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Monday, July 2, 2012

A brilliant fireworks display illuminated the sky during a public celebration held to mark Independence Day. Nikki also celebrated Jack's birthday by presenting him with a red-velvet cupcake. Sharon and Victor happened by. Sharon wished Jack well, but Victor pompously proclaimed that Jack was a year older but not wiser.

Victor continued taunting Jack and suggested that his method of searching for Abby was limited to an evening of stuffing his face with cake. Victor added that his own investigators were about to close in on Abby's abductor. Jack scoffed that Victor had merely enlisted Ronan Malloy's assistance. Victor noted that Ronan worked for the FBI and could engage the help of various contacts. Nikki berated Victor for his arrogant behavior.

When Ashley received a phone call, she stepped away from the noisy crowd enjoying the festive evening. Ashley was surprised to hear Abby insisting that she was fine. Ashley asked how she could be certain that someone wasn't there, holding a gun on her daughter. Abby replied, "Pink elephant." Ashley recalled that Abby had chosen that particular "safe word" when she was a child and the pair lived in Paris. Abby admitted that she had never been in danger.

Ashley became frustrated with her daughter when Abby explained that she had set up the fake kidnapping in order to avoid public humiliation over the ruined gala. Ashley angrily noted that Abby had broken the law. Abby apologized. Ashley said that Abby would be in even more trouble from Victor.

Abby overheard Tucker's voice in the background. Ashley explained that she and Tucker had reunited because the stress of Abby's disappearance had rekindled their feelings for each other. Abby was disappointed. Ashley ordered Abby to return home at once. Abby ended her covert call to her mother just before Carmine emerged from the shower.

Abby quipped that she might need a cold shower after Carmine pranced before her, clad only in a thin towel that hugged the shape of his lower body. Carmine asked Abby if she'd been on the phone. Distracted, Abby claimed that she'd phoned a pizza place but hadn't ordered anything. Abby considered telling Carmine that she'd phoned her mother, but she changed her mind.

Later, Carmine and Abby decided to take a nap. Carmine offered to let Abby use his shoulder as a pillow. Abby happily snuggled next to Carmine. After Carmine fell asleep, Abby, still dressed in the denim overalls he'd purchased for her, quietly fished her cell phone out of a deep pocket and slipped outside the motel room.

After Ashley ensured that Abby was all right, she embraced Tucker and expressed relief. Ashley seemed reluctant when she told Tucker that she'd have to inform Victor that Abby had faked her own abduction. Ashley added that she'd have to admit that Victor had been right all along.

Ashley and Tucker approached Victor, Jack, Nikki, and Sharon. Victor and Jack were still arguing about which one had launched the most effective search for Abby. Ashley interrupted and announced that Abby had phoned to let everyone know that she was okay. Ashley sheepishly explained that Abby hadn't been kidnapped. Victor and Jack listened as Ashley admitted that Abby, along with Carmine, had carried out another publicity stunt.

Victor suggested that Ashley teach Abby a lesson. Victor advised Ashley to do nothing to help Abby and force their daughter to get herself out of the predicament she'd created. Nikki phoned the authorities and informed them that Abby was all right. Sharon phoned Ronan to let him know that Abby wasn't in danger. Victor turned to Jack and said, "I told you so."

As Jack and Nikki left the park, Nikki said that at least Abby was safe. Jack replied, "She's not safe from Victor." Sharon and Victor discussed Abby over coffee at Crimson Lights. Victor expressed frustration that Abby might never grow up. Sharon said, "It can't be easy on her being half Newman and half Abbott." Victor said that he was glad Abby was safe, but he joked that he still intended to wring her neck. Sharon replied, "Not tonight, though."

Tucker and Ashley relaxed on the patio at the coffeehouse. Ashley told Tucker that she wasn't amused by Abby's elaborate stunt. Abby phoned and told her mom that she wasn't ready to return home. Ashley demanded to know why. Abby claimed that she needed to clear her head. Abby gazed through the window blinds and admired Carmine, who was peacefully napping on the bed. Abby added, "I'll see you in a couple of days." Ashley was frustrated when she realized that Abby had abruptly ended the call.

In the bathroom at Ricky's Genoa City Athletic Club suite, Paul aimed a gun at Ricky after he threatened Eden, still unconscious after her fall against the bathtub. Ricky clutched Eden against his chest with his left arm. In his right hand, Ricky held a long-bladed knife against Eden's throat. Ricky challenged Paul to save Eden.

Ricky rose to a standing position and brandished the knife high above his head, as if he were about to plunge it into Eden's torso. Paul repeatedly pleaded with Ricky to drop the knife. Paul pulled the trigger on the pistol, and Ricky, still clutching the knife, lurched backward through the bathroom window. Eden slumped to the floor.

Paul dropped the gun and rushed to the window. Paul gazed down and cried, "Oh, no!" Eden awoke on the floor and asked Paul what was the matter. Paul, breathing heavily and moaning, wrapped his arms across his chest and ambled away from the window. Eden rose to her feet and glanced out of the broken window. Arcs of flickering light from the fireworks lit up the sky. Eden gasped when she saw Ricky's body on street below.

Eden steadied herself against the walls and the door facing as she made her way toward the bedroom to join Paul, who'd evidently collected the dropped gun as he exited the bathroom. Eden again asked a visibly distraught Paul what had happened. Paul, clutching the gun against his chest, cried weakly, "Call the police."

At the police station, Heather teased Ronan by comparing him to Batman. Heather claimed that Ronan, mysterious and aloof, was, like Batman, always ready to fight crime. Ronan explained that Victor had summoned him to help find Abby. Heather said she'd gleaned from Ronan's conversation with Phyllis that he was also helping with Daniel's case. Ronan explained that though he wasn't involved officially, he'd agreed to help sort out evidence tied to Daniel's case.

Ronan told Heather that Michael was lucky to have an attorney like her on his team. An officer fielded a call from a dispatcher and informed Heather and Ronan that shots had been fired at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Heather leapt to her feet when the officer added that Paul Williams had been involved. Ronan rushed out behind Heather.

At Crimson Lights, Michael recalled to Lauren how Phyllis had glared at him because he'd ordered Daniel to be held in a cell for 48 hours. Michael added that Daniel's case was one he'd never foreseen before agreeing to serve as district attorney.

Kevin approached Lauren and Michael and told them that he still hadn't found Eden and was quite concerned about her. Kevin explained that Eden had sent him a text message stating that she had "big news." Kevin added that he became worried that the message might relate to Ricky after Eden failed to show up at their prearranged meeting at the park.

