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Monday, July 9, 2012

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Phyllis met with Daniel and reveled that her son was no longer being considered a suspect in Daisy's disappearance. Phyllis said, "I know Ricky got rid of her, but I'd just feel a lot better if we had proof that she's not going to swoop in and stick her claws into Lucy." Daniel pointed out that his mom made it sound as if she wanted authorities to find Daisy's body or some type of remains.

Daniel grimaced when Phyllis claimed she just wanted to protect Lucy because she loved her. Daniel replied, "So did her mother. Maybe we shouldn't treat this like a silver lining." Phyllis seemed baffled by Daniel's remark. Daniel, annoyed, noted that Daisy had likely been quite frightened by Ricky before her life was ended. Daniel told Phyllis that perhaps she wasn't able to relate because she possessed the ability to "gun an engine." Phyllis interrupted and insisted that the matter not be discussed in public.

Phyllis reminded Daniel that he'd even fantasized about getting rid of Daisy just days before she disappeared. Phyllis asked Daniel if he'd happily embrace Daisy if she suddenly reappeared. Daniel, agitated, replied, "Would you rent a car and make sure that Daisy took her secret to the grave?" Phyllis seemed taken aback.

At the police station, Ronan placed Daisy's wallet and cell phone, sealed separately in evidence bags, onto his desk. Ronan told Michael that Ricky was a twisted soul for killing Daisy and dumping her belongings into a housekeeper's trash cart. Michael picked up the evidence bags, examined them, and noted that Paul had speculated all along that his son was more like Isabella than others had thought him to be.

Ronan agreed that Paul's assessment of his son had been accurate. Ronan added that Paul had also been obsessed with the idea that Ricky was a threat. Christine arrived and asked about the evidence Michael was examining. Michael admitted that Ricky had discarded Daisy's wallet and cell phone. Christine announced that she had replaced Avery Clark as Paul's defense attorney.

Michael asked about the Justice Department's stance regarding Christine's involvement. Christine said, "It's taken care of." Ronan scoffed that Christine had inadvertently circumvented proper channels of discovery. Christine noted that the evidence substantiated Paul's claim that Ricky had posed a threat. She added that Ricky's confession likely meant that Rachel Dalton and Craig Hunt had been Ricky's victims, as well.

Michael told Christine that there was no concrete evidence proving that Daisy was dead. He added that there was, however, proof that Paul had shot an unarmed man. Christine, exasperated, maintained that the evidence backed up Paul's statements regarding Ricky's confession. Christine insisted that Paul had shot Ricky to protect Eden.

Ronan reminded Christine that the knife Paul claimed Ricky had wielded hadn't been found at the scene. Christine added that it hadn't yet been found, and she demanded that her client be released because he wasn't a flight risk. Christine conceded that Paul had briefly traveled to Los Angeles, so he could break the news of Ricky's death to Isabella. Christine pointed out that Paul had willingly turned himself in upon his return. Ronan refused to release Paul.

Inside an interrogation room, Paul happily greeted Eden. She thanked Paul for protecting her. Eden apologized for not being able to remember what had happened. Paul gently explained that he remembered what had happened to his son and was relieved that she didn't. Paul added that he'd willingly erase the painful memories from Eden's brain no matter what the consequences for himself.

At Gloworm, Adam and Chelsea bumped into Victoria and Billy. Adam explained that his engagement to Chelsea had nothing to do with Billy, Victoria, or baby Johnny. Billy and Victoria made it clear that they'd prefer not to be in the same room with Chelsea and Adam. Billy and Victoria took a seat at a table near the window.

A distance away from Billy and Victoria, Chelsea and Adam secured a booth. Jeffrey, Gloria, and Anita swooped in and congregated with Chelsea and Adam. Gloria seemed repulsed by Jeffrey and Anita's gushing acknowledgement of Chelsea's presence. Billy noted that Victoria remained fearfully preoccupied by the presence of Chelsea and Anita.

Chloe and Kevin arrived at Gloworm. Kevin, distracted, explained that his thoughts wandered to Daisy. He noted that she'd been doomed from the beginning. Chloe gently changed the subject and offered to spearhead the hunt for investors to fund their business venture. Kevin fixed his gaze on Adam and staunchly advised Chloe not to solicit an investment from him.

Kevin and Chloe stopped at Billy and Victoria's table. Billy expressed his sympathy to Kevin. Billy asked Kevin if he'd truly believed that Daniel could have been involved. Kevin explained that Ricky had confessed to Paul. Gloria barged in and announced that she might never forgive Jeffrey. Kevin was taken aback by Gloria's impromptu remark. Gloria tapped Kevin's shoulder and announced, "You have a stepsister!" Gloria noted that she'd just learned that Jeffrey really was Chelsea's father.

Chelsea told Adam that she wasn't accustomed to facing difficult situations without steeling herself with a bottle of tequila and escaping reality by surfing ocean waves on a longboard. Chelsea approached Anita and Jeffrey and berated them for lying to her. Changing her tone, Chelsea added that her life was good, so she didn't wish to ruin her mood by becoming angry. Jeffrey and Anita stood on either side of Chelsea, embraced her, and uttered saccharine sentiments as if she were a young child. Chelsea glanced at Adam in disgust. Adam held up a bottle of tequila and grinned at Chelsea.

Later, Chloe and Kevin joined Billy and Victoria at their table. Chloe offered Billy and Victoria an investment opportunity. Billy turned down the offer. He explained that Delia would be caught in the middle of a tussle between her parents if the deal soured. Chloe agreed that Billy's reasoning made sense. Billy suggested that Chloe search for other investors. Chloe glanced at Adam.

Adam rose from his seat and rushed to Chelsea's side. Anita and Jeffrey were still schmoozing about their amazing daughter. Adam said, "Let's go discuss our bulging joint bank account." After Adam whisked Chelsea away, Jeffrey admitted to an exasperated Anita that Gloria had no idea he'd never divorced Anita.

Jeffrey warned Anita to keep quiet about their marriage. Anita replied, "I haven't received any hush money from you in a while. My little girl is hitting the big time, and I'm not going to have you and your 'lady friend' squeeze me out!" Anita held up her left hand, pointed to a gold wedding band on her finger, and informed Jeffrey that she would not be ignored.

Gloria approached Chelsea and Adam's booth and said that she was sorry about the way Jeffrey had handled things. Gloria admitted that she was sometimes ashamed to be married to Jeffrey, but she added that perhaps someday Chelsea might be able to appreciate Jeffrey's "better nature."

