The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 17, 2012 on Y&R

Jack's pill addiction spiraled out of control. Sharon stopped herself from abducting Faith. Adam made a deal with Victor to get his father to leave Sharon alone. Adam admitted he still loved Sharon, and Chelsea asked for a divorce.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 17, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, December 17, 2012

At Victor and Nikki's penthouse, Victor visited with a young man named Matt Merrick. Phyllis had recently met with Matt and had offered him perks if he conducted business with Newman Enterprises. Victor, however, strongly suggested that the company would underperform with Jack and Phyllis in charge and that their positions at the company were "tenuous at best."

At Newman Enterprises, Jack discovered a pile of phone messages from his doctor. Mason, Jack's assistant, explained that Dr. Carter had noted that it was extremely important for Jack to schedule a follow-up exam soon. When Mason offered to set up an appointment, Jack maintained that his doctor was being overly cautious.

Jack insisted to Mason that his pain was under control. After Mason stepped out to answer the phone, Jack withdrew a pill bottle from his pocket, shook a couple of pills into his hand, and quickly swallowed them.

At the tack house, Nick served hot pancakes to Noah. As the father and son enjoyed their breakfast, Noah said that his father seemed more relaxed since his split with Newman Enterprises. Noah added that Avery had been a positive influence, as well. Nick told Noah that being with Avery felt right.

Nick asked about Sharon. Noah explained that his mom feared being sent away if Victor pressed charges. Noah cried, "We can't let it get to that." Noah asked his dad to help him convince Victor not to press charges. Nick agreed to do what he could, but he made Noah promise not to keep secrets about his mother. Noah said he feared that Victor would pursue prosecution because Sharon had torched his house and was directly responsible for him losing control of his company.

Nick maintained that a judge would have to consider the circumstances because Sharon had been suffering from an undiagnosed and untreated behavioral disorder at the time. When Nick suggested that Sharon might be sent to the Fairview Sanatorium for treatment, Noah insisted that his mother wasn't crazy.

Noah told Nick that Sharon could not survive if a judge forced her to stay at the psychiatric facility. Noah explained that though medication was vital, his mom needed to spend extended time with him and Faith in order to feel calm. Noah pleaded with Nick to convince Victor to ease up on Sharon.

Nick later met with his dad at the penthouse and asked him to drop the investigation regarding Sharon's connection to the fire. Nick insisted that there was no proof she'd been involved. Nick added that Sharon couldn't be held accountable for her actions because she was bipolar. Victor scoffed and said, "Bipolar? That's the defense of a first-year law student."

Nick explained that a licensed therapist had diagnosed Sharon and prescribed medication. Victor refused to back down. Nick reminded his dad that he'd defended Nikki. Both Nikki and Sharon, Nick added, had problems neither could fight without the support of their families. Nick offered to fight for the company if his dad would agree to back off. Victor claimed that it was too late. Victor heartlessly added, "You and Sharon made choices. Now you have to live with the consequences."

At Sharon's house, an investigator questioned Sharon about the fire. Sharon told the man that she knew nothing about the fire and was surprised to learn that Nikki and Victor had implicated her. Sharon insisted that she had been in Chicago the night of the fire. The investigator asked Sharon for proof, such as receipts. Sharon noted that she'd paid cash for everything and couldn't name anyone who might have spotted her there.

After the investigator left, Sharon picked up her phone and considered calling Adam, but she didn't. Sharon, clutching Faith's drawing to her chest, attempted to calm herself. Visibly shaken, Sharon again fixed her gaze on her phone, called Noah, and said she needed to see and hold Faith. After Noah arrived with Faith, Sharon tightly embraced her smiling daughter and promised to make cookies with her.

Nick later arrived to pick up Faith, but he met with Noah briefly on Sharon's porch. Nick said that his meeting with Victor hadn't gone well, but he assured Noah that it would work out. After Noah left, Nick went inside and found Faith and Sharon having a tea party.

After Faith went upstairs to draw, Sharon asked about the meeting with Victor. Nick said he had been unable to elicit empathy from Victor. Sharon sobbed and replied, "I've done some really terrible things to him. I'm sure he'd like to see me rot in jail, and it looks like he's going to get his chance." Nick embraced Sharon and comforted her.

Nick advised Sharon to work with her doctor and strengthen her mind before facing Victor. Nick explained that Victor would assume that he'd have an easy fight against Sharon and would let his guard down. Sharon told Nick that though she didn't remember the night of the fire, Adam had told her that no evidence existed that might implicate her.

Nick seemed uneasy, however, when Sharon added that Adam had assured her that he'd covered his tracks. Faith returned, curled up next to Sharon, and begged to stay longer. Nick agreed to let Faith spend the night. After Nick left, Sharon asked Faith if she'd like to take a trip to a surprise destination. Faith leaned trustingly against her mother and smiled.

At Adam and Chelsea's estate, Adam offered to stay at the club, so Chelsea could live at the house. Chelsea noted that Adam didn't seem interested in patching the rift in their marriage. Adam replied, "Can things be fixed?" Adam explained that he couldn't rehash their differences because he needed to be at work.

Chelsea asked Adam if his feelings for her had changed. Adam acknowledged that he no longer loved Chelsea with his whole heart, and he admitted that he, not Sharon, had initiated the kiss. Chelsea cried. Adam told Chelsea that even though he'd stepped out of line and had hurt her, he couldn't understand why she'd told Victor and Nikki that Sharon had set the fire.

Adam noted that the ramifications of Chelsea's actions would affect the children they might have. Chelsea noted that the thought had never even crossed her mind. She added, "Guess it's a good thing I'm not a mother." Adam thoughtfully told Chelsea that she would have been a very good mother. Adam suggested that they each needed time to reflect. Chelsea said, "A break, not a breakup?" Adam agreed.

Later, Chloe stopped by to visit with Chelsea. After Chelsea discussed her marital problems and noted that Adam needed some time apart from her, Chloe explained that Adam was hedging his bets. Chelsea seemed confused. Chloe added, "Adam wants to keep his wife handy, just in case this whole Sharon thing blows up in his face."

