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Monday, September 24, 2012

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby overheard Nikki as she called out repeatedly to Victor over the phone. Abby asked, "Were you talking to Dad?" Nikki explained that she'd been talking to Victor before they'd been cut off. Across the room, Jack and Cane noticed the worried expression on Nikki's face.

Cane explained to Jack that Nick and Victoria would soon announce at a press conference that they supported Sharon as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Cane suggested that Jack could reap a windfall if the price of Newman stock soared high above the dirt-cheap amount Jack had paid for his shares. Jack explained that he planned to cash in and earn his fortune after Victor returned to town. Jack predicted that his own wealth could even equal Victor's.

At Tucker's, Sharon rested her head on Tucker's bare chest after they made love in his bed. Sharon recalled, in a flashback, an earlier instance when Tucker had shown her a photo of Victor embracing a woman. Tucker had claimed that Victor was away living the good life. Sharon had added that Victor certainly didn't appear to be pining away over her.

Tucker realized that Sharon's thoughts had drifted away from the present, and he asked her what she'd been thinking about. Sharon, having also recalled promising Tucker that she'd be tough on Victoria and Nick, said she'd been thinking about the upcoming press conference. Sharon added, "You make me feel empowered." Tucker told Sharon that Victoria and Nick might attempt to humiliate her. Sharon explained that she'd forced each of them to sign a deal memo.

Sharon told Tucker that if Victoria and Nick reneged on their agreement to support her as CEO, they'd no longer have a say in how the company was run. Tucker noted that Sharon seemed to be enjoying pulling off her power plays. Sharon agreed that she was, but she insisted that her true objective was to get the company back on track, so the stock price would rise. Sharon explained that stabilizing the company and raising the price of stock would benefit everyone.

While Sharon dressed, Tucker phoned Sofia and told her about the deal memo. Tucker claimed that Newman Enterprises would continue to falter with Sharon at the helm, so investors would soon sell off stock. "When they do," Tucker added, "that's when we'll move on it." Tucker ended his call to Sofia abruptly.

Sharon emerged from the bathroom, and Tucker kissed her. Sharon thanked Tucker for his support and noted that she hadn't had a true friend in some time because even Nick, Adam, and Victor had abandoned her. Sharon sadly recalled that she'd lost Drucilla, who'd been as close to a sister, long before. Sharon insisted that no one would ever be able to take anything away from her again.

In her office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria read over Sharon's deal memo and complained to Nick that Sharon would be lost without their input. After Victoria signed the document, she said, "I hope Sharon's happy." Nick insisted that Sharon was anything but happy. Victoria said she wanted to do as much damage control as possible before their father returned.

At a loading dock in Los Angeles, flames engulfed a debris-strewn area as sirens wailed. Billy raced back to the bar. Genevieve met him at the door. Pounding music drowned out the dialog, but Billy seemed to be telling Genevieve about the explosion. He prevented her from running toward the dock. Injured workers, their clothes singed, hobbled into the bar for safety. As more injured workers ambled into the bar, Genevieve and Sister Celeste rendered basic first aid. Genevieve ventured near the doorway, but Sister Celeste grabbed Genevieve's hand and seemed to beg her to remain inside the bar.

Back in Genoa City, Abby was shocked when Nikki explained that Billy had given her Victor's phone number. Abby attempted to phone Billy, but he didn't answer. Jack approached. Nikki told Jack that she'd been in contact with Victor. Jack asked, "What did he say?" Nikki didn't respond and left abruptly to meet with Victoria and Nick.

After Nikki left, Abby told Jack that Billy had given Victor's phone number to Nikki. Abby claimed that Jack might have known where Victor had been all along, because it seemed as if Billy had. Jack insisted that he truly cared about Victor's well-being. Abby spotted Sharon entering the club with Tucker, so she went to speak with her stepmother.

After Abby walked away, Jack phoned his broker. Jack said, "Howard, buy all the Newman stock you can get your hands on. Leverage everything if you have to!" Jack later approached Tucker at the bar and explained that he'd told Abby that everything would work out just fine. Tucker said that he'd told Sharon the same thing.

Abby stopped by Sharon's table and asked if she'd heard from Victor. Sharon said that she hadn't, but she invited Abby to lend her support at the upcoming press conference. Abby noted that she'd be present to cover any surprises for The Restless Style Show. Sharon asked, "What surprises?" Abby replied, "You know -- the surprising kind."

Nikki went to Newman Enterprises and told Victoria and Nick that she'd heard Victor utter her name over the phone. Nikki begged Victoria and Nick to announce Victor's return. Nick explained that until Victor actually returned, both he and Victoria had to do what was best for the company and support Sharon. Victoria was shocked to discover that Billy had given Victor's phone number to Nikki. Nikki dialed the number again as she left.

As Victoria phoned Billy, Nick said, "What the hell?" Victoria repeatedly phoned Billy and left messages instructing him to call her back and tell her everything he knew about her father. Abby arrived and said she hoped that the press conference had been cancelled, since Nikki had told them the news about Victor. Victoria explained that the press conference would proceed as planned, and she urged Abby to lend her support. Abby refused and said she'd be representing the press.

Nikki approached Sharon as she primped to prepare for the press conference. Sharon said she knew it was killing Nikki because she was being forced to lend her support. Nikki replied, "Nothing will compare to the moment when Victor returns and wipes that smug smile off of your Botoxed face. I spoke to Victor today. He's alive, and he's coming home. Enjoy your press conference."

Sharon displayed the photo of Victor embracing Sister Celeste in front of Nikki's face. Citing that the photo had been taken weeks before, Sharon insisted to Nikki that Victor wasn't returning home to her. A furious Nikki asked Sharon why she'd never before mentioned knowing where Victor was. Nikki and Sharon were summoned to an office to begin the press conference.

Tucker stood beside a beaming Sharon. Victoria and Nikki flanked Nick as he addressed members of the press, including Abby. Nick pledged, along with his mother and sister, his family's full and unanimous support of Sharon as CEO of Newman Enterprises.

Jack and Cane viewed the press conference on a television situated behind the bar at the club. After Nikki told a reporter that she agreed with her children, Jack noted that it seemed as if Nikki's head might explode. Jack added, "It's a bad day for the Newmans, but it is one great day for Jackie boy."

