'd had with Avery was in the past because Avery had chosen Nick.

Dylan explained that he was there to thank Sharon for making sure he got the hospital after the wreck. Sharon said she'd been responsible for the crash and couldn't leave him alone in the storm. Dylan was still grateful. When Sharon mentioned that her house had barely survived, but there was a big hole in the roof, Dylan offered to fix it for her.

Sharon asked if Dylan was serious. Dylan revealed that his father had owned a contracting business and he'd worked for years in construction. Dylan added that he'd joined the Army to see the world and had wound up serving in Afghanistan. When Sharon asked him about his experience, Dylan didn't want to talk about it.

At the office in the Restless Style space, Chelsea opened up a box of Danish pastries and had a bad reaction to the aroma. Chelsea tossed the box into the trash. Just then, Cane walked in and asked Chelsea what was wrong. Chelsea said the bakery had sold her stale pastries, but Cane was curious about her reaction.

Chelsea denied that she was ill and was short-tempered. Cane worried that Chelsea wasn't ready for the Jabot pitch, but Chelsea insisted that she was. Chelsea quickly apologized for being sharp and blamed her moodiness on her troubles with Adam. Chelsea told Cane that Adam had already moved on from her with Sharon.

Cane was sensitive to Chelsea's feelings, and even though he didn't like Adam, Cane urged Chelsea to try again to save her marriage. Cane explained that he and Lily always found a way to work through their problems. Chelsea didn't think she and Adam were capable of that.

Cane assured Chelsea that she was a good person who'd simply had some bad breaks. Chelsea told Cane that she was the product of Anita and Jeffrey, two very flawed people. Cane mentioned Colin and Genevieve and told Chelsea that he was proof positive that someone could overcome horrible parenting. Chelsea concluded that her situation with Adam was not worth saving.

Tyler walked into Neil's office and was glad to see Lily. Tyler flirted with Lily about how good she looked, making Lily feel very uncomfortable. Tyler wondered if Lily was feeling all right. Lily assured him that she was just fine, but Tyler sensed that Lily was freezing him out. Tyler reminded Lily that they were friends.

Lily denied freezing Tyler out. Tyler reiterated that he and Lily had forged a strong bond when they were trapped in the elevator and stuck in the car during the storm. Lily claimed those were unusual circumstances. Tyler stopped Lily from walking away and asked if she was angry with him.

Lily said no, but Tyler felt that Lily was giving him the brush-off. Tyler said that he thought they were friends, but Lily declared that they were colleagues, not friends. Tyler guessed that Lily was distancing herself from him because of Cane. Lily insisted that she was speaking for herself.

When Cane walked into the office, Lily jumped at the chance to get away from Tyler. Lily asked Cane to return with her to his office to work on the marketing campaign. At the elevator, Cane asked if Lily was okay, and she assured him that she was. Tyler watched as Lily kissed Cane.

A short time later, Marcus stepped off the elevator at Jabot and saw Leslie in the lobby. Marcus approached her and asked why Leslie refused to get involved in Avery's case. Marcus wanted Leslie to speak out against the man whom Avery was representing. Leslie said she didn't appreciate him going to her place of business.

Leslie asked Marcus to stop pressuring her about Avery's case. Marcus believed that if the conviction was overturned because of Avery's defense, a killer would be released, and they'd be in danger. Leslie was fully aware of the threat the prisoner posed, but she was not going to do what Marcus wanted her to do.

As Marcus pressed the point, the elevator opened, and Neil appeared. Neil picked up on the tension between Marcus and Leslie. Marcus quickly said goodbye to Neil and Leslie, taking the elevator down. Neil was concerned for Leslie and asked what had happened. Leslie said Marcus was still upset about some business she'd done for him in the past.

In Neil's office, Neil asked Leslie point-blank what was going on between her and Marcus. Leslie said that she'd had a past association with the congressman. She explained that Marcus hadn't had an amicable relationship with her parents. Neil offered to speak with Marcus for Leslie, but she asked him not to do that. Neil received a phone call and had to take it.