Chelsea explained that deep down, Adam wanted his father to love and accept him. Chelsea added that Adam was drawn to Sharon because she needed him. Chloe claimed that Sharon would cling to any man because she feared being alone. Chloe warned Chelsea not to trust Adam. Chelsea insisted that she loved Adam and would not let Sharon have him.

Neil entered On the Boulevard to have breakfast. Before Neil was seated, Jack phoned and said he needed to discuss an important matter with Neil and would meet him at the restaurant in an hour.

Neil spotted Leslie. He quickly untied his tie and loosened his collar. As Neil approached Leslie, a young man bent down to kiss her before taking a seat at her table. Neil was taken aback and turned to leave before Leslie called out to him.

Leslie introduced Neil to her brother, Tyler. Neil was intrigued when the siblings bantered about which was smartest. Leslie reminded Tyler that she'd bailed him out after he was arrested for spraying graffiti on a wall. After Tyler learned that Leslie worked for Neil, he teased his sister about sleeping with the big boss.

Tyler's comment embarrassed Leslie. She told her brother that she and Neil weren't sleeping together. Neil changed the subject and asked Tyler if he was an artist. Tyler explained that he'd earned a degree in graphic design. Leslie proudly boasted that Tyler's design work for an Internet-based company had put the company on the map and attracted thousands of users.

Neil inquired about Tyler's methods for success. Tyler added that he'd developed a "sticky concept," which he explained was an unforgettable word or image presented in various mediums. Neil seemed fascinated by Tyler's capabilities and talent. Neil said, "Why don't you work up a pitch, and we will talk." Tyler was pleased.

As Jack was leaving the office to meet with Neil, Adam stopped Jack near the elevator and noted that he'd missed numerous meetings. Jack reminded Adam that he was still recovering and had put Adam in charge to handle business during his absences. Adam reminded Jack that Victor was always an imminent threat, which was why, Adam insisted, Jack should be honest with him.

As Jack entered the restaurant, he saw Neil and Leslie talking. Leslie thanked Neil for giving her brother a tryout at Jabot. After Leslie walked away, Neil quickly smoothed his shirt and tucked it into his trousers. Jack noted that Neil and Leslie seemed to be enjoying a close working relationship. The comment seemed to make Neil feel uncomfortable.

After the men took a seat, Jack mentioned that Neil's appearance seemed quite casual. Jack didn't pause before announcing to Neil that he was selling Jabot. Neil was shocked. Jack explained that he would be folding Jabot in Newman Enterprises.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor smugly marched out of the elevator. Jack's assistant told Victor that he couldn't enter Jack's office. Victor pompously replied, "You see the name on the building?" Victor haughtily informed Mason that his name was Victor Newman.

Mason politely offered assistance, but Victor arrogantly mumbled, "I don't give a damn, sir. You become aware." Mason, understandably confused by Victor's incoherent rambling, explained that he didn't follow what Victor had said. Victor condescendingly explained that he'd built the company from the ground up.

Adam overheard the exchange between Victor and Mason and emerged from his office. Adam replied, "Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Victor Newman picking fights with the assistant." Victor told Adam that he was just making the young man "aware of the history of the place he was working for." Adam grinned and noted that he, not Victor, was the Newman in charge.

Victor followed Adam into his office and said he needed Adam's assistance to make a play on Jack. Adam reminded Victor that Adam had already turned his father down. Victor said, "You wouldn't want Sharon in a padded cell, would you? You might also spend some time in prison for a crime you helped cover up." Victor warned that he could use his connections to find the person Adam had paid to be an arsonist.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sharon hurried to pack a suitcase so that she could leave with Faith on what she was calling a fun trip. Faith was confused about why they were leaving, but Sharon emphasized that they'd have a good time. Sharon even implied that they might not return to Genoa City. Sharon was unable to find Faith's doll, Pansy. Faith wanted to go back to Daddy's house to find it, but Sharon said they didn't have time. Sharon instead offered to buy a new doll for Faith that could become her new favorite. Sharon rushed Faith out of the house.

Nick went to Avery's apartment and was pleasantly surprised that she was there instead of the office. Nick asked her to go with him because he had a surprise he wanted to share with her. Later, they walked into the empty warehouse space that Avery had shown Nick a few weeks back. Nick announced that he'd bought the space and planned to turn it into a club.

Avery was excited with the news and enthusiastically hugged Nick. Avery was happy for Nick, and he said he looked forward to seeing Avery dancing in the club. Avery wondered what had convinced Nick to act, and he explained that he needed something all his own, something separate from his ex-wives and not involving his family.

Nick pulled out a bottle of champagne to toast the place. He told Avery he was thinking of calling it the Underground. Avery loved the name and was thrilled when Nick said that he'd already hired a designer, construction crew, and decorator to get the Underground opened very soon. Nick casually mentioned that Faith was spending the night with Sharon. Nick hoped that Sharon was truly getting better.

Over lunch at On the Boulevard, Lauren warned Michael that the meal better be something special because of his quick exit from their anniversary dinner to return to work. Lauren wondered what Michael had in mind for their date. Michael promised a surprise.

Lauren asked if Michael was going to propose a trip out of town or give her a new piece of jewelry. Carmine interrupted and offered them a bottle of champagne as an anniversary gift. Carmine explained that he'd gotten a job at On the Boulevard as a bartender, since Gloworm was torched. Carmine had paid for the champagne himself, but Michael refused Carmine's good will gesture because he remembered Carmine's criminal past.

Michael received a call and walked off to speak. Carmine returned to the table and apologized to Lauren if he'd offended them. Carmine handed her a champagne flute and wished her a happy anniversary. Later at the bar, the New York detective who'd questioned Noah approached Carmine. He thought he recognized Carmine from New York.

Carmine said that he was from Detroit and denied being part of a New York mob family. The cop asked Carmine if he knew Noah Newman. Carmine said yes and told the guy that Noah was a hothead. The man, who'd never said he was a cop, picked up on Carmine's New York vernacular and thought that Carmine hadn't told him the truth.

At another table, Neil objected to Jack's decision to fold Jabot into Newman Enterprises. Neil didn't want to be working under Jack. Neil reminded Jack that he'd only taken the Jabot CEO position because Jack had promised Neil would not be marginalized.