After Michael received a phone call, he told Kevin and Lauren that Ricky Williams was dead. Michael added that Eden would be transported to the hospital and that Paul, somehow involved, was still at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Kevin headed to the hospital to check on Eden. Lauren accompanied Michael to the Genoa City Athletic Club.

After police arrived to investigate the incident in Ricky's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, officers and a detective found Paul, seemingly in shock, sitting on the edge of the bed. A detective told Paul to hand over the gun tightly clutched against his chest. The detective then handed the firearm to an officer and instructed him to check it for prints and determine the owner through the gun's registration number. The detective attempted to question Paul, but he was too distraught to respond.

When Ronan arrived, a uniformed officer barred him from the crime scene. The detective stepped out and told Ronan that Ricky Williams had fallen through a window. The detective added that a witness recalled having heard one shot. Given the numerous explosions during the fireworks display, the detective added, the witness could be mistaken. Ronan cringed when the detective explained that Paul's hands were being tested for gunshot residue.

Ronan pressured the detective to let him question Paul, and the detective reluctantly agreed after Ronan explained that he and Paul had worked together closely on the Jenkins murder case. Ronan slipped latex gloves onto his hands and entered the room. Paul sat quietly. Yellow placards, numbered in black, marked areas about the room where evidence had been collected.

Paul, sobbing, recognized Ronan and told him that Ricky was dead. Paul uttered several incomplete statements, but Ronan learned that Paul had tried to reason with Ricky. Paul said that Ricky had held a knife and tried to kill Eden. Paul indicated an area on his own shoulder and cried that he thought he might have shot Ricky. When Ronan asked if Eden could corroborate his story, Paul said he thought she could because she'd been present. Ronan ensured that the detective had written down the entirety of Paul's statements.

After Michael and Lauren arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club's lobby, Heather rushed to meet them and said the only fact she knew was that Paul might have been involved in a shooting. Michael gently explained that Paul might have shot Ricky. Heather, sobbing, asked, "Is that who's in the street?" Michael added that Ricky had fallen through a window. Michael quickly headed upstairs after Heather noted that Ronan had accompanied her to the club after they heard about the shooting.

Upstairs, Michael stepped into Ricky's suite. Ronan and the detective were listening as Paul briefly described the knife he'd seen in Ricky's hand. Ronan hugged Paul before stepping aside and quietly informing the detective that they needed to question Eden immediately. Ronan instructed the detective to determine why Eden had been in Ricky's room and record her account of what had taken place. The detective added that police needed to find the knife Paul claimed Ricky had held.

Michael made his way across the crowded room and checked on Paul briefly before an officer escorted a shaken Paul out of the room. The detective headed to the hospital to question Eden. Michael stepped close to Ronan and asked, "Who the hell deputized you?" Michael told Ronan that he'd had no right to question a witness. Ronan explained that he didn't have much faith in the Genoa City Police Department and that his particular method of questioning had prompted Paul to talk about what had happened.

Downstairs in the Genoa City Athletic Club's lobby, Heather embraced Paul after a uniformed office escorted him downstairs and allowed him to spend private time with his daughter. Paul, sobbing, repeatedly apologized to Heather. In a daze, Paul headed toward the door, but Heather told her father that he couldn't just walk out because Michael would need to question him.

At the hospital, a doctor told Eden that she needed to undergo tests to determine the extent of injuries evidenced by a significant bump on her head. Eden agreed when the doctor also suggested screening for drugs. Kevin arrived, and the doctor left.

Eden told Kevin that she'd awakened on the floor in Ricky's suite. Eden cried that she'd never forget what she saw when she peered out the broken window to the street below. She told Kevin she couldn't remember why she had been in Ricky's room.

After the detective arrived at the hospital, he asked Eden why she'd been in Ricky's room. Kevin showed the detective the text message Eden had sent. It simply stated: "Big news." Eden said she couldn't remember why she'd sent the message. Kevin explained that Eden had claimed that she'd suspected Ricky might be involved in Daisy's disappearance. Eden, frustrated, added that she couldn't recall why she'd believed that Ricky had been involved.

When the detective asked about what had taken place in Ricky's room, Eden explained that she couldn't recall anything that had occurred before she'd awakened on the floor. Eden explained that the first thing she recalled was seeing Paul, holding a gun, peering out the window. She added that she later looked out the window, too.

The detective asked Eden if she recalled seeing a knife. Eden thought for a moment before she responded. Eden said that she couldn't recall seeing a knife. After the detective left, Eden told Kevin that she hoped her testimony hadn't hurt Paul. Kevin noted that Eden had stated the truth. Eden admitted to Kevin that a part of her was relieved that Ricky was dead.

Ronan met up with Heather in the Genoa City Athletic Club's lobby and told her that Abby Newman's kidnapping had been a hoax. The detective joined Heather and Ronan and told them that Eden couldn't remember what had taken place in Ricky's room. He added that Eden didn't recall seeing a knife. Ronan declared, "No knife -- no self-defense." Heather defended her father and insisted that Paul was no murderer. The detective gently informed Heather that Paul would be taken downtown to the police station. Ronan went to find Paul.

Michael joined Lauren at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. A uniformed officer handed Michael a file containing a document. Michael glanced over the document and scoffed that Ricky's shooting appeared to be premeditated. Lauren defended Paul, but Michael explained that the gun Paul had used was unregistered and that the serial number had been filed away. Lauren seemed nervous. Ronan approached and asked about Paul. Lauren replied, "Isn't he with you?" Ronan said, "No." Michael, in a frustrated tone, cried, "Then where is he?"

The next morning, Paul arrived at a psychiatric facility in Los Angeles. He stepped into a patient's room and watched a woman seated in a wheelchair. The woman's back was facing Paul, and she repeatedly brushed her long, dark brown hair.

Paul took a seat behind the woman and called out, "Isabella?" The woman didn't respond, though Paul continued to call out to her. Paul began to weep softly. He said, "It's Paul. I have some terrible news to tell you." The woman never reacted to Paul's voice and continued brushing her hair.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery met with Heather and was shocked to learn about Ricky's death. Heather said that Paul was being accused of shooting Ricky on purpose, but Avery was certain that the evidence would support Paul's claim that it was self-defense. Heather realized that Michael could not be Paul's attorney because he was the interim D.A. Avery offered to defend Paul in court if it came to that. Avery wanted to speak with Paul immediately, but Heather said nobody knew where Paul had gone. Avery was concerned, and Heather left to inspect the crime scene.

