The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 24, 2012 on Y&R

Phyllis, Billy, Neil, and Kyle staged an intervention for Jack, but he rejected their attempts to help him. Victor threatened Adam to keep up his end of the deal to tear down Jack. Chelsea nearly reconciled with Adam until she learned that Sharon had pushed him in her direction. Kevin and Chloe decided to find Adriana's money and collect the reward from the New York Police Department.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 24, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, December 24, 2012

At Billy and Victoria's house, Victor arrived and told his daughter that he needed her help with arrangements and details related to her parents' Valentine's Day wedding. Victor added that he hoped to gather his family together for Christmas. Billy entered the room and announced that he and Victoria had planned a trip to Jamaica, the place where he and Victoria had fallen in love -- real love, Billy reiterated. Almost as an afterthought, Victor also extended his invitation to Billy.

Victor told Victoria that without his family, he felt just as alone as he had after his mother abandoned him at an orphanage. Victor added that Nikki would be disappointed if Victoria weren't present to celebrate Christmas with the family. Victor glared at Billy when Billy voiced reasons for Victoria not to accept her father's guilt-inducing incentives. Victor insisted to Victoria that they should put an end to their differences and enjoy a "season to remember."

After Victor left, Victoria admired her family's Christmas stockings hanging from the mantel. Billy sighed and said that Victoria was likely thinking that "maybe it will all be different this time." Billy added that Nick and Abby wouldn't be far behind, returning to their daddy like "geese following in tow and lockstep." Victoria softly said that her father seemed to be sincere. Billy sighed heavily and shook his head.

Victoria told Billy that she wanted to have Christmas with her family. Billy warned that Victor had a plan in play. Victoria insisted that Billy should embrace her family after Victor admitted that he'd been wrong. Billy told Victoria that he'd rather not witness Victor hurt her more than he already had. Victoria said she was willing to take a chance with her father.

Later, Billy lugged a box of Christmas decorations into the living room and told Victoria that he didn't have to spend Christmas in Jamaica. He donned a pair of felt reindeer antlers, held a spring of mistletoe above Victoria's head, and said, "I just need to spend Christmas with you." Victoria smiled, jumped to her feet, and kissed Billy.

At Sharon's house, Adam stopped by. Sharon attempted to turn Adam away, but he insisted that they needed to talk. Adam explained that Victor had agreed not to pursue charges against Sharon for burning down the ranch house, nor would he turn Adam over to the police for having paid an arsonist to set the other fires to cover Sharon's tracks. Adam added that in exchange, he'd promised to oust Jack from Newman Enterprises.

Adam told Sharon that he felt he owed Jack for allowing him to run the company. Noting that Jack was planning to fold Jabot into Newman Enterprises, Adam added that he'd have to boot Jack before he joined the two companies in order for Jack to keep his legacy.

Sharon recalled that she, Adam, Jack, and Tucker had all attempted to steal Newman Enterprises from Victor, which had left him on the outside, yearning for the empire he'd built. She added, "Could you imagine what it's like to love something so desperately, and yet, you can't have it?" An awkward silence followed.

Sharon asked Adam how he could carry out his plan without Jack's knowledge. Adam explained that Jack had a weakness, but he refused to elaborate. Sharon announced that she'd made progress from her sessions with Dr. Watkins. Sharon added that Dr. Watkins had advised her to stay away from Adam. Hiding his disappointment, Adam encouraged Sharon to obey her doctor's orders.

Sharon encouraged Adam to save his marriage. Adam explained that he was unable to commit to his marriage and that Chelsea had refused to accept his settlement offer, claiming that she wanted nothing from him. Before Adam left, Sharon thanked him and kissed his cheek.

Later alone, Sharon began decorating her Christmas tree. She selected a beaded ornament featuring a photo of Faith and lovingly admired her daughter's beautiful face. Sharon hung the ornament and flashed a confident smile.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack chastised Kyle for exposing his father's drug addiction to the press. In the same breath, Jack admitted that he'd lied about having recovered from his addiction. Jack claimed that he'd taken only one additional pill after Kyle and Phyllis delivered clear wake-up calls. Jack added that he would beat his addiction because he refused to spend his life tethered to a narcotic.

Kyle asked if his dad planned to recover without assistance. Jack embraced Kyle and insisted that his son was reason enough to make him quit. Jack summoned a reporter to his home to set the record straight, and he later invited Kyle to be present.

Neil stopped by Jack's home. Neil admitted that he regretted their unpleasant argument and hoped to rescind his resignation. Neil assured Jack that he could take Jabot to the next level. Jack explained that he had a lot on his plate. Jack noted that he was about to address the press and quash a rumor claiming that he was addicted to painkillers.

Neil looked Jack in the eye and asked him if he was hooked on his pain medication. Jack claimed that he'd been taking a narcotic medication for back pain, but he insisted that he wasn't addicted. Neil replied, "I'm an addict, and I recognize when another addict's in denial."

Jack assured Neil that Neil was mistaken about Jack being an addict. Neil asked if Jack took more than the prescribed number of pills and often lied to himself and others about medicating himself. Jack became agitated and said, "I have an interview to prepare for, and you have a job to get back to. Don't let me down!"

At Jabot, Tyler showed up and told Lily that because she'd endorsed his concepts, he'd been summoned to a follow-up interview with Neil. Cane watched from a nearby doorway and seemed wary. Cane stepped out of the shadows after he overheard Tyler entertain the idea of collaborating with Lily, so they could freely share their passions and ideas.

After Lily walked away, Tyler asked Cane to direct him to the boss' office. Cane noted that the boss was away. Cane added that he and Jack had decided that Tyler's ideas weren't a good fit for the company. Tyler replied, "That's not what your wife said." Cane instructed Tyler to come up with additional ideas and return when he was ready to impress. Tyler scoffed and insisted that he was always up for a challenge.

Lily later returned and asked about Tyler. Cane said that he'd met with the prospective employee and had decided that Tyler's "graffiti aesthetic" wasn't worth an investment of the company's resources. Lily seemed perplexed and replied, "That graffiti aesthetic is ahead of the curve. There's nothing else like it." Cane claimed that he had a responsibility to be cautious. Lily said she was worried that another company might grab a rising star.

At On the Boulevard, Tyler admitted to Leslie that he'd flirted with Lily. Leslie cried, "Not again, Tyler." Leslie offered to let Tyler stay at her place. Tyler noted that Leslie wouldn't want her little brother around when she and Neil began "conducting business." Leslie assured her brother that she and Neil weren't involved. Tyler insisted to Leslie that he'd be hired at Jabot despite Cane's objections.