After Chelsea left to powder her nose, Adam asked Gloria if she still handled real estate business. Gloria said she did. Adam told Gloria that he hoped to find an estate where he could raise children and grandchildren. Gloria mentioned that Genevieve Atkinson's estate was available. Adam cautioned Gloria to keep his search for an estate a secret because he wanted to surprise Chelsea. Gloria's face lit up when Adam told her that money wasn't an issue. Chloe, waiting at the bar, turned her head toward Adam when he mentioned money.

Gloria quickly sent a text message to a colleague, requesting that the Atkinson estate be prepared for a showing. Jeffrey approached Gloria and noted that she had "a jackpot glint in her eyes that turned him on." Gloria rebuffed Jeffrey and said she wouldn't soon forget that he was a liar. Jeffrey claimed that Gloria was everything to him, even though they weren't legally bound by a marriage license. Gloria replied, "Oh, but we do have a marriage license, thankfully, because that's my only leverage to keep you in line!"

Jeffrey laughed nervously when Gloria warned that he shouldn't even attempt to squirm out of their marriage. Jeffrey insisted that his love for Gloria had tugged at his heart even when he'd lost his memory for a time. Anita approached and noted that Jeffrey must not have broken the news to Gloria. Jeffrey made an excuse to walk away. Gloria pressed Anita to explain herself. Anita replied, "I'm just a sucker for a love story." Gloria's rage began to build

After Chloe returned to her table, she reported overhearing Adam gushing to Gloria that money wasn't an issue. Chloe assured Kevin, Billy, and Victoria that Adam would be the perfect choice to help with her business venture.

Anita approached Billy and Victoria. Directing her question to the Abbotts, Anita asked, "Where is my sweet grandson?" Billy replied, "Our son is being cared for by a highly skilled nanny at an undisclosed location." Anita cried, "Fire that nanny, and let me babysit. Just because Chelsea has moved on doesn't mean that I can forget blood." Victoria seemed horrified.

Billy announced that he and Victoria would be leaving. Referring to Chloe's earlier conversation about soliciting Adam's investment, Billy advised Kevin not to do business with maniacs. Chloe rolled her eyes. Daniel later phoned Kevin and asked him to meet at the coffeehouse. Chloe opted to stay behind. After Kevin left, Chloe said aloud to herself, "You're going to thank me for this someday."

Chloe joined Adam and Chelsea, who were enjoying shots of tequila. Chloe said, "Adam, I have some insider scoop that you're going to want to jump on." Chloe told Adam that she had already enlisted major investors and hoped to count on Adam for his technology skills. Chloe assured Adam a huge return on his investment. Adam promised to think about it. Before Chloe left, she said, "You like money. I know you do." Adam told Chelsea that he was interested in getting in on the ground floor of an Internet-based business.

Chloe walked away from Adam, already congratulating herself for clinching the deal. Chloe approached Gloria at the bar. Gloria, ranting about her wayward husband, said, "Jeffrey makes me weak in the knees, but he also makes my head explode." Chloe said, "Expect to see flying brain matter from your son soon when he finds out what I just did." Chloe silently celebrated her victory.

Later, Chloe was nearby when an exasperated Gloria told Jeffrey and Anita that she'd heard enough snide remarks from his "baby mama." Gloria demanded that Jeffrey share the secret he was keeping. Anita stepped up and explained that Jeffrey was married to her and to Gloria. Anita referred to Gloria as a "sister wife." Chelsea overheard Anita's confession and seemed stunned.

After Billy and Victoria returned home, Victoria became furious when she recalled that Anita had volunteered herself to become Johnny's sitter. Victoria cried that though Chelsea had promised not to interfere, Anita was hovering like a vulture. Victoria added, "I hope she doesn't have legal claim. What if she does?" Billy shushed Victoria by planting a kiss on her lips.

After Billy and Victoria made love on the sofa, Victoria admitted that she sometimes became a bit crazy when she was worried about her family. Victoria assured herself that Johnny belonged to her and Billy, and she promised not to obsess about Chelsea and Anita. Victoria promised to focus her attention on Billy.

Christine visited Heather at her apartment. Christine announced that she had become Paul's attorney and hoped to get him released, so he could tend to Ricky's funeral. Heather, seated near the box containing Ricky's belongings, cried that she hadn't liked her brother, though she'd barely known him. Christine maintained that something among Ricky's belongings might help get Paul released.

Heather thumbed through Ricky's scrapbook that contained photos and birthday greeting cards Paul had sent his son throughout the young man's life. Christine found newspaper clippings about Paul and noted that Ricky had kept them as a way of staying in touch with his father. Heather noted that Paul was a good father. Christine was surprised to discover a file folder labeled "Phyllis Romalotti." Heather found Phyllis' credit card statement from December of 1994 and noted that Phyllis had rented a car. Christine studied the document and exclaimed, "Oh, my God! I know what this is."

Nick later met with Daniel at Crimson Lights. Daniel explained that he was no longer a suspect because police believed that Ricky had killed Daisy, though there was no proof. Daniel added that he was sad for Lucy because she'd lost her mother. Daniel seemed aggravated when he recalled that his own mother had acted giddy about Daisy's apparent demise. Nick reminded Daniel that Daisy and Ricky had tormented Phyllis. Daniel replied, "We're talking murder. Maybe she should just take off the party hat." Nick asked Daniel why he was so angry at Phyllis.

After Nick left, Kevin met with Daniel at the coffeehouse. Kevin apologized for not believing from the beginning that his friend was innocent. Kevin noted that Paul had said that Ricky murdered had Daisy. Daniel replied, "He was a sick S.O.B." Kevin admitted that Daisy wasn't all that sane, either. Kevin said that Lucy was lucky to have Daniel. Daniel told Kevin that Lucy was also lucky to have Kevin as family.

Phyllis stopped by the police station and thanked Ronan and Michael for believing that Daniel was innocent. Michael embraced his friend. Phyllis pulled Michael aside, apologized, and asked if they were still friends. Phyllis laughed nervously when Michael quipped that they'd likely find something else to fight about soon.

After Michael left, Phyllis thanked Ronan for his assistance. Ronan replied, "Well, maybe you'll have my back in return someday." Nick arrived and quickly took his place beside Phyllis. Nick, reserved somewhat, thanked Ronan for his help. Ronan replied, "Glad to do it, Nick." As Nick and Phyllis walked away, she turned and glanced at Ronan.

Michael, carrying a manila envelope, stepped into the interrogation room. Paul turned to face Michael. Eden asked if she should step out. Michael said he needed to speak to Eden, and he instructed Paul to step out with a uniformed officer.