In Ricky's room, Michael and Ronan were both astonished by Paul's disappearance. Heather appeared and said she would head up the search for Paul. Michael said that according to the law, Paul was a fugitive. Michael informed Ronan that because of his connection with Paul, the case was a conflict of interest for him. Ronan offered to handle the investigation, especially since Abby was no longer considered a kidnap victim.

Michael agreed to let Ronan run Paul's case, but Michael would oversee every step. In the lobby of the hotel, Ronan said that there were serious problems with Paul's story. Michael was perturbed about the fact that the gun was unregistered. The implication was that Paul could be charged with premeditated murder. Lauren walked in and overheard Michael's concerns about the gun. When Lauren was alone with Michael, she told Michael that Paul's gun had been hers.

Michael was furious to learn that Lauren had violated her probation by buying an illegal firearm. Lauren understood Michael's anger, but explained that she had felt the need to protect herself and Fenmore. Lauren told Michael to turn her in as the owner of the gun, or she'd do it herself. Lauren felt compelled to try to clear Paul's name. Michael pointed out that Lauren would do jail time if she confessed that the gun was hers. Michael added that Paul had other problems besides the gun, and he asked Lauren to hold off on saying anything for a while.

Daniel went to the hospital to see Eden. Daniel was grateful that Eden had gone after Ricky to help him, but Daniel scolded Eden for putting herself in such a dangerous situation. Eden explained that she had wanted to help Daniel.

Eden revealed that she'd seen Ricky's dead body. Eden also told Daniel that she had no memory of what had happened in the room. Eden knew that she was the only person who could back up Paul's story. The doctor walked into the room and informed Eden that she was well enough to go home. Eden asked about her memory.

Heather was in the process of issuing an APB for Paul Williams, just as he walked into the police station to turn himself in. Alone with her father, Heather blasted Paul for leaving the crime scene when he knew that he was a suspect. Paul said he'd had to tell Isabella personally about Ricky's death. Heather was shocked that Paul had flown to Los Angeles, and she said she could not defend Paul because of her position in the D.A.'s office. Heather had arranged for Avery to represent him.

Paul was aware that the evidence looked bad for him, but Paul was confident that Eden would explain what Ricky had been doing. Heather informed Paul that Eden had no memory of what had happened the night of Ricky's death.

Eden was concerned about her memory loss, but the doctor said it would return naturally. Eden received a call from Heather. Eden told Heather that she was upset that she could not remember anything about that night. Heather asked Eden to meet her at the crime scene, but also said that Daniel could not go along with Eden. Avery went to the police station to see Paul. When Ronan heard that Paul had turned himself in, he was relieved, but also ticked off that Heather hadn't bother to mention Paul's return to him.

Avery had little time to prepare Paul before Ronan's interview began. Ronan focused on the gun, and Paul said he usually did not carry a firearm, but he just happened to have had the gun with him when he went to see Ricky. Ronan pointed out that the gun was unregistered. Paul dodged the question. Ronan wanted to know where Paul had gotten the gun. Paul said he could not recall.

When Ronan asked what Ricky and Paul had talked about that night, Paul explained that Ricky had been angry and asked Paul to leave the room. After Paul left, he'd heard from Kevin that Eden had gone missing, and Paul recalled that he'd seen Eden's backpack in Ricky's room. Paul admitted that he'd used Ricky's key card -- which he'd taken from the desk -- to get back into Ricky's room.

Paul said that Ricky had held a knife held at Eden's throat when Paul confronted him. Ronan informed Paul that no knife had been found on the scene. Paul said it had to be there, that it was a big knife. Ronan explained that the evidence was piling up against Paul.

Ronan took out Paul's file on Ricky. Ronan said that after reading through the notes, there was no evidence that Ricky had been homicidal. Paul said that before Ricky died, Ricky had confessed everything about his crimes to Paul. Avery asked Paul to be very clear, so Paul explained that Ricky had killed Rachel, Craig Hunt, and Daisy. If Paul hadn't intervened, Eden would have been another victim.

Ronan said that Paul's case was hinged on his testimony because the evidence didn't support his contention. Paul urged Ronan to find the evidence to clear him, like the 10-inch knife. Avery wondered why Paul hadn't told her immediately about Ricky's confession. Paul was overcome with guilt that he was responsible for stirring up Ricky's homicidal rage by investigating Rachel's death.

Nick opened the morning newspaper and told Phyllis that Ricky Williams was dead, shot by Paul. Phyllis called the magazine about the investigation, and Nick assumed that Phyllis would put Ricky's killing on the cover. Daniel arrived, and Phyllis informed him that Lucy was sleeping soundly. Daniel believed that Ricky had been working with Daisy and that was why Daisy hadn't turned up anywhere. Daniel told Nick and Phyllis that Eden couldn't remember what had happened in Ricky's room.

Later, Lauren went to the penthouse to speak with Phyllis. Nick and Daniel left to get some coffee and give them a chance to talk. Lauren told Phyllis about the gun that had shot Ricky -- and that she'd bought it. Lauren said Paul had taken the gun from Lauren to keep her from being arrested for violating her probation. Lauren was feeling guilty because Paul had only had the gun that night because of her. Phyllis believed that if Paul hadn't stopped his son, Ricky would have killed Eden and then Paul.

Eden went to the crime scene, and Michael and Heather prepared her to walk into the room to hopefully spur her memory. Eden was anxious to help Paul. Eden walked into Ricky's room and looked around. She had no memory of anything, so Heather asked Eden to go into the bathroom. Eden hesitated at the door and couldn't walk in. Eden said that she felt like running away.

Michael handed Eden the backpack and asked her to re-enact what had happened. Michael reminded Eden that she'd texted Kevin, saying she had big news. Eden was upset because she was drawing a complete blank. Heather felt that they needed to re-create the scene of the shooting.

Heather placed Eden on the floor, just like she'd been after hitting her head. Heather asked Eden questions about the knife and the crime. Eden felt frightened and scared. Eden blamed herself for not heeding Paul's advice to stay away from Ricky.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel told Phyllis that it felt weird that Daisy was gone and Ricky was dead. Daniel explained that Eden couldn't remember anything about the crime but was determined to help Paul. Daniel regretted that his anger for Daisy had made him look capable of having hurt her. Heather took Eden to the coffeehouse, and Daniel greeted her. Avery appeared and said that before Ricky died, he had told Paul that he'd killed Daisy. Daniel wanted to know more. Eden wished she could remember what Ricky had said.

