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Monday, September 17, 2012

At the police station, Ronan told Michael that Daisy Carter was alive and had been a patient at a mental hospital. Michael replied, "This changes everything for Paul." Michael phoned the Fairview Psychiatric Facility and discovered that Daisy had slipped into a coma after swallowing a handful of pills. Ronan pointed out the Daisy's being alive had disproved Paul's story about Ricky having murdered her.

Michael told Ronan that Daisy would be unable to tell them whether she'd been hiding from the law, in which case Ricky had probably helped her. If, however, Daisy had checked herself in to hide from Ricky, she could corroborate Paul's testimony that Ricky had been a threat to Daisy and to Eden. The last scenario, Ronan noted, would be enough to counteract the video Ricky had made. Michael replied, "Is it too much to hope that Paul catches a break just this once?"

At Jimmy's Bar, a friend told Paul and Nina that no one would ever believe that Paul could hurt someone. After the friend walked away, Paul told Nina that if the jury viewed the video Ricky had recorded in which he'd accused Paul of being out to get him, even the pope's testimony wouldn't make a difference.

Michael and Ronan showed up to let Paul know that there was a new development in his case. Ronan asked Paul to recount his testimony the night of the shooting. Ronan asked Paul to carefully recall whether Ricky had confessed to the murders of his ex-girlfriend and Craig Hunt. Paul added, "And Daisy Carter." Michael suggested that Paul had mistakenly assumed that Ricky had mentioned killing Daisy. Paul maintained that he'd remembered Ricky's word's clearly.

Nina reminded Michael and Ronan that some of Daisy's belongings had been found in Ricky's room. Michael announced that Daisy was alive. Michael and Ronan explained that Daisy's identity had been confirmed by staff at Fairview, where Daisy had been in hiding. Michael noted that Daisy had slipped into a coma after attempting suicide. Paul was adamant that Ricky had confessed to Daisy's murder.

Paul looked distressed. He pointed out to Michael and Ronan that Daisy, who'd abandoned her own child in order to hide, had surely known Ricky's dark side. Nina added that after Daisy awakened from her coma, she would confirm her fear of Ricky. Michael replied, "We'll see." After Michael and Ronan left, Paul vowed to find someone at Fairview who knew the truth.

Nina later stopped by the police station and begged Ronan not to end his investigation of Paul just because the evidence thus far seemed so incriminating. Nina insisted that Ricky had deliberately set out to mislead the investigation. Ronan replied, "Logically speaking, I don't see how he could have set everything up." Nina reminded her son that Paul had saved Eden's life.

Nina made Ronan promise not to stop looking until he found proof of Paul's innocence. Ronan vowed that he'd continue with the investigation before closing the case. After Nina left, Michael returned and told Ronan that it seemed as though they were missing an obvious clue. Ronan agreed and said that perhaps Daisy could tell them what it was.

Paul happened upon a nurse at Fairview and asked to speak to the doctor of the comatose patient. Paul admitted that he was an investigator, and he asked the man if the patient had ever stated the reason she'd committed herself. The man said that he could lose his job, and he instructed Paul to leave.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon marched into what had been Victor's office and stunned Nick and Victoria. Sharon announced that the judge would soon learn that she was in perfect mental health and was fit to resume her role as CEO. Sharon instructed Victoria to carefully pack her personal belongings because, Sharon added, she didn't want to be accused of stealing something. Nick and Victoria questioned Sharon and discovered that she hadn't actually read the doctor's full report. Victoria expressed doubt that the judge would reinstate Sharon as CEO.

Avery arrived and announced that the judge was ready to issue his ruling. Sharon, wearing a bright yellow dress, smiled. Nick and Victoria remained stone-faced. Avery noted that only the lawyers and Sharon would be allowed in the courtroom because the ruling involved Sharon's private health issues. Sharon claimed that the judge didn't trust Nick and Victoria because he'd discovered how sneaky and unethical they both were. Victoria replied, "Makes you wonder what the judge saw in your psych evaluation that he thought would be so damaging if it got out." Before Sharon left, she told Nick and Victoria to pack up their junk.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki asked Billy if he would give her a few minutes during his television show to publicize the search for Victor. Nikki cried that she'd not shared her deep concerns about Victor with Victoria because she wanted her daughter to think that Victor was all right. Billy replied, "I need to be honest with you. You see, there's..." Jack barged in and cut Billy off. Billy quickly explained to Nikki that the producers of The Restless Style Show called all the shots, but he agreed to pass along Nikki's idea. Nikki left to visit someone else. After Nikki walked away, Billy told Jack that Nikki had asked him to air a missing-person's segment about Victor.

From the dockside bar in Los Angeles, Genevieve made a desperate call to Tucker and insisted that it was time for Victor to return to Genoa City. Victor, with his bruised and broken hand still bandaged, returned to the bar and told Genevieve that his hand felt a bit better. Genevieve was surprised when Victor said that he'd planned to work his shift. Genevieve gave Victor a few dollars, and he promised to be careful.

After Victor left, Genevieve told Tucker over the phone that she feared for Victor's safety. Genevieve added that Tucker's grand plan to produce a huge spike in the stock price after Victor returned to town in a "blaze of glory" wouldn't work out because Victor didn't even know his own name. Tucker replied, "We can orchestrate how much people find out about that and when. It's also possible that he'll recover once he's back in familiar surroundings." Genevieve pleaded with Tucker to let Victor return at once.

Tucker told Genevieve that after Sharon's reinstatement as Newman Enterprises' CEO, he intended to purchase stock at a greatly devalued price. Upon Victor's triumphant return, Tucker promised that both he and Genevieve would enjoy a huge payday. Genevieve, perturbed at Tucker's callousness, said that she needed help in order to ensure Victor's safety. A courier interrupted Tucker by delivering a document enclosed in an envelope.

Tucker later opened the envelope and learned that his divorce from Ashley was final. Tucker phoned and left a message for Ashley to phone him back. Tucker's phone rang immediately. He was exasperated when he spied Sharon's number on the display screen. Sharon told Tucker that the judge was about to issue his ruling. Sharon noted that she'd handled herself well during her sessions with the psychiatrist.