Later, Tyler and Cane renewed their discussion inside a sauna. Tyler claimed that Cane felt threatened because Tyler had flirted with Lily. Cane claimed that he disapproved of Tyler's cocky attitude. Cane added that Tyler acted as if he'd secured the job offer just because his sister was a friend of Neil's. Tyler reminded Cane that he was the one married to the boss's daughter.

Cane said that he hadn't yet made his final decision about offering Tyler the job. Cane advised Tyler to subdue his ego. Tyler said he thought that Neil had the last word. Cane glared at Tyler. Ever-confident, Tyler assured Cane that he wouldn't find a better candidate.

At Jabot, Neil watched Jack's news conference. Jack said, "I am not abusing prescription drugs. That claim is nothing more than malicious gossip. I intend to set the record straight." Jack explained that he'd begun taking a narcotic pain medication after undergoing back surgery. Jack admitted that he'd had to step aside, but he maintained that Newman Enterprises was operating at one hundred percent.

Neil later asked Cane about the interview with Tyler. Cane said that he hadn't hired Tyler because he wanted to ensure that the young man could benefit the company. Neil replied, "The kid's got an excellent track record. He's the wave of the future. Hire him!"

Back at the Abbott mansion, Kyle stood in the corner while Jack carried out his appeal to the media. Jack claimed that a subversive element had "painted him in less-than-flattering colors" in order to convince the public that he'd become a detriment to his company. Kyle, concerned for his father's well-being, frowned and shook his head in frustration.

After Adam returned to Jack's office, he watched a rebroadcast of Jack's interview. In it, Jack had claimed that he'd been monitored by doctors during his course of treatment and had since stopped taking pain medication altogether. Jack had ended the interview by insisting that he was healthy and strong, as was Newman Enterprises.

Adam sighed, withdrew the bottle of Jack's pills from his pocket, and placed them in Jack's desk drawer. Jack appeared at the door and said, "Perfect timing. I'd like for you to take a look at an interview I just did." Adam said that he'd already watched Jack's attempt at damage control. Jack reminded Adam that he hadn't asked Adam for more pills.

Jack insisted to Adam that he was clear-headed and no longer needed his pills. Adam rose from Jack's chair, motioned for Jack to sit, and said, "Well, in that case." Jack took his seat and said, "It's good to be back!" Adam presented a file folder stuffed with documents and explained that the contracts were awaiting Jack's signature. Adam added that he'd be just down the hall if Jack needed him.

Jack took the folder, opened his desk drawer to get an ink pen, and noticed the bottle of pills. Adam watched from the doorway and sighed heavily when he noticed that Jack paused when he spied the pills. Jack signed a few documents. The pills in the drawer seemed to beckon to Jack, and he became distracted.

Jack opened the drawer and picked up the pill bottle. Out in the hallway, Adam stepped away to take Victor's phone call. Victor asked if there'd been progress with the plan. Victor added that he wasn't pleased with what he'd heard during Jack's interview. Adam told Victor to relax because the plan was in motion. Back in Jack's office, Jack placed the bottle of pills back in the drawer.

Tyler later returned to Jabot, approached Lily, and announced that he had additional ideas to show Cane. Lily batted her eyelashes and proclaimed that the projects were likely all genius. Lily said she hoped Cane would agree because he was usually more open-minded.

Tyler noted that Cane was staking his territory. Cane, Tyler explained to Lily, believed that Tyler had been flirting with her. Lily chuckled nervously and replied, "Were you flirting?" Tyler claimed that his behavior was part of his natural charm. Tyler insisted that Cane wouldn't be able to resist the new ideas. Cane approached. Lily changed positions and stood alongside Tyler. Cane faced them both and announced that Tyler had the job.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As Victoria hurried to get the family ready to go to Christmas Eve dinner at Nikki and Victor's, she and Billy talked about Christmas traditions. Billy held up some mistletoe and kissed Victoria. Billy then broke the news to Victoria that he'd decided not to go with her and the boys to celebrate with her parents. Victoria reminded Billy that they'd canceled their trip to Jamaica to have Christmas in Genoa City.

Billy felt that Victor could not to be trusted, no matter how sincere he'd been when he invited Billy and Victoria to dinner. Billy felt that if he went with Victoria, something would go awry. Billy also claimed that he had Christmas preparations that he had to do for Johnny's Christmas. Victoria pointed out that Billy expected her to go with him to Jack's house on Christmas Day even though she was angry with Billy's brother. Billy wasn't so sure that Jack wanted to share the holidays with Billy after their falling-out over Newman Enterprises and Victoria's abduction in Miami.

Avery received a call from Nick, and she admitted she'd been thinking about him. Avery had big plans for a romantic Christmas Eve with Nick. Avery and Nick confirmed their dinner plans at her house, involving a tantalizing chocolate dessert, which was code for sex. After ending the call, Nick knocked on Sharon's door, where Faith and Noah welcomed him into the house. Nick saw that the tree was all decorated except for the Christmas star. With Nick's help, Faith placed it on the tree.

When they were alone together, Sharon thanked Nick for trusting her with Faith again. Sharon apologized for having tried to run off with Faith. Sharon regretted what she'd nearly done. Nick believed that Sharon was trying hard to get better, and he thought she was on the road to recovery. Sharon appreciated Nick's faith in her. Later, Sharon read The Night Before Christmas to the family. Faith went upstairs to get another book that they could read together.

Sharon recalled how much Noah loved the tradition of reading books together as a family. Noah recalled how Cassie had read the story about Dave the dog and how much Noah had loved it. Faith returned with another book. It was Dave, the Golden Retriever, Noah's favorite. Noah put Faith on his lap and began to read the book to his little sister. Nick and Sharon watched their kids together.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis complained to Jack about asking the employees to work on Christmas Eve. Phyllis was still angry with Jack for making her miss Summer's birthday because she'd had to cover for him in Chicago. Phyllis had no intention of missing a Christmas Eve dinner with Summer. Phyllis brought up Jack's drug situation. Jack said that his addiction was in check. Jack assured Phyllis he was off the pills. Phyllis was skeptical.

Kyle and Adam entered the office for a meeting. Jack announced that within a week, Jabot Cosmetics would be a wholly owned subsidiary of Newman Enterprises. Phyllis and Adam were down on the idea, but Kyle pointed out that it would be very profitable for Newman. Jack was determined to follow through with his plan. Jack asked Kyle to have dinner with him, but Kyle had plans with friends. After Kyle left, Adam followed. Phyllis glared at Jack, then left without another word.