At the Athletic Club, Victor sat at the bar, staring straight ahead. Mason was sitting nearby, but he avoided looking at Victor while they spoke. Victor told Mason to get busy switching out Sharon's medication for placebos. Mason questioned whether or not that was the right thing to do to get Victor back in power at Newman Enterprises.

Victor commented to Mason that Sharon and Adam had been having a bit too much success running Newman, and he wanted them stopped immediately. Victor took Mason's reticence as proof that he did not want to do Victor's bidding. Adam walked into the lobby and saw Mason with Victor. Adam watched Victor and Mason, deep in conversation. Mason told Victor that he wasn't backing out of their arrangement. Victor instructed Mason to call him as soon as the job was done.

After Victor left the Athletic Club, Adam went to the bar and asked why Mason had been speaking with Adam's father. Mason claimed that Victor had simply told him to say hello to Mason's Uncle Augie. Adam asked Mason what Victor had really wanted Mason to do for him. Mason hesitated, and Adam peered into Mason's eyes. Adam questioned Mason's loyalty.

Adam doubted that Mason was truly committed to his work at Newman Enterprises. Mason assured Adam that he was loyal to Adam and the work they were doing. Adam shook his head and smirked. Adam said that he could read Mason like a book. Without a beat, Adam announced that Mason was fired.

Marcus appeared at the door at Victor's penthouse, asking for a few minutes of Victor's time. Victor was ticked off that Marcus was still urging Victor to get Avery to drop her Innocence Foundation case. Marcus felt that if Avery succeeded in getting the case overturned, Marcus' testimony from that trial would make him look bad.

Victor didn't care about Marcus' public image. Marcus threatened to tell the Newman board about Victor having hired Stephanie to entrap Jack. Marcus thought Victor owed him a favor and urged Victor to get Nick to speak with Avery about dropping the trial. Victor denied that he owed Marcus anything.

Just as Victor was putting Marcus out of the apartment, Adam appeared in the hallway. After Marcus went into the elevator, Adam entered the apartment and wondered why the congressman had been there. Victor lied and said Marcus had been looking for a campaign contribution.

Victor offered Adam a cup of coffee and laughed when Adam wondered if it had been poisoned. Adam informed Victor that Mason was no longer working for Newman Enterprises. Victor denied knowing anyone named Mason. Adam laughed and said that Victor's moves had become predictable. Adam let his father know that he was a step ahead of Victor about Marcus, too.

At the coffeehouse, Dylan called his father to see how he was doing and to find out if there had been any damage from the storm. Dylan urged his father to listen to the nurse and take his medication. Dylan handed Sharon a cup of coffee as she looked over the estimate to repair the roof.

Sharon was shocked at the high cost of fixing a hole in the roof, but Dylan said the major expenses were the supplies. Sharon mentioned that she really needed the work done quickly, so she'd pay it. Sharon explained that her daughter, Faith, depended on having pancakes in the kitchen. Dylan was curious about Faith, and Sharon showed Dylan her picture.

Avery walked into the coffeehouse and noticed Sharon and Dylan talking to each other. Avery approached their table and asked Dylan if he was feeling better, and he said that he was fine. Avery wondered if Dylan planned on staying in Genoa City. Sharon intervened to say that she'd hired Dylan to fix her roof.

Sharon announced that she had to go, and she handed Dylan the keys so he could get started on the house repairs. Once he was alone with Avery, Dylan assumed that Avery believed that he'd decided to stay in town for her. Dylan admitted to Avery that it wasn't his style to back off from anything.

Avery was suspicious about Dylan doing construction for Sharon. Dylan assured Avery that he was not interested in Sharon. It was just a job for him. When Nick appeared, Dylan said that he'd accepted that Avery had chosen Nick over him. Dylan said goodbye, and after he was gone, Avery told Nick that Dylan was staying in town to do repairs at Sharon's house.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea bumped into Adam in the dining room. Adam wanted to speak with her for a minute, but Chelsea said she was in a hurry. Adam wanted Chelsea to be honest with him and asked if she'd been trying to tell him something the night before. Chelsea seemed ready to tell him about her condition -- until she saw Sharon enter the lobby.