Noting that Victoria had seemed confident that the judge would rule against reinstatement, Sharon expressed her concern to Tucker that Victoria had somehow manipulated the doctor. Tucker pretended to be supportive and encouraged Sharon to enter the courtroom and find out what the judge had to say. After the call ended, Tucker sighed and glanced again at his divorce decree.

Devon arrived and visited with Tucker. Tucker showed the divorce decree to Devon. Tucker said, "It was a crazy idea to think I could be anybody's husband." Devon said he knew how much Tucker regretted what had happened.

Tucker insisted that Ashley was better off without him. Tucker noted that he'd over-promised and under-delivered. Devon offered to accompany Tucker to a movie, but Tucker said he was waiting on an important phone call related to business. Before Devon left, he embraced his father warmly. Sharon phoned. Tucker answered and said, "Sharon, what did the judge say?"

Victor later returned to the bar with Sister Celeste. Victor told Genevieve that Sister Celeste had nearly been killed by a forklift when she tried to offer Victor food. Genevieve left to get a drink for the nun. Sister Celeste insisted that the mishap had been an accident. Victor replied, "No! It wasn't an accident."

Sister Celeste claimed that she wasn't injured and didn't want "Christian" to use what had happened as justification for getting back at someone. Victor asked Sister Celeste if she planned to simply turn the other cheek. Genevieve summoned Victor to the bar and told him that it was noble of him to risk his own life to help the dockworkers. Genevieve warned that Victor shouldn't expect Sister Celeste to risk hers.

Billy, dining with Jack, received a call from Victoria letting him know that the judge was about to rule in Sharon's case. After Billy left, Jack said aloud to himself that it was time to phone his broker and let him know that Newman stock was about to go on sale. Nikki approached and told Jack that they should talk about the divorce. Nikki seemed stunned when Jack reminded her that her pleas for him not to proceed echoed his words to her the night of their honeymoon when she left to search for Victor.

Jack tried to convince Nikki that she could be much happier without Victor in her life. Nikki insisted that she wasn't chasing after Victor. Nikki claimed that she just wanted to make sure that Victor was all right. Nikki vowed to walk away afterward. Jack told Nikki that he couldn't stop her from catering to Victor's every need. Jack added, "I'm giving up my front-row seat because I don't much like this show, and I know how it's going to end."

Billy arrived at Newman Enterprises and found that Nick and Victoria were desperate not to let the stock price dip. Victoria said that if the judge reinstated Sharon, it might encourage Victor to return. Nick agreed. Victoria said that even though Sharon had fooled the doctor, Victoria knew Sharon had been stealing things. Victoria insisted that Sharon should just step back.

Billy reminded Victoria that Victor had humiliated Sharon on their wedding night. Sharon's aim, Billy explained, was to prove that Victor and everyone else were wrong because she was stronger and smarter than anyone ever realized. Billy added that Sharon probably believed that upon Victor's return, he'd beg for her forgiveness and seek her investment advice.

Victoria asked Billy if he'd spoken to Sharon. Billy explained that he knew how much being angry at one's father could force a person to do something he wouldn't normally do. Victoria pointed out that Billy had more right than anyone to be angry at Victor, but Billy, she added, wasn't lashing out or letting the situation change him.

Nikki stopped by Newman Enterprises after Nick sent her a text message about Sharon. Nick said that even though it was disastrous for Sharon to be the company's CEO, he admitted that he hoped Sharon would win in court because he wanted to protect his children. Billy stepped out of the office and announced that Avery had called. Billy also covertly sent a text message to Jack to let him know that a decision was forthcoming.

Victoria put the call from Avery on speakerphone. Nick, Billy, and Nikki listened together as Avery said, "Sharon's back in as CEO." Billy quickly sent a text message to Jack. Nick told Victoria that it would be different upon Sharon's return because she couldn't fire them with the new provision in place. Nikki said that it would all be over in an instant if she could find Victor. Billy stepped out of the room and phoned Genevieve.

Genevieve told Billy that Victor could return to Genoa City soon if the judge ruled against Sharon. Billy explained that the judge had reinstated Sharon. Billy warned that he might not be able to keep the secret much longer because his wife wouldn't understand. Genevieve suggested that Billy admit the truth and face the consequences. Billy replied, "Easy for you to say. You're not in danger of losing your family. I wish I'd never found Victor."

After the call from Billy ended, Genevieve phoned Tucker and told him that he was letting greed cloud his judgment. Tucker replied, "I think you'll feel better once you get your cut. Just sit tight a while longer. Everything will be fine."

Back at the club, Jack checked his watch and said, "Wow. Sharon has regained the throne, and the market hasn't even closed yet. Thank you, judge!" Jack checked stock prices and cried, "Ooh, and down it goes!"

After Genevieve phoned Tucker and warned that Victor was in danger, she approached Victor and asked if he was headed to the dock. Victor said that he'd just told Sister Celeste that it would be best for him to move on. Genevieve agreed. Victor thanked Sister Celeste and Genevieve for everything they'd done. Genevieve had tears in her eyes as Victor tenderly touched Sister Celeste on the shoulder before he walked away.

Sharon returned and began throwing Victoria's belongings into a wastebasket. Sharon defiantly thrust the wastebasket toward Victoria and said, "If you don't mind, I have work to do." Nikki glared at Sharon. Billy awkwardly averted eye contact. Nick remained silent.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At the penthouse, Nick walked downstairs and Phyllis tried to speak with him about their living arrangements. Nick was cold to Phyllis and let her know that he'd decided to move back to the ranch. Nick was only lingering in the apartment to break the news to Summer.

Phyllis appealed to Nick and said that she needed him. Nick countered that she had already shown that she needed Ronan, not Nick. Phyllis assured her husband that she loved and wanted only him, but Nick was unconvinced. There was a knock on the door, and Phyllis saw that Michael and Lauren were there. Phyllis was unhappy to see them, and assumed they wanted to speak to Nick and Phyllis about Fen and Summer and getting caught with a bottle of booze.