Adam returned a short time later to question Jack's decision to acquire Jabot. Jack reminded Adam that it had originally been Adam's idea. Adam thought that Jack was putting Jabot at risk by putting it under the Newman umbrella. Adam urged Jack to protect Jabot because it was his family legacy. Jack didn't think he needed to keep Jabot as a safety net because he had no intention of losing Newman Enterprises.

Adam declared that Victor was a formidable adversary, but Jack was confident that he could best Victor this time around. Adam wondered if the drugs might trip Jack up. Jack was onto Adam, pulling out the bottle that Adam had left in the drawer. Jack thought Adam had left the pills there to tempt Jack. Adam said it was a test. Jack said he was off the pills, and to prove it to Adam, Jack poured the pills on the floor and crushed them. Jack asked if he'd passed the test.

In the Newman elevator, Avery ran into Phyllis. Avery was surprised that Phyllis was on the job on Christmas Eve. Phyllis explained that Jack had called a meeting to announce the Jabot merger. Avery assumed that was why Jack had text messaged her to meet with him immediately. Avery wished her sister a merry Christmas. Phyllis impulsively asked if Avery had plans for dinner. Avery said she'd probably be writing the merger contract for Jack. Phyllis invited Avery to have Christmas Eve dinner with Summer and Phyllis.

Later, Phyllis and Avery arrived at the tack house. Summer was excited that Avery was going to spend the night with them. Summer mentioned her special birthday gift from Phyllis, the infinity necklace. While Avery and Summer talked, Phyllis went into the kitchen to make hot chocolate.

Avery saw a note on a gift to Summer from Jamie. In the note, Jamie mentioned that he'd kissed Summer. Phyllis was surprised and asked Summer about Fen. Summer admitted that she wasn't sure what she was feeling. Summer didn't want to hurt Fen because they'd been friends for years. Summer asked for advice, but not from Phyllis.

Summer brought up the fact that Avery had experience, but Phyllis had disastrous relationships. Phyllis pointedly asked Avery why her marriage to Mr. Clark had fallen apart. Avery said that she and her husband had been friends, but they hadn't been able to make it work once they were married. Phyllis felt that sometimes you hurt someone you loved without meaning to.

When Summer left to call Fen, Phyllis asked Avery if her marital breakup had been painful. Avery explained she preferred living in the present and not dwelling on the past. Phyllis understood because Avery was involved with Nick. Phyllis said that she accepted that Avery and Nick were a couple. Avery offered that Phyllis had reconnected with Jack. Phyllis felt Jack would never truly forgive her for leaving him for Nick when she did.

At the coffeehouse, Chloe met with Chelsea and told her that Gloria had decided to buy a racehorse with Jeffrey instead of investing in their fashion business. Chelsea felt that she had nothing but back luck, equating this loss of the business with the end of her marriage and the miscarriage. Chloe thought Chelsea was a good person and felt if anyone deserved bad karma, it was Sharon. Chloe referred to Sharon as a hot mess.

Chloe marveled at the way some people skated through life without problems. Chelsea was ticked off at Jeffrey. Chloe asked Chelsea to reconsider accepting Adam's settlement offer. Chelsea declared that she would not take Adam's money.

Victoria wanted Billy to accept her father's invitation because she wanted to prove to Victor that Billy was worthy of being Victoria's husband and truly part of the family. Billy declared that Victor was not his family and never would be. There was a knock on the door. Jack appeared with presents in hand for Billy, Victoria, and the kids. Jack announced, "Merry Christmas."

While Victoria went upstairs to check on the boys, Billy asked if Jack was high on pills. Jack denied that he was taking medication anymore. Billy felt that if Jack went to the press to deny his addiction, there must had to been some truth to it. Jack asked why Billy hadn't plastered the story on Restless Style. Billy called it a Christmas gift for Jack, but Jack knew better. Jack wanted to enjoy Christmas with the family. Billy said that all he wanted from Jack for Christmas was for him to return to running Jabot and stop trying to be king of the world.

Later, after Jack had left, Billy and Victoria agreed that Jack didn't appreciate Christmas. Billy said that Jack had Newman Enterprises to keep him warm and didn't need family. Victoria urged Billy to accept Victor's invitation because it was a chance to be with family and better off than Jack. Billy promised that he'd never be like Jack. Victoria felt that she and Billy had something wonderful together, but she still wanted him at the family party. Victoria whispered in Billy's ear what she would do for him if he agreed to go to the party. Billy gave in to her kisses and said that he'd go to Nikki and Victor's after all.

Chloe went to Adam's and said she had a business proposition for him. Adam scoffed based on their past experience. Chloe was offering Adam a chance to redeem himself. Adam wasn't interested in redemption, but agreed that he did owe Chelsea. Chloe asked Adam to invest the money he had made from the sale of TagNGrab in Chelsea's new business. Adam said Chelsea wouldn't take his financial assistance. Chloe asked Adam to invest as a silent partner and give Chloe and Chelsea complete control. Later, Chloe informed Chelsea that Gloria had agreed to be their silent partner. Chelsea was thrilled and believed Chloe's lie.

Nick took Faith home to the tack house. Summer offered to put Faith to bed. Nick was surprised to see Avery there because they still had their chocolate date later that night. Nick started to kiss Avery, but she explained that Phyllis was upstairs, changing her blouse because she'd spilled hot chocolate. Avery added that it had been important to Phyllis that she and Avery have dinner together. Phyllis overheard that Nick and Avery had planned a romantic night.

Phyllis appeared and told Avery and Nick that she had to leave. Phyllis wished them a nice night together. Later, at Avery's, Avery surprised Nick with a Christmas gift -- an electric guitar. Nick was overjoyed, but he didn't know how to play. Avery wanted Nick to live his childhood dream.

Nick had a gift for Avery, too, but she said her wishes had already come true. Nick asked her to unwrap the box. Inside, Avery found an Easy-Bake Oven. Avery was thrilled because it was a vintage set. She kissed Nick, and he was pleased. Nick asked her to make something for him. Avery instructed him to take off his shirt because chocolate was very messy.

Jack went home to an empty house. Jack looked at the tree, and suddenly his father appeared in the living room. John commented that it was "some Christmas." John recalled all the happy times in the house on Christmas with the family. Jack remembered receiving a solid gold key with his name engraved on it from John one year. John recalled giving it to him and telling Jack that he could have it all. John acknowledged that Jack had power, but nobody to share it with.