Victor met with his private detective, who was reporting Marcus Wheeler's connection to Avery's Innocence Foundation case. Victor told the investigator that he needed to know specifically what Marcus was trying to hide. Victor instructed the investigator to look into Leslie Michaelson's connection to Marcus, as well as a woman named Valerie.

At Jabot, Neil asked Leslie to join him for lunch, but she explained that she had some memos to write for Jack. Tyler walked into the office to tell Neil about the latest on the marketing campaign. Neil asked Tyler if Leslie was in trouble. Based on Tyler's response, Neil assumed that she was. Tyler said he would take care of Leslie as he always had.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Victoria stopped by the Newman penthouse, and Victor informed her that the construction crew was almost done working on the new house. Victoria handed him a newspaper with an article about Newman Enterprises' ascent to success. Victoria griped that the article had given Adam and Sharon credit, and she wished that she could demand a retraction. Victor stated that Adam had become the businessman that Victor had always wanted his kids to be.

Victoria took Victor's remark as an insult, and she called Adam a maniac who had tried to destroy their family and company. Victor argued that Adam was doing well, but Victoria huffed that the company wasn't Adam's, and Victor asked whose fault that was. Victor said that Adam had proven his driving passion by regaining control, and Victoria retorted that the company had been her driving passion, too. Victor accused her of putting her marriage ahead of the company, and she realized that Victor didn't believe that she would fight for Newman Enterprises.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea pondered whether to tell Adam the truth about her pregnancy. Sharon interrupted, and Adam asked Chelsea whether she wanted to talk privately. Chelsea declined, and she walked away. Sharon apologized, and Adam doubted that he and Chelsea would have had a meaningful chat even if Sharon hadn't shown up, but Sharon regretted that Chelsea had been upset by Sharon's presence.

Adam was convinced that he couldn't fix his problems with Chelsea, but Sharon questioned whether he'd tried, because it appeared that he had just let Chelsea walk away. Sharon recalled that he'd chased Sharon to New Orleans, and he argued that the circumstances had been different, but she told him not to underestimate his ability to repair things. Sharon thought that Adam put up a cold, callous front, but she knew that he felt compassion and pain. He stated that he had made his decision.

Later, Victoria approached Adam at the Athletic Club bar and showed him the newspaper article. They exchanged barbs, and she said that he didn't deserve his title or his office. She taunted that it wouldn't last, but he crowed that Newman Enterprises was flourishing and that she didn't have "a chance in hell" of ousting him. He jeered that she'd lost her edge, and he urged her to get a hobby and to leave business to those who were built for it. He took the newspaper and walked out.

Noah answered Sharon's door to Dylan, who explained that Sharon had hired him as a contractor. Noah inquired whether Sharon knew who Dylan really was, and Dylan replied that they'd talked. Dylan swore that he wasn't a troublemaker, but Noah pointed out that Dylan had used a false name to get a job to be close to Nick's girlfriend. Dylan explained that he had been in love with Avery, and he asked if Noah had ever done something foolish for love.

Faith entered with Sharon's "ice cream," and Noah commented that it was just snow with maple syrup. Dylan informed Faith that he was there to repair the damage from the storm. She recalled that she'd been scared during the storm, and Dylan mentioned that he'd pretended that he was a superhero, "Supermac," to get through it. Dylan suggested that they put whipped cream on her concoction, and Faith giggled.

Sharon returned home, and she told Faith that Dylan would make their kitchen as good as new. Faith offered to help, but Noah urged her to play so that "Supermac" could get the repairs done quickly. Dylan suggested that Faith think of her own superhero name, and he left to get started. Noah complained that Sharon had hired Dylan, but Sharon reasoned that all the local contractors had been busy. Noah warned her that Dylan had concealed his identity, but she argued that Dylan had served his country and just wanted his life back. She believed that Noah should understand that love made people do crazy things.