As the press conference continued, Abby asked Nikki why she'd decided to support Sharon, because it was known that the two women didn't get along. Nikki said, "I spoke to Victor, and I'm doing exactly what he'd want me to be doing." Tucker looked worried. Another reporter asked Nikki when she'd spoken to her husband. Nikki replied, "Earlier today, and he sounded just fine." Nikki added that she was confident that Victor would be returning to Genoa City very soon.

Billy entered the room, and Victoria met him at the door. Billy took Victoria by the arm and walked toward members of the press. Billy said, "I'm sorry. Victor's dead." Sharon covered her face with her hands, and then turned to Tucker for support. Nikki cried, "That's not true!" Billy explained that Victor had been involved in an explosion at the harbor. Abby and Victoria insisted that Billy was wrong.

Stunned by the awful news, Nikki broke down in tears. Billy embraced Victoria. Tucker took Sharon's hand and led her to a private corner. Tucker whispered, "I know you're upset, but you're going to have to take control here. Everything that was Victor's is yours. You need to stake your claim right now." Sharon later wiped her face and assured the press that Newman Enterprises would continue to operate as it always had. Sharon explained that the family needed time to grieve in private. Nikki glared at Sharon.

Tucker stepped outside the room and instructed Sofia to buy all the Newman stock she could get her hands on. Tucker returned and took his place beside Sharon, who'd just ended a phone call. Sharon explained that the coroner had asked her to identify Victor's body after it arrived from Los Angeles. Nikki yelled, "You were nothing to him! You were a diversion, a mistake! You're probably the reason he left!"

Sharon claimed that Nikki was to blame for Victor's death. Nick grabbed his mother when she charged toward Sharon. Victoria ordered Sharon to at least pretend that she cared about Victor. Tucker defended Sharon. Abby told Tucker that he was a cold bastard. Nick led Abby and Nikki out of the room. Tucker took Sharon away. Victoria asked Billy how long he'd known where Victor had been living.

Back at the bar near the docks, police arrived to interview injured workers. Paramedics attended to the wounded. Genevieve appeared to describe Victor to a police officer. The officer indicated that he had no information to share. Genevieve looked distressed as she continued to question men who'd been present when the explosion damaged the dock and injured many.

Sister Celeste and a priest approached a distraught Genevieve. Sister Celeste somberly nodded her head, and Genevieve began crying hysterically. Sister Celeste embraced Genevieve and consoled her. The priest traced the sign of the cross and opened his Bible.

Adam, from his home, and Cane, at the Genoa City Athletic Club, conducted business over the phone. The two discussed Jabot's request to feature a link to Jabot from the TagNGrab website. Adam, using his speakerphone, claimed that he and Kevin had resolved their differences. Adam and Cane agreed to meet at Adam's house later to sign a contract.

Chelsea returned home and overheard Adam's statement about Kevin. She asked, "Is that true? You and Kevin came to an agreement about TagNGrab?" Kevin had quietly entered behind Chelsea and said, "No. We didn't!" Kevin asked Adam if he understood that they were supposed to be partners. Adam explained that Kevin was the one who knew how to write code and design icons. Adam added, "I do everything else." Chelsea excused herself.

Adam threatened to walk away unless Kevin allowed him to assume all business decisions related to TagNGrab. Later, after Cane arrived for his meeting, Kevin sounded defeated as he told Cane that Adam was in charge of the business side of TagNGrab. Kevin added that he was in control of the technical side of the company and had developed software that would lead users back to TagNGrab after completion of a purchase at Jabot's website. Cane approved the deal with a handshake. Adam said he'd send a contract to Jack's office for him to sign.

After Cane left, Kevin noted that Adam had acted just like his father by forcing another person to act as he'd wanted them to. Kevin slipped and added, "Why don't you just go out to L.A. and look for Victor?" Adam asked Kevin how he knew that Victor was in L.A. Kevin claimed he'd told Adam everything he knew. Chelsea returned and turned on the television so Adam and Kevin could watch the press conference.

Adam sighed as he watched Sharon claim that her husband would be proud because she'd carry forth her husband's dream for his children and grandchildren. Sharon added that Victor was present in every member of the Newman family. Adam turned off the television and said, "Pathetic. A bunch of Victor Newman sycophants running around the place. Glad I'm done with that." Kevin replied, "Yeah. Good thing you got all that out of your system, and you don't give a damn about Victor."

After Kevin left, Adam told Chelsea that he'd had enough of Kevin and wanted him to disappear. Kevin returned and turned on the television. A reporter announced, "It has been confirmed by the family that Victor Neman is dead." Kevin apologized to Adam for his earlier comments. After Kevin left, Chelsea tried to console Adam.

At the club, Cane urged Jack to sell his stock holdings in Newman Enterprises. Jack explained that even if he sold every share of Newman stock he owned, it still wouldn't cover what he owed. Cane warned that the stock price was about to fall markedly. Jack complained that vultures wouldn't waste any time going after the shares he would have to sell at a shortfall. Jack cried, "Damn you, Victor. Even dead, you somehow manage to stick it to me."

Back at the bar in Los Angeles, Sister Celeste led Genevieve by the hand to a hallway. As Genevieve waited, she thought about her and Billy's attempts to keep Victor safe. Genevieve said aloud to herself, "Damn it, Victor. Why didn't you listen?"

Sister Celeste escorted Genevieve into a bedroom. An injured Victor was sitting upright on a bed. Sister Celeste explained that the explosion had been meant to kill Christian, who was Victor. The nun noted that she couldn't phone the police because she could no longer determine which of the dockworkers could be trusted. Sister Celeste told Genevieve that she, as Christian's friend and a nurse, should take care of him. Victor looked into Genevieve's face and said, "You're not a nurse, are you? You're Genevieve."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Jack complained to Cane about his dilemma. Jack had to come up with a great deal of money to meet the margin call. Cane went over all the assets Jack had, trying to find a solution to Jack's problem. Jack was aware that he ownership of Beauty of Nature was at risk.

Phyllis saw Jack and Cane at the bar and went to say hello. Phyllis saw Jack was distraught and asked what was wrong. Jack told Phyllis that Victor had died. Later, Cane read online that the Newman Enterprises stock was cratering. Jack had to figure out how to repay margin call. Cane said it was a good thing that Beauty of Nature and Jabot had never merged. Jack realized that since they were still separate companies, that might be the solution to his problem.

Nick and Nikki went to the ranch. Nikki was in tears about Victor's death, and Nick comforted her as best he could. Nikki remembered the first time she had arrived at the house years before. Nikki credited Victor with having changed her life for the better. Phyllis showed up at the ranch, saying that she was there for Nick.