The doorbell rang, and Phyllis appeared before Jack. As she walked into the house, Phyllis admired the Christmas decorations. Jack was pale and sweaty, and Phyllis was concerned for him. Phyllis offered to make him something to eat. Jack appreciated that she was there. When she went to the kitchen, Jack was unable to pour himself a glass of water. John appeared and told Jack he couldn't kick the drugs without help.

Noah called Adriana and told her that he could not continue to keep her duffel bag because the New York detective had been asking questions. As he ended the call, Summer entered and asked Noah about the money. Meanwhile, Sharon was home alone as she recalled opening a Christmas ornament from a special friend. Faith had hung the souvenir from Lake Tahoe on the tree for Sharon. A short time later, Sharon went to Adam's and said she didn't think he should be alone on Christmas.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Phyllis and Jack congratulated each other on whipping up an impromptu Christmas Eve dinner from just the food in his refrigerator. Jack was overjoyed that Phyllis was there. Phyllis agreed that she was happy to be spending time with Jack. Phyllis recalled it had been just the two of them for Thanksgiving, too.

Jack had a token of appreciation for Phyllis and handed her a wrapped gift. Inside Phyllis found a vintage ornament. Jack explained it had been his grandmother's. Phyllis admired how beautiful it was, but felt she couldn't accept a family heirloom. Jack asserted that Phyllis was family to him. Jack also noted that the members of the family weren't around to care. Jack understood that Phyllis hadn't had time to find a gift for him because he'd kept her so busy with work.

Jack offered a drink to Phyllis, but she turned him down and suggested he stay clean and sober until the drugs were out of his system. Jack agreed, noting that his sisters were on a ski trip, Billy was mad at him, and Kyle had gone out for the night. Still Jack wasn't down in the dumps; however, he felt festive. Jack played some music and asked Phyllis to dance with him. Later, Jack told Phyllis the story of an Abbott family Christmas tradition, Mamie's cinnamon rolls. Jack had once learned the recipe when Mamie had been away.

Jack boasted about his skills in the kitchen. Phyllis called Jack on lying when he claimed he planned to bake their wedding cake. Phyllis felt bad that she mentioned that the date would have been their wedding anniversary. Jack was happy that they'd remained friends. Phyllis gently kissed Jack.

Phyllis stopped Jack from getting more passionate because she suspected it was a bad idea. Phyllis decided that she had to leave. Jack took her to the door and reminded her to take the gift. With tears in her eyes, Phyllis kissed Jack goodbye and left. Jack went to the living room and poured a shot of scotch.

Nick and Avery were in bed together after having made love. Avery offered to make something to eat for Nick since they'd mainly enjoyed chocolate while having sex, but Nick said he was going to cook for Avery this time. In Avery's kitchen, Nick opened a drawer and saw a small jar, which had a set of military dog tags inside. Nick read that the name on the tags was Dylan McAvoy. Nick wondered why Avery had kept them. When Nick heard Avery approaching the kitchen, he put the tags back in the jar and resumed cooking Avery's breakfast. Avery put her arms around Nick, and he kissed her deeply.

At Adam's house, Sharon told him how positive her Christmas experience had been with Faith and Noah. Adam had no good Christmas memories to share with her. Sharon asked if Adam had reached out to Chelsea, but Adam explained that he'd chosen to respect her wishes by keeping away. Sharon reiterated that Adam truly loved Chelsea, and he should forget his residual feelings for Sharon. Adam did not want to deny what he felt for Sharon.

Sharon said that their feelings didn't matter because they could not be together. Sharon believed they did not work together as a couple, and it would be a mistake if they tried to reunite. Sharon was grateful to Adam, but said he'd become a better man by being with Chelsea. Adam wondered how he'd ever get over Sharon, but she insisted he try. Sharon confessed that when she was with Adam, she had lost herself. Sharon pushed Adam to try again with Chelsea. Sharon kissed him goodbye and walked out of the house.

Adam was dozing on the couch. He dreamed of a little girl rushing into the living room in her pajamas on Christmas morning. The girl called him Daddy and he said they had to wait to open the gifts until mommy joined them. A moment later, Chelsea walked in from the other side of the room. Adam and Chelsea were happy in the dream. Adam awakened and realized that he was alone.

Sharon went to the tack house, and Faith rushed into her arms. Nick, Noah, and Summer were there to celebrate Christmas. Summer excused herself, saying she had to meet Fen. Sharon admired Faith's new dollhouse and learned it had been a gift from Santa. Sharon started to apologize about her gift for Faith, but Faith interrupted to say she wanted to open it. Nick explained that Santa's elves had been busy buying gifts. Faith loved the gift, and Sharon looked to Nick and said, "Thank you."

Nick offered Sharon a cup of hot cocoa. Sharon thanked Nick for having created a special Christmas for the family. Sharon felt more like her old self and wanted to return to work. Nick listened as Sharon mentioned that Adam had offered to find her a spot at Newman. Sharon wasn't sure that was the right place for her. Nick appreciated that Sharon was getting better.

At the Baldwins', Fen rushed through the living room and told Lauren and Michael that since it was Christmas, he'd get out of their hair so they could visit with friends. Before he left, Lauren phoned Fen on his burner phone. When it rang, Fen answered and wondered how his parents had found the number. Michael wanted to know why Fen had bought an untraceable phone.

Fen thought his parents had been spying on him. Lauren explained that the phone had fallen out of Fen's knapsack. Michael didn't want to fight on Christmas. Fen said he'd bought the phone to be able to call Summer without them knowing about it. Fen felt it was unfair that they asked him to cut off a friend like Summer, someone he'd known for years, because they disapproved of her.

Later, Chloe and Kevin arrived at the Baldwins', but they were obviously miserable and sad. Michael and Lauren greeted them warmly and passed out glasses of Christmas eggnog. A short time later, Paul joined them and explained that Christine would have moved to Genoa City by Christmas, but had been grounded by a storm in Washington, DC.

Kevin announced that he needed a beer, prompting Michael to ask his brother privately why he was so anti-social. Kevin said he was going to lose the house because Michael's loan had only bought him a little time with the bank. Kevin didn't want Michael lecturing him about money. The brothers started yelling at each other.