Michael explained to Nick and Phyllis that he was there because of Daisy. Phyllis was shocked to learn that Daisy had been hiding out as a patient at Fairview the whole time she had been missing. Michael reported that Daisy had overdosed on pills and fallen into a coma. Nick asked if Daisy was going to make it, but Michael and Lauren weren't sure. Phyllis was upset about the idea of Daisy being back in Lucy's life.

Heather told Daniel that she wasn't happy with their romance. Heather didn't like sneaking around so nobody would see her at Daniel's. He thought what they had together was wonderful, and he asked Heather to stay. Daniel kissed her with passion. After having had sex, Heather reiterated that she disliked all the cloak and dagger stuff.

Daniel suggested that they go public, but Heather assumed that Phyllis would object to Daniel and Heather's love affair. Daniel was willing to put up with his mother. Heather mentioned Lucy, and Daniel felt that his daughter would need a strong female role model in the future. Heather wondered if he saw her in Lucy's future. Daniel smiled and admitted that he was crazy about Heather.

At Jimmy's, Kevin told Adam that he objected to a business meeting with Jack about an alliance with Jabot unless the terms of the deal include a link from Jabot's website to TagNGrab. Adam felt certain that he could make a good deal with Jabot. Cane arrived and said he was there in Jack's place. Kevin was insulted that Jack hadn't bothering to meet with them and had sent Cane instead.

Cane handed them the deal memo. Kevin read over the details, and when he asked for a link to TagNGrab from Jabot's website, Cane said that a link was a deal breaker. Cane would not offer a reciprocal link because TagNGrab sold products from companies that competed with Jabot. Cane said that Jabot would not send its customers off its site to TagNGrab, where they could buy cosmetics from another vendor.

Adam said he was ready to close the deal, but Kevin said that unless Jabot changed the terms, he would not sign off. Cane picked up on the tension between Adam and Kevin. The phone rang, and Kevin said he had to leave for a family emergency. Cane was ready to walk away, but Adam asked him to stay so they could still work out an arrangement.

Chloe went to Crimson Lights with her new dog, Bobby. Chelsea walked in and was not impressed with Bobby. Lily arrived with Humphrey, whom Chelsea thought was a much cuter dog. The three ladies sat at a table and had coffee. Chloe let it slip to Lily that Chelsea was pregnant.

Chelsea was upset that Chloe had blabbed, but Chloe refused to apologize. Lily was glad that Chelsea and Adam's marriage was working out so well. Chloe took a dig at Chelsea for marrying a rich man, one of the Newman family. Lily reminded Chloe that Chloe had once married Cane because she had thought he was a Chancellor.

In a booth at the coffeehouse, Paul fell asleep over his laptop. In a dream, Paul saw Daisy and tried to get her to speak with him. Paul asked Daisy to tell Michael the truth about Ricky being a danger to her. Daisy nodded her head yes, but she wasn't able to speak. Paul pleaded with Daisy to tell him what had happened with Ricky. Avery approached the booth and awakened Paul.

Paul explained that he'd been up all night, working on the case. Avery had just learned about Daisy. Paul wasn't sure if Daisy would be able to help him because she had fallen into a coma after an overdose. Paul was discouraged and felt that he was fighting a losing battle to save himself. Avery urged Paul not to quit working on the case. Avery called Fairview but was unable to learn much about Daisy. Paul called Heather, thinking she might be able to help them.

Heather told Daniel she really had to get to work. Daniel asked her to return later. Heather kissed him goodbye, and as she walked out, Kevin, Michael, and Phyllis arrived from the other direction. Daniel asked what was going on. Kevin was also in the dark. Michael and Phyllis explained that Daisy was still alive, but was in a coma at Fairview.

Daniel said he wanted to see Daisy right away. Phyllis scowled at the idea of Daniel reconnecting with Daisy in any way. Michael got off the phone and said that Dr. Laurents would allow Daniel to see Daisy because he was Daisy's next of kin. Phyllis was down on the whole thing, but Daniel ignored her. They all headed out the door.

Avery and Paul went to the Athletic Club, where Paul met with Heather. Avery ran into Lauren, and they both talked about Daisy. Avery felt that Daisy could help Paul's case. At the bar, Paul asked Heather if she could help him to see Daisy at Fairview by getting a court order. Heather tried, but reported to Paul that Daniel had gone to see Daisy, and Heather was unable to pull strings for Paul. When Paul went back to Avery's table, Heather made a call to a friend of Paul's.

Paul spoke with Avery, and Lauren and admitted that the case against him was solid. Lauren pointed out that Paul had not committed a premeditated act. Avery was stunned to learn that the gun Paul had used that night had been Lauren's. Paul asked Lauren to stop talking, but Lauren explained why Paul had been holding the gun for her.

Avery thought it was important information for Paul's case, but he didn't want Lauren to risk jail time. Paul said that he would not allow Avery to use Lauren's testimony. Michael arrived at the Athletic Club and asked Lauren why Paul looked so upset. Lauren told Michael that she'd confessed to Avery that Paul's gun the night of Ricky's murder had been Lauren's.

Michael was in shock and told Lauren that the information would not help Paul's case, but might land Lauren in prison. Michael was upset that Lauren had put herself in jeopardy. Paul told Avery that he was determined to get into Fairview so he could interview Daisy about Ricky. Suddenly, Christine appeared at the table and offered to help Paul.

Nick took Summer to the coffeehouse. When Summer complained about her weight, Nick told his daughter that she was perfect in his eyes. Summer was very down on Phyllis, but Nick defended Phyllis as a good mother. Summer guessed that Nick was moving out of the penthouse.

Nick admitted that he was going to the ranch. Summer declared that she was not caught in the middle of her parents; Summer was siding with Nick. Summer believed that Phyllis had hurt Nick by cheating on him with Ronan. Summer could not forgive her mother. Summer asked if she could live at the ranch with Nick, but he wanted her to remain with Phyllis. Finally, Nick relented and said she could live with him.