Nikki said she needed some time alone and walked out. Phyllis offered to leave if Nick wanted to be alone. In answer to the question, Nick embraced Phyllis. Nick told Phyllis that he wanted to fly to Los Angeles and investigate his father's death. Later, Phyllis and Nick agreed to go to Summer's school to break the news to her in person before she heard it on the news.

Nikki went to church and asked God why Victor had been taken. Katherine appeared, guessing that Nikki would turn to her higher power for answers to the unanswerable questions. Kay comforted Nikki. Kay commented that she couldn't understand why Victor had not reached out to her. Kay thought that Victor could have called any one of his friends, and they would have gone after him. Nikki revealed to Kay that she'd spoken to Victor before he died.

At their home, Billy tried to comfort Victoria. Billy asked what he could do for her. Victoria wanted to go back in time and rescue her father before he died. Victoria asked Billy to tell her how he'd known that Victor had been in L.A. Billy said he'd learned about it for the magazine, but he hadn't told Victoria because he was trying to work everything out.

Adam was stunned by the news about Victor. Chelsea poured a drink for her husband, and he said he was feeling bad about the fact that his child would never know his parents, Victor or Hope. Adam recalled that his mother had really loved Victor. Adam had seen how she loved Victor in the time right before Hope died. Adam said that after the estate was settled, he'd go to Sharon to buy Hope's farm. Chelsea suggested that they name the baby for Victor.

Abby went to the Abbott house and saw Kyle waiting there. Kyle asked Abby if it was true that Victor had died. Abby started to cry and said that she couldn't believe that she'd never see her father again. Kyle was shocked, but he understood what Abby was going through because of Diane's sudden death. Abby recalled how terrible it was to have lost Brad, but she took comfort in having had her other father, Victor...until that day.

At Tucker's, Sharon was stunned over Victor's death. Sharon told Tucker that she'd imagined that Victor would return, not that he'd die. Sharon was still angry with Victor and recalled that he'd done some terrible things to her, like taking the Fifth when she was on trial for murder. Sharon also recalled that Victor had once been her biggest supporter. Sharon received a call from the morgue to identify Victor's body. Tucker offered stay by her side, but she asked him to wait for her.

After Sharon left the apartment, Sofia arrived. She couldn't believe that Victor was dead. Tucker said that there was a great opportunity at hand because Sharon would not be able to run Newman Enterprise. Tucker saw a way to take over Newman once he got Sharon out of the way. At the morgue, Sharon was told that Victor's body had been burnt beyond recognition. The coroner lifted the sheet, and Sharon seemed overcome by the sight of the dead body. When the coroner left her alone to compose herself, Sharon changed her demeanor and said, "Damn you, Victor."

Sharon knew that it was not Victor's body under the sheet. Sharon wondered if Victor had arranged things to make it look like he'd died. Sharon wasn't sure what to do and contemplated her options. When the coroner returned, Sharon confirmed that it was Victor's body. The coroner was ready to release the body for funeral arrangements, but Sharon said she wanted the body cremated immediately.

Jack went to see Tucker and said they needed to talk business. Tucker insisted that Sofia remain there under those circumstances. Jack admitted that he'd bet on the Newman stock and lost. Tucker assumed that Jack had leveraged too many of his assets and was caught in a margin call. Jack nodded that it was true.

Jack offered to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker to get the cash to meet the margin call. Sofia agreed to draw up the papers immediately. Jack said that would be fine. A short time later, Jack looked over the papers and signed away the company. Jack said that he regretted losing a company he'd worked so hard to acquire.

Later, Sharon returned to Tucker's, and he comforted her. Sharon was worried about the future of Newman Enterprises. Tucker promised to help her make the company bigger and better than ever. Tucker was confident that they could stabilize the stock. Sharon was uptight, and Tucker suggested that they make their partnership legal. Tucker proposed to Sharon, saying that they'd be great together. Sharon liked the idea and said yes.

In L.A., Victor called Genevieve by her name. Sister Celeste wondered why he recognized Jenny as Genevieve. Celeste feared trusting Genevieve because Victor was still in so much danger. Celeste wondered if the men who'd tried to kill Victor would find him and finish the job. Victor told the nun that she could trust Genevieve. There was a knock on the door, and one of the dockworkers asked Sister Celeste to attend a prayer service for Christian.

Genevieve asked Victor how he was, and Victor said that he was nauseous and dizzy. Victor said his name was Christian Miller. Genevieve offered to care for him, and Celeste left to get supplies. Genevieve researched concussions on the Internet. Victor said that he knew Genevieve, but he couldn't remember from where. Sister Celeste returned, and Genevieve said that Victor had a concussion. Rather than take him to a hospital, Genevieve said she'd care for him there. Victor thought he was at the orphanage.

Billy called Genevieve and told her that his marriage was at risk. Billy needed to know that Genevieve would not tell Victoria about what Billy had known and when. Genevieve said she couldn't speak with Billy about the situation right then. After she hung up, Victor asked if Genevieve had been speaking to a woman named Nikki. Victor said that he remembered Nikki having called Genevieve. Victor then vaguely recalled that Nikki had called him, too. Genevieve wanted to know when, but Victor said everything was scrambled in his head.

Victor couldn't remember anything before arriving at the mission. Genevieve tried to help him through the confusion. Victor had some memories of a ranch and horses. Victor said he saw the image of a blonde woman, but he didn't know who she was.

Victor feared that he'd never get his mind to clear. Genevieve said he was improving. Victor wanted to nap, but Genevieve had to keep him alert. When Genevieve called him Christian, he suddenly announced that his name was Victor Newman.

Kevin went to see Billy and asked if he'd told Victoria that he'd seen Victor before his death. Billy said he had gotten to L.A. too late to save Victor. Billy said he would regret his decision for the rest of his life. Kevin thought Billy should tell Victoria the truth. Billy reminded Kevin that Delia might be affected by his decision to be honest, upsetting the family dynamic that they all enjoyed.

Jack called Cane with the news about Beauty of Nature having been sold. Jack walked into the house and saw Kyle and Abby. Jack embraced his niece, seeing that she was emotional about Victor's death. Jack told Abby that he wished he could make it better for her. Jack sincerely wished that Victor had not died.