Jack assured Neil that nothing was really going to change with Jabot. Neil disagreed, but Jack explained that he was intent on streamlining the operation. Jack declared that he'd made a good business decision. Neil felt that Jack was power-driven. Jack didn't apologize for his decision, and he would not be swayed to change his mind. When Jack left, Neil was not pleased.

Back at Jabot, Leslie wanted to go over a contract with Neil. When Neil told her about Jack's plan to fold Jabot into Newman, Leslie was curious. Neil believed that something was wrong with the deal. Neil declared that Jack had always wanted Jabot to remain autonomous. Neil didn't think it was a good thing that Jack had landed everything he wanted and had all the power.

Later, Leslie tried talking about specifics in the contract, but Neil was stressing about Jack. Neil declared that he was confident in his abilities, but he questioned his decision to leave Chancellor to run Jabot. When Leslie stepped closer to Neil, they were attracted to each other, and it got hot between them. Neil suggested that they talk about the contract later. Leslie agreed and walked out.

Nikki went to Chelsea's for more information about Sharon's part in the fire. Chelsea explained that because of her telling Victor and Nikki what she knew, Adam had moved out of the house. Nikki told Chelsea that Adam was still in love with Sharon. Chelsea resented Nikki's comments and asked her to stop insulting Adam.

Nikki pointed out that Adam had followed Sharon out of the housewarming party. Nikki believed that Adam was all wrapped up in Sharon's alibi for the fire. Nikki had learned that Adam had bribed people in Chicago to say Sharon had been there when the fire started.

Chelsea was surprised to hear about Adam's handiwork. Nikki urged Chelsea to save her marriage by speaking with the fire investigator and getting Sharon put in jail. Chelsea feared that Adam might be arrested. Nikki sympathized with Chelsea about being married to a complicated man. Nikki compared her life, starting from humble beginnings, to Chelsea's con artist past. Nikki felt that if Adam left Chelsea for Sharon, Chelsea was better off without Adam.

In Jack's office, Victor told Adam that he was prepared to go after Sharon and Adam. Victor threatened to prosecute both of them for the fire unless Adam agreed to help Victor get Newman Enterprises back. Adam felt that Victor had no proof. However, Adam feared for Sharon's mental stability.

Victor asked Adam what he valued more, his feelings for Sharon or his loyalty to Jack. Adam agreed to Victor's deal, but on Adam's terms. Adam wanted to run the show and not be dictated to by Victor. After a moment's thought, Victor said yes, but warned Adam that he'd be on a short leash.

As Victor walked out of the office, he ran into Jack. Victor asked if Jack ever actually did any work on Newman business. Jack brushed past Victor. Mason stopped Victor and apologized for not having recognized him earlier.

In the office, Jack assumed that Victor had been there to plot with Adam about how to steal Newman back. Adam warned Jack that if Jack didn't stop the drugs, Victor would destroy him. Jack screamed that he was in charge. Adam challenged Jack to act like he was running the place and right himself before it was too late.

Jack bellowed that he was in control. Adam pointed out that Jack had been contradicting himself in meetings and failing to make appointments. Jack conceded that he might have been a bit unfocused, but it was not because of the pills. Adam thought folding Jabot into Newman was a mistake, but Jack insisted that he was going to do what he wanted with his companies.

Nick went home and told Noah about buying the club. Nick told Noah that Noah would need to start working at the Underground very soon. When Nick said he'd decided to let Faith stay at Sharon's for the night, Noah noticed that Faith's doll, Patsy, was in the house, and Faith could go to sleep without it.

Later, Nick went to Sharon's to give Faith the doll. There was no answer when he knocked. Nick looked inside and saw that Sharon wasn't there. Nick called Sharon's cell phone. Sharon didn't answer, as she let the call go to voicemail.

Nick unlocked Sharon's door and let himself into the house. Nick suspected something was wrong when he noticed the disarray. In the car, Sharon told Faith that Faith would love the place where they were going. Faith cried for Patsy and said she couldn't sleep without the doll. As Faith grew agitated, Sharon promised to make everything all right.

Nick went to Avery's. He called Noah at the house to see if Sharon had gone there to get Patsy. Nick learned that Sharon hadn't stopped there. Nick told Avery that he suspected that Sharon might have gone on the run with Faith. Noah received a call from Adriana in New York. Noah informed Adriana that she should stay away from Genoa City because a New York cop had been asking Noah questions about Adriana.

At Newman Enterprises, Mason covered for Jack's mistakes when he handed Jack some paperwork. Jack absolved Mason and took the blame himself. Mason promised to do a good job for Mr. Abbott. Jack told Mason to call him Jack. After Mason walked out, Jack resisted the urge to pop another pain pill.

Victor returned home, and Nikki reported that Chelsea remained unwilling to speak to the fire investigator. Nikki said that Chelsea was very insecure about Adam's love. Nikki wondered what they'd do if Chelsea refused to help them.

Victor said that they were not going to pursue the case against Sharon. Nikki was stunned but then asked if Victor had made a deal with Adam. Victor said that he had and pointed out that vengeance was impractical. Nikki felt that Sharon had taken too much from them and needed to pay. Victor asked Nikki to follow him in his decision.

Adam went home and was surprised to see that Chelsea was there. Adam thought they were taking a break. Chelsea said she wanted to recommit to Adam. He agreed but wasn't sure they could get things back to where they had been.

Chelsea was ready to try. Adam still couldn't forget that Chelsea had gone behind his back to his father. Chelsea wanted a promise that Adam would make their marriage his number one priority and keep Sharon out of their lives. Adam didn't answer.

Michael took Lauren home and showed her the surprise he'd prepared. The apartment was set for a romantic dinner in front of the fireplace. Fenmore was out for the night. Michael told Lauren that he even had her favorite bath salts from Tuscany for a post-meal bubble bath.

Michael handed Lauren a card, too. Lauren started to read the love letter he'd written to her, but he stopped her and recited the words from heart. In the letter, Michael praised Lauren as a wife and lover. Michael professed his deep, abiding love for Lauren and claimed that each day he fell more in love with her. Lauren was touched and kissed him ardently.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nick told Avery he was worried about his decision to let Faith spend the night with Sharon. They were in the tack house and nobody was home -- not Noah, Sharon, or Faith. Nick grew more concerned, but Avery pointed out that Sharon might have simply taken Faith to the movies. Just as Nick was ready to call the cops, Faith walked into the house with Sharon. Nick hugged his daughter, and Faith was happy to see that he had her favorite doll, Patsy.