After Paul left, Michael placed Daisy's wallet and cell phone on the table and asked Eden if the items stirred any memories. Eden said she didn't remember the items. Michael explained that the wallet and phone, once in Ricky's possession, had belonged to Daisy. Michael sighed and said he'd hoped that the items might have jogged Eden's memory. Eden cried, "Ricky did do something to Daisy, and then I was going to be next, but Paul saved me. Now you can let him go!" Michael, frustrated, explained that he couldn't free Paul because the law wouldn't let him.

Back at the police station, Ronan, wearing latex gloves, examined the contents of Daisy's wallet. Michael, seated nearby, told Ronan that Eden didn't remember seeing Daisy's belongings in Ricky's suite. Ronan unfolded a credit card statement from 1994 and noted that it was Phyllis'. Michael stood behind Ronan and carefully studied the document.

Nick and Phyllis returned to her penthouse. Nick told Phyllis that Daniel's attitude toward her was wrong because Ricky was to blame. Phyllis explained that Daniel was miffed at her for being happy that Daisy was dead. Nick maintained that Daniel needed let his anger toward Phyllis cool down. Phyllis nervously worried that someone was about to attack her from behind and bash her in the head.

Nick assured Phyllis that he'd stand by her and keep her safe. Phyllis mentioned that Ricky could have written a book about her that would have painted her as a monster. Phyllis told Nick that she felt as if she could lose everything. Nick asked if Phyllis had something to tell him. Phyllis grunted as if someone had punched her in the gut, took a deep breath, and cried, "Oh, God. There is something I have to tell you."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nina went to visit Paul, who was still being held in the police interrogation room. Paul hoped that he'd be out in time for Ricky's funeral. Nina said that Ronan had been fighting Christine's efforts to get Paul released. Nina wondered if Ronan had been extra hard on Paul because of Nina's relationship with Paul. As Nina vented her frustrations about Ronan, Paul advised Nina not to take sides and to try to understand Ronan's position as the police investigator.

Paul realized that Ronan and Michael had gone to extremes to be tough on Paul as a way to prove their impartiality. Paul didn't resent either of the men. Nina wished that Ronan would stop being so cold and indifferent to her. In light of Ricky's death, Paul suggested that Nina savor the time she had with Ronan.

Heather questioned Christine about Phyllis' credit card statement being in Ricky's personal effects. Christine remembered something from her past related to the information on the statement. Heather wanted to know why Chris was so intrigued with Phyllis' charges, but Chris said she couldn't tell her just yet. Chris had to check out some information and was anxious to consult with Paul. Heather wanted to go with Chris to see Paul. Christine agreed, but insisted that she speak with Paul first and in private.

At the police station, Michael and Ronan looked over the items from Daisy's wallet. They were curious that Daisy had a folded copy of Phyllis' credit card statement stuffed in her wallet. At the penthouse, Nick asked Phyllis to tell him the truth about what was bothering her. Phyllis feared that Nick would not understand. Phyllis finally assured Nick that she had nothing to tell him and denied that there was any problem at all.

Nick recognized that Phyllis was acting like she was cornered, and he wanted to know why. Michael called Phyllis to ask her to stop by to answer some questions at her convenience. Phyllis announced that she'd be right there. Phyllis then left Nick, telling him she had to see Michael immediately about the Daisy situation.

At the police station, Ronan wanted to speak with Christine about Paul's case, but she demanded to speak with Paul first. While Chris went to the interrogation room, Ronan and Heather compared notes about the credit card statement. Heather revealed that Ricky had Phyllis' credit card statement, and Ronan explained that Daisy had a copy of the same statement, too. Ronan had no idea what the connection was other than the fact that Daisy and Ricky had both had a copy, but Heather thought it was proof that Daisy and Ricky were conspiring with one another.

Chris went into interrogation room and asked Nina if she could speak with Paul alone. Chris showed Paul the credit card statement, and he was mystified. Chris pointed out that Phyllis had rented a car back then. Paul recognized the date of the rental and asked Chris if she believed that Phyllis had driven the car that had hit them 18 years before. Chris wasn't sure but thought it was a "hell of a coincidence." Paul was stunned that the evidence had fallen into Christine's lap after so much time. Chris remembered what had happened on the date they'd been run down by the car. There had been no evidence at the time to identify the driver.

Paul admitted that Phyllis was adept at computers and could have hidden an evidence trail back then. Paul couldn't figure out why Phyllis would have wanted to run them down, since she had been happy with Danny at the time, and Paul and Chris were getting married. Chris agreed that Phyllis didn't seem to have a motive. Chris them remembered that before she had met Paul that night, Danny had confessed that he loved Chris and always would. Danny had then kissed her deeply before they left the office together. Christine decided that she had to go directly to Phyllis for answers.

Phyllis met with Michael in another interview room at the station. Michael showed Phyllis the copy of her credit card statement that Daisy had stuffed in her wallet. Michael asked if Phyllis had any idea why Daisy had the statement. Phyllis was surprised that Daisy had Phyllis' statement, and she assumed that Daisy might have been plotting against Phyllis in some way. Michael thought it was odd.

Phyllis reminded Michael that Daisy was a very twisted person. Phyllis then claimed to remember a day when she'd returned home and found Daisy outside her door. Phyllis guessed that Daisy had broken into the apartment and gone through Phyllis' belongings, perhaps taking the statement. Michael wasn't sure if it was a lead worth pursuing.

Neil ran into Harmony at Crimson Lights and told her that she'd been on his mind. Neil offered to buy Harmony some coffee, but she turned him down. Harmony saw Sarge on the patio and left Neil so she could join Sarge at his table. Sarge realized that Harmony was avoiding Neil. Harmony said that nothing was going on with her and Neil, but Sarge was confused because Neil and Harmony were both free to have a relationship. Harmony said she'd sworn off romance because being in love was too much trouble.

Outside at the basketball court, Neil saw Nick taking shots and challenged him to some one-on-one. As they played, Neil congratulated Nick on his remarriage to Phyllis. Nick responded that he felt bad about Neil and Sofia's marriage falling apart. Sarge appeared and asked if he could play with them. Sarge acted like he couldn't compete and asked if they wanted to play "H-O-R-S-E" at two dollars a letter.

As they played, Neil asked if Sarge and Harmony were dating. Sarge said they were only friends. Nick noticed that Sarge was not very good at the game. Sarge lost badly and owed Nick and Neil ten dollars each. Sarge asked for one more shot, double or nothing.