Ronan told Michael that Paul seemed to be cracking up. Ronan didn't believe that Ricky had killed anyone and he felt that Paul had snapped because he'd shot his son. Ronan suggested that Paul had invented the knife and Ricky's confession as a way to cope with the guilt of killing his son. Ronan told Michael that he needed Michael to back him up on something. Ronan went to see Paul, explaining that there was a visitor for Paul.

Ronan let Nina into the room. Paul hugged her warmly. Nina told Paul that she adored him because she knew that he was an honorable man. Nina was sure that he couldn't have been in the wrong regarding Ricky. Paul felt guilty and asked Nina not to try to make him feel better about killing his son. Paul felt there was no excuse for what he'd done.

Nick returned home to Phyllis, and she was holding Lucy. Phyllis acknowledged that Lucy's mother, Daisy, was a psychopath. Phyllis felt that Ricky and Daisy had both been cold and hard, without souls. Phyllis was glad they were gone. Even though it sounded selfish, Phyllis felt the nightmare was finally over, and she was feeling better.

In the evidence from Ricky's room, Michael found a file on Phyllis. Lauren arrived at the police station, and Michael told her to wait before revealing anything about the "purchase" of the gun. Michael was speaking as her husband, not her lawyer. Lauren appreciated all that Michael was to her and asked him to forgive her for putting him a tough position. Michael complimented Ronan for taking Nina in to see Paul.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

At the Chancellor mansion, a July 4th cookout was underway. Kay and Murphy greeted Neil and his family as they arrived. Harmony was thrilled to be part of the party. Murphy fired up the grill, and everyone enthusiastically enjoyed the pool and the atmosphere. Harmony and Ana talked about holiday plans, and Ana was happy that she'd be staying in Genoa City for a while.

Neil took Moses out of the pool and said that his son was a natural born swimmer. Devon informed Kay that he'd reconciled with Harmony. Devon confessed that he'd held a grudge against his mother too long. Devon was glad that after Harmony had apologized time and time again, he'd finally accepted that she was trying to make amends. Kay felt that Devon had become a wise young man.

Kay was grateful that she and Devon had started over again, too. Kay asked Devon how things were going with his music business. Devon was pleased, but he wondered if Kay would like to offer her advice to him. Kay was happy to share her wisdom with him, and Devon noted that he'd be a fool to turn down the advice of one of Genoa City's most successful businesswomen.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily and Cane were having lunch with the twins. Cane was distracted, and Lily noticed. Cane was fixated on the doll that had been given to Mattie at the birthday party. That toy had been the same type his sister Samantha had as a child. Cane believed that Colin had sent the doll in an attempt to rattle Cane. Lily asked Cane to let it go, but he was too perturbed. Cane felt it was too weird, and he wanted to question the staff at the club to see if anyone knew the origins of the present.

In the foyer, Genevieve walked down from her room and bumped into Tucker. Two police officers entered and went upstairs. Tucker and Genevieve noticed. Genevieve said that since Ricky's death, the police were all over the Athletic Club. Tucker offered to put Genevieve up at another hotel, but Genevieve was happy there and promised to repay Tucker as soon as she straightened out her finances. When he mentioned that he was meeting Ashley to take her to a cookout at Kay's, Genevieve was happy for Tucker.

Genevieve joined Lily and the twins for lunch. Cane returned and said that the mystery birthday present was still a mystery. Genevieve told Cane that she'd tried to call Colin but his number was no longer connected. Cane declared that he wasn't going to let Colin ruin his life with Lily and the kids. Later, the sitter took the children for the afternoon so Lily could enjoy lunch with Cane and Genevieve.

Cane received a disturbing email, one that referred to him as Claude and was sent from Shirl. Cane had a flashback to childhood, remembering that he and Samantha had called each other by those names. Genevieve hadn't known that. Cane said that he and Samantha had only used those names when they were alone because they were a secret code.

When Genevieve assured him that she had never known about the names, Cane accused Genevieve of having found out somehow and perpetrated email hoax. Genevieve resented Cane's accusation and promised him that she'd never do that to him. Lily intervened to explain that Cane was just upset. Lily believed that Genevieve was telling the truth and reminded Cane that his mother loved Samantha, too.

Cane apologized to Genevieve and wondered who could have sent the message. Genevieve assumed that Colin had discovered the secret names. Genevieve left the lunch because she was upset about the incident. Lily suggested to Cane that someone else from his past could have sent the message.

Ashley and Victoria met at the coffeehouse. Victoria was caring for Johnny, but she admitted that she was missing Billy. Ashley asked how Billy was doing in Los Angeles, and Victoria said that the reality television show was going well. When Victoria inquired about Abby, Ashley said that she was furious with her daughter for faking the kidnapping to get publicity. Ashley couldn't understand why Abby was so anxious to be famous.

At the motel, Abby saw how much attention her kidnapping had gotten her on the web. Abby told Carmine that she'd picked up thousands of followers. Carmine was impressed, and Abby declared that good publicity was the key to her success. Carmine agreed that Abby knew how to attract attention. Carmine reluctantly admitted that their adventure had been fun. Abby agreed, but felt that it was time to go back.

Carmine was relieved and urged Abby to call her family and explain the situation. Abby confessed that she'd called her mother the day before. Carmine was furious that Abby hadn't told him. Carmine was certain that he'd be in major trouble. Abby said that Ashley had focused her anger on Abby, not Carmine. Abby believed that once they were back in Genoa City, they'd have to pay a fine and nothing more. Carmine knew better, but Abby assured Carmine that he would not have to do jail time.

Abby promised to tell the cops the entire truth so that Carmine was exonerated. Carmine was grateful that Abby had his back. Abby kissed him, and Carmine kissed her back. They started to get carried away, but Abby suggested they wait until they returned to Genoa City before taking their relationship to the next level.

Adam and Chelsea awoke in bed together, and she reminded him that he'd promised to take her out for a barbecue dinner. Adam enjoyed spending time alone in bed with her. Chelsea told Adam that they had a lifetime of holidays to share together. Chelsea wondered if Adam was sincere about wanting to marry her. Adam wondered why Chelsea doubted their engagement. Chelsea explained that they hadn't been together very long, and Adam only said "I love you" after Chelsea said it first.

Adam assured Chelsea that he'd fallen in love with Chelsea because she was wonderful. Adam and Chelsea felt that they could read each other really well and trust in each other totally. Adam was happy with Chelsea, and he hadn't been happy very much in the past couple of years. Chelsea agreed that they were happy together. Chelsea wondered if they really needed a wedding to seal the deal, but Adam said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Chelsea. Adam was surprised when Chelsea started to cry. She kissed him and said she loved him.

At Crimson Lights, Sofia told Tucker that she would pull it together at the Chancellor barbecue, even though Harmony would be there and it would be uncomfortable to see Neil and Harmony together. Sofia was glad to see that Ashley had agreed to go with Tucker to the party. Tucker wasn't optimistic that Ashley was ready to forgive him.

At the table, Ashley told Victoria that she'd decided to go to Kay's party with Tucker. Ashley explained that she truly loved Tucker, and he had stood by her through the Abby situation, but Ashley had no idea what the future held for them. Victoria understood, having had her own uncertain times with Billy. Tucker approached and announced to Ashley that it was time to leave for Kay's party. Before they walked out, Victoria received a delivery from Billy. It was a holiday cake with sparklers in place of candles.

At the barbecue, Kay greeted Tucker and Ashley. Neil was surprised that Ashley was with Tucker. Sofia was surprised, too. Devon spoke with Tucker to thank him for caring about Abby's return. Devon told Tucker that he'd decided to give Harmony and Kay a second chance.

Devon wanted to have a better relationship with Tucker, too. Tucker was amenable to trying again with his son. Harmony approached Ashley and hoped that she and Tucker might be reconciling. Ashley said that her opinion of Harmony had not changed and never would. To Ashley, Harmony was the woman who'd slept with her husband.

Sofia admired that Devon had turned the corner by making peace with his family. Devon pointed out that Sofia had never needed to apologize for anything because she hadn't cheated. Sofia felt that she'd needed to say goodbye to Neil because he had never loved her. Sofia told Devon that her life was better since she was on her own with Moses. Kay mentioned to Murphy that she and Devon had had a good talk. Tucker and Ashley stopped to say goodbye to Kay and Murphy. Tucker explained he had a surprise for Ashley.

Neil questioned Harmony about her encounter with Ashley. Harmony said that Ashley would not forgive her for the one-night stand with Tucker. Harmony tried to look at the positive parts of her life and not dwell on the negative. Neil said that there were people who supported Harmony, implying that he was one of them. Devon asked Ana if she'd be willing to let him record her vocals at the studio. Ana was thrilled and said yes.

Kay questioned Harmony about why she was all alone at the party. Harmony said she'd had a revelation, and while she had been angry with herself for causing heartache in her life, she was ready to forgive herself. Meanwhile, Sofia told Neil that she could see how much he wanted to be with Harmony. Sofia advised Neil to go after Harmony, the woman he really desired.

Adam and Chelsea went to Crimson Lights. When they saw Victoria with Johnny, Chelsea and Adam said hello. Adam asked about Abby's situation and was glad to hear that she was not in danger. Adam informed Victoria that he'd gotten engaged to Chelsea. Victoria was shocked and assumed that the engagement was some kind of scam they were perpetrating. Chelsea assured Victoria that she was not doing any scheming.

Victoria thought Chelsea and Adam would try to take Johnny away from Victoria and Billy. Chelsea declared that she would never seek parental rights to Johnny. Victoria warned Chelsea that becoming Mrs. Adam Newman wouldn't give her a stronger case in court. Adam told his sister to knock it off. Victoria continued hurling insults as Chelsea. Adam assured his sister that his engagement had nothing to do with her. Adam warned Victoria never to disrespect Chelsea again.

Tucker took Ashley to the Athletic Club where he'd booked her a day at the spa. Ashley was very grateful and kissed Tucker. Abby entered the lobby and reacted to the sight of her mother with Tucker. Ashley told Abby she had a lot of nerve, criticizing her after Abby had pulled her publicity stunt. Two police officers appeared in the lobby and arrested Abby and Carmine.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adam and Chelsea returned to their hotel room, where she was anxious to make love again. Chelsea appreciated that Adam had stood up for her with Victoria. Chelsea understood Victoria's fears about losing custody of Johnny. Adam felt that it was time for the two of them to share their engagement news with Chelsea's family. Chelsea didn't think that Jeffrey would be interested, especially since he wasn't willing to acknowledge that he was her father. Adam suggested that they go to Gloworm and inform Gloria and Jeffrey immediately.

At Victoria and Billy's, Victoria realized she had overreacted to Adam and Chelsea's engagement. Victoria told Johnny that she wished Billy were home. At the penthouse, Avery told Phyllis and Nick that Ricky had been a serial killer. Avery explained that Paul had had suspicions of Ricky before he died. Ricky had then told Paul about his murders, but nobody but Paul could testify to the confession.

Daniel joined Avery, Phyllis, and Nick and interjected that Paul had to be telling the truth because he wasn't a liar. Daniel wondered if Ricky had been honest with his father about having gotten rid of Daisy. Daniel still had doubts that Daisy was really dead, and he really wanted to know what had happened to her. Phyllis was curious about why Ricky would have killed Daisy. Avery assumed that Daisy had gotten in Ricky's way.

Over lunch at the Athletic Club, Kyle apologized for missing his father's birthday. Kyle offered Jack a gift. Jack opened it and was impressed by the scuba watch that Kyle had purchased for him. Jack told Kyle that he couldn't accept the gift because it was too extravagant. Kyle insisted and explained to Jack that he'd gotten a bonus from Victor. Kyle had chosen to use it to splurge on Jack's gift.

Jack put on the watch and thanked Kyle. Jack said he was very proud that Kyle had been doing so well at Newman, but Jack still wanted Kyle to have a future at Jabot. Kyle changed the subject to Abby and learned that her kidnapping had been a hoax. Kyle was surprised, but impressed by his cousin.

Kyle noted that everyone had been so focused on Abby's abduction that Daisy's disappearance had been ignored. Jack pointed out that nobody would miss Daisy if she were truly gone. Kyle was offended because that had been the reaction by the town when Diane was murdered. Jack apologized to his son.

Gloria greeted Sharon and Victor when they arrived at Gloworm for lunch. Victor told Sharon that Gloria was probably on the phone with media, tipping them off about Victor and Sharon being out together. Kevin and Chloe approached Victor to ask if they knew when Abby would be returning. Victor said she was already back.

Chloe was furious with Abby and wanted to confront her about the hoax she had perpetrated. Chloe and Kevin went to speak with Jeffrey and Gloria, again venting about Abby's shenanigans. Chloe said she'd initially felt responsible for Abby's abduction, but since learning the truth, Chloe was just angry. Alone, Victor confided to Sharon that he was not inclined to forgive Abby this time.

At the police station, Abby and Carmine were led in with handcuffs. Abby was shocked when Michael announced that they were both in serious trouble. Michael said that Abby had wasted the time and resources of crucial government entities when she had never been in danger. Abby asked if she could simply resolve the issue alone with Ashley, but her mother supported Michael and Ronan and wanted Abby to be punished by the authorities.

Carmine realized the severity of the situation and told Abby that they needed an attorney. Michael declared they needed to go through booking first. While Abby and Carmine were escorted to intake, Ashley thanked Tucker for his support and said he could leave.

After Tucker left, Ashley called Victor to inform him that Abby was being booked at the police station. Victor asked about Carmine and heard that Abby was claiming that Carmine was her boyfriend. Victor said he'd meet Ashley at the station. Victor told Sharon to call Nick and Victoria for him while he went to take care of Abby.

Adam and Chelsea went to Gloworm, and Gloria was thrilled to learn that they were engaged. Gloria suggested that Adam and Chelsea have their wedding at Gloworm. Adam ordered a bottle of champagne and invited Gloria and Jeffrey to share a glass with them. Adam reminded Jeffrey that the bride's family usually paid for the wedding, but Jeffrey pointed out that he was not the father of the bride.

Sharon overheard the news about Adam's engagement. Although she was stunned, Sharon showed no reaction in public. Sharon then called Nick to share the news that Abby had returned to town but was under arrest. Kevin and Chloe asked Sharon what she knew about Abby, and Sharon said Abby was being booked at the police station.

In the interrogation room, Abby learned that Leslie wasn't available to be her attorney. Abby decided to hire Rafe instead. Abby didn't think her actions were a big deal, and she insulted Michael and Ronan by suggesting that they eat some donuts and do some other police business. Victor entered, and Abby cowered a bit.

Carmine apologized to Abby's father, explaining that he had not harmed Abby. Victor listened to the story of the abduction and learned that Abby had voluntarily put herself in Carmine's trunk. Abby had not been a victim at all. Victor asked Michael to throw the book at his daughter.

Rafe showed up and told Abby that he could only represent her, not Carmine, too, because it would be a conflict of interest. Rafe asked Michael about the charges, and Michael started with Abby's misuse of the 9-1-1 number. Ronan said they could also go after Abby for the cost of the manhunt. Chloe burst in with Kevin and said that Carmine had hurt her when he had thrown her into the trunk.

Carmine tried to defend himself, but in her effort to explain what had happened, Abby declared that Carmine had committed a crime technically when he put Chloe in the trunk. Carmine was fuming, and Michael pointed out that Abby had just thrown Carmine under the bus. Kevin and Chloe blamed Abby for being selfish and thoughtless. Carmine's attorney, a public defender, arrived to handle his arraignment.

Nick went to see Victoria and mentioned that Summer had gone off to summer camp, and he thought that was a good thing considering all the business with Ricky and Daisy. Nick said that Phyllis had been very upset about Daisy vanishing because the police were convinced that Daniel was responsible. Victoria was surprised to learn from Nick that Ricky had confessed to Paul that he'd killed Daisy. Unfortunately, because there was no proof, Daniel was still in trouble. Victoria declared that she was proud of Daniel for doing whatever was necessary to protect Lucy.

Victoria was feeling very emotional about her children, and let Nick know that Chelsea had gotten engaged to Adam. Victoria said that Chelsea had told her she wouldn't seek custody of Johnny, but Victoria wasn't sure. Victoria had no insight into why Chelsea and Adam were getting together. Victoria feared that Chelsea was just running a new scam aimed at the Newman family. Victoria assumed that Adam was her collaborator. Nick told Victoria not to borrow trouble. Later, Victoria and Nick went to the police station to see Abby.

In interrogation, Abby told everyone that she was sorry. Ashley said that she was fed up with Abby. Nick and Victoria arrived and told their sister how worried they'd been about her. Abby apologized to Nick and Victoria, too. At the Athletic Club, Ashley met Jack and Kyle and explained that Abby was back, and Victor was not about to bail her out. Ashley felt uncomfortable living with Abby and was going to get a room at the club. Jack reminded Ashley that she was more than welcome to stay at his house because it was her home, too.

Later, Victor entered the club and approached Jack. Victor wondered why Jack was eating alone, and Jack said that Kyle and Ashley had just left. Victor and Jack agreed that Abby should not be bailed out of her trouble. Victor was through enabling his daughter and wanted the Abbotts to do the same.

After considering all Abby's criminal activity, Michael said that he'd accept a public apology, extensive community service, and a substantial fine from Abby. Ronan wanted Carmine to be sent to jail for the abduction. Abby tried to defend Carmine, but Michael and Ronan were unsympathetic. Abby felt that Michael and Ronan were biased against Carmine. The public defender told Abby that she was not helping Carmine.

Rafe advised Abby to go along with Michael's deal in order to avoid jail time. Carmine was furious with Abby. The public defender walked Carmine out of the room to go to an arraignment. Abby signed her release form, and as she was leaving, Kyle entered the police station. Kyle held up his cell phone and showed Abby that she'd made the front page of the newspaper. Abby wasn't nearly as happy about the publicity as she thought she'd been. Kyle offered to take her out for something to eat.

Anita made a surprise entrance at Gloworm, saying that she was there for Adam and Chelsea's engagement. Anita had read about it on the web. Chelsea was shocked that her mother was there and wondered why she'd returned. Anita said that she wanted to tell Chelsea the truth about her paternity. Anita explained that Jeffrey was Chelsea's father and proved it by mentioning that the man she'd had sex with when Chelsea was conceived had a heart shaped mole on his inner thigh. Gloria said she'd been with both Jeffrey and William, and only one of them had that mark -- Jeffrey.

Anita was thrilled that Chelsea was marrying into the Newman family. Jeffrey hugged Chelsea and said he was thrilled, too. Privately, Jeffrey told Gloria that he hadn't remembered that Chelsea was his daughter. Kevin and Abby arrived at Gloworm, where Mrs. Sorenson, a society lady, blasted Chloe for spoiling the arts gala. Mrs. Sorenson announced that she was taking back her donation and would advise all her friends to do the same. Chloe was fuming and blamed Abby.

At the bar, Anita was guzzling the champagne. Jeffrey asked Anita why she'd returned to town. Anita said she'd only agreed to stay away as long as Jeffrey kept writing her checks. Anita threatened to tell Gloria that Jeffrey and Anita had never gotten divorced and were still husband and wife. At a table, Chloe and Kevin discussed their web startup and how the failure of the gala would affect their raising funds. Chloe looked up and saw Adam at the bar. Chloe told Kevin that they should get Adam to invest in their new venture.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon bumped into Tucker. Sharon said that she'd been at lunch with Victor, but he'd left her to attend to Abby. Tucker said that Ashley had dropped him after he'd been so supportive of her while Abby was missing. Tucker and Sharon both agreed that the Abbotts and Newmans were hard to take. Tucker offered to buy Sharon a cup of coffee.

Over coffee, Tucker said that Ashley wasn't interested in reconciliation. Tucker confided to Sharon that Abby was very good at creating trouble, and he wouldn't miss the drama if Ashley and Abby were out of his life. Sharon realized that she was going to have a ringside seat for all of Abby's nonsense as long as she was with Victor.

Later, Nick returned to the penthouse, and Avery said that they needed to find a way to link Ricky to Daisy on the night of the gala in order to create reasonable doubt for Daniel. Victoria went home and was overjoyed to find that Billy was there with Johnny.

Friday, July 6, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Daniel shared a muffin with Lucy. Heather approached his table, and he coolly asked if he could help her. He didn't want to discuss his arrest in front of Lucy, but Heather informed him that she had removed herself from the investigation. Daniel was surprised that she had backed away, but he understood her position.

Daniel assured Heather that Paul would be okay, and he expressed condolences about Ricky. She remarked that she and Ricky hadn't been close, but his death was still sad. Daniel asked who would take over the case, and Heather didn't know, but she was sure that Michael would find someone fair. Daniel questioned whether they would be as fair as Heather had been after Daisy's disappearance, and she swore that she'd known that they'd had the wrong guy all along.

Daniel reminded Heather that she had torn into him with questions, but she contended that she hadn't been able to let her personal beliefs affect her job, although she had never thought that he'd been responsible. Heather looked uncomfortable and started to leave, and Daniel apologized that Lucy seemed off around women, because the tot had had three moms. Daniel asked if Heather wanted to hold Lucy, and she said that she would like that. Daniel handed over Lucy, and Heather happily fawned over the baby.

Heather called Lucy insanely cute, and Daniel complimented Heather's rapport with his daughter. He commented that she would make a good mom, but she said that finding a good dad wasn't her forte. She excused herself to leave, and she thanked him for hearing her out.

Later, a police officer dropped off a box of Ricky's personal effects to Heather at her apartment, since she was Ricky's next of kin. The officer expressed his condolences, and he left. Heather contemplated opening the box.

At the police station, Nina asked Paul if he had gotten any rest, but he said that whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Ricky's face. Nina vowed to do everything she could to get him released, and Christine suddenly appeared and echoed the sentiment. Christine embraced Nina, and then Paul. Christine offered to do whatever she could to help, and Paul thanked her for being there. He understood that Michael and Ronan were just doing their jobs, but he hoped that they would realize that he was telling the truth and that they would allow him to attend Ricky's funeral.

Ronan told Michael that they had to find Daisy to corroborate Paul's story, and Michael fretted that alive or dead, she would be difficult to find. Ronan received an email with security video footage of the hallway outside Ricky's room on the night of the shooting. Ronan observed that the video was time-stamped, and he and Michael watched Ricky throw a folded newspaper into the maid's trash bin moments before Paul had returned to Ricky's room. Ronan wondered why Ricky would leave his room to throw something away, and Michael speculated that Ricky had thrown away more than just the paper. Ronan commented that it could have been something that Ricky hadn't wanted linked to him.

Michael and Christine hugged hello, and she wanted to ask him a few questions about Paul's case. Michael directed her to Ronan, and he departed. Christine and Ronan warmly greeted one another. She requested that Paul be released, because she firmly believed that he never would have shot Ricky unless it had been absolutely necessary. Ronan noted that she was Paul's ex and that there was no evidence to back Paul's story, but she contended that she would stake her career on Paul's claims. She ordered Ronan to find the knife and not to keep Paul locked up when Paul had to bury his son. Ronan refused, because he still had a lot of questions.

Ronan asked to speak with Paul alone, and Nina left, but Christine asked to stay. Christine advised Paul not to say anything, but Paul was determined to help with the investigation. Ronan showed Paul the security video and inquired whether Ricky had mentioned anything about throwing something out, but Paul said that Ricky hadn't. Ronan pondered why Ricky would implicate himself, and he theorized that Ricky had anticipated that he wouldn't live much longer.

Paul had no idea what Ricky had been thinking, but he guessed that perhaps Ricky had intended to kill Paul and Eden. Ronan was skeptical, because even with a knife, Ricky couldn't have defended himself against a bullet. Ronan suspected that Ricky had known that Paul was going to shoot him, and he wondered whether Ricky had confessed out of spite to stick it to Paul, or if Ricky had been trying to get Paul to spare his life.

Outside the interrogation room, Nina questioned why Ronan was holding Paul like a common criminal. She had believed that she and Ronan had been on better terms, since he had finally called her "Mom" for the first time, and she didn't understand why he was acting like he had a vendetta against Paul. Ronan stated that he was doing his job, and he couldn't believe that she was making the situation about her. Ronan barked that a man was dead, and Paul had killed him whether it had been intentional or not, so it was too bad if she or anyone else had a problem with how Ronan conducted his business. She snapped that Ronan hadn't changed at all, and she stalked off.

Over breakfast at the Athletic Club, Lauren swore to Phyllis that Paul would never lie about Ricky's confession. Phyllis contended that if Ricky had really done the things that Paul had said, then payback had been bound to happen, but Lauren sympathized that Paul had to live with killing his own son. Phyllis argued that Paul had done so to save Eden, and Lauren wondered what kind of person plotted to end someone else's life. An uncomfortable Phyllis stammered that she couldn't imagine.

Phyllis asked Lauren if it felt different with Daisy gone, and Lauren expressed relief. Lauren pointed out that both Daisy and Ricky had targeted Phyllis, and she surmised that Phyllis was relieved, too, but Phyllis stated that even if she saw Daisy's body on a slab, she wouldn't believe that Daisy was gone. Lauren agreed that the Carters had a way of returning from the grave, but she simply wanted Daisy out of their lives for good. Phyllis replied that no one wanted that more than she herself did, but she wished that she could be sure that was the case.

Michael joined Lauren and Phyllis, and he reported that he was doing his best to help Paul. Phyllis contemptuously huffed that he had chosen to be involved in the case. Michael defended that he was the district attorney and that he and Ronan were determined to get to the truth. Phyllis curtly suggested that he get back to work, and Michael kissed Lauren goodbye and left. Lauren chided Phyllis for being so brusque with Michael, because he had been upset about the allegations against Daniel, too. Phyllis questioned whether it had been worth Michael leaving his practice to chase bad guys, and Lauren wondered the same thing.

Daniel sat at Phyllis and Lauren's table, and he relayed his conversation with Heather. Lauren thought it was great that Heather believed in his innocence, but she queried who would handle the investigation. Phyllis thought it would just be a matter of time before the police realized that they'd had the wrong guy.

Outside Ricky's hotel room, Michael questioned the maid who'd cleaned Ricky's room. Michael informed her that Ricky had been caught on tape, discarding a newspaper into her cart. She claimed to not know anything about it and anxiously insisted that she had to get to work, but a police officer said that he'd cleared the interrogation with her supervisor. Michael continued to push her about the newspaper, but she maintained that she hadn't seen it.

Michael explained that the victim's father had been accused of murdering his son, and he was desperately trying to make sure that justice was done for both of them. The maid hesitantly admitted that the newspaper had been in the trash, and she had noticed it because she always recycled them. Michael asked if she'd picked it up, and she shook her head nervously. He inquired whether something had been wrapped inside, and she reluctantly pulled out Daisy's cell phone and wallet from her purse.

Michael returned to the police station and excitedly presented Ronan with Daisy's wallet and cell phone. Ronan admitted that things didn't look good for Daisy. Michael thought that it was likely that Ricky had been responsible for Daisy's disappearance, and Ronan hesitantly conceded that Ricky looked guilty. Michael wanted to exclude Daniel as a person of interest, and Ronan agreed. Michael called Daniel to tell him the news.

Michael informed Daniel that the new evidence was compelling enough to take Daniel off the suspect list. The men agreed that there were no hard feelings between them. Daniel hung up, and he revealed to Phyllis and Lauren that the police had found proof that Ricky had done something to Daisy before Ricky had died. Daniel realized that it was bad news for Lucy, but he was grateful that he was no longer under suspicion. Phyllis was ecstatic that her son had been cleared.

Michael griped that he finally understood what people had meant when they'd said his job wouldn't be easy. Ronan said that the new evidence created new complications, because although it corroborated Paul's statement that Ricky had killed Daisy, it didn't exonerate Paul.

Christine reported to Paul and Nina that she'd spoken with her supervisor and Avery, and she had taken a sabbatical to stay in Genoa City and defend Paul. Christine knew that Avery was an amazing attorney, but she felt that Avery couldn't speak to Paul's character the way that she herself could. Nina urged Paul to accept, and he thanked Christine with a hug.

Billy cooed over Johnny and prepared to make Victoria a surprise breakfast, but she emerged from the kitchen with a large platter of food. She wanted to show Billy how happy she was that he was home, especially since she had been so focused on Adam and Chelsea the prior evening. She worried that Chelsea might try to take Johnny away.

Victoria updated Billy regarding Abby's latest antics, and Billy reported that plans were in motion to proceed with filming the Restless Style television show. Victoria declared that she was proud of him, but her expression grew troubled, and she asked for reassurance about Johnny. She recognized that she was being irrational, but she loved Johnny and was terrified of losing him like she had lost Reed and Lucy. Victoria begged Billy to promise that Chelsea and Adam wouldn't ruin their family.

Billy pulled Victoria to the couch and asked how he could convince her not to worry. She noted that he had said the same thing when he'd presented her with Lucy, and she didn't want to be insecure around Chelsea, but when she had learned of the engagement, she had realized that Chelsea would always be around. Billy reminded Victoria that Chelsea had consented to the adoption and had kept her distance. Victoria pointed out that Chelsea had emphasized that part of their deal was that Chelsea be part of Johnny's life, but Billy asserted that Chelsea hadn't acted on it. Billy was certain that Chelsea didn't want her son, and even if she tried to get Johnny back, they would annihilate her in court. He told Victoria that she could choose to live in fear, or she could enjoy the life they'd created.

Later, Victoria informed Billy that she'd called the nanny to watch Johnny, so they could go out and have some serious fun. He asked what was on the agenda, and she suggested that they see where the day took them. He thought her plan sounded perfect, and she thanked him for everything he had said, because she felt confident that nothing bad would happen. He proclaimed that it was their life, and no one would mess with it. They kissed.

In their hotel room, Chelsea stared at a sleeping Adam, who awakened and wished his fiancée a good morning. She pondered how she could be so happy, yet utterly disgusted. He realized that she was thinking about Jeffrey, and she condemned her parents for suddenly acting like a happy family once they had smelled money. Chelsea groaned at the thought of Victoria's reaction to Chelsea and Adam's engagement. Adam insisted that they stop talking, and he amorously pulled the covers over their heads.

After they made love, Chelsea thanked Adam for taking her mind off their families, and he joked that he'd taken one for the team. She admonished Jeffrey and Anita for acting shamelessly around Adam and his bank accounts, and she wondered how she could ever become a better person, given her genes. Adam quipped that he liked her genes, and he liked her out of jeans. He acknowledged that her parents were looking for a fast buck, but he believed that Chelsea had turned her life around. She called him one of the kindest people she'd ever met, and they kissed. They raced to the shower together.

Later, Adam declared that he didn't want to start his life with Chelsea in a hotel, and he suggested that they find a great house to make their own. She gushed that she would love that, but she couldn't afford much on a bartender's salary. He told her not to worry about it, and he asked what kind of house she wanted. She tenderly replied that she wanted whatever house he was in.

Adam picked up the mail and informed Chelsea that she'd received the results of her GED exam. She was too nervous to open the letter, so he did. He looked nonplussed, and she assumed that she'd failed. He announced that she'd aced it, and she flew into his arms. She marveled that she'd dreamed about that moment, and it had become a reality because of him. He gave her sole credit, but she appreciated all the time he'd spent quizzing her. He said that the study breaks had been worth it, and he suggested that they fly to Paris or London to celebrate.

Chelsea preferred to go to Gloworm, because not even Jeffrey and Anita could get her down, and she thought maybe she should try to make peace. Adam hadn't realized that a piece of paper would mean so much to Chelsea, and he hoped that her parents grew up and recognized how lucky they were to have her. Chelsea felt that she was lucky one, and she proclaimed her excitement about her future.

Chelsea and Adam arrived at Gloworm, but they didn't see Anita or Jeffrey. Chelsea chirped that they were off to a good start. Billy and Victoria entered, and the foursome exchanged uncomfortable glances.

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