Victoria walked downstairs and greeted Kevin. Victoria received a call from Michael and learned that Victor's body had been sent to the morgue. Later, Billy, Victoria, Nick, and Nikki met at the morgue to view Victor's corpse. The coroner said that Sharon had already identified the body, and she'd ordered it cremated. Nikki was furious and said that she would kill Sharon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis ran into Jack, and he assumed that she'd received Sharon's text message invitation to Victor's funeral. Phyllis was going to attend for Nick's sake. Phyllis also wanted to see what kind of performance Sharon planned to give as the grieving widow. Michael and Lauren met at the coffeehouse, and while he tried to act strong, Lauren knew that Michael was torn up over Victor's death. Michael mentioned to Lauren that neither Sarah nor Sheila had checked Daisy out of Fairview, so it had to be someone using Sheila's name. Avery appeared and gave the Baldwins her condolences over Victor's demise.

Billy read a text message from Sharon inviting him and Victoria to Victor's funeral. Billy was shocked that Sharon had asked them to attend via text message. Victoria objected to the way Sharon was treating her father's death and resented that Sharon was in charge of the arrangements, since she'd only been married to Victor for a short time. Victoria and Billy left for the church.

Meanwhile, Adam and Chelsea were dressed and ready to go to the funeral. When Chelsea asked how Adam was doing, Adam reacted with a snarky comment about Sharon's plans for his father's memorial. Adam suspected that his siblings were very upset with Sharon.

Nick went to the church and called out for Sharon, but she didn't respond. Nick saw the urn, which presumably contained his father's ashes, at the altar, and it made him pause. A short time later, Abby and Kyle arrived at the church, too. Abby was glad that Jack was there for her. When Abby went to say hello to Victoria and Billy, Jack admitted to Kyle that he was feeling Victor's loss as well. Victoria complained to Abby about Sharon's shabby plans for Victor's funeral.

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Katherine greeted Nikki when she arrived downstairs. They were concerned about her well-being in the wake of Victor's death. Nikki said she had not been able to sleep because memories of Victor kept haunting her. Nikki was horrified that Sharon had hastily arranged Victor's funeral service without consulting with the family.

Kay told Nikki that she'd offered to speak at the ceremony, but Sharon had turned Kay down. Nikki believed that Sharon was defiling Victor's memory because she wanted the world to forget Victor Newman had ever existed. Kay was certain that Victor would never be forgotten.

Phyllis went to the church and said hello to Nick. When Phyllis asked about Summer, Nick explained that Summer was outside, but she needed to speak with her mother. As Phyllis left to find her daughter, she passed Christine, and they shared a dirty look. Adam and Chelsea walked in, and Chelsea immediately picked up on the bad vibes. Chelsea joked that the negative energy in the church might affect the baby.

Tucker arrived at the ranch to accompany Sharon to the funeral. Sharon was very happy and bubbly. She asked if Tucker had the document she'd asked him to get. Tucker handed her the wedding license. Sharon was thrilled that she would be burying one husband in just a short time and then getting a shiny new one in Tucker.

Sharon entered the church, and all the attendees seemed to shoot daggers at her with their eyes. Nikki criticized Sharon for not spending more time to create a special ceremony for Victor's funeral. Sharon claimed that the service meant a lot to her, and she did care. Sharon then removed her coat to reveal that she was wearing a fancy white dress. Nikki was stunned and asked why Sharon was disgracing Victor's memory. Sharon took Tucker's hand and said that right after the funeral, she had another event to go to -- her wedding to Tucker.

The minister began to conduct Victor's funeral service. Nikki was disgusted that Sharon had taken Tucker to the funeral and planned to marry him later in the day. Phyllis told Nick that Sharon had gone off the deep end. Abby said to Victoria and Billy that Sharon was nothing but a slut. Abby also thought Tucker was a pig. Victoria asked Abby to control herself, but Abby couldn't stop blasting Sharon and Tucker. Abby concluded that she was certain that God believed Sharon was a slut, too.

When the minister asked if anyone wanted to speak, Sharon rushed to the podium and hurriedly said that Victor had been a great man, kind and driven and generous. Sharon went on to say that she would honor his memory for all of her life. Nick stood up and said that he wanted to speak, but Sharon picked up the urn and marched out of the church before he could reach the altar. Everyone was in shock as Sharon went to the graveside.

A while later, Kyle said that he was surprised that the funeral had been so lame. Avery commented that Nikki had shown real class by not losing her temper. Adam stopped Tucker in the lobby and asked him why he had chosen the day of Victor's funeral for his wedding day. Tucker explained that he was sorry about Victor's death, but he was doing what was necessary to save Newman Enterprises from going down the drain. Tucker implied that marrying Sharon was the only way to keep his investment in Newman Enterprises from going bust. Chelsea asked Adam to take her to the grave, but Adam said no.

At the graveside, the minister read a prayer, and Sharon put a rose on Victor's grave. Sharon told the family that she would always cherish Victor's memory. Sharon thanked them all for attending the service, then turned to leave. Nikki felt that Victor deserved more than a five-minute ceremony, but Sharon believed that Victor wouldn't have wanted them to mourn for him. Nikki accused Sharon of spitting on Victor's legacy and having been a gold-digger. Sharon walked away without a care in the world. Nick and Phyllis noticed that Tucker had not been at Sharon's side.

Tucker entered his apartment and found a letter under the door. He read it and then opened the door to Kay. His mother demanded to know what Tucker was up to. Tucker wondered why his mother wasn't grieving for the man she wished had been her son, Victor Newman.

Kay asked why Tucker was marrying Sharon on the day of Victor's funeral; Kay wanted answers. Tucker evaded Kay's questions and then announced that he had to dress for his wedding. Kay pointed out that Tucker had married Ashley out of love, but that hadn't worked out. Kay couldn't figure out why Tucker was making Sharon his wife. Tucker refused to answer and invited Kay to attend the wedding. Kay shook her head.

Back home, Jack was having a drink alone, feeling bad about having lost Beauty of Nature. Jack was overjoyed when Traci entered the house unannounced. Traci was sorry she'd missed Victor's funeral because she'd wanted to say goodbye to Colleen's heart. Jack understood her connection to Victor because Victor had received Colleen's heart via transplant.

Traci noticed that Jack was down. Jack revealed to his sister that he'd done something really stupid. Jack explained that he bought up cheap Newman stock, even borrowing against Beauty of Nature to raise the money. Jack blamed himself for having been so reckless that he had wound up losing Beauty of Nature. Jack admitted that he'd been a fool.