Kevin returned to Jimmy's just as Cane appeared after speaking with Jack. Cane said that Jack had agreed to the new deal that Adam had proposed. Kevin was shocked, but Cane explained that Adam had improved the terms of the deal. Kevin said there was no deal without Kevin's approval.

Cane left the table and suggested that Kevin and Adam speak alone. Adam asserted his power as the partner who'd invested the most money in TagNGrab. Adam referred to Kevin as nothing more than a computer programmer. Lily, Chloe, and Chelsea appeared at Jimmy's and saw Kevin and Adam fighting. Chloe told them to stop because Cane was watching. Adam told Chelsea that Kevin was acting like a child. Lily told Cane that compared to the other couples, they were calm.

Adam asked Kevin to table their differences and present a united front to Cane. Kevin said he would not agree with the Jabot deal unless the terms were more favorable for TagNGrab. Cane intervened and said that they could not do business unless TagNGrab had a united vision.

Kevin was confident that he knew what was best for the company, but Adam disagreed and resented Kevin's obstinacy. Alone, Chloe criticized Kevin, and he told her that it was not the day for an argument. Kevin explained that he'd just learned about Daisy trying to commit suicide and her being in a coma at Fairview. Chloe thought Kevin was keeping secrets from her, comparing the news about Daisy to Kevin's involvement with Phyllis and Tim's corpse.

Lily and Cane were relieved that they were the couple without any drama in their life. Cane proposed they have some "R-rated" fun while the kids were with the sitter. Cane kissed Lily, and they agreed to go home where they could have some quiet time for romance.

At Fairview, Phyllis was upset that only Daniel was allowed to see Daisy. Daniel sat by Daisy's bed and asked why she'd taken all the pills. Daniel didn't believe that Daisy would ever leave Lucy in that way. Daniel whispered that Lucy needed Daisy and urged Daisy to get better. Daniel walked out, and Phyllis said that Michael had gone. Daniel was worried about Daisy's future if she never got out of the coma.

Later, Heather went to Daniel's, and he realized that she knew about Daisy being at Fairview and in a coma. Heather said Daisy being alive changed their relationship. Daniel said he couldn't stop caring about Heather, but she said he had to. Daniel didn't want Heather to leave, but she walked out. Heather was in tears as she closed the door.

Phyllis returned to the penthouse and was pleased to see Nick was there. Then she saw that Summer was moving out with Nick. Phyllis tried to understand why Summer might prefer living at the ranch. Phyllis told her daughter she didn't have to leave.

Summer asked Phyllis to not use a guilt trip on her. Phyllis told Summer that she'd miss her. Summer accused Phyllis of having created the mess in which they all found themselves. Nick agreed with Summer, then he left with his daughter. Alone in the penthouse, Phyllis started to cry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Billy and Victoria were at the coffeehouse where his producer was on the phone, chewing out Billy over the poor showing of the Restless Style television show. Victoria sympathized with Billy. He said that he desperately needed a new idea for the next episode, because the sponsor had not been interested in an anti-Sharon story. Victoria wanted Billy to eviscerate Sharon in print. Nick entered and told Victoria and Billy that what they really needed for Newman Enterprises was for Victor to return. Victoria guessed that Jack was buying up more Newman stock, since it had plummeted when Sharon resumed control of the company.

Victoria also believed that Tucker was buying up the failing stock, but had not been reporting his massive buys to the SEC. Nick said that they had no proof of that. Billy was sure that Tucker had been taking advantage of Victor being out of town. Nick received a call from Sharon. The interim CEO ordered Nick and Victoria to her office immediately.

At the bar in L.A., Sister Celeste and Genevieve were both relieved that Victor had left the docks and removed himself from the dangerous situation. Genevieve took a call from Tucker, who wanted to know what was happening with Victor. Genevieve did not let on that Victor was gone and she had no idea where he was. Before Tucker could ask more questions, Genevieve hung up on him.

Sister Celeste was concerned about "Christian," but Genevieve offered that he was the kind of man who could take care of himself. Billy called Genevieve to ask about Victor and wondered if his memory had returned. Genevieve informed Billy that Victor had left the night before. Billy was alarmed, but Genevieve thought it was the best thing for Victor, considering the danger he was facing.

Genevieve was anxious to get out of the scheme, and Billy assumed she'd be returning to Genoa City. Genevieve explained she was going to stay a bit longer but also let Billy know that she had not told Tucker about Victor's exit. Billy was shocked that Victor had walked off again, and Billy wondered how he would explain it to Victoria. Genevieve urged Billy to be honest with Victoria and tell the family the truth about Victor.

At Jimmy's, Phyllis walked in and saw Kevin sitting alone. She ordered a beer and told him about what a rotten day she'd been having. Kevin said he'd also had a terrible day, mentioning the TagNGrab deal going bust and Chloe being mad at him. Phyllis topped Kevin by revealing that Nick and Summer had moved out of the penthouse. When Kevin said he'd told Chloe about Tim's body, Phyllis was stunned.

Phyllis feared that Chloe might blab, but Kevin was sure Chloe would remain quiet. When the subject of Daisy came up, Phyllis was relieved that Kevin's sister was in a coma. Phyllis remembered how Daisy's craziness had affected her life. Kevin defended Daisy, but Phyllis felt that Daisy had made Phyllis' life a living hell. Kevin and Phyllis agreed that they could not talk about Daisy. Phyllis left the bar.

At the Athletic Club, Paul was overjoyed to see that Christine was in Genoa City. Chris wanted to help Paul with his case. Avery said they needed corroboration from Daisy that Ricky had been a danger to her. Chris offered to try to use her Department of Justice connections to get Paul in to see Daisy.

Later, Chris reported that only family was being allowed in to see Daisy. Avery thought of someone else who might be able to help them -- Kevin. Christine texted Kevin, and a short time later, Kevin texted back to Chris that there had been a delay at Fairview, but he would do what he could.

Avery left to return to work, and Chris inquired about Paul's situation. Paul lied to Chris and said he was all right, but Chris suspected otherwise. Paul admitted that he still felt guilty about Ricky's death and probably always would. However, Paul said he was determined to fight for his freedom. Chris was relieved to see the positive change in Paul. Chris and Paul were both hopeful that Kevin would be able to help them.