Noah asked if Sharon and Nick were in a good place, and she said that they had avoided discussions about anything too personal. Noah found it strange that Nick's girlfriend's ex would be hanging around, but Sharon said that Dylan would be gone soon. Adam arrived, and Noah left. Adam noted Noah's foul mood, and Sharon remarked that Noah thought that some people couldn't be trusted. Dylan walked in.

Adam politely said that it was good to see Dylan, and Sharon mentioned that Dylan was a contractor. Dylan said that the damage looked worse than it was, and he explained that his father had trained him. Adam pointedly remarked that nothing made a dad prouder than a son following in his footsteps.

At the Athletic Club, Jack cheerfully greeted Nikki, and she chided him for treating her with pity. Jack asserted that he simply wanted to provide friendship and support, but he wished that she would tell Victor about the challenges she was facing. She snapped that she would tell Victor when she was ready, and she demanded that Jack respect her wishes.

At Jabot, Billy wondered if Abby had a job description or if she expected to be paid just because she was an Abbott. Jack thought Abby's creativity could be an asset, but Billy was concerned that she would bolt as soon as she got bored. Abby delivered an impressive speech about how the company should diversify its portfolio. Abby said that Ashley had taught her well, and she promised to work hard. Jack told Billy to show Abby the ropes, and Jack left to tend to something outside the office. Billy received a call from Johnny's nanny.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin groused to Chloe that they were cursed, because their house would be without power for a week. Chloe pointed out that people had lost houses and cars in the storm, but he countered that they couldn't even live in the house that they had sold their souls to keep. She contended that they had a healthy child, an ugly dog, and a burning love, so all they needed was a place to crash temporarily.

Kevin noted that he and Chloe couldn't stay with Michael and Lauren, and Chloe mentioned Gloria, but they quickly agreed that Gloria wasn't an option. Chloe suggested that they stay at the Chancellor mansion, and she was surprised when Kevin readily agreed. Kevin left to speak to Katherine about it, and Chloe explained the Fishers' predicament to Chelsea. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to deal with her pregnancy, and Chelsea announced that she'd made a decision.

Chelsea revealed that she'd decided to keep the baby. Chloe excitedly suggested that they start a baby line, but Chelsea couldn't imagine focusing on work while preparing to become a single mom. Chloe cautioned that Adam would want to be involved in the child's life, but Chelsea vowed that he would never find out that the baby was his.

Billy entered with Johnny, and he disclosed that the nanny was sick, so he'd had to fill in. Billy took Johnny to get some snacks, and Chloe told Chelsea that although Billy wasn't Chloe's favorite person, she felt that Delia and Johnny were lucky to have a dad like Billy. Chelsea observed that Johnny looked healthy and big, and she tentatively asked if she could hold the tot. Billy placed Johnny in Chelsea's arms, and Chelsea handed Johnny a toy as Victoria entered.

Victoria approached Billy and Chelsea, and Chelsea returned Johnny to her. Chelsea gushed that Johnny had lit up when Victoria had walked in, and Chelsea retreated to her own table. Victoria glared at Billy, and she reminded him that she felt uncomfortable with Chelsea being near Johnny. Billy sympathized that they knew what it was like to lose a child, but Victoria pointed out that aching for a baby could make people do crazy things.

Victoria worried that Chelsea wasn't morally grounded, and she suspected that Chelsea had been working Billy. Billy guessed that Victoria was agitated about more than just Chelsea, and Victoria relayed that Victor had seemed happy that she'd gotten worked up over Adam's success. Billy wanted to forget about Newman Enterprises and to build their own empire, but Victoria said that their family was their empire, and she vowed to be ruthless to protect what was hers.

Chloe noticed that Chelsea had "baby fever," and she warned Chelsea that Adam was bound to figure out the truth. Chelsea resolved to devise a con to keep that from happening.

