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Monday, July 16, 2012

At the rehabilitation facility, Sarge was amazed when he witnessed Jack's breakthrough improvement. With his arms firmly braced against the support railings, Jack maneuvered his leg forward in a walking motion. Jack noted that his leg had regained some sensation. Sarge was impressed and urged Jack to phone his doctor. Overwhelmed by his improvement, Jack sobbed and told Sarge that he was grateful because Sarge had inspired him to work hard.

After Jack phoned his doctor, he reported that he'd been scheduled for a test, which Jack claimed would prove that swelling in his spinal column had decreased. Jack proudly announced that he would stand next to Nikki at their wedding. Sarge asked why Jack was so intent on being able to stand at his wedding. Jack explained that he'd once given up on himself, but Nikki had stuck with him and offered encouragement during his long road to recovery. Jack reiterated that he'd stand at his wedding even if it killed him. Sarge told Jack that there was nothing more satisfying than witnessing a friend's miraculous recovery.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon sat alone gazing at the stone-encrusted necklace she'd just shoplifted from a jewelry store. In a flashback, Sharon recalled having overheard Nikki telling Victor that Sharon didn't know how to handle "the beast." Sharon later phoned a security guard at the Newman ranch and learned that Nikki hadn't yet left the premises.

At the Newman ranch, Victor convinced Nikki to stay. After Nikki seated herself on the sofa, Victor demanded to know if Nikki was in love with Jack Abbott. Exasperated by Victor's probing, Nikki readily admitted that she did love Jack. Victor yelled, "Get out!" Nikki cried that every time Victor asked her to be honest, he used her words against her. Vehemently, Victor ordered Nikki out of his house. Nikki yelled, "Oh, stop with this nonsense! You done with your games? Because I'm finished playing!" Just before Nikki slammed the door, she told Victor not to worry about her ever returning.

Nikki arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jack phoned and announced that he'd meet her for lunch. Sharon approached Nikki and pointed out that she should be doting on Jack instead of spending time away from her fiancÚ. Nikki, her conversation laced with double entendres, explained that she'd been to the ranch and was concerned that Sharon's horse was not being cared for properly. Sharon tersely replied, "Not your concern." Nikki told Sharon that for once they agreed. Nikki added that she intended to leave him entirely in Sharon's care. Nikki encouraged Sharon to return to the ranch to enjoy a good ride.

Jack later joined Nikki, and the couple seated themselves at a table for lunch. Nikki told Jack that she'd had an unfortunate run-in with Victor. Jack clasped Nikki's hand and told her not to worry about what had happened at the ranch. As they enjoyed their meal, Jack and Nikki reminisced about the first time they had been married to each other. Jack recalled that Nikki had stood her ground when a woman with an obtrusive hat blocked Nikki's view of the stage during a play.

Jack thanked Nikki for steadfastly encouraging him to fight his way back to recovery. Jack added, "I'm in a good place, 'Nik,' and I owe you for that. You're largely responsible." Jack promised to support Nikki just as she'd supported him. Nikki told Jack that she was ready to plan every detail of their wedding because there was no reason to wait. The couple kissed.

Sharon arrived at the ranch and took a seat beside Victor on the sofa. Victor noticed Sharon's sparkly necklace and asked if it was new. Sharon fingered the necklace nervously and replied, "Yeah. It's new." Sharon displayed a business contract on her electronic tablet, and Victor perused the document before indicating his choice of the best option. Victor invited Sharon to have dinner with him at the ranch. While Sharon waited for the chef to prepare dinner, Victor received a business call that tied him up for a while. Sharon impatiently fingered the necklace before ascending the stairs.

Kneeling near Ricky's grave at the cemetery, Paul quickly rose and called out after he sensed someone's presence. Paul didn't see anyone, so he turned and fixed his gaze on the mound of soil covering the burial site. Paul knelt near the mound, placed his hand on the soil, and cried, "Ricky, goodbye, son. I love you." Paul stood up and saw Ronan standing before him. Ronan arrested Paul.

At the police station, Christine and Nina told Heather that the district attorney had ordered Ronan to arrest Paul. Later, Ronan and Michael returned with Paul. Heather, angry, cried, "Why are you arresting Paul?" Nina greeted Paul, and he assured her that he was fine. Paul thanked Michael for stalling the arrest until after Ricky's funeral. Christine and Heather winced when Michael announced that Paul would be charged with first-degree murder at his arraignment.

Nina, Heather, and Christine defended Paul and complained to Michael that the charge was completely out of line. Nina cried that Paul had acted to protect Eden. Heather pleaded with Michael to reconsider. Nina, the tone and volume of her voice projecting her intense anger, pointed her finger at Michael and cried, "This is wrong, and you know it!" Paul comforted Nina. Ronan warned that he wouldn't allow anyone to cause a scene in the squad room, and he ordered Nina to leave. Michael suggested that Heather leave because she wasn't handling Paul's case.

After Nina and Heather left, Michael instructed Christine to meet him in court for the arraignment. After Ronan escorted Paul out, Christine told Michael that Eden would be dead had Paul not intervened. Michael replied, "There is nothing that corroborates Paul's story that Ricky had threatened Eden with a knife." Michael explained that he could no longer delay Paul's indictment because a man had been shot and killed.

Heather and Nina stopped by Crimson Lights for coffee. Nina apologized for her behavior at the police station. Heather explained that Paul was fortunate to be in Christine's hands because no one would fight harder for him. Nina said that surely Paul would soon be released on bail. Eden arrived at the coffeehouse and asked Nina and Heather about Paul. Nina explained that Paul had been arrested. Eden said that she believed Paul had shot Ricky in order to protect her. Eden added that Michael surely believed Paul and would release him, if he could.

Heather said that she hoped Eden would soon regain her memory. Eden cried that if she didn't, Paul might spend the rest of his life in prison for protecting her. Eden explained that she'd visited the area outside Ricky's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club numerous times, hoping to jog her memory. Nina cried that Eden could save Paul if she could recover her memory. Heather shook her head at Nina, and Nina apologized for putting pressure on Eden. After Nina walked away, Heather advised Eden to relax because she'd been putting too much pressure on herself to remember what had happened.