Chris saw Phyllis in the lobby of the Club and overheard Phyllis on the phone with Summer. Phyllis was unhappy to see Chris, and the feelings were reciprocated. Phyllis was upset that Daisy was still alive. Chris took pleasure in the fact that Phyllis' husband and daughter had walked out on Phyllis. Chris called it was karma. Paul interrupted and suggested that the women not create a scene. Phyllis called Chris a stone-cold bitch.

At the Newman towers, Sharon told Victoria and Nick that she no longer had need of their services, and they were dismissed. Nick showed Sharon the document they'd prepared in which they'd made sure that they could not be fired without the approval of the board. Sharon said the board would agree with her decision.

Nick pointed out that while Victoria had been in charge, the Newman stock had gone up. Victoria believed that the board would back her and Nick. Sharon agreed to let Nick and Victoria remain on the job, but warned them not to undermine her. Victoria told Sharon that she'd better watch out for Tucker.

Victoria theorized that every time Sharon made a bad move at Newman, Tucker was buying up large chunks of Newman stock. Sharon reminded Victoria and Nick that she had no reason to believe or trust them. Nick informed Sharon that he'd decided to move back to the ranch. Sharon wondered if Nick was doing that to spy on her, but Nick said that wasn't his intent.

At Tucker's office, Sofia warned Tucker that he needed to report his Newman stock buys to the SEC. Tucker was willing to risk it a bit longer to make a big killing and asked her to create another dummy company to buy more stock. Sofia pointed out that if Victor turned up dead, Tucker would suffer a major loss on the Newman stock. Tucker was confident, but Sofia felt that Tucker was taking a huge gamble.

Tucker called Genevieve again and warned her not to hang up on him. Genevieve informed Tucker that Victor was there, never letting on that she was surprised by his return. Celeste and Genevieve were glad to see "Christian." He said that he hadn't been able to stay away. Victor explained that Celeste might be in danger, and he had to be there for her.

Speaking to the other dockworkers, Victor announced that he didn't want any further trouble. Before returning to the mission, Sister Celeste said that she was happy about Victor's decision. Alone with Victor, Genevieve revealed that she was surprised that he'd decided to give up the fight. Victor confided in Genevieve that he was going to fight "the bastards" on his own.

Sharon went to Tucker's and asked if he had been buying up Newman stock. Tucker admitted that he was, because it was a great investment. Tucker believed that Newman would bounce back once the industry saw how well Sharon ran the company. Sharon apologized for doubting Tucker.

Avery went to Newman Enterprises to meet with Sharon, but Nick said that Sharon wasn't there. Nick told Avery about how Tucker had been using Sharon to buy up Newman stock. Avery assumed that Victoria and Nick were doing something about Tucker, and Nick confirmed he would be reporting Tucker's actions to the SEC.

Avery explained that she dealt with Sharon by thinking that she was still working for Victor. Avery was frustrated about Paul's cases. When the subject of Phyllis came up, Nick reported that he and Summer had moved out of the penthouse. Avery understood why Nick had done what he'd done. Nick felt Phyllis had to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Kevin went to Fairview and spoke with the comatose Daisy. Kevin was unhappy that Daisy had resorted to taking pills. Kevin recalled what it had been like when he was locked up in a mental hospital. Kevin had questions for Daisy about Ricky, but he mostly was glad that she was alive. Kevin wanted to be a brother to her and promised to be there for her. Daisy stirred, and Kevin reported it to the doctors.

Billy went to Jimmy's and ran into Kevin. Billy was stunned to learn that Daisy was alive and in Fairview. Billy was surprised that Daisy had tried to kill herself because he didn't see her as suicidal. Kevin warned Billy not to put the information on Restless Style. Billy told Kevin that getting revenge on Victor seemed like a tempting thing to do.

Billy told Kevin that Victor was alive, and Billy had seen him, but Victor had suffered a memory loss. Kevin was shocked that Billy had let Victor go missing again. Billy wanted Kevin to keep the information to himself, but Kevin could not forget about Victor. Kevin warned Billy that he couldn't out-Victor Victor; he had to do the right thing. Billy said he would get Victor home.

Later, Victoria met Billy at Jimmy's, and before she could tell him about work, Billy announced that he had to return to Los Angeles. Victoria understood and wished him well on the trip.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin told Paul and Chris that Daisy had awakened, but she was still out of it. Kevin explained that the doctors believed that Daisy would recover. Kevin asked Paul and Chris not to try to question Daisy about Ricky. Kevin needed to protect his sister. Paul understood. Chris hoped that, in time, Kevin might change his mind. Paul told Chris that he had another idea.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

At the police station, Michael informed Heather that there had been a change in the court calendar, and Heather needed to get her case against Phyllis up to speed. Heather realized that Michael would also be moving up the date for Paul's case. Heather pointed out that while she was aware of his personal friendship with Phyllis, Heather was certain that Phyllis was guilty, and Heather would get a conviction. On the other hand, Heather was just as sure that Paul was innocent and should be found not guilty.

Meeting at the Athletic Club, Christine told Paul she had arranged for him to get into Fairview. However, Chris said it was a risk because they were breaking the rules in an effort to get him access to Daisy. Later, at Fairview, Paul was grateful that he was allowed to have a visit with his sister Patty. Paul thanked Dr. Laurents for agreeing to reevaluate Patty's case.

In her room, Patty was overjoyed to see her brother. Paul told Patty that he'd missed her. Paul explained to Patty that he'd done a bad thing, and he was haunted by his actions. Patty believed that Paul was the best brother and couldn't have done anything wrong. Paul said that Ricky had died, and it had been Paul's fault. Paul revealed to Patty that Daisy was in Fairview, too, and Paul needed to speak with her about Ricky. Paul asked for Patty's help. In response, Patty suggested that they draw pictures of kitties because that would make them both happy.

Dr. Laurents returned to Patty's room. Paul said that Patty seemed unchanged to him. When the doctor turned to leave, Patty created a distraction so Paul could sneak away and find Daisy. Paul walked down the hall and looked in a door window where he saw a comatose Daisy. Paul went to her bedside and asked if Daisy could hear him.