While Nick and Neil watched, Sarge turned his back to the basket and hit a three-point shot. Nick realized that Sarge had hustled them. Nick paid off with a laugh. Neil claimed he hadn't agreed...and he didn't have any pockets. Later, Neil paid Sarge off with a smile. Sarge hoped Neil had better luck with Harmony than he did on the court.

Tucker saw Ashley at Gloworm and asked how she was doing since Abby was home again. Ashley explained that she was still upset with her daughter. Ashley apologized to Tucker for having involved him in her problems. Tucker said that he'd been happy to help Ashley, and he invited her to dinner, hoping they might concentrate on things other than family problems. Ashley appreciated how supportive Tucker had been during a stressful time, but she wasn't interested in resuming their relationship. When Tucker touched Ashley's hand, she pulled it away.

Tucker misunderstood, and Ashley explained that she wasn't interested in reuniting with Tucker. Ashley was sorry, and she appreciated that Tucker had been her best friend, but their love was over. Ashley hoped that someday they might be friends again. Tucker felt devastated and realized that he'd failed in the most important relationship in his life; he'd made the woman he loved unhappy. Tucker apologized for having failed her.

Ashley asked Tucker to sign the divorce papers, and Tucker agreed. Ashley left the restaurant after giving Tucker a friendly hug. Tucker walked to the bar where Harmony was sitting. Harmony asked if Tucker was all right, and he admitted that he'd been better.

At the police station, Heather pointed out to Ronan that he'd been purposely skewing the evidence against Paul. Ronan said that Heather painted a compelling picture in Paul's defense, but Ronan had to see the bigger picture. When Heather mentioned Ricky's confession, Ronan said that it was an alleged confession because only Paul had heard it. Heather urged Ronan to find the knife that Ricky had used to threaten Eden.

Before leaving the station, Heather met with Chris and informed her that Daisy had had the same credit card statement that Ricky had. Nina interjected that Ronan had been unfair to Paul. Chris left to for Phyllis' penthouse. Heather overheard Ronan approving overtime hours for the cops who were searching for Ricky's knife at Ricky's place. When Ronan saw Heather smiling, he told her not to read too much into his desire to find the knife. Heather realized that Ronan was really dedicated to uncovering the truth.

Nina complained to Paul that Ronan had been unfair to him. Heather intervened and said that Ronan was acting tough to get more resources for the case. Heather asked Paul why Chris was so worked up about Phyllis' credit card statement. Paul warned them that they were not going to believe what Chris suspected. Heather listened to the story and asked if Paul believed that Phyllis had been driving the car that ran Chris and Paul down so many years before.

In the evidence room, Michael admitted to Ronan that Phyllis' credit card statement meant something, but he wasn't sure what. Ronan showed Michael that Ricky had had the same statement in his belongings. Ronan and Michael wondered why both Daisy and Ricky would have had Phyllis' 18-year-old credit card statement. Michael suddenly had a realization. Michael also realized that Phyllis had lied to him.

After the basketball game, Nick was showered and changed. From the lobby of the Athletic Club, Nick called Phyllis and left her a message. Nick said he was grateful to be married to her and looked forward to seeing Phyllis soon to finish their talk from earlier in the day. Phyllis was alone in the apartment and heard Nick's message. Phyllis answered the door and saw that Christine was there. Christine held up the credit card statement and said that she needed to speak with Phyllis.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At the magazine offices, Billy was hard at work, answering the phones and organizing the staff. Victoria asked about Billy's visit with Delia, and Billy said that he was grateful that he'd had a happy homecoming with his daughter as well as his wife. Nick appeared and wanted to talk business with Billy; he had the new ads for Newman Cosmetics. Billy wondered why Phyllis hadn't shown up for work, but Nick had no answer. Nick had assumed that Phyllis would be in the office.

Later, Victoria looked at Nick's ads for the new cosmetics line and told him how he could improve them. Nick appreciated Victoria's input and wished she were still working at Newman Enterprises. Nick suggested that Victoria consider joining him on the cosmetics line, but Victoria was glad to be out of the fray at the company, especially the situation involving Sharon and Victor.

At the police station, Michael and Ronan spoke with Paul and Nina about the possibility that Phyllis had been the driver of the car that had run down Paul and Christine in 1994. Michael revealed that he had not asked Phyllis about the accident, and when she'd looked at the credit card statement, she hadn't volunteered the information. Michael had questioned her only about the charges on the statement. Paul felt that something was missing, and he wondered if Phyllis had ever had a motive to aim her car at Christine and him.

At the penthouse, Christine walked in waving the credit card statement. Phyllis denied knowing anything about the rental car charge on the statement. Phyllis acted stunned that Christine even had a copy of Phyllis' 18-year-old credit card statement. Christine refused to buy Phyllis' claim that she knew nothing. Phyllis pretended to be shocked that Christine would accuse her of having been the driver of the car that hit Paul and Christine.

Christine said that Phyllis had always felt Chris was a threat because Danny had never stopped loving Chris. She also believed that Phyllis knew that Danny had kissed Christine on the day Christine was planning to marry Paul. Phyllis said that she knew nothing about the car accident. Phyllis refused to answer Christine's questions and declared that Christine was living in the past. Phyllis explained that she'd moved on and was happily married to Nick.

Phyllis called Christine pathetic for still caring about Danny and Paul. Christine recalled that Phyllis had always been capable of insane things, but Christine had never thought attempted murder was Phyllis' style. Christine promised Phyllis that life as she knew it was over because Christine was not going to stop investigating.

Privately, Ronan spoke with Michael about Phyllis' involvement in the hit-and-run case. Michael was worried that Phyllis had been behind the wheel all those years earlier. Ronan said he would search the case file. In the interrogation room, Nina asked Paul if she could help him. Paul appreciated that she'd made Ricky's funeral arrangements.

Later, Nina went to Ronan and asked him if he would do something for her: release Paul from custody so he could go to Ricky's funeral. Ronan said that Paul was still the prime suspect in a murder. Nina explained that Paul had not been charged as yet. Ronan said that it was Michael's decision whether to release Paul or not.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe was looking for Kevin. Daniel said that Kevin had gone out on an errand. Chloe asked Daniel about Daisy. Daniel said he was off the hook with the police; they no longer considered him a suspect. Daniel explained that there was evidence linking Ricky to Daisy. Chloe was concerned for Lucy, noting that if Daisy were dead, the little girl would miss her mother. Daniel appreciated that Chloe understood that because Phyllis hadn't.