After Paul's arraignment, Christine said she was sorry that her client wasn't released on bail. Paul noted that he wasn't surprised. After Ronan escorted Paul to an interrogation room, Christine told Michael that Paul wouldn't attempt to flee and could be in danger because he was a private investigator with ties to the Genoa City Police Department. Michael assured Christine that Paul would be placed in protective custody.

Christine visited Paul and told him that Michael had arranged for him to be placed in protective custody. Paul said he didn't blame the judge for not setting bail. Paul cried that he'd accepted his fate, and he encouraged Christine to accept it, too. Christine replied, "I can't." Paul sadly noted that he was beginning to believe he was where he belonged. Christine promised to do everything in her power to clear Paul's name. Paul noted that whatever she did wouldn't change the fact that he'd pulled the trigger.

Christine reminded Paul that he'd been forced to protect Eden because Ricky had been about to stab her. Christine maintained that Paul hadn't set out to murder Ricky, who'd fallen backward and crashed through a window after Paul fired a shot that had hit Ricky's shoulder. Paul recalled that the situation reminded him of one involving Isabella. He cried that there could have been another way to handle Ricky.

Christine gently reminded Paul that he was confused because he was grieving. Paul cried that he'd taken the life of his son. Christine tried to comfort Paul, but he noted that she didn't know how he felt because she didn't have children.

Christine insisted that Paul hadn't picked up a gun with the intention of killing the child he loved. Paul replied, "It doesn't matter. He's gone. I really don't care anymore, and I will accept whatever punishment I'm given." Christine reminded Paul that his life revolved around doing the right thing. She maintained that Paul wasn't a murderer, and she pleaded with him not to give up on himself.

Ronan and Michael met in another interrogation room to discuss Paul's case. Ronan explained that the police hadn't found a knife after a careful search of Ricky's room and the street below the bathroom window. Ronan asked if he should conduct a search of homeless persons and petty criminals to determine if one might have picked up the knife off the street. Michael agreed that it would be the usual approach.

Ronan noted that Michael's usual job would be to strengthen the case against Paul. Ronan asked Michael if he wished to disprove the case against Paul. Michael acknowledged that he hoped to prove that Paul hadn't committed premeditated murder. Ronan admitted that he felt the same way. Michael replied, "Then let's do it. I'll work the legal end." Ronan added, "I'll work the cop end. Together, we'll get the truth."

At Phyllis' penthouse, Michael cautioned Phyllis to carefully mind her conversation after he noted that Christine had managed to find a way to prosecute Phyllis. Michael urged Phyllis to get her affairs in order, and he warned her not to flee. In a sarcastic tone, Phyllis thanked Michael for giving her a heads-up.

After Michael left, Phyllis was in a state of panic. Nick arrived and said that both Michael and Avery believed that Phyllis was behind the hit-and-run attack against Paul and Christine. Nick asked Phyllis if the accusation was true. Phyllis didn't speak, but tears welled in her eyes, and she seemed wracked by emotional turmoil. Nick said, "It's true. You did it." Phyllis told Nick that she'd made a mistake. Nick replied, "A mistake is buying the wrong kind of toothpaste. Two people almost lost their lives because of you!"

Sobbing softly, Phyllis insisted that she regretted what she'd done. Nick angrily challenged Phyllis and demanded to know how she could have driven away and left Paul and Christine for dead. Phyllis cried that she hadn't been thinking straight at the time. Phyllis explained that Nick didn't know how difficult it had been to keep it a secret. Nick noted that Phyllis hadn't trusted him enough to admit what she'd done until her back was against the wall. Phyllis explained that she'd been terrified and had never known how to approach the matter.

Phyllis admitted to Nick that she'd been extremely jealous of Christine. Nick thought for a moment and replied, "I guess I should have been afraid for Sharon, given how much you hate her." Phyllis assured Nick that he didn't have to be afraid for Sharon. Phyllis explained that she'd been a different person when she first arrived in town so many years before. Phyllis cried, "You know me. You know the real me." Nick replied, "I don't know that I do. I don't know that I ever did."

Phyllis seemed crushed by Nick's extreme reaction. She cried, "I knew that if I told you, you wouldn't love me anymore." Nick glared at Phyllis and admitted that he didn't know quite how he felt about her. Phyllis replied, "You can't leave. We're married."

Tears welled in Phyllis' eyes. Nick announced that he would pack his bags and move back to his place. After Nick went upstairs to pack, Phyllis stood alone in her living room and struggled to maintain control of her emotions.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At the coffeehouse, Chloe finished a phone call to set up a meeting. Chloe spoke with Kevin about the plans for their new website. Kevin was unsure about financial backing. Chloe informed Kevin that she'd asked Adam to invest in their new venture. Chloe explained that she had made an appointment to meet with Adam immediately.

Kevin was incensed that Chloe would consider having them work with Adam. Kevin reminded Chloe that he didn't want Adam involved in any way with the venture because of Adam's shady past. Chloe agreed that Adam was repulsive, but she pointed out that Adam had money, brains, and business experience. Chloe asked Kevin to at least agree to take a meeting with him, then they'd decide together whether to let Adam become their backer.

At the Athletic Club dining room, Adam told Chelsea that he had set up a meeting with Kevin and Chloe to discuss investing in their new website venture. Chelsea didn't want to be part of the dinner because Kevin and Chloe had sided with Victoria and Billy against her. Adam said he wasn't enamored with Kevin and Chloe, either, but he wanted to invest in their website because it was a great idea. Chelsea was shocked to learn that Adam had liquidated all his assets so he could go all in on Chloe and Kevin's startup. Adam was willing to gamble everything because Kevin and Chloe's idea was bigger than they even knew. Adam was also satisfied that as long as he had Chelsea as his wife, money wasn't that important to him.