Nick asked Sharon why she'd left the house with Faith. Sharon explained that she'd had some errands to run, but Faith told the truth. Faith said she and Mommy were going on a trip. Sharon was alarmed that Avery was there, but Nick explained that Avery was there just as a friend, not an attorney. When Nick asked her point-blank, Sharon confessed that she'd be ready to run away with Faith.

Nick was incredulous, but Sharon said that she was afraid that the arson investigation would land her in prison. Sharon explained that she had returned home because of Faith. Sharon felt that Faith's reaction to not having Patsy was a sample of how upset she'd be if she couldn't see Nick and Noah.

Sharon told Nick that she'd leave town alone, even though it broke her heart to be separated from Noah and Faith. Nick asked Sharon to stay and fight. Sharon feared Victor's wrath and couldn't face going to prison. Nick said that Sharon needed a lawyer.

Avery asked Sharon to give her a dollar. Nick offered Sharon a dollar bill and Sharon handed it to Avery, who explained that Sharon could now speak with Avery in confidence as her attorney. Sharon confessed that she suffered from bipolar disorder. Sharon explained that she didn't know why she'd started the fire at the ranch, but that Adam had found her there. Avery realized that Sharon did not know who to trust, but Avery assured Sharon that she was on Sharon's side.

Avery predicted that there was no way a case of arson against Sharon could go to trial because there was no evidence. Avery knew Victor well enough to know that Avery would best him in court. Avery advised Sharon to go home and rest. Sharon was grateful to Avery and Nick for believing in her.

Sharon asked Nick to kiss Faith goodnight. After Sharon left, Nick apologized to Avery for having so much baggage involving his ex-wives. Avery understood that Nick was worried about Sharon because of her mental problems. Nick wanted to keep Adam away from Sharon.

Chelsea questioned Adam about whether he still loved her the way he had when they got married in Kansas. Adam admitted that things had changed for him. Chelsea couldn't bear to hear that and asked Adam for a divorce. Chelsea refused to have an open marriage and said she would not share Adam with Sharon. Adam said his feelings for Chelsea had shifted because of Chelsea's decision to tell his father about Sharon. Chelsea believed that Adam had cheated on her with Sharon, even though he hadn't made love to her. Chelsea thought Adam loved her more before she lost the baby.

Chelsea reminded Adam that he had never wanted to talk about their loss. Chelsea had wanted to help him cope, and he'd pushed her away. Chelsea said that they should have shared the pain together. Adam thought Chelsea was acting ridiculous and asserted that he had never blamed her for losing their child. Chelsea believed that once the baby was gone, Adam had lost hope in their future together.

Adam was reluctant to tell Chelsea his true feelings. Finally, Adam said he'd turned to Sharon because she had needed him. Adam couldn't articulate why he had needed to go to Sharon. Adam felt that he and Chelsea continually disappointed each other. Chelsea was ready to call a divorce lawyer. Adam urged her to remain in the house while he moved into the club. Adam walked out.

Chloe took a gift to Kevin to thank him for returning Tucker's money. Kevin said they couldn't afford gift-giving for the holidays. Chloe insisted he open the package anyway. Kevin found a coupon booklet from Chloe, Delia, and Bobby the dog. Kevin was thrilled by the homemade gift.

Chloe had something else for Kevin. She showed Kevin a check from Tucker. It was the TagNGrab buyout, plus a little extra. Kevin said it still wasn't enough to pay off the bank. Chloe had confidence in Kevin figuring out a way to keep the house.

The cop from New York, Alex, walked into the coffeehouse, and Kevin noticed him. Alex was at a table, drinking a cup of coffee. Kevin asked the detective if he was still looking for Noah Newman. Alex threatened to arrest Kevin for obstruction of justice if he knew Noah and didn't tell him about it. Kevin mentioned that his brother was the D.A., and he was not looking for trouble.

Chloe was surprised to see Chelsea at the coffeehouse. When Chelsea said that she and Adam were talking divorce, Chloe hugged her. Chelsea started to cry. Chloe asked Chelsea to remain at Chloe and Kevin's house instead of being alone.

Jeffrey and Gloria appeared at the coffeehouse with Christmas packages in hand. Jeffrey and Gloria noticed that Chelsea was crying. Gloria pulled Chloe aside, and Jeffrey asked Chelsea what Adam had done to her. Jeffrey admitted he hadn't been much of a father to Chelsea, but Jeffrey wanted to help his daughter.

Jeffrey pointed out that Chelsea and Adam had been good together, but Adam hadn't been there when Chelsea needed him most. Chelsea believed her marriage was over. Alone with Gloria, Chloe asked if Gloria had received the insurance money for the Gloworm fire. Chloe shared her business plan for a fashion line with Chelsea to Gloria. Chloe wondered if Gloria was interested in becoming an investor. Gloria loved the idea of being in fashion again. Chloe only wanted a silent partner, but Gloria insisted on being an active partner.

Kevin was surprised that Gloria might be interested in investing in Chloe's business but not with Kevin's. Gloria spoke with Jeffrey about investing in Chelsea and Chloe's fashion line, but Jeffrey wasn't sure. Jeffrey wanted to buy a racehorse instead and make money fast. Gloria was intrigued with Jeffrey's idea.

Adam went to Sharon's, and she told him that Avery had agreed to be her attorney. Adam said that he'd made a deal with Victor, and Sharon didn't need a lawyer. Sharon told Adam he had to stop helping her for the sake of his marriage to Chelsea.

Adam revealed that his marriage to Chelsea was over. Adam said that he couldn't lie to Chelsea about his real feelings. Sharon thought that Adam was just her friend, but Adam felt it was more. Sharon apologized for kissing Adam and sending mixed messages to him. Adam wasn't sure what to say or how real the kiss had been.

Adam said it was impossible for him to be married to Chelsea because of his feelings for Sharon. Adam said that he wanted to be a better man, one who was honest about his feelings. Adam decided to leave rather than do something he might regret. Sharon said goodnight, and Adam left.