Chloe interrupted to say that Kevin's plan to fix their money problems was illegal. Kevin was furious because Chloe depicted Kevin as a little guy bucking the system. Chloe apologized as she stalked out of the apartment. At the coffeehouse, Chloe told Kevin she was tired of fighting with him all the time. Kevin agreed that for him the low point had been facing Delia with the knowledge that he wouldn't be able to provide for her the way he wanted to. Chloe asked what Kevin wanted her to do. Kevin asked Chloe to let him provide for their family in his own way. Chloe agreed to go along with Kevin.

At the penthouse, Nikki gave Victor a Christmas gift. It was Christian Miller's Bible, one he thought had been lost in the fire. Nikki said one of the workers had found it in the ruin, and Nikki had gotten it repaired. Victor said that his mother had given it to him. Victor was very touched by the gift and kissed Nikki. The next morning, Victor unfurled the architectural designs for the renovated Newman ranch. Nikki was thrilled with the new improvements. Victor showed her all the special touches he'd added for her.

Kyle went home and called out for Jack. In the living room, Kyle found Jack passed out on the couch, the glass on the floor. Kyle told his father that it was Christmas morning. Kyle noticed that the scotch decanter was empty. Jack claimed he and Phyllis had partied the night before. Jack had a Christmas gift for Kyle, a weeklong vacation in Maui, including transportation on the corporate jet for Kyle and his friends.

Kyle said that if Jack wanted to give his son a real gift, Jack had to get sober. Jack assured Kyle that he was off the pills. Kyle said the pills were terrible and informed Jack of a friend who'd flunked out of Yale because of an addiction to the same pain meds. Kyle had seen his friend buying drugs from Kieran Donnelly. Jack recognized that Donnelly had been an up-and-coming hockey player. Kyle said Donnelly had dropped out of law school to deal drugs.

Jack promised Kyle that he was not like Kyle's friends and was not about to ruin his life. Later, after he'd showered and changed, Jack placed a call to Dr. Collins, requesting an emergency house call. Jack wanted more pain medication. Dr. Collins was ticked off that Jack called him on Christmas and hung up on Jack.

A short time later, Kyle told Jack he'd decided to join Ashley and Traci in Aspen for the ski vacation. Jack was happy for Kyle and said he'd be fine while Kyle was away. Kyle left the room, and when Kyle's phone rang, Jack reached for it. Jack found Kieran Donnelly's number.

Adam went to Crimson Lights and said hello to Chelsea. Adam explained he had a gift for Chelsea, one he'd ordered months before. Chelsea didn't want to spend the holidays with him, and Adam understood. He gently kissed Chelsea's cheek and wished her a merry Christmas. Later, Adam was home and noticed that he needed logs to start a fire. As he opened the front door, Adam was happy to see Chelsea there.

Summer went to see Avery with a Christmas gift. It was a bag filled with cookie cutters, and they agreed to get together to do some baking. Summer was going to meet Phyllis for breakfast and invited Avery to go along, but Avery didn't want to intrude on Summer's special time with her mother. Later, Phyllis was surprised when Summer arrived with Avery. Summer explained that she'd insisted on taking Avery along and asked Phyllis to be nice. While Summer went to order a hot chocolate, Phyllis accused Avery of staking a claim on Phyllis' daughter and husband.

Avery noted that Nick was Phyllis' ex-husband and asked her sister to back away gracefully. Avery thought Phyllis was demeaning herself by trying to horn her way back into Nick's life. Phyllis believed that if Avery hadn't chased Nick, Phyllis would have reunited with her husband. Avery told Phyllis that Phyllis had destroyed her marriage, not Avery. Phyllis turned on Avery to question Avery's failed marriage. Phyllis was certain that Avery had hurt her ex just the way she'd eventually hurt Summer and Nick.

Fen appeared at the coffeehouse and Summer, was glad he'd agreed to meet with her. Fen said that he didn't want to know about Jamie kissing Summer. Fen had a gift for Summer, a pair of earrings. Summer kissed his cheek, and Fen labeled it a lame "air" kiss. Fen asked whom Summer wanted, him or Jamie. Summer gave Fen a hard kiss.

At home, Avery walked into the kitchen, opened the drawer, and noticed the jar with Dylan's dog tags. Avery put them aside, then contemplated using her Easy Bake oven, Nick's gift for her. Back at the tack house, Phyllis surprised Nick by following Summer home after breakfast at the coffeehouse. Phyllis said that she'd wanted to return Nick's shirt to him.

Nick called out Phyllis for game-playing. Phyllis feigned surprise, but Nick said that he recognized that she was trying to break up his relationship with Avery. Phyllis asked if Nick was serious about her sister. Nick said yes and asked Phyllis to stop interfering.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adam was pleased that Chelsea had changed her mind and stopped by for Christmas. Adam joked that she was really there for the gift he'd bought for her. Chelsea laughed and opened the box. Inside was a coffee table book of Norman Rockwell small-town images that she'd mentioned that she loved. Adam hoped the book wouldn't make her sad, since it evoked positive family values. Instead, Adam hoped the book might draw the two of them back together as a couple.

Chelsea said that she had no gift for Adam and apologized for being empty-handed. Adam said he'd found Chelsea's gift for him, the one he assumed she'd hidden in the house. Chelsea didn't want him to open the box, but Adam was determined to see the gift. Adam admired a set of emerald cufflinks and thought the stones represented Christmas. Chelsea explained that emerald was the birthstone for May, the month when their baby would have been born. Adam told Chelsea that he'd been thinking of the son they'd lost. Adam started to cry.

Chelsea was surprised by Adam's emotional reaction. Adam apologized for crying, but admitted that he had images in his head of how things should have been for them. Adam imagined that their Christmas would have been very hopeful if Chelsea were still pregnant. Adam imagined touching Chelsea's tummy to feel their baby kicking while they sat on the couch and gazed at the Christmas tree. Chelsea felt the same way.

Adam confessed that he still grieved for what they'd lost as a couple. Chelsea wished Adam had opened up to her before about his feelings. Chelsea had thought if she had forced him to speak, Adam would have turned and run to Sharon instead. Adam explained that his feelings about Sharon were complicated. In part, Adam had felt he could fix Sharon's problem, while he hadn't been able to do anything to make things right for Chelsea after the miscarriage.

Adam confessed that when Sharon had believed she'd lost her baby, it had been Adam's fault. When Chelsea had the miscarriage, Adam said it had made him realize that he'd done a terrible thing to Sharon by taking the newborn Faith and passing her off as Ashley's baby. Because of that history, Adam had felt a debt to Sharon as much as his other feelings for her.