Daniel was irritated that Phyllis was glad that Daisy might have met with foul play. Chloe mentioned her near kidnapping by Carmine and how traumatized she was about it. Chloe was furious with both Abby and Carmine. Chloe was determined to testify against Carmine so he'd be convicted for trying to take her away from Kevin and Delia. As for Abby, Chloe was incensed that she had used the incident to generate publicity for her reality television persona.

As their argument heated up, Phyllis demanded that Christine leave the penthouse. Christine told Phyllis that she could not hide from the truth. When Chris opened the door to leave, Daniel appeared and asked Phyllis why she was fighting with Christine. When Phyllis wouldn't tell him what it was about, he threatened to go ask Christine. Phyllis finally admitted to Daniel that Michael and Christine had found the credit card statement from 18 years earlier.

Daniel assumed that Phyllis had admitted that she'd rented the car. Phyllis admitted that rather than tell the truth, she'd lied to Michael and Christine. Daniel was stunned. Phyllis said that there was no direct proof linking her to the hit-and-run. Daniel told Phyllis that it was time to deal with what she'd done and accept the consequences.

Phyllis wasn't willing to risk her life with Nick, Summer, Daniel, and Lucy by telling the truth. Daniel promised that he'd never say anything, but he was horrified that his mother could keep quiet about her actions. Daniel asked Phyllis to stay away from Lucy for the time being. Phyllis pleaded with him, but Daniel would not be dissuaded, and he walked out.

Christine returned to the police station and said she had to speak with Paul before saying anything to Ronan and Michael about the credit card statement. Michael wanted Christine's direct testimony about the hit-and-run accident. In the hallway outside the interrogation room, Nina asked Christine about her meeting with Phyllis. Christine explained that Phyllis had denied everything. Nina told Chris that Paul wanted to know what motive Phyllis would have had to run Christine down in 1994. Nina hadn't told Paul what she knew, so Christine went in to confess all to Paul. Christine revealed that on the day she and Paul were going to get married, Chris had met with Danny, and they'd shared a kiss.

Christine assumed that Phyllis had seen the kiss and, in a jealous rage, tried to run Chris down. Paul had gotten in the way when he tried to save Chris. Paul reminded Chris that they had both survived the accident, and he believed that Phyllis was to blame for that accident, not Christine. Paul wanted to focus on the present, not the past. Paul's prime focus was dealing with what he'd done to Ricky.

In the police station, Christine told Ronan about Phyllis having been crazy enough over Danny to go after Paul and Chris. Ronan doubted that Phyllis would be homicidal about a single kiss between Christine and Danny. Chris asked Michael to offer his opinion, and Michael backed up Christine regarding Phyllis' jealousy. Later, Michael found evidence that the car Phyllis had rented matched the one described in the hit-and-run accident.

Christine looked at Michael's evidence and felt that Phyllis was guilty of attempted murder. Michael cautioned Christine to think like an attorney, not a victim. Christine realized that he was referring to the statute of limitations for the crime. Because the accident was 18 years before, Phyllis could no longer be prosecuted...even if she were guilty.

Nina returned to the interrogation room and told Paul that Michael and Ronan had agreed to release Paul. Paul would be able to attend Ricky's funeral. Gratefully, Paul hugged Nina.

At the Athletic Club, Carmine thanked Abby for having bailed him out of jail. They met with Rafe, who was handling Carmine's defense. Abby assumed that Carmine would be able to plead to a misdemeanor and be given a sentence of community service and a fine like Abby had. Rafe said that Carmine was not likely to get a favorable plea agreement from the D.A. because he'd put Chloe in the trunk against her will. That was attempted kidnapping, and with Chloe testifying against Carmine, he was in deep trouble.

Abby defended Carmine to Rafe, saying that he hadn't meant to hurt Chloe. Abby pleaded with Rafe to do what he could. Rafe warned Abby that Michael was very preoccupied with other cases, and Carmine was not a priority.

Alone, Abby assured Carmine that everything would work out for him. Carmine was concerned about his future and didn't appreciate Abby lying about the two of them being boyfriend and girlfriend. Abby said she'd wanted to prove to everyone that Carmine was not a dangerous man. Abby wondered why Carmine minded her saying that they were a couple. Abby kissed him and promised to get him out of the mess he was in.

Chloe went to the magazine offices, and Billy, Victoria, and Nick greeted her. Billy announced that the Restless Style television show had gotten the green light, and he would be working on it extensively. Billy warned Nick that Phyllis would have more responsibility to the magazine than ever. Nick announced that he had to leave, and as he passed Abby in the elevator, he gave her the cold shoulder. Billy told Abby that he would not enable her need for publicity any longer. Abby accepted her uncle's reprimand and apologized for her actions with Carmine.

Abby wanted to speak with Chloe to apologize for the way she'd handled the gala. Abby thought that her solution had been ingenious, diverting attention from the disaster, but Chloe informed Abby that the donors had been furious that the gala had tanked. The Arts Council had been forced to return the donations. Abby asked Chloe to forgive her, but Chloe wasn't sure. When Abby asked Chloe if she would not testify against Carmine, Chloe blew her stack.

Victoria and Billy were amazed by Abby's audacity. Abby claimed that Carmine had only been pranking Chloe, nothing more. Abby asked Chloe to speak with Carmine, and he'd tell her the truth. Abby urged Chloe to go to Michael to keep him from prosecuting Carmine. Chloe refused to do anything to help Carmine.

Heather asked to look at Paul and Christine's hit-and-run file, but Michael told her to butt out because it involved her father. Later, at the coffeehouse, Heather bumped into Daniel. Heather said that Michael had booted her from the station because she was too personally involved in a couple of cases. Heather could not discuss what those cases were, but Daniel had an idea. Daniel said his life was a mess, but he couldn't reveal why.

Nick returned home to Phyllis, and she sought comfort from him over her fight with Daniel. Nick wanted her to finish their conversation from earlier in the day. Phyllis denied that anything had been bothering her, but Nick knew better. Phyllis explained that she'd freaked out because Daniel was so disappointed in her.

Nick assured Phyllis that she had never hurt anyone. Phyllis said that as she looked at herself through Daniel's eyes, she didn't like what she saw. Phyllis clung to Nick and said that she really needed him. Nick kissed her passionately.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lily and Cane discussed Genevieve's hidden wealth. Cane decided that he needed to speak with his mother about how she was managing to get by without any discernible source of income. At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Genevieve met with Tucker and thanked him for being so good to her. Genevieve explained that while she appreciated Tucker's generosity, she didn't want to continue having him pay her hotel bill. Tucker asked what Genevieve was proposing, and she asked Tucker for a job.