Lily called Cane at the same time he called her to say that they had to work late. Lily then phoned Charlie and Mattie at home before they went to sleep. Cane called out that he loved them both. Lily started to get emotional about not being home with the children and the dog. Lily said that she loved working in the office, but still missed the family.

Lily wasn't sure that she could have it all, despite what the magazines said to women. Cane suggested that they talk with Neil about getting a day care center at Jabot. Lily couldn't shake her mommy guilt. Cane told Lily that she was an amazing wife. Cane and Lily talked about leaving the office to get home in time to put the kids to bed. Cane told Lily how much he like working with her. Cane remembered that they had nearly been caught last time they fooled around in the office.

Phyllis went to On the Boulevard, expecting to meet with Matt Merrick. Jack was at the table and admitted that he'd tricked her into joining him. Jack apologized for yelling at her the other day and asked Phyllis to help him prepare for a meeting in Chicago. Jack wanted Phyllis to go to Chicago with him. Phyllis said she couldn't leave Genoa City.

Jack admitted that he'd been acting like a jerk, but he promised to make it up to her. Phyllis believed the pills caused Jack to act like another person. Jack was grateful Phyllis was a part of his life.

Jack pleaded with Phyllis to go to Chicago with him, but Phyllis explained that Summer's birthday was the next day, and she had to be there. Jack offered to make sure that Phyllis was back in Genoa City before dinnertime so she wouldn't miss celebrating with Summer. Jack candidly told Phyllis that he wasn't at the top of his game and needed Phyllis to help him with the meeting. Phyllis wanted to help Jack, but she was concerned about the pain medication that Jack was abusing. Jack wouldn't admit that the pills were a problem.

Phyllis was worried when Jack said he'd quit the pills cold turkey. Jack snapped at Phyllis again and said he was not addicted to the medication. Phyllis told Jack that he wasn't himself anymore. Phyllis said she'd help Jack when he was ready to help himself, then she left.

Avery massaged Nick's shoulders and neck. Nick appreciated how good Avery was to him. Avery sat on his lap and kissed him. Nick said Faith was asleep, Noah was out, and Summer was with friends, so they were free to make love. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Phyllis appeared. Phyllis was surprised to see Avery and asked if Avery was living with Nick.

Phyllis wanted to speak with Nick about Summer's birthday dinner. Avery offered to leave, but Nick asked Avery to stay. Phyllis wanted Summer's party to be just Nick, Phyllis, and Summer. Avery was uncomfortable and left. Nick asked if Phyllis had spoken with Summer recently. Phyllis thought Summer had been doing all right, but Nick told Phyllis that Summer was in terrible pain. At the housewarming party, Chelsea had spurned Summer.

At his Newman Enterprises office, Jack was at his desk, trying to prepare for his meeting in Chicago. Jack struggled to concentrate. Jack unlocked his desk drawer and reached for the pain pills.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adam learned from Mason that Jack was not in his office because Jack had scheduled a meeting in Chicago. Adam walked into the office and was shocked to see Jack asleep on the couch. Jack woke with a start and looked disheveled. Adam asked Jack if he'd been too messed up from the pain pills to go home the night before. Jack said he'd simply overworked and had been too tired to drive home. Jack informed Adam that he'd stopped taking the pills.

Jack urged Adam to see that the bottle of pills was in his desk and full. Adam said he'd keep the bottle for Jack, only giving one to Jack if he really needed it. Jack noticed that Adam had circles under his eyes and asked if he was having trouble sleeping. When Jack wondered if Adam had troubles at home, Adam revealed that Chelsea had asked for a divorce. Adam appreciated that Jack was sympathetic, even offering Adam time at home if necessary. Adam was determined to stay on the job.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin asked Chloe and Chelsea if they knew why Gloria would invest in their fashion business, but not anything Kevin wanted to do. Chloe pointed out that Gloria loved fashion. Kevin was a down on Chloe's faith in Gloria, but Chloe was optimistic. Chelsea urged Chloe to slow down with the plans for the business. Chelsea wasn't ready to move at Chloe's pace. Chloe tried to make Chelsea understand that they needed to get Gloria's investment right away. Chloe also believed that getting the business launched would be a positive thing for Chelsea in light of her breakup with Adam.

A short time later, Adam called Chelsea to ask if she was all right. Chelsea didn't want to speak with Adam and tried to end the call. Adam felt there were things that they needed to discuss and asked Chelsea to meet him for lunch. Chloe objected when Chelsea agreed to meet Adam at On the Boulevard. Chelsea assured Chloe that she was ready to cut ties with Adam.

Kevin asked Chloe what was going on. Chloe thought Chelsea might receive a big settlement from Adam based on his guilt over breaking up their marriage. Kevin said Adam had probably had Chelsea sign a pre-nuptial agreement, so Chelsea might get nothing.

Chloe received a call from Gloria, who said she couldn't make the meeting with Chloe and Chelsea. When Chloe ended the call, she told Kevin that Gloria had backed out of investing in the fashion line because Gloria and Jeffrey had decided to buy a racehorse. Chloe was upset, but Gloria and Jeffrey's antics didn't surprise Kevin. Chloe wondered how she and Kevin were going to make the balloon payment on the house.

At On the Boulevard, Chelsea asked Adam about his relationship with Sharon, and when he couldn't say that they'd reunited, Chelsea assumed that Sharon had rejected Adam. Rather than confirm her assertion, Adam said that he still loved Chelsea and always would. Chelsea knew that he'd never love her as much as he loved Sharon. Adam wanted to take care of Chelsea, to make sure that she was comfortable. Chelsea said she didn't want Adam's money and remembered that they had a pre-nuptial agreement. Adam was willing to throw out the pre-nup and give Chelsea half of everything he'd earned while they were together.

Chelsea knew that was a lot of money, and she asked why Adam was being so generous. Adam explained that he didn't want Chelsea to struggle. Chelsea declared that their marriage had not been a con, and Chelsea wasn't looking to collect. Adam asked her not to think that way. Adam urged her to take the money from him. Chelsea rejected it defiantly and said she wanted nothing from Adam. Later, Adam was scanning the web on his laptop and saw a headline on a newspaper site that identified Jack as a major CEO hooked on prescription drugs.