Katherine wrapped up a call with Tucker, and Jill animatedly gestured that she wanted to speak with him, but Katherine hung up and informed Jill that Tucker had already settled down in Hong Kong. The women bickered, and Adriana entered. Adriana explained that she had given Katherine a lift home during the storm, and she inquired whether Katherine's suggestion had been serious. Katherine looked baffled, and Adriana announced that she intended to accept Katherine's job offer. Jill sarcastically asked whether Katherine planned to hire a third CEO.

Adriana introduced herself to Jill. Adriana admired Katherine's painted fingernails, and she mentioned that she had done her grandmother's nails. Jill didn't see how a good deed had translated into a job offer, and Adriana said that a personal assistant position could mean a lot of things. Katherine asserted that she needed someone to handle annoying details so that she could focus on the big picture, and she recounted that Jill had once been a manicurist herself.

Adriana laughed at Katherine's stories, while Jill glowered in the foyer. Kevin arrived and asked Jill what Adriana was doing there. Jill compared Adriana to a young vulture about to pick an old crow's bones. Adriana boasted that she knew how to keep her mouth shut, and she offered to sign a confidentiality agreement. Jill hissed to Kevin that Adriana was equipped to take Katherine for all she was worth. Katherine told Adriana to show up for work the next morning, and Adriana left.

Kevin warned Katherine against hiring a stranger as her personal assistant, and Jill sniped that someone with no experience or skills was exactly what Katherine needed. Jill was certain that Adriana was after Katherine's money, and Kevin offered to introduce Katherine to people she could trust, but Katherine proclaimed that her decision to hire Adriana was final.

Adriana offered to buy coffee for Noah at Crimson Lights, and she revealed that she had secured a legitimate job working for Katherine. Noah was surprised that Adriana intended to stay in town, but she remarked that it already felt like home. Adriana declared her intent to stop running and to just have a normal life.

Jack stopped by the Newman penthouse, and he asked Victor whether Nikki had told Victor her news. Jack stormed past Victor and yelled for Nikki, and Victor blasted Jack for using his addiction to garner Nikki's sympathy. Jack insisted that he was actually on Victor's side for a change, and he blurted that Nikki was sick.

Jack explained that Nikki had waited at Jack's house after she'd lost control of her car during the storm, and he had been able to tell that something had been on her mind. Victor surmised that she had been preoccupied with wedding plans, but Jack revealed that Nikki had MS. Jack added that Nikki had wanted to tell Victor in her own time, and Victor assumed that Jack was there to brag that Nikki had confided to Jack and not Victor. Jack disclosed that Nikki had only told Jack because her hands had been shaking, and he believed that Victor should know. Jack moved to leave, and a stunned Victor quietly thanked him.

Nikki returned to the penthouse, and she forlornly looked down at her hands. Victor startled her, and she claimed that her hands never seemed to thaw during the winter. He took her hands in his and gently kissed each one. With tears in his eyes, he hugged her, and she realized that he knew her secret.

Victor wished that he'd seen that something had been wrong, but Nikki said that she hadn't been ready to admit that it was true. She continued that she hadn't wanted to start their beautiful life together surrounded by doctors and medications. Nikki recalled that she had recently thought that Victor had died, but she'd gotten him back, and it was a miracle that they had reunited. He assured her that nothing would change, but she explained that the disease was degenerative.

Victor noted that MS sometimes went into remission, but Nikki lamented that there was no cure and no way to predict what would happen. He said that they never could, and she worried that she wouldn't be able to see the world with him in the way he deserved. He reminded her that at one time, he hadn't known his own name, but he'd always known hers. They kissed.

At Jabot, Abby declared that she had no personal life, so she was ready to generate revenue and buzz for the company. Jack thought that Abby would be a good fit in marketing, and he instructed her to meet with Lily. Abby greeted Nikki on the way out, and Nikki confronted Jack about defying her wishes. Nikki cried that she had spilled her heart to Jack in private, and she berated him for breaking promises. He defended that he hadn't promised anything, but she maintained that it hadn't been his place to go to Victor.

Nikki assumed that Jack had broken her confidence to taunt Victor, but Jack reiterated that Victor had needed to know the truth. Nikki yelled that it had been her decision, but Jack contended that her illness broke his heart, and he knew that Victor would do everything to make sure she was safe and well. Jack admitted that he hated Victor, but Jack loved Nikki, and he insisted that Nikki needed Victor in her time of crisis.