Sharon was leaving the ranch to go for a walk. Victor offered to go with her, but Sharon wanted to be alone. Victor understood. After she left, Victor called Abby and asked her to meet him at the ranch. Abby tried to get out of it, but Victor insisted. Abby relented, but then when she saw Carmine, she asked him to accompany her to the ranch to meet her father. Carmine was skeptical about meeting Victor.

When Carmine and Abby arrived at the ranch, Abby's surprise guest did not please Victor. Victor called Carmine a punk. Abby asked Victor to give Carmine a chance, but Victor bellowed for Carmine to get out of the house. Victor ordered Abby to sit down and then said he was insulted that Abby had taken garbage like Carmine to his home. Victor was intent on punishing Abby for the fake kidnapping. Abby promised that it would never happen again.

At the penthouse, Nick walked downstairs from the bedroom with his suitcases. Phyllis was concerned that Nick was leaving for good. Phyllis reminded him that Summer would be home from camp soon, and she wondered what they would tell their daughter. Nick said that he'd speak with Summer about the situation. Nick told Phyllis that her criminal activity would be in the newspapers.

Phyllis clung to Nick and begged him to stay. Nick pushed her away. Phyllis didn't want to be alone and apologized for being so difficult to love. Phyllis said that Nick had been an amazing spouse and good for her. Phyllis was sure they could survive the ordeal and asked Nick not to leave. Nick was unmoved and walked out of the penthouse.

Later, Avery arrived at the apartment to tell Phyllis that Christine had found a way around the statute of limitations. Avery explained that Christine would press charges. Phyllis expected Avery to desert her, but Avery refused to leave because she was intent on building a defense for Phyllis. Avery asked Phyllis to speak rationally about the charges. Phyllis murmured that Nick had walked out on her.

Phyllis felt that her best friend, her son and her sister all believed that she was guilty of attempted murder. Phyllis believed that everyone would walk out on her. Avery said the she was not abandoning her sister. Phyllis assumed the worst. Avery admitted that she'd misjudged Phyllis in the past, but wouldn't do that anymore. Phyllis wasn't convinced and recalled that Avery accused Phyllis of being like their father.

Avery said that Phyllis had told the truth about George. Avery asked Phyllis to stop trying to push her away and accept her help. Avery believed that she could beat Christine in court. Phyllis felt defeated, but Avery pointed out that together, she and Phyllis could beat anyone. Later, at the police station, Avery warned Michael's staff that she would rip the D.A.'s case to shreds.

Nick went to the tack house and dropped his suitcases. Suddenly, Sharon appeared and was surprised to find Nick. Sharon said that she'd noticed the lights while she was out for a walk. Sharon offered to listen if Nick needed to talk about Phyllis. Sharon touched Nick's hand sympathetically. Sharon reminded Nick that he and Phyllis had survived troubles before. Nick wondered why Sharon had been walking alone.

Victor walked in just as Nick asked Sharon if she wanted a beer. Sharon explained that she'd seen the lights on while she was out walking. Sharon left to give Nick a chance to speak with his father. Victor asked Nick what had happened with Phyllis. Nick said that Phyllis' past had returned to haunt her, then revealed her crime to Victor.

Nick was especially upset because Phyllis had kept the truth from him. Victor thought Nick should take the Newman jet to the Caribbean and get an immediate divorce. Later, alone in the house, Nick received a call from Phyllis but ignored it.

Back at the Athletic Club, Abby found Carmine getting ready to shoot baskets at the basketball court. Carmine was angry that Abby had dragged him to the Newman ranch. Carmine believed that Abby had taken him there just to take the heat from Victor. Carmine admitted that Abby was sexy, but declared that she was not worth the trouble. Abby was shocked that Carmine was angry with her.

Carmine accused Abby of lacking passion. Abby threw herself into Carmine's arms and ripped off his shirt. The two went behind the bushes and began making love. Later, Abby and Carmine were happy about what they'd done. Abby said they needed to get off the court before the Athletic Club staff discovered them. When Carmine challenged her for being timid, Abby kissed him again, and they made love once more.

In the dining room at the Athletic Club, Adam met with Kevin and Chloe. Before Kevin could object to Adam as a backer, Adam handed Kevin and Chloe a check for a massive amount of money. Kevin was speechless. Adam declared that he wanted to be a major investor and that he offered more than just money. Adam had experience and knew more than they did. Adam presented them with a contract and demanded they sign it immediately to get Adam's complete commitment and money.

Kevin and Chloe saw the Adam was asking for a 50% stake in their startup. Adam offered to get the site up and running quickly. Kevin worried that Adam might steal the idea if they refused to make a deal with him. Adam mentioned that Kevin and Chloe had not protected their idea with a non-disclosure agreement. Adam said if they worked with him, he'd be responsible for details like that. Chloe wanted a chance to think it over and asked Adam to give them some time to discuss the matter.

After Kevin and Chloe walked out, Chelsea said that she'd been impressed by how smooth Adam was in the meeting. Feeling good and positive, Adam asked Chelsea to nix the idea of a big wedding and just elope with him. Chelsea asked if Adam had any details in mind. Adam wanted Chelsea to go with him to Kansas for a small-town wedding in the town where people loved his mother. Chelsea thought it sounded very Normal Rockwell. Adam recalled that the last time he'd been in Kansas, Adam had transformed his life. Chelsea agreed to the Kansas wedding.

Adam announced to the dining room that he was celebrating and offered everyone a glass of champagne. Adam added that he was getting married the next day. Sharon entered the foyer and heard Adam's news. Sharon went to Adam's table and congratulated him and Chelsea. Sharon assumed Chelsea and Adam had a reason to rush into a wedding, but Adam said they were just anxious to be together. Sharon walked away.