Victor gave Nikki a wedding album that he'd had created to replace the one that had been destroyed in the fire. Together, Nikki and Victor looked through the wedding pictures and reminisced about people from their life together, like Casey, Nikki's sister. Victor was anxious to plan their next wedding. Victor assured Nikki that he'd take care of getting revenge on Sharon after he got Newman Enterprises back.

At her home, Sharon met with Dr. Watkins for a psychiatric session. Sharon told the doctor that Faith's reaction when Sharon tried to run away with her had been dramatic. Sharon realized that she couldn't wreck Faith's life just because Sharon's life was in disarray. Sharon wondered why her sense of right and wrong was so skewed. Dr. Watkins pointed out that Sharon had experienced a moment of clarity and stopped the trip. The doctor explained that the medication Sharon had been taking was working.

Dr. Watkins asked about Sharon's friend, Adam. Sharon said that Adam was more than a friend to her. Sharon confessed that she had real feelings for Adam. Sharon revealed that Adam was leaving his wife, and if she wanted to, Sharon could share her feelings with Adam.

Sharon felt responsible for Adam's marriage falling apart. Sharon was ashamed because she didn't want to hurt people anymore. Dr. Watkins complimented Sharon on making real progress. Dr. Watkins suggested that moving forward, Sharon should trust her instincts.

Katherine discovered Tucker sneaking out of the mansion early in the morning. Jill appeared downstairs and said that she'd invited Tucker to stay with her the night before. Katherine wanted to know what had possessed Jill and Tucker to hook up. Jill wasn't sorry for spending the night with Katherine's son. Tucker admitted he had been trying to sneak out to avoid a confrontation with Katherine. Jill brushed it off when Katherine reminded her that Tucker had hurt Jill in the past. Tucker realized that Kay didn't think he was good enough for Jill.

Jill asked Katherine to give Tucker a chance to prove himself. Katherine was fed up with giving Tucker second chances. Tucker appreciated that Jill was willing to trust him again and wished his mother felt the same way. Tucker told Katherine he only wanted the best for Jill. Katherine was unconvinced. Tucker kissed Jill goodbye and promised to call her later in the day. After Tucker left the house, Katherine declared that Tucker was trying to use Jill.

Jill said that Tucker was capable of change if Katherine would just open her ears and listen to him. As they were disagreeing, Katherine keeled over and said she couldn't breathe. Jill accused Katherine of faking a heart attack. Katherine fell onto the couch and struggled for a breath. Jill said she would not fall for Katherine's games again. Jill walked out of the living room, leaving Katherine splayed on the sofa.

Neil ended a Jabot staff meeting and told everyone to please return later for Tyler's pitch. Leslie reminded Neil that he didn't have to hire her brother. Neil understood that, but was very curious to hear what Tyler had in mind for Jabot. Neil also told Leslie that he was enjoying the new changes at Jabot, like the jazz music in the halls and everyone wearing casual clothes instead of suits and ties.

Jack stepped off the elevator into the Jabot lobby and was stunned by the changes. Jack opened the door to Neil's office and asked what Neil had done to his family's company. Neil said he'd been experimenting with the workplace. Jack did not approve of the "spring break" atmosphere at Jabot, and he suspected that someone had put Neil up to these radical changes.

Tyler arrived to pitch his marketing ideas for Jabot Cosmetics. Tyler was impressed to meet the great Jack Abbott. Jack decided to stay for the appointment. Tyler's pitch was radical and very unconventional. Tyler proposed plastering an image, just an eye with eye shadow on the lid, all over the place. There would be mystery to the campaign, and they would not mention the Jabot name until weeks had passed.

Lily and Devon started to respond with positive reactions, but Neil interrupted and asked Tyler to wait outside. Before anyone else could speak, Jack announced that he hated the idea and asserted that Jabot Cosmetics was too classy to ever be smeared as graffiti on walls. Neil felt Tyler's idea had merit, but Jack was adamantly against it.

Lily and Devon agreed that Tyler was proposing to reach a younger demographic. Jack didn't think they could sell high-end Jabot products to the demographic that would be interested in Tyler's graffiti image. Neil asked everyone but Jack to leave the office. Alone with Jack, Neil asked why Jack was cutting him off at the knees without allowing him to do his job as CEO.

Neil asked Jack to trust him to make the right decision. Jack said that Neil had been a button-down executive and that was whom he had hired. Jack muttered that Neil was creating stress in Jack's life that he did not need. Neil suggested that Jack hire a yes man if he expected someone who had no ideas of his own.

Outside the office, Tyler ran into Leslie and told her that he thought the pitch had gone very well. Tyler especially liked Lily and appreciated her reaction because she was the target demographic. Cane pointed out that Jack had been the most important executive in the room. Jack emerged from Neil's office and went directly to the elevator. Tyler stopped Jack to ask him about the presentation. Jack told Tyler not to get his hopes up about the pitch's success. Tyler was confused.

Alone in the office, Neil struggled to make sense of what had just happened. Tyler spoke with Lily, Cane, and Devon about the pitch. Tyler cared about Lily's opinion and seemed to be disinterested in Cane's opinion. Leslie stopped by and was surprised that Neil was still in the office. Tyler explained that he'd left his laptop in the office and couldn't leave without it. Leslie offered to see what was going on. Leslie walked into Neil's office, and he announced that he'd quit his job.

Adam went to the penthouse to confront Victor about what he'd read online. Adam wanted to know why Victor had leaked the information about Jack's prescription drug problems to the press. Victor denied being responsible for the story and accused an inside mole of having done the damage. Victor was furious that a pill-popper was running Newman Enterprises.

Adam defended Jack to Victor, pointing out that Jack was recovering from back surgery. Victor reminded Adam that if he didn't do Victor's bidding, Adam could be thrown in jail for arson. Adam said that knew how to handle the situation at Newman Enterprises. Later, Nikki told Victor that she'd come up with the perfect date for their wedding: Valentine's Day. Victor loved the idea.

Tucker went to Newman Enterprises to see Jack. Tucker had seen the story online and knew that Jack was abusing his pain medication. Tucker told Jack that Jack was a mess. Tucker asked Jack was he planned to do to counter the negative media. Jack said the article was nothing but gossip.