Nikki returned home and conceded to Victor that Jack had been right. Victor said that he and Nikki had been on a long road and that they would continue down it for many more miles together, and she agreed. Victor added that they would do it with their children, and he thought that she had to tell them about her ailment. Victor and Nikki embraced.

Friday, February 22, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Phyllis fondly reminisced about hanging out together during the blizzard. Phyllis said that she'd missed Summer when Summer had been mad at her, and Summer conceded that she had been too stubborn to admit that she'd missed Phyllis, too. They joked that Summer got her stubborn nature from Nick. Phyllis was proud that Summer had admitted her mistakes and hadn't run away, but Summer thought that Phyllis gave her too much credit. Phyllis left to go back to work, and an eavesdropping Fen angrily confronted Summer for telling Phyllis about their plans to run away.

Fen griped to Summer that Phyllis had shot her mouth off to his parents, and he felt that Summer had violated his trust. Summer defended that she'd finally had a good talk with Phyllis, and she offered to help prove that Fen hadn't pushed Jamie. Fen relayed that the charges had been dropped, and Summer thought that solved everything, but he refused to forgive her betrayal. Later, a distraught Summer called Kyle and asked if he could join her at the coffeehouse.

After a sales meeting at Jabot, Jack praised Kyle's presentation, and Kyle admitted that Abby had helped him. Jack mused that the third generation of Abbotts was taking their family into the future, and he thought that John would have approved. Kyle feigned surprise that Jack was willing to overlook that Abby was part Newman, but Jack said that all of her good qualities were a result of her Abbott genes. Jack was glad that Kyle had given him another chance, and he couldn't believe that his addiction had almost cost him everything. Kyle assured Jack that it was in the past, but he questioned whether Jack was still tempted.

Jack confessed that he still struggled with his addiction and that he always wanted a pill. He added that he had surrounded himself with people who cared about him, and they made him feel better than the pills ever could. Phyllis entered, and Kyle offered to run some sales projections for Jack. Kyle left, and Jack reported to Phyllis that the meeting had been successful and that the new fragrance was a hit. Jack wanted to celebrate over dinner, but she reminded him that she wasn't looking for a serious relationship. Jack insisted that it would just be a friendly dinner, but she was wary that he wanted more.

Jack said that he respected Phyllis' wishes, but she wanted to avoid any romantic gestures like those he'd made on Valentine's Day. Jack claimed that he'd only lit candles because of the storm, and the music had been on the radio while he had listened for weather reports. She remained skeptical about the dancing, and he said that it would have been rude not to invite her to dance. He asked her to dinner again.

Jack showed Phyllis the results of a focus group, and Kyle reported that he was heading out. Phyllis invited him to join them for dinner, but Kyle mentioned that he was about to meet Summer. Jack suggested that Kyle invite Summer, too. Kyle left, and Jack told Phyllis that he had proved that their dinner wasn't a date.

Phyllis and Jack waited at the Athletic Club, and Phyllis wondered if Jack had schemed to have Kyle not show up. Jack promised that he hadn't, and he claimed that there was a lot she didn't know about him, such as his skill at pinball and his knowledge of James Bond films. He added that he was an excellent kisser, and she vaguely recalled that part. He offered to jog her memory.

Jack suggested that he call Kyle, but Phyllis insisted that being alone with Jack didn't make her nervous. He recalled that things had once been indescribably good when they had been together. She pointed out that they'd also had indescribably bad moments, but he urged her not to take all the blame. She didn't want to hurt him again, and she asserted that she would rather be safe colleagues than sorry lovers. Jack thought that they would only be sorry if they didn't see where their relationship could lead.

Michael announced that he had taken care of dinner, but Lauren said that she wasn't hungry. He groused that he was out of ideas to try to get past what had happened, but she snapped that she didn't have the answer. He vowed to do everything possible to fix his mistake, but he wondered if something else was bothering her. Lauren claimed that her only concern was the wrath between Michael and Fen. Fen arrived home, and Lauren hugged him.