Adam admitted to Chelsea that Sharon had visited him the night before. Sharon had urged Adam to try to reconcile with Chelsea, and Adam had heeded her advice. Adam had asked Sharon for reconciliation. Chelsea's eyes narrowed, and she assumed that Sharon had rejected Adam. Without giving Adam a chance to respond, Chelsea refused Adam's request because she didn't want to be the consolation prize. Chelsea felt it was a mistake to stay there any longer, so she left.

At Nikki and Victor's penthouse, Billy and Victoria were there with their children. Victor watched as Reed opened a gift from his grandparents, an old-fashioned game. Reed was excited by the gift. Nikki and Victoria took Reed to the kitchen for hot cinnamon rolls. Alone with Victor, Billy said that he liked Reed's gift.

Victor explained that he preferred old-fashioned toys like that to modern video games. Billy asked if Victor had become the toy police, but then regretted saying anything offensive. Victor shot back that Billy was probably a wiz at video games because he was a flop with Restless Style. Victor wondered if Billy had sold the magazine yet.

Billy said he had something in the works. Victor advised Billy to stay out of trouble. Victoria returned and mentioned that Johnny was napping. Billy suggested that both boys could use some sleep. Billy thought they'd be better off at home. Nikki was disappointed that Victoria and Billy were leaving so soon. Billy urged Victoria to stay and visit with her parents. Billy left with the kids.

Victoria accused Victor of having said something to push Billy's buttons. Victor assured his daughter that he had not said anything negative. Victor refused to say he'd done anything wrong. He added that he had no intention of changing his ways. Victoria explained that she'd convinced Billy that her father would be civil for Christmas, but Victor had disappointed her again. Victoria wanted to believe that her father finally accepted her marriage to Billy, but it wasn't the truth.

Later, Nikki tried to show Victoria some bridal bouquets on a web site for weddings, but Victoria was disinterested. Victor returned to the living room and tried to impress upon Victoria that he had made a sincere effort with Billy. Victoria was skeptical. When Victoria went into the kitchen to get some leftovers to take home for dinner, Nikki criticized Victor for ruining the family visit. Victor felt Victoria was overreacting.

Alone with Nikki, Victor conceded that the party could have been better. Nikki told Victor that he had to accept Billy as part of the family. Victor asked Nikki to forgive him, and before he left the apartment, Nikki reminded him to take the check to the mission.

When she was home with Billy, Victoria apologized for Victor's attitude. Billy told Victoria that the next time he proposed that they take a trip to Jamaica, she should agree with him. Victoria and Billy realized that they'd been married a year, despite all the adversities they'd faced. Victoria and Billy agreed that they had successfully navigated the first year together and would have many more years together. Victoria reminded Billy that she owed him for going to her parents'. Billy wanted to go upstairs and negotiate a settlement. Victoria liked the way Billy thought.

Chloe looked over Kevin's shoulder as he worked on the computer. Chloe wanted to know what Kevin was planning to do about the money due the bank. Chloe wanted to make sure it was legal because they had to share everything as a married couple. Kevin noticed that the New York detective was at the counter and went to serve him. Kevin tried to get him to comment on the case, but the cop refused to talk. Chloe overheard him asking about Noah Newman.

Kevin explained that the guy was a detective from the New York Police Department. He was looking for Noah because Noah was connected to a woman named Adriana. She'd disappeared from the city with half a million dollars in stolen drug money from a blown sting operation. Kevin wanted to find the money before the cop did. Chloe feared Kevin might be in danger.

Michael arrived and greeted Eden. He then invited Chloe and Kevin to dinner, but also wanted to know why Chloe was worried about Kevin being in danger. Kevin told Michael that they'd been speaking about Noah Newman. Michael was curious that a New York police detective was in Genoa City and had not checked in with the D.A. Michael introduced himself to the man and asked him directly. The cop said he was not in town on official business; he was just looking for a woman. The cop left without another word.

A short time later, Kevin was at the laptop when Chloe showed him a printout from the computer. Chloe had discovered on the NYPD website a reward notice for the missing money's recovery. Chloe told Kevin that if they succeeded in finding the money and turned it in, they'd be hailed as heroes. Kevin noted that the reward was more than enough to pay off the bank. Chloe wondered what she should wear for their stakeout.

Later, Chelsea burst into the coffeehouse and approached Chloe. Chelsea told Chloe that they didn't need Gloria's investment in the fashion business because Chelsea had the money. She was going to accept a settlement from Adam. Chelsea said she'd gone to visit Adam for Christmas. She acknowledged that it had been a mistake, but it had made Chelsea see that she deserved something from her marriage to Adam because she had no more hope of reconciling with him.

While sitting at a table on the patio at the coffeehouse, Michael recognized Jamie as he tried to sneak into the place. Michael called Jamie over and saw that he'd been beaten up. Jamie explained that one of his roommates at the group home had attacked him. Michael wanted to arrest the kid, but Jamie didn't think that would fix the situation. Jamie asked Michael to get him out of that place. Michael insisted that Jamie leave with him. Michael declared that he would not allow Jamie to return to the group home.

At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily told Neil about Mattie and Charlie's Christmas. Neil was planning to see Moses in the afternoon. Tyler appeared in the lobby, and Neil said hello. Since Leslie was singing with the church choir, Tyler was having a bite to eat before seeing her later in the day. Neil asked Tyler to join them for lunch. Tyler impressed Neil, Lily, and Cane by having done his research about Neil's background, noting Neil's love for jazz.

Tyler was happy to be working with a guy like Neil, because if he loved jazz, he'd appreciate a creative type like Tyler. Lily was charmed by Tyler's confidence. Later, Neil announced that he was leaving and offered to walk out with Tyler. Lily thought the lunch had been enjoyable. Cane informed Lily that Tyler had a crush on her. Lily refused to believe that and assumed Cane had been grouchy because he was jealous. Lily assured Cane he had nothing to worry about.

Jill and Katherine agreed that Christmas dinner had been delicious, but Kay was restless and wished she'd been allowed to go to church or out for a walk. Jill doubted Kay wanted to be out in the cold and urged her to rest from her collapse the other day. Tucker walked in sporting a Santa hat and carrying a sack of presents for the family. Jill laughed joyously, but Kay looked pained. Tucker showed Jill a gift that Delia had especially wanted, and Jill appreciated Tucker's effort.

Tucker realized that Kay was unimpressed with his good deeds or the gift he'd bought for her. Tucker asked if they could enjoy each other's company for the holiday. Kay thought that Tucker's gifts were very thoughtful, but she had nothing for him. Tucker asked if Kay might agree to dinner with him during the week. Tucker wanted to mend fences with Kay.