Tucker warned Jack to clean up his act, or else Tucker would move to take Newman away from him. After Tucker left the office, Jack angrily swept the papers off his desk. Jack called Adam's cell phone and said that he needed his medication immediately.

Chelsea revealed to Chloe that in her meeting with Adam, he'd offered her a huge financial settlement. Chloe believed that was proof of how much Adam had loved Chelsea. Chelsea declared that she was not interested in Adam's money, and she wouldn't take a cent from him.

At Newman, Adam stepped up to Mason's desk and asked if he knew anything about the online story about Jack's dependence on prescription medication. Mason assured Adam that he had never spoken to anyone about his work at Newman Enterprises.

Jack called out to Adam, pleading for him to give him his medication. Adam handed Jack a single pill. Jack thought Adam wanted to say "I told you so," but Adam said that he took no pleasure in watching Jack crumble in agony. Phyllis called Jack, but he ignored the call. Phyllis then called Adam, and he informed her that Jack was unable to attend the meeting in Chicago. Adam asked Phyllis to handle the meeting for Jack.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Michael and Lauren made out in front of the fireplace at their apartment, but a knock at the door interrupted them, and Michael reluctantly answered it. Jamie apologized for showing up unexpectedly, and he revealed that his social worker intended to send him to a group home, where he had stayed once before. Michael had heard some things about the home, and Jamie recalled that living there had been rough. Michael offered to make phone calls, and Jamie thanked him. Jamie wanted to get a job so he could support himself, but Lauren said that would be too much for someone Jamie's age to handle. She hugged Jamie as Fen walked in.

Fen sympathized that Jamie had been assigned to a group home, and Michael announced his intention to intervene. An uncomfortable Jamie got up to leave, but Michael encouraged him to stick around and face the situation as a challenge. Fen suggested that he and Jamie play a new video game, and the boys retreated to Fen's room. Michael suggested to Lauren that Jamie stay with them temporarily. Fen returned to get some food, and Lauren asked how he would feel if Jamie stayed with them until they could make other arrangements. Michael urged Fen to give Jamie a break.

Later, Jamie hesitated to accept Lauren's dinner invitation. She proposed that he stay with the Baldwins until his living situation was resolved, but Jamie contended that hadn't been his plan. Fen proclaimed that Jamie had been outvoted and that Jamie was staying. Michael left to make some calls, and Fen assured Jamie that it wasn't a big deal if Jamie crashed there for a while. Jamie reiterated that he wasn't after Fen's life.

After dinner, Jamie complimented Lauren's cooking, and Michael lamented that he hadn't been able to get through to anyone on the phone. Fen announced that he had to leave for a study session for a chemistry test, and Jamie wanted to stop by his own house to pick up some clothes. Lauren suggested they have dessert once the boys returned, and she and Michael left to clean up in the kitchen. Jamie pointed out that Fen didn't have a chemistry test, but Fen just smiled and walked out. Fen called Summer and asked to stop by her house later to give her a birthday gift. Jamie exited the Baldwins' apartment and asked where Fen was going. Fen stated that he wanted to see Summer on her birthday.

Later, Lauren found a cell phone in Fen's backpack, and she asked Michael if he'd purchased Fen a new phone. Michael noted that it looked like a "burner phone," and Lauren wondered why Fen would need one.

Nick treated Summer to a birthday dinner at On the Boulevard. Avery arrived to meet a client for a business dinner, and Summer suggested that Avery have cake with them afterward, but Avery expected that her meeting would run late. Avery wished Summer a happy birthday, and she said that she'd see Summer and Nick at the family get-together the next day. Avery left, and Summer smiled knowingly at Nick.

Nick suggested that Summer open his present. She didn't think that she deserved one, but he argued that it was a rule for her to get presents on her birthday, and he handed her a small box. She unwrapped it and pulled out keys, and he told her that her gift was parked outside. He thought that she'd learned a valuable lesson, and she acknowledged that she had been irresponsible. Nick asserted that he was proud that she'd taken ownership of her mistakes, and he and Phyllis had agreed that they believed that Summer would make good decisions in the future. Summer thanked Nick, and they hugged.

Avery informed Nick and Summer that her client had canceled the meeting. Summer glumly stated that a lot of that had been happening, and Nick disclosed that Phyllis' return from Chicago had been delayed. Summer invited Avery to join them, and Avery declined, but Nick insisted that they'd already ordered too much food. Summer mimicked Nick complaining about how much he'd eaten, and Avery agreed to stay for a little while.

After dinner, Nick jokingly groaned that he had stuffed himself. Phyllis arrived and spotted a waiter who was about to deliver Summer's birthday cake, and she offered to take it over to the table herself. Summer was thrilled that Phyllis had made it, and Phyllis told Summer to make a wish. Summer declared that she had everything she wanted, and she hugged Phyllis.

Avery left to take care of some work at home, and Nick walked her out. Phyllis apologized to Summer for being late, and Summer asked what had been going on with Jack. Phyllis didn't want to disparage the man who had delivered Summer, and she recalled holding Summer for the first time. Summer teased Phyllis for being "gushy," but Phyllis tearfully murmured that she loved being Summer's mom more than anything in the world. Phyllis and Summer discussed how Nick and Phyllis had told Summer that they loved her "more than infinity" when they had tucked her into bed. Nick returned, and Phyllis presented Summer with an infinity charm necklace.

Nick called the necklace beautiful, and Summer went to the ladies' room. Nick asked about Phyllis' trip, and she tried to downplay it, but she mentioned that Jack had promised that she would be back in time for Summer's birthday. Nick realized that Jack hadn't shown up in Chicago. Phyllis commented that Jack's erratic behavior had been going on for weeks, and Nick suspected that she had been covering for Jack, but she chalked it up to Jack needing time for his recovery. Nick commended Phyllis for moving in with Jack to take care of him, but she reported that she had returned home.

Summer proclaimed that it had been an awesome birthday, and she appreciated that Nick and Phyllis had gotten along. Summer offered Nick a ride home, but he said that he had to make a stop. Summer departed, and Nick reported that Summer had been touched that her parents had enough faith in her to trust her with a car. Phyllis found it both terrifying and thrilling to see glimpses of Summer becoming an adult. Nick acknowledged that he and Phyllis had done a lot of things wrong, but they agreed that Summer was something they'd done right.