At the cemetery, Fen and Summer begged off going to the Athletic Club with the adults so they could be on their own. Michael consoled Nick over Victor's death. Nick embraced Michael gratefully. Phyllis offered to meet Nick at the Club so he could be with his family.

Alone at the graveside, Abby, Victoria, Billy, Nick, and Nikki declared that they would say goodbye to Victor in the right way. Abby said she'd had two great fathers -- Brad and Victor -- even though she had not been a great daughter.

Nick recalled that Victor had once said that he thought Nick was a great father and how much that had meant to Nick. Victoria apologized to her father for all the times she'd hurt him and had not forgiven him for the times he'd hurt her. Victoria wanted one day more with Victor so she could see him holding Johnny or playing with Reid.

Sharon returned to the church and gathered some flowers from an arrangement to use as a bridal bouquet. Tucker appeared, and Sharon was relieved to see him. Tucker said he was not going to make the same mistake that Victor had made with Sharon. Tucker explained that he still wanted to marry Sharon, but he insisted that she sign a prenuptial agreement. Tucker wanted to protect his -- and Sharon's -- fortunes. Sharon laughed and signed the document.

Nick entered the church lobby and saw Sharon and Tucker together at the altar. Genevieve walked in and nodded to Nick. Genevieve looked into the church and saw Sharon and Tucker, too.

Kay went to the Athletic Club and told Neil that she'd been unable to get through to Tucker. Kay explained that Tucker was determined to marry Sharon. Christine saw Phyllis and informed her that she'd spoken to Danny about what Phyllis had done 18 years before. Phyllis reminded Chris that she had not been convicted of anything.

Kay addressed the group that had gathered at the Athletic Club to mourn Victor. Kay asked them all to help her bid Victor goodbye with a decent toast. Kay felt that Victor had left his imprint on all of them. Kay eulogized Victor for the man he truly had been, the good and the bad. Danny walked into the Club and was surprised to see Phyllis.

Back at their home, Chelsea asked Adam how he was, and he admitted that he thought his extended family were a bunch of lunatics. Adam was glad that he had Chelsea and their baby in his life. Adam told her that nobody else mattered to him. For Adam, it was all about the three of them.

Victoria invited Nick and Nikki to her place to spend some time with Johnny. Nikki wanted to stay at the graveside. Nikki asked to be alone, and Victoria and Billy said goodbye. Nick kissed his mother and then walked off. Nikki knelt at the graveside and cried over losing Victor. Nikki said that she wished that Victor could return to her one more time. Nikki didn't want to live without Victor. A man approached the grave. Nikki looked up and saw that Victor was standing there.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

At Jack's house, Traci listened as Jack castigated himself for getting caught in a margin call and having to sell Beauty of Nature to come up with the money to cover his debt. Traci was sympathetic, but Jack refused to forgive himself. Jack declared that Victor's death had changed everything Jack had been planning to do with his finances. Traci reminded Jack that he had acquired Beauty of Nature and had owned Jabot at the same time, plus he'd overcome a gunshot wound to learn to walk again. Traci wondered why all that hadn't been enough to satisfy Jack. Traci suggested that her brother figure out what he really wanted.

At the Athletic Club, Kay was with a group of Victor's friends as they reminisced about Victor's life. Michael remembered the good and bad of working for Victor, but had enjoyed that Victor could surprise him. Michael told a story about a Christmas holiday when Victor and Christine had invited him to the ranch for a special holiday surprise. Lauren added that Victor's actions that year had had a profound effect on Michael.

Neil agreed that Victor had sometimes been remarkably generous. Abby declared that she could not forgive Sharon for turning Victor's funeral day into a joke. Neil believed that Sharon had alienated everyone who'd ever cared for her. Kay thanked her friends for being with her to honor Victor. Before leaving, Kay received a text message from Nikki to return to the chapel. Abby suddenly received a similar text message on her phone.

In the Athletic Club lobby, Danny saw Phyllis and asked to speak with her. Phyllis said it wasn't the right time or place for a talk. Daniel entered and was surprised to see his parents together. Christine eyed Danny in the lobby and went to him. Michael and Lauren offered to keep an eye on the potentially volatile situation in the lobby.

Paul and Nina walked into the Athletic Club and saw Phyllis with Danny and Daniel. Paul wondered if they should back out, but Nina was curious and wanted to stay. Christine said hello to Danny, and when Lauren, Michael, Nina, and Paul approached, the old friends all greeted each other.

Phyllis took a shot at Christine by pointing out that she'd slept with every man in the group. Michael grimaced, but Lauren volunteered that she'd slept with all of the fellows there, too, and she wasn't embarrassed to say so. Danny asked Phyllis to speak with him, but she refused. Danny wanted to know why Phyllis was so oversensitive all of a sudden, unless it was because she didn't want to answer his questions. Phyllis walked out in a huff.

Adam held Chelsea at home, in each other's arms on the couch. Adam touched her belly and mentioned that he was happy about Chelsea having his baby. Chelsea was sure Adam would be a great father. At their home, Billy and Victoria spent time playing with Johnny, appreciating that even though Victor was gone, they still had their baby.

At the graveside, Nikki was stunned to see Victor standing there. Victor opened his arms and said, "Come here, my love." Nikki cried with joy that it was really him and stepped into his embrace. When Nikki noticed his hand was bandaged, Victor waved it aside and said he was fine. Nikki wondered if Victor was aware of what had been happening in his absence. Victor had heard all about Sharon and her shenanigans. Nikki informed Victor that Sharon was marrying Tucker in the chapel.

In the chapel, Genevieve and Nick watched as Sharon and Tucker spoke with the minister about the wedding. Sharon asked if they needed a witness. The minister said that their friends could act as witnesses, and he pointed to Nick and Genevieve. Sharon nodded her head, and the ceremony commenced. The minister instructed Sharon and Tucker to recite their vows. Tucker and Sharon said the words while Genevieve and Nick glared at them.

When the minister asked for an exchange of rings, Tucker said he didn't have one. Sharon told the minister to skip that part. The minister announced that they were man and wife, but before Tucker could kiss the bride, Victor entered with Nikki on his arm. Victor said Sharon could not be the bride because she was his wife.

Tucker was stunned, but Sharon smiled in an odd way. Tucker asked Sharon if she'd known that Victor was alive. Victor told the minister the wedding was a fraud because Sharon was his wife. Victor's children -- Victoria with Billy, and Abby with Kyle -- arrived and embraced their father lovingly. Victor told Sharon he knew what she'd done while he was away. Sharon pointed out that Victor had abandoned her.