Later, Lily and Cane arrived at the mansion to see Kay and Jill. When Kay mentioned her collapse, Tucker and Cane were concerned. Jill said that Kay needed to rest. When Jill walked Tucker out, Cane asked Kay why she had agreed to go to dinner with Tucker. Kay said that Tucker had proposed they try to find peace with one another. At the door, Tucker asked Jill about Kay's collapse and wondered why Jill hadn't confided in him. Jill said she had wanted to, but Kay needed less stress in her life and Jill had yet to be able to convince Kay to stop working at Chancellor.

Victor went to Adam's and claimed he had a Christmas gift for his son. Adam opened the bag and found a bottle of tequila and a vial of pain pills. Adam realized that the gifts were symbolic. Victor wanted to remind Adam that the tequila had started the fire, which Victor could use against Adam in a trial. However, the pain pills could destroy Jack and allow Victor to get Newman Enterprises back. In that way, Adam would fulfill his deal with Victor.

Adam put the gifts back into the bag and handed it to Victor. Adam was insulted that Victor would show up on Christmas Day to threaten him. Victor claimed that he was simply offering Adam an incentive to complete the deal by taking down Jack. Adam said that he was backing out of Victor's deal.

Victor warned Adam not to cross him. Victor was sure he could find the arsonist that Adam had hired. Adam denied there had ever been an arsonist. Victor threatened Adam with prison for both him and Sharon. Adam dared Victor to try to hurt them when he had no proof. Victor left in anger.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Kyle explained to Billy that he had decided not to go to Maui because he couldn't get the image of Jack passed out on the couch out of his head. Billy asked whether Kyle had seen Jack's interview, and Kyle revealed that he had leaked the story about Jack's addiction because Jack wouldn't accept help. Billy advised Kyle to accept the fact that no one could prevent Jack from self-destructing. Kyle implored Billy to reach out to Jack, but Billy thought that Jack wouldn't listen to him, either. Victoria overheard and warned Billy that he would regret it if he didn't at least try.

Victoria noted that Billy knew what it was like to struggle with addiction, and Billy lamented that his gambling problem had wreaked havoc on their lives. Kyle worried that Jack wouldn't be able to find his way back, and Victoria reminded Billy that Kyle had already lost Diane. Billy offered to try to get through to Jack. Later, Phyllis stopped by at Billy's request, and Kyle informed her that they needed to take more drastic measures regarding Jack. Billy added that they needed her so they could have strength in numbers.

Phyllis thought that it was important for Jack not to feel ambushed, but Kyle wanted to be sure that Jack confronted his problem. Phyllis believed that Jack wouldn't respond well to a lecture, and Victoria recalled dealing with Nikki when Nikki had been more preoccupied with getting her next drink than attending a school event. Victoria wished that she had told Nikki how hurt she had been instead of scolding her for her absence. Phyllis thought they should all just put their feelings on the table, but Billy opined that their plan sounded amateur, and he knew who to call for help.

Nick presented Avery with a sign advertising the opening of the Underground, his new club. She vowed to be there to support Nick and Noah, even if it meant embarrassing herself on the dance floor. Avery inquired whether Nick's inner rock star was satisfied, but he hadn't imagined that it would be such hard work. Nick answered a call from Victor, who ordered Nick to meet him right away. Nick hung up, and he swore that it would be the last time he responded to Victor's summons.

Kieran Donnelly stopped by the Abbott home in response to Jack's call. Kieran pulled out a bag of pills, and Jack reached for them, but Kieran said that wasn't how the deal worked. Jack counted out $1,200, but Kieran demanded $50 more. Jack handed it over and cautioned Kieran to be discreet. Kieran crowed that he always kept his clients happy, but Jack insisted that their exchange was a one-time-only thing. Kieran left, and Jack popped multiple pills.

Jack arrived at the Athletic Club and spotted Victor. Victor quipped that he'd seen Jack's infomercial, and he contemplated what Jack was trying to sell. Jack smugly suggested that Victor stop wasting time, waiting for Jack to end up in rehab, because Jack was strong and healthy, just like Newman Enterprises. Jack disclosed that Adam had told him about Victor's plan to unseat Jack. Victor thought that Jack would lose the company all by himself, and he pondered what John would say if he knew that Jack was a drug addict.

Nick arrived and bitterly inquired why Victor had dragged him there. Jack commented that Nick should be grateful that Jack had helped cut Nick away from his father. Jack decided to eat at home instead, and he said that he would give Victor's best to Adam. Victor cautioned Jack not to be certain which side Adam had chosen, because Victor knew Adam's weaknesses as well as he knew Jack's.

Nick commanded Victor to stop expecting Nick to show up every time Victor blew his whistle, because Nick had his own life to lead. Victor wondered whether part of that was being a good father, and he mentioned the trip that Sharon had taken with Faith. Nick explained that Sharon had taken Faith out of fear of winding up in a mental institution. Victor implored Nick to show him that Nick could live by reason rather than by his heart. Nick noted that the difference between them was that Nick saw the best in people, whereas Victor was only happy when they failed.

Jack returned home and found Billy, Kyle, Neil, and Phyllis waiting for him. Jack wondered whether there was a problem at the office, but Billy pointed out that Jack had fired him. Jack assumed that their presence was fallout from Victor's lie, but Kyle announced that everyone there knew that Kyle had been responsible for planting the story. Jack asserted that it wasn't an issue, because he was no longer on medication. Neil said that they both knew that wasn't true.

Jack defended that taking a single pill didn't make him an addict, and he ranted that he didn't need an intervention. Neil firmly stated that they weren't going anywhere, and Jack started to leave. Billy contended that Jack had no reason to run if Jack had nothing to hide. Jack sarcastically challenged the group to save him, but he demanded that they not throw anything in his face afterward.

Billy pointed out that the decanter had been refilled, and Phyllis called Jack out on his lie to Kyle about sharing drinks with her. Phyllis returned the family ornament that Jack had given her, and she said that family didn't lie to one another. She recalled that her father had lied to her, and she'd thought that she'd had a home when Jack had given her the ornament, but she couldn't watch him self-medicate himself to death. Jack downplayed it as a single bender on Christmas.

Kyle confided that when he'd found Jack passed out, he had felt the same way as when he had learned that Diane had died. Jack insisted that he would be okay, but Kyle argued that Diane had made the same promise, and a few weeks later, they had buried her. Neil invited Jack to attend a meeting, and he called the meeting a safe environment for people in the same situation as Jack. Jack yelled that it wasn't the same, and he conceded that he shouldn't have gotten drunk, but he was done taking pills.