Michael cheerily declared that he had ordered pizza, but Fen mumbled that he wasn't hungry. Michael demanded to know if Fen planned to hate him for the rest of their lives, but Lauren intervened. Michael apologized that he had taken the word of a poor, damaged boy over his own son, but Fen retorted that Lauren hadn't. Michael understood that they were both angry, but he explained that he had been devastated that Fen had bullied Jamie, and Fen's lack of compassion had terrified him.

Michael pointed out that he had begged Fen to talk about what had been going on, but Fen had refused. Fen felt that Michael was blaming him for everything, but Michael contended that he was even more disappointed in himself than Fen was. There was a knock at the door, and Paul and Jamie entered. The group exchanged uncomfortable glances.

Paul revealed that Jamie was about to head to Washington, DC, to move in with Ronan, who had used his FBI connections to get guardianship of Jamie. Jamie thanked the Baldwins, and Lauren wished him luck. Jamie apologized for causing so much trouble after they'd let him stay with them, and he told Fen that he never should have lied. Fen admitted that he never should have tormented Jamie.

After Paul and Jamie left, Michael asked how many slices of pizza Fen wanted, but Fen coldly repeated that he wasn't hungry. Lauren remarked that Fen had to eat, and Fen stormed off. Michael wondered if it would be that tense forever, and Lauren went after Fen. She told Fen that he had a right to be angry, but Fen had also been wrong to bully Jamie. Lauren insisted that Michael was his father and that Michael loved him, but Fen spat that Michael hadn't shown love when it had counted.

Michael found it ironic that he had done everything he could not to be like his father, and he had ended up with a son who couldn't stand him. He asked Lauren what he should he do, and she stoically said that she didn't know. He became irritated that nothing seemed to help, and she berated him again for arresting Fen. Lauren recounted that she'd known in her soul that Fen couldn't have done something so horrible, and she blasted Michael for not believing in how they'd raised Fen.

Michael said he didn't have the same faith in goodness that Lauren did, and he begged her to help him fix his relationship with Fen. He reached out to her, but she stepped back and said that she couldn't do it. She decided that she was going to move out. A stunned Michael pleaded with her not to go, but she cried that they'd had everything before Michael had broken their family.

Fen returned home and asked where Lauren was. Michael disclosed that she had taken a room at the Athletic Club to give Michael and Fen time to work things out. Fen didn't blame her for moving out, and he began to leave, but Michael ordered him to stop. Fen questioned whether Michael intended to put him under house arrest, and he spat that he would rather be in jail than there with Michael. Michael suggested that they use the time and space that Lauren had given them, but Fen refused, and he walked out.

Jamie and Paul arrived at Crimson Lights, and Jamie approached Summer. Summer remarked that she knew that Jamie had lied, and he expected her to yell at him, but she blamed herself and wished that she could undo her actions. Jamie echoed the sentiment, and he reported that he was leaving that night. She spotted Kyle, and she tersely told Jamie that she hoped things worked out.

Summer ran into Kyle's arms and gushed that she was happy to see him. She believed he should rethink being her friend, since she'd ruined things for Jamie and Fen. Kyle joked that he would take his chances. Kyle invited Summer to dinner at the Athletic Club with Jack and Phyllis, and she excitedly hugged him again as Nick walked in. Kyle congratulated Nick on his new club, and Nick asked to speak privately with Summer.

Summer was embarrassed when Nick dragged her to the patio, and he inquired what was going on with Kyle, because Kyle was too old for her. She said that she and Kyle were going to dinner with Phyllis and Jack, and Nick was relieved, but he had hoped to have dinner with her, Noah, and Faith. Summer offered to stop by later that evening, and she kissed Nick goodbye. Kyle asked Summer if everything was okay, and she repeated Nick's remark that Kyle was too old for her. Kyle chuckled and stated that they were just friends. Nick scowled as he watched them leave.