Victor explained that when they'd gone horseback riding, he'd been thrown from the horse, hit his head, and suffered a memory loss. Victor had wound up in a truck headed to the Los Angeles dock area. Victor declared that while he had been gone, Sharon had engineered a takeover of his company and had knowingly identified a corpse in the morgue as him when she had known better.

Sharon said that Victor had cheated on her with another woman in L.A. Victor said the woman had been a nun who'd helped him when he was in dire need. Victor realized that Tucker had shown Sharon the picture. Victor said that Tucker had used Sharon to manipulate the Newman stock, and he'd hired Genevieve to track down Victor and keep him away from Genoa City.

Genevieve spoke up and said that it was true that she'd been doing Tucker's bidding because she'd been in financial distress. However, Genevieve said she had tried to make amends by caring for Victor, getting him the medication he needed to survive, and making sure that he made it home safely. Nikki and Kay said that they would never forgive Genevieve for what she'd done. Victor promised to deal with those who had wronged him. Victor ordered Sharon to return to the ranch, pack her things, and get out of his house.

At the coffeehouse, Neil told Devon and Cane that Tucker was marrying Sharon at the chapel. Devon laughed at Tucker's foolishness. Tucker arrived and asked to speak with Devon, but Kay appeared in the doorway and blasted Tucker for his actions. Kay asked Tucker if he had no shame. Tucker wanted to speak with Devon alone, but Devon chose to side with Kay. Tucker walked out alone.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nick embraced Victor, grateful that he was back and ready to take control of the company. Nick apologized for thinking that Victor had chosen to stay away. Victor thanked Nick and Victoria for watching over the company while he was gone.

The press was jammed in the lobby outside of Victor's office. Avery entered the office and told Victor how happy she was to see him again. Victor hugged Avery. She said that the press was ready to hear what Victor had to say to them. Billy said he would be with the press and headed to the door. Before Billy left, Victor thanked him.

At Gloworm, Kevin was surprised to see that Gloria was setting up for a wedding reception and asked who'd booked the place. Gloria revealed that Sharon and Tucker had gotten married and wanted to celebrate at Gloworm. Kevin was stunned to hear that Sharon and Tucker were getting married on the same day that Victor was being buried.

Abby went to see Jack and Traci at the Abbott house and told them that Victor was alive and back in Genoa City. Abby explained that Victor had been missing because he'd suffered a memory loss and had been unaware of who he was. Abby went on to say that while Victor had been in Los Angeles, Genevieve had been watching him and reporting back to Tucker. Jack surmised that Tucker had wanted to keep Victor out of commission so he could arrange a takeover of Newman Enterprises by using Sharon.

Victor addressed the press, and it was televised. Michael and the group at the Athletic Club watched, as did Phyllis, Adam, Chelsea, Gloria, and Kevin. Victor announced that he would be resuming his role as CEO of the company immediately, and Sharon was out. Chelsea was upset that nobody in the family had personally called Adam with the news. Adam said that Victor being alive was all that mattered.

Victor thanked those who had kept faith with Newman Enterprises during the turbulent time and announced that the company would buy back -- at a fair price -- the depressed shares that vultures had purchased. Victor appreciated those who'd been loyal to him. Sharon was furious as she watched the press conference and heard Victor promising to undo everything that she'd done.

Billy arrived at Gloworm, and Kevin asked if Billy had told Victoria the truth about his part in keeping Victor's whereabouts from the family. Billy said he couldn't tell her that, but Billy was worried because Victor had not ratted him out to Victoria. Billy feared that Victor would eventually make him pay for what he'd done. At Newman, Avery saw Sharon's letterhead and dumped it in the garbage.

Later, Nikki and Victoria joined Billy at Gloworm. Kevin sat with them and listened as Nikki say that Victor planned to deal harshly with those who had known where he was but done nothing. Billy squirmed in his chair, and Kevin averted his eyes.

At the Athletic Club, Danny asked to speak with Daniel. Before going to a table with his son, Danny told Paul that he wanted to apologize to him for all the years before when Danny had kissed Christine and caused Phyllis to go off the way she had. Paul said no apology was necessary, that it was water under the bridge.

Later, after Daniel and Danny were done talking, Christine went to see Danny. At a table, Christine told Danny how happy she was to see him again. Danny nodded in agreement and then kissed Christine's hand.

Nick went to the penthouse. Phyllis was glad to see Nick and said she'd watched the press conference. Phyllis was stunned that Victor was alive, and she was happy for Nick. Phyllis mentioned that Danny had returned, and she'd seen him at the Athletic Club. Nick assumed that it had not been a pleasant reunion with Danny.

Kyle asked how Abby had felt when she saw her father again. Abby said it had been surreal. Jack was happy for Abby, but Jack wished Victor had returned a day sooner. Jack explained that he'd been forced to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker to raise the funds to cover a margin call. Traci sympathized with Jack. Later, Jack was distracted, and Traci wondered what he was thinking. Jack thought that there might be a way for him to get Beauty of Nature back if he could nullify the sale.

At Tucker's apartment, Genevieve blasted him over what had happened in Los Angeles. Genevieve reminded him that she'd wanted out, and Tucker had refused to give up the ruse. Tucker countered that he felt that Genevieve had sandbagged him by returning with Victor. Tucker thought that Genevieve had tried to make herself look like a reformed sinner while blaming him for everything. Genevieve said that Tucker deserved what had happened to him.

At the ranch, Victor showed Sharon to the door and told her to leave. Sharon was smiling as she walked out. Later, Sharon was at Tucker's, but he was angry with her. Tucker asked why she'd lied to him about the corpse. Sharon said he'd lied to her about Victor and the other woman.

Tucker told Sharon she'd have to find somewhere else to go because he was through with her. Tucker slammed the door in Sharon's face. Genevieve accused Tucker of being a cold bastard. Tucker reminded Genevieve that she was persona non grata in town, too, because she'd been working with Tucker. Genevieve wasn't concerned.

At Crimson Lights, Neil, Devon, Cane, and Lily felt bad for Kay because Tucker had been such a lousy son. Kay said that Tucker was not the son she'd hoped he would be. Kay didn't want to focus on Tucker. Kay appreciated the people she loved, including those in the room.

Back home, Billy apologized to Victoria for not having told her all he had known when he knew it. Victoria said all that mattered was that Victor was back. Billy hoped that was true. Billy declared that he loved Victoria and didn't want to lose her.

At the ranch, Victor looked at family photos and held a picture of himself with Nikki close to his heart. Victor then walked into the living room and looked around. Nikki entered through the front door, responding to Victor's message to go to the ranch.

Nikki was surprised that he'd contacted her so soon. Nikki wondered if he'd wanted to be alone. Victor smiled and said he didn't want to be alone; he wanted to be with her. Victor hugged her close and then kissed her deeply.

Friday, September 28, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Genevieve approached Tucker and noted that a deposit was missing from her bank account. He reminded her that she no longer worked for him, but she asserted that she had watched over Victor for weeks. They argued about Genevieve not telling Tucker that Victor was alive. She contended that she had protected herself, because she didn't want Victor as an enemy. Tucker retorted that all she had was enemies because she'd played both sides. Jack passed by and referred to them as "Genoa City's own Bonnie and Clyde."

Genevieve marveled that Jack could walk, and Jack stated that he always kept his word. Jack asked to speak with Tucker alone, and Genevieve departed. Tucker barked that he was busy, but Jack sat down anyway. Jack requested that Tucker sell back Beauty of Nature because Tucker had acquired it under false pretenses. Tucker contended that they'd signed a contract, but Jack argued that Tucker had known where Victor had been, and he wondered what would happen if the SEC found out that Tucker had acquired large quantities of Newman stock in Victor's absence. Genevieve eavesdropped.

Later, Genevieve stopped by the Abbott home to see Jack, who coldly asked what she wanted. She indicated that she wanted him to get Beauty of Nature back, and he asked how. She disclosed that she had proof that Tucker had manipulated the stock. Jack questioned why she would switch sides, and she opined that Beauty of Nature should have been Jack's all along.

Victor and Nikki awakened after a night of lovemaking at the ranch. He wished her a good morning, and she happily murmured that it hadn't been a dream. They kissed. Later, Nikki looked around the ranch, and Victor asked her how it felt to be back. She scornfully stated that she was surprised that Sharon hadn't changed everything. He asked if Nikki would like to make changes of her own, and she acknowledged that the prior night had been wonderful, but she questioned what was next for them.

Victor asked Nikki where she wanted to go from there, and she said that when she'd believed he had died, she'd realized that she didn't want to waste any more time. She regretted marrying Jack, but Victor said that everyone made mistakes, and the ones he'd made had nearly cost him his life. Victor revealed that even when he hadn't known who he was, he'd known that he had belonged somewhere. Nikki replied that she'd seen in his eyes that he was back where he belonged. Victor apologized for the pain he'd caused her, and they embraced.

Nikki commented that Victor had been missed, especially at work. Victor commended Nick for stepping up, and Nikki reported that Sharon had fired Nick, but Nick and Victoria had countered by having Sharon committed to Fairview. Victor was proud that Victoria had returned to her spot at Newman Enterprises, and Nikki clarified that Victoria had done it for him. Victor vowed to do something for his daughter in return.

At home, Adam checked his cell phone and saw that he had no messages. Chelsea surmised that he hadn't heard from Victor, and he said that he hadn't expected to, but she understood that it didn't make Victor's lack of contact hurt any less. He accepted that he would never be invited to a Newman Thanksgiving dinner, but she recognized that he wanted to be part of a family. Chelsea acknowledged that Victor could be a jerk, but she felt that Adam had the opportunity for a second chance with his father, especially since their baby had one more grandparent than they'd thought the day before.

Later, Adam arrived at the ranch, and Nikki reluctantly invited him in. He wanted to see Victor, but she explained that Victor was at Victoria's. Nikki offered to let Adam wait, but Adam assumed that Victor would be spending time with Nick and Victoria, and he stated that he would run into Victor another time. Adam and Nick crossed paths on Adam's way out, and Nick asked Nikki if Adam had caused trouble, but Nikki believed that was the last thing Adam had wanted. Nick reported that Sharon was still on the ranch.

Adam returned home, and Chelsea asked if he'd seen Victor. He said that Victor had been visiting Victoria, but Nikki and Nick had been at the ranch, and everything was back to normal. Chelsea sympathized, but Adam stated that not being part of the Newman family was probably for the best.

Nick approached Tucker at the Athletic Club bar, and Tucker surmised that Nick wanted to deck him. Nick beseeched Tucker to make things right, and Tucker guessed that the Newmans wanted Beauty of Nature. Nick asserted that Tucker owed them that much, but Tucker insisted that he didn't owe them anything. Nick pointed out that Victor had almost died, but Tucker contended that Victor was doing just fine, and he vowed that the Newmans would never get Beauty of Nature back.

Sharon answered her door to Doris, who asked where Sharon's bags were. Sharon said that she'd unpacked, but Doris told her to pack again because it was time for Sharon to return home. Sharon called her mother's offer sweet, but she insisted that she already had a place to live. Doris was surprised that Sharon would want to live on Victor's property, but Sharon was adamant that she was a Newman and that it was her house. Doris said that Sharon didn't fit in, but Sharon maintained that she had a right to be there.

Doris lectured that Sharon had caused the Newmans enough pain, and Sharon grew indignant over what they'd done to her. Sharon complained that Doris wasn't trying to see her side, and Doris snapped that maybe she would understand if Sharon had ever bothered to call. Sharon chided Doris for always putting her down instead of supporting her. Doris claimed that she was upset with herself for not raising Sharon better, and she blamed herself for how Sharon had turned out.

Sharon sarcastically apologized for being a disappointment, and she bellowed that she was Mrs. Victor Newman, but Doris replied that the marriage was only on paper. Sharon recounted that Victor had agreed to take care of her, but instead, he had walked out on her, and Nikki was already back in his bed. Sharon remarked that Victor didn't want a public battle, so that was what she intended to threaten him with. Doris advised against it, but Sharon felt that the Newmans owed her. Doris suggested that Sharon find happiness by spending time with her kids and forgetting her plans for revenge, but Sharon refused. Doris set a key on the table and informed Sharon that there was a room for her at home.

Later, Sharon opened the door to Nikki, who brushed past her nemesis without waiting for an invitation inside. Nikki warned Sharon not to expect any courtesy, and Sharon accused Nikki of sleeping with Sharon's husband. Nikki snarled that Victor and Sharon had never had a real marriage, and she suggested that Sharon find someplace to live far away from Genoa City, but Sharon sweetly replied that she liked it there. Nikki pulled out her checkbook and asked how much it would take to get Sharon to leave.