Daisy came to and wondered where she was. Paul explained that she was in Fairview, but she was going to recover from the overdose. Daisy was glad to see Paul and confessed that she had taken the pills in order to wind up at the hospital. When Paul asked why Daisy had checked into Fairview under an assumed name, Daisy revealed that Ricky had threatened to kill her.

Paul listened to Daisy's story, how she had run from Ricky, fallen down a hill, and lost her phone and wallet. When Paul wondered why Ricky had wanted Daisy dead, Daisy told Paul that she'd seen the video of Ricky killing Rachel. Paul felt vindicated that Daisy had confirmed what he'd believed was the truth about Ricky.

Sharon awoke in bed with Tucker and heard the business news on the radio, saying that the Newman stock had gone down again. Tucker told Sharon not to fret about the stock price because he was certain that Sharon was going to prove herself as CEO. Sharon wanted to make Victoria and Nick's lives difficult enough that they would walk out on their jobs.

As Tucker and Sharon dressed, he asked her about how she planned to attack Victoria and Nick. Sharon responded that as much as she wanted to get revenge on Nick and Victoria, Sharon had to put her personal feelings aside and think about Newman Enterprises first. Tucker was impressed with Sharon's professional attitude. Tucker felt that if Victor were there, he'd force Victoria and Nick to prove their loyalty.

In the office, Nick and Victoria were upset about the Newman stock going down again. They brainstormed about how they could boost the confidence of Newman Enterprises shareholders. Victoria wished that Victor would return and change the dynamic for the company, but neither Newman sibling expected that to happen anytime soon. Later, Victoria and Nick went to Crimson Lights for coffee, and hearing about Nick's living arrangements at the tack house, Victoria criticized Nick's taste in women. Victoria wondered why he'd married Phyllis again.

After meeting in the coffeehouse, Ronan and Phyllis took a table on the patio because he was determined to speak with her. Phyllis mentioned to Ronan that Nick had walked out on her. Phyllis wondered if karma was punishing her. Victoria and Nick noticed Ronan and Phyllis on the patio and approached them.

Phyllis explained that she had simply bumped into Ronan. Nick ignored her excuse. Instead, he thanked Ronan for helping Summer when she was caught with the open bottle of vodka. Ronan said Summer was a good kid. When Phyllis took responsibility for Summer's actions, Nick shook his head in disgust.

Nick walked out with Victoria. Later, Phyllis went home to the penthouse where she was alone. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Michael appeared. Michael informed Phyllis that her court date had been moved up. Phyllis freaked out because she had thought she had more time to get her case prepared.

Michael advised Phyllis to consider taking a plea, but Phyllis would not consider doing any time in prison. Phyllis claimed that she would not abandon her family. Michael pointed out that Phyllis' family had walked out on her. Michael suggested that Phyllis could spare her family more pain if she simply told the truth about everything. Michael believed that the people who loved her would understand.

Phyllis accused Michael of never really being her friend. Phyllis asserted that Heather had no case against her, just a credit card receipt for a rental car from 18 years earlier. Michael explained that guilty people usually were convicted, and Phyllis was guilty. Phyllis was determined to be home when her family returned.

Michael said that Phyllis' secret-keeping would be her undoing. Michael urged Phyllis to tell her attorney, Leslie, everything. Later, Phyllis had a meeting with Leslie and revealed that Ronan had lied about having an affair with Phyllis to provide her an alibi for the night of Tim's death. Leslie was stunned that Ronan would risk his career for Phyllis, but admitted that it would help Phyllis in court.

After Sharon left Tucker's, Sofia arrived and was very critical of Tucker's plan to buy up more shares of depressed Newman stock. Tucker was certain that the stock would go down again based on what he knew Sharon was going to do to incite Victoria and Nick's wrath. Tucker ordered Sofia to make another massive buy.

Back at Newman, Sharon blasted Victoria and Nick for dragging their private lives into the media and causing the stock to plunge. Nick reminded Sharon that while Victoria had been running the company, the stock price had gone up. Sharon announced that she wanted to have a press conference to present a united front. Sharon demanded that Victoria and Nick show her their full support in front of the cameras.

Victoria and Nick were down on the idea. Sharon reminded Victoria that every time she had ever run the company, she had either quit or been fired by Victor. Nick declared that he and Victoria would not quit. Sharon asserted that she wanted to expand Newman Enterprises. She asked Victoria and Nick to put their egos aside and think of "her" company. Victoria and Nick were disgusted with Sharon's high-handed tactics.

Sharon returned to Tucker's and announced that she had bested Nick and Victoria by demanding they back her up at a press conference. Tucker was thrilled for Sharon. At the office, Nick told Victoria he'd arranged for the press conference. Victoria hated the idea of doing what Sharon wanted, but they both felt that had to hold tight until Victor returned.

Heather found Christine at the Athletic Club and consulted with her about Phyllis' upcoming trial. Heather wished she had an eyewitness to the hit-and-run. Chris thought the fact that Tim had died before his deposition reflected badly on Phyllis. Heather informed Christine that Ronan had provided Phyllis was an alibi for the night of Tim's death.

Christine was shocked that Ronan had involved himself with Phyllis when he was leading the investigation into her actions. Later, Christine met with Ronan at the police station and blasted him for sleeping with Phyllis while working on her case. Ronan did not deny being with Phyllis the night of Tim's death. Christine threatened to inform the Justice Department about Ronan's indiscretion.

Michael found Christine angrily confronting Ronan about his relationship with Phyllis. Michael intervened, but Chris was incredulous that Michael had not removed Ronan from the case immediately. Ronan sneered that Christine was not running the Genoa City investigation. Michael was unable to defend Ronan for what he'd done. Ronan realized that he was off Phyllis' case.