Back at the coffeehouse, Kevin told Chloe that he did not want to accept Adam's investment. Kevin resented that Adam wanted 50% when they were going to do all the hard work. Chloe pointed out that they needed something bigger than Crimson Lights for their future. Chloe wanted Kevin to be a legitimate success, not a guy who cooked the books for other people. Chloe pointed out that they should take the chance for Delia's sake. Later, Kevin and Chloe returned to the Athletic Club and accepted Adam's terms. Adam ordered champagne, and they toasted their partnership.

Sharon returned to the ranch and explained to Victor that she'd gone into town for a drink, but had then changed her mind. Victor offered her a drink and poured a glass of wine for each of them. As they sipped the wine, Victor asked Sharon to move in with him.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the Athletic Club, Chelsea and Adam were packing for their wedding trip to Kansas. Chelsea excitedly noticed that she and Adam had matching luggage because it signified that they were a couple. Adam wished that they had a house to return to in Genoa City after their trip. Chelsea said she didn't need a house; she was happy in hotel rooms with Adam. Chelsea was unsure what to wear for the wedding because she didn't have anything appropriate. Chelsea confessed that as a little girl, she'd always wanted a traditional wedding. Adam mentioned that he needed to do an errand before they flew to Kansas. Adam left Chelsea to finish packing and said he'd meet her in the lobby later.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon was shocked that Victor asked her to move in with him. Victor felt that they'd already taken things very slowly. Victor said it was time for Sharon to do what was best for her and not care what others thought. Victor explained to Sharon that she was the lady of the house, if she chose to be. Sharon wasn't prepared to say yes and asked for some time to think about how her children would be affected by the move. Victor suspected something was on Sharon's mind.

At the coffeehouse, Christine assured Heather that Phyllis' prosecution while defending Paul would not distract her. Christine wanted to know if Heather was familiar with Judge Rice because he was issuing the warrant for Phyllis' arrest. Heather believed she had a conflict of interest then revealed that Michael had pulled her off the case against Phyllis. Christine informed Heather that Michael did not have the power to remove her from the case, but that Christine had the power to overrule Michael. Christine left for the police station.

Heather noticed that Daniel and Lucy were on the patio. When Heather spoke with him, Daniel assumed that Christine would be trying to prosecute Phyllis. Daniel admitted that he'd known about what his mother had done to Christine and Paul. Heather informed Daniel that Christine was getting an arrest warrant against Phyllis on the charge of attempted murder. Heather wasn't happy that Christine was so intent on the case against Phyllis when she wanted Christine focused on Paul's defense. Daniel hoped that the charges against Paul would be dropped.

At the Athletic Club bar, Avery confronted Nick to ask him how he could walk out on Phyllis. Avery accused Nick of breaking his wedding vows. Nick said that Avery didn't know Phyllis very well, and Nick resented that Phyllis had lied to him when he'd given her every chance to tell him the truth. Avery said that Phyllis was right not to trust Nick based on his reaction. Avery hoped that Nick would reconsider his decision and return home to Phyllis.

Later, Summer returned from camp and met with Nick. Summer sensed that something was up with Phyllis and Nick. Summer worried that Phyllis was sick, but Nick revealed that Phyllis was in legal trouble that might involve jail. Summer was disgusted with her family, noting that too many of them had been in jail of late. Nick suggested to Summer that she go out of town while Phyllis was dealing with her issues.

At the penthouse, Phyllis was frustrated when she realized that Nick was ignoring her phone calls. Phyllis decided that she wanted to be with Nick when he told Summer about what was going on, but as Phyllis went to the door, Ronan appeared. Ronan put his badge and gun aside, proving to Phyllis that he was not there as a cop. Ronan assured Phyllis that he wanted to help her. Ronan informed her that Christine didn't know that he was there.

Phyllis wondered what Ronan wanted, and he said that he cared about Phyllis. Ronan received a call and learned that the warrant for Phyllis was being processed. Ronan warned Phyllis that there wasn't much time before her arrest. Phyllis wanted to see Summer before she was taken in. Phyllis started to cry, and Ronan embraced her. When Phyllis left the penthouse, Ronan followed her.

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis saw Daniel was with Lucy and Heather. Phyllis reached for Lucy and held the baby. Heather said goodbye, and Phyllis wondered if Heather had been speaking with Daniel about her. After receiving a call, Phyllis told Daniel that Summer was on her way there and Phyllis had to tell her what was happening. Daniel warned Phyllis that she couldn't avoid being arrested.

Phyllis recalled that Daniel had believed in her so much when he was a child. Phyllis wished Daniel still had faith in her and apologized for having let her son down. Daniel had a hard time understanding how Phyllis could have been homicidal. Daniel urged Phyllis not to give up.

Adam met with Gloria to discuss buying a house in Genoa City. Gloria was pushing the lakeside mansion where Genevieve had lived, pointing out all the advantages, including an airstrip. Adam told Gloria that he wanted to buy the house, but the deal had to be closed quickly. Gloria was sure she could wrap it up for him, and then suggested that Adam marry Chelsea in the gardens of his soon-to-be new home. Adam explained that he and Chelsea were eloping later in the day. Adam gave Gloria a number in Kansas where she could reach him to confirm the sale had gone through.

Sharon tried in vain to call Adam's room from the Athletic Club lobby. Chelsea walked downstairs and bumped into Sharon. Chelsea mentioned that she and Adam were eloping, going to a place that was close to Adam's heart. Sharon accused Chelsea of taking advantage of Adam's need to be a hero.

Sharon felt that Adam enjoyed rescuing Chelsea again and again, but that wasn't the basis for a real marriage. Chelsea declared that Adam had come to his senses by choosing her over Sharon. Adam entered the lobby and found Sharon and Chelsea deep in their scuffle. Sharon wished Adam good luck then walked away. Adam told Chelsea to ignore anything Sharon said.

Sharon was at the Athletic Club bar, drinking alone. Gloria joined Sharon and sympathized with her about Chelsea marrying Adam. Sharon pretended that she had a gift for the happy couple, but couldn't recall where they were going for the wedding. Gloria said she knew where and then gave Sharon the number for the bed-and-breakfast in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Christine asked Heather to go to Judge Rice's office to pick up Phyllis' arrest warrant. Ronan disapproved of Christine's prosecution of Phyllis, believing that she had a vendetta against Phyllis. Christine reminded Ronan that she had been the victim of a crime. Ronan said that Phyllis was not the same woman who'd been driving that car 18 years before.

Christine asked Ronan why Phyllis shouldn't have to answer for her criminal actions. Ronan felt Christine had gone out of her way to get Phyllis charged and declared that Christine had lost her perspective. Christine reminded Ronan that he was biased for Phyllis because he had been her lover. Ronan asked Christine to listen to Phyllis' explanation for why she'd done what she had.

Christine was not prepared to accept a justification from Phyllis and informed Ronan that she had suffered because of Phyllis' action. Heather returned to the station and handed Christine the arrest warrant. Christine asked Ronan to escort her to serve the warrant. Heather said Phyllis was at the coffeehouse, not the penthouse, and they all left together.

At the coffeehouse, Summer asked Phyllis to tell her what was happening. Heather, Ronan, and Christine arrived with a uniformed cop. Phyllis asked if they could do the arrest outside because she didn't want Summer, Daniel, Lucy, and Nick to see her being cuffed. Christine insisted that the arrest be by the book. Ronan defied Christine's orders by taking Phyllis out of the coffeehouse and away from her family.

Avery met with Victor to update him on certain business deals. Victor asked Avery to create a trust for his grandson, John Abbott, Victoria's son. The trust had to include a clause that kept Billy Abbott from being involved in the trust finances. Victor wondered if Avery would be defending Phyllis in court. Avery said she would, assuring Victor she could handle his business as well.

In Kansas, Chelsea was surprised when Adam had gifts waiting for her in the room -- "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." Chelsea was charmed by all the special touches, even the choices of new wedding gowns Adam had delivered for her to select. Adam told Chelsea that he'd anticipated that she'd want a traditional wedding. Chelsea told Adam that she loved him.

At the ranch, Sharon returned, and Victor asked her for an answer to his question. Sharon said that she wanted to see Noah first and discuss the matter with him. Victor felt that Noah wanted Sharon to be happy. Victor suggested that Sharon do whatever was necessary to be happy and offered her the Newman jet to fly to New York so she could speak with Noah in person. Sharon wanted to pay her own way. While Victor took another call, Sharon booked a flight to Leavenworth, Kansas.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Daniel tried to arrange for a babysitter to watch Lucy so he could go to the police station for Phyllis. Summer was freaking out about Phyllis having been arrested and wanted to know why their mother had been arrested for attempted murder. Summer asked whom Phyllis had tried to kill. Daniel explained that Phyllis had hit Paul and Christine with a car a very long time before. Victoria was stunned and offered to watch Lucy for Daniel.

At the magazine, Billy was showing Maryann, one of the producers for the Restless Style reality television show, the offices. Billy wished that Phyllis were there because he wanted to introduce Maryann to the editor in chief. Billy couldn't imagine why Phyllis wasn't responding to his phone calls.

Phyllis was escorted into the police station with Nick and Avery close behind. Michael was surprised that Christine and Ronan had personally arrested Phyllis. Avery wanted Michael to get on with the intake so that Phyllis could get through the system. Phyllis resented that she'd been apprehended in front of her children at the coffeehouse. Michael was shocked that her arrest had been done so publicly. Christine assured Heather that Paul would be happy to hear about Phyllis' arrest. Since Avery had the situation in hand, Nick left Phyllis at the station so he could attend to their children.

Heather met with Paul in an interrogation room. Paul was wearing the orange jumpsuit of a prisoner. Heather told him that Phyllis had been arrested for attempted murder. In the hallway outside of another interrogation room, Christine dressed down Ronan for having defied her orders to arrest Phyllis by the book. Christine warned Ronan not to let his personal feelings interfere with the case, and Ronan suggested that Christine take that advice herself.

Ronan and Christine walked into the room just as Avery was arguing with Michael about the merits of his case against Phyllis. Avery told Michael that the case against Phyllis was shaky at best. Michael countered that he had a lot of evidence against Phyllis, and his case was solid. Speaking as the D.A., Michael suggested to Phyllis that she do whatever was necessary to save herself.

Avery asked Michael if he was willing to offer Phyllis a plea bargain. Michael said he would have to consult with his colleagues, but he did not believe that Christine would be ready to be lenient with Phyllis. From her perspective, Phyllis thought Christine wanted revenge. Christine and Ronan entered the room, and Phyllis was taken out. Avery wanted to discuss a plea bargain. Christine said she would only approve of a deal if it included prison time for Phyllis.

Since Sharon had flown to New York to speak with Noah in person, Victor was alone at the ranch. Victor called the Athletic Club, trying to reach Adam. Victor learned that Adam was out of town. A moment later, Victor received a call from Nick that Phyllis had been arrested at Crimson Lights and he was taking care of Summer. Nick needed Victor to check in on Faith because Sharon wasn't responding to his messages.

Victor assured Nick that he'd attend to Faith. Nick instructed Summer to remain at the coffeehouse while Phyllis was going through intake. Summer wanted to see Phyllis, but Nick said no. Nick told Victoria about why Phyllis had been arrested. Victoria assured Nick that she was there for him.

Later, Billy escorted Maryann to the coffeehouse. Billy was happy to see that Victoria was there with Johnny and Lucy. Billy introduced Maryann to his wife. While Maryann went to the counter to order a coffee, Billy asked Victoria what was happening and how she'd wound up babysitting Lucy. Victoria explained that Phyllis had been arrested for attempted murder and Daniel had gone to the police station for his mother. Victoria had volunteered to watch Lucy. Billy was stunned that to learn from Victoria that Paul and Christine had been the victims of Phyllis' hit and run.

Victoria told Billy that Phyllis had succeeded in keeping the crime secret for nearly 20 years. Billy realized the TV show would be affected by Phyllis' scandal. When Maryann returned with her coffee, Billy was honest with her about Phyllis' arrest. Maryann said she needed to speak with the other producers and arranged to meet Billy back at the office later.

Daniel went to the station, and Avery told him that Phyllis was in bad shape. Christine met with Paul, and he was shocked that after the hit-and-run, neither of them had ever suspected Phyllis was the driver. Paul realized that life would have been very different if they'd never been struck that night. Paul was perturbed that so many years had passed, that he'd made up with Phyllis and tried to be a friend to her, and in all that time, she'd looked him in the face and lied to him. Paul wondered how Phyllis could have been that cold and heartless. Paul couldn't fathom that she'd kept the secret so long.

Michael told Ronan that he was down about what was happening. Michael had never envisioned that he'd be D.A. and have to prosecute two of his closest friends. Ronan believed that Phyllis could never do that kind of crime again because she had become a different woman. Michael said that no matter how they tried to talk it away, Phyllis was guilty of having hit Paul and Christine with a car and lying about it.

Daniel met with Phyllis and told her that the kids were all right. Avery said that she was hopeful that Phyllis would be granted bail. Avery also explained that the only deal Michael and Christine were offering involved Phyllis doing five years in prison. Daniel advised Phyllis to consider the deal. Avery warned Phyllis that a jury might be harder on Phyllis, and she could end up in prison for an even longer sentence.

Sharon was on a plane to Leavenworth, Kansas. Back at the ranch, Victor greeted Summer and Nick. Summer was very upset and wanted to forget about what was happening to her mother by watching a movie. When Summer left the living room, Nick told his father that he needed to speak with Noah and Sharon. Victor offered to make the call for Nick.

When Victor reached Noah on the phone, he explained that Phyllis had been arrested. Victor asked to speak with Sharon and was surprised to learn that Sharon was not with Noah. In Leavenworth, Sharon went to Hope's farm and used the key -- from under the planter on the porch -- to let herself into the house.

At the bed and breakfast in Leavenworth, Adam admired Chelsea in the sexy new robe he'd bought for their elopement. Chelsea said that she'd looked at the wedding gowns Adam had ordered for her, and she had chosen the one she'd wear for the ceremony. Adam wanted to stick to tradition by not seeing the gown before the wedding.

Chelsea stripped off her robe so Adam could see some of her wedding trousseau. After making love, Chelsea mentioned to Adam that she needed to have her wedding gown altered. Adam told her the lady to see. Adam said that while Chelsea took care of the dress, he was going to visit the farm for some alone time.

Knowing that she was not in New York, Victor called Sharon and asked her about her visit with Noah in New York. Sharon lied about everything. Victor asked her to say hello to Noah. Victor ended the call and realized that Sharon had been lying to him. Victor poured a drink for himself, then phoned Adam.

Victor said that he'd heard that Adam was out of town. Adam explained that he was with Chelsea in Kansas. Victor told Adam that he could stay at the farm even though Victor owned the place. Adam said he and Chelsea were eloping.

After hanging up with Adam, Victor called someone to find out where Sharon had gone and if she'd used her credit card. Victor later got a call back and learned that Sharon had flown to Leavenworth, Kansas. Nick returned to the house and told his father how disappointed he was in Phyllis for lying to him. Victor commented that he was amazed at the way people could lie. Victor advised Nick to never let a woman make a fool of him.

At the magazine offices, Billy and Victoria researched Christine and Paul's unsolved hit-and-run accident. Victoria said that every publication would be on the story once the news broke about Phyllis' arrest. Billy wasn't sure how Restless Style should handle the situation. Maryann appeared and told Billy that her production team had problems going forward with the TV show because of Phyllis' scandal. Maryann declared that the show was on hold. Billy announced that he would be removing Phyllis from the masthead, and he planned to run her story on the cover of the next issue.

Christine informed Avery that unless Phyllis served a prison term, Christine would oppose a deal. Phyllis was taken away to a cell. When Avery raised the subject of bail, Christine told Michael that she expected him to oppose Phyllis getting released. Michael was pained and told Christine that he would not oppose bail. Christine said that Phyllis was a danger to society, but Ronan disagreed. Christine declared that Phyllis had been a danger to her. Ronan asked Christine to step back and try to be fair.

Daniel and Avery advised Phyllis to get through the incarceration by being quiet. Paul was being returned to his cell when he saw Phyllis in the hallway. Paul approached Phyllis and wanted her to tell the truth about what she'd done to him and Christine. Paul warned Phyllis that that karma would bite her in the butt. Privately, Ronan advised Phyllis to take the deal and do five years in prison. Phyllis explained that she could not do prison again. Ronan said that Christine would not let up until Phyllis was punished.

In the police station, Daniel was upset after his visit with Phyllis. Heather was sympathetic. They were both freaked out about the fact that their parents were facing long prison terms. Heather thought she and Daniel had a lot in common. Daniel asked Heather if she'd like to join him for a drink at Jimmy's to commiserate their sorry state.

Adam went to the farm and was surprised to find the door unlocked and the lights on. Adam spoke to the spirit of his mother, saying that he had returned home for the right reasons. Adam said he thought he'd found someone who'd be good for him. Sharon walked into the living room, and Adam was shocked to see her. Sharon declared that she still loved Adam. Sharon told Adam that she wanted to go back in time to when they were together and he'd undergone his transformation after the fire in the barn.

Adam told Sharon that it was too late for them because he was marrying Chelsea. Sharon wanted Adam to call it off. Adam countered by asking Sharon why she was living with Victor if she wanted him. Sharon pleaded with Adam not to marry Chelsea. Adam said he loved Sharon, but he loved Chelsea more.

Adam explained that Chelsea was his best friend and understood him in a way that Sharon never could. Adam felt that their time together in New Orleans had been a fantasy. Adam believed that he and Chelsea could face the reality of life. Adam was comfortable with Chelsea and comfortable with himself. Adam insisted he wanted to marry Chelsea and left the farm. Sharon remained there, alone with her thoughts.

Chelsea had Mrs. Cobb pin her dress. The woman told Chelsea that she'd known Hope, Adam's mother. The lady felt Adam's mother would approve of Chelsea. Alone, Chelsea was excited that she'd be Mrs. Adam Newman the next day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

At the penthouse, Summer found a note from Nick asking her to meet him at the coffeehouse. She answered the door to Noah, and she joked that he had gotten lost on the way to Greenwich Village. Noah explained that he had heard about Phyllis' arrest, and he had flown in to make sure everything was okay. Summer suggested that Noah surprise Nick at Crimson Lights.

At Crimson Lights, Nick assured Daniel that Phyllis would be fine, because Avery was handling her case. Daniel surmised that Nick was still angry with Phyllis, and Nick pointed out that Phyllis had kept a huge secret. Daniel relayed Phyllis' statement that Lucy felt trusting and comfortable around her, just like Daniel had been as a kid. Daniel admitted that he had been affected by Phyllis' apology for disappointing him, but he questioned whether he could have faith in her. Daniel suspected that Phyllis had been playing a head game by using Lucy to make him feel guilty.

Nick insisted that Phyllis wasn't playing games and that she really needed Daniel. Daniel wasn't sure that he could stand by her side, but Nick pointed out that Phyllis had been there for Daniel and that she honestly loved Lucy. Nick acknowledged that Phyllis had caused her own mess, but she needed help getting through it. Nick knew that Daniel loved his mother, and he hoped that Daniel would step up. Daniel promised to take Lucy to see Phyllis.

At the police station, Avery signed Phyllis' release documents, and Christine grumbled that Phyllis had no business being out on the streets. Phyllis approached Avery and wondered who would drive her home. Christine snarled that that no one was there to celebrate Phyllis' release, because everyone had figured out exactly who Phyllis really was. Avery threatened to tell the judge about Christine's lack of objectivity, but Christine contended that she was the victim, and she wanted to look her attacker in the eye. Avery instructed Phyllis to ignore Christine and to take a cab home, and Phyllis left.

Christine scolded Avery for lecturing her about objectivity, when Avery was representing a family member. Avery stated that it was her job was to prove that Phyllis didn't deserve to be convicted, and she demanded that Christine leave Phyllis alone, or she would go to the judge. Christine retorted that she was amazed that Avery could keep a straight face, since Avery had built her reputation defending the innocent, and Phyllis was clearly not blameless.

Daniel and Lucy arrived at the station, and Avery informed him that Phyllis had already left. Daniel wanted to discuss the worst-case scenario, and though Avery was certain that it wouldn't happen, she disclosed that Phyllis could be sentenced to life in prison. Daniel questioned whether Avery could fight as hard for Phyllis as she had for her other clients, and Avery wondered why he thought she wouldn't fight and win. Daniel flashed back to Phyllis admitting that she'd committed the crime. Daniel vaguely stated that trials could be tricky, and Avery asked if he thought that Phyllis was guilty.

Avery asked if Daniel knew something, but he simply stated that suspects were innocent until proven guilty. Avery said that she'd based her life on that principle, and while she was there as Phyllis' lawyer and sister, Phyllis needed her whole family. Daniel vowed to be there for his mother, but he wasn't sure her entire family would do the same. Meanwhile, Phyllis arrived home and called out for Summer and Nick. No one responded, and she despondently plopped down on the couch.

At Crimson Lights, Nick informed Noah and Summer that Phyllis' situation didn't look good. Summer was shocked that Phyllis had been charged with attempted murder. Summer pressed Nick to for details about the hit-and-run, and Nick conceded that there was evidence that linked Phyllis to the accident. He added that Phyllis was out on bail and that Avery was trying to keep her out of jail. Summer questioned why Nick wasn't with Phyllis, and she realized that Nick thought Phyllis was guilty.

Summer became incensed, and she wailed that the jury would also think that Phyllis was guilty, so Phyllis would go to prison. Nick tried to calm her down, but Summer whined that she should have left town, and she begged to go with Noah to New York. Noah asserted that they didn't know if Phyllis had really committed the crime. Nick reminded Summer that Phyllis was still her mother and that Phyllis' arrest didn't erase how much Phyllis loved Summer. Nick argued that Phyllis would be there to protect and defend any of them if they were in trouble. He asked if Summer was willing to make the mistake of bailing on Phyllis.

Summer pondered how she should respond to people's questions, and Nick advised her to say that she would stand by her mom. Nick requested that Noah stick around, and Noah joked that someone had to babysit Summer. Christine walked in, and Summer confronted her about deliberately having Phyllis arrested in front of her family in public. Nick tried to intervene, but Summer was determined to stick up for Phyllis. Christine commented that Summer took after Phyllis, and Noah led Summer out.

Nick argued that Summer was just a kid who loved her parents, and he warned Christine to stay away from his children and everyone else he cared about. Christine speculated that it was painful for him to see who Phyllis really was, and he retorted that he was starting to figure out who Christine was, too. Later, Christine returned to the police station and called Michael. She voiced her belief that Phyllis hadn't kept her mouth shut, and she wanted to question Phyllis' family, because she was sure that someone knew something about the accident.

Avery visited Phyllis, who wistfully stated that she'd returned to an empty home. Avery chirped that it wouldn't be empty for long, and Daniel entered with Lucy. Daniel claimed that Lucy needed some hugs, and he handed the tot to Phyllis, who cooed to Lucy that her daddy was a great guy. Daniel said that he was there for Phyllis, and she thanked him. Daniel revealed that Nick was also thinking about Phyllis, but she was skeptical.

Phyllis was thrilled when Summer and Noah stopped by. Phyllis mused that the day had been full of surprises, and she apologized to Summer for being arrested in public, but Summer replied that she could handle it. Phyllis marveled that she had almost all of her family there. Summer mentioned that Nick had talked her out of moving to New York, and Phyllis awkwardly commented that she would have to thank him. Nick entered and asked if he'd missed all the hugs and kisses.

Phyllis pulled Nick aside and expressed surprise to see him. She assumed that he wanted both of them to tell Summer that he'd moved out. He remained silent, and Phyllis said that she didn't blame him for leaving. She recounted that they'd promised not to keep secrets, and she figured that she had just blocked the accident from her mind, because she wasn't that person anymore.

Nick conceded that he understood, because he and Phyllis had both changed, and they'd changed one another. He revealed that that they wouldn't have to break the news to Summer, because he was where he belonged. Phyllis' eyes filled with tears, and she queried whether he meant that he belonged with their family. "With you," he clarified, and he professed his love. They embraced.

Adam prepared breakfast for Chelsea, and he lovingly awakened her. She smiled at the smell of hot coffee. He asked what was on her agenda that day, and she deadpanned that she had no special plans. He offhandedly stated that he might get married, and she remarked that would be nice, but she preferred to stay in bed all day. Between kisses, he murmured that he wanted his plan to happen first.

At the farmhouse, Sharon flashed back to Adam telling her that part of him would always love her but that he loved Chelsea more. Sharon tried to call him on his cell phone, but he was in the shower. Chelsea glanced at Adam's ringing phone and saw that Sharon was calling. Sharon hung up when Adam didn't answer. Victor suddenly appeared in the doorway and asked about Sharon's trip to New York.

Sharon defended that she had planned to call Victor, and he chuckled in disbelief. He asked for the truth, and she explained that she'd learned that Adam and Chelsea had traveled there to elope. Sharon admitted that she'd asked Adam to call off the wedding, and she confirmed Victor's suspicion that Sharon had wanted Adam to choose her over Chelsea. Sharon revealed that Adam loved Chelsea and that he intended to go through with the marriage. Victor was irritated that Sharon had lied to him about going to New York. He added that their relationship wouldn't work unless they were honest with one another.

Victor reprimanded Sharon for making a fool out of him. She called her actions careless and rash, but she also countered that he had been dividing his attention between her and Nikki. Victor contended that he and Nikki knew where they stood, and he felt that Sharon had chosen a roundabout way to tell him where things stood between him and Sharon. Sharon explained that when Victor had asked her to move in, she had needed a moment to contemplate her future, and she had since realized what it wasn't. She said that she was sorry she had doubted them, and she hoped that her apology was enough. He gazed at her for a moment and then said that the car was outside. He walked out, and after a moment, she followed him.

Sharon and Victor returned to the ranch, and she noted that it was obvious he was angry. She offered to get her things from upstairs, and she started to walk away. She stopped and remarked that she had been honest with him, and she wanted the same from him regarding his feelings for Nikki. Victor argued that he and Nikki had had a long relationship. Sharon told him that he could continue to be angry and never get past Nikki or Adam, or he could accept her apology and move forward.

Sharon admitted that she should have known better than to go to Kansas, but when she had been there, she had realized that her future was in front of her and not behind her. She wanted it to be with Victor, and she implored him to make a decision. Victor accepted Sharon's apology and said that it was time to move on. She questioned whether he meant together or apart. He placed a call and ordered someone to move Sharon's things into the guest room. He hung up and suggested that they take things one step at a time, and Sharon agreed.

Adam exited the bathroom and spotted a distracted Chelsea sipping coffee in bed. They affectionately bantered about how long it had taken him to do his hair, and he asked if she planned to get dressed at the church. She seemed less than enthusiastic, and he noted that she hadn't touched her breakfast. He playfully reached under the covers to see if she had cold feet, and she giggled.

Adam offered to help warm up Chelsea's feet, but she tentatively informed him that he'd received a call. Adam guessed that it had been from Sharon, and Chelsea asked if he'd expected Sharon to call. He confessed that Sharon had shown up at the farm the prior day, and Chelsea was shocked that Sharon had followed them to Kansas. Chelsea assumed that Sharon had intended to stop the wedding. Adam grabbed his phone and stepped out of the room to call the minister. After he returned, Chelsea inquired whether Adam had called off the wedding. He declared that he wasn't "a self-sabotaging moron" and told her to grab her things.

Adam escorted Chelsea to the farm. She thought that she smelled Sharon's perfume, and she spotted a recently washed coffee mug in the dish drainer. She huffed that Sharon had spent the night, but Adam assured her that Sharon had left because Sharon had known that she didn't belong there. Chelsea understood that the time Adam and Sharon had spent there had been important, but it still bothered her that Sharon had just been there.

Adam said that the farm wasn't about Sharon, but rather, it was all he had left of his mother. Chelsea guessed that Hope had been a sweet woman, but Adam remarked that he hadn't realized how tough his mom had been until he'd lost his sight. Adam credited Sharon with helping to lead him to Chelsea, so he'd always be grateful, because Chelsea was more than he ever expected he could have. Chelsea called the farm beautiful, and he announced that they would get married there.

Later, Adam greeted the minister and the minister's wife, and he thanked them for accommodating his change of plans. The minister asked if Adam knew what he was doing, and Adam insisted that he did. Chelsea entered in her wedding dress, and Adam was speechless. Chelsea introduced herself, and the minister started the ceremony.

Adam jokingly asked if Chelsea was dressed up for a special occasion, and the minister looked at him quizzically. Chelsea pointed out that not everyone got Adam's sense of humor, but Adam was glad that Chelsea understood him. Chelsea quipped that she had to marry Adam because he'd saved her life. Adam acknowledged that he could be cocky, but he had enough sense to know a good thing, and he felt extremely lucky. Adam gushed that they weren't living a fairy tale full of illusions or delusions, but rather, a real life that was fantastic.

Adam placed the ring on Chelsea's finger, and she proclaimed that it fit. The minister pronounced them husband and wife, and Adam eagerly kissed the bride. Adam and Chelsea happily beamed at one another.

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