Nikki started to write out a check, and she asked how many millions Sharon wanted. Sharon said that Nikki couldn't buy her, and Nikki chortled, "Since when?" Sharon remarked that Victor had shown her a new way of life, and she wasn't going to give it up. Nikki assumed that Sharon would go after Victor's money, and Sharon retorted that Victor and Nikki had met when he had been stuffing dollar bills into Nikki's panties. Sharon told Nikki to tell Victor that Sharon wasn't leaving and that he'd get a little surprise later that day. Nikki stormed out.

Victoria answered the door to Kevin while she was on the phone with Nick. Nick and Victoria speculated that Nikki had spent the night with Victor, but Nick warned Victoria not to assume that their parents were back together. Billy descended the stairs, and Victoria chirped that all that mattered was that Victor was home. Victoria finished her call, and she overheard Kevin counsel Billy to tell Victoria the truth. Victoria declared that nothing could spoil her good mood.

Billy mentioned his trip to Los Angeles, and he reminded Victoria that he had previously told her that if it had gone well, it could change everything. He admitted that it hadn't gone as planned, but then he simply told her that he would have to go back more often. She scoffed at the idea that he thought she would be upset, and she left to check on Johnny. Kevin reprimanded Billy for not telling the whole story, because Victor could reveal everything to Victoria.

After Kevin had left, Victoria announced that even changing a dirty diaper couldn't dampen her spirits. She answered a call from Victor, and Billy became nervous. She hung up, and she informed Billy that Victor would be stopping by to discuss something important. Billy expressed an urgent need to talk to her, but she heard Johnny crying, and she hurried upstairs.

Victor arrived at Billy and Victoria's home, and Billy started to inquire about what Victor intended to tell Victoria, but Victoria entered with Johnny. Victor fawned over the baby, and Victoria suggested that they celebrate the miracle of Victor's return by making peace with one another. She added that Victor owed Billy for helping to find Victor, and Victor said that he believed in giving credit where it was due. Billy asked to talk to Victoria alone, but Victor contended that he'd waited for weeks to speak to his daughter.

Victor said that he wanted Victoria to be happy, and while many people had betrayed him, she had remained loyal and had defended both him and his company. He wanted to repay her by offering her a position at Newman Enterprises. Victor acknowledged that she had planned to leave upon his return, but he urged her to reconsider because he wanted her by his side. Victoria expressed appreciation for Victor's offer, and he realized that she needed time to think. She explained that her decision affected her entire family, but regardless of what happened, she was glad he was back.

Victoria took Johnny upstairs, and Billy wondered why Victor hadn't seized the opportunity to ruin Billy and Victoria's marriage. Victor said that he'd seen a different side of Billy in Los Angeles, and he revealed that Sister Celeste had told him that Billy had rushed into a burning building to try to rescue him, when Billy could have just turned his back on Victor. Victor insisted that he only wanted Victoria to be happy, and she seemed to be, although he didn't understand what she saw in Billy. Victor told Billy to take care of his little boy, and he left.

Later, Victoria asked Billy what he had wanted to talk to her about, but he said that it didn't matter because he would rather discuss Victor's offer. Billy supported Victoria if she decided to return to work. She cautioned that they'd see a lot more of Victor, but Billy conceded that it would be okay if it made her happy.

Nikki returned to the ranch in a huff, and Victor calmly encouraged her not to let Sharon get to her. Victor noticed an envelope and was stunned by the contents. He informed Nikki that Sharon was suing him for abandonment. Victor called Avery and asked her to speak with Michael about filing charges against Sharon. "Welcome home," Nikki proclaimed.

Sharon called Leslie and asked whether the papers had been delivered. Sharon wished that she had been there to see the look on Victor's face.

At the Athletic Club, Paul asked Michael and Lauren if there had been any word about Daisy. Michael reassured Lauren that Sheila couldn't have been the woman who had checked Daisy out of Fairview. Michael received a text message from the lab regarding the analysis of the signature of the woman who had left with Daisy, but the results were inconclusive. Paul theorized that Ryder had hired someone to forge the signature, but Lauren was still unnerved. Michael realized that Kevin didn't yet know about Daisy's disappearance, and he departed to find his brother. Paul received notification that Dr. Laurents was back at Fairview, and Lauren was determined to speak with the doctor right away.

Michael found Kevin, who became frantic upon learning about Daisy's release. Michael explained that Daisy's mother had supposedly checked Daisy out, but he thought that Ryder had hired someone to do so. Kevin worried about Daisy's suicidal state of mind, but Michael informed him that her intent had been to escape the hospital, not kill herself. Kevin rushed off to Fairview, and Michael followed.

Dr. Laurents didn't feel comfortable discussing Daisy's case with Paul and Lauren, but Paul explained that they only wanted information about the woman who had signed Daisy out. Lauren showed the doctor a photo of Phyllis, and Dr. Laurents didn't think he recognized her, but he admitted that Daisy had accidentally stepped on his glasses on the day in question. Lauren wondered if Daisy had really done so on purpose. Michael and Kevin arrived, and Lauren showed Dr. Laurents a picture of Sheila before she'd had plastic surgery, but the doctor was unsure.

Michael presented Dr. Laurents with a court order for the security footage from the day Daisy had left. Dr. Laurents left to retrieve the footage, and Michael reiterated to Lauren that Daisy's "mother" could have been anyone. Paul left to visit Patty to find out whether she'd seen anything. Lauren tried to convince herself that the woman couldn't have been Sheila, and Michael repeated that it was impossible. Michael worried that Lauren had the same look as when she'd bought an illegal weapon.

Paul visited Patty, and he noticed that she had a new stuffed animal. She claimed that she was taking care of it for someone else. He thanked her for distracting the doctor, and he asked if she could help him again. He explained that Daisy had been released, and he questioned whether Patty knew who had helped Daisy get out. Patty started singing a song. Paul kissed her head and said that he'd see her later, and he exited. Once alone, Patty told her stuffed animal that she wasn't crazy, and she would prove it to everyone.

Michael, Lauren, and Kevin looked through the security footage. They watched the woman in question saunter down the hallway, keeping her face hidden from the camera. Paul returned to the room, and Michael expressed confidence that the woman on the tape wasn't Sheila. A shaken Lauren insisted that it was.

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