Jamie asked why Paul had helped him, and Paul replied that Jamie had had a rough time, and he had felt for Jamie. Jamie worried that Ronan wouldn't want to help him after Ronan found out about Jamie's lies, but Paul said that bullies had driven Jamie to the roof, and Jamie had only lied when he'd lost sight of what was important. Paul assured Jamie that there were people who cared about him and wanted what was best for him.

Jamie asked if Paul had kids, and Paul told him about Heather and Ricky, and he mentioned that Ricky had died. Jamie wondered if Paul thought about Ricky a lot, and Paul responded that he and Ricky hadn't been close, but every day, he thought about how he would do things differently. Paul added that Jamie would have a chance to turn his life around in DC. Paul said that he was proud of Jamie, and they hugged.

Victoria and Nick arrived outside the Newman penthouse, and they wondered why their parents had summoned them. Victoria suspected that Nikki had told Victor that she was sick, and Nick was stunned that Victoria hadn't mentioned anything about Nikki's health earlier. They entered the penthouse, and Victoria explained that she hadn't wanted to say anything until Nikki was ready. Nikki and Victor descended the stairs.

Nikki announced that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and Nick asked what had caused it. Nikki said that she didn't know, but she had learned that the disease affected more women than men. Nikki revealed that she had numbness and tremors in her hands, but she didn't want her illness to affect her children's lives. Victor stated that they weren't sure how MS would impact Nikki, but there were treatments for MS patients to live long, healthy lives. Nick and Victoria vowed to stand by Nikki.

Nikki didn't want a pity party, and Victor quipped that he hadn't planned one. Nikki requested that Nick and Victoria not constantly ask if she was okay or treat her like an invalid, because she wasn't going to let the disease make her one. Victoria asked if she could hug Nikki, and Nikki said that hugs were always okay. Nikki rushed into her children's arms.

At home, Billy told Johnny that he was planning a surprise to show how much he loved Victoria, and he asked for Johnny's help. Billy fretted that Johnny wouldn't fall asleep, and he jokingly lectured that Johnny had to learn to keep his promises. Billy conceded that he hadn't always been a man of his word and that he had let down a lot of people. Billy added that his surprise was important to show Victoria that he would always be there for her and Johnny.

Billy scattered rose petals all over the couch and floor. Victoria arrived home and crumbled upon seeing the romantic setting. Billy took her into his arms as she sobbed, and he offered to clean up his surprise. She stammered that it had been an awful day, but she was thrilled to return home to something so wonderful. He explained that he'd done it to show her he was there for her no matter what. He offered to prove it, and he got down one knee and asked her to marry him again, right there at that moment.

Billy recounted that he and Victoria had gotten married several times, and each time, he'd loved her more than the last. They began to exchange traditional wedding vows, but she faltered when she recited "in sickness and in health." He finished the vows, and she said that he had no idea how much the words meant. He said that life without her was unimaginable, and she proclaimed that she would go through every misstep and heartache again to get to where they were that day.

Billy presented Victoria with wedding rings, and he explained that he wanted to have something to pass on to their kids. He said that the rings had no beginning or end, just like his love for her, and he placed her ring on her finger. She said that no one made her cry or laugh as much as he did, and she slid his ring onto his hand. He vowed that nothing would take him away from her, and they kissed.

Victor said that Nikki never ceased to amaze him, but she lamented that she had lied to their kids about how frightened she was, because she didn't want to be a burden. He told her not to use that word, because they all loved her and would adjust. Victor handed Nikki a mug, but he took it back when her hands began to shake, and he hugged her. He answered a call, and he announced that the contractor planned to finish their house the first week of March. Victor wanted to finalize the arrangements for their wedding, but Nikki suggested that they hold off.

Victor told Nikki to banish any thought of postponing the wedding. He declared that she could have any kind of ceremony she wanted, but he was adamant that they get married as planned. She laughed and said she loved him for not treating her like an invalid. He pulled out a calendar and told her to close her eyes and point. She obliged, and Victor said that the date couldn't arrive soon enough. They kissed.

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