Nick dropped by Avery's apartment, and he questioned why she wasn't working. Avery felt that Phyllis had been entitled to have Summer's birthday to herself, though she hoped that in time the tension between her and Phyllis would taper off. Nick suspected that something was brewing between Phyllis and Jack, but Avery divulged that Phyllis had denied it. Nick said that he wouldn't be surprised if Phyllis and Jack got back together, and Avery just wanted Phyllis to be happy.

Summer returned to the tack house, and she found a gift outside the door. A few moments later, Fen arrived, and she said that she had been about to open his gift, but he revealed that it wasn't from him. She opened the card and read a note from Jamie apologizing for the awkward moment when he'd kissed her. Fen was livid that Jamie had kissed Summer.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill descended the stairs and noticed that Katherine was still lying motionless on the couch. Jill chided Katherine for faking another heart attack, and she sternly placed her hand on Katherine's shoulder. Jill gasped in shock and called Katherine's name repeatedly. Jill reached for her phone, and she was relieved when Katherine stirred.

Jill fetched Katherine some water, but Katherine insisted that she was fine. Jill didn't buy it, and she asked whether Katherine was in any pain, but Katherine quipped that she only suffered from Jill being a pain in the neck. Jill threatened to leave Katherine lying there the next time, and Katherine put her hands to her head and assumed that she'd hit her head when she had fallen.

A doctor stopped by the mansion and determined that Katherine's blood pressure was elevated, but he felt that she didn't need to go to the hospital as long as she took it easy. The doctor left, and Katherine accused Jill of being responsible for what had happened, since Jill had allowed Tucker to spend the night. Jill refused to fight about Tucker, but Katherine asserted that it hadn't been a coincidence that they had been discussing Tucker when Katherine had fainted. Jill theorized that Katherine's alienation from Tucker had made Katherine sick.

Jill remarked that she herself had been alienated from her children, but their forgiveness had changed her outlook on life. Katherine called her own relationship with Tucker entirely different, because Jill's sons hadn't screwed over people Jill loved. Katherine cried that she was ashamed of Tucker and what he had done. Jill suspected that Katherine was ashamed of the part Katherine had played in making Tucker who he was.

Katherine warned Jill that the doctor had ordered Katherine to relax, and she ordered Jill to stop talking about Tucker. Jill recalled that Katherine had made peace with her when Katherine had thought that Jill had been her daughter. Jill recognized that Tucker had disappointed Katherine, but she thought that Tucker was motivated to get past it. Katherine snarled that Tucker's only motives were ulterior, but Jill was adamant that Tucker loved Katherine and that he wanted a relationship with his mother before it was too late.

Neil and Leslie arrived at On the Boulevard for dinner, and she expressed disbelief that he had suddenly quit his job. Neil pondered why Jack had gone back on his word to give Neil the autonomy to run Jabot. Leslie felt that Jack trusted Neil's judgment, and she advised Neil not to give up. Neil contended that he wouldn't have taken the job had he known that he would have to push back against Jack's demands. Leslie assured Neil that she'd accepted her job because Neil had the ideas and drive to make the company a success.

Neil tried to imagine Jack's reaction if Neil stood behind Tyler's marketing campaign, which Neil loved. Leslie saw Neil's passion and conviction, and she urged him not to just walk away. Leslie suspected that Jack would regret how he'd treated Neil, and Neil hoped that in time, Jack might have a different attitude. Leslie encouraged Neil to be ready to remind Jack of the reasons why Jack shouldn't let Neil go.

Later, Leslie found Neil at work in his office, and he jokingly said that it was her fault that he was back at the grindstone. She was glad that he'd returned, but she noted that the downside was that they had to maintain a strictly professional relationship. Neil amorously reminded Leslie that he had officially resigned, and he wasn't going to retract his resignation until the morning, so technically, he wasn't her boss that evening. "Nice try," she said. He said that it had been worth a shot, and they laughed.

At home, Jack arranged a press conference to announce the future plans of his company. At first, he refused to deal with the rumors about his drug dependency, but after he heard how many hits the article had received, he wanted to make a statement. He hung up, and he looked at the article about his addiction on his tablet computer. Kyle entered and asked whether something was wrong.

Jack showed Kyle the article, and Kyle claimed that he hadn't seen it. Jack accused Victor of leaking lies to the press. Kyle pointed out that the story wasn't completely false, because Jack had been on painkillers. Jack contended that he'd followed standard protocol after his surgery but that he had quit taking the pills. Kyle asked how long it had been since Jack had stopped, but Jack simply insisted that he was done.

Jack ignored a call from a gossip magazine, and he warned Kyle not to unintentionally reveal anything about Jack's condition prior to their investor conference to announce folding Jabot into Newman Enterprises. Kyle urged Jack to give himself more time to recuperate, but Jack declared that he was back and better than ever. Kyle compared Jack's attitude to the way Diane had sounded when she had gotten into something over her head. Jack said that he could handle it, but Kyle wished that Jack had stayed at Jabot, where Jack belonged.

Kyle recounted that Jack himself had said that Jack belonged at Jabot, and Kyle worried that Jack had too much on his plate. Jack called the Newman takeover an amazing business opportunity, but Kyle felt that it had simply been payback against Victor and that the acquisition had been beneath Jack. Jack questioned whether the smear campaign against him had been beneath Victor. Kyle suggested that Jack focus on why Jack hadn't made it to the meeting with Matt Merrick and not on who was reading about it. Jack realized that Kyle had planted the story about Jack's drug problem.

Kyle defended that he had been trying to save Jack's life, because he had seen where the pills and the exhaustion were leading Jack. Jack countered that Kyle was reading too much into the situation, but Kyle maintained that Jack had a serious problem. Kyle yelled that he'd had to do something because Jack was the only parent he had left. An emotional Kyle stalked out, and Jack looked stricken.

Later, Phyllis burst into Jack's home and bellowed that she had needed him in Chicago. She ranted that she had almost missed Summer's birthday. Jack explained that it had been an awful day, and she sarcastically stated that her heart bled for him. She coldly suggested that he needed to get help if he couldn't handle his responsibilities, and she clarified that she didn't mean help from a bottle. Phyllis declared that she was done covering for Jack, and she stormed out.

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