Tucker wondered what Genevieve would propose to do for McCall Unlimited. Genevieve explained that she'd been very adept at investments, saying she was as proficient as a hedge fund manager. Genevieve asked Tucker to let her handle his McCall money to make more money. Tucker was reluctant to mix business with friendship, based on his recent breakup with Ashley. Genevieve understood, but persisted in wanting a position with Tucker's company. Tucker agreed to consider her offer.

Neil approached Harmony at Gloworm. Neil said he was on his own and asked if she would mind if he joined her for lunch. Harmony told Neil she was afraid to get involved with him romantically because it might be a threat to her sobriety. Harmony was fearful that love might become a substitute high for her. Harmony was tempted to give in to her emotions, but resisted temptation. Harmony confessed that she was confused. Neil was frustrated, but he said he understood and left her to eat alone.

Paul was released from the police interrogation room and allowed to leave the station. Nina and Christine were anxious to take him for something to eat, but Paul wanted to know about Ricky's funeral arrangements. At Crimson Lights, Christine admitted to Paul that she was incensed that Phyllis was going to get away with having run them down with a car because the statute of limitations for the crime had run out. Christine was determined to find a way to convict Phyllis. Christine left Nina with Paul.

Later, Paul realized that Christine would not stop until justice was done. Nina questioned whether Christine was the best person to defend Paul if she was so wrapped up in prosecuting Phyllis. Paul wasn't sure. Later, Paul thanked Nina for having arranged the funeral for Ricky while Paul was in lockup.

Paul was guilt-ridden about his role in Ricky's death. Paul told Nina that he'd failed Ricky even before he pulled the trigger. Paul blamed himself for not having been a responsible parent to Ricky. Paul believed he would have seen Ricky's problems if he'd been an attentive father, and he could have done something to help Ricky.

Christine returned and said she had major news about Phyllis. Nina and Paul listened as Christine explained that at the time of the hit-and-run accident, Chris had been working with the federal government. That meant that when Phyllis tried to run Christine down with the car, she was attacking a federal agent. There was no statute of limitations on criminal acts against government officials. Paul realized that Phyllis could be prosecuted for her attack on Christine. Nina and Paul were stunned to hear Christine say that she intended to have Phyllis arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for attempted murder.

Avery greeted Nick at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar. Avery assumed that Phyllis was doing better with Daisy out of her life. Nick admitted that Phyllis was no longer fretting about Daisy, but Phyllis was still struggling with something from her past. Nick wasn't sure what was wrong. Avery said that Michael had called Avery, saying that he needed to speak with her about Phyllis.

Michael went to Phyllis' office to speak with her about the credit card statement. Phyllis said she had no time to talk because Restless Style was being turned into a television show. Michael refused to leave and followed Phyllis around the office, forcing her to listen to him. Michael said that he knew Daisy had been blackmailing Phyllis with the credit card statement that proved Phyllis had rented the car that plowed into Paul and Christine 18 years before. Phyllis ducked Michael's questions, but he persisted and urged her to confide in him.

Nick arrived and demanded to know why Michael was pestering Phyllis. Michael said he was there as a friend, but Phyllis was not convinced and wanted Michael to leave her alone. When Michael left the office, Nick wondered why Phyllis was so upset. Phyllis cried to Nick that everyone who hated her was trying to take her down, people like Christine. Phyllis believed that Michael had turned against her and was taking Christine's side against Phyllis.

Nick asked Phyllis to calm down and tell him what had happened with Michael. Phyllis explained that Michael had accused her of being the driver of the car that had run down Paul and Christine in 1994. Nick asked if it what Michael had said was the truth. Phyllis went ballistic, asking how Nick could believe she'd have ever done something homicidal. Phyllis grew more and more agitated and said that she felt abandoned by everyone she loved.

Phyllis related her feelings to the issues she'd had with her father when she'd told the truth about his embezzlement, but nobody believed her and she'd lost her family. Nick promised Phyllis that he had faith in her. Nick said that he would fight for Phyllis. Nick only asked that Phyllis tell him the complete truth. Phyllis declared that she had never done anything wrong. Nick promised to take care of everything for Phyllis and left to see Michael.

At Devon's studio, Ana was singing, and Devon was overseeing the recording. Lily arrived and was very impressed by Ana's singing. Devon was pleased to see Lily, and she was anxious to hear the full track. Ana wanted Harmony to hear it, too. Devon handed his sister his phone and told her to invited Harmony to the studio. Harmony was thrilled to be asked and said she'd be right over.

Later, Harmony went to the studio and arrived at the same time as Neil. Everyone gathered to listen to Ana's vocal. Lily, Harmony, and Neil were all very positive. Harmony told her daughter that she was really talented. Devon was excited to do the recording for his sister. Ana explained that she wished she could stay in Genoa City longer, but she had to leave for her school's summer program. Ana promised to return soon. Harmony hugged her daughter warmly.

Lily asked Neil about his arriving at the studio with Harmony. Neil explained that it was just a coincidence. Lily supported Neil's desire to have a relationship with Harmony. Neil explained to Lily that Harmony had told him that she was not ready for a romance. Lily noted that Neil was obviously smitten with Harmony because it showed on his face every time he was in a room with Harmony.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Devon told Harmony that he loved recording with Ana. Harmony thought Ana could be a successful singer, but Harmony wanted her child to remain innocent for a while longer. Devon was curious about Harmony and Neil's relationship. Harmony denied they had a romantic relationship, but Devon believed there was something between them. Harmony explained that she'd decided not to pursue Neil because of Devon as well as other reasons. Devon informed his mother that he would not stand in the way of her having a romance with Neil.

A while later, Neil and Harmony were alone in the studio. Harmony mentioned that she was happy that Ana was attending her school's summer program. Neil was very supportive of Harmony's relationship with Ana. Harmony stopped Neil before leaving to tell him something. Harmony told Neil that he was a good man, and she trusted him. Neil couldn't take credit for Ana and Devon being such good kids, but Harmony thought he'd done right by her children.

Harmony admitted that she wanted to have a relationship with Neil. Neil informed Harmony that he wanted to spend time with her, too. Harmony said Neil was very tempting to her, and if their relationship turned out to be a mistake, she'd at least enjoy her time with him. Neil wanted Harmony to be sure. Harmony asked Neil if he would go out to dinner with her one night. Neil accepted gladly.