At the bar in L.A., Billy asked Genevieve why she'd allowed Victor to leave. Before Genevieve could respond, Victor walked in. Genevieve warned Billy that they could not just tell Victor about his identity without consulting a doctor. Victor told a fellow dockworker that he had no interest in causing trouble anymore. Genevieve reminded Billy that they'd both be in trouble for having kept Victor's whereabouts a secret. Genevieve informed Billy that Victor planned to fight for the dockworkers on his own.

Billy spoke with Victor about his fighting for the dockworkers. Billy offered to help, saying that the press could expose the worker's plight and force the bosses to treat them better. Victor said he didn't need any help from Billy. Genevieve urged Victor to accept Billy's help, but Victor preferred working alone. Genevieve was discouraged, but Billy was determined to get Victor to trust him.

A short time later, Billy returned and gave Victor a cell phone to use on the docks. The phone could take pictures of the bad conditions. Billy also suggested that Victor use it to call Billy for backup. Genevieve encouraged Victor to take the phone.

Billy hoped that Victor would accept his help and be careful. One of the dockworkers went to Victor and said that he'd arranged for Victor to meet with a worker who'd been mistreated by the company. Victor agreed to meet the man and help him. The duplicitous dockworker left Victor and made a call. He said that Victor had taken the bait.

Friday, September 21, 2012

At Fairview, Paul implored Daisy to tell him everything that she could remember about the video of Ricky killing Rachel. Daisy revealed that she had only seen it once on Ricky's laptop, but it had been so horrible that she hadn't been able to get it out of her head. Daisy recounted that Rachel had been drinking red wine while taking a bubble bath in a clawfoot tub. Daisy described how Ricky had drugged the wine and had held Rachel's head under the water. Paul fought back tears as he asked if Daisy would be willing to testify about what she'd seen. Daisy promised to spill everything if he could get her out of the institution.

Christine and Michael argued over her removal of Ronan from Phyllis' case, and Michael stated that Christine might end up removing Michael, too. Christine scoffed at the idea that Phyllis and Michael were having an affair, but he clarified that the issue was regarding Paul's case. Michael began to tell Christine about the gun that Paul had used to shoot Ricky, but Lauren entered and admitted that it had been hers. Lauren explained that Paul had known that it had been a violation of her parole, and he had insisted that she give it to him. Christine said that they needed to use the information for Paul's defense, but Paul entered and announced that he had all the evidence he needed.

Paul relayed that Daisy was willing to testify that she'd seen proof that Ricky had killed Rachel. Lauren contended that Daisy had been institutionalized, but Paul explained that Daisy had admitted herself into Fairview to hide from Ricky, because Daisy had thought that Ricky had been trying to kill her. Christine found the development encouraging, but she worried about Daisy's track record. Paul disclosed that Daisy knew details, like the type of bathtub and the color of wine, so he believed that she had seen the video. Paul was confident that Daisy was sane enough to convince the judge that Ricky had been dangerous.

Christine marveled that Daisy's testimony might be enough to reduce or drop the charges against Paul. Michael obtained a court order to question Daisy, and Paul, Lauren, Michael, and Christine headed over to Fairview. Paul suggested that Lauren wait outside Daisy's room. Michael agreed that they shouldn't risk upsetting Daisy and impacting her testimony.

Michael opened the door to Daisy's room, and he found the bed stripped and the room empty. A nurse entered, and she said that the doctor had approved Daisy's release. Michael inquired about the policy that an immediate family member had to be present, and the nurse revealed that Daisy's mother had checked Daisy out. Lauren looked stricken.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nick struggled with finding something positive to say in their statement about Sharon without lying. Victoria conceded that Sharon had nice hair, and Nick pointed out Sharon's enthusiasm. Victoria grumbled that those compliments wouldn't keep the stock from dropping. Nick acknowledged that Sharon had won the latest round, and he knew that he and Victoria had to convince the world that they were on board. Nikki overheard her children constructing their statement, and she blasted them for siding with Sharon.

Nikki expressed disbelief regarding Sharon's latest move, and Victoria explained that she and Nick were only trying to keep the company from going under. Nikki apologized, but Nick understood that she was upset about Victor's disappearance. Nikki reported that she had stopped by to tell them that the search team had made no progress. Nikki began to leave to allow Victoria and Nick to prepare for the press conference, but Nick revealed that Sharon had demanded that all the Newmans be included in the event.

Nikki couldn't believe that Nick and Victoria expected her to voice support for Sharon, but Victoria contended that they needed to keep the business intact until Victor returned. Nick expected that the press would be skeptical, but Victoria responded that was why they had to stand together. Nick said they had to do whatever it took to save the company, and Nikki reluctantly agreed to attend the press conference.

At the Athletic Club, Abby commented to Jack that Victor had a knack for staying alive, and Jack wished that Victor would return home soon. Abby assumed that Jack's concern was for his stock portfolio, and she hoped that he didn't resent her for not lending him more money. Jack explained that he had borrowed against Beauty of Nature to increase his position in Newman Enterprises. She thought the move sounded risky, but he told her not to worry.

Jack crowed that by the time Victor got back, Jack would be raking in the cash. Abby was surprised that Jack sounded sure that Victor would return, but Jack groaned that they couldn't get rid of Victor if they tried. Abby received a text message and said that she had to leave. Jack urged her not to worry about him or Victor, and Abby remarked that Victor always did the opposite of what people expected.

Nikki cordially greeted Jack and started to pass by his table, but he invited her to join him. He thanked her for making their divorce easy, and he advised her that she should receive the final decree any day. He asked if she was okay, and she conceded that she was going through a bad time. Jack realized that it wasn't just because of the end of their marriage, and Nikki suddenly got up to leave, but he assured her that they could always talk to one another. She wished that she could be certain that Victor was going to return, because she had a terrible feeling that something was wrong.

Sharon and Tucker entered the Athletic Club foyer, and she declared that instead of having lunch, she wanted to celebrate with champagne. She boasted about putting Nick and Victoria in their place, and Tucker remarked that "payback was hell." Adam overheard and asked what Tucker meant. Sharon informed Adam about the press conference at which Victor's entire family, including Adam, would publicly announce their faith in her.