Jack defensively asked if his friends wanted a urine test, and he accused Neil of recruiting new members to get his recovery coin. Phyllis jumped to Neil's defense, but Neil understood Jack's reaction to the confrontation. Neil recounted that he'd found a dive bar where he'd commiserated with lowlifes. Neil continued that he'd sat there every day, drinking to shut the world out, until one of his drinking buddies had robbed his apartment and had attacked Lily. Neil recalled that he hadn't cared about anyone because he had been sick.

Jack expressed sympathy, but he contended that he wasn't a man about to sit on a street corner for his next fix. Jack shouted that he wasn't sick, but Billy countered that Jack was. Jack blasted Billy for giving advice about addiction and for finding fault with everyone but himself. Billy pointed out that he'd admitted his own addiction, and he'd beaten himself up every day because Victoria had paid for it. Billy recalled that he hadn't been able to stop gambling, even though Jack and his family had begged him to stop. Billy didn't want Kyle to pay the same way, and he advised Jack not to let drug dependence ruin his life.

Billy declared that Jack was the head of the family and the person Billy looked to when he needed someone. Billy pleaded with Jack to remain the big brother who kept them all together. Jack's eyes filled with tears, and he looked away for a moment, but then he calmly told them to get out. Kyle asked if Jack had heard Billy, and Jack yelled that he'd heard everyone, but he was tired of denying their insulting accusations. In a tirade, Jack fired all of them and screamed for them to leave. After a moment, Phyllis ran out the door, followed slowly by Neil, Kyle, and Billy.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle, Phyllis, and Neil discussed the failed intervention. Neil worried that Jack had left himself vulnerable, especially by folding Jabot into Newman Enterprises. Kyle realized that Jack could lose everything, and Phyllis thought that was what it might take to save Jack. Neil noted that most addicts needed to bottom out, and Jack hadn't yet.

Jack threw the bag of pills on the coffee table and slowly sat down. He started to put the pills into his prescription bottle, but he popped one, and then another. He left a message for Adam and declared that everything had just changed.

Alex stopped by the tack house and continued to question Noah about Adriana. Noah maintained that he hadn't seen or heard from her. Alex said that none of her friends had spoken with her in weeks. Noah insisted that he would help if he could, but Alex wanted to go over things again, and he confirmed that Noah had seen Adriana with another guy in New York. Noah grumbled that Alex kept asking the same questions.

Alex asked whether Noah missed Adriana, and he wondered how far Noah would go to help her. Noah claimed that he didn't care to hear from her and that he had moved on. Alex warned that Noah could face charges as an accessory if Noah had gotten wrapped up in Adriana's troubles. Noah stated that he'd answered Alex's questions, but he wouldn't be so accommodating the next time. Noah opened the door to show Alex out, and Sharon appeared in the doorway.

Sharon introduced herself to Alex as Noah's mom, and Alex said that he was a friend from New York. Noah forced Alex out the door, and he clarified to Sharon that Alex wasn't a friend. Noah hesitated to elaborate, but Sharon reminded him that trust went both ways. Noah admitted that Alex was a cop who had been relentlessly asking questions about a girl Noah had known in New York. Noah explained that he'd dated Adriana briefly, and then she had started seeing someone else. Sharon suspected that it was apparent to the cops that Noah still cared for Adriana.

Nick arrived home, and Sharon announced that she had plans that would affect their family in a good way. She revealed that she had set up a meeting with Neil about resuming her duties as the Face of Jabot. Noah loved the idea, but Nick worried about the amount of work and travel involved. Sharon assured Nick that she had cleared it with her therapist, and she left to prepare for her interview. Noah chided Nick for not being more supportive, but Nick fretted that the stress could cause a setback that would affect Noah and Faith. Noah commented that they couldn't live other people's lives for them.

Victoria ran into Avery at Crimson Lights, and they made small talk about Christmas. Victoria mentioned that she'd heard that Avery had spent a lot of time with Nick, and Avery reported that Nick had given her an Easy-Bake oven. Avery assured Victoria that she and Nick were having a good time, but Victoria didn't want to see Nick get hurt. Avery replied that Phyllis had given her the same warning. Victoria hoped that Avery was with Nick for the right reasons and not to get back at Phyllis.

Victoria acknowledged that she was putting Avery on the spot, and Avery explained that she hadn't intended to become involved with her sister's ex. Avery continued that she hadn't dated in a long time, and she had been happy throwing herself into her work. Avery gushed that since she had been with Nick, she walked around smiling, and she was excited to pick up the phone. Avery thought that she sounded ridiculous, but Victoria mused that it sounded like Avery was falling in love.

Avery understood that Victoria was just looking out for Nick, and the women shared a chuckle about Victoria's forthrightness. Nick approached, and he revealed that Victor had once again berated him for not doing a good enough job. Victoria got up to leave and commented that she hoped that she hadn't scared Avery off. Once alone, Nick asked if Avery had New Year's plans, because he had a surprise in mind.

At home, Billy told Victoria that he'd spilled his guts, but he lamented that it hadn't made a dent. Victoria proclaimed that she loved him for what he had done, and she believed that deep down, Jack loved him, too.

Cane filled in for Neil at Sharon's interview at the Athletic Club. Cane said that he knew about her history at the company and that Lily had spoken highly of her, but he expressed concern about Sharon's unsuccessful tenure at Newman Enterprises. Sharon explained that she'd put a rough personal time behind her, and she raved that she hadn't felt as good about herself since the last time she had been the Face of Jabot. Cane informed her that Neil had taken the company in a new direction, but Sharon asserted that what women wanted from cosmetics hadn't changed. Cane offered to talk to Neil, and Sharon shook his hand and left. She ran into Victor in the foyer.

Sharon said that she was glad to see Victor, and she apologized for interrupting his housewarming party. He coolly remarked that she was apologizing for an apology. She wanted to explain what she had gone through, but he didn't care to hear her out, and he said that she should be grateful that he had more important things on his mind. She surmised that he meant making Adam his inside man at Newman Enterprises. Victor warned that Adam wouldn't be able to protect her from arson charges, and he expected that Adam would only look out for himself.

Later, an investigator informed Victor that he'd had no luck connecting Adam to the fires at the warehouse or at Gloworm. Victor instructed him to drop it and to shift his focus to a new job Victor had for him.

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