Michael saw Avery at the police station and mentioned the hit-and-run accident. Michael explained to Avery that there was evidence that Phyllis had been the driver who had tried to run over Paul and Christine in 1994. Avery asked about the proof, and when she learned about Ricky and Daisy's involvement, Avery doubted the veracity of the evidence. Michael informed Avery that he had the credit card statement proving that Phyllis had rented the car from the day of the hit-and-run. Avery realized the seriousness of the situation and warned Michael not to speak with her client -- Phyllis -- unless Avery was present.

At the Athletic Club, Cane asked Genevieve about her relationship with Tucker. Genevieve explained that Tucker was an old friend, and he'd agreed to pay her hotel bill for old time's sake. Cane had questions, and Genevieve revealed that she and Tucker had been romantically involved before Genevieve went to Australia and wound up with Colin. Cane was suspicious of Tucker's involvement in Genevieve's life. Genevieve agreed that she was uncomfortable with Tucker paying her bills. Genevieve didn't want to be indebted to anyone. Cane offered to help his mother financially, but she insisted that she could take care of herself.

Later, Cane spoke alone with Tucker, questioning his friendship with Genevieve. Tucker asked Cane if he was satisfied with Genevieve's explanation of their relationship. Tucker said that Genevieve was the only woman who'd ever broken his heart. Tucker assured Cane that he did not want to hurt Genevieve. Cane warned him not to...or else. Tucker was amused at Cane's protectiveness.

Back home, Cane told Lily that Genevieve and Tucker had been involved romantically before she married Colin. There was a knock on the door, and Lily found an envelope on the doormat. Cane opened the envelope, and inside they were surprised to find Swiss Francs. At the Athletic Club, Genevieve spoke with Tucker and learned that Cane had questioned Tucker about their relationship.

Genevieve was curious about Tucker's motives with regard to her. Tucker was coy, but Genevieve didn't think he was playing games with her. Genevieve wondered if Tucker still cared for her. Tucker said he'd have to take "the fifth" rather than answer the question truthfully.

Avery went to see Phyllis and demanded that they talk. Phyllis was frightened. At the police station, Nick confronted Michael to ask him why he was harassing Phyllis.

Friday, July 13, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Nina, Paul, and Christine discussed the evidence against Phyllis. Christine reiterated that there was no statute of limitations on the attempted murder of a federal agent. Christine expressed sympathy for everything that Phyllis had put Paul through, but Paul could only think about Ricky's funeral.

Heather, Paul, Christine, and Nina attended Ricky's funeral. The priest said a prayer next to Ricky's grave and released Ricky from his sins. After the ceremony, Paul prayed that Ricky was in heaven. Nina called Paul a good man who had tried with Ricky, but Paul questioned whether he really had. Paul recalled that Ricky had sent him a homemade Father's Day card one year, and Ricky had written about his life and had declared his love for Paul. The following year, Ricky had sent a generic card containing nothing more than his signature. Paul felt that he should have known that he had needed to see his son.

Christine argued that Ricky had been a grown man who had been in control of his life, but Paul regretted that he hadn't been there to urge Ricky to get help or to tell his son that he loved him. Heather contended that people had tried to get through to Ricky, but he had hurt them or had pushed them away. Nina insisted that Paul had given Ricky a chance, but Ricky hadn't taken it. Paul imagined that Ricky couldn't have, because the damage had already been done.

Paul asked for a minute alone, and the women stepped away. Paul knelt to the ground and called Ricky a miracle. Paul had convinced himself that it had been better for Ricky to live in California, and he blamed himself for failing Ricky repeatedly. Paul wished that he had raised and helped Ricky, because Paul could have stopped the tragic chain of events from happening. Paul lamented that Ricky hadn't been born with a broken soul, but Ricky's soul had broken along the way, just like Paul's was breaking then. Paul sobbed that he was truly sorry.

Paul imagined the pain Ricky had been in, and he prayed that his son rested in peace. A sound startled Paul, and he called out. No one responded, but someone had dropped a rosary on the ground.

At Restless Style, Phyllis tried to make a quick departure, but Avery stopped her. Avery mentioned that Michael had accused Phyllis of attempted murder, and she asked how she could help. Avery questioned where Phyllis had been when the car accident had occurred, and Phyllis nervously defended that it had happened many years before. Avery peppered Phyllis with questions, and Phyllis continued to elude them.

Avery theorized that Phyllis had been protecting someone, and she said that she couldn't help if Phyllis didn't tell her everything. Phyllis barked that Avery couldn't fix the situation. A shocked Avery inquired whether there was truth to Michael's allegations. Phyllis became defensive, and Avery reasoned that she had questioned a lot of people, and things always turned ugly when someone dodged her queries. Phyllis accused Avery of thinking that Phyllis was a killer, and Avery begged Phyllis to help her understand how Phyllis couldn't have committed the crime.

Phyllis condemned Avery for ripping Phyllis' heart out, and Avery noted that their father had said the same thing when Phyllis had confronted him. Phyllis flew into a rage, and Avery bemoaned that she had lost her sister for years because of their dad's lies. Phyllis snapped at Avery to get out of the past, and Avery urged Phyllis to be better than their father by being honest. Phyllis stormed out.

At the police station, Nick confronted Michael, who advised Nick not to make the situation worse. Nick reminded Michael that Michael was Phyllis' best friend, and he angrily implied that Michael had rolled over on her to make his job position permanent. Michael retorted that Phyllis had attempted murder. Nick asserted that while Phyllis sometimes ran her mouth and made bad decisions, she wasn't capable of murder. Michael doubted that Nick understood the way Phyllis had been back then.

Nick assumed that Michael was alluding to the circumstances behind Daniel's birth, and he demanded to know whether Michael believed that Phyllis had rented a car to run down Christine. Michael confirmed that he did, and Nick asked for proof. Michael informed him about the credit card statement with the rental car charge, and Nick scoffed. Michael contended that he loved Phyllis, too, but he knew that she was guilty.

Michael reported that the vehicle identification number of the car that had hit Christine matched the one on Phyllis' credit card statement. Michael added that Phyllis possessed the skills to hack into the rental agency's computer system to delete the records. Nick argued that the statement was only a piece of paper among Ricky and Daisy's things, and both Ricky and Daisy had gone to great lengths to serve their own purposes. Michael tried to force Nick to see the truth, but Nick warned Michael to back off, and he stalked out. Ronan told Michael that the psychiatric facility's logs had confirmed Paul's story about visiting Isabella, but Michael was dismayed that they could still only prove that a father had shot his unarmed son.

Nick tracked down Avery and asked how they could shut Michael's investigation down, but Avery simply shook her head. Nick realized that she believed Phyllis was guilty, and Avery admitted that she did.