Adam wondered why any Newman would speak on Sharon's behalf, but Sharon said that Nick and Victoria had already agreed, and they would fill him in. Tucker left to take a call. Adam surmised that Sharon was taking advice from Tucker, but she professed that she was only taking action to stabilize the stock. Adam condemned Sharon for forcing Nick and Victoria to cater to her every whim, and she retorted that Adam, Nikki, and Abby would need to do the same to preserve Victor's legacy.

Adam remarked that protecting Victor wasn't a selling point for him, but Sharon reminded him that he was a board member and that Newman's future had a bearing on his own, so he had no choice. Adam asserted that he always had a choice, and he had made it, just like she'd made hers to put her own ego above the company. She began to argue, and he threatened to tell Nick and Victoria that Sharon was cheating on Victor while voting her husband's proxy.

Sharon insisted that Tucker had nothing to do with her controlling Victor's shares, but Adam imagined what her affair would look like in court, since her lover was on the board of directors. She wondered if Adam would really expose her after all they'd been through, and he wished that she'd reconsider her demands. He received a text message asking him to meet Nick and Victoria. Sharon warned Adam not to side against her, but he cautioned that she was her own worst enemy. Adam left, and Tucker returned and asked if Sharon wanted to get a table. She suggested that they go to his place to celebrate in private, and he realized that Adam had said something to upset her. She said that she would explain later.

Nick and Victoria thanked Adam and Abby for stopping by the office. Nick was determined to stop the stock price from dropping, and Victoria lamented that the only option was to make it look like the Newmans were behind Sharon. Abby was incredulous, and Victoria and Nick explained their arrangement with Sharon. Abby suggested that they report Sharon to the SEC, but Nick asserted that infighting was hurting the company. Adam pointed out that Sharon wasn't risking her portfolio for money or fame, but to get revenge on the rest of them for ostracizing her.

Abby said that it was her siblings' problem if they cared more about the company than their own reputations, but she refused to compromise her own credibility. Nick asked Adam whether he intended to stand with the family, and Adam cracked that only in a moment of crisis would they consider him a real Newman. Victoria reiterated that it was a crisis, but she felt that Adam understood what was at stake. Nick requested that Adam at least not antagonize the situation, and Adam agreed to consider their plea.

At the dive bar, Billy tried to call Victor, and he left a message asking that Victor call him back immediately. Billy wondered how to find Victor, and Genevieve pointed to Sister Celeste, who said that she'd seen Victor at the docks. Genevieve fretted to Sister Celeste that Victor was still injured, and she was worried that management would retaliate against him. Meanwhile, Moran called someone and requested information about when Victor would take his last breath, so Moran could find an alibi during that time.

Moran instructed Victor to meet a disgruntled worker behind a warehouse. Tucker called Genevieve, who blasted him for avoiding her, but Tucker said that he was about to blow the door wide open on Victor, and he wanted her to do one more thing to earn her cut. He asked if she had Victor in sight and a camera on her cell phone.

Sister Celeste asked Victor what he was up to, but he remained tight-lipped. She assumed that he was still fighting despite what he had said, and he revealed that he was taking precautions to make sure that no one else got hurt. She urged him to think about himself, too, because the world needed more men like him. They hugged, and he told her to take care of herself. Genevieve approached and ordered Victor not to leave until Billy returned, but Victor didn't want to wait. She swore that she would follow him, and he warned against it, though he agreed to stay.

Sharon and Tucker returned to his suite, and she worried that Adam would tell Victoria and Nick about their affair, but Tucker pointed out that it was Adam's word against theirs. She questioned whether she should follow through with her plans or pursue the normal life that she had wanted when she had been released from prison. Tucker reminded Sharon that she had been humiliated but that she deserved good things and needed to take them. He implored her not to question herself after she'd been mistreated. She contemplated whether something bad had happened to Victor, and Tucker pretended to be hesitant to show her something on his cell phone. He presented her with a photo of Victor and Sister Celeste in an embrace.

Tucker claimed that the photo was of Victor and a woman who Victor had hooked up with at a Las Vegas bar. Tucker added that he hadn't wanted to upset Sharon, and he had only hired the investigator in case Sharon had needed to reach Victor. Sharon coldly stated that Victor had clearly moved on. Tucker expressed sympathy, but he felt that the photo proved that Sharon had been right all along, and he hadn't wanted her to surrender to Victor's kids without having the facts. She huffed that they hadn't seen anything yet.

Tucker encouraged Sharon to stay strong and follow through, and she confidently promised that she would. He held her face in his hands and declared that unlike Victor, he could never walk away from such a beautiful, intelligent woman. They kissed passionately and then had sex. Sharon thanked Tucker for supporting her through everything, and she commented that he was good for her. She snuggled up next to him, and a guilty look crossed his face.

Genevieve looked at the photo of Victor and Sister Celeste on her phone. Billy entered, and she reported that Victor was in the men's room. Billy checked it and discovered that Victor had sneaked out. Sister Celeste suddenly said that she had to go, and she hurried out. Genevieve expressed concern, and Billy received a call from Jack, who asked for a favor.

Jack hoped that Billy would reconsider Nikki's request that Billy help find Victor. Billy asked him to put Nikki on the line, and Jack complied. Billy requested that she not ask any questions, and he offered to send her a phone number where she might reach Victor. She gasped that Victor was alive, and Billy clarified that while Victor hadn't responded to his calls, Victor might answer if he saw Nikki was on the line.

Nikki told Jack that Billy had simply given her some encouragement, and she appreciated Jack's support, but she wanted to go home. Once out of earshot, she called Victor, who saw her name appear on his phone. He answered wordlessly, and she called his name. Nikki breathlessly stated that she had been worried, and she begged Victor to say something. He murmured her name.

Moran called someone to report that Victor was on the way. Genevieve overheard and rushed over to inform Billy. Billy pulled Moran into a stranglehold and demanded to know where Victor was. Moran insisted that he didn't know anything, but Billy threatened to break his neck. Moran spat that Victor had messed with the wrong people.

Moran finally provided the warehouse location, but he snarled that it was too late. Billy ran out of the bar as an explosion went off close by. Nikki frantically cried Victor's name.

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