Heather arrived at police station and inquired about any new developments. Michael reluctantly informed her that they intended to press charges against Paul, and he offered her a leave of absence, but she resolved to stay and deal with it. Christine entered and pressed Michael to discuss the car accident. He tried to dismiss her, but she disclosed her status as a federal agent at the time of the incident, and she pushed him to prosecute Phyllis. Phyllis called Michael and said that she needed to see him, but he advised her not to show up at the station.

Michael rushed over to the penthouse, and Phyllis started to explain that she hadn't been able to talk at the office, but Michael cut her off. He cautioned that he couldn't selectively forget anything that she said. She sobbed that he was her friend and that she needed one, but he reminded her that he was the district attorney. He informed her that Christine had found a way around the statute of limitations, and he pleaded with Phyllis not to tell him anything.

Christine crowed that Michael had to arrest Phyllis for attempted murder, and Nina remarked that Phyllis had already gotten away with the crime for a lifetime. Ronan implored Christine to focus on Paul, because they had a warrant for his arrest. The women looked at one another in disbelief.

Nikki dropped Jack off for physical therapy, and she announced her plans to go riding at the ranch. Jack jokingly warned her not to let anything spook the horse, because they couldn't both be in wheelchairs at their wedding. Jack's phone rang, and he handed it to her. She excitedly spoke with a fashion designer who Jack had hired to design her wedding gown. Jack declared that he'd have the designer work night and day, because he didn't want a long engagement.

Nikki wondered if Jack was worried that one of them would change their mind. He joked that he was working on feeling his cold feet. Sarge entered and questioned why Jack hadn't started his exercises. Nikki departed, and Sarge pondered how Jack had gotten such a classy lady while "sitting there like a lump." Jack vowed to make Nikki the happiest woman on earth.

Jack worked out intensely, and Sarge urged him to relax, but Jack felt that he was on the verge of a breakthrough. Sarge counseled that pushing past Jack's limits wouldn't help and that Jack could handle more the next day. Jack was determined to stand next to Nikki at the altar, and he dreamed about walking her down the aisle. An aggravated Sarge turned away, and Jack moved his foot forward. Jack yelled for Sarge, and he expressed confidence that he would stand next to Nikki at their wedding.

At the Athletic Club, Victor watched Chelsea and Adam approach the bar. Chelsea prepared to take her engagement ring to a jewelry shop to have it resized, and she and Adam kissed goodbye. On her way out, she stumbled in the foyer and dropped the ring. Sharon picked it up and pointedly cautioned that Chelsea wouldn't want to lose it.

Chelsea took the ring back and explained her resizing errand. Sharon cattily wondered what Adam had done with his mother's ring, which he'd given to Sharon. Chelsea calmly stated that Hope's ring had meant a lot to both Sharon and Adam, just like her own ring did to Chelsea and Adam, and she departed.

Adam handed Victor a blank check and suggested that they go into business together. Adam commented that they had made money for one another before, and he wanted to embrace their common ground. Victor remarked that Adam was delusional. Adam argued that he had turned a good profit and that there was nothing they couldn't do, and he suggested that they invest in something together. Victor ordered Adam to get rid of Chelsea, and then they could talk.

Adam only wanted to discuss business, but Victor accused Adam of aligning himself with a con. Adam contended that Chelsea's activities paled next to his own, and he demanded that Victor leave Chelsea alone. Victor told him to wake up, because she didn't need Adam's protection. Adam called his father a sore loser, because Victor's scheme to hire Chelsea to break up Billy and Victoria hadn't worked.

Victor warned Adam against making Chelsea part of the family, and he asked about Adam's path to redemption. Adam stated that he was still on it, and Victor advised him not to leave the blank check around Chelsea. Adam warned Victor not to mess with Chelsea, or Adam might revert to type, and it wouldn't be pretty if he lost Chelsea. Sharon watched the exchange from across the room.

Once Adam was alone, Sharon approached him and remarked that it sounded familiar to hear him defiantly declaring his love to drive Victor crazy. Adam clarified that he had been defending Chelsea, and Sharon sarcastically called him chivalrous. Adam acknowledged that after he and Sharon had parted ways, he had realized that his past had caught up to him, but Chelsea had reminded him of the person he'd become at the farm. He said that Sharon also deserved to be happy, and she unconvincingly boasted that things were wonderful. He sincerely stated that he was glad to hear it, and he walked away. She looked irate.

Chelsea returned to the Athletic Club and joined Adam. He playfully demanded that she show him her hand, and she displayed her bare fingers. He asked if he had to buy her another ring, and she joked that she expected one for every day of the week. She pulled the ring from her purse and asked him to put it on, and she giggled when he unsuccessfully tried to put the ring on his own finger. He dropped to his knees, and he suspected that they wouldn't have a big wedding, but he only cared that they were together. He suggested that they elope.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki complained to Victor that Sharon's horse was listless and miserable and that the animal needed attention and exercise. Victor ordered her not to lecture him, and Nikki questioned whether Sharon knew anything other than how to collect status symbols. Nikki demanded that Victor not let the horse suffer, and he retorted that she wasn't there for the horse, but because she was jealous. She blasted him for his ego.

Victor commanded that Nikki say what she needed to say, and she said that her wedding would happen soon. He caustically inquired whether he should give her away, and she snapped that he wouldn't ruin the ceremony, because he wasn't invited. Victor scoffed at the idea of claiming her as his own, and he taunted that she dreamed that he would ride in and save her. Nikki asserted that she didn't trust Victor, and she wanted her husband to be an equal and someone she could trust. Victor quipped that she would be happier with a dog.

Nikki beseeched Victor to let her be happy, and she called him stubborn. He bellowed that she was the most infuriating woman he'd ever known. Sharon eavesdropped from the foyer as Nikki observed that Victor had a lot of pent-up energy and no way to release it, just like Sharon's horse. Nikki pointedly remarked that it was too bad that Sharon didn't know how to handle the beast. Victor conceded that Nikki was right. Sharon quietly left.

In a jewelry store, a clerk prompted a daydreaming Sharon to sign a sales receipt. Sharon mused that it had been a good day and that it was only getting better. The clerk walked away, and Sharon gazed down at some necklaces on the counter. Sharon glanced back at the clerk, and then she covertly placed one of the necklaces into her bag.

Nikki pondered how many chances she'd given to Victor to change, but he never had. She expressed frustration that for every inch of heart and soul he revealed, there were miles he wouldn't show to anyone. She said it was exhausting, and she swore to leave and to never return. Nikki headed toward the door. After a moment, Victor called after her and asked